Grow Your Nervous System to Grow Your Consciousness 

March 13, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello everyone. Welcome to the FLFE webinar, Grow your Nervous System to Grow your Consciousness. We’re going to talk in more depth about our nervous systems and how they support our level of consciousness. And we have some interesting numbers for you. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – So, Clayten, you’re going to talk a little bit about the importance of rising in conscious; why does that matter?

Clayten – Yes, and a reminder to those of you who’d like to ask questions, please put them in the Q&A as opposed to the chat because we can only check them in one place.

So, the importance of rising consciousness why is it important? Well, it’s important for a number of reasons. We believe it’s the most important thing in our quality life. As individuals, higher levels of consciousness are associated with more peace, more love for ourselves and others. And there’s also another factor called the compensation factor. Now in the back of Dr. Hawkins book, Power vs Force on page 282, there’s a chart that correlates levels of consciousness with the number of people that someone compensates for on a high level so that’s the reference we’re using.

One person at 575 and we will be talking about that level in particular tonight compensates for 6.8 million people below 200.  One person at 580 compensates for 7 million people below 200 and one person at 590 compensates for 7.5 million. One person at 500 compensates for 750 thousand. At 550 you can see how it starts to really jump up from there one person at 600 counterbalances for 10 million people below 200. So that is another reason to want to raise our consciousness because we can help the world, and this is going to be the focus of our webinar tonight. It is about not only the benefit of raising our own consciousness but how it helps the planet. We talked a lot about that in our last webinar where we went back 3000 years and discussed the effect that the recent changes have had, perhaps in our own lives, because the world is changing quickly. And what a significant time we’re in relating to the growth of consciousness on the planet!

So, when we are talking about consciousness, tonight, we’re going to emphasize the nervous system, as Jeff said earlier, so when your level of consciousness rises, eventually, the importance of the nervous system becomes more significant. So, we’ve done a lot of research over several years. And we’ve noticed that there’s something called the critical factor that becomes more oriented towards the nervous system when we reach a certain level of consciousness. We’ve done millions and millions of calibrations. And we’ve been playing with this for about five years, experimenting with doses of EFAs essential fatty acids and magnesium, which we’re going to talk about in more detail. And you can ask questions about this later. But the place where the tipping point is in the nervous system becoming the critical factor in raising our consciousness for over 50% of the population, if a person gets to 575 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, that’s when over 50% of the people at that level, according to our research, their nervous system becomes the major issue in raising their consciousness. It’s not necessarily their perception or their belief system at that level, it becomes the nervous system for over 50%, so we can go into that later. But I want to turn it back over to Jeff and talk about how to optimize the nervous system.

Jeffrey – It’s a fascinating thing that our nervous system, really the quality of it, the quality of the energy that it can carry, and also the quantity of energy that it can carry. (5:00) Energy, consciousness, or light are all different ways to say it. But what our research is showing, is that we bump up against that carrying capacity of our nervous systems. So, it’s interesting, some people are born with an optimized nervous system, they’re sort of born ready to go, they’re ready to rise in consciousness. And it’s been fairly rare, what we see is that 1% of people born before 1986, sort of 1986 and earlier, 1% have an optimized nervous system.

Now, of course, how many of that 1% are focusing on raising their consciousness, probably a pretty small number. And it’s interesting though, after 1986, like 1987, and beyond, 5% of people have an optimized nervous system. And as you might remember, from our last seminar, 1987 is when the earth went over 200. So, the average level of consciousness of the earth the first time averaged over 200. So that was a major point in our history. And correspondingly, all of a sudden, 5% of people born from that time on have an optimized nervous system.

So, what we’ve discovered with Magnesium, Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 3 mix is that we can optimize our nervous system in about 90 days with these supplements.  So that’s a bit of a breakthrough. I mean, before we basically dealt with what we were born with, right? So now, if we take Magnesium, EFAs and Omega 3’s within 30 minutes of each other, and what we’re using as our starting point is 4000 milligrams of Omega 3’s and 1000 milligrams of Magnesium per day. Now, we can work our way up to higher amounts, I’m actually taking around 6000 milligrams of Magnesium a day, and then the corresponding numbers of Omega 3’s.  So Clayten do you want to talk for a minute about what type of Magnesium? We’ve talked about this in some other seminars, but people ask about this a lot and also about absorbability which is such an important factor.

Clayten – So in general, Magnesium Threonate is the most absorbable form of Magnesium. And we haven’t talked about that, as much as emphasizing testing the particular manufacturer of Magnesium that we’re buying it from. So even though the type may be the most absorbable Magnesium Threonate if we’re not getting it from a manufacturer, or a source that works with your body, then it’s not going to be the most absorbable. For example, I take Magnesium Glycinate from a company called New Roots, Nutrition, we’re not affiliated with them in any way. But they have a high standard of production, if you will, of manufacturing standards. And generally, their Magnesium, and we calibrate things on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So, for example, we would calibrate the level of appropriateness of the Magnesium Glycinate from New Roots Nutrition, and it would be over 600 for all of humanity.  There’s another company called AOR that has another high standard about the same. So, it’s not that we don’t recommend Magnesium Threonate it’s just finding a source that is good. And I haven’t found a source of that that is consistently high, and I haven’t done a lot of research on that. We can post some ideas afterward on our Facebook page if we find another source. So, you can look at the two manufacturers that I mentioned. And if we find anything else, we’ll post it on our Facebook page for the community there, we just want to emphasize that it’s not the most absorbable in theory, it’s the most absorbable in reality in terms of the source, the manufacturer. So, we need to test it for ourselves. The test that we do is to hold the product in front of us and make the inquiry, “the food inside of this capsule is beneficial for my body.”  And then our body will move towards it if we’re a good tester or move away from it. So, you can test some foods that you know are good for you and see what your response is and test some foods that you know are poor for your digestion. (10:00) And then from there, you can become more sophisticated and start to scale it. So that’s how we do our testing.

Again, with EFA’s you typically want to go to an Omega 3 source if you’re not vegan, that is as low down on the food chain as possible. So, Krill Oil is often times one that people are recommending.  I use Salmon Oil typically, a wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. If you’re a vegan then you can go to Flax Oil or use ground Flax just as well.

We also want to talk about other people that are doing research with supplementation and finding the benefits are really quite significant to strengthen the nervous system without the focus on consciousness. And we’re not saying it doesn’t help with consciousness. But there’s a gentleman named Charles Poliquin, and I have a client in my coaching practice when I started sharing the EFA/Magnesium combination who tried it right away and found a significant increase in his strength gains, in his ability to lift massive amounts of weight. And he found that Charles Poliquin, who I just mentioned, has a website called Strength Sensei. His protocol was quite common to ours. But with even more EFA’s because it was helping his athletes become stronger and more adaptable in their training. So, it’s interesting when I do research and find other people that are getting a similar answer, but with a different focus. So, our focus isn’t on strength training or weight lifting, or athleticism it’s more on the nervous system and consciousness. But there is a correlation in Charles Poliquin’s experience, and he’s been doing this for decades. He’s trained over 800 I think, Olympic athletes, I would have to look at his website again, but he’s a well-known trainer, and well respected in the field, he’s been doing it for decades. And we thought you might want to look at his website and do the research for yourself. And if you’re into strength training, or you have an athletic focus, just see what happens when you try these protocols.

Jeffrey – So again, what we’re recommending is a four to one ratio to start with, four times the Omegas to the Magnesium. So again, we were saying 1000 milligrams of Magnesium to 4000 Milligram of Omegas. And then another way to do that is to find a Magnesium that works for you, and then go up to your maximum. When you start to get a loose stool back off a little bit and then do four times as many of Omegas. So that’s a way to get as high as you can.

And then we found that over time that we went to 7 to 1, and then 10 to 1. So, more Omega is for the Magnesium. And that really seemed to help with trying to push the Magnesium level too far. So, it does seem to want to start at that 4 to 1 level where if you haven’t been on a protocol like this, it seems to be the place to start.

So, we have some interesting numbers for you. This is relating to consciousness in the world because we talked about these levels and the compensation factors. And it’s interesting to look at, well, how many people are there at these levels? So, we just run a few numbers that we can talk about. And these are some calibrations from today, and it’s looking over the previous 90 days. Do you want to go through some of this Clayten?

Clayten – We thought we would share these with you as a point of interest. I mean, most of the subscribers that we have, are focused on raising consciousness, although some have a big health focus as well, of course, they’re connected. And when we talk about these numbers, then we can really talk about after that the number of points that the average person will go up as they optimize their nervous system in different environments. And so, as Jeff said, on average, over the previous 90 days, from 9 am this morning, the average level of consciousness on the planet, the average person is 209, and the earth is at 226, just as it was the last time, we did our webinar so that hasn’t changed. The average FLFE subscriber is 488, on the Map of Consciousness, (15:00) the percentage of people on the planet that are over 500 is 5%, the percentage of people that over 550 is .5%, the percentage of people that are over 575 is .03 percent, or three out of 1000. And we calibrated the number of people that are over 600 and that’s 250,000 on average, over the previous 90 days. Now, if you calibrate that differently, and sit and make the inquiry, the number of people that are over 600, on average, over the previous 90 days, and can sustain that level 98% of the time or more, which we call the integrated level of consciousness. And that’s a pretty high grade, but just to give you an idea, only nine people of those 250,000 can sustain the level of 600 98% of the time or more. So that’s really when the optimization of the nervous system becomes a bigger influence. Because for over 50% of people at 575, the nervous system is the critical factor. So, the critical factor is where you can put the least amount of effort in and get the most amount of gain. And so, as you get closer to 600, or you’re over 600, for these various periods of time, then it really is more and more the nervous system that becomes the critical factor. Because there are so few people that have achieved those levels of consciousness in history, so the body hasn’t adapted. So that’s why we’re excited to share this information. And we’ve done a lot of research over the last probably four years on this. And we finally kind of cracked the code, we believe in helping people optimize that part of their body, so they can go up higher.

So, the number of people on the planet that are over 700 over the previous 90 days, there’s 15 and if we look at the number of people that are over 700 98% of the time, it’s about four. So, you can see again, how the numbers become quite small at those levels.  Do you want to pick up the next one, Jeff, and start to talk about some of the numbers and I can chip in a little bit?

Jeffrey – Sure. Sounds great. Yes, we looked at what’s the effect of this protocol of this recommended Magnesium/ EFA  protocol this 4000 to 1000. We did the calibrations today. And, we’re looking at, first of all, what’s the base level? So, the rise in consciousness, on average, on the planet over a lifetime is six points in a lifetime, and that that includes some people go up, some people go down, some people go up and down. But over a lifetime, the average is 6 points. And when Dr. Hawkins wrote his book, it was 5 points. So that’s a point difference and that’s substantial as 6 measures 10 times more energy available.

So, there are countries that measure in consciousness on a range on a scale and, and, if you’re in a high country, you’re supported in a higher environment. So, in a country that’s over 200, the average in a lifetime is 12 points. And in countries over 400 these are countries that average over 400 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, people there, on average, go up 16 points in a lifetime. So that’s just a little bit of basis, it’ll give you a little sort of baseline here.

Clayten – So if you if you’re interested in knowing the level of consciousness of your country, this reference is maybe a decade old, but it’s still relevant.  In Truth vs Falsehood on page 274 you’ll see a map that shows the level of consciousness of different parts of the world. So that’ll give a sense of where your country calibrates at. That was some something that a person asked in our last webinar, and I just said was in the book, we thought we at least give you a page number, so you don’t have to spend too much time searching.

(20:00) Jeffrey – So talking a little bit more, the next step is looking at different levels of consciousness. And what’s the effect of this protocol? People took 1000/4000 within 30 minutes. So, looking at, if the person averages hundred points, they’re the low average level of consciousness, 100 points on Hawkins Map, they would go up two points with this protocol. So, if you look at all the people that are nutrified, to that level, with these two components, there’s a 2 point rise in consciousness. So when someone is in the FLFE field for eight hours a day without the protocol then they would go up 6 points in 90 days.

Now, when you add the protocol in then the rise is 10 points. So that’s really interesting that a person who’s in the FLFE field taking the Magnesium and Omega 3’s are nutrified to that extent, they grew 4 more points in 90 days. So each point is, again, 10 times higher vibration, 10 times more energy available, 10 times more power to create the life that we want to create. So, at 150, we’re going to look at different levels of consciousness, and what’s the effect in these different categories. So, at 150, it’s up 3 points, on the average on the planet, if you’re nutrified in this way, 11 points if you’re on FLFE with the protocol, and 6 points if you’re on FLFE without the protocol. And then those numbers don’t change, it stays right about the same 3 points, 11.6 points, really 200, 250, 300, we calibrate it all the way through there until you get to 550.

So then at 550 on average on the planet, you would go up 4 points if you’re nutrified in this way. And that’s a big jump in a short amount of time. Now, if you’re an FLFE Subscriber, and you’re doing the protocol, it would be 12 points, rising 12 points in a relatively short amount of time. And without the Magnesium/Omega combination, it would be 8 points. So, if you are at 575, it would be 5 points in the world at large, 13 points rise with FLFE and the protocol and 9 points with just FLFE without the protocol. So that’s a pretty interesting rise. I mean, we’re seeing a fairly big jump in consciousness from nutrifying of our nervous system, increasing the carrying capacity of our nervous system. So, it seems that as humans,  we’re ready to go, ready to move, even without a high consciousness field now around us, just in the average in the world there’s a jump, it’s ready again, that’s ready to happen if we just take care of our nervous system.

Clayten – Yes. And we used the 8 hours a day as a control in this kind of analysis. In the past, we’ve done 12 hours and 24 hours, how many points did it go up?  We didn’t want to spend too much time talking about numbers. When we’ve done that in the past, we’ve talked about overall gains without the protocol. So, if you listen to a webinar today and listen to one of the past, the numbers might be slightly different, because the control of time was different. We just wanted to keep it standardized and not do multiple versions of the same data, because that would take up all the time and we wouldn’t have any time for questions.

Jeff talked about the ratios changing from 4 to 7 to 10 to 1. So, if you were looking at a standard approach you could go maybe after a month, you could go 7 to 1 Magnesium to Omega 3’s and then maybe 10 to 1 after three months. And then once your nervous system is optimized, then you can start to back off on the quantity depending on how much you’re taking. (25:00) So, for example, Jeff, you mentioned you’re taking 6000 milligrams of Magnesium and it must be a really good Magnesium not to be having diarrhea, you’re probably taking 24, 26,000 milligrams of Omegas. So, we’ve been up to the highest 40,000 a day to experiment with how optimized our nervous system will become. Now EFAs and Magnesium are pretty safe, the only thing is the expense. So, you may want to find an EFA Omega 3 that is relatively inexpensive, and that’s part of your own journey as well. You have to test if it’s positive, and how positive it is and then find the best value for your dollar.

Jeffrey – Yes. So, the interesting good news here is the rising consciousness of the planet in just the past year particularly, but also rising above 200 in 1987 and then the corresponding percentage of people that have optimized nervous systems rising to 5% it’s really good news that we’re seeing a rise in potential in humanity and that humanity is ready to run and the addition of nutrients like this can make a big difference.

Clayten – Yes and once our nervous system is optimized, it bodes well for our future because we’re all connected and as one person goes up in consciousness it helps all of us. And again when we’re looking to present information like this we just thought a 90 day control would be a good place to start and once we’re optimized with our nervous system because I’ve been experimenting with this for about 4 years I find my nervous system maintains a peak state and about 7000 milligrams of EFA’s a day at about 500 – 750 milligrams of Magnesium so that’s just to give you a sense of once you’re at that you can cut back on your dose and you just have to find a way to measure your own carrying capacity.

Jeffrey – Well I think we can move into some questions now. So, let’s see Elizabeth Towers is saying, “I want to present the idea that zapping water at its source – brooks, streams, rivers, and lakes is to give a trickledown effect to all animals, humans, and plants that this water comes in contact with.” That’s an interesting idea.

Clayten – Yes, she’s on the Facebook page and I was wondering Jeff if we should offer another PIF for the purpose of energizing the headwaters of all the major water sources on the planet so we can talk about that. I don’t think we want to make a commitment online. But maybe we could make a list of all the major rivers in the world, for example, the major lakes and then offer a PIF so people could put those water systems on and just check them off.

Jeffrey – Well actually people could do that right now. So to explain the PIF that’s our play it Pay it Forward with the Subscription, everyone gets an opportunity put on a perpetual property at 500 on the Hawkins Map. And so, you could use coordinates and do your own research and find the sources of rivers, springs, whatever you like. But as long as you enter those coordinates into the PIF, when you have that opportunity, then you would, in fact, be doing this. So that’s a possibility. Now, the PIF is something that happens when you first become a Subscriber. But we also are occasionally giving the opportunity for all Subscribers to do another PIF. So, you can watch for that in the future.

Clayten – It’s good to remind you to get out of our vernacular we talk like this so much that I just assume that people know that.  Henry made an excellent suggestion or reminder, he said,“ Reading the Hawkins material raises the average person by 28 points.” (30:00) I don’t recall that from the books. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s true. I think that’s an excellent reminder. If it is true, I wouldn’t doubt it. I’ve read Hawkins books, all except the one that was published after his death 12 times each. And I don’t recall that. But even now I still read his books. And I sometimes think Geez, I never heard that before and yet I’ve underlined it and even made notes in my own writing. So that happens with his work. That’s a great suggestion, Henry, we are big supporters of Hawkins work. And it wasn’t for lack of wanting to support his work that we didn’t mention it. I just wasn’t aware that was a number he had mentioned. And if you do have a book that you’ve seen that in and a page, I’d love to see that and then we can perhaps include that in our Facebook community, and perhaps on our website as well.

Jeffrey – So Elizabeth Towers talked a little bit about the water so I think we’ve covered that, and you can use that with your Pay it Forward subscription. Susan is asking, “What is meant by compensating higher people for lower on that scale compensates how I seem to be the world’s cosmic janitor is that what is meant by compensating?” Do you want to take this one Clayten?

Clayten – Yes so that would be a person at 500, for example, to compensate for 750,000 people below 200. Each level of consciousness has a certain number of microwatts of electricity associated with it. So, when we go up in consciousness, we have more energy flowing from our body. The way I interpret that, Susan is that we would bring that person up and we’d add an integrous energy to the world that would support that person to be at 200, not that the person would go to 200, but create a sense of integrity in the overall world. It’s similar to the teaching in some of the mystical traditions or philosophical traditions, that says something to the effect that the prayer you do today may stop someone else on the other side of the planet from hurting themselves or somebody else. So, we create general positive energy in the world for people to draw from. That’s how I would interpret that.

Jeffrey – Elizabeth asks, “An interested friend would like to know how this would enter his home. He personally thinks of it beaming into his home. He’s also concerned about someone not nice hacking your system and causing damage to areas receiving FLFE.  Would you please speak into these two questions as well? He’s a person that understands the benefit from FLFE.” Well, the FLFE system, the basic machine or the Genesis machine as we call it is concentrating, lifeforce energy chi, prana, in a certain part of the machine. Basically, input stacks are drawing energy in and output stacks create this high energy field, and then that becomes entangled or directly associated with the address. So, it’s not a beam, it’s a quantum entanglement or a creation of that field in another place instantly. And the reason we know it’s not about beam is it happens instantly, when we’ve done experiments with others, friends of ours who feel the energy and are sensitive, and we they could tell instantly when it went on and off even from thousands of miles away. So, I would say the best way to tell how positive or how the energy is for you is to have someone else to feel it. You can spend some time in it. Our bodies are extremely sensitive instruments, we have multiple ways of ensuring that the system does not get hacked, it is not causing damage to areas, we look at the level of consciousness of all the properties on a periodic basis. So, we know that the level is high, which means that the positive energy, the vibration is high, and would we expect it to be 560. So, I think that covers it unless you can think of something else there Clayten? (35:00)

Clayten – No I think you covered it well, we have multiple levels of redundancy to protect all of us, we’re on the service as well. If we notice anything that seems to be out, we pay attention to this very quickly.  The supplement company that I just googled to make sure it’s New Roots Nutrition. Sometimes I know I say that wrong. I’m not sure what I said earlier, but it is New Roots Nutrition.

Desmond asked – “What’s the difference between L-Threonate and L-Theanine?” I don’t know.

Jeffrey – And which is the one that’s the most absorbable?

Clayten – Threonate.

Jeffrey – So Susan says – “I currently take 400 milligrams of Glycinate Magnesium a day, which is my bowel tolerance, and I eat a type of yogurt and flax oil daily over one cup a week for almost a year. My nervous system is super fried from a Kundalini experience at age 29, and spiritual adrenal and nervous exhaustion caused by PTSD and running on adrenaline so many times when my cellular adrenaline is depleted.  How can I optimize a nervous system like this? I’m 100% here to create heaven on earth, by the way, that’s my life purpose.”

Clayten – Well, we would suggest Susan that you get 400 milligrams of Magnesium Glycinate to take four times that in essential fatty acids and even more and  stick with it over time, it may not happen in 90 days, we had to do an average. So, with your nervous system, if you had that Kundalini experience you know, it might take you 6 months for your nervous system to adapt. And I know that if I don’t take my EFA’s and Magnesium for a week, and my nervous system starts to become less optimized for lack of a better way of saying, I notice there’s a type of tension in my body. And so, a lot of this is really experimentation, there’s no place you can go and get yourself tested.  We don’t do individual testing ourselves, because we have thousands of customers in so many countries; we just couldn’t do it. So, it’s really for you to find a way to understand your body and how it works and experiment.

Jeffrey – Yes. It’s hard to tell from your message whether you’re measuring the flax oil, the Omega 3’s in the flax oil that you’re taking as Clayten said, you know, 4 or more times than 400 milligrams. The other thing you could think about is, is adrenal support, there are doctors or naturopaths or others to assist you with that and there are vitamins or supplements out there for adrenal support, as well.

Clayten – There is as an excellent book on adrenal support by Jim Wilson called Adrenal Fatigue. I would suggest that you have a look at that as I have really benefited from that book.

Jeffrey – Yes, so Susan that is hopefully helpful for you.

Clayten – Susan also says that she has had some side effects. We’ve never talked about FLFE being that type of wave, so I don’t know why she’s made that assumption. Susan asks, “Who can I talk to?” You can call the office Susan; our phone number is on our web site and you can talk to anybody here and they can help you with your personal situation to some degree anyway.

Jeffrey – Yes, the door is always open We’re open during normal business hours in Pacific Time Zone. So, we welcome your calls, you know, anything that’s up for you. One of the ways that has been important to us as we set this business up is to have phone numbers all over the website and have people available in the office to speak with you.

Clayten – Especially as you’re going through a change in consciousness. We thought about this when we set the business up, we wanted to make sure there were people in the office, we have 12 people in the office this week, and that number is growing (40:00) so that there are live people you can talk to who have experience with those going through these ascension processes. And when we are hiring people, we talk a lot about their spiritual background so that we know that they have their own experience with it, and they receive training to be able to help you in addition to their own experience.

Jeffrey – Alena is asking, “Are you aware of any treatments or FLFE effects for neuropathy and muscular dystrophy it seems to be related to the myelin sheath disorder.” We haven’t specifically done research on that although magnesium and essential fatty acids may be positive, that is something to check with your doctor about as there may be some research out there or may not it’s certainly worth investigating.

Clayten – Ashley asks,  “How did you calibrate the product C- 60.?” Actually, the same client who suggested Charles Poliquin to me owns a pretty large health company, and he was asking about C- 60, so we did some research on it. And the source that he shared with me was an integrous source, it seems to have some unusual healing properties. And again, it comes down to the supplier but it’s one of the ones that I tested that were integrous.

Jeffrey – Okay it looks like Elizabeth is going to use her local brook for her it Pay it Forward. And Hillary’s saying, “I just want to mention that you can get vegan essential fatty acids, which I recommend over fish, as the liver of fish is possibly not as desirable.” Yeah, certainly as a vegan, you may well want to have flaxseed oil, or, you know, there are other sources as well.

Clayten – Alina is saying that she followed a recommendation to take Omegas and Magnesium, but she noticed some Magnesium can cause diarrhea.  Yeah, absolutely. So, there are two things. It’s either not a good form of Magnesium or you can back off on the dosage as Jeff talked about earlier, you take the Omega’s and we suggest you take it three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that will help as well. And obviously, you just have to keep experimenting with it, try different brands and try different dosages.

So, I’m familiar with this next one, Jeff, it is about the Scio and I’ve done lots of research on alternative energy machines, so Cynthia asks, “Is the Scio personal treatment method an individual form of FLFE?” No, not at this point.

Jeffrey – Randall is saying, “I did a Pay it Forward and it seems the people there may be getting worse. Is this possible? Could they be irritated by FLFE?”  That is hard to say as there are many factors and at 500 the Pay it Forward level is relatively mild. There are no programs it’s at a level that can be activated anywhere in the world on anyone and have no negative effects. So I’m not sure. And sometimes situational things can happen coincidentally. But the PIF is really designed to be able to be put on anywhere. It’s just a loving feel. It’s just more energy available to the environment and that location.

Clayten – Part of the process of raising consciousness is that it does bring things to the surface to be healed. So even though it doesn’t cause irritation, when a rise in consciousness is happening, you do need to process out those restraints if you want to call them that. But a higher energy field does not cause irritation. Some people struggle when they’re going up in consciousness or they just struggle anyway. But that could be something to consider.

Jeffrey – Anonymous is asking, “Are you planning to add the nervous system enhancement protocols into the field?” So no, it’s really something that we need to take ourselves to support our body. (45:00)  I mean the FLFE field is a high consciousness environment which the body uses for healing. So, our body’s Innate Intelligence is doing the healing and we’ve discovered with this research that our nervous system is really looking to grow in its capacity. So, it’s really something that we need to take physically into our body. So, we are not able to put that into the field.

Clayten – If we can ever figure it out then we’ll do it. I just don’t know if that’s possible. It’s not that we don’t want to it’s just that the technology has limitations. And we talked about averages all the time. And some people have said, Well, I heard you guarantee a rise in consciousness being in the FLFE environment, and we have never guaranteed that it’s just based upon averages. We have free will, as a sovereign being. And we’ve talked in the past that we can be a grumpy, disagreeable, negative individual in the FLFE environment, we just have to work harder at it. So, there’s no guarantee.

Susan asks, “I seem to be sick because my role is a janitor. Can I turn this around?”  Yes, theoretically, you can turn it around and one of the things that  I recall from Hawkins work and Henry might comment on this if he is still listening. Was that the one question you could always ask is that what is the pay off my ego is getting from this challenge? So that’s a question I often ask myself so that may be something to reflect upon, Susan.

Jeffrey – Keith asked – “ Is entering the latitude-longitude in the center of the stream enough to activate the Pay it Forward subscription? What is the best way to get FLFE to identify the stream location?” The latitude and longitude locate a place on the earth and then the Pay it Forward subscription has a certain radius around that so it just creates a high consciousness field in that area so there wouldn’t be any additional identifying of the stream needed.

Clayten – Emily is asking, “Would you recommend other supplements that also help the nervous system that we can take along with Omega 3’s and Magnesium?” Well I take a multi every day I think anything we can do to strengthen our body is going help the nervous system but when it comes down to those higher levels of consciousness and the challenge that goes along with that on the body, I haven’t found anything close to EFA’s and Magnesium unless we’re sick if we’re sick and need medication then obviously taking that medication is going to be a bigger factor than EFA’s and Magnesium. If we have for example, a heart condition or high blood pressure or high cholesterol or something that we need to take medication for then that’s going to be more important for our general health for support. Of course the nervous system has an overall influence I’m not aware of anything else that helps the nervous system as much as the EFA’s and Magnesium.

Jeffrey – Brian asked  – Will bathing in Epsom salts help like pills? And yes, that’s a way to get Magnesium through the skin and there are also Magnesium oils that can be sprayed on the skin and it absorbs into the system that way. And then we avoid overloading the GI tract and I’ve done that in the past where I was trying to get a higher level Magnesium. I would go up to the limit with the oral supplements and then use topical Magnesium; and Epson salts are great way to get that as well.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking, “Can you provide input on ratios EFA’s Omega 3, 6 and 9.  From what I understand most get enough of the Omega 6’s from diet  converts to 9 so 9 isn’t essential from the diet so are we focused on 3’s here?” Yes, we are absolutely focused on 3’s I’m not sure about 6 converts to 9 but I know in my research and in my own experience that I get plenty of 6 and 9’s from my diet like salad dressing and things of that nature so we are focused on Omega 3s, definitely. (50:00) 

Jeffrey – Susan asked about the website and it is

Henry is saying, “I just have one book here Transcending the Levels of Consciousness and on the back cover it states reviewing Dr. Hawkins books – the level of his readers is advanced as a consequence of exposure to the information itself.”

Clayten – I have that book right in front of me here and I see what Henry is saying.  I am a student of Dr. Hawkins and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of students of Dr. Hawkins. I’ve read his books quite a lot and I’ve studied his material to help me raise my own consciousness and particularly to help me become a better kinesiologist.  I don’t claim to be the best student of Hawkins or to know his work as well as some people do.  There are people who have been studying him far longer and more intensely than I have.  I do have a lot of respect for Dr. Hawkins and his work and I’m personally glad to hear from people like Henry who are also students and I’m sure I could learn something from the other Hawkins students out there. I just want to be fair that I don’t claim to be something that I’m not. I’m not the best Hawkins student out there however I’m a pretty good kinesiologist as I have done lots of it but there are things in Hawkins work that I haven’t integrated into my life.

Holly asks, “Can you name some of the integrous sources of C-60?”  I can’t Holly I don’t recall them at this moment I’m sorry.

Jeffrey – Laura asked, “Have you calibrated when is the best time for prayer?” I don’t know if we have. Have you calibrated that Clayten?

Clayten – Well I have to a degree. There are certain teachings that suggest that you pray at 4:00 am in the morning because that’s the time when the veil between this realm and the other realms is the thinnest. I haven’t gotten up at four o’clock often enough to have personal experience with that. Probably the best time to pray is whenever you can do it or whatever works for your schedule. There are teachings out there that talk about different moon cycles so if you pray for an hour during this moon cycle that prayer is worth 1000 hours during other times. There’s some truth to some of that and in my experience, most of it is exaggerated. But I don’t have a comprehensive analysis of different concepts of prayer time or how powerful per moon cycle or whatever is going on in the world at a certain time. So, I don’t have much to offer there.

Jeffrey – Judith asks, “Do you have any advice for cardiac arrhythmia and high blood pressure?” Well, Judith, we don’t have any suggestions there. We don’t give medical advice. Thank you for asking though.

Clayten – Elizabeth asks,  “Do you need someone to answer questions from the States?” FLFE has me up and out of bed feeling better than I have in years so I’d love to be there for other people who have questions. I have a background in education, psychology, sociology, anthropology and, love paranormal.”  That’s sweet of her.

Jeffrey – Elizabeth may be on the Facebook page. And there are certainly some great supports that Facebook page members are giving the other Facebook page members, particularly new free trial people.

Clayten – Yes, if looking to contribute Elizabeth we appreciate your help. And it looks like you have an interesting background and the Facebook page is the place to do that. We have had people that have wanted to work with us in areas out of Nelson, which is the head office and we want to focus on building the community here in Nelson in terms of an office staff anyway because we are experimenting with a model of business, that is business as a spiritual path. (55:00) And if we feel like we’ve created a good enough example of that we’d like to share some of the principles that we’re learning over time. So that’s why we’re focusing on having local people.

Anonymous asks, “Did you study, and do you plan to implement any mitochondria optimization or telomeres lengthening into FLFE?” Yes, we have plans for that as our research says that we have to complete the heavy metal protocol that’s on the list and then the parasite protocol within the limits of the technology of course. Then there are a few pieces in between and then stem cells come before telomeres so that’s on our list. I don’t know when that’s going to happen, we have a couple of things that we’re beta testing right now and within the limits of the technology we plan to request the Divinity to help the subscribers do that yes.

Jeffrey – Cynthia is asking, “Is there a way to stay connected with the Field operating at your home when you travel?” Interesting question Cynthia, of course, people use either FLFE object which is from a photograph of an object or their cell phones when they’re traveling generally. That’s what we always have done, that’s why we invented those in the first place so that when we’re traveling, we could have the Field with us. I mean we certainly have a connection with our homes and with our loved ones at home. I don’t know how to answer that exactly do you have anything Clayten?

Clayten – No I mean we created the FLFE Everywhere service so that we could stay connected with the Field I don’t know how you would do that while traveling other than staying connected to the people at home, so I don’t know how to answer that.

Mary’s asking or mentioning, “ I’ve been taking Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Magnesium called Green Mag it’s a liquid form and supposedly 100% absorbable and does not cause diarrhea, I have been happy with it and wondering if you have heard and tested the level of it?” Well, this is the first time I’ve heard about it and so I haven’t tested it.

Jeffrey – But it looks interesting so we can add that to our list.  Laura is saying, “An acquaintance of mine tried the FLFE Free Trial. And she had a houseplant which was a cactus die is there any explanation for this?” Well, we have certainly seen the opposite. And we have customers who are botanists who see quite a bit of change in their plant life and the plant life is growing and seems more vibrant than it was before. So, I’ve never heard that before. And I don’t understand why that would be there must be some other explanation for that. We’re creating a high consciousness field where there’s more energy for the life to use for its own life so yeah, that’s an odd one.

Clayten –  I’ve never heard of that before I’ve only heard plants thriving and that people have had cacti and other planets that haven’t flowered for years and they flower when the service goes on. So that’s a first.

Jeffrey – And we’re actually working on some plant growth experiments with and without the FLFE field so those will be interesting, and we will have videos on those once those are done. We’re actually trying to a number of different experiments with routers, Wi-Fi routers, and plants with and without the FLFE energy and then with the upcoming EMF program that we’re working on. So, we see plants as really a barometer of Life Force Energy. And, you know, an important part of seeing that the FLFE Field is providing a life-enhancing environment.

Clayten – Susan mentioned that when she did her Free Trial, she had a landlady on the property that lashed out at her, it happened on two occasions and her lymph glands swelled and ached every time she turned it on. (1:00:00) Well, maybe we’ll have to look at has the landlady been lashing out at for years and it just happened on the Free Trial or is this new behavior? In a high consciousness field things do come up for healing and people do get challenged to a degree so there could have been a contributing factor there.  Lymph glands swelling, that’s a classic sign of detox. So again, we always suggest that people make sure they drink lots of water. Anytime I have any lymph issues I use my rebounder. I have a rebounder that I spend time on that helps my lymph a lot and which helps with detoxification.

Jeffrey – So just hitting the water again, that’s good we haven’t mentioned hydration in this seminar yet. But we do recommend people drinking three liters or more of water and that can really help with the detoxing that occurs when our body is pulling from this energy and doing any additional healing.

Janet asked, “Does FLFE protect from EMF’s?” At this point, we’re going through an exhaustive study on the different forms of EMF energy and the effect of FLFE on that. Sort of the average answer is 15% mitigation. Roughly, we are working on a program and testing an EMF program that would harmonize EMFs.  The current cell phone or FLFE Everywhere mobile phone service does 100% harmonize the EMFs coming from the phone. So, the emissions from the antennas in the phone are harmonizing that they are positive to life. And we’re doing an experiment as well with plant life that would show the plant growth difference with a harmonized cell phone that turns it into a life-enhancing force. So, the standard home is about 15% now and the EMF Program, once we’re ready with that would be much more, and then the phone is 100% on its emissions. Of course, things coming from the towers is still in that 15% range.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking, “How often do you add new programs to FLFE and what was the latest addition?” Well, we are adding fewer programs now than we did in the past. Because there are so many programs on already, we have taken the emphasis off of adding new ones, and we’ve got all the bases covered. The biggest request we’re getting is for EMF’s and we’re doing exhaustive research as Jeff said.  This is a whole new world that we’re going into. And we’re really a High Consciousness Field company. We’re not an EMF protection company. So, we’re having to educate ourselves in this field, and get to know the types of EMF’s that come from different devices and be able to communicate that reasonably well. I don’t recall when the last program went on at this moment.

Jeffrey – Ashley’s asking, “I had a scalar sticker to the back of my phone, which is also on FLFE. Is this a contradiction or helpful? Should I leave it on or take it off? What do you think about scalar technology?” I mean, I would say on the phone, you know, people try all sorts of things. We were just recently in Austin for the Conscious Media Festival. And we had a booth and we created two high consciousness fields there so people could try them both and then we did cell phone testing using kinesiology where people would test by bringing their phone in front of their body and see if they move towards or away from it. And then they would be on the Free Trial and try it again. And it was just dramatic. Each time someone put their phone on the Free Trial, all of a sudden, they would move towards the phone, it wasn’t just neutral when before the trial, they were moving away from the phone. So, there was somebody across the aisle that had a sticker or something that was going on the phone. And it doesn’t contradict it’s probably not necessarily helpful at this point. Because the phone is now vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. (1:05:00) And so, the antenna that’s emitting EMFs is vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. And that’s harmonizing the entire EMF emissions so there’s really no need to do anything else as far as we’re concerned. But it’s up to you. The best thing is to take it on, take it off if you can, and see if it feels different, or try some kinesiology and measure that and see if it feels different.

Clayten – The FLFE technology doesn’t interfere or contradict any other technology in terms of what we think about scalar as scalar can be used integrously it depends on the intent obviously, and the capacity of the person to manage that energy professionally.

Jeffrey – Henry’s asking, “Would chakra clearing of the energy bodies help with the nervous system?” Well, one of the things that we have researched lately is the interaction of the energy system with the nervous system and physical body, but I’m not sure about that particular question.

Clayten – In general, if we have a healthy part in any area of our body, including our auric body, it will help the nervous system.  Jeff and I like to quantify things as much as we can. But I would say Henry that would be a true statement.

Cynthia is asking, “Does fish oil need to be cold pressed? Well sourced?” The better the quality the better the results so cold pressed is better than not cold pressed and a wild source is better than not wild so I wouldn’t say it needs to be, but we have to find the best quality in our budget and use that. But it doesn’t need to be cold pressed. It’s just like anything, it’s just a level of appropriateness. So, if you have oil that is not as good take a little more of it perhaps to get the same effect.

Jeffrey – Tami is asking, “What about the effect of anxiety in a particular place where she lives that she suspects is geopathic stressors and then it was amazing as soon as the FLFE was turned back on. The anxiety level was relieved and then an hour later I was in a state of bliss.” So that’s great thank you for that.  She goes on to say, “I also have FLFE Everywhere on my phone because my interactions with difficult people are so much better.  I had been almost a shut-in because of my health but I’m working on my own consciousness in healing myself. I have many tools; therapy, spiritual understandings and now your help with webinars and learning center, EFAs and Magnesium so I can’t thank you enough.  I have not noticed my negative entities for two weeks now as it took that long to clear.” Thank you, Tami, it’s really nice to hear about this. And geopathic stress is a big factor and it can really affect a house or business where it’s located.  Over the years we’ve found some really interesting different geopathic stresses haven’t we Clayten?

Clayten – Oh yes ones that aren’t in the books that’s for sure and every time we fix it on one property, we apply that to all the properties and there are not many geopathic stresses we come across any more I think we pretty well have covered it.  It’s been a couple of months since we found a geopathic stressor, so we are getting down to the bottom of the barrel on those.

Jeffrey – Well, I’m noticing that my ability to read these is declining so I must be nearing the end my capacity, I’ll have to go take some more EFA’s.

Clayten – It’s 10 pm where Jeff is, and you have been at it since 8 am.

Jeffrey – Elizabeth is asking, “What’s your rebounder?” That’s an easy one.

Clayten – It’s a little mini trampoline. The one that I use Elizabeth is called a Cellerciser, which is the best one that I found. They’re quite expensive. But it’s the best quality that I have found, and I was using it every day before I went on holidays and I haven’t got back into the habit and I have been off a couple of days now. (1:10:00)  

Jeffrey – Tami is back, she’s a horticulturalist as well and plans on seeing how her garden fares. “My house plants are really happy growing as if I had fertilized and they added more sun, very uplifting.”

Clayten Yeah. Well, I mean, if you’re out of gas, Jeff, do you want me to pick up a couple more and then we’ll call it a night.

Jeffrey – Sure, that’s great.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking, ‘Will you be looking at removing the negative energies attached to persons in the homes?” Well, it seems that in a high consciousness field, those negative energies are removed by the nature of the positivity.  One of the things that we don’t do in FLFE is we don’t attack negativity in any way. So, we create more optimal conditions all the time for all of us to be free. And we found that people who have experienced these attachments have found freedom from them to varying degrees as some people have mentioned tonight and we don’t focus on removing them. We focus on creating an environment where we are more our best selves. Another Anonymous may be the same one is asking about water. Tap water or distilled water and we suggest spring water, if you can manage to get it that’s the best water to drink. There are many good water treatment systems out there. You can do your research on those. But as a default, spring water is a good place to start.

Henry is thanking us and thanks to you, Henry, for your questions and comments. Cynthia said my dogs laid on my phone when I had it on the Free Trial a few weeks ago.  You have a story about your cat Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yeah, yeah, I had a cat that was really blind, had gone blind and, and he really loved the phone, and he would gravitate his head towards it.

Clayten – Nano is asking, “How does the FLFE technology compare to Tom Paladino’s?” I don’t know how it compares to his, I haven’t done much research on it. I’ve heard of it but it’s not something that we focus on. We don’t understand all the things he does. And I wouldn’t know how to compare it at this moment.

We have some Thank You’s, and we appreciate them. So glad we did another webinar. Yes, we’re back in the webinar mode again. And we’ve got a few more planned I don’t know the topics off the top of my head. But we’ll be sending out emails to announce them. Thank you for all your questions. And it’s your questions that make these more interesting for us and we’re glad to be a service to you in this way. I guess my last words are we are still doing more research on how to make the service better, that will probably never stop because there are so many moving parts. New programs take more time and energy to add because of all the parameters we have currently. And we’re still working on adding more value all the time. So, thank you for your support. And without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do this as a business and we wouldn’t be able to do all the service work that is so dear to us. So, we appreciate you being part of the community. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Now I’ll just answer a quick question. This will be replayed this will be on the website along with the other webinars. And we’ll be posting the Regina Meredith interview of us on the website as well. I’m really grateful for all of you in the community and how it’s grown. And the support for each other that I see on the Facebook page. And the calls that we get, and the emails that we receive, just talking about the positive effects that you’re experiencing, and the stories and what happens with the families and with their own personal consciousness, which is very uplifting for me personally. (1:15:00) I literally tear up pretty much every morning when I look at the Facebook page, I have to say. So, I’m grateful for all of you and for this journey that we’re on together. And that we can all be doing our part here together to raise consciousness for the planet. And we see the benefits you know, as we’ve seen, the level of the planet has gone up greatly in the past year and people are rising in consciousness contrary to what it looks like on the news sometimes that there’s really positive news and we’re glad to be part of that and thank you for what you do. It’s everything you do in your own growth is important for all of us. So, thank you for that. And with that, we’re out Good Night.