Consciousness Update and Regina Meredith Meditation

December 8, 2020

Jeffrey – Hello everyone, thank you for your patience. We started the webinar a little bit early. And before we were quite ready. So, thank you for your patience, we are ready to get started. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We have a special treat today, we have a recorded meditation with Regina Meredith, with a 700 LOC field that activates when listening to the recording. We’re continuing with our new tradition of reporting on the level of consciousness in the world, and the recent history of it. And we also have some time to answer your questions. So please put them in the Q&A for us. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. So, the consciousness update. We haven’t had a webinar for a while. And in the meantime, the level of consciousness of the world has gone up over 200 again. In fact, it’s at 206. That’s over the previous week from 9am this morning. For those of you who are checking in the chat, it’s great to see where everyone is from. Anyone can use the chat to discuss topics that we’re having during the webinar and we ask that all questions are addressed in the Q&A section, we’ll have a brief Q&A today. The LOC of the world was 206 over the previous week from 9am this morning. And the level of functioning (LOF) for those of you who’ve been following that is 310.

So, level of consciousness is more the being energy and level of functioning is more the doing energy. And it appears the theory we had that the relationship between level of functioning and level of consciousness is correct. That being the level of functioning precedes a jump in the level of consciousness of the world by about 100 points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. Of course, all these calibrations are measured according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, so we’ve taken a list of the top four countries where subscribers are for FLFE in this first calibration. The average in 2019 for these countries was between 410 and 435. So, USA, Canada, England, and Australia, are the countries that were between 410 and 435 last year on average.

Right now, the USA is 230 LOC and LOF is 240. In Canada, a little bit higher LOC at 300 and functioning 320. England, the LOC was 199, level of functioning 250. And Australia, LOC was 260 and LOF 310. We did find a correlation between the population density and the level of consciousness of countries that were 400 or higher last year on the Hawkins Map. So, countries like England have a little more dense population in larger cities which seems to be part of the contributing condition to the level of consciousness coming up quickly.

And, with the recent COVID lockdown, I think they’re in a little more serious lockdown position than other places in the world. We also looked at Ireland because Ireland is another one of those countries that has quite a few subscribers. And it’s average last year was 350 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. Right now, it’s 250 and the functioning is 310. I didn’t calibrate the level of functioning of those countries. They were all in about the four-hundreds. And we thought we’d throw in a bonus calibration, the highest country on the planet used to be Singapore. And now it’s Bhutan. Bhutan is 391 LOC, and LOF is 402. It seems the less densely populated countries are less affected and Bhutan is very remote. And they have some interesting views on the world. They’re measuring their gross domestic happiness instead of gross domestic product. I might have that a little bit wrong, but that’s the theme of it. I think that reflects in their level of consciousness, being a little higher and being more resilient.

Jeffrey – Yes, people are always surprised Clayten, that Singapore was the highest country last year. So why would Singapore be behind?

Yes, Singapore. Well, it’s a very densely populated country. So that’s a part of the theme of a denser population. It’s a very small island with many people. The current COVID situation can contribute to people’s fear state. I don’t want to say it causes it because I don’t want to disempower us. When there are many people in a small area, there’s more potential for transmission. And so, people are more concerned about that. And Singapore has many rules and regulations. And in some ways that can help a country calibrate high.  I’m not saying that that’s the answer to high consciousness, but they have a lot of high standards, are very economically stable, which also contributes to higher levels of consciousness. It’s not the cause of it, but it does contribute. So those would be a couple things right off the top of my head. They’ve been quite economically stable for a long time, a very progressive growth in GDP and quite a high income.

Jeffrey – Thanks, Clayten. It’s good to see the world come over 200. You know, it’s been some time, well, really since this all started, that it’s dropped below 200. And that’s just one of those inflection points, that seem to be important enough to be over 200 on the Hawkins Map. It’s good to see that.

Clayten – We were low as 100 in April, Jeff, that was our lowest. I typically test thing on average over a week for the planet because things change all the time. It’s like the ocean, sometimes it’s flat, sometimes it’s wavy. Most of the time there is a breeze, a wave, or a tide of some sort.

Jeffrey – Good news with that, there hasn’t been much good news, at least on the standard network news media’s lately. Today we want to give everyone some extra consciousness Boost. As you may know, we have in the Control Panel a way to use an Environmental Boost and raise the LOC of the environment. We’re sharing a couple of things tonight, that will be helpful for everyone, certainly, we’re glad to have them over the next month and into January. So, let me tell you a little bit about those and Clayten will jump in as well.

We’re going to share with you shortly how to activate two 19-minute 700 level Boosts a day. And that’s through the use of the meditation. And everyone will have two 19-minute 700 level of consciousness, Environmental Boost for the environment. And really, it’s more of a personal Boost. And the meditation is available twice a day through January 7.

Clayten – It could be a kind of stocking stuffer, I guess Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, a stocking Booster!

Clayten – We want to do something for our subscribers and their loved ones for Christmas. That’s kind of a tradition as well. So, we had to come up with what’s the most fun we can have within the power of the machine and our budget to give away. And it’s not just for subscribers, Jeff, it’s for anyone you send the meditation link to.

We’re also adding a permanent increase to the service; a permanent upgrade to FLFE Everywhere. The FLFE Object is now going to be at 590 LOC, instead of 580. And the cell phone or FLFE Object may feel even better now when we touch it. Holding the object up against our skin is a type of boost because it will add energy to our body. So that’s the second announcement and I’ll talk about part two of the second one. So, the phone or Object FLFE Everywhere service has a Boost on it. It’s 600 for five minutes. And it’s not as long as the home environment because the mobile or FLFE  Everywhere takes a lot more energy because it’s moving. And because people don’t have typically the same quality of experience with the phone as they do with the home because the home removes geopathic stress zones and mitigates many other influences. Also, it removes the negative history from the land. We decided to add a little more value to the Boost in the Everywhere service so we’re moving it from 600 to 650. And we have enough power to make that permanent. So, to experience the Environmental Boost, log into the Control Panel, go “Property”, “Mobile Phone”’ or “Personal Object” and push the green “Activate Boost” button. And it is working as of right now.

Jeffrey – Yes, it is live. All of the Everywhere phones and Objects can now boost to 650 once a day, still the same amount of time, five minutes. Well, Clayten, why don’t we answer a few questions, and then after that, we’ll get into the meditation. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Someone is asking, “Does the level of consciousness correlate to the Dr. David Hawkins Map of consciousness?” Yes, it does. We use the Hawkins Map to measure consciousness.

Clayten – Laura Lee is asking, “I always turn FLFE off when I’m receiving a distant healing such as Elaine McKussick’s biofield. I assume the healing would be impacted by FLFE?” Well, generally high consciousness fields enhance healing effects. I would encourage you to experiment with that Lora Lee and see what your experience is. We have many healers, massage therapists, counselors, coaches, and acupuncturists on the service and they’re finding their treatments are more impactful. Adjustments have been easier for chiropractors; coaches and counselors tend to find more insights and emotional releases happen in the sessions. I would encourage you to experiment, Lora Lee.

So, Jennifer is asking, “Is there a limit to how high consciousness can go?” Well, Jennifer, there’s no limit that the FLFE service creates; it’s more like a floor. The way the service works, it creates a bottom which is at least 560 on the Hawkins Map 98% of the time, in the property service. We have many properties on the service that go much higher than that, even above 600. There’s really no limit, it depends on the people in the space. FLFE works to activate a field and helps support the environment to have as few limitations as possible. You know, as Clayten said, with the property service, geopathic stress and history on the land of negative events, negative thoughts, and feelings are cleared.

And so those restraints to rising in consciousness are cleared for the property. And that’s really the purpose of FLFE is to support the evolution of consciousness with no limits. And that bottom level helps us to cope with the day-to-day things occurring and the outside news as we mentioned. So, in Dr. Hawkins work and in your work as well Clayten, there is a 1000 level cap for humans and above that hasn’t occurred as far as we know. Do you want to talk about that Clayten, as far as how high consciousness can go for people on the planet?

Clayten – The research of David Hawkins indicated that the highest level of consciousness a human being could live at, for an extended period of time, is 1000 on the Hawkins Map, The Hawkins Map goes to infinity, it starts at 1.  I assume zero is nonexistence so, we can’t measure non-existence. In terms of the theoretical position of being able to go over 1000 as a person, it might be possible temporarily, but we haven’t found anyone that’s been able to live at that level permanently. Or for an extended period of time. It’s always good to remember that when we’re doing kinesiology, we want to measure the level of consciousness on an average over a period of time. So, when we’re measuring  the world, we’ll typically, do it for a week. If we’re looking at individuals, then it depends on what’s going on in their life.

And, if we don’t test the level of consciousness over a specified period of time, the calibration will default to the instant that we did the calibration. So that’s relevant to testing. I’m not sure where that person wanted to go with the question. But we do have properties on the service at 650 or higher. We discovered that the vortex on the property is typically up to 50 points higher than the average in the property. So, if a property is at 580, both personal and commercial properties, there’s always a vortex. If we can locate it, we can put a crystal there and it will sometimes boost the whole property perhaps 50 points or more. So, we’ve been doing some experimenting with that around the house. I don’t know if we have mentioned that yet, Jeff.

Jeffrey – And that’s a good new bone as we call it, for everyone.

Clayten – Please let us know if anyone experiments with that and what happens. Yes, there’s just so much to share, sometimes we forget to tell people.

Jeffrey – Yes, I think it relates to the next question. We talked about the world and you’d measured it over a week, and it was over 200. So, on the Hawkins Map, just to summarize that a little bit, 200 is the point where things become positive, or move into a positive zone for life. And things below 200 can be a state like despair; even anger is a little bit higher than despair. But once we get into 200, and into hope we start to move into a positive mindset. So, when we get to say 500, the level of love, and unconditional love, I believe it starts at 540 doesn’t it Clayten? And the 560 level of the FLFE properties was chosen as the sweet spot for us to be supported to grow.  And to express ourselves and be all that we can be and still be able to go to work and earn a living in society. This is part of our mission; to support the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. Then once we get to 600 do you want to talk a little what happens there Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, 600 is the beginning of enlightenment. Typically, it’s classified as “ripening” until 700.

Often, when people get to 600, there is a transition where the nervous system has to carry so much energy that it’s not used to carrying, the person will oftentimes not be as active in the world as they were. And values will shift at that level of consciousness where the connection with Divinity is primary, and other things become secondary. And it could be the connection with Divinity through their family, friends, or hobbies, but there’s typically a shift in values where they don’t value things as much as experiences.

Jeffrey – In an environment with more lifeforce energy available, also called Chi or Prana, each point upwards, has 10 times more energy available. So, as we get into these higher levels, into the five hundreds, there’s so much more lifeforce energy available. And the meditation that we did with Regina Meredith is all about accumulating lifeforce energy or Prana. And in these environments, especially the 700 level of consciousness environment on the meditation, there’s a tremendous amount of energy available for us to use. Our bodies can use the extra life force energy for evolution, health, and well-being.

Clayten – James asks, “Is there an actual machine that sends out the signal?” Yes, absolutely, James, there’s a machine.

Jeffrey – So John’s asking, “I’m curious to see the level of consciousness, the LOC trends. Is there a graphic available that shows the LOC by month and by country?” Well, we don’t have that as yet, John. That’s a great idea, thank you. As we get more regular with the consciousness updates, we would have the data and we could do that. We haven’t presented a webinar for a few weeks, so we don’t have a graphic at this time. Thanks.

Clayten – Yes, interesting idea, we’ve played with that idea on and off. We don’t want to make a commitment to something and not maintain it. Many times, we spend most of the energy doing service work or upgrades, and not on gathering data that may be interesting to us, as well as other people. That’s just the way we’ve run things so far. We really want to give everyone as much value as we can. I see in the chat people mentioning about finding the vortex, in case, we don’t get that far down the list because we mentioned it.

So, we find it with dowsing. I mean when we moved into our office, we had a gentleman named Tommy, a friend of Evie’s, who works in the office with us. Tommy came in, he dowsed the land because there was a great deal of construction outside the building. And some of the ways the energy ran around the area had been disrupted. And so, it takes time for the land to settle when some things get changed permanently. I believe this is because large rocks that have crystalline will change the way the energy flows. So, Tommy came in and dowsed the office; he’s been trained in that. I was able to hang out with him while he was doing it. And I was doing it my way and he was doing his way. And so, we were placing crystals all over the property to get the energy flowing. And dowsing is a way of doing that. I just mentioned that with Tommy because he’s an example of seeing it work.

I use kinesiology. If I hold in mind an integrous definition of a vortex and I go through the house, or the property, in our case it was in the house. The vortex that comes down in the property is in this room? No. It’s in this room, no. We did have a subscriber where the vortex ended up going into his pool. And the whole pool went to 700 because they amplify the energy. So, in our house we put a big crystal and a big dragons eye. If we put it where the vortex is, it happens to be right next to the couch in the living room. We put that there, then the whole place went up over 50 points. The whole property goes up, which is kind of interesting. I don’t know if that will happen everywhere. We put all our plants in the vortex, Jeff. Have you tried it in your place?

Jeffrey – I haven’t tried it yet. It’s outside the house, on the porch. I am afraid if I leave a big crystal out there it might affect the mail carrier, they might think it’s a gift for them.

Clayten – We put our plants in the vortex and they get rejuvenated quicker, another tip.

Jeffrey – So Jennifer’s asking, she’s new to this, “Does the measurement of consciousness only include humans?” And no, Jennifer, the gift of Dr. David Hawkins’ work is fields of consciousness, that everything has consciousness. That microphone has a consciousness, this chair has a consciousness,  there’s some level of consciousness in everything, and they’re in the form of fields. And we can feel those as we walk around in the world. Say if we go to a cathedral or a place where there’s worship, we can feel that uplifted feeling maybe as soon as we walk in the door. And in some buildings, as we walk towards the altar, it gets higher. Some of these big cathedrals were designed to have a very high spot at the altar, through the architectural design and what’s underneath it. Perhaps there is some already natural vortex or something that was there. And we can feel that in our body. And we can use kinesiology to measure by using the body. And then there are places we can go that are low when we walk into a room, and it doesn’t feel good, and we’re put on edge, and we’re looking around for possible danger.

In an old prison or an old battlefield, we can feel lower consciousness fields. And in the earth and in the crystalline structure of building materials, there is stored consciousness. And there can be thought forms and fields of consciousness. And so, part of the FLFE service is to clear those in the property service, so they don’t affect us. And, as we said earlier, pull the restraints away so that we can rise naturally to our level. And with FLFE Everywhere, we’re bringing in this higher consciousness energy into the field and it’s displacing negativity if there are any issues on the property. But it’s a bit different where we guarantee on the property that’s going to be at 560, or higher 98% of the time or more, over a specified period. So, we measure the properties, we check all the properties, check the new ones coming over a 24-hour period.

Then every week, we check all the properties over the previous week if they have been on long enough.  And that way we pick up tidal changes. We noticed in the past, tidal issues in Florida, where there was rebar in concrete. And when the tide was up, there was a difference in the consciousness of the area then when the tide was out. It’s really interesting. And so, if we’re not measuring over a time period, as Clayten said, we wouldn’t catch that occurring. So, it’s an interesting little tidbit about measuring.

It’s fluctuating all around us all the time, it seems, there are always things occurring.

Just one more thought about that in California, we noticed a big change in the geopathic stresses when it started raining again.  California was dry for quite some time. When the rain came back,  the aquifers started filling up underground streams. And that water moving changes the flow of energy and it changes the level of consciousness of different areas. So that’s part of part of the service and the work that we do as Clayten mentioned. We focus on making the service better and continue to look for those things affecting the level of consciousness on the properties.

Clayten – Those are good examples, Jeff of the importance of measuring consciousness over a period of time. I remember in Florida, we found when the tide was running, the consciousness of some properties was dropping because of the rebar and the electrostatic charge between salt, rebar, ocean water, and whatever else was going on. So, it’s a good example. In Ontario I used to drive through an area where there was a flood. And we found something new with the big windmills with great big anchors into the ground. When the water table was up at the bottom of the windmill foundations, as the wind was returning, it was sending out a vibration into the whole area. And that was another one that was dropping the level of consciousness. And then when the water table was even higher it was noisier dropping the LOC as well. And there is more happening to discover. There have been so many idiosyncrasies that we’ve figured out over the years; we could talk about those for probably two or three hours.

Jeffrey – We have a question about balancing chakras. And I’ll step back a little bit, we activate a field, as we said to James, there is a FLFE system. And the field is activated, much in the same way that human consciousness, we believe, activates a field around someone when we think about them. And the experience we have of thinking of someone and they call two minutes later, we believe, that they’ve activated a field when they’ve thought of us and we’re now connected in a quantum way. And this connection has us think of each other and then a few minutes later talk on the phone. So along with that activated field, we’re specifying the level of consciousness. We’re not sending a signal; we’re activating a field. And then we’re asking, through our requests to Divinity in the FLFE system, for the level of consciousness to be at a certain level. And for clearings to happen and all the things we’ve been talking about.

And another one is we ask for the chakra system, the energetic system, of the people on the property or within four feet of the of the phone or object to have their energetic systems optimized which includes  balancing and auras. So that is part of the request that’s there. And these requests are working with our Innate Intelligence. They’re working with the intelligent beings that we are and their information and support in the field. And then our system takes it and runs with it. And we’re incredible, consciousness, evolutionary engines. We’re constantly changing and moving and with our intentions can do anything we like. Having support of additional energy and the additional information and tune-ups in the field are part of the gift.

Clayten – Yes, someone is asking if we can measure the Corona, we can measure any area if we have the proper identifiers for the area. I think the corona is an area in space. With the FLFE service, we have something called a unique identifier. And, for the mobile or everywhere service, the mobile phone, or the cell phone or an object, we have to have a picture of the object; with a cell phone, we can use the cellular phone number. With a property there’s only one property with that address in that area in that country in that province or region or state or whatever the country calls it. So that makes it unique. So, if we have the proper identifiers, we can measure consciousness anywhere.

Jeffrey – So Connie is asking, “What causes the level of consciousness to go up?” As we explained, we’re activating a field. And we’re making a request in the FLFE system for the level of consciousness to be at a certain place on the Hawkins Map. And the clearing has to occur first to clean up what’s there on the property. But it’s an activated field, it works just the same way as human consciousness.

If someone is doing distance healing, there is some kind of identifier needed for the client. So, the healer is activating that field, and then they’re holding a healing intention for that person. And that’s what we’re doing with the FLFE system. We’re holding a high consciousness intention or request for the  property, so it acts in much the same way.

Clayten – Mikal has an experience they’d like to share. “A couple of weeks ago, I was having a video conversation with a good friend of mine. And during the call, I used the Everywhere Boost. My intention was to see if she would feel it or behave differently. And when I did the Boost, we happen to be hugging our phones to make it seem like we were hugging in reality. And she was feeling the same way I felt it; a warm feeling in my heart area.” Yes, this is interesting, we do get people who are in the FLFE environment and they call people and have a different experience from when they call people and they’re not in the FLFE environment.  This this Boost that we just gifted, for example, is around the speakers, and also around the person listening. So, let’s say that we had our phone headset in and we’re listening to the meditation, and someone’s within, say, five feet of our aura, if we held their hand the auras would be connected. And so that would transfer partially to them. I don’t know how much, there could be a lot of variables in that. But I find that interesting. And we do get stories like that. Maybe you want to add something to that Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, one of the things we’ve discovered in this past year, is that we can project the FLFE energy, or gift it to someone, much in the same way that healers have an intention to someone.  And, as in this example, through the phone they’re connected, there’s a quantum association where the Boost can be experienced by both parties. So, it just shows how consciousness is so pervasive throughout everything. And there’s so much going on that mainstream science is starting to discover those quantum associations. We have found we can take the FLFE energy, and direct it for ourselves for a specific healing. We can direct it to someone else, we can bless a piece of land, we can bless an animal. So, it’s something for us to work with, and especially during the Boost time, as, this example shows.

Why don’t I talk a little bit about this meditation? In November, we recorded a meditation with Regina Meredith, and we’ve been talking about it a little bit here. And this was for her Patreon group. So, it was a special live experience for them. And the purpose of the meditation, the way Regina had had spoken, is to increase our personal Prana or personal lifeforce energy. And there are some also some special FLFE fields we activated during that live event. And they’re now activated when we listen to this meditation. So, while the meditation is playing and this is every time it plays now, we will give you the details of that. The full FLFE Everywhere service is activated around the speakers. So, as Clayten mentioned, if we are listening through earbuds, they become FLFE Everywhere objects, just like they’re on the service, and only for the duration of the 19 minutes of the meditation. So, it’s all the benefits. It’s, EMF mitigation, it’s the chakra balancing we mentioned, it’s all the other benefits there for 19 minutes. Do you want to tell everyone about the other the other field that’s activated?

Clayten – Yes, there’s a 700-field activated for each person listening to the meditation. So that’s a five-foot radius around that person. And that’s for the 19 minutes as well. So, we did this, because we thought that if we were able to gather for Christmas, and socially distance at this time, and through the holiday season, then if we play the meditation, all those people would have a 700-field activated around them.

Jeffrey – And it could be in the background.

Clayten – Yes, I mean, I started to wonder how big this could go. I guess if we were in a room with 50 people, it would work if we’re in a room of 500 people, it would work.

Jeffrey – Well, there aren’t too many stadiums gathering. So, we don’t have to ask anyone to not play it in a stadium of you know, 10,000 people right now. However, that might change the world. Could be interesting.

Clayten – Yes, we couldn’t use the FLFE energy on a stadium because we use machines, as James was asking earlier, and it would over-utilizing the capacity of the machines for that large of a gathering. So, we wanted to do this because a lot of us will be in very small groups this holiday season, and we won’t be able to have the same traditions and social time that we used to have with friends and family. So, we wanted to give you something to help make the holiday better.

Jeffrey – This meditation will be available on the website. In fact, it’s available right now, on the FLFE website, on the video page. Go to Learn on the main menu, within that there are videos, and everyone can find it there. So, it’s there to enjoy and share with others. There’s no limit, we can share with anyone we like. And while they’re listening, they will be on the full FLFE Everywhere service and have the 700 field. It’s our holiday gift to you and to everyone and anyone we wish to share it with. And even though it’s unusually high consciousness, the meditation is relatively short, 19 minutes, so we can share it with anyone. And there is a limit, right, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we had to limit it to twice per day. And we ask everyone to not drive a car or operate any machinery, don’t fly a plane. You know, don’t do anything physically demanding while you’re doing this, because it can take a lot of attention.

Jeffrey -Yes, and this will last through the end of the day on January 7. We have this meditation setup to expire at that time. So, just through the holidays. And it gives two 700 Boosts a day. And we hope you enjoy it. And we’d love to hear from everyone. Once we play the meditation, we welcome feedback on everyone’s experience of it. And tomorrow, if anyone plays it in the background, we’d love to hear their feedback. We can be contacted thru the FLFE CRS and Free Trial representatives who are there for the customers. Or respond to any of the emails we’ve already sent. And just let us know; it would be really interesting to hear how it went. And we can talk about it in the next webinar.

Clayten – And for anyone wondering if the volume has to be very loud, just barely audible will work. If it’s playing from the speakers, it’s possible to feel the difference. Some in our community are quite sensitive to energy. So just experiment with how loud it has to be.

Jeffrey – So on the website, again, Learn, Videos, we have little description of it. And we have some additional notes as well. If we discover something new or different, we’ll put some notes down at the bottom of that paragraph. That’ll be a place for new information so feel free, everyone, to use it and share it with many people. At this time in the world there’s some fear, worry and, separation from our loved ones. And I know I wasn’t able to have a Thanksgiving with my parents. And so, it’s really nice to have the FLFE environment living day to day but having the Boosts really can help. So, we’re happy to share it with everyone. What do you think Clayten? Are we ready?

Clayten – We are, enjoy!

Regina Meredith Meditation –