2020 – Consciousness and FLFE Service Review

January 13, 2021

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We will be discussing new insights on the benefits of upgrades to the FLFE service over the past year. And its effect on hydration, as well as what we can do to optimize our experience on FLFE. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. We have been doing research to look more deeply at the hydration issue and needs in the FLFE environment. And we have noticed that we require more water to be optimally hydrated. This has been happening over the last couple of months especially since we added Energized Nutrients. So why is this? As we look at more recent upgrades to the FLFE service we have some insights for you, some new recommendations, and ideas.

Jeffrey – It is a good idea to review our medical disclaimer, which can be found in the “Terms and Conditions”, which are at the bottom of every page on the website. This first section relates to our insights and some of the recommendations we’re going to discuss later. So this is from the from the disclaimer; “All of the following statements are intended to encourage all of us to take full responsibility for our health. We believe a healthy body is the foundation for the evolution of our consciousness, which is in alignment with the mission of FLFE to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. It is in this spirit that we include this medical disclaimer. We wish everyone good health and that they experience the best life has to offer.” So the disclaimer goes on to say that “all the content is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical, mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.”

Do you want to talk to us about kinesiology Clayten, how we’re doing our research?

Clayten – Okay, for those of you that are new to FLFE, we use kinesiology a lot as a research tool. And we use it to study the changing hydration needs in the FLFE environment. Millions of people use kinesiology to check the level of appropriateness of food and vitamins. One of the tools within a chiropractic profession and several alternative medical practitioners is kinesiology. And there are some aspects of mainstream science that find it controversial. So we’re exploring doing research and how we practice kinesiology with a US university professor to validate it at another level. But we just wanted to mention that tonight’s conversation will include some kinesiology measurements.

Jeffrey – So we are seeing, as Clayten said, increased intake needs for water to be optimally hydrated in the current FLFE environment. So, here are some of the effects of why that’s the case. And there is an overall cumulative effect of all the positive influences of all the upgrades that we’ve had in 2020, and at the end of 2019.

Our bodies are so amazing with our ability to adapt and to optimize. When given the resources in a nurturing environment, and with good food, we’ve found our bodies move into a new level of healing and optimization. And our Innate Intelligence directs the work in somewhat like a symphony of complex biochemical and physical rebuilding that occurs. And it’s just part of the normal working of this amazing body that we have. So we believe that with the resources, positive cellular regeneration increases the rate of rebuilding. And we looked at the changes in the FLFE environment that have increased cellular regeneration for repair and optimization. The first one that jumps out, of course, is the life force energy around us which in the FLFE environment is exponentially increased. And that’s one of the main resources that the body pulls from. So for those of you that haven’t heard this, in the FLFE environment, we use the Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness to measure the level of consciousness. The environment is 560 or higher 98% of the time; that’s our guarantee for the property. So each point upwards on the Hawkins Map has 10 times more lifeforce energy available. Clayten it would be interesting to talk about how common or rare is this 560 level of consciousness, which is standard for all FLFE properties?

Clayten – In a home environment, it’s very rare. There are a few of the classical recognized pilgrimage sites or some of the cathedrals that are higher, but in terms of living in it in a home, it’s very rare.

So on the last webinar we talked about the LOC of the planet in 2020 which was not the best year for consciousness. At least in terms of its height, we’ll see how it turns out in terms of learning. But in 2020, there were only 102 homes in the world that were 500 or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness that were not FLFE subscribers. So that’s pretty rare.

As we looked at 2019, we measured the number of homes with kinesiology that are at 550 or higher, that were not FLFE subscribers, and we keep getting zero. And we got 303 at 500 or higher 98% of time for 2019. We just wanted to give some perspective on how unusual FLFE is for the body to be able to live in this type of environment. Jeff and I presented a webinar in the past where we went back 3000 years, and 2019 was the highest year in the 3000 year history we went through. And even though there are parts of the world that may have been higher at certain points as a planet, 2019 was our highest year ever. Anything else you want to say about that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Well, I think some people in the US, maybe other parts of the world, might be curious about the US. And last week, you were talking before the webinar that the US has been at 150.

Clayten – Yes, Maria mentioned that; we should talk about that, as people are asking a lot on the Facebook group. So, since the event at the White House on January 6th, the level of consciousness of the US has been at 150, which is anger. So on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness is related to being and we’ve come up with a term called level of functioning, and functioning is doing. So when we have someone at a level of consciousness of 150, and a level of functioning of 600, that means they’re angry, and they’re very likely to take action on the anger. So that’s where the US was at for the first couple of days after the demonstrations at Capitol Hill where people broke in. And the functioning has gone down to 500. So some of the energy has been spent so there’s less likelihood of more disruption, but it’s still a pretty big gap. A 350 point gap on a logarithmic scale is an extraordinary difference. So I don’t know how to interpret that. But that’s the data we have. We just don’t know what we don’t know and we can’t really predict the future, but it’s concerning.

Jeffrey – Yes, thanks Clayten.

Clayten – So another factor in increasing the repair and optimization in the body is EMF Mitigation. So these are some of the programs that we’ve added over the years. We had an EMF Mitigation 1.0. And then we added another one and called it 2.0. And that was for people who are super sensitive to EMFs.

The metaphor we used was gluten sensitivity. Some people just can’t eat any gluten, or they get very bloated, and have other symptoms as well. So we found another condition occurring on the planet. And so we’re coming out with EMF 3.0.

Our bodies are experiencing stress environments with spiky energy of numerous EMF sources, and new combinations of these. So with EMF mitigated environments, the energy and resources of the body can go to positive cellular regeneration.

Another addition to the need for water in the body is our recent upgrade of Energized Food and Nutrients. More building blocks and cofactors for biochemical processes and physical rebuilding, so more positive repairs and optimization can be done.

We also released an Enhanced Immune Support Program in the spring of 2019, when COVID first came out. Our immune systems use a large amount of energy to operate, particularly in times of immune stress.

So when Jeff was doing research on this, he came up with some references that said, “when fighting infections, our metabolism can increase by 55% or more”, according to recent studies we’ve found. So when we have a resource limited situation, energy and nutritional resources go to go the immune system, and not to general repair.

We believe that when we add extra energy or have a high energy environment, like an FLFE environment, where we’re doing certain types of exercises, especially certain types of breathing exercises, that when we add extra energy to the immune system, and support nutrient optimization, then more resources are available for the body to do its magic.

Jeffrey – It explains when we do get sick, or we’re fighting something off that we get tired. And there’s sort of a withdrawal that happens where we’re spending less energy out because we only have so much energy to go around. So if we can increase overall energy first, and second, add energy in particular to the immune system, we believe that it helps the body continue on with its repairs prior to immune stimulation. So, these increased levels of positive cellular regeneration is what we’re calling repair and optimization. And it requires increased intake of water, or increased hydration.

And here are a few reasons and these aren’t, you know, anything you couldn’t find with a little bit of research but water carries nutrients to the cells in our body; it’s a delivery system for nutrients, as well as is oxygen. And water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other things first by dissolving them. If we have a mineral, say some kind of salts or some

vitamins in food, they get dissolved into the water. And then water carries the nutrients to the cells, and then they move into the cell membrane. Water is a carrier of nutrients that are that are broken down into smaller particles to move through the cell wall. Then on the way back out after the rebuilds, or just general cellular processes, there are toxins. And so water flushes out toxins and wastes, and then carries those away. Then on to the kidneys, the liver, maybe through the lymph, and other ways of moving out through the GI tract, sweat, and other ways we move toxins out of the body. And additional water helps flush those things out. And it also lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by just having more water to flush those through.

And water is also important for regulating our body temperature. So we need to have good supplies for that for sweating, and for other functions in the body. So, you know, based on what we’ve seen with the cumulative positive effect of the upgrades, we’ve now changed our hydration recommendations.

But I wanted to show you first, if you could pull this up Maria, we’ve changed the FLFE website. So there’s a new “Tools” section in the navigation options at the top. In it you’ll find Hydration, Supplements, and all the high consciousness meditations as well as the Magnetizing Process and tuning into FLFE. It’s an easier way to move around the website and find the Hydration section.

So maybe Maria, if you could pull up the new hydration recommendations, that would be great. So what we’re seeing is more hydration needed for the first three days to a week. We were at .67 times body weight on the previous recommendations, we’re now recommending .8 times the body weight. So if we’re at 150 pounds, for example, we would multiply that weight in pounds times .8 and that gives 120 so that’s the number of ounces to drink of water per day.

Someone’s mentioning seltzer water and certainly we want a lot of minerals and other ways of getting electrolytes in water and that’s something that we’ll mention later. But on the Hydration page as well we see that it’s important with this level of hydration, that we’re getting lots of electrolytes to keep our body balanced in its water/electrolyte solution. So then after the first three days or week, and it’s good to stay at the higher level for as long as possible. And then we would multiply the body weight in pounds times .66, previously, .5. And that resulting number is  the number of ounces of water drink daily. So those are the new the new levels that we will talk about that a little bit Clayten?

Clayten – If we can hydrate to these new levels, it supports the increased positive cellular regeneration, as we’ve been saying. So what does that mean? There’s a big conversation out there in the world about anti-aging and reverse aging and we’re looking for more research to validate where we’re at in that conversation. We will let you know when we have that. Hydrating at these levels can really be a challenge, probably 20% of us are optimally hydrated. It’s just the reality of how most of us live. I wouldn’t say that I’m always there myself, even though it’s a big part of our conversation and in our lives. So just a reminder to get electrolytes. We have the details on the Hydration page, you can look into that. And we have some new insights because many of us are having challenges with it. We have a way that we can affect or better manage, perhaps even control the speed at which the repairs and optimization occur. Because the body has its own pace, we can only do so much, but we can influence that. Which also means we can affect greatly our optimal hydration levels.  So it’s really quite an important insight. And as we said in the medical disclaimer we believe a healthy body is the foundation for the evolution of our consciousness. And our mission is to create the ideal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. So we can’t separate our body up from that.

Being in the FLFE environment, with the Slider at 570. And hydrating at these levels is like putting the pedal to the metal on the racetrack. Repairs and optimization are happening unusually rapidly. And if we can manage it, we get to the finish line sooner. The challenge is, of course, managing it. Repairs and optimization are unusually rapid, and if we slow it down, we still get the benefits, we just get to the same finish line a little bit slower perhaps. If we run the machine too hard, sometimes it can want to take a break and get repairs done. Of course there isn’t really a finish line, we just believe it’s an evolution. Sometimes longer is a bit better. And we have our lives to live in this economized society, as we say, most of us have to work for a living. So we have to manage our energy according to our responsibilities.day to day, between our work and our family, there’s sometimes more than enough to do.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s for sure. Well, we can control the speed of the repair and optimization and the hydration needs. And we can do that by using the Control Panel with the Consciousness Controller, which we commonly called the Slider. So in an FLFE environment, with the slider at 570, which is the highest that it goes at the moment, the actual average of the home with a Slider at 570 is 580. So the homes are actually higher than the Slider level. The Slider level is kind of the bottom. As we’ve said, it’s not at all a restraint on the upper end at all. So this is a great example of that when we actually measure all the homes on the FLFE slider at 570 they’re at 580. So at that level of LOC the optimal hydrating liquid intake is roughly 40% more than in a 500 environment. And roughly 30%, more than having the Slider at 550. Now, the slider at 550 is an actually is actually 555 average, LOC. So we really enjoy the Facebook group discussions about moving the sliders to 555. And we really do pay attention to what is being said. Did you want to talk any more about that Clayten?

Clayten – We follow the Facebook group at different times and we’re active on it to varying degrees. And when there’s a theme that comes up, such as people experimenting with the Slider and finding that 555 is working better for them, then we pay attention to that, and we start to study it. And that was one of the indicators that told us that it’s good to talk about this in more detail. Because we assume about 15% of the people in the world are hydrated adequately, not maybe optimally, just adequately and maybe 20% of subscribers are adequately hydrated. And I’m assuming people are making an extra effort to drink water because we keep talking about it. And we’ve been tracking our hydration in the household here at different levels of consciousness, we’ve been sliding things around and monitoring our water, and it’s making a difference in our hydration when we move the Slider to 550.

Jeffrey – So how would we know where to put the Slider? Clayten and I did some work on this and the standard is joy, or higher. So if we feel joyful in our environments on a regular basis with individual joy, and joy between people in our environment, or that we interact with, at least on an occasional basis, then we could go for it. We can put the pedal to the metal and continue to hydrate and have the Slider at 570 and get the maximum benefit what we believe as optimized repair happening. And, you know, it’s really okay if we ramp it back. So if anyone does not feel joyful, the first step is to look at hydration. And one thing that works really well, as Clayten mentioned is tracking. Track what we’re drinking every day and see how many ounces we’re getting down. And we’re testing out some hydration tools that would give us the number to put in and see how much we’re drinking on an ongoing basis and see where we are each day. And second, we can experiment with the Slider. And currently at the time of this webinar, 555 seems to be a sweet spot for many people. And again, there those that are happy and joyful and going forward at 570. And there are people that feel lower is better for them. So we’re working on an Energized Nutrients release that would be what we’re calling 1200 Plus. It’s quite a few energized nutrients as the name indicates, at that point, the sweet spot may drop to around 550. And so that’s where we are now and we think it’s a great idea to experiment and that’s why we have the Control Panel. And tracking hydration is a great tool and using the Slider to try different levels and see what works the best for ourselves and our families. What about some other factors there, Clayten?

Clayten –  Well,  1200 is almost 38 times more. It’s like getting 38 times the amount in a paycheck. We get a raise. I mean, 38 times is a pretty big raise. So, we tend to be that way, we’ve been working on this for a long time, it’s our longest program ever. So we expect it’s going to provide another level of resources for the body. And so that’s why the whole hydration conversation and the next little piece here is so important.

I’ll go through one more point here. So there are two things to say considering hydration, and the optimal level to have the Slider at. It could depend on how long we’ve been in the FLFE environment, or how long we’ve been subscribers. More time in the FLFE environment means more repairs and optimization can occur. And the rate of change and subsequent hydration needs could be reduced. So in the future we are going to keep releasing upgrades. And it might be that some upgrades will only come on for those who’ve been in the environment for two or three years, because the quality of the environment is becoming so regenerative that the body needs time to adjust. And so we’re looking into how to do that. So that’s one thing.

The second thing is that new people on the free trial and new subscribers are for the first time, perhaps in their life, in an environment that supports the Innate Intelligence to do a higher level of repair and optimization that they’d never experienced. Higher hydration levels  are helpful for that. And given all the research that we’ve done, and what’s happening in the community, and with the new 1200 Plus Energized Nutrients coming on, we’re changing the automatic Slider default, when people start a subscription or a free trial to 550. We’re not going to change anyone on the service who have already been using it for years. And the people that start at 550, can slide it up to 570 as they want. And of course, they can always turn it down. And we think it’s so important to stay hydrated, and there’s so much positive regenerative assistance in the body. We feel this is a good move. Jeff, do you want to add anything to that?

Jeffrey – Yes, just to reiterate about time in the FLFE environment, because we have many people that have been with us for years, you know, 3,4, and 5 years, and their bodies have been in this environment and they’ve been working at it. And so I think it could be interesting because we keep finding new things like 1200 Plus Energized Nutrients. There are other things in the pipeline coming, that might make more sense to put in after a subscriber has been with us for a year, two years, or three years, as Clayten said and they’re ready for the next level. And so that’s coming, as we said, it can be a lot of change in the body and a lot of regeneration occurring. And when someone is new to the environment, and they haven’t gotten used to hydrating and adapting at this level, it may be better not to have as many programs on it first. We’re so grateful for our long term subscribers, and we want to keep giving everyone more and more value. So with that let’s look at some questions.

Clayten – Anaya is ready to go, why don’t we talk to her.

Anaya – Oh, hello. I didn’t know I had my hand raised though. On my side, it said my hand was lowered. So I was surprised. But I could ask the question since we’re here. What it sounds like you’re saying is if we’re not going to hydrate if we’re having trouble hydrating that amount, it’s better to keep the Slider down lower. Is that basically it?

Jeffrey – It’s the joy meter. You know, if we’re feeling joyful in the space, and having great, joyful interactions with people, then it’s great. And if not, we might want to consider bringing it down.

Anaya – Okay, so it is not necessarily the water meter, it’s the joy meter.

Jeffrey – It seems to be a good indicator of how well hydrated we are.

Clayten – It may be the critical factor. But it’s not the only thing.

Anaya – I see I get it, that’s wonderful.

Jeffrey – We could tell you stories about our crabbiness when we’re not well hydrated. Many of us could probably share those.

Anaya – Well, you know, this is what happens if I noticed, oh my goodness, I haven’t been drinking water. If I do it in the morning, it makes the most sense. Before even leaving the bedroom, start drinking. And if I try to get it in me later at night, then I’m getting up and going to the bathroom all night. So there’s a happy medium about when to hydrate too.

Clayten – Yes, depending on where we are at, a liter or liter and a half or a couple quarts first thing in the morning. It is an inconvenience, but if we can get it in early, the sleeping through the night is easier.

Anaya – And then also I don’t want to drink water when I am eating because it seems to dilute food in digestion. So I think I think that’s the trick is to drink it early.

Jeffrey – I find that when I drink it early like that;  I brush my teeth, drink the water, and it helps me wake up. And when I meditate in the morning before breakfast, just to be more present. And it seems like my consciousness gets online when I get that amount of water in first thing.

Anaya – And there’s so much with blessing the water now that’s coming out as well. At first I was just gulping it like I had to do something. Water is a luxury to have and it’s good for our body and how we drink it also has a lot to do with what happens for us. Thank you.

Clayten – While we’re waiting for the next person, we have a question in the Q&A, “What happens if we don’t drink enough water?”  And we have something like a dimmer switch on some of the programs that if the body isn’t optimally hydrated, some of the programs get turned down. They’re still in effect, they’re just not as intense. So we regulate it to the degree that we can from our end, but it is our individual responsibility to take care of ourselves.

And another question, “Can the thirst in the body add more stress because the body tries to repair itself?” Well, at some point, if we become severely dehydrated. I don’t think that’s for most of us. But at some point it could. If we’re in a desert and super dehydrated, at some point, the answer is yes.

Jeffrey – Ann’s asking for more time on the daily Boost. And that could come in the future. It’s not an upgrade at this moment. But thanks for asking. It’s good to just keep asking us; right now we’ve got it on the list.

Clayten – Yes, so we have a power utilization issue. If someone’s having a healing crisis, Louise, I would say turn the Slider down. I would start at 500 and work your way up if you’re that tired. Yeah, she’s noticing some of the benefits and suffering. Turn it right down, and then turn it up until you find that sweet spot. It’s a lot of water to change our habits, that’s for sure for 80% of the population.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, Louise.

Clayten – Yeah. And Feng is recommending trace minerals. Absolutely, Feng. And we need our electrolytes.

Jeffrey – And Himalayan salts are something we recommend as well. We have been hearing about some plastics in sea salt, depending on where it’s sourced from. So we’ve kind of switched to the Himalayan salts there  for electrolytes. Let’s bring in Shamar.

Shamar – Hello.

Jeffrey –  Hello Shamar. Nice to have you with us.

Shamar – Yes. I signed up via Jeffrey Doherty on YouTube. And I really appreciate that he mentioned your program. My question is actually about I have it on the cell phone and I am thinking about signing up for my home. Is that a good match to put both of them together? Will there be any differences? Or will it help to have both?

Jeffrey –  We’re recommending more and more to have two free trials if you want. It’s great to sign right up and we appreciate that. The advantage of doing at least a free trial on the home is the clearing that occurs on the property. The energetic history on the land and on in the building. Once it’s cleared, its cleared. Of course, any new things that occur aren’t cleared if anyone stays just on the phone, but that’s what many people do. Do you want to talk about other effects of the home subscription Clayten?

Clayten – Well, Shamar, we do encourage to have two free trials because some people really feel the property subscription the home or business than feel the phone. Both have Boosts. And so we suggest that people try both so that they know the difference for themselves. And 34% of our subscribers have two or more subscriptions, because they want to be in it 24 hours a day if they can. That’s typically a financial issue. If we can afford it, and are enjoying it, then we can keep with us all the time. So we can talk a lot about the differences, but there is a personal experience that we may have that will help us  make that decision.

Shamar – Will it double the energy or does it do anything in that regard? Or do they just kind of overlap and repeat each other?

Jeffrey – It doesn’t increase the levels. It’s just with the phone, we can take it along when we go out, which is really helpful for particularly energetically sensitive people who found that that the FLFE “bubble” as we call can be quite helpful out in the world. And then the in home subscription or free trial, we mentioned clearing energetically the negative history. But there’s also geopathic stress, which are factors in the land. It can be the movement of water, electrical disturbances, nodes, or geopathic lines that that cause lowering consciousness in different areas. And we compensate with that for that with the service.

Shamar – Oh, nice. Okay. I’ve heard a friend say that her mother got cancer from being over underground water streams.

Clayten – Sometimes it’s hard to know what causes the cancer. And when we have what we typically call a geopathic stress, reducing the amount or lifeforce as we call it or prana, or Chi, it really makes us susceptible to all kinds of things. We hear stories all the time of people having one room in the house that they just don’t like to spend time in. And, once the service is on, all of a sudden they spend time in that room, and they enjoy it. And we’ve discovered some underground streams that run right on the edge of the property and they knew something was off. So I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

Shamar – Thank you for sharing that.

Clayten – Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know, right? You lived in a place for a long time. And, maybe streams change positions, too. So something could have happened. And over time, if we’re feeling tired in an environment, it’s good to start to check into what might be the cause of that.

Shamar – I’m feeling really great from it so far. I was a little tired at first, like I felt like I wanted to sleep a lot. But now I work all day today and I feel great. And I’m interested in doing both of them. So definitely I’ll sign up right away for the property as well. How about parasites? Will it help with parasites?

Jeffrey – We believe having more energy in the body, more lifeforce, gives the body more resources to deal with whatever’s happening. It’s actually one of the programs we have is additional parasite help. But we believe just having more energy, having our immune system supported and Energized Nutrients all they all help us with whatever is there.

Shamar- Awesome. Can we put our supplements next our phone to energize them?

Clayten – Exactly, yes, anything we put close to the phone within four feet is going to get some love. It’s at 575 within four feet. Because we’re working on upping that as well. And sometimes we have so many programs on the go, I’ll need to check the numbers.

Jeffrey – And we have Energized nutrients as Clayten mentioned, and what that does is provide additional lifeforce energy to specific nutrients. And what we found using kinesiology testing is that additional energy assists the GI tract to absorb into the body and into the cells. So that’s in all foods, vitamins, and minerals, that we’re taking into our bodies. We’re about to launch a much larger, pretty much every nutrient anyone could think of to assists us with absorption.

Shamar – Wow, is it gonna be in powder form?

Jeffrey – No, this is just on the service; it’s part of the service. We keep building more and more of these assists into the service, there’s no additional cost. There’s nothing anyone needs to do. Nothing to turn on; it’s just there.

Shamar – Oh, that’s so awesome. I love it. Thanks.

Clayten – Great if you do enjoy it. We all have to work on our receiving muscles.

Shamar – Thank you.

Jeffrey – You’re welcome. And thank you for joining us and for having the free trial. We’re talking to Jeffrey Doherty, shortly.

Shamar – Yes, tomorrow morning. I’ll be there. Cool. Thank you.

Clayten – Jeffrey Doherty is a real promoter. We’ve enjoyed being on his show. I’ll say something about Carolyn’s comment. She just started the free trial two days ago. She had an emotional release, and her body started to detox. She didn’t put two and two together until she called in. So Carolyn, it’s interesting. There’s  a tipping point in all of our systems we call the body, mind, spirit system. And what we find with a high consciousness environment, is it will often give the body enough resources that it goes over this tipping point. And it begins to do things it just couldn’t do before. And a lot of us have that experience. It seems that every time we put a new program on, Jeff. And Jeff and I typically beta test everything in the beginning, and sometimes we’ll put four or five family members on with ourselves. And I think every time, especially in the last year and a half, Jeff, I really notice the upgrades more. I don’t know what it is. But there seems to be a cumulative effect.

Jeffrey – Yes, and on the emotional release part, Carolyn, one of the programs that’s just on and it’s in the background running; nothing for us to do is for the movement of Chi through the body. So Chinese medicine knows that there are blocks that can occur in Chi or in the in the lines in the body. And this optimization of the flow of lifeforce energy through the body or Chi through the body is something that that we have in the system. And so what can happen is if we have something that we’ve been holding on to for a long time, and we’re willing to release it, we could go to a chiropractor or a Chinese medicine practitioner to receive acupressure or acupuncture, and we might release it. And the extra energy kind of releases that pathway. And we often see that happen when people first move into the FLFE environment. And it can take some time. I mean those that have been in here for a while and we pick a new area to work on with our development and we start doing releases that we find the environment is supportive for emotional release work.

And Sandra is mentioning to all panelists that we can use the Boost at times when we want to do release work.

Clayten – If we’re doing energetic medicine work like tapping any of those processes, sometimes it helps if we are in even a higher environment, at least for a little while. There’s really no one answer. It’s just like life. We have to experiment and see what works.

Jeffrey – Christine in the Q&A was one of the 555 people. She’s wondering how important the relationship between members of the household and LOC are? Children, preteens, for example, who are responsible for their own hydration and how might that influence the Slider?

We’ve had people talk about family members. And one of the reasons they lowered the Slider down in the interest of joy and harmony in the household.

Clayten – One of the big themes in the company is try to do what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all creation. That’s our prayer and our also our kinesiology test. You know, “this action is in the highest and best interest of all creation, this action isn’t”. And then we try to scale how appropriate it is. So you might not be really good at kinesiology, Christine, but just observe the environment, experiment with your slider, and see what’s the highest and best interest of all creation for your house. When we’re the adult, we can’t force people to drink a certain amount of water, it’s hard to for us to even keep it up sometimes. So 520 might be the sweet spot for your house 535, 540. We have a tendency in our society to think more is better. And because the service has become so powerful over the years, we keep adding more and more upgrades. It just takes time to adjust.  We have to find what works for us, our family, and our house. So Joey is next.

Joey – Hello.

Jeffrey – Hi Joey,  Thanks for joining us.

Joey – Thank you guys, so much. I appreciate both of you so very, very much. I’m on just the free trial right now. And I’ve done a few different things in the past with  EMF and I tried  different necklaces. I even have  a scalar energy Orgonite Pyramid, and I paid $400 for the thing, and I didn’t notice one single thing. I still have it; I keep it on just for good measure. But I activated the free trial and I noticed it absolutely immediately. And I’m an energy sensitive person. So , again, the effects are very, very measurable. I’ve had problems with breathing in the past. And the one thing I almost immediately noticed is that I could breathe much better. Like I could catch my breath, my anxiety level went down.  And it’s been very nice. And that’s why I just want to say I appreciate you guys because I literally just was walking around and would start laughing for almost no reason. I’m so happy with this. I just want to say thank you guys for that. I will definitely subscribe.

So I have a couple questions. I guess since we’re on the topic of hydration. Clayten, have you calibrated any different forms of water? Such as, you know, spring water versus maybe some of the higher alkaline waters? Do those calibrate at different levels? Or is it dependent on the person? Can you address that?

Clayten – Yes, we did a lot of water research. Joey, we have a couple of recommendations on the website in terms of filtration systems. I mean, we can spend a lot of money and some of them are worth it. There are so many out there right now we don’t have an exhaustive list. But in terms of reasonably priced filtration systems, a lot of people use a Big Berkey or a Pro Pure. Pro Pure is like the Britta and the Big Berkey is like a canister that filters water through. So spring water is always good, because of the minerals and the lifeforce energy. There are so many systems out there it’s hard to recommend a system but we need our minerals. So any system that takes the minerals out we have to remineralize. And Mother Nature seems to do it better than us all the time.

Joey – Right, okay. My next question is not related to hydration. I was wondering because you obviously use my phone number to send the service to my phone. Is there a way of using somebody’s name? Are you able to send the services directly to a person to maybe clear their energy in the past or anything

like that?

Jeffrey – It’s a good question, and we focus on the environment. And while it certainly is possible to have  a person on the service, the environment is really the focus for us. Because there are other people, plants, animals, and other beings. So we feel that the environmental effect and also because of geopathic stress, and EMF mitigation, that the environment is really important. So we’re focused on the optimal environment for evolution. And, I have a similar effect as you when I turn off the service. I feel anxiety and my breathing feels restricted. And when I turn it back on, I feel I can take a deep breath. And I think that’s related to EMFs in the environment. So I think for us to, we feel we need that whole environment to mitigate EMFs, because they’re coming in from many different places, and we have sources within the environment as well. And we have to mitigate those different sources through the service. So we have quite a complicated program. And, if we just have a person on the service we wouldn’t be able to do it the same way.

Joey – Okay. Perfect. Now, I have two more. This is for Clayten. So Dr. David R. Hawkins, calibrated at I think I heard you said around 850. Does that mean if we’re in his presence, if we’re  in a four foot radius from him, we will be in that 850 energy field, or will it be less? Like how does that work if we’re in front of someone who has a high LOC?

Clatyen – Yes, at different stages in his life, he calibrated at different levels of consciousness. So he was considerably higher than that, at one point. And I was standing about 40 feet from him in Los Angeles, at a seminar with about 900 people. There’s a guy standing in front of me is my buddy named Wade. And he was I think the five time National Canadian bodybuilding champion in Canada. And we’re about 30 feet from Dr. Hawkins. And I think at that point, he was in the mid-900s. And I wasn’t in the mid-900s. So we don’t necessarily go up, right? Well, I just felt like I was so weak, Joey, I could hardly stand. My knees were buckling. You know? And I was embarrassed, right? Because like, oh, man, I was almost going ask if I could lean on him kind of half joking, right? I said, “Yeah, my knees are buckling.” And Dr. Hawkins said, “look at all the people on the stage.” And they were all sitting in their chairs, but they were just barely able to keep themselves up. It felt like a storm. Have you ever been in a sandstorm when the sand is peeling at you? Yeah. It just felt like a sandstorm of light, just like particles coming off of him. It was it was really something man.

Jeffrey – We’ve done some studies of auras and we looked at the Dalai Lama, he has a really big aura that we can feel when you’re close to him. And also, Amma, the hugging saint, as we get closer to her, the LOC goes up. If you’ve ever been to one of her free events, one of the hugs. But as you know, we sit in these chairs and we move closer and closer to her and the LOC just keeps going up and up. And her aura just fills the whole room, the whole place.

Joey – Wow! That’s absolutely amazing. So if you’re in the vicinity with one of these people, is it like almost the same thing as what services you guys provide? Obviously, you guys have all the intentions and programs that you programmed into it. Are there differences? Are there similarities or how does that work?

Clayten – I think God does it better than we do. We do a good job but I just don’t think it’s the same as being in the presence of a master. And sometimes Joey, someone like the Dalai Lama; I met him one time. I was standing four lanes on a road away from him. I saw a black limousine coming down the road, and I’ve been in a big auditorium with him but not very close; there were 10,000 people or so. I see this black limousine coming down the road ahead, and I saw the flags on the fender of the limo. So they pulled in right across the street from where I was. And he got out of the car. And I recognized the Dalai Lama. He looked at me and it was just like, boom!, you know, I was like, wow! Later on, when I learned about kinesiology, I learned that the Dalai Lama is 570 out of 1000, which is about the optimal level for the spiritual leader of an international organization. You have enough power to handle the affairs of the world. But not so high that you want to leave it. But I figured out later that the Dalai Lama’s aura is 850 out of 1000  three hundred feet from his body. And that’s because of all the people praying for him all the time. So the 850 hit me as soon as he turned his attention on me. So there’s more of this stuff than we might imagine. As we get into it, little things we just kind of stumble upon. I could never figure it out because it didn’t feel like 570. I’ve been around people who were 570, you know, and it just didn’t feel like 570. So I kind of unraveled it eventually.

Joey – Right. Okay, I’m gonna I’m going to finish off with one more question. I mean, I feel like I could talk to you guys all day. But I’m sure other people got questions that they want to have addressed as well. The question I have is, somebody tested me, he’s a pretty good kinesiologist. About four years ago, I tested about 210 on LOC. And then I just tested myself the other day. And I don’t know how accurate my testing is but I tested myself at 305. So my question is, if I end up calibrating higher than the service you guys offer, which is what 575? Does that make the service like almost, like, unnecessary? So hopefully, I get to that point. But I know, it might take some ways to get to that. But just a question out of curiosity, I guess.

Jeffrey – l have two things there, Joey. So we said earlier, if the slider, say it’s at 560, the environment is higher, depending on the person. At 570, the average is 580 for our subscribers, but we have properties over 600. There are about 1%, at 625 and higher. So it depends on the person and the environment adjusts to what we’re doing to support us. So, it’s helping clean up the bottom. Right? But the upper end is unlimited. It’s up to us. And that support is there to help us compensate for the environment. So like Clayten said, there are only 100 and something houses that are 500 in the world. So most of them are much lower. So if we’re at 560, or 570, or 580, ourselves, we’re compensating for that lower environment.

Joey – Right,  Okay, that makes perfect sense.  Say for instance, I calibrate myself on the on the Map of Consciousness at say 650. But I’m in an environment that’s lower, it might detract from my spot on the Map of Consciousness, I might end up calibrating like 640. So I’d be lower when I’m in that specific location?

Clayten – We have to give energy up to the environment Joey. Typically, like when we test some of the higher people on the planet in their homes are in the low 500s. And they’re 850, or 840. So there are a few people like that around, it’s just that their vibration will affect the environment. And it I don’t know that it cost them a lot of energy. But when we have a 550 environment, we don’t have to spend that energy. So we get supported by it instead of having to contribute to it.

Joey – Right. Well, that’s perfect. You guys are so awesome. I just learned a lot through all of that. Thank you guys very much.

Jeffrey – Thanks for joining us, Joey and for coming on free trial. Yeah. So Marianne in the Q&A was saying she’s been on FLFE for five plus years. Wow. That is awesome. You thanked us and we’ve got to thank you too. It’s great to have you with us. And you’re saying that you’re interested in hearing more about how the body might react or not react when in the environment. “I ask because I’ve not noticed the change in my heart center as I used to, is there anything I should be doing differently?”

Clayten – Well, I’ll take a crack at that one. Sometimes we have to give up good for great. And we have to give up great for extraordinary. And so Marianne, I don’t know that this is the case for you. But as a principle of evolution, we have to be willing to turn over the good that we have for the next level of freedom. So that’s an intuitive hit that I have to mention that to you. So that would be something to explore. You don’t feel it the same way you used to? Well, you’re different. And maybe you need to give up something really good in your life to go to a better place. A lot of times we talk about giving up the bad habits and things. But at some point in our evolution, we have to turn it all over to the Divine. And that’s an ongoing process.

Jeffrey –That reminds me of the dark night of the soul and that change or evolutionary step where the old way is dying or needs to be shed in order to move to the next and it can feel different, like our connection to Divinity and things don’t feel the way they used to. Marianne, please feel free to call into the office. You’ve been with us this long; you must have a relationship with someone in the office that you talk to. And so feel free to call in. And then for everyone, some of the new people, if you haven’t called into the office, yet we have a great team of people. And they really love to talk to you. So please feel free to call the office anytime. We’re there from seven in the morning until 10 at night, six days now, over 90 hours a week.

So we have someone asking, “How does FLFE help with the fluctuation of the Schumann resonance? Have you evaluated this effect on us?” Any thoughts on that Clayten?

Clayten – I did see that Maria Colomy wanted to answer that live. I haven’t seen the new feature on Zoom. It could have been there forever. So Maria, if you want to answer that live, please do.

Maria – I would feel badly if I did not take you up on this, Clayten. I post about this in the FB group regularly. And I know many people ask about it. The Schumann resonance is the wobble of the planet. And it can be affected by human emotions. But in general, FLFE is not designed to affect the Schumann resonance. However, that doesn’t mean that the two things don’t interact. And it doesn’t mean that we might not be getting some correction, especially with the Geopathic Stress Program. But, in general, FLFE is not really designed to affect the Schumann resonance. And I don’t think we’d want to even attempt that. It’s there for a reason. The planets are communicating with each other for reasons that we don’t understand.

Clayten – Yes, Maria spends a lot of time answering questions on the Facebook page, and I’ve always appreciated your understanding of the Schumann resonance, so thank you for that. All the testing I’ve ever done, Jeff, I don’t know if we’ve talked about this much; it’s not in the H&B for us to try to influence the Schumann resonance in any way. We try to make the environment as resourceful as we can. And everyone’s’ job is to make ourselves as resourceful as we can be. And then these outside influences don’t affect us as much.

And have I noticed the Schumann resonance affecting me? It’s hard to say, I haven’t spent a lot of time with it. I was never really into astrology a lot, but I certainly notice, when Mercury’s in retrograde that there seems to be an effect on how things get done; the day to day details. So I have studied some cyclic systems. Some of them are pretty high consciousness, but I  haven’t really studied the Schumann resonance.

Jeffrey – Ethel’s asking us to explain more about electrolytes. So Ethel our body is much like seawater and the minerals in our body are similar. So that’s the balance of salts, magnesium, different minerals in our blood. So if we just drink reverse osmosis water or distilled for example it doesn’t have any minerals in it. The body is getting diluted by that, there’s more water coming in and fewer minerals. And then so the body then would create minerals to make that balance up. And when we’re drinking a lot of water, we want to add salt. That’s why we’re recommending Himalayan salt, or other electrolytes out there. Athletes that are drinking a lot of liquids, like marathoners, make sure they’re drinking water with electrolytes in it. So there are some on our Hydration Page, which is now in the Tools section. And I’m sure there is more information on the web.

Clayten – And as for the minerals, the body doesn’t necessarily create them; it takes them from our bones. Sometimes at the end of the day here, after six or eight hours of meetings and then the webinar, it’s hard to keep track of all the all the thoughts.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’m probably near to winding down. Maybe we can take a few more questions. Do you want to bring in Julia?

Julia – I heard you guys on Luke story. I just caught that session, so thank you, because I tried the home session. And I swear to God, I put it on and I couldn’t get to sleep, I was listening to podcasts. I thought, what am I going to lose? So I put it on. And it felt like somebody turned a dial back on a radio, and that slight level of anxiety that I knew was sitting there went down to zero, maybe one.  And here’s my question. So that was good for a night or two. And then I had trouble getting to sleep despite the fact once I did get to sleep, it was fine. I tested myself and it was weird because I was calm. I could feel my breathing and everything was great. And then I thought oh, I must be getting a little bit too much energy, too much frequency. And my body’s going yay!, this is great. But let’s just dial it back. So I did use the Slider. And maybe I never did find the sweet spot on it because I did dial that back. I was on last week’s session. My home session has expired and I’m now two or three days into the cell phone. I’m going to sign up for the home; I’m just trying to figure things out, I just want to see the difference.

Because I think the geopathic aspect of it is outstanding and I have my place all tuned up with bio- geometry which also harmonizes and that was the key that got me was when you used the word “harmonize.” I thought okay, they get what’s going on with the with the geopathic stress in EMFs and everything else. But I’m just wondering, I still haven’t quite figured out how to handle the sleep aspect. I’m not really exhausted during the day, despite the fact that did go through about five days at the beginning where I was obviously going through a very light healing scenario because I was exhausted. I just wrote it off to Christmas and having worked so hard this past year, but then I realized, no, my body’s doing a lot of repair. So oh well, I thought, drink the water, and get on with it. But I’m used to getting into bed and within three minutes with the light out, I’m used to being asleep. And that’s not happening. I’m dreaming more, which is amazing and I know something’s going on.

Jeffrey – Yes, we tend to tend to see it either way. Some people say when they go on, it’s the best sleep they’ve ever had. Particularly if they’re quite EMF sensitive because the anxiety level goes down. And others do feel that increased energy. And when they fall asleep, they may be sleeping better. They may have deeper sleep happening. And that is what the Slider is for, it’s really to practice with that. And  what happens, we’ve noticed, is our bodies adapt as well. And it may be kind of a higher level of repair that’s happening right away. And we also get used to being in the environment too.

Julia – Yes, I am enjoying. I turned the EMF Mitigation off for about 20 minutes. I don’t think I’m very sensitive. But there’s something in my brain that says no, no, you really don’t want to turn this off. Just leave it alone, you’re fine. But I did want to see, so I moved the Slider down. I turned the EMF Mitigation off when I had the home trial, but I don’t want to make any adjustments really. I listened to a session of somebody singing Ave Maria on the weekend. It was bringing tears to my eyes and that is not me. And everything is a little bit lighter. I mean, despite the insanity in what’s going on. It’s like, okay, I kind of feel like I’m in a movie here. Everybody thinks they’re cowboys and Indians and I think, it’s just a movie people. So that part is making me happy. And I listened to Dr. Hawkins and he’s laughing all the time. And I think, now I’ve got it!

Clayten – Welcome to the bubble.

Julia – Oh, I love it! I don’t want to leave the bubble. And your customer service is amazing. So that’s been good, because I’ve checked in with Leah a couple of times just to talk to her.

Clayten –  She’s like the Energizer Bunny, that woman.

Julia – Well, that’s been outstanding. So as far as electrolytes, I’m a Berkey user so I’ve always had a lot of water. But I’m listening today and putting a little extra effort on concentrating on getting close to three liters now that I’m over the first week, but just to be aware of it just to give my body a running chance at maybe doing any of the repairs that are necessary.

Clayten – I’ve got some sleep principles to suggest to do and a personal intuitive hit. In general with sleep, one of the things we want to look at is when we wake up. So the principle is that there is getting to sleep and then there’s waking up. And if we’re waking up at different times, Chinese medicine will tell us what organ is being activated at that time.

Julia – Yes, I’m familiar with that.

Clayten – So that’s for anyone to go on the internet and search; I woke up at 3am. What organ is active in Chinese medicine? I think it’s liver. So when people have the kind of reaction that you have, it’s oftentimes their adrenals kicking in Julia, because there’s a sense that your life is changing. And there’s kind of an excitement and the adrenals will tend to get active. Do you have a way of testing your adrenals?

Julia –  Yes, I do.

Clayten – Ok, so test your adrenals. And then there’s a really good product called Ortho Adapt and when I get active, I take Ortho Adapt and it calms my adrenals down the same night, if I take it at bedtime. Typically, we want to take that stuff in the morning, because of course, we can spike our cortisol, but if we’re not able to get to sleep, my experience is to take it before bed.

Julia – Sorry, I was gonna say, excitement is the word I would use, that has been consistent. I mean, I’ve felt that before I signed on with FLFE. But there is a low level of excitement, anticipation. We’re finally getting to, fill in the blank, whatever it is, looking forward to the future. It’s a bit of a roller coaster, but on the high, it’s excitement, I feel that even listening to you guys.

Clayten – Yes, I mean, sometimes FLFE gets credit for a lot of things that it doesn’t do. We just happen to come along at a point in life when we’re in a good place. And there were all these things that were going to happen anyway, that may be attributed to the service. And then some people come on FLFE, and they struggle, not many, but some people do. And then they think it’s the extra energy pushing them over the edge to a place of struggle. So it’s just the reality of offering this type of service, and probably any type of service where a more energetic environment is activated.  Sometime we just get lucky because people are in a good place. And sometimes people are not in a good place.

Julia – But I did get I did get the sense as I listened some interviews that you guys have done, and I did get the sense that the body’s really only going to do what it can do. I’m not at risk; is it no risk to do too much with the services? Am I my interpreting that correctly?

Jeffrey – Yes, I mean, our Innate Intelligence is running the show. It’s default is going to be healing and optimization. It may not be that we’re highly functional for our job the next day, there may be detoxing happening. And it may be in the highest and best interest for us to do that. Because something in the body needs to be repaired. So that is kind of the valve that we’re talking about.  It’s really around going to work and being able to be highly functional. If  we’re very stressed and are detoxing, it may be in the highest and best interest for that to occur, but we may want to have more joy in our life. And we may turn down the LOC a little bit. Still, our Innate Intelligence is in charge, and it’s doing what’s best for our system. That’s what we believe.

Julia – My other request is the nutrients that you guys were suggesting on the website, they all seem to be American. I’m in Vancouver, and it would be lovely if there were Canadian sources for it. There were some things that I feel I should look into. And I guess it’s in the works, but it’d be great if there were some sources on this.

Jeffrey – I believe Maria has added to the website in the Gematria Section of the website a doctor in Canada that’s offering those supplements. He’s actually offering them at quite a discount. He’s selling them in Canadian dollars for the US dollar price. So it’s about an 18% discount.

Maria – Yes and I can post a link in the group.

Jeffrey – Thanks for joining, it’s been great to have you with us.

Clayten – And more good things coming.

Clayten –  We had a personal best for Maria today, she had two comments on the webinar. We have to get three next time, we’re going to up the ante with her.

Jeffrey – Yes, thanks, Maria, for everything you do on the Facebook page. And with the marketing department, we’ve really got a great team overall, I guess I’ll just check out tonight, appreciating the FLFE team that we have everybody in the office, everyone in Nelson, and in other places in the world that are contributing to supporting subscribers and people on the free trial. And supporting us to do what we do so that we can continue to improve the service and share breakthroughs and insights. We’ve got such a great team around us, and an incredible subscriber community. So many advanced practitioners and we really learn a lot by listening to you on the Facebook page, and by you joining us on these webinars. So we really appreciate what’s happening in, in this community that we’re building, both sort of internal and external. So I’ll just check out for the night, appreciating that and all the help we receive from all quarters, we could say, for all the blessings we receive. So, with that I’ll say good night and hand it to you Clayten .

Clayten – There were some questions about nutrition that we didn’t answer, particularly EFAs, and magnesium. And those are all on the on the website. So search around and find them. And Maria is great about posting links on the Facebook page. And she’s just posted one now on  supplements. Thank you, Maria, you’re awesome.

Something that didn’t get mentioned tonight is that we can work with the energy of FLFE consciously by directing it to a certain part of our bodies for healing. I didn’t mention that to Julia. If I’m struggling to sleep, I can call the FLFE energy in and ask it to stimulate the parts of our body that help us sleep. I ask it to help me increase my melatonin. And I have no evidence that my melatonin actually goes up. But I do ask for that help. And sometimes it seems to work. So we can have a conscious relationship with the energy. And people are finding new ways to do that all the time.

And, when looking at experimentation in the environment, really look how it’s affecting everybody. And it’s up to us to be a consciousness researcher, we will provide everyone with the tools as best we can. And we want to empower everyone to understand consciousness and to work with it in a way that helps empower us helps us evolve. So that’s the theme of what we’re trying to do for FLFE subscribers is to empower us to have our own relationship with this energy. It’s the energy of life. And we just found a way to focus it.

I appreciate you all being here. Thanks to the people who put their hand up and for those who didn’t get a chance to talk to us, we appreciate your patience and please try again next time. Take care and good night.