FLFE Birthday Celebration

September 22, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome, everyone, to our seventh birthday live upgrade event and meditation. We’ll share a little bit of the history of the evolution of FLFE. And then reveal the latest FLFE service enhancements or upgrades. We’ll follow the details with the meditation at 720 on the Hawkins Map, during which the upgrades go live. We’ll finish with a discussion of our experience together and some Q&As. We may have some special guests as well; I’m Jeffrey Stedman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. FLFE turns seven years old this week, with the anniversary of incorporation on September 24, 2013. When we were considering celebrating with everyone and showing our appreciation to the FLFE community, the obvious choice was to enhance the Service with two major upgrades. We have been working on these upgrades for months. And we will share that experience with all of you live tonight.

Jeffrey – We also thought you might like high consciousness meditation, which is at 720 on the Hawkins Map. So that is new as well. For those of you new to us on the Service or on the Free Trial, our practice over the years is to add more benefits to the Service at the same cost. We’ve only had one price increase in the seven years we have been in business, which is really awesome. It’s important for us to have the Service be affordable, so people use it. We had a little podcast the other day, and the interviewers misspoke and said it was $3,000 a month. And so we had to correct them. No, it’s only $35 a month. We are glad to be able to make this additional upgrade.

We have a new page on the website that will be showing up in the About Section. And it is a timeline of FLFE. So we’re just going to share that for a minute. And we can walk through it. So it all started in 2007.

Clayten – I met the first one of the three primary inventors in the fall of 2007. I began experimenting with the technology with him and learning how it worked. That was an exciting relationship!

Jeffrey – Clayten and I got together 2008; Clayten was doing Consciousness Coaching with me. And we spent 2011 through 2012 doing Service work.

Clayten – We’ve talked about this many times when we would go on Google Earth and calibrate the continent’s lowest consciousness place. Then we put the Service on that area to see how much good we could do. This was in preparation for the 2012 transition that was talked about so much in the Mayan tradition.

Jeffrey – And it was really how we learned how to work with the technology. In 2013 as Clayten said, we founded the business and created our first website. In 2014, it took three days for the Service to get up to 540, and now it is about five seconds.

Clayten – Yes, that’s what we call acceleration!

Jeffrey – We opened our first office and hired our first employee in Nelson, British Columbia. We did have some EMF work that was related to transformers during 2015.

Clayten – We were starting to experience a lot of growth in the company at that time. That’s why we are going to have an expanded version of this on the website. This is the five minute Birthday Celebration Webinar version. There’s a lot more that we can say.

Jeffrey – So Anti-Stagnation, Relationship Support, and the first Immune Support Program started in 2016. In 2017 we added Grounding, Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder Support. And we had our first interview with Regina Meredith.

Clayten – We grew a lot that year. The interview with Gaia changed the business’s nature. We had a little more visibility in the world.

Jeffrey – And 2018 is when we started guaranteeing the Service at 560. And that’s when we began EMF Mitigation, which was an important way to maintain the service at 560. We had quite a lot going on in 2019. We added Brain Optimization, GI Tract, and Energized Food Programs.

Clayten – Then it was a big push that summer to add the Consciousness Slider and the Consciousness Boost functions. The Control Panel was created to allow Free Trial and subscribers further customization. Also, to create an additional place in our lives where we can be a consciousness researcher. That was an exciting upgrade.

Jeffrey  And then in 2020, we released Brain Optimization 2.0, the Immune Support Program. And started to energize nutrients as add-ons to Energized Foods. So all of that information is on our website (https://www.flfe.net/programs/).

Clayten – We’re going high tech tonight, Jeff, thanks for sharing screens and everything.

Jeffrey – It’s great to share our history; so much has gone on over the last several years. So what’s happening in the world these days, Clayten in terms of consciousness?

Clayten – Yes, we’ve gotten into the habit of talking about the level of conscious (LOC) of the world every week and the world’s level of functioning (LOF). The premise that we’re intending is for the world to go back over 200. We were 242 the last month just before COVID. And we went down quite a bit in the world as we’ve talked about before. It went down to 98; we’re talking about these numbers on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness 242 is getting pretty close to neutral. Neutral is at 250, 200 is Integrity. One hundred is fear. We went into fear as a planet in early April, and we’ve been coming back up. We’re at 199 LOC now. And there is another indicator that we are looking at to predict when it will go back over 200. In 1986 when it went for the first time over 200 on the Hawkins Map, there was another indicator we call the Level of Function. So the LOC is oriented towards Being, and the LOF is pointed towards Doing.

Sometimes when that Doing or kinetic energy builds up, it helps us make a transition upward. And we’re right at the cusp of that around the mid to high 90s. So it might take a couple days, it might take a couple weeks, it might take a couple of months. But we’re just going to keep holding the vision and keep giving you updates.

Jeffrey – Thanks, Clayten. We’re very excited to announce these two major upgrades or enhancements to the Service. We will also share meditation tonight, and for that, consider earbuds, headphones, or nice speakers. So the first upgrade is an evolution of the EMF Mitigation Program, which we’re calling EMF Mitigation 2.0  We noticed that some very EMF sensitive people did get relief by being in the FLFE environment. But it wasn’t always 100% relief. There was still some perturbation, some things that were bothering them. And then we’ve also seen that, in certain extreme EMF environments, since June of  2020, that the FLFE Everywhere Service with EMF Mitigation was harmonizing it at about 90%. Something changed in June. All the properties, the Home Service, the Business Service, they’d all been harmonizing it at 100%. We believe there may have been a new EMF emitting technology in June. Or we could have added Subscribers working in extreme conditions, such as in the military or technicians working with 5G. We began looking at how to make the EMF Mitigation in the FLFE Service even better. And we have a second upgrade tonight that also relates to EMF sensitives. Those people that seem to feel the energy more than others; kind of the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. So we’ll go into that later.

Clayten – With EMF Mitigation 2.0, we’re beginning to explore expanding to a more diverse spectrum of harmonization of EMFs. This includes mitigating consciousness-neutral EMFs, that may be affecting especially sensitive people, as Jeff said. One of the distinctions is we were harmonizing consciousness-lowering EMFs. And now we’re moving into consciousness-neutral EMFs. And we’ll get into a little metaphor that will very likely help some of the extra sensitive people. So the intention is to widen the spectrum of protection for all Subscribers and particularly for EMF sensitive people. A good analogy is gluten sensitivity. Many people have some sensitivity to gluten, and they may not even realize it and the inflammation it’s causing. A smaller number are somewhat sensitive and notice the negative effects and reduce their intake. And a smaller percentage still are very sensitive to gluten; even a small amount can cause them a great deal of distress. Companies preparing food have to take even the smallest amount of gluten out of gluten-free foods for that reason. Gluten intolerance has become a larger and larger concern in our society. So using this metaphor, some EMF sensitive people have a heightened sensitivity to even small amounts of EMFs. And EMF Mitigation-2 harmonizes a wider spectrum of those EMFs. EMF Mitigation 2.0 intends to pass the tipping point for people who are extremely EMF sensitive. Our goal is for everyone to thrive in day-to-day life with our modern technologies.

Jeffrey – The second upgrade for this Celebration is an extension of the Brain Optimization Program. And it’s focused on the blood-brain barrier. In recent scientific papers, researchers are seeing that there may be a negative effect by certain EMFs on the blood-brain barrier. Now, it’s already known that environmental toxins and some kinds of bacterial infections, and certain health conditions, like obesity, can cause degradation of the blood-brain barrier. And the reason why that’s important is that the blood-brain barrier keeps the brain isolated from the rest of the body. It only lets in what the brain needs. And it keeps out heavy metals, other toxins, pathogens, blood immune cells that are meant to function in the rest of the body and not in the brain. And even blood proteins and other things in the blood that are useful for the body, but they’re not good in the brain. And the effects of that are pretty widespread if the blood-brain barrier is not working well.

There’s a recent National Institute of Health Study with mice where they put them under social stress. And when there was a leaky blood-brain barrier present, the mice got depressed. There was a real correlation between a dysfunctional blood-brain barrier and stress, leading to depression and certain brain issues. So the model is that these researchers believe that there’s inflammation in the brain from a leaky blood-brain barrier.  This leak can lead to neurological dysfunction, degeneration of cognition, increased anxiety, and mood behavior. So, there may be a possible link between blood-brain barrier damage from EMFs and similar symptoms that EMF sensitives have. These symptoms could include headaches, cognition issues, “brain fog,” anxiety, disrupted sleep, and depression. So this has led us in FLFE, and our drive to provide the best environment, the most pristine environment that we can have to help us evolve. Our next step pointed to focusing on the health of the blood-brain barrier. And that’s to assist EMF sensitives and the rest of us because there’s a lot of stress on the blood-brain barrier.

Clayten – The Blood-Brain Barrier Support Program (BBB) works similarly to other FLFE Programs. The FLFE high consciousness field greatly increases the available lifeforce energy, also known as Chi or Prana, in the body’s environment. The Innate Intelligence of the body uses the additional life force energy to support our bodies to be structured and functioning optimally. The FLFE BBB support specifically adds life force energy, Chi or Prana, to the various parts of the blood-brain barrier of people in the FLFE field. In particular, areas of the blood-brain barrier that are lowest in structure and functioning are supported with additional lifeforce energy. The Innate Intelligence of the body can use this energy to increase the structure and functioning as needed. Innate Intelligence does the work once it has the available energy. Additionally, a request of Divinity for the blood-brain barrier’s optimal structure is made in the Program. We believe the more specific the request of Divinity, the more likely a beneficial effect will occur if it is in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation.

And so, as these Programs evolve, we are finding more specific ways to request the help of those Higher Powers to assist us. And that’s mainly what our programming is about.

Jeffrey – That’s a general principle that I certainly have heard before. When intending for things to happen, it is best to get very specific or better.  And is a general principle that we at FLFE align with as well. And so our Programs as we call them in FLFE, which are requests to Divinity as Clayten described, are all the various aspects of that. We get very specific.

So, for instance, in the BBB Support Program, we went deeply into many research papers about the structure of the blood-brain barrier and what things can go wrong. There are holes or openings in the blood-brain barrier when the structure degrades. For instance, in this Program, we ask that the basement membrane, which is the underlying lattice structure holding the whole blood-brain barrier together, like a fence that everything grows on. We’re asking for it to be at the optimal structure. And we’re asking for the reticular lamina, which includes fibers important for the basement membrane’s strength and structure to have the optimal structure. We’re asking type four collagen, cover those fibers, and makes up the lattice to have a thickness be an optimal shape and optimal thickness. The shape and thickness seals up the barrier and makes it impermeable. And then there are structures within the collagen. Within that space membrane that are pericytes, not parasites, be at the most appropriate structure. We ask the endothelial cells to be the appropriate structure, capillaries, and everything that is involved have tight junctions. This is just an example, but I will speak into more of these details in the meditation. And we feel that this is an important part of how FLFE works and why it does work.

Clayten – It gets pretty technical and detailed.

Jeffrey – Also, we’re making history here; we have live upgrades. So we’re going to put these the BBB Support Program and the upgrade to EMF Mitigation on live while this meditation is playing. This is a new technology for us.

Clayten – I’m going to be saying a prayer that everything goes well. And that all the buttons get pushed right, and everything works. I guess there’s not much else to do but to do it, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes! Happy Seventh Birthday to all of you. This is the way we gift you and ourselves as well because we love it. And we love our loved ones to be in these upgraded Programs as well. So we ask that if you’re driving right now, pull over and stop before listening to this meditation because it is at 720 on the Hawkins Map. So it’s just better not to drive. So that’s the only caveat that we have. So, Max, when you’re ready, please go ahead and start the meditation. And I will stop my video so that I can work on the Programs in the background.

(Pause for Meditation – https://vimeo.com/460746086)

Clayten – Everything went well on the technical end, Jeff.

Jeffrey – That was an interesting experience. I want to do another one soon, but it was great. It was really fun to do that and share it with everyone. How was the meditation?

Clayten – It was good to hear you share a meditation.

Jeffrey – That was Audrey Castilla on piano; she did it all in one take.

Clayten – Audrey is a one-take musician; she’s a Pro!

Jeffrey – So we have some Q&As, please put questions in the queue. Maria and Max will also be watching the chat. And then if you’d like to talk to us, just please raise your hand down at the bottom. I see Lewis Humphreys has his hand up. Yes. Let’s bring you on, Lewis. Lewis is our Acting Director of Research.

Lewis – Greetings from Tucson, Arizona. I’m delighted to join you tonight. This was just spectacular, way beyond anything I could have imagined. And I’m overwhelmed by the experience I just had during our meditation; it was incredible.

Clayten – I noticed some tingling in my brain. Lewis, did you get some tingling?

Lewis –  I had the most profound, beautiful experience at the moment where we were passing our blessings to the person on the left and receiving them on the right. That was an amazing sense of immediately being part of this great ring. And everyone joined. And then a lot of different things happened. But essentially the golden lattice of the brain and the membrane. I had recently purchased these really beautiful cane chairs. And they were antique and old, like me, in a way. And I sat on a chair, and I went right through the cane. And I had to replace it. So I got a man to redo the cane and recently had the chairs back in my home. I immediately saw this cane lattice, but then it was my brain, and it was golden. And it was tight. And it was reconnected, just like the seat of the chair. It was quite beautiful. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Lewis, for coming on. And thank you for what you’re bringing to FLFE with your work on research for us and connecting us to scientists around the world.

Lewis – It’s a very exciting time to be with everyone here. And I think we’re all very fortunate for all the work that Jeff and Clayten have done. Thank you very much. It was a very successful activation. I completely sensed it, experienced it, and can in my own mind and body verify that what transpired tonight was real and effective. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey and Clayten -Thanks for coming on and joining us here today and celebrating with us.

Lewis – Congratulations!

Jeffrey – We have Suzanne to bring on.

Suzanne – Hi, thanks so much. This was awesome. I had so many sensations. My background is electronic engineering technician, I’m not working in the field. But I’m an energy healer. And lately, this whole thing came up that maybe I didn’t do all that training in vain. Something’s going to come up that I use it and combine it with energy healing. When I came across you guys, I did the Free Trial on my cell phone. I’m really intrigued to find out more, so when the Birthday came up, I thought, yes, I’ll definitely join you. Maybe that’s why when I’ve been to Nelson, the vibration there is always beautiful. My question is when I have it on my phone the cell phone, how does it interact? I would like to understand that more.

Clayten – People who spend a lot of time in Nelson start to call it The Bubble. And there was a documentary made about Nelson that has the name The Bubble in it. In the end, it was focused on the politics of the area because there was an election going on. The high consciousness field around the Mobile Object, the FLFE Everywhere, or around your home is much like a bubble. There are different levels of consciousness in the field around the bubble or the object. At four feet, it’s 575. And there’s a nine-foot bubble, and that goes all the way up to 300 feet at 555. So that’s the place to start Suzanne, it’s like different layers of bubbles if you will. Different bubbles have different qualities of Intelligence within them. And we need that 300 feet of space to optimally manage the incoming energies within the confines of the technology. Do you want to add anything to that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – So Suzanne, the cell phone identifier, the phone number in that country identifies that cellular device as a unique object. And then we’re activating a field around that device, and the device itself is rising in consciousness. One of the things we discovered about EMF mitigation was if we raise the device’s level of consciousness to a certain point, it harmonizes what it’s emitting. So it’s, vibrating the antennas now at a higher frequency. And so what’s been emitted becomes harmonized or consciousness-raising and positive for the environment. And we’re activating these fields. And as Clayten said, there are layers of the fields. And those are all in the FLFE Program related to FLFE Everywhere. And it’s the same for the FLFE Object, which is identified with a photograph.

Suzanne – So when my consciousness is higher than the frequency around the phone, then how do they interact?

Clayten – Well, what happens is that if our consciousness is in a field not supported by another high consciousness vibration, then we automatically spend our energy to compensate for that environment. So if you’ve been on a tour somewhere and go into perhaps an old prison site or someplace like that, typically most of us can feel the drop.  And our bodies are an amazing self-regulatory mechanism that will compensate for keeping us in a high state. With FLFE, we don’t have to spend that energy. We still have the capacity in our bodies to do it. Still, we don’t have to spend the energy to compensate for lower environments. So it doesn’t bring us down. It just allows our bodies to use our energy in some other way.

Suzanne – Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Because that’s probably why I sometimes feel drained when I am in town. And then I come home; I live out in the boonies in the Yukon. And I actually did my yoga training in the Nelson area. So it’s kind of fun to have that connection. And I understand it now better from what you are saying. So I’m not wasting my energy, creating a higher vibration around me. The FLFE environment supports me in going even higher.

Jeffrey – Yes, and the other piece is additional energy available. In Ayurvedic or different forms of yoga, they talk about Prana and building Prana. And so with the higher consciousness field around us, there’s more Prana, more lifeforce energy. So the body pulls from that, beyond supporting our level of consciousness, it is kind of like food. Prana is like food for the body, and there is more available.

Suzanne – So when you have more of a nomadic lifestyle, then having the phone on FLFE is probably better than on the property, or should I be doing both?

Clayten – Well, it depends. I mean, for some people, it’s a financial consideration. You can have a Free Trial on both the Home Service and the FLFE Everywhere service. Some people notice it much more strongly the Home Service, or they notice the Mobile Service. It’s just part of the uniqueness of being human. So I would suggest that you try both and see which one you feel you get the most value from. When people ask us if you should have both, there’s an inherent bias in our answer, but we’re really here to help set people free. We have a business because it’s the best way we know how to do that. But we want everyone to trust themselves and see how to get the most value from the Service.

Suzanne – Okay, awesome. Thank you so much for doing this.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, Suzanne, just one more point on that. The main difference between the Phone and the Home Service is the clearing of land. We’re clearing the land continuously. So all things that occurred previously on the land that are negative or below 200 are cleared. You may have a clearing process of your own that you use when you go to a new place. But that’s the other reason that the Home is nice to have. And you can change the address as many times as you want.

Suzanne – I used to live in a community in the Yukon.  And there was a residential school in town. I don’t live there right now. But that is an area where there’s lots of, I don’t want to call it low vibration. I guess that’s the neutral way to say it because of the residential school and all that comes from it. And, at the same time, interestingly, it’s a very powerful area.

Clayten Yes, the land holds the whole history. And we can still have the history without the trauma. That’s the hope.

Suzanne – Yes, and then my heritage is German. So I thank you for doing what you’re doing there.

Jeffrey -You’re welcome. And thank you for coming on and talking to us. Thank you. I see Judy.

Judy – Hi, well, this is lovely to be able to thank you in person. I have had a wonderful experience with FLFE.

My friend encouraged me to try it. Today is the equinox.  And I wonder if you have any sense of how that might affect the timing. I think of the balance between the Light and the dark, the length of the day and night. Using that metaphor, I think of strengthening the Light that we carry inside of us or our consciousness within. As we go more into the interior period, literally and figuratively. So do you have a comment on this timing? And then I have a question.

Clayten – What’s interesting about this Jeff, we hadn’t talked about that, I was going to say it’s a delightful coincidence. There was a labyrinth walk in Nelson today in the middle of the afternoon that we had to miss because we were busy with the webinar. I’ll say a couple of things and pass it to you, Jeff.

This time of year for me is typically a time when I look to do my shadow work. Summer is more of a time of Celebration. The fall with the harvest is as well. There is a turning inward as we go towards the darkest day of the year, Judy. And we’re in Canada, so it’s not quite the same as in the United States with elections coming. But whoever you vote for, I think it’s an opportunity to look at the elections and the political process as a metaphor for our own journey. And to do some work. At least that’s what I’m going to do. And if some other unconscious positive influences happened to line up with the FLFE Birthday, which is on Thursday, and the webinar, which is on Tuesday, and the changing of the seasons, then I’m delighted.

Jeffrey – Did you have a question as well, Judy?

Judy – Yes, I do. I was thinking about quantum entanglement. And I remember listening to one of your other webinars explaining how the FLFE device works. There was a reference to generating a high consciousness field and then associating it with a cell phone number or an address. And you used the metaphor about how it works when we think of another person and that becomes a quantum connection. So I am thinking the enhanced consciousness I’m immersed in at my home might be something that I can have fun with. There’s someone I love who is struggling but is not in communication at this time. I suspect that there are many difficulties, so I intend to share that energy by thinking and praying about them. Do you see FLFE energy-boosting my prayers?

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a theme, Judy, that’s been coming out for several months. We’ve been using it, and other customers have noticed it as well. When we’re in this field with all the energy and high consciousness support, we can use our intentions to direct that to someone else. I mean, we do it ourselves all the time; we pray for someone to hold a loving, healing intention for someone. And having more energy available seems to assist us in doing that even more. We can direct the FLFE energy to someone to help them.

Judy – Thank you. Thank you for your work. Happy Birthday!! Woo Hoo!

Jeffrey -Thank you, Judy. Thank you for being with us. We didn’t bring the party hats with us.

Clayten – Yes, Judy, you have the party flowers in your picture, Judy. Thanks.

Jeffrey – Shall we bring in Alyssa Malehorn now Clayten?

Clayten Yes, let’s bring in Alyssa. Hello, Alyssa.

Alyssa – Hey, how are y’all?

Jeffrey – We’re doing good.

Alyssa – Okay. Good. Happy Birthday!

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you. Yes. Thanks so much.

Alyssa – I’m so excited. And I’m thinking about y’all and thinking about the incredible blessings you’ve brought to me and our community. And to so many other communities as well. It brought to mind Yoganandas’ words about birthdays. Are y’all aware of what Yogananda taught about birthdays?

Clayten – No, I can’t recall.

Alyssa – I’m going to paraphrase because he had a way with words like no one else. Basically, when we celebrate the birth of an illumined being or an illumined creation, the Higher Realms are celebrating with us. And we’re all strengthened through the Celebration of it. And I am feeling that so much today. And like Jeffrey said in the meditation, the world is better off for your presence. Well, back atcha on that one! And I also want to mention, as a Referral Partner, there are several folks from our Ross Virtuality Community here that I want to thank for showing up and contributing love to this event as well. And, of course, thanks to everyone for being here.

As to the conversation that you were having a moment ago about directing energy, I’m directing the FLFE energy right now to a friend who’s in the hospital. And with the shifts that have been happening with her and her family, I feel like I’m watching miracle after miracle. And so I just wanted to mention that.

And then I also want to mention something about Suzanne’s question about having the Phone and the Home. Or either-or, and I love your suggestion, Clayten, about trying them out and seeing what works.

But I also want to mention, as someone who also is an energy healer, spiritual teacher, intuitive, I have found that the Home and Business Subscriptions are vital for keeping this space clear of thought-forms or residues of trauma. People will leave behind energies as they are throwing off their old patterns.  And the transmutations are happening, even with my Phone Subscription as well. Even doing things remotely through Zoom, the computer acts as a portal. If FLFE is not on, I am still left with cleanup, which takes my own energy. So for me, it’s worth it. If there is a financial burden, I find it’s worth it in my own life and my own practice to eliminate something else to make room in my budget for both the Home and Phone Subscriptions. I just wanted to kind of throw that out there. Because anyone who’s doing energy healing knows there’s a lot of energy to keep a space at its most vibrant to support you and your clients.**

Clayten – That’s a good point, Alyssa.  I think you’ve been a Referral Partner now for years. And if you can’t tell by her accent, she’s from Texas.

Alyssa – I don’t have an accent Clayten, you have an accent!  Oh, I forgot, eh,  I’m sorry.

Clayten – Everyone else has the accents, never us. I think I think Alyssa is a pioneer in the community in terms of conscious direction and control of the FLFE energy out towards other people. And so it’s been in our awareness to have you come and share some ideas with us about that, Alyssa. So tonight we are putting you on the radar here in public.

Alyssa – Yes, I’m all over it. Whatever y’all need, you know, just call me, and we’ll explore.

Clayten – We’ll explore, yes. Thank you for bringing the people you have to the FLFE community. We’ve always appreciated talking to you. We enjoy your company, and you are well thought of and regarded in the office and in our home.

Alyssa – Well, thank you so much. I love y’all. I’m so grateful for you, not just for what you’ve created here, and how you’re in service, but who you both are. You’re both very inspiring. And we just love you. Y’all have a Happy Birthday!

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thanks so much, Alyssa! It’s great to have you with us tonight to help us celebrate.

Clayten  – It looks like Regina Meredith showed up on the screen, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Right. Let’s bring in Regina.

Regina –  I’m here. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. What you two have brought to the world, to me, is filled with grace. Too bad I don’t have sparklers for your Birthday. I want some birthday cake, by the


Clayten – We will save you a piece, Regina!

Regina – I want to say that you have brought forth incredible technology at a time of extreme imbalance.  I think is one of the most beautiful gifts to the world. And who knows from where in space and time. But you were able to put it together, you’re able to offer it to the world. And people almost overwhelmingly have incredibly positive effects from it. And those are the things we all know, but I want to say more on a personal level. What I so greatly appreciate is the incredible love and grace with which you’ve brought this technology forward and shared. Not just with myself but thousands and thousands of other people now. You know, I deal with a lot of people. I’ve interviewed a lot of people, a lot of inventors, a lot of people. And it’s such a joy to see people who are making their contributions to the world, are truly walking their talk, and even exceeding that. And I just have to say, I’m so grateful to know the two of you. I’m so grateful for the spirit with which you’re bringing this through. And again, what you do is bring this technology as a gift of grace to the world at a time when we desperately need it.

Jeffrey – Wow, that’s beautiful, Regina, let me sit and absorb that for a minute.

Clayten – Yes, I have to let that one in.

Regina – That’s my truth. Well, I’m sure other people are raising their hands, saying that it’s their truth as well.

Jeffrey – Thank you for that observation. It’s great to have you with us. I’ve really appreciated knowing you and sharing this and all the conversations we’ve had. You are a great service to the world as well. And I think we’re doing great things together.

Regina – I’m seeing some of the names go by on the screen. I understand you have a lot of people pitching in and doing this part in time. You know, I was busy up until right now, because I was having a live book club event. My events are always at the same time as your events on Tuesdays at six o’clock.  I was with Chris Hardy, who is writing about this incredible hyper-dimensional space filled with consciousness.  She’s taking quantum physics to yet another level. And this level where we’re dealing with Intelligence and consciousness, which doesn’t have any material aspect, permeates all things. And every one of us can have access to this once we train ourselves a little bit to come down, be quiet, and simply tap into it.

This is the field you are working through, which is critical because it’s full of so much junk. I mean, it’s so disturbed right now, there’s so much noise in that field. And anything we can do both from within ourselves and adding on work such as what you’re doing is, I say, truly, it’s actually critical at this time. All of humanity is now seeking to lift up to that next level. And that’s what Chris Hardy has been tapping into for many years.

And some of my other guests, Lee Harris, you know, Lee, he’s also a friend of yours and a supporter of your work. I interviewed him recently, as well. And he was talking about the fact that we’re about to enter a period that’s quite challenging, it’s not over, we’ve barely scratched the surface, it’s just beginning. It will be through the work such as yours, such as FLFE, which I still kindly call fluffy. We’re going to keep ourselves intact to communicate with that incredible field of Intelligence more easily. In these environments, the FLFE technology creates the space in the frequency range, allowing us to go into these higher aspects of self to maintain some truth and clarity during these times. Which is well; there are no words for that Service except Thank you.

Clayten – We’ve known each other a long time now, Regina, I think it’s about several decades now. I want to thank you for taking the risk to explore FLFE with me personally. I mean, we’re friends, but you also put us through the wringer as you needed to do. You’re a professional journalist, and you put FLFE to the test, and you still hold us accountable to walk the talk.  I personally thank you for taking the time when I reached out to you to look into it because I really believe in what we’re doing. And I know many people that say they found FLFE through you. Obviously, many people love you, and I know that Sedona is full of FLFE Subscribers because of you even though you have moved.

Regina – When I like something, I talk a lot about it. And it’s true. I mean, I remember when you first asked me about it all these years ago. And because we were already friends, I knew you as a person, I thought, okay, we’ll check this out. But I remember we did a blind test on someone who had no idea FLFE was on. And that was really the beginning of it for me because she was all but gone.  There was not a lot left in her, very little life force at all. And she was living right across from a bank of smart meters; a dozen smart meters were right across from her head. And the woman, who was eighty, couldn’t think anymore. When we did this, I asked permission from the higher dimensional aspect of her if we could do this for her, and I got a nice yes on it. And her life started changing so radically and so quickly, I thought, okay, I can’t ignore this because this is not a placebo effect. She has no idea. And within a month, she started talking clearly again; she started thinking. And within a month, she was literally moving furniture around her apartment, this little old lady. So that was the beginning. I needed to see something for myself that I knew wasn’t a placebo. And then, of course, since then, we’ve had many other situations that we’ve observed and talked about.

Jeffrey – Yes, and we’ve been in this field for so long now. Since we started, I don’t think I’ve been out of it for more than a few minutes. You know, this sanctuary space we created with FLFE has been so important in my life. Just to have that calm place to go to in the storm. I’m at the happiest time in my life and look at what’s happening out in the world. We can observe it from a place of solidity and groundedness. And connected to those higher energies that are coming.

Regina – Indeed, and I have to tell you, because we have FLFE on our house, of course, this has been the go-to place since the whole pandemic began. I decided I wouldn’t shut my life down, do what I felt was appropriate, and still include people in my life. And so this is the place everybody wanted to come. For sleep-overs, lunch, tea, even a friend who was in chemotherapy. She was very fragile and vulnerable, and she wanted to be in this energy. I put her six feet at the other end of the table. Everything was made separately for her. So we didn’t touch each other’s things, trying to do it right. But the point is, from this fragile friend of mine to the other people and family members in our life, I really think a lot of it has to do with FLFE. This was the place people came to feel comfort and connection. And FLFE creates such a high field of energy. I understand why people want to have sleep-overs here all the time.

Clayten – We’ve heard many of those stories. I mean, there was a time when there were a lot of complaints from people that the FLFE energy was so good in their house that the grocery bills went up. Everyone was coming to their place to hang up.

Regina – Oh, Indeed, indeed. I have to rattle those pots and pans.  I like to bake, so it’s okay. I love it. And because I came in late, tell me a little bit about what’s happened here.  What are some of the wonderful highlights, so I can catch up in a minute or less? I just want to feel like I’ve been part of it.

Jeffrey – So with EMF Mitigation, we’ve gone to another level. We’re adding increased harmonization to include neutral EMFs. We’ve been working with consciousness lowering EMFs. Now we’re broadening the spectrum to include neutral EMFs, particularly for EMF sensitives.  We use the metaphor of gluten intolerance. For some people, the tiniest bit of EMFs are so negative for them. And so we’re looking to broaden the spectrum to help them.

Clayten – Again, part of the focus was on EMF sensitives. We’ve been hearing lots of research about the gradual increase in the degradation of the blood-brain barrier. So we spent months doing research on the blood-brain barrier. And as Jeff’s meditation was playing tonight, we released our Blood-Brain Barrier Program live.

Regina – Oh, wonderful! Congratulations, those are two amazing new Services.

Clatyen – This is the first time we had a live release on a webinar.

Regina – This blood-brain barrier thing is huge as are EMF’s obviously, but again, congratulations.

Clayten – And we had Lewis, our Acting Director of Research on. One day we will introduce you to Lewis. And Lewis is looking at getting different reputable types of organizations like IONS, the Institute of Noetic Science, and others to do additional research on positive effects in the body related to the blood-brain barrier upgrade.  It’s in process right now.

Regina – Excellent. Well, at that time, once that’s all through, then we’ll have to do another interview. I like to do them when you have some kind of breakthrough with third-party validation. That’s the stuff I really dig. And then we’ll come back and do another interview for the public.

Clatyen – Yeah, absolutely, we look forward to that.

Regina – Well, thank you for letting me pop in for a little bit and be part of this. And again, I’m very grateful for what you’ve done, what you offer the world. And, again, the love and grace with which you do it. So thank you so much. See you guys later. Love you.

Jeffrey – Love you too, Regina. It was nice to spend some time with Regina. John has been very patiently waiting. Let’s bring John in.

John – Hello, can you hear me? I’m on my laptop, I wasn’t sure if this is going to work. First things first, Happy Birthday to your company guys, this is awesome. I’m a newbie here on the Free Trial for five days. Unless something really strange happens, I plan on continuing with FLFE permanently.

I felt the change immediately. It’s pretty wild. I meditate a lot. I had a near-death experience about three and a half years ago.  I almost didn’t make it, and I’m very grateful for the experience. I was suffering so much that I didn’t want to make it. I met my Higher Self. That was a cool experience. I had to learn to meditate, and the feeling I get when I meditate is the same with FLFE. I don’t have to spend half an hour getting to that state. I feel like I’m always in that state. And I think you answered that question earlier. And that’s exactly true. So I was in my backyard today, meditating with FLFE. And I can take it to the next level. So I sometimes feel like I’m hitting 700 at some point, even 800 for a shorter time. I’m in a conscious state. And it’s such an awesome feeling.

So I want to thank you guys for this remarkable technology and what you both are doing. Also, thank you for the guests that came on. I mean, with  FLFE you can tell, there is higher consciousness. And that is a wonderful feeling. And I want to say there are a lot of people here, I think, that have the same mission. We’re here to help the planet and help each other.

I have a couple of questions. I’m still learning this. I’m reading up on it a lot.  It says I’m at set a 570, so that’s what my house is at? Does that ever change? Or once it gets set, is it pretty much solid at that number?

Clayten – Well, I’ll start. We guarantee 560 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map 98% of the time over any 24 hours.  We test the properties every week to make sure they’re there. If your Slider is set at 570, then you’re getting 570, 98% of the time. And a lot of properties, John, are over 600. FLFE doesn’t limit the evolution of yourself or the property. It just provides a very high bottom. So when you’re doing your meditations, your property might be going up to 590 or 600. We have many homes on the Service that are 610 or 620. It’s really up to us how high it goes.

John – And so over time, it could change or vary a little bit? I could see something change on average, for instance, a year from now. Or I may see a change a month from now?

Jeffrey – Absolutely. Part of the Program is that the property is at the most appropriate level. But it’s a minimum of  560 or 570 with the Slider. As Clayten said, it’s the bottom. So you know, if something happens, it helps keep that level of energy. But really, the property will go wherever it goes. It is supported, particularly on a property, with the clearing of the land’s negative history and the geopathic stress compensation. We’re trying to create an optimal environment where we can meditate and evolve like you’re doing.

John – I moved here, about eight years ago or so. And I started having health issues then. And my health kind of went up and down. But everyone that came here reported a negative feeling; something feels weird. It’s like we’re tired all the time. So I mean, I wish I would have found FLFE on your first Birthday, but it’s never too late. I do want to thank you for that. Because I think that’s why one of your guests, I don’t remember her name, but she was beautiful. She said she felt it is important to have your property for the clearing. And I that’s what I felt, I felt the change with that alone. Do you know Jeffrey Doherty? I don’t know why I haven’t listened to him sooner because he’s always pushing it in. And he mentions FLFE and really promotes you. So I want to make sure he gets the credit. And I want to give you feedback on the emails. They help me learn and understand FLFE technology. And one last thing, and I don’t know if you guys will be allowed to do this.  As the previous speakers said, we’re not going to do this overnight as we evolve here. It will get harder before it gets better. We all know that, but we’re going to make it get better. How cool would it be to have the whole world in this higher consciousness state? And I don’t know, maybe if we ever have a good government, we can make some deals with them, or you guys can.

Jeffrey – Great idea, John, I wrote that down. Lewis, our Acting Director of Research, has a goal. His goal is for FLFE to be ubiquitous, to be everywhere. And I think it’s important to spread the word. We’re doing what we can through referral partners, people like Jeffrey Doherty, who spread the word. And thank you, John, for all you’re doing.

John – One last comment. When I had my awakening, which was amazing, my brain was overloaded when I first had a near-death experience. And Nikola Tesla’s stuff came out with the 369; the pyramid technology. So I’m assuming that Nikola Tesla was onto something like this. And also, the Giza pyramid before 10,000 years ago.

Clayten –This is Tesla’s technology. Nicola Tesla had a lot of technology. And this is an adaptation of part of it.

John – Thank you for that. Happy Birthday.

Clatyen – Thanks for being a Subscriber.  All right. Well, we’ve got Elena now.

Elena – First of all, I want to say Happy Birthday. Imagine that I have a candle now for everyone in our community.  Some of us actually can dream about it, and FLFE helps make this dream come true for us. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I was listening to Alyssa, who spoke before about the difference she experienced with the Home Subscription and the Mobile Subscription. I had FLFE on my phone for almost a year, and I truly enjoyed it. I put my home on around the beginning of August. I wanted EMF protection for my children.  Five G is starting to roll out, and I wanted to share FLFE with my friends everywhere. My son is a computer user daily and nightly; he builds them as well. My son is 24/7 on the computer and does not live with me. I want to make sure he is protected, so I do everything a mom can do.

With the FLFE Home Subscription, it’s like I’m in heaven. I truly enjoy it. My daughter enjoys it too.  We just left living in a very bad place. I’m talking about very low consciousness people. I was explaining the difference for me between the Home and Mobile. I love the Home one much more. I don’t want to leave my home anymore. Especially at my new place right now. When I was living at the old, bad place, my cat, Skye, was depressed along with us. Skye was in very bad shape. We moved on August 3, and when I added FLFE Home, I immediately started feeling fantastic. We don’t want to leave our home. We want to cook; we decorate everything, we have a happy place. Now when I look at my cat, I see her recovering. I see my cat is happier; she talks a lot more now. And my plants are better off too.

The meditation was fantastic; what we need right now the most is unity. If we support Gaia, she will support us.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you, God Bless.

Jeffrey – We have Roger waiting now.

Roger – Hi, how are you doing, guys? I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and share something that happened.  I saw you on Regina Meredith’s show, and I decided to give you guys a try. My son couldn’t sit still; he would fidget in the chair, and the teachers would get all upset over it. He just wouldn’t sit still, and I noticed after the Service is like day and night. And he would be sitting, and he would get on his knees and start squirming and all that. And his mom used to do that when she was little too. I’m a lot older, I can sit for hours.

He settled down. And it’s going to help with his focus because it did distract him from his schoolwork. So it did calm him down a lot. And also, he and his mom never wanted to stay home.

We spent all this money to have a nice house. Why does nobody want to stay here? Now they love being home. I can’t get them to leave. I noticed that my landscaping is greener, and the flowers are blooming.  I was using the flowers to put on my mom’s grave.  I noticed that everything was so much lusher. And I live in Southern California, it’s been 90 to 100 degrees, and I backed off the water as I do in the winter. I mean, I’m hardly spending anything on the water. And I just want to tell the audience to notice different things. And to say thank you. I love the Service. It was an interesting experience with the meditation. I had never felt like that before.

Jeffrey – We appreciate it. Thank you, Roger. It is really nice hearing about your son settling down. Thank you.

Clayten –  I’m in awe that it actually does those kinds of things for people. I mean, that’s what we hope for. And we’ve heard many stories like that. They come in all the time. We’ve had people think they should start a horticulture business just because their flowers are getting so nice. We conducted a plant experiment; we had 30% increased growth in spinach in 30 days compared to spinach in a non-FLFE environment. So we know we’re onto something.

My favorite story for plants was in a new subdivision, and they all had the same house and the same yard.  There were four yards, and they all had the same tree in the corner of their yard.  Three of them had spindly, anemic looking trees without any leaves on them. And then one vibrant tree; four feet taller than the rest of them. It had beautifully colored leaves. It was so lush, and that’s the property with FLFE on it. Nature knows how to take the energy and use it. Just like your son. He doesn’t have to understand it.

Roger – I put FLFE on for health too, but I didn’t expect his fidgeting to go away. It wasn’t even in my mind. I thought, okay, that’s from his mom’s side, and we’re trying. He doesn’t take any sugar or anything like that. But the only thing that changed was the Service, and it happened quickly. It’s like day and night.  And hopefully, he won’t be a lightning rod for his teachers anymore. He goes back to school this week.

It helps with his focus because I notice it as I am homeschooling. Now, it’s easier, less fighting. He fought me a lot, not focusing on his work and not wanting to do it. And yet he still wants to play. But I can see in the way he carries himself he is a lot more settled. And that was the most important thing. I mean, saving on the water is great. And health improvements are great. But with him, that really means everything to me. And I want to thank you guys for that. You have a wonderful technology. I’m an electrical engineer and interested in science, and I can see the results. I do test some things. Even with my FLFE Everywhere, I could see things seem a lot more relaxed.

Jeffrey – Okay, Roger, thanks. We have quite a bit more research coming with Lewis Humphries, who was on earlier, connecting us to scientists and designing experiments. So there will be a lot more on the Evidence Page to come over the next year or two. So it’s as an engineer, you may be interested in the new evidence coming.

Roger – This stuff works. And of course, Regina felt very strong with it also. So it was nice to see her on. That’s how I discovered you guys, by the way.

Clayten – She has a big community out there. And she deserves to have a following. She’s a real journalist. And she put us through the paces, she only told you part of it. But you know, she has a reputation, and it is important that she protect it. Thanks for calling, Roger, good to talk to you.

Jeffrey – We might look at wrapping up now, Clayten.

Clayten – It’s up to you, Jeff. You have been holding all the space tonight, with your technical stuff and your prerecorded meditation. I give you the wheel. It’s been great to talk to everyone tonight, great to hear from people.

Jeffrey – Yes, it has really warmed my heart. All the receiving, you know, sometimes it’s difficult for me to just receive. There were some very beautiful comments and accolades that we received tonight. And wishes for the Birthday.

So I will start checking out tonight. I am so grateful for all the well wishes. And I’ll be taking those in for some time. And I am amazed at what we’ve created. It keeps getting better and better. I was so excited to share the upgrade tonight. You and I have had many hundreds of upgrades to put on the system and experiencing the change. So it’s really nice to do that with everyone together. It feels like the FLFE community just keeps growing and getting better and better. And we keep meeting more interesting people on the path. And with that, I will pass it to you, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, my closing thoughts. It feels like FLFE is getting invented through us as much as from us. Many people in the community are living devotional lives and contributing in their own way. I see that people have been on the path for decades. They’re doing their work, and their lives become more and more harmonious and beautiful. There is so much grace, all the time around them. I guess I see that reflected back from all the people talking to us tonight, Jeff. I’m sure we could be here till midnight. Well, it is almost midnight, where you are, another hour.

And I thank you all for your good wishes and thank everyone for being Subscribers. FLFE just keeps growing, and most of it is through the goodwill that you have to share this positive influence with your friends and your community. And we’re really grateful for that. That’s what allows us to reinvest in the Service and offer more value. And we have many other things planned so there’s more coming. It feels like we’re just scratching the surface.  I look forward to getting to know more of you personally and see where this community can take us and how the FLFE technology can help. Goodnight.