Consciousness Scales, Kinesiology and  

Consciousness Research 

March 27, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, everyone. Welcome to the FLFE webinar with Clayten. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Today we’re going to talk about the Consciousness Scales,  Kinesiology and some of the Consciousness Research that we do. We’ll go deeper into the Hawkins Map, parallel maps to the Hawkins Map, we’ll talk about percentage scales and some modifications that can happen to the Map of Consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins. And we’ll talk about some consciousness raising tips as well. So Clayten let’s get into it. We’ll talk about 20 minutes and then ask you to put your questions in the Q&A, and we will answer your questions directly. So, what about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness Clayten? It’s what we use at FLFE. Can you tell everyone a little bit more about it?

Clayten – Yes, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness calibrates at about 840 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So that’s the first paradox of the evening, using a map of consciousness to measure our own scale. But nevertheless, we’ll keep that out in front of us and know that it is something to be considered. There’s a history to the Map of  Consciousness, which I don’t think is pertinent to get into in a lot of depth, there is a history to the Map that is referred to in some of Dr. Hawkins work. It’s not gone into detail in any place that I remember. I understand that he was working on that Map with an associate and he developed it over time. There is a research paper he did that is something to the effect of qualitative and quantitative analysis of calibrations. It’s for sale on the website.  And he talks about the research that he did to develop the scale working with hundreds and hundreds of people, I think maybe even thousands, depending on how you look at the testing process and examining the levels through comparing it to prayer philosophies and different traditional philosophical systems. So, if you want to go deeper into the history of it, that is up to you. Tonight, we’re going to talk about how we use it in the context of creating programs that can support you in having a high consciousness field in your environment. So, it’s a contextual analysis of the scale, in the way that we apply it to serve you.

There are several skills that we use. Do you want to ask me something about that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – How about just a quick review, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is a scale created by Dr. David Hawkins. Many of his books are available; Power vs Force is one of the ones to start with for those of you that are not familiar with his work. And it measures consciousness on a scale. Do you want to talk a little bit about the scale where it starts and where it is the human realm and what each point on the scale is Clayten?  Just a quick review for everyone.

Clayten – Yes, so to check our assumptions because we live in a very specialized world, we think everybody has heard about it. It may be the first webinar for some people, so they may not have read Dr. Hawkins books. So, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is from one to infinity. The human realm is 1 to 1000, each point on the scale has a certain number of micro-watts of electricity associated with it. And you can read about that in the back of Power vs Force right next to the Consciousness Compensation Chart. The scale does go to Infinity where God or the Creator calibrates at Infinity, depending on how you define Creator. And the Archangels calibrate from 50,000 and up the Angelic realm is from 50,000 and up the astral realm would be from 200 and down. So, on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness 200 and lower are negative states 500 and above is Love 600 is the beginning of enlightenment 700 to 1000, are our states of enlightenment. We talked about that in our last webinar, about how many people are at those levels in the world. (5:00) Do you think that fills it in regarding context Jeff? That’s going into the deep analysis before we had the framework.

So, there are a couple of skills that we use in our research. The Hawkins Map of Consciousness is our default scale. We’re going to talk about two other types of scales this evening. And we’re going to talk about in addition to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, which we believe raises its truthfulness or its level of consciousness, and we’ll talk about that.

So, the most familiar scale that we all use in society is the percentage scale that’s a scale of 1 to 100. That’s the scale that we use in school. We’re getting grades as we’re young, so we kind of grew up at that scale where, you know, at I think 80 is an “A”, and probably an “F” is below 50. So, you can use that scale when testing things because it’s a scale that people are very familiar with.  Fifty and below was a failure, you know, 80 is an “A”. What’s interesting about that scale is that any scale that does not refer to Divinity or God as the ultimate source of truth, does not go above 500 out of 1000. So, the best you can do with a percentage scale is 499.

If we change a percentage scale to recognize 1000 as Divinity, we can get that scale up to 599. We may be able to get it higher. But to get it higher, we need to start to delineate the different emotional states and life views that Dr. Hawkins has in his Map of Consciousness. So, you need to delineate different aspects of consciousness to have it go higher than 599 in our experience. And the reason that’s important is that the higher the level of consciousness of the scale, the less variability is in that testing category. So, what we did was take the variables in kinesiology and reduced it down to .002% plus, or minus on the smallest factor. And the reason we went that into minutiae was because when I was teaching kinesiology, there were people asking me about rubbing the K -27 points before doing testing. So, we’re talking about alignment now before testing those are acupressure points on our body near the top of our sternum here and facing north and in some situations facing north can be important, especially if we’re on a certain type of ley line, but usually it’s not. And so, when we were doing the research and looking at the variables, we went that much into detail because those are issues that came up in the classes. And I wanted to know what variability they typically had. So, for doing testing, we really need to assess the environment. And that’s not the purpose of tonight. And we’re getting into deep forensic type of research when we start to test the level of appropriateness of the environment to do the testing in. We’ve done lots of this type of work and I’m probably going into too much detail Jeff.

Jeffrey –  No, it’s very interesting. So, the Hawkins Map calibrates at 840  level of consciousness, and then your standard percentage scale without any reference to Divinity is 499.

Clayten – That’s the best you can do.

Jeffrey – So it so you talked about the accuracy reflected in those numbers. But isn’t there also an expression of truth that’s reflected in those numbers in some ways?

Clayten – Yes, the higher the level of consciousness on the scale, the higher the degree of expression of truth. That’s why if you have the life view, and the emotions and the different aspects and the Map of Consciousness, you do get a higher perception of truth. I’m just looking for my copy in my office here. So you’re right, Jeff. I don’t see my copy right now.

(10:00) Jeffrey – So the Hawkins Map is at 840, is  there a way to get it higher?

Clayten – Yes, what we would need to add is another way to understand consciousness. And so, it takes integrity to understand consciousness, just adding something for the purpose of adding it doesn’t necessarily mean it will have any value. So, we’ve created what we call a Modified Map of Consciousness. And I just want to say something here. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about improving Dr. Hawkins scale. And I haven’t found that to be true in my understanding yet. They start to talk about certain parts of their work, calibrating at 50,000 on the Hawkins ap, and if they really understood the scale, they would know that truth in the human domain doesn’t go above 1000. It’s only the level of consciousness of Archangels that go up to 50,000 in that example. I just want to be respectful of Dr. Hawkins work and he is a personal hero of mine, and maybe a lot of people that are listening to this. I want to be respectful of his work. And I don’t think the purpose of his work for us was for us to never try to improve it. I’ll present my idea and you can decide for yourself if you think it’s an improvement.

If we talk about understanding consciousness in different ways, one of the delineations that we have found is something we call the Integrated Level of Consciousness. And we’re going to talk about that tonight in a few different ways. The Integrated Level of Consciousness (ILOC) is the level of consciousness that a person or an environment when we’re doing research for FLFE is the level of consciousness of that environment. And the environment does not go below a certain percentage of the time. So, what we did in our research is we tried to set the bar high so that we’re able to pick up any fluctuations in the field. For our purposes, 98% was the percentage that was most appropriate. And we did that through kinesiology research and prayer. If we’re testing a property, we could test the level of consciousness of the property at this time, and that’s an unconscious default to the moment we’re testing. But if we test the average level of consciousness of that property over the period of a week, then we’re starting to get an idea of the level of fluctuation. And that would be a way of looking at the Integrated Level of Consciousness because we’re starting to move into what is the stable number that the property is at.  And then, if it was 560 out of 1000 over the previous week, then we will test further the Integrated Level of Consciousness of the property.

So that might mean that a property averages 560 or higher, but 10% of the time, it’s below 560. So then we would measure what that is, let’s say it’s 540. So that would indicate there’s an anomaly Jeff, like the recent one, we figured out where there was mineralization coming from rainfall that  was flowing down from a mountain into the aquifer. And that mineralization from that mountain was causing a geopathic stress zone because it was creating a magnetic charge underneath the subscriber’s property. So that’s an example of an anomaly that’s revealed when you start to measure consciousness in different ways. And so that’s an example where Integrated Level of Consciousness becomes an additive and distinctive concept that helps us understand the nature of consciousness because it is not always stable. And so, there are different ways of measuring the variability.

Jeffrey – So just to clarify, then, if you don’t specify a timeframe, and we’re just measuring the level of consciousness of a property then it’s going to default to that moment, that precise moment. Right?

Clayten – Yes, that’s an unconscious default that is revealed when we start to do a lot of consciousness research because we’ll notice that if we’re checking something it changes and that will hopefully cause us to think about well, is the level just changing? is my accuracy off? Is there something I need to understand about the importance of the fluctuation, (15:00) So then we start to go deeper and deeper into that and one of the ways we discovered this was people testing their level of consciousness when they were in a peak state in a seminar. And they were assuming that they were at that level of consciousness all the time. And they weren’t, you could you test them a day later, in the middle of the day, they were say at 400. But in this seminar, they were 590 or 600, or 610. And so, one particular person believed that he was at that level all of the time. And when we suggested that he test himself at a different time, he was like; Wow, that’s a very big difference. And so that’s when this idea started to germinate about trying to identify the variability and how do we know the place that we own right? And so that’s where you know it’s one thing to visit the rich uncle’s house, it’s another thing to be able to live in his house and own it and pay for it. So that’s where the Integrated Level came in because that’s the place that we don’t go below. You can say 80% of the time, which would give you an A, or 90% of the time, which let’s assume it’s an A-plus, and maybe 95% is A-plus, plus. And so, you have to set the bar somewhere. So, we determined that 98% for testing properties and people is a place where you can really say that if our Integrated Level of Consciousness personally is at 540, then we own that zone.

Jeffrey – So adding that Integrated Level of Consciousness to the Hawkins Map, what would happen? Does that change its expression of truth, we’re now able to kind of drill into what’s the stability what’s the level of stability of consciousness?

Clayten – Yes, that’s a good way to say it, the stability, you know. So, when we added the Integrated Level of Consciousness to the Hawkins Map, we get it at 910 out of 1000. So, it goes up 70 points in truthfulness.

Jeffrey – So, as we know, consciousness fluctuates and we’re seeing that in this research that in some cases we can go up and down by hundreds of points in a short period of time. And the same is true for a property  based on what people are in the property, which people have come and gone and, and other factors relating to the flow of water and rain and other things that could be happening in the environment such as EMF’s or other energies.

Clayten – If you’re really close to a power station, and if the grid is drawing peak power and everything fires up on the in the power station we might have a spike in EMFs on that particular property. You could figure out that that’s at four o’clock every day or five o’clock or six o’clock when people get home from work in that area. And they turn their stoves on and their dishwashers and whatever they use, and it can actually affect the level of consciousness of the area.

Jeffrey – So we just encourage you if you’re doing kinesiology if you’re practicing, that you measure over a period of time. And you could consider trying this integrated level where you write out an inquiry based on a level of 98% of the time or greater.

Clayten – And you can choose a different number. It’s a pretty high bar 98%. But for testing properties, we wanted to have it at a very high level so that we could figure out any anomalies that can sometimes add up on a location.

Jeffrey –  One of the other things that’s interesting to me is the parallel scales that we use that are similar to the Hawkins Map, but they actually measure something different. Do you want to talk about that a little bit?

Clayten – Yes, we use parallel scales to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness for two particular things. One is testing the level of appropriateness of supplements. So, when we were talking to talking to you on our last webinar, we discussed the importance of essential fatty acids and magnesium for the nervous system. So, if you’d like to learn more about that,  go back to that webinar. And so, the inquiry for testing supplements would be; (20:00) “On a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness where 1000 represents the most appropriate food for my body, the level of appropriateness of food inside this gel cap, in this amount, on average over the previous three days perhaps, is above 200 out of 1000, 300 400 500” and so on.  So that’s the inquiry that we use when we’re calibrating how good the magnesium is for our body or how good the essential fatty acid is for our body. Because we did thousands of experiments dosing ourselves with those two issues when we discovered the myelin sheath is the critical factor for raising our consciousness. So that’s an example of a test that we used to get a really good product and to keep that variable stable in the equation of trying to understand dosing and how it was affecting the carrying capacity of the nerves.

Jeffrey – And one of the ways that many people test supplements is moving them in front of you like in front of your heart, and whether you move towards the supplement or away from the supplement. And that, what is that measuring? Is that really 200 out of 1000 and above and 200. And below or?

Clayten – Yes, that’s measuring a state of integrity. So, we would say that would be 200 and above. And typically, people when they do that if they’re a good tester, and you can be a high consciousness person and not a good tester. Dr. Hawkins addresses that sometimes it’s a karmic issue or a neuro-physiological issue. Typically, people will experience a greater degree of pull forward or push backward depending on how appropriate that food is. So that might be something to play with. If you’re just new in the testing or you can start to scale it. You can just do a scale of 1 to 10 where 5 is integrity and you can make up your own scale. You don’t have to use the Hawkins Map. It’s just the highest one that we know of.

So, when we talk about parallel scales and of longish inquiries that are quite detailed, it’s because we do very detailed research, and I have to remind myself not to make it too difficult for people who are just getting into this or wanting to experiment with it. Make it really simple and notice how much your body goes towards a supplement. And your body is telling you that it’s basically good for you. And you can check the dose so; “It’s in the highest and best interest of all for me to take one or more of these at this time.” I typically test over the previous three days because I do three days of supplements at a time. And then you can try two and then three, so you can play with it like that.

Jeffrey – Yes it’s fascinating to me how much that changes based on the dosage.  And even just eating food like that first summer peach may measure maybe 800 on the Map for appropriateness for you but by the time you have eaten the 20th peach it’s down pretty low so it’s an exaggerated scale but the amount of food that we eat of a particular type makes a big difference on how appropriate it is for us.

Clayten – That’s a good point. I mean, just because 1 or 2 is good doesn’t mean that the 10th one is going to be as good or if we have a certain type of meal and then like if we mix meat and fruit sometimes we get indigestion. Different people’s digestive systems react differently; most of us know the foods that make us turn our stomach and so we can eat a good meal up to that piece of dessert and then my whole stomach feels upset. So, you can test a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness where 1000 represents the most appropriate food for my body. The level of appropriateness of this entire chocolate fudge brownie for me to eat at this time is? Because that’s considering what’s already in our body. And then we can try half of the chocolate fudge brownie, then try a quarter of the chocolate fudge brownie, then an eighth and maybe get some of that chocolate fudge brownie, and still have it be a positive food for you.

Jeffrey – Or you could just eat it :O)

Clayten  Yeah, I mean, we play with this stuff all the time ;O)

Jeffrey – Yeah, it really is interesting how it can change that way. So, some food varies, and we’re, of course, going up and down in our consciousness as well. (25:00) So how much do we vary in a typical day? I mean a good day, you know, not necessarily like, when something really bad happens, but can you talk about that a little bit? Clayten it’s very interesting as well.

Clayten – Just one thing about food before I forget, if we pray on the food, especially like the brownie if we’re trying to squeeze in that brownie and make it be over 200 we can pray on it. And then sometimes we have to pray for it a couple of times as it goes through our digestive system. But anyway, praying is another way to measure the level of appropriateness of the meal and then pray on the meal and then see what it goes up to and test the level of appropriateness of the meal based upon the ingredients that are in the restaurant at the time from the menu, so you can do that as well.

Jeffrey – Yes, praying is really interesting. And just for me personally, what I do is appreciate the source and appreciate Mother Earth and the plants and animals that made the meal possible. And then I’m just asking in the prayer for the food to come up in its level of appropriateness for me. I’m asking very specifically after the gratitude part. It is amazing. I think back to that time Clayten when we were traveling, and the only water we could get was some filtered water that wasn’t very high. And we just kept praying on it and it kept going up until it was the equivalent of good spring water. So, it’s really amazing how it works.

Clayten – Yeah, I remember years ago, a friend of mine would dip his finger into a glass of water at a restaurant, we had this Chinese restaurant across the street from where we worked, and he would dip his finger in the glass of water, and he would pull it out and a drop of the water would go back into and that’s how he prayed. That’s how he was taught to pray for water. And then if you put your finger and prayed it was a little bit better because you were putting the electrode into the water so to speak. And that was really the first time I’ve seen people pray for their food all the time, it’s quite interesting.

Jeffrey – Well, let’s move into the consciousness tips. We want to keep an eye on the time to make sure we have enough for the questions but we’re going to get to these basic concepts based on your experience.

Clayten – Yes, so people were asking us how does Consciousness Research apply to examining common themes in the personal development industry. So, in the personal development industry, for lack of a better word, people use questions to help us guide our life. And one of the questions, for example, would be; “What would I do if I couldn’t fail?” So that’s a question that people will use when they’re reviewing their life plan. And so, if you measure that on a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness where 1000 represents the most appropriate concept to guide your life by actually calibrates at 199 out of 1000. I think the reason is that it’s what would I do if I couldn’t fail? So, it’s a lot of “I” or self in there the smaller self. If you change that focus to say; “What can I do to make a contribution to the progress of humanity?” the level of appropriateness of that as a guiding question is 600 out of 1000. So, you can see a little bit of a difference there. It’s not so much about I and myself.

If we look at the question of; “What could I do that would meet the world’s greatest need with my greatest gift?”  That calibrates at 800 out of 1000. And if we use the question; “What is your will for me Lord in living my life?”  And the challenge with that is in discerning God’s will and living it. So, I may not have said that right. So, the question may be; “What is your will for me, Lord, and please help me have the willpower to live that.” (30:00)

And then the question then becomes how you discern what God’s will is, or Divinity’s will and to live that on a regular basis. So, I’m just trying to read the thoughts here and express it at the same time. But I think you understand the point in that the difference between what could I do if I couldn’t fail versus what is your will for me, Lord, and please help me have the strength to live it. It’s a different approach to life.

And so, I think, Jeff, we should probably continue this theme another day if people want to really get into it. We have some definitions of success that we can talk about in another webinar and common sayings that people use and what they calibrate at. And we try to have some fun with consciousness research, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t spend 45 minutes talking and not have any time for questions.

Jeffrey – You could put your questions in the Q&A box. I see there are a few in the chat. If you don’t mind moving them over. We’ve got the Q&A box open here.

So, Elizabeth is asking – “Can music frequencies help keep a home more stable at a more stable level? Say, 528-hertz music, you know, running ongoing?”

Clayten – Yes, music frequencies can keep a home at a more stable level with the highest level of consciousness music that I’m aware of which calibrates at 700 and it’s the Kyrie by Robert Gass. So, playing that in the background can get a little bit old after a few thousand repetitions. But that’s an example of high consciousness music would help keep a home more stable. In terms of how many hertz for how long a time I just don’t know how to comment on that because I haven’t really dug into it. But I think Elizabeth, that you’re right. Music can definitely help and it’s finding high music.

Jeffrey – So, Benton asks – “Have you done any research on how smart meters affect the level of consciousness?” Yes, that’s an interesting subject. You know, when we look at, as we talked about with the integrated level of consciousness, and we look at all of the properties and there are properties that perhaps that are lower on that scale, where there’s an anomaly as we say, geopathic stress or different types of EMF’s definitely affect the level of consciousness of the space. And smart meters do affect it. Currently, the FLFE service does some EMF mitigation, and then we’re working on additional programs that will assist there. Anything specific about that Clayten in your research about what kind of effects smart meters might have?

Clayten – Yeah, we haven’t done that, Jeff. I mean, we could do an average of the smart meters in two different countries but that wouldn’t consider if the smart meters close to your bedroom or close to you. And there are a lot of variables in that so it might be useful for us to do a little bit of research. Just to see what number comes up. Anything that makes our body less healthy is typically going to affect our consciousness. If our spiritual practice is strong enough when and we maybe make it stronger because now we have a smart meter, then it’s very possible we could compensate for it.

Maybe I’ll pick this questions up because I’ve had lots of conversations about this.  Henry is commenting, “I was told that if you reach a certain level of consciousness you don’t go back only forward.” That’s not true. I’ve seen lots of people and Dr. Hawkins talks about this in his webinars. There have been lots of high teachers that have fallen; people in the 600 and 700’s hundreds even, that have made choices that cause their consciousness to go down. (35:00) Typically, at that level, you don’t see a plummet in consciousness. You’ll see a gradual degradation in a certain area of their life. And that starts to affect other areas of their life. When we do assessments on people where we measure them in 10 different parts of their life, like clients, for example, or public figures when you’re trying to understand what’s happening to the person because you’re hearing things about them. They can go down. Absolutely.

One example of somebody that was going down and came back up again is a man named Eckhart Tolle. He, at one point in his life, stepped away from the public limelight. And he said he had some work to do is what I recall. And he was quite high in the high 500’s and he dropped down to not even the low 500’s but then he stepped away from the public limelight for about 2 years. As I recall, and this was probably 2004 or 2005 and I was just getting into consciousness research. And so, I was testing him as one of the higher people because his teaching seems to be quite integrous.  And I have backtested since. And he’s an example of somebody that is an integrous spiritual teacher. And he took the time away from his public life as a teacher to do some personal work and brought himself back up. So, I have a lot of respect for that.

Jeffrey – Agnes is asking – “ When you put FLFE on a home does it affect everyone in the home even if they don’t know about the service?” And yes, we see that quite often where people put FLFE on. For example, a mother puts it on, and she doesn’t tell the kids and she doesn’t tell her partner and then waits to see what happens. And everyone is affected when we’re in a high consciousness field, there’s so much more energy available and at a higher vibration that things feel different. We had a woman tell us that her husband didn’t know that it was on, but he kept going away on trips and coming back and he just would say; “I feel so good when I get home and I’m so glad to be home.” Finally, she told him what it was and he’s like, oh, yeah this feels really different. So, everyone is affected. And that is that’s why we do ask that in each home that someone knows that FLFE is on and they can encourage others to drink more water because with the additional energy the body uses it for its own intelligent healing and more water is required for that.

Clayten – I have a comment from someone saying – “I’ve gotten emails telling me that my home is at 640+.”  I don’t know that we send out any emails that would say that, but that’s an excellent number to reach. And there are FLFE subscribers whose home is over 600 when the service goes on because of their own practice and maybe they used  Feng Shui, so it is possible to reach that number. That is a very rare number. There would be less than 100 homes on the planet that had 640.

Jeffrey – I find when my home gets very high like when I’m doing some additional work and do a lot of cleaning in the house gets very high and it can be a little I wouldn’t say difficult but it when it’s in the mid six hundreds in the house sometimes I feel like it’d be nice for it to be down a little bit more from there. So, there’s living in a high environment like that and acclimating to it may take a little bit more time.

Clayten – We have the question – “Is there a list of books or internet sites available for kinesiology?” There are study groups online. And there are protocols in the back of Dr. Hawkins work. I think Dr. Hawkins still does have discussion groups or study groups around the world but I’m not sure about that. I haven’t checked for a few months. But if there are study groups that might be a place to meet people who are interested in learning more about kinesiology. There is a Kinesiology Association in North America, and there are probably other ones around the world because it’s used in nutrition and chiropractic. So those groups are typically not doing a lot of testing on consciousness. It’s a very specialized thing that we do. So, there are not a lot of resources out there for the public. (40:00) 

There are other modalities like Psych K, I know theta healing does have kinesiology in it. Some of these are emerging modalities and some of them have been around for decades and not just in the last three or four years, but they’re relatively new compared to Allopathic medicine, or Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine, they use kinesiology more and more to test things.

Someone has just said; Australia has a Holistic Etiology Association. Yeah, it’s big around the world. So, I’m assuming your country would have something or an area close to your country.

Jeffrey – Henry’s saying that -“Praying over a meal and thanking God raises the level the food by 5%.”Our experience has been quite a bit more than that Henry. It may be the amount of time involved as well, but we’re seeing many points, and each point in the level of appropriateness, is 10 times more appropriate. So, it is a logarithmic scale, as is the scale parallel to the Hawkins Map. So, I would say praying raises the level of appropriateness hundreds of times more in the food. It all depends on how you measure it, is that your experience as well Clayten?

Clayten – Oh yes absolutely, sometimes we can get a meal to go up several hundred points. In the case where it was a bottle of water from a company, but the water was less than 200. And we got it over 600. So that’s an example of where food went up 400 points. Now, it doesn’t mean that it stayed at 400 points all the way through our digestive system. So again, we have to look at the inquiry that we’re using and how long that food stayed high, you can get pretty tactical. But just as a general rule of thumb, depending on how Henry is measuring it, it is possible to have it go higher, at least for part of the meal anyway.

Jeffrey – So anonymous is saying that they got a new phone and are wondering that if they need to change anything with you.  As long as it’s the same mobile number that you registered with that FLFE in the same country, then it’s a unique cellular device and it is identified.  So, when you change phones and change your SIM card, that takes care of it, it moves to the new phone.

Clayten – Sherry is asking, “With all these solar flare hits we have been taking on Earth, which I think changes the frequencies, how does FLFE negotiate that?”  FLFE is self-regulating, so it will add more energy to the environment if it starts to go below 560. There are cases that recently we just mentioned the one about the mineralization of water coming down a mountain into an aquifer that was flowing underneath the property, we keep finding these odd situations. And that one we actually put on multiple places around the planet that had the same condition so it kind of boosted a lot of those. It was in a country that calibrated at 420 in the United States. And so, we raised the whole area which was a  two-mile strip probably 30 miles long. We raised the whole area up to 420 because that’s the level of the country on average, and then we put other places in the world on where that condition existed. So solar flares as we talked about last webinar absolutely can affect consciousness. And it’s sometimes hard to know if it’s something in our own personal life going on. Or if it’s solar flares or something in the world consciousness, but it seems like lately a lot of people are struggling. And I think it has something to do with solar flares, it tests as a true statement. I just haven’t done a lot of research on it. But I think Sherry has a good point.

Jeffrey – Don asked- “Does the level of hydration affect the level of consciousness?” That’s an interesting one and it’s good to know that hydration is important for accurate kinesiology testing as well. So, does that affect us maybe going negative or reversing polarity being hydrated well enough, and that is it a mood issue that affects consciousness when you reverse polarity? (45:00) 

Clayten –  When we were doing a lot of in-depth research and trying to reverse engineer the protocols that Dr. Hawkins had started with and really looking at getting the level of consciousness of the protocols higher and higher, we were working in a triad. And we would have a subject, a calibrator, and an auditor. And what I noticed when we were doing that research is that when we got there in the morning, we would do a series of exercises to align different parts of our body. And then we would do a hydration test. Now, this is a bit of a story, but the hydration test we use was to pull the hair up on our arm or some part of our body and then test if you are still positive. That’s assuming your polarity is correct. So that’s the hydration test that we used. And I was surprised how often we weren’t sufficiently hydrated especially starting in first thing in the morning. It was weeks before we really were consistently hydrated. So, we would, you know, just drink a bunch of water. And in a few minutes, we could get over the 200 level in hydration if you want to use a parallel scale. So, it can really affect our consciousness if we’re chronically dehydrated or severely dehydrated. We know that in certain cases if we’re in a desert, and don’t get water it can end our life and so it can affect consciousness.

Jeffrey – Well, and I had an experience in my personal life that was interesting Clayten, where someone that I know, was chronically dehydrated, and he was just chronically grumpy. And it actually may go back to some of our bacteria that live in our gut as well. When things in our body are not getting the water, they need including the flora in your system. There’s kind of a grumpiness or low energy and low consciousness that can happen.

Clayten – I think there’s more to it because we’re so cognizant of hydration Jeff in the last couple of years. And I noticed that when we go through a healing crisis, either one of us or we are beta testing a new program, we just need more water when that’s happening. And you are usually really good with hydration but when we did that upgrade, we did the beta test with the EMF program our hydration really bumped up for about three or four days. And when we were beta testing the brain program as well. It really jumped up for a couple of days. And usually, we were at like north of 800 in hydration, but our hydration was at 400 drinking the same amount of water. Yeah, so does have a major effect.

Jeffrey – So Allison is asking – “Can we use the body moving forward and back to test our own level of consciousness and that of our property. What is the best way to test? I’m a relatively new subscriber?”

Clayten – Yes, you can do that. Allison. Absolutely. It’s learning the skill. It’s called self-testing. And it may be called other things. But when we’re just testing ourself, typically we call it self-testing. And that’s an integrous way. You could get a 60-pound concrete block. And use that for testing. If we form our inquiry right we notice when we pick up the block when you’re stating truer inquiries, you have more energy. And it may not be the most convenient or subtle way. But there are innumerable ways to use kinesiology to test consciousness.

Jeffrey – Yes, Allison, one of the ways I do it is feeling my heart in my chest. So, when I make a statement, and again, in kinesiology, we always want to make a statement. So, when I make a statement that’s true, I can feel my heart sort of expanding. I can feel this kind of openness happening. And when I make a statement, that’s not true, then I feel a contraction in my heart area. So that’s another way that works as well. I know Clayten, you do finger strength often.

Clayten –  Yes, you can do the O-ring technique with self-testing, which is very common. I use a yes/no with one finger on top of the other. If the response is true, then my fingers will be strong and not bend but if it is false my fingers do bend easily. And because I can have my hand at my waist if I’m out in public. I don’t want to show my hands and say, “hold on a second” I just do it down by the side of my body. (50:00)

First of all, check for polarity by holding a positive image in mind such as Jesus which will test strong, then we can hold something negative in mind. Hitler is a classic one that I use, and this will test weak. But we have to practice this to get to trust ourselves. You know, I did lots of testing in triads, as I said, where it was very closely monitored. I have done lots of testing, I taught a 12-week course to 20 people. And you know, it didn’t go great because I didn’t know all the answers, but I knew more than anybody else in the community. So, they said teach us what you know. And I learned a lot, but then I taught another one a couple of years later, which was 10 weeks to 9 people. And then at that time, I had just about figured out all the protocols, so it is a science. It does take time to really go deep into it, but we might pick it up pretty quick and get close enough for the practical things of life.

Jeffrey – And again, Allison, just one more thing is about the statement that we make. An example of an inquiry to use to test a property, you could say; “On a scale of 1 to 1000, according to Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of this property with this address, averaged over the previous seven days calibrates at 200 or more, and then you test and if  you test and get positive, then ask 300 or more positive, 400 or more positive 500 or more positive 600 or more negative, then you would go back to 510 or more positive, 520, 530, 540 positive then you get up to 570 and now it is negative so that’s how you work a scale. We’re making statements and they’re either true or they’re not true. And we’re just kind of going up the scale until you get it “not true” and then you go back and start doing a finer gradation. Just to give you a little bit more help there.

Clayten – That’s a good example, Jeff. Here is another question, “Have you found or heard of someone entering a higher consciousness home field and making them very uncomfortable to the point they have to leave?” I have heard of that. And I think we talked about this in a webinar in the past where there are companies using classical music to dispel people that are just hanging out in an area or loitering. They found that people were hanging out and they were committing crimes, and they would play classical music in the area and people would tend not to hang out there. These people were committing crimes, so we’ll assume that they’re in a negative state, and the positivity of classical music was irritating to them. So that would be an example of a high consciousness field making people in a negative state feel uncomfortable. So, it’s very possible. And it’s not that other forms of music are not high, that’s just one situation. And now Gerald is asking, “Is classical music among the highest?” I would have to say yes, that could be a whole webinar in itself. I mean, it could be a whole book, you could test all different types of music, different artists, different genres.

And Copan is commenting – “Wouldn’t any music that makes you feel good, bring up one’s numbers, without words?” That’s kind of an interesting thing. I was working with a physical trainer and we were talking about music and some music is lower in consciousness it might be angry, it might be profane but it has some sort of adrenaline effect on us because we’ve had some experience while listening to it and maybe it makes us move into a fight or flight kind of mode. So, there may be an adrenaline effect that could happen with exercise, but in regard to the level of consciousness, something on the positive side of music would make us stronger. I mean, we are stronger in the presence of higher consciousness.  But it is interesting that we might feel good about some music because we have an association with it, not necessarily because it’s high.

(55:00) Clayten – That’s the example I was going to use but that’s a good one. Gerald is mentioning the Mozart Effect. I’m not familiar with what the Mozart Effect is, but I would assume that’s a high state effect.

Jeffrey – Yes, a brainwave effect.

Clayten – Lynn is asking about 5G coming on like a freight train. I’m assuming that she’s talking about 5G being perceived as negative in the world and having detrimental effects.  We have a new service coming out in FLFE. I don’t know when it’s going to come out, but we have beta tested it and alpha tested it and it’s going to get beta tested in a bigger group, where we believe we’re able to compensate for 100% of 5G in an FLFE  environment and likely will deflect and diffuse that in a mobile application. We haven’t beta tested that one yet. I haven’t done enough research on 5G to comment publicly about it. And I’m not sure that I would comment publicly, even if I did, because there are different types of 5G. And we’re pretty conservative. We don’t like to talk about things unless we’ve really done our homework. And yet it’s going to keep coming up. And this is one of the research areas that we’ve really had to slow down our EMF release on because to learn about EMF’s and the language of EMF’s and to really be able to carry a conversation and have the depth that we feel that we’d like to have, so we can have a conversation with you.

It takes a lot of education. I mean, I do 50,000 calibrations a month personally, on checking properties and refining the service and measuring variables. It’s just sort of part of the day to day life. And so, when we go into an area such as 5G, where I don’t have a lot of education in that area, you know, Jeff, I don’t think it’s a specialty of his or an interest. So, we have to educate ourselves and learn about 5G. And we have to look at the definitions. Because some definitions that some people are using for EMF’s are not integrous. And other peoples are really integrous. So, we have to find good researchers and test their level of consciousness of their work and reference that and so it’s a slow, laborious process, and we’re getting there. But it’s been humbling because there’s just a lot to learn. There are a lot more types of EMF’s out there. And there are new technologies coming on to the market that have their own frequencies. So, I don’t know that I’m ever going to get on top of it the way I’d like to. And we think we’re going to be able to do a really good job for all of us in our properties and perhaps in a mobile situation. So, I don’t know if that answers your question, Lynn but we’re going to keep working on it.

Jeffrey – So, Bonnie asks in the chat, “What’s the level maintained for a cell phone when it’s on FLFE and how large is the field?” So, I would encourage you to go to the Learning Center section of the website. Under FLFE Programs there is some great detail about the field around the cell phone. And the phone itself is 580 on the Hawkins Map, and that’s the level we discovered was needed to harmonize the EMF’s coming from the phone. That’s the antenna on the phone is now 580 on FLFE Everywhere. So, the vibrational signature is changed in a way to make it positive for life. And then the field is 575 around 4 feet and then it goes out from there after 300  feet. So, it’s best to take a look at the website and you’ll get all the details.

Clayten – Thanks, Jeff. I’ll just skip down to Gerald and then I will come back up to the top. But Gerald says, “How do you measure what a person’s level of consciousness is? Is this ethical if a person doesn’t know you’re measuring them?” Let’s deal with the ethical part first, Gerald, because this does come up quite a bit. So, the first thing to do in kinesiology testing is to check our polarity. And the second thing to do is ask if we have permission to make the inquiry. So, there are many ways to make that statement. Because I do so much testing, I try to get that down to the fewest words as possible and still have an optimal inquiry. Still an inquiry is a positive declarative statement, it’s not a question. (1:00:00) So; “I  may make this inquiry” is the inquiry that I use. And what you’re doing there is you’re asking Divinity if you have permission to test the person’s level of consciousness. We’re not asking it in that many words, we can ask it in that many words. And it’s just more words, if we’re doing lots of testing, we want to make it really efficient.

Now, what we do with the information is another case. The last protocol and the protocols that we use is “I have permission to make this inquiry and to share this information in the way that I’m holding in mind to share it or have written down to share it” because we’re karmically responsible for what we say, Gerald. So, there is an ethical aspect of using kinesiology just as there is with any other information. And when we’re testing “I have permission to make this inquiry” we’re asking the Universe if you have permission to make it, and then we have to discern how to use that information once we’ve received it. And if we are asking how to measure a person’s level of consciousness, we would say; “According to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of the person I am holding in mind is”, as Jeff said, 400 out of 1000 positive, 500 out of 1000 positive 600 out of 1000 negative, 450 positive, 460 positive 490 positive, 500 positive, 510 negative, so they’re about 500. Now,  you can test them over a week or over a period of 24 hours or over any period of time. So that’s how you would make that inquiry.

Jeffrey – Do you have the name of that song again Clayten?

Clayten – Kyrie by Robert Gass.

Jeffrey – So Angus is saying, “I want to thank you for this wonderful gift of FLFE. I have had it for three days and I feel so blessed, peaceful, happy and my dog is doing so good. She’s like a puppy again. She’s 10 years old, but a treat.” Thank you, Angus. It’s really nice to hear from people on the Service. Clayten I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of customers in Austin, Texas a number of weeks ago and it was just really such a pleasure to meet with them and hear their stories.

So, Don’s asking, “In a house with the FLFE wave will a low hydration level prevent all programs from operating or just the personal healing programs, detox, immune, stagnation and so forth?” That’s a good question, Don. So, the FLFE level of consciousness, the clearing programs, of course, that are clearing the negative history, all of that is continuing independent of hydration levels, the level of consciousness is as well. And yes, you’re right, the other programs relating to supporting the body’s Innate Intelligence for healing, whether it’s the Liver, Kidney, Gall Bladder Program, or the GI tract, are designed to scale back depending on the hydration level. So, the level of benefit reduces in a low hydration level. And the way we write the context for the programs is that people have an ongoing positive experience of service and while it might be in the highest and best interest for things to happen more quickly, it could be uncomfortable, we could be lower functioning. And so, we’ve written everything to dial back in a low hydration situation.

Clayten – It’s much like a dimmer switch on a light. If you’re hydrated, we get some of the programs to slowly go down in their effectiveness so that we’re not thrown into a healing crisis.

Jeffrey – So Elizabeth is asking, “I sublet a studio below my home and smoke a lot of pot. Does that lower the consciousness of the entire home?” Yes, it’s a question. I mean, we have seen situations where there was an anomaly where a property wasn’t going up. (1:05:00) And you know, there was some drug dealing going on. And then that can certainly lower the level. So, I don’t know; the question is certainly very situational.

Clayten – You would have to test that; it’s an interesting one. There’s no yes or no for that one that I’m aware of. Some people that smoke pot might be happy.

Jeffrey – Brigit is asking – “How does consciousness relate to attracting clients with the business FLFE subscription?” Yes, that’s a really interesting one. And my businesses have been on and we have a number of people with FLFE on their business. And there are a couple of factors that seem to happen. There are the employees, who are now in a higher consciousness, more positive environment or they are more positive, or they are supported to be more positive. We always have free will of course so they can be grumpy or as happy as they like to be. But in general, the atmosphere is more positive. Many people have noticed, and I’ve noticed that people’s interactions with customers are more positive, more willing and there is more willpower to overcome obstacles and therefore more business. So, anything you’ve noticed Clayten that you would like to talk about?

Clayten –  I would say increased creativity is another thing that we’ve had feedback from in clients. Retail stores, you’ve noticed that customers are spending more time in the environment we’ve had people actually track pre-FLFE subscriber and during the subscription period and then post subscription period and there is a definite increase in the amount of time that people were spending in the environment. So, they’re more likely to spend money, if they’re in the environment longer.

We don’t have any programs on a Business Subscription to ask people to spend all their money at the business, you know, we don’t have permission to do that. But when you purchase a Business Subscription, we put the corporate entity on the service as well. So, it does raise the level of consciousness of the corporate entity. And that is also a factor in attracting more to the business because the higher consciousness fields are more attractive. We typically want to do business with people that we like and that we think have our best interest at heart. And a higher consciousness field brings out other people where they want to give, they want to serve, they want to do what’s in everybody’s best interest, and they want to think about a long term relationship. Because higher consciousness fields are like that, they naturally bring out the best in us.

Jeffrey – I know a number of yoga studios on the service on FLFE. And they were finding that people just had a deeper experience. Their meditations were deeper and so it was more valuable to them. You know, they just had a better, deeper experience there than they had at another yoga studio. So, the studio with FLFE attracted more consistent clients.

There’s a story today, from one of our subscribers in town, Jeff, there was a dance studio we had on FLFE for years, and well, the dance experience got so big, I don’t want to name it because it will tell you who it is. But the dance experience has gotten so big, they’ve had to move locations. And at the new location, the building only at calibrates of 300. And the old location calibrated at 580. But during the dance experience, it was over 600 consistently. So, there are 100 people that went to this new location, and we bumped into them on Sunday at the restaurant here in town. And they were like, “it just wasn’t as good as it usually is, you know?” And so, we’re going to have one of our staff contact the person who’s organizing the dance event and talk about the other area that they were dancing in and what the difference in the consciousness is. And they will probably do a Free Trial because they know one of the people in the office.  And we’ll see what happens but that’s an example of an environment contributing to the success of the business. (1:10:00) This person is very well trained, very well educated in the art of dance.  They have gone around the world to study art and work with great teachers. So, it’s not just about the environment. But there were a lot of people who said it just wasn’t as good. And that is reflective of the level of consciousness however you create it.

Jeffrey – Gerald’s got a bit of an in-depth question about being a caregiver for his mother. I don’t know if we can really comment on that, Gerald, there are so many factors. It might be something for you to call in the office and we could talk to you in more detail about that. Certainly, we don’t give medical advice, but we’d be happy to talk to you about it.

Ken is asking about what kind of magnesium for a supplement. So, what do you use Clayten?

Clayten – We talked a lot about this last week, I use Magnesium Bis-Glycinate. And I’m actually looking for a source of Magnesium Threonate because it’s typically better. And what I’m noticing is when I use the same supplement for a long time it becomes less appropriate. And so, a rule of thumb and for the supplements that I use I try to change the source of my supplements every three to six months. The higher the quality, which is typically the more expensive they are the longer they’ll stay higher or more appropriate. But my Magnesium Bis-Glycinate has been dropping in its level of appropriateness. So, I’m looking for some Threonate so I would suggest you look for Magnesium Threonate as it does have the highest potential if you can find a good source. I think what I’m going to do Jeff is test a couple of sources and backtest them over three years for the average for humanity, and I’ll put them on the Facebook page.

Jeffrey – Oh, that’d be great. Yes, I was trying to figure out how to help people and if they’ve been really high for the last three years as a manufacturer, it’s likely they’re going to stay high.

Clayten –  So as long as we state that I think we can help people a little bit.  I am hesitant to make a suggestion because for me, I’ve been taking the same one for a couple of years and it’s really dropped. So, I need to switch up my supplements and do some testing for people.

Jeffrey – So Anonymous is asking – “Do LED lights affect the energy?” Have you done any research on that one Clayten?

Clayten – Well lighting is important for having a relaxed, comfortable place to live. So, having a relaxed, comfortable place to live affects energy. Now when LED lights shine in your eyes it tells the body that it is daytime. And optimally, we want three hours of low light before we go to sleep because that’s the optimal amount of time for melatonin production to be produced, which is the most powerful antioxidant that the body produces, which will help us enter into a deep sleep. So, if you’re looking at a tablet or a smartphone, or a computer screen or a TV that has LED, it’s telling your body it’s daytime, right until you’re ready to go to bed. And so, our melatonin production isn’t going to be optimal. So, it’s going to compromise our sleep. And if we’re grumpy, it’s going to affect the energy in our home. So that’s the kind of way to look at these questions. Just to say to LED lights affect the energy in your home, depends on the intensity where you have them, how many you have; lighting is really important.

Jeffrey – Tami’s asking – “Hello. I’m wondering if a healing crisis is common in those with poor health in the FLFE environment. And have you had any experience with folks healing from chronic conditions by following the guidelines with water, Magnesium and EFA’s?” She goes on to say, “I know that I’ve had zero infections since January while my whole family’s been sick with viruses, they do not know it’s on, and I’m encouraging water and nutrients.” Well certainly when more energy is available to our bodies in that environment, our Innate Intelligence uses that energy for healing. (1:15:00) And definitely, people with chronic conditions easing or changing in health to the positive side. And very occasionally there had been a healing crisis, as you might call that it is one way to speak about it. Then we learned to dial back the health programs as we talked about earlier, then we saw less and less of that. There certainly have been a lot of viruses going around this winter, it’s been really bad.

Clayten – This brings up an interesting topic, because when we were doing research into boosting the immune system in an FLFE environment, and we do that by supporting the body to, for example, optimize its antioxidant production, by increasing the strength of the organs and glands that produce melatonin. And so, there are ways that we can support the higher strength of the immune system within the limits of the technology. So, we were testing; It is in the highest and best interest for people of all creation for people to be sick at times in their yearly, four season cycle or two seasons wherever you’re living. And we got that it was in the best interest of people to be ill at times because it’s nature’s way of updating our biology to the ever-changing biology of the earth. Now, let’s be careful what we ask for. I’m not saying that we need to get sick, I’m saying that a little bit of discomfort from time to time can be our body naturally adapting to the world around it which keeps us adapting and being stronger and building immunity.

So, there are degrees of sickness. And so, a little bit of discomfort can be beneficial in the long term because our body is adapting and getting stronger. And I don’t want to be sick for a whole week or four to five days or even one day really not a heavy sickness or severe sickness. So, I would suggest, Tammy look at taking something to boost the immune system in the home. That would be perhaps something  to do. We have more control over then you know, making people drink more water, it’s hard to get people to change, it’s hard enough to change ourselves sometimes not to mention anybody else.

Jeffrey – So Patricia is asking, “I’ve had  FLFE on my home for three and a half years. What are the long term effects in the FLFE environment?” That’s a good question, Patricia. And, we have certainly been in the FLFE environment much longer than that. And what we’re seeing in our research are long term positive health effects based on the body being in a more energetic environment and more available energy for the body’s intelligence to use. And, you know, I’m certainly healthier than I’ve been, at any time in my life and stronger when it comes to my physical activities. And, I’m 61 years old and I’m feeling at the peak of my strength and health, so, coincidence? I don’t think so. One of the ways we look at it, Patricia is that the FLFE environment is what we’re meant to be in. I don’t want to sound like we have too big of a head about it, but there are a lot of things in our environment, EMF’s and geopathic stresses and other sorts of the conveniences of modern life that are also negative for environments and they don’t create the best environment for us to grow and be healthy and happy and lead a joyful life. And we’re feeling that the long term effect of that for is to be in a better environment that helps us live a life like that.

(1:20:00) Clayten – And we’re adding more things all the time to improve the duration of the positive experience. So, let’s say there are 20 upgrades that the body does in the first year, and then maybe 15 in the second year and 10 and the third year. Our plan is to have it so that we can increase the quality of our lives in the FLFE environment indefinitely. And our hope is that we can really make a difference in subscribers health over the long term.

Jeffrey – Which is sort of a prerequisite for rising in consciousness, which is another way to say more freedom in our life, or more joy and time to smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of life in that when We’re healthy and have good energy we have more capacity. Another way to think of is as a kind of a freedom zone or a way to be free of things that are restraining your consciousness because we’re really about a high consciousness environment. We are creating the optimal environment for us to grow and have a good life and health seems to come along with that as a prerequisite.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking,  “Do you believe distilled water is good, or even better to drink compared to bottled mineral water?” Well, there are many different types of bottled mineral water or tap water so I would say highly mineralized spring water is generally the best water to drink. And there are some really good water treatment systems out there that can take tap water and make it perhaps even better than most spring water. I would say spring water would be your best bet if you’re looking for a blanket answer.

Jeffrey – Christy is asking about past webinars. They’re not on the subscription page, but on the main homepage on the website in the drop-down menus at the top of the page. In the Learning Center, you’ll find all the past webinars and some videos.  There’s a video interview with Regina Meredith. And there are a number of radio shows and podcasts that Clayten and I have done as well as explanations of the service and specifics about the fields and the support of the Innate Intelligence for health that are in the Learning Center as well.

Clayten – Gurjeet is asking – “What about Yogi’s who don’t eat or drink?” There are some genuine Yogi’s who have transcended the body’s need for food or water. There’s one particular gentleman that I remember an experiment being done with him and he was closed in a room and these people that are very high consciousness people, and they’re usually particularly high consciousness in the health part of their life, typically in the 900s, the ones that I’ve studied, I’ve met two people who claim that they were Breatharians for a period of time in their life, and I believe them. It took them a year and a half to go through the process of changing their diet and they had to live in an area where there was either a waterfall the one person, or they’d have to visit an Alpine area where there was wind blowing the dust around because they actually got the minerals from the air. And the other person lived close to the ocean and they had to spend time close to the ocean where the waves were hitting the shoreline hard because they got the prana and then and the negative ionization in the air from the ocean. And they got the mineralization that happens when the water is pounding against rocks. So, I believe it’s possible and it’s great for them.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you, Henry, who is offering gratitude and love to all the team. (1:25:00) He says great folks on the phone as well. Yeah, we do have a pretty incredible team in the office in Nelson BC, Canada which is on Pacific time. So please feel free to call into the office between 9:00 and 5:00; we really have a great bunch of people that would love to talk to you. And if you’re on the Free Trial you might receive a call from someone on the Free Trial team and they’ll answer any questions you have and give you what you need in the way of support during your Free Trial.

Clayten – It’s that time of day Jeff, it’s what 10:30 for you in the evening?

Jeffrey – Right! I’m staring into LED lights right now. I need my low blue light blue blocker glasses, but I don’t have them with me at the moment. Would you like to first and summarize Clayten?

Clayten – Sure. I’m grateful for all the questions. I appreciate your interest in learning more about the Service. And there’s a sense of community and family that I experience on these webinars. I feel like we have a big family out there in the world with all the subscribers, and certainly, the office is becoming such a great place to work. I almost like being in the office more than anywhere else in the world because of the team we have in here. So, thank you all for your support. We talk about this quite a bit, we do a lot of service work with FLFE and your subscriptions help us to do service work. We do a lot of things behind the scenes that we don’t talk about. Just to know that what you spend with us is used to not only help you but to help many people in the world that you may not know about. And we gladly share that karma with you.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you for tonight for all your questions and interest as Clayten said, your continuing support for what we’re doing here and that we all are on this journey together. And it’s quite an interesting time to be alive. There is a lot going on and it is nice to go back to our little, our little bubbles at home and snuggle into our couches and beds and get away from the world a little bit. I’m grateful for all that you have done as customers and Free Trial members to make that possible by supporting FLFE financially and receiving, of course, the value. It also as Clayten said, helps us to support the  larger picture with our service work and we’re continuing to add to the website and getting more information out to you.  Someone mentioned some of the information that’s on the Facebook page in regard to magnesium and essential fatty acids would be good to put on the website. So that’s one of the things in the works. We’ll just keep improving and anyone can stop back on the website and look around every once in a while, I’m sure you will find some new things. And again, if you have any questions, feel free to call the office or email.

Much Love to you, thank you and good night.