Energized Food and FLFE Evidence 

December 17, 2019

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar.  We will be discussing tonight, the new FLFE service upgrade, Energized Food 3.O, which are energized nutrients and what that means for us. We will also talk about the IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences studies of the FLFE environment. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I‘m Clayten Stedmann. Hello everyone, we are happy to share with you the latest FLFE upgrade, Energized Food 3.0. In the office, we call it Nutrient Uptake Optimization. So, we’ll get into that with a little more detail. Energized Food 3.0 was added to all of the FLFE subscriptions and to the FLFE Free Trial gift at no extra cost on December 10, 2019.

Jeffrey – So, as you know from previous webinars, we’re very interested in nutrition as it supports the evolution of consciousness as well as physical freedom. Many of us are eating well and taking our supplements, and it may be that the absorption or the uptake of those nutrients could be slowing down our path to optimal health.

Clayten – The breakthrough of Energized Foods 3.O are the energized nutrients. So Jeff and I, along with the FLFE research team discovered that if individual nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and essential compounds in food are specifically defined and energized, then the natural nutrient uptake by the body is greatly enhanced. So I’ll say one or two more things about this. The metaphor that we’re using is if we were at a monastery at a retreat, and you were praying for your food, and the local monks observe you praying for it. And then each one of them prays for the individual nutrient in the food such as vitamin D, the essential fatty acids, magnesium, the things that we talk about a lot, that the uptake of that nutrient would be enhanced. So that’s the basic premise of what we’re going to get into tonight. In the beta test group, our kinesiology testing team showed improved nutrient uptake from the food eaten, which resulted in significantly improved levels of those nutrients. Especially after three days; that’s when we noticed that a threshold had been crossed. We believe that with this energized nutrient upgrade, we will have a greater likelihood of reaching and sustaining optimal nutrient levels in our bodies.

Jeffrey – As Clayten said, we’ve seen these results through kinesiology testing, but also in how people feel. So in the beta group now with subscribers and people on the Free Trial, we’ve been hearing from the community Facebook group, emails, and phone calls. And what we’re seeing is that people are experiencing better moods, particularly those susceptible to seasonal depression or the winter blues. We will get more into an example of that in a minute, but also more personal energy without, perhaps, that second coffee in the afternoon.

And eating less, is one of the things people have noticed; there’s increased satiation as the food eaten yields its nutrients. So people feel like they eat less or they eat less often and enjoy better sleep. So one of our close friends at FLFE has been afflicted with seasonal depression through the years. And they were looking at their logs of what they were feeling this time last year. And while on the new  FLFE Energized Nutrients, they are feeling tremendously better; not having the kind of depression or difficulty that they were feeling around this time last year. So that is a good test and a good example. (5:00) Better sleep is another improvement that people are noticing because with more nutrients in a more optimal state that sleep was coming more easily, and it could be partially the magnesium as well.

Clayten – Yes, sometimes it’s hard to know where the benefit comes from, is it enhanced vitamin D that helps the mood during the day and in the evening it better magnesium uptake? We have ideas about how to delineate that in the future. We’re currently offering all subscribers and anyone who has tried FLFE one additional Free Trial 15–Day gift with no credit card. And if anyone hasn’t tried this and are hearing this for the first time, we offer an FLFE Free Trial with this additional support. There is a survey to take as an option before and after the experience of the new Program. Current customers may have taken the survey, and everyone will receive a follow–up survey ten days later after the first one. We sincerely thank everyone for their input. It helps us understand the value coming from the service and it helps us prioritize Program updates in the future. It is important information and a form of evidence. Statistically, when a certain number of people respond to a survey, it becomes statistically valid at a certain number depending on the questions and the context.

We will share the results on our new Evidence Page. So our new Evidence Page, which we’ve created on the FLFE website contains different types of evidence; scientific experiments, survey results, our GDV camera study and newly completed FLFE studies with the Institute of Noetic Science or IONS.  The page is in navigation on the homepage of the website.

Jeffrey – So, IONS or the Institute of Noetic Sciences is in Petaluma, California. If anyone hasn’t heard of them it’s worthwhile to look them up.  They are leaders in bridging the gap between traditional mainstream science and some of the new science that’s emerging, particularly around consciousness. So they have been processed for preliminary experiments with FLFE. And this is an FLFE activated high consciousness field in their facility. We have an experiment that’s also in the homes of FLFE subscribers; two of those experiments are complete and the results are on the Evidence Page. So, please take a look.

Experiment number one is looking at the effects of the FLFE field on random number generators. This experiment was conducted on the IONS campus they have in one of their buildings, an electro-magnetically shielded chamber; a solid steel double wall eight by eight–foot by eight–foot cube. So people can go in it and spend time in it, and it’s completely electromagnetically shielded. So IONS provided us the coordinates and a photograph of this room And four different quantum number generators (QNG) devices were placed inside this chamber. FLFE activated a field, an FLFE field in the shielded room. And we moved the level of consciousness up in this experiment every 15 minutes. So we started it at a particular level and we went through to a very high level of consciousness in the room. The experiment was to look at the result of the output of the random number generators during these changes in consciousness. And what they found was an unexpected response. During the experiment, there was something they didn’t expect. This was an outcome that was well beyond any random chance. So we activated the FLFE field in their location, and the random number generators saw that in the field, there was an effect on that location, which is very exciting. (10:00) And what they saw were, we could say ripples in space–time is one of the ways they described; entropic, ripples in spacetime. So random number generators crank out random numbers. And if something interferes with that, they can become less random. They can even become synchronistic, maybe if there were two random number generators, and they started producing the same number, or similar things. And this was a very detailed analysis of the math of these random numbers that were being generated. And there were deviations occurring during the experiment. And in the QNG they saw it over time. So they saw a wave of less than random numbers being generated within the QNG. And then they saw it in space between different  QNG machines that were in this room that started hooking up or being in synchrony in some way. So, that was a very interesting experiment, and it is available on our website.

So the second experiment was an EEG brainwave measurement and an EKG heart rate measurement on 13 people who came into the IONS Discovery Lab. And the way the experiment worked is the person would come in, and they would get the EEG electrodes put on and the heart electrodes put on, and they would take a cognitive test. And then, right after the test was done, the lab assistant put on the FLFE field. So it’s just like FLFE at home. We went to the Control Panel and turned it on. So after 30 minutes in the field, the EEG waves were measured and the heart rate was measured. And significant differences were found before, and after the FLFE exposure. The FLFE field was an increase mainly in the alpha wave frequency, which makes a lot of sense to those of us spend time in the FLFE environment where we find it easier to meditate and easier to connect in the ways that we connect to a higher power.  You could say that in the Alpha Frequency Meditation is easier. And there was also an increase in performance on cognitive tests, a cognitive task that was it was an increase in executive functioning with interference. So interference means there was something else happening and it was taking attention while taking the cognitive test. And in the FLFE field, there was an increase in executive function or the performance on that test. So, that also makes a lot of sense because we noticed the increase in focus and concentration in the FLFE field; it’s part of the Brain Optimization.

New, what’s coming next is a third experiment that will be on the Evidence Page in a week or two. It’s a group of people that came in for tests at the IONS facility, went home and went on FLFE for 90 days, and then came back and got tested again. So that’ll be coming up next. Is there anything you’d like to say about this Clayten?

Clayten – This is the beginning of what we assume at this time is a long term relationship with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. We are committed to being one of those companies that has as much evidence as we can find to demonstrate the relationship between high consciousness fields and measurable effect in the 3D world that we live in. And so we’re excited to find someone to work with that has the credibility IONS has. And they’ve enjoyed working with us because it’s somewhat unusual for them to find a relatively transparent technology. And the fact that we can control it. (15:00) Part of the fun we’ve had is creating something where we can be our own consciousness researcher; we can turn it on, turn it off, and experiment with it by sliding the Consciousness Controller, also called the Slider.  And the EMF Mitigation is in our control as well to turn on and off. So it’s nice for them to work with people where they have controls that they can manage from there. And that’s what we heard. And we have more experiments in the works. We will likely have some things this summer, 2020, that will be rolling out in terms of results from these other experiments that we’re planning to do.

Jeffrey – So, as Clayten said, everyone can be their own consciousness researcher. And if you log in to your Control Panel, as he said, you can turn FLFE on and off. While you’re sitting quietly test, you know the difference, you can also turn the EMF Mitigation on and off. And we now have a Boost that gives us a 600 field for half an hour for the FLFE property. And that’s another way to experiment. And we’ve had quite a bit of good feedback from the Boost. People have good meditation experiences. For me, it’s helpful to connect in meditation, and when I’m doing creative work like working on FLFE Programs. Do you want to talk about your experience with the Boost Clayten?

Clayten – It centers me if I’m looking to get an answer to something or a deeper level of insight that seems to be, I’m able to go deeper into a topic. So I haven’t used it that much for meditation. Usually, I use it for creative thinking I guess you’d say. It’s been my default so far.

Jeffrey – We’ll be interested as we move further into the energized nutrients. And as we’re measuring, and as we’re feeling our bodies, we seem to be moving to a higher level of optimization and nutrition. We know how that will affect our experience of meditation and our experience of our evolution. Because, as we know, and we’ve talked about in other webinars, nutrition and the evolution of our consciousness are connected, in that our bodies are evolving. Our nervous systems are holding more energy, holding more light. And they physically evolved to do that. And nutrition is something we’ve been talking about because of the restraints on our evolution based on nutrition at times. And so we’re excited to see what will happen as the whole FLFE community gets more and more nutrified as we’re moving into these high consciousness states themselves. Let’s see what occurs.

Clayten – So it is Q&A time.  We like to give you the option to talk to us if you have something to say.  There’s a place on the bottom taskbar in zoom to raise your hand. So we’ll have some conversations if we can. Please direct all your questions to the Q&A box. If you have comments, you want to make back and forth to each other on the webinar before we get to an answer or if you want to expand upon it, that’s the place to use the chat function. Please put all the questions in the Q&A area.

Jeffrey – All right, we’ve got some questions here. Anita is asking, “A friend of mine has a cannabis store. If he had an FLFE subscription for his business, would his clients notice enhanced benefits from the time that the cannabis was in the store?”  Well, we have had people asking about preparing food at home in the FLFE environment and then taking it to work where they’re not in an FLFE environment. And the energized nutrients only occurs in the field. (20:00) So we would have to be eating the food in the field or using cannabis in the field. Now, if you have an FLFE a Mobile or the FLFE Everywhere, phone or object, then you would be taking the energized nutrient field with you.

Clayten – Anne is asking, “Does your phone or personal device have to be close to the food and supplements within so many feet?” Yes, it is within four feet.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a great question, Anne, and it is within four feet. So we do want to keep it close by, if  we’re eating in a restaurant, we can put our phones on the table. So everyone at the table could benefit from it. But it is within four feet of the phone. And that’s where most of the other FLFE Programs are active; it is in those four feet. And that’s where it’s 575 on the Hawkins Map is the level of the energy coming into that space.

Clatyen – Paige is saying, “It’s fun to be an FLFE guinea pig!”  We’re all conscious researchers ;we just try and make it as accessible to everyone as possible so that we can trust ourselves; have our own experiences. We’re always trying things and we do a ton of beta testing. We’ve have ideas in the pipeline right now that; who knows when it’ll come out, but there are always inspirations we’re working on.

Jeffrey – Yes, I think it’ll be interesting Clayten and Paige, this brings up for me to test the level of consciousness of the FLFE community, 30 days after the release of Energized Nutrients 3.0, after 60 days, 90 days to see what see the change. We see 12 points is the average increase in the level of consciousness of subscribers that have been in the field eight hours or more for 90 days. So this will be interesting to see as we’re more optimally nutrified, how that affects our evolution and the levels of consciousness that we are reaching. So I’m very interested to see that. It’s a great question.

Clayten –  JP is asking,  ”Is there any chance you would expand the five–minute boost to 10 or 15 minutes daily on mobile FLFE?” Well, we do get asked to do that quite a bit, as well as the home. And we get asked, why isn’t it 650 or 800 instead of 600? Part of it, JP, is the amount of power it takes like a mobile subscription typically takes about 2000 times the amount of energy of a Home Subscription because it’s moving all the time. That’s why we can’t put certain Clearing the Land Programs that we have for the Home Subscription on the Mobile Subscription or any stationary subscription besides the Home, Business or Nonprofit; it takes such an extraordinary amount of power. But the Nutrient Uptake Optimization (try to say that three times fast; it’s a bit of a tongue twister). That has been a big draw on the technology. So it’s on our radar, and when we have the power, I don’t see why we wouldn’t do it. We don’t have a date for that yet. We’re thinking about doing a major upgrade this winter; we’ll have to see but it’s something on our radar.

Jeffrey – Anonymous asks, “How is that FLFE different from scalar energy?” Well, we explain FLFE  now as a consciousness technology. It is very much akin to human consciousness and the effects of holding someone in mind. We believe the field is activated much in the same way that the FLFE field is activated through the unique identifier and that what you’re holding for the person; how you are thinking of them now in that field and our Programs are doing the same, (25:00) they’re populating that field with that content and so we see it as more akin to human consciousness in the way that it works.

Clayten – We have Davia now.

Davia – I am on the East coast and I heard you talking about research with people coming into the lab. And I think you were talking about the West Coast; do you have any plans for that anywhere else? I know there’s research going on all over as it comes into the home.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a great question. So, IONS does have; I don’t know what they’re called exactly, but they have small facilities around the country in different places. And they’re also experimenting with us with that for the FLFE Subscribers. So this one hasn’t started yet. But everyone who’s a Subscriber or on the Free Trial will have the ability to join the experiment; take a survey and then take another survey every month. And so that’ll be a way to bring the experiment into our homes as you as you were saying earlier and get results.

Davia – Okay, thank you.

Clayten – The next experiment I’m most excited about is live blood cell analysis and nutrient analysis of the blood. Especially with the recent 3.0 Energized Food Program. And we thought about having people go and get blood work and then  working on something with them. The challenge with having people do the experiments at home are the naysayers who stipulate the data is not controlled enough, because people are doing it at home and they’re not doing it under controlled conditions. We’ve often dreamed of having a consciousness research kit that we could send to rent for a while, do all kinds of experiments, grow plants, test this, test that, and then send it back to us or keep it even. We’ve had some ideas about that. We haven’t figured out how to make it work on a big scale, but we’re with you. We want to put the power in everyone’s hands as much as we can.

Davia – Okay, thank you very much, really.

Jeffrey –  Thank you. Alright, so Susan says, “I got on a few minutes late. Did you talk about 5G? If so, what did you say?” Well, we haven’t talked about it yet, Susan so you didn’t miss it. You know, 5G is one of the electromagnetic field effects. And we know that it’s coming and that it will improve download times and connectivity with cellular devices and other types of devices. And people are very concerned about the effects on the human body. So our technology is focused on electromagnetic fields that lower the level of consciousness of an area. And we believe 5G is one of those. We’ve done a test with the 5G router on the website on our Evidence Page. And we believe that we are harmonizing those 5G radiations and mitigating it as far as the environment is concerned. And having a positive instead of negative  consciousness lowering.

Clayten – Tammy is ready with a question.

(30:00) Tammy – I was wondering about the new experiment, how to become part of it. And if I’ve already done a Free Trial in the past would I’d be eligible for this?

Jeffrey – Yes, we are opening up the Free Trial again for everyone. So if you’ve experienced a Free Trial in the past, you’re welcome to do another one now. All anyone has to do is go to the website and to the Free Trial page, and you’re welcome to do another Free Trial. And we’re also giving all subscribers  another free trial as they wish during the holidays.  So, everyone feel free to do that. And the experiment related to IONS and subscribers is not yet live but will be sometime in the New Year. So as a subscriber and as a Free Trial participant, you would be able to join in that experiment.

Tammy – Will we get emails for it?

Jeffrey – Yes.

Tammy – May I take a moment to say, firstly, thank you for all of the free time. Thank you so very much, it is so gracious and it is the most Divine energy. And if I can take a moment, I just want to say these are things I dreamed of when I was a child and I’m so pleased to even have heard about FLFE and to be able to know that you people are doing it so thank you.

Jeffrey – Thank you Tammy, it is really nice to hear that.

Clayten – Bless you, Tammy. Thank you. That’s why we do it; comments like that.

Jeffrey – We have quite a few questions backing up. So, Anonymous is saying, “I have a Q-Link EMF blocking pendant.” I used to have one of those.

Anonymous asks, “Does wearing that while using or subscribing to FLFE diminish the impacts meaning I shouldn’t use or wear the pendent? FLFE would be a substitute?”

Jeffrey –  There’s no conflict between using something like Q-Link and FLFE at the same time. They’re not going to diminish each other. We believe, as far as EMF mitigation goes, that FLFE is a good substitute for that. And there may be other benefits of the Q-Link that that I don’t know about, but Yes, I would FLFE would be a substitute.

Anita – I have a testimony; on the weekend I had my four month old grandson here and his afternoon nap was over 2.5 hours. His normal afternoon nap at home is 45 to 60 minutes.

Jeffrey – That’s what we like; children sleeping better. That’s what all parents would like to have for the holidays. So that’s great. Thank you, Anita for that.

Clayten – Yes, children sleeping better and teenage children cleaning their rooms. That’s the other thing we see. Amazing!

Jeffrey – Wish I had that when my kids were teenagers. So Beverly is asking, “For the Pay it Forward. Could I direct it to my parents address? And the answer is yes. We can all direct a PIF anywhere. At a 500 level of consciousness there are no special hydration requirements it’s really a gift of love. So feel free to put those anywhere you like.

Clayten – Yes, we adjusted the Pay it Forward Program so that it could be put anywhere, on any location, at any time. It used to be that we had it oriented towards just putting it on the churches, synagogues, temples, holding sacred sites, holy places. Of course, homes can be holy or not. So we adjusted it so that we didn’t have to check on every Pay it Forward to make sure was on the right location and make sure it was in the highest the best interest to have which was a pretty big breakthrough for us to be able to open it up and say you can put it anywhere.

Jeffrey –So shall we bring Anthony on?

Clayten – Hello Anthony, Welcome.

(35:00) Anthony, “Hi, happy holidays, Clayten and Jeff,  we are Subscribers and have been on the Free Trials with phone and on land. And we’re in a different spectrum; my wife is very sensitive. I saw the Regina Meredith video with you. My wife feels better energy but she has little problems with it. So she’s been adjusting the Control Panel and right now we have the Brain Enhancement off because she experiences  a headache and sometimes we have to shut off the EMF Mitigation for her. I’m glad to hear about  these enhancements on nutrition. We have recently gone vegan and we can’t really go back now. The question I had is we may have to unsubscribe for her sake. And you have offered us a Pay it Forward to any land locations; anybody we choose. But my question to you is, will they have the option of turning not just the Control Panel on or off but also unsubscribe?

Jeffrey – Once the Pay it Forward is given it can’t be changed. So it goes into a database and it stays there so you don’t have the Control Panel any longer but if you did put it on your home it would stay on there as long as you live there.

Anthony – Say a person using it as a problem with it? Would they have the option of somehow turning it off?

Jeffrey – We have very occasionally done that where we turned it off so it is something that can be done. It’s very labor intensive and it means digging through the database and so it can occur but there is no Control Panel to go to yourself.

Anthony – We had this in mind for a friend who has already tried it and had good reaction to it but they just can’t afford it so we want to know what the ramifications because we don’t want to interfere with their free will and be in any way unethical. Also what if they moved away or passed away? I think the program for me is fine, even if I can’t tell when it’s on or Boosted. But I do feel more energized and sleeping better just like I do on a vegan diet. So I wanted to share that with you and see if there’s any way we could get around it. But I understand that if it is not possible.

Clayten – We’ve never had anybody on a Pay it Forward subscription experience any adverse reactions;  we just haven’t heard that. It’s at a much lower level of consciousness. It’s 500. And there are no Programs. So it’s much gentler. It’s less distinguishable, although some people do distinguish it; sensitive types haven’t had any reactions where people find it makes them uncomfortable or causes any issues.

So that’s part of the reason. The difference between 560 or higher is that we have properties that calibrate over 600. It’s 10 to the sixtieth power. So that’s a huge amount of energy difference. And I appreciate what you’re saying about the law of Non–Interference  that respect that as well. And according to our research, offering it at 500 is in alignment with the law of Non–Interference. Before when we had it at 540; the PIF Program with no Programs, we only had permission to put it on certain places have had to check every time one came in, it became so labor intensive, we just couldn’t do it.  We’re trying to keep the cost of the subscriptions down to a reasonable affordable level. And so that’s part of the scaling of it and keeping the labor costs at a level where we can offer it at that rate.

Anthony – Well, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Again, best wishes for the New Year.

Clayten – Good questions. How is your wife’s hydration?

(40:00) Anthony – Our hydration is very good. I mean, she’s just so sensitive. For example, she has gotten flu shots in the past; now she can’t get them anymore. And certain things she can’t prep for but there are other ways of doing things. And when she goes to the dentist we can’t have any bisulfite. But I appreciate the input and it is possible; it’s just difficult.

Clayten – I understand. Thanks for trying it.

Anthony – I know I’ll stick with it. But you know, we are a family.

Jeffrey – Well, I would just say 500 is obtained, in many different places, I bought a piece of property that was a retreat center previously which measured at 500. So, any place worship, meditation, places where people are doing things to where they’re in love with each other. That can be at that level of consciousness. It’s not as unusual as, say 565, 570 these higher levels are.

Anthony – I do dream and sleep better, but the vegan diet also works as well. Have you seen The Game Change movie?

Jeffrey – I haven’t seen that one yet.

Anthony – It’s on Netflix. It’s a fun documentary.

Clayten and Jeffrey – Great. Yeah. Thanks for that. Thanks. Okay. Thank you, Anthony. God Bless.

Jeffrey – Paige is asking, “How long after the Free Trial does the effect last?”  If the trial is a property Free Trial, the effects of the clearing continue, of course. So one of the first things that happens with a Property Subscription is a clearing of the negative history on the land and building and objects.

So, that is one of the benefits and one of the gifts of the Free Trials is that continues on. And that positive energy does dissipate over time on the location  but any gains that we’ve personally had such as forgiveness, self-love, an  evolutionary advancements we’ve made during that time, of course, that is ours to keep. So, it just takes a few days for the energy to go down. It may drop off fairly quickly and then sort of be at a higher level than it was previously. We often see that.

Clayten – Anonymous asks,  – “I had a subscription for 12 months which I canceled in July this year and a huge tree fell on my house in September. Was there a connection? I wonder?” Well, I don’t know how to answer that one. I just don’t know how to I don’t know how to answer that one. I thought I should say it anyway because we’re not trying to avoid it. There is a certain amount of protection that comes with the high consciousness field, whether it’s strong enough to affect the trees falling. I don’t know.

Jeffrey – LeeAnne says, “I’ve just been watching a movie on the story of water. Is there anything in the FLFE field that enhances the hexagonal crystalline in water and the water within ourselves?” We do have Programs for water and for absorption of water to reduce the surface tension and to support optimal structuring and having more lifeforce energy in the environment which has a positive effect on water, and it naturally moves into beneficial shapes.

Clayten – One of the one of the goals we have for next year is to have the picture of water with the FLFE field on it. Frozen crystals like Dr. Emoto, who’s famous for that, so, we’ve tried to get that done and it just hasn’t happened. So we’re still holding that as a possibility; hopefully, it will happen this year in 2020.  And Jesphora is asking, “What about the effects of the radio frequency waves from wireless devices on FLFE?” Well, they don’t negatively affect FLFE. And in fact, if they’re a consciousness lowering electromagnetic magnetic frequency, FLFE will (45:00) harmonize those and turn them into life supporting electromagnetic frequencies, and there’s an indication of this in the Gas Discharge  Visualization (GDV) device study, where the disharmony in an environment was altered with the influence of FLFE called entropy or chaos in the Gas Discharge Visualization world. And on the website under Evidence, we see the large spikes outlined in blue which indicate disharmony that a 5G router that was used in the in the experimental setting, created an environment. And then when FLFE was put on there was another color wave, I think it’s red, it’s very close to the center line. So it’s more aligned we will say.

Jeffrey – Yes, coherence, in other words for that, it’s less chaotic and more regular, more coherent. So we did see in one of those studies as well, an increase in the level of consciousness due to the  input from the wireless device after it’s harmonized. So we’re using at least two different ways harmonizing. One is raising the level of consciousness of the wireless device that is within a certain range, and that we discovered that if we raise the level of consciousness of the device itself, the antenna is now vibrating at a higher level. And the emissions that it is sending are now vibrating differently and they become positive for life instead of negative. And we’re also working with the energic the essence of Shungite, which is natural harmonizer of EMFs.

Clatyen – Yes, we’ve actually found the average property went up four points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness once FLFE was activated on the property. That’s an internal study that we’ve done. And we discovered the importance of the energetic essence of shungite when we were testing properties. And this segues into Carol’s question, we found that some properties were dropping below level and we’re guaranteeing that all Subscriptions have 560 Higher 98% of time over the previous 24 hours. And we noticed that some subscribers properties; because we check the level of conscious of the properties three times a week we don’t check the level of conscious of subscribers. We do batch testing on subscribers which is testing all the subscribers on the surface to see, for example, how many points they went up, on average over 90 days to help us understand the positivity of the recent upgrades that we do. And, going back to properties, when we were finding that these properties were dropping below 560, we would call the person and they’d say, well, we just had a cell tower go up across the street.

And then someone else would say, oh, I just got a new router. And so it became apparent pretty quickly that these electromagnetic influences were dropping the level of consciousness of the property. And so we started investigating ways to change that. And one of the ways is to, as Jeff said, raise the level of consciousness of the emitting device, if it’s lowering level of if it’s life detracting, and also to add the energetic signature, or the essence of Shungite in the environment.

Jeffrey – So we have a question on the same subject. When using FLFE Everywhere on mobile phones, does it require internet connection to work? Or through the cell towers? And the answer is neither.

We’re using a unique identifier to identify the cellular device, so FLFE Everywhere can be a cellular device or an object. For the object, we use a photograph of the object. And that is actually going into the FLFE system. And there’s a quantum resonance or association between that photograph and the actual object. (50:00) And that’s a unique identifier. Then we’re activating the field, just like when we think of someone, we’re activating a field around them, we’re holding them in our mind. The unique identifier of the photograph, and in the case of a cell phone, it’s the cellular phone number in that jurisdiction, that’s a unique object, there’s only one of them. And that identifies it so we can activate a field just like thinking of how someone looks or thinking of the essence of our brother or sister. We’re, identifying them in our minds. That’s what it takes to activate the FLFE field. So there’s no need for the cell phone to be on. There’s no need for it to have Wi Fi or anything else; it can be off and the field is activated. Now, if the SIM card comes out, then it’s no longer a cellular device with that phone number and in the field would stop.

Clayten – In order for the phone to work in that situation we ask for a picture of it and make that an object subscription; you can still use it and there are a few people in and around town that use a Magic Jack. And they just pick up the Wi Fi signals with the local internet provider who gives you who has all these open Wi Fi networks and town, there the odd person that does it. Brenda is asks, “When I move from my current residence even though FLFE will no longer be active, will there be residual effects or gifts that remain?” Yes. The first Program that goes on the property is the is the Removal Template Program, and it has a list of all of the negative conditions that could happen on a piece of land, and there are hundreds and hundreds that we found. And those are the request to Divinity, which is what the Programs are in the form of declarative statements to remove those negative conditions. And so those will be removed from the property, at least, almost all of them, we can’t control everything.

And so the property will be in better shape than before FLFE went on it. And that’s probably  99.99999 plus percent of the time. I just don’t want to say it’s that way all the time. There’s probably one situation in the world where the property was already higher than when FLFE went on it, but it wouldn’t certainly lower it. It would just make it go higher. There are not that many around.

Jeffrey – So Patrick is asking kind of a similar question about what we just explained, so hopefully, we answered that about how we identify the mobile device. And we would say it’s very similar to distance healing. We believe with  distance healing, we think of the person or some identifier would activate a field and we would be sending them prayers, love or Reiki or whatever it is. It’s very much the same as FLFE.

Anna Marie and James are saying, hello from Colorado. Good to hear and see you.  We had an FLFE Subscriber gathering in Denver, Colorado and Anna Marie and James came down. It was great to meet them and see them. Anna Marie is asking., “How does FLFE affect us if there’s metal in the body? Also will FLFE clash with green wave plugs being used to lower voltage in the house?” I don’t believe either one of those will have a negative effect of any kind. Since FLFE is very much like human consciousness, it really is compatible with all things that are compatible with human consciousness.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking, “Have you noticed a difference in the amount of magnesium omega three and vitamin D required since the upgrade?” That’s a great question. We had a big conversation about that in the office where we were trying to make a distinction between; do people need to take supplements anymore? Because we believe most of us need supplements to strengthen the nervous system to hold more light. Or is the nutrient uptake  optimization really a way to increase the likelihood of having and sustaining optimum nutrient levels. And our conclusion, with the testing we did was the focus (55:00) is really more on helping everyone achieve and sustain optimal levels than not taking anything. We take lots of supplements, I’ve noticed that my levels are higher the way that I test them than they were before. I don’t need as much as I need in some cases. And it seems that they’re absorbing better, which is really interesting. So I think that should answer the question. We’re looking at doing bloodwork next year, we’re just trying to find again, a third party lab to increase the efficacy of the control process. We could do some blood cell analysis in our hometown here in Nelson and we’re trying to have the highest standard in scientific research. So if we’re doing that we really want to get a lab or an institute such a IONS to do it for us. So we’re looking to find someone that can do that and that we can have a long term relationship with so we have hundreds of cases so the statistical data becomes more valid with a larger number of people in the study.

Jeffrey – Maya asking, “Is being fatigued normal? I keep feeling tired and not sleeping well?” No, I’d say that’s not normal for FLFE. The occasion when people are not hydrated well; that can occur. And what we recommend is using the Control Panel and experimenting. Turn it on and off to see how you feel. Try turning off at night. Occasionally, people get extra energized and they have a little trouble going to sleep at night, when they first go on FLFE as they come acclimated, for some people, it’s the best sleep they’ve ever had right away. So, the best thing to do is experiment. Turn it on and off. See how you feel and track the water intake. On the website we have recommendations in the Learning Center, there’s a Hydration Page. So we’re recommending quite a bit more water than you might be used to drinking so that’s what we would recommend.

Clayten – Yes, we’re typically recommending half of our body weight in ounces. So if I’m 150 pounds then 300 ounces a day. That’s more water than most of us are drinking and I have to really pay attention to it to keep that up especially this time of year when there’s more socializing and more eating. So, that’s our default place to go to is  to pay attention to hydration.

Jeffrey – And especially during the first two weeks. In the first week if you’ve just come on as a Free Trial participant or a Subscriber, take some time and go to the Hydration Page and see the recommendations there. And be sure to use salt or some other way to increase absorbability in the water. LeeAnne has a couple of questions. “My plants are flourishing during a drought and I have so many grapes, bananas and raspberries; the yield is definitely higher this summer in Australia.”  That’s  interesting.

Clayten  – Yes, we have many people reporting increased plant growth LeeAnne, in fact, we have several horticulturalists on the service. And they have a professional eye for these sort of things. One of the experiments we did last year was a special program for plants. We’re offering our Standard FLFE, which is very powerful and not oriented towards plants as much as this unique special program. And we did a plant experiment which is on the Evidence Page. We saw a 30% increase in the growth of the spinach leaves that Jeff grew within 30 days. So it’s great to hear and wouldn’t say I’m not surprised and delighted to hear that; it’s getting to be common. We have pictures of subscribers moved into a new neighborhood. This is one of my favorite pictures; they moved into a new neighborhood in the subdivision and everyone had the same tree in the corner of their yard. And so they had an FLFE Subscription on, and there was this vibrant tree that was about 40% bigger than the rest of the trees. It had more leaves and was bushier. And they had a Subscription on; that was the only difference for the trees. (1:00:00)   

Jeffrey – We need to get that picture on the website! So Leanne’s asking, “Can we add the 15-day Free Trial to our current subscription?”  So for the holiday, we’re offering all Subscribers to add a Free Trial if it’s something not already subscribed to. So Leanne, if it’s on your home and you want to do a Phone Free Trial, you’re welcome to do that. You can do a Free Trial on anything. So, you can’t do it on your current property because you’re already subscribed, but you could do a Free Trial on the phone. You could put it on somebody else’s property, you could give it to a friend. We reopened up Free Trial so that everyone could have another Free Trial; everyone that’s had one before and all current Subscribers but it would have to be different than your current subscription.

Here is a question from Galaxy – “My friend says she has to turn FLFE off so she can sleep but wouldn’t we always want to bathe in the field of light?” That’s a good question. As we said, the experiment is a good thing as acclamation of the body to higher consciousness fields can take some time. We believe it’s good to use the tools we’ve given and that’s we wanted to give everyone; every tool possible to turn it on and off to raise the level up and down. So that’s something everyone can do now. There is the Slider for the property rather than turning it off. Your friend could turn it down to say 525, or 540 and see how it is. So we recommend experimenting.

Clayten – Adrian is traveling in Mexico and has the Phone Free Trial. If it doesn’t work can I use the Mexican phone number? Yes, you can go into the Control Panel and enter the Mexican phone number and then change the phone number on your service.

Jeffrey – Yes, you can change the address and change your phone number as many times as you want. So if you’re traveling and you’re going to rent a house somewhere you can switch your address.

Clayten – LeeAnne is saying my home now feels like it did prior to mobiles, more traffic, more people etc. So, thank you, FLFE is worth every cent. Thank you LeeAnne. Yes, I’m experiencing the same thing. We live in a small town in the in the country. And if I leave my phone at home, and I don’t have FLFE on I notice the difference. And it does feel more noticeable when I have it when I’m out in the country or away from town. I’m noticing that more and more. It seems like I’m getting more sensitized to it. And I notice that if I don’t have it with me in a large city, I feel a kind of intensity there that I pick up on.

Jeffrey – Yes, when I experiment turning the EMF mitigation on and off on my Home Subscription, I feel tension in my body when it’s off. I feel it as tension with all the mobile phones and all the Wi Fi hotspots and cell towers. My muscles get tight and I want to turn it down. And when I do my shoulders come back down, I relax. So I really feel it in my body and it’s almost like I can take a deeper breath. Like when we go to the country we can like take a deeper breath; it feels like the tension of those EMF’s somehow tightens the muscles. At least that is how I experience it.

Clayten – Galaxy says, “I was having horrible nightmares until I received the Free Trial. There have been many things that have happened in my historical area of sadness, and I feel blessed for this clearing. Do you think this helped?” Well, most of the time people report excellent results. There’s the odd person that seems to take more time to adapt for sleeping. There are healing crisis’s within some people and it’s  hard to know what causes those. When there is more positive energy in the body, then the body does repairs. If anyone starts to feel a little bit more tired with FLFE, we have controls within the technology that turns down the intensity of the Programs like a dimmer switch. (1:05:00) We measure something we call the Functioning Capability. That’s how well the person is functioning, and if functioning drops too much, then the programs start to detune a bit and it’s individual for that person. The technology has a way of recognizing that particular person in the environment. There’s also a radioactive tower here, there’s a sign on the tower saying radioactive doesn’t affect me. We wouldn’t know how to say it affects you. We have proven that through the Gas Discharge Visualization study that the environments have less chaos or more harmony. We do believe that the Shungite harmonizes any consciousness lowering electromagnetic frequencies, it’s a very unique material in that way. And that energetic essence is harmonizing every consciousness lowering frequency that comes onto the property or within the bubble that is around the FLFE Mobile or Object Subscriptions. So I think that’s about all I can say. I wouldn’t know what to say if it’s affecting anyone in any other way.

Jeffrey – Galaxy, I’d like to respond to what you’re saying about the sadness, the historical area of sadness and the nightmares you were having before. One of the things we noticed very early on was the history of the land is there and it seems to remain whether it’s in in the crystalline structure of the dirt or in the buildings and there can be areas of sadness or trauma, or conflict, such as hangings. We had one that where there were fights to the death in an area, there’s a propensity to pass away in that area. So one of the first things that we do is clearing of the negative history. And that can have a big effect. Because we’re in these areas, and we don’t realize it, but these thought forms and these emotions are affecting us all the time. And so that clearing is something that we do and it’s part of the blessing of the Free Trial, that the clearing can be for the people who come after as well. So, thank you for pointing that out. It’s an important part of FLFE. We know we talked about it, but the effect it can have on our consciousness, on our emotions, on our thinking of the history of a place, I think is not seen for how important it is.

Clayten – Yes, we had a webinar once where the title of it was Environment is More Powerful than Will. And when we’re in a low consciousness environment, it wears us down. It takes a lot of energy to manage it. And it is easy to forget it when we’ve been in such a positive place for so long. At least the land is positive; we have to always deal with our own minds. But yes, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a low piece of property, at least a couple of months.

Jeffrey – So Anonymous asks, “Can fluctuations in aquafer levels affect the FLFE field on a property and if so, in what way?” Well, that’s an interesting one Clayten and we did quite a lot of work on aquafers in California.

Clayten – Yes I was thinking that; you must be reading our minds or something.

Jeffrey – So what we’ve discovered while looking at the levels of consciousness on properties and, as we said, we guarantee 560 on the Hawkins Map.  Certain conditions were lowering the level of consciousness and conditions related to water, especially flowing water, underground water, as in an aquifer. We discovered that it was having quite an effect on the level of consciousness, again like we were saying, that kind of environment is not positive and it can be difficult to be in. Actually Clayten how long did we work on this?

Clayten – It took us weeks to figure it out. I mean there are so many different types of geopathic stress related to water. There is one account in California I remember where the aquifers started getting more rain and it started filling up. And there was a case where we assumed there was water trickling over a cliff or something in an aquifer. (1:10:00) And when the water levels came up in the aquifer and there’s more water running through, it started going over like a small waterfall. And that water going downwards pull the energy of the area down above it. And the only way that we assumed that we were correct about that is when we wrote the Program to compensate for it; the level of consciousness of the property went up immediately. And we’ve had another Program which wasn’t an aquifer, Jeff, do you remember that one where the water was coming onto the property in an underground stream and it was going down over a boulder beneath the house right in the bedroom, and they couldn’t sleep there.  When we put that we wrote that Program, we charged the water up coming onto the property and right away, they could sleep in that room again.

Jeffrey – Yes, in fact they were trying to sell that house and people looking at it would walk in and they just walked right back out; it felt terrible in there. So with aquifers we’re compensating for geopathic stress by flowing more energy into an aquifer so it will bring more energy in than it’s taking away; that’s one of the ways we deal with water. The bend of a river, the Chi of the river tends to go straight and if there’s a town that the bend flows through the town and pulls energy away so we compensated with that in properties by bringing more energy in than is leaving. So yes, it’s a great question there’s quite a bit in geopathic stress that we do and we’ve talked about in the past and we haven’t gotten into it much lately. So thank you for that.

Clayten – We could talk about water and geopathic stress for at least an hour.

Jeffrey – And then there’s traffic and geopathic stress. We discovered that traffic circles create a flow of energy that can lower the level of consciousness. And traffic running down a road and then taking a turn and if there is a house at the end where the turn is then there is an energetic issue that can lower consciousness. So, it is quite interesting what can move energy and affect how it feels to be in a place.

Clayten – LeeAnne is mentioning the Grander water devices and how they can be used. And the Grander living water technology is an integrous technology.  I did some research on Johan Grander, his work and his devices and they are integrous. We use lots of stuff. I don’t have a pen anymore. I lost it and never got another one. I used to stir my tea with it all the time before I would drink my tea. Christine is asking, “So if we have a smart meter our system is automatically mitigating that?” Yes, it mitigates all the consciousness lowering influences that come onto a property; that’s our belief.

Jeffrey – Yes and we’d recommend doing some experiments, perhaps having a plant near the smart meter and as I said, the energy is mitigated. It rises in consciousness, and plants will actually grow towards that energy because it’s life giving or positive increase, increasing the level of consciousness the area. So we had a question, “ I didn’t quite catch Clayten’s comment about Shungite. We have several pieces of Shungite in our condo does that have a negative effect on the FLFE service?”  No, Shungite is an important part of the FLFE service. What Clatyen mentioned is that we’re bringing in or activating the energetic essence of Shungite and it’s interacting with EMF’s in the location around the phone. And that’s one of the ways that we’re mitigating the consciousness lowering effects of the EMF’s.

Clayten – And when we were doing our research on trying to keep the Subscribers level of conscious in that level; 560 or higher, we tested all the materials we could find and Shungite was the only one that harmonized consciousness lowering electric magnetic frequencies so Shungite is absolutely positive. In fact, we have a friend who did a study where there was a whole bank of smart meters in a in a room in an apartment. They put some plants in there and after a couple days of plants started to grow away from the smart meters and shrivel and die. They taped a piece of Shungite to each smart meter, and the plan started growing up and towards the smart meters. (1:15:00) And we’ve heard from other people who have had similar experiences with Shungite and devices that emit a lot of energy and smart meters do emit a lot of energy.

Jeffrey – Anonymous asks,  “Please explain nutrient update, not up to date, the concept.” So in FLFE, one of the updates we had in August was what we called energized food 2.0. And this is additional life force energy to food as we eat it or as it comes into our body. And so, that’s beneficial, and additional lifeforce energy means that the GI tract has more energy to work with for absorption and for digestion. And the nutrient update is what we released last week. We’re calling it Energized Nutrients 3.0 where we’ve specified a whole list of nutrients, and we’re energizing those purposefully so that that it’s more specifically used by the digestion system to come into the body through the standard processes. I mean, it’s enhancing uptake of nutrients by putting life force energy just on those nutrients in particular.

Clayten – So we’re not taking energy away from any other nutrients we found out when the request to Divinity is in a declarative statement, which is what the Programs are, it’s like a prayer from a person, not only praying for the food, but praying for the particular nutrients in the food, it energizes those and it’s going from X absorption to X plus plus absorption. I was going to give some numbers out of 100, but I don’t want to go there. We find something better happens when we make a more specific prayer.

Jeffrey – Sandra has a question about Magic Jack. Is that something you’re familiar with Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, it’s an app for the phone. Some people use Magic Jack instead of a cell phone. And some people have Magic Jack on their cell phones. They have another number. I have one on my cell phone. So as long as you have your FLFE subscription associated with your cell phone number, Sandra, FLFE will work perfectly. So there’s no interference with having Magic Jack. When I listen to webinars sometimes I don’t hear everything people are saying I’m oftentimes doing other things so that’s likely what happened but Magic Jack’s a great little app.

Jeffrey – Beverly asks, “Can I change the type of subscription on a month by month basis? I would use home one month and the phone another month?” Well that would drive our customer service team crazy. No, it’s not so easy to change from one to the other. I wish it were but it means canceling a subscription and restarting another subscription and re-entering credit cards and so forth. So it’s not so easy to do that. It’s something we will keep in mind for the future. But best not to do that on an ongoing basis. You’re welcome with the current Free Trial to try the other now during this time when we have another Free Trial available.

Clayten – Patrick is says, “ We love your service. Thank you, my wife and I plan to subscribe to your service. We tried two different Free Trials. I personally felt the FLFE Everywhere Mobile more than the FLFE Home.” Interesting. Yes, different people feel one or the other more strongly. “Does it make sense to subscribe to both Mobile and a Home Subscription?” Well, we just got used to living in it all the time, Patrick. So we have it on our phones. I’m just going to put it on some jewelry that I’ve started wearing. So I don’t have to worry about having my phone with me. Although sometimes I just appreciate not having it because I get to experience the contrast. I can’t imagine not having it just about all the time so that’s my recommendation. I’m slightly biased.

(1:20:00) Jeffrey – You know, it’s certainly good to try the Home Free Trial or have it on your home for some period of time due to the clearing of the negative history on the land.  You have to see what works for you Patrick. Hopefully, you can use the Free Trial to try different combinations during this period. Now Cathy asks, “It sounds like EMF mitigation is a separate subscription, yet a worthwhile one given our advancements in 5G?” Well, Cathy, the EMF mitigation is included.

So, EMF mitigation is included in all the various types of FLFE subscriptions. We have something called Smarter EMF; we have FLFE Everywhere. So it’s all included and part of what we do is we keep adding additional value as we discover them like this Energized Nutrients and there is no extra cost for that. It’s just something we love to do. And we especially love doing it for our Subscribers and it’s our zone, find what’s new and different and what can help and add it.  So, EMF Mitigation is included, there’s no extra charge.

Clayten –  Anonymous is saying, “It sounds like you prefer Mobile over Home.”  Some people find one noticeable and they don’t notice the other one. So it’s one of those things where we have to choose for ourselves. Personally, if I only had one, I would probably have mobile because I’d have with me all the time. That’s just me.

Jeffrey – Well, we’re getting to an hour and 20 minutes. Are there any final questions you’d like to answer Clayten or things you’d like to say to close us out?

Clayten – Well, there are many people wondering about Energized Nutrients 3.0. Does it enhance enzymes and probiotics? There are many questions like that and I’d like to think about this a little bit more. So Jaimie asks, “If my body’s having trouble processing fats will 3.0 help?”. It’s hard for us to know as there are many variables and how a person’s body adjusts, so I don’t think I’d be able to answer that one. Mary Jo asks, “What’s specific nutrients are being enhanced in this program?” Mary Jo, Energized Nutrients 3.0 is our longest program. Right now it’s 1000 pages. So you can imagine how many nutrients you can put on 1000 pages, that’s how many nutrients are being enhanced. And they’re not all being enhanced at the same level. We have the main ones that we have written specific programs on so as the months go on, everyone will be getting more and more  value out of this. We just kind of put every nutrient on that we could find in multiple medical journals, nutritional books, Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic texts. And then we’re going to write a specific Program for that one because some things are better energized in a certain type of way. That may take us years.

My last words, thank you for being subscribers. We are glad to be on this journey with you. Thank you for just trying it. It’s nice to be able to offer something that we believe in, and that there are so many benefits to all of us. For those people who struggle with sleep, we encourage you to experiment, as Jeff said, try turning it up, turning it down, turning it off. We want to empower everyone to trust yourselves and prove it in the way that you need to prove or disprove it. We have lots of evidence on the website; more than any other technology like this that I’m aware of, and we’re only partway done. That’s mostly due to Jeff’s leadership. He’s great at creating more and more evidence all the time. I really like doing the research and trying to figure out how to make stuff better, and Jeff is really great at other things. One of them is making it more accessible to the public through evidence. So we look forward to sharing more evidence with you as we go forward. And with that I am out.

(1:25:00) Jeffrey – Yes, thank you Clayten. I would second that; I’m grateful to have you with us. It’s really good to meet Subscribers when we run into them by chance at various events or have Subscriber gatherings. We’ll  be presenting more and more of those as we go along because we love to talk to you and hear your stories and in what’s going on. As Clayten said, we are all on this journey together. And it’s so beautiful. So, thank you for joining us and thank you for being with us tonight on this webinar. We appreciate all your questions and wish you a good night and a nice holiday season. Thank you.