FLFE Sleep Research 

March 23, 2017

(0:00) Lee – Hello everyone, and welcome. My name is Lee, and today I’m going to be hosting instead of Erin. Welcome to the webinar for today, our topic – Is sleep better with current FLFE research on sleep?  Before I introduce the hosts, I would like to let everyone know that we will be going for at least an hour today. Sometimes we stretch over, but we will be going for an hour. And during this time if you would like, please type in your questions in the chat box on the side of your screen. And we will be addressing them as we go forward.  At this moment, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our hosts, we have Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stedman.  Hello to you both. I’m happy to hand over the floor to you.

Clayten – Great. Thank you for hosting tonight, we’ve had some issues with the internet connection in Erin’s region of the world. So, Lee has kindly offered to step in for us. My name is Clayten Stedmann and I have my co–founder here, Jeffrey. And we’re going to hand it over to Jeffery to talk about sleep this evening FLFE enhances sleep. And then I have dozens of sleep tips here that I’ve accumulated over the years, I primarily do the research for FLFE. And Jeffrey is the guy that gets the research into the world. So, I have a slight advantage tonight. And I have lots of little tips. And it wouldn’t be expected anyone else would know all these. It’s just the role that I take. So why don’t I hand it over to you, Jeffrey? And you talk about how FLFE can enhance sleep, and then we’ll pick it up from there.

Jeffrey – Hello, everyone, I’m Jeffrey Stedman. Glad to be here with you. Thank you for joining us.  As you know the FLFE wave creates a reservoir of energy on a property that is very beneficial. It’s more life force energy for the body for our entire human system. To pull into our system and use for healing for rising in consciousness, we see quite a rise in consciousness for people that are on the FLFE Service. And that reservoir of energy means the body is doing healing projects for well-being. And the second kind of level of help is with the FLFE Service, you’re in this cocoon, this reservoir of energy. There’s also a lot of information in that field. And our human system is really an amazing thing.

We have an Innate Intelligence in our system that is really separate from the mind. The mind knows very little compared to our Innate Intelligence. And it really knows what to do with the body and knows how to fix anything and it requires energy, just like any project that you might do in your home to renovate it. It takes money to buy materials, it takes all sorts of things to make it happen. And FLFE provides those basic energetic building blocks to the Innate Intelligence to then do the healing. So, sleep is one of those things that is very important for our system. And Clayten is being a bit modest about his research, he has done an incredible amount of research on sleep, which you’re going to benefit from tonight, I know I’ll be glad to hear more about it.

So, sleep is one of those very important parts of our lives that we have built into FLFE Programs and the way our Programs work is they are bringing vibration and information into the FLFE field. So, we are in the field and our Innate Intelligence can then, at its own free will, take that information, very specific information into the body, into the entire system and use it, and it enhances the body’s our Innate Intelligence ability to do things like sleep.

(5:00) So, what we have in terms of Programs for sleep at this time, and we’re always constantly evolving FLFE, just as we are all personally evolving, we evolve the service as well. Currently, we have an enhancement for the receptors for melatonin to enhance the ability of those receptors to bind with melatonin there is support for the Innate Intelligence for that. And then we also have an optimization of the production of melatonin. So those are the Programs that are on now for sleep, and more to come I’m sure over time, so Clayten, let’s go back to you and the research that you’ve done on sleep because you’ve done a tremendous amount.

Clayten – Yes, the first thing we’ll start with, anytime you’re researching a topic, you always want to have control to gather data. So, I’m going to talk about one of the best devices that I found to help you track the sleep you’re having because once you can track the sleep you are having then you can try some of these many variables, some of which I’m sure you’re familiar with, to see how it affects the quality of your sleep. So, the device I’m going to talk about is the OURA ring. It’s oura.com but if you search it, you’ll find it. So, if you can find something like the OURA ring, there are many of these fitness bracelets that people are wearing now. And there are other rings, like the OURA ring to gather data, but they’re not as oriented to sleep as the OURA ring. There are other rings that are oriented towards your day to day basis metabolic processes. So, if you can get something like that it will help you track your variables. So that is the first thing I would suggest. Now, there are so many things to talk about. Okay, let’s talk about some routines.

So, a really good routine in the morning and Jeffrey and I talked about this is to when you get up, have a routine. When I get up, I put a liter of water into my kettle and I heat it up and then I get a half liter of cold water. And I sit in front of my living room window, open the window, and I look up into the sky. So, what that does is it activates the cortisol that your body naturally produces to help you wake up. Now, cortisol is considered a stress home hormone, generally, it’s just about when it’s produced in the body.

Many people will talk about looking up into the sun first thing in the morning. And that can work but just the way that my living room was oriented, I don’t look up into the rising sun and I’m not always up when the sun comes up. So, I would say if you can look into the rising sun or first thing in the morning, that’s fine. And if not just look up into the sky. And that way you don’t feel like you are damaging your eyes or it’s not too bright. And I typically will take my glasses off if I’m wearing glasses so that those the sun’s rays can come in because they activate cortisol in the body. So, this is part of what is called the prolactin cycle, prolactin is a very obscure concept.

The research that I’ve done leads me to follow Jack Kruse. He’s a very a highly regarded, somewhat controversial doctor. He’s a neurosurgeon, and he’s done a lot of biohacking and a lot of research on health and his level of consciousness and health is very high. So, for many of you who are nutritionists or have a background in health or interest, you may associate prolactin with the production of milk in women. But there is a prolactin cycle and according to Jack’s teachings, it’s the relationship between the production of cortisol in the morning and the production of melatonin in the evening. So, let’s talk about an evening routine.

In the evening, the body works best if it can produce melatonin for three hours before you sleep. Jeffery and I have these glasses called Blue Light blocking glasses. (10:00) And when we’re behaving ourselves, we’re wearing our blue light blocking glasses for several hours before bed. and Jeffrey will show us his. Thank you, Jeff. There are different styles, different types. Are your glasses fit-overs, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey – Yes, these work quite well over a pair of glasses. They’re big enough that they fit over glasses. So I’d put these on at night as soon as it gets dark and when I’m watching a movie or on the computer, I put the glasses on.

Clayten – One of the issues with our production of melatonin and many of us are not producing as much melatonin that is beneficial is that white light has a spectrum in it that is a blue spectrum. And when that blue spectrum hits the retina of our eyeballs, it tells our body that it’s still daytime. And if we need three hours of melatonin production for optimal sleep, then we’re not going to have that if we’re in a white light environment. And I was going to say if we’re looking at a white screen, but just being in white light, you will have that diminished melatonin production because of the blue light influence.

Dr. Jack Kruse actually calls this blue light toxicity or white light toxicity. The best research I’ve seen on blue light filtration is from an organization called lowbluelights.com and they have a gentleman there who’s been researching light for probably 40 years. He has multiple patents and they have the best research that I’ve seen. And I think Jeffrey and I both bought our glasses there and they also have a lot of lights that you can purchase for your home. I have probably eight or nine lights out of the 20 lights in my home that are blue light blocked lights to have like a yellowish glow to them. So that at night, I can walk around my house and not have to wear my glasses all the time. And if I’m going to watch TV like Jeffrey, then l put my blue light blocking glasses on and that helps me get the melatonin production so that if I’m home at six and have my dinner by seven, then I put my blue light blocking glasses on and by 9 o’clock I’ve had a couple of hours of melatonin production. So, a pretty important topic is to explore the prolactin cycle and we’re going to look at putting up some of these tips on our website we’re going to assemble them all, there are so many I don’t even know if we’ll get through the list tonight because we could talk about them in detail. But I’m mentioning melatonin and the prolactin cycle and the cortisol in the morning and melatonin in the evening. Just because we had talked about the FLFE Program to increase the ability of the melatonin receptors to receive melatonin because if we’re not producing enough, that part of the body can get kind of stagnant and so we energize those and then we support the body to produce the optimal amount of melatonin.

Jeffrey – Clayten if I could mention a little bit about water you mentioned that in your routine is drinking a lot of water when you first wake up and I’m responding to Michael’s question about feeling tired during the day and it’s one of the things that we want to emphasize about FLFE is that when you’re in this high energy field there is a  reservoir of energy and the body is using it for healing projects you need more water, like a good bit more water and we recommend three to four liters of water. It’s good to watch for the signs that you’re well hydrated, and that can make you tired if you’re not well hydrated. So that’s something to look at Michael to make sure that you’re doing that. So, first thing in the morning, as Clayten said that is part of his routine to drink a liter or two liters of water and look up at the sky.

Clayten – Yes, I struggle with being hydrated, I think most people are chronically dehydrated, actually. And getting that liter and a half and just it makes me want to drink more water during the day. It’s one of the paradoxes of water. If you’re not hydrated, you tend not to want to drink water. And then once you get to a certain level, it’s just easier to drink it. (15:00) So, it’s a big discipline to get our water in first thing in the morning. And Dr. Kruse talks about having your first meal the day within 30 minutes of rising. And I consider my water my first meal of the day because water is our most important food. Now, I don’t think he would agree with that. He’s basically an epi paleo promoter, which I believe in and so what I typically do is drink my water, spend my 10 minutes in the light looking up at the sky and then I’ll put my breakfast on to start cooking and get on my rebounder.

And that’s a device called a Cellercise. That’s the best rebounder I’ve ever found. Cellercise. And Matthew was asking about the blue light website it’s lowbluelights.com just pretty straightforward. So, I wanted to talk about the Cellerciser. If you are looking for a rebounder, I’d recommend that one, I’ve done a lot of research on rebounders. The Cellerciser and the Bellicon are typically the two that are recommended. I find the Bellicon harder to run on even though I’ve tried them with the adapted bungee cords for my weight and height.  I would look into the Cellerciser. There is an exercise on the Cellerciser, where you hold your hands just next to your body and do a health bounce, which is just a slight bounce where you’re feet aren’t even coming off the Cellerciser. And that is something that David Hall suggests before you go to bed. I found that helpful as well. So that’s another tip.

One of the things I’ve noticed when I come home from work, and I’ve studied this and other philosophies and religions is that if you have a shower when you come home, and it’s always good, if you can have a shower filter to get the chlorine off, it washes off the vibration of the day. So even if you have joyful, well-paid work, like all of us probably intend to do, there are still times at work when you’re overwhelmed, or you’re too busy or you’re preoccupied. And when you’re in that state, your body creates sweat and oil that you excrete. And showering at the end of the day breaks that cycle of carrying that type of thinking into the evening. That’s my experience. Now I have a device on my shower from a company called XLX999, you can look that up. It’s a device that removes the negative memory from water and charges up the water. So, it’s like having an aura cleaning every time you shower. And I have a chlorine filter on it as well. So oftentimes I’ll have a shower, well I have a shower before I go to work when I come home 90% of the time. And then oftentimes if I feel restless, I will have a shower before I go to bed, a warm shower, and that tends to calm me down. So that’s another tip.

Typically, most sleep websites that you do reach research on will tell you to have light blocker curtains on your windows so that your room is dark. And I have those curtains and I have the curtain rods that kind of go around and go right to the wall so that the curtains will go around. And then I have a French door in my bedroom, and I have a blanket over the door which I put at night so that no light comes through the rooms. So, the body has an extraordinary ability to sense light because it’s so important for our beingness, our health and there’s something in the body called proprioceptors that notice very small amounts of light. So, if you have even an alarm clock that is quite bright, you can put some black electrical tape over it just to dim it down or anything you can do that eliminates light from your bedroom will help.

The next thing about a bedroom is temperature, typically 68 degrees is the ideal temperature to sleep in. So, for some of us, that means using air conditioning in the summer or cracking the window open in the winter. (20:00) For those of you have a really good thermostat, you can just set it at night. You can have the temperature start to go down in your bedroom so that it’s optimal by the time you get ready to sleep.

Another tip that I’ve read about is having different types of plants in your bedroom. So, to oxygenate the air you can do your own research on that. Jeff and I live in a pretty remote area as well as Bob who’s on the technical end of the back. We live pretty close to nature or a park so we’re probably getting the oxygen we need but for those of you who are in a downtown center you can look at getting some plants in your room, there’s lots of research on that. Spider plants are one of the most common ones but there are many different types. So, let’s go on to material in your bed. Typically I want to stay away from polyester sheets or a poly cotton blend. People seem to sleep better with cotton and in terms of value for comfort for sleep sheets. I like a cotton blend called jersey knit cotton which you can get at most of your main department stores like Walmart and Sears and Sam’s clubs, those type places. If you can’t, you can always go on to the internet. But they’re very soft cotton and they’re quite reasonably priced for the comfort level.

And another tip you’ll find on websites in terms of sleeping is if you can manage it have a wool topper on your bed and a wool comforter. Wool is hypoallergenic and wicks moisture away from the body. And it is much better at regulating the overall temperature of your body than down or any other fill that I’m aware of. Even silk, some people think that silk is better and the research that I’ve done says wool is better and is much less expensive than silk.

If you can manage it, the best mattresses that I found are the natural rubber foam mattresses and Essentia mattresses are apparently almost a once in a lifetime mattress. People who have bought mattresses like those have had them for up to 40 years. Now I don’t think Essentia has been in business for 40 years. But I’ve heard rave reviews about them. And I’ve tested their mattresses down in Vancouver I haven’t bought one yet, I have a mattress with a big wool topper that I really like and the Essentias come with a wool topper as well. They have the foam based natural foam and then the wool on top. I think Jack Kruse recommends the Presidential which is a line of mattresses that have either a three–inch or five-inch wool topper that you can purchase with your mattress and you can you know adjust that to whatever your level of softness is that you like.

Jeffrey – Hey Clayten, why don’t we check in with Lee and see if there are any questions that are coming through the sidebar or that you had from previous questions from customers.

Lee – Hello again, I don’t have any other current questions since you have already referenced the blue light website. And again, Michael, who’s wondering why he’s so tired throughout the day.  Clayten in regard to hydrating in the morning I have heard from some people that at times all that water doesn’t feel so good in their stomachs. And you’ve addressed that so perhaps when our hydration is lower, that is what happens. I’m curious if you have any information about putting in a bit of lemon juice or a little bit of salt if that’s an appropriate way to benefit the hydration process.

Clayten – Yes, there are so many things I probably could have said about that. I typically will heat the water up to just below boiling in a container. And then I have a half a liter of cold water and I mix it so that it’s warm enough that it warms my body because part of the reason we like coffee or tea in the morning is that it adds energy to our body because warmth is energy, so I find that is helpful. Salt will increase your hydration because it cuts the surface temperature of the water and if you’re in the FLFE environment then we have a lot of Programs on water and warmed salted water is good for your adrenals in the morning and in our Western society oftentimes our adrenals are compromised so I put a pinch of salt in my water every morning and of course lemon juice is great for alkalizing the water a little bit. (25:00) it’s primarily for kind of flushing out the liver and a little less the gallbladder and kidneys but it’s really good for flushing out the liver and getting that primary processing organ nice and fresh and clean for the beginning of the day. So those are good ideas, Lee.

Lee – Well, I’m sure part of our FLFE community will be happy to hear that they are already intuitively on a path that can be beneficial for them. I have also heard at times that there can be a bit of restlessness at night that going to sleep isn’t easy, whether that’s just extra energy in the system perhaps or there’s some other process going on there is there anything that either of you can address in regard to getting prepared to go to sleep at the end of the day, such as taking a shower as you’ve mentioned?

Clayten – Well taking a shower or taking a bath. Oftentimes, people find that Epsom salt baths help them relax. My favorite thing if I’m a little bit over-energetic at night is to take an Epsom salts bath with a little bit of ground ginger. I call it the squid bath because ginger is a natural relaxant and when you get out of the bath I have to watch it because I’m so relaxed and squid-like having no bones. So you have to watch yourself when you get out. Ground ginger will calm you down.

Jeffrey – And I would say the magnesium in the Epson salts is another factor that tends to calm people and we found that in rising in consciousness, while it seems like it may be just consciousness in the nonphysical, but it’s actually very physical. Your body is part of rising in consciousness and we’re holding more light as we rise in consciousness and our myelin sheath in our nervous systems are part of that. And apparently one of the factors is getting enough magnesium and essential fatty acids. So that combination of magnesium and essential fatty acids are taken together within 30 minutes of each other can also be very helpful in this process of being in a highly energetic FLFE field and rising in consciousness and it could be some of that energy that we’re feeling perhaps as we go to sleep at night. And you know, many of the things that Clayten has given us in these tips can help us just sort of calm down as we tuck into bed.

Staying hydrated through the day and also taking magnesium and essential fatty acids can also be helpful to keep the nervous system calmed down and there is an acclimation period; it’s very unusual to be in this much energy. People travel all over the world to go to sacred sites seeking this kind of energy. And so, to have it in your home is really a blessing for the body and getting used to it takes a little bit of time. So, you might find you are more energized at night for a couple of days and then get used to it. I certainly noticed when I first went on FLFE.

Lee – Do either of you have any comments in regard to exercise for helping to move the energy before sleeping? Clayten you have been talking about a rebounder? Is there a practice of that perhaps for the evening, as well as the morning?

Clayten – Yes, I mean, we all have to see what works for us, Jeff is one of the most consistently exercising people that I know. So, I’ll pass it over to him in a minute. And if I don’t exercise my metabolism doesn’t work as well. And I’m not as consistent as Jeff although I do a lot of rebounding, that’s kind of my go to, we have one at the office here. And then I spend probably 10 minutes in the morning. Our bodies are meant to be used, we were designed to move around and many of us end up sitting in chairs for a lot of the day. (30:00) So, exercise is definitely on my list. I mean, you have to find something that works for you with your schedule and the level of intensity that you feel you need to break the tension.

A lot of us have a low–grade tension that we become acclimatized to as Jeff said, we humans are highly adaptable, and we’re creatures of habit. And having good habits is a lot of having good sleep. So, I’ll let Jeff talk about exercise a little bit. And then I’ll come back and talk about some other lifestyle things that, while they may be self-evident, it’s worth saying them because they do matter.

Jeffrey – Well, Clayten’s found the rebounder in his research is a good way to exercise the body. And I do all sorts of other different kinds of things. I find that it’s helping me tremendously in this journey of evolution, of change and growth, because it works out through our body. And there’s tension that we hold in different parts of our body moving it in lots of different ways whether you’re running or cycling or kickboxing or lifting weights or whatever it is you do. There are ways that you’re moving things through your body and you’re releasing it from your body and you’re assisting your systems such as your lymph systems. For instance, to move by–products out of the system once healings have occurred so highly recommend that at night so that is something to experiment with. I tend to do something pretty low intensity, I don’t lift a lot of heavy weights at night but might take a walk up the hill and maybe do some light bouncing on the rebounder as Clayten’s talked about.  Something that gets the lymph moving, warms up your body just a little bit before you go to sleep.

Lee – Okay, we have a question that’s come up from Judith. She’s inquiring about mixing two different energies in the bed speaking husband and wife, whether they’re two different energy levels and whether they might be throwing off sleep. And whether you have any comments on that.

Clayten – I can talk about the practical energy level of somebody snoring, so earplugs are a good idea. And coming back to the mattress, one of the things that I didn’t mention was that if you can get a mattress where one person moves, the other person doesn’t move, whatever mattress you have that is always helpful.  The Essentia is like that. So that’s kind of a practical thing if you’re conscious enough to spend a few minutes with your partner before going to bed and connecting in some way then that will unify your energy. I’ve heard and maybe we’ve all heard it’s not good to go to bed with an unresolved issue between people so that would be a very practical thing that if you can do it, I do know a couple that made a commitment to not come into the house if they were in a bad mood. So, I know that my friend has spent a few nights walking around the block a lot so that’s another practical thing. It‘s a really high bar hold but if you’re not at peace with each other when you go to bed, you’re less likely to be at peace with your own body and be able to sleep.

Lee – There is also another question about some clarification in terms of fatty acids Jeff and the magnesium what kind of fatty acids, in particular, are we referring to?

Jeffrey – Clayten you’ve actually done quite a bit of research on that; I’ll just speak on the magnesium for a quick second – it’s finding something that you absorb well. It can be a bit of a difficult search if you have access to kinesiology or even a pendulum you can do some testing to see what might work for you.   You can hold a product in the store and see if you kind of naturally moves towards it or naturally moves away from it.  (35:00) The other way to tell is when you are taking magnesium how does it work with your bowels? Does it stay in the system or is it leaving the system quickly so you want magnesium that you can take a fair amount of and you don’t feel any effect that way. But what about essential fatty acids Clayten?

Clayten – We have Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s so the reason that threes are recommended more for the combination of magnesium as Jeff said with fatty acids within 30 minutes there’s a synergy that happens to nurture the myelin sheath that doesn’t happen if you take them together. Typically people are most deficient in the omega 3’s so if you’re going to supplement you want probably want to look at Omega 3’s most people are getting lots of sixes and nines throughout the day from you know, salad dressing and different things like that. So typically the one to take are the Omega 3’s so fish oils are a great source of that and I’m not sure about the vegetarian options for that.

Lee – You just mentioned the myelin sheath and I have an understanding that this is part of the nervous system, is that correct?

Clayten – The myelin sheath is the coating on the nervous system. And that’s the critical factor in humanity actually becoming enlightened is the body. There are so few people enlightened in the history of humanity. And this is mostly from Dr. David Hawkins research that our bodies can’t handle those levels of consciousness and the energy associated with them and still function well. And so, what will happen is that when a person like David Hawkins or Eckart Tolle, when they have an experience where their consciousness raises very quickly, they’ll oftentimes spend years just doing not much of anything.  I think Eckart Tolle talked about spending three years on the bench in a park just talking to people when they came by and then his body was adapted to hold whatever levels he’s holding. And Dr. Hawkins I think had seven years of it, he kind of called it non-functioning and in the dialogues that I’ve had with people the essential fatty acids and magnesium become more important as your consciousness gets higher. We haven’t talked about the Map of Consciousness, but we use that a lot as a reference it’s a Map that Dr. David Hawkins created. It’s based upon kinesiology, which is the measurement he’s based it on, and it goes from one to infinity. You can look that up in the book Power vs Force which is his first book, and the levels one to 1000 is the human domain. We’re not going to talk much about that tonight. But that’s a great resource to talk about consciousness and how we evolve.

Lee – Okay, and there is one more that is back to the squid bath. There’s a question about whether ginger tea is as effective as in the bathtub.

Clayten – Well, again, you have to do what works for you. And most things require experimentation, I personally haven’t found that to be as effective. And I vary the amount of ginger, you know, I kind of have a system where I put about a heaping tablespoon in my bath. And that’s what I need to calm myself down. I just haven’t found ginger tea to be quite as effective.  And again, watch yourself as you get out of a ginger bath because it makes the blood go to the extremities of the body. And you can get a little light headed. So, I kind of get one leg over the edge of the tub, sit on the tub and kind of dry myself off there. And just make sure that when I’m going to get up that I’m going to be able to stay up. Any other questions Lee or should we go on with some more sleep tips?

Lee –  This is back to you, Jeff, this is from Chris, in terms of talking about the bowels, how does the energy affect the bowels and also magnesium. Perhaps the question is how the magnesium and the energy were affecting the bowels.

Jeffrey – Well back to the Programs. (40:00) So, as you know, we’re infusing into the environment, the information and vibration of these different Programs. And one of those that we have is a GI Tract Optimization Program. The GI tract is so important for our health and for our mood and our consciousness. The way Clayten and I have gone about this is that as we were so focused on   consciousness and raising consciousness, we realized that many of the critical factors or restraints are health and that we need to have a healthy body and be able to live in the world and feel good.  So, we have Health Programs that are assisting the Innate Intelligence of the body to optimize.  So, there is a GI Tract Optimization program in the FLFE environment. And that is assisting the gut and the flora to be optimal for absorption for all sorts of functions. So that absorption factor interacts with magnesium. And one of the things that we do in the FLFE environment is we restructure water that we’re using for water and for the absorption of food. So, we’re asking the technology to assist the Innate Intelligence to absorb more. One of the things we discovered when we put a Water Program on for the first time is the amount of water that we needed to drink went down dramatically because we’re absorbing more water so that it wasn’t passing through us and the same is for magnesium.

I don’t know the question exactly about the energy of magnesium and the energy of FLFE, I just know that if magnesium is not an optimized type for your system, it’s going to pass through you even though we’re trying to absorb and we’re trying to increase the absorption, you really need to experiment with different types to see what you can tolerate.

Clayten – There are two companies I have found whose products are consistently highly absorbable, and one is called AOR – I think it’s a Canadian company because the head office is in Canada. And another one is called True Roots. Those are two brands that I find typically test high for people. I haven’t tested any of their products that don’t test well for humanity. They may not be the best, but they’ve tested well for everybody that has been on them.

Someone was asking earlier if the body produces less melatonin as you get older? And I know that it does, but I don’t have a number for you or an age, and I don’t have enough context and references to feel comfortable talking about it in detail. And one of the things that Jeff and I try to do is not get beyond our depth on things. So, in terms of health teachers, again, Jack Kruse is someone that I study, he’s very high in health. There’s another gentleman in Nelson named Dr. Michael Smith, who is a traditional Chinese doctor. And the thing about Jack is he has a large community and blogs and he’s got a book, but he’s got a lot of community around him and the ability to ask the community. And he is on forums where most other doctors that I found that have his level of understanding, don’t have the resources to be able to interact with them or their community. So that’s why I’m studying him right now.  And someone mentioned below that they were having a challenge when they want to on FLFE was that Megan? I just didn’t want to let that go.

Lee – Indeed there is a note from Megan, in regard to her experience on a Free Trial. And I am trying to multitask here by typing in that we’d be happy to connect with her about that experience.

Clayten – Yes, it’s interesting, Megan, and Lee will talk about this in detail with you, there is an adaptation period at the beginning where sometimes, and maybe I’ll let Jeff speak to this after I comment on it. (45:00) Our intent is to have things become progressively better from the first day you’re on the Service. And although that’s possible, I believe it’s possible, we don’t know that we can control that although we are doing what we can to influence it. And in the body’s healing process sometimes things can take two steps backward before you can take a step forward. So that may be what’s happening, we know there’s an adaptation period to anything when we start exercising, we oftentimes feel really sore for the first while. There’s typically a period when you’re making a positive change when we have to go back and kind of clean up some things to be able to move forward. If you’re not having a good experience, please call our office, our team is great with helping you walk through some of the steps and we can look into it a little bit deeper.  We can talk one on one.

Jeffrey – We’re always available to help and we’d love to talk to you if there’s something that comes up like this. And I did see on the notes that you hadn’t been drinking extra water. So that is definitely something everyone should do. And in regard to getting sick, we just haven’t seen that, and we are also supporting the immune system in the body. So, in supporting the immune system, there are certain benefits to getting a cold, it may be that the cold will never leave humanity because we need to have it because it strengthens the immune system in important ways. So, we as far as our immune support, we know it’s there, it helps people to recover more quickly from things that they can catch and so it may be beneficial to catch something.

Clayten – Yes one of the interesting things that emerged in our research, we were testing if it was the Highest and Best interest for us to request that people never get colds. And we definitely got a No. And as we looked into that, we saw that colds were an important step in the body adapting to the constantly changing environment around us, there are viruses and bacteria that are also evolving, and humans evolve with them. And we build our immunity to those by being exposed to them. And even though that’s true, I don’t want to get very sick. I don’t mind having a bit of a fever or some discomfort. But there is a positive aspect to being exposed to different viruses and bacteria that strengthen our system. And it just seems to be the way it is here on planet Earth.

Jeffrey – Well, as Elizabeth mentioned in the notes here, as we go on FLFE and we’re in this high consciousness environment, one of the things that it does, is support us to change the habits that we want to change whether it’s cutting out sugar, coffee, or whatever it is that you want to change. And so that that process of change is not always comfortable. But the willpower seems to be more available to us and more effective in a high consciousness field, so it’s one of the benefits of being in the FLFE environment if you feel this rise in willpower to change and that’s not always comfortable. But it’s beneficial providing that’s the direction we want to go.

Clayten – Yes, we talked a lot about water. And it just seems to be so important because in a high consciousness field, the metabolic processes of the body increase. And so, you do need water to flush those out. Otherwise, you’ll often feel more tired. And I kind of feel like if I get dehydrated, it feels like I’m walking through molasses, that’s what my mother used to say. But it’s like you’re walking through a pool, you know us every step is harder, and you kind of drag your body around. So, my first default is always to go to more water.

Jeffrey – Because the benefits there are incredible. I mean, with that added metabolism.(50:00) And with that healing that’s happening, using the energy to do healing projects that we may have had on hold for decades, and we can really make a lot of progress in becoming healthy and living our life the way we want to live it. We know that the high consciousness field gives us the ability to manifest; to create the life that we want and having a strong and healthy body is an important part of that.

Lee – Gentlemen, there is a request for the name of the two companies that you just referenced in regard to magnesium.

Clayten – Yes, True Roots and AOR, those are really highly consistent products. And we don’t get any benefit from any of the products we’re referencing tonight although these are all good companies we’re talking about.

Also, for sleep, some people do grind their teeth at night and mouth guards are obviously helpful for that. I haven’t done research on companies to suggest so I’ll just leave that with you. And these are obvious things that if you’re grinding your teeth, you probably know this. But it’s worth saying anyway if you wake up and the sides of your jaws are sore that means you’re probably grinding and that will affect your sleep.

Also, sleep apnea is a big issue in today’s society. And that typically will change with weight loss and sometimes significantly with weight loss so that’s worth looking into. If you feel like you’re overweight, and there’s something missing, you can go to a sleep clinic and get yourself tested. Sleep clinics are great resources. And of course, go to your doctor and talk to them about your sleep, there are oftentimes tests they can do. One of them is to test your hormone levels that might be affecting your sleep. And that’s a quite a large subject but it’s just worth saying because we’re talking about different options.

You can read peace inducing material before you go to bed. It’s best if you stop eating by seven o’clock because the body needs time to digest your food before you sleep. And if you eat just before you go to bed, and I’ve done this enough times to know that I oftentimes will feel like I have a bowling ball in my stomach when I’m going to bed, and I just don’t sleep the same.

You can reduce the stimulation in the evenings for a period of time before you get to bed, watching TV, watching a movie, texting, checking your emails, give yourself some time to transition into sleep. This is all really basic stuff. I lived in a house once that had a ley line running right through it. And it was my first experience of living in a house with ley lines. And somebody told me I had it in my house, and they told me where it ran through my house, it ran through one corner of our bedroom. And interestingly enough, we had shifted everything in our room over to the other side of the room. And so, if you can find someone to test this you can go up the ley line, and put clear quartz crystals on the ley line to direct it around the house. So that’s pretty extreme, but I think it’s worth mentioning because it does happen. Now we have Programs for geopathic stress zones on FLFE. So, we’re compensating for most of that. And it’s just worth checking that if you don’t feel comfortable when you are in a part of your room, you may feel more comfortable in another.

Some people find that they need an air purifier in their room because they have carpet and there’s dust underneath the carpet that they’re sensitive to. So that’s a possibility. I don’t know how to test for that. But it’s on my list. There’s a process called rhythmic breathing that will help you calm down. So rhythmic breathing is where you might breathe in for, say, nine seconds. really slowly, you hold your breath for nine seconds. And then you’ll exhale for nine seconds. So, if you’re feeling a bit restless, as you’re going to bed, you may want to try rhythmic breathing to help you calm down.

(55:00) Of course, any type of meditation you can do to calm the mind is helpful. And there is a yoga pose called the abdominal lift. And if you go on YouTube and look up the abdominal lift or go on the internet and Google a video to find somebody to teach you the abdominal lift exercise, that is something that I found very helpful to really shift my state. There are probably other yoga techniques that I’m not familiar with so I would encourage you when you’re doing your search to look for those because there’s a lot of depth in that in that that school of teaching.

There are many schools of yoga of course, and if you’re looking into going to your doctor to have help with sleep, you can look at Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. I’ve had some good results with acupressure and acupuncture.

The last thing I have on my list is a little sleep cocktail that I put together for myself so many of us have heard about melatonin to help people sleep. 5–HTP is another substance that will help people sleep and Gaba is another one so I’m about 200 pounds I take 250 milligrams of 5-HTP, 250 milligrams of GABA and four drops of stevia. Depending on the product I take one or two 250 milligram tablets of melatonin if I’m feeling amped up. If I think I’m going to have a problem sleeping I will use this. I have overused it at times, and it diminishes its effectiveness, so I’ll go off for a few weeks. Still, I would look at finding a sleep cocktail to help you to make the transition into relaxing and falling asleep. Obviously, you’ve got pharmaceutical options and that’s where your doctor would come in. And you know there’s so much research on the internet. I think we’ve covered the main ones here but by no means, is this the definitive guide, but it will give you a place to start in your exploration of better sleep.

Jeffrey – Clayten could you take a look at Chris’s questions there and I’m going to address Matthew’s related to a geopathic stress which you mentioned and I just want to say if you, if you’re in a place that you think has geopathic stress and you don’t feel that FLFE is working for you, let us know. We’re discovering more and more different kinds of geopathic stress. We think we have most of it covered now but we are continually adding to the Program. But geopathic stress is moving water, moving electricity and sometimes just geological structures which creates a chaotic energy zone that’s low consciousness and sucks the life force out of us. With FLFE we’ve been able to clear that up and sort of push it aside if it’s created by an electrical charge or if it is water, we’ll charge the water moving into the place because moving water can carry your energy away and that’s why it is low consciousness. So, we found we were able with our Programs to add energy to the water before it enters the property so that it’s carrying more energy and then it’s taking away those geopathic stresses that will cause sleep issues and just make you feel bad in general and unhealthy.

Smart meters are another thing that people are concerned about and rightly so.  FLFE does some amount of harmonization of that energy and at this point, we still recommend an object and there’s a company called EMF Blues emfblues.com. (1:00:00) And they have some very good products that work well with the FLFE field so that’s another resource. There was a woman recently that I was speaking with and she had a whole bank of smart meters on the other side of her bedroom wall. So even though she felt much better, and the level of consciousness went up, from below 200 in that bedroom up into the to the 500 zone, it wasn’t all the way to 560 that we would expect. So it would help her to get an object and that would help take it the rest of the way. We don’t offer that, although we may in the future.

But being in a high consciousness field whether it’s an FLFE Mobile does mitigate the environment and creates a high consciousness field. Otherwise in a geopathic stress zone, or even a low consciousness environment, from the history would tend to take your life force away or just take energy from you. And it takes more energy to maintain yourself so being in that high consciousness field gives you energy in that way, too.

Clayten – Yes, we typically look for at least three data points before Jeff and I will start talking about the results of our research so it’s not that we don’t want to state that FLFE will compensate for X amount of geopathic stress it’s just that we typically are pretty conservative when we start making claims. So, we’re still looking for ways to test that in a manner that we feel comfortable sharing.

And in regard to Chris, I’m not sure how to answer this Chris, other than a high consciousness field is a balancing influence. And so, it might be interesting over time to continue to check yourself and do whatever tests you can do. We love to see data like in terms of hair analysis, or anything you can do to test your metabolism, as you’ve said. I don’t have the research to share with you that I would feel comfortable, really getting into metabolism, it’s a little bit out of my depth. Again, I like doctors that have large communities of people who want to get super healthy, because the forums are often very supportive in terms of going on and assisting you in finding where information is on that topic on the forum. And people often compare different teachings. So that’s why I’m big on those because you have to take responsibility for it yourself. And people will ask you sometimes to do more research if you go on and start asking questions right away. But I found that to be very helpful. I would suggest, again, finding a good doctor that has a community around them, who is very healthy themselves, if I’m going to go to a doctor, I want them to be healthier than I am. So, that would be one of my requirements for a doctor.

Someone asked about what direction it is best to have your head at night, typically, the standard is facing north. And again, I’ve heard some teachings talk about if you’re living in Australia, that you would face your head south. So, this is a big world the internet’s global, I would say, you’d have to experiment with it, and see what happens.

Another piece that I just realized I didn’t mention before is something called sleep hygiene. There’s a concept called sleep hygiene if you Google that. And one of the topics they talk about in sleep hygiene is getting up the same time every morning. And I think that would probably help with that prolactin cycle we talked about earlier where the body gets used to producing cortisol to help you wake up and it creates a routine in the body that helps it regulate. I haven’t done a lot of personal experimenting with that so I don’t feel what I want to go into more depth with it, but I would Google or search sleep hygiene and you’ll find some resources there.

Lee – We don’t have any more questions at this time, but I would just really like to say thank you to the participants for being so supportive of each other. (1:05:00) At the same time, as we’ve been having this conversation, there have been some beautiful comments and support between participants. I have heard some people speak of tingling in the body. And I’m assuming here, please correct me that that is perhaps back to the myelin sheath, and the nervous system itself, is there anything more you’d want to say to that?

Clayten – Depending on your level of consciousness, you may also notice a warmth with the tingling, so when your consciousness is going up quickly, there’s your level of consciousness (LOC) and you’re integrated level of consciousness or ILOC. And when that gap is quite large, the nervous system is trying to hold that energy but it’s not holding it. And as a result of that, there’s a warmth that develops in the nerves, it feels like a mild sunburn. So it is possible that you may experience that.  Again, if any of this is really disconcerting for you do go to your doctor, but this is a classic symptom, and those of you who are students of Paramahansa Yogananda, I recall him talking about how they would put people in ice baths when they got really hot because they were going through an evolutionary period. Their bodies were “burning” they called it and my perception of that in my research with kinesiology helping people raise their consciousness is that they would be going through a very rapid evolutionary step and their bodies just can’t handle all the energy. Jeff knows more about this than I do because he works with mechanical things more often but when a wire can’t handle all the energy going through it gets hot and then it affects the insulation which is the myelin sheath right and so that’s like what it is in our bodies.

Jeffrey – And that’s where again the magnesium and the Omega 3’s come in because you’re actually building the insulation on the wire so that it can handle the heat. When you feel that that, you definitely want to be taking magnesium and essential fatty acid especially the 3’s. In the FLFE field and if you’re spending a minimum of eight hours in the FLFE field in 90 days, the average customer is going up 10 points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. Keep in mind each point upwards on the Hawkins Map is 10 times more energy available. So, we’re talking 10 to the 10th power, more energy in 90 days. So, if you’re in the field, 12 hours or more, the average is 11 points up and then if you’re in the field, 24 hours, if you have a Mobile Object, it would be 12 points which again, is 10 times more than 11 points. So that’s the latest research on what’s happening for people. So, we are rising in consciousness and so these things are happening with the tingling and burning and so forth. Anything else before we close it down?

Clayten – Yes Matthew made a really good comment about dowsing and if your house doesn’t feel comfortable after FLFE if it doesn’t feel great, I like Matthews’ suggestion that they went out and got some dowsing done. They had a house that had really strong geopathic stress influence, and they were able to modify it a certain bit, but there are many lost arts like dowsing that we can use to check things out and some of us have a natural ability for it. Water dowsing is a long-revered tradition. In the past when you needed to dig a well by hand, you want to know there’s water down there, even if by machine it gets expensive, but use the resources you have to create the best home environment that’s possible. As we get more information, I think what we’ll do is assemble this into some kind of a resource on the website, Jeff, within the next couple of weeks. As we get more information, we’ll share it with you, and we can have another upgrade to the Sleep Program. (1:10:00) We just have to do some more homework on how we’re going to implement that. So, we just keep cycling around to these things. And when we find ways to improve the way we look at all of our Programs and go back and see if we can upgrade things that are really essential like increasing the ability of water to hydrate, increasing the viability of bioavailability of food once it touches your saliva, and increasing your sleep. Those are some of the cornerstones.

Jeffrey – Great well, thank you, everyone, for joining us on this and, as Lee said, for the great feedback and support for each other. We really appreciate hearing from you and talking to you. So, this is Jeff Stegman signing out.

Clayten – And Clayten Steadmann signing out and thanks to Lee.