RP WEBINAR – Business as a Spiritual Path


Sherallyn – Well, let’s get started. And people can join us if they come a little bit late, of course. So, I welcome everyone to our first Referral Partner webinar. I’m really happy that you could join us. And today, this webinar is to open up the discussion about businesses as a spiritual path and to also talk about best practices for increasing your referrals as a Referral Partner.

And I’m happy today that Clayten and Jeffrey, the co-founders of FLFE, are here to join us and Guenevere, who is our Referral Partner Communication Specialist, and myself as the Referral Partner support team. So we have nine Referral Partners that have joined us today from all over the country.

We have Jean Rockefeller, who is our newest referral partner from Pennsylvania. We have Judy Anderson from Colorado, Ada Porat from Arizona, Alyssa Malehorn from Texas, Bob Wuest from Thailand, Elizabeth Kurjata, from Alberta, Madeline Gerwick from Washington State, and Marianne Noad from British Columbia. And we have about eight more that haven’t joined us yet, so we can always introduce them later.

So as I said, we’re going to talk about those couple of things. We’re also going to have two of our top Referral Partners talk to you about their best practices. And that’s Alyssa, Malehorn and Madeline Gerwick. And we’ll introduce them later on. And then we’re going to have a question and answer period. So if you want to ask a question, I’m going to ask that you raise your hand and this will be later in the call. And you can do that by going to the bottom of your screen, clicking on participants, and then you’ll have a panel come up on the right-hand side of your screen, and then you should see where you can raise your hand.

If you raise your hand to ask a question, I’ll unmute you, and you can ask the question. If you know who you would like to ask the question directly to if it’s a specific question to Jeffrey, Clayten Guenevere, or myself, you can do that. If not, you can generally ask the question, and one of us will answer it for you. So we hope to have the main part of the call be about 30 minutes and then the question and answer period 30 minutes. And if there are still more questions, we’re happy to go even longer, but we’d like to try to end on the hour.

So with that, I’m going to pass it over to Clayten. And he’s going to open us up in our traditional FLFE prayer to open up the meeting and start the discussion of businesses a spiritual path. So over to you, Clayten.

Clayten – Thank you, Sherallyn. Welcome, everyone, we’re going to talk about Business as a Spiritual Path tonight as part of our focus. It’s a path that I think we all share. And it’s part of what attracted many of us to this work of trying to raise the consciousness of the planet in our own ways. So that FLFE, we have a standard opening prayer that I use; everybody has their own version of it. I am not going to claim this as the best version. It is just the one that I use. And in the spirit of sharing, we thought we would share this with you.

I’ve been sick for about a week, so my throat a bit off. My voice might not be clear. So I’ll try to speak a bit louder. Just let me know if if you can’t hear me.

So this prayer is about a minute and a half, two minutes. And when I’ve completed it, I’ll say – “with that I’m in.” And then I’ll pause for a few seconds, and we’ll start the discussion on Business as a Spiritual path.

I begin by saying that this prayer is on my own behalf, as I find it best to speak for only myself in these situations. I invite you to take what you like, add what you like and say your own prayer at the end if you choose.  I recognize it can be seen as a paradox talking to God this way because we’re a part of God and, therefore, a co-creator with it. And yet, this is the best way that I have found thus far.

Dear God, I increase my conscious contact with you at this time. And to thee oh Lord, I dedicate this meeting as my fellow co-workers and all of these Referral Partners. I call in your helpers Archangel Michael, and one of the main guides of FLFE is Kryon. I asked him to create a protocol of protection around all of us at this time so that only energies of pure light and intent enter this space that we occupy and share so that as we reach inward outward and everywhere to increase our conscious contact with you, we are safe. I call upon the genetic and spiritual ancestry of all of us on this call in such a way that we can help each other. That we can ask appropriate questions, and they can respond in such a way that supports us and taking good orderly direction here on Earth, thereby helping all of us achieve our missions. I call upon the Higher Self of everyone on this call, and that this Higher Self helps us discern our own individual truth today and helps us share those truths with others in such a way that they can be heard and received. I call upon Kryon, the main guide of FLFE to invite all of our guides angels into this space; I invite them into an amphitheater as they’re coming into the amphitheater I invite all of you to sit with me on a boardroom table that I placed in front of the amphitheater. And as all these energies are coming in, I let them know that they can talk to us or connect with us in a way that works for them and us to help the conversation. As this is happening, I take your energy Lord through all aspects of the earth, including the mineral plants and animal kingdoms, through our ancestry, our communities, our friends and family and into us. I ask You to bless us all. With your help, I know plus all aspects of Creation.

I have said this prayer thousands of times, and I’ve forgotten the next piece. So give me a moment to track my thoughts. Well, that’s the main essence of it. I’ll close with Thank you all for being here. I’m sure the rest of it will come to me. And with that, I am in, amen.

What I’ve noticed since I’ve been sick as I have, my memory tends to come and go. So it’s certainly doing that tonight.

We’re going to talk about business as a spiritual path a little bit. We just wanted to share some of that with you to be transparent about how we approach life. And that’s a pretty good segue into what business as a spiritual path looks like. At least for me at this time, you’ll have to decide what it looks like for you.

So the first principle and business as a spiritual path, and I’ve facilitated conversations like this with my clients in my coaching practice since about 1995. It’s typically part of what I call setting up the field between myself and a client. My focus in my practice is to work with people who consider their business their spiritual path. So, pretty quickly, we have to determine if we have a similar perspective on that.

The first principle that I typically talk about is to acknowledge that there is a power greater than ourselves and we are part of it. That it is not separate from us unless we disconnected disconnect from it either consciously or unconsciously. That’s the unconscious agreement that we all have doing this work. And what we want to do tonight is to make that conscious. So when we get down to number three here, we will give you a chance to share your experience of what I’ve said. But just in the interest of time, we’ll talk about a couple more. And then we’ll have a chance to share.

The second principle we typically talk about is that there is no one right way to follow your spiritual path. And again, for those of us who’ve been on this path for decades, and who facilitate processes, and that could be all of us on these calls; it can be an unconscious assumption as well that we’ve come to that place in our life. Setting up a high consciousness field typically requires us to speak the unconscious truth into it.

Number three is learning how we access our truth as each of us has a way of discerning truth. And then we come to a process of refining that and we use kinesiology a lot in FLFE as one way we access truth, we come to agree upon declarative statements or inquiries so that we’re all on the same page. And then we often check in with ourselves mostly to see how it fits. Sometimes we’re not on the same page as to the context of what we’re trying to discover. So checking in with our other modalities can assist us in staying on the same page. So I’ve opened up the door. And I’d like to pass it on to Sherallyn.

Sherallyn – Thank you. Clayten. The way I access my truth is through feeling and knowledge. So lots of times when I’m meditating in the morning if questions have arisen the previous day answers just come to me in my quiet time. Usually, in the morning during my meditation, I allow for that quiet time; I don’t hear an audible voice. It’s like an answer to a question. It’s like a knowledge that’ll come to me. When it comes to working at FLFE with Jeffrey and Clayten, then we usually use kinesiology, we form an inquiry. So if I get something, we will form an inquiry and we’ll all check to make sure that we’re on the right page.

Because, as Clayten said, we all access our truth in different ways and with different modalities and we hear in different ways, but for me, it’s usually a knowing in my heart. It’s a feeling and when I muscle test, I can usually test that with my body? How does it feel to me: do I go for it or against it? And when I’m making more formal inquiries, then I use Kinesiology and I use my body again to muscle test.

So that’s pretty well hot learned to do it over the years, and I’m going to ask Jeffrey to talk about how he accesses his truth.

Jeffrey – Yes, I do use a pendulum at times. So that is one way that I’m connecting into my core, my central being. But as you do, Sherallyn I also use my body and my feeling. I have a feeling in my heart when I hear the truth of expansion, and when I state something that’s not the truth I feel a contraction so I use that as my Kinesiology meter.  And as I’ve learned from Clayten to layout the inquiries, the inquiries that we use for testing the level of consciousness properties and appropriateness for programs and all of that, it would be an inquiry, a very clearly crafted statement that is well documented or well defined. And then using either a pendulum or my heart expansion, and I tend to hear things as I’m writing. I use my writing as a way to access the truth very often. And I will pass it over now to Guenevere.

Guenevere – Thanks, Jeffrey. When I think about how I access my truth, I rely on my tradition and my lineage and the practices that I’ve learned. So including breath work, meditation, and mantra, particularly some mantras like Om Krishna Guru, which invoke my guru within. And allow me to open up that channel to my teacher, my inner dispeller of darkness. And my tradition is very focused on the Light. And so I have a particular standing meditation. That has been the practice that I use that I bring forward any questions that I have, any uncertainties, any dreams to manifest, and I see them in the Light and allow my own experience to then unfold and expand as Jeffrey was saying like that, except getting up expansion in the light. So there I have these practices to access my truth. And of course, we need to refine it. And so my tradition, which is a rather Orthodox tradition, some people would say, but yet it’s still all about how I understand truth. The extreme value for me is just what Clayten is saying; every person accesses their truth differently.  So reflecting and using practices is what works best for me.

Sherallyn – Thank you, Guenevere, that was great. Well, thank you all. Did you want to add anything Clayten to wind that up?

Clayten – My experience with exploring business as a spiritual path is that it’s more of a conversation than a presentation. It’s best done in an environment where we have time to discuss the ideas, so they become part of us. And there’s a lot of value in checking our unconscious assumptions. So, for many of us, if we went through the top ten things that we’d have to agree on, I’m sure we’d come to a quick agreement at about eight of them at least, and that we might wonder if they’re worth saying. And part of business as a spiritual path is learning how to set up a high consciousness field. And setting up a high consciousness field could take months, and speaking the reasonable, unconscious assumptions into the space between people is a big part of the building of the field and the field makes it easier to discern truth is the high field as a high state of consciousness. And the truth is easier to discern in a higher state of consciousness or higher field of consciousness. So, that’s the last thing I’ll say about it for a while.

Sherallyn -And Clayten, if I could add the field between Clayten and Jeffrey to form this business, and to keep it going is super high, and I believe Clayten told me the field is about 950 or above, around 950 out of 1000. The field of consciousness between Clayten and Jeffrey to keep Focused Life Force Energy going. So that’s pretty amazing work you guys. Fourteen years or so you’ve been business partners, yes?

Clayten – Yes.

Sherallyn – Thank you, did you want to add anything to that Jeffrey?

Jeffrey – I would say and its part of building this relationship with, with you all Referral Partners who are working with this part of the  FLFE family is just coming together and talking, as Clayten said, and getting the assumptions out between us and working together and seeing how we can evolve together on this journey. And the process seems like it is one step in front of the next step. As we’ve created at FLFE, we can all come together in this way through meeting like this and your phone calls into the office to talk to Sherallyn and Guenevere.

Sherallyn – Thank you, Jeffrey. Now we’re going to talk about some best practices as a Referral Partner. And we have some amazing resources available on the Referral Partner Resource Portal that Guenevere has done an amazing job of designing. And we want to allow now two of our large Referral Partners to talk about their best practices and how they’ve increased their referrals with FLFE. So first of all, I’m going to introduce Madeline Gerwick. Madeline has been a Referral partner with us since November 2018. And she lives in the Washington area. So Madeline, I’m going to unmute you now to allow you to talk.

Madeline – Here I am. There we go. Can you see me?

Sherallyn, Yes, we can, welcome Madeline. So,  Madeline, maybe you could start by telling us a little bit about yourself, what your business is and then what are your best practices as a Referral Partner. We’d love to hear that.

Madeline –  Okay, well, I am a business and economic and personal astrologer. And so I have been at this for quite a while, and I have about 3000 people on my list may be more than that. And so, when I became a FLFE Subscriber, I wrote about it because I write a lot as part of my work. And I send that emails every week with a Subscription Newsletter. I do a Good Timing Guide so people know good times to do important activities.

And along with that, I write a Newsletter. So I have a Newsletter that that goes out every week. And I have a free Newsletter that probably has ten times more people on it as my Subscription. And typically, I send out a newsletter blast, once every seven to ten days to the Free Newsletter. And so between those two newsletters, I’m always sending out something about FLFE. There’s always a reminder about FLFE in there. And what I did was I started by just writing up my own experience of FLFE.  And it was pretty great for me. I had a great time manifesting with FLFE and noticing the changes.

I have a daughter who has a brain injury and it made quite a bit of difference in her. And so, and we love FLFE and of course we sleep better and a lot of different things are better with FLFE. So for us, it was just a matter of writing up our experiences. And just putting it out there, which amazed me how fast people took up the opportunity. And I keep it in all my Newsletters every week, and amazingly and then of course, we’ve done some videos and I do think the videos helped because it helps to clarify a lot of questions that people have about FLFE. It’s a weird idea because it’s something it’s an energetic product. And you can’t see it, per se. So, people have to experience it to perceive it, I guess. And so, that was primarily what we did was to write things up and do videos and keep it in front of people. And I’ve been amazed at how simple that was to do. And how many people have utilized it and I greatly appreciate my FLFE commissions each month. Yes, and I have to say it’s one of the easiest ways that I make money which is also fun, very fun.

So that’s pretty much it for my best practices with FLFE yet. And of course, I talk to people about it when I’m on the radio or things like that I do talk about FLFE. And I talk about the clients who need something to assist with energetic issues that they’re having.  I do have someone on one with people about it. But my primary method is through the Newsletters that I send out each week. So that’s pretty much what I’m up to.

Sherallyn – Thank you, Madeline.  Do you want to share with us a little bit about how you access your truth?

Madeline – Oh, sure, I’m happy to do that. Well, I being an astrologer, one of the ways that I access truth is a process known as a Horary question. And so when the question occurs to me, I can do a chart on that question and get an answer to that question. Now, that’s a little more detailed than muscle testing, but I do a lot of muscle testing as well. But primarily, I hear my answers.  I am auditory on that most of the time. And when I’m writing, I often hear the information I’m supposed to write. So, that’s another way that I get it. And, muscle testing is something we use a lot and the Horary questions for complex things. Then whatever I’m hearing as I’m asking for information. Those are my primary methods.

Sherallyn – Great. Thank you. That’s so interesting. It’s nice to have this chance to be on a webinar with our Referral Partners. I’m excited about it all. Thank you so much, Madeline, for joining us.

Next, I’m going to invite Alyssa Malehorn from Austin, Texas. Alyssa is one of our large Referral Partners, and she came on board with us in March 2019. And it’s interesting because we had recently completed a big upgrade to our Referral Partner Program, and we had just released it. And on that same day, Alyssa applied to be a Referral Partner. For us, it was the manifestation of all the work we had done to upgrade our program and then on the day we released it, Alyssa applied so we’re pretty excited. Alyssa has some amazing ideas; I’m always blown away by her ideas.  Welcome, Alyssa, I’ll pass it on to you now.

Alyssa – So I’m an intuitive channel and a spiritual teacher, psychic, medium, multi-dimensional healer, and teacher. I have a podcast. I always have lots of things in the works creatively as well and we have a meditation center here in Austin. In terms of the way that we’ve been promoting FLFE, we’re still kind of getting things rolling, but we have some things that we’ve been doing. And I’m not nearly as diligent as Madeline in terms of getting emails out. I desire to do that. You’ve inspired me, Madeline so, I’ll be doing more of that. One of the things that I’ve done maybe you all can see this. So we have these Rack cards. So this little Rack Card has been awesome. And at the bottom, it has my link for the 15-dayFree Trial and then on the back, it has what FLFE is. On the front, it has benefits but on the back, it has what FLFE is and then a little bit just about the Pay it Forward program and that sort of thing. So these have been great because we have them up at the meditation studio and every client gets one when they leave.

I do speak to every client about it. When a client is coming in for perhaps having something going on at home, whether it’s paranormal activity, whether it’s relationship challenges, whether it’s having teenagers or wherever it is that they want some support.  One of the things that I tell them before they come in is to go ahead and get the 15-day free trial if they can. And, I call it spiritual housekeeping, so let’s do your basic spiritual housekeeping first, and then when you come in, we’ll talk about some details of how to support them. But that’s something that’s also been good for us. I’m not sure how many of them are following up. But it is something that we do mention. And I apologize if you all hear dogs barking.

So, the other thing that I did recently was making an appointment with a doctor here in Austin, who specializes in EMF sensitivity. And I have on my list now eight other physicians in Central Texas to talk with about it who are dealing with either clients with multiple chemical sensitivity, mold injury or EMF sensitivity because they tend to, of course, come along together, along with a new list that I just started which has one person so far, but I just started the list today, and that is doctors who deal with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, the naturopathic doctors primarily, who I feel like would be more open to this. So the one that I had the meeting with is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, and he was very open to it. What was cool about it is in the conversation, the conversation quickly turned to his daughter, who has migraines anytime she’s around Wi-Fi. And she was living in a downtown loft, where there was Wi-Fi in every unit, and she was pretty much incapacitated. And so now they’ve moved her a little bit further out of town and it’s been a little bit better but as soon as she drives into town, and they believe it’s Wi-Fi Of course, it could be 5g. Austin is on the 5g network now.

So that said we had a long conversation about the history that my physical body has had with migraines and the support that I found with it and specifically hormonal migraines and using the Boost. So it’s a little secret, it’s a women’s secret to use the Boost when you have a hormonal headache or any other hormonal issue because it does calm the waters.

And let’s see, what’s the other thing? My clients book online and so all the clients who book at the meditation center or who are booking with the two protegees that I train, they are healing arts practitioners and psychic mediums. In the confirmation email that they get and in the reminder email, very recently, so we don’t know how effective this is going to be yet. But we just put a small banner at the very bottom of that email that says, “Raise your Consciousness using Focused Life Force Energy,” and then it has the banner. It’s this little banner, that one with a little house. So we have that one and they can click on that. So that’s new, we’ll see. But I just realized I was missing an opportunity because we have anywhere between three and five people making appointments every day.

So, you know, that’s something else. And then, the videos with Clayten and Jeffrey have been awesome. I get really good feedback on those.  You know, we went pretty long on some of those. And people are watching through to the end. And so that’s great.

One of the things that I have on my list that we’re going to be doing, I believe, starting at the end of March is we’re going to be creating videos where I am talking with someone who has a testimonial. So I’m focusing on one thing at a time, or rather one person at a time, and whatever the main thing is that they have gotten from it. So what is the thing that they noticed the most, regular folks, clients, friends, family? And so the idea is we’re going to be releasing two of those a month. That’s the plan to go ahead and record all of the videos actually over a long weekend. And have them already and then schedule them to go out. So that’s our next step.

The other part of the medical aspect that I’m excited about but haven’t approached you with yet. But again, the next thing on my list is the physicians who are dealing with traumatic brain injury, especially the ones that are using the Rife machine. There are several who are using Rife. And then there are a few that are using something else: I cannot remember what it’s called, but it’s an overall body scan. I don’t know if you all have heard of that. It’s a machine that scans for the whole body for viruses and imbalances.

Sherallyn –  I’ve heard of it, and I can’t remember the name either. Our friends in Arizona and have it done in Sedona regularly.

Alyssa – It’s a neat thing. And I just felt like what a beautiful addition that this could be to their products and what they then recommend to their patients. So, I thought that could be something amazing because my father has stroke-related dementia, and so he’s had no short term memory for 25 years. And when the Brain Optimization program went online, there was a significant increase in his ability to remember short term events almost overnight. So, I mean, he surprised everybody except himself for some reason, he seemed like he was expecting that, but we were all shocked. I would say those are the main things. I’m fine with visiting doctors that don’t get it. I feel like that even just dropping off some information and talking for just a couple of minutes is enough to plant the seed and maybe at some point if they’re not open now, maybe at some point, that would shift.

Sherallyn – Great, thank you so much, Alyssa. I appreciate it saying, Would you like to share with us a little bit about how you access your truth?

Alyssa – You know, I access my truth in a similar way to what Jeffrey was describing. I feel, I write, looking for expansion and contraction. Those are certainly the way my physical and my light body responds. If I have any doubts about the clarity of something, then I make sure that I’m in Heart/Brain coherence using a little bit of a shifted heart math technique. And I ask if all is aligned with all of Creation Sovereign Freedom, and then I get a very clear expansion or contraction. I’m also clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient and claircognizance. So I will have moments of knowing some moments of the hearing. I don’t control when each of those things shows up. So sometimes it’s a hodgepodge of lots of different sensory information. But I would say double-checking that I’m in that Heart/Brain coherence state. If I ever feel like I get a little off-kilter is key.

Sherallyn – Okay, thank you. Thank you so much, Alyssa. I appreciate having you here. Thank you.

All right, now I am going to move it over to Guenevere and I thank both Madeline and Alyssa for sharing some of their best practices with Guenevere and us will wind that up and so I’ll pass it over to you Guenevere.

Guenevere – I want to carry forward, as Alyssa was saying,  Madeline’s lightness that she has about her. And I feel like sometimes when we think about communications or sending out emails or working on our websites, I know some of you here, I’ve worked on your websites before some of you have people that work on your websites, and for some people there is like a heaviness for whatever reason,  a desire to do other things. And so I think it’s important for me to reiterate that there is a lightness here and that we’re all here together to support you and I am here; my role is to help you bring that lightness into your communications about the FLFE focus, or Lifeforce Energy; however you name it in your community.

So as I said, I’ve worked with many of you, helping create your websites. And if you’re getting ideas of what Madeline or what Alyssa has been saying tonight, like sending things out on your newsletters. Or I know some people send out personal private messages to their Facebook groups or their private networks that they have developed. As Alyssa was saying, There are handouts and those sorts of things. And I’m, I’m here with you every step of the way to support you in that process and to bring lightness to it and to simplify that process. And so even just coming here and joining us on the webinar is a step forward in raising the consciousness of the planet in wanting to bring high consciousness to the world to the people that you interact with. And then we have ways to do that that we’re talking about now.

So what I would do is to encourage all of you; you’ve already taken this first step of coming to the webinar, or maybe you’re watching the webinar later on watching the recording of it at a time that works for you. And so I would encourage you to take action and continue that momentum. And if you feel like you want to write an email, but I’m not necessarily the best with words, or I don’t want to have time to sit down and write about stuff. Well, you can give me a call and we can talk it out together and I can write them a draft for you or I can create simple designs and we have other people in house that can create designs for you to help spread this word and to help raise consciousness. So I invite you to stop and pause and access your truth about what next step you would like to take and share it with your communities. And what does that look like for you? And how can we support you? So, together we can take the momentum from this webinar and take a step in action.

Sherallyn – Thank you so much. Guenevere is an amazing writer, so I encourage you all to take her up on her offer there to help you. I’m not a writer at all. And now, when I write anything, I give it to Guenevere and she tweaks it up for me and it sounds fabulous. So I encourage you to take advantage of the great resources we have here.

We’re going to open it up to questions now, so if you have a question, please put your hand up. And I will unmute you so you can ask your question. The other way is, if you don’t want to ask it that way, there’s a Q&A box at the bottom of your screen. You can type your question in there and I can read it out for you. So either way will work.

I invite you to ask any questions about Focused Life Force Energy;  we have Jeffrey and Clayten here if you have a question about the service you’d like to ask or any questions about the Referral Partner Program our resources, I invite you to ask your questions. And if you have a question for Madeline or Alyssa, we welcome that too.

Jeffrey – While we’re waiting for a question, I have a question for Madeline if that’s all right.

Sherallyn – Sure, go ahead.

Jeffrey – Well, I’m curious, Madeline, since we’ve put on the Energized Nutrients, if that has affected your daughter; has it helped her with her cognitive abilities?

Madeline – It’s hard for me to tell the difference between Brain Optimization and Digestion. But she had a big impact from Brain Optimization. And I think I had told you one of the ways of tracking her abilities is by having her play a game of solitaire. So before Brain Optimization, her best was twelve minutes and fifty seconds or something like that. She got it down to nine and a half minutes with Brain Optimization and she’s quite a bit less agitated with FLFE. She tends to take things and get irritated by things; say the cat did or something and she will and have a little fit.

And, and so she has fewer of those types of reactions, and she’s calmer than what she used to be, which we greatly appreciate. And I don’t know; it’s hard for me to tell the difference between Digestion and Brain Optimization because they’re happening at the same time.

Jeffrey – We’re just seeing people’s nutrient levels and get to an optimal level more easily, so what we’re eating and the vitamins for taking that right getting to these optimal levels, which can be helpful with healing. Magnesium, vitamin D, those kinds of things.

Madeline – The other thing that is interesting Aria is developing into quite a good cook. And so I think a lot of that has been since we got on the FLFE; she is calm enough to focus and make better meals. So I do think there’s some help that way. And I’d like to ask Alyssa, a question about how does it work when she signs up a medical practitioner? Are they just handing out her cards, or how do they refer people to FLFE?

Alyssa – Yes, that is what I did with the doctor that I’ve met with so far.  I did hand him the flyers that I showed you and gave him my website on my cards. And I told him, I said, if you or anyone you know, have any questions about it, then feel free to tell them to email me. And I’ll set up a ten-minute call with them for any questions they have.

Madeline – So if they refer somebody, it’s still going through on your website. Is that it?

Alyssa –  Yes, they’re still going to my website. And I’m still the one that is nurturing the relationship.

Madeline – Well, it is a great idea.

Alyssa – Yes it is, thank you.

Clayten – What I found with many professional people is that typically if I’m going to do something with them, I’m going to make a bit of money on it, I’ll let them know. And, they’re in a place where it doesn’t matter to them if you make a bit of money as long as you’re transparent in the service is good. They’re not worried, doctors are making six-figure salaries, many of them, so if you make a few dollars if it’s a good product or service, they’d often sell supplements or refer other professionals like physical therapists or massage therapists. They’re used to interconnecting people.

Alyssa – I did tell the doctor that I was not someone who was an affiliate partner with 20 different companies. I told him that there are only two that I work with. There’s FLFE, and then there’s a subtle energy company, and that’s it. And I talked to him about how it resonated with me and my experience and then invited him. He was very interested in the Evidence Page on the website. He said that he was going to have this as his evening reading. And so my follow up with him is next week. I told him the follow up could last as long as you want it to, I said, it can be two minutes for a check-in or whatever he needed.  I cleared three hours even though I don’t think he has that long. But I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t rushed in case he had questions or if he wanted to go through the website, page, by page or whatever.

Sherallyn – Thank you so much. We do have a couple of questions here. The first one is for Clayten. I’m going to read it out. It’s from Jean Rockefeller and Clayten, she’s asking what does Clayten mean by unconscious assumptions?

Clayten – Yes, unconscious assumptions are things that we all think others would be aware of, or agree on. And if we didn’t discuss the topic, that it would create a disconnect or lack of alignment between us.

It’s not that we necessarily have to agree upon things. When we’re building a high consciousness field, one of the impediments are our unconscious assumptions. I can give you an example. We just talked to a business as a spiritual path. If I was working with a client, and we didn’t agree that there was a power greater than ourselves that we’re a part of and that we’re a co-creator with, then that would need to be in my awareness to have a conversation with them. Sometimes people have a very particular point of view, and I might not work with somebody like that, but if I did, I would want to have a little set of notes at the beginning of each call saying that this person does not believe in a higher power they believe in synchronicity somehow. And there’s a distinction in there for them and maybe they have a set of teachings or a tradition that teaches about synchronicity, but they assume it’s because of some other influence than what I would consider a higher power. So if I’m in service to them and want to stay connected and create goodwill, which is a high consciousness field, I would have to get all of those things out on the table before the field is set up.

And when the unconscious assumptions are out of the field, the field gets high. And what happens in a high field is you manifest that the level of consciousness of the field, not of either person. And so, between two people can be much higher than individuals. But Jeff and I are at 950. We work hard at keeping the field high. And when Jeff was a client, I went through the thirty-something step process of how to create a high consciousness field, and this is part of what we’re doing tonight. So that’s an example of unconscious assumptions, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of figuring out what they are and for those people that are important in your life is to try to get as many of them on the table as you can so that you can be more connected.

Sherallyn – Thank you, Clayten. And, even in our relationship, I could add not to assume anything. So, not to assume, Clayten is my husband and he should know that. Rather, it’s speaking it into the field, not assuming he’d know something, know what I’m thinking perhaps or if there’s anything between us, saying it out loud, so we call it speaking it out into the field. Then that raises the level of consciousness of the field between the person so you’re not like in your mind about something. It’s just speaking it out into the field.

So we have another question here. This is from Elizabeth. And she’s saying, and I’m going to ask Guenevere to answer this one. I’ll read out the question. “I’m building a website on EMF and then promoting FLFE on there. I would like to have a blog article written for the site. I will also be creating a video for YouTube and we’ll be promoting it on the Facebook page that I’m developing for this. My question is; is there promotional material, in particular, photos that we can access?

Guenevere –  Yes, absolutely. So you’re asking about promotional material. In general, we have what Alyssa had mentioned, those promotional videos that are offered up by Jeffrey and Clayten. They’re just like short little snippet videos,  descriptions of aspects of the service and the EMF aspect of the service is one of those videos. So that’s one thing that you can use, you can send it out on email. You can put it on the websites that are all accessible to you. When it comes to photos, we also have on our website photos; I’m particularly thinking of a photo of a laptop with a kind of bubble around it. So those kinds of photos are things that we can create for you. You’re also able to use that photo and link it back to our website using your unique referral tracking links.

And, in your Resource Portal, there is a link that goes directly to the EMF Mitigation Programming pages, as well as the Evidence Page depending on what angle that you’d like to offer that photo. And so there are some resources that we have available and also you can talk with me and we can work together to create more resources if you need something specific, if you need a specific photograph type or that sort of thing.

Sherallyn – We have no more questions now. We have recorded this webinar, and we will be setting up a follow-up email to all of our Referral Partners with the link to the webinar and asking for your feedback on the webinar, and whether you think it would be beneficial for us to have these regularly perhaps every quarter. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed having all of you here. And I want to thank Clayten and Jeffrey for taking the time to be with us and when of year and our special guests, Madeline and Alyssa, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us about your Referral Partner Program with FLFE.  I hope this has been helpful for all of you and thank you so much. Blessings to all of you.