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November 27, 2018 

Jeff – Welcome to our second FLFE  webinar on EMFs which are electromagnetic fields. And tonight, we’ll have a discussion of the details of the FLFE EMF mitigation program, which mitigates the effects of consciousness lowering EMFs. And we’ll go into a lot of detail about that. And this program will be added to all FLFE subscriptions on December 5. I’m Jeffrey Stegman. 


Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.  


Jeffrey – Well, we’ll start tonight by sharing the results from a survey. This is a survey of people that did a pre-launch experience of the FLFE EMF mitigation program. So, there’s some quite interesting results, I think you’ll like to see it. So why don’t we just take a minute and take a look at that? This is a survey seven days after people went on the EMF mitigation program, this is added to standard FLFE. So, they were already on FLFE 

And 57 people responded. So, we can take a look at the changes that they experienced in reporting to us. It’s quite interesting. We have, you know, the top one is more energy, less fatigue. So that’s, you know, around 32 responses. Better sleep is up there, too, right? It’s 30, quite a few people reported just a cleaner feeling atmosphere, just quieter, less jangly feelings, more serene, and quiet. And that led to better sleep we’ve got other is pretty high. So, the comments, dig a little deeper into what that means. And then we’ve got a group of people that that had less or no headaches. So, we’ve got 17 people that had less or no headaches. So that’s, that’s really good as well, then we had some decrease in digestive issues, and some other issues – less heart palpitations. So that’s interesting. So, any comments there, Clayten, before we move on to the next section? 


Clayten –  Yeah, so this was a group of people who agreed to be in the beta test, we had been taking requests over time to explore who would be interested in the beta test. And as these things often do,  it took longer than we anticipated, because there was a lot to learn. And the reason we made a category called others is because we wanted to have 10 areas, so we had a control, it’s easy to do the math if you have 10 categories. So that made it easy that way. There are other categories that Jeff has, other than what Jeff has mentioned, they are kind of less significant. So, I’ll just let you pick it up again, Jeff. 


Jeffrey  – We’ll be publishing this on the website at some point in the next couple of weeks. So, you’ll be able to look at it in more detail. When we do bring on the program for all subscribers, which looks to be December 5, you’ll have a chance to do a survey as well, if you wish,  that is very helpful for us to do that. So, this is asking for changes since the start of the program on negative emotional or psychological effects of EMF and there was a pre-survey as well. So, one of the big ones is to decrease feelings of stress. So that was 34 people out of 57. Then we’ve got decreased anxiety and decreased confusion or brain fog. 24 people reported that, so you know, half the people. So, it’s pretty interesting –  the results here are really great to have in writing. And again, we’ll share it with you. We just wanted to go through this just to show you what’s been happening and what people are noticing. And now we’ll go back into talking about how it works.  


Clayten – I thought I should mention one thing, Jeff, before we move on from this. One of the startling awareness’s is that we were reminded of is that people didn’t realize they were having a slight headache, or they didn’t realize a background of anxiety or fear thoughts, or brain fog, as Jeff said. So, there were these background conditions that exist in our environment that we don’t notice until they’re gone. And that goes along with the principle of contrast of having one environment and then having another environment and, of course, we influenced through the technologies with the FLFE technology. I just thought that we should mention that. We weren’t trying to skew people’s perceptions we were trying to gather the information based upon –“explore what’s different for you in this new environment” So often people weren’t even really conscious of, oh, my goodness, I didn’t know my thoughts can be this clear. There are lots of testimonials we have, and we’ll get into those. But that was the one that kind of surprised me as people didn’t realize how clear their thinking could be or didn’t realize the background stress there were carrying until it went away. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, yeah, great point, Clayten. And just in terms of the contrast, once this goes live for all subscribers, and this is for properties, and for FLFE everywhere, which includes mobile phone, and the mobile object. So, we will go into details about the program and all of it will have an EMF mitigation soon as part of it, and in your member login section in the customer portal, you’ll be able to turn off and on the EMF mitigation program separately from the service. So, it’s kind of a great thing, we’re really excited to be able to do this. Because, currently up to this point, you’ve been able to turn the FLFE service on and off. And you can get the contrast that way in your in your environment. And now you’ll be able to, with the FLFE service on be able to turn the EMF mitigation on and off, it’s just part of our part of our ethics for you to trust yourself to have the experience of the contrast yourself. So just wanted to mention that.  

So, let’s talk a little bit about how it works. And we’ll start with some of the definitions and we talked about these last time, but we’ll just we’ll go over them quickly. EMFs of course, are electromagnetic fields. And they can be naturally generated by the sun, by the earth, by thunderstorms. They can be human-generated, infrared, thoughts, fire photons, and they could be machine or technologically generated, which what we tend to think of as EMFs, the routers and cell phones and towers, and that sort of thing. So, our focus is on EMF, that lower consciousness. And as we talked about in the last webinar, our focus is consciousness. And we look at all the properties and we measure the level of consciousness on the properties using consciousness kinesiology, and we noticed that certain things or factors lowered the level of conscious some environments and certain EMF were lowering consciousness. And that’s really where we’re coming from, and why we wrote the program in the first place. Just to review that.  I’ll just hit the few of these others. So fragmented waveforms, these are incomplete or partial electromagnetic field signals that lower consciousness in an environment. So, this could be routers and cell towers that are maybe quite far away, or just out of range, the signals are coming in, they might be breaking up, bouncing around crossing each other interacting, it’s kind of breaking up into these fragmented waveforms, also known as electronic, or EMF smog. So, I’ll just hit the last two, and then we can move into the details of the program. So, we’re calling this the EMF mitigation program. And in this context, it means to greatly reduce the negative effects, we’re not guaranteeing 100% reduction in consciousness lowering effects or other related negative effects, things are rapidly changing, many new things are coming out, and we continue to upgrade the service, you know, as these new technologies appear.  


Clayten – I should mention something here, Jeff, when we were doing the research for the EMF program, we had to decide in what context we were going to measure the effect. And we made a list of 800 devices at the beginning of the research. And it became pretty clear that if we were going to measure the effect on every device, that we probably wouldn’t ever have a complete list. Because new devices come on all the time, with different frequencies or different powers of frequencies, there are now long-range routers that have three antennas instead of two and there just used to be one. And there’s boosters. And there’s a lot of companies making these products, there’s the Smart Home movement, where when you purchase a product, and you have it a barcode on the product, you can scan it into your fridge, and it will send an SMS to the grocery store. I’ve heard of them, I haven’t seen them. And they’ll put that order in for you when you go pick it up, or it’ll send it to your email. And it’ll go on a list of things that you’re going to pick up at the grocery store. And, of course, on the way home from work on your phone, you can go on to an app and tell the air conditioning to come on before you get home or start the oven and have your food being cooked. So, there’s more and more of these devices all the time. So, when you’re looking at mitigating EMFs you really have to choose where you’re going to do your work. And so, I just wanted to mention that because for anybody to guarantee 100% reduction, they’d have to be measuring the all the new devices that come out every month. We’ll use a month as an example. And all the ways that these that these devices interact with each other and all the different types of environments. And so, it just became pretty clear that we weren’t realistically going to be able to do that. I just wanted to add a little context to the mitigation part, we believe it’s very high in the high 90th percentile, like in the 99 ish range. And we have some evidence that it does reduce EMFs we’re going to publish in the month of December as well. And the challenge and we’ll talk about this more later is not all conventional devices measure subtle energies. So we’ll get into that a little bit later as well, and what type of technologies you can use to measure EMF influences in your environment. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you, Clayten. It really leads to the next definition, which is harmonized. And so, our focus is Clayten said, is consciousness. And as we’re measuring the change in the level of consciousness of an environment, it’s our contention that that is one of one of the most important measurements of the health of the environment, you know, it’s the amount of life force energy there. In environments, it’s how positive the environment is for life. So that’s one of the ways that we look at EMF, whether it’s negative for life or positive for life. And we’re using kinesiology testing. And people are just using how they feel as well in the field in this program. And it’s something we’ll talk a little bit about later. But being harmonized to us means that the EMF signal is no longer negative for life. If it is a consciousness-lowering EMF signal it is no longer negative for life instead becomes positive for life. We’ll talk a little bit more about that later. So harmonized energy increases the level of consciousness of an environment and increases the life force energy that’s present. And that’s available for all living things in the environment. 


Clayten – Yeah, just to add to that Jeff mentioned earlier that we really started looking into EMFs when the properties were going below level – below the 560 guarantee that we have. And our research kept telling us that it was more routers coming into a neighbourhood. And that was starting to drop the level of consciousness of the properties. So, we knew that FLFE was supporting these waveforms to be more positive. And we were looking at geopathic stress zones between 15 and 99%. And as we do more and more geopathic stress programs, it becomes higher and higher, more consistent. But the reason we got into the EMF field is because it kept dropping the level of consciousness of the properties. And so, we had to look at it from that point of view, because that’s where we believe our expertise is. And a lot of things happened when we started looking into it, including having to find words like, harmonized, that are not in the general vernacular, not in the general language in society, you’re talking about EMFs, people are talking about blocking them, or maybe neutralizing them. But when you get into harmonizing it’s a different context, because you’re making that energy positive for life and our kind of assumption or position is that if an EMF is negative to life, then it’s a negative EMF. And so, a lot of the challenges that come up when you’re writing these programs to compensate for these influences is you have to sometimes invent a new word or discover a language and the field or the particular field of that area that is suitable to have a high degree of truth. And so deflecting EMFs or blocking EMFs or neutralizing EMFs isn’t a complete concept, it’s similar to what we talked about last week, with hydration, you have to consider the weight of the person, the type of food they’re eating, the exercise, the environment if it’s really hot. So, things like that you have to include in the in the conversation or the ability to find the truth is really diminished. 


Jeffrey – Yes,  and as you are talking about an EMF the negative or consciousness lowering EMFs that affects the consciousness of an environment, our intention is to create the most supportive environment, the most supportive sanctuary environment for people to be supported to evolve in, the evolution of consciousness. So, as we looked at what was happening in these properties, there were two discoveries that were very important and are really the basis for this program, the EMF mitigation program. The first one we discovered a while ago when we were working on the FLFE Everywhere and the cell phone because people were concerned about their cell phones. And as we created this FLFE zone around a higher consciousness around cell phones, it was being affected by the emissions, the EMF fields that are emitted by the cell phones. So, we discovered that if you raise the level of consciousness of a device, a cell phone, that’s where we started, it’s emitting an EMF and at a certain level of consciousness, the EMF, the energies emitted become positive for life. So, if you think about it, the cell phone, in this case, is vibrating, it has a certain energy from this level of consciousness. And as that goes up to higher levels, in this case, the first level that we realized it was working was 580 on the Hawkins map. So, the antennas are vibrating, every part of the cell phone is vibrating and somehow the emissions now become positive for life. And the only way we knew that is by the testing using kinesiology. And you can do this yourself. If you have a cell phone that’s not on the FLFE program, and you bring it in front of you – you may notice that you might tend to rock away from it, if you’re kind of on the on the balls of your feet might rock back. And if you put the cell phone on the EMF program through a free trial or subscription, and then you bring it in front of you’ll tend to move towards it. So that’s the way people are testing this for themselves. So, then this this source, this EMF emission is now positive for life. So, the environment is now positively affected by that harmonization. As that level of consciousness is coming up, and the emission of the energy is positive for life, we call it harmonized. And that as we said, that’s applied to the cell phones. Do you want to talk about the Shungite Clayten? That’s an interesting discovery. 


Clayten – Yeah, the second major discovery and it’s an interesting thing when you’re doing research like this, we thought last year when we started investigating this, that we could maybe figure it out in a month or two, and you don’t know what you don’t know. And so, when you’re doing research on something, you can’t buy the answer, you can’t buy the truth, you can increase the odds of finding it by spending more money on it. And spending more time but that really has to be given to you, I guess, on some level, and I mean, persistence makes a lot of difference. And maybe if you persist long enough with anything you can you can crack the code on it.  It can be difficult spending years trying to figure one thing out and this is sort of where Shungite came in. We were trying to find the most appropriate material to help us harmonize the EMFs and to pick up the energetic signature of that material because we were trying different ways to harmonize the vibration and we couldn’t find the answer. And then, you know, it’s kind of reminds me of the inventor of the light bulb with Edison where he tried, like 1200 different materials. And then he finally found the right one, I don’t think it was 1200, but it was a lot of materials. And we finally came across Shungite and Shungite is from a meteor or several meteors that have come to the earth primarily in Russia. And we’ve we found a way to take the energetic signature of Shungite and apply it to both harmonize neutralize or dissipate consciousness lowering EMFs, so if you go online, you can find a picture of it. It’s a black, lustrous, natural occurring – well, it’s from an asteroid in Russia. And there are many people aware of Shungites’ capabilities, we just sort of finally found out that it was the most appropriate substance to harmonize EMF.  And then once we discovered we can harmonize EMF or dissipate or neutralize it, we also figured out that it could pick up all the electronic smog, Jeff was talking about all the fragmented waveforms.  It’s like, you know when you have a Wi-Fi signal is not quite good enough to surf the web, or your cell phone keeps dropping at the end of your range. There’s all that electronic smog there. So, there’s radio stations that are beaming broadcasts around the Earth. There’s all kinds of radars you can imagine if we could see all of the fragmented waveforms in an environment that may be a little bit just disarming and Shungite is the key for that as well. So, it seemed to be the answer that we were looking for. And many people use it already. In fact, when we started talking about Shungite a friend of mine in Sedona when we were giving a talk down there, and they were doing an experiment where they had a bunch of plants in a room with a whole wall smart meters. And the plants were all growing away from the Smart Meters and starting to shrivel, and they put Shungite on the back of every smart meter. And then the plants started moving towards the smart meters and they started growing better. And the only difference was the Shungite. 


Jeffrey –  And you know, that energy went from being negative to life to positive for life, the plants are growing towards it, and thriving, so that is undoubtedly harmonized in our definition.   

 Yeah, the fragmented waveforms must be like a soup that we’re in, I mean,  there’s all these bits and pieces, and they have energy and they can be disruptive to our energetic systems, to our nervous systems. And it may contribute to the experience people have had, this feeling or more clear thinking and less anxiety, you know, that chaotic energy can cause us to feel anxious. And it’s one of the experiments that we did recently, which we’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks on the website. There was a reading of the energy of a room and there was a quite a bit of up and down in the control that was pre FLFE with the EMF mitigation program. So, there’s a lot of energy, the readings were very chaotic, lots of ups and downs and in once FLFE came on with the EMF mitigation, the energy was much cleaner and much less chaotic, so that would be an indicator that just a lot less energy there that can feel chaotic and maybe anxiety producing for us.  


Clayten –  I think they call it entropy, Jeff, less entropy was the technical term for I didn’t know what that meant until I heard from that person. 


Jeffrey – Yes, we’ll have that on the website as well. It’s an interesting study. So, we can get a little bit more into how the program works, we’ll talk about both for properties and for the everywhere service. So, there are different sources of EMF energy in an environment.  You have what’s inside the environment. So, we’re talking about a home subscription, you’ve got all the routers, the refrigerators, microwaves, the cell phones, the boosters, the motors, on the blowers on the furnace, all of those are producing EMFs in some form.  Light bulbs, certain kinds of light bulbs emit EMFs.  So, all of those are producing electromagnetic fields. And the first part of the EMF mitigation program is to harmonize all those in the environment. So that’s within the bounds of the property, all of the EMF negative or for consciousness lowering EMFs emitted, the device itself rises in consciousness, and then the output is harmless. So that’s the first step. Very much like we do with the cell phone. It’s exactly the same process. 

 So then secondly, we have EMF signals coming from outside and that’s, when you look on your Wi-Fi list, all those other all those other nearby neighbours and their routers. And then it’s all the ones beyond that you can’t even see that are still sending. And it could be smart meters, it could be different types of cell phone transmitters, you know, 2G, 3G, 4G 5G. So those are those are harmonized as they’re entering the environment, or even before they get to the environment. Due to interactions with the FLFE field and the energetic signature of Shungite. The way we’ve written to programs is those beams coming in those fields, those waveforms become harmonized, as they start to enter the environment. Anything you’d like to say about that Clayten? 


Clayten – It’s like you said, it, well, it’s not only the influences that are in the environment, we bring all of the devices to 580 which harmonizes the emanations or emissions from the device. And then all the influences from the outside, all the things that we don’t even know about, it picks up all of those and harmonizes everything . I’m just seeing here in our notes that we do have subscribers with properties that do calibrate very high on the map of consciousness, some of them are over 600, and people have asked us what their property is, and we don’t get into the details about it, I just thought I should say, and Jeff might pick up on this and expand upon it, is that we don’t limit the level of consciousness that your environment can go to – we don’t limit your possibility for raising your own consciousness in any way, we just create a very high platform for you to work on. So, some people do wonder why it isn’t higher. It’s just that the context of our mission is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness and an economized society. So, if the level of consciousness was pushed up much higher than it is right now, it would make it difficult for people to function as they adjust to the high field. So, we’ve talked about this before. But I think it’s worth mentioning, again, because we’re talking about harmonizing these influences that we’re not limiting you in any way, we’re just creating a very high bottom for you to start at. 


Jeffrey – Yes that’s a good point. One of the things we realized in the program is that if you’re harmonizing all these incoming energies, and they’re raising the level of consciousness on the properties,  you could have a very high energy come in say it’s a radar at an airport that somehow is sweeping over the house that’s quite a lot of energy.  And you’re harmonizing all of that the level of consciousness of the property could rise pretty dramatically. So, I mean it’s a lot better than it going down very dramatically. But again, we’re trying to create the optimal environment for us to evolve as Clayten said, and live and do good work and function. So, if the incoming harmonized energy would artificially raise the level above 600 on the Hawkins map, then we neutralize and dissipate the excess. But as Clayten said, if you’re naturally above 600 in your property, it’s not going to affect that at all. It’s only if it’s artificially caused by some incoming energy that, you know, before it was harmonized, it would have been negative and would have been causing the level of consciousness to go down on properties. It’s better to go up we don’t feel that, based on what we’re providing as a service, that it should go up artificially too high or higher than 600.  


Clayten –  That also applies to the FLFE Everywhere service, because it will be on that as well. If this energy wasn’t worth the programming , if it wasn’t written in such a way that it didn’t artificially go over 600, then you could go stand next to a power station perhaps and the energy coming out of that would be extremely high, because it’s all being harmonized and making it be more positive. So, there’s things like that we have to consider in the program.  


Jeffrey – Like I noticed, when I walk around Nelson BC, there are all these transformers, you know, alongside the road. And standing next to that if you had FLFE Everywhere on your phone, and you had the EMF mitigation program, and if we didn’t have this 600 limit, you could be 650, 700, and you could just be blissed out and hanging out there on the street. So that it’s a good point. It’s about balance and creating the optimal environment. So just finishing on the property, the fragmented waveforms, they’re neutralized, removed due to the interaction to the field and the energetic signature, Shungite. So, they’re really picked up and taken to the ground and dissipated. So, in FLFE Everywhere, it’s a moving object, it’s a phone or an object, a personal object. And the mitigation zone is a five-foot bubble around the phone or the personal object, and it moves with you. So that’s really that’s where the main mitigation is happening. But in order to create the five-foot bubble all of the consciousness lowering EMF emitters within 50 feet of the phone, or the objects are then harmonized, or brought to the appropriate level of consciousness.  580 is sort of the magic number with cell phones. But other things could be a higher level. So again, five foot is where all the mitigation is happening. But within 50 feet we’re harmonizing all the emitters that would affect that five-foot bubble. And the same with incoming signals from outside that they’re harmonized, with FLFE, with the program in with the energetic signature of Shungite. 

 And just for a visual with you might be interested in – as the energy comes into the environment, the FLFE and the Shungite is kind of climbing up moving up into that waveform sort of neutralizing towards the source of the emission. So, it’ll be interesting with the FLFE Everywhere it’s moving, you know, we’re pulling out fragmented waveforms or the EMF smog, but there may be some limitations on how quickly that can be removed. Depending on how fast you’re moving fast, you’re in a car, you’re moving fast, you’re an airplane, we don’t have a lot of research yet how much of that fragmented waveform can be pulled out in a very fast-moving pace. So, we can’t guarantee that that that it can be removed and we’re not  at 100% anyway. But there may be some limitations depending on how fast you’re moving. 


Clayten – Yeah, if you’re in a bullet train or if you’re travelling  600 miles an hour in an airplane… we’re pretty conservative in the way we claim things. So, we like to have lots of research on something even if it’s just kinesiology we do, you know, typically we’ll have hundreds of calibrations on something, making sure the inquiry is excellent before we start to get into that area of assessing how much we can do in that environment. And there’s so many environments, it just takes a long time to get all the research done. So, there’s no point in holding back on sharing the good we have with you. It’s just if you are asking as a stewardess in an airplane if the EMFs are harmonized, and the reason I mentioned that is because I have a friend who was a stewardess for many years. And she noticed that many of her co-workers found that their skin was getting kind of dry and cracked. And they seem to be prematurely ageing. And they thought that was because of all of the electronics in a plane because they spent a lot of time in a plane.  It’s also very dehydrating, travelling at that height apparently, and going up and down through the atmosphere.  So, I was just thinking about that situation in particular.   


Jeffrey – One thing we should mention is that the EMF mitigation program does all of this and all the devices that are involved that maybe harmonized or devices within the environment or outside the environment, this is designed where they all operate within their original equipment manufacturers standards, so they may actually work better than they did before. But they definitely will be operating within those standards.  


Clayten – Just one thought there before we go on to the next topic,  I think it was last webinar, I mentioned that there was a 15-foot bubble, that there is a 15-foot level of protection. And what we found out is we had to make that 50 feet to harmonize all the EMFs coming in. So sometimes when we’re talking about these things, we find out that we can get 98% if we harmonize all the influences within 15 feet. But if we get to 50 feet, we can harmonize all of the influences to 99% at least according to our measurement. So, we just constantly are trying to make it better. And part of the issue is it takes a lot of power to do the FLFE Everywhere program. It takes, I think it’s 2000 times the amount of power for a mobile object than it does for a home. So sometimes we have to upgrade the technology. And it takes us a little while. And sometimes we find ways of upgrading it that we didn’t know we could do when we start looking into it.  We have our standard ways. But then there are new ways that we that are discovered. So, you might hear us occasionally make a statement, and then, later on, we’re doing a better job than we claimed in the beginning. So, we’re just trying to do as much as we can with the resources we have. So, if you hear that from the last webinar, and you hear from this one, now you know what happened. And in general, we just try to upgrade things whenever we can, and we have to have the understanding them and we have to have the resources to do it in terms of power.  


Jeffrey – And we keep the website particularly the Learning Center FLFE programs section pretty up to date. And all the things we talked about today are in there, we’re in the midst of revamping the look of the website right now. So, we’re not making changes at the moment. But if you go to the Learning Center under FLFE programs, you can find all this information. So, our next webinar is after the launch of the program. So, the EMF mitigation program will be on all subscriptions on December 5, and you’ll receive an email and we’ll do a little notice in the Facebook page as well, just let you know. And as I said, if you’re willing to do a survey that would be helpful for us. And then the next webinar we’ll have a whole webinar to share experiences about the start of the program and ask questions. So, we’re at that point here and if you have questions, you can put them in the Q&A. And also, if you would like to raise your hand, we can recognize you and you could join us.  


Clayten – Janet is was asking ”if we can measure the energy of place before we send the service?” Absolutely, Janet, we use consciousness kinesiology or muscle testing to do that. And Janet also mentioned that “ theoretically, we should be able to achieve this level of consciousness without the artificial boost, or is it effective and protect protecting us?” Absolutely, we can achieve these raises in consciousness without any outside assistance. We’ve been doing this since there have been humans on the planet. These are the lessons that all the masters are teaching us.  

What we want to do is just create the optimal environment that’s free of all these conditions that aren’t supporting us, there is a benefit to Wi-Fi and cellular phones. And there’s a price that we’re paying on a maybe on a level we don’t understand. So, we’re just trying to get all the benefits without any of the harm.  I just didn’t want anybody to think that we’re limiting your consciousness, the whole point of this is to help you raise your consciousness.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, as Clayten said there are many factors that we’re discovering that lower the level of consciousness of the environment and that we have to work harder. With the FLFE service, we want to create that sanctuary where we don’t have to work so hard and we can concentrate on our meditations on our personal development, however, we do it.  We have an environment that helps us to do that, that supports us. 

 So, Anne is saying “I’m sorry, I’m out of the loop. I didn’t sign up for the EMF, do I have its protection? I’m very concerned,  I’m 500 feet from a cell tower.  I demanded Comcast remove the Wi-Fi router and put me back on wires. But a friend found out that I still had Wi-Fi cellular phone service and using routers and people’s homes for connection points. My mother was implanted with a pacemaker and they didn’t tell us.  She had to have a  Wi-Fi unit one week later here at the home she had a seizure and had to be hospitalized eight weeks later.” 

Yes,  if you didn’t sign up for the pre-launch experience on December 5, all of the FLFE subscriptions and free trials will have the EMF mitigation program that we’re talking about. So, it looks like Laura has a question.


Laura – I have two questions. One is I came, onto the call a little late, so you may have already answered this. And I apologize if I’m asking a question you’ve already answered. But I’m, I’m wondering… I’m just brand new, basically, less than a month on the on the program in my house. And so, I’m wondering, you talked about measuring the consciousness level of the properties is that something that you that you can do, or find out like where your house is on that consciousness level?  


Jeffrey – Well, we’re not able to do it on an individual level. It’s, it’s very labour intensive, it takes really the intelligence of a human body to measure it. So, what we do is we measure in large batches. Three times a week, we measure all the properties that as they come on, once they’ve been on 24 hours. And then once a week, we measure all the properties on the service. And so, by doing it in a batch, and using kinesiology, 

we’re finding very few that that are not at 560 or higher 98% of the time or more on the Hawkins map. And when we do like, over the summer, we had found some and people got a refund, and we have some people that are still on the service at no cost, you while we find the issue and write new programs, basically, it’s an influence that we haven’t accounted for. Hmm, interesting. So, your property is, and all the properties now, are at 560 or higher.  


Clayten – If there’s a reason that your property is not at 560, we would have sent you an email right away, because we tag them within our CRM, and you get a sequence of emails, and you continue to get the service for free until we fix it. And so, there’s properties that are, say 552 instead of 560. So, you’re getting a lot of benefits. But if it’s not at 560 or higher, you get it for free. 


Laura – Very cool. And, so if you have more than one like little building on a piece of property? Does are both buildings being like is, are all the buildings that are on that property being covered?  


Jeffrey – There is there is a limit to the size for very large properties. But if it’s five acres or less than everything, everything is covered. 


Laura –  Okay, great. And so, my other question was that I’m wondering, Is Shungite something that we can find somewhere that we can use to because I know I we have a smart meter. And yeah, I’d love to be able to neutralize it.  


Clayten – So I’ve tested smart meters with FLFE on and with an off and what I have tested is harmonized.  And you can buy Shungite online, you can buy it at most crystal stores, and we just don’t know the size of the Shungite in the placement for every router in the world. Because we haven’t reviewed every smart meter. So, you can certainly do an experiment, you could you could put a plant next to the Smart Meter the way it is, and if you have the FLFE EMF program on you can see how the plant survives, because most plants don’t do well next to these smart meters, and then you could put more and more Shungite around it and see what happens. 


Laura – I didn’t realize that your program actually harmonized that as well. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, that was one of one of the discoveries we made is that we could bring in the energetic signature of Shungite into the field. And that in combination with the program that we write which first of all, harmonizing everything within the environment, raising the level of consciousness of the emitter, so that what it’s emitting is positive for life, and then the Shungite and the EMF program harmonize anything coming into the environment. And then we’re also pulling out the EMF smog, or those kinds of fragmented pieces of, of the EMF energy as it comes in. 


Laura  – Wow, wonderful. Well, I’m so I’m really so happy to have the program. So, thank you so much for doing this and creating it and I appreciate having the ongoing kind of education about the program and, and what it can do. So, thank you. 


Jeffrey  – Yeah, thank you. Thanks for being with us on this journey. 


Clayten – There’s lots of information on the website, Laura and previous webinars and under FLFE programs in the Learning Center. There’s lots of information there if you want to look on the website. 


Clayten – I’m just thinking about Ann Roberts, Jeff,  if she calls the office, she can be put on the EMF program before the fifth.  


Jeffrey – Yes, we can. We really should say that to all of you, if you like, if you do want to go on the EMF program now, you just let the office know and they can put a tag on. This is just for properties at the moment, they can put a tag on your record, and you’ll get a chance to do the survey and you can join us. So, if you do have a concern, and you don’t want to wait until fifth, just come on in the office now and they’ll take care of that for you. 


Clayten – Judy was saying that her EMF trial ended on the 22nd I’m assuming this November my portal still shows EMF available. It can be turned on and off. Is it still actually connected? I just wondered, since the seven day or the trial for seven days, I have been turning it on and off to experiment. 


Jeffrey – Yes, the EMF trial, even though the survey came out on the seventh day, the EMF is continuing on the service, the people that did the pre-launch experience or the beta test. It’s really truly a production and the production level. It’s continuing on your property Judy. And we’re allowing anyone that’s on the free trial whose free trial ends, you can, if you subscribe between now and the fifth, you’ll also be on the EMF program as well. And then on the fifth everyone, everyone will be on it.

It’s not too much to have the FLFE everywhere on a phone and on a home. Having those two together work just as well together. So, the big advantage is you can take it with you, with the cell phone.  The disadvantage of a cell phone by itself without a home subscription is the mitigation zone is only five feet as we talked about, we’re harmonizing within 50 feet. So definitely people benefit in the environment close to the cell phone but within five feet is really where most of the mitigation is occurring.  

 Yes. So, Kathy was asking “what do you recommend for optimal results home or everywhere?” It partly depends on your lifestyle Kathy – if you’re going into an office we highly recommend everywhere you can take it with you into the office and be in your own bubble if you work from home and or you have you know, big family that could benefit then the home subscription is great for that.  


Clayten – The nice thing about the home subscription Kathy is it clears the negative history of the land which is really interesting.  I’m out of town right now and I spent two nights without FLFE on this place and I put it  on this afternoon and it’s different,  it feels like home here all the all of a sudden it felt like a place I was visiting so you know I really appreciate the home for that reason because you know the land holds the frequency of the people and the events that have happened on it even sometimes thousands of years ago if they are  traumatic enough or the case of you know positive environments to hold the positive. 


Jeffrey – And I think I’m seeing Kathy, from your next comment, that you are on a home trial it looks like? So, the great thing about a home trial is that does that clearing that Clayten is talking about so then you could shift to the phone. The other the other benefit of the home is that it continues to mitigate the geopathic stress which is really related to bodies of water that are moving or other liquids that are moving, electrical power is more of an EMF but geopathic stress is related. But it’s somewhat different. We do recommend if you do have a free trial and do a home and it does clear out the negative history or negative energetic history is what we keep talking about.  


Clayten – Gil was asking,” how does FLFE effect chemtrails?” Well, some things are hard to measure. So, some areas do have higher amounts of chemtrails than others and in our research on chemtrails, it’s difficult to measure the consciousness lowering influence. Now if you see chemtrails, and you’re concerned about them and afraid of them and angry that whatever is being done with chemtrails is not in the papers every day, because it’s done to, you know, thousands of locations around the world it seems, there are lots of areas with chemtrails, then if you’re angry about that, then that would affect your consciousness. You can certainly try to find out what chemtrails are about. And, ask that the authorities in our area or your area inform the public exactly what they’re about. But in terms of the consciousness lowering influences,  I haven’t found a way to measure those in a manner that I’m really comfortable with. And so, depending on what the composition is of chemtrails, and it seems to be slightly different in different areas, you know, aluminium and barium and strontium I’ve heard from different people.  So, it’s just something I want to at least address the topic, but I really don’t know how much to say about that Gil sometimes there are ways that conscious kinesiology cannot measure something in a way that I’m comfortable talking about because we’re really conservative with what we say and it’s just one of those areas that’s kind of loaded so I just wanted to address at the best I could. 


Jeffrey – Eve was asking “if I have bad cell reception at my home with the everywhere service still work?” and Eve Yes, it does. It’s not related to the cell you know, or cellular reception it’s the principle of unique identifier so a cellular device has a phone number in a region and it’s unique, there’s no other cellular device with that phone number. So that is unique identifier and that’s how we’re connecting with or really, it’s a quantum resonance with that device and that’s how we’re able to create or activate really the field that’s around, that’s already naturally in the environment and we’re activating and it works much the same way as thinking of someone say you’re wishing someone well, you’re praying for someone, so you’re holding them in your mind, you’re thinking about them that’s very much like the unique identifier, and then you’re sending them your good wishes. So that energy that you’re sending to someone when you hold them in mind, you’re really activating a field around them. And those good wishes are creating what’s around them. The good wishes, the blessings that they’re receiving, are in that field that created through your thinking about them. And this works almost exactly the same way.  


Sarah –  Hello, Jeff. I’ve spoken to your colleague, actually. And look forward to interviewing you both on this.  But I have a couple of questions. Because you were mentioning that is identified to your phone number. What if your phone number is not where you live?  


Jeffrey – Well, the phone itself is registered somewhere. So, it may be, say, it’s a US phone. So, there’s a US carrier. And that phone number is uniquely you know, identified to that device. But it may be in another country, it could be in Europe or could be wherever you are, but it’s still it’s still a unique device in the world. And if someone calls you from somewhere else the signal is going to get there.  


Sarah – So the signal wouldn’t work for you –  like my phone number is in Toronto, and I’m in Vancouver, BC. So, I’m actually on the trial home one right now, is the home one going through the computer? Or is it going through the phone?  


Jeffrey – No, again, it’s what we’re doing here is it’s a quantum effect. It’s a resonance. So, what we discovered early on with this technology is that if we had a legal address or coordinates, that the field could be activated from, you know, the highly energetic field that part of the FLFE machine, I mean, there is a device and that that highly energetic field, that part of that when we put a unique identifier in whether it’s the legal address coordinates, or cellular phone number, or photo, that creates this resonance, or this connection, and that field is activated at that unique place, or object.  


Sarah – So in other words, you’re attaching to the signature of the person or photograph and address or phone number. 


Jeffrey – Yes, in the case of that photograph, it’s always an object. So, we have people take a photograph on a white piece of paper, so there’s nothing else in it, they are not holding it in their hand, we’re all about creating an environment. So, it’s either around an object or it’s around a phone, or it’s within the property boundaries. 


Sarah – Right, and the property boundaries in an apartment block could still hone in on the signature?  


Jeffrey – Yes, because, you know, in the land records for the region, you know, when that apartment is buildings built,  the unit will be designated. So, yeah, it’s within the unit boundaries. And we do see some bleeding into other units. But it’s, it’s meant to stay at least 500 or less on the Hawkins map. So, where things start to be more of an issue is where there’s less regulated addresses, like certain countries, we haven’t been able to offer it because either people are piling into and subdividing apartment buildings or things are changing so quickly that there’s not a land record. It’s almost like there has to be this consciousness of the place, the legal address in the land record in a  courthouse that creates this unique identifier.  If it’s more in flux, or it’s too rapidly building like some parts of Asia, it just doesn’t work well. 


Sarah – And another question that you brought up was, going to a place that has history because I agree with you, everything has a vibrational signature. Now, if you are around something that’s had a negative signature, is our consciousness able to rise above that, or is it something that pulls you down? 


Clayten – I’m staying at a place right now that has a type of hot spring close to it. And it’s got the most lithium of any commercial hot spring on the planet. And when you have an area like this or any area that’s desirable, people will fight over it. Some people want it right. And they’ll kill each other over. So, our consciousness can overcome all of those influences. And it makes it more difficult when you have to put your awareness on the area and on the history of the area. So, for example, the concentration camps in Poland, we did some service work, Sarah, where we put the concentration camps on FLFE to clear the history of the land. And when it started, there were places inside the chambers where they burnt, the people that were five out of 1000. And the camp, the land might have been 50, right. So, we put it on and it took a while. But it used to be the FLFE would only go to 540 and it would take three days. And then we kept making improvements and improvements and the optimal levels about 560 and it goes to that or higher in five seconds now, 99% of the time. When I put it on this place it actually a few minutes because of the history of the land, there’s been a lot of conflicts here, because it’s such a desirable place to be close to. So certainly, we want to empower people to remind you that you are a sovereign being and you’re more powerful than potentially any other influence. And I don’t want to have to work any harder than I need to, to enjoy the place. Yeah, it’s quite nice here. But I was having to really manage my thoughts and manage my energy. And also, be aware of the energies of people around me that were struggling as well. I mean, it’s beautiful on one hand, and yet, there’s a history on the other. And so, you may want to go to a concentration camp or someplace to honour the dead or, you know, review your ancestors. And there’s a challenge being in that environment.  


Sarah – It’s all about raising that consciousness and being able to stay at a certain level of maintenance, isn’t it? and then you actually bring that conscious energy around to those around you, that resonates out as an invitation. So, you know, what you’re doing is really great. I look forward to our interview with you. 


Clayten – Yeah, and you also clear the land when you’re there too if you’re very positive, Sarah, like, you do blessings and ceremonies in the land. And even in this area that I am right now, there are some spots that are really, really high. And I know somebody that was doing ceremonies there, and they created a medicine wheel and did prayers, and that places like it’s already 500, and over here, it was like, 120, you know, some addiction going on, right? 


Sarah – Yeah. So yeah, certainly time needed for this. And, you know, we need all the help that we can get. So, thank you, guys. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you. Thank you for joining us. Look forward to talking to you more. Right, we’ll go back to the Q&A. And if you joined us recently, Q & A is the place to put your questions.  


Clatyen – I will pick up this one from anonymous because they’ve talked about the orgonite before. So, someone was claiming that we have orgonite in our machine, and we absolutely do not.  And orgonite can be a positive influence on an FLFE property or any property, I’m not going to say that all orgonite is the same or if it’s used all the same. But, in a general sense, it can be. People have said, Well, why don’t I just get a piece of orgonite and raise the level of consciousness of my property instead of using FLFE. And the research that I’ve done is the average property that has orgonite on it and is used properly, it raises the level of consciousness about five points. So, there may be people that have found ways to do that more, but the average is five, I haven’t found anybody that’s able to use orgonite or any other technology really to get the property to 560, and we’ve heard of probably all of them, if not, if not all of them, I’d like to see it being possible. I really don’t want to not have other people, you know, be able to help the way we do. I just haven’t found it anywhere. So orgonite is positive. The way that I have seen it used, I haven’t found any way to use it negatively. I’m not saying there isn’t, and I’ve done quite a bit of research on orgonite because people keep asking us if we should put it into our technology and we keep checking and checking and checking, and it’s absolutely not permissible to include in our in our machine. But it can be positive. 


Jeffrey – Don asked “you mentioned that emitters can be harmonized. Does this include 5G coming from cell towers? “Thank you. Yes, yes, 5g is definitely included in the harmonization. As we said both coming from outside the environment and inside the environment in the EMF smog or fragmented waveforms, if there were 5G’s then all would be harmonized.  

Steve was asking about Shungite.  Yeah, I’m not that familiar personally, about where you would put Shungite on a router. I just set it on top of the router. But I haven’t done any research as to what’s, you know, the most appropriate place to put Shungite. And you know, as I said, we’re adding Shungite to all of the subscriptions on December 5th  and if you want to join earlier with the property you could just let the office know. 


Clayten – Cheryl is saying, she was feeling ill after trying the service for a couple days. So, I want to do is make a note to call you Cheryl. Sometimes people have a healing crisis when they’re in a high consciousness field. So, we always suggest that if people are not feeling well, to turn the service off, pay really close attention to your hydration you need lots of water, especially the first week because the body may have been waiting for weeks or months or years to do certain types of healing. And once it has this extra energy, it’s innate intelligence will take over and start to do healing. And it could just be a coincidence, something else going on, you know, I’d like to look into it more closely. So, make a note to be in touch with you and test a couple things. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, and I recommend the hydration webinars that we have, there are actually several related to hydration and they might be good for you to take a look at.   


Ann says “okay, here’s some fun, I dedicated my gift FLFE location to the Northern District Federal court in San Francisco. My litigation is on hold. Curiously, they’re not ruling on the motion before the court. My case is very important for a society-wide scale, in my opinion. I just had law enforcement tell me last week that they believed I was innocent. So, harmonization is no accident.” 


So, what Ann is speaking about is when you become a subscriber there is what we call Pay it Forward. And it’s a 500 FLFE field activated at a location and it’s perpetual. Once designate that it stays on and so people are having fun with that, where to where to put it. We do have a private Facebook page that may be interesting to you if you haven’t checked it out.  There are a lot of really well-educated people in the personal development field, people in energetic fields, and they’re very, very helpful with each other. And people are speaking about what to do with their PIF’s or Pay It Forwards. 


Clatyen – I thought I’d mentioned something that Sarah had brought up earlier. And that if we put FLFE on an apartment, for example, it will identify the individual apartment. Now what will happen is because the drywall actually has a crystal in it, it’s rock. And FLFE will kind of move through the drywall in the building. And even in the foundation, and it will help the whole apartment building go up. Now we do have a program so that once the energy leaves the property or the address that it will not be over 500. But we do have examples of people where they’ve moved into a neighbourhood their properties at 560, their neighbours’ properties will go to 500, and people who are negative have left the neighbourhood. So, when you put it on your property or your apartment, or even if you have it on the FLFE everywhere service, whether that’s an object or a cell phone, it does help the people around you. And we have to adhere to the law of noninterference where because of the increase in consciousness and the increase in positive cellular activity that happens in a pilgrimage site. So that’s why people go to these places where they get renewed and rejuvenated when they’re exhausted because there is a higher law consciousness there. And that’s what assists in healing. 

 So, we don’t make claims about healing, but I just wanted to mention that to Sarah and to others that may be listening that when you subscribe to the service, the people around you, the properties around you also benefit but they benefit in such a way that the additional hydration requirements aren’t necessary. And I think that’s maybe what’s happening with Cheryl, you typically need four litres of water or more a day. And some people think they’re hydrated to have half a glass of water a day. But it really does require quite a bit of quite a bit of water in the beginning. And size is a factor of course.   


Jeffrey – And if you go to the website and type in the search field type in hydration, you’ll see a page about that. And so, if you look at your weight in pounds, and you convert it to ounces, say if you’re 150 pounds,  it’s 150 ounces. And then you divide that in half. And that’s the number of ounces of water a day. And that’s the standard recommendation.  

 And Luke’s asking “when are you adding EMF mitigation to cell phones?“ So that is December 5. So, all subscriptions in free trials from that point onward, and they’ll be announcements to that effect, will have the EMF mitigation program, including the office objects personal objects. 


Clayten – Audrey was asking, “does the EMF mitigation program harmonize dirty electricity from household wiring?” Yes, every emanation of electricity in an environment that’s on the FLFE service will be mitigated. Now, we don’t necessarily know the exact percentage, but it works on every source of electric emanations.  


Jeffrey – Magnetic and electric, so in that case, anything that’s negative or consciousness lowering. 


Clatyen – Conscious lowering. Yes, that’s the stipulation, of course.  


Jeffrey –  Nina is asking, does the FLFE mobile phone require Wi-Fi? no, Nina, it’s just the device itself, it doesn’t even have to be on. Because it has, it has the unique identification of that mobile phone number in that market. And it can be anywhere in the world. It’s unique, and it doesn’t need to be on, of course, the SIM card needs to be in place, if the SIM card comes out it’s no longer that cellular device so it doesn’t have that phone number any longer. 


Clayten – Yes, you have to have an active cellular service unless you make the cell phone your personal object to just take a picture of it. 


Jeffrey – So Leon’s asking about 5G. So, 5G is covered in the standard service after December 5th, with the EMF mitigation program. It’s part of anyone that’s on the current pre-launch experience, is experiencing the mitigation of all the sources including 5G.  


Clayten – Jason’s asking “when negative energy is cleared from your home, does the old negative energy stay gone, even after you no longer had the service? Then would it mean that only new negative energy would be the issue? Well, energetic patterns are quite tricky sometimes, because thoughts are so powerful. If there are and  I’m just thinking of an example, Jeff. So, if there was a place that had a history of having very negative energy on it, the house got run down people were problematic in the neighbourhood, and you move into that people are going to walk by that property thinking that it’s still negative. And because thoughts are things those thought vibrations could re-associate with the land even after the service is off. And so, we’re not about creating fear. And you have to be diligent about your property. 

Most of the homes I’ve lived in over the last 10 years I’ve had Feng Shui’d after I moved because the average home in North America is 420 on the Hawkins map, the average home that’s Fung Shui’d is 460, and that’s a very big difference. It’s 10 to the 40th power more energy because the Hawkins map of consciousness is a logarithmic scale. And so, I wouldn’t want to say that the old energy stays gone, Jason. And Jeff and I talked about if you’re on the FLFE service, it’s easier to stay positive, it’s not going to control your moods. If you want to be negative and grumpy and disagreeable and moody, you can still do it in an FLFE environment, you just have to work harder at it. 

It’s the same as any sacred pilgrimage site, which calibrates about the same range, you are the biggest influence on your life. And it’s easier to be positive in those environments. But you still have to be diligent on your thoughts. And for the most part, it’s only the new negative events that will happen. I just thought I’d give an example of where if other people are expecting that place to be negative, then those thoughts are things as well.

We  had a lady at work in our office from Japan, and she was telling us a story that she ran into  on the internet, where homes in a neighborhood, if the person had gotten a promotion and moved from that home to a nicer home and there was a home next to it and the person lost their job and had to move out because they couldn’t afford the home, the home for the person who had gotten a promotion and was moving forward in their life, that home would suffer more than the home where the person couldn’t afford it and had to leave because the Asian  culture is very aware of energy and that’s where Fung Shui originated from. But that’s an example of the influence or the awareness that some people have of energies on a property, so I just thought I’d give an example of thoughts are things and certain cultures are very much more aware than our classic Western culture about the influences of these energies.  


Jeffrey – Jane is asking “how can you measure the frequency in an area?” So, we measure the level of consciousness based on Dr David Hawkins map of consciousness which you can find in Power vs Force or most of his books and we use kinesiology or muscle testing – a branch of that called consciousness kinesiology to measure on a scale.  I hope that answers your question. There’s much more about that in Dr David Hawkins books and quite a quite a number of his lectures are on the internet on YouTube as well.  


Kathy’s asking, “how does FLFE work?” Well, Kathy, we address that and other webinars, but I think  I mentioned earlier, it really works like prayer. In the case of FLFE, we have a device – it’s was a Nikola Tesla looking type device at the beginning with stacks of plates and coils and high-speed alternating current which is not the case in the current system.  So, a highly energetic field is created, and in that field, we place the FLFE programs which are really originally were written on a piece of paper, and now they’re now it’s a database. And it’s, again, it’s a unique identifier. So, in the example of prayer, you’re thinking of someone which is activating a field at that location at them anywhere in the world, instantly, that’s a quantum resonance, we’re doing the same thing with these unique identifiers. And when you think of that person, you’re then putting that thought, that emotion, those feelings into that field. And that’s creating the characteristics of the field around the person. We’re doing the same thing with the FLFE service with the program with the thoughts that are in the programs which create the beneficial environment. Hopefully that helps. 


Clayten – Yeah, just to reiterate with Jeff said, there’s no high-speed alternating current in the current FLFE machine. That was an early stage development when we were charging up crystals.  I was talking to a person in this area today who was asking me about the service. And the original inventor was trying to create a free energy device. And he stumbled across the way to focus lifeforce energy in this very small quantum resonance area we call the output stack, and he used to charge up crystals and put them around the house because it would make the house feel better. And one day he has put a crystal in and took it out, and, I think, somebody called me said he was holding the crystal in his hands for longer than he usually was. And what he noticed is that arthritis and his hands started going away. And so, he put it his other hand and the in his other hand, the arthritis pain went away. And it came back in a little while. But so, he just started carrying these crystals in his in his in his pants pocket, and the arthritic pain in his body was gone, so he just had to keep charging up the crystals. And he would send them to different people who had arthritis. And they had the same experience and he would send the crystals back to him and he would charge them up, and he would send them away. And then we eventually figured out that if you took a picture of the crystal and put it in the machine, then the technology could find that crystal based upon the unique identifier that it was. And so that was that was one of the days we figured, well, this could be very interesting if this technology can find any unique object or anything with a unique identifier and send positive energy to it.  


Jeffrey – So Louise is asking “I’m on a property trial, which will be done in two days and  I had the mitigation program added on and I’d like to switch to the cell phone.” Yeah, if you just contact the office Louise and ask for an extension or another free trial on the property then you can stay on through the fifth that way and continue to have the EMF mitigation and then you can switch to the cell phone after that.  So, we’re happy to give people an extension in cases like this 


Clayten – Yeah, let’s start to wrap it up. I’ll maybe just answer one question that got deleted and turn it over to you for some last words. Jeff. There was someone asking if they can see pictures of the FLFE technology. And operate on the basic premise that we try to do what’s in the highest the best interest of all creation. And that is actually an inquiry that we use in kinesiology, this action and is in the highest and best interest of all creation. And so, when we calibrate if it is in the highest and best interest of all creation, to share pictures of the FLFE technology or going to very specific details about it, you’ve always gotten a no. So that’s why we don’t show pictures of it. 

We do have more detailed descriptions in the earlier webinars, Jeff does a really good job of that because of his kind of engineering background. And Jeff has other businesses where they have a lot of engineers working for them, and they manufacturer things as well. So, he’s very good at describing it. And we do show our employees a picture of the technology once they’ve worked with us for a while. And we have a piece of it that we let them hold. So, you know, that tests as being in the highest and best interest of all creation. So, we do it. We’re not trying to hide anything. We’re just aware that people can take positive technologies and use them in negative ways. We were assuming that’s why we get a no but either way, we just try to do what the Universe is guiding us to do. And that’s the process that we use to make that decision.  

So, you can add to that if you’d like Jeff, or you can I know it’s getting late there so you can close it up. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, I’m grateful for all of you on the call with us here tonight. And on this journey with us on a free trial or as a subscriber and it’s an exciting time to be alive. There’s many technologies like FLFE that are starting to show up that help us to progress to evolve during this time as we looked at other webinars on the history of consciousness. There’s a really unprecedented growth in consciousness or rising consciousness of the planet as a whole. And so, it’s really an exciting time to be alive and look forward to many more times together. So, stay with us, stay tuned. And thanks again for your support. Your support as subscriber assists us to develop programs like the EMF mitigation program, we couldn’t do it without you. And it also assists us in the many service projects that were in that we don’t talk about. And we talk sometimes about like Clayten mentioned the Nazi concentration camps, but there’s many other things that we do, and your subscriptions assist us in doing that, to thank you very much.  


Clatyen – There are many other discoveries yet to be made about how the energetic signature of Shungite is used in the way we’re using it and other discoveries that we may make about how they can influence and help the mitigation of all these electronic devices that we’re benefiting from as a society at least I believe that we are benefiting from them, I certainly find it convenient.  We will continue to do more research on how they’re benefiting. And we’ll share that with you. There are certain technologies that are better at measuring subtle energies like the ones we use, and we’ll be sharing one piece of evidence about that in the month of December and will continue to test using conventional devices and there are things that we just don’t know yet how about how FLFE influences environments like some of the people mentioned, there’s some pretty serious concerns about there and when we find out will tell you and if you have done experimenting with it in environments where there’s things happening that are very difficult and let us know what your results are because you’re also consciousness researchers.  Your own nervous system your own being is a very sensitive device and if you if you’re doing research on EMFs and you’re finding that the FLFE service is benefiting in significant ways or it’s not helping in certain conditions we invite you to let the office know we’ll look into it.  So, thank you once again.