Health, Consciousness and your GI Tract 

April 6, 2017

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome Everyone to the FLFE webinar on Health, Consciousness, and the GI Tract. Our original focus was on raising consciousness. And the mission of FLFE is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economized society, in a society with an economy and work and money. And one of the things we realized early on that one of the restraints to rising in consciousness is health and the GI tract is an important part of health. So that’s why we’re going to focus on that a little bit here today. We’ll talk about the technology a little bit  how it’s interacting with the property, and how these, what we call Programs, are information, vibration, and information that is in the FLFE wave is associated or entangled with your property. And the GI Tract Optimization is one of those Programs. So that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Is there anything you’d like to say to lead off Clayten?

Clayten – Well, we do have some technical problems, apparently. So, we’re a little bit rattled by that. But please be patient with us and we’ll get through this. There’s a lot to say, we have a lot of tips and maybe a few recommendations that are not in the conventional world of understanding the GI tract. So hopefully, we’ll all learn something tonight. Please put your questions in the chat box on your Webinar Jam forum, and we’ll try to answer your questions as we go.

Jeffrey – Alright, so the FLFE Service is a nonlinear service. It’s a consciousness machine, you could say, it has quantum characteristics. And when Clayten first met the inventors they were working to develop a free energy machine for humanity to create electricity out of the available energy in the environment and they weren’t able to do that. But what they did discover is that they could focus lifeforce energy or subtle energies of an environment in the machine. It looks like Nikola Tesla’s environmental set up with stacks and stacks of plates and coils of different shapes and high speed alternating current running through it. So, the input stacks would pull in life force or Chi or subtle energies that are in the environment. And one output stack would concentrate that energy in a place in the machine. And this was a very intense field that was created there. And we found that if we put written instructions into the field, that things would happen. And the biggest breakthrough that occurred was realizing that we could entangle that field with a property or a place anywhere in the world, using coordinates or a legal address. The legal address has sort of a life of its own, an intelligence of its own. In our early experimenting, we had people in different parts of the world who could tell when it was on and off instantly.

And, as time went on, we’ve learned how to enhance the signal to increase the capacity. And we’ve learned to put these Programs or information or vibrating energy into the field, that the body’s Innate Intelligence can pull from for healing. And it’s all in service to the evolution of humanity, the evolution of each of us, in our personal lives. And health is very important. So, what do we know about the GI tract and why we focused on it, and what kind of tips do you have for being in the FLFE field Clayten?

Clayten –First off one thing that we can also do with the technology is we can associate an object with it, Jeff did a good job of explaining it. But just to know that we also have an object that you can put on the Service and there’ll be a 300-foot field around the Object. So typically, and if you’ve seen us on the webinars before, we always talk about hydration.  (5:00) Hydration is our first go to tip for just about anything in the field, it’s important to stay hydrated, because in a high consciousness field cellular regeneration increases in the body. That’s why people go on pilgrimages, as we’ve said before, to be in a higher consciousness field, often because there’s healing available there. And part of the healing process includes accelerated cellular regeneration.

So, water is our first go to tip for anything with the GI tract. Jeff was talking about the Programs earlier. So, these Programs are in a word document and what we do is  research different subjects such as the GI tract,  the liver, kidney, gallbladder. And we use kinesiology to test the level of consciousness of our research. And then we create a potential in the field around the person or object or on the location that is available for the Innate Intelligence of the body to access at any time. And so, when the body is looking or has the resources to optimize itself, which it will have more energy to do so in an FLFE environment, the highest consciousness information that is discernible, at least from our point of view, is available in that field for us to draw upon. And it allows it to access its Innate Intelligence, and to start to do the healing. So those are a little more technical bits. I’ll talk about one or two more things, and then I’ll turn it back over to you, Jeff, because I’ve got a long list of tips here that we’ve gotten ready for tonight.

Let’s talk about water, chlorinated water is hard on your GI tract, it actually will interfere with the balance of the flora. So, you want to have water that’s non-chlorinated. We’ve talked in other webinars about hydration extensively. We’ve talked about two really entry level filters that are probably less than $150. U.S. One is called Pro Pure and the other one is called a Berkey. If you do a web search, I know you’ll come up with them, they’re both in the same kind of price range. And the same level of filtration depends on the local conditions of your water, which one would be best for you, and you can figure that out yourself.

We have some hot springs up here near Nelson, several of them actually, you can take the Hot Springs Route, if you ever come up this way. And my experience of going into the hot springs is that the operational efficiency of my liver will go down to 20% for 36 hours after spending like two hours in a hot spring. That’s pretty significant. It also drops the operational efficiency of my GI tract, typically to maybe 60% for a period of time. If I drink some chlorinated water it immediately has an effect on the operational efficiency of my GI tract. And that varies a lot depending on how much water you drink, how chlorinated it is and how healthy your GI tract is. So, I can’t give you any standardized numbers on that. But just to know that it does affect your GI tract. And you’ll hear this from lots of people as you do more research on this. But it’s just to say here that chlorinated water, fluoridated water, and other types of water that have strong chemicals in them to kill bacteria; those chemicals also kill the bacteria in our GI tract. And so, they are detrimental and it’s probably better than getting giardia or some other waterborne contaminants. I’m not trying to make the municipalities wrong; their job is to get us safe drinking water to the tap. It’s our job to take responsibility from there. So that is just a little bit more on water, the chemical treatment of water, and how it may affect your GI tract. Do you want to maybe talk about exercise, Jeff?

Jeffrey – I do you want to talk just a minute more about water. You know, one of the reasons that the FLFE field or any high consciousness field and the FLFE field in particular requires more water is that a high consciousness field means that much more energy is available to your body, to your entire system. (10:00) And so that energy field or that energy reservoir that your body can pull from and we’re all pulling naturally from our environment all the time, we have multiple sources of energy that the body uses. And one of them is the environment. So, when we are in a high consciousness field, the body pulls in that energy and starts to really use it to repair different things in the body, to build up tissues needing to be built up. So, all of that takes water, in any repairs, there’s generally a tearing down and a rebuilding that happens and the waste products need to be flushed out of the system. And that’s where the water and the GI tract come into place. And the liver kidney and the gallbladder are an important part of the elimination process in the body. So, you know, focusing on water is an important first step to just support all these processes to happen.

Exercise also does sort of a similar thing, it helps to move the muscles, which are moving the lymph system in the body. And it’s really moving the GI tract too as we do vigorous exercise, particularly something like a rebounder. When you’re going up and down and bouncing on it, you’re moving your GI tract, you’re stimulating that track. But you’re also moving your lymph throughout your system as you tighten and loosen, tighten, and loosen your pumping that that lymph. And all of that is important to remove waste from the body.  Because the body’s Innate Intelligence is monitoring everything all the time. And so, it’s pulling in this energy, it says I got more energy, I can do more projects. But wait, I’ve got all this waste, I can’t do it. Because if I build up too much waste, I’m going to get sick. So, it’s all working together and exercise on a regular basis is a way that you can kind of continually cleanse your body of waste, as well as sort of build up your strength and resiliency. I know you do a lot of rebounding don’t you Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, that’s my main form of exercise. I’m not as consistent as Jeff, that’s why we decided to let Jeff talk about exercise as he’s been exercising consistently for decades. And two people can say the same words and the person who has the consciousness or the experience or the depth of understanding will convey a different message than somebody who just says the same thing but doesn’t practice it as much as the other person. That’s why we want to let Jeff talk about that. I do a lot of rebounding; I really like it. I heard a little story about rebounding recently, Jeff, which I hadn’t heard before. Many of us have watched western movies. And one of the things that we’ve always thought of as cowboys as really tough. And anybody that spent on a time on the back of the horse, you find out soon that there are muscles, you never knew you had and a part of the reason that I heard that cowboys were so healthy, was that they were going up and down on the horse all day, which is the exact same motion as a rebounder. So, you’re really against gravity, and every cell in your body is getting exercised. So, I thought that was interesting.

Jeffrey – I was just going to mention about the valves, you know, it’s kind of an interesting thing that we have become aware of just in the last few days. The whole body is full of valves but in the GI tract, you have at each end of your stomach, and then through the different parts of the tract and where your gallbladder empties into your GI and, of course, in our heart are valves and the kidneys and liver all have valves. So, in the Programs, it’s so interesting, we’re providing this information for the Innate Intelligence to use. And it’s like a library of information and the more information that’s there pertinent to the job in hand, the better the Innate Intelligence can do. (15:00) And so we added some additional information for the Innate Intelligence in the last couple days, on valves, additional references, and boom, everything starts to start to happen. It’s really a fascinating subject that the more that we can give our bodies our Innate Intelligence to work with, the more we can do; it really seems to be unlimited.

Clayten – Yes, it’s quite a process of discovery for Jeff and me to research these things, to see them put them in the Programs, get the feedback from all of you, and including us. We always test ourselves first and then receive the feedback that confirms the research we’ve done. So,  it’s really quite fascinating.

I do have a valve tip, Jeff, I have my list of tips. So, years ago, I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia for 20 years. And I was feeling kind of off one fall. In the summer, we had some holidays, and the fall season is busy typically in most cultures because school starts in September, so a lot of things ramp up. And what happened over the holidays was that I’d been eating a lot of popcorn at night and watching movies. I ended up going to a doctor because I felt all bloated and uncomfortable. And he talked about the ileocecal valve which is the valve at the bottom of the stomach. And he said that the ileocecal valve is irritated by popcorn. And that when you eat a medium sized bag of popcorn at the movie theater, that it takes about three days for the ileocecal valve to calm down. Because the little brown kernels go through the ileocecal valve and it gets scratched and irritated and it gets swollen, so it doesn’t open properly and close properly.

And so, I have no benefit in anybody not eating popcorn, but I  just want to suggest that if you’re having problems with your GI tract and you are eating a lot of popcorn, that’s one thing to look at, because it will irritate that valve and it won’t be able to close very easily. And then what happens is when the biochemistry gets imbalanced in the upper intestine, of course, it travels throughout the lower intestine. And one of the most common things that will happen is your candida will get out of balance. And so, we actually have a Candida Balancing Program in FLFE because that’s one of the most common conditions in our societies is because of our diet and our lifestyle, but primarily diet, most of us eat too much sugar. And then that causes an imbalance in the growth in the GI tract.

Jeffrey – Clayten – Are there any supplements you recommend for the GI tract? I know, one of the ones we’ve taken is Resveratrol.

Clayten – Yes, I believe the company that makes this that we’ve found is I think it’s called Life Extension. And it has to be processed in an oxygen-free environment. And I heard I heard about Resveratrol through Dr. Jack Kruse. We test a lot of doctors, and we test their level of consciousness overall. And then the level of conscious and health. And Jack Kruse is one of the people I’m studying right now. And I’m not a real active student of his but I’m reading his book, Paleo RX. And I did read his blog and I knew someone quite well, who was doing research extensively, and they had a paid membership to his blogs. So that’s one of the things that other people don’t have but Dr. Jack Kruse has a lot of resources for people so they can go into his blogs to come in his community. And people answer questions for you sometimes. Occasionally Jack will answer them himself, but he’ll tell you to go and do the research if he’s answered it somewhere else. There are other really good doctors; we have a local gentleman here named Dr. Michael Smith, who has a very high level of consciousness in health; he is a traditional Chinese Doctor and founder of the local Academy of Oriental Chinese Sciences in Nelson. So those are two that are very high. I’m trying to think of some other ones right now. There are lots out there, but I know these two are really high. I don’t want to mention others as I’m thinking because I haven’t tested them so far. So, Resveratrol is very good.

Probiotics are a huge influence in the GI tract. In fact, there arw many times more cells in the GI tract than there are in the rest of the body. (20:00) So, one of the things we can do to help balance out our GI tract due to things like chemicals in our water to make it safe for us to at least get water from the tap is to take things like probiotics, another one you’ve probably heard of is acidophilus. Probiotics are best taken at night, rather than in the morning. Because the digestive system isn’t as active at night. And so, the amount of acid is lower in the evening because the digestive processes are hopefully completed. And one of our kind of insider tips for today is the best probiotic I’ve ever found, and I have done a lot of research on this, is a strain called Om Plantarum.

And it’s developed by Dr. Michael O’Brien. And he has a laboratory I think it’s in Montana where he’s been stressing the Om Plantarum stream for years and years and years and making them stronger and stronger and stronger. And so, there are two main types of probiotics; there are resident probiotics which live in the GI tract and then there are transient strains. So, the Om Plantarum is a transients strain, they have intelligence so they will go throughout the body and they will find pockets of toxins we will call them toxins, undigested food, etc. And they will eat it and transform it, so Om Plantarum is great. And another insider tip is that if you take a cap of Om Plantarum, or any probiotic or any acidophilus because they are alive, they will eat the protein powders, if you put a like an eighth of a teaspoon of protein powder with one cap of probiotic, they will double every I think it’s 18.6 minutes. But I shouldn’t say exactly that because it’s very close, but they’ll multiply 10 times in an hour.

And the unhealthy bacteria will multiply a little quicker than the healthy ones. But it’s about a minute or two difference. I used to know all the stats, I forgot because I haven’t used it for a while. But if you put a half a cup of water, four ounces of water, one cap of probiotics or acidophilus a quarter or eighth of a teaspoon of probiotic or protein powder, they will eat the protein powder and multiply they’ll double every about 18 and a half minutes an hour they’ll multiply by 10. And then you want to drink them because if you let it go over an hour their metabolic system is producing waste, and you’re getting more waste in the water so there is a kind of a sweet spot there around an hour. So, it’s best to take acidophilus in the morning. A little bit better, although most products are mixed acidophilus and probiotics now. So, the acidophilus is really the good guy. And the more of the good bacteria you have in the GI tract, they will kind of consume or take care of the bad bacteria. So, you can either add more and more good bacteria or you can have the probiotics attack the bad bacteria. So, these are two ways to create more balance.

Jeffrey – We have a question in the sidebar, someone’s asking about how emotions are stored in the GI tract. And we know that emotions are processed through different organs in the body. Do we know anything about the GI tract?

Clayten – I’ll tell you a little story about this. I’ll call it the Gin-Gin story. And I think this may be what you’re asking Sarah. So, I was a partner in a health food company many years ago. And we were at the checkout near the counter in a town called Edmonton, which is Alberta in Canada. We were traveling there doing presentations on health. And we were at the counter and I was looking at these little candies called Gin-Gins and they’re a kind of chewy candy made with ginger. But they’re covered in white, powdered sugar, which is not really that good for you. But I was looking at them and I was thinking I’d like to have a Gin-Gin because I like ginger. And my business partner at the time said, “I’m sure the bugs will love those. And I asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “Well, the negative bacteria in your GI tract have thoughts and they crave sugar, and they crave other foods that will either increase the type of sustenance that they want. (25:00) They’ll increase it at any time so if you eat late at night, you’ll get certain cravings at night.

So, we talked about emotions that are in the GI tract. I’ve known many people who have taken large amounts of probiotics and had a very significant change in their mood because they’re not having the same cravings anymore. And the GI tract is actually where Serotonin is produced. So many of the pharmaceutical products that are taken for depression and mood disorders are serotonin up takers. They help you produce serotonin or absorb serotonin. So that might answer the question you’re asking, I don’t know that the emotions are stored in the GI tract as such, they may be I haven’t done any research on that. But I do have had many personal experiences of eating the wrong kinds of foods and having more cravings and struggling with that. So that’s worth really experimenting with on your part.

Jeffrey – I think what comes to mind there as well is the processing of emotions through our body, like anger and frustration, we know that there are certain processing of emotions through different organs in the body.  In the FLFE field, one of the Programs that we have is to assist the body in processing emotions through the organs, because as the organs are getting support, the Innate Intelligence is perhaps rebuilding parts of those organs. Sometimes old emotions that may have been stuck there. I don’t know, if you’ve ever experienced acupuncture, where all of a sudden you feel an emotion that is an old emotion, it’s been stuck somewhere and the acupuncture is stimulating the flow of Chi and that emotion kind of flushes out, it comes out of whatever the organ is. And so, in the FLFE field, we have a Program we call the Anti -Stagnation Program that is stimulating the flow of Chi through the body using the Chinese medicine term. And flushing out those organs or sort of invigorating those organs with Chi. And also, we’ve built in support for the Innate Intelligence in clearing those emotions out of the various organs in the most appropriate way. But that’s a good question about the GI tract, that’s something we’ll have to do a little research on if it is holding any type of emotion that we process in our normal everyday lives. I hadn’t thought about that before so thanks for that.

Clayten – So in Chinese medicine, they do talk about that, the liver holds anger, the kidneys are fear and so on. You can look that up on the web, I’m not aware of anything that the GI tract holds because of course, the GI tract is right from the throat to the anus. So, it’s a big part of our body, it’s 16 feet long or at least the is the number that comes to mind. But it might even be longer, the lower intestine is going back and forth and up and down. So, we have to really break it down into different sections and analyze it that way.

Jeffrey – So you mentioned Clayten that the transit time is an interesting thing to look at. And, you know, if you’re really into the GI tract, you could test your transit time before and after going on FLFE if you are having a Free Trial.  Like Clayten said he eats, and you know, it’s eventually going to come back out. In our general research is as we wrote the GI Tract Program and did the referencing and research there is an optimal sort of transition time for food to go through our system. And, in general, it’s much longer than it should be. (30:00) If you look at the general population, it’s a much longer period of time. And so, it’s optimal to get the food in, get it digested, get it absorbed in the system, and then move it out, move the waste out. It‘s not positive for food to stay put.

Clayten – When we were talking earlier, Jeff, I was trying to recall the optimal transit time, and it’s about 12 hours, I remember that. And so, if you eat beets, they will color your stool, and then you’ll be able to see how long you’re taking. And in our GI Tract Program, we put a transit time aspect into that. And we also consider the fact that most of us have too much undigested fecal matter in the colon. And of course, that’s typically associated with a longer transit time. One of the things you can do is go on the web, we won’t get into details here, but you can look at your stool after you have a bowel movement, and you can look for coloration and different things of that nature. That will tell you a lot about how healthy your GI tract is. I don’t think it’s our place to talk about how to analyze your stool, and how that’s related to FLFE. But we have done that research. And, as far as I know, we’re not missing anything from the GI Tract Program anymore. We just had an upgrade, as Jeff said a little while ago about the valves and optimizing the valve system throughout the whole body actually.

Jeffrey – We have another question from Anne talking about Chi so she’s asking if an FLFE customer is getting more Chi, in that there is more focused Chi there is someone else getting less?

Clayten – That’s an interesting question. So that would infer, if that were true, that would infer that there is a limited amount of Chi in the Universe or a limited amount of life force energy.

And I’m just recalling Einstein’s principle that energy cannot be destroyed or created or destroyed but transformed from one form to another. So, my answer to that would be no Anne, it doesn’t take away from anybody. There is such an excess of Chi in the Universe that I don’t know what trillionth of a percent we might use as humans, it’s a big Universe. But we’re not aware of anybody being harmed in any way, by anybody else benefiting from FLFE. It’s almost like saying if I drink more water is there less available for anybody else. But it is an interesting line of thought. And it’s worth asking those questions.

Jeffrey – So you do have your tips Clayten?

Clayten – Yes well, the benefit of taking care of the GI tract is that the GI is where many vitamins are produced, one of them is B vitamins. So, these are the kind of reasons to take care of our GI tract. Obviously, you want to reduce Candida in your body, that’s another reason to take care of your GI tract. We talked about serotonin production. Another tip to help your GI tract is to take digestive enzymes.

Digestion is the most energy consuming process of the body. And digestive enzymes are like free energy. And if your body has the help of digestive enzymes at the beginning of your meal or before your meal, and it doesn’t have to spend as much energy on digesting the food. So, if the body has extra energy, as it will in the FLFE environment, then it will use that energy according to its Innate Intelligence. Jeff and I have talked about to optimize other metabolic processes in the body and do the cleaning that it needs to do to keep you in optimal health. So that’s another tip is to look into digestive enzymes.

Eating at a regular time also helps a lot. And the research that I’ve done recently and have done in the past is to eat fairly soon after you get up. And that’s a way of kind of stabilizing your blood sugar. And we talked about in the past, eating or drinking. (35:00) My routine is I get up and I go sit in front of my living room window, open the window, look up into the sky for 10 minutes, not directly into the sun, if it’s not first thing in the morning, and I don’t look to the sun directly. But I look into the sky and I drink a liter and a half of water, I have a liter of warm water, and then a half liter of room temperature water and I put salt in the water that helps the adrenals and absorption. So those are kind of lifestyle tips that we talked about a lot in the past.

Well here’s another thing about moods that Sasha asked, one of the things that we’ve found is that omega threes are really essential for nourishing the brain. And there was some research that came out that discussed the history of the development of the brain. And there was a very important time in humanity’s development of the frontal lobes when a lot of humanity lived on the shores of oceans or they were near the mouth of a river and they ate a lot of seafood. And so, the omega threes from seafood are very helpful for developing your brain. And of course, the structural optimization of the brain can help you with moods.

Jeffrey – Anne is also asking about lemon in the water. And, you know, what we’ve found is that lemon can help with the taste. For me, I like putting some salt in the water, I use boron, you can actually you can get boron powder, or you can use borax. There’s a way of diluting that and creating a very mild addition of that mineral. But also trace minerals are great, where you can add lots of different trace minerals, and sea salt. So, any of those will help you absorb the water and gives you needed minerals to which are course healthy for your bones and for the mineral balance and in your body.

Clayten – Yes lemon juice also helps with alkalinity which flushes the liver a little bit. So, lemon juice is a classic morning routine. Other tips on the bowel movements as people wonder how often should I go; once a day, maybe twice a day, depending on how much you’re eating and how much you’re exercising. So, there are lots of these guidelines on the internet. But we thought we would try to share a few unique ones such as the type of a type of probiotic to take. It’s talked about to some degree, but I don’t know if it’s emphasized enough to really have people appreciate the significance of it. One of the things we do is experiment with taking mega doses of different supplements and seeing how that affects us. So, you might want to do that with probiotics and acidophilus especially if you’re having any kind of GI tract problems or bloating, anything like that. And since it’s springtime, it’s a traditional time to do a cleanse, and I just am in the process of doing a parasite cleanse. And it’s been kind of humbling, I thought I was doing pretty well but had a few days of kind of extreme headaches. So that’s something to look at as well, especially in the springtime, there’s a lot of natural vitality coming from the earth because things are growing. And it’s a good time to do some maintenance.

Jeffrey – Yes and if you’re coming on FLFE for the first time, it’s not a cleanse, but it’s a bit of cleansing, just the added energy that’s in the environment for the system to pull from. And as you increase your water level, the Kidney, Liver, and Gallbladder Program that we have in the system, is part of the elimination system of the body. So, there appears to be a predisposition, it’s diet, it’s genetics, for people just to accumulate some sort of gunk or put things up a bit in your kidneys and livers. So, there are many ways to flush that out. Chinese medicine has lots of tips for that. There’s a product called Stone Breaker that people use, and the environment just naturally helps the body’s Innate Intelligence to clear that out over time in a very gentle way. (40:00) But you might find out as you first go on the Service, and your transit time is coming down, you’re clearing out some of that old fecal matter. Maybe your kidneys and livers are starting to clean out. You may be going to the bathroom more often than before. And that’s a good sign. And it does take more water to help moving out toxins.

Clayten – Yes, another classic tip Jeff is to experiment with colon hydrotherapy or colonics. Jeff and I did a lot of research on the GI tract. I mean, almost everything kind of contributes to the GI tract, everything ends up there before it leaves, obviously, except for perspiration, and maybe a few minerals on the skin or some oils. So, we did a lot of liver, kidney, and gallbladder flushes. And I went more the flush route and Jeff went more the stone breaker route as he had mentioned. And as part of that process, we did colon hydrotherapy or colonics. And sometimes we’ve had habits all of our life. So dietary habits or lifestyle habits and part of our bodies haven’t worked optimally as a result of it. And so when you do a colonic protocol, you might find that your bowels are working differently in a way that you’ve never noticed before. You may find that your stools are floating, which is supposed to happen if you’re eating enough roughage. So, roughage is a classic hint that you’ll find everywhere on the internet.

But if you’ve never done a series of colonics and you are concerned about your GI tract, that’s something that’s worth experimenting with. Of course, all these things cost money, and you have to consider that. But GI tract health is pretty fundamental to your overall health. And so, it’s worth looking into. And we’ve certainly done a lot of research on it, there’s only so much we can cover in an hour. And there’s only so much depth we consider that it’s appropriate to go into. On a webinar, we don’t want to talk about what your stool should look like and too much of the other gross stuff.

But we can guide you in a direction and maybe share a few things that you won’t hear commonly. And to reassure you that that’s an area that we take very seriously. And we’ve done a lot of personal experimenting with how to optimize it within the constraints of the technology that we have.

Jeffrey – Just to let you know, if you’re fairly new to FLFE and to the webinars, we use kinesiology as one of our primary research tools. Clayten has decades of experience, refining the protocols around kinesiology and getting repeatable accurate results. So that’s one of the ways that we test what’s happening. And we always look to have multiple different measures and different modalities to measure anything we’re doing.

And now these flushes happen in FLFE naturally, which is really a cool thing. When you get to the bottom of the flush, when you’re done, you know after multiple times, it took us like 9 or 10 months to get there, doing it kind of the old fashioned way. When your body realizes that your Innate Intelligence is monitoring your system all the time. And when it knows that your kidneys are clear, and they can filter and your liver is clear of gunk and deposits and can filter completely, your body now can step up its healing, because there’s so much more filtering capacity to clear the blood and clear those toxins and waste products out of your system. So, when we hit that spot where we were clear, and we had multiple measures. Clayten was seeing a doctor and we were using kinesiology, it’s just you feel so much more energy, your skin changes or feels clearer, and then more vitality is there. And the body is using that filtering capacity for great effect. So, it’s really a beautiful thing.

Clayten – (45:00) Yes, the healthier you get, the easier it is to get healthier, it’s one of those interesting things. One of those principles of those that have more, more is given. As we get a little bit older, it seems the body needs more attention, or it complains more. And it’s become a little bit of a hobby for Jeff and me to see how healthy we can get. And that way, it’s become  fun to talk about all this and look for solutions, as opposed to talking about the aches and pains and the way that things aren’t working as well as they used to. So, I guess another piece of advice about the GI tract or health, in general, is to get ahead of the curve on it and make it a subject that you’re just interested in. Because having a healthy body is just kind of fun. And it’s an investment in yourself and your quality of life. And a lot of what we’re trying to do in raising consciousness is to help you experience a greater connection to your own Divine. And that often will express not only better health, but just in a better quality of health, more peace of mind more relaxation. And the GI tract is really one of the cornerstones of optimizing your health.

Jeffrey – Yeah, just talking about consciousness for a moment, we use Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness as our scale for measuring consciousness. So, each point upwards on that scale is 10 times more energy present.  You can find Dr. Hawkins book Power vs Force and read about that scale and about kinesiology and sort of consciousness in general. So, Dr. Hawkins work is a certain cornerstone of our research and the work we’ve done. So, we highly recommend that book. We see in the FLFE field that customers rise in consciousness and we can measure over a period of time, what kind of rise that people experience. And, you know, it’s been in the 10 point range over 90 days so a 10 point rise in consciousness if you’re in the FLFE field about eight hours a day.

But it’s really interesting for both consciousness and for health, that if you can stay in the field 24 hours a day, seven days a week like if you have an FLFE Mobile Device, or an object, like a piece of jewelry that you put through the FLFE Everywhere Mobile System, where a photograph of the object goes into the machine, creating a high consciousness field around the object and  you can stay that high consciousness field all the time. The body then acclimates to having it and starts to use it on a regular basis for bigger projects. If you go in and out of the field, the body  can stop and start using the energy because if you have those sharp divisions when you  leave the high consciousness field, so we recommend for people, at least trying that for a time, try and be in the field 24/7 and see what kind of effects you have.

But at 10 points rising in consciousness is 10 to the 10th power more energy available for you to create the life that that is optimal for you, and to increase the quality of your life. And that’s, as Clayten said, how we see it, and the health of your body becomes free to focus on other things. Rising consciousness when you’re in the FLFE field, if you’re new to it as a Free Trial participant try sitting quietly, try meditating in a place that you normally meditate in. And see if it feels different you.  I’ve certainly noticed a big difference in an FLFE field, that I can go deeper, my mind is quieter. And I can have some deep meditations that are different than I have ever in my life before FLFE. That’s why we created the FLFE Everywhere Mobile, so we could take it with us on vacation trips and be in a hotel room and have a high consciousness field around you instead of whoever was there last night.  Anything else along the consciousness side of things while we’re on that?  (50:00)

Clayten –  Thanks. I appreciate you mentioning that Jeff, we’ve done so many of these now, that sometimes  I speak for myself, I assume that people have heard some of them. It’s important to mention that we use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness to measure the truthfulness of topics. And it’s important to just remind everybody, we always put everything on ourselves first. We have a responsibility we feel to make sure that we have an experience of it personally before we put it on anybody else. So, it’s kind of an auditing process that we have. And then we have beta testers, we typically have two beta test groups. Now we have an alpha test, and a beta test, I suppose you could say. So, before these Programs go on, they are highly refined, we have lots of parameters on them to help you function optimally during your day, or function professionally, so that you can enjoy a steady increase in the quality of your life. It’s one thing to get healthier, it’s another thing to be able to do that and continue your job and your relationships and your hobbies and interests. We’re very cognizant of that and we are very careful in trying to create an environment for your body, and for your entire Beingness to raise in consciousness, to rise in health and have a more functional, happy, joyous life in the process of doing that.

Jeffrey –  Well put Clayten, that’s probably a good place for us to start to wind up here. And so,  thank you for joining us on the webinar and in the FLFE journey and the Free Trial. And as a Subscriber and your Subscriptions help us to do Service Work all over the planet. From the very beginning, FLFE was a Service Project. And our aim was to support human evolution and to raise consciousness on the planet everywhere. And we spent many hours doing that. And now you have the opportunity to create a high consciousness field in your own home to gift it to others and spread the word about it.

And those Subscriptions help us to do additional projects. So, we are always looking, scanning the world, and seeing where we can help and where we can make a difference. We have refugee camps on a form of FLFE what we call the Service Wave, which is a lower intensity which doesn’t require as much water. But it does help raise the consciousness and help with trauma and with the despair in those kinds of environments. Anything to raise the level of consciousness to make a better environment is really helpful.

We’ve put the old Nazi concentration camp locations on, there were some very low consciousness areas there and raising that helps the local environment, people that are living nearby and people that are visiting, but it also helps the entire planet. Each property that rises in consciousness has an effect on the entire planet. So, the work that you do, personally, in your own development has a major impact on the entire planet, in fact, the entire universe. And so, also becoming an FLFE Subscriber and raising the consciousness of your property makes a difference in lots of different ways, it helps you personally and it helps us do the Service Work in the world at large.

Clayten – And that was one of our core values at the beginning of starting the company is that we wanted to be of service like other companies in the world. I think it’s TOMS Shoes, Jeff if you buy a pair of shoes from them, they will give one pair to somebody in a third world country or someone who’s poor. And so, we wanted to support that idea of helping other people. We have different levels of intensity of the wave, as Jeff has said, some don’t require permission to put on because they don’t have the same level of stimulation. (55:00) And we can do that work without having permission from anybody in the environment. So, we give you that option of putting on a religious or spiritual organization, somewhere in the world. And that stays on as long as we have the business.

Jeffrey – And we always love to hear from you as a Subscriber or as a Free Trial member. In the Free Trial, you will receive some phone calls from  Erin and Lee and other Free trial callers as we bring them in. Their job is to support you and talk to you about your experience and listen to your feedback and bring it back to Clayten and I. It’s such a great way for us to have our finger on the pulse of everyone. And it’s really interesting, different things will come up and we’ll be able to address it with the wave and with the Programming. We didn’t talk much about it in this one; oh now my cat is making noise. He’s a very happy cat in our FLFE home, he’s healthy and happy.

So, the feedback that we get from you is really important. Pease keep it coming, write to us and talk to us in the office which is open during standard business hours in Canada on Pacific Time. So, feel free to call the office or email us at

Clayten – Great, well, we’ve had some nice feedback from you. Thank you, Anne, for what you’re saying. Your questions help us, and your feedback guides us so you’re important to us personally. Oh, I should speak for myself. You’re important to me. And I know Jeff feels the same way. We appreciate your support. And thank you for taking the time to listen to us today.

Jeffrey – Well, good night, everyone. Good night.