Benefits of Living in a High Consciousness Field  

January 17, 2017   

(0:00) Erin- Hello out there. Welcome to our first FLFE Focused Lifeforce Energy community webinar. Thank you for being here tonight, and for making history with us. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community. You guys have had so many questions that we needed to come up with a better way to have them answered. And what better way than with the founders. So here we are tonight with our founders of FLFE, Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann.

Jeff – Hello, everyone. We’re glad to be here with you. And I think we’ll say a few words and just talk a little bit about the benefits of a high consciousness field and what that is, and then we’ll get to your questions.

Clayten – Welcome everyone. Thank you, Erin, for the introduction and we look forward to your questions.

Jeff – Alright, well, I’ll start off, I think we should just cover what is a high consciousness field, what we’re going to talk about tonight is what are the benefits of being in a high consciousness field. So, I guess we should start with what is a high consciousness field?

You know, one way to think about it, it’s an unusually large amount of high vibrating energy in a location. And you may have experienced that and various high consciousness spots around the world, like a cathedral and temple and even places on the earth like in Sedona. Some places are very high in consciousness. And even around a person. If you’ve ever gone to see the Dalai Lama, he has a very high consciousness field around him. And then there are pilgrimages; people have for ages, been going to places around the earth to be in these kinds of fields. Do you want to say anything about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, so, different types of pilgrimages have different types of energy. So, there are various types of high consciousness fields, of course, some pilgrimages are for connecting with a certain Deity, some may be for healing, some maybe for attracting something into your life. There are many different variations on that. Typically, we can feel high consciousness fields in our body to varying degrees. And one of the principles we use in our philosophy is to look at a contrast. And so, we’re talking about contrast, we would talk about going into a low consciousness area, like an old battlefield, or an old prison, and then going into a high consciousness field, like a temple, or most churches. So that will be an example, as you’re experimenting with understanding high consciousness fields yourself. Look at the contrast you experience from a low place to a high place. Even in many of our cities, there’s a part of town where a lot of the crimes happen. And if you go into those places, you don’t feel the same as you do in a neighborhood that’s beautiful, where people take care of their houses and their yards. And that’s a practical example. So, we’re going to try to make this practical this evening because I can tend to get lost in abstract definitions and reasoning and this is really all quite simple when it comes down to it. Yeah, I think that’s it, Jeff. That’s all I need to say right now.

Jeff – So, Clayten and I’ve been doing research in consciousness for many years and even taught a course on how to create a high consciousness field. So yes, we can get lost in the details and we’ll try to pull ourselves back into practicality but, feel free to ask us any questions that you want, when we get to that to that part. But just in a simple way, what is this energy? I mean, we’re talking about a high consciousness field has lots of energy in it, it’s high vibrating energy. And this energy is all around us. It really makes up the entire Universe. It’s everywhere. And we’ve found a way to focus that to sort of accumulate it and to move it in this way that our device works. To entangle our machine that is an accumulator of this life force energy. (5:00) And this life force energy is called many things: Chi, Prana. And, many of the traditions, the ancient traditions, have ways to accumulate this energy, this life force energy in the body, for instance, through breathing exercises, and meditation. So, we’ve just in this modern world, found a technology that we’ve developed very intensely to focus, accumulate, and then transmit or move this energy to a place anywhere in the world. And we do that by putting a Program, or what we call a Program. Programs are written instructions that go into the highly intense energetic field that’s part of the machine.

And so, that Program with your address, for an address of anywhere in the world, associates or entangles that address instantly with the energy the machine and the instructions in the Programs. And when we first started this technology, we had a friend who’s maybe 1000 miles or more from the actual machine itself. And when we put Programs on and off on his property, he could tell instantly when it was on, when it was off. Some people are much more sensitive, but it is an instant action at a distance. It was Einstein who said, “spooky action at a distance”.

So Clayten, how do we measure this field? How do we measure this energy?

Clayten – Well, there are lots of ways to measure it. We talked earlier about how our bodies are designed for evolution. And we have these sensory inputs that we call the nervous system. So the nervous system is attuned to measuring energy all the time, just as a survival mechanism. Is this place safe? Is this person, someone I can trust? And so, we do want people to pay attention to their own Innate Intelligence through their own body’s Innate Intelligence. And trust and respect that. It does take time to develop it. And there are practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, breathing exercises that Jeff has mentioned, that can sensitize the body and increase our awareness. And once you start paying attention to it, you’ll notice that more and more, as you go through your daily life, what places just feel better than others. That process could be considered scientific, depending on how you monitor it.

But because of the nature of our work and because we give results in terms of numbers; we use a Scale of Consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins. And he developed an understanding of Kinesiology or muscle testing and discovered that it’s a non-local phenomenon. You can use kinesiology to measure consciousness, on any place on the planet, or any place in the world. And you can measure it in the current time. And in the past, you can’t measure something that’s in the future because it doesn’t exist yet. So, we can’t test what events will happen but or what a consciousness will be. But we use the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, it is a logarithmic scale, from one to infinity, each level of consciousness has a certain amount of energy associated with it, which is measurable. And in the human domain, the realm of consciousness, or the levels of consciousness go from one to 1000. So, on that scale, 200 is integrity, 500 is love, 600 is the beginning of enlightenment, and 1000 would be the avatars or masters that have walked the earth; the Jesus, the Buddhist, the Krishna. So that’s the kind of breadth of the scale.

Now, this is something I spend a lot of time on. So, I’ll just maybe say a few more things, Jeff.

In North America, the average home calibrates at about 420 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. And because the scale is logarithmic, 421 is 10 times more powerful than for 420. 422 is 100 times more powerful than 420. 423 is 1000 times. So, the FLFE technology, now, can raise a property up to 560 out of 1000 from wherever it is (even if it’s lower than 420), it can raise it up in five seconds. (10:00) So, if a property was at 420, that’s 10 to the 10 to the 140th power more energy. And the realm of 560 is in the unconditional love zone. So, when looking at creating the optimal conditions for human evolution, which is the mission of FLFE; to support and create the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economized society; 560 is a level of consciousness range that puts us in an unconditional love environment, which through entrainment will move us more and more towards that. And it’s not so high that it makes it difficult to function. For those of us who’ve been spiritual devotees for a long time, we’ve read different books on people going into states of bliss and being incapacitated in that state. And so even though the technology is not a limitation to you raising your consciousness, it’s not our intent to have you incapacitated. That’s up to you to go there if that’s your choice. That’s what talked a little bit about there, Jeff. But is there anything that you’d like to add to that?

Jeffrey -Well, I just like to go into what it’s like to be in a high consciousness environment, and, what are the benefits of it. So, it’s higher vibrating, there’s much more energy available and when we jump into that pool, when we go to that property, and we’re immersed in that energy, our body starts to pull that energy in. Really for any purpose that we have in the body’s Innate Intelligence which knows what needs to happen. So that energy is now pulled in, and it starts to be used by all sorts of things. And that’s really the major benefit of a high consciousness field – much more energy for the body to work with. And so from there, all sorts of things start to happen. There’s much more available energy for health. So, the body’s pulling from this energy, the Innate Intelligence of the body is directing it, and there are projects in the body that may have been on hold for a long time. For decades even waiting for the right energetic support, to go ahead and start healing and start moving towards optimal health, which is where the body wants to be all the time. So, health is one of the benefits of being in a high consciousness field. And as Clayten mentioned, that was one of the reasons why people went on pilgrimages, for healing, for miracles to happen. And, another benefit is that our individual consciousness rises in a high consciousness field, as Clayten said, in an unconditional love environment. All the lower vibrating parts of ourselves start to entrain and move up. And we find that in 90 days, the average FLFE customer goes up 10 points in their level of consciousness. So, when you think about it, as Clayten said, each point upward is 10 times more energy, 10 times more power. So that means that each of us with 10 to the 10th power, more energy, or more power to create the lives that we want. And that’s really the big benefit is using this increased energy to create the life you want. And that means being clear in the environment, what it is you want? What are your intentions? What are your goals, what is it that you’re trying to produce in your life?  We highly recommend that in your Free Trial, and as you subscribe to really get clear about what it is you want and to be in charge of your mind and be bringing thoughts forward that support where you want to go. Any more on that Clayten?

Clayten  – Yes, it kind of reminds me of a story. I went to a seminar once. And somebody said that we make about 3000 choices a day and that our life is really governed by choice. And all we have to do is make the right choice over and over and over again. And that may be an oversimplification, but for me, what it meant was, when I looked at the results I was getting in my life, I had to look at the unconscious choices I was allowing that was creating those results. (15:00) And so, that’s an invitation for all of us to really look at the results we’re creating and dig backward to look at the pattern in our thinking that may be creating them. So, whatever we think about, we create whether we consciously intend to receive it, because we perceive it will be a benefit to our life. And, whatever we think we attract. And so, it’s just a heads up on the Free Trial. And for you new Subscribers, especially, because your manifestation really increases. And there is a lot of assistance in a high consciousness field, there is an increase in focus and concentration, and the mind becomes quieter, it’s easier to go into a meditative state, especially for those of us who are meditators, we typically will go into the state easier. And we’ll go deeper. And we were talking today earlier about how there’s an increase in personal willpower.

Now, personal willpower has a place in the world, it’s not the ultimate power, we believe there’s a Higher Power and for ages, the most successful transformative experiences, that I read about in books are typically a combination of will; personal willpower, and then that may lead to surrender and turning things over to a Higher Power and asking for help in our lives and to intervene because we can’t seem to do it on our own power. But there is a place for most of us where we want to have more willpower, we want to have more discipline. So that is something that does emerge in a high consciousness field. It is easier to connect to our Higher Powers, we have many testimonials about that. We also have some really good Sleep Programs. We have a lot of new exciting Programs coming out in 2017, but one of the Programs we’ve written is a Sleep Program. So, Jeff talked about us putting that those Programs into that highly concentrated place in the machine. And so, we did a lot of research on sleep. And what are the optimal conditions in sleep, physiologically, biochemically, mentally? So that’s a really good Program that many people have written to us about saying they can sleep better. Sometimes there’s a day or two of getting adapted to the energy, but then usually, you’ll see people get better.  Do you want to finish off this list Jeffrey? take the next couple of points?

Jeffrey – Well, I just wanted to mention, that we had a customer who was working with their father who had cancer and was very uncomfortable. So they decided to put on the FLFE Service. And he got the first good night sleep that he had had in a month the first night that it went on. We see those kinds of stories and that’s my favorite meditation, just falling right to sleep, deeply. And that is one thing that I’ve really noticed is that I have so much more personal energy in the FLFE field. I also have the wave touching my chest because I have an FLFE mobile device.  I have a pendant so I’m in the field all the time and I have so much more personal energy but then when it’s time to go to sleep, and it’s just boom, my head hits the pillow and I’m out so it’s truly a beautiful thing.

So that focus and concentration are great.  Relationships are another area that we hear a lot about from our customers. Our personal experiences and, as Clayten said, that the energy of the FLFE field at 560 is universal. Unconditional love and it feels like that love comes into the communications more or are supported to come back to love in the communication. It seems to be relationships are deeper. We’ve heard from several mothers and fathers about their children and the relationship they have with their children where they just connect with them on a deeper level and they can get down and play. One father told me that he just he hadn’t been able to get down in the ground and play and roll around with his children as much as he had wanted, and it just seemed to happen naturally, so that’s another benefit of a high consciousness field of being in the energy.

(20:00) So, I think one of the other things that’s a little bit different in a high consciousness field that it clears the energy of the location.  So, it’s kind of like if you are painting a room you want to clean the dirt and dust out of the corners first. Clean and wipe the walls down and that’s what we found – the level of consciousness went up much more quickly if we cleared out the negative energy or the negative history on the property first. That’s happening multiple times a second so it’s a continual clearing it’s a continual fresh start for the property and, as we know from what we talked about being on a battlefield or in an old prison those old energies stay on a property and they can affect your thinking and they can affect how you feel and they can affect your emotions so there’s a real benefit to cleaning that out and clearing it and having a fresh start and fresh canvas to paint your life on. That’s another one of the big things that FLFE does. It may be different than your standard high consciousness field. So, before we take questions I thought we could talk about Clayten some of the service projects that started FLFE that brought us to our mission which is to support and create the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economized economy society. So, when we found this technology, we began to work with it. And we did large scale worldwide projects finding low spots, these are service projects. As we went further along we put FLFE on places like the Nazi concentration camp locations, which had a lot of negative energy around them. And I know you did some work on that town in the Middle East as well Clayten can you talk about that?

Clayten – Yes. So, I spent a couple years working in the Middle East and there was a town there where people would go to get curses put on people. And I thought that was strange and kind of didn’t believe the story when I first heard it. But I eventually went to visit the town. And sure enough, it was pretty weird energy there, and projects that they’re working on just seemed to take a long time, it was a very low consciousness town. So, have what we call a public service wave, and there’s no special notification required or no special hydration requirements. It’s a loving energy, that just is like being kind to somebody, you don’t really need permission to think of kind thought towards somebody. So, we put this whole town on, I know Jeffrey did the Cambodian Killing Fields. And we would go and calibrate the critical factor or the tipping point. And in each continent, we’d find the lowest consciousness area on the continent through Kinesiology and we put the service wave of the Program on that area and lifted it up. And we did this for a year before 2012, and we didn’t think we would do this as a business, we just had the technology, we kept refining it. And, making it simpler, you know how, when you’re working with big technology, you find ways to make it simpler. It’s just like in the old days would take our room, maybe the size of this office to have a computer system just to do payroll for a company now, probably our smartphones have as much computing power is that whole room of computers did in the past. So, we found ways to simplify it and increase its power.

We’re also doing other projects that we heavily subsidized and we could call them service projects, but they’re service projects for us and are kind of things we do anonymously. That is not the thing we do, we don’t tell people about it. But there is a project that we’re working with called the, and we’re putting a public service wave FLFE program on some of these concentration camps. You can go onto their website and see it, and so we’re heavily subsidizing that so that we can help some of our brothers and sisters out there that are living in these refugee camps sometimes for years and years.  That’s a big one, we’ve got several million people on that. (25:00)

Jeffrey – Yeah, at some point, we, we realized that raising the level of consciousness of the planet, one property at a time through the commercial, sort of offering FLFE to everyone in the world was really a more efficient, better way to raise the consciousness of the planet. And, we invite you to join us in that endeavor through your Free Trial, and through subscribing. And if you do decide to subscribe, you’re also adding another property for each paid subscription, we do another free service level FLFE. And we ask you to designate a religious or spiritual organization that stays on FLFE for as long as we continue to do this business, even if you decide to stop your subscription. So, it’s really a one for one. And it’s the way to multiply the effect of this raising the consciousness one property at a time.

Yes. So, I think we’re ready to move into the questions, Erin? All right. Ready?

Erin – Yes. We’ve got some questions here. It looks like the questions are rolling in. So the first one, we’ll just go ahead and start from the top. Matthew is asking, he says he’s an engineer type. So, this might be for you, Jeffrey, he’s an engineer type and needs to better understand what’s going on with the machine.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a good question. And it’s an interesting phenomenon. It’s occurring here. And, as an engineer, I have an engineering background as well, it’s been a fascinating journey. The energies that we’re working with here are subtle energies. So, there they are energies that we don’t yet have scientific instruments to measure, or at least there aren’t very many of them. So, these are the energy that flows through the meridians that are recognized by Chinese medicine that are affected by acupuncture and acupressure. And so, they’ve been recognized by Western medicine as working. But the mechanism of it is still a mystery to the Western world. But we believe that at some point in the future, there will be instruments to measure the subtle energies to see the subtle energies. And many sensitive people can already visualize those or see them in some way. So that’s the energy that we’re working well, first of all, so. So, the physics of it are different. It’s the physics of consciousness, which is really in the realm of quantum physics. So, when we’re talking about entanglement, we’re talking about a field created by the system that is entangled with this address. That’s the best way we can explain it. There is a quantum entanglement happening. And so, the action in one place is happening in the other place at exactly the same time. In the machine, itself, are stacks and stacks of plates, of coils, of pyramids, spheres of different materials, very similar, what you might have seen in any photographs of Nikola Tesla’s experimental setups. And running through these stacks, in the original Genesis machine, there’s high-speed alternating current. And so that that high-speed current which is what Tesla used a lot and Tesla was doing a lot of experiments with the same kind of technology that we’re working with, in transmitting things over a long-distance.

In our machine, that high-speed alternating current was pulling in this subtle energy, it was focusing it, pointed in through these, what we call the input stacks and focusing on an output stack into a highly concentrated place in the machine.  And then within that machine is where the actual Programs go and then the Programs through the entanglements are acted upon on the address. (30:00) So, it’s outside the realm of, traditional science, but it’s becoming more and more recognized that quantum physics is happening on a more macro scale. That was known before a lot of work in biology, showing that quantum effects are happening on a very large scale. So, we’re looking at really a global size scale here.

Erin – Alright, well, thank you for the question, Matthew, and thank you for the answer. Jeff. We’ve got another question here from Giv, she mentioned that before she began the trial she was sleeping like a baby about eight to 10 hours a night once the trial began her sleep shifted, it was messed up. So, it paused after two weeks, because there was a need to catch up on sleep. So now she’s back to sleeping a lot and nervous about restarting the program but wants to so are there any suggestions that you have to prevent What’s happening?

Clayten – Maybe I’ll speak to that first. Jeff mentioned earlier that when you go on the FLFE service, it’s like writing a check to renovate your house. Imagine the renovation you’d always wanted to do, but you didn’t have the money and you plan it out and someone comes along, and they write you a check. And so, the body will as soon as you go on the Service will start to heal sometimes long-term intransigent issues. And so, people do either experience it seems a really good sleep right away, or they just experience a little bit of disturbed sleep. Now, the feedback that we’ve gotten is that, that there is a transitory time. Given that situation, we could extend your Free Trial so that you could experiment with it. And we also have a Control Panel on the Free Trial, which we are putting on this year. We’re putting the Control Panel on all the subscriptions, so you can turn the subscription on and off at any time you want when that’s on just so you can experiment with contrast and continue to reaffirm your experience and play with it and see what it’s like. So, we would expect that that will change over time. And that is an adjustment period as your body is doing a lot of internal work that it’s been wanting to do for a long time.

Jeffrey – And one of the areas of sleep that we spend a lot of time on is what are the factors that can affect us? And one of those is a bright light and particularly blue light after dark and into the evening, TVs, computers, phones, even, bedroom lights. So, we do recommend for people to try things like blue light blocking glasses and use yellow lights in the house and filters and so forth on phones and TVs. It may be in that transition period that the body’s tuning up and it’s the hormonal cycles related to melatonin and affected by the lights and other things that they may become more sensitive. During that time, though, it’s just a thought, try that as well. You know, we encourage you to stick it out. And, as we said, you can call the office and extend your Free Trial when you’re having issues like that, and, see what happens. But it does take time for these effects to kick in the body, starts jumping on these health things that really need to happen quickly. And sometimes it can cause some little disturbances like that, but it’s positive and beneficial.

Erin – Thank you both. And let’s see, we’ve got a question from Deborah here. Deborah has a couple questions. Actually, she wants to know, what are the potential drawbacks to FLFE?

Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that. So, we’re not aware of anything negative that can come about from FLFE. (35:00) And if you’re looking at your body, increasing its vibration and healing issues, there’s a phase that in the medical field called a healing crisis or you experience a healing crisis. So many times and I’ve done cleanses and certain programs, I’ll feel a little bit worse before I’ll feel better, because something has been stagnant somewhere in my body if we’re using Chinese medical terminology, and then as that gets cleaned out, all those toxins are released in the body. So you feel a bit off for a while. I would say that would be part of the answer in that context. Another thing is that you do create things quicker in an FLFE environment, or any high consciousness field. So, you really have to be aware of your thinking and be aware of your thoughts. And, as we said before, look for that effect in your life. And then look for the contributing thought patterns, that are not necessarily something you’ve been paying attention to because things will just happen faster because there’s more energy, and more gets manifested quicker. So, the cycle of creation is quicker. And that works both ways.

Erin – Great. Thank you. Cool. Thank you so much. Clayten. Okay. So, are there any people who are not wanting to leave their FLE house or cocoon maybe, or other you know, any people that are experiencing many changes too fast?

Jeffrey – Well, I’d answer that. Personally, that was why we developed the FLFE mobile, where we were able to create a high consciousness field around these pendants because I was traveling a lot, and I really didn’t like being outside the field, it’s just so nice and comfortable at home. And so uplifting and then to be in a hotel room, in the middle of nowhere, where, hundreds and maybe thousands of people slept there, it was great to take something with me. So that’s where we started at first, with a crystal, taking a photograph of a crystal, and now we’ve moved to any personal object that people can take with them and go, so yeah, I’d say it does happen. People, when once they’re in a good feeling, you know, a loving environment like that, they like to stay in it.

So, I think that’s more of a positive in a way. Because as we as we’ve researched the body and what happens when you’re in a high consciousness field, the more time that you spend in it, the better the situation, the more benefits you get. So, if your body’s going in and out like you leave the house and then you come back, leave the house to come back. It’s not a consistent high consciousness field so the body may pull from the energy while it’s there, but it may not start those big healing projects that would be important for your optimal health. But if you are in a high consciousness field, 24/7, then the body says, all right, I’ve got this energy, it’s available to me, and then it really can start to do its healing work. What was the second part of the question?

Clayten – I can pick that one up, Jeff, I was thinking about an answer while you’re talking. That’s the great thing about having two people.  Yeah, so is change happening too quickly? I guess that was the essence –  do some people experience too much change.  And, you know, the good news is that things change quickly. And the challenge is things change quickly.  And change isn’t always comfortable. Even positive growth isn’t always comfortable, even moving from a house that you’ve lived in for a long time to a house that you want to live in that’s nicer. So, you’re going to pack all that stuff up, you’ve got to get the movers, you had to get it moved, you got to move into the place, you have to clean it, you have to get it set up. You have to decorate it, you have to do the landscaping. It’s not that you can’t enjoy that process, but change isn’t always comfortable, and you’re in control of the change. FLFE doesn’t make you do anything. It creates an environment. And so, we’re really about trying to empower people here all the time. And don’t think that you’re a victim to a high consciousness field pushing you into places you don’t want to go. You’re a sovereign powerful being and you choose your life. We all do, we choose it consciously and we choose it unconsciously. Whatever we think about we attract. So, it isn’t always comfortable.

Erin – (40:00) Thank you Clayten  I know, I’ve experienced myself that it’s not always comfortable, but well worth it. We’ve got another question – I own my own house plus manage two rental properties. So, seven units total that seemed to be in breakdown mode. The question is, can you moderate? and if you want to speak to permissions, possibly at the same time, that’d be wonderful. Thank you.

Jeffrey – I can answer that one. Erin, thank you. I wasn’t sure what she meant by breakdown mode. But you know, the way that the FLFE subscriptions work because it’s a 560 on the Hawkins Map. That level of consciousness requires more water.  Hydration is important, to get the most out of it, you really should be drinking three liters of water or more a day. And you can tell, how hydrated you are. There’re many signs that you can find on the web, to tell you’re hydrated.  So, we don’t want the full FLFE wave on a property if the people there at least, aren’t encouraged to hydrate, they don’t necessarily have to know that that the FLFE field is on. But someone there does need to know. And someone needs to be encouraging them to hydrate.  Water is important because the body needs the water to complete the healing. As these projects when they’re picked up by the body with this extra energy, it takes water for those metabolic processes and for the waste to be flushed out of the system. So, we do require more hydration. But that’s the reason why we have the public service FLFE wave at the level which really is only available for these public service projects that we do and for your designation as your religious or spiritual organization, or a school. We do allow schools as well. But in this situation with apartments, we don’t have a way to put that public service level on the apartments. If you wanted to put FLFE on the apartments, you would have to encourage the people that live there to either talk to him about the service and the hydration needs or by putting posters up in the apartment.  Like in the workplace, for instance, my workplace, I put up hydration posters in strategic places and people look at it. And, it’s encouraging people to hydrate in other ways.  Hopefully, that answers the question.

Erin – can you talk a little bit about environments and how cleanliness goes with high consciousness, and people might be motivated a little bit in that way?

Clayten – Yes, we do that. We made a list of about 100 ways to increase the consciousness of your environment, and one of the basics is cleaning your home or cleaning your office. Oddly enough one of my favorite stories about FLFE is there was a company that was being rented out of a house and about six people were working in the house. And there was one particular person who was really dirty and cluttering. When we put the FLFE service on we said that a common phenomenon within an FLFE environment is you want to take care of it more, because it’s a loving environment. And the lovingness of the environment typically encourages us to treat the environment better. And was one of the things you’ll know you look for when somebody calls you on your Free Trial is they might ask you, if you notice that you have a desire to clean your environment, or paint it or decorate it or do something to it, to enhance it, because it just naturally starts to call that out of you. And in this case, in the household, the person we’re talking to called to say the price the subscription is worth just seeing this guy clean, he started spontaneously cleaning his part of the house where he was working, and that was worth the price the subscription just to watch him clean. (45:00) So, there are lots of things that throughout time people have proven, having harmonious colors, having plants in your office as in Feng Shui. And many people, we have a lot of customers in Asia. Jeff was talking about Chinese medicine and the Asian culture, they have a long history of a relationship with subtle energies than the Western culture, typically. So many people think of FLFE as an energetic Feng Shui. And so, doing Feng Shui on your home on a physical level is also a way of raising the level of consciousness at the home. You know, checking your lighting, putting statues and in the home, there are all these little tips that you’ll learn as if you study the subject.  But I wonder question, did I answer the question?

Erin – I think we answered it in a few ways. Thank you both. And thank you for the questions. Deborah, Matthew chimed back in he was very thankful for addressing the question about the machine and now asked, how much power does it draw?

Jeffrey – It’s an ever-changing formula. Yeah, it’s interesting, Matthew, when we started, there is a certain amount of power that’s required. And originally it was electrical power. And as it evolved, it’s really gotten simpler. And there is a power that we have to kind of work within. And we’ve found ways to increase that. But it’s not electrical power. It’s not like drawing current, it’s sort of the power, that subtle energy that’s available in this accumulation that we’re doing. And it’s the ability to do the work of the Programs on the properties. I mean, when you’re cleaning a property when you’re clearing a property of previous negative history, you know, we wrote the Removal Program, that is pages and pages of all the negative things that can happen on a property and it was really kind of a dark time writing that, but it takes work, there is work involved in it. So, it’s really an interesting, physics phenomenon and scientific phenomenon, it that there’s work being done, there’s a certain amount of this energy available and it at one time. There is a limit to the kinds of Programs that we could put onto the service because of the power requirements. But now we’ve learned how to increase the power available. And so now there’s much more work that could be done, including physical Programs for health, and we don’t make health claims. And the way that we see it is the body has its Innate Intelligence, as we’ve been saying, and we’re enhancing its ability to act on it. And so, these Programs come into the energy field of FLFE as vibrational information, and the body then, with its free will can use that. And there’s entrainment that happens between the body and this frequency that vibration where the body starts to vibrate with it, it comes in, and assists the body in doing things, and it gives the body so much more energy for these specific processes. And then, we just couldn’t do that before we had more energy available, to work with an individual and a property energetically. So, it’s a path, the energy part of it is really a fascinating, fascinating subject.

Erin – Matthew responded and said he thought there was an AC field.

Clayten – I’ll speak to this a little bit, originally, there was a high-speed alternating current that was used to power the machine, It was very much like a Tesla setup. And what’s happened is that you have the input stacks that draw the energy from the Universe, and then you have this focused area, and then you have the output stack. And the output stack is amplifying the energy. And so, what we’ve done is, found ways to increase our ability to amplify the energy as it’s coming out of the machine. And that’s really where the big power gains have come from, in terms of having more available energy to the property. And so, for someone like Matthew, I mean, typically, if you’re looking to add more power, you would add more power coming in, you would have, I don’t know what the language is Jeff, it could be, it may be more voltage, and more amperage, coming into the technology. (50:00) And that would equal more power coming out. And in this case, we’ve done that by creating a way of amplifying the energy that kind of pulls more and pulls more energy from the universe, and have it happen in a different way than is classically thought of. And, I’ll let Jeff speak to that, we want to just say one more thing, we have three types of Programs, we have a Cleansing Program, and an Energizing Program, and an Enhancing Program. So, we clean the environment out, we energize it, and then we add enhancements like sleep, the ability to hydrate better. There are so many Programs, so we could probably spend 10 minutes just listing them off. But I’d like to have Jeff maybe address Matthew because Jeff has several engineers working for him and his other companies. So maybe you can speak to that more, Jeff?

Jeffrey – The amplification really is the key, as you said Clayton, and so you have what you would call a more traditional machine. And then you have amplification that we’ve done on the output side, as Clayten said, and there’s not a lot more to say about that. It’s increased the capacity of the system through this amplification process, which is sort of a multiplying process.  And since we’re dealing with quantum energies, it’s a bit different than, the typical machine that you would think of. Just to go into the Programs a little bit. So, there’s all this energy available in the environment, these Programs are written and they create a specific vibration and information in the field. For instance, one of those grounding though, we’re able to create a grounding channel between the person and the earth, and it’s the equivalent of them standing barefoot on the earth. So, as we know, there are physical benefits, health benefits to be grounded.  There’s a lot of research on that, it’s interesting to look at it. So, we’re able to recreate that through this energetic environment and allowing this energy to flow from into the person to the ground.  Digestion is another area, you know, it’s very important, the gut, the whole GI tract is. There is much more research recently about how important it is to your consciousness, to your mood, to the clarity of your mind, of course, the nutrients that you can uptake. So that was one of the early ones, we were able to provide that energetic benefit to help the body’s own Innate Intelligence to optimize the GI tract.

Erin – Thank you both.  We get a lot of questions about the machine. And it’s great to have some answers from you both. I know, we’re kind of getting toward the end of the hour here. So, we’ve got about three more questions. And if you want to go a little longer, it looks like we could have a few more questions. But right now, we can focus on Lee has a question she asked, Can I use the potency of a high consciousness field to attract or manifest material things?

Clayten – Absolutely. And it’s important to live a materially abundant life as a way of demonstrating our own power, as a sovereign being as a person as an expression of Divinity to the degree that we can.  And a lot of us need to do that for ourselves. I’m not saying I’m certainly not a master at it. But we encourage people to live an abundant life. And we have many conversations around the office about what that looks like for people and how to support all of us to do that. And as we have a larger and larger Resource Center on our website we will support you more with that. One of the things we do have for our subscribers is the Magnetizing Process. It’s a highly researched, refined energetic medicine, it’s kind of an energetic medicine visualization hybrid technique where it really. (55:00) You know, we’ve looked at the different techniques out there, and using kinesiology measured the level of consciousness of them and picked and chose and reverse engineered different techniques, and have given you a highly optimized tool to manifest whatever you choose. And one of the ways that we want to give value to you as customers is to support you to make more money. So, the cost of the subscription isn’t an issue because we all know it and we just have more and more bills all the time and we want to support you to live a materially abundant life.

Jeffrey – So right now, you can find that process, if you could go into your Control Panel, there’s an FLFE resources section, and in that are these natural abundance talks that we did, and the very last of those has the most updated Magnetizing Process verbally and you can listen to it.  We will be releasing a much larger Learning Center and we’ll have links to that and also links to the written script of the Magnetizing Process for you.

Erin – Wonderful, thank you. Okay, we’ve got a question. a two-part question from Deborah. First off, she has a long-time interest in subtle energies. So are there books she might read to better understand FLFE and also, she works outside most of the week. So, does she need to get both home and cell phone FLFE?

Jeffrey – Hmm, I’ll talk about the second part of the question. I think the first part it’s probably great for you Clayten. So yeah, if you work outside, you know, we highly recommend having both a home subscription and an FLFE mobile. And it’s not by mobile, we don’t mean the phone, although the phone will work. But really any object like earrings, necklace, watch just needs to be either a unique object or well worn, you know so that it has become unique, you know if it’s a mass-produced item. But even with a very good photograph, in a high-resolution photograph many little details which are different from another watch, that might look the same can be seen. So, we can identify the object in that way, we’re creating a high consciousness field around it. So, many Programs are in the mobile version, but not all the Programs, you certainly can’t clear on an ongoing basis as we do. And that’s really important to us, to clear the property over and over again, to make sure that the negative history is gone. So, we do recommend that. So, Clayten did you want to talk about the books and how to how to read what to read about?

Clayten – Yes, in terms of understanding subtle energy fields. A lot of what we use as a reference here is Dr. David Hawkins’s work. And I just looked over my bookshelf, and I happen to have my copy of Power vs Force handy. So I’m a big fan of Dr. Hawkins. He was a very high conscious person. And so, when you’re reading material, you want to read it from a high consciousness source, because it’s easier to absorb, I guess, would be the way that I think about it. Chinese medicine has a long history of working with the meridians and the energetic systems of the body. It’s a proven method for thousands of years. Ayurvedic is another good system.  And of course, even in western medicine. They talk about health in a slightly different way. But I would look at Chinese medicine, I would look at some of the pranic healing books, Reiki books, Qi Gong, are most of the places that I would start with. And to have a sense of your own energy and your own ability to notice it, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, have a long history of making that energy visceral so that you have a personal relationship with them and a personal experience. (1:00:00) So, you know, Reiki Tai Chi, Qi Gong any of those are good places to begin your experimentation if you don’t have a real connection with it already. It looks like Erin’s looking at more questions. So, in Dr. Hawkins’s work, he talks about how each level of consciousness has a certain amount of energy with it. And so, when you’re in a high conscious environment, or high conscious to state, you may notice that you have a different experience in your body, a different level of warmth, different sensations, a feeling of lightness, freedom, and those are all indicators that you’re in a higher place. And so over time, you get to use the nervous system, which is sensory receptors. We have this incredible body and it’s designed for evolution. And I think it’s important for all of us to at least find some way to have an experience or feeling that energy runs through us. I mean, we can feel it run through us when we’re angry, at least if I can if I lose my temper, I get all hot, you know, and red maybe, but that’s not the best way to experiment with I would say.

Erin – Yeah, I think Glenys’ question actually falls right into that. She asks, if there’s no way to measure subtle energy, how do you determine the power and accuracy of your programs?

Clayten – Well, there is a way to measure subtle energy – kinesiology is a way to measure subtle energy. And there are other ways to measure subtle energy, in Chinese medicine, they measure your pulse. And they can tell if you have stagnancy in an organ there are devices we’re looking at, with FLFE to confirm the experience that people are having. One of them is Kirlian photography, where they measure the aura of people. There’s another one called Sputnik, which we’ve heard about, but haven’t experimented with. So, these devices are emerging. And, we’ve spent so much time, Jeff and I try to make the service better and better, we haven’t spent the same degree of time looking at ways to prove it in a more rational or scientific method. And part of the reason for that is we want you to trust yourself, and we want you to trust yourself more than a meter, or a dial or an instrument. And we want you to have a personal experience with it. And we want to empower you more than we want you to buy a subscription. So that’s really been our focus, and we just keep going on making it better and adding more value. And we’re just getting to the point now, after being in business for three years, we spent a year before that, preparing to be in business and a year before that, doing service work.

So, we’re just now really focusing and finding ways to measure it. And, people are telling us that their plants are more vibrant, they’re growing more – people are buying cut flowers and they are lasting two or three times longer than they used to. And so those are all subtle energy measurement devices. It’s just that we don’t have a meter we could tell you to go and buy and check and turn your FLFE service on and off yet, but we expect that will happen, you know, that might even happen in 2017.

Jeffrey – I should say as well to this question that you know, Clayten is a bit modest about it but he was a student of Dr. Hawkins and he learned from Dr. Hawkins’s work reading his work and hearing him lecture and it cracked the code on Kinesiology. And how to do it in a repeatable way and get accurate measurements. And that really has been the basis for us in our experiments in our research. Because what we’re doing is measuring the level of consciousness of all the Programs. Of course, we are measuring the level of consciousness of the properties as they come up, we’re watching the effects and occasionally we’re finding properties that are not going up, and often it comes from people saying – “Hey I don’t feel it” and as we measure and we find those places that are low then we can then find out why and often it’s been a geopathic stress zone. There’s been something either in the earth like water moving under the building or a waterfall under the building in one case, or electrical energy moving through wires or smart meters. (1:05:00) And so, we’ve been able to then write additional Programs to correct those things. And then we use the kinesiology to measure and we see the results that the property has gone up to the level and Clayten has taught me where I can measure as well. So we can both independently measure the same property and we get the same results within a couple of points of each other so we’re getting repeatable, accurate results.  Then other people in the office are starting to form study groups and want to learn and be able to test as well so people are doing kinesiology testing and that is how we measure it. It’s using the human body our Innate Intelligence and innate connection to All That Is through muscle testing and sometimes people use a pendulum to connect to that part of us that is connected to everything and do these measures. So, there is a way to measuring but it’s not your it’s not a meter that you can buy in a hardware store hopefully will be one at some point.

Clayten – Yes and we have had numerous dousers, healers, and other types of practitioners that have verified the change and energy on a property they may not have a scale like the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness but they have their own scale they may use bogus units or different types of frequency measurements but you’ve had other people also confirm that there’s a change in the vibration besides their own personal experience.

Erin – Thank you both. Thank you all for submitting questions and we do have a few more questions so how about if we just leave on one last question that sounds like a good question to end on. So again, thank you, everybody, for submitting your questions. And we do have webinars that we’re going to be doing now regularly. So, if you like to be in it just go ahead and email us at contact at and we can make sure that you are invited.

Jeffrey – If you’d like to be included in a future webinar just send us an email us at and we’ll make sure you get an invite to the next one and you can also send your questions to The office is open, and Erin is part of the Free Trial team who are calling people on the Free Trial. So, it’s another chance for you to ask questions and explore FLFE together with us.  Well, thank you for joining us here. I’m Jeffrey Stegman. And we were glad to have you with us and on this journey. It’s quite a journey. And there are a lot of exciting things to come in 2017. We’re really chomping at the bit to get to share all this with you. And we’ll continue to share through these webinars and through resources on the website.

Clayten – Yes, we have already a couple of exciting Programs in the pipe that are ready to release in 2017. We have a Liver-Kidney Gallbladder Support Program. And we’ve done some really interesting research into shock and trauma and how to assist people with releasing that. So, it’s going to be a great year we as Jeff said thank you for sharing their journey with us. And we look forward to having many more of these webinars and we’ll be posting clips of them or the entire webinars on the website. So eventually we’ll have hundreds of questions and answers and a search engine that you can go on and review you know these questions for yourself or perhaps find other people that have asked him questions that you that some of the questions you would like to have answered.