EMF Influences that Lower Consciousness 

November 13, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, everyone. Welcome to our FLFE, the first webinar on EMFs which are known as the electromagnetic fields, and a discussion of how we define EMF and how we measure the effects of them. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I am Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – So we will start by looking at the big picture of why we’re even interested in EMFs and why we’re writing FLFE programs to mitigate them. And then we’ll talk about how we define and measure EMFs We’ll talk a minute about the mission of FLFE, which is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. Or put another way, we support the creation of environment with high consciousness fields. And these fields provide a sanctuary that is helpful for improving our personal growth and increasing health while we remain highly functional in our everyday work life.

Clayten – So FLFE has an operational and philosophical framework built upon the work of Dr. David Hawkins who is the author of Power vs Force and many other books. We believe that consciousness is everywhere and that it is a field with certain characteristics. Dr. Hawkins body of work goes into great detail about the characteristics of these fields; at fields at different levels of consciousness. So, we just wanted to introduce that idea for people that are new here tonight. And if you want to look into that more, there’s a very large body of work which you can research. There’s a good book called Transcending Levels of Consciousness, which describes the different areas on the map in detail. So, we use consciousness kinesiology and what consciousness kinesiology does is it accesses the Innate Intelligence of our body and it goes right from our body to Divinity bypassing the mind. And other types of kinesiology do this as well. It’s just that with consciousness kinesiology the focus is on measuring consciousness, rather than measuring if a supplement is appropriate for you, or if a chiropractic adjustment is. There have been many of the traditional uses of kinesiology.

And we believe that a minimum level of consciousness of 560 on the Hawkins Map is ideal for the sanctuary environment that we’re intending to create, which is in alignment with our mission. North America averages about 422 on the Hawkins Map, over the previous year as of November 1, 2018. So that is ten to the 138th power, more energy in an FLFE environment. And as a scale of consciousness is logarithmic where 23 is 10 times more powerful than 422.

Jeffrey – So as new properties come on to the FLFE Service that would be free trial and, and new subscriptions, we measure the level of consciousness of these new properties. So, we wait till they’ve been on at least 24 hours so that we can look at a whole day and three times a week on average, we measure those properties as they come on. And then once a week we measure all properties so we’re using consciousness kinesiology as Clayten mentioned to measure the level of consciousness and we’ve noticed that certain factors lower the level of consciousness of an environment. One factor is geopathic stress, and we talked about that in several different webinars. So, some types of electromagnetic fields are also factors that lower the level of consciousness of the property. So, we call this consciousness lowering EMF to distinguish them from EMF that maybe are positive for the field of positive for the environment. It’s important to state that that electromagnetic fields can be positive, and they can raise consciousness, including many of the energies that are naturally generated by the earth and the natural systems of the earth.

So, we include in the definition of consciousness lowering EMFs other sources of EMFs, in addition to machine or technological regenerated EMFs, which is what we normally think about and we’ll talk about more of those in a minute. So, we include other factors or other types of electromagnetic fields that lower the level of consciousness of an environment. And much of this has been through our practice of measuring properties seen, this property is not what we thought it should be. It’s not at 560 98% of the time, why is that? And we dive into why that is and discover that EMFs, especially machine or technologically generated EMFs can be the cause of a lower consciousness level. And that’s why we’re focusing on EMFs along with everything else, that could lower the level of consciousness of an environment. Whether machine or technologically generated EMFs or what you would normally think of are emitted or broadcast from many types of devices. It could be in our immediate surroundings, such as cell phones, routers, laptops, and it turns out baby monitors are quite a source of EMFs. And cordless phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and radio frequency devices, such as smart meters are still  affecting or a part of our immediate environment. The home EMF environment, our examples such as cell towers, routers, and other homes around us, especially in urban environment, you see, maybe a dozen other routers that are affecting your environment and localized cellular network such as 4g, 5g and so forth.

Clayten – So, it is our assertion that the level of consciousness of an environment is one of the most important measures of the health of the environment or the life supporting aspects of the environment. In our measurements, EMFs are related to our specialty and that’s measuring consciousness. So other relevant consciousness lowering effects of the EMFs in environments that we measure concurrently with the level of consciousness when we get into a specialized application. We also measure whether a type of EMF has a negative influence on biological aspects of life people, plants, pets, or has a positive influence on the biological aspects of life. This would occur after mitigation with an FLFE field. So, we do it before and after comparison or contrast. And we can all test this ourselves with muscle testing, or conscious kinesiology to determine it. We can also do things like observe the behavior of our pets, people around us, obviously, and how our plants respond after we’ve been on the service for a while.

Jeffrey – So in the FLFE Everywhere on a cell phone, we’ve raised the level of conscious of the cell phone to harmonize those emissions that come from our cell phones. And that’s one place to do muscle testing or conscious can kinesiology where you have a cell phone where the FLFE Services turned off, and you can hold it in front of yourself and see if you rock towards it, or sort of naturally moved towards the phone or away from the phone. Most people find that they would move away from a phone that’s not mitigated in some way. And then you could try putting the service on, which would then change what’s emitted from the phone to be positive for life is the way we measure it. And if you hold that in front of you could see whether you rock towards it away from it. So those of you on the FLFE everywhere free trial on a phone or have subscription, that’s a way that you can muscle test what we’re talking about yourself.

So, the definitions that we use for the programs we’ll talk about this a little bit. And next, just to let you know, make sure we’re clear right at this moment, the FLFE service does not include a program an FLFE EMF Mitigation Program; that will come out in December. So, we’ll talk a little bit more about that towards the end. (10:00) EMFs are electromagnetic fields as we said, and they can be naturally generated. We talked about the natural low-frequency electromagnetic fields are generated by the sun, by thunderstorms, by moving electricity, thunderstorms, and by currents circulating in the core of the Earth, the molten iron and other metals circulating in the core of the Earth create naturally generated electromagnetic fields. Now, human beings can also generate electromagnetic fields, there are some studies about the magnetics that humans generate infrared or heat is electromagnetic field biophotons. And we’re saying that thoughts; that a human thought creates a field that we would fit into this category. And again, we talked about machine or technologically generated EMFs. And then there’s combinations of the above, one example is people sending positive thoughts into the grid of the earth, that would be a combination of human-generated and earth naturally generated. So, our focus to support our mission in creating the sanctuary, this high consciousness zone is on EMFs that lower consciousness and that’s from any source.

Another factor in an environment, besides all the devices that we’re perhaps communicating with our computers or communicating with our cell phones are what we’re calling EMF residuals. Also commonly called EMF smog or electronic smog and we define it as incomplete or partial electromagnetic field signals that can lower consciousness in an environment.  So, these resolved from electromagnetic field signals that are broken into small pieces due to distance from the source and or due to EMF field signals, or EMF signals, reflecting in and around an environment. And it could be waveforms that are crossing and interacting with each other. So that also influences the environment. And we’re defining that because that’s something that we have addressed in our effort, in the FLFE Mitigation Program, which we have been working on for quite some time; you may have heard about it in other webinars. And, its purpose, again, is the creation of the most appropriate field or environment for us to grow into personally, and to grow in higher with better health. So, in the next webinar in two weeks, we’ll go into the details of this program, which are being added to the standard subscription in December.

Clayten – Yes, so in our in our next webinar, as Jeff said, we’ll go into the details, we just want to make sure that we get everything optimized before we give a launch date, we certainly anticipate that December is going to be the month that we’ll do it. So, we do have a testimonial here from one of the surveys we got back from people on the beta test program as some of you are, and we invite you people who’ve been on the beta test or are in the beta test group to perhaps call in through your zoom link that you’ve gotten, there’s a way to actually talk to us. We’ve been doing more and more of that on recent webinars. So we’d like to hear from people who have had the beta test on to share the experience you have. We’ve gotten dozens of feedback forms from people and we appreciate that. They help us understand how it’s working, and how we might be able to improve it. So here is a testimonial. This is one of my favorite ones.

(15:00) “I was living where there were high voltage power lines and in addition to that, I had a router. I was experiencing symptoms at night and felt like every cell in my body was vibrating at a really fast pace. I was experiencing fear, anxiety, and minor depression, along with poor sleep. From the very first night with EMF Mitigation Program on my cabin, all symptoms went away.  I had the best sleep!  My body felt at peace and it was the first time in a few years that it felt zero symptoms; truly a miracle for me, I just spent the first few nights on the program and such a peaceful bliss and how wonderful it was to be feeling healthy in my body again.“

So, this is someone who we would probably classify as EMF sensitive or hypersensitive and it seems that with these EMF influences. There’s a tipping point for people with challenging health issues, that if we add positive energy to the environment or mitigate the negative energy in this case, that they can cross that tipping point. And once they cross that tipping point, the body’s Innate Intelligence system has more resources to work on. And for some people, it’s a dramatic change. I think, Jeff, you’ve talked about the one lady who was exhausted, and had no energy.

Jeffrey – She was really lethargic, and she couldn’t function in her life. For example, she couldn’t take a shower. It was an interesting call I had with her, and we were actually talking on another subject, and she was telling me how she couldn’t get a shower without help. She was really having trouble doing anything. She loves to garden, but she couldn’t get out in the garden. She didn’t have the ability to do that. And then she said to me that when I get near my router, I feel sick. So that was the clue that she’s an EMF sensitive. And so, we worked with her and had an earlier version of the EMF Mitigation Program on her property. And almost immediately, I mean, the next day, she was saying she had much more energy, she was able to get up to take showers and take care of herself. And then within a day or two, she was out gardening and staying up late and with lots more energy than she had before. So, we’re seeing some really interesting turnarounds for especially sensitive people as Clayten said. So, we’ll talk more about how this EMF mitigation works the next time.

Clayten – Yes, there’s a name for that condition so I will look it up.  At this time of the day, after you’ve been working all day, the thoughts are a little harder to come by.

Jeffrey- We’re ready to take questions. And you can put your questions in the Q&A, or you can raise your hand and we’ll watch for if you want to join us video or audio.

Clayten – I’ll start with Alice. “If the machine can borrow the energy of the universe to help us is it artificially promoting the development of self -awareness?” Well, there is an interesting question. So, my question Alice, would be, are the conditions of the world artificially detracting from our development of self-awareness?” I know that when I go out into nature, there’s a peace that I feel that I don’t often feel in an area where there are a lot of people. Now, I’m a little bit more on the sensitive end of the spectrum, probably an introvert for the most part, so I’m not sure how to answer that.

Jeffrey – Yes, I would say that it’s our purpose to create the optimal environment for evolution. So, you could say that the development of self -awareness is part of our evolution. We’re looking to create the optimal environment that is free of things restraining our development of self -awareness or restraining our development. (20:00) So, part of the environment is more energy available for us to use. The other part is quieting the mind. One of the things we just saw with some research was something called entropy, which is a measurement of the chaos in the environment, or how much energy is moving up and down all the time an environment from many sources.

And we saw this and it’s something we will publish when the write up is finished.  There is much reduced chaos in the environment or quieter environment, and so many people notice is that it feels quieter, the mind is quieter, can be quieter, and that promotes, self – awareness. But I would agree with Clayten that it’s not in an artificial way, it’s clearing out the environment things that may be artificially restricting us from moving forward that way.

And I would answer a question that came through on the chat.  There is a beta test, we are really calling it pre-launch experience. Anyone that’s on the free trial or has a property subscription so it’s only properties at this at this time, can request through their support person at the FLFE office to get on to that pre-release experience or beta. So if you have a property subscription, you could do that if you’d like. And there is a survey which is part of that. It would come seven days after you started. And we’d like to be able to use your comments which are anonymous, in our research and on the website. So, if you’re willing to do that please join in.

Clayten – There is no additional charge for that, at least until the early New Year, we might put our prices up a little bit then. But right now, we’re just adding it for free, as we’ve done with literally dozens of other upgrades, which sometimes we forget to talk about.  So, we do have a couple of people that have their hands up, Satori and Dawn.

Satori – Okay. I just wanted to say that my mom gifted me a one month property subscription. And it was wonderful. And, accidentally on our last call, had talked about the EMF Mitigation and it was put on her account but accidentally for three days it was put on mine as part of the gift. I had her name and I just wanted to say that, for those three or four days, I think that it was on mine and I have never experienced so much clarity in my brain. It was amazing! I could understand things, I have a broader perspective on things. Answers were coming to me for questions that I wasn’t even asking. It was like everything in my brain just lifted. And I could understand, I have been wondering about or questioning over quite a while of time, it was just all these answers were coming to me.  I don’t want to say brain fog because I don’t really feel like I have that. But just something cleared. That’s all I can say. And that’s just three or four days. So that’s really amazing.

Jeffrey – Thank you for telling us about that. Yes, I think with all this energy in the environment, this chaotic energy that we’ve seen in some studies is affecting us. It’s, like a background noise that may make it difficult to hear. Yes, that’s, a beautiful way to talk about it. Thank you.

Satori – Yes, I don’t think I’ve experienced that kind of clarity in my brain ever, really. So, it was like, wow, quite a shock. So, I just wanted to let you know, and possibly your listeners as well.

Clayten – Thank you, we’d like to get you back on. (25:00) Not everybody has that type of experience. When we put it on the office, it felt like it got cleaner, people said, I feel a little cleaner and a little lighter. And we do have experiences, like yours, Satori, where it changes people’s perception. There’s kind of a poor metaphor. It’s the metaphor of having a frog in a pot of water and you turn up the heat and the frog won’t jump out if you turn the heat up gradually, and so all this electronic smog is an influence and it’s getting turned up because there are more routers which are more powerful, there are more cell phones, there are more electronic signals going through atmosphere. And we seem to be getting influenced in such a way that we’re not at our best. And so hopefully, there are more solutions out there.  Shungite is really the key, Satori, if you pick up a piece of Shungite and have it around you, that will help. We don’t think it does as good a job as what we what we do. But certainly, experiment with that.

Satori – Yes actually my dad just got into that. And he told me, I need at least three pieces. So, I’ll have to go and check that out.

Jeffrey – Yes, we will talk more in the next webinar about the use of Shungite. But that’s the key to what we’re doing. Great.  Thank you for joining us. I’ll bring you back to non-panelist. So, shall we bring in Don? I would say right before it’s an example of creating this optimal environment. This sanctuary that we talked about where we are free of these influences and what can happen. You know, more clarity.

Clayten – And I remember the name of that condition, Jeff, it’s called the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that the lady had. It looks like we have two people, Don, and Lise.

Lise – We have had the trial on for the last three days now. And I am wondering, does it help with all the EMFs from Wi-Fi or those bad EMFs does it help with that?

Jeffrey – Well, the standard FLFE Subscription is about a 15 percent mitigation, the new EMF Mitigation Program that we’re launching, making public on the all the subscriptions in December will take it to a much higher level of mitigation or helpfulness. Now, if you wish to put it onto your free trial and you are willing to do a survey, you can tell your free trial specialist that you’d like to add the EMF Mitigation for them to your free trial. You probably have come on since we since we offered it. We’re still debating whether to offer to everyone on the free trial. But now that you know about it, you can ask the office and they’ll start it for you.

Lise – Okay, thank you very much.

Clayten – Yes, we’re thinking that the mitigations can be in some cases over 99%. So, we don’t want to say that in all cases. We have another question from Lois.

Lois has been asking a couple questions about the level of consciousness of her property and if she can find out the number, so she says, “I’m curious about my vibrational ratings.  The house has been continually updated by the family who owns it. Plants are thriving animals here are thriving, and so are we, the two people that live here. I notice how peaceful it is and I wonder how cell phone towers and the 5g coming in about six months, will be influencing that?”

Clayten – Well, we check the properties, as Jeff said earlier, three times a week, Lois, and if the property is below 560, 98% of the time, over the previous 24 hours, while it’s been active, we send you an email and to say that we’ve recognized it’s below level and that we’re working on it. And sometimes it takes months to figure out what is the issue. And in the meantime, you get the service for free. The average home is at 420, in North America. The average home that’s been Feng Shuied is 460 in North America, we just use North America as a control because that’s where we live.  But if your property is at 540 or 510, it’s still a significant benefit to you and the plants, the pets, and the other people there.

And our commitment is to give it to you for free as long as it’s not at the 560 level. The reason we don’t send out the level of consciousness of a property is because it’s a time consuming and laborious process to do the kinesiology testing. And the way we do it for the for the subscribers, and the free trial people three times a week is by batch testing. So we test it all in a batch and then if there is one or more below, then we’ll go to the list and figure out which one it is. If there are one hundred people on the free trial I will check if it’s from one to fifty or fifty to one hundred. Let’s say it’s less than fifty then we’ll go from twenty five to fifty. If it’s a yes, we go thirty seven to fifty. If that’s a yes, look at forty two to fifty, so on and so on until we find the property. And then we will look at that on Google Earth and look for any conditions in the area which we think might have influenced the property such as rivers or highways and have a certain direction.  We have an extensive list of geopathic stress zones now, and every time we figure out something new, we put that on all of the properties that require it. It automatically goes on to a property if it needs it. In order for us to keep the cost of the service low we are not able to send people the level of consciousness of that property every time we test it. The labor costs would increase so much, we would have to raise our prices. So, it’s one of those things where we really have kept the price almost artificially low to help as many people as possible on the service. And so, one of the ways we manage our cost is to not send a lot of details about the property and we do have the 560 guarantee. But other than that, we don’t share the level except if it’s under certain circumstances. (35:00) If it’s really low, we might send you some information about the property and ask you some questions like if there was a war in the area, or if there’s construction going on which is not showing up on Google Earth or something that we’re not we’re not able to find.

Jeffrey – So, Michelle’s asking, “How long have you been testing for EMF frequencies? Well Michelle we’ve been testing properties now all along and we’ve seen more and more lately doing that and that’s when we noticed consciousness lowering effects; first the geopathic stress zones and EMF’s.  So, we’re really looking at what is lowering the level of consciousness of the environment. We’re not testing specific frequencies, we’re looking at the entire environment the property is in and writing EMF Programs, including Shungite to heal or mitigate the issues so that the environment stays at the high level of consciousness that we want.

So, Jane is mentioning someone with electro hypersensitivity, a person with serious EHS who hasn’t had relief on FLFE. So yes, Jane, it would be really good for us to talk to her. If she can get an email into the office, we would love to have a conversation with her and explore what’s going on.  That would be great; we’d love to have that input. Thank you letting us know about that. If you want to send us her name, however, it works the best way for her is, perhaps on a phone, it might be less disturbing to her do it that way. So, whatever works the best.

Clayten – Yes, I mean, we would like to have everybody have an extraordinary experience, perhaps Lise did and the testimony that we read to you, and there may be other variables that we’re not aware of. So, if we do talk to people, we could start to look into these different areas, because EMF is a huge field. I mean, when we started writing these programs, we were doing research on how many different types of devices send out EMF’s and after 800, I think we stopped and it’s like, well, if we have to try to counter for every device we’ll never be able to do a great job, because there are new devices coming in all the time. And some of them are working differently than others. They have original equipment manufacturing specified range, but not all of them operate in the range. So, the answer was really to find a material that if we use the energetic signature of it would compensate. So that’s really where Shungite came in. So, we’ve tried many different ways to identify the EMFs and compensate for them or mitigate them. And the expertise that we have is in measuring consciousness. So, it’s quite contextual.

Jeffrey – So Joanne wrote, “I was put on the EMF or the beta test in early September while at a conference in Chewelah when I complained about the difficulty both being and sleeping in my home since a smart meter was installed. Two things happened after the beta test on my home, the difficulties of the Smart Meter disappeared. And something that was bothersome prior to the Smart Meter disappeared. This was a generator sound that resonated through my body while falling asleep. I still hear and feel this, but I’m no longer disturbed by either the sound or the vibration, have no idea what where this is coming from, but happy to have it no longer affects my sleep. Thanks, Joanne in Seattle.”

And Jane is asking, “I’m on the beta tests, but I have FLFE on my cell phone. I believe the beta test is only on the land version?” Yes, that’s correct. Jane it’s the beta or pre-launch experience is only on Properties at this time.  We will be testing the cell phone version of it, there will be a cell phone version of it released together with the property version in December. (40:00)

Clayten – Part of the reason why we didn’t launch the cell phone program or service with the property is it needs a different type of programming. And, when we first wrote the EMF program for a property, and we knew it was using 1% of the energy of the entire machine for one property. So, we had to do several upgrades to the technology of the service so we could put thousands and thousands of people on because we have thousands of people in over 40 countries. So that was part of the reason is we had to have time to do the updates and upgrades and make adjustments on the back end so we could put all those subscribers on.

Jeffrey – Michelle is writing, “I currently have some aluminum type blocking material on particular walls to block neighbor’s Wi Fi and so forth, will that interfere with FLFE? Will my blocking material block the frequency or becoming an antenna or no effect?”  No, there would be no effect of that Michelle.

FLFE is an activated field. It’s not a not a frequency. So we’re activating this high consciousness field in the location, and through quantum resonance, the EMF Mitigation Program is part of the characteristic of the field. So, it’s not affected by something like that.

Clayten – Yes in the past, we’ve described FLFE as being similar to a radio station or something like that to draw a metaphor that people can understand. It’s actually a quantum resonance technology. And what we’re finding is that we have to continually upgrade our truth. And so, if we’re thinking about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, a level of truth at 300 , 200 is integrity and a 400 truth is higher than a 300 and 600 is higher than 400, of course, and so on. So, we are continually writing out and measuring our explanations of things and we find more ways to have higher expressions of truth. So, because we’ve said something in the past doesn’t mean it isn’t true. We’re trying to find more ways to explain it and uncover the highest consciousness explanations possible. So, if you’ve been with us for a while and heard these webinars you might have heard it explained different ways. And we’re getting closer and closer now to that pristine truth that we’re looking for.

Jeffrey – Patty asks, “Where can I get Shungite?” You can find Shungite in many places, most of the time, mineral or crystal shops, will have it. A lot of shops that have alternative books or other materials might have it as well.

Clayten – And you can buy it online Patty,  just go on to Amazon. Type in Shungite, they have everything.

Jeffrey – So we have a couple of people that are raising their hand, Olga let’s give you a try.

Olga – Hi. I have a question in regard to the objects everywhere. Will they have their EMF protection for the release in December?

Jeffrey – Yes.

Olga – Very good news. Yes. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s something we’re all waiting for to be able to carry that with us everywhere we go.

Clayten – It’s a 15-foot bubble, Olga, that’s the way we’re writing it. So, we need to make it big. It’s multiple levels to the circumference of influence. (45:00) But we need to have it; the current FLFE mobile service is 300 feet. We have to start to diminish the EMFs as they come in or deflect them or harmonize them depending what they are because some of them are quite strong. And so, we had to make it fairly large just to make sure we could compensate for it by the time it got to the person. We have a call from Tiffany.

Tiffany – First happy comments about the service. I want to thank you all it’s been amazing. I found out through Regina Meredith’s show and I signed up at the beginning of this year. After signing up, I noticed it but I’m one of these people that kind of second guesses themselves. I felt more loving and I felt that I could feel a difference. But I second guessed that and perhaps my body said I need to show you a sign but after having it on I broke out in a whole lot of pimples on the back of my neck kind of like a cleanse or something?

I don’t know it may have been from the programs of optimization and cleansing that sort of thing. I just went off the pill the birth control pill, so I know I had something to cleanse at the time. So yeah, it was very obvious that there was a real difference and throughout the year I’ve become much more loving. I struggled with this after the loss of my mother. For years like I was really close to her and that I would struggle with getting to love others and loving myself, so it’s been really impactful for me for that.

In spring also, I noticed my plants would flower such as orchids flowering without me fertilizing them or repotting them, and it’s been really amazing.  So, it’s wonderful that you’re adding more programs to this subscription. I’m very grateful to have found you and also feel grateful that you do keep the price affordable. I think it’s worth far more for all you do.  And yet, because I’m catching up so I know many things I want to afford that I couldn’t afford and I’m able to budget for this. So yeah, very much. Thank you very much.

Clayten- Thank you, Tiffany. So nice to hear your story and hear your voice. Where do you live Tiffany?

Tiffany –  I’m in Australia.

Clayten – I thought was Australia. New South Wales or?

Tiffany – South Australia down towards the Victoria – It’s below Melbourne. It’s the bottom of Australia.  Yes. South Australia. Small, small town in Australia.

Clayten – I spent a month in Australia. It was one of the places I thought I could live. We started in Sidney and went up the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. (50:00)

Tiffany – It’s beautiful, particularly up around Queensland, that sort of tropical weather and all. So, my question is to do with EMFs. I have a thing called they call a cube. It’s a Tesla Cube. It’s a New Zealand invention. It doesn’t change the EMF frequencies emitted from devices, but it puts out a frequency or a range of frequencies that our body harmonizes with. Should I turn that off when the EMF program starts? Or will that interact with FLFE, with the new programs coming on, and that sort of thing?

Clayten – I’m just trying to look it up. What I can say Tiffany, is that the wave that is generated by FLFE is very similar to a wave that has been generated in a human body in a positive state. And so, we haven’t found that it interferes with anything in a negative way. So, I wouldn’t be concerned about your Tesla Cube.  I’m not familiar with that particular device. There are so many devices coming out now to help with the EMFs. It’s becoming a real concern for many people. But I feel comfortable saying that our technology doesn’t interfere negatively with any device that I’m aware of. If the human body and the human thought process interfered with a device, then the FLFE technology would have the potential to interfere with it. That’s basically the conclusion we’ve come to.

Tiffany – I guess the idea maybe to try turning off my cube when the EMFs come on to fully experience what FLFE is doing.

Jeffrey – You know Tiffany, one thing we’re doing with the subscription is when the EMF Mitigation Program is live, you’ll be able to go to your members login section in the Customer Portal, and you’ll be able to turn on and off the EMF mitigation program. You could try it with your cube on and off. You can use your body sensitivity that to feel the difference.

Tiffany – Okay, that’s really interesting. I’ll do that.

Jeffrey – We wanted to build that in because we always want people to experiment and trust themselves and really feel the difference. Well, thank you. So nice to talk to you.

Tiffany – Nice to talk to you too.

Clayten – Mary Ellen is asking a question.  She lives in Guam USA territory, the western Pacific. Any plans to extend FLFE outside USA? Yes, Mary Ellen, you can get service in Guam or anywhere right now, you just have to use a latitude and longitude coordinate.

The issue is that the bubble is quite large. So, if you’re in a rural area, it may work. But if you’re in an urban area, we might not be able to do it. And let’s just speak to that. The reason we don’t offer it in some areas is that we found that the addresses are quite inconsistent. And so, we do occasionally get in North America streams moving and a postal code which used to be on one side of stream and now the stream has moved but the postal code didn’t shift. And so sometimes we have to remove the postal code from the address to get the service to work properly. We just wanted to tell you that’s why we don’t offer in some places; it’s too difficult to get a correct address.

Jeffrey – (55:00) Yes and the only issue with the latitude and longitude is multifamily housing where you could be on a second floor and we can’t distinguish between that so unless it’s a property is off by itself and it’s a single family dwelling, that’s really the only time that longitude and latitude can work. I mean, I think your best is the is the phone service, and that will have EMF Mitigation on it as well. So, thank you for your question.

Clayten – Michelle is saying, “Help me understand possible reasons why my heart races and I feel like I’m hyperventilating with initial exposure to FLFE when I started the beginning of this video call is this okay? I currently have FLFE on my home. So I’m surprised I felt a charged with a start of this call tonight.” It looks like when she came on the webinar, she had an activation of some type.

Jeffrey – Well, in the beginning, when we are setting up for the call, we do create a high consciousness field. And it’s always our intention to bless everyone on the call who is listening and watching it later as well. So there is likely a higher consciousness field on this webinar then there might be in your home. So that may be what you’re feeling. And hydration is always important. Anytime we’re in a high consciousness field, including FLFE  and particularly if we’re in a higher field than normal.

Clayten – That’s the only thing I can think of.  Unless we have some karma between us, Michelle, one of us or both of us that has gotten activated. And that’s a possibility. I suppose, I hadn`t thought about that before.

Jeffrey – So Veronica’s asking, “All our plants or orchids are growing so well, and they seem to love it.

Why do plants love FLFE so much?” Veronica, that’s an interesting subject. And it’s a branch of FLFE that we’d like to develop further.  Plants will pull life force energy in the environment.  And as our bodies use it for healing projects plants are using it for growth. There’s energy from sunlight for plants, perhaps from the magnetic force of the earth. Then the nutrients  are coming in and also what’s in the environment around us and around plants is nourishing. And so, we believe that FLFE can increase the growth of plants and could be good work in a commercial application. So, if you happen to be watching this now or later, and you have a growing facility, contact us; we’d love to do an experiment with you.

Clayten – Yes Veronica, we have multiple horticulturalists on the service, and they expressed wonderment themselves as to how the plants are responding so well. And we do have a specific plant program to optimize the conditions for plants. Someone was asking earlier if they could see a list of the programs and they’re on the website in the Learning Center under FLFE Programs.

Jeffrey – Caitlin is saying, “I too did not experience any changes with the EMF beta trial.  I am highly EMF sensitive.” Yes, Caitlin we could do it through email and then perhaps a phone call if you are open to that to explore a little bit more about what’s happening. It would be great to have your input for us. So the best way to do that would be to contact whomever you’re working with in the business. (1:00:00) Whoever you normally talk to please let them know that that we’d like to be in closer contact with you to talk about EMF sensitivity.  That would be great.

Clayten – Divya says, “I have a subscription on a condo for sale, no one is living there. What would you recommend I do in addition to the FLFE energy on the property?” We spent a lot of time with people trying to sell properties. In fact, Jeff has probably a few stories he might want to share with you. But I’ll start off. One of the things that we discovered, and we did a bit of a study with a real estate agent, because we had so many people put a FLFE on the property and it sold within days. Sometimes within hours, they started getting offers, it was uncanny, so we thought, okay, well, maybe it is consistent enough that real estate agents would want to put the homes they have for sale on the service. And we did a study, and we had some good results, but nothing that felt like it was significant enough to say there was a big influence.

And of course, when we’re selling a property,  many factors involved. The price, obviously, the neighborhood, it’s in the condition of the home. So those are all things that may be pretty self-evident. We cannot change the location, but the condition of the home and staging helps. One of the things that we discovered with several people we were trying to help sell the property was that they have conscious or unconscious attachments to the property. So looks like you’re nodding Jeff, I’ll let you pick that one up.

Jeffrey – Yes, I was just going to mention that.  We’re powerful beings as humans, and we do have unconscious beliefs. And there could be, depending on our beliefs, past lives karmic influences. And I actually had that situation in the house I was selling. So wasn’t until I worked with someone, an intuitive, that helped me make conscious my unconscious beliefs. And I could start to clear them and move to a different way of looking at it. And the house sold.  So that is something to think about, and maybe find intuitive, or someone that can work with you, where you live, and help you to make sure that you are clear, or the house is free to go and you’re not holding it back in some way.

Clayten – To give an example, I’m not saying this has to do with Jeff. But one of the examples might be that if we lived in the house when we had children, and we raised our children there. When selling the house, we might have an unconscious belief or conscious belief that we’re somehow betraying the family because they were brought up there. And so there are themes like that, those types of themes that sometimes we’re not even aware of them. And we use kinesiology to test if we have a conscious or unconscious belief, or typically if we are conscious about it we can work on it. But sometimes there are unconscious things we never imagined that we would feel a sense of betrayal. Or if one of the children doesn’t want the house to be sold. Because they like the neighborhood, they have friends in there, they’re going to school there. And those are all energetic influences that can tie us to a place that part of us wants to sell. And maybe part of us wants to keep.

Jeffrey – we don’t have any more questions at this time and no hands are raised. So why don’t we do a summary Clayten for today and we look forward to seeing you on the next webinar when we go into more details about the EMF Mitigation Program. Any final words Clayten?

Clayten – So what we’re trying to do is not have an hour’s worth of material to talk about, so that we can talk to you.  And talking to you all is one of the reasons why we do this, even the people that don’t have an extraordinary influence, we’re quite happy to talk to you because we can learn from you. And that’s how we increase the quality of the service.

(1:05:00) One of the things that I have to remind myself is to talk about all the things we do behind the scenes. And we’ve done as I said earlier, dozens of upgrades this year. Probably hundreds of upgrades since the service started, and we haven’t raised our prices. And we don’t talk too much about the new programs, because we’re excited to write them and share them.

Years ago, for example, we wrote a program to optimize the food that a person’s eating. So as soon as it touches our saliva, it gets energized, and it is more bioavailable to our body. And at that point, that one program took 1% of the entire energy of the machine, which seems to be a pattern when we do an upgrade.

It’s just not our nature to be self-promoting. I just want to say thank you, for the people that that did make the effort to talk to us. And even those that didn’t have an extraordinary experience. We do want to stay in touch with you so that we can learn. I appreciate all the people that are subscribing; you help our livelihood; you support the people in the office. And we can only do so much with the service if we didn’t have the financial support because we only have so many resources ourselves. So, we did it as a service in the beginning. And in order for us to take it to the world in the way that we want to we had to find a way to economize it. We didn’t know if we could ever continue to grow it because it takes so much time and energy to do the research. The programs are sometimes excruciatingly detailed, and they take a lot of our time so your subscriptions matter. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yea, thank you, everyone, for being with us. We look forward to seeing you on the next webinar and we love to hear your comments as Clayten said, and please, as you talk to people in the office or your email, please let us know your experience of the service. And as we’ve mentioned several times, if you have a property or you’re on the free trial or have a subscription you can join the EMF mitigation pre-launch experience. And there is a survey after seven days related to that. So if you wish to join, just let your contact in the office know. And we’ll close the webinar. Thank you.