FLFE Program Series II

How we write FLFE Programs Part 2

FLFE Glossary of Definitions

May 15, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Welcome to the FLFE webinar. Tonight, we’re going to talk further about how we write FLFE Programs. And this is part two high consciousness definitions, so we’ll  walk you through that. We have some interesting things to talk about and everyone will have plenty of time at the end for questions on any subject. Please put those in the Q&A box and if you have a microphone on your computer, you could raise your hand and we can bring you in live as well. We’ll do a review of the last webinar and then move into discussing high consciousness definitions. So, we discussed FLFE Programs and how they’re created to support the FLFE environment.

The mission of FLFE is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness and the FLFE environment is our means to do so. We talked this about last time. There are many types of conditions in our environment that we’re immersed in all the time so part of what we do is research, and we decide or research the conditions that may cause our environment to not be ideal or bring down the consciousness, the environment, the energy, and then we create programs and changes to the FLFE service to address those conditions.

So, we could say that FLFE is a freedom zone which is one way we talk about it. We see rising in consciousness as increased freedom, freedom from conditions that might hold us back and freedom to be ourselves, Clayten, could you remind us about the Hawkins Map and how we use it?

Clayten –  The Hawkins  Map of Consciousness which we refer to in pretty well all of our webinars is a Map of Consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins. His first book was called Power vs Force. If you’re interested in studying his work, that’s a good place to start. The Map is from one to infinity, where 1 to 1000 is the human domain God or Divinity calibrates at infinity and the angelic realm was from 500 up and Archangels are 50,000 and up if I recall correctly. So it’s a scale that has very an interesting component to it, which is the logarithmic aspect where, for example, 401 is 10 times more powerful than 400. So even five points in a jump in consciousness is a significant increase in consciousness and each level of consciousness has an associated amount of energy with it. So, in the back of Power vs Force near the Consciousness Compensation Chart, there’s a formula to calculate the amount of electricity; actual prana or chi or the forces we call it associated with each level of consciousness. And you can look that up and get a better understanding of that. I guess I’ll just go into the FLFE Programs Jeff and start off with that and you can pick some of it up.

So, the FLFE Programs include the written context of the conditions being addressed. All programs have a safety valve, which is that everything is done in the highest and best interest of all creation and the property is at 560 or higher 98% of the time. When we planned for this webinar, we thought, well, a person could say anything in a program and say that it’s in the highest and best interest of all creation which wouldn’t provide much of a safety valve. And then we realized or were reminded that because of the nature of the Map of Consciousness to have a property be at 560 out of 1000 98% of the time or more is another parameter that assumes the information written in the program and the application of the energy through the machine/technology we have is another level of safety. (5:00) So, we cannot have a negative expression in a program.  The average LOC of a property in N. America is 420. If a property went down to 180, with the application of the energy from the machine, the consciousness of the program will have to be low. So that’s another way to remind us that the programs have to be high consciousness in order for the properties to go up as much as they do, because the energy that comes from the machine is pretty neutral, it calibrates around 250. And it’s what the programs add or subtract to the consciousness that makes the difference. So that’s another way of assuring that the programs are at a high level of consciousness for those of us who are able to measure the truth or measure consciousness. Anything else we need to say about that? Jeff? That was a really big point that came up today in our conversation.

Jeffrey – Yes, that really is important; the more that we test and work around 560 seems to be really the ideal number for an environments’ ideal level of consciousness or energy and there seems to be a threshold or a very important place. So that’s why we focus on 560 98% of time for all properties and that’s something we work towards and have taken a lot of time over many, many years of developing the service. To be able to reach that and to be able to reach it within five seconds or so after a property goes on the service. But the context itself is also interesting. I mean, we’re writing, what are the details behind the reason for the program? Why is it important? How is it affecting the property or a condition that’s reducing the level of consciousness or it’s creating an environment that’s less than optimal for people to evolve in their own personal consciousness. So that information relating to that condition, whether it’s a geopathic stress condition or it’s a health condition, if it were present, then people would be in a less than ideal situation as far as raising their consciousness and being in that state of mind to be able to do that.

Clayten – You know, the context is another way of saying what is the outcome we want to achieve. We want to compensate for any geopathic stress zones that come under the category of underground streams. So that’s the part of the context for a program so we write a series of concepts out that will eventually compensate for underground streams on FLFE Subscribers properties so that’s an example of context. And something we didn’t mention Jeff earlier, as we mentioned, the mission is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness. It’s actually in an economized society. Sometimes we forget to mention that because most of us work for a living. If we had such a high consciousness energy field that pushed us into states of being that we don’t necessarily manage well, it interferes with our ability to live in the world. In fact, I was reminded on a short video by Dr. Hawkins the other day where he talked about it being best not to try to push ourselves into higher levels of consciousness, but to allow the Kundalini energy or the energies associated with that state to move at their own pace. And he talked about him being a consultant to different seminaries where he’s seen people in altered states of consciousness because they’re trying to push things too fast. And I wish he would have given a few more examples of that, maybe if the clip were longer, I would have understood but it really is contextualized to living in a world where we need to work for a living, and it isn’t limiting us in any way. It’s at the highest possible condition we can create. (10:00) And the average home and North America is 420 so the difference between 420 and 560 is such an extraordinary difference. I’m personally not aware of any home on the planet at this time that’s 560 or higher without the help of FLFE. There maybe some out there but I think there would be probably less than 10 on the planet so we really are getting something extraordinary. We’re trying to create a framework for everyone to understand the relevance of what we’re doing for all of us that get up and go to work every day or have other things to do in the world.

Jeffrey – Yes, each context that is written into a program talks about the economized society and functioning at a certain level, we have functioning parameters built into the programs, particularly health, support for the Innate Intelligence for the various health programs to assist with that. So yes, that’s definitely part of the context and for a high consciousness definition, it’s always in a context. So, the context of each program really drives the rest of the FLFE program writing, which we’re going to talk tonight a little bit about the definitions. So, the definitions are always in a context. So that’s the first point about high conscious definition that it’s contextually accurate. Do you want to talk about an example of that Clayten ?

Clayten – Yes, we were looking for examples of this when preparing for tonight and the classic one often used in spiritual studies is the definition of ego from the psychological point of view. The view where  something to the effect of our development is to improve our individuality, so that we can live in the world in such a way that we live an abundant life. And so typically that’s the training of the mind, developing skills in the workplace to create value for the marketplace, or an employer or our work. And that is a way for us to develop our ego, which is developing our individuality, which we could say is a way of developing a higher level of consciousness because as we’re more abundant, we’re more free. In the spiritual studies the definition of the ego is that of the mind, which is very similar to the psychology definition, it is phrased slightly differently though, because we’re trying to transcend the ego, trying to eliminate it so that our mind isn’t running our lives that you include and transcend the ego. Whereas the focus in the psychology definition that we were looking at was to increase the ego to increase our individualization. So that’s an example of where if we use the psychology definition of ego, there’s a limitation on the level of consciousness or the truthfulness of that definition. And so, when we’re writing a program, and the program has to be at 999 out of 1000 or higher, the level of conscious of that definition may not allow that program to be at 999. And so, when we’re going through a program, we have to find out where the critical factor or the lower parts of the program are if it isn’t at 999. And that definition maybe low so we have to use a different definition.

So that’s an example of how we actually write the programs, sometimes we will be writing a program and we don’t know how to get it up any higher than 992 and we have to keep looking for higher consciousness definitions of certain phrases that we’re using. So that is where we will reference the work of experts in the field at that point and calibrate their body of work. Overall, we may calibrate the level of conscious of the person or will check the level of consciousness of the book. Eventually, we have to reference a book and that book has an ISBN and number so it’s a stable reference. We don’t use web related information because websites go down. ISBN numbers are held in a stable area. And the ISBN numbers are held in the Library of Congress in the US. I’m not sure about Canada, which is where I live, but there is a stable international standard that’s held and that can be used as a reference where we don’t have to worry about a website going down because somebody didn’t renew their domain name registration. (15:00) So that’s an example of referencing the work of an expert in the field.

Jeffrey  – Clatyen , you mentioned measuring the level of consciousness of a body of work, a particular publication, but in some cases, what we’ll do is reference the highest level of consciousness or something that’s in the right range of truthfulness for our definition in the work. So, it’s not perhaps the entire work but it might be parts of the work that, first of all are in the context that we’re working in, second of all, are high consciousness truth.

Clayten – And oftentimes we’ll have to reference two or three books to get what we need from that definition, so it gets a little bit technical, but it can be done. We just have to persist at it and Jeff’s such a great writer. And that’s a much of what he does. What I’ll typically do is calibrate the level of consciousness of the person, check their body of work, and then we find their books, or we just find the books first. It just depends on how it happens, sometimes it’s more organic. We’ll happen to know a person’s body of work, and then we’ll look for their books or sometimes we come at it in different ways.

So, the third point here on this section is the process of revealing  truth happens. So, there was a term we came up with today, or we were given called an arbitrary definition. So, an arbitrary definition is a place to start. We have to start somewhere when we’re writing a definition. We make an arbitrary decision. And we start to create a model of truth from there. An arbitrary decision is a reasonable assumption based upon previous experience, training, and expertise in an area. We call it arbitrary because it’s not measured in truth yet. So, we were talking today in the office about how was the Hawkins Map of Consciousness created? And we made some assumptions about it. We said, well, would it be good to have a Map of Consciousness that only goes from 1 to 10?  Where 10 is the level of consciousness of an Archangel, and then we started talking about how about 1 to 100 then 1 to 1000 and then we compared that to other scales such as Bovis units, which is a measurement of energy as well and so in our conversation at the office we thought that the Map of Consciousness is a pretty reasonable range of measurements to use. The Map of Consciousness has enough breadth to it that we can have large scale and it allows for certain things like logarithmic scales. It isn’t tied to the 1 to 100 scale used in school because people will reference that in their mind so there could be confusion. We assumed that would be an arbitrary definition as a start, but the arbitrary definition might have been 1 to 100 and then they would have realized that would have caused confusion with the school systems. Do you want to say something about that Jeff, was that pretty complete?

Jeffrey  – Well, it is interesting that in any model of truth, any expert or anyone creating a paper or body of work, there are arbitrary decisions made and we’re going to decide to call a new fossil some name for instance, and there are some arbitrary decisions and definitions created in setting up the new model. And experts do it and they call it the truth because it may be scientifically backed up in some way and maybe not, often not. So, our difference is that we have a way to measure truth in this situation.

Clayten – Yes, and we all have the opportunity to do that as well.  We measure truth using kinesiology. Today we were looking at 23 pages of custom definitions that we have to write our programs. (20:00) And it developed over the years. And they’re very specialized, unique ways of understanding consciousness that had to be developed to get a program to completion. And so, we go through the process of maybe making arbitrary decisions based upon our training experience or the expertise of others. We measure that using kinesiology, we edit it, we measure, we refine the truth, we pray about it, we get maybe some help from the Other Side. And we go through this process over and over until we can complete the program. And we use this process even in developing the context of how we’re writing things. So, in some ways, it’s very time consuming, laborious, and repetitive and in other ways it’s graceful and elegant and magic when it all comes together.

Jeffrey – Yes, there’s a lot of a lot of grinding and a lot of joy. I write lot of the programs; I mean the way the way we tend to work together is that Clayten does most of the research as he is a world class researcher and brings the pieces together and then we’ll have a session where we create a high consciousness field together and the truth becomes evident. And we’re doing testing with maybe some help from the Other Side and things start to become clear. We’ll go through this process and being in that high consciousness field is a joyful place to be and we have to be judicious about how often we do it. It can be difficult for the body to stay in that field for longer than an hour. So that’s part of letting everyone in a little bit on the process of how we do this. So, we’ll do a session and then and then it’s a lot of bringing it all together then checking, rechecking, and editing.

Clayten – Yes, if anyone talks to our staff in the office, we’re starting to bring those people in on some of the meetings that we have as we write these programs, so they have an experience of it. If you’re talking to somebody, you might say, Hey, have you been another one of those meeting and what’s it like? Over time, we’re introducing them to that because they have their own ways of accessing truth and they’re able to help us so that’s part of the intent to be as transparent as is appropriate.

We want to use an example and we’re going to use the example that we used a couple weeks ago. So, if we’re looking to transcend an issue, we use the example of praying for help and so this prayer calibrates at 600 out of 1000.  We ask , “Please reveal to me the lesson in this experience so that I can transcend it.” The next prayer calibrates at 800 out of 1000 and it is, “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord and how I may overcome it.” And this prayer calibrates at 800 and 1000. And the third prayer is, “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord and help me with the will to overcome it.” So, the principle in the third prayer is that we’re invoking Divine Will, which calibrates at 850 versus running on personal will, which calibrates at our individual level of consciousness at the time. So that’s a practical example of three different levels of consciousness of statements. And they have to be prayers because in a sense, we have the FLFE machine and we think of it often as a prayer machine. We’re writing high consciousness prayers for all of us to be more free.

Jeffrey – And it’s time for your questions. If you would like to put things into the Q&A box, we can answer any questions that you might have about the service. And we can continue to talk about some of these subjects or anything else you’d like to talk about. So, Christine is asking. “Will any of these sessions be available for subscribers to see like a video recording to get a full understanding of how the programs are created.?” (25:00) Well, that’s interesting. We haven’t done any video recording of our program creating sessions, so we don’t have anything to share at this point. That’s an interesting idea and something that we can consider.

Clayten – That’s something test into and pray into it. Yes, sure. That a good question.

Jeffrey – Jennifer asks, “How are you capturing prana and transmitting it, what is the technology?” Well, Jennifer, I can describe what the what the machine looks like and how it operates and then hand it off to Clayten. So the original, what we call the Genesis machine, is stacks of plates, coils, and there’s high speed alternating current running through those. And the stacks are maybe six feet tall and the alternating current is tuned for voltage and alternating frequency and those stacks are set up in such a way that there are input stacks pulling the energy in or capturing the prana as you as you said and the life force energy or prana is universal energy and it’s throughout the universe so there’s plenty of it and we are taking a little bit from the river. So, it’s coming in through antennas you could say or high speed alternating current stacks and then there’s an upward stack where all of that energy is coming into one place. And it’s creating a high consciousness field and we’re entangling that field with a property via the address or coordinates . Then the programs are specifying the conditions in the property. The 560 on Hawkins Map, as we said, and then the other information that’s in the field relating to the health and the other programs are there for the Innate Intelligence to use as a resource like a library that’s present. Anything to add to that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes. The waves that emanate from the machine are very similar to what the brain produces. So, this is not anything particularly unusual or new. We’ve found a way to redirect it in a certain way, we’ve found unique ways to amplify the signal. And we don’t know anyone measuring truth to the degree that we are at this point, there are certainly lots of people who are highly truthful and highly integrous. We’re not making any special claims that way, it’s just that we have a pretty diligent process which is rigorous and produces consistent results. And it’s a unique combination of factors that allow us to provide the service we do for all of us, including us. We’re always the first people that beta test everything so we feel that’s part of the deal that we should be trying everything on ourselves first; Jeff does a good job of describing it.

Jeffrey – So Anna Marie says, “Wow I’m so amazed and grateful for the depth that you go into on each of the aspects . What are your daily practices for staying in alignment to be able to work at this level of output?” That’s a great question and certainly I can talk personally about what I do. I do practices to clear myself of restraints. I do it while I’m driving, I do it while I’m at the grocery store. I do it pretty much all the time and also some energetic medicine techniques to clear things that arise whether it’s a karmic piece this lifetime. (30:00) You know these come up in my awareness and maybe come up with one of the sessions that Clayten and I do together and then I focus in on that and clear it through processing it through my energetic system. So that’s something I do that’s not difficult but more a good habit that I’ve developed over time.

And then I do a lot of physical exercise whether it’s walking or going to the gym. I do that every day so that helps me ground and move energy through my body and helps me to have the stamina that I need. I’m working generally early morning to late evening.  And FLFE of course is a big help to have that energy field to draw from. What about you Clayten?

Clayten – Well, like many of us on the call here today, have been spiritual devotees for decades, one or two or three or more decades. So, there are a many approaches that have been used throughout all time such as meditation. And exercise can be a modern form of meditation, depending on our definition of exercise.

I think, just to add to what Jeff talked about, one of the ways that I stay in the zone is I do testing every day using kinesiology. I do about 50,000 calibrations a month to research and bring the data for Jeff to write programs and keep us on track in the business as best as I can. So that’s my way of connecting with Divinity.

I spend a fair bit of my time in research, maybe half of my week is involved in research in one way or another. Sometimes it’s watching a video on a topic on the internet. And I have several people that I follow that I’ve found over the years who are very interesting people. I read books and Jeff and I spend a lot of time studying how to create a high consciousness field. And so that’s part of our discipline to consciously move in and out of that field as it allows us to draw from a different level of awareness that we may not usually have access to. And we measure our thoughts in that field and where they come from, like many of you, we get help from a Higher Power or the Other Side as we call it. And we eat a certain way and drink a lot of water. We take lots of supplements just because as we have talked about that before. People can join our Facebook page if you’re not a member. And there’s a fair bit of detail there on the supplementation we use and on our website as well. We talk about that because we’re finding that there are unique nutritional requirements in a high consciousness field. We could probably go on for like about a week on this, but I think that’s good start.

Jeffrey –  Yes, so Lara asks, “I was wondering if you have the programs cycle through the system at certain times a day, sometimes I feel certain things at certain times?” The FLFE programs cycle continuously and they are at a very high rate of cycling. So, it’s not at certain times a day, it’s really continuously for instance, the clearing programs; to clear the negative history of a property is running all the time. And it’s likely many times a second. It wouldn’t occur at different times of day but there are, of course, other cycles that are happening in the environment. We might be near the ocean, there could be tidal cycles. There are of course, lunar cycles and the sun rising and setting every day. So, there may be other things happening on a property that feel different, it may be cycling, we’ve seen some properties that cycle from 560 up to 600 and back down depending on what’s happening in the environment. So, it’s really hard to say, but no, the programs are cycling many times a second, so they are not tied to certain parts of the day.

(35:00) Clayten – My assumption Lara is that you’re in a certain state at a certain time of day typically and that because of your state you are perhaps noticing things in that state more. What happens with the technology is we really want to support everyone to be a high functioning joyful, abundant person. And so, if our functioning drops, and we have a Map of Consciousness called the Modified Map of Consciousness where we’ve added different terms to help us do this research. So, we have a term called “functioning capability” and that’s our doingness level how active can we be in the world and maintain our state. We don’t always assume we maintain our state but it’s pretty good indicator if we measure level of consciousness and functioning capability and integrated level of consciousness and other indicators that we use to gather information.

So, if our functioning starts to drop for a certain reason, or our hydration drops for a certain reason, then some of the programs are like a dimmer switch, they’ll start to diminish in intensity. And so, if we have a certain pattern of behavior during the day, when our hydration is low, then some of the programs will start to turn down like a like a dimmer switch, and then they turn it back up a little bit later, when our hydration is typically higher. So that could be part of how that works.

Jeffrey – So Jennifer asks, “What are the plates made from?” And sorry, that is proprietary we are not able to share that. But thank you for asking. Christine asks, “Does the house subscription equalize the EMF of electronics in the house, is this part of the program for house subscriptions?” Christine, we’re in the middle of the EMF project right now and we are doing quite a bit of research, there is a mitigation effect with the current FLFE Subscription. About 15% on average, and what we’re doing is testing in this project, all the different individual sources that we can come up with in a spreadsheet of EMFs and test the current FLFE mitigation factor reduction in the negative effects of that energy. And then we’re working on an EMF Mitigation Program, no time frame at this point. We measure with this new program which will be added to the normal house subscription, what would be the effect to  each of these types of EMFs? So that is and ongoing project and there is a current positive effect but right now it’s around an average of 15%.

Clayten – Christine also asks, “Can you explain further how you apply kinesiology in your testing and what part of the body is tested with kinesiology and who are tested during the program writing?” So, I typically do most of the testing, because Jeff is writing the program and I’m trying to test as we go. It’s an efficient way to move forward.  Jeff is also a good tester and he tests the program on his own when he is writing it and I’ll do research on a part of it that we know is low. So that’s how we work as a team. We’ve talked about kinesiology a fair bit in the webinars and there’s much more to say about it than what we’ve talked about.  There are schools that teach kinesiology in fact the protocols that Dr. David Hawkins books and the type of kinesiology we do is a very specialized part we call it consciousness kinesiology which is a specialization of advanced kinesiology or muscle testing. We don’t teach kinesiology, in terms of what parts we use on the body, we will typically use our arms or our hands. We do a fair bit of self-testing. And we always do batch testing to confirm that. So, batch testing is where there is a program that’s perhaps nine pages long and we test the level of conscious of the program. So that batch tests all of the individual paragraphs and all the individual sentences in that program. We can test a lot quicker if we do batch testing. (40:00) So, when we’re testing the level of conscious of properties as they come in, we’re testing, 10 or 20 at a time. So, we don’t have to test each individual one. We’re testing that the FLFE field is associated with the address properly. If it’s not, then we figure out how to associate the FLFE field with the address. And then we’re testing that the property is at 560 or higher 98% of time over the previous 24 hours. And we have a process where we batch test because there’s so much testing to do and if we tested each one, we couldn’t get it all done. This is a little more a few more examples for you.

Jeffrey – Christine asks,  “Are the programs only in form of words, or do you also include sound frequencies and sacred geometry frequencies?” For the most part, it’s words Christine, it’s in the form of requests or word statements. However in some rare cases we have used sound frequencies and we are working on some applications of that, but not sacred geometry in that specific program. Anything else on this Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we do have much sacred geometry in the machine built in. There likely will be a time when we apply a particular piece of sacred geometry to an individual program. But we’ve so much sacred geometry in the machine itself that we believe that covers our bases and we don’t need to add it in at least not yet anyway.

Jeffrey –  So Janice asks, “Does the device require electricity? Or is it a free energy device?” So, the original machine or the Genesis machine is powered by electricity, high speed alternating current, but it has evolved into satellite machines that do not require electricity.

Clayten – Yes and it isn’t a free energy device that we can plug a cord into and run your laptop off of or heat your home with or do anything like that. The evolution of the technology was that we started with 30,000 volts of high speed or alternating current and had X output coming from the machine. And then we found a way to reduce that to 15,000 volts of high speed, alternating current except but then 10,000 and basically what we’ve done is found ways to amplify the signal to such a degree that we only need a minute amount of current coming out of the Genesis machine because it’s amplified so well. That just gives us more flexibility because we don’t have to worry about power going down and the machine not working. So we have microwatts of electricity being generated by the machine, but it’s amplified in such a way that we still have X output potentially millions of X now with more and more ways to refine that.

Jeffrey – Christine says, “Thank you for answering all my questions.” You are so welcome Christine, and we welcome any other questions that you might have.

Jeffrey – Nadia says, “I am very happy I came to this thank you both!” You are  welcome and thank you. We won’t mention any names, but we had an interesting conversation with a subscriber today and she’d been on the service for more than a year. And she’s gone up 50 points in consciousness during that time. We were talking about that earlier that the benefit of being in high consciousness field or the purpose is to create the optimal conditions for our evolution. And some people really respond I mean, they’ve done personal work for years and when they get into the field, their consciousness really accelerates its development it’s such a beautiful thing. And what she what she has noticed are the synchronicities that occurring and the intentions that she has are coming to fruition much more quickly. This is beautiful, it’s nice talking to customers.

I see Linda there let’s see if we can have her speak with us. I’m going to promote her to panelist, because she’s using an older version of Zoom. We’ll give that a try. Linda, can you speak to us?

Linda – Hi, there. Nice to meet you. Your work is wonderful. I have used FLFE in my home during the Free Trial period. And then I immediately put it on my mobile phone and no longer have on my home, but I run a business out of my home, and I’ve had a question about whether there would be any additional benefit for me to add my business even though I always have my phone with me and I’m working out of my home so just a  question.

Jeffrey  – Well the field around the phone is very similar to the house it’s actually a little bit higher within four feet away from it all the same programs are there would be no real benefit once you’ve done the clearing. Anyone on the free trial receives property clearing of any negative history. Now if it was the kind of business where people are coming and going then it may be the property program because the clearing  happens continuously. But if there is a web based business and people aren’t visiting the space then it may not be as important.

Linda – Okay. That’s really helpful. It was just a question that had occurred to me and I had not heard anyone asked it before.

Clayten –  There’s one more thought along those lines. If you have a Business Subscription, then the business entity itself gets put on FLFE. And when anyone registers something in a legal format, it has a degree of consciousness, we’re not saying it’s an intelligence that can get up and go and cook our dinner, but there is a degree of intelligence that is associated with the legal entity when we have a subscription it does go on and we can have a lot of employees for example, not only do the customers walking in get constantly supportive, but the employees do as well. And we have programs on for the businesses that help with increased job satisfaction, better concentration, reduced employee turnover, and all the things that contribute to that. So that could be substantial.

Linda – Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I’m very familiar with Dr. Hawkins work. I’m a raving fan and my business is an online business and I’d love to at some point interview you gentlemen if you’d be open to that.

Jeffrey – There is always someone at the office to schedule interviews.

Linda –  Okay, perfect. I think that’s it for now. Thank you so much, gentlemen.

Jeffrey – Yes,  Thank you. So nice to talk to you.  Right. Let’s see if we have any additional questions that have come in since then.

Clayten – I have one, someone is asking is the EMF 15% or 50% compensation with FLFE? Actually, it’s 15% not 50.

Jeffrey – So Mary is asking to please clarify. When we are on the Free trial, our homes get cleared. Yes. So, we designed the Free Trial to do a lot in those 15 days. And 15 days were chosen because the clearing happens, and that happens relatively quickly. But there’s also cumulative benefits from being in the field and being in health programs supporting our Innate Intelligence during these 15 days. So, people do get a benefit during that time. And if that’s all that you choose to do, then we wish you well and we’re glad that you’ve gotten the benefits. But yes, clearing happens with the Free trial so it’s a great way to go. Anyone can do the free trial on the home then afterwards do it on the phone. If you want to go with the phone, you’ve already gotten the clearing house.

Clayten – This just to expand upon that a little bit, Mary, the clearing that’s been talked about is what we call  the Removal Program. And the Removal Program has a list of all of the negative conditions imaginable existing on a piece of land. We make the request to Divinity as we’ve explained to remove every one of those conditions. So we had to spend several weeks writing out all of the negative conditions possibly happening on a piece of land. It was a pretty dark time because we’re just in that thought field all the time about what other negative thing could happen and how do we categorize that negative experience as opposed to a different negative experience. So, all those are requested to be cleared. And the clearing happens quickly as Jeff said very quickly, it’s 1000 million times a second. So, it’s Ask, Ask, Ask, Ask. And it’s repeating and repeating. And it goes through a very comprehensive list of these conditions. And it keeps clearing them and clearing them and clearing them. And so that’s the benefit of having the Free Trial on our home, and it even actually clears any negative energetic signatures associated with some of the issues on the land that we may be carrying in our body that are similar. So, there’s a little bit of crossover there into the body. We know that with gallstones and liver stones and kidney stones, for example, those deposits happen at a certain period of life. And if that time in life was difficult, then there’s a memory associated with it. And so, for those of you who’ve done liver, kidney, gallbladder flushes, and we suggest Dr. Andreas Moritz book The Amazing Liver, Kidney and Gall Bladder Flush. Jeff and I did those programs for about a year as we were researching liver, kidneys, and gall bladders that when we do a flush, we release some of the stones. And there’s a memory associated with the stones. And we’ll have an emotional release sometimes as well as a physical one. So, there’s much that goes into the two weeks, it’s pretty packed with value. And we wanted to have it be long enough that if anyone didn’t continue with a subscription, that they were blessed by that program and blessed by us as a company and given a leg up on life, giving a bit of a boost.

Jeffrey – So Christine asks, “My husband, my older kids, and I had the cell phone subscription and I’m wondering what would be a great one for my five year old daughter. I was thinking of using an item like a necklace. (55:00) Would that be a good idea so she can have it at school and is that the level comparable to cell phone subscription?” Yes, it’s exactly like the cell phone subscription. So, in the case of the cell phone, we’re using the unique identifier of the country that the cell phone is registered in and the unique cellular number. And with the object we’re using a photograph which has to be a relatively high resolution photograph, one that is in focus, so it’s very clear, the image is very clear. But yes, it’s the same field. It’s the exactly what’s on the website. If you go to the Learning Center FLFE Programs, there’s quite a lot of detail about the FLFE Everywhere which is the same for both phone and the object. Of course, in the cell phone, if anyone has a cell phone and are older than five years old they receive the benefit of the harmonization of the cell phone energy.

Roy asks,“ If the functioning of our hydration drops like a dimmer switch, will some programs start to turn down?” So, you’re asking if one person in the house has lower hydration and the other person does not, does the program turn down? It is actually individual for each person and the way it’s written is the hydration of that particular person then turns up program for them, it doesn’t do it for the entire household.

Clayten – So that that can be hundreds of people in the environment, the program individually assesses each person and alters itself accordingly.

Jeffrey – So we’ve got a question, “Can you please explain why ample hydration is so important in the FLFE environment, does it become a conductor of sorts? Thank you.

Clayten – Great question. Well if we look at the sacred places of the world, the pilgrimage sites, the holy temples the cathedrals, these are all high consciousness fields. And in high consciousness fields people have a regenerative experience. That’s why they go there and part of the regenerative experience we believe, is that there’s positive cellular regeneration. The body is very intelligent and when we’re in a high consciousness field we naturally use that energy to do upgrades, repairs maintenance that perhaps the body has been wanting to do for a long time and so we have positive cellular regeneration. And the metabolic waste, if it’s not removed, slows the process of our regenerating down. And water is a great carrier of metabolic waste. So that’s one example. Is a bit of a conductor of sorts, that’s true. I don’t know what level of truth that is. But it might be interesting to test and most of us are chronically dehydrated to begin with. And so, we emphasize hydration quite a bit because most of us tend to be dehydrated. And in a high consciousness field, it becomes even more important for those reasons and maybe a few more that Jeff will add.

Jeffrey – Yes cellular waste is definitely one of the important factors but water is also used in many of our metabolic activities not just to carry away waste, but as part of the reaction itself. Also the fluid in an intracellular is bringing food to the cells so we’ve got our blood and our fluids there. And then between this once the capillaries in between the cells have fluids there. So, all of that is important for having the system function well. There’s positive cellular regeneration and the body’s using energy to do all sorts of projects and it uses water in many different ways. The final output is removing waste from the location.

(1:00:00) Clayten –  Mary asks, “If you have a phone subscription do you need a home subscription?” Well, I wouldn’t say you need it. If you have a phone subscription, you’re in the field we’ll assume you have your phone close to you, you can be in the field of the phone 24/7. The phone has a 300 foot radius,  with different levels of consciousness in that radius so there are some programs on the phone that we can’t include which are on the home. For example, the removal template if we were traveling with our phone at 40 miles an hour down the road, or 50 miles an hour, and the removal template was cycling 1000 million times a second and trying to clear all the land that we’re were driving over going in your car at 40 miles an hour, it would take so much energy, we just couldn’t do it. It would take the equivalent of tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of subscriptions. It’s not that we don’t want to give away as much as we can we just can’t have that much energy going on one subscription so that would be a difference Mary, it’s not a matter of need it’s a matter of deciding which one brings the most value, and that’s why we have a free trial on both the home and the Everywhere Subscription which the mobile is under. You can use a mobile phone or a necklace, anything that has unique identifier so that is just a matter of trying both of them Mary and seeing what you like the best.

Jeffrey – Christine’s wondering, “Does FLFE amplify or cancel out other objects or systems that also support a higher consciousness such as Orgone energy, Heart Companion Pendant or others?” Well a high conscious environment supports all systems meant to increase the energy available higher vibration and it works in conjunction with all other systems. We have never been able to find anything where it doesn’t work together. It may not amplify or cancel it may just be present as well in the environment.

Clayten – It synchronizes with all other technologies and we’ve tested many technologies and we really don’t need to test for it but sometimes we do it because we’re also wondering if we’re able to learn something because the FLFE  wave is very similar. In fact, it is exactly similar as best we can tell as the wave that the body emanates. And so basically, what we’re having is the equivalent of a whole bunch of people praying for our property. And we have, let’s say, we had 100 people praying for the removal template and they’re going down the list. And saying, Please, Lord, remove all the examples of this on this land of places where people were cruel to animals, and they go down each example of cruelty, which we’ve listed, and they would pray for that type of cruelty to be removed for the land and then they pray for the next type of cruelty. And so, to have that type of energetic support we receive in the FLFE environment, we would need tens of thousands of people praying for us that are pretty high consciousness. So, we that’s why we call it a prayer machine; it really doesn’t interfere with any other technology. Good question.

Jeffrey – If you do have other questions you’d like to ask please jump into the Q&A and otherwise will bring the webinar to a close here. Any closing thoughts Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I was just writing down my theme.  We talked in the past about transparency and our intent is to share as much information as appropriate and is in the Highest and Best interest of all to share. We test if it’s in the Highest and Best interest of all to share what the exact configuration of the machine or different aspects of it and if we get a no, then we don’t. (1:05:00)

And all the people who work for us in the office who are past our three month trial period, are shown a picture of the machine. And we let them hold a piece of it in their hand so that they know it’s real. There’s a piece of the machine we have from the picture that’s very evident. And so that’s a level of transparency appropriate for people working in the office, because in addition to their individual experience of being on the service, we feel it’s just right to take them a little bit deeper into what we do.

Not everybody’s going to use the technology and not everybody uses technology that’s available in the world to serve others or use it to serve themselves and to actually harm others. And so, because of some of the discoveries that the group of inventors involved in the technology and we’re not all of the inventors there are others that we’ve received technology from, that we’ve integrated into the machine. We have a responsibility to steward that technology and to use it in a way that it will not likely be taken advantage of by others and have them use it for their own purposes, which may or may not be benevolent or have an intention of supporting evolution.

So, I know there are people out in the world that are sharing technologies like Elon Musk comes to mind, he’s trying to advance the usage of renewable energy in his own ways. And he’s sharing some of the engineering drawings and schematics for parts of his automobiles, at least and we respect that, and in that case, we think it’s appropriate according to his mission and the use of that technology. And we are very cautious about sharing the information that we have and the type of technology we use. So, I just thought I’d mentioned that, once again with a little more depth, and maybe another example or to our intention is to is to serve to the best degree we can, and we also have a responsibility to not do any harm.

Jeffrey – Thank you for joining us today and if you’re watching this later, thank you for being part of our FLFE community. We have a growing community here and a support team in the office. If you wish to call in or email in, we have a great group of people who are ready to talk to you and if you’re inclined the FLFE Facebook private page has many resources and support there as well. There’s an amazing group of people that support each other and post their information occasionally. So, we welcome you to join us there, call the office and keep joining us in these webinars. This webinar will be posted on the website in the Learning Center.

So, thank you and God bless. Goodbye.