Emoto Water Experiment and the Effects of FLFE on Water Structure

April 27, 2021

Jeffrey – Welcome everyone, to this FLFE webinar. Today we’ll be sharing a new FLFE experiment with the Emoto lab in Japan, and we have an update of the consciousness of the world. We also will share some coming changes to our webinars. And a fun new page to share of our favorite books and movies. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten –  And I’m Clayten Stedmann. We do have some good news to share with you. And we’ll have plenty of time for questions and discussions with us at the end, please put your questions in the Q&A. And perhaps in the comments screen, please tell us where you’re from and say hello, it’s always great to see the various people from around the world.

Jeffrey – So we’re going to talk tonight a little bit about an experiment that we’ve done, we’ve got a number of experiments in process right now. And these are all part of our Evidence page on the website but also just in general. We have a follow the evidence wherever it goes philosophy and we’ve been working with a number of scientists around the world on ways of exploring consciousness and exploring the FLFE technology and the benefits of it. So Maria, why don’t you open up the new FLFE Emoto Research page, this is in our Evidence section, which is one of the navigation panes on the website.

We’ll talk about the experiment itself a little bit. Many of you may have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto, he spent decades working on water and the effect of consciousness, from our point of view of consciousness, prayer, and thoughts on water crystals; what happens when we affect water with consciousness. Dr Emoto attributes it to what he calls “hado” is really  an intrinsic vibrational pattern  that he believes is at the basis of everything. And what we believe in is consciousness, in the case of the water experiments with the energy of human consciousness, different words, prayers, and so forth.

So, the experiment we created with the Dr. Emoto group, and Dr. Emoto has passed away; I’ll explain in just a minute. I’ll first explain a little bit about how the experiment worked. And then we can talk about the results together Clayten.

So we sent three water samples. One had the FLFE Property subscription on it, one had the FLFE Everywhere subscription, and then we had a control batch of water. And the standard FLFE service had all the Programs that everyone has was on these water samples. And we designed it in such a way that the programs in the FLFE field stayed on the water through the shipping and into their ice cube trays. I’m sure there’s a more technical term for the freezing process and the slicing and visualization process. So the field was present the whole time.

It’s really interesting to take a look at his books, and there are many different crystal structures with different consciousness, different thoughts, or different types of prayers. And in every one of these experiments there’s a fair amount of water, it’s a fairly good sized bottle of water. And they make dozens of samples and dozens of photographs. And so as we look through the photographs, we can see the percentage part of the experimental results is the percentage of the results that are at a high level of organization and beauty. For instance, the far right side is the FLFE property and that is what they call, a “beautiful hexagon” shape. So it is highly ordered, it has the hexagon, it’s the highest level of organization that they see with crystals. So we were really glad to see that. And I think you had seen a similar shape elsewhere hadn’t you Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, apparently that one is, the closest we could find was to truth. That particular crystal shape is truth and love. Those were the two that were the closest, I’m just noticing. Maria has got some samples there of other crystals with other thought forms.

Jeffrey – Yes, let’s scroll back up to those results. So again, the FLFE Property subscription was on the sample to the right. And the one in the middle is the FLFE Everywhere. The FLFE Property was  set at 560 on the. And so as I was saying earlier, there are dozens of photographs that we received with the experimental results. And in the FLFE Everywhere on the property, there was a high percentage of these highly ordered, beautiful hexagon type images.

And there were also many images that were not so ordered, so there are a variety of images. And we are looking at the predominance in what shows up. And it was the same with the control, there was a wide variety of images, some of them were highly disordered. So we picked the best image in each of the categories. We could have picked a less good control image, which would have made it look better, but it’s part of following the data wherever it goes and picking the best images out of each of the categories.

Clayten – It’s probably worth saying that when we retain highly credentialed professional scientists, to help us explore the truth, and have the courage to face the data, wherever it goes, they hold us to account. And it’s not that we needed to be held to account, it’s part of the agreement going in was to ask Divinity to give us the discernment to see the truth, and then have the courage to follow up wherever leads. So if we compared the worst image in the non FLFE energized water or non FLFE supported water, it would have made our images look that much better. But that’s a non-integrous process.

Jeffrey – I would say we’re moving into a whole new research area, with more scientists. Dr. Gary Schwartz is someone we’re consulting with. And with FLFE we don’t make medical claims, but we’re activating a field, and these things are occurring. And we have all of our customer and free trial experiences, so that’s part of the evidence. And we’ve conducted surveys and we’re looking now to mine the data of the testimonials and look for the common themes that our FLFE community members are experiencing. So that’s coming and we may have more surveys as well.

And there’s an EMF sensitive, double blind study that we’ll be kicking off shortly. And it’s all part of looking for extraordinary evidence to support the extraordinary claims. So this Emoto study is one of those. And the experiment is part of the Evidence page on the website. So please check it out, there are more details there. Anything else you’d like to say Clayten before we move on?

Clayten – Yes, I’ve been thinking about the implications of the FLFE influence, creating truth and love in the crystalline world. In the notes, Jeff, you mentioned the body is 70% water. So we have requests to Divinity, which we call Programs in the service where, for those of you who are new to FLFE, we write out a context of what we’re trying to achieve with the technology, and then we have a way of putting positive thought forms as requests to Divinity. The level of consciousness of the Programs are 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. And so these are very carefully written request to Divinity, all those things that we want for each other, the highest expression of life on the physical plane.

And so it was very encouraging to see the crystalline structure reflect that intent. And we think that’s part of the reason why the average subscriber goes up I think in three months is 25 points, Jeff, I’m just trying to remember.

Jeffrey – Yes, 20 to 25 points now and it may have even gone up higher, it might have gone up more, it seems to keep climbing with new improvements or upgrades that we make to the service. And with 70% of our body being water we can see the effect of consciousness here on physical matter on water. And all of us in the FLFE environment or at 560, or depending on where we put our Slider, 560, the more higher the unconditional love zone. So, if it is true, as some of this research shows that consciousness affects matter, then, it’s good to be in a high consciousness field, where these types of highly ordered, love and truth good vibrations are there supporting us. Now, let’s move on to the to some good news on the consciousness front.

Clayten – So if you’d bring up the slide, Maria, the level of consciousness slide. What we do in the business is we meet every morning and check the level of conscious of many different things in the world. And one of them is to check the world and we check the US because most of our subscribers are in the US. The US is the most powerful country on the planet and has the largest influence because of its economy and its culture and constitution. So if we look at the 3000 year old history, thanks, Maria for bringing that up, we can see the last part of the scale on the right hand side is an extraordinary change in the history of the planet. We’re really in an exciting time to be alive. And there are a few data points on the timeline to orient ourselves around a few significant factors. We use the birth of Christ because Western civilization is mostly a Christian civilization. We’re not particularly religious in FLFE we’re more spiritual. So we could put the Buddha on there, and Krishna and a few others. But we chose that because Jesus seems to be a person that all religions that I’m aware off top my head don’t have an issue with. So perhaps the highest common good we could find, it Jesus is a reference to an expression of Divinity on the planet. Because he was I guess we’d call him a master or he reached 1000 out of 1000 in his consciousness by about the age of 21, it was quite early.

Jeffrey – And, just to fill in a little bit. So if you look over on the left side, that is the level of consciousness. So we can see we were trending below 100 and that’s the average of the planet. And this was a webinar that we did going back a few years, which you can rewatch if you like, there’s more detail there. Then as Clayten said, We looked at it periodically to see where it went, it was very stable in the 190s, kind of range there for centuries.

Clayten – And for those of you who are students of Dr. Hawkins, there’s a different qualitative aspect to the energy of 190, 199, and 201; it moves from non-integrity to integrity, or from pride to courage, the negative aspects of pride. And there’s another qualitative jump at 500, from 499, to say, 501. So we thought that was worth showing in the slide, just to have an appreciation of it’s not only going above 200. And typically when we transcend an issue like that, as a person or as a system, or even a company, a large organization, there’s a lot of tension before the positive change. And when the tension happens, when the tension is released, that positive change oftentimes has a lot of momentum. And so it will continue on for quite a bit of time. And as we went through the 200, kind of barrier the level in 1986, we went to 207, to 208, 209 for a while, and we came down for a while, and then we went back up. And in the fall of 2019 we were, 242 as a planet. So progress isn’t always a comfortable or regulated, continuous, upward movement, it can be a rocky road. And there are many things we could look at on this chart and make assumptions about. We calibrated the entire planet. So if there was a big event, in one part of the world, where we say we looked at the Inquisition, if there was something very positive in another part of the world that would compensate for that. So we can break this down by continent, we can break it down by country, we can break it down by region, we can go really deep on the data and more the historical significance of events and leaders and cultural agreements that we’ve made are reflected in those smaller measurements. So if we look at the slide where we had the level of conscious of the world recently, Maria, I think it’s just one up, we can see what happened.

In April of 2019, the world went down to 100. That was the lowest point, I think we’ve been for a month, since we went over 200, for sure, back in 1986. And obviously, that was the peak uncertainty of the covid 19 pandemic. And since then, we’ve been going back up, and we can see the change in the United States on the sixth, seventh, and eighth of January, when the Capitol Hill incident happened. We think the USA went down to anger at that point. And that’s what happens when there are disruptions in countries. There’s a general populace vibration.

And so it’s not any different than Canada. Our FLFE head office is in Canada. Wherever we all around the world our countries would experience something similar if an incident parallel to that would happen. Australia had some really bad fires a couple of years ago, so the country could go down to fear for a while if there’s uncertainty, or people are worried about how it’s going to affect their loved ones. Any national incident will affect the consciousness of the whole country.

And then we can see when the election was settled, the level of conscious of United States went up significantly after that. Just the subtleness of that experience being completed made a difference. Anything else we should say on that, Jeff, before I move on?

Jeffrey – Well, just March and April.

Clayten – Yes, March and April, we see the extremely positive change, we’re in the low mid-300s.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s really great to see that. I mean, that’s a big jump from where it was a month earlier. It was kind of a slow climb back up, and then we had some really large jumps up. So that’s such good news to have that. It even should be changing the atmosphere; people may feel that differently. And it’s something we’ve discussed over this year is the contrast between these months at 100, or 120, or 150, to the FLFE environment at 560. And that FLFE bubble, if we don’t watch the news, we may forget what’s going on outside. So that support was really helpful. It’s so good to see it popping back up, and presumably, the world will follow at some point here.

Clayten – And, just as a reminder, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is the scale we use. It’s from one to infinity, one to 1000 is the human realm, and it’s logarithmic. So the difference between two months ago in the USA, or three months ago, and now, that’s an extraordinary change. So if we’re going from 300 to 350, that’s 300 to the 50th power, so that’s 300 times 300, times 300 times 300 times 300 times 60, more units of five, it’s just, it’s an outstanding event to have something like that happen.

Jeffrey – Thank you Maria, we are complete now. And we just want to mention that coming this year, we’re moving into the podcast world with this webinar. So it’ll be released every other week, at least to start with. And so we’ll film some of these ahead of time. And we will be getting this out to a wider audience of people and we’ll have guests on. It will be conversational, a bit like we do now. But maybe even more so about interesting places, and interesting consciousness events after the basics of consciousness, and fields of consciousness, and those kind of things. We sort of take higher consciousness for granted in the work that we do, and people in general don’t have that. So that’s coming and as part of it we will have quarterly FLFE community webinars that are we more like this. They will be about new releases, upgrades to FLFE, things that are coming, and a question and answer period.  So those that’ll be once a quarter. We’ll let you know when we get closer. But it’s in the works, we thought we would give you a little preview of what’s coming.

So Maria, we’ve got a new Library page; we want to share with everyone some of the things we’ve been reading and looking at as movies. And by the way, all of this is on the website. The history of consciousness is now in the Learn section of the website. So you can always go back and see that chart. And also see the current history as it unfolds month by month in there. So that and the Emoto experiment are both on the website. And this is too, so this is a new section. Do you want to walk us through a little bit Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we have a bit of a preamble here about what we’re reading and what we’re watching, we haven’t calibrated every paragraph of every book or every sentence and checked its authenticity. These books are all relatively high consciousness. They’re likely all above 500 and we will be adding more books and of course Power vs Force.  Dr. Hawkin’s work is an 800 or above publication. And he actually put out some lower books I think “Success is for You” is lower. And we may put the calibrated levels in the book, we might talk about the books in the future personally about how they’ve affected us. So the main things we’ve gotten out of them. We have so many requests from people for all of us to share what we’re reading and what we’re watching that we decided to do create it. Maria and Jeff have done a great job. I’m talking about it but they’ve done most of the work because I was on holidays at the time.

Jeffrey – That’s the best thing! We can go on holidays and lots of work is still happening.  So for those of you that are new, Power VS Force is Dr. David Hawkin’s first book and it’s something we refer to often. And you’ll find Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness there in the book, in many examples and details and calibrations that he did about places in the world and all sorts of things. So it’s really an interesting book if anyone hasn’t read it. I highly recommend it to get into our heads and into the basics of FLFE.  Dr. Hawkins is such an important piece of that. And just the whole idea that consciousness is everything and is everywhere. It’s the underlying basis and everything has consciousness down to from the chair we’re sitting in to my cat Fluffy, and we can measure it using the Hawkins Map and kinesiology or muscle testing. So really a breakthrough book, of course, and is high on our list.

Lynne McTaggart’s The Field comes at the underlying structure of things in a little different way, but also really interesting. And I’ll just talk about a couple of books that were big for me that include David Wilcock. And as we said, there are high and low pieces in all of these but The Source Field Investigation is another investigation into what’s underneath and affecting everything. So that fits in with The Field.

Clayten – Anti-Fragile is a book that Jeff keeps talking about in our calls. Human beings are not these fragile creatures. Stress is a stimulus for evolution. That’s been our latest favorite. I’ve had a coaching business and there is a principle of coaching, where to change something we have to feel really uncomfortable. But when we’re constantly overwhelmed, it’s too much stress. But the right amount of stress is a stimulus for evolution. So it’s just finding that amount of stress. And for those of you who don’t know, Jeff, he’s been working out for, I don’t know, 35 years or something. He has a gym in his other business. So when we stress the body, it gets stronger if we don’t hurt it. So I’m talking about all the stories you tell about the book, Jeff, I haven’t even read it yet.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s become an interesting piece for us as we’re looking at EMFs and EMF Mitigation is one of our programs. And just recently, the context is now changing for it to be a stimulant for evolution, as Clayten said, it’s a stimulus for evolution. And so we can look at many things that way. And it’s a much more empowering context, than there’s something bad out to get us and we have to protect ourselves. Instead, let’s take the good parts of it and let’s mitigate the things that aren’t helping us and leave the stimulation. So this book was important for me, I thought it was really interesting. He’s very entertaining and has lots of examples of things that are robust. It’s strong and it can take a lot of abuse. So we can think of a, like a dam on a river. It’s certainly robust, it takes flood to a certain level, and maybe the waves crashing on it, the corrosion of the cement, but it’s not anti-fragile, it doesn’t get stronger, with all those things happening, it gets weaker, and eventually it fails. So it’s an example of something that’s not anti-fragile.

Where biological systems, including humans, get stronger with stimulus, with stress. And by stress, we mean more physical stress, like Clayten mentioned, exercise, but also could be, interpersonal situations. And part of what people notice in FLFE, is that in the environment, where there’s a higher level of consciousness, or in this unconditional love zone, things come up to be healed. And that can be stressful, there are now things in our awareness that maybe were in the subconscious before, and now we have to deal with them. And in that process of dealing with them whether it’s interpersonally, with other people we’re in relationship with, or in our work and finances, that we become stronger, and more able to deal with whatever happens. So that one made the list.

Clayten – Yes, remember, I was talking about bone density as one of the examples of the body responding to stress on the skeletal system by increasing the density of the bones. And as people get older, that becomes more of an issue.

Jeffrey – The Human Akash over here on the left is a compilation of read readings or channelings, by Lee Carroll of, of Kryon, the entity Kryon. And we measure him as one of the one of the really good channelers in the world. And Monika Muranyi is from Australia, she had put together all of the things related to the human Akash into one book. She has a number of books on different subjects and I found those to be interesting.

Let’s see, of course there is the Dr Emoto book. He shares many beautiful images and also more information about his philosophy on the underlying structure of consciousness. And how that manifests in physical form, in this case, water. Did you read Many Lives, Many Masters Clayten?

Clayten –  I’ve read bits of it while I was doing a lot of past life regressions. At one point, Jeff, I think I did and I was pretty skeptical of it. I tried it though and it changed my life. And then I know I did at least 24 past life regressions. And that was with a highly trained and very well regarded person, Diana Cherry, she’s passed over. She was in Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was very well respected her field. And she’d been practicing it for 30 something years by the time I started seeing her. I mean, I sent her so many people because the first experience changed my life so dramatically. And seeing yourself, seeing with your eyes in another body and another incarnation; there’s nothing else like it.

Jeffrey – Yes, this was my first kind of spiritual book. And really my first understanding of consciousness , particularly human consciousness and identity being seen in both directions, the previous life and post this life.

Clayten – And now our friend, Gary Schwartz. Gary is our super synchronicity person. He is always looking for synchronicities, and he’s always finding them. I mean, the amount of synchronicities this man finds just in daily conversation is delightful and quite funny. We usually can’t go 20 minutes into a conversation, and he’s pointing out a synchronicity. And it’s a real synchronicity. It’s not like something’s made up. Gary has a highly attuned set awareness of synchronicity. And, for those of you don’t know, Gary Schwartz, is a Harvard and Yale graduate. So he’s a smart guy. And a great soul.

Jeffrey – Yes, and the synchronicities he is pointing out, you know, what do they point out?  What’s the meaning of them? So that’s the other piece that’s really interesting. And Gary’s scientific mind always seems to be always going. And he is snapping pictures of these synchronicities when they occur or recording them. So he’s on the forefront of bringing science and spirituality together. And synchronicity is one of them. And there’s his really important work of bringing the two together, because they bifurcated in a way that’s just not serving us.

And there is this bringing the other side of the veil, the noncorporeal consciousness, like we mentioned, consciousness before, and after what we call this life; the exploration of that in a scientific way. And he’s working on a book about extraordinary evidence, because these kind of things require extraordinary evidence. And much of mainstream science  discounts some of this work, but there is really interesting research in these books. And I think there’s one more on the list too. But this is only a sampling.

In his book The Energy Healing Experiments Gary delved deeply into energy healing and did a whole number of experiments around the effects of different kinds of energy work or energy healing. And it’s quite interesting to see some double blind, very well conducted research in this field that many of us have experienced, whether it’s Reiki or Healing Touch, which is accepted in many hospitals now.

It’s such important work and we feel privileged to know Gary and to work with him on research.

Clayten – I am aware of the time, Jeff.

Jeff – Yes, we’ll just hit these really fast. Please, everyone get on the website and take a look. But the very bottom one, My Octopus teacher, I just loved that movie, it was so touching. I felt like I had a consciousness expanding experience. And I was sobbing during parts of it. Just the connection of nature, consciousness, love, you know, and the connection between man and our environment, and it’s such a beautiful movie, I highly recommend it.

Clayten – And a lot of you may not know that Jeff had explored going into marine biology as a young man so he has a special connection there.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’ve spent time with octopus in the wild, and with dolphins. And it’s truly a beautiful experience.

Yes, so here we are, we can get into the questions. So we’ve got the Q & A’s so if you’ve got questions please put them in there.

Clayten – And we have about seven or eight people with their hands up now. Some people have been waiting a long time. Do you want to bring to bring Tiffany on?

Jeffrey –  Let’s see if we can bring her in.

Tiffany – How are you tonight? I’m great. How are you?

Jeffrey –  We are happy to be here.

Tiffany – I’m just a big fan of you guys. And I’m a big fan of Dr. David Hawkins and what he did for humanity. And he really left us a map to follow which is so important for the times that we’re going through. It was actually a coworker of mine that told me about FLFE, about three or four years ago.

And then, you know, I wasn’t sure even though I had read Power vs Force in my 20s. But then I saw you on Regina Meredith, on Gaia. And then I thought, Oh, wow. Okay, I think these guys are really onto something. And so then my colleague put FLFE up on the store that we work at. And, you know, it has such an amazing energy! Our store is very unique anyway, but I think the FLFE definitely helps that energy that people feel. And it used to be from all over the world. But obviously, that’s a bit different right now. And probably why we are an essential service. So I wouldn’t be surprised that FLFE is playing a hand in allowing a lot of us to maintain the energy needed to make it through these really trying times.

So, yeah, other than that, I also have the full FLFE on my phone. So I take that out in the world everywhere I go. And I try to tell as many of my clients as I can about the service because I feel like there aren’t that many things that we can do. Other than if we’re lucky enough to be in Tibet on a mountain learning from some ascended monks, there aren’t many things that we can do down here in the trenches to lift our vibration so much higher that the FLFE could do for us. So it’s more just like saying, I guess I’m big fan, and I will always be and I promote the service as much as I possibly can.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you. Thanks for coming on.

Jeffrey – Right, let’s bring Audrey on. So Audrey Smith, we’ve got you live with us if you’d like to join us.

Audrey – Hi there. I’m wondering because I was able to see Dr. Emoto when he was alive was in Seattle. So I wonder how you got those pictures, did you do the freezing like he did?

Jeffrey – Well we sent water to the lab in Japan. His son, Hiro Moto, has continued with the lab. And they’re continuing to conduct experiments. So we prepared the samples we used, in glass bottles and found a way to have the FLFE service on the water for the whole trip and for the whole experiment. And they responded with an experimental report that had all the photos in it, and their analysis of it. And so that’s how it works. You just have to contact them and set it up. And there’s a fee to do it. But that’s how we got it done.

Audrey – I am amazed that it would last that long to be shipped like that.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a great point, we had to keep the field on, including the EMF Mitigation on the samples all the way through, because you’re right, I mean, they’re flying in an airplane, a highly charged EMF environment. And then they’re coming into their lab. And there’s so much laboratory equipment and influences. So, as you know, we have the Object base subscription. And we can use a photograph to associate the FLFE system with an object. In this case, we used the photograph of the interior of the bottle as a property subscription. So it took a little extra programming on our side to do that. But basically, that bottle became like a Property subscription inside. And so that water was protected and had the EMF Mitigation and all the other enhancements in it all the way through. So the way we wrote the program was as it’s poured from the bottle into the tray for freezing, that the field remained on the tray. The water was liquid, of course, and then they freeze it. And they have a way of slicing it. And it only lasts a very short amount of time to see the crystal. So they photograph it in that process. They have a photographic microscope that works well for that. And they have to slice it in a certain way.

And then with the FLFE Everywhere, we had to do something different where we had some magnesium particles in the water and used that as an object. So it’s a bit technical, but we were able to do it in a way that worked.

Audrey – Thanks for explaining. I was wondering how you did it.

Clayten – Yes, there was another lab that was doing something similar, but the director of the lab passed over; he was in a university setting. So it’s an area of science that oftentimes, things need to be commercialized to a degree to have them continue on. So with Emoto’s lab, they do charge a fee. And we’re glad to see it still continuing to do to work in the world. And we’re in a conversation about doing some service projects with them and having some testing done.

They have experimented with prayers over lakes, Audrey, if you remember.  I met Dr. Emoto in Vancouver, BC, at the Ridge Theater. Well, I think I went up to say hi to him with about 850 other people. Still, you know, it was great to be there and be in his presence. He was really a pioneer in this expression of the power of our thinking.

So he did an interesting experiment; he prayed over a lake, a polluted lake and changed the crystalline structure of the lake. So we’re exploring doing some larger service projects, where we might measure the influence of FLFE on a watershed or something. And these things generally take way longer and cost way more than we could imagine. And yet they’re still worth doing, we just have to pace ourselves.

Audrey – But I think it’s a good idea. Maybe they could start doing something like that in the Northwest, Canada, and the US.

Jeffrey – Yes, we had some customers, I think was on the Facebook page talking about putting PIFs on the headwaters of rivers. So using the coordinates of a headwater of a major river and then putting on the Pay it Forward 500 field on that area so that all the water moving through that then has that level. So that’s the kind of thing we are thinking about doing with them. We’ll approach them now that the experiment is done and we have the license to show the photos.

Audrey – I will be watching!

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thanks for joining us Audrey.

Jeffrey – Shall we go to the Q&A for a little bit Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, James is asking for the EMF 3.0 update.

Jeffrey – It is very close James. Very close. I’d say we’re within a week. And we’ve been doing a lot of work on it. And we also needed to do some energy upgrades for that as well. And we’ve actually found another improvement that we’re adding as well. So that is coming. Thanks for asking. And thank you for your patience.

Clayten – Evie works with us. And her brother, Tommy has the saying: “evolution is always evolving.”

And that calibrates at 1000 out of 1000. And it’s interesting how we find more ways to serve with the FLFE energy, the more work we do with it. I guess, maybe FLFE is anti-fragile, Jeff, and responds to the stimulus of service.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s definitely a way to look at it. It does seem that the more that happens in the world, the more ideas that we have for support, and it just keeps coming.

Clayten – So Maria is talking about being with her family, and it’s feels like it brings her down. The only way that she knows how to explain it is that it feels like a lower vibration. Absolutely. She asks, “Do you have any way to track that regionally? It would be cool to see a map that shows the vibrational frequency of different regions.” Well, it’s all done manually. All the kinesiology is done by us. We’re good at it and it takes a certain amount of time and energy to track anything. And most of the time we focus on trying to add more value to the service, like James was saying, EMF 3.0, please.

I mean, sometimes people look at us, and ask, “how come you guys don’t spend more time trying to grow the business and more time advertising?” And we really like to add more value to the service and try to help humanity. And the business is a real business now, thank goodness, and it’s able to support people to make a living. And we’re moving more into growing the business so we can do more service projects. That’s part of our motivation, of course, as a business grows, it can support people more. But a large part of our motivation is to raise the level of consciousness on the planet. We have a certain amount of energy to spend on managing the business and trying to grow so we can support more people. Anyway, Jeff, we would have to train our staff how to do that work, and we are slowly training people in the office. It’s a profession, it takes time. We would have to track regional influences and, right now, that is lower on the list.

Jeffrey – It reminds me of, it maybe even past regional, that’s very local to level of consciousness in different areas. And one of the things the property subscription does is mitigate EMF, but it also mitigates geopathic stress in the environment. And so we spent a couple of years, it’s still evolving, but we really put a lot of effort into it to try and cover all the different influences that lower the level of consciousness of a property or place. Maybe this place in the Midwest we are going could have a local or even regional water flow issues. So, underground water can have a big effect. Tidal movement of water can have an effect. Even traffic moving, cars and trucks moving towards, if you see a road and it’s going in a direction then it takes a turn to the left, that Chi or energy of those vehicles continue straight and it can have a negative effect on the properties. So there are many reasons why a place might feel low. And, as Clayten said, the more properties we can get on the service, the more we can help with that.

Clatyen – Just to give you an example, I was in Vancouver British Columbia, our head office is in Nelson, it’s about 800 kilometers depending on which route you take, which is about 600 or so miles. The City of Vancouver in 2018, the average was around 460. Over the previous month, it’s about 250. A lot of places are lower because of what’s happening in the world. Vancouver’s in a pretty intense COVID lockdown right now. And we were just leaving as they were instituting more measures, that was part of the reason why we felt we had to leave. So the part of the town we were staying in the city was 320. The highest consciousness neighborhood in the area, in the city itself was 490. Now, depending on what we call a neighborhood and I’m not sure I had the exact geographic boundaries, but I did a bit of testing while I was there. And there’s a part of Vancouver city the Downtown Eastside if you live in Vancouver, you know what that means. That neighborhood is 125. So it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing a region but even from neighborhood to neighborhood, it can really change. And, from even from home to home.

Jeffrey – And Clayten, what happened what happened when the sun came out?

Clayten –  Oh, yeah, so Vancouver is a rain forest. If anyone lives in Vancouver you know there can be  three months in a row where it’ll just rain or drizzle and be totally gray. And this one Sunday it was beautiful. It was about 20 degrees, which is 70 degrees for y’all down south. And I mean, Spanish Banks is this enormous beach, several miles long and there were a lot of people on that beach. I mean, there were thousands of people, it felt like a pressure relief for the city. And that day, you know, when they were they were practicing the social distance thing, but there was just a lot of people. And the city actually went to 500 on that weekend, it was the first sunny weekend of the year, we just happened to hit it. So that’s an incident, if you went there that day, and were even a good kinesiologist and your number was accurate. Let’s say it was 500. If you just checked it in that moment, you’d get 500, but if it were checked over the previous 24 hours, it might be different in that particular time, it was over 24 hours. But if it wasn’t checked over a week, and over a month and over a year and over two years, and then go back and check different years, it’s possible to lose context and perspective on the actual reality of living there. And a place like Vancouver that’s so socked in and so rainy and with the situation in most places, it’s a big city. So there are many restrictions even on what we could do and we were on holidays, we were just very careful. When a city like that, in a climate like , has a sunny spring day and the cherry blossoms are out. The whole city just comes alive. It’s amazing.

Jeffrey – So John is asking, “How long can water hold the FLFE signature once it’s imported?” And, you know, as we explained, we kept the field in place all through the experiment. I don’t think we know how long it would hold the signature. So it likely depends on the environment it’s in. As we know, there are many consciousness influences on a place, including, of course, the people there. And so it would depend. And our focus is to activate an environment and have it be maintained.

Anonymous is asking, “What was the percentage of ordered to unordered crystals at both Property and Everywhere?” You know, I don’t have that at hand. That’s such a good question. That’s something that we can add to the results and I don’t have it at hand. Thank you for asking that.

Clayten – Another Anonymous is asking, “I’m wondering about numbers. When you were on certain levels on the scale, do certain numbers pop up, for example, triple numbers, do numbers react to the field?” Yes, we’ve had this conversation a lot. And the place that I’ve sort of rested in this is that if we’re seeing a similar set of numbers, like for some people, it’s 111, or their birthdate or 1123 or they see some sequence of numbers. To me, it’s the awareness that we’re in alignment with the Universe, that’s about the highest truth I’ve been able to come up with as a generality. Now, if we have a certain relationship with certain mathematical sequences, that might mean something particular to you. Or, or if we’re seeing certain types of animals. There are different books out there that could talk about the energy that the animal represents, the book is Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews. So those are different ways to look at the Universe confirming we’re in alignment by showing us animals, numbers, certain repeated events, or if we’re having a lot of drama in our lives, it typically means we’re out of alignment. So just because the events are consistent, doesn’t mean they’re positive.

Jeffrey – So Marg is asking, “Since we haven’t talked about water yet, how does not drinking the recommended amount of water affect the experience of FLFE?” Marg since you’re asking that, you know, about the recommended amount, which is on the website on the Hydration page. And many of the FLFE programs do automatically adjust based on functioning. So if anyone were low in hydration, generally functioning drops. Our bodies are rebuilding all the time. I mean whether we’re in a high consciousness field or not, our bodies are constantly rebuilding and it takes water to do that.

Water is part of handling chemical reactions. It also bringing nutrients to the cells at locations whether it is muscle, whatever’s being rebuilt, we need good circulation, we need good hydration, so that we have good blood circulation and good blood pressure. And then more water for taking away the byproducts of that rebuild. So it’s important all the way around for health, but particularly, when there’s more energy available in a high consciousness field, and the body’s going to work and it wants to repair. And if we’re not drinking enough water we may not have as good of an experience, or as productive an experience as we could have.

Clayten – I’ll just comment on Yvonne, and then maybe we can talk to another person. Yvonne is asking, “What do you predict in the next five to 10 years? I wonder about folks who do not subscribe to FLFE will people evolve whether they want to or not?” Well, if the consciousness for one person goes up, we actually affect everything and everybody. There’s a saying, a rising tide floats all ships. And with a subscription, everyone receives a Pay it Forward (PIF) where we put a 500 level service on any place in the planet that we want. And our commitment is that it will stay on as long as Jeff and I own the business, which will probably be as long as we’re alive. Perhaps even longer if we can find some stewards to take it over. Hopefully, that’ll be a few more decades. So when the system rises or the region rises, typically, the individuals will be supported by that but we can’t make people go up in consciousness. I mean, we can’t force it.

In regard to what we think will happen in the next five to 10 years, we’re going up quite quickly, again, the world is at 229, the last time we checked, and we seem to be going up a point a month or two right now. And oftentimes when we’ve hit a peak, like, say, we were at 242. So that was our peak as a planet. We’ve learned enough as a human species in this context, that we were able to achieve and sustain 242 together. And then the pandemic came. So there are lessons to learn from the pandemic, it’s a teacher for us. And so if we can transcend the lessons that it has to teach us, then we can get back to the level we’re at before and go through this to the next level, which is 250 on the Hawkins Map. Now, Dr. Hawkins does talk about this in some of his DVDs, and he has many hundreds of hours of information on his DVDs. I don’t know which DVD it was or when it was said, but he just talked about the 50 point integers.

So there are two major qualitative changes in the energy, it’s 200 and 500. And every 50 points, there’s another what I call a base camp. So I imagine, getting up to 1000 would be like climbing Mount Everest, or something to that equivalent. And there are these base camps along the way, where we get to a certain place and we stabilize and we resupply, and we adapt. And so 250 is the next threshold for humanity. So the intention that Jeff and I share is that we go to that next level as a species, and we experience the continuing evolution of consciousness. And after our basics are met, it’s kind of the game we’re playing here. Right? That’s the anti-fragile end game is to be enlightened. That’s really what this is all about, as far as I can tell.

Jeffrey – Yes, the evolution of consciousness. And as anti-fragile beings, the pandemic can be looked at as an opportunity to get stronger. And there are some really interesting things that happened, the connections of people, even though people were home or staying home, that people found ways to connect, and they found communities online. And there are people finding each other that hadn’t found each other before. So in our hunger for human connection we found new ways to connect that weren’t there previously as a result of this. So a great way to look at it is that we get better and stronger.

Clayten – Yes, someone did mention that. I don’t know what exactly they said. But the key is to have the right amount of stress. You know, not too much. Holidays are okay, happiness is good. We can have all of that.

Jeff – I think for me, having that anti-fragile “aha”, in reading the book was it helped me to be less stressed about the stress.

Clayten – Yes, and we were doing karmic research, Jeff and we discovered that karma can be cleared through joyful service or through suffering. And that theme of thought was pristine, right? It was really nice to know that we can transcend our karma in many ways. The grace of God of course is always the wildcard in everything and there are ways to grow that are quite joyful and happy and fun and it doesn’t have to be work all the time.

Jeff – Yes, great points. So Cecelia is asking about which Gary Schwartz book. And I have a pile of them on my on my table right now that I just can’t wait to dive into. It may depend on your area of interest. The Energy Healing Experiments book is really interesting if that’s something you’d like to explore. And The Sacred Promise looks quite interesting to me. So I would say read the review on Amazon and see what appeals to you the most.

Clayten – Should we bring someone in? I was just noticing a comment in the chat. Yes, there’s many ways to transcend karma and to raise our consciousness. One is to realize that the experience that we’re having may be karmic. And the realization of that will help us transcend most of it. And that if anyone is  having an experience that we don’t like, we can assume we did that to someone in a previous incarnation. And we can forgive ourselves, everyone, and everything involved in the experience. And try to be kind to the to the other person while we’re going through the experience. That doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves; we have the right to defend ourselves at whatever level we need to, especially if we are physically threatened. But most of the time, it’s an attitudinal position we need to take in if we’re well rested enough and conscious enough consider the awareness that the experience could be karmic. And karma doesn’t have to be just from a past life. It could be forgetting to pay the  light bill and the lights go off. That’s karma on a really practical level. But if we can stay present with it and forgive if it’s something we don’t want to experience again.

Jeffrey – I think you had a 1000 out of 1000 definition of freedom, I don’t want to put you on the spot. I’ll bring in Joseph to talk to us if you want to some time to remember it. So Joseph, welcome.

Joey – Hi, this is Joey.

Jeffrey – Do you prefer Joey?

Joey – I do, yes.

Jeffrey – Hi Joey, how’s it going?

Joey – Good, I do have quite a few questions here. I guess I’ll just start out. The first one. So like the list of programs that you guys have. Is there  a sample of some of those programs that you would have or a way for us to see like the list of programs that you have in there?

Jeffrey  – Well, there is there is a section on the website that goes into all the different programs on each of the services. So I believe it’s in the Products and Pricing section. So there are layers on the website, that might be a little more difficult to find. But if you go to Products and Pricing, there is a section called Explore All Benefits and there is a list of all the different programs. Now, the language of the programs is not listed there, but at least you’ll know what the different ones are. And we have shared some of the specific water programs in the Hydration page. I don’t know if there are any other ones in other places, Clayten?

Clayten – That’s all I’m aware of. It’s not that we don’t know the website. It’s just that we keep expanding it. And Maria is likely looking that up and putting a link in as we’re talking. Thank you, Marie. I see it

right there.

Joey – How many programs or intentions have you guys put in? Do you guys know that number offhand, or is it in the thousands?

Clayten – Tens of thousands.

Joey – My next question, I guess relating to the programs and intentions is like, and this is just something for my mind. It’s just out of curiosity. It’s like how do you transfer programs and intentions into energy that’s directed somewhere, how does that work?

Jeffrey – Well, I can start with that. For instance, in what we call the Removal Template, is part of the clearing process. So even though it’s one document, one program, it has hundreds, if not thousands of different thoughts that are part of it, because it’s very methodically going through all the negative things. Of course, we can’t list all of them but as many as we could list of negative things that can happen on the land. Because the more specific we are, the faster it clears, when we’re asking for it to clear. So these are written in English. They’re in a document and we have found a way to go from that document into the service, into the field as information present. And so it’s a special aspect of the FLFE system that does this.

Joey – Nice. Okay. Have you guys thought about possibly sometime in the future, allowing people to ask  for custom intentions?

Clayten – Well, we’d love to be able to do that for people. And again, it’s always this balance of trying to offer a service where we can make it as affordable as possible. And help as many people as we can, and still run a business, make a living, pay our employees, and make a reasonable profit. And, I mean, I would really like to do that. And we’d have to give people access to write their own program. I just don’t know how we could do it. But I’m putting that thought out there. With the programs, Joey, I’ll just say that, and maybe Jeff can comment on allowing people to write custom programs. In the beginning of the programs, we make a request to Divinity, please do the following. And at the end of the programs the request is that everything is done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. Because as pure as the request might be from the linguistic position, we can create it.

We don’t know what God’s will is for everybody at every moment around the planet, there are so many variables, so the best we can ask for we measure it really well. I mean, I do 30,000 calibrations a month, my job is mostly research. And I sometimes I take a holiday and I stopped testing for a few days, I realize how much time and energy it takes. So everything is checked frequently. There are a lot of safety protocols in place. So that’s a little bit more about the programming, and I do have concern about people asking for things Joey, for example, and maybe you wouldn’t do this, but we’ve had a controversial President of the United States, and if someone had access to the technology they might ask for who knows what to be done to a person that they don’t like.

Jeffrey – Everything would have to be vetted.

Joey – Yes, right. I was thinking because, I’m a multifaceted person. I consider myself an athlete, a musician, an explorer of consciousness, a family member, and all that sort of stuff. So maybe in the future, I don’t know, again, it’s hard to tell when I don’t know exactly what intentions have already been programmed. But it would be cool if certain things that people could create such as custom templates that have already been built.  And then maybe they are geared towards more to an athlete, or someone who wants to explore psychic realms, or communicating with deceased loved ones.  And I don’t know, if you guys have those programs in there, my dog passed away in September, and she’s visited me in a dream, but I would love to be able to connect with her more. Maybe there are already those intentions in there. And maybe that’s why I’ve already had a dream of her.

Jeffrey – So there definitely are connection intentions in the programs and in multiple places. First of all, many of the ideas for programs come from customers. So when issues occur, and, for instance, I’ve had a couple people pass away in my life recently, and so we started working on a passing over program to assist in that process. So that will likely come into the service at some point, and we’ll let everybody know about it. And we’ve had so many webinars and so many times we’ve talked about what’s there. And the website has a lot of content in it. And there are places to go and find some of these intentions that are already there. But we really do listen, and we make a lot of the programs that are looking to solve issues that people bring forward for advancement.

Joey – That’s amazing. And I’m going to cycle through these questions because I don’t want to take up somebody else’s question time, but what distance can FLFE travel?

Clayten – Anywhere, the quantum association field in the technology can associate with any unique identifier anywhere.

Joey – Does it get diluted at a certain distance?

Clayten – No quantum association is immediate and equivalent to what’s in the high consciousness field and the technology.

Joey – Wow, I did notice you guys had Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, the video that you have in the FLFE library. Have guys done anything with FLFE and trying to communicate aliens?

Clayten – My question is, who are the aliens? Are we the aliens? I mean we’re from another place?  That’s a great question and it’s a can of worms. Do you want to open that Jeff?  I don’t want to go into it right now.

Jeffrey – It’s a balance for us too. And in what we provide, and some of the service work that we do, we don’t talk about very much. And there are some levels of weirdness that we try not to get into too much. And, you know, the world, the universe is, is a very diverse place. And there’s a lot going on. And, you know, it’s been really interesting connecting to channelers. And people like Dr. Gary Schwartz, who’s doing research into the other side and noncorporeal consciousness, and much of that noncorporeal consciousness may be consciousness, that could be called alien. It’s not Earth, it’s not from this dimension. But it’s a consciousness, and it’s got a point of view. So as Clayten is saying, who is the alien, we’re all connected, we’re all part of the greater creation, and we’re all creators. So, we’re open to looking at all of creation and the points of view that are in it.

Joey –  Well, it might be fun, like, if I had access to your technology, and I knew that there was no distance it couldn’t travel, and that it carried with it information in your technology that has these specific intentions and stuff. And if we can place an intention in there for communication, I know for sure the first thing I would be doing is beam this out here, just in case, if we don’t beam it out, then the aliens might never come talk to us. So why not, just for fun? And then that actually might be the thing that gets aliens to actually come down, which would be awesome.

Clayten – Unless they’ve already been here for decades and talking to many people. But one of the things that’s interesting, Joey, if you ever really get into kinesiology, one of the things that we believe we can do is measure. And we’ve talked about this on many webinars. So for most people, it’s old hat, but we believe we can measure where our thoughts come from. And that’s a really fascinating process.

Joey – You know, that’s funny that you brought that up and speaking of synchronicity, because these were my last questions were related to kinesiology and testing. And my question is basically about an overview of kinesiology in general, what are the limits to what kinesiology can test? Has there been a scientific study of the efficacy of kinesiology to produce results?  And when it comes to the way in which David Hawkins did testing, which is asking for truth about certain topics, what are the limits of that? Could someone use it for a college exam? Could we muscle test multiple choice questions and get that right?

Clayten – I’ll start this one off, Jeff. So there’s a process in kinesiology. The first is, we check our polarity and then we hold an inquiry in mind and we ask if we have permission to make that inquiry. And it may not be in the highest and best interest of all creation to know the answer to an exam without having put the time into study and learn. So I don’t know about that. But when we get good enough at kinesiology we try to work the system. But we can’t beat the Universe, it just doesn’t work that way. Now, it may be best for us to get through an exam that day. I don’t know.

So, are there any limits to kinesiology? Yes there absolutely are limits, if we have a big bias about something, it’s going to skew the data. So we typically want multiple people testing the same topic. And if we’re really good, we can have multiple people testing each other’s bias on the subject and how clear they are. And we could have a whole inquiry, “is this person clear about the subject?” Or are they free and clear? Or what level of clarity do we have.

So that’s one of the things and I’ve done 7.6 million calibrations. And there are some topics that I cannot form a good question and a good inquiry for because there’s subject matter expertise that I don’t have to make that inquiry. And so sometimes I have to hire knowledgeable experts on an area to help me form the inquiry. And, if we get good enough we can measure how good the inquiry is. But just because I can measure how good it is doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to get a good inquiry. And then I may not have permission to make it. And then at the end, I have had to test if it in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation, to share the information with the people that we’re sharing it with at the time. So I mean, I thought kinesiology was going to be the holy grail. I thought, man, this is it. If we can figure this we’re going to be able to transform the world and I think kinesiology is transforming the world. It’s transforming it through measuring supplementation, which is a really well established area now. And it’s used in chiropractic quite extensively. My favorite chiropractors have been kinesiologist when I’ve traveled and moved around. And there are studies that prove kinesiology doesn’t work, and there’ are studies that prove it does.

Joey – Yes, I remember Dr Hawkins talking about his study where they put vitamin C, in one envelope  and in another envelope was artificial sweetener. He had everyone in the room test and he had everyone in the room test for which one was which. And the results were quite impressive with people in the room demonstrating ability to discern Vitamin C.

Clayten – And he did write a paper called Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, where he goes into the protocols that he followed during the research. And in the back of Power vs Force, first edition has a set of protocols, and then there’s an expanded set of protocols in Power vs Force, second edition. And our opinion is that there are more protocols to be discovered and used to increase the efficacy and consistency of the testing.

Jeffrey – So Joey, the limitation is testing the future. We can only test present or past. There’s probability, there is free will and there’s just no way to do that. I mean, we have four people now doing property testing pretty much every day. And so we’re testing each other. And we’re testing our freedom, you could say. We have a freedom scale that we’ve developed for measuring how free we are to accurately test which includes biases, hydration, and other things, too. So, one of the things you mentioned about doing custom programming, it’s come up in previous webinars, and it’s something that’s very important is that as people come on to the service, and as we say, within 90 days, the average is a 25 point rise in consciousness on the Hawkins Map. So each one of those is 10 times more energy available. And so we are broadcast machines, humans are always broadcasting, we have our own fields that we’re creating, and things that we’re sending out. And so as we rise in consciousness we can use our Magnetizing Process as an example of using the energy that we have in our own consciousness to send out intentions.  And so everyone can do that right now. I mean it wouldn’t be 24/7 like FLFE has and still anyone can start right away with what it is they want to do.

Joey – And I’ve already been having amazing things happen to me with your service and with using my own intentions. It’s just kind of one of those things, it kind of just tickles my soul a little bit as the service goes on 24/7. But one more question for you guys. I learned how to test and I do test. And again, when I start testing, I find my OCD really kicks in. And then I’ll start testing everything for a period of like, a few weeks, and drive myself crazy. And I stop testing and then I’ll stop testing for quite some time and then I’ll start doing it again. I don’t know if you have any good resources for general day to day practical like living for your life? What can I use testing for and maybe batch test certain things or maybe test if I’m on the right track with things on a day to day basis?

Jeff – You are asking Clayten, how many a day do you normally Clayten if you are not on vacation?

Clayten – Well, it’s one thousand a day. Which isn’t, you know, maybe Joey is calling me out here on the OCD. Yet, to do 1000 a day isn’t as much as you think. So if you if we say, if check my polarity, that’s one calibration, permission to make the inquiry I’m holding it in mind. That’s an inquiry, the level of consciousness of the properties at FLFE are in the range. We have an inquiry with that. That’s another inquiry. Jeff, you’ve done what 1.3 million calibrations now? We can do 50 inquiries, 100 inquiries, just in the morning testing the properties. And then, we’re testing the level of consciousness of the office, sometimes we’re testing maybe there’s an issue going on, and we’re trying to optimize a program. Jeff spends most of his time writing the programs. So we had maybe 50,000 calibrations for the Removal Template.  The way we write programs, Joey, is we write out the context that we’re trying to achieve. And then we write the request to Divinity and we check the level of truth of the program to address the context within the constraints of the technology. It’s not meant to interfere with people’s lives. It’s just there to create the optimal conditions for us to evolve so we can ask Divinity, something benevolent, but we want to get the request from 600 to 800. It might take 1000 inquiries because we’re not sure how to ask, but then over the time, we do more and more asking and we get better at asking. We’re making the requests to Divinity. So I don’t know if this is helping, but it’s not that difficult to do a thousand inquiries and yes, we can drive ourselves mad with kinesiology.

Joey – I can drive myself crazy, I mean I’ll be craving perhaps, a steak or something. And then I’ll test if I should actually eat ice cream, which sounds so counterintuitive. And I’d rather have the steak, you know, or vice versa and I drive myself up the wall.  So it’s like, sometimes my body’s giving me two different signals like, obviously the one signal through the body, which is kinesiology, the other signal of like, my body telling me what to eat. That’s why I wonder what you do daily.

Jeffrey – Well, I do a lot of food and vitamins. And we test on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map, testing the level of appropriateness of food, with 1000 being the most appropriate food for me over this timeframe in this amount of food.  Because, if I hold a jar of essential fatty acid fish oil and it’s the whole jar, no, it’s got to be two capsules. So measuring on that scale I could use a longer timeframe because it takes into account fluctuations. And there might be a craving going on and of course, we can calibrate where the thoughts come from. So maybe my candida is talking to me. And candida can talk very loudly when they want some sweets. And we think it’s a craving but it’s the candida is saying, “give me some ice cream.”

Joey – It’s true. Well, well, guys, thank you so much.

C&J – Thank you Joey, it was great to have you on with us.

Clayten  – Kinesiology and OCD. Jeff, there’s a fine line there between the two.

Jeffrey – Well, it’s a positive use of OCD. I mean, what you’ve done and the amount of calibrations you’ve done and all the work to develop this is, it’s been the basis for FLFE; we couldn’t have done it without kinesiology.

Clayten – Yes, we don’t know what we don’t know, and at some point, we don’t know if it’s a belief system, or truth. Because we can study one body of work, and it’ll say one thing and study another body of work and it’ll say something else. And these are all well respected sources of information. And it’s humbling. And to really get down into the details of the process of Kinesiology, I feel is worth the effort.

And I didn’t suggest this to Joey, but it is  possible to form a study group and meet once a week. I spent six months once a week with people just driving ourselves crazy. I wasn’t until the end of the six months that I started writing down my inquiries, and I started getting more consistency. And that was basically from a quote in Power versus Force, first edition page 112, paragraph two, Dr Hawkins says we might find it interesting to calibrate the level of conscious of the inquiries. So I started trying to measure the question and writing it down. And then I started getting more consistency, which just kept me going, and it was just little iterations, just a real grind.

Jeffrey – Yes, what you found there is writing down the inquiry and getting it really clean. And for property testing that we do every day. You know, the inquiry is pristine.  And then we’ve done it so often there’s a groove  where it’s really easy to drop into that groove. So it seems that writing down our inquiries and testing them to make sure they’re high consciousness. And then using the same written inquiry over and over can really help our accuracy and repeatability.

Sounds like we’re wrapping up here, Clayten, do you want to continue wrapping up? Sure, I’ll go first and give you a chance to gather your thoughts. It’s really great to talk to people who would like to hang out and talk for hours and hours. And I imagine we could do a webinar in a Saturday morning and just see how long we could stay on. I know guys who spend four hours on webinars, just talking to their customers. It’s a lot of fun. I really appreciate all of your questions and willingness to show up and ask the questions. And thank you for being customers. This is what keeps us going. I mean, without all of you, we just couldn’t do it. I also want to thank all of our staff, if any of them are listening, because I recently went on holidays, and I came back and there was some stuff done that I had nothing to do with. And it was very well done. We have a great team of people.

I remember watching a video frame, Ray Dalio on YouTube. And I think he owned one of the world’s largest hedge funds. I’m not sure if it was a hedge fund, but it was a financial institution. And in his video on YouTube, there is one minute where he says, “What I discovered is one of the most satisfying things in life was to work on a project of service with highly qualified, well intentioned people.” And that’s me paraphrasing it. And it shocked me that this guy who is a multimillionaire, and one of the most satisfying things he found in life was to work with highly intelligent, well qualified people whose intention was to serve. And that’s been my experience of FLFE, it’s a great place to work, it’s best job I’ve ever had.

So thank you, Maria, and Max.  Max is our computer tech and he saved us today, as we had a little technical drama. So thank you, Max.

Jeffrey – And Maria came on as customer and was making such beautiful posts on the Facebook page. Maria was helpful to other people that had questions and once we got to know her, and now she’s a really important part of the team. And she’s  a force of nature, she keeps the website moving and the Facebook page and all the marketing; she has a marketing team now. So, thank you, Maria.

And to echo what Clayten said about our staff and what it does having people around us who are dedicated to the mission and highly competent and on their own spiritual path, in their own exploration, which brings in lots of diversity of thought, and of consciousness to what we’re doing. And having all of the structure around us allows us to serve in greater capacity to do the service work, which is 90 plus percent of the energy of the system is in service projects of all sorts. So we are so very grateful for the staff, and especially the customers; we couldn’t do it without you to have the FLFE community building in the way month after month getting bigger and bigger. And we love hearing from you, it’s literally the highlight of my day, or the highlight of the week, when Aditi or one of the other CRS or Free Trial Specialists shares something that our customers have written. So if anyone can go to the website and give a testimonial. Just tell us what your experiences is; it feeds us, it’s really beautiful. And so everyone being here in the community and the support from subscriptions allows us to serve in greater capacity. So thank you.