Discussion and Q&A about the 

Latest FLFE Evolution 

August 13th, 2019


(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, everyone. Welcome to our webinar. Tonight, we’ll be discussing and having a Question and Answer session about the latest evolution of FLFE. I’m Jeffrey Stedman.

Clayten – I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Just as a reminder, and for those of you that are new, we have just released a new evolution of FLFE which is an optimization for our modern world. It includes on all products, EMF Mitigation, and Brain Optimization.

Brain optimization is support; additional energetic support, additional life force energy or Chi or Prana that supports optimal brain function, how well it works. And optimal brain structure, how well it is physically structured. Of course, the Innate Intelligence is doing the work there. And this is assisting us to optimize here in this modern world with the environment that we’re in. And along with that, I think Clayten, can you tell us about the rest?

Clayten – Yes, we also have a GI Tract 2.0 we’re calling it which is the next level GI Tract supports the optimal gastrointestinal function. That’s how well it works and the optimal gastrointestinal structure, which is how well it is physically structured. These are both using, of course, increased focused life force energy known as Chi or Prana. And the positive statements like thousands of people or monks praying 24/7 for very specific parts of the GI tract to increase its efficiency and structure, as we’ve said. All relying on the Innate Intelligence of the body to do what it knows how to do when it has that extra energy.

The other upgrade we’ve included in this evolution is the FLFE Energized Food 2.0, we had an Energized Food Program before, and we upgraded it. And this supports the food to be optimally absorbed and optimally utilized by the body. So again, life force energy is added to the food when it enters the body. And we believe that adding life force energy to food assists our GI tract to function optimally. So, this is the equivalent of having freshly harvested live food at another level of energetic support, which the body then utilizes. We recognize that the Brain Optimization Program would not have been completed without updating the GI Tract Program that we had. And also, to support the GI tract, we found a way to further energize the food that goes into the body. With that, I’ll pass it back to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes – I’ve certainly been able to tell the difference having the GI Tract Program on. What shows up for me is I’m not as hungry, it seems that my food is better utilized. I’m not eating as much, and I seem to be eliminating on a more frequent basis that is positive and healthy. Anything you’ve noticed there Clayten with the advent of these changes?

Clayten –  Yes. I’m taking a product called Restore as well, we mentioned that last webinar. So, it’s hard to know where it’s coming from. And I noticed my food cravings have gone down the desire for sugar and the complex carbohydrates, I just don’t have the same food cravings. And when I have them, the thoughts are easier to manage. When I cancel the thought, it tends to go away easier instead of persisting.  I’ve noticed a reduction in bloating, and I don’t tend to eat as much as well.

Jeffrey – One of the other changes that we’ve made is something you would see in the Customer Portal available for all subscribers. (5:00) So, log into the Members Only Section, put in your username and password, you’ll go to the Customer Portal and there you can look at your Subscriptions. And if you’re on the Free Trial, you can see either your phone or the home that you’ve done the Free Trial with. And when you click through into that section, say it’s the property section, you will see some new buttons.

We now have something called the Environmental Consciousness Controller (Slider). The slider control allows us to boost the level of consciousness, for those keeners in the group up to 570, rather than 560 as the minimum. And you can move it back down, we had some requests for people that occasionally felt a bit too energized at night and they wanted to slide it back down. Anything else you want to say about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we did an upgrade to that where the change is instantaneous. Whereas before we’d make the request, and it would sometimes take five minutes or several hours depending on the property. And part of the theme of this is to give everyone more control over our environment. So that we can experience the different levels of consciousness in a personal way that is relatable. So that was the purpose of it. As well as what Jeff said that some people would like to experience with a slightly lower level of consciousness with all the Programs. We’ve had requests for that. So, we thought we’d add a little more to the top end and give everyone complete control over it.

Jeffrey – We should say that the controller is not taking away energy at all, it’s the bottom of the trampoline, we could say. So, if the controller was lowered it from 560 to 550. The minimum level of consciousness that FLFE is keeping the property at would go down, but the property may not change, it could stay the same. But the FLFE support is now slightly lower. So that’s something to be said that it’s not taking energy away to change that controller, it’s just changing the bottom, the minimum level of consciousness.

Clayten – That’s a good point, Jeff, we had to make sure when we programmed that we didn’t diminish the environment in any way. So, if we put the consciousness controller at 460, and our property is usually at 500, the FLFE Programs will still activate at the 460 level, but it won’t take any energy from the  500 level. So, it would go to 500 or higher.

Jeffrey – Yes, we encourage everyone to play with it. You know, as Clayten said, the FLFE environment can now be controlled. And now you have the ability to go up to 570. So, if you go there, and you could be present, slide it up to 570 and see what you feel. There is an instant change, as Clayten said, which is something we recently did. And we’ve also added into the Program for that change because we’d be experimenting sliding it back and forth. And it’s set up so that the people that aren’t consciously involved with that aren’t going to be feeling the ups and downs so much. So, if they’re not consciously involved, they shouldn’t be experiencing those ups and downs. It’s something to experiment with and see what you think.

Clayten – Part of the reasoning for this is that we do want to support people to do blind testing, we had a gentleman we met in Austin, Larry, who was in another room, and his partner was turning FLFE, on and off and he was writing down the exact time when it happened. And he came back into the room and it had happened half a dozen times and he had gotten it exactly right. So, we recognize blind testing is important. Yet we didn’t feel it was fair that someone was in the other room moving the energy up and down, and everyone in the house is wondering what’s going on. (10:00) So there’s a bit of a dance between wanting to give more control and the options that will help us experience our relationship with FLFE and taking care of the rest of the people in the environment.

Jeffrey – So the other change, you might see there is a popular one we’ve been hearing a lot from you all about this. It’s called the Environmental Boost. Also known as The Boost. So, it’s a 600 level of consciousness, temporary, and when you click on the button on a property, you’ll get a half an hour of 600 LOC on the Hawkins Map. People are finding it very useful for meditations; some people are using it for physical workouts, yoga, that kind of thing as well. It is also available for the phone and object. But there it’s five minutes, because of the mobile nature of the phone and object that it could be on a plane. And for our system, that would take way too much power. So, at this point, it’s five minutes for the phone and the object. Do you want to talk about the addition that we made Clayten?

Clayten – The Boost?

Jeffrey – Yes, and we added the Chakra Alignment. So that was a relatively simple Program. But it would be great to try it to see what you notice, and we’d love to hear about your experiences with it.

Clayten – Yes, that’s probably one of our next upgrades. I mean, if we had kept track of all the upgrades, this will probably be Food Energization 12.0 or something, but we haven’t explained all of them. Likely the Chakra Alignment will be the next one we refine. We had to research what was the highest consciousness chakra teaching we could comprehend and then try to upgrade it. So, we got it to a certain level, and it wasn’t where we wanted it to go so there’s an upgrade coming in there as well.

One of the things that Jeff and I have noticed in the webinars is that we get pretty ramped up and we usually have to go for a good walk afterward to try to get back in back on the earth in the 3D world again. So, we thought that tonight, we would take some time at some point and do a meditation together. Some of you have asked in the past that we as a company organize a prayer circle or focus on some part of the world which might benefit from positive attention. So, we thought we’d do some of that this evening and we will do a few Q & A’s. Jeff, get a few started and then we’ll still be about maybe five to eight minutes meditation that all of us can experience together?

Jeffrey – Yes I am looking forward to that I think that’ll be fun for all of us to do together. So, we could take a look at the Q & A, we have an email question that came in earlier today. Someone was wondering about the “new” Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Program. Do you want to start on that one Clayten?

Clayten – Sure. The Liver Kidney Gallbladder Program has been a program that’s been on FLFE for a long time. It was one of our first Programs. Because we are asking ourselves the question; If the body has more life force energy and will increase its metabolic processes, how do we support it? And the first thing that we determined was we need to support our filtering organs. So, we have an extensive Liver Kidney, Gallbladder Program. We reference the top doctors in the world, the best medical journals and looked at the sequence of biochemical events that happen in the liver and gone through those with the request to Divinity as we said, with positive declarative statements. So, they’re not new. (15:00) It’s just that perhaps this person heard about them for the first time, they might be a new Subscriber. So, I don’t know if you want to cover any more than that, Jeff, but you can add anything if you’d like.

Jeffrey – That sounds good. I mean, one of the first areas that we saw when we were developing FLFE and the Sanctuary Environment, to support our evolution, the evolution of consciousness is that the liver, kidney and gall bladder, the liver and kidney, in particular, the filtering organs were important  for the body to be able to evolve and filter out by-products. So that’s why there was a focus on it continues to be.

Veronica has a question – “So it takes dead food and gives our body what it needs is if it were nutritionally healthy, not sure if I asked that correctly?”

I think I understand what you mean, Veronica, and what we mean is that the life force energy that we get from fresh live food, so, anything that’s harvested that’s been recently growing has a lot of life force energy. So that’s what we’re adding, we’re not changing the nutritional content. It’s just that additional life force energy is then used by the digestive tract for digestion and assimilation. And so the additional energy is useful in the chemical reaction here.

Clayten – And again, we rely on the body’s Innate Intelligence to discern how to use the extra energy and to how to take the best bio-availability from that food that it has. And thank God our bodies know how to do that. Maybe I’ll answer this one from my old friend Charles.

Charles says – “We trust your intentions with the technology. One of my concerns about this technology is while consuming certain supplements will it make one lazy to maintain and increase one’s LOC?”

Well, the principle there for me would be like begets like. So, thoughts are things. Abundance attracts more abundance, suffering, attracts more suffering. And so, with a higher level of consciousness, this tends to stimulate us to want to have a higher level of consciousness. I think one of the reasons why the Boost is so popular is that it allows us to see ourselves at the next level of who we can be. Jeff and I have talked a lot about the world and the conditions in the world. And there are parts of society that are interested in helping people become as free as we can. And sometimes it’s out of ignorance, and sometimes the intention is negative. And we believe that people go to pilgrimage sites, holy sites, temples, churches, synagogues, wherever we worship, some of us, partially because the vibration is higher and helps us to be better people. So that’s our position on it, at least that’s my position I will let Jeff add to that. It’s certainly something we’ve talked about. And I would rather be in a high consciousness environment with more positive energy so that I can maintain my state better. And hopefully when I’m not in those environments FLFE will support my state. I carry that with me wherever I go. That’s the hope. Do you want to add to that one, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, I agree with all you said, and that it’s having the environment. We’re looking to co–create this pristine sanctuary environment, that really could be what is the natural state. So, there are a lot of changes in the world that bring a lot of conveniences and with it has come electromagnetic fields and other energies. And there are a lot of inputs, there’s a lot of chaos. (20:00) So, what we’re looking to support is the evolution of consciousness with an environment that is as clean and clear as possible with additional energy for the body to use, and consciousness to us to evolve. So, it feels the way I look at it, it’s not so much we’re creating some artificial environment, we’re helping to create an environment that’s more natural and like being out in the country away from many of these kinds of influences.

We have Charles here with a question – “What protections does your system have from hackers as there are obviously beings out there with lesser intentions?”

Clayten – Yes, we have had this question before. Well, I’ll start with this and Jeff can pick it up. In the Programs the positive requests to Divinity, we have at the end of every Program, that everything is done in the highest and best interest of all creation. So that’s a form of protection in that our best intentions cannot harm. And we have multiple levels of redundancy so that the service doesn’t go down. That’s another protection. There is no way to get to the technology through the through the website if we just disconnected from that right away. So those are a few that come right to mind are at the top of my head.

Jeffrey – And we do test the level of consciousness of all properties, three times a week; we regularly check on the effect occurring on properties. So, if something negative were occurring on a property, we would see it every time we test, and we’re very diligent at checking the levels of consciousness. And, last year we saw changes based on magnetic frequencies. That’s what led us to the EMF Mitigation Program. So, we’re very careful about all of that, to keep things isolated, and very clean and pristine.

So, Andrew is asking about thunderstorms, and lightning and how that might affect the field. And this was a follow-up question  “Are frequencies intensified or affected?” I don’t know if I can answer that question. I know if there were electromagnetic fields created by that and they were consciousness lowering, the system would harmonize those or deflect the extra energy. But otherwise, I can’t answer that. Clayten do you have more to add?

Clayten – Well, I wouldn’t say that the weather affects FLFE energy significantly.  The minimum level of consciousness that we promise for the properties is 560 or higher 98% of the time, one of the things I did learn about thunderstorms is that if you have lightning, it actually adds positive energy to the earth and I had some farmers tell me that after a lightning storm, their crops will grow really quickly, for a couple of days so they definitely noticed it. So, I think a thunderstorm or a lightning strike has a positive benefit to the earth in some way. It helps plants grow quicker,  which I’m assuming is positive, the farmer certainly thought so. It seems to add more vitality to them, and more resilience. So that’s the only thing I can think of with that question.

(25:00) Jeffrey – So Lisa asked, Can you raise and lower the vibration on the mobile version too? And that’s a good question. Lisa, we didn’t explain that. So, the Environmental Consciousness Controller is only on properties. For the phone, you can move away from it, whereas on the property, you don’t have that choice. So, within 4 feet of the phone, the energy coming in is 575. So, if you go out further between 4 feet and 15 feet, it’s at 565 and then beyond that, it’s 555 so you kind of have your Consciousness Controller by moving the phone further away.

Clayten – Veronica asks, “What about supporting the kidneys and adrenals along with the liver and gallbladder?” We have programs for almost every organ and gland in the body, Veronica, it’s just that we talk specifically about the liver, kidney, and gallbladder because those are the main filtering organs; those are the ones we’ve addressed first. And we have at least a degree of positive programming for all of the organs and glands in the body. Sometimes there’s a refinement that we come up with, which relates to a question about LED. We asked the glands that produce melatonin and the body to be optimized as soon as a person lies down intending to go to sleep. The blue light toxicity is contained in white light, the blue light toxicity is that blue light spectrum and the white light that tells the body that it’s daytime. The body optimally has three hours of sunset before we sleep, so it can produce that melatonin to have the optimal sleep cycle and we have considered that. Anything else about that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – No, I think you covered it quite well there. Ada asks, “Are all the enhancements available on the Free Trial?”  And yes, they are. The Property Free Trial and the Home Free Trial have everything we’ve spoken about for the home, it has a Consciousness Controller, it has the  600 Boost, it has all the Programs, EMF Mitigation, everything we’ve been speaking about. And same with the phone.

Andrew is asking, “Do you have specific physical frequencies to promote cartilage and joint articulation?”  So, I guess this might be a good place to say Clayten that we don’t send frequencies we are activating a field and then specifying the characteristics. So, do you want to say more about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, again, we have requests to Divinity for literally every part of the body. Now it’s been within two years, September 13, 2013, is when we started the business so, we’re six years and we spent a year before that. And we’re diligent about going down lists when we get them. And we’ve literally asked for every part of the body to be supported by increasing life force energy. Sometimes we do have an upgrade for a particular function. And we do have something at least for joint and cartridge articulation and rebuilding.

Jeffrey – And a lot of it comes down to additional energy. The body now has the bank account, that has a lot of money in it, and it can spend it on repairs wherever it’s needed. So that’s really where the Innate Intelligence comes in and all parts of the body benefit.

Clayten – I have another question, “Does the GI tract feature work on animals or pets?” Yes, absolutely. Any Being in the environment that has a GI tract will get benefits, we’ve had many animal lovers comment on how their pets have changed. In fact, some people find that the service is more recognized by their animals than by themselves, they calm down, they change behavior, they get along better. Some people have even subscribed because of the way their animals are, even if they didn’t notice it. (30:00)

Jeffrey – So Robert asks, “Is there a way to determine the consciousness level of a property before and after using FLFE?”  Well, anyone can do their own testing, we are not able to do individual properties due to the labor that it takes and the time that it would take to do that. Of course, we have thousands and thousands of properties on the service.  So, there is kinesiology, do you want to talk about that Clayten about actually measuring and where you might get support to do that?

Clayten – Yes, our main source of kinesiology research has been Dr. David Hawkins, we’ve taken the time to reverse engineer some of what we thought was missing in the protocols from the back of Power vs Force, the second edition. There are lots of kinesiology courses around on the internet. And you know, if you get good enough at it, and sometimes it’s more difficult than you might imagine, you can figure out all kinds of things. One is the level of consciousness of the property. For us to keep our prices at the reasonable level that they are, we couldn’t provide that level of individual support. And if I were Robert and I couldn’t do testing, I would want to know before and after, of course. And we intend to keep the service affordable. So, we just don’t offer that level of individual support property. But with a good kinesiologist, anyone can get help.

Jeffrey – So George asks, “Are there any adverse effects between FLFE and a PEMF system, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System?” We’ve discovered about FLFE and by testing many different other products, is that because we are activating a field, in much the way that human consciousness works, that the service is compatible with anything  compatible with the human. And our EMF Mitigation is designed to function with consciousness lowering electromagnetic fields. And many fields are positive. There are many products out there now, pulsed electromagnetic systems and many of them are positive. So, if it is positive, life-enhancing, consciousness-raising, then they play together well. But if something emits something that’s negative, or is lowering consciousness or lowering the environmental health, then it becomes harmonized. Either through the essence of  Shungite or by raising the level of consciousness of the emitter itself.

Clayten – It’s an important distinction. We looked into harmonizing EMFs because some of our subscriber’s properties were dropping below the level we promised. We had to determine where we could make a claim or take a position, we’re pretty conservative in the way we state things. So, we are focusing on consciousness lowering EMFs.  We did quite a bit of research before we released this and had the local expert in EMFs come into our office with half a dozen devices. And we had the EMF Harmonization Program on the office which was one of the levels of beta testing. And the EMF Harmonization did not show up on those devices. We have since found a more sensitive device called the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine. And on our website, you’ll see the study we did with Melissa Waterman which shows a distinct change in the entropy or chaos in an environment when the FLFE EMF Harmonization Program is on. So, it’s a distinction that we had to be clear about because the EMF field has so many variables in it and quite a bit of fear for many of us. So, we had to determine where we could most contribute to the health and safety of people. And where we can gather data that is meaningful in the context of the service, which is really about raising the consciousness of the environment.

(35:00) Jeffrey – Leanne mentioned here that that the damage in photoreceptors seems to be wave length dependent. It’s back to the blue light conversation about blue light toxicity. That compared to other colors, the blue has more of a toxic effect. Thank you for that Leanne.  Sean’s asking, “Is your machine a quantum computer? Do you quantum entangle something?” You want me to start on that? Clayten? Or do you want to take that?

Clayten – Sure. Well, first of all, with Leanne our go-to person that we use for blue light toxicity is the gentleman who created the products at the website, lowbluelights.com. His name is Richard and he has  dozens of patents to his name. I think he’s in his 80s and he’s still working. It’s just what he does, he invents healthy lights. And that would be my place to suggest for anyone to start there. I am sure there are other good people that I don’t know about but that’s the one that I do know. And Jeff and I both bought glasses and lights from that service. I have lots of lights in my home from them and some pretty geeky-looking glasses. I’ll just hand it back to you for the quantum part, Jeff.

Jeffrey – So Sean, the way the FLFE system works is the device itself creates a highly energetic field. And that is where the quantum association or quantum entanglement occurs. So, there’s a lot of life force energy, a lot of energy that’s brought in through the system that is then focused in a field in a particular area and that is where the program’s themselves go. And that is where the unique identifier would be presented, for instance, an address, a legal address, a cellular device number in a particular jurisdiction, a photograph of an object and those unique identifiers, then create the quantum association, and now that field is activated at that location. And then the instructions in the Programs that are also on the device or connected to a database associated with the device, then specify the field at the unique identified object or place. So that is how it works.

Clayten – Ozzie asks, “I currently have both the Property and Mobile services should I upgrade both, or is one better than the other for these enhancements?” The property, the full service has all of the Programs on it. So, for example, we’ve had some conversations on the Facebook page about people traveling and noticing a big difference when they go to a new place. And if they can change the address in their control panel, and they can have an additional address, they can switch the service during traveling. The reason this came up was that the Smarter EMF Program at 500 LOC does not have the Clearing Programs on it that would clear the negative history of the land. So, for those of you who haven’t heard this before, we’ve made specific request to Divinity, to clear every negative condition on the land that we could think of, and we spent weeks making a list of negative conditions we’ve had some people help us with it, as well review it, and it’s pretty thorough, that is not on the Smarter EMF Service. So, Ozzie, if you don’t have that, you might want to do a Free Trial and see what the experience is like for you. Many people feel that this upgrade is one of the big values for them, there’s a significant difference in the vibration as well. 560 is ten to the 60th power higher than 500.

(40:00) Jeffrey – And I want to make sure it’s clear Ozzie, if you’ve got the Property and Mobile both, there’s no upgrade for you to do, you’ve got all the upgrades. So, in December, the upgrade included EMF, it’s on all the properties and it‘s on all the cell phones and objects. So, the upgrades that we’re talking about occurred August 1, went out on all of the different subscriptions, so you already have it, there’s nothing for you to do. And what Clayten is talking about is taking the brand new to FLFE; our Smarter EMF product and it’s at 500 level of consciousness. It’s at 500 and the GI Tract and the Brain Enhancement are part of that Program. So, the Food Energizing, the Brain Enhancement, and the GI Tract. It’s all on that Smarter EMF product. And it’s only a 500 level of consciousness so that answers Karen’s question as well.

Clayten – Karen is saying, I’m having trouble drinking water, I’m thinking about going to that Program that FLFE is only at 500 where fluids are not as important.  Is the GI and Brain Enhancement on that Program as well?”  Yes, the GI Tract and Brain Optimization Programs are on both the Flagship Service and the Smarter EMF service, Karen, you may want to just try turning the level of consciousness down with your Environmental Consciousness Controller. And that would typically reduce the water requirements because the level of consciousness is not as high. Although all the Programs will be active on the Flagship or Full-Service Subscription. Something I’ve noticed about water, Karen, is that I have a really hard time drinking water until I’m hydrated. Our thirst receptors get turned off after being dehydrated, chronically dehydrated for so long. So, if we can force ourselves to have say three days of half our body weight in ounces, or even one day, at some point, our thirst receptors will turn on and we crave water and it will be hard not to drink it. So that’s just a little encouragement and again, greetings from the field. We have many conversations about water. We get dehydrated ourselves probably once a week, although Jeff is a little bit better than I am. We have a really good water filter for the office just because we’re talking about hydration all the time. People want to have good water in there. So, we have lots of people talking about and yes, struggling drinking water.

Jeffrey – Pam says, “It feels like FLFE is on the Webinar. Is this true?” Well, we always start the webinar with a prayer with creating a field and an intention for everyone on the webinar to be blessed and to experience the energy so yes, you may be feeling that.  Andrew is posting an animal lover, Jan’s quote that says “I do private animal rescue. And I noticed immediately, Beetle Bug and Tippy don’t have kitty spats. And all my other babies are calmer.” So that’s another animal lover, chiming in there.

Clayten – Karan says, “Thank you so much for doing this webinar. And thanks to Andrew de Silva for being with me when I’ve called and asked many questions.” Yes, Andrew is a service-oriented person and he glows sometimes Jeff when we walk by the front desk, and he’s helping people; he lights right up when he’s in that place. I wonder if animal lover Jana signed in or if Andrew is sending her questions for her.  I’ll have to find out tomorrow at the office.

Jeffrey – So Sue’s asks, “We have a small 5G tower within a half a mile of the house, does FLFE offset these negative energies?”  And the answer is yes. And the way we know this is we’ve done our testing with 5G. We tested the level of consciousness and we were seeing properties lowering in their level of consciousness due to 5G towers until we designed and implemented 5G EMF mitigation. So, we’re seeing that either harmonized deflected, and dissipated. And we’re doing additional plant experiments with 5G starting up next week. But if you go to the website, in the FLFE Mitigation section, there’s an experiment with 5G there.

Clayten – The way the 5G works, Sue,  in our experiment is that having a 5G router in the home raises the level of consciousness of the average property about four points. First of all, any consciousness lowering electromagnetic device in the property gets raised to 580 or higher. And the energetic signature or energetic essence of Shungite is sent towards the consciousness lowering electromagnetic frequency device. And the energy coming off the router then becomes positive. The average router now goes to 600 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. And on the EMF section of our website, you’ll see a dog named Cosmo, who looks like a large poodle. He’s sleeping with his head on the router in the home. And before he did not do that most animals don’t like routers. So, he’s sleeping with his head on it because it’s become such a positive influence. We did have a bit of a joke when we found this out about having perhaps six 5G routers in a home and then having them in a circle and us sitting in the middle of like a 600 meditation spot.

Jeffrey – Yes, I don’t know if I’ll try that right away yet.  We do feel really good in regard to the plant experiments. We have one experiment under our belt that shows quite a growth with the influence of FLFE. And we have a 5G plant growth experiment that will be interesting to see. So, Jan is asking Jeff  and Clayten, “Living at a low sea level and moving to 10,000 feet above sea level, could FLFE  possibly help the body adjust possible altitude sickness, as well as for kitty and doggy?” Again, there’s more energy available to the body. And the body’s Innate Intelligence can use that energy for whatever it needs. So, we don’t have any experience with this situation. But it certainly is possible that the body, with the right environment, has the resources it needs to adjust. Of course, lots of water, our mantra; drink lots of hydrating fluids.

Clayten – So Dan is asks, “I was watching Dr. Hawkins, Transcending the Mind. And in the Q&A, as he was talking about integrity and truthfulness over 500 if we were at the level of 200 plus with the implications of actions and thoughts. Would that be that 500 plus?” Well, I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking, in the back of Power vs Force, close to the Consciousness Compensation Chart, is the formula to calculate the number of microwatts of electricity associated with each level of consciousness. And so, in Dr. Hawkins work, he talks about even one point, if you go up one point in consciousness, it’s 10 times as much power that our thoughts have. So, the difference between 200 and 500 is extraordinary. It’s 10 to the power of 300. And that, I think a person at 500 I forget the exact number can be a counterbalance for I’m going to say 750,000 people below 200. That’s my recollection, you can check that in the back of the book. So, one person counterbalances for 10 million if I am correct; counterbalances for that many people below 200. So, anything we can do to raise our consciousness benefits all beings on the planet. (50:00) My math might not be exactly right. But the principle is there.  I think that’s maybe the best I can answer that.

Jeffrey – So Ozzie asked a good question, “Will our Pay it Forward properties also receive these upgrades?” So, the Pay it Forward properties are those places that we’ve designated to receive the Pay it Forward 500 level of consciousness, perpetual subscription, and so Ozzie no, the 500 Pay it Forward is at this point is remaining at the 500 level of consciousness, straight up. There are no Programs, there is no clearing, just the flowing in of that level of consciousness, the energy. So, at this point, we don’t have the energy in our system to do something more elaborate there. But that could come in the future.

Clayten – There is a lady saying thank you for the water talks; I think it was Karen. Sometimes I forget to mention that you always should follow the rules of your doctor, there are some physical conditions where a doctor would not suggest to drink more water. So, we’re not doctors. It’s good to remind myself to say that if your doctor suggests you don’t drink more water, because you have a certain type of condition, then follow your doctor’s advice. But for most of us, we’ve been chronically dehydrated for years. And so those thirst receptors turned off. They’re used to being in a state of asking for help and not getting it and so they just stop asking after a while.

Jeffrey – Becky’s saying, “Thank you both! You are Earth Guardian Angels for life energy.  Might it be possible to allow the 30-minute boost to be broken into two 15 minutes sessions? Or is the 30 minutes of boost better served in less than 30 minutes. After The Boost, I need to drink an additional quart of water.” Right at this point of 30 minutes was the maximum per day that we could provide energy-wise. And our system of regulating that is not super flexible. So, in the future, we’re looking at apps and other ways of controlling something like The Boost where we could break it up. And so, Becky, that was the only way we could do it; thirty minutes at a time. And yes, additional water is a great idea after The Boost.

Clayten – Sean says, “I told my coworker about this. And I turned it on and off for her. She said she felt waves and she feels waves and it makes her heart beat faster. What do you make of this?“ Interesting. We’re always on the cautious side. So, if anyone’s heart is beating fast in an uncomfortable way, we would say turn it off. I’m not sure what else to say about that. There are so many variables with individuals and we are all unique people. I think that’s just not enough data for me to draw any more conclusions.

Jeffrey – Yes, the only speculation I could make is the additional life force energy, you know, increased her personal energy, which made her heart beat faster.

Jennifer asks, “Do animals on the property require increased magnesium as well for their well-being? Great question. We are researching the magnesium and essential fatty acids to support the human nervous system to evolve and adapt to higher consciousness. You know, it’s focused on that; the human beings evolution. So, you know, we haven’t looked at the evolution of consciousness in pets, in dogs and so forth. But that is an interesting question, something we could look into. We do trust pets to drink what they need, to drink enough water for their needs and, of course, having fresh or filtered water for them is important. Clayten, anything else you’d like to say about the animals and the magnesium? (55:00)

Clayten – Yes, probably the reason that Jennifer mentioned the magnesium, as we’ve talked about the importance of essential fatty acids and magnesium for the nervous system as we raise our level of consciousness. So that might have been where that came from. I’m assuming that is. I haven’t done the research on that for animals. So, I don’t know how to answer other than that.

Jeffrey – Veronica is asking about a sort of a detox reaction that her six-year-old may have gone through. And so when there is additional life force energy available people’s bodies do heal, and there is occasional, mild healing, you could call it a healing crisis, there are many detox reactions but it’s hard to know what’s happening in this situation without more information. We can talk to you about it more at another time if you’d like to call the office. That’s not something that we’ve seen before. I mean, we have had people have some reactions that they feel are an effect of Chi or Prana moving through blocks. The Anti-stagnation Program is a bit like acupressure, and sometimes when a block is free, the energy flows through. Anything else to say about that?

Clayten – Yes, again, we’re not doctors, it’s an interesting concern and it’s hard to know what’s causing it; it seems to be a cause and effect relationship between the service being on, so we’ve found that people when they have headaches, they tend to be a bit dehydrated. You know, we know we sound like a broken record on hydration. But unless you know how to measure hydration it would be difficult for you to know that. We could talk to you a little bit more in person. Otherwise we do have to watch that we don’t cross the line into giving a diagnosis because we’re not qualified doctors.

Jeffrey – Virginia asks, “Could extreme exhaustion be an effect of the new enhancements?” Well, that’s not something that we’ve heard a lot here. That’s an interesting question and you want to check your hydration. What we are seeing is when the GI tract gets more energy, it does try to heal itself. And it may mean more bowel movements, which could require more water. So that’s something for you to look at. Anything else on that Clayten?

Clayten – We’ve used the metaphor many times of paralleling increased life force energy in the body with having a check to do a renovation on your house. When our body has that check to do the renovation, that extra energy to use, it uses its Innate Intelligence to renovate. And sometimes it wants us to quiet ourselves for a while so we can heal. So that’s a possibility. And again, there are going to be a lot of factors involved but that would be something to consider.

Jeffrey – Leanne has a question, “Do plants have a greater water requirement with the property being at 560?” Yes, I’ve seen that in the plant experiments that we’re doing, Leanne.  We’re doing experiments where there’s as much water as the plant needs available because there’s more growth and more growth of the plant requires more water. And there are more leafy stems and there’s more surface area of the leaf so there’s more water required for it to grow so it’s interesting in the case where before I was adding additional water the plants were not growing as fast as they are when unlimited water is available. (1:00:00) So, it does look like plants benefit from additional life force energy and additional water by growing faster.

Clayten – Animal lover Jan asks, “Do you recommend a specific router and will one router handle and any size house?” We don’t recommend routers we just did a 5G experiment with the biggest gaming router with the most antennas we could find it; looked it looked the strongest, but we don’t recommend any routers.

Jeffrey – So, Devon has a question about hydrating fluids, “What about the consumption of drinks like coconut water, sparkling water?” And really any hydrating fluids are great. One of the things we have on the website if you go into Hydration Level under the Learning Center.  Having electrolytes like coconut water has electrolytes in it sparkling waters may have some electrolytes in them as well. So, you know whatever helps us to drink water and feels good when we drink it.

Clayten – We had some people remind us recently that celery juice is one of the best electrolytes of any hydrating fluid. Typically, we do a kinesiology test where we hold the substance in front of us. We make an inquiry something to the effect of “This liquid is an appropriate food for my body”,  then we might scale it on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map where 1000 represents the most appropriate food for my body. The liquid in this container calibrates in this quantity calibrates and then we would scale it up to 100, 200, 300, 400, maybe 500 to get a no until we just go to 450. And we keep splitting the difference and that would give a sense of how appropriate it is as a hydrating fluid. And in what quantity.

Jeffrey – So Leanne and Becky are both saying Thank you. And we’re actually at the end of the questions. This might be a great time for meditation Clayten.

Clatyen – That’s what I was thinking, and I noticed Tiffany had her hand up. So, would you want me to take a couple of questions for Tiffany and we’ll finish it off with a little group meditation.

Tiffany – Hi, I just want to thank you for the new upgrades, they’re amazing. I’m enjoying The Boost button a lot and I’m having fun with that. And doing my meditations; I’ve been boosting for my meditations and having some great experiences with that. And some challenges as well, like I find my mind is very switched on or I have a lot of energy. So, I found it hard to focus on my meditation at first. And then I also had some amazing moments in that meditation; it was an amazing experience. But, then it was like things were popping into my head quickly. So, I think that would take some mastering to get used to how to use that energy and direct it. Yeah. So, they’re great, thank you.

Clayten and Jeffrey – Yes. Yes, you’re welcome!

Tiffany – And so my question is a two-part question. The first one is about the Mobile Subscription. I have a  Personal Object at the moment. But when I was on the Mobile Free Trial, I have to say I have two different phone handsets. One is an old phone handset, and one is the new one. And I will have one sim and one phone number. And I will switch the sim into my old phone if I’m going somewhere where I might damage the phone or something like that. It was my experience that FLFE moves with the sim; is that correct?

(1:05:00) Jeffrey – Yes, that is correct. So, the unique identifier is the cellular phone number in the country that we live. So, it doesn’t matter which hardware it’s in. But if someone dials that phone number and the hardware rings, then FLFE went on there.

Tiffany – Yes , I thought so. So that was my experience of feeling what I felt when I had it, I was pretty sure on that. The second part is, with my personal object, is there any benefit to having my phone on FLFE as well, I also have the home, so is there a benefit to having the personal object and dropping the phone? Is it doubling up?

Jeffrey – If you have the object, it’s harmonizing the phone if the phone is nearby.

Clayten – Yes if you have the object with you all the time, then it will harmonize the phone and any other electromagnetic frequencies coming towards you. There is no benefit to having both.

Tiffany – Okay, so there wouldn’t be like an increase in consciousness of having like, the two things close to one another?

Jeffrey – No, and no, really it’s creating that field. So, there is the same field around both. It would be 575, for instance, within 4 feet of each. So, there might be a sort of oblong field if you have two of them. So, it might cover more ground but there’s no benefit as far as the level of consciousness.

Tiffany – Okay, that’s great. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Yes, thank you. Thank you for being here.

Clayten – So we thought we would do a shared meditation together. We’ve had requests from many of you to have a prayer service or a focusing service, on FLFE in terms of the community being together and praying for something.  And, if we start something like that, we want to have the resources in place to support it for a long time. So, we thought we would at least try this in the beginning and see where it goes. So, the plan is to have this to be five to eight minutes. And we’re going to call it the Share Your Best Self-Meditation. So, I invite you to relax into your seat or if you are in a standing position, get as comfortable as you can.

Most of the times these meditations work better if our eyes are closed to reduce the sensory input into our body and I invite us all to choose whatever is appropriate now.  Let’s appreciate our body’s Innate Intelligence to breathe without us reminding us to; for our hearts to beat and for all of the functions of our body that we take for granted that support us to carry on. We need a lot of support for our earth suits to carry on in life.

Let’s think of a time when we were at our best. It might have been the birth of a child, graduation from school or a course, an accomplishment of some long term project that we worked on. (1:10:00) Maybe some fun with friends, our family, our partner, our children, our parents and let’s step into that experience once again. And let it fill us up the way it did at the moment that it happened. We can experience the sights of that moment, the smells, if there is any taste, the temperature or perhaps the sun on our skin, the feeling of our feet on the ground or whatever feeling was in our body at the time.

So, let’s take that energetic experience that we’re in. And let’s share it. Let’s imagine we’re in a large circle and send the energy to the person on the left. Receive the energy from the person on the right. Their best experience or one of them; taking the best from it, leaving the rest. Having a filter between us and that person that we only receive what is in our highest good to receive. The person on the left receives what is in their highest good to receive. And now that we’ve accepted that, we can send our energy down the line to the second person on our left. The second person on our right or energy comes through that filter so that we have their best experience. And we let that fill us up. We pass our energy down to the third person in the circle on our left, the third person on our right sends their energy to us.

And it starts to speed up now. There are 128 of us on so just pass it down to the fourth person. Let’s see from the fourth person to the fifth, receive from the fifth. And now we can just take it at our own pace, giving and receiving. Notice our energy growing as a group and our energetic bodies glowing with each additional gift that we receive and each additional gift that we give. Seeing the energy go faster in the circle noticing that there is excess energy even beyond what we have given and received; there is group consciousness. And part of that group consciousness we use for protection.

We are safe as we reach inward, outward, and everywhere to increase our conscious contact with our Higher Power, with Divinity, with nature. with loved ones we’ve seen in our visions of our best self, through our loved ones, or our pets, we include those. (1:15:00) Maybe it’s those that have passed over. Notice this energy building with Light moving towards the center as it fills the space and the circle.

With this excess energy, we bless our families, bless our friends, our children, of course, our grandchildren if we haven’t thought of them yet. Our brothers and sisters, mothers, and fathers. There are many ways to think of family; some of us think of our friends as family.

Bless all those considered to be our family and I’d like to ask you to bless all the subscribers of FLFE as they are our family. Let’s take some of that energy and direct it into the earth thanking the earth for its support. For all the materials it gives us to live our life, the food, the construction materials for our home, the wood to heat our homes if we’re heating with wood or the gas or the water to turn the turbines to give us electricity. For all the things that it gives us; it gives us everything that we have on the planet in one way or another. I thank the Elemental Kingdoms. All the animal kingdoms their contribution to our life. Whether through friendship or food, just the inspiration and beauty they provide. All the plants, of course, all the mineral kingdom and anything else that I may have missed, within the earth. I invite everyone to bless it in a way that feels right.

And I invite all of us now to see this excess energy that we have developed as a group, this synergy and see it go out into the sky like a fountain. And to go out to wherever in the world is most needed. Knowing that Divinity has its Innate Intelligence and will direct it to whomever and wherever that can be best used; whoever is in the greatest need.

Knowing that at some part of our life, at some point, we have likely received a blessing from somebody else when we needed it. I invite us now to see this energy coming back into the circle, seeing us all full and complete. And taking a moment to move this energy out into our lives to clear a path of progress for each one of us so that our days, weeks, months, years, and life ahead is easier. Now we have more resources for ourselves and more resources to give and to share. (1:20:00) Let’s take that energy back into ourselves and intend for it to assist us this evening. If we’re asking for a good sleep, if we’re asking for peace with a subject or a person or asking for a change or improvement in our health. We’re asking for the energy to complete a project before we call it a night or when listening to this webinar in the future to help us throughout our days. Let’s bring it into the short term next step in our life.

As we are coming to a close I invite you to notice your breath again. Noticing our feet on the ground if standing or sitting or our body on the surface of whatever object we’re lying on. Notice our breathing is deeper. And we’ll open our eyes if they’re not already opened. And then we’re back in this present moment feeling at peace with ourselves and with the people around us and the world we live in. Happy and Joyful. Thank you for your participation. I’ll give the last word to you, Jeff, if you’d like to say something.

Jeffrey – Thank you for that journey Clayten. That was very wonderful and energizing. And thank you to everyone that joined us here tonight and joined us in the circle and your willingness to begin a Free Trial with us. And those of you that are subscribers, thank you for supporting us to make all of this possible. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with everyone. And with that, we’ll close the webinar and wish us all the very best in our lives.