Energized Nutrients 4.0

August 31, 2021

Jeffrey –  Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. It’s good to be with you. In this webinar tonight, we’ll discuss our new FLFE upgrade, which starts tomorrow, September 1. We also have a way to participate in FLFE research. So we would love to hear your FLFE stories, and we’ll be answering your questions. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Welcome. Welcome, all of the new people on the Free Trial who are here with us tonight are here for perhaps the first time. I welcome all of the current subscribers. We have a couple of ways to interact tonight. One is the chat. And please let us know where you’re from. We see some people here; we have Kat from Guelph, Ontario. I grew up 30 miles from Guelph, Ontario, in Georgetown. And we have Q & A’s as well; please use the Q & A’s to ask us questions. The chat, just let us know where you’re from. And you can talk to each other there. Maria will be monitoring that and helping everyone find answers to the conversations for the Q & A period, which will probably be the second half of the hour. So everyone will have an opportunity to talk to us if you raise your hand virtually so we can connect that way.

Jeffrey – We always love to hear from you. It’s really great. So, feel free to raise your hand virtually or just put your question in the Q & A, as Clayten said. It’s probably a good idea to review a few important things to remember while you’re on the FLFE service to optimize your experience. This is especially pertinent for new people on a Free Trial or a 30-Day Gift. And it’s always a good reminder for subscribers. The things we’ll be talking about here are especially important after tomorrow. After this upgrade, we’re launching tomorrow, which we’ll be talking about in a minute.

So on the website in the Tools Section, there is a Hydration Page which is a great place to go and get our hydration recommendations. And it’s really a good

thing to take notes to record how much water you’re drinking because it’s a little hard to tell especially if you’re drinking glasses of water, like how many glasses are consumed. So if you have a pad of paper, you could take notes. It’s good to see how close you’re getting to the recommendations.

The reason is that the FLFE environment has much more lifeforce energy. With that extra energy, the body starts to do healing projects. And water is important to support those projects and for the removal of byproducts.

So also, on the website, we have a page for Consciousness Nutrition. This is an area that we’ve discovered to support our rising in consciousness. And so where are we now Clayten with people in the first 90 days if they are on 24/7?

Clayten – It’s 30 or 40 points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness that the average subscriber goes up if they’re on the service 24/7.

Jeffrey – And that’s a big jump. And so as we tend to talk about rising in consciousness as increased freedom for us in our lives. And it has a biological effect as well. So Consciousness Nutrition is on the website, under Tools, drop down to supplements, and you can find more information there.

And then in your Control Panel, which you can log into, you’ll have instructions

in your first or second email. And there, you can turn the FLFE service level of consciousness up and down. It’s called the Consciousness Controller, which we call the Slider. So in our last webinar, we talked about the joyful scale. So if you’re feeling really joyful and happy, and things are going well, leave it where it is or turn it up if you like. But if things get at all crunchy, then you may need more water. And sometimes playing with turning down the level slightly to slow down the upgrades, basically the physical healing that’s going on. Anything you’d like to add about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we’ve tried to give everyone the resources to be their own consciousness researcher. Now, of course, we’re wired for consciousness as human beings. And we’re always gathering data as we move throughout our days. This is a little more deliberate way of experimenting with the environment that’s right for you. At one phase of your life, a higher level of consciousness

environment may be better than another phase. I mean, it’s often said that a higher level isn’t better, although most of us tend to think that, and most of us want the higher level. Theoretically, it isn’t. It’s just really finding what works for you at that time. And be kind to yourself if you’re struggling. If you’re lowering the level of consciousness of the property for a little while helps you then, then you may want to experiment with that.

Yeah, so I guess we can talk about tomorrow. Jeff, is there anything else you want to talk about with the Control Panel?

Jeffrey – No, that’d be great. Clayten, let’s let people know what’s happening.

Clayten – Do you want to mention something about the EMFs? You always talk about that really well on the Control Panel.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s right. Another part of experimentation that you can do is turning on and off the EMF Mitigation in the Control Panel. And I feel EMFs

as tension in my body; I feel a low level of anxiety and sometimes a higher level depending on where I am. So the times that I’ve turned it on and off, which I don’t do very often, I can  feel my shoulders coming up, you know, I feel a slight tension rising if I turn off the EMF Mitigation. So it’s great to try it to see what you feel. And then, when I turn it back on, I just feel like I can take a deep breath. It’s like I can breathe again. So more tools for you to work with.

Clayten – So tomorrow around noon, September 1, Energized Food 4.0 will go live. And we’ve had energized food for years now. First, FLFE energized all of the food going into the body. And ones coming through the skin or by medications on the skin. And then Energized Food 3.0 was about 30 nutrients once we discovered we could energize individual nutrients in the food. But the principle around energizing food was that realizing digestion is the most energy-consuming process in the body. So if we can help the body have more energy, we can use that to do repairs and upgrades. So we are actually energizing more than 1200 foods and nutrients as of tomorrow around noon. So this is by far the most significant number of nutrients. And we’ve been beta testing this for months. And it’s one of our larger FLFE upgrade projects. Jeff has led this. So Jeff, Evie, and Aditi thank you. I played my part in it, but they’ve really led it. And we’re very excited about the possibilities of what this will do. And in the beta test, we had to have some feedback from people who’ve been trying it for a few months. So why don’t you talk about some of those, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s exciting. And we’re really looking forward to tomorrow and after to hear your experiences as well. We had a relatively small beta group. As Clayten said, we’ve spent months and months on it. One person had lifelong anxiety. I mean, they’ve been living with anxiety since they were a child, and they are now about 30 years old. And it just went away. I mean, literally in the second or third day, after the Energized Nutrients, the anxiety just disappeared. And that’s really pretty amazing because there have been many other interventions to work with that. And it just plain went away. So that was like a miracle, it seemed, but a better mood has been widely reported. And overall health and resilience.

And that’s as measured by kinesiology, the way that we look at it. One of the biggest things we hear is more personal energy, less need for stimulants, like

coffee, and increased satiation. Many people report that they’re just eating less. And they feel like they’re satiated; they feel like they’ve had enough food. And improved sleep is the other thing that’s been reported in the beta group.

Clayten – So we’re exploring other ways to measure or quantify the benefits, and we’ll share those with everyone as we come up with them and get them into motion. Hydration is a good thing to review at this time; we talk about hydration a lot as it’s easy to forget how important it is and get out of the habit. I spent a lot of time outside this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend here; we’ve had a lot of smoke in the area from fires. And this weekend, there was no smoke. And a couple buddies of mine and I rented a boat and went out on the lake. And I got dehydrated and felt really sluggish this morning. And wasn’t until I drank two liters of water that I felt like myself.

So as Jeff said, it’s essential to actually measure it sometimes. And to you know, the guideline is half your body weight in ounces. So if you’re 150 pounds, 75 ounces of water a day. And if you’re 200 pounds, it’s 100 ounces. So just pay attention to that, especially with the new Energized Food 4.0. There is a lot more capacity being released from the food you’re eating. And you can play with the Slider, the Consciousness Controller; you may find with this experience of having more energy, you might want to turn the Consciousness Controller or Slider down and see what happens. So there is always the option of doing that.

Jeffrey – I usually drink a liter to two liters first thing in the morning. I mean, just as soon as I brush my teeth, it’s going down, and that really helps me get ahead of the curve after sleeping and getting somewhat dehydrated at night. So it’s one way to make that make it a lot easier. It’s just we have to get practice to really getting it down and drinking a lot of water, so it’s an issue for everyone. I mean, there’s sort of chronic dehydration throughout the world. So it’s an excellent thing; our body loves it when we get the right amount of water.

Clayten – I noticed that as well. Jeff, I am drinking a lemon ginger tea while I do my sun-gazing in the morning. And if I get out of that routine, my day just doesn’t start the same because it’s a forced discipline. So yeah, it makes a big difference.

Jeffrey – And the “joy scale” is another way to measure our hydration. If you feel crappy, you’re probably dehydrated at least; that’s for me. That’s how it shows up. So if we’re fuzzy-headed or sluggish, we are probably dehydrated. So it’s a good thing to stay on top of. So as Clayten said, we’re always looking for new ways to measure the benefits of FLFE.

And we’re coming into a really exciting time in FLFE as far as research goes, and we have a new research team. We might have mentioned it before; Lewis Humphries is our research director. And Dr. Gary Schwartz is our research guru; we’re calling him because he has such a long history of scientific research and rigor.

And particularly around the areas of extraordinary claims like ours at FLFE. You have probably heard that extraordinary claims require extraordinary

evidence. And that’s really where we are. And that’s an area that Dr. Gary

Schwartz has worked in. And, in fact, he’s just coming out with a book on that subject. So what it’s doing for our research team is we’re really looking to up the game.

Maria is part of the research team, Clayten, and I, and we have some new members coming on. So what we’re doing with Gary’s help is developing a gold standard, a kind of gold standard of research, for extraordinary evidence. And we’re always looking for ways the FLFE community can participate in the study too.

And one of the things coming in the future is some plant research our community can participate in, and we’ll let you know when that is ready to go. We’re testing it right now; we’re trying some little growth kits. But we have a simpler way to participate coming tomorrow. As we move through the research on the Evidence Page, we’ll be upgrading it. At the same time, we state our standard of approaching research.

We’re conducting phase-type research, very much like biomedical research. In Phase 1, we’re looking for some kind of effect, a minimal sample size, no controls. And then, as we go through the phases, we can have increasing rigor, increasing controls, and increasing the number of data points. That’s coming, so keep an eye on the Evidence Page.

One of the research projects we did was to look at the spontaneous testimonials, and Facebook comments that everyone makes and analyze those for common themes. Like what is coming up most often, what keywords are coming up? what experiences are coming up? And from that, we developed a Customer Experience Survey. So tomorrow, in an email, you’ll receive the survey, and it only takes about 10 minutes to fill out. So we’d love for you to join us and support the research and the evidence gathering, which also supports the mission of FLFE. The more research and evidence we develop in the future, the more we can spread the word and have more people on the service. So thanks for your support!

Clayten – Yes, we are a pretty nonlinear service. And it supports all of us in relaxing our minds when there are multiple layers of evidence to support our experience. And so part of the intent is multilayered. And one thing about working with Gary and Lewis is because they work professionally in an academic university setting, so there is a very high standard they have to adhere to. And it’s good for companies like ours to step into that standard. And it takes a bit of time. But if we persist, we’ll get there.

We didn’t mention earlier, Jeff, that because of the experience of now  having 1200 more of the energized nutrients added to the service, we’re going to default for new subscribers, the level of consciousness on the slider 550. And you’ll still be able to move it up to 570. We found that given the extra energy with the energized nutrients, that number is the sweet spot now. I’m noticing the Free Trial poll is up there; if you have a moment, please enter that for us, and that will help us understand how to serve our subscribers better.

Jeffrey –  And just to clarify, that’s for new people coming on starting tomorrow, new Free Trials and new subscribers would come on at 550. And then they can change it as soon as they want to. So if you’re already on a Free Trial, or you’re already a subscriber, you won’t be you won’t be affected. And we do recommend everyone drink lots of water and enjoy the ride here. We’ve certainly been enjoying it for the months that we’ve been experiencing it.

So we’d love to hear your stories. It was really awesome on the last webinar hearing a lot of great stories about people’s experiences. So you know if you’d like to ask us a question, great as we said, Q&A or raise your hand. But we’d also love to hear from you if you just have a story you’d like to tell us. So, what do you think, Clayten?

Clayten – Okay, we can just go into the Q&A, I suppose, and start to answer some questions. I did see some hands up.

Jeffrey – I see Anaya; nice to hear from you.

Anaya – Hi, yes, it’s great. I just had to say, I have always had the service on my property. And because I was going to do some traveling by car in July, I put it on my phone as well. And this time, I’m really finding my phone is almost comforting. Before, it was kind of agitating to me in a way that would cause me anxiety around something like that. And I don’t have that; it’s more like a precious gem or something. So I just thought that was a really interesting experience I had, and I don’t want to take it off the phone now at all. And you know, so I used to think that because it was on the property my phone was in on my property, that was doing enough. But I found that, I don’t know; just being out of the house and with it on the phone is a much calmer experience for me.

Clayten – That’s why we created the Mobile service because we didn’t want to

be out of the “bubble,” as we say.

Anaya – Yes! I like the bubble, and I was just doing some things in town and came home, and I tell you, as soon as I hit the door of my property, I felt it is so well cared for energetically. And I know it has a lot to do with the FLFE and our connections with that, so just a big thank you. And I’m interested in nutrition; the 1200 foods? I mean, what kind of food did you choose? Were they living foods like your vegetables and fruits? How does that work?

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s all-natural foods. It’s all grown or wildcrafted. It’s all types of different kinds of mushrooms and all sorts of plants, different types of plants that we usually eat. Some that people might take for medicine only like the black walnut tincture and things like that. So we just tried to cover all the bases, including the minerals, particularly the minerals, because that’s really important, including the trace minerals.

Anaya – Yeah, well, good. Well, thank you so much. And I just drank two glasses full of water, because you reminded me.

Jeffrey – Great. Well, thanks for coming on and talking to us.

Anaya – Sure. I love it. Thank you.

Clayten – Yes, bless you Anaya. We’ve had people who used to hold their phone on their hip all the time; that’s like a holster. And they found that their hip was getting sore. Then when we went on the service, the soreness went away, so people, in particular talked about that.

Jeffrey – Recently, we have increased the phone and object level of consciousness close to the phone. So that’s 575. Now, so that’s, you know, that’s gone up a bit? Or is it 580?

Clayten – We make so many upgrades, it’s hard to keep them straight.

Jeffrey – It really is!

Clayten – Typically, any conscious lowering electromagnetic device has to go to 580 to turn the signal positive.

Jeffrey – Well, in the 5G ones, we’re going to 600 or close to 600  to harmonize that. Let’s bring in Julia now.

Julia – I do have a question. In the beginning, I actually had to turn the service down to sleep. So that worked; I’ve been playing with it a little bit. And I just went in to look at it now, and I’ve got it back up to 570. I’ve got it on my property. But I thought I might take advantage of the mobile, although I’m in Vancouver, so I’m not very mobile at the moment. And I kind of use this as a test to go outside of this bubble, just to see how I feel and how I hold the frequency, which I have to say it’s pretty well. But if I do put it on my phone, and I want to reduce this, like if, for some reason, I find that I need to dip it down, can I just turn the phone off and then modulate it with my home scale? Does that make sense?

Jeffrey – Do you mean just turning the off switch on the phone?

Julia – No, I mean going into the Control Panel at FLFE and turning it off there just on the mobile and then using the scale to modulate it with my home.

Jeffrey – You could do that. And the way the phone and the objects work is a bubble so you could go a little further away.

Julia – Thank you. Sorry, I can’t get it far enough from me unless I leave the phone in the car.

Jeffrey – Well, the really high consciousness zone is just within that seven to nine feet. So while there’s the larger bubble, it’s at a relatively low level.

Julia – Okay, so I could just leave it in the other room.  All right, great. Thanks,

Clayten – It’s probably a good time to mention that we have about depending on what time zone you’re in between five and a half and three and a half hours left to get a 30-day Free Trial. So if you’re a current subscriber on the home like Julia, and you want to try your phone, you can do a 30-day Free Trial on your phone. If you have Smarter EMF in your phone, the lowest-priced product, you can try the full version of the FLFE Everywhere service. Or if you just have it on your phone, you can put it on your home for a month. There are still a couple hours left on that offer.

Jeffrey – And that would have come to you in an email from us. So you could look back and find that. And also, Maria will post in the chat about where to find the link. There are a few hours left, you can send FLFE to some friends that would like to try it. We’d love to spread the word to new people as well.

Clayten – Sometimes, you may need to check your spam folders or things like that, and Maria just posted the link if you didn’t get the email. Thank you Maria.

Jeffrey – And it’s unlimited. We have many people on there right now.

Clayten – The theme for that was a celebration of freedom. And then because we were sort of having a little more freedom with lower numbers of COVID. And now it looks like there’s a bit of a spike going on. But it’s always good to celebrate the freedom we have no matter how long we have it.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s a celebration of the freedom that comes with rising in consciousness and being free of some of those patterns that we’ve been working to be free of for years, perhaps and just more joy and more options.

Clayten – Speaking of joy, we have a Joelle that’s pretty close to joy. So, welcome, Joelle.

Joelle – Hi, I’ve enjoyed the product quite a bit. I’m in Winnipeg. I do have a few questions. And also had an experience with FLFE  when I did the Free Trial in my home apartment. And I remember having a hectic day. And as soon as I got to the door of my apartment, my whole body was like, “I can’t wait to get in.” And I just felt so good. Once I got in the door, I sat by it and felt like I could breathe, you know. So now I do have just the on the phone. And so, I do have questions.  In terms of let’s say I have the phone in my bedroom, if it’s on an airplane, or if it’s on Do Not Disturb, what happens with FLFE?

Jeffrey – So the SIM card in the phone identifies that cellular device with your phone number. It’s the number registered that identifies that device or that object, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on airplane mode or whether it’s even turned off. As long as the SIM card is still in the phone and it is identified by that. And the service is on it. So turning the phone on and off powering it on and off does not affect that.

Joelle – Okay, great. And I’m happy to hear about the nutrients. Wow, what a beautiful thing. I’m taking a coaching course right now. And we’re talking about, of course, all kinds of foods and the microbiome and the immune system. And I’m going to see if I can join in on this 30-day Free Trial; I am already a subscriber. So did I understand that right that we can still try the 30-Day gift?

Jeffrey – Yes, it would be on a product that you’re not currently using. So if you just have it on your phone, you could subscribe for your home. And that’s good until midnight tonight. So you could go ahead and do that, and the links are in the chat.

Joelle – Beautiful. Thank you very much for all your work. Your whole team is amazing. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Thank you for coming on the Free Trial and for subscribing. It really helps to support the work that we’re doing.

Clayten – Thank you. It looks like Susan could be next, you could unmute and join us here.

Susan –  Hi, there. How are you?

Jeffrey – We are good! It’s always good to talk to our subscribers and those on the Free Trial.

Susan – I’ve been on since March of last year. And at first, I was just doing really great. My life has kind of exploded since then again. And so I’ve turned my service way down to about 510 at the moment. I am experiencing some health difficulties that cause edema in my legs. I’m a very small person, so I only need to drink 10 glasses of water a day. It’s a miracle because I don’t want to get any bigger. And don’t want to have to drink liters all at once. And I’m concerned about packing the water in. I find that by late in the evening, things are different in my body. So what kind of feedback can you give me on that?

Clayten – Well, for edema, we always suggest you follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations. We’re not medical professionals. So our default on that, Susan, is to follow the guidance of your doctor. Because medical doctors typically have suggestions as to how to manage.

Susan – I can’t do it. It’s impossible; five glasses of water a day. I feel dehydrated constantly; it can’t be done. I’ve been very low in energy for several years. So my hope is with the energy that the nutrients are going to offer, perhaps I’m going to be able to allow my body to heal that part. It’s a rather systemic problem, but it’s not life-threatening at the moment. And so I’ve been pushing to about nine glasses of water a day, and I don’t get negative effects until later. But I’m really at a loss what to do because five to me is completely unreasonable.

Clayten – Have you talked to your doctor about rebounding? Or have you heard about rebounding?

Susan – With a little trampoline? Yeah, there’s a Cellerciser. We have two in the office; I have two in our home; they’re like a little rebounder. And that’s really extraordinary for moving fluid around, you know, getting the lymph system working and getting the blood flowing. So it’s just really great for moving fluids out of the body. So if the doctor thinks that’s reasonable, I would definitely experiment with that.

Susan – That’s really great input. Thank you so much, Clayten. I have had this kind of thing advised to me before and now I’m motivated.

Clayten – I have one right there. And two minutes in between calls during the day, and I’m able to change my state and rebound from that intense period of concentration. So even after tonight, we kind of get pretty high doing these things. And it helps me get back in my body and get grounded. So if the doctor doesn’t say no, that might change your life.

Susan – Awesome. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Yes, my 85-year-old mother just started using one. And it’s been really helpful for her.

Susan – Wow, that’s excellent news. Thank you so much.

Clayten – Yeah, they have a bar on them that kind of goes up. And you can hold on and just doing the health bounce they call it. It comes with some educational materials, so just a little health bounce, and it’s amazing.

Susan – It sounds exactly what I need because there is the possibility of jumping and then losing my balance and falling off, which would not be fun. Well, this is very helpful. I’m so glad I spoke up. Thank you very much.

Clayten – Yes, good question.

Jeffrey –  Yeah. Thank you, Susan, for coming on talking to us. A rebounder is a great tool. I use it all the time as well. I’ve got one outside on the deck. There are a lot of them on Amazon, a lot of different types. But the kind you mentioned really is a great brand. I’ve been able to have it outside, and it doesn’t rust, and it’s really still in good shape.

Clayten – I’ve had probably half a dozen different ones over the years. And there was one time when I didn’t have it for a few months, I was moving overseas, and I bought a cheap one. And the springs were really stiff. And I think I did some damage to my body. And David Hall talks about his father buying an inexpensive

rebounder; David Hall is the founder of Cellerciser, and that it actually damaged his body. And that’s caused him to invent that particular type of spring with enough bounce. With the Cellerciser or any good rebounder, and another one the Bellicon is quite good. The Bellicon has a lot of bungee-type cords. So it’s really silent. And then we order it for our weight. You know, and the thing is they do stretch and wear out after a few years where the Cellerciser lasts for decades, people have them outside all year in the snow in the rain. And you know, sometimes people have one outside as well as inside. There are many brands out there, I wouldn’t be able to evaluate them for you. Look at Cellerciser and Bellicon as a gold standard and compare the springs. You could consider a comparable brand as well.

Susan – Are these available both in the US and Canada?

Clayten – I believe they ship them all over the world.

Jeffrey –  Well, we can bring in Anja now.

Anja  – This is really timely because I’m house-sitting at the moment. And so I have my phone with me, but my FLFE is in my apartment. So I was just thinking about that. I should really have my phone turned on while I’m here. And then I hear about this 30- day Free Trial. So that’s great, and I will do that tonight for sure. And I just wanted to say that I think I’ve been on FLFE maybe a year, maybe less. And I live in an apartment building and that I don’t feel really aligned with. But, still, when I’m in my apartment there is a very different energy. And so in the morning, when I sit, and I meditate and pray, I always turn on the Boost for a half-hour, and I love it. And it makes me feel really strong and safe and protected there.

Clayten – The Boost. Yeah.

Anja – Yes, I really like that feeling. The other thing I wanted to mention was can we get a list of these nutrients and remedies that you’re putting in the field

for us? 1200 +?

Jeffrey – Well, there are just so many. It’s gotten to be quite a bit of an unwieldy list. So we don’t really have it in a format to share because in some cases, it’s a food and within a food, and there are multiple nutrients. So we’ll work towards that. But right at this moment, we don’t have a list to share.

Anja –  And that starts tomorrow at noon pacific time.?

Jeffrey – Right around that time, Yes.

Anja – Well, I’m in Ashland, Oregon. So I’m on the west coast, and it’s very smoky, it’s very unhealthy.

Jeffrey – You could try the 30 -day Free Trial on your phone, and someone also mentioned in the chat that you can change your address anytime you want to. So, if you go to your Control Panel, you can change your address. So if your house-sitting, you could change to that house if you wanted to. And then change it back when you go home.

Anja – Oh, how fun. I didn’t know that. Okay, I will do an address change.

Jeffrey – Yes, we do that for vacation homes, or you know, you can even do it at a hotel as long as you identify your specific room number.

Anja – Where do I find that?

Clayten – When you are starting the Boost, you are in your Control Panel. Then you can also log on and go to the Property section where your home is. And there’s a way to change your address temporarily, as many times as you want.

Anja – Oh, that’s great. And then I just go to flfe.net for the 30-Day Free Trial? And

have it put on my phone, so I have it in two places.

Jeffrey – Yes, the link is in the chat, right here, to make it easy for you. So you could just click on that link, and it’ll take you right there.

Anja – Okay. Great. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Clayten and Jeff – Thank you. Thanks for being with us, Anja.

Jeffrey – Yeah, we’ll get that 30-Day right down to the wire. So right up to midnight!

Clayten – Yes, it was great to share it. So, Jean, would you like to join us?

Jean – Good Evening, the two Zen masters, as I called you last webinar. Hello, everyone. Good evening. It’s so good to be here. This is just so wonderful to have this discussion and see your faces and see the comments. It’s great. So thank you for making that available. I just have one additional item that I’ve noticed here. And I do a lot of sound healing. I’ve got many sound healing tools, singing bells, multiple bowls, chimes, and a whole box of tuning forks. And they’re all tuned to different frequencies and all of that good stuff. And I noticed this before, but I forgot to mention it last time; the list was so long as you recall. But anyway,  I really notice the sounds are well; it’s hard to describe. They’re more pronounced, they’re sweeter, they’re longer. It’s just definitely an improvement. Not that I thought anything was wrong with the way they always worked and sounded before. But I noticed a considerable difference in a very good way. So I just wanted to point that out that that’s an experience I’ve been having. And I have been a subscriber; it’ll be close to 60 days coming up in just a few days. So that’s my contribution. That is just something that’s been happening, and I just love it. I love it.

Jeffrey – That’s interesting, Jean, about the sound. I wonder if it’s twofold. First, you know, in the high field, as Maria just posted, there may be more coherence in the field. And so that the vibration of those tools, and we have also noticed that in a high consciousness field, if something is at high consciousness that what it emits whether it’s sound or you know, EMF is now harmonized differently.

Jean – Yeah. Oh, it’s so great. And, and whatever’s happening is all good. And it’s just wonderful. It’s wonderful. So definitely a good thing.

Jeffrey -The other thing I wonder Clayten is in 60 days, our level of consciousness is likely going up. So, you know, in 90 days, people are going up about 30 points on average on the Hawkins Map if they’re in the field the whole time. And I know one of the characteristics that I’ve noticed is sort of less thinking. So less chatter; the mind is out of the way. So my mind isn’t there commenting on the sound;  It’s just out of the way. And so there’s this direct connection between our experience and what’s happening, you know?

Jean – Yes, definitely.

Jeffrey – I guess the filtering seems to drop away.

Jean – Right. Right, that that could very well be. It’s just really excellent and very noticeable, and I’m reaping the benefits all the time. Thank you.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you. Thank you for coming on again. Jean has such an enthusiastic voice.

Clayten – I’m wondering, too, if statistically higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of discernment. So there might be, in addition to the level of consciousness of the instrument and the mind being quiet. Well, it’s not a chicken and the egg. But, still, it’s an aspect of the refinement that would come or the increased discernment that would come from being in a high consciousness field and having a more high consciousness body to use. And then there may be some healing going on with parts of the body that are associated with, obviously, hearing and different aspects of discernment or a better operating nervous system.

Jeffrey – We know that as we rise in consciousness, our nervous system adjusts to the increased energy flowing and builds up nerve capacity to carry the energy. So yeah, maybe that could affect our perceptions, you know, that there’s more bandwidth in our nerves.

Clayten – Yes, it’s hard to know where the goodness is coming from.

Jeffrey – It’s good to notice the goodness, though. So Cynthia, would you like to join us? We’d love to hear from you.

Cynthia – Thank you. Yeah, saying hi from Novato, California, just 20 miles north of San Francisco. And my sister had found your service; she is in the Nashville area and told me definitely check it out. And it was timely because it was after working with my husband for a couple of years he had passed away in our home. And I wanted to clear the energy. And now, as just one person in the household, I wanted the energy for the animals and the property. So I started with the Home version, and I really loved it. And I do love it because that’s what I’m a subscriber to right now. And I am trying the 30- Day Free Trial for my phone.

So I wanted to just share an “aha” from the first time I did a 15-Day Free Trial of the phone I was at my work. It’s in a large retail environment, and it was just way too much. I felt like the energy was negative instead of positive. And so, just because it was a trial, I thought, well, I don’t know if I will see any results by turning it down immediately. But I just felt I wasn’t interested at that time. Was it that intense?  And I was having a little bit of lag time with my energy because I was doing so much clearing. So I talked to your staff a lot about the detox and staying hydrated. I felt tired and achy, and things that we’re clearing out, but also taking quite a while because I had a lot to clear. And once it did clear, it was just amazing, so I’m so grateful to have the home subscription.

I still feel like my animals like it; my cat is an 18-year-old feral cat; she’s purring and sleeping with me now. The dog loves it. So I just feel like it’s something great for the house and the property and the animals. So I’m going to definitely keep that. I am currently on the month-long with the phone. And that has been wonderful because I’ve been on vacation for the last three weeks. And the last four or five days, I’ve had intense anxiety. Some of the things that you mentioned as your bandwidth is increasing. You know, the discernment and stuff are there. But it’s taking a while for my body to catch up. So I had an aha because a friend of mine took me to what’s called a Harmonic Egg; they are starting to pop up places.

So I have a friend in Canada that wanted to make a non-local appointment for me. And I said I will. But I would really like to go to one. So I found one, not too far from where I live. And I just put it together that whatever the healing was in the egg was that intense; having the home and phone, which was working well for me for three weeks, is now too much. So I need to turn something down. And so that’s exactly right. And I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but drinking water. But it hasn’t been enough. So I understand that it’s just a big energy hit.

So I’m super intrigued about the nutrients. I haven’t been on a Zoom chat before, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what that’s about. So thank you. Thank you all for all your work. I really appreciate it.

Clayten – Yes, thanks, Cynthia. The Harmonic Eggs are very interesting technology. It’s kind of on my wish list for the office, perhaps a Christmas present. And a massage chair for the office. Anyway, I have big hopes. Are you taking any essential fatty acids?

Cynthia – I’m taking something called C Licious omega three.

Clayten –  Oh, yeah. That’s a good one

Cynthia –  And I eat salmon about twice a week.

Clayten – Okay. Well, yeah, you’re doing all the right things. But, unfortunately, sometimes it’s just time, you know, our evolution is not always on the schedule that the mind would like it to be.

Cynthia – And typically, I’m slower. My mind works fast; my body works slow, though. Hence an impatient person.

Jeffrey – You’ve shown good persistence and patience by sticking with it and reaping the benefits. Thanks for coming on.

Clayten – Yeah. That’s a great story. I haven’t heard of the Harmonic Egg for months.

Jeffrey – I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. Is that a Canadian product?

Clayten – No. Well, the first time I heard of them, it was out of Denver, Colorado. And someone was trying to set up a call with us, an inventor to activate a high consciousness field in the egg and have a dial where we could turn the consciousness up and down in the egg. People could adjust it during their treatment. So maybe we could look into that again.

Jeffrey – Yeah, that would be interesting. We certainly could have a little dial, much like the Control Panel, that they could turn up and down.

Clayten – Yeah, that would be interesting.

Jeffrey – There is one in Vancouver, as someone just said.

Clayten – When we’re measuring the level of consciousness of the technology, it is measured that 600 on the Hawkins Map of consciousness. So that means it’s on the edge of the linear and nonlinear worlds. And that’s always a good sign. There are not a lot of technologies themselves that will test higher than that. So we have to test the level of consciousness of the technology. And then we’d test the level of consciousness of the body, the work that supports the technology to be implemented. And then, the next step is to test the level of consciousness of the

practitioner you’re working with and how appropriate they are for you. You can test that. But it’s certainly a good start. Not many of the healing technologies calibrate at that level. It’s one of the better ones.

Jeffrey – Yes, cool. It’s got a nice name, too, Harmonic Egg. So Danielle, would you like to join us?

Danielle – Hi. Thanks for having me. I just want to say you guys are so awesome; you guys are saving my life. I’m extremely EMF sensitive and have parasites in my brain that almost put me into having seizures and convulsions. And I’ve been dealing with parasites in the brain for a really long time. And, you know, what your service is doing is helping me survive and exist in this world because it’s so bad this EMF, it’s everywhere. And it’s hard to survive and exist in this world. So thank you, But I do have a quick question. I know you guys probably want to wind down, so my question is this.

So I do have it on my house. And I have it on my phone, and I have it on my boyfriend’s phone and a bunch of other phones of people in my family. And I’ve been doing the Pay it Forwards to other family members. And it’s interesting because my mother, I have the PIF going to her house, and she’s been almost suffocating me with love. So it’s actually kind of funny, you know?

And she’s dealing with cancer right now. And so, I feel like it’s making her more positive. Because we can sit there with a cancer diagnosis and feel like we’re gonna die, or we can sit there with a cancer diagnosis and feel like we’re gonna beat it. She’s of the mindset that she’s going to beat this thing. So I think it must be from this energy that FLFE allows me to send to her.

But my question is about having it on my car. Because I want to do that.  I was

just wondering if you have any input on any experiences with that because I am

extremely EMF sensitive, I do have to live in the world. And the car really hurts me because all these cars have a lot of EMF. And when I have FLFE, I crank it

up because I am sensitive to frequencies, and FLFE doesn’t hurt me. So about the car, if you could just speak about any experiences you have had with yourself and a car or other people in a car.

Jeffrey – Danielle, it would be great to hear all of your experiences, maybe not all tonight. But if you could reach out to your CRS, the person who helps you in the office, it would be to know where you feel the best when you’re on FLFE. So when you’ve got your phone with you, if it’s close to you, you know it’s within four foot to nine feet now it’s expanded, the EMF harmonization is current. So it should be occurring for your car’s emissions too. But if you notice a difference when you drive, when you go places, or any input that you give us may help us improve the service, especially for EMF sensitives. So that’s really an area that we are very interested in helping people.

Cynthia – Yeah, I also live underneath power lines. I moved out of New York City, right outside the city, and I had such harmful parasites in my brain, I could barely stand up, I could barely function. As I said, I had seizures and convulsions. And I had extreme brain pain. And I didn’t even know my name. I was so bad. And so my family bought a house right outside the city. And I was in pain when I got there. But I just thought it was because I felt so bad. What I didn’t realize were the power lines that are outside of the house. In Manhattan, they’re buried, but in neighborhoods, they’re above ground. So that is harmful to me. But your service allowed me to function because I was in bed for 23 hours a day. I mean, for a long time, it was only after finding FLFE that the other things that I’ve been doing started to move the needle on my health, so thank you.

Clayten – Yes, thank you, I have a couple thoughts to share with you. We could

do an experiment where we take a picture of your car and make it an FLFE

object. Even though it’s moving, I don’t know that that would help much, but we could try. The last upgrade on EMF was for satellites. And the one before that was;  well, the metaphor we used was that some people are so sensitive to EMFs that it’s like gluten sensitivity; they just can’t have any of it. Right? Or any gluten and they have a strong reaction. So that particular upgrade was to add the energetic signature of Shungite to the FLFE service; you probably know that. And the second upgrade ago, the one before satellites, was adding elements in certain proportions in an energetic signature that would help with EMF. If I were you, I would experiment with getting a shungite medallion of some type and wear it over your heart chakra. And just see, sometimes if someone’s extremely sensitive, even a one or 2% gain can help their quality of life. So I would just suggest maybe you try that.

Cynthia – Yeah, I have a lot of shungite. I have a ton of crystals in my car, and I wear all my necklaces and bracelets; I wear a ton of crystals and have them all over my house. And, you know, I do feel like the shungite helps it, but I have to keep charging it because it loses its benefit. But, honestly, your service has made an absolutely tremendous difference.

What I think is going on, if I may speculate, is that persons like myself who are dealing with Lyme disease, Epstein Barr, and other autoimmune diseases are the pathogens actually are bothered by EMF. So they surge when they’re around EMF. And so that’s why most of us feel so crappy because to say that some of these are more EMF sensitive is really not the case. I think that our pathogens are just taking over. So it’s like our nervous system is affected by the EMF, and we have to control our body and our nervous system and not the pathogens. So they can get control and be in the driver’s seat, manage the vagus nerve, and control our vessel if I can call it that. So our bodies are overwhelmed with things like autoimmune diseases.

I know many people in chronic illness, Lyme disease, and autoimmune community online. It is a community of people who talk to each other and look for solutions. And I’ve mentioned you guys to several people because I found that it’s helped me so much. So I’m grateful. And I just wanted to thank you.

Clayten – I do have one more idea, Jeff. So typically, when people have parasites, Danielle, you might know this, just if you don’t. Parasites will thrive in areas where there’s a concentration of heavy metals in the body. So have you done any heavy metal detoxes?

Danielle – I’ve tried to what’s interesting: the Lyme guru, which is Dietrich Klinghardt talks about how we cannot detoxify heavy metals when the body is bombarded by EMF. So what he says is you can try to flush them out, but you can’t get rid of them when you’re stuck in an EMF environment. So shielding the room is one way or finding another planet where you can.

Clayten – Well, I would do an experiment if I were you. Online you can find Cilantro Pesto recipes. Cilantro is a well-known heavy metal detox. And I’ll ask someone from the office who’s taking care of you. I think I’ve seen who your CRS is in the chat, and I’ll get them to send you a Cilantro Pesto recipe that we use to detox heavy metals. Try that for a while and see if that helps. If the heavy metals are out of the environment, then the parasites are typically weakened. And with extra positive energy, the body will be able to eliminate them.

So maybe what we’ll do, Jeff, just because I know many people will likely ask for that recipe. Let’s put that on the website.

Jeffrey – We can put it on the Nutrition Page.

Clayten – Yes, let’s do that. We’ll put it on the Nutrition Page; it might take us a while. Someone mentioned zeolite, which is an excellent heavy metal detox.

There’s a company called Ambaya Gold in Sedona, and they have a product. I forget what it’s called right now. Anyway, I would look for their heavy metal detox products; they had a particularly good one.  So they had a product, and they could charge it with a plasma arc generator. And when the zeolite is charged with a plasma generator, it has additional energy. And zeolite acts like a clathrate. So, a clathrate will go into a body, and it will grab the toxin and pull it out of the body. So zeolite does that on Its own. And when it’s charged with positive energy, it becomes more effective. So I would look a little deeper into heavy metals if you haven’t tried those; it’s just that you do have to really pace yourself, right? You might want to go really slow. And you know, it might be months of experimenting before you notice much difference. But, typically, people have to go slow when they’re in a condition such as yours.

Danielle – Yeah. What is the name of that specific zeolite?

Clayten – Well, it’s from a company called Ambaya Gold. And they were in business six months ago out of Sedona, Arizona. Now there may be other ones that are better out there than that. But that’s the one that I know of.

Danielle – Right. Great. Thank you. I appreciate it. Well, keep doing what you’re doing. I think raising consciousness is also extremely important with all the turmoil that we see worldwide with all the stress of current events. So, I think about increasing the consciousness, and working on that is such a gift. And thank you once again for doing that. I am so happy that you’re doing what you’re doing.

Jeffrey – Thanks for being a subscriber. I did put the Ambaya Gold link in the chat. It’s a detox with zeolite with humic and fulvic as well for comfort. Well good. Yeah, that was interesting. Yeah, so anyone that’s still on and listens to this later, if you identify yourself to your customer relationship specialist, whoever’s working with you when you call in, or they are checking in with you. If you let them know that you’re especially EMF sensitive or have the kinds of issues like Danielle’s, it would be great to know and to create a list.

We did a survey when we first released EMF Mitigation. And we had some great results, but it would be good to recreate that list. And, you know, if there’s some beta testing that we start, maybe you could join that. So Clayten, what about some mercury detoxing clinics that people are accessing for people who are quite sick with mercury?

Clayten – Yes, there are some excellent chelation therapies out there that can change people’s lives. They do tend to be relatively expensive, but when we’re

that sick and have the resources. I don’t know that we want to recommend them because we have to know the clinic and their formula.  And how they operate, still definitely be worth looking into. And, I mean, if someone is a good kinesiology tester, they can test it.

The classic parasite killer is black walnut tincture. So again, if you are EMF sensitive and struggling, it’s good to reduce the dose. When we’ve had parasites from time to time, we typically take 30 drops. I’m somewhere between 210 and 220 pounds, sometimes more, and I take 30 drops three times a day. And Sherallyn takes 30 drops twice a day. So we just have to know our bodies well enough. And sometimes, it doesn’t test positive. In fact, most of the time, it doesn’t test positive; parasites are interesting. We’ve done some work on parasites with FLFE. And we need to do more research on how to titrate out heavy metals, Jeff, and then our Parasite Program will likely be more effective. It’s on the list.

Jeffrey – Yes, for sure. Well, should we wind it up? Clayten?

Clayten – It’s up to you. It’s three hours later who you are.

Jeffrey – We’ve got three people with their hands up. Why don’t we work through those? It’s been really great talking to everyone. Let’s bring Hazel on.

Hazel – Hi. I’m from tropical North Queensland, Australia. So hello to everyone in Canada.

Clayten – Are you on the Sunshine Coast?

Hazel –  I’ve been with you now for a couple of months. I’m about 1000 kilometers from Southern Queensland, where Brisbane and Sunshine Coast and all of that is. It’s a big place over here like you’re a big place over there. I’ve been with you for a couple of months; I’ve been a lightworker for many years. So my energy is great.

I found that the help was from living in a small unit surrounded by other people whose energy isn’t so high that when I’d wake in the middle of the night, thought forms will be floating through the place. I’d have to clear them out again. Once I connected with FLFE, that kept those all at bay and gave me a little bubble, and that was really wonderful. And the other thing I noticed was that my cat I’ve had for years who always used to have a habit of nipping my legs, and I couldn’t seem to get him to stop. Finally, after a few days or a week, he stopped nipping, which was very interesting. The other thing is that I want to ask you is about these nutrients. Are they in the food as we eat them? Or how do we know because we might be eating totally different foods in tropical North Queensland such as mangoes, bananas, etc. that you’re eating.

Jeffrey – We’ve covered quite a lot of tropical food as well. So mangoes, for instance, are in the Energized Nutrients.

Hazel- I mean, there are days when I don’t need much food at all. My energy vibrational consciousness is gradually needing less and less sustenance. So I’m not eating a lot of food. It’s not that I’m losing weight from that or anything. It’s just that my body doesn’t seem to need it. So I’m just wondering, is the frequency in the food as you start to digest it? Is it in the food when you bring it home from the supermarket? Is it in the food while it’s sitting on the bench or in the fridge or what?

Jeffrey – So it’s increased lifeforce energy just being in the environment,  it is energized in the environment.

Hazel – That’s right. So when I put my avocados and tomatoes and all of that fruit on the side bench, that’s energized like the plants.

Jeffrey – And when it actually comes into our bodies, when it goes into our mouths is when it really starts to energize the individual nutrients in that foods that are energized.

Hazel – As we know, many nutrients aren’t in foods anymore because of different farming practices, so how does that work?

Jeffrey – Yes, the soil is depleted. We definitely recommend trace minerals such as trace mineral drops.

Hazel – I take a range of supplements that I’ve been working with for a long time. I might bring it up here, and it sounds very much like the work you do, but there is a man in America doing Tri-vortex. He sells a Tri-vortex medallion in which he has encoded the energy of a great number of vitamins and minerals. And just by wearing that, the skin absorbs those. Have you heard of that?

Jeffrey – I haven’t had you, Clayten?

Clayten – No, we will look him up. Tri-vortex, I am writing that down.

Hazel – I haven’t bought one because as a pensioner I have to save up, anything I buy from America, I have to add another 30% at least for. But I’ve been thinking of it.

Jeffrey –Well see how the Energized Nutrient 4.0 upgrade is for you.

Hazel –  Yes, that’s what I thought would be probably excellent as well. But I really admire your program. And I think it’s wonderful for people. And it certainly gives me my bubble in my house.

The other thing is, I have been told by my I Am Presence not to take my phone out anymore. And I only have mobile internet on my phone or my iPad. So they remain within the house; I don’t take them out. So I won’t connect up with a phone. But I use them to talk to others or read off my iPad. So while they’re in this environment of my house where FLFE is connected, that’s also helping to lower their electromagnetic frequencies, isn’t it?

Jeffrey – Yes. They’re being harmonized so the devices themselves are going up in

consciousness. So they may feel different to you if you touch them.

Hazel – What I felt, because I do research quite a bit, and there’s quite a bit going around on the planet. And a lot of it, as you know, is not good. And I do research to keep a lookout to see what’s happening. I found that when I read anything like that, it sort of dissipated after I read it. It didn’t stay around me. Which was a good thing, isn’t it? We just can’t shut ourselves off from everything. We have to be aware of the negativity that’s trying to impose itself on the world by certain elite people. But I didn’t want that to impose on my own frequency. And I did notice that after having FLFE with my house, if I read something okay, I know that now. And then it dissipated. It didn’t stay around in my mind in my thinking or in a thought pattern in the house.

Clayten – Yes, typically, when we’re reading something off a device, the device will calibrate at 580 or higher. And so negativity doesn’t seem to be as sticky if I’m reading something on an electric device; that’s the way I experience it.

Hazel – I think sticky is a good word; it doesn’t stick around,

Clayten – Yes, sticky is a good word. I have to work harder.

Hazed – I mean, we don’t want it to stick there. Because it’s not anything we want to be part of.

Clayten – One of the intentions we’re holding for Energized Food  4.0 or Energized Nutrients is that people will save enough money on the grocery bill to pay for their subscription. So let’s hope that works out.

Hazel – Yes, well, I’m fairly okay because I don’t buy takeaway foods and processed foods, and we have lots of fruit and veggies in North Queensland. And I  cook all my own things. So food has never been an issue for me, and I have cleared my energy field a long time. So I’m just interested as to how this works. And that’s what you’re doing raising the energy or, you would say, freeing almost the vibration of the good nutrients in the food or lifting them, so they’re more useful.

Clayten – Yes, and I wonder, let’s say, for example, magnesium isn’t in the soil as much.  There is much research to confirm its lost nutritional value. So I don’t have any evidence, but one of the theories we’re playing with, is let’s say that a fruit or vegetable has 30% of the magnesium it used to have. Still, you can absorb 90% of that, instead of only absorbing 30% or 10%, then we make it all we need. So we’re just looking for ways to prove that or to assess it, really.

Hazel – So I know everything is energy, vibrational consciousness. When looking at the Tri-vortex man, I’m aware that he has found a way to put the energy of various nutrients, mostly its vitamins and minerals, from his list or the frequencies, into this metal object that you wear as a medallion. And accordingly, the body absorbs that frequency and utilizes it.

Clayten – Yes, I mean the food is partially a biological substance, and it’s also an energetic substance.  Jerry Tennant has done a lot of research on the voltage in food. I’m a fan of his work, I’m not an expert at it, but I certainly appreciate it.

Hazel – Well, it’s wonderful work that you do. And I thank you so much. And may you be blessed forever.

Clayten and Jeffrey – Thank you, Hazel. Yeah, blessings to you as well and your work and all that you do. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Well, it’s been great connecting everyone. And I do want to mention that we have our podcasts coming out. Likely there are not as many people on right now as there were in the beginning, but there’ll be an email coming out about that as well. Well, why don’t we wrap it up, Clayten? I can start if you want, usually you give me time to think, so I’ll give it to you.

Clayten – Sure, if you’ve got some thoughts you want to share, that’s great. I’ll see

what I want to share.

Jeffrey – I’m feeling pretty empty. So I’m sure something will come up. So yeah, it really is great to listen to everyone. And we’re so grateful to have you with us on this journey. And particularly on the evidence side, working to support FLFE by either taking the survey that we’re sending out and perhaps working with us in the plant experiments when we get to that point.

But we’re all on this journey together. And we’re really looking forward to continued expansion. We keep growing every month. And it’s really up to our subscribers to tell people about us and spreading the word, and this 30-day Free Trial gift was a way to do that. So thank you for your help and your participation and for your love and blessings for us during these calls. It’s really quite wonderful. Now, I’ll pass it to you, Clayten.

Clayten – I’m grateful for the goodwill everyone has expressed towards us and the compliments you give us. Thank you. It’s one of our highlights, as is doing these webinars, because it’s good to talk to all of you and thank you for being a subscriber. It helps us spread the FLFE energy around the world. There are only so many resources we have on our own. So all your subscriptions help provide staff and pay overheads and rent and salaries and all the things that help us bring this to the world in a bigger way.

I also want to let everyone know that we have probably at least five years of upgrades that I can think of coming up. I don’t know if we’ll ever stop being able to upgrade. It’s like, what Evie’s brother Tommy said, “Evolution keeps evolving. I

think it tested like 1000/1000. He told us on the way back from Ainsworth

Hot springs that one night and he had to tell me like three times it was one of those thoughts that were so high, you know like it’s hard to sometimes it’s to get those ones.

So there’s lots more coming. It just takes time to do all the work. I mean, this one is a massive upgrade. It’s like probably about 1400 pages of writing. It’s really a Herculean effort. So we know there’s lots more to come and just thanks, everybody.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Have a good evening. God Bless.