Brain and Nervous System Support 

September 24, 2019

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We’re discussing a new tool for brain and nervous system support, and we have a new meditation to share with you today, an FLFE Community Blessing to the World. I’m Jeffrey Stegman 

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Hello, everyone, we’re happy to share with you what we’ve learned about how to optimize our brains and nervous systems at the next level. We had such a large amount of feedback from the last meditation that we thought we would do another one this evening. And the topic we have chosen as Jeff said is to bless the world on behalf of the FLFE community. And so, we’ll talk more about that just before we enter into that meditation together.   

Jeffrey – You’ll be able to find this meditation and the past meditation that we did on our website in the Learning Center. As you can see here, there is a new tab called Videos. And then under that tab, you will find all of the videos that we’ve done. This particular one on the right is the last meditation video.  

And then the video we’re doing tonight will be here. So, we’ve added a video to that to the audio from last time. Also, in the Learning Center, you can go to Webinars. And we’re going to talk about some of the webinars in that area on the website. You can go to the webinars, and we’re going to mention several of them tonight. And you’ll also be able to see it in writing. That’s a new upgrade. We now have the audio webinars and the transcript, which is helpful for the nutritional support we will be talking about tonight.   

Clayten – Speaking of nutritional support, we’ll do a little preamble to the meditation. The idea of nutritional support for ascension or rising in consciousness we call Consciousness Nutrition.  We’re going to have more information on the website about that in the future; there will be a lot of written details that you can review at your own pace. You can review previous discussions and recommendations contained in these past webinars. So, on March 13, 2018, our topic was Grow Your Nervous system to Grow your Consciousness, and on January 16, 2019, the title of that webinar was Consciousness Nutrition, in an EMF Free Environment. 

So, this latest update to our consciousness nutrition is about sunflower lecithin. And we’re going to talk about that in just a few minutes.   

Jeffrey – To recap, what was in those previous webinars, of course, hydration is number one on that list. Our recommendations are on the Hydration Page. In the FLFE environment, as many of you know, hydration is essential as our body’s Innate Intelligence uses the energy of the FLFE environment to do lots of work, lots of upgrades and rising in consciousness is an upgrade. So, water more water is important. Magnesium and Omega 3’s taken together is one of our recommendations from the past.  We recommend 1000 milligrams of magnesium to 4000 milligrams of Omega 3’s. And then the final one in the most recent webinar was about vitamin D, increasing your vitamin D has been discussed in the past as well.  

(5:00) Clayten – So our latest research as indicated that sunflower lecithin is something that we need to talk about today. The benefits of sunflower lecithin are primarily around recovery from a particularly intense event where your nervous system is self-depleted. And It adds another level of resiliency. So, our indications right now are that the essential fatty acids and magnesium taken together within 30 minutes creates that synergy that’s good for maintaining the system and growing it. And the emphasis of sunflower lecithin is about recovery from an incident and adding more resiliency.

Somedays we forget to take our supplements, or we just don’t want to take them. And if we notice ourselves not feeling at our best, one of the ways to recover quickly, at least for the nervous system is to include sunflower lecithin. So, we have some recommendations here in terms of dosages. What we’re looking at is about 100 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight per day. Most of the recommendations we make are low; there is not much risk. Many people are taking it by their doctors recommend  EFA’s for the cardiovascular system. And our dosages and the suggestions are really about supporting our consciousness because the nervous system is the critical factor. And for raising our consciousness, typically, when you get into the high 590’s the closer you get to 600 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the smaller the number of people that can sustain that level. 

So if we say 98% of the time, you have to measure if it’s going to be 100% of the time, or a certain number so that you can indicate what the level is you’re trying to achieve. And so, we the way we measure things is we look for people to achieve and maintain a state 98% of the time over a week. And then at that point, we call it a stage of development versus a state. So, our nutrition suggestions are focused on helping you achieve that state and keep it. Is there anything else you want to say about that, Jeff?   

Jeffrey – Yes, I had my own experience with sunflower lecithin, and it’s been beneficial for my recovery as well, mainly if I spend a lot of time in a high field. I’ll take one or two soft gels that are 1200 milligrams, and I tend to take it at night. It helps me relax, what have you seen Clayten? When does is it work best for you?  

Clayten – I think that it’s good to cycle off of supplements, maybe one day a week. And If I’ve been physically active, and in a high field, that seems to be a combination, where there’s a particular type of depletion, where you don’t feel the same. It’s not the same as doing meditation and being non–functional, there’s a level of just being tired. And when I take sunflower lecithin, it helps me bounce back quicker and get back on my game. And I am taking less EFA’s and magnesium now probably because I’m taking more sunflower lecithin. My body doesn’t seem to need as much EFA’s, and magnesium. 

What we do for those who those of you are listening, is we test the structural optimization of our nervous system, which is how well it’s structured to hold the amount of light or the amount of energy that would allow you to stay in these advanced states for periods of time. And then we’ll test our operational efficiency. So, there are different ways to measure different parts of the nervous system, that’s probably a whole webinar just in itself to talk about the difference between the autonomic, sympathetic, parasympathetic, central, etc., and how to manage each one of them to help us maintain our states. So that’s my main thing, Jeff is quicker recovery, it’s been the most consistent change that I have noticed. (10:00) 

Jeffrey  – We invite you to give it a try yourself and let us know how it worked for you as well as maintaining magnesium and EFA’s.  And we use kinesiology to measure our dosages on an ongoing basis, and we invite you to try the same yourself. 

We’ve got about 10 to 15 minutes, and we can address some questions, so use the Q&A  button down at the bottom of your screen, and we will look for some questions there. Feel free to line up. And you can use the chat option as well.  

Clayten – There is one more thing that I like to say about lecithin. There are other types of lecithin besides sunflower; we just found that sunflower lecithin is the one that overall, has been the most consistent source of lecithin that we found that is optimal. We’re going to share with you on our website, some product recommendations, and we will have a brand up there that we have tested and that has been consistent for us. Different types of lecithin can also be beneficial. It’s just that sunflower lecithin, in general, is the best one that we’ve tested.  

Jeffrey – We have a couple of questions showing up. Paige asks – “Will this also help my vestibular system?  I’m going to make banana tea for the magnesium.” I’m not sure about that one.  I am not sure how to answer that. Do you Clayten?  

Clayten – No, we just have not researched that yet. It’s a good question, and I am making a note to look into it.  

Jeffrey – We have a question – “I’ve had mental health issues before FLFE. This last month, it’s been worse. I had FLFE on my home, and now I just have the phone. Any thoughts?” There are certainly a lot of factors there to look into, and we could look into it more personally with you.  

Clayten – Part of the reason why we introduced the Environmental Consciousness Controller on the home subscriptions is that you can adjust the level of consciousness of your environment. And you might find that if you try the Home Subscription again, and go into your Control Panel and turn down the level of consciousness which can still be much higher than you have had in the past before the subscription. A slightly lower level of consciousness might be better for you and your condition. That would be something worth some experimenting. 

Jeffrey – I have seen quite several studies on magnesium and its effect on mental health, particularly anxiety. And also, better mental acuity and other things. So, you could look at your magnesium input and see how it is.  

Chris is asking –  “What is the difference between FLFE Phone and on a personal object such as a ring?” Chris, there is no difference. The way that FLFE works is with a unique identifier, a unique identifier in the case of the ring is a photograph of that unique ring. And in the case of the cell phone, it’s the cellular device identified by that mobile phone number in that jurisdiction. So, there’s a field that‘s activated, and then the characteristics of the field are woven into the Service. So, there’s no difference in the field. (15:00One difference with the phone is that the phone becomes harmonized at the center of the field and it remains harmonized, which means that any consciousness lowering EMF’s become positive or harmonized as we call it. And there’s more about that in the EMF Mitigation section. So that’s the only difference; the cell phone activates at the center.   

Clayten – Laura is asking – “Is the dose weight-related?”  Yes, it is Laura, it’s approximately 100 milligrams per 10 pounds, we assumed that people would ask us that. That is the maintenance dose. We can’t recommend a recovery dose because there are always so many variables in each of us as individuals. We use kinesiology to test what the most appropriate amount is for the body. And certainly, you can experiment with kinesiology and learn how to do that. So, we encourage you to find a practitioner to help you if you’re not familiar with it yourself.   

Jeffrey – Bala is asking, “Can you explain the Boost?  I’m not up on what it does.”  The Boost is a feature in your Control Panel, which you can log into whether you’re on the Free Trial or you are a Subscriber. And for a property and this is for the, you could say the flagship products, the full FLFE Home, FLFE Business and in the FLFE Everywhere Subscription. You log into your Control Panel, and there, you can turn on and off the Service, you can turn on and off the EMF Mitigation. And you’ll now see in the Property Subscription,  an Environmental Consciousness Controller, and our short name for that is the Slider. So that’s a way for you to raise the level of consciousness in your property to 570 or as Clayten mentioned, you could drop back down if you want to try it with a lower level of consciousness support. It doesn’t lower the level, but the support level is wherever you set it. 

Now with the Boost, if you have a home or business, and you press the Boost button, you’ll have 30 minutes of 600 LOC on the Hawkins Map in your entire environment. Many people are feeling the benefits of this during meditations, yoga, or different types of contemplative time, or connecting time with your loved ones. So, it’s a higher level of consciousness; 600 on the Hawkins Map is up in the Bliss Zone, is that what you would call it Clayten? 

Clayten – Yes, Bliss or Peace.

Jeffrey – And people are enjoying that. If you have a phone or an object, the Boost is five minutes.  The power requirements for the FLFE system vary with circumstances. We cannot have somebody jumping on a plane and hitting the Boost button because trying to send a 600 field at that kind of speeds would take too much power from the system.  So, at this point, the limitation is 5 minutes.   

Clayten – Catherine is thanking us for a product recommendation, and we’re going to get more and more product recommendations since that’s what people are asking. Catherine is also asking us to comment on water fasting to upgrade you in a more efficient, perhaps faster way. It could, Catherine, We always suggest that if you’re going to do any fasting, that you talk to your doctor. I’ve experimented with water fasting and our research on where the energy of the body gets used indicates to us that digestion is the most energy-consuming process of the body. 

So, part of what you’re likely experiencing Catherine is that the energy that’s freed up from digesting your food is then able to be used by the body in other ways. And I have many friends who fast, it’s becoming a more significant awareness in society. And intermittent fasting is becoming well known too. I don’t know how to recommend for everyone on the webinar listening to this now and in the future. (20:00) We must do our homework, experiment with it. Try it for 4 hours at a time and then maybe 8 and then 12  and if it’s working for you, that’s great. I have friends that swear that fasting has changed their lives.   

Jeffrey – Brooke is asking for positions friendly to FLFE.  I can reach out to you Brooke separately and let you know about that; I do have one for you.  We have Anonymous asking – “What’s the best remedy for vertigo” I have been experiencing extreme vertigo the past few days.  And for the first time no headaches, no earache and no nausea.” It’s hard to know; an inner ear infection can be vertigo. Definitely, a doctor visit is important for that. There are other things it could be as well, but I think your best bet is to get checked out for vertigo. And make sure you’re getting enough water and take your temperature and see if you’ve got a fever, or any other signs of an infection, such as pain.   

Clayten – So go to your doctor, that would be the first step. Michelle is saying that she’s recently put FLFE on the phone, and home and she is experiencing shingles, and she is wondering how FLFE would affect that. So, when we’re in a high consciousness field, things can come up to be healed. When the body has more energy, it can go into an emotional release or physical release, and of course, our bodies have their Innate Intelligence,  our bodies are the most fascinating things in existence.  

 We wouldn’t know all the variables that would contribute to that. If it’s been recent, we always suggest that you drink two-thirds of your body weight in ounces of water for the first three days. And not a lot of people do that; they don’t take the recommendation. So that would be the first thing I would do is make sure you’re well-hydrated; really pour the water in. We have FLFE regulated so that if your hydration isn’t optimal, it starts to dial down some of the Programs like a dimmer switch in a home. So, we do support it in that way. And other than that, I’m not sure what else to say, Michelle. Any thoughts on that? Jeff?  

Jeffrey – No, other than the water intake, which is a good one, and the emotional release work around it as you were saying Clayten, are important to consider.  Consciousness nutrition the magnesium and the essential fatty acids together along with lecithin that we talked about today does support our nervous systems to be highly functional, so that is something you could try as well.  

Clayten  – We’d love to have the answers for these questions, but it’s going to take a medical professional to diagnose the condition and support you individually. Blanca is asking – “What does sunflower lecithin do?”  Well, it does seem to feed the nervous system. The myelin sheath is typically the critical factor in somebody’s nervous system, and there are other aspects of the nervous system that have to be addressed, but it’s usually the myelin sheath. And it feeds it in some way, just the way that magnesium and EFA’s do when we take them within 30 minutes there’s a synergy.  Sunflower lecithin provides specific nutrition to the nervous system. There are other things that it does, and that’s the context that we use it in; to feed the nerves and particularly the myelin sheath.  

Jeffrey – Brenda is saying – “I had to adjust only the EMF protection as I have had some heart flutters. I have not had the system on full yet, any ideas?” Brenda, I’m not sure if you’re moving your Environmental Consciousness Controller up and down, or whether you switched the subscriptions. (25:00) So, heart flutters,  I’m not sure what you mean precisely by that. Our first go-to is hydration; take a look on the website on the Hydration Page in the Learning Center and check where you are with your hydration intake.  It’s always a good thing for all of us to measure the amount of water that we’re drinking. We seem to have a lot of medical questions today.  

Clayten – I am noticing a lot of people sharing in the chat, and that’s a great way to share while we’re talking. Some of you may have more specialized knowledge than we do or you’re researching as Devon is right now. The form that I’ve taken it in Devon is liquid. And the company that I’ve been using is NOW brand.  We’re trying to test the level of appropriateness of that product, on average over say six months for the general populace. We will share with you the inquiry and some brands that we tested.  The thing about recommending supplements is that sometimes, companies trade formulas or companies change ownership. And so, we’re a little bit hesitant to do it, but people keep asking so we’re going to put our disclaimers on and just put it up on our site, so it makes it easier for people.   

Jeffrey – I am going to take a chat question from Lisa – “Are we receiving the same assistance with grounding and sleep with the FLFE Phone as with the FLFE Home?” Yes, the grounding is in both, it is only up to five miles an hour, while you’re moving with the phone, but while you’re sitting while you’re still or just at a walking pace, the grounding level is the same with both subscriptions. And sleep as well. The only difference between the Home Subscription and FLFE Everywhere is that the phone is clearing the adverse history on the land. That and compensating for the geopathic stress. So, if you happen to live in a place that has a history, there could be some thought patterns or some old negative history there. And that’s why some people put a Free Trial on their home, which helps clear the negativity history. So that’s the only thing I could think of that might affect your sleep differently between the two is the clearing that’s happening on an ongoing basis.  

Clayten – Yes, someone did mention that NOW has a reputation of not being the highest quality supplement company. And like I said, some companies do an excellent job with some things and not with others. The store I shopped at the only brand that they had in stock was the NOW one. And I tested; it was high for me. So, let’s think about supplements. Some companies do a good job on some things and not on others. And if your body needs it, even a mediocre product can be quite useful for you. We’ll give you some recommendations on our website. 

Jeffrey –  So there’s a question here about the studies that we mentioned about magnesium, and this will help. I would recommend that you go to the website of Dr. Carolyn Dean. ReMag is one of her products, and she has lots of information on her site. There are lots of medical articles on magnesium and on the effect of magnesium on high blood pressure, anxiety, learning disabilities, and many other health factors, so that is a useful resource.  And, as we build out our site, we will have more and more on magnesium as well because it’s an essential mineral for us to have.   

(30:00) Clayten – We have a question from Anonymous asking if any of the FLFE services specifically enhance cellular somatic energy in terms of three different indicators. And we don’t have answers to those. We are doing more and more research all the time; we just engaged IONS, The Institute of Noetic Sciences to do some research for us. We’ve had one study of four completed. We haven’t looked for this quantitative and qualitative measuring yet in these areas, so I don’t know how to answer the question.  

Jeffrey –  And Nancy is saying – “I highly recommend Gary Blier with Advanced Cell Training for help with anything even mental health.  His work is complementary to what FLFE is doing; I hope you will be able to talk with him through the website.”  So, Chris is asking – “How far out is the distance in the field for the phone or personal object, FLFE Everywhere?” The field is 300 feet at 555. So that’s the outermost distance to the field. And then closer to the phone, within that 4 to 7-foot range is 575, which is higher.  And the phone or personal object is somewhat different from the property. As we said, the property is a guaranteed level of consciousness. And we measure all the properties on the Service at least once a week. With the phone and personal objects, we are flowing energy into the space at those levels. Because we are moving with the phone or object and it’s in so many different environments, and we’re not clearing we cannot guarantee the field is at that level; there’s all that positive life force energy flowing into the field.  

Clayten – Delilah is asking – “We have rats on our house, would FLFE attract rats mice or repel them? Has anyone had any experience in this subject?”  I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, Jeff, there might be somebody who’s had something happen, and they can put it in the chat window, but nothing is coming to mind for me.   

Jeffrey – No, I mean, for all sort of pests in the house, we don’t haven’t written Programs to repel them. And, it’s an environment that’s good for life. So, you would use all the usual means that you would.   

Any environment that has food, water access, and access holes or ways to get in is going to be attractive to mice and rats. So, the best thing is to get professional help, get some good traps, and block up all the holes on the outside. I have a country place, and it had mice before we put FLFE on and we had mice after, so it did not seem to make any change with the mice.   

Clayten – Catherine is asking – “Does FLFE integrate or attach with one’s torus field? So, does that mean that one can carry that frequency with them wherever they go?” Well, I have certainly done a little bit of reading on torus fields, but I don’t want to go down that road because I’m not comfortable enough with my understanding of it. It seems like that’s part of the theme tonight; stretching the edges of our knowledge. I don’t like to talk about things that we don’t have expertise on and have never done research on, so I feel confident that I give you a good answer. So, If you want to say something about that, Jeff, I will pass it to you.  

Jeffrey – Yes, I don’t have anything else to add to that, so I think we’ll move on.  The torus field is an exciting area, and it’s so universal in so many parts of the world. So, we’ll save that for another time. And you know, we’d love to talk to you anyone who is an expert in that field. (35:00) Lorretta is saying – “Thank you for the work you’re doing to help humanity. I have a house and phone, and my 15-year-old cat acts like she’s a three-year-old. Should I turn down the home range? I don’t want her to break something or get hurt.” Well, you could experiment with that, Lorretta,  I mean, it’s why we put in the Consciousness Controller so that you can experiment with the levels. It’s good that an old cat gets a new lease on life. I know it has been great for my animals. And we have quite a lot of people reporting positive reactions with their pets.   

Clayten – We have a couple of recommendations from Nancy about I don’t know anything about them.  We have the question  – “Have you tested life extension supplements? RAM yes, RAM Life Extension, an excellent company. The products test consistently high over large areas of the population, at least according to our testing. So, they’ll be one of the ones that will probably put the links to on the website.   

Jeffrey – We are getting to the time to start the meditation. We’ve got the meditation, that’s about 40 minutes so, it’s a relatively long one. We will have another webinar and have more Q&A time next time. And feel free to send your questions into your contact person at FLFE that your emails come from; that person is your customer service expert, and they’re happy to answer those questions that are coming up. And if it is something we can’t answer the reps will get the questions to us.  We don’t have more time to continue with your questions tonight, so If you don’t mind Clayten, we could set up the meditation.   

Clatyen – Sure, we are sorry we can’t get to all the questions, and there are still people with raised hands and questions. I’ll set it up for you. The meditation is pre-recorded; the intention is to make it a blessing to the world on behalf of FLFE. So, it indeed represents our devotional approach to life. And you may or may not find that it fits with your particular way of language.  I invite you to individualize it so that it works for you. And the way we phrase things or the type of words we use. If something doesn’t fit for you, take what you like and leave the rest as they say. It’s an invitation; we might record different versions of this later on as we find language that is more easily digestible if that is an issue. We suggest that you don’t operate any machinery with any of our meditations. Do it in a seated or other comfortable position. And that’s generally the recommendation for meditations anyway, so that pretty well-covered covers it Jeff, anything else? 

Jeffrey –  We’re inviting you to join us here and welcome you to sit back and relax and will be available on the website after a few days. 

(40:00) This meditation is for the world. It is on behalf of the subscribers of Focused Life Force Energy, which is a service that assists in creating the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness on the planet through activating higher consciousness fields. Although it is led by an individual, the energy on this recording is from the entire community. 

The people who have participated in this, have engaged with their own free will, with the intent to share the good in their life with the rest of humanity. The focus of this meditation is for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is from the perspective of the founders of Focused Lifeforce Energy.  It is devotional and its nature according to their beliefs, their viewpoints, and their practices. And so, let us begin. 

To Thee, oh Lord, we dedicate this healing. We dedicate this healing to share with the world, your Love. We call upon your Grace now to assist us and those that are listening to this in a way that is beyond our comprehension, that is beyond our knowledge, and that is beyond the capacity of our linear mind. We ask and invoke Your Grace Lord, for a miracle to happen for those whose time it is to experience the possibilities of your Grace. Sometimes we get distracted Lord. Sometimes we get preoccupied with day to day life. Living in these bodies and caring for those close to us and in our jobs Lord, and in our family life, in our traditional spiritual studies, we recognize the Love within them is part of you and that in one way or another we come back to You. We go back to the source of Love. (45:00) And we merge deeper with that Love now. We ask for You to help us at this time to heal the body that we carry on our earth journey. to to heal the mind that wants to analyze and understand and categorize, and all the other things that our mind does that would distract us from Your presence, Lord. We ask you to heal our spirit, the longing in our soul to be at one with All; with the earth, with all the creatures that walk the earth, including us. With all of the known and unknown beings in this world, those that may be beyond our logical understanding, we ask you to heal any separation between us and all that is from the place of our spirit. Let us now go deeper into our connection with Divinity. We hold in mind a place in our body where we ask for your Grace Lord. We ask that you come into us fully now and heal us. Restore that part of our body that has been injured, deformed, or has been affected in any way. We turn our karma over to you, Lord and ask for your Grace to remove it. Knowing that as we have a healthier body, we can use it to be closer to You in all the forms that You exist in, whether that means playing with our families, serving the world through our work, enjoying our hobbies and all the expressions of Love that You represent. Please come into our bodies and heal us. (50:00) 

*You may pause this recording to give yourself as much time as you feel you need to receive. 

We call upon Your Grace Lord, to heal our minds, to heal us of resentment, to heal us of criticalness, of being lost in analysis and being preoccupied and distracted in the world so that as we move through our lives, we have moved somehow away from You. We ask you to bring us closer now. Bring us closer.  

 We ask You to invoke the peace that passes all understanding into our minds, so we may see that everybody is doing the best they can, including us. And that through this compassionate view we may be closer to you, Lord. Please bring us closer now. Please heal us. 

*You may pause this recording for as long as you need to receive God’s Grace. 

We recognize your presence once again, Lord. We ask you to heal our spirits the part of us that thinks we’re separate from any aspect of Creation; the part of us that may not recognize that we are all one  

 and that what we do to another we do to ourselves. We ask You now to heal that part of us that is not in union with all of Creation that sees itself separate in any way and that helps us become and maintain our individuality in the collective that is you(55:00) And to celebrate ours and others individuality, our uniqueness and our sovereignty as we are all one, connected and unified. We ask you to come closer to us, Lord. We ask for Your Grace to come into our spirits fully and heal us in a way that is beyond the comprehension of the mind and perhaps even beyond our society’s understanding of what is possible. 

 We ask for the healing of our spirit through Your Love and Grace now. 

*You may pause this recording for as long as you need to receive the healing of Your Spirit. 

Thank you, Lord, for all that you have done for us as individuals thank you for your help and the Grace that you have bestowed upon all of us in ways that we may never understand or fully appreciate.  

Thank you. 

We now hold in mind others, and we ask for you to bestow Your Grace upon either their body, mind, or spirit, at least in our eyes would be best to be healed. We recognize that we may not see the full picture of Your Will and your Grace and we asked for your compassion now to heal those that we are holding in our mind. Let me turn this over to you, Lord. We ask that Your wisdom prevails in the situations that we are holding in mind now.  

(1:00:00)  *You may pause this recording for as long as you want to see this healing occur in your mind, blessing the people you have held in mind in your way. 

We call upon Your Grace Lord to help the earth that we live on, the planet that gives us everything in the physical world and possibly beyond what we see. We give thanks for the food, the clothing, and the shelter that the earth provides us. We thank Mother Gaia, the Intelligent Entity that we live on for all the materials she gives us as we work with those in our sciences to change until useful components that we put together in ever-increasingly unique, creative ways to make life better on the planet. We remind ourselves now that a better quality of life on the earth leads us back to you, Lord. That a better quality of life is an expression of Your Love. And so, we return to you with an open heart and ask You to help the earth. We ask for a miracle. We understand that you can work through the bodies, minds, and spirits of our beings that walk and live on the earth and that you have Your way of blessing this planet so that we may all live more respectfully with it. We ask you to help it now in the way that you best see fit. 

(1:05:00) *You may pause this recording to co-create a more respectful way of living with the planet in your intention to help the earth and live in harmony with it. 

Thank you, Lord, for all of the help you have given our bodies, minds, and spirits, our loved ones; all of those we have held in mind that we have asked for healing. Thank you for helping us live in greater communion with the earth. Using its resources wisely and being a better steward of that which gives us all of the material things that we need to survive and that provide us with joy so that our spirit may be closer to You. We ask You to come closer to all the beings on the planet that they may know Your Grace. We ask that they may know that we live in a world of extraordinary possibilities and that we can be reborn in our eyes and the eyes of others as we evolve ourselves and experience Your Grace. We ask for all the blessings that You give us to be given to all those who live on the planet. We ask that all the kingdoms, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms receive the blessings that we have asked for ourselves in a way that is right for them; that helps their evolution, and that is their next step. We ask You to come closer to all of us Lord. (1:10:00) And as co-creators with You, we spread and share the Grace You have shared with us. We see all aspects of the earth being blessed, all the beings, all aspects of Creation on the planet beyond what our minds can rationally understand. We recognize your Grace descending upon them now. 

*You may pause this recording for as long as you choose to see the Lord and His Grace spreading on the planet and blessing everything. We now call upon your Grace Lord, to go out to all of Creation in the way that you know Your Love can be shared best. 

We recognize the equality and the sanctity of the masculine and feminine energies; that they are equal and different and that the way that You spread Your Grace includes this. That the masculine and feminine energies are part of the generativity of Your Grace, and we see Your Grace as a light that goes out into the Cosmos into ourselves if that’s where it is needed, into the earth, into our friends and families.  And to leaders in the world in a way that helps all, that is for the highest good and in a way that is in the highest and best interest of all Creation. And as co-creators with You, Lord, we add our Love to your Grace. And we turn it over to You, Lord, to distribute it, to share it, amplify it, bless it and do with it whatever is Your Will. (1:15:00)  

*You may pause this recording for as long as you want to see God’s Grace spreading throughout all of Creation. 

As we close, we rededicate ourselves to You Lord; to come closer to You in the mind, body, and spirit to be renewed and the possibility and the potentiality that exists in Your Presence. Thank You for Your help today. Thank You for all the ways You have reminded us of Your Presence and how the quality of our life and all those around us increases as we become closer to You. And that as our connection grows with You all are blessed. We know that as we live a more abundant life, part of that is shared with all of Creation because we are all a part of You. We give thanks to all the other Beings that are on this spiritual evolutionary journey, and as they have grown, we have benefited. Glory be to the Lord. 

All Glory be to Thee Lord. All Glory be to Thee. All Glory be to Thee.