Environment is More Powerful than Will 

October 16, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome everyone to our FLFE webinar tonight, environment is more important than will. You might notice we changed the name from more powerful than will. We’ll talk about that a minute. So, we’re exploring this long-held understanding of the mysti of the East.   I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – So this is an interesting topic, and we’re going to do it a little differently tonight. We’ll talk about the principal just for short, minute or two, and then we’ll ask you to join us in the discussion with your stories about positive and negative environments that you’ve been in. So please share in the Q&A section.  So Clayten you have done some interesting research on this topic – can you tell us more about it?

Clatyen – Yeah, the time that I recall, it was the most significant to me was when I was talking to some Paramahansa Yogananda students one night, and it’s somewhere in his teaching. I’m not a member of the SRS, I’ve read Autobiography of a Yogi. But they were really big on environment. And so, they were talking about how you become like the people you spend the most time around, and why having a clean home was important, because it affects the vibration, and some of them were having their Feng Shui done on their homes because environment is really important. And so, it was a pretty big part of their life at the time. And when we were making our plans for the webinars for this fall, I thought it would be interesting to discuss this, because we’ve all had experiences where environment affects us, and the people who are on the service, the subscribers, are valuing it partially, I would assume, because it’s a more empowering or positive environment for them. Sometimes people do it for reasons that, they find that they don’t notice it much. But someone else may notice that a new environment or their pets are more peaceful, other plants are growing, and it’s assumed it’s working on them. So, I just want to leave some space there for people to have different experiences. But that’s the topic for tonight.

Jeffrey – So we ld ld start off with some of our own stories of environment and how it affected us and just start sharing whenever you’d like in the Q&A if you have any stories about environments, either positive or negative, and how it how it affected you. I guess I’ll start off with the positive environment one. Where I’ve worked for a long time, this is separate from FLFE we have a gym, and there was a group of people that would go to the gym every day. So that environment of a group of people who were all sort of dedicated to going to the gym every day, or their fitness or their health, it became an environment that it was really easy to go to the gym every day. I mean, it was just everybody’s going there saying are you coming, I mean, it’s just that positive environment made it almost difficult not to go to the gym, you know, to take care of my health in that way. So that was a positive environment that kind of increased that already existing intention that I had to be healthy and take care of my body in that way.  I could tell a story about, you could call it a negative environment. But it was more like an environment that reinforced a weak spot of eating dessert. And I’ve come to not eat very late at night, because the effect it has on my sleep, and on my energy the next day, and also staying away from sugar and different kinds of grains like wheat, but it was actually part of part of Thanksgiving in Canada. (5:00) And there were a number of us sitting around in the deserts came out, and we all started at the desserts together. And it was just like a desert environment. And so, it was hard to stop eating desserts. By the end, we were, you know, feeling pretty cool and bloated. But that’s another example where, you know, if I was on my own, or even with one other person, I probably wouldn’t have had a dessert or maybe just one piece instead of three or four.

Clayten – Yeah, I was there it was pretty scary. So, I’ve got a couple stories. And I just thought we segue into some other examples of how environments can affect people. So, what we’d like to do is share stories with all of you for the first maybe half of the webinar till 6:30 pacific time. And then the second half we’ll answer questions, it’s a different format for us, we thought we’d experiment with it. So, we invite you to actually raise your hand and we can actually talk to you. So that’s an option that might be difficult to share it through the Q&A window. But let’s give it a try. So, when we were thinking about this, we were thinking, Okay, what are some examples of negative environments? If you have a sugar addiction, or a food issue, working at a candy store, probably wouldn’t be the best place for you to be but if you’ve transcended that and are strong enough, then working in that environment might be okay. And we thought about the same thing, working in a bar may not be the best place if you’re recovering from an alcohol addiction. If you’re in an environment where people are arguing a lot, in a bad mood. That’s just a kind of a general place that you may not want to be in. Jeff came up with the example of being on a piece of land with a lot of negative history to it. So not many people are in a hurry to build a subdivision on a war site. And depending on the location, because location is a pretty big thing in real estate, so people do build on sites that have experienced conflict. Those environments are often ones that we have to put a special program on to clear them, because there’s history, sometimes for thousands of years if there’s a conflict. So those are a couple other examples of environments in general.

So, I’ll talk about two stories from my life will talk about positive environmental story. I was in a group, probably in the mid-80s, kind of a philosophical organization. And a lot of people in that group did a type of breathing exercise. And it was that encouraged everybody to do it in the morning, in the evening. And because there’s so many people doing it and talking about it, and they’re willing to show you how they did it, they were comparing it to different types of breathing and different ways of getting more energy, it became really easy to do that exercise and that environment. And not being active in that anymore, I found I was doing it less, even though it was very positive. So that’s an example of a positive environment where it’s easy to do something and then coming out of it and not doing that consistently. The negative example for me is I was working for a company in the late 80s, and the boss was very moody, and setting boundaries with this person was kind of like, you knew your days are numbered, if you start to set boundaries, it’s just the way it was. And so, I was looking for something else. But in the meantime, I noticed that in the evenings, I was kind of overly aware of people that were crossing the line with me, or crossing a boundary, I guess you’d say, because of the experience I had in the day was so frustrating when it came to the night or the weekend when I wasn’t at work, if somebody treated me the way I was being treated at work, I would be more vigilant than I usually was – I just wouldn’t let it slide almost to the point of being aggressive about it. (10:00) So that’s a situation where there was a really negative environment. And the way I managed it was, I really kind of tightened things up in another part of my life. So those are those are a couple stories from Jeff and me.

Jeffrey – One of the other things that we wanted to talk about is the effect of consciousness. So, we know that the level of consciousness is

energy, and that as our personal level of consciousness goes up, our energy or ability to exert our will, is increased. So, our ability to manifest in the life that we want to create. There is a correspondence between our level of consciousness in our will or ability to create our lives and into overcome things that are difficult for us to trance transform ourselves. So the environment, you know, as we know, from FLFE affects our consciousness, that high consciousness environment can increase our consciousness and  we see, between 11 and 12 points, in 90 days on service, but you know, I’m sure many of us have stories about being in a negative in environment or a low consciousness environment and the effect that can have on us and drag us down and make things more difficult. So, certainly, if you’re in a battlefield type situation, just a survival that kicks in, but there’s just also a lack of energy or reduced energy that can happen in a low consciousness environment.  So, we’d just love to hear your stories. If you have anything comes to mind, you don’t have to have to share your personal secrets, but would be great to hear, situations that you’ve been in.

Rebecca – So I want to share with you guys that since I’ve been on FLFE – I live in a duplex that has four apartments in it. And I have neighbors that live in the identical duplex. And since I’ve been on FLFE, actually prior to being on FLFE, I had two neighbors who were extremely disruptive in neighborhood.

One neighbor that lived in the building that I live in was just rude. She was very disruptive, the noise, just disrespectful to the whole neighborhood in general. And playing live music, I spoke to her several times, please, your music is way too loud. I can hear it in my bedroom, which is on the other side of the building. And she was just rude, she just didn’t want to cooperate. And since I’ve been on FLFE, I complained several times to the landlord. And it appeared that she was getting away with it for some time. Because not only that she was loading the hallway with lots of items. We’re not supposed to have any storage in the hallway. And she had multiple things in the hallway. One day I came home, there was even a bicycle blocking the stairwell where nobody could get to the second floor. Yeah, it was really it was pretty bad. And then one day, I noticed there was a truck outside. (15:00) She was moving. I was so happy. I was thrilled. So of course, a crew came in to fix up the apartment, so they could rent it again. And what I did was I went into the apartment and I saged it and I said a prayer over the apartment. And there is someone else living there now who I hear nothing from. Not a peep. They’re nice people. They’re quiet. I have to say thank God and thank you! It’s so wonderful. So now at the same time with the neighbor in my building the neighbor that I share a driveway with that lives in the next building. Their chaos was even worse. They were selling drugs. They were selling drugs and doing drugs right in front of the entire neighborhood. Everyone could see what they were doing. There were cars in and out up till three o’clock in the morning. Of course, I complained several times, they did vandalize my car, I had to put a security camera in and after the security camera went in, I kept praying about it. And I just couldn’t handle the drugs in the neighborhood. They were getting more and more vicious and more and more chaotic. And one day there’s a moving truck and they’re gone. And even though I did file charges, because they vandalized my car with some bleach or something like that the day that they left but they’re gone. And right now, there is a crew over there fixing up that apartment. I’ve already gone over there to ask if I could, before they showed the apartment, go in and smudge and pray over that apartment and bring the FLFE over there. I live on a dead-end street, so the entire neighborhood is like going there and praying for peaceful neighbors. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and we’ve never had this kind of nonsense in the neighborhood. So, it’s just been in the last couple of years and I’m looking forward to going into the apartment and really feeling the FLFE.

Jeffrey – Well, you know, you could put it on the free trial.

Rebecca – I already did that when I first started. FLFE Okay. But I mean I’m close enough that I know it’s affecting them. Anyway, we’ve had to two crazy, outrageous, disruptive, disrespectful families leave, and it takes some patience. But we’re winning and I’m curious to see who moves in.

Jeffrey – Yeah. We’ve heard other stories like that with neighborhood changing. And we know that at the boundary of the property of your place, it’s 560, and then, the adjoining properties can rise up to around 500, just like a pay it forward and can so that’s an interesting piece here, like a positive environment can have an effect on people that are negative, that it’s not a comfortable environment to be in.

Clayten – So that’s a great story of, of negative environments being transformed. And it’s kind of like affected you Rebecca it I mean, I’ve lived in neighborhoods like that, and it’s kind of weird, living in a place like that. You just don’t know what might happen.

Rebecca- Yeah, it was odd for all of us, because most of the people here have lived here for 20 or more years. So, when you have people come in, who are chaotic, and bring chaos from the first day that they move in, it’s a shock we going, what’s going on? What, why are they doing this, don’t they know any better and clearly, they don’t, and they don’t want to cooperate, the complaints don’t work. (20:00) So, you have to let the prayers work. And you have to be diligent and hold your ground and not give up and say, this is not going to happen. This is my home. This is where I live. Everyone lives here peacefully. And we’re going to keep it peaceful. And sometimes I was doing this by myself, because my neighbors, although most of my neighbors here, own their own property, they were afraid- they were afraid to stand up. They are afraid to go to the mayor. They were afraid to complain because they were afraid of retribution. And what I learned is you just can’t be afraid otherwise you’re held hostage and I we all want to live in peace we all want to live comfortably and FLFE helps. It does. It helps I feel like it’s been a great assistance to me, I’m afraid to shut it off.

Jeffrey – We were talking about this before we started  – the idea that being positive and a negative environment can transform the environment. And we had this you know, statement that environment is more powerful or more important than will, but there was another statement Clayten, I think we made, that will could transform- really, it’s the level of consciousness in transforming the environment. So, you were holding a high level of consciousness, you weren’t going into fear lower levels of consciousness, you were holding a higher level and that’s part of transforming the environment.

Rebecca – I didn’t have my moments where I was angry. The one thing I didn’t do is I didn’t act on it toward the disruptive neighbors. I knew better I knew I had to pray about it. Because I knew that the potential of them to cause harm was great. So, I had to be diligent I needed to stay positive. And I literally felt like I was doing it by myself. But I, of course, FLFE helps God helps certainly, you know what, I believe in it, it all helps. My neighbors were well aware of what was going on, but they wouldn’t take action, they wouldn’t call the police, they wouldn’t speak to authorities where they could. They wouldn’t even write letters I asked them to just sign the letters that I would write and they wouldn’t, but it worked anyway.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you, Rebecca. That is a great lesson. I see we are going to talk now to Laura

Laura – I want to do a couple things one is to express my appreciation for each of you. Your appearance on Regina’s show recently was so helpful. And actually, when one of you subbed in and that took me back to advanced medicine and how valuable your validation and then your connection. What you had to say in each of those programs is huge, huge. My question tonight is when, in paying it forward, in selecting sites that will have the potential to bring the highest immediate, consciousness-raising benefit and in considering different types of sites such as air bases, or elementary schools, or police stations or high schools or industrial refineries, things like this. (25:00) And I was wondering, in your experience, do you have trends that will enable you to give some insight that would be beneficial, in choosing places to pay it forward, that are maybe out of the normal spectrum of thinking.

Jeffrey – What’s interesting in the light of this discussion is where would a positive environment have the most effect like where are there environments that are affecting people that are having a profound effect on the world, maybe, or certainly on their lives. That’s interesting. I mean, many people do choose schools, because you have an enhanced learning environment for kids, more energy available there. And then year after year, you have different kids coming through, and you’re supporting the teachers and those kids are going on into their lives so that seems to be a multiplying factor that some people see there because of the children coming through school.

Clayten – Yes, we did have a lot of schools at one time. And then there were a lot of people wanting to put it on different places where politicians would meet and make decisions about the structure of the society, for example. So that was another trend. And then there was, I know that it’s been a few years now, but when Fukushima happened, there was a lot of awareness about places where there are power plants, but I’m going to suggest to you that maybe a place that is close to home for you that you can visit and sort of watch over time and see the change and maybe kind of enjoy the process of seeing things change – that might be that might be something really interesting for you. So, if there’s something close by you could choose from local environments.

Laura – In that point, how much does our conscious awareness noticing assist or not in the effects that the FLFE programs have?

Clayten – Well, when we expect things to be more positive, we’ll tend to see it through that filter. That’s a really good point. And we always try and look for objective data when we’re doing things. My first answer was going to be hopefully a lot if you’re intending that a place be more positive and loving and supportive, but hopefully, your attention would affect it a lot. Now, I don’t know that if, if the FLFE environment is more receptive to positive intention or not. I think that more positive environments are more receptive to positivity because you’re not having to counter all the negativity. So, I think that’s a general truism. But I don’t know how far I could go down the road with you on that one. I don’t have a lot of data and say you know, the average FLFE environment that’s a pay it forward program or PIF with somebody praying 10 minutes a day on the environment, how much it goes up, you know, we do try to get that kind of data, but we just haven’t gone down that road. So, I don’t know what else to take that particular thought.

Laura – Another question I have for you is what questions would you ask when determining which site to pay it forward within making a decision or a choice? Because your questions, each of your questions as you presented, the different areas are so clear, and I believe in asking the right question brings much more relevant results. So, can you help us with that in formulating questions? Or is that outside the scope of what you’d like to address today? I can start with that one. Jeff. I got my question My first one would be and probably my only one would be what is your Will for me, Lord. And please, show me repeatedly, consistently and undeniably what your Will is for me to put the pay it forward program on a location, and then look for signs. Because the Universe will show us, it might take a little while, but you’ll see the universe talking to us through people, places or things. So, I would look for the synergies, the coincidences, the things that come into my awareness that’s the question I would ask.

(30:00) Jeffrey – I think, for me, it’s not as much a question is it feeling I tend to feel things through my heart and for me personally, I would think about having FLFE on a place having PIF on a place and think about the place, how do I feel? And then I think about the next one. How do I feel? Think about the next one? How do I feel? So, I guess the question would be, how do I feel when I consider this? And for me, when I find the what’s the right answer for me tears will come, and I’ll just stop, just really feel it. So that’s, that’s another way to approach it as well.

Laura – You make it very simple and it definitely resonates. Thank you each so much.

Robin – I just learned about your service and I did 15 days on a location. And I’ve just switched over to the cell phone to see what that’s like. And I’m very fascinated by this. I have a few questions. One is that I’m in an 11- story building with, I believe, over 100 apartments in it. So, I bet you’ve had this question before, but are all my neighbors being affected by this if I put on the location?

Jeffrey – So you’ve entered your apartment number, it’s part of your address, I’m sure.  So, when the records, the land title records for any building, it will detail out the different apartments or the different addresses so the way the service works is we’re identifying either the cell phone through the unique cellular number for that country, or the legal address, which includes the apartment number, unit number, and that association or connection that happens is only in that space. Now, what we’re seeing is a bleed kind of a bleed off of the high consciousness, it’s like shining a candle in the dark, you have a bright area, and then it gets gradually less bright. So, we’re seeing a level of 500 on the Hawkins map with close by neighbors. So that’s what we saw on the early call that we had about the neighbor that Rebecca saw with the neighbors, being affected and there’s a positive environment and you either resonate with it, or you might not. North America is around 420 on the Hawkins map and so 500, is high, it’s a change in the environment, so it’s positive for your neighbors.

Robin – Okay, well, that makes sense. I mean, it sounds to me like if we are talking about quantum physics, and everything is signature vibration, my address, even my apartment number, probably all that has an energy.

Clatyen – It’s based upon the principle of unique identifier Robin. So, we need a unique identifier to associate the quantum resonance part of the technology with your environment. So yeah, you’re right on track. And what will happen is, we found that even in an apartment building, or a home, the drywall or the concrete blocks within your apartment, are connected to the other concrete blocks, the other infrastructure, the building, so it will actually affect the whole building, not just your neighbors, the light won’t be as bright of course, as in Jeff’s metaphor as it is in your apartment but it will actually affect the whole building to a degree so it’s a bit of a blessing on the whole building.

Robin – Well, that Thank you. Thank you for answering that question. I was very curious about that. I like the idea of the phone because I have been getting so many sales calls and I feel the weird energy of the EMFs and it’s a phone, so I feel like if it’s going to the phone not only is it with me the time if I travel but it sounds to be like it might affect whatever’s coming through the phone. (35:00)

Jeffrey – That’s interesting now when we first put this on and you know the phone is now 580 in consciousness if you look at some of the details and it’s affecting the antennas that are broadcasting the EMF signals, but it is also affecting the speakers. I was doing some measuring on the level of consciousness on the music that was playing through the speakers and it did go up slightly after the phone went on, so it is affecting that.  It’s basically a higher consciousness overlay or vibration that’s on all the parts of the phone.

Robin – Yeah, I’m very curious whether I’ll get less of the sort of scammy calls.

Jeffrey –  Well we can’t promise that. Another interesting thing that happened is two friends of mine were on the phone when one of them activated their phone and the other one didn’t have the service and the other person on the other end of the line felt it. So they were speaking into the phone and the vibration into the microphone was vibrating at a higher level and so the person on the other end was affected so it’s interesting how this environment was sort of spilling over across the phone lines as well.

Robin – Right well here’s another question I have two more one is that lets say a Reiki Master somebody who’s very adept at Reiki  would you say the FLFE is like you’ve got a Reiki person who’s got you on their list and every day every hour to think about you and send you good energy  – do you know what I’m saying?

Clayten – Yes thousands of practitioners of Reiki and thousands and thousands of them praying very particular prayers.

Jeffrey – We actually did some we actually did some measuring and you have to make some assumptions but you can use Kinesiology and you can you can measure what’s the average monk in Tibet – you could pick a pick a monastery  and if they’re praying a certain number of hours a day what’s the power of those prayers, so there was a correspondence like how many monks  FLFE? So, we have done some research on that what we’re doing here is praying. It really is, there’s, a quantum effect when you pray for someone when you hold someone positively in mind, and you wish well for them and Reiki is a great example. You can do Reiki at a distance. And it happened instantly. There’s no delay, right? There’s not like we have to wait two minutes for it to get there. It’s like you get the Reiki instantly. It’s exactly the same thing happening.

Robin – And yet, this isn’t a person. This is a program.

Clayten -It’s a machine. Actually. It’s a great big, amazing looking machine. And we were at a conference recently, and we were doing a presentation, and everybody had a chance to share what they were going to present. And Jeff and I were standing next to each other, and I was praying, okay, how do we how do I share this. And what I got reminded of was that God also expresses through technology.

Jeffrey – And what we’re putting into the field of this machine is written prayers that are like a Reiki Master that we have prayers for your liver, for your brain, for your gallbladder for your kidneys, and they’re just positive thoughts.

Robin –  Kind of like prayer flags.

Jeffrey – Yeah, each one is a positive thought for that part of ourselves. And, you know, if you talk to yourself in a positive way, you can do the same thing like you said, kind of 24/7 seven.

Robin – Yeah, a service. I mean, that’s pretty technologically advanced I mean it’s great. Here’s my last question. And that is that especially with the pay it forward piece, because if I sign up, I agree to this coming to me. But if I put it somewhere else, according to free will, and for the good of all kinds of things, that’s written into the program?  (40:00)

Clayten – Yes, the last line of any program is that everything is done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And there is a law of non- interference and our opinion in our research and our measurements is that sending out the loving energy of 500 with no programs on it, that is permissible according to the law of non-interference, or it’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation according to the law of non- interference, where you can bless an environment, but you’re not sending so much energy in all these positive programs. That is not something that people have agreed to – just being in the world and being a loving person. You radiate that out into the world like the sun shines all the plants and there is a place where you can be positive, your neighbor may not want you coming over and making them dinner every night cleaning their house. But you can send a nice thought.

Robin – This is very exciting work and I appreciate you and what you have done.

Jeffrey – Spread the word! Now in December, we will be adding the EMF program to the phone and property so that will be harmonizing or making positive all the EMFs in the environment or neutralizing deflecting dissipating in some cases, but that’s, that’s also coming. So, stay tuned for that as well. Yeah, thank you, Robin.

Jane – So a few of these questions have prompted my question. I put FLFE in our home last January. And I did not tell my husband because I’m partly just curious to see if we would notice this difference in our home. I did tell my two children who are teenagers that they needed to drink more water. And then I kept just prompting my husband to drink more water too. But I’ve noticed that he I think overall; our family feels like we’re a lot more harmonious. But some of his issues seem to be heightened. And I don’t know if it’s connected or if it’s just coincidental, so he is often kind of an angsty, can have some raging responses to his own emotions. I feel like he was only taught to have one emotion when he was a young child. That was anger. And I’ve noticed this year he’s been pretty off while the rest of us are kind of settling in and feeling really good. could this have triggered his own dysfunctional issues like it could this heighten somebody needing to work through their own places where God is leading him to more growth? I don’t want to be manipulative. I don’t want to be psychically manipulative, but I just wonder if sometimes he’s having such a hard time and if maybe me turning this on could be manipulative?  (45:12)

Jeffrey – Well, we do hear about this often. I mean, people do often turn it on and not tell everyone in the environment, but they encourage as long as someone is there encouraging hydration, you know, that’s, that’s important. It is interesting, it’s a journey, I mean we are all on a journey and being in a high consciousness field can accelerate that, from what we noticed in our office that things come up to be healed. I don’t know if that’s the case there. But we’ve certainly seen that occur. And, you know, people tend to be supported though, in their higher emotions, when they’re in a higher vibrating environment. They’re just kind of floating in a higher supportive theatre. It’s like a trampoline. But the hydration is important. And that can have an effect on mood as well. There are some great articles out there on hydration. So, finding those and getting them to him.  It’s particularly important to measure, if you have a bottle and think okay that’s a liter, I’m drinking that night. So, I know I’m doing one a day or two and there are so many positive effects in athletic performance, brain function, liver function, it’s just overall healing, just in hydration, we learn that there are lots of good reasons for people to stay hydrated, so that’s something possible that can sometimes cause people to feel irritated when they’re not as hydrated. The doctors we follow recommend half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Clayten – Yeah, Jane, there could be two things that are happening in the high consciousness field, our consciousness does go up to a degree, that’s a true statement and we want to be careful not to over-generalize it. So, one of the things that could be happening is he could feel of different upward pressure to change himself because that’s what high consciousness field do. Another thing that could be happening is that if you and your children, you feel like you’re adapting better, and you’re closer, and you did say, your family’s getting closer, but if you’re higher  in consciousness, then you’ll tend to notice or have a greater contrast with a lower level of consciousness. So, if someone is struggling, not that he’s lower, just that they’re struggling, the contrast is so much different, because you’re in a better place. It just seems more incongruent with the environment that you’re in. So those are possibilities and,

you know, you just reflect upon those and, and see what you think is true. I mean, we always want to empower people, and we want you to trust yourself first. So, if you pray about it, and you, just see what your guidance says about how to manage that. Sometimes people like to turn the service off for a little while and see what happens in the environment, even for a couple hours. It’s pretty distinctive and now it’s getting more distinctive all the time. I think with the EMF program coming, I think what’s happened with EMFs, is we’re kind of acclimatizing to it because humans are super adaptable. And we’re noticing that with this EMF program that when we turn it on the contrast of FLFE On and FLFE Off is even greater. So, I just I don’t know what else to say.

Jane – No, that’s helpful. That’s helpful. He did agree to do some counselling with me about six months ago. And we’re doing that, and I do see great results and that and that feels like a shift I guess I just wanted to check in with the piece about I and that’s probably between me and God to justify the I don’t want to be manipulative. I don’t want to hide something from him yet I’m seeing how great it is for the rest of our family. And I feel like my growth is so upward like the trajectory is pretty quick. I feel like I’m in a growth spurt right now. For lack of better, more sophisticated terms. I think I’m freaking him out a little with what I’m learning and knowing so I’m trying to give him little bits at a time. So, I will keep listening in and, and paying attention to all that Guidance. I appreciate that.

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, it sounds to me like your intent is a loving supportive intent and he is willing to do that type of work with you. That’s big that’s respectable. So very good signs. (50:00)

Jane – Yeah. Thanks, you guys. I appreciate it.  J&C – Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for coming on with us. Thanks for coming on.

Deni – Hey, I want to thank you guys and I have to say yes, that Jane I think her name was Jane talking about her husband that yeah, in my experience, FLFE is going to push you into a higher vibration. And if you’re repeating old stuck unhealthy patterns, FLFE is going to give you an opportunity to revisit that stuck pattern with a different vibration you so to me, Jane’s husband is back at that same old rusty fork in the road. And he now has an opportunity hence now being open to counseling, right? I mean, it totally makes sense. Because before he was in a lower vibration, probably didn’t want anything to do with counseling. Well, now he’s in a higher vibration. And he’s more open to it. He’s at the cusp of opening a whole new chapter of his life because of FLFE. Are you kidding me right now, like this is so obvious, right? Because what the reason why you know, this is because it happened to me a few weeks ago, like two weeks ago, when you have a stressful deadline. And this is natural because this is this is the environment you live in. And then all of a sudden, FLFE taps you on the shoulder and says, guess what dummy, you’re the boss. You don’t have to do it. This way. It can be different. So then here I am at the rusty old fork in the road, I have an opportunity to look at this differently because of FLFE. With the higher vibration, I can step back and say, you know what, this feels icky to me. Because now I’m surfing, and I feel FLFE as I’m riding the FLFE wave. Like, I can hop on the FLFE and my vibration goes sky high. But if I’m not paying attention to FLFE, FLFE, get sad, because I’m not utilizing FLFE as much as I could. Right? So, to however many ever people are listening right now. Like, seriously, you guys have an opportunity to just tap into FLFE, FLFE’s always running in the background. (55:00)  But you can tap into that energy and accomplish almost anything. I just want to say bless you guys. Thanks so much. I wish Janes husband the best of luck. I’m sure everything’s going to work out the way it’s supposed to effortless effortlessly. You guys! Rock on.

Jeffrey – You rock on as well. Yeah, it’s great. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Yeah, it really is exciting to grow, to have an opportunity to revisit those old patterns and say, there I go again and that that positive environment can help us to do that. And it gives us support to take a step back.

Clayten – There does seem to be more and more people recognizing that when they intend to associate or connect with the energy that there’s an additional level of support. So, it’s interesting that you brought that up, we’re hearing more and more than all the time.

Patty – I don’t know if you remember this conversation, I had with you about three and a half, four years ago. But we were going to put on the pay it forward. And at the time it was on your place of worship, but we really didn’t have a place of worship. And we asked if we could put it on this company that my husband worked for in Ohio. And this the situation there was not good. The president of the company was treating the employees in the company pretty poorly, and he would make the women cry in the office. Do you remember that conversation?

J&C –  Yeah. Yeah.

Patty – So anyways, it was just a strange place and my husband wasn’t really happy working for him. But, I thought Dean, let’s see if they’ll do this. And maybe it’ll be better. And because at the time in Ohio, they didn’t have a lot of jobs in the middle of Ohio. And people were coming from long distances to get a job at this company. So anyway, getting to the end here, things are much better there. The president is still there, and he’s still kind of a, you know, he’s full of himself, but he doesn’t treat the people anywhere near what he did at the time, you know, four years ago. And he’s just a kinder person. And,  my husband notices it, because he has to travel there quite frequently. And it has worked out well. And we did actually have an employee, we finally told somebody, and he was an intern at the time he was in college, and he was interning there. And he said we told them that because my husband’s kind of mentoring him. And he said, yes, there is a definite change. So, we got verification from inside the plant.

Jeffrey – That’s fascinating. Because that, you know, we’ve been talking about the long-term effects, kind of before we get on the call, like the long-term effects of environment. So, here’s the case where at 500 at the loving energy environment, for over four years, and how is the company doing? Are they successful?

Patty – Yes. And so is my husband. He can’t stop the business, it just keeps showing up. So, the more customers and more customers and he’s going to need to retire. Can I tell you one more story? My daughter and her husband had his step-sister come and move in with them. She was leaving California and she came back to Minnesota. (1:00:00) And so, he said, Yeah, you can live with us for a while until you get on your feet. So, she stayed, and she stayed and she kind of wore out her welcome. And they didn’t want to be rude and just kick her out. And so, they were trying to figure out a way to get her to move on. And I have two sisters who are Reiki masters, and one sister gave me this prayer and she said here, use this if you ever need to clear anything, here’s this prayer so I gave it to my daughter and one night they before they went to bed they said the prayer out loud and the next morning they get up and my son in law’s sister announces to them “I move out by the end of the week.”

Jeffrey – Wow, fantastic! Well, that’s interesting I mean prayer is part of environment and there was there was there was a whisper in her ear.

Patty – There was a whisper yes.

Jeffrey – And it was likely for her highest good.

Clatyen –  Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Patty – Oh yeah, so thank you so much for everything. Oh yeah. And I have several neighbours know that are on the on FLFE and haven’t told their husbands yet either – it seems to be a pattern.

Clayten –  I remember talking to you years ago Patty and your sisters – there were a couple on the phone one day? You were talking about some things

Patty – I’ve got my mom and I think three sisters on it and all my kids are on it.

Clayten – Thank you for your support. There are some great new programs coming out to so you’re getting a more value of soon.

Patty – Okay, good. I just signed my husband’s phone up for the phone service because he travels so much.

Clayten – Rita just said her dog was acting strangely she was definitely for FLFE for a day, so I would say  it takes sometimes a couple of days for the negative history of the land to clear Rita sometimes depending on the geopathic stress and the history of any actions before that, so I suggest that you just see how it goes with your dog. I’m just trying to think where else to go with that Jeff I don’t know if we should check that property.  Well if your dog is still acting strange Rita, call the office and talk to one of our customer service people and tell her what’s going on and then ask them to have us check your property and we’ll just have a look at it and see if there’s something that’s anomalous there.

Jeffrey – Yeah, dogs are very sensitive. So, it is very common as Clayten said. The property is clearing, and that energy is coming off. And it sometimes can take a little while. I mean, it goes down through into the earth is positive, you know, neutralized or cleared. But it could be you know, Disembodied entities that are on their way to the light. And, your dog could be sensing that. So, yeah, my guess would be and just wait and see what happens, but my guess is that it will clear up after a day or so.

Clayten – Elizabeth Schaefer was saying that she put FLFE on her on her place, and both sides of her townhome, have people there, move and sell their homes. We’ve heard lots of stories Elizabeth, where whole neighborhoods start to transform. (1:05:00) Remember, the lady named Pamela? I remember she  FLFE on the house for a year she bought an annual subscription. She was she wasn’t sure if it was working if it’s even worthwhile anymore. And then she realized that one of the neighbors on the kitty-corner to her in the back lot, they had a dog that used to  come over and dig up her garden, her yard, like would take three wheelbarrows of dirt to fill it and, and they moved, and then another neighbor moved, and the other neighbor used to have parties really late at night. And she said they had their first block party and like, I don’t know, ever, maybe 10 years or something. It was something really long time. And she said, Well, the whole neighborhood’s changing I should keep this FLFE thing on you know, that was the first story that I remember somebody saying their neighborhood transformed.

Jeffrey – Yeah, great stories tonight. So, Alan with asking, what happens if the grid goes down? Does FLFE continue to operate? Yeah, that’s a good question, Alan, and we’ve got backups for FLFE. And we’re continuing to develop those further and further and it’s not fully in place at the moment. But our plan is shortly to have a complete backup for every property on it FLFE so that if the grid is down.  Right now, if the grid went down, it would take us a little bit of time to put it to put everything back on without electricity we can do without electricity but what we’re moving toward is an instant switch.  like a seamless switch to the generator kicks in and you don’t even know it’s there it’s happened so yes, we’re downloading every week, all the properties and all the phones that are currently on the FLFE service, we have a large spreadsheet with all that information and we’re able to put that on to the service as a backup if power did go down. Or if we lost our server that handles the FLFE customer records.

Clayten – Lisa was asking do crystals inside a home where FLFE is activated have any effect that you know of? Not any significant effect that I’m aware of Lisa, there can be a slight amplification. So, if you clean your home and you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, and you have FLFE on it, it will amplify the positive effect as well. If you do Feng Shui in your home, if it’s a good Feng Shui practitioner typically will amplify or increase the level of consciousness pre FLFE. So, there are ways to increase that energy. But it’s not extraordinary but they all help.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I would add to that Clayten from my experience here that in the higher vibrating environment that crystals that are present that have certain properties innate to their structure or even the programming that’s in them, there’s more energy available. So, there’s more energy available for those crystals to do what they do as well. So maybe in their microenvironment of what they’re doing, there’s more energy in the environment are conscious, a higher level of energy.

Clayten – That’s good point Jeff. Lisa was also saying that as soon as she activated that FLFE, she’s seeing numbers like 555, 666, 444. Yeah, we have that around the office here. Like it’s 2:22 and people here throughout the office will say “It’s 2:22 We’re doin’ it! That was from Erin who used to work here. And for us, it’s a sign of being an alignment with the universe that you’re noticing similar number patterns. That’s the way I interpret it.

Jeffrey –  Jamal is asking if coconut water is slightly better absorbed than simple, clean, best available water. I drink more simple clean water than coconut water from sweet prepackaged coconut water. Have you done any research on coconut water Clayten?

Clayten – Well, Jamal, what we suggest is that you test the liquid that you’re drinking. So, this is my this is my jar to take to work to make sure I am drinking enough water. This ensures I drink a certain amount of this water every day. And when I hold it in front of me, I can I’ll ask is this water  beneficial for my body. And I get a big Yes. (1:10:00) When I hold coconut water in front of my body, Jamal, I always go negative on coconut water. I don’t know what it is. Certain people with type O blood type which I am don’t do as well, I think with coconut water. So, I would say you’d have to test the coconut water versus the clean water because there’s so many different types of coconut water. There’s so many different types of clean water, it could be filtered in many ways can be spring water. So, there’s too many variables for me to feel comfortable saying yes or no to that.

Jeffrey – Well Clayten – I think if we could wrap it up, maybe just do a little summary and call it a night. I think it’s a good length of time. Would you  like to say to summarize what we’ve talked about?

Clayten – Just so people know it’s 7:11 here in Pacific time. It’s 10:11 where Jeff is so we’ve tried to make these shorter so that Jeff gets to finish at a reasonable hour. I really enjoyed the stories. So, it’s great to talk to people. And we learned a lot from all of you. Your questions encouraged us to think about things in ways we may never have thought about them. And your gratitude is kind of like a fuel. So, I want to thank you for your questions and your gratitude.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I’m grateful as well for all of you and being with us on this journey. And as Clayten said, we’ve got more to come with the EMF reduction program in December and next year, into brain optimization program. So, it’s nice to have you with us on the journey – rising in consciousness and being in these environments. It’s not always easy, but I’m finding very rewarding and it’s just great to do with a group of people. And it’s so nice Patty with your family that you can all be connected and have experiences together. And we have that in the office and Clayten and I of course, where we’re on this journey and just feel very connected to all of you that are with us on as subscribers and free trial. So, thank you. Thank you for that and look forward to many more interesting things together – and with that, we’re out goodnight.