Boost Your Immune System

March 24, 2020

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC Canada, welcome everyone to our FLFE webinar. This is the first in a series of webinars on aspects of the immune system. Today we are discussing the physical aspects and action we can take to boost our immune systems. We also have a major FLFE upgrade to tell everyone about as well. And then, in subsequent webinars, we will address the mental and spiritual aspects of the immune system. And we may also have some guest speakers. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Let’s all take a moment to get present, Jeff and Max, our tech Superstar, we all had a minute of prayer before we started this. So why don’t we all take another minute together and get ourselves centered. I see we have a lot of people coming on, and if we don’t keep talking, they may think there’s a problem with the audio. I hadn’t thought about that earlier.

Jeffrey – Do you want to walk us through some breathing Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we’re going to talk about the breathing Jeff and experience a little bit of it. So, we’re talking about rhythmic breathing for a moment. One of the basics of meditation is focusing on our breath.

So typically with rhythmic breathing there are a certain number of seconds to inhale, a certain number of seconds to hold the breath and a certain number of seconds for releasing the breath. So, I’ll just talk us through it for about a minute until we get everybody on the webinar. We have a lot of people coming tonight. So, let’s have three seconds in, three seconds hold, and three second exhalation. Hold for three seconds, and exhale for three seconds. And for you to pray in your own way. This is just giving us a moment to get everybody on the call and get us all centered.

In this rapidly changing worldwide situation, we all need support, such as the support of friends and family. We are all spending a lot of time at home. So, the high consciousness FLFE Home Environment, or around your Cell phone or Object, can be extra helpful at this time. Many FLFE subscribers have been reporting the support they feel from FLFE and its environment. Thank you. We love to hear from you.

Jeffrey – Just to let you know, at the end of this webinar and the questions, we’re going to play a meditation video. So, anyone can join us in that if they’d like. But right now, we’ll do a short review about FLFE. For those of you who might be new to FLFE, you may not have been on it or have been on the Free Trial. The FLFE service activates a high consciousness field in a location such as a home or a business, or around an object, (5:00) like a cellular device, or a piece of jewelry, a watch, as long as we have a photograph where we’re able to identify and activate a high consciousness field.

We define a high consciousness field as an environment having a substantially higher level of consciousness than the surrounding area. So, using the consciousness scale of the Hawkins Map, which was created by Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, along with a whole series of books that he’s written. On that Hawkins Map scale, we define a high consciousness field as an environment that is at least 500 on the field on the Hawkins Map and 70 points higher or more than the area outside of the high consciousness zone so that it’s sufficiently different to be discernible.

On the Hawkins Map, if you’re not familiar with it, each point is ten times more lifeforce energy, Chi or Prana, as it’s known, is available in the environment. So that energy is available for us, animals, and plants in the environment. And there are other aspects and benefits of the FLFE environment that we’ll talk about in relation to our immune systems. Clayten, do you want to tell everyone about the Boost that’s part of the Subscription and Free Trial?

Clayten – Yes, one of the upgrades we did last summer was to add a Control Panel feature that we’re calling the Consciousness Boost. So, at home, we can raise the level of consciousness of our environment to a minimum of 600 by going into your Control Panel. And the Control Panel for a mobile device can be raised by five points. So that’s our Boost feature. Plus, we have another feature called a Slider, which allows us to raise and lower the level of consciousness. So, all of the programs are still active. And some people find they want more energy and other people find they want less. So, we can absolutely control that on the Slider, and it goes all the way down to 400, and up to 570.

Jeffrey – That’s right, and many people find the Boost to be quite helpful. Especially at times when we’re feeling stressed. Or we’re meditating; we want to quiet the mind. Or even for a relationship moment where there’s something to discuss, or we want to feel closer to our families. It’s just an extra Boost, again, half an hour for properties, five minutes for the phone.

Clayten – That’s a great time to do meditations as well. Some people find it helps them go deeper. So, what about the FLFE high consciousness field that could improve immune function? First of all, more lifeforce energy or Chi is available in the body more Prana for healing, and for the body to use for what is important, such as immune response. That’s a general principle in a high consciousness field; there’s more energy available. We’ve made specific requests to Divinity in the FLFE environment related to immune system support. For Energized Nutrients, those who are following us have been getting notices that we are energizing more and more nutrients as well as energizing all the food that comes into the body. We’ve discovered that if we energize a particular nutrient, it will enhance its absorbability and reduce the energy required for digestion; the most energy-intensive process in the body. So that is a net gain for the body to use energy from the food, and it can use the energy saved from digestion to do something else. That’s all guided by the Innate Intelligence in the body.

So, Energized Nutrients supports the body to digest, absorb, and optimally uptake nutrients into the cells, which feeds our entire body, including our immune system. With EMF Mitigation, as we are largely electrical in nature, (10:00) we believe that what we call consciousness lowering EMFs, including those emitted by cell phones, TV Wi-Fi, routers cell towers, including 5G, are negative for life. It may be no coincidence that Wuhan has had over 10,000 recently installed 5G antennas. It is possible that weakened immune systems of the people in Wuhan from pollution and 5G plus the virus release were contributed to the outbreak to move as quickly as it did. We believe that the FLFE Environment with EMF Mitigation harmonizes EMFs, including 5G. Please take a look at the Evidence page on our website at We have recently conducted plant experiments with 5G GDV camera studies and survey results. So, for those of you who are really into EMFs, your standard meters won’t show a difference in the harmonization effect of the EMF Mitigation service. We have to use a device designed to measure consciousness, which the Gas Discharge Visualization device is. So not all devices measure the harmonization influence of our service. Why don’t you talk about Rudolf Steiner Jeff and his theories from back in 1923?

Jeffrey – Sure, first, maybe back up just a little bit on EMF Mitigation for those of you that are new to FLFE or for first time being with us on this webinar. We saw the level of consciousness was lowering on properties that had FLFE; we check the level of consciousness on all properties once a week. And we saw that we needed to do something to support those properties to be pristine FLFE Environments where we are supported to grow and to be our best selves. That’s why we moved into EMFs, and found ways, and there’s lots of information on the website to mitigate those EMFs coming in. So, people have been noticing the effects of electricity and electrical frequencies and fields. Rudolf Steiner, in 1923, which is interesting, saw the effect of electrical currents on the human being, and this is a quote in times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences, it was easier to be human.

For this reason, to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago. That’s really interesting. Of course, we have exponentially more electro smog and EMFs of all sorts around us all the time. So, it’s even more true now than then. We believe that EMF Mitigation is an essential factor for our entire health, including our immune system.

Another part of our system that’s important for immunity and for our immune response and our general health is our liver and kidneys. So, we built into FLFE Liver and Kidney support. One of the first health programs or supports we put into the system back when we started FLFE. Our filtering organs play an important role in removing pathogens and the toxins from kill pathogens in our bodies. So, moving that from our bodies by our lymph, blood, and then filtering in the liver, kidney to move it out, as well as the other elimination systems.

So now with Immune System Support. Our requests for additional lifeforce energy to support the immune system have been in the environment since 2016. That’s when we added our first Immune System Support Program. For those of you that don’t know, our programs are requests of Divinity. It’s information in the high consciousness field that we have there to support (15:00) our Innate Intelligence and our entire systems. And, this past weekend of March 22, we added a major Immune Support upgrade at the FLFE Environment.

Clayten – Yes, and our subscribers would have received the email we sent out just before the webinar so everyone can check their inbox when they get a moment. As we talk about these upgrades, and when we go into the Q and A’s, there’s a place that Jeff and I don’t go. And many of you know that we don’t tend to go into the dark side of so-called conspiracy theories. We typically do research and testing and do what we can do to make a difference. There’s much more information out there, and there are many places to go to get that type of information. We’re trying to provide a particular approach to helping raise the consciousness of the planet even though we tend not to go down that road. So, if you ask us questions in the Q&A period, we’ll answer them from the perspective that we think is best to focus on how we can serve.

Jeffrey – With the spread of the Corona virus and the challenge to our immune systems, we’ve been working on additional support for our immune systems. As we said, we just released this, and it’s included in all FLFE Subscriptions in the Free Trial, at no extra cost. And of course, it’s no cost in the Free Trial.

But all subscriptions including the smarter EMF, the Object, the Phone, the properties Home and Business include this Immune Support. 2.0 as we call it. We’re not charging anything extra, it’s included in the home price of $35 a month.

Clayten – Much the same way as other FLFE Programs, which are information and instructions in the FLFE environment or requests to Divinity, as Jeff said. More lifeforce known as Chi in Chinese medicine, Prana typically in the eastern Ayurvedic traditions, it goes to the areas of the immune system that needs support, to be appropriately higher functioning. As lower functioning parts of the immune system rise and they’re up in their appropriate functioning, then the energetic support goes to the next lowest area. We’ve considered that some people have autoimmune diseases, and we have a way of adjusting to that in the programming; we might get into that in more detail later. I just wanted to address that right up front.

Jeffrey – I think it’s important to say that FLFE does not make medical claims. We use kinesiology to measure what we do. We offer the Free Trial so that people can try the service and make their own determination. As we talked about, we give you tools to Boost it, to turn it up. But we also give you tools in the Control Panel to turn it on and off as well as the EMF on and off. We want everyone to be their  own researcher to trust themselves. You know, listen to what we say but know that we believe in sovereignty, so trust yourselves.

Now, we believe that our bodies are intelligent that we have an Innate Intelligence that each one of us has to direct our body to heal and evolve. And we believe that once this Innate Intelligence has the available resources, which includes energy, that there’s energy pulled from food, but there’s also energy pulled from the environment and that increased energy can increase whatever the body needs, which may be immune functionality and what’s happening for the body. So, the FLFE Environment provides a high consciousness field with exponentially more energy available for the Intelligence do what it does best. So, the immune system with any person, or animal, we believe in the FLFE Environment is supported to be in a more optimal state. (20:00) And this level of support requires considerably more resources from our technology for the FLFE system. And we felt that it was necessary at this time to do this, to put this program in place.

Clayten – We’re working on the back end to ensure that we have all the energy we need to support you fully. And we also do a lot of beta testing and have a lot of evidence on our website in the Evidence section. So, there are multiple layers of controls and protocols we have in place to support you to have the best experience that we can give you. So, when did this happen? The first level of support the Immune Support 2.0 went on March 19. And the full support began Sunday night, March 22. Our research indicates that it will take about three days for us to fully be able to get all the benefits of the program because there are many parts of the immune system getting energized and maintained. And regardless, with any kind of illness, there’s a lot of fear in the world right now. And fear is a depressant to the immune system. So, you don’t need to be sick to benefit from this.

Jeffrey – And we’ll get into other things that we can do yourselves personally to boost the immune system. And as Clayten just said, one of them is moving out of fear. All these subscriptions, as we mentioned, have Enhanced Immune Support 2.0 for the properties all of the properties subscriptions, including smarter EMF, are $15 per month for the less level of consciousness, with fewer programs. Still, it does include this one and FLFE Everywhere, which is the Phones and Objects. And this is important maybe take note of this; for the Everywhere Subscriptions, this particular program is within six feet of the Phone or Object.

So, the way FLFE works is we identify the property or the object with FLFE Everywhere the Phone or Object, and a field is activated around that object. And within that field, there are different layers of things happening. And as you know, the immune response is enhanced as your immune support is within six feet.

Clayten – Let’s explore some actions that we can take as individuals to approve our immune system’s functioning. You’ve heard us talk about this before; if you’ve been on a health-oriented webinar or webinar that emphasized health, we believe the number one issue in our society concerning our health in general, is still hydration. So that’s our first point. And, when we were doing our research with kinesiology, it’s still the number one influence in reducing the body’s immune system. So hydration is number one. I’ll pick up number two here, eat less sugar, and less or fewer simple carbohydrates. Things like bread, and sometimes too much fruit can be overwhelming. It can cause an overgrowth of Candida. With white sugar, we’ve found that with kinesiology testing, one teaspoon of sugar can drop our immune systems up to 40% for up to 2 hours. So that’s how big of an influence sugar is.

Jeffrey – Managing our screen time, news, social media, and of course, we understand that we’re on a screen with us here tonight. And it’s just something for us to manage. Typically if we have some kind of feed, a news feed, that’s a good time to turn those off. Of course, check in with local states or local areas; they might have specific instructions. Like in Ohio, we’re in a stay at home order situation. But that constant drip of the news and the bad news is a good time to manage our screen time to help us stay positive and to (25:00) move into meditation or some other things that you might do to boost yourself. Nutrifying, eating as well as we can, and considering supplementing with zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D, all three of those can boost the immune system. It’s well known. And we’ve been recommending particularly zinc and vitamin D. In the FLFE field with additional energy, lifeforce energy available; the body kicks into it seems like a new gear of repairs and immune response. And zinc and vitamin D are both very important rebuilders of the body. They’re used in all sorts of different reactions and the building of energy in the body. So, they’re very important. And if our body is running a race, a foot race, we need more calories. And zinc and vitamin D are part of those building blocks along with the food that we eat. And vitamin C can be very beneficial as well to boost the immune system. So, some of you may know Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Gematria. We’re beginning an alliance with Dr. Todd; we’re going to have vitamins on our site and a link to get a discount and have Dr. Todd on some webinars to speak as well. He’s quite an exciting doctor, and the Gematria vitamins are unusual in that they have a process to increase the absorbability of those. It’s not exactly like FLFE, but it’s similar, and they have lots of research on their website about increased absorption, particularly into the cells themselves, not through the gut into the bloodstream, but into the cells. So, there’s a lot of good research there. We hope everyone enjoys meeting Dr. Todd with us sometime soon.

Clayten – Yes, we’re going to be putting up our Consciousness Nutrition page on our website soon. We’re going to have several suppliers of supplements and, Dr. Todd offers some things, so we call him Dr. Todd; it’s a habit. He provides some things that are very difficult to find. They have their own lab where they’re able to do in house research and testing of the manufacturing process. He’s an interesting combination, of course, medical background, as well as a spiritual influence. And we’ll talk about that more when we introduce Dr. Todd on a future webinar.

The next one we’re going to talk about is sleep, making sure we get enough sleep and sound sleep. We’ve talked about this in a webinar in the past, so if you go on to our website and search through our media aspect with the webinars, you’ll find one on sleep. Just a couple of highlights. Eating before seven is a good idea so that the body has time to digest food before going to sleep, assuming bedtime is around 10 pm. Blue light blocking, in an ideal situation, the eyes have three hours of no white light before bed. So that means for most of us that we wear blue light blocking glasses if we have them.

There’s a blue spectrum in the white light that tells our body that it’s daytime. And if it’s daytime, our body does not produce melatonin. So, in an ideal situation again, the body will produce melatonin, which is the most powerful antioxidant that the body produces by the way, and three hours of that is optimal for sleep. And I certainly notice when I wear my blue blockers at night, and when I don’t, it affects my sleep, usually within two nights. If I’m up watching something late at night, magnesium and EFAs before bed will help many of us relax quicker. Sleeping in a completely dark environment. We’ve talked about wool. Wool in the bottom, wool on the top, the ideal temperatures around 68 degrees to sleep. So, depending on where we are, it may require air conditioning or right now up in Canada, we just have to open the window a little bit, and things will cool down quite nicely. Can you pick up exercise Jeff and I’ll pick up the next one?

(30:00) Jeffrey – Sure. One of the other ways to help our body with its immune response is to exercise. Any kind of exercise helps, taking a walk. But even if we’re in the house and it’s raining, and don’t want to go out then we can exercise while watching a movie; just get on the floor, do some exercises, do some push-ups, sit-ups, anything to move. And what that does is when as we move our muscles, we’re squeezing the lymph glands, squeezing the lymph, and working it out through the body. And the lymph is an important part of the immune system that carries the debris and toxins from pathogens that have been destroyed by the immune system. And it can also move or sort of clear things away from the cell other things that need to be moved away. So if anyone is lying on the couch a lot, not moving a lot, the immune system can become stagnant. So it’s important to do some kind of regular exercise, as you can, I often stand while I’m working, I have a standing desk. And so I’m kind of moving around, squatting, doing different things while I’m working.

Clayten – For those of you don’t know Jeff; he’s a very fit character. He’s an energizer bunny. Deep breathing, we did a little rhythmic breathing at the start just to give us a moment for everybody to come on the call and get settled. Going back to your breath is a classic meditation technique practiced all around the world. Rhythmic beat breathing is another practice. Some people find it extra helpful to pay attention to a number of seconds of holding or breathing in holding and exhalation. So have fun and experiment with that. There’s lots of research on the net about that. Meditation, we could spend a whole webinar just on breathing or only on meditation and the benefits. We’re trying to hit some highlights here and remind us of some things that we may not be practicing. Why don’t you pick up the next two Jeff, and I’ll do the herbal support one?

Jeffrey – Sure. So music is another thing, and I find myself going from working to maybe watching a movie or eating and forgetting to put on music. And getting that right music on that makes you happy or brings back memories. And in devotional music, like kirtan, chanting, those are playing in our house often. And so those things can help to shift our mood and kind of move us out of the news focus. Just to change gears, put on some music. So this is something to remind me and it really can make a difference. In that change in our body changes the vibration in your body, the level of consciousness that we might hold. If we’re watching a news story about the spread of Corona virus, we’re probably not in the highest consciousness state, there might be some fear, there might be some worry. Shifting into that gear can move the body into a higher level of consciousness. And there’s more energy available and there’s more Chi there’s more Prana flowing through the body, which assists our immune system as we’ve been saying.

Another way to change our state is to be of service in some way to help someone else to just talk with your neighbor, with the physical distance of course, in these days, but to speak to neighbors to check in with them, do they need anything? Do they need help in any way? And talking to strangers and just checking in with loved ones, with your family. How are they? How are they doing? How are they feeling and what’s going on for them, just in that way of inquiring and being present for them and what they have to say is a way of being in service. So that can really help to shift the mood in the situation from a level of consciousness point of view.

Clayten – This is the last point, and then we’re going to have some discussion and Q & A’s. We have a chat section of Zoom, of course, to share with each other there. (35:00) And the Q & A’s we’ll save for questions you have for us, and we’ll try to have some one on one conversations. So there’s a place to raise your hand if to talk to us.

So I have a little story. A couple of years ago, I was down in Honduras on Roatan Island. And my partner and I, Sherallyn both got malaria. And it’s been a bit of a rough road to get over that it’s not only getting rid of malaria but the after-effects. So we got rid of the malaria, and then sometime later, we found out we were low in pantothenic acid or B-5. So we got those levels up, and then we found we were low in Interferon. So we’ve gotten those levels up. And our immunity has been fluctuating up and down, and so we have a person that we work with who does remote kinesiology testing. And he uses various things for different conditions. For example, it’s really common that people know that if we have a parasite, use black walnut. If it’s a viral infection, use something like olive leaf. And with a a bacterial infection, we may want to use something like goldenseal. So, we were experimenting with combining different remedies like this to remove something in our body that was holding our immune system back from being optimal.

This was just before we wrote this Program, so that have taken care of it. But here’s what we found out, so we don’t make health claims. You know, take this recommendation for what it’s worth, everyone has to figure this out for themselves. If there are contradictions to the following ingredients, then take responsibility for that and perhaps don’t do this. But here’s what we found; we wanted to share with everyone. For a person who’s 150 pounds, we discovered that 3 capsules of Olive Leaf – 500mg, 30 drops of Black Walnut Hull tincture, and 3 drops of Oregano Oil twice a day for three days, seems to help remove a lot of the viral load that many of us carry. And this also may help with parasites. And we found it’s a good general practice to do once in a while, so it’s become part of our new, probably quarterly routine. So again, that’s 150-pound person, 3 capsules of Olive Leaf – 500mg, 30 drops of Black Walnut tincture, 3 drops of Oregano Oil. And, of course, adjust the dosage for your weight. And twice a day is good for most of us; you may want to do it for three days; you may want to do it for more or less. We all  have to find out what works for us. And we wanted to share that because it’s made a significant difference in my life. And we have many friends trying it. And they found that there’s a little boost that they get after they do it. So questions and answers, Jeff, so anything else you want to say?

Jeffrey – No just Q&A. Please use the Q&A to put in questions, I noticed there’s a lot of activity in the chat. So if you put questions there, you may want to move them over to the Q&A, and we can start to read through those. As far as the recommendations that Clayten just mentioned, there will be a transcript. So anyone can go there and see that. In future we will have a Recommendation Page for immune support that will have some of the recommendations we had today in it. So there’ll be several places for you to find that.

So we have a question. “Hello. Is it possible to deliver FLFE if there if there’s a power shortage?”

So I’m assuming if there’s a power outage in your area or power outage for us? Yes, we have backup systems in place. The FLFE system itself initially worked on high-speed alternating current and now does not so we don’t need electricity to run the system but to access the databases. We have battery backups and generators and other things that we use for that in the case of a power outage.

(40:00) I can probably answer the Slider question. So yes, what you do, Theresa, log into your Control Panel. Go up into the major homepage of the website, and there’s a Member Login Button. And in the first email or second email, you’ll receive Control Panel code and where you can log in place to log in and your username and password. So once you get there, you’ll see My Properties. You’ll see My Objects, My Cellular Phones, and if you click on Properties, you’ll then see all the properties that are either on the Free Trial or Subscriber, and when you scroll down, you’ll see buttons to turn on and off the services we’ve talked about, and to turn on and off EMF. And you’ll find the Boost and the Slider. And so that in the Slider, there’s a there’s like a little thing you can click on, and you can move it back and forth. And there’s a number that changes. The default is 560 on the Hawkins Map so that you can move it up to 570. Or you can move it down if you like.

Clayten – Yes, so the Control Panel, on the website, look for the Login Button, enter your password, and log into the Control Panel. This can be done on a cell phone or computer, tablet, anything that has web access.

“How much water should I be drinking?” We recommend half of your body weight in water, and for the first three days of being on the service, we recommend two thirds to three-quarters of your body weight in water. That’s a lot of water. And as Jeff said earlier, the body seems to kick into another gear when first on the service, and the extra energy, the body treats like a check to do a renovation and just starts to go to work, and it needs the water to move the debris out. We’ve talked about it a lot and it’s worth saying again.

Jeffrey – Yes, and it’s really important to add electrolytes to our water, so salt, or other kinds of electrolytes, because we want to balance the electrolytes with what we’re drinking. On the FLFE homepage in the Learning Center, there’s a Hydration Page so check that out, it gives more details on how much water and proper salts or other kinds of electrolytes.

Someones asking about Shungite, “How do we feel about Shungite?” We like Shungite; Shungite is an amazing material that appears to be one of the best ways to harmonize EMFs, and we have built Shungite into the FLFE service. And so we’re bringing the energetic essence of Shungite into the field, and we’re harmonizing EMFs and Shungite.

Clayten – Yes, in terms of Orgonite, or Orgon, people have asked us if it works, some Organ does work. We haven’t found any Organ or Orgonite pyramids that can raise the level of consciousness of a property more than five points; they may be out there; we just haven’t found it yet. So it is helpful and Yes, have some Orgonite around as well.

Jeffrey – Teresa’s asking, “Will I notice the difference with the new edition? I certainly have felt an increase in functioning. And I am finding I need more water at least in the first couple of days I may have had a little bit of die-off; it feels like things are getting cleared out of my body. So more eliminations, more water, as I said, and more energy, so we think that people may feel energized by it.

Clayten – I noticed I was warmer, which is really interesting. And I definitely was thirstier, and I also felt like there was maybe some die-off, letting go with something detoxing. And that’s often the case as we’re experiencing an upgrade. (45:00) There’s a little bit of a breakdown before the breakthrough.

Not everybody notices each upgrade in the Program. I want to mention that Jeff. When we did the Energized Nutrients, I noticed the first upgrade, but I didn’t notice the second one very much. And some people don’t notice the upgrade. Some people say, Oh my God, I can’t believe it, that upgrade changed my life. Remember, we did the vitamin D one. But people with Seasonal Affective Disorder for years and  once we put that Program on, it went away. So when you’ve had that for ten years, and we do an upgrade, and it goes away, it’s pretty amazing for us to hear that feedback. So it just depends, I think on what the individual needs Jeff, I think that seems to be the pattern, and that’s different. We have subscribers now in 49 countries, thousands and thousands of people and people are unique. And people respond to each upgrade in the way that they respond to it. There’s a pattern overall, perhaps, but it seems to come down to the individual.

Jeffrey – So Marcy is writing, “My husband is retired at home, most of the time, he has Parkinson’s, I’m working from home now. I also have a daughter and her boyfriend that’s living in our home too. Is enhanced system, something that would help them, and is there’s some kind of discount?” So, Enhanced Immune Support 2.0, this new addition to the FLFE Service to standard service, has no additional cost. And everyone on the property for a Home Subscription benefits, the animals benefit as well. So that additional Immune Support is there for everyone. Now, if you have a Phone or an Object subscription as we said it’s within six-feet. And as far as the discount, we felt like we are giving as much value as possible in the service. And we probably defaulted to more and more value, you know, including this upgrade but no additional cost. And, if you get into a financial jam, let us know, talk to us. We have a great staff in Nelson; people are there to take your calls; our hours are 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays, we are available from 10 am to 10 pm.

Clayten – We’re looking at expanding them again. So, we’ll give you that update in April.

Jeffrey – So give us a call. You know if there’s something like that you’d like to discuss with us. Clayten, do you want to answer about the blue blockers?

Clayten – Yes, for blue blockers, go online. The favorite place that I go from my blue-blocking research, by the way, is I’ve had some problems with their glasses. But there are lots of blue blockers on the internet now; it’s become very well known. There is a lot of research on melatonin as we’ve talked about and the importance of it as an antioxidant for the body in many ways. Also, lots of cancer research on that, so is the go-to place for research that I use. There’s a gentleman there who has multiple patents. He’s been doing it for longer than most of us have been alive, and he’s still just working away at it. So I think his name’s Richard. It’s been a while since I’ve been up there. So sometimes I forget the names.

Jeffrey – So Teresa is asking about a style of meditation. And that’s a good question you’re asking what do we prefer and really, it’s different for everyone. Some people can just sit quietly; I have a hard time with that. I’m more active. So I tend to pray or speak or work on energetic medicine. Say what I intend to create in my life. I’m more verbal in my types of meditation. Others prefer music or a guided meditation. There’s a company named Breathe, our friend Pierre runs, and they have a lot of great meditations in their app. So there are many different ways to meditate. It’s different for everyone. So try different methods. You know, try different things, and see what works best for you.

Clayten – I see some people with their hands up, Jeff, so I’ll try Kim. Okay, Kim, let us know if you can hear us, you might have to unmute yourself.

(50:00) Kim – “I did ask a question about drinking green tea, is that tea considered as part of your water consumption?”

Clayten – Good question. Generally, it is; I can’t say yes to all the green teas in the world because I don’t know them all. For example, if we drink a can of Coke, we’re going to have a temporary immune system reduction, and we’ll going to have to drink twice the volume of the Coca Cola to process it. So it depends on the green tea and what is put in it, but generally, green tea is considered hydrating.

Kim – I drink Calli SunRider tea when I drink, to be honest, that’s a green mint tea. I drink lots of it.

Clayten – It’s probably a good one. I don’t know that particular one, but I know the company and a lot of those type of companies have better products than what you can buy in most retail stores.

Kim – Well, thank you. I hadn’t meant to put my hand up. I put the question in the question box, but I guess I had you anyways. Great job, guys.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Kim. Anything else you want to ask us why you’ve got us here?

Kim – Ah, now I feel I have my little sanctuary safe in my haven here. And it’s kind of in this time that we’re going through and doing the best we can. But I feel very well supported.

Clayten We notice Kim, the difference between being in the FLFE environment and being in the public because the contrast is so much greater. That’s what I’m noticing these days.

Kim – Well, my friend Marianne was one that put me in touch with you guys. And so yeah, I’m really

thrilled that I’ve been doing this for quite some time.

Clayten – Glad to have you. Thank you for being a subscriber

Kim – And it’s reminding me I should be sharing this with others more often, especially now.

Jeffrey – And especially with this new Program, we believe it’s beneficial for the immune system. It would be great to do that; we appreciate that. Thank you. Take care.

Kim- Thanks. Have a good evening.

Jeffrey – Charlotte asks, “Is it healthier to have her phone that has the EMF system on it, the EMF service on it to help her to have it near her at night or away?” So we would say have it within six-feet of yourself. Now you can turn it off; the after the FLFE service is still activated. It’s not dependent on the phone being on or off. The phone is identified by using the cellular phone number for that mobile device. So you could have it within six-feet of you. That would be what we would recommend to get the full benefit while sleeping and regenerating the body. You get the full benefit of the additional energy and the EMF Mitigation, and this new Enhanced Immune Support.

Clayten – Let’s see if we can bring on Susan here.

Susan – So I just wondered about the 5G and being on the phone, having your phone be the object. Is the 5G going to affect anything that way more so, and you just answered my other question, which is the phone being within six-feet and you can turn it off. And it still is going to be the object. But what about 5G? Because that’s got so many other problematic issues, is that going to help the phone situation? And anything else you want to I know you mentioned it briefly, but I just wanted any more information you might have about that would be helpful.

Jeffrey – Yes, we’ve been doing plant experiments with 5G routers. Now, these are not the big commercial units on the lamppost, but they’re powerful gaming 5G routers, with and without FLFE with EMF Mitigation, and we’re seeing greatly enhanced plant growth in the EMF Mitigation FLFE field compared to a standard exposure to the 5G router. So that and our kinesiology testing and GVD camera studies we’ve done, we believe that the FLFE field that the environment (55:00) is mitigating 5Gg as well as other EMFs, and we will continue to improve it. We will continue to test and keep getting it better and better, which we hope will make a difference for everyone. And we can tell by how we feel. We encourage everyone to if you are in a 5G environment and you have your phone with you, of course, you can move your phone further away and see how you feel and bring it back in, or if you’re on a computer or a tablet, you could turn off your service and turn it back on.

Susan – Yes, I realized that I just wondered because the phone is going to be such a sort of charged object from the 5G, so it still can be the conveyor of FLFE; that’s not a problem. Is it acting just like an object, not like a phone in that sense? Does that make sense?

Jeffrey – Yes. Well, anything in that field, I’ll say a few words and then pass it over to Clayten. We’re bringing the level of consciousness of that object, in this case, the phone emitting the EMFs up to a level where now the emission is positive, or no longer consciousness reducing. So we’re finding that a regular cell phone is about 580 but a 5G router takes 600. So the object itself is going up to 600. And then what it’s emitting becomes positive.

Susan – And then you may know this too, but my understanding is also that the Princess Cruise Lines have 5G on it already. So that could be one of the issues with that being one of the places that Covid 19 took root so quickly.

Jeffrey – And other fluids were running through the ship.

Susan – Oh, and can you mention the blue light block website again?

Clayten – It’s, Susan. They have the best research on blue light toxicity that I’ve found. There are many places on the web that sell blue light blocker glasses, but that’s the place to do the research if you want to do research, and they have lots of glasses. There are other suppliers that I found have some quality issues. Maybe they’ve changed that.

Susan – Would you consider putting that on the website so people can see that?

Clayten – I think it’s on the Control Panel right now, Just so you know, Susan, the service automatically self regulates to create the EMF harmonization within the radius of the cell phone, it’s four-feet for EMFs. And so we had to create it that way. Because if you’re getting close to a huge transformer station, and it’s hundreds of thousands of volts, then the energy coming off that would create an excessively high consciousness field within the four feet. And even though we don’t limit the field, you can become a higher consciousness person. Artificial stimulation beyond a certain level is outside the parameters of the law of noninterference from what we understand. So we’ve regulated that to manage the environment so that we get a lot of support and 100% harmonization of consciousness lowering EMF, but it doesn’t affect us in a way where we’re going to get so blissed out that if you’re a lineman working on a transformer that you’re not tracking your thoughts.

Susan – They might fall off. Okay. Thank you.

Jeffrey – So Ilene is asking for the name of the doctor we mentioned earlier. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, and the website is Gematria. If you search for Gematria vitamins, you’ll find it, and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys is also known in the Kryon circle as well.

Clayten – So we’ll talk about the recipe once more for Beth and others. It was for a 150-pound person 3 caps of Olive Leaf – 500 mg, 30 drops of Black Walnut, and 3 drops of Oregano Oil. (1:00:00) Either one of these are powerful in their own right. And there is a synergy created between the three of them that helped us in a way that nothing else I tried had. So we don’t make health claims; you have to check for contradictions for yourself any medications you’re taking. Still, it was such an extraordinary thing for us, for me in particular and Sherallyn that we want to share it with you because we’ve had issues with our immunity since we got malaria. That was the last thing that occurred.

Jeffrey – And we think it is a potent anti-viral cocktail, so could be useful, in addition to this upgrade that we’re doing here.

Pam’s asks, “How does FLFE know which apartment in an apartment building?” Some of you may be  wondering why we’re only offering FLFE in certain countries. And the reason for that is regulated addresses. To identify a location, like an apartment or house, the location has to be registered with the Land Title Office with all of the legal offices in that jurisdiction that tell you precisely what the boundaries are with the lot lines to the property. So, when someone builds an apartment building, they register those apartments and where they are in the building. So it is identifying that building in that apartment. And that’s how it works.

We’ve been unable to offer the service in some countries because the addresses aren’t as regulated. And we weren’t getting a clear association happening. So this is a quantum association occurring and there needs to be a very clear identification. Just like if you’re thinking of someone, say you’re thinking of your sister, brother, you’re identifying them in your mind. And we believe that we’re activating a field around them. And then whatever you’re holding in your field, sending them love, send them acceptance, or you’re mad at them, whatever it is. That connection is there. And many of us have experienced that when thinking of someone and then they call you where they’ve thought of you. There’s field activated; there’s a connection. You think of them as they’re calling you. Of course, there are studies on twins and mothers and children and other of those connections between people, and FLFE works much in the same way.

Clayten – We have an Orgon question from Beth. I haven’t found any combination of Orgon’s or Orgonite to raise the level of conscious more than five points in total Beth. That’s a good question that Beth is asking, “Can we add multiple Orgon influences and get 5 points, plus 5 points, plus 5 points. There may be, but we haven’t found it, Beth, and we haven’t found anybody else that has seen it and we get a lot of people sending us stuff. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. And 5 points is a lot. Every point is ten times the amount of power. So that’s 5 to the power of 10. So it’s ten times ten times, ten times ten times ten. That is worth doing if you want more energy. And with the FLFE service, the average home well it used to be in North America, for example, is at about 420. So we’re doing 140 points, so that’s 10 to the hundred and 40th power. Five points can be a little difficult to notice; some people are very sensitive. At least this is our research.

Jeffrey – This is to Heather, who is asking about 5G. We are saying that FLFE mitigates 5G; we have our consciousness studies of properties that had dropped due to the influence of 5G and other EMFs. We have studies with a TV camera with a 5G router. And then we have plant studies. So yes, we’re saying that we are harmonizing 5G.

So someone’s asking can this help with an autoimmune disease I think was question was; it popped away. With additional energy available to the immune system, part of that energy is used for functionality. (1:05:00) And part of it can be used for rebuilding and a kind of upgrading the system. And it’s up to the Innate Intelligence of the body. We’re not claiming we’re doing that. And we’re writing in safeguards for autoimmune. And that immune system now is better resourced, with energy and with nutrition; of course, if you’re feeding it well, some of the things we’ve mentioned like zinc and vitamin D, that it’s possible to have an upgrade in the system based on having the resources needed there for the immune system.

Clayten – Tara is on with us now.

Tara – Thank you. I’m very excited to talk to you. Yeah, I love the service. And we just recently added it to my husband’s phone, and he’s a very high strung person, and it makes a significant difference to him. So, thank you. I’m interested in kinesiology. Although I haven’t studied it very much at all. And can you recommend some websites or YouTubers that we could tune in to learn more techniques? I will use like, if, if there’s someone with me, I’ll get them to you know, do the arm technique to test if something is weakening me or if I stay strong. But I also do a little bit of reverse psychology on myself. I’m thinking, Well, did I already preconceive that this thing was going to be good for me and test strong? Or do you pick up what I’m saying? That I`m playing a mind trick on myself to think that this thing is working for me?

Clayten – Yes, kinesiology is a profession, and we talk about it a lot. And maybe it’s a little too glib sometimes. It takes time to learn to use it in a way that we can trust ourselves.

Tara – Yes, that’s what I’m wondering, I’ll ask myself if it’s an accurate reading or if I’m playing into it.

Clayten – The way we manage that is we have a team of people now that are good kinesiologists. And when we test, we make sure we use the same inquiry, if we’re not getting a close answer, we use a lot of scaling. So for other viewpoints, we have a way of drilling down into that. It probably takes two years to train somebody to be a good kinesiologist. That’s our experience with working in our team. And we’re one of the few places I know that’s done it. In terms of training, I would start with your International Kinesiologist associations division in your country and take some courses. And I was part of a study group for six months with an 89-year-old chiropractor and a scientist who had spent 25 years in DuPont, and we drove each other crazy for six months trying to figure it out. I just didn’t know if we were ever going to be able to do it. And it was page 117, paragraph two in the back of Dr. David Hawkins book

Power vs. Force that was the clue for us. And it said something to the effect of; you might find it interesting to calibrate the level of consciousness of your inquiries. So when we started measuring the questions we were asking things changed. Our variability dropped, our consistency went up, and we had hope for the future. So, there’s no easy way that I know of.

Tara -I`ve taken some online courses, and people are saying, well, I smell wet rock and you think that they’re full of beans and then you start drinking the wine and smelling the wine, and you start smelling wet rock too after some time. So maybe it’s kind of like that there’s a moment where it clicks. (1:10:00)

Clayten – There is an adaptation to the nervous system, and that takes time as well. So there are a couple of things going on.

Tara – Thank you. That helped me a lot. Okay, one other thing. Because there are a lot of people who need to ask questions, would you consider having some sort of online recommended reading on your website?

Clayten – We’ll put that on the list, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a great suggestion. At one time, we had Dr. Hawkins books on the website, and it might be a good time to put them back on. Thank you for that.

Tara -Thank you, gentlemen.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thanks for being with us. We appreciate you being a subscriber. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Susan’s asks “Will there be a boost for the lungs in the future?” That’s a great question. I think that’s one we’ll put on our Program list. And it’s a long list, and we’ve gone through a lot of it. But part of this immune response does cover the lungs in this latest round that we completed in this Enhanced Immune System 2.0, but I think it’s a great point that we could go further with that.

Clayten – The lungs are getting lots of love in our Programs, and there’s probably more to come, but they’re getting lots of love and attention. I see some people saying beautiful things. Thank you.

And the recipe one more time 30 drops of black walnut, 3 caps of Olive Leaf – 500 mg and 3 drops of oregano oil in water for 150-pound person two or three times a day for about three days as a general recipe that’s a good place to start. Take it all within two or three minutes, of course. We have a question from Sarah.

Sarah – So I have a router on the other side of the wall where my bed is, and the head of my bed is right on the other side of the router, and I’ve been turning it off. But I have FLFE at home. And I also have FLFE Object, which I keep by my bed. And I wonder, Do I need to turn the router off?

Jeffrey – I don’t believe you do. But the best way to tell Sarah is if you’ve got your computer with you and you’re in your bed is to turn off the EMF Mitigation. So if you go to the Control Panel, you go to your Property; now it If you’ve got both the phone and the property, you want to move the phone further away or turn them both off. And then turn it back on. And for me in my mind-body EMFs, like a router close by, it tenses up my muscles. So I feel like my shoulders kind of come up tense in my body, it makes me feel anxious. And then, when I turn the EMF mitigation back on, in the Control Panel, I feel like I relax, and I can take a deep breath. So I would experiment that way. We believe that the router will be harmonized fully, and you don’t need to turn it on and off. But it’s best to test it with your body and make sure you agree.

Sarah – Yeah, I mean, the only reason I would have it on is if I wanted to listen to guided imagery or whatever before I sleep. So otherwise, I don’t see a need to have anything turned on. It’s also an energy saver. But yeah, I just was wondering if I needed to do that.

(1:15:00) Jeffrey – We don’t believe you do, but it’s always good to experiment. It’s still fun to experiment.

Sarah – It’s always fun to experiment. I just love FLFE. Thank you.

Clayten – Yes, Sarah made a good point. We encourage everyone to trust themselves and be our own consciousness researcher. And this EMF thing is a really interesting topic. You know, we had a local expert come into our office here when we were doing our beta testing, and we were surprised that the standard instruments didn’t show a difference in the EMF levels in the office and the GDV instrument did. So that’s why we are so careful with the language of consciousness lowering EMFs. So, it’s an exciting subject.

Jeffrey – Someone’s saying, “Are most people experiencing an immediate sense of higher energy with the Boost?” It’d be great to hear from some of you about how you use the Boost. If you want to put some comments in about that or raise your hand and talk about it. You know, how do you use Boost and the FLFE service, and what’s your experience?

Clayten – Theresa has her hand up.

Theresa – I use it during the day, like when I start to feel depressed or anything from the news and everything. I usually use the Boost for that. Otherwise, I use it during my meditation.

Jeffrey – So in the in the first instance, are you going about your activity to home when you turn it on?

Theresa – Yes, if there’s something that affects how I’m feeling from a post or some news that I have gotten on, that brings me down. Then I go ahead and go to the page and go ahead and hit the Boost and then kind of do a meditation to you know, release that depression I’m feeling.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s great.

Clayten – It’s really heavy out there right now, it seems that if we get off-center that it for me, it just can get really off-center. Like it just goes, you know, it’s like, Wow!

Theresa – It’s so bad right now that I’m just limiting myself significantly, to only really positive messages. So like Abraham Hicks and things like that, even in those chat rooms, it’s tough to try to keep everybody up. And what’s interesting is some people that I would have never expected that are, chemists and things are pausing for a moment, and going, you know, I’m always thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow or in the future, or what photography I’m going to shoot next week. But with this virus, I’m now thinking about what I’m going to do right this moment. And so it’s kind of interesting how this virus is making people pause and think about the moment. Thus it’s possibly raising people’s consciousness in ways that they’ve never considered before.

Jeffrey – It certainly has given us more time at home and, potentially, to meditate and do things like this. Great, thank you for sharing that Theresa.

Theresa – Thank you for having me.

Clayten Thank you, Theresa, we are grateful to have you as a subscriber.

(1:20:00) Jeffrey – Somebody said that they use the Boost on their phone when they have an important meeting. So at the very start of the meeting, they turn the Boost on, and then they get on the meeting. And it helps them to have the meeting go well. We get a little high consciousness Boost. And part of our practice is creating a high consciousness field, praying in or meditating before we start something, it really can shift the mood.

Clayten – We have a question from Marina.

Marina – I have an interesting way that we use the Boost. My girlfriend is very, very sensitive to energies in the earth as well as electromagnetic energies around town. We’re in Asheville, North Carolina, and she carries her FLFE around with on her telephone, which has helped tremendously to mitigate a lot of that, but it doesn’t get all of it. And, and so when she comes home back into the house where I have the whole house set up, then she will turn on the Boost and the rest of the electromagnetic energy that’s in her body will start to dissipate which is a lifesaver because she’s just not been able to go into many parts of the city because of that. Energies from which she would go into spasm and feel sick and spin and everything, and now FLFE has allowed her to be able to go into those areas, which is phenomenal.

Jeffrey – That’s so great to hear.

Clayten – We hear stories like this quite often and  they’re very touching it just recharges us, and we do try to be super cautious about making claims. And there’s a fine line when we hear these stories so many times in people’s lives.

Marina – It’s just changed our quality of life so much. So we are deeply grateful. And I have it in my house, and I also do acupuncture and so when I work on patients on especially difficult patients, I will do the Boost, and it helps move things even better. And opens them up to the work and connecting to their own source, which is part of my acupuncture work. So they can get their guidance and then actually go from there. I’ve turned a lot of people on to FLFE a lot of my patients. I’m determined to get all of Ashville on FLFE.

Jeffrey – That’s great. We really appreciate that. There’s a Free Trial, and we are working on a way to share it in other ways too. And, and of course, there’s the Pay it Forward.

Marina – Yes. And we’ve done that, and it’s helped and a lot of the churches and schools around us. I do have one other question. Or my partner is also very sensitive to psychic energy because there’s psychic energy in different areas where a lot of trauma has been held in the earth. And one thing we’ve noticed is that even though FLFE takes care of a lot of the electrical and the magnetic differences, some of that psychic energy is felt more without the electrical energies, which I found fascinating. Do you have any insight into that? I guess removing the psychic energy could mean that electrical energy you can feel more of what’s going on in the land. But is there a way to be able to clear that energy as well?

Jeffrey – Well, the FLFE Everywhere on the phone, as you’re saying, is a great help as we’re moving around, but it’s not clearing the land because of the energy requirements. Now, one way to do that, of course, you have the Control Panel, and the address can be changed. So, if you had a place that you noticed was challenging and that’s interesting what you say with these other sorts of distractions out of the way, you can feel what’s there is for in terms of the psychic energy or the trauma (1:25:00). And that influence is there, and we have on top of it all this electro smog that may be making it challenging to feel it, but you could change addresses to this particular place, either maybe with coordinates for an hour or two and then change it back. And, you know, it all depends on what’s there. But our Property Subscription will clear a lot of that negative history. And so you could try that and see if you could do it for a few hours, maybe for going out you could put it on another place and then when you come home, you could put your place back on.

Marina – Oh, that’s awesome. So I could do that in the Control Panel, fantastic. Okay. I’ll look at that. Okay, so she is sensitive to the vortex energies, would changing the coordinates in that particular area also kind of affect that, do you think?

Jeffrey – That’s hard to know.

Marina – There’s a negative spin, which is a clockwise spin, and a counterclockwise spin, which is, seems to be positive. And of course, there’s a lot of those here. I’m kind of curious to see if this would change it at all or enhance it or mitigate it to make it right.

Jeffrey – We spent a lot of time, as soon as we started measuring all the properties, we would find properties that weren’t going up to 560 or 540 at a time. And so then we would get on Google Earth, we would look at it, we would intuitively look into it. And then we would write Programs that would compensate that, either spin it the other direction or add additional energy that flows the energy differently. There are pages and pages of different situations that we looked at. And we keep checking, and every time a property comes up that has something new, we do this, and then from then on, every property that has the same situation will clear. This may be something new we haven’t done before.

Clayten – All properties are at 560 or higher 98% of the time over the previous 24 hours. That’s how we measure it. We have discovered on some properties that are on FLFE or even over 580 that they have these micro negativity areas that maybe this size of a manhole cover. We found several in a park that we put on locally. And we determined, and it was a bit of a process, there was a particular type of curse on that area. And even though the service was at 575 the way that we have to clear, and it might dissipate over time, but some curses are so strong, that we have to identify the particular language in that curse from that land. So again, what happens with a higher consciousness field is that I imagine like different, almost very opaque blankets. When you remove one, there’s more light coming through to see the colors on the other blankets. So if we are sensitive, a higher consciousness field may make us more aware of different influences. You have to have the discipline to manage those. And you’ll have to learn how to do that. It’s just good to know that even though the properties are at the high level and we are working all the time to remove those micro negativity zones, there are so many variables on how the land can be affected negatively that I don’t know if we’ll ever get them all done. But we have books on geopathic stress zones we’ve gone through to address every particular one that we’ve found and if you can imagine all the different curses that a person could put on a piece of land.

Marina – Oh my God, yeah, all those years? (1:30:00)

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, the human mind is so creative, right? And some of those lift off, you know, some of them or they fade over time so, it’s just one of those things that we learned. Hopefully, we’ll all live long enough so that they’ll all be gone.

Jeffrey – We do appreciate your help and your sensitivity. So if you’re in an FLFE property, and you’re walking around the property, and you notice something that feels low or feels negative. It’s bothersome to your life in some way, or it’s something you would like to change, contact us, and let us know what you’re noticing and tell us as much as you can about it. And then we can add it to the Program going forward, and, if it corrects that, then it corrects that similar situation in other places.

Marian – Oh, awesome. I understand. I see. And is it possible just quick curiosity, if we go on to positive ley lines can the ley line move that energy through that ley line from where you are?

Jeffrey – You mean to add to a ley line?

Marina – Yes, it’s almost like an acupuncture point, you know, you’ve got a ley line going on. I put a needle in there, or meridian and then opening that up or at or adding the energy to that particular point will affect the entire channel or meridian or ley line, would that work?

Jeffrey and Clayten – Yes.

Marina – I love that.

Clayten – Yes, ley line will move. A lot of people don’t know that; they sometimes will move.

Jeffrey – It’s like large scale acupuncture.

Marina – We’re going to figure out how to do that; I’ll be on FLFE and then stand on the ley line and vibe it through.

Jeffrey – And it’s our consciousness doing that if we can handle the energy, then we really can move it. Are you familiar with Damanhur in northern Italy? It’s a secret society you could say; they built into the cave down into the mountains and created these caves. And they picked this location because it was right at the crossroads of ley lines and they built these big machines to channel positive energy into the ley lines. Once it was discovered, the government was going to wreck it all because it was illegally built. But now it’s like a national treasure, and you can see it. It’s a thriving community.

Marina – Very cool. Thank you so, so much.

Jeffrey – Yes. Thank you for your support. It was a pleasure talking to you. Some people are asking for more than a five-minute boost on the phone subscription. And, at this point, with the power usage that we have picked up with the new, Enhanced Immune Support, it does take a lot of additional energy. The Boost to go to 600 takes a lot of energy. But if we’re moving, say on an airplane, that level of speed, and to create the field that is activated, five minutes is all that we can handle at this point.

Clayten – Just so you have a sense of it, the mobile service takes 2000 times the amount of the home service in terms of energy. And you know, we’re not going to say never.

Jeffrey – Others use the Boost for meditation, and someone’s mentioning, they use the Boost for the start of a migraine headache. And it helped them to where they don’t need their medications. And that’s interesting. I have heard of relief from headaches and issues related to a woman’s cycles as well (1:35:00). I’ve heard people use the Boost for that.

Clayten – Someone is saying, “I noticed a big difference in my house when they put FLFE on and not on my phone. I’m not sure why because my friend noticed it on their phone.” And so immunity enhancement is on all the services, and this is classic, this is Melissa. And some people notice it, some people turn on FLFE and the minute or the second it’s on, they notice it because it activates as soon as it is turned on, and we test it to make sure that it’s working at the level we promise. Other people turn it on, they don’t notice it, but they notice the pet their pets calm down, or their plants start growing better. Or they notice more animals come onto the property. It has a different experience with different people. And we want everyone to trust themselves, so we have to have our own experience with it.

Jeffrey – Crystal’s asking, “In the upgraded environment on the phone service, with a group of people, say at a house dinner with people whose diets are detrimental and immune systems compromised, and I Boost it will it affect their desire or lack of desire to take better care of themselves in their diet?”

Jeffrey – That’s hard to know. We do get a lot of feedback from people about carrying their FLFE phones into public and the way people react to them, they feel changes; they go into a store, and people seem to brighten up. And at a dinner party like that, this new Boost this Enhanced Immune Support, is within six feet. So maybe the people close by. But as Clayten said, it does take about three days to sort of ratchet the immune system up. If you think about it, the low point comes up until it’s no longer the low point, and then the next low point comes up. So it’s kind of a ratcheting up of different things. The way we understand it or believe that it works.

Clayten – Mary is asks, “I live in an apartment and I had  FLFE on my phone, is there additional benefit to have to having it on my apartment as well. I’m not clear what the parameters are for the phone?” So there are a couple of questions related to this Mary. I’ll try to answer three or four in one. First of all, FLFE knows where an apartment is located upon the principle of a unique identifier. And it’s the same with a phone. If the phone is even off it does broadcast; Bonnie asked that question. When the service is on an apartment, that clears the negative energetic history of the land. Because the Mobile Service or Object uses so much more energy, we just can’t do that at this time.

As Jeff said, Imagine we’re on a plane or even or in a car going 50 miles an hour, and it’s trying to clear the land, it’s very, very energy-consuming. In an apartment, what will happen is that your residence will be on the Service. Still, the drywall in the apartment building or the concrete or even the wood to a degree it will carry the energy into the whole apartment building. It may not be very beneficial way out on the edges if it’s a huge apartment building, but certainly, the neighbors will benefit. Typically, the way we program, the programs aren’t on anything other than the property, but the positive energy will radiate out. So the neighbors directly next to you will actually be around 500. We’ve had people put it on their home, and the whole neighborhood changes over time as people move out. They start having block parties; there are all kinds of things that happen, all sorts of positive things. So we’re helping the whole neighborhood and the neighbors by having the Service on a property because it does radiate out from homes.

Jeffrey – Yes, I would add to that Clayten that the significant difference between the FLFE Everywhere, which includes the Phone and in the Property, like a Home or Business Subscription, is the clearing of the negative history as Clayten said. Still, it’s also what we were talking about earlier; the compensation for geopathic stress and other things related to ley lines or trauma on the land (1:40:00), which is negative clearing, but that those geopathic situations, which we discovered could even be a traffic pattern. So, for instance, if a home with a lot of traffic coming right towards the house and then it takes a right turn, that Chi or energy from those vehicles will tend to continue to go towards the home, and that can pull energy away from the house. It’s the same with a large river or even a stream if it’s coming towards a river in town and then the river takes a bend, some of that energy will flow in through that town and will lower the level of consciousness. So the Home Subscriptions, the Property Subscriptions, will compensate for this. Again, as we’ve said, we haven’t compensated for everything in the world. So we may find some Saturday when we check all of the properties, that we will find a low one. And then we’ll investigate until we find a way we haven’t yet found one that we haven’t been able to compensate for. Sometimes it takes us a while to figure out what’s happening. So that’s the major difference. The Phone or Object is moving energy in; it’s flowing energy into the space. But it’s not correcting some of those possibly long term effects that are nearby.

Clayten – I was just wondering, Jeff, we have a meditation we’re going to play; it’s about a 15-minute meditation that we recorded in the past. And at some point, we may want to do that, and I know it’s a lot later for you than it is for me. So I’m going to let you call it whenever you want.

Jeffrey – Well, it’s so great to be with you all. And we appreciate your questions and Max, and I wonder if you would be able to copy the Q & A and paste it into a document for us; see if that’s possible?

Max – I wish it were, but it’s not.

Jeffrey – Thanks. Yes, because there’s so much great information there. So we encourage you to send comments to the people that take care of you. Whether it’s Customer Service person or a Free Trial person that you generally are in contact with through email or phone, to send some of these very helpful, interesting comments that you’ve made to them. Or questions that you didn’t feel were answered that you would like to have answered. So it’s challenging for us to get through all of these.

But, you know, one of the things that make us different is our level of Customer Service. And we’re there for you in the office, and we have extended hours. So reach out to us. We’re happy to interact with you. Why don’t we move into the meditation, and this is something that we did on a previous webinar, and we’ve added some video to it. And we’ll end the webinar after the meditation is finished. And we so appreciate all your thanks, coming from everyone and all the comments. We really love you all. And we’re so grateful to have this business and this service that we can give from our family to you and your families. I’ll let you say a few closing words Clayten as well.

Clayten – Yes, it was over ten years ago that I told Jeff about this inventor had this piece of technology, and because Jeff and I are gearheads, he was interested in it. He decided to come up and meet this guy, and it was an extraordinary experience. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I’m reflecting on how one thing leads to another, and here we are, ten years later, we’ve got thousands and thousands of customers, and it’s growing. So thank you all for referring us to people. Our businesses is increasing because of all of you. We don’t advertise; it’s just word of mouth.

(1:45:00) I’m not saying we won’t advertise one day, but everyone is helping us stay in business and keep providing the service and all the service work. We could spend a week talking about our service projects; we have things going on all over the world. We don’t talk about even one-tenth of them. So all of the subscriptions help us do those service projects. And we have great staff. Over 20 people in the office and if anyone has gotten to know them, they’re lucky because they are great people and we pay them a livable wage and have great offices, things like standing desks, we try to take care of our employees and treat them as best as we can. So that’s all I’ve got to say, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’m just watching all the comments. You know, as I scroll through, the comments are filling us up. Personally, my heart just feels ready to burst. So thank you so much for your support of us and we’re on a great journey together. And we hope you enjoy this meditation.

The meditation video is available for your viewing pleasure at

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