Aging in a FLFE High 

Consciousness Environment 

July 20, 2017

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to the FLFE webinar on Aging in a FLFE High Consciousness Field. I’m Jeffrey Stedman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – We’re here live from Nelson BC Canada tonight. And unfortunately, we’re not in the same room together because we had a little bit of echo. But we’ll be discussing what we believe occurs with health and aging the FLFE high consciousness environment. We will be sharing a continuum of aging that we put together that we think you’ll find interesting. And we’ll talk about things that we can do to move us into anti-aging.

During this event, we’re going to try something new. Please bear with us. There’s a Q&A I believe it’s at the top of your screen. So that’s where you would put in questions. And then if you would like to come live with us on video and ask your question then discuss it, then we’ll will cue you when to raise your hand and at top of your screen again, close to where you see the Q&A, that should say, raise your hand. So, make sure you get your clothes on. We’ll do that and we’ll let you know when we get to that part of the night.

So, we’re not giving medical advice as always, please talk to your doctor for that. We’re sharing with you what we believe and what our experience is. You can verify for that for yourself with your own testing and your own experience. Clayten do you want to talk about our research methods?

Clayten – For those of you who are new, we use a lot of Kinesiology research. Advanced Kinesiology or muscle testing. We call it Consciousness Kinesiology, most of the time around the office. So that’s a primary tool we use. We also use our own doctors and medical practitioners to verify our experiences to help us alter our programming based upon what they’re bringing to us. So, we have a group of people that we beta test with, an internal group, kind of an inner circle, and then we’re opening those beta test opportunities up to the community, probably sometime this fall so we’re just getting ready for that. And the first one, I think, will be EMFs, that’s a big topic.

So, we have a visual aid that we’re going to share with you that we created for this topic and I’m going to start that now. You can all see the continuum of Health and Aging. We’re going to follow that today as we discuss these different ideas. I’ll just leave it up on the screen here so that we can use that as a reference, at least for the beginning part of the webinar, and then we will remove it.

Jeffrey – So just talking about aging for a minute, it’s really a societal belief. I mean, we can think of it that way and it does influence us.  Aging is what we believe will happen to us. What’s the generally accepted condition of aging and at different ages, what do we think we will be like? Some of those are, for instance, a progressive loss of functionality, whether its overall or our organs and systems, and then a progressive loss of mental function. It’s something people think will happen to them such as they can’t find their keys, the senior moments, all of those sort of things that are in the society or in our unconscious and conscious awareness, increased incidence of illness and the idea that we’ll get sick and weak and things will happen. And we will develop brittle bones and so forth. You know, this is not an exhaustive list, but we just wanted to hit some of the basic, normally accepted conditions of aging.

Clayten – So, why don’t I talk about accelerated aging for a minute. Accelerated aging can occur particularly when there’s trauma. There are different scales out there that list all the different traumas that people can experience. Death of a loved one, a divorce, moving, right now in British Columbia we have a lot of fires it’s fire season. We have one of the highest numbers of people ever that are displaced from their homes. So those types of thing and refugees experience a lot of trauma, there is also physical trauma. If we get into an accident of some type. We talked about the shock that happens with those conditions we mentioned and also a chemical trauma if we’re taking some really strong medication for a disease. There is a chemical shock sometimes as we’re getting used to the medication and any dramatic negative change in lifestyle would fit in the accelerated aging category.

Jeffrey – So we believe that when the body is not in the far left side of this graph, the degenerative disease side that the FLFE energy and the Programs help to move us towards neutral and even over to the right towards anti-aging and reverse aging and we’ll talk about that in a little bit. So, increased energy in the field. Those of you who have been on other webinars or have been on the Learning  Center of the website or have listened to other webinars, there’s so much more energy for the body to work with. I mean, the available energy is logarithmically increased so that energy is there for the body to use for healing projects. And one of the things people notice about pilgrimage sites is that people that have lived there or been in those sites for long periods of time, appear younger,  healthier, and happier. That there’s some effect of that high consciousness field, not just an FLFE field but any kind of high consciousness field, on the health of the body and then it affects aging.  So, let’s go through some of the Programs Clayten, maybe I’ll hit the first one.

Anti-stagnation – So, this is similar to acupressure and it does move us towards neutral. It assists the flow of energy in the body, so it assists the body the Chi flowing through the body to move through without blockages. Chi in Chinese medicine feeds the organs and our systems in the  physical body and it’s a very important source of energy and health and wellness for the  body as Chinese medicine has discovered. Stagnated areas in the body where the energy is not flowing Chinese medicine tells us can lead to lower functioning and lower health and in disease in those particular areas. Assisting those stagnated areas to clear and for energy to flow into those areas is an important part of moving out those aging effects into neutral where the degenerative effects are not occurring. Do you want to talk about antioxidants Clayten? That’s an interesting one too.

Clayten – Yes, Antioxidants support the body’s immune system to function and increase the ability of the body to self-heal. We do have an Antioxidant Program as we have mentioned before. Another antioxidant that’s really common is Grape Seed Extract. And when doing research for the Antioxidant Program that we have, which increases the ability of the body to absorb antioxidants from the food and produce their own antioxidants we came across something called Chaga Mushrooms. Chaga was the strongest antioxidant that we’d found. So that’s something we can suggest to you to try.

Jeffrey – Yeah, so increasing the level of antioxidants in your body gives your body additional resources to heal and to clear out those oxidants that can cause problems in the body. So that again would move you toward neutral as the antioxidants clear out those effects of oxidants on the body reducing harm.

Clayten – I personally have met people who have stopped smoking and started mega dosing antioxidants of different kinds, particularly Grape Seed Extract in this case. (10:00) As for their age change, they look much younger and it was quite pronounced. The family noticed it right away as well. They hadn’t seen him for a while. So, there’s lots of evidence of that out there.

Jeffrey –  That is something you can do yourself right away is to work on your antioxidant levels. The Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Support Programs in the FLFE Programs are there to assist the body, the Innate Intelligence of the body to optimize the filtering organs. And we believe that with this influence over time that our capacity to filter increases, and with that, we can process out more byproducts of healing and growth. And so that increases our capacity to heal. And that is a bridge to anti-aging and

perhaps even reverse aging, where if the body’s capacity to heal is greatly increased there may be projects or issues the body has had to deal with and that we may consider part of aging that can start to get resolved through increased ability to filter and for the body heal. There may be a number of things and we’ve seen that in our own bodies and in our own research that there’s sort of a backlog of projects when the energy is not there. The filtering capacity is not there and so they weren’t happening. That is the bridge to reverse aging it’s more probably on the anti-aging side.

Clayten – Absolutely. I support that Jeff because they’re the main filtering organs of the body. If there’s  a problem with one of the main filtering organs, everything starts to get backed up. And the body is intelligent, it will store those toxins in the lymph system and in different areas of the body particularly until it has the capacity to release them. So oftentimes when people are starting on FLFE, they might experience some detox symptoms, because of the increased vitality of the filtering organs.

Jeffrey – So  there are things that we can do at home such as breathing exercises or pranayama which can help to bring more energy into the body through the air. And physical exercise can help the body to assist lymph to move. And for the muscles to be pumping blood and for the blood to flow through the brain and all the organs more strongly. So, all those things we can do ourselves which can change our body’s environment, and diet of course, and hydration. We talk a lot about hydration on the webinars and on the Facebook page and on the website. So that’s so important; people are chronically dehydrated. So that’s an important factor as well as making sure we are drinking enough water.

Clayten –  Yes, we also have on the FLFE Programs a Program to support us to absorb the food that we’re eating and make it more bioavailable. And we also have a Hydration Program to help structure the water and alter it so that it has less surface tension and it’s more absorbable to the body. Even in my lifetime, we’ve noticed an extension of life or people living longer on average, and the countries that seem to have the best health care have the people that live the longest, so that’s kind of self-evident. Just taking care of ourselves, going to a doctor when we have a problem. Having a variety of different practitioners. I use Allopathic, Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine when I have an issue. So, you can look at different types of modalities. Sometimes Ayurvedic Medicine will seem to address an issue that another modality won’t, or Chinese Medicine will address an issue particularly well. So, it’s good to explore different options if we’re not feeling well. Is there anything else we should say about this Jeff before we move on? I’ll leave the graph up for another minute and then I’ll take it off the screen.

Jeffrey –  Yeah, I think once we get into the questions, we’ll get some direction from everybody where they’d like to go. Let’s move into this other subject the really interesting one.

Clayten – When we were planning this webinar, we were trying to obviously look at the continuum here. And if we go further to the left, beyond degenerative disease there’s death or passing over as many of us call it. I was watching a video by Dr. David Hawkins recently. In it, there was a perception in different spiritual communities that the time of your death is predetermined. And this video went into detail about that. And then we picked that thread of research up and spent a lot of time on it. And it seems that there are doorways or possible doorways to passing over. And there’s a sequence of events that will happen, or there will be an option presented to pass away and we have a lot of influence over when that occurs. We don’t like to say we have total control over our lives because it doesn’t seem that we do but that’s really up to you to decide. So, we wanted to mention that because a lot of people have a sense of fatalism about death that their time is going to come and when it’s going to come. And although there is some truth to that higher truth seems to be that there are doorways, possible doorways based upon a sequence of events, depending on our mental state and our physical state, obviously, that we can choose to accept those, or the opportunity will come again later.

Jeffrey – We wanted to surface some of the unconscious beliefs that we might have about living longer, about aging and that’s certainly what this idea of a predetermined time when our death might occur. The other unconscious belief or more like a pattern that we’d like to review is that habits or patterns that we might have may be a death wish. I mean, there are people and there are times in our lives when we may feel the only control that we have is the control of when we pass over. So there might be a very unconscious holding of habits and ways of eating and lifestyle habits that are killing us slowly. So, it’s another thing that we wanted to bring up that can be an unconscious influence on what’s happening for us.

Clayten – Yes, part of the job we feel we have here is to not only explore a topic but look at the fringes of it so that things are held in a context and I guess in closing with the conversation from our end or the discussion from our end, is to really talk about the relationship with a Higher Power.

So, we believe that is one of the key factors, if not the key factor in the quality of life that we  have. So, there’s the age that we are and the quality of life that we have, and a relationship with a power greater than ourselves, a Higher Power, with the Universe with Divinity. For some people, the Earth is their Higher Power, through nature connection. So that is a very big influence on our aging and the quality of our life. And we couldn’t really talk about Health and Aging without talking about a Higher Power and our relationship with that. And we’ve certainly seen people that have found more meaning and significance in their life by being of service and they seem to be more youthful and happy and energized. (20:00) So that is that’s our personal experience. And we’ve seen a lot of that around our communities.

And it seems that in a higher consciousness field, that the veil between us and the Other Side is thinner between us and a Higher Power or our Higher Self. So that’s one of the benefits of a high consciousness field is that we are able to connect easier, more consistently and have kind of a stronger connection.

Jeffrey – Yes, we were discussing before the call that could be one of the reasons why, at the

pilgrimage sites where people are spending a lot of time there, that they are looking younger and healthier. They’re connected to their Higher Self and they’re working that combination of personal will and Divine Will. So, you may have heard from us in one of the previous webinars about manifesting, the level of consciousness of our personal will versus a Divine Will. And we’re calling on a Higher Power in bringing in that higher consciousness field or energy to assist in what we’re asking for. That’s the really important part of this discussion; moving ourselves into a higher quality of life that we like to see, which is the right side of this graph and calling upon that Higher Power to ask for help. Should we hit some questions?

Clayten – Yes, I will take the graph off of the screen.

Jeffrey – So we’ll go to the chat and then we’ll start answering them but if you would like to go deeper and you would like to come on video with us live, please raise your hand; it’s up at the top of your screen near the Q&A button. So, it may take us a minute to go back and forth between participants and the Q&A to find you. But once we find you with your hand up, then we can call on you to join us and be live with us. So, if you’re up for that, raise your hand. Meanwhile, we’ll go to the chats and start looking at the questions.

Clayten – There was a question by Jack earlier about FLFE helping a person stop smoking and I don’t think I could say yes to that as a definite assertion. A high consciousness field helps personal will. So, we have had people who were hardcore addicts stop when they went on the service. And so, we certainly have had, and have anecdotal evidence of that. And again, we talked about Higher Power Divine Will versus personal will. It’s easier to connect to your Higher Power in a high consciousness field. So, in that way, you could say that FLFE environment could help a person quit smoking.

Jeffrey – So Lee asked about the name of the mushroom and that’s Chaga Mushroom. So, let’s see, Barbara asks, “What’s the approximate timeframe to expect or recognize that change or improvement is happening?” You know, it’s variable of course by what’s your immediate situation. And we’ve seen drastic lifestyles can make for a drastic change towards the right side of the chart. And the liver, kidney gallbladder support does take time for it to work. So, it’s probably over a maybe a 90-day period for things to really start to get cleared out and start to function better and then there’s the rebuilding process that can happen with the Innate Intelligence, of course. So, anything on that Clayten as far as timeframe?

Clayten –  There are just too many variables. I mean, all it takes is one bad habit to slow everything down like eating late at night, and our body will not be able to digest properly. (25:00) So, it’s an understandable question. There are just too many things for us to factor in to be able to give that a complete answer.

Anthony is asking, “I’m thinking about ordering for a household and I’m not sure I’d be able to get people to drink enough water. Would it be unwise to order it and not tell them?” Well, what happens Anthony, if the body is not hydrated properly, we have a way of regulating the intensity of the Programs. And so, what happens when you’re in a higher consciousness field and your consciousness

starts to go up, oftentimes the body uses all the energy to do the healing. And so, the function will go down and our ability to get things done will lower in functionality. And so, if our functioning drops below, I think it’s either I think it’s 80% or 85% of the average for the last three years, the intensity of the wave will change in some ways. Now the level of consciousness will stay at 560. But there are so many programs on there, we start to turn them down, or they’ve turned on automatically if the functioning drops or the hydration is low. So each individual in the field will have their own relationship with the energy. We suggest that you do try it and encourage people to drink water but know that technology has been adjusted so that they will get benefit from it, even if it’s not the full benefit.

Jeffrey – And we do recommend and ask people that someone in the household knows and someone connected to the household knows. That would be something you’d want to check up on, how they’re doing, how they’re feeling. So, we really don’t recommend doing it without people knowing. But in this in this situation, as Clayten said, we’ve built in failsafe’s to assist with someone that won’t drink more water which happens in any household, where you have some people that just have habits and no matter what you say to them, they’re not necessarily going to get a lot better. But as far households that are distant from you that you’re not connected with on a frequent basis it’s best not to do it. Do you want to say something else about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we ask that somebody in the household knows, and then it’s up to them to govern their lives according to how they want to live. And it certainly does help if you drink water, it makes a big difference.

Jeffrey – So Brenda is saying with respect to the comment about the doorways of death and the multiple intersections with the choice of crossover, she has personally experienced this six times in life where she could have died in each situation. She remembered asking the Higher Power – is this it? Do I have the choice? And she was always told she had a choice and saw herself immediately reground back into the body. And she sees FLFE as a tool to provide awareness of these choices in daily activities and there is certainly our intent with the webinars well too so that we know we do have choices.

Clayten – I really liked the way that Brenda wrote that. I particularly like the word intersection and I hadn’t thought about it that way. It’s really well written. Thank you, Brenda.

Jeffrey – And Julie was asking about some of the products we know of to help the absorption of water.

Clayten – Sea salt is a good one – a pinch of sea salt will help you with hydration. People have written to us about MegaHydrate, I think it is by Patrick Flannigan. There is also a company called Ambaya Gold and they have a good hydration product. I think it’s called Essence of Life, but you will have to look at their website. There are different drops in health food stores that I’ve tried that help hydration. We don’t have an exhaustive list on that. That may be something interesting to put on our website, Jeff, as we develop a list and then put some links on there for people.

Jeffrey – Yes, that would be good. Just to remind everyone, the private Facebook group, which you can join, and there’s a lot of good information on hydration there. And things that people are adding to water. There’s a whole thread on that. So, I highly recommend it. It’s been a very supportive group and lots of good information there.

Charlene is asking –  “Is there any danger of using FLFE if you don’t drink a lot of water? As  Clayten said, we built in safeguards. It’s just it’s a matter of having the best experience and making the most progress that we would like to make with our health and in our consciousness is drinking the amount of water that’s appropriate for us.

Okay, let’s look at some other Q and A’s.

Clayten –  Yes. Brenda is saying – “So are you saying more water means higher consciousness?” Well, we really wouldn’t say things that way. Although I would agree with you at least a greater opportunity to access higher consciousness. If we’re chronically dehydrated, our body is going to suffer. It’s going to struggle, it’s going to take energy. We will switch polarity more often and we’ll tend to have a lower mood. I’ve been chronically dehydrated even in the last probably three weeks just with the hot weather and being very active a couple of times and didn’t pay attention to it. I usually drink a liter and a half to two liters of water first thing in the morning and that seems to just take care of most of the day for me but there were a few days when I had to do something right away and soon as I got that water in to me my mood became more positive.

Jeffrey – So Brenda, last week we talked about Omega 3’s and Magnesium as a way to grow our nervous system or increase the capacity of our nervous system to hold more energy and hold higher consciousness. So that is a physical upgrade that our bodies will naturally do. And the food or the essential nutrients are Omega 3’s and Magnesium. And that’s taken together within 30 minutes. And in a ratio of 4-1 so 4 Omega 3’s to 1 Magnesium. And we were recommending a starting point  of 4000 milligrams of Omega 3‘s to start.

Clayten – Again, we’re not making medical claims or medical advice; this is based upon our own research. We’ve been researching this area for years. And it’s only recently in the three or four weeks that we looked at measuring the size of the nerves, and it appears that the nerves actually get bigger. So the point is, is that the nerves carry the electricity in the body, which is the energy of consciousness, the prana or the chi. And if your nervous system is better nourished, it’s going to be able to hold more energy.

“Z”  is asking if we recommend alkaline water? Yes, we do. There are different technologies that alkalize water and there are different pH levels you can set them at. So, we’ll let you do your own research on that for your particular machine and your own diet and lifestyle.

Jeffrey – On the chat, someone asks about the Omegas and it is Omega 3’s primarily, the 6’s and 9’s are more easily available from other sources. It’s the Omega 3’s and Magnesium together that are builders of the myelin sheath or the covering of the nerves which assist the nerves to grow and help you naturally grow in consciousness. (35:00) 

Clayten –  Veronica is asking – “Can you recommend a good water filter that is easy to use? I’m not comfortable drinking bottled water.” We talked about this few months back, Veronica, we did some research and found two relatively inexpensive water filtration companies. I’ll tell you about them in just a minute. We don’t have any affiliation with them. And we think they’re probably higher quality water filters, but they cost a lot more. So, one of the ones I have at home is a Pro Pure, and it’s a ceramic looking canister that’s in a jug, and you pour water into it to filter through. The other one that we did research on in that price ranges to Berkey and both are reasonably priced. And then they go up from there, they’re up to thousands of dollars. And probably they’re worth it if they help your health if you have those kinds of resources, but you can start with something relatively inexpensive.

Jeffrey – And we do recommend electrolytes. As Clayten said earlier, such as sea salt, trace mineral drops, and there are electrolytes that you can buy as well so you could try different ones and see what works best for you.

Clayten – Since we are talking about electrolytes, this is the one that I use. It’s called Electromix It’s from Alacers. You can buy it online or maybe in your local health food stores. Again, we have no affiliation with them. And I found that went really good for me, some people don’t like the taste. What I’ve started doing is putting vitamin C in my water just to have some kind of taste because I sometimes need to drink a lot of water quickly. So, you can do something like that just to get it down.

Jeffrey – What are some of the moods or side effects of not drinking enough water Julie was asking.

Clayten – Do you want me to start with that one? Some of the moods can be a low mood, a bad mood. The other side effects, slower thinking. Poor elimination, constipation is really common for people that are chronically dehydrated. Oftentimes we may notice our urine starts to get discolored if we’re badly dehydrated. It can also be a lack of being able to think clearly and have mental endurance. And then there is extreme dehydration where we start to lose motor function. So, the motor function is diminished, and our strength is diminished.

Jeffrey – Charlene is saying that she learned from the Ocean Robbins Food Revolution Network that there are some websites that list conditions of water in terms of toxic chemicals and testing all over the country and it covers pretty much every Water District in the country. It’s interesting down to the cleaning the chemical sources. She ended up using a reverse osmosis filter. And the cost is about $250 each.

Clayten – Yes, the Pro Pure and the Berkey ones that we talked about are around  $60 – $100. And, you know, they’re pretty slow to get the water through. So, If you have the resources, I would spend them on getting the best water filter possible.

Jeffrey – Lee was asking – “Should the Omega 3’s and Magnesium be taken together? And why is that within 30 minutes?” So, there seems to be a synergistic effect. Both are needed for the purpose of building the myelin sheath and increasing the capacity of the nerves, so the body having them together and present in the body at the same time. Maybe that is synergistic, but in our testing, that is what we came to as the timeframe.

Clayten – Yes, Anthony asks, “What are your thoughts on distilled water?” Anthony, we typically do not recommend distilled water because it’s demineralized. So, minerals are a pretty important thing to have in our water (40:00) and when we put sea salt in there we are adding minerals. And, there are mineral drops to put in water as well which help with hydration. And if all you have distilled water it’s better than some other types of water, but ideally spring water is a good option.

Jeffrey – Megan asks, “Are all the Programs in the Subscriptions or do we purchase them separately?” Everything’s included with a standard Subscription. If you go to the website in the Learning Center and you go to Programs, it will list the programs that are in each of the types of subscriptions. It is slightly different in the FLFE Everywhere which is the Mobile Phone vs the Home, Business or Non-profit stationary subscription but all of these programs we mentioned are in both services. So, our goal has been to create as much value as we can with the product and to keep adding and keep improving. And that’s what we do, we get in our lab coats and we continue to improve it and it’s something we just love to do. So, there’s no extra purchase needed.

Clayten – Glenn is asking do you recommend extra minerals for example fulvic acid. I’ve actually done quite a bit of research on fulvic acid Glenn; I was partners in a health food company years ago where we sold a fulvic acid product. And fulvic acid for those of you who don’t know comes from a layer of shale in the earth called shale. And that shale is pressed hopefully not used it’s pressed and not used.  Ambaya Gold has a product with fulvic acid as one of the ingredients.  We don’t have any affiliation with them, and they have a product called  Essence of Life which has fulvic acid in it. And it’s a good formula. Jeff seems to be having some technical issues his computer is frozen so I will pick up the questions for now.

Lovette is saying, “You’re making an interesting point, I noticed that my third eye has an intense pressure since I’ve been on the Free Trial. I wonder if I need to add the additional vitamins along with more water to see if this will help my headache?” Well, part of what could be happening is you could be having a type of awakening Lovette, and oftentimes, the third eye area if it has been dormant, the stimulation of that will cause a type of awareness that can be sometimes uncomfortable. I would certainly suggest that paying attention to hydration and perhaps alter the time spent in the FLFE field. So you can experiment with the experience you’re having. And definitely try vitamins and again it’s an experiment; we all have to figure out what works for our bodies and how to get the most out of them. And again, we’re not doctors, but this is how we learn. We try things and one of the ways that we came across the Anti-stagnation Program was having really good effect from Tuina massage, through a Chinese medical practitioner here in Nelson. So that was an example of experimentation leading to an additional program for FLFE.

Charlene is mentioning a water filter she looked up. And Brenda mentioned that she has been using Dr. Emoto’s practice of infusing water with symbols and words. Absolutely. Dr. Emoto’s work is really good. We reference some of his research in our Water Program as a matter of fact. And she’s done some testing of the water with emotions using the Hawkins calibration. Interesting, layering the FLFE energy seems to amplify the process. Absolutely. It’s a high consciousness field. So, it tends to add positive energy to anything that it is associated with.

Gurjeet is saying he feels very sleepy and lethargic at times. And he’s on the Free Trial. We talked Gurjeet a couple of months ago about a process called upgrades. (45:00) So, when the body is doing an upgrade, for example, some people like Jeff who is a very high functioning individual tends to upgrade slowly, step by step and a bit at a time but he’s always high functioning.

Whereas I tend to upgrade by being exhausted and having a couple of days off and then I come back at the next level. So, you might be having a similar experience where you’re getting upgraded. Like we said earlier, the programs will diminish in strength when our functioning drops. And all we have influence over in the environment is our free will. This is the biggest factor in our environment. So, we suggest that you use things like a rebounder. I have a Celler Sizer in my office which is a brand of rebounder that we recommend. It’s the best one I found. I’ve looked at a lot of them. The other good one is the Bellicon, but I find it a little bit too soft even though I’ve tried one that has been ordered especially for someone with my height and weight. So, I would look at getting maybe a little more exercise if you’re not exercising, and see if that helps the lethargy and look at breathing exercises as well; that can make a big difference. We have talked Pranayama, Rhythmic Breathing, Kriya Yoga there are lots of different breathing techniques out there.

Megan is wondering – “Why do some people I know have a problem with using FLFE? Are they not simpatico with the energy?” Well not everybody will agree with using anything, of course. And some people are concerned about how something may affect them. And it’s really an interesting question. That’s why we give away a Free Trial, we give people two weeks of the experience with no obligation. We don’t even ask for a credit card so that they can try it and see what their experience is. And of course, not everybody is open to trying new things, that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean they’re doing something wrong by not using it. And a lot of customers of ours are early adopters or trust themselves enough to experience or experiment with the technology. You also have a Control Panel, of course, and you can turn it on and off anytime you want so that you can experience the contrast and see how that affects you. So, I don’t know how else to answer that Megan.

Megan made another comment that she has a device in an alkaline water bottle. Yes, quite a few of our customers have Feng Shui’d their house. So, using different technologies are using Orgonite or different types of products that help the environment. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use anything else, we are experimenting all the time with new technologies to try to add value to what we’re giving you. I have multiple different kinds of machines on my place. And I’ll turn them on and turn them off and see how they work as part of how we developed our technology. In fact, FLFE technology is a combination of five different technologies.

Megan is asking, “Do you guys go on and off FLFE or do you stay on it all the time?” Well, it’s been I’ve been experimenting with this technology for 10 years now. And I have probably been in in in FLFE field 99% of the time over the previous three years. We sometimes experiment with higher intensities but generally, we stay in it all the time.

Jolie asks the interesting question – “Can you continue to upgrade past 560?” The way that we run our business Jolie is to ask what is in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation? (50:00)  So, when we were testing, Jolie, according to what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. We tested for the optimal level of consciousness for a home to support the mission of creating the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economized society. We found that 560 is the sweet spot. It is not so high that it will tend to make people nonfunctional and it’s high enough to give us some levity and move us up. And some homes are higher than 560. We have homes that are over 600. People who’ve done multiple levels of Feng Shui and different types of energetic clearing on the land, working with crystals and things like that. And they also have a high level of consciousness themselves which supports all of those things happening. So, we continue to do that and all of the things we do we test if it is in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And we don’t do anything that is, at least on a big level that is not in the Highest and Best interest of all. And we’re human, we struggle we make mistakes, but with the big things, we’re very diligent with testing that and I understand that people may want to experience something higher. And, you know, if you do have a higher level of consciousness than 560 Jolie, or anybody else, FLFE does not diminish your capacity to evolve. The average home in North America is 420 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So, if you were at 580 and you were in a 420 environment, it would probably go up to maybe 440 depending on the home and the land and a lot of factors are a little bit higher. That’s our experience. So, having a 560 environment, we’re not having to use our energy to compensate for that environment. So, it doesn’t diminish your capacity to evolve in any way.

Jeffrey – Connie’s asking – “When testing for my body, would it be proper to ask about the Highest and Best good for this body?”  I don’t know how you would answer that question Clayten. But it would seem to me that when I do my own testing, I’m asking what’s in the Highest Best interest for me for this body at this time? And what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation?

Clayten  – Yes, so Connie, when making inquiries, we need to remember that they need to be declarative statements, not questions. So, the inquiry could be; It is proper to use this for my body or it is in the Highest Best interest of all creation to use this product or eat this food at this time? Absolutely. If you’re an experienced kinesiologist, you can find different ways to ask that question. And then when you get a yes, you can start to scale it. You can use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, of course, or a parallel scale. So, you could say on a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the  level of appropriateness of this food in this quantity for my body at this time, is above 200, 400 500, etc. It may not be that high, but that will give you a sense of where you can go with it.

Gurjeet is asking about our thoughts on using structured water. We agree with using structured water. It’s just a matter of the technology you’re using. There are many ways to structure water and it does help it be absorbed into the body.

Jeffrey – Jolie is mentioning dowsing also works for testing. Yes. And that’s my experience as well. There are multiple ways to connect to our Innate Intelligence. Kinesiology is the one that Dr. Hawkins has brought forth and Clayten has studied for many years. Using a pendulum has worked for me as a way to connect to the Innate Intelligence that connects All That Is for testing truth and that does work.

Clayten – And one of the keys is to really get your questions or your inquiries right; they are inquiries, not questions and that seems to be the big issue for most of us. And being honest with ourselves and recognizing if we don’t have consistency that we need to work on our testing. Then when we get consistency over a period of time, then we can trust that. So, until you we learn we may not want to use that process. It can take some time. It can take years.

Jeffrey – So Megan is asking about a brain entrainment machine that she uses. And we recommend keeping FLFE on while you’re doing that, I mean, there’s no reason to turn it off. It’s really up to you how it feels to you and of course, use your intuition for that, but there is no interference or reason to not have FLFE  on with other modalities that we have found.

Clayten –  Yes, FLFE is really life force energy. And life force energy has been around for as long as we’ve been around. So, we haven’t found that it interferes with any technology that works in a normal environment. Because even if we don’t have an FLFE environment on we have life force energy in our environment; it is just about how much we have.

Jeffrey -Great point. So Gurjeet asks about whether to choose the Home Subscription because of others in the environment. And that might be a better choice. If we have large families or loved ones that we’d like to have benefit from the Health Programs. And in the FLFE Everywhere, the Health Programs are only within four feet of the object. So, while it’s great for us personally, and with us all the time, it’s a great choice for some people. But if there are multiple bedrooms and people living in the house then FLFE Home benefits everyone in the environment.

Clayten – Yes and the FLFE Home Subscription has the land clearing options that the Mobile Subscription doesn’t have. And so that might be helpful as well because it’s able to do more because it’s stationary. The amount of power that our Mobile Subscription uses now, I think it’s over 4000 times the amount of energy of a Home Subscription. And we’re fine with that, we have the capacity to do it. But there are certain Programs that we can’t have on the Mobile Subscription because it would take too much energy to be clearing the land all the time. We could be traveling down the highway at 60 miles an hour and it is constantly trying to clear the land. And, at this time FLFE does not have enough power to do that.

Jeffrey –  And it’s one of the reasons we have the Free Trial so you can go on the Home Free Trial and that will clear the negative energetic history of the land and the building. And then you could choose FLFE Everywhere if you want it to going forward. That energetic history on the land and in the building can have an effect on us by creating low levels of consciousness in areas of the building, it can create thought forms that are affecting us. If you’ve ever been to an old battlefield or an old prison, you know how heavy and dark it feels in those places. There’s so much history all through humanity’s history on a location, we really have no idea what happened there. So, that’s why the clearing is important. So, if you’re considering your options and you’re on the Free Trial, you can do a Free Trial on both FLFE Everywhere and on your home. Not at the same time, but you can do one and then you can do the other. And it can give you 30 days of a Free Trial, you can try both Services that way. The home subscription will clear out a property. So that’s a great one to make sure you do on the Free Trial. It’s one of the gifts that we wanted to give, the Free Trial.

Clayten – And very likely you will experience some significant health benefits in the liver, kidney gallbladder during that time. I’m looking at Rebecca’s question, Jeff, maybe we’ll talk about this experience she’s having. We’ve talked about this in the past with people noticing that their intuition greatly increases in an FLFE environment. And one of the developmental stages that we have to go through is learning to manage the increased capacities that we develop in a high consciousness field. (1:00:00) And it sounds like Rebecca is increasing her intuition because what she’s saying is that she’s picking up or taking on other people’s emotions. So, my assumption, Rebecca is that it’s a skill you have to continue to work on. There is a book that I’ve read, by Master Choa Kok Sui he’s a Chinese Filipino energy worker. And it’s called Practical Psychic Self-defense for Home and Office.

Anyone can go on Amazon and search that and be able to find it. It’s a blue-covered book with the gold lettering and I don’t have my copy here in the office right now. But my assumption Rebecca, is to develop more skills. And that the good news is you’ll have more capacity, we just have to learn to manage it.

Jeffrey – So Megan mentioned that she lives in Newport, Rhode Island, and it has quite a history of slavery and Indian massacres. And land clearing has helped her a great deal she says.

Clayten – Interesting. We actually put the Underground Railroad on FLFE, in some areas  to clear the history of the trauma of those people being chased and caught, or things happening to them.

Jeffrey –  Julie has a question about the size of the property. So, the way that the programs are written it’s up to five acres, but in a property that’s larger than that then if the legal description of the property or the legal lot limit is larger than 5 acres then FLFE is on the five acres around the primary residence. That’s the default in front of the program.  So, it does cover five acres.

Clayten – I was recognizing in the chat somebody had put in, I think for the second time that they live in Surinam and they’re not able to put FLFE on that country. We can look at that after this call. Part of the issue we have, with countries where the address and the legal system is such that the addresses aren’t always registered in a legal manner that would be consistent, logical, and dependable. And it’s not a bad thing or a good thing. It’s just the way that the technology works. We put the address into a field and if the address in the field is not the same as the address at your home, then it’ll go on a different address.

And so, we’ve had challenges with different countries where the addresses are not the same as what’s on the records, or other countries where they’re growing quickly. There’s a lot of construction, like  in China, we’ve had difficulty with getting addresses correct because the country’s growing so quickly, the maps aren’t always up to date. But what can be done is to use the latitude-longitude coordinates of the property on if it’s a home. If it’s an apartment, email the office at and we will look and see if we can find that address that you typed in, we will go into Google Earth and have a look. And if we can find it, we will let you know. And if not, then you can subscribe to the Mobile or Everywhere subscription. And you can have a many of the benefits from that.

Jeffrey – So Megan asks, “Is there more information about the Liver Kidney Gallbladder Program and is there more on the website?” Yes, on the website in the Learning Center under Programs there is a bit more.  All of our health programs are information in the field for the Innate Intelligence to use. And so, in the Liver, Kidney Gallbladder Program there’s quite a bit of medical research available by many experts out there on the liver and the kidneys and the gallbladder. And so that information on the healthy, well-functioning or optimally functioning system is now in the field and the Innate Intelligence uses that to bring those organs to their optimal functioning. And that could include many different things including increasing the flow through the organs, the capacity to filter all of those things. (1:05:00) So that’s really what the programs are about and how they work.

Clayten – Yes. There is more information on our website and in the webinars. Actually, I don’t know how much is on the website or where it is Jeff, you know the back end a little better than I do.  We are working right now, Megan, going through all of the webinars and time stamping when we talked about a certain subject. And we did spend a lot of one webinar talking about the liver, kidney, and gallbladder. And so, if you can find that, then we go into more detail there.

Jennifer was asking – “Does taking vitamin supplements and drinking plenty of water mentally and emotionally change a person’s receptivity?” So, it seems  Jennifer, that the higher a person’s level of consciousness is, the more that the body is healthy. And the more that the body is healthy, the more it’s receptive to positive energy. So, the right type of supplements and the right type of water will definitely make us more receptive to higher consciousness fields. And it’s interesting that some people who are quite sensitive to different types of energy don’t notice FLFE so much and other people notice it right away. The last time I checked different distinctions that happen in or that we might notice in an FLFE field, and they go out in the emails that you get on the Free Trial. So, you can look for those distinctions in the environment. And we do have people that specialize in talking to customers who are on the Free Trial. If you have questions, you’re certainly welcome to call the office. And you may get a call from somebody on our team if we have the resources to do it. We’ve just grown so quickly we haven’t had a chance to call everybody on the Free Trial recently.

Jeffrey – Another point on that question; it appears when people are in a high consciousness field for some time, whether it’s on a Free Trial or afterward, and the body system is ready to upgrade to a higher level of consciousness, feeding the nerve growth and increasing the size of the nerves helps. The diameter of the nerves wants to grow in order to help us to move to a higher level of consciousness. So that’s a case where we may be primed and ready for more growth in our consciousness. And our bodies are waiting for those resources in order to take us to the next level. So that’s when we might be really responsive to supplements, in that case, Omega 3’s and Magnesium.

Clayten – That’s a good point, Jeff. Rebecca says – “Before FLFE I had four different neighbors who were very disturbing on a daily basis. Lots of noise, screaming, barking, and smoking. I live in a smoke-free building. Although none of them have moved, my neighborhood is suddenly peaceful.  Thank you for sharing this technology.” Yes, we’ve had quite a few people talk about that. And we’ve had quite a few instances where the neighbors start to move out. And what happened, Rebecca, and for those of you haven’t probably heard this on a webinar, your property is 560 but it’s like a light in the dark or a candle in the dark your neighbor’s house might be 540. And now the programs will deactivate off of your property, but the positive energy continues to go out into the environment, and it goes out a long way. It’s not as high. But if you have a neighborhood that’s 250 and a block away, it’s still at 400, you’re starting to change that whole neighborhood. And it really does up a lot in many cases.

We’ve programmed it that way for people who aren’t subscribing to the technology and because of the hydration requirements. With the responsibility we have stewarding the technology we do need to let people know when it’s on. So we program that so that when it goes off the property, the legal address, it can still be powerful, but it doesn’t have a lot of the same types of programs or the influences that are on the subscription properties. (1:10:00) 

Jeffrey – So Connie  is asking about the timing for supplements and for me personally I take my Omega 3’s and Magnesium with food. I don’t think it matters, just getting them into our system is important.

Clayten – I find if I take mine on an empty stomach, sometimes my stomach feels a bit disturbed. So again, that’s something we have to experiment with.

And Tanya says – “I notice that you said that the programs are only active within 4 feet, so do you have to keep the phone within 4 feet to have the benefit?” Well, there are programs that are active, and 4 feet is where some programs are active and more within 9 feet and 16 feet and out to 300 feet. So, within 300 feet of the phone, there is a positive benefit from the energy that’s emanating from the device. And the same with a Mobile Object you can take a picture and send it into us. We can put FLFE on any object if the picture is good enough for us to associate the energy  with it.

Jeffrey – Well, it looks like we’ve reached the end of the questions and are getting towards the end of the time of the webinars so we could wrap up and close it out.

Clayten – I was hoping to have a Q&A with a person. It looks like our ability to answer live questions hasn’t worked tonight, but we’ll try again next time. It did work in our practice run in the officer earlier. We did try to get it live for you today, so we’ll keep playing with it and we’ll figure it out.

Jeffrey – Megan thanks us for offering FLFE to nonprofits and yes, it’s important to us as well to make that available to businesses that are doing good in the world.

Clayten – Yes, at quite a reduced price. And just a reminder, when you buy a subscription, you get to give away a subscription to another property and we’ve done a lot of work on our subscriptions. And we’re going to talk next week or the week after Jeff, about that new gifting subscription and how we’ve enhanced it so it can go to more places.

Jeffrey – Well I am grateful for all of your positive comments and thanks. It’s so helpful for us. We love to hear from you and hear how things are going for you in the field. And it’s a labor of love for us. You know, we love every one of our members in the community and love to interact with you. So, it’s great to have you with us on this webinar.

Clayten – We appreciate your participation and your questions. We do prepare about 20 minutes of material in the beginning. And we really enjoy the questions and answers. We’ve been both on our own paths for decades. And we’ve spent a lot of time developing this business. And we spent a lot of time in research and development to ensure we can give you the best service that the FLFE technology allows us to give you. We do have exciting programs and research in development and we’re going to release some more this fall. It’s July now so we’ve been busy with growing the business recently with all the incoming people and we’re a bit anxious to get back into the lab and write some more programs and complete the ones we have. We’re still thinking of ways to give you more value. I appreciate your business and all of the kind things that you say about us in many of the postings and your participation in the Facebook community where we’re all helping each other. You can all help each other in ways that we can’t; there’s so many of you.  We are so glad to have you on the journey with us and to share with you.

Jeffrey – And it’s good to mention that we do service work with FLFE and your subscription supports us to be able to do that. We’re always looking for and doing work on the larger scale as well. So, thank you for your support and your goodwill and good wishes. And with that, we bid you good night on this webinar. (1:15:00)