Consciousness Nutrition and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

October 20, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, BC, Canada. Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. We will be discussing our Consciousness Nutrition Page recommendations. And welcome Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, also known as Dr. Todd, of Gematria supplements onto this Webinar. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Today, we have an addition to the Consciousness Nutrition Page on the FLFE website. It is located in the Learning Center section of the website, in the Personal Development Section. This webpage puts into one place all of the nutritional recommendations we have discussed in our previous webinars. The context of these recommendations is the usual opportunity to spend as much time as we like in the FLFE high consciousness field and how to optimize that for our body.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s pretty unusual. And I would say in history to be in this field for this much time. People go to places of worship, and they’d be there for a few hours, but to be in a high consciousness field 24/7 is an unusual opportunity. And it’s really interesting what has occurred as far as the level of consciousness increases we’ve seen and the health and wellness changes.

When we look at this in the environment through our kinesiology testing, our bodies use the increased Chi, Prana, lifeforce energy, which is increased exponentially.  Each point upwards on the level of consciousness scale is ten times more energy available. And our bodies use it for accelerated healing and the evolution of our consciousness or rising in consciousness. So when we look at the FLFE environment, we optimize it by testing for the critical factor, which we define as the area where the least amount of change or inputs can give the greatest gains. And we’re focused first of all on the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness. So we look at what are the critical factors for growth in consciousness.

Since 2017, when we added the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder support to the Standard Service,  since then, the critical factor for growth in consciousness for Subscribers has been the nervous system. So it’s specifically optimizing the nervous system to carry increased energy of the higher levels of consciousness. Again, each point upwards that we go personally in consciousness, there’s ten times more energy available in our systems. The nerves are one way that’s moved around in energy. Our theory is that magnesium, essential fatty acids, and our more recent lecithin recommendation support the myelin sheath and other parts of the nerves to grow the capacity to carry more energy, including more light.

So we’re looking forward to discussing this with Dr. Todd in a few minutes. The supplements for these nutrients, the essential fatty acids, magnesium, lecithin, and other things, are on the new webpage. So Clayten, could you tell us about what you’ve found about the increase in consciousness with this additional nutritional support?

Clayten – Because we are typically the first beta testers, Jeff, and I, we’ve been testing ourselves in a high consciousness field since before the beginning of the business with our technology. And we found that at times, we would experience a slight burning in our nervous system as it was trying to adapt. We’ve done a lot of testing on this personally and have taken many supplements.

There have been thousands of different dosages of supplements taken to get to the point where we are today. We have done a lot of research on a personal level and the theoretical level. So when we’re talking about our rise in consciousness, there are many factors involved. We’re all different, and we live in different environments and have different relationships with those environments, have different diets, etc. So we have found that if you follow the recommendations on the website, 80% or more of the time, you may see a three to eight-point increase in your consciousness compared to being at 50% or less of the recommendations.

So it’s just like anything else, like exercise, if you exercise more often you get more benefits. If you don’t exercise as often, you don’t get as much benefit. We’ve done a particularly large amount of research this year, and we have quite a bit more planned. We’re on the brink of doing some work with Dr. Emoto’s lab. And we are beginning a double-blind longitudinal study with EMF sensitives. Shortly. We also have another project starting with the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Also, we’ve been looking for an alliance with a medical doctor and researcher. Someone who has a lab, in particular, would be ideal, and somebody who has a spiritual emphasis in their life and a long-standing record of integrity. Who does their independent research, and again, can test things in the lab. As you may have noticed, intentions held in a high consciousness field inform the Universe and often brings in more than we could imagine. And today, we are announcing an alliance with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Gematria products. Jeff has known Dr. Todd as he’s called for years and can better introduce him.

Jeffrey – So where to start? There’s a lot!  I’ve been following Dr. Todd’s work with a fascination for many years. From quantum information, laser technology, enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients. Dr Todd is involved in holistic health initiatives around heart disease, HIV, cancer, life extension, and anti-aging research. The stem cell enhancement for regeneration and longevity, to the Lemurian pineal tones, creates patterns of tones and information that can accelerate consciousness expansion.

Jeffrey – During the start and the development of FLFE, I saw Dr. Todd speak at Kryon events and other places. And Dr. Todd’s been a personal inspiration for me. He demonstrates the power of intuition in science intuition and the unlimited possibilities of quantum resonance and information, which is where we in FLFE play.

So, a quick bio on Dr. Todd. He was first in his class at Northwestern University, highest possible grade point average. And after two years, he was one of 26 people accepted into an accelerated undergraduate and medical training program at Johns Hopkins University and Medical School. He then completed specialty training in Internal Medicine and a subspecialty training in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine at Georgetown University Hospital. The faculty committee assessed him as the best of the residents across the board. And he was inspired to move to California to understand energy medicine.

And shortly after, the journey had a vision of communicating with the pure consciousness of DNA. You’re one of us here, Dr. Todd, this kind of bit. This has resulted in co-inventing the laser-based interdimensional platform, which we talked about earlier for the supplements. The supplements have numerous US and international patents granted in the area of nutraceuticals. He is involved with agriculture, including Cannabis and especially Stem Cell Biology. Dr. Todd also pursues and provides training in psycho-emotional medicine, getting at the core root of any condition, physical or psychiatric, that can offer lasting relief. Dr. Todd pilots Gematria products, which provide nutritional supplements benefiting from this quantum information, laser technology, and Dr. Todd’s other research.

So we’re recommending Gematria supplements on the Consciousness Nutrition webpage. FLFE Subscribers and Free Trial experiencers can get a 5% discount through those links. Welcome, Dr. Todd. It’s great to have you with us tonight.

Dr. Todd – Yay! Here we go. Thank you so much for that wonderful introduction, Jeff. I’ve known you for years. And it’s awesome seeing how your work has progressed and how it dovetails with everything we do scientifically and esoterically. And Clayten, I also thank you for your comments. I’ve been enjoying this exploration very much with what you do at FLFE. And I think there’s a very high, as you say, synergistic combination of the intent of what you’re doing and the mechanics of what you do and what we do as well. They work together because we’re all about enhancing the biological states through subtle key and lock, cracking the vibrational code patterns.

Clayten – Yes, you’ve got some exciting technology. You gave me a Coles notes version one day when you talked about it. And it’s, it’s pretty technical. And I know we have to watch ourselves when we get into these specialized languages that come with technical specialization. But one of the things that is particularly interesting to Jeff and me is how you energize your supplements. I think you call it quantum information, laser energization. That’s a mouthful; I don’t think I can say that three times fast. But maybe you could talk about some of the benefits of the energization in lay terms, and perhaps I’ll be able to learn a little bit more tonight, myself.

Dr. Todd – Sure, the process that we’re doing works at many levels, as anything energetic does. And at the most basic level, we’ve proven the structure of the molecules using X-ray crystallography to enhance the shape to optimize the molecules’ structure for their ability to be used by the body. And at the most basic level, one of the questions with any nutrient is, just because we ingest it doesn’t mean we absorb and use it.

So the first level of function of this vibrational process where we match the vibrational modes of the molecule with the kind of laser information we’re providing is simply getting more delivered to the biological system. Our best data for that isn’t actually human data; it’s agricultural data, where we can see all aspects of it because you can grind up a plant and not so much a person to find out exactly what is biologically present.

In agriculture, for example, we have control today how much nutrition is in the plant. And we work with this wonderful scientist in New Mexico called  Lorusa Gouda. And he’s developed power dynamic formulas that are very powerful. And as I understand from him, increasing yields by 7% is significant. And his products sprayed on the leaves and stems give us typically a 20 to 25% increase in yield, which is very significant. And may double the actual nutrient density, double the iron and the zinc, and so forth.

We did studies, and these were huge studies; it’s hard actually to convey its scope. A 10-acre study is usually considered enough to prove something in agriculture. We were funded by the government to do a 2500 acre study, 2000 acres of corn, and 500 acres of beans. For example, for the non-GMO beans, we found that the formula itself increased the yield by 20%. But when we treated that with our quantum inter-dimensional laser process, the yield went from 20% more to 60% more, which was massive. For example, the zinc level was doubled. In the basic added nutrients, laser enhanced, they went up a factor of fivefold. And we typically saw that iron was about double that went up to about four to fivefold.  The copper was zero in the control plants, one to two parts per million in the treated and with the laser went up another factor of five, four to five to 10.

So we’re getting roughly three times the increase in yield in this massive study, typically two to three times the micronutrient density than the treated plant. So the treated nutrients were absorbed two to three times more. Compared to control, we often see increases in micronutrient densities of as much as five times or, you know, a 400% increase in actual nutrient content. So, that is a demonstration of the simple act of applying this technology to the nutrients making a dramatic difference.  In absorption, biological health and the organisms, resistance to  disease, an increase in yields, an increase in the plants’ actual nutrient density, shelf-life prolongation, and enhancement of tastes, we increase the so-called bricks degree. And that is the percentage of sugar in the sap. For example, we increase the Brix degree from eight to twelve with tomatoes, or from an okay basic tomato to a delicious, very sweet, tasty tomato.

And those results are even more dramatic with berries and fruits. So it looked better, tasted better, had more nutrition, had more yield, every aspect you could imagine significantly increased. The first level of the result is increasing the nutrients that get absorbed and delivered effectively for the organism’s biological wellness. So that’s one level.

Another factor that we have studied at the cell and culture level is looking at the cells’ inflammatory reaction. And a particular model is stimulating immune cells with echinacea. So we know of echinacea as a great herb for someone who might be catching a cold or flu, accelerate recovery, or prevent it from becoming a full-blown infection. And at the test that is represented by increasing the inflammatory chemistry. And there is a common marker that’s looked at called TNF alpha, which means tumor necrosis factor-alpha. The higher that is, the more inflammatory the situation that tends to raise the levels of other inflammatory chemicals.

So in this system, this was in the macrophages from mice, a major type of immune cell that gobbles up debris. And the basic level of TNF alpha was at a level of 200. With echinacea stimulation, that went to 600. So we had a model of cells that were already in an inflammatory state. And when we found that adding nutrients to it and very good jelly nutrients, which are a blend of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, the result of untreated amino acids was to raise TNF alpha from 600 to 1500. So it increased the system’s inflammatory state by a factor of two and a half fold, suggesting that if someone was in an inflammatory state, they’re taking those support nutrients that would aggravate the inflammation.

And when we use the laser-treated amino acids, that inflammatory reaction was completely relieved. It was not any different from the control that was echinacea stimulated. So terms of numbers, it was an eleven-fold reduction of the pro-inflammatory state. That’s relevant because we then use that formulation, a study done in Russia for heart failure persons. The results were very significant. The control patients had a roughly 10% reduction in their function. Whereas the person who’s just taking two grams or three capsules three times per day, at a 25% improvement in their cardiac function. Sixty percent of those persons improved their heart function to normal and nearly normal in just one month of using amino acids. Amino acids are a very basic nutritional supplement, and I believe it is because we gave the amino acids in the only way that were very absorbable.

We’d also neutralized that pro-inflammatory effect. Clinical symptoms were reduced by roughly 80 to 90%. in one month. Abnormal heart rhythms increased significantly in the control group. Still, they significantly decreased in the group that got the laser-treated amino acids. The other factor that we saw is collagen production significantly increased in the treated group within five to ten days. And it was roughly double by 30 days after starting the use. All these factors provided the nutrition form that were very bioavailable, very well absorbed, and in a way that had neutralized a pro-inflammatory effect.

Clayten – And how long have you been using the laser enhancement, Todd?

Dr. Todd – Actually, about 20 years now. And over that time, we’ve done clinical trials on a dozen different formulations, which is quite a lot more trials than other nutritional companies do, especially at our relative size. So for our size, we probably tend more clinical trials than any nutrition company in history.

Jeffrey – We’d love to work with you and develop some experiments, some trials for our Service, particularly the Energized Nutrients and some of the other Programs. So I’ve been taking Mag Spectrum as my magnesium supplement for years now. We used kinesiology, and Mag Spectrum tests very high or very appropriate for everyone. For all of humanity, especially when you consider the intercellular levels. I know Mag Spectrum has several different types of magnesium in it. How is that different from other ones? And are you tuning your laser activation for each of the different versions of magnesium in that supplement? How is it doing its magic with the intercellular magnesium?

Dr. Todd – Well, that was about seven or eight questions, I think!

Jeffrey – Address whichever ones you like.

Dr. Todd – Well, for the Mag Spectrum, we use a particular formula of activation specially tuned to the interaction of the amino acids’ components that wrap around the magnesium. And this is a very profound discussion. Magnesium is critically important. Arguably the most essential mineral in the body when it comes to energy. As you know, the body’s currency in terms of energy or what drives chemical reactions is a compound called ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. So fundamentally, the food we eat, whether it’s fat, or carbohydrate or protein, or alcohol (which is just kind of in-between fat and carbohydrate) converts into energy in the form of ATP.  The end products are typically carbon dioxide and water. And then that energy in the form of ATP drives virtually everything else that happens. The beating of the heart, muscular contraction, enzymatic reactions, building up the various types of complex molecules made in the body, and having energy for powering the brain.

ATP is far and away the most important source of energy; the high energy in the phosphate bonds of ATP.  And virtually every reaction that is forming ATP or transporting ATP or using ATP uses magnesium as a cofactor. So it’s critically important in everything energetic. And what’s also interesting is that magnesium tends to be the most efficient of all the major minerals in the body. And when I was beginning this work, a scientist named Erdman wrote a book about amino acids. That book was very influential in my thinking. I had the good fortune of connecting and having some scientific conversations with him. And he told me that it’s not the magnesium measure in the plasma in the blood, outside the cell; it’s the magnesium within the cell that’s critically important for the body’s energy function. And he said that did a test with three thousand adult Americans. And of all those people, only two were not deficient.

And there are many reasons magnesium becomes deficient; perhaps the most important people just aren’t eating enough in their diet. But then it also tends to get tied up with fiber and tendons and phytates in the diet. One study showed that magnesium supplemented cereal caused a net loss of magnesium in the body. More is being tied up by the phytates and other cereal components than was being effectively absorbed. Further, any stress, for whatever reason, tends to deplete significantly or exhaust or cause the elimination of magnesium. And then things like alcohol, diuretic medications, and other factors accelerate depletion as well.

The further complication is that most magnesium in supplements, not so much the diet in terms of natural food, but in supplements, most magnesium is in an inorganic, very poorly bioavailable form. And inorganic means it’s the magnesium with a plus-two charge; an ionic relationship with an anime of minus-two charge. So magnesium chloride, for example, is magnesium plus two, and two atoms of chloride at minus one. And you can have magnesium plus with various types of animes. This is poorly absorbed because it needs to be split up into just pure magnesium plus two in the stomach for that form for digestion. And then once it’s there, it’s competing with every other plus two charged mineral, which would be calcium, iron plus two, copper plus two. And every other useful mineral that we absorb is often in a plus-two, not all, but many are.

The more minerals you are trying to digest or absorb if you give many minerals at once, they all compete for absorption. So that means that most inorganic supplements and a lot of them are inferior quality like magnesium oxide, have almost no significant absorption, but are often used because it’s inexpensive. And there’s a high magnesium percentage in that so easily fits into a capsule, that might look good in terms of having the number of milligrams of magnesium, but very poor terms, which gets absorbed used by the body.

So there’s a workaround. There is a delivery system for magnesium, which is called an amino acid chelate. So if we start with the idea that perhaps 98% of American adults are, to some degree, magnesium deficient within the cells, the question is, well, how do you get it in there? And an amino acid chelate is a coordination complex, which is usually two amino acids. And this gets back into your chemistry days if you took that in grade school or high school or college. And it’s called a coordination complex, where you have two amino acids literally wrapped around the mineral. And the word chelate comes from the root word ceela, which means claw. That’s really like two claws that wrap around the mineral that render it neutral in charge.

And there are so-called active transport mechanisms to absorb those as opposed to the plus to charge was the plus-two charge. If the plus-two charge is inorganic, they all compete for the same plus two charge transporter. But the amino acid chelates have a completely different transport mechanism that delivers them that absorbs them and delivers them into the bloodstream. The typical absorption studies for inorganic magnesium compared to a chelate often show a six to eightfold increase in the chelate absorption than the inorganic. I think those studies mainly use magnesium oxide, which is especially poorly absorbed.

And that is the first part; the first step is getting it into the bloodstream. But the next step is getting it into the cells. And at that level, additional studies showed that the amino acid chelate might get into the cell two to three times more efficiently than pure inorganic, plus-two charged magnesium. Start looking at those six to eightfold factors: getting into the blood and two or three times more get into the cell. There can be a 12 to 20 fold increase in absorbability in an amino acid chelate form instead of a typical inorganic mineral form.

We further add our photoacoustic enhancement process. The laser enhancement process is the simpler term to make these molecules even more energetic. And as in our agricultural studies, we saw multiple enhanced absorptions of the mineral when it was laser enhanced than when it wasn’t.

So for most people, almost anyone would recommend taking the Mag  Spectrum for at least one or two months, just to be able to have a way to get the magnesium back into the cells. And the reason we call it Mag Spectrum is because it has several forms of amino acid chelates. So there’s a particular form which is called bisglycinate. This means to glycinate means it has glycine is the simplest of all the amino acids is called glycine. And actually, it’s sweet. The glycine refers to the sweetness; it’s the best tasting of all the amino acids. It’s quite palatable. Some don’t taste very good, but that one does. And it’s also the smallest; its molecular weight is only about 80. So it’s a relatively small amino acid to wrap them around the mineral. So it’s a particularly efficient form. If we’re trying to give a full RD of magnesium, 40 milligrams per day, we use that as the main driver, but then there are other forms.

So other forms get the magnesium especially well into the heart. They are good for supporting the structure and function of the heart. Another form is very good for the brain and the immune system.

And there’s an especially interesting form, which is called magnesium, Creatine MagnaPower. That’s the branded name. It’s cool that there is a compound called creatine, which you probably know if you’ve done any bodybuilding.  Creatine is a storage form of high energy phosphates and muscle. Also, bodybuilders use supplemental creatine to accelerate their muscle growth rate when they work out. So this particular form of magnesium efficiently gets the creatine and magnesium together into the muscle, so it’s especially good. Studies are showing significant improvements in muscular performance and endurance with that form of magnesium. So we combine these multiple different forms of magnesium, five different forms. We have a delivery system for the general body head to toe. And more specified delivery systems for the heart, brain, immune system, and muscular system, where a lot of energy is needed if you have working muscle.

Clayten – Jeff and I had did some research on Charles Poliquin. He was, I think, the number one Olympic athlete trainer in Canada. And his recommendations for magnesium and EFAs were pretty well spot on with what we had concluded. He concluded that it wasn’t the muscles’ ability to perform; it was the nervous system’s ability to deliver energy to the muscle, becoming the issue.

Dr. Todd – Right. So we cover all the bases, we get magnesium, to the nervous system to the muscle, the heart, which is a different type of muscle, to the immune system, and then to the body as a whole. And we’ve done a clinical trial just to prove these things out. And we did this at a University in Russia. And the study group were persons with elevated blood pressure. And what was very interesting was that between the second and third week of use, average blood pressure dropped from 160, over 100, to 140, over 80. And the working hypothesis is that the reason for the elevated blood pressure was magnesium deficiency intracellularly. This was causing a tendency for, in a sense, a type of vascular spasm, the arteries were literally having their smooth muscle contracting too much because they were deficient in magnesium.  One of the classic symptoms of magnesium deficiency is a tendency of the muscle to spasm. Whether it’s the smooth muscle in a blood vessel or a skeletal muscle that may cramp if you’re magnesium deficient. So we believe that it took two to three weeks of this efficient delivery form to replace the missing magnesium in the cells, and the whole system could relax. And basically, the blood pressure dropped into the high normal range, with the only intervention being magnesium supplementation. The efficiency of heart contraction increased by about 20%, which was significant. And we also saw significant stabilization of heart rhythm. So there were fewer atrial and ventricular rhythm problems. And we did show at least at the plasma level, that there was a significant increase in plasma magnesium level after one month of using the formula.

Jeffrey – I’ve seen research on blood pressure as well. It seems to make a big difference in the relaxation of the smooth muscles’ veins and arteries. So with your energizing of the magnesium in this case, do you think it’s primarily the shape?; or is the additional energy having an effect of absorbability? Because we saw from our Energized Nutrients, additional lifeforce energy, or additional energy to assists in the transport of digestion.

Dr. Todd – I think it’s both. In part, it has to do with the shape that allows a particular molecule to fit more efficiently into the enzyme or receptor that it works with. But I also believe it has to do with free energy. If the molecule has more energy, it tends to be absorbed and used more effectively and power life force and living reactions and functions more effectively.

There’s a subtle level to it as well. So we did one experiment, where we looked at the Kirlian photography of three fingers of the right hand. So this wasn’t the physical action of the nutrients. It was an energetic action. And this is a formula used for the brain. Within nine days of use, all breaks in the auric field were completely resolved, and the auric field was two to three times stronger. This was a formula also shown compared to untreated, where there was about a 35 to 40% increase in brain energy, the literal power output of the brain. The control showed a reduction of coherence of the brain, multiple areas of coherence defects.

In contrast, with the laser-treated nutrients, which are largely amino acids, we saw a greater increase in brainpower that was statistically significant as high as a 75% increase in brainpower. But also a dramatic improvement in brain coherence. All coherence defects were completely clear, as though that person had been a meditator for 20 years.

And that’s a particular experiment wherein the subject, when we saw the breaks in the auric field, would suggest a predisposition to certain conditions based on the acupuncture meridians. All of those breaks were completely healed by the third day. And then, by the ninth day, the field was on the order of two to three times stronger. But that was an energetic phenom I believe that’s based on the laser, not just on the nutrients.

Jeffrey – Was that study in Russia as well?

Dr. Todd – That was made in America.

Jeffrey – Really? I’d like to work with that group sometime.

Clayten – We have that one study on our website, Jeff, with the gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera that shows a decrease in the environment’s chaos.

Dr. Todd – Right, we like GDV technology. Which, of course, is the latest evolution of the Kirlian photographic work. Of course, the pioneers there is Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, from Russia, whom I’ve met. We saw each other in his office. Dr. Korotkov is a very intuitive and intelligent researcher. And the GDV, which is now an even more widely used platform now that it’s evolved to GDV, was like a very sophisticated method and had to simplify it so many people could use it. And now, there’s a method practitioners can use for checking the energy fields. And in Russia, as I understand, he had so tested and validated GDV that it was accepted as a medical diagnostic procedure by the FDA’s Russian equivalent.

Jeffrey – Yeah, we’re working with Melissa Waterman, who did quite a bit of work with Dr. Joe Dispenza. And she’s using the Sputnik attachment and measuring the energy in the room. We just did another study. We did an improvement to the EMF Mitigation, adding additional support there. And she just did another study for us using the GDV camera.

Dr. Todd – Cool. It’s good technology. Yes, we’ve used the Sputnik when we’ve sung pineal tones. And it substantially enhances the energy in the room.

Jeffrey – I’ll bet that would be interesting to see.

Dr. Todd – Especially the whale tones. I can send you a video.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I’d love to see that. So one of the things we’re doing is magnesium and essential fatty acids at the same time. We believe that combination increases the capacity of the nervous system to carry additional energy of higher consciousness. Is that something you’ve seen in research or studies, those two together working with the nerves?

Dr. Todd – Well, not so much together, but each is critically important. It’s probably useful to review that in a healthy brain, roughly 50% of the lipid in the brain is DHA, which is the longer of the two longest chains: EPA and DHA. EPA has five double bonds, and DHA has six. And many studies show that you need to have a sufficient amount of DHA for healthy brain function. Further, giving even large doses of EPA and DHA will help balance various conditions, even things like psychiatric issues.

So one of the natural recommendations to support structure and function with manic depressive illness is a fairly large EPA and DHA dose. And in early childhood development, DHA is critical for intelligence. And there can be as much as a 10 point difference in IQ if children have enough DHA in their earliest months than if they don’t. So we know it’s vitally important for brain function. Having enough DHA, which is structural, has to do with the fluidity of cell membranes, which is vital for the function of receptors, so all work together.

And magnesium is critically important for energy. And in the nervous system as a whole if you talk about minerals, the two dominant minerals functionally are calcium and magnesium. Calcium is considered the stimulator or accelerator, and magnesium is considered the relaxer. The inhibitor for calm and the brain is always requiring a balance of excitation and inhibition. And without enough magnesium, the brain tends to get overstimulated, overdrawn over-amped, and needs an ideal balance.  Simply giving magnesium, especially with essential fatty acids, the omega threes, especially the long ones, DHA can go hopefully towards some credit balance where it seemed like a lot more aggressive interventions were required.

Jeffrey – So how the EPA/DHA product that we have on the web page different from, say, taking fish oil?

Dr. Todd- The biggest difference is that it’s laser enhanced, making it more absorbable or readily assimilable. In it’s also providing higher energy omegas to rebuild the cell membranes.

And I have a theory  I’d like to test one of these days. One of the best ways for persons who have the challenge of consuming too much alcohol to get back into balance would be taking fairly large doses of EPA/DHA. From the particular research mentioned earlier, he wrote a book called Fit not Fat, but if that’s your life and he wrote the best description that I’ve ever seen of it, which is that chronic consumption of alcohol creates a change in the cell membranes. And I’m just going to quiz you guys because I can’t help myself.

When alcohol is consumed, people feel giddy because it’s actually like a detergent for the cell membranes. The cell membranes have more fluid; there’s so much more fluid, and because of fluid, the receptors are swirling out a lot faster. And if someone is chronically drinking alcohol, the brain adapts because it doesn’t want that swirling. So it increases something this cell membrane to make the membrane stiffer. And part of the normal component of the cell that the brain is always adjusting. Want to guess what that is?

Jeffrey – Could be the basement membrane? So in the basement membrane, you’ve got a couple of different components that stiffen it. There’s a, gosh, I can’t think of the name of it. It starts with a CH.

Dr. Todd – It is cholesterol, which does start with CH, so I give you credit for that.

Jeffrey – So how would EPA/DHA help rebuild those membranes to be optimal?

Dr. Todd – It accelerates the recovery of normal fluidity. Suppose someone chronically has a blood alcohol level of 200 at least by one measuring system, and they stop drinking. In that case, the problem is they’ve adjusted themselves with the cholesterol to stiffer membranes so that at 200, they’re normal. But if they stopped drinking, all of a sudden, membranes are too stiff. And that’s what creates the withdrawal symptoms. And particularly the factor of craving alcohol to feel okay, the need for the eye-opener as it were. And in the EPA/DHA,  if dosing big enough will accelerate recovery of optimal membrane fluidity. And there’s a whole metabolic program of things that would add to it. I think that would be key to accelerating the normalization of the membranes.

Clayten – Interesting, you mentioned that. Back in the mid-90s, as I became a life skills coach, we worked at a recovery house, and they were making some soup. And I remember pouring about half a bottle of olive oil on top of the soup. They were experimenting with nutrition and recovery. And I think that at the time, we were talking about Orthomolecular Medicine, allowing research with David Hawkins,  whom we are big fans of.

Dr. Todd – Definitely, for optimum brain health, EPA and especially DHA are critical. And adding lecithin, of course, is another cell membrane component. If you’re really complete, you’d add choline as well, which will further support the repair’s acceleration. Lecithin is phosphatidylcholine; it’s giving extra choline further building motor function, especially memory function.

Jeffrey –  We’ll have to look at that. One thing we’ve also noticed with high consciousness fields is in terms of recovery is addiction or habits. We don’t have any double-blind type of research. Still, we hear from customers quite often that they find in the energetic field they can call on additional will or call on Higher Will to help them move past that position. And we thought it might also be related to the movement of Chi, the releasing of blockages. We’re stimulating Chi’s flow through the meridians in the body, and blockages are supported to clear. That appears to help people that are stuck or having trouble moving past some habit where there’s some kind of blockage in their Chi.

Dr. Todd- And you will find you’re also altering so-called sympathetic elements. I believe the higher vibration calibration will also help turn off the fight or flight mechanism, which tends to be chronically overstimulated in our culture. And create an ideal balance between the fight or flight part of the nervous system, which is sympathetic, versus the rest and digest, which is parasympathetic. One way to measure that would be to look at morning cortisol levels. Which is the adrenal stress hormone. So you could you get a group of people; even double-blind it if you want to. And what see what the fasting cortisol level is, as a general measure of the stress response. Apply the FLFE field for a reasonable time, a lot of time probably four to six weeks to create a new steady-state and check again. And I would expect if you, of course, like the group that was stressed to begin with, you can see if there was a difference. You will find a measurable reduction.

Jeffrey – Yes, we’re in the design stage right now for the EMF sensitive study. We’re with a researcher, and the first stage is looking at their reported responses like in a survey. But the second would be blood work and could be saliva. Is cortisol saliva-based?

Dr. Todd – It can be blood or saliva either, saliva is easier. Fewer people are concerned about putting gauze in the mouth versus having a needle in the arm.

Jeffrey – Yes, so the morning cortisol could help that group because they’re very stressed. The EMF Sensitives are so perturbated by all the energies; they can’t sleep, they’re very anxious, lots of things happening.

And we saw the initial study that we did with our Subscriber population would be an EMF sensitive step up. When we first brought out this enhancement, we felt quite a difference in their experience. So that should be interesting. And there are some fairly large groups, akin to bread and gluten, where people seem to be becoming more and more sensitive to it, besides the fact that it’s increasing in the food supply.  The IONS study that we did was a brain study where they had the electrodes EEG. And they saw an increase in alpha waves across the board,  with the FLFE high consciousness field in place. So that was an interesting brain result as well. We were showing the lessening of the fight and flight into higher brain states.

Dr. Todd – Hmm. Very interesting. I respect that.

Jeffrey – So what about the  Genzyme? Because it’s enzymes, it’s not on our list yet, but that’s one that I’ve been taking from your cupboard. How does that function in the body? What’s the benefit of that supplement?

Dr. Todd – Ha-ha. I’m laughing because you’re opening Pandora’s box with that question. There’s a whole field of information that goes around digestion. And there are two aspects. So one is just simple digestive enzymes. And the other is that GemZyme, which has a particular added enzyme called serrapeptase, which, if you take on an empty stomach, the effects are anti-inflammatory. It helps to clear up blood vessels and keep the system clean. There’s a utility for improved digestion with the digestive enzymes and generalized anti-inflammatory and blood vessel cleaning effects, especially on an empty stomach.

And I’m going to give a little discussion and support a colleague of mine named Teri Cochrane, who wrote a book called The Wildatarian Diet. It has to do with the digestibility of our food. And I think it is really good for the aware type of person who would be sensitive to and invests in FLFE. Her basic thesis is that many of the food sources, a lot of our protein, are very stressed. In her review of it, the worst is chicken. Because in general, a lot of the time, the conditions are crowded and very stressed; some are humanely raised.

Further complicated by antibiotics and hormones, pesticides, and insecticides in the food they’re eating. And her thesis is that the highly stressed proteins are not very digestible. Some tend to form amyloid, which may be incompletely digested and leave a residue in the intestinal lining that predisposes to creating a biofilm, which then becomes a home for bacteria and fungi. These then begin to secrete various chemicals that protect them from being eliminated. And eventually, it gets more toxic and aggressive that activates latent viruses. It starts to punch holes in the intestinal lining creating a so-called leaky gut. Their absorption of incompletely digested proteins becomes immunogenic and predisposed to autoimmune diseases, which have become quite abundant.

And then there are the various forms: chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis and, and a long list of those types of conditions. And Teri has found that if you eliminate those highly stressed proteins, go wild  with proteins like venison and elk and bison and Cornish game hens and even lamb; the whole process can be reversed. You combine it with the appropriate program that breaks up the biofilm to clear the layers of pathogens and eat the right diet. She has been able to reverse those conditions with a very individually tailored nutritional, metabolic regime. And enzymes fit into the process of really giving the body what it needs to digest everything well enough, so you don’t get incompletely digested proteins that predispose to that whole cascade. This is a short version.

Jeffrey – There’s a lot there. I mean, digestion is a very energy-intensive process.  And we’ve followed Dr. Zack Bush and his IonBiome product seems to be very good for repairing leaky gut, as well. We do have some hands up, and we have some questions.

Fane Zimmerman is asking – “Is there a way to concentrate the nutritional recommendations? I can’t seem to take in the recommended amounts without digestive upset. Do we have any recommendations for them?

Dr. Todd – I guess the question for me is, of what in particular?

Jeffrey – For us, it would be the magnesium and essential fatty acids, and sunflower lecithin. So we’re starting at a four to one concentration, milligrams of magnesium to essential fatty acids. And then we’ve got 1000 milligrams of lecithin.

Dr. Todd – To really answer the question, of course, I would need more information. I can make some general comments, though.  The biggest issue with consuming magnesium is GI sensitivity. And many people have what I would call a magnesium threshold and can only tolerate a certain amount of magnesium before it will overdrive it and result in diarrhea.

Jeffrey – I definitely take the nutrients with food, and that seems that that helps me a lot. Finding the right magnesium seems to be a factor. If I’ve overtaxed myself with a particular magnesium, sometimes I’ll have to completely stop for three or four days to let the GI tract recover and then restart.

Dr. Todd – And what I’ll say what the amino acid chelates, particularly the Mag Spectrum formula, which we’ve had over a decade of experience with. Especially if it’s split up, if it’s taken as two capsules twice a day, the form of magnesium isn’t competing with the nutrients. It’s a form that tends to be very friendly to the GI tract. So we’ve had almost no reports of overstimulation. For most people with many magnesium products, if many people take them, several will wind up getting diarrhea because it simply increases the GI tract’s peristaltic activity. So we find that we tend not to get that issue. If people have trouble sleeping, maybe they can even take three at bedtime and one in the morning. And taking two to three at bedtime, because it’s so well absorbed, gives you the relaxing side of the equation, the calming part of the nervous action. So be useful as a way to prepare for and get a really good night’s sleep.

The way the essential fatty acids are packaged in three gel caps as a basic serving, we’ve had almost no challenge with the absorption of that side effects with that. I can’t comment on the lecithin because I don’t know which particular one you’re using. Lecithin is fatty, and the capsules tend to be pretty big. Some people may do better with the lecithin granules instead of taking the big capsules if they have trouble swallowing. And may find something that’s soothing to take.  If someone does have smoothies in the morning, that would be an excellent way to add lecithin. Just use the lecithin granules in a smoothie, and then it goes down goes on pretty easily. As you’re saying, taking with food can make it easier. So those are some basic suggestions.

Clayten – I guess we have to decide how long we’re going to continue. We could be here for a few more hours!

Dr. Todd – Why don’t we do two more questions?

Jeffrey – We do have someone asking about boron, supplementing with boron. That’s something that  I’ve done in the past or do periodically as I test my body’s need for it. Do you have any comments for boron, Dr. Todd?

Dr. Todd – Sure. Boron is a very good bone builder. And especially people in a condition where they are concerned about strengthening their bones. It’s a particularly good idea. A formula that we have that is backordered that we will bring back soon is a complete spectrum of minerals that we call Ultra-Mins that include boron as one of the elements important for a complete spectrum of minerals.

Jeffrey – So Julie’s asking about collagen. “Women lose collagen much faster than men. Is there a way to nutritionally bring collagen back into the cells?”

Jeffrey – I think you mentioned collagen in one of your studies of amino acids.

Dr. Todd – Yes, we have clinical proof of a formula that is quite good at that. That formula is called Complete Aminos. That was in a study that strengthened the function of the heart. It’s published in a journal called Clinical Gerontology. That particular study showed improvement in heart function, as well as the development of collagen. We have a US patent on it for those that want to look it up; US 8404733, which is laser-activated amino acids for the regeneration of active myocardial tissue. And what was relevant was that taking three capsules three times per day, already, between the fifth and tenth day, there was a significant increase in collagen production. That was about 80% in the third week and roughly doubled by the fourth week. So that’s clinically proven to build collagen.

Clayten – Should we wind it up now, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, we could take a round and each close up; that would be great. And, Max, if you could capture these questions, we can answer those offline as well.

Clayten – I’ll get started and put Dr. Todd in the middle. We started our prayer earlier on with a Dr. Todd sandwich as well.

It’s Interesting to share the space with you, Todd. We have a very specialized way of approaching our work, and there’s a language around it. And there are references and studies, standards, protocols, and professional guidelines that every profession would follow. And I’m reminded that when we were looking for somebody, we did want to have someone that could go deep. We had a biochemist on the chat earlier that said that it was good to hear that level of detail when it’s necessary from his point of view.

I am appreciating your current and probably growing level of knowledge of nutrition because you’re always researching. We spend a lot of time in R&D. There not as many companies in our genre to compare ourselves to, but we have the same mindset. It’s a big responsibility to offer products or services to people that affect the quality of life. And so one of our commitments is to do beta testing on ourselves first so that we experience it at a level that people will likely never experience it. We have to walk our talk. So I think those are my closing thoughts. I’m glad to take this next step with you. And we look forward to some of these research studies. There’s so much that we would like to experiment with, and it seems like you’re more of a resource tonight resource than I imagined. And so with that, I’m out.

Dr. Todd – Cool, well, thank you. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with both of you and your whole team. I am thrilled that you’re doing the work that you’re doing. Both the part as Subscriptions and the part you’re doing just out of your desire to improve the world’s conditions. I really respect all of it.

The profound importance of increasing the vibrational states of any system to make it work better to have the potential to work out the bugs to create balance. That’s everything that I’ve been working on during and since I finished my formal medical training, I’ve been looking at improving conditions. And as we know, everything in the Universe vibrates, everything sings, and resonance is simply matching the song and amplifying that song’s quality even more. So what you’re doing in your way is very similar to what we’re doing our way. We’re maybe a little bit more explicitly technical with the physics we’re using, but the phenomena are really the same. Whether we increase the vibrational state of a nutrient, it creates a greater effect in the body, not just on health but also on awareness. Whether we’re doing that with stem cells to allow our systems and structures to regenerate, or whether we’re doing it with song and tones, as we do in the Lemurian Choirs to shift the state of a whole system.

So I appreciate and respect what you’re doing; I think we’re working in parallel paths approaching it from slightly different angles but working towards the same goal of offering layers of ways to improve the vibrational states and conditions and achieve more levels of our full potential.

Jeffrey – Thank you.  I’m checking out grateful for us coming together. I’ve followed your work over the years, and when we began FLFE, and there is a synergy and an approach of in a different way, as you say, have the same goal. And our Service Work is very important to us. And where we are energy-wise, we’re always in the 90% plus going to Service Projects, and the rest is going to the Subscriber base and what we’re doing there. So that’s a very important part, and you hit the nail on the head; what we’re doing is raising vibrations in any way we can. And so I am grateful to be in connection and working together towards that same end.

Thank you to all the Subscribers and Free Trial experiencers that are with us now. We urge you to experiment yourself with your Control Panel and try the Boost and try turning things on and off and feeling what you sense. And we look forward to talking to you in the next Webinar.

Take care, everyone, good night.