May 19, 2020

How FLFE Supports Your Immune System And Recent Upgrades To The FLFE Environment

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, BC Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We will share a meditation after the Q&A Section. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home lately. The FLFE Support has helped me personally. And we’ve heard from many of you in the FLFE community that it has helped as well. The private Facebook page is a place to go to connect with others. Some are subscribers; some are just on the Free Trial. Jeff and I are very touched and uplifted by all of the shared experiences. Thank you for taking the time to share them. And we also thank everyone for the emails that you’ve been sending recently in support of FLFE. Thank you.

Jeffrey – And the FLFE community is growing. And by the way, Clayten, we now have subscribers and people on the Free Trial in 54 countries, we have gone worldwide. So we’ll do a short review tonight for those new to FLFE, and for our long term subscribers, it may be a reminder about some of the support in the FLFE environment that we don’t often talk about. And we also have a small upgrade, that we’ll discuss, and talk about the immune system. And at the end, as we said, we’ll have a short meditation to do together.

So, in review, the FLFE service activates a high consciousness field in locations such as a home or business, or around an object, such as a cell phone. And a high consciousness field, in our definition, is an environment that’s substantially higher in consciousness than the surrounding area. And we use the Dr. David Hawkins scale the Map of Consciousness as a scale for measuring the level of consciousness. So, for a high consciousness field, we say it’s at least seven points higher than the surrounding area, and it’s at least 500 on the Hawkins Map. Each point on the Hawkins Map is ten times more lifeforce energy, Chi, or prana that’s available in the environment. And I will hand it over to you, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, so as Jeff said, it’s seventy points or more, and 500 or higher is our other definition of a high consciousness field. So in the Home, or Business subscription, which are the Flagship Subscriptions, the guaranteed energy at that location is 560 or higher 98% of the time over 24 hours. For the Smarter EMF program, it is 500. For FLFE Everywhere, we create a field around the Object or the cell phone in most cases, which is 575. We don’t guarantee that; that’s the number that we’re aiming for. And that gives an idea of the contrast between the average person’s level of consciousness in their Home and the FLFE environment. We’ll just talk informally here for a minute.

Because most of us are in North America, we typically use that as the baseline for comparing the FLFE Subscription to a Home Environment. So the average home environment in North America is about 420 on the Hawkins Map of consciousness, or it was, and our service is at 560. So there is a 120 to 140 point gap for the Flagship Subscriptions. For the Smarter EMF, it’s about 80. And what’s been happening recently is that the level of consciousness of the world has dropped substantially. It was at 242, the month before the pandemic started, which had been its highest level in recorded history. And the lowest day was 98 out of 1000,  in early April. (5:00) So the level of consciousness of the world is coming back up. Over the previous 12 hours; we checked it this morning, it was 145. So as things are opening up, the level of consciousness is rising. Do you want to talk about the power requirements of that, Jeff?.

Jeffrey – Think about the Hawkins Map, with each point being ten times more power or more energy available. When the gap is what Clatyen is saying during normal times, it takes a certain amount of power of the FLFE system to activate and maintain that field at 560 for the Flagship. In the situation in which the ambient energy is much lower, there’s a much more significant gap to be closed, so there’s more energy needed to maintain the 560 level. We’ve been doing that, of course, during this time, but it has taken more power, more energy requirement from our system. That is the difference, and I certainly feel it when I go out into the world. Of course, I almost always have my FLFE Everywhere cell phone with me or be in an FLFE environment. But when I am, I can feel that it depends on the level of sensitivity. Still, I can feel a sort of darkness or heaviness, anxiety, a feeling of tension in my body, and maybe sadness, a little feeling of loss or grief at those lower levels of consciousness in any environment. I feel buoyed up in that love zone on the Hawkins Map, which is 500 and higher, or 500 to 560 range. So, personally, that’s how I experience it.

Clayten – Yes, I don’t think I mentioned Jeff that on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness for those who are familiar, this is kind of old school. But for those who are not, if you check out Dr. Hawkins’s book Power versus Force, there will be a chart in it on page 68/69. And on the Hawkins Map 200 is courage or integrity, and 150 is anger, and 100 is fear. The reason I mentioned fear is that the world went basically to 98 out of 1000 for at least 24 hours. And so we dropped as a collective into fear. This was likely due to fear of the implications of the pandemic and what it’s doing to our quality of life in many different ways. That may not be news to you; we thought a numerical equivalent to measure the experience against might be helpful. And to draw another example of the contrast between if the Home; let’s say the average Home in North America went to 125, which was about the level it went to. Homes are a little bit higher than the general area. 125 to 150 is sort of partway between fear and anger. The difference then between that and the level of consciousness of 560 that FLFE provides is even more extraordinary than usual. It’s over 400 points to 430 or 435 gap. So, as Jeff said, it took a lot more energy from our technology. And so we did a significant power upgrade. And we’ve maintained the levels of our commitment.

Jeffrey – This is extra energy, life force energy, Chi or prana, as it’s known in some bodies of work. It’s beneficial for us, for a body or mind or spirit, to have this higher vibrating energy and that support that we’ve been talking about that’s been there through this for us. So our energetic systems in our bodies pull this energy into our system. And our Innate Intelligence then puts it to use, and that’s the basis of FLFE; there’s more lifeforce energy available, the Innate Intelligence, and the body uses it for healing, for personal growth, for whatever is most needed. (10:00) And then we also can help the Innate Intelligence to do its work. Chinese medicine has recognized the value of lifeforce energy or Chi in the body, the flow of it, the balance of it in the body for health and well-being. So for those of you that are new, the question might be how do we activate this high consciousness field? We have a technology we’re calling a Consciousness Technology. And I’ll just share an image from the website because anyone spending time on the website may have seen it. So we have an FLFE machine, we have the technology. And in previous webinars, we’ve gone into more detail about that. But one of the principles is that we need a unique identifier for a property, for a cell phone or for an object if we have a photograph. FLFE is a consciousness technology, and it works very much like human consciousness. So when you’re thinking of someone, you’re identifying them in your mind. So you’re thinking of a sibling. And we believe that a field is activated around them when we think of them. And then there’s a quantum connection occurring. And that’s been proven in twin studies. In mother/children studies where someone gets hurt across the world  there’s an instant knowing. So the quantum connection occurring, distance healing, reiki, there are many other sorts of energetic distance things that we’ve noticed in our personal lives as we think of someone. Then they call us because they were thinking of us they activated a field; we have that connection. So FLFE works in much the same way. There’s a unique identifier for the Object or Property. The FLFE Programs are this additional information. They’re requests of Divinity in the system that are now also in this field. And this is akin to thinking of a sibling and holding love in our heart for them. That love is now in their field. And maybe that intention for them to call you on the phone is in that field until you’re thinking of them and you’re thinking, oh, perhaps I should call them, and they call you. So, we’ll talk more about some of the specific Programs we have, but they are information in the field and intentions in the field, additional energy.

Clayten – Let’s look over some of the other benefits in the FLFE environment, how they support us.  Our practice over the years is to add more and more enhancements and benefits and include all of it at the same price. FLFE has evolved in various ways. One is our personal relationship with the community and what is happening in our environments. Sometimes a program gets written because of a friend’s experience or a family member’s challenge. So everyone’s feedback to us matters, and we include that in the plans for the new programming.

Let’s go over some things that we haven’t talked about lately. We haven’t talked much about the continuing clearing of energies below 200 on the Hawkins Map. This is our Removal Template, and we made a list of all of the negative conditions that could happen on a piece of land and those cycle through the requests to Divinity to clear those. This can help us release fear and anxiety, amongst other things. Relationships are supported to be loving, which can be helpful at home for extended periods with your family. Focus and concentration are supported with additional Chi and parts of the brain, which could help us work from Home with other distractions to help us concentrate more. And we’ll talk about that more in the Brain Optimization Program. We have a Sleep Support Program with a changed emphasis on Chi flow at bedtime, and the natural production of melatonin is supported. (15:00) And we have a Grounding Program amongst many others to help us stay connected to the earth and the beneficial magnetic forces we have evolved with and we tend to be a little more separated from in our modern lifestyle.

Jeffrey – More recently, in the last 12 months or so, we’ve brought in quite a number of new programs. And as Clayten said, we have maintained the same price; we had one price increase in our industry. We more and more want to support the environment. When we see changes in the FLFE environment, our mission is to support all of us in this environment to evolve. And that could be physical healing; it could be personal development; it could be all sorts of different things. And when we see changes in an environment as people talk to us, customers, as Clayten said, family members, or we know what’s happening we bring out new Programs. EMF Mitigation was an example of that, where we saw the level of consciousness of properties being lowered by EMF sources. We measure all of our properties at least once a week, and we’re seeing properties lowering from the week before, and when we talk to the customers, we found that there were issues like new smart meters, new cell towers things happening. And, since our focus is consciousness, we looked at these as consciousness lowering EMFs. So, in the new EMF Mitigation Program on all FLFE subscriptions, all consciousness lowering EMFs are brought to neutral or positive in all these environments. We believe that what we call consciousness lowering EMFs, which include EMFs that come from cell phones, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, and 5G, are consciousness lowering and negative. We believe that the FLFE environment with EMF Mitigation harmonizes EMFs, including 5G. But we’d like everyone to look at the evidence page on the website and do research. There is a way on the Control Panel to turn EMF Mitigation on and off, which is a way to experiment for yourself.

We’ve also done plant experiments with 5G and GDV (gas discharge visualization) camera studies, and I thought we could show a little bit about one of the surveys on EMF Mitigation. These were FLFE Subscribers who were asking for EMF Mitigation as soon as we had it available, they were more or less sensitives, and this was their result after we released the EMF Mitigation. So there was a reduction in headaches, more energy, better sleep. We had a lot of decrease in anxiety and stress, decreased anger, irritability, and fogginess. Brain fogginess was also another one of the significant factors that people noticed. So, that was another form of research and evidence using surveys. Do you want to carry on to the next one here, Clayten?

Clayten – Sure, we can talk about Brain Optimization. The flow of Chi or lifeforce energy goes to the places where it’s needed the most for functioning and repair. So it’s a natural follow up to our EMF Mitigation, because of the possible brain effects of the ever-present EMF energy. So people have noticed clearer thinking, an ability to concentrate longer, and greater creativity. There is an emphasis during the day on functioning in the brain and an emphasis at night on the regenerative aspects that the Innate Intelligence of the body directs. (20:00) For liver, kidney, and gallbladder support, our filtering organs play an essential role in our health, including removing pathogens and toxins from our bodies. The Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Support Program was one of the first programs we wrote. The GI Tract Optimization Program is to support the gut or the “other brain,” as many people are calling it. The beneficial balance in the biome and the absorption of nutrients, reduction in porosity in the wall of the GI tract were all requests to Divinity in the programming energized food and nutrients. We’re going to talk a little bit more about that in detail today because that’s one of our upgrades. We made a specific request to Divinity to energize a particular nutrient one at a time. And we found out that, at least from our personal experience, and we’re looking for ways to support this with more evidence, that our absorbability increased for nutrients. We just had somebody on the Facebook page last week, Jeff, when we did an upgrade to the Nutrient Energization. They had a long term issue with a kind of a twitch in their face, and it went away. They assume it was because of vitamin B increase in uptake. So people are noticing things.

The metaphor that we use for that is that if we were at a monastery and were having dinner, and there were 100 monks there. One was praying for the uptake of magnesium; one was praying for the absorption of essential fatty acids, one was praying for vitamin D, all the vitamin B’s, that the additional support for the body absorbing and utilizing that nutrient would cause the body to be able to absorb it better. So that’s the basic premise. People are noticing more energy since there is support for digestion as food processes in the body. So if we have additional energy in the food, then the body will use its Innate Intelligence to invest this in the body for regenerative repairs. And people notice that they need to eat less, they have improved bowel function, and things like that. Do you want to talk about the recent upgrade Jeff?  I’ve been talking for a while.

Jeffrey – Sure. Energized food nutrients is an ongoing process for us of learning. And we’re able to energize different forms of zinc, improve absorption of vitamin D, and the production of vitamin D in the body. And, as Clayten said, these are requests, these are consciousness, just like  monks intending by praying or intending for a particular outcome. That’s what we’re asking for over and over, and we’re finding according to our way of testing and experiencing it that it is making a difference. So, we may not be comfortable with religion and prayer. But physicists are more and more finding the nature of the universe is consciousness. Many of the quantum experiments show the effect of observers on experiments. Consciousness is a key factor. It’s the consciousness technology putting positive statements, positive declarative statements, into the field over and over and over again, asking for these things to occur, and that’s how it works.

Enhanced Immune Support is something that we added more recently with everything that was going on in the world. And it’s a boost of additional lifeforce energy again, this Chi or prana for the lowest functioning parts of our immune system. By supporting the lowest parts, the entire system improves, because those are often the either critical factors or a bottleneck in an immune response. So as these lower functioning parts of the immune system are supported with more energy, more lifeforce energy, they rise in functioning, and the energetic support goes to the next lowest area. So, that’s the way Immune Support works. And we’re hearing people experiencing more energy in their body. (25:00) And that makes sense because there’s more lifeforce energy available there for the immune system, for the body to use.

Now, we don’t make medical claims. We believe that our bodies are intelligent and that the Innate Intelligence of the body can heal and evolve the body. And once it has what it needs, which includes available energy, it can do what needs to be done, which can include immune functionality. So the FLFE environment provides additional energy for the intelligence. And then the whole system is supported through the extra energy and through the positive declarative statements to do what it does best.

That’s the talk that we had for this evening. And certainly, we’d love to hear from you, and we would love everyone to share their experience with FLFE and ask us any questions that you have. If you kind of hover down at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a Q & A section. That’s the place to put the questions. And we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. And there is also the option to raise your hand and the way to do that down at the bottom . And so we will look for that as well. If you want to talk to us, with video or audio, talk to us as well. That’s another avenue to join the fun here.

Clayten – We have three people with their hands raised. Why don’t we bring in Claude first?

Claude – I have a simple question. EMF. What does it stand for?

Jeffrey – EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. Any moving electricity causes magnetism. So it’s a combination of electrical and magnetism together. And it creates either a field, or it can be like a signal, a moving waveform that’s emitted by a device. It’s part of the energy around us all the time; all these devices are emitting some sort of energy.

Claude – Thank you. I appreciate the explanation. It makes things so much simpler to process in my mind. I’ve been on FLFE for quite a while now, and I truly believe that it has an influence. I am also a very avid student of Dr. Hawkins’ work. I’m presently going through his book on healing and recovery.

Clatyen – That’s a good one.

Claude – That is a very good one. And I know that it’s making a difference in my way of looking at life, but I am not sure I understand how FLFE relates to the information in that book. That’s just a comment, if down the road, you can put a bit of reflection on that and provide a response to my comment, I would appreciate that.

Clayten – Yes, I’ve read that book about 20 times. I usually have a couple of Hawkins books around like I’m reading this one right now. Spirituality and Modern Man. If I’m not in a good state, I pick up a Hawkins book, and I start reading it, I find myself in a good state. So that’s how I use them. I think highly truthful bodies of work will do that for us.

I just want to say something about EMFs. A lot of people think that all EMFs or electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic frequencies are negative, and they’re not. We emanate an EMF field; our loving pets emanate an EMF field; the earth emanates an EMF field. (30:00) It’s just that some of them are not so positive. And with the added convenience of all the Wi-Fi routers and different technology we have in the world, satellites, and cell phones it’s becoming more and more difficult for our bodies to adapt. But one of the premises I concluded from reading, Healing, and Recovery so many times is that beings are capable of healing in a high consciousness field that will have a tough time or will not be able to heal in a lower consciousness field. And I think part of the reason why Dr. Hawkins had so many extraordinary recoveries in his multiple health challenges, I mean, this guy had such a hard time with his body. And he was at a very high level of consciousness at those times in his life. He had a strong will to heal.

And so he talked about, for example, trying acupuncture, and he had an extraordinarily positive reaction to it. I think it was for colitis. And I haven’t read the book for a while, so I don’t know if anyone has tried it before. But sometimes what will happen is if we have a higher level of consciousness, a treatment that done before would not have the same effect that it does in a higher field. So that would be at least one thing that I feel comfortable sharing with you, Claude.

Claude – Thank you. Yes, that’s fair enough. I mean, we could spend hours talking about Dr. Hawkins’s books. I’m presently just about near completion of writing a book myself, which is an entertainment book, as well as informative, and it’s based on Hawkins’s teachings. And I call it The Mind Doctor. It’s an interesting concept, really, but it’s meant to stimulate thinking, and it’s food for thought. Anyway, I don’t want to take up too much time. I’m sure there are a few more people who want to chat with you. And I will have an opportunity down the road to talk further and thank you for your time.

Jeffrey – Thank you. Thank you, Claude, thank you for talking to us. Let’s bring in Lauralee.

Lauralee – I’m still on the 15-day trial. I think it’s just about over, and I was interested there was the part where you mentioned that there is a sort of protection or healing of the property itself. And I’m just wondering, I’m in a very dangerous situation. Since we’ve been home in this isolation, I have a neighbor who is targeting me for narcissistic supply. And so there is an emanation of a sort of sadistic pleasure in causing people to suffer. And I’ve been dealing with this for about five years. And I’ve tried to leave multiple times and just have never been able to. And so I’m wondering whether there is anything that can protect from that type of attack energy.

Jeffrey – Were you on a Property Free Trial?

Lauralee – Yes.

Jeffrey – The Property Trial continually clears negative energies, adverse history there on the land. So that’s good because it keeps clear and clean. And what tends to happen is all the adjoining properties come up in consciousness, around 500 or so. And so we’ve seen in other situations where people have experienced changes in their neighborhood like negative people left or different people moved in, who were more positive. So that can occur. I am not saying that is a promise of any kind, but we have seen that the more we shine the light, the more uncomfortable people living in the dark can be. So that’s one thing, and it is by keeping the level of consciousness high that it keeps a supportive environment for us, for our well-being and anything coming from the outside in terms of EMFs are harmonized. (35:00) I don’t  know about their intentions and so forth. Would you like to add to that Clayten?

Clayten – Well, generally, high levels of consciousness fields are considered more protective.

Lauralee – Yes and the thing about this, I know that you are emanating a consistent field, but what happens in this situation is that there have been several times where she’s walked by me. I’m an empath, very sensitive, and I’ve gone into freeze and felt the dorsal vagal activation and gone into a disassociated state. And so it’s momentary attack energy. It’s not just a sort of background energy.

Clayten – Do you remember a book we used to recommend Jeff? I see it now; it’s a blue leather cover with gold lettering. It’s Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Master Choa Kok Sui, and he offers practical things to do. Such as putting a bubble of protection on yourself. Deep breathing is beneficial because 65% of the energy that we get, we believe, is from prana, or Chi in the air. And so by increasing the conscious control of our breathing, then focusing attention on the breath and not on the outside stimulus. And it adds energy from the prana or Chi, so that’s something that can be very helpful for people. And that is one technique that has changed people’s lives. I’ve seen it.

Lauralee – Yes, I do quite a few things. But I will look up this book and see if there’s something else. I do wear a black tourmaline amulet, and I do know that the Kabbalist scholars make amulets with the name of God on the amulet to protect someone but I haven’t ordered one yet. We’ve been trying to move, and we just can’t get out of here.

Jeffrey – There’s just one more thought for you, Lauralee. In the FLFE Everywhere product, which is either around a cell phone or a pendant, amulet, or something like that. It’s a subscription. You could put a Free Trial on the phone. If you wanted to try a pendant or amulet, you’d have to subscribe. Built into that Program is a 300-foot field around it. And as we’re walking around, it’s meant to, for anyone that comes in, to have at least a neutral attitude toward us. So there is this sort of moving people to the side if they’re negative. Some people have had very dramatic experiences with this, and some did not notice anything, but it could be something to try.

Lauralee – I haven’t gone in to take a look at the Subscriptions until I thought, well, I’ll wait till my 15 days are over. And so is there one way you can get for both the house and the phone?

Jeffrey – No, they’re independent. Yes, they are $35 each. But you could, if you talk to someone at the office, they can speak to you about how to try that out.

Lauralee – Okay. Good. Thank you very much. That’s helpful.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Welcome. Good luck.

Clayten – We’ll just add to answer a couple of questions, Jeff, in between, talking to people. Gary says, “Thank you, Jeff and Clayten; when I saw your initial interview, you mentioned Dr. Daniel Amen. It was at his clinic, where my challenge was finally properly diagnosed. I wonder if you are planning to team with Dr. Amen I would be more than happy to be a guinea pig or do some type of experimenting with you.” Yes, Daniel Amen is a world leader in brain research. He happens to be in Vancouver, British Columbia if I recall. And we’re about an eight-hour drive from Nelson in the interior of BC. He’d be a great person to do something with Gary, I mean, we’re a pretty nonlinear, small company, you know, we’re growing. (40:00) We’re probably medium size now. We haven’t reached out to him. We do have the data from the Institute of Noetic Science that talks about positive brain effects in an FLFE environment. So I’ll make a note here, and if we ever get to do anything with Dr. Daniel Amen, we will let you know.

Jeffrey – Janet asks, “I’ve tried a Free Trial back in 2016 and again in 2017. Both of those times, I went downhill, and I stopped it. The first time was on my Home and the second on the phone. I know about the Hawkins Map. I am an empath, highly sensitive. I can listen to the Om So Hum chant with the choir playing several hours, and it helps. I’ve been feeling too much energy, any help? I’m reluctant to try it, but I keep running into FLFE. I’m also familiar with Regina Meredith.” I’ve got a few thoughts for you, Janet. You can always talk to the office and get another Free Trial in this kind of situation if you want to try it. Since you’ve tried it, we have added a Control Panel with a Slider, and this is a control that to  lower the level of consciousness of the field. So everyone has complete control over the environment. We can turn it off, turn it on, and turn down in the level of consciousness because the field may be beneficial, but the level may be too high, perhaps.

We do see people who are very sensitive because of hydration, and they need to drink more. I don’t know what your situation is. And also, in a high field, the nervous system, especially if someone is an empath, and are highly sensitive, they have a highly developed nervous system. In a high consciousness field, the nervous system starts to adapt, and it starts to grow its capacity to move light through the system, and much more additional magnesium and essential fatty acids can be beneficial to support the body in situations. If not, there can be a burning sensation in our nerves. And, with Yogananda, they used to put people in cold bath waters because they were burning so much. Those are some ideas for you to try; anything from you Clayten?

Clayten – We found that sunflower lecithin also helps the nervous system regenerate quickly. So sometimes, people that are extra sensitive Janet, it’s because their nervous systems are perhaps not resourced enough, and some people are just sensitive; it’s a gift. Sherallyn, my partner, is an empath, and it seems to take a lot to manage it. So I would try some sunflower lecithin. We have some recommendations for doses on our website. Typically, with the essential fatty acids and magnesium. It’s four units of essential fatty acid to one unit of magnesium within 30 minutes of each other. And there’s a certain synergy that happens when those two are combined to help the myelin sheath on the nervous system. As Jeff said, turning it down is often the answer for people. That’s why we put the Control Panel in with the Slider. And we do want to let all the empaths out there know that if it’s not working for you, you didn’t do anything wrong. If FLFE doesn’t work for anyone it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them.  Most of the time, it’s because it’s a little too intense. We find there are a lot of sensitives out there. And we so want people to trust themselves because we’re here to help all of us to raise our consciousness. Helping all of us raise our consciousness and teaching each other to trust ourselves and to listen to our bodies is a way to do that.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Janet. Thank you for trying it. And we’re here if you want to try it again.

(45:00) So, Susan asks, “Where does the energy come from that you speak of ?” This is lifeforce energy, Chi, prana, which is everywhere in the universe. It’s a universal energy. The original technology was a system to pull that in and concentrate it, and so that’s what we’re referring to. We have limitations in our energy based on what’s pulled in; some limitations in our way of receiving it because it’s completely infinite in the universe. It’s everywhere. We’re able to focus it in a small area, and that’s what creates, with a unique identifier, the connection, the resonance, in a quantum way.

Clayten –  Galina asks, “Clayten, when your team is measuring consciousness daily, are you measuring globally?” Yes, these numbers that we gave you today are the level of consciousness of the planet. So we do check in every day on that. We check the properties three times a week; we test all the properties once a week on Saturdays. And then Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays, we check all the new properties coming on all the Free Trials, and that is 99% of the time. Sometimes we’ve missed one or two Tuesdays or Thursdays over the years, but it’s very consistent.

And Janet is asking – “How do you derive your Hawkins numbers today?” Well, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is based upon consciousness kinesiology or muscle testing. We call it Consciousness Kinesiology because it’s a specialty within the kinesiology field. Kinesiology is known very well in the nutritional profession and the chiropractic as well.

Jeffrey – I am going to bring Alina in now.

Alina – Thank you. I don’t have a question. I just want to share my experience with you so that maybe will help others who just started. I’m on the mobile device with you for seven months so far. Then in December, I moved for an emergency to my friend’s house. He was thankfully able to take me, and I am with my daughter living there since. First of all, I notice the energy. I have my phone with me all the time, especially in the stores, and I’m a very positive person myself. I’m living in Las Vegas, and I notice a lot of people are much more friendly. If I have a late fee or something, it simply gets removed. When my phone is very close, they simply light up and smile. That is number one. A lot of people who are happy people get attracted more to me for conversation, business person, all kinds of stuff. And I do notice people with the low consciousness they are, or they fight for no reason. Eventually, they walk away. That is my experience.

I do have an ex-husband who was fighting me in the beginning. (50:00) I guess he doesn’t like higher consciousness. But it is getting better guys; it’s getting better. And with that, I will say two weeks ago, because I am an observer, I looked around in my city, and there is a 5G’s rollout. Two new ones close to the place I live and some I see around schools hide in up top. And I think it’s time to try. I got the EMF protection for my daughter right now. She had been using this for about two weeks when I have to leave the house and do whatever I need to do; she always is protected. I believe at the beginning of the month, and I will do another protection for my son.

I just wanted to tell you because, you guys, thank you so much. You are genius and all my love to you and not just mine, and everyone who is with the fluffy I love fluffy. Now for the funny part, I moved to my friend in December, and he is a Metro Police Officer, a retired one. And what was happening for 15 years when he was living on his huge property half an acre, okay? He never took care of his house. You guys will not believe what when I just moved to this clean house. I wish to thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Every corner is cleaned. Everything is done. It’s so funny. Thank you. I appreciate you.

Jeffrey – Thank you so much. Thank you for getting on with us. It’s so great to hear from you.

Clayten – Yeah, that’s a great story. I don’t know how many times we’ve heard that when people are in the high consciousness field, they want to take care of the things that are around them. And we’ve had numerous parents say that they’re experiencing miracles and that their teenage children are cleaning their rooms on their own. And do you remember that business Jeff, that was down in Louisville, Kentucky? Do you want to tell that story?

Jeffrey – Yes, they were running a business together in a house. So they were living there and running the business at the same time. And they had a younger member who was always the messiest. And they said when they turned FLFE on, it was like a major miracle. This kid started cleaning. You know, he started cleaning up, and he started cleaning up other people’s messes. And so, they said they’ve never seen anything like it. So, that’s why we laugh about it because it’s such a common thing that seems to happen when a place feels good and is in that high consciousness state, we just want to take care of it. So whenever we’re moving to a new house, we make sure to put FLFE on when the contractors are there because they take good care of it. For example, the painters want to paint beautifully because it feels terrific to be there. So part of it is the environment it seems.

Jeffrey – Galina, we can take your call now.

Galina – It’s really good to talk with you all. I’ve tried out the Free Trial for the house, and then I tried out the Free Trial on the phone because I didn’t know what it was and then COVID-19 hit, and I didn’t have any income. So things straightened out this month, and I was able to get on. But one of the things I’m interested in is an Object; I think you call it Sanctuary, an Object sanctuary. So I’m in an Eastern arts, you know, spiritual, medical, martial wellness lineage, and I have a coin from that lineage. I wear it every day, and I put a stone with it when I need a little extra protection. (55:00) But one of the things that I’ve not been clear on at all is, and I spoke with somebody from the office, but didn’t get clarity. Maybe it’s just me, but how does that work when you do it to an object, of which there are several objects of that exact thing around. Does that make sense?

Jeffrey – Yes, yes. So, that is the reason that we require a high-resolution photo. The Object would be taken off the string and put on a piece of paper. And then take a photo in really good light, where you can zoom in after you look at the photograph, and you’ll see every little scratch in detail. That’s what we’re looking for. Because even though it’s something that was made in a sequence with other things, there are minute differences. Everything is unique in some way. And there’s the history there. A perfect photograph will be the unique identifier that we need to activate the field around it.

Galina – Okay, that makes sense. That was a straightforward answer. I understood that this time, this is miraculous.

Clayten – There are unique scratches on your coin that aren’t on anyone else’s coin.

Galina – Yes, there’s always something that the machine did a little differently. Okay, that makes sense.

Jeffrey – And it is also in the way we write the Program. We are associating that photograph with the field and in activating the field we allow for changes to happen afterward. So if there is a new scratch, it’s still associating.

Galina – Exactly, you read my mind. That was my next question. I mean, I wear it every day. So I put it through its changes. So okay, awesome. Thank you.

Clayten – Thanks for your patience and waiting for all of you.

Galina – Yes, I appreciate everything FLFE is doing for us and that we can ask our questions. And I’m sharing it with all of my friends, and I was just laughing; they say hey if I can get my kid to clean their room, that would be worth a try. They are not interested in raising consciousness. They’re like, yeah, my consciousness is already up there. I do all the work, but getting my kid to keep their room clean, now that’s different.

Jeffrey – That would be fun to do. Like, okay, five friends. Let’s all try it and see how many kids start cleaning up after themselves. Thanks for that, we appreciate you sharing the word about us. I see Linda has a question now, hello, Linda.

Linda – I just finished a Free Trial and signed up for the Mobile. And my question is regarding the difference. I’m an energy worker and an empath. When I downsized and bought a small property, tiny, like an eighth of an acre with a small house. And so I signed up for the Mobile. And the reason I bought my property is that the energy is very good, but I’m wondering what the difference would be since I’m on a small property and using the Mobile FLFE versus having the Home Subscription? Would I need that because of the distance factor, does that make sense?

Jeffrey – It does, yes. Well, since you’re sensitive and you already feel good on the property, did you do a Free Trial on the property itself or just the phone?

Linda – No, I did not. I only did the Free Trial on the mobile.

Jeffrey – Well, if you’re feeling good on the property, maybe stay with it. The main difference between the two is clearing of negative history (1:00:00) and the compensation for geopathic stress. So, for instance, a river near town where the river takes a right turn and the town is right beyond that, and the Chi of the river keeps flowing through the town, and it’s pulling the energy away. That’s the reason to do a Home Subscription on a property for either geopathic stress or something that’s happened in the past that’s creating a negative place on the land.

Linda – Okay, what I can sense myself, if I feel that my location is energetically very good, then the Mobile Subscription with the radius that it provides for me, plus being with me when I leave the property is probably fine. Correct?

Clayten – Yes, that is probably the best choice for you.

Linda – Okay. Thank you so very much. I appreciate it. And I have watched you on Regina Meredith several times. I appreciate what you are doing. It’s wonderful. Thanks so much.

Jeffrey – And you can have a Free Trial on your property, Linda just to clean it up a bit as well. Just give a call to the office and talk to whomever your contact person is and tell them you’d like to try it first. You can have a Free Trial and see what happens and see if there’s a difference. And that will clean up the negative history as Clayten said.

Clayten – Sylvia asks, “How does the Schumann resonance affect the FLFE performance?” It doesn’t affect it. FLFE focuses on maintaining the level of consciousness at 560 or higher 98% of the time over 24 hours. It doesn’t limit the level of consciousness; it just creates a high bottom to start from.

Marcella is asking, “Do we measure the home environments before we put FLFE on?” No, we don’t, not individually. “If a home was 287 feet away from a cell tower, and 5G, how much will FLFE help?” It will harmonize all the consciousness lowering EMFs. We had a local person come into the office when we were experimenting with this in the beginning, and they had seven different meters. And these meters weren’t necessarily designed to measure the subtle energy that FLFE is, so we haven’t seen it show up on those meters. The meters that it’s most evident on is the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera if you want to use that as a meter or a measurement device. So when we were looking at proving the effects of the conscious lowering focus of the FLFE service, we had to find a device designed to measure that type of subtle energy, so if anyone uses a Trifield meter, we haven’t seen any difference on the TriField meter, the last time we checked it anyway, that’s a standard EMF meter.

Jeffrey – And I would recommend experimenting.  On the Control Panel there is a button to turn  EMF on and off so that way it can be felt the body, I find my body is very sensitive to it. If I turn off the EMF Mitigation, I feel tense. I feel anxious, my shoulders sort of come up. And when I turn EMF Mitigation back on, I feel like I can take a deep breath. Like there’s a release in tension. So we want everyone to trust themselves. Trust our sensitive instruments, our bodies, and experiment with the Control Panel; turn it on and off.

Christine says, “I’ve been having extremely vivid nightmares. Is this normal?” I’m not sure what normal is in these times. I know my partner’s been having very vivid nightmares too. And I don’t know if it’s just the world been at such a low level of consciousness that may be affecting us, you know that the environment is causing it for us. I don’t know. Any thoughts on that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I’ve noticed that if I’m not in a good state when I go to sleep, that I can wake up in the middle of a nightmare, and that hasn’t happened for a long time. (1:05:00) And what I do is, as soon as I’m awake, and I realized I’d had a nightmare, I go back into the dream state, and I create a positive ending to the nightmare. And then it doesn’t have that residual effect that I sometimes used to experience from those. It just seems to be the state of the world right now, which is unfortunate.

Jeffrey -Sandra is asking, “My friend, who’s subscribing, wants me to ask the following. She recently subscribed for her Home and had nose bleeds in the beginning, then it stopped. Could that have been clearing out stuff?” It is pretty hard to answer that, Sandra, without more information, it’s hard to know what was happening for your friend. That’s not something we’ve heard about before. I guess there are many different ways of clearing out things, but that’s one that I haven’t heard about. Is it something you have heard of Clatyen?

Clayten – No, that’s a first. I mean, the thing is, we have thousands of Subscribers now in 54 countries, as you mentioned Jeff. And sometimes FLFE gets credit for something that it doesn’t do. It’s just that people are in a good place in their life, and or they’re just moving into a very positive state of momentum. Or they’ve done a lot of work, and now they’re reaping the benefits of that, at the same time that FLFE has been put on their property or their phone. And so sometimes we get credit for stuff that FLFE hasn’t done. And since we have thousands of people around in 54 countries around the world, sooner or later, we’re going to have coincidental circumstances where people have on a Free Trial, or they’re a Subscriber. Something happens, and they wonder if it is causal. And there are many things that can go into a nosebleed. We’re not medical doctors. It would just be tough for us to say what that could be.

Jeffrey – And one thing we have noticed with friends and people that have been on FLFE where they were at some kind of tipping point and close to changing and then that energy took them over into a new state of being and they changed quite a bit. And can we attribute all that to FLFE? No, but there was some nudge that was helpful for them at that time.

Anonymous says, “With new health food upgrade, I have a sudden feeling of not wanting to eat any processed food anymore and just eating whole fruits and vegetables this week.”

Clayten – I’ve heard that from quite a few Subscribers that their desire for junk food has  gone down, and I spend an hour a day on the Facebook page usually. So I see more and more of that with people. There was one lady in particular who asked to pay attention to her grocery bill; she has four young men in the house. Teenagers, of course, you know, they’ll eat the legs off the table if we let them. So she said she believed her grocery bill was going down. Just because there was less impulsive eating, or there was a more perhaps conscious relationship with food. So at some point, maybe we can do a study on that.

Jeffrey – Susan asks, “Have you seen tests that show increases in vitamins, etc.?” We’re working with several doctors on this, and we would love to do a large scale blood work on that subject and also on the immune response. So it’s something that may take some time to accomplish, to find the right partners. If you have any suggestions for people to work with on this, please contact the office, and they’ll get you in touch with us.

Clayten – Greg asks, “I have three young boys, is it safe for them?” We’re not aware of any harmful effects of this, Greg. FLFE activates a field that is very similar to what the brain does when it’s thinking about someone. That’s why it doesn’t have any adverse effects on any other technology.

(1:10:00) We have another question, “Does it affect AI? Is it an aspect of AI?” There are many ways to define artificial intelligence; it doesn’t affect any original equipment manufacturers’ specifications. So if we’re using a phone and using Google Maps or Google voice service to help navigate, then that’s a form of AI, or how you describe it. And it doesn’t affect anything. It doesn’t affect any equipment negatively.

Jeffrey – And we are not using AI in our system. We’re not connected in any way to that.

Daniel asks, “How does FLFE work behind the scenes? Do you have a group of monks in a room secretly meditating and praying?” The effect is much like that, Daniel. We haven’t hired any monks yet. But originally the device was high-speed alternating current pulling through input stacks, ambient lifeforce energy or Chi or prana and then an output stack focusing that in a highly charged output area is where the identifiers would be put. Say it’s an address or coordinates or a photograph and that unique identifier along with the instructions in that place, that’s really what this is. It has evolved beyond alternating current; it’s not present anymore in the devices, and we keep tight control of all of the technology; we don’t sell any devices. We’re controlling those ourselves. And we’ve discovered a way to connect that to a database so that our Subscribers are able to get on FLFE to change the Control Panel and turn it  on and off. Initially, we were taking sheets of paper and putting them in and out of the highly energized space to turn FLFE on and off. Now it’s automated, based on connection to a database.

Clayten – We use the monk metaphor, Daniel, because a lot of people understand it. And in the back of Dr. Hawkins’s book, Power versus Force, there is a chart that explains the number of microwatts associated with each level of consciousness. So we can do the math on it and say, if we had X number of monks, at a certain level of consciousness, they would produce this amount of microwatts of positive energy. So we’re able to draw a correlation between that and what the FLFE technology is producing. So that’s why we use that metaphor. It just helps people relate to it.

Jeffrey – So I think we answered Janet’s question, “Does FLFE work for everyone?” We have been talking about sensitives and being able to turn up the energy and down with the Slider, experimenting with ourselves, and then trusting ourselves whether it’s for us or not.

Jeffrey – Leslie’s question is, “If we’re not drinking tons of water, do we still get benefits from FLFE?” That’s a good question. So for sure, everyone should drink plenty of water, and on the website, we have a Hydration Section. So you can check that out. There are links in the email streams to that. Because in a high consciousness field, there’s more energy for the body to work with, and when it gets to work, there’s debris, there’s the replacement of cells, there’s rebuilding, and all that needs to get washed out. And our basic metabolic processes and rebuilding processes require water. Our goal is for everyone to have progressively positive experiences. (1:15:00) And so, if we’re not drinking tons of water, we’re turning back many of these Programs. And we’re still getting benefits but may not be getting all the benefits of the Program. At least we won’t feel dehydrated by it. It’s based on instructions that include hydration levels of the person. If the hydration is not optimal, then we ramp the program back to a percentage of optimal or a percentage of its functioning.

Clayten – I’m just aware of the time, Jeff. It is quite a bit later where you are; three hours later. So it’s your call how long you want to go.

Jeffrey – I’d like to keep going; it’s so great to hear from all of you and connect with you. We could answer Justina’s question, and then maybe we can move to some more hands. Justina is asking, “Have you ever considered writing a program for enhanced psychic abilities?”

Clayten – A high consciousness field generally creates an environment where we’re at our best, including our intuitive capacity. The higher the field around us, the more conscious control we have over the function of the mind, including our intuitive gifts. We have spatial awareness Programs in the service so that people have a more highly acute sense of the space around them. That was because a friend of ours was experiencing vertigo. And so our request to Divinity was to increase the spatial awareness when it was detrimental not to have it to the person. Everything is always done with the caveat that it’s done the Highest and Best interest of all creation. That’s the safety valve at the end of all our Programs. They’re very carefully written, they’re at 999 out of 1000 or higher for those of you who are students of Dr. Hawkins. Is there anything you want to add to that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Well, it’s an exciting idea, the awareness of extra-dimensional space of other dimensions. So we’ll consider that and thank you for suggesting it. Amanda has a question about what the Boost is used for. I’ve seen some things on the Facebook page and talked to people about it. We haven’t talked much about it; the Boost is in the Control Panel. It can be on a property for 30 minutes, once a day, on the phone for five minutes. So we see all sorts of creative ways to use the Boost. Many people use it for meditation to connect deeply inside. So that’s one of the ways others use it for a more loving family, like a special family moment and if they’re spending time with the kids, they might turn on the Boost. I heard someone the other day say they were using it when they had a difficult conversation that needed to happen. And so they put the Boost on to support the environment to be higher during that time. What else have you heard Clayten?

Clayten – Going to sleep at night, if ever we have a hard time sleeping or if we’re kind of groggy in the morning when we get up, turn it on. Some people like to turn it on at dinner because that’s when everybody in the family comes together, and they have an increased possibility of having a calm dinner. There are innumerable ways; people are coming up with all kinds of creative things. I’ve heard an experience by a musician who loves to turn it on as they start practicing. They get right into the zone, that way.

Jeffrey -I’ve heard that is true for painting too; for creating art. I’m interested to hear Amanda, what you come up with. Let us know; try it for different things.

Clayten – Let’s answer the question from Siavash from Ireland. Sometimes people have what we call healing crisis. When there is an accumulation of changes in the body, it can seem overwhelming. (1:20:00) I’m not sure that’s what you’re having, I don’t know the situation. But if you’re ever feeling uncomfortable with the service, or you feel like you’re it’s too much for you, try turning it off for a day. Or some people, before we put the Consciousness Slider used to turn it off at night and then put it on during the day. Other people turned it off during the day and turn it on at night. And because we’re all unique, we typically have to find a unique way to optimize the experience. Sometimes we just turn it on, and it’s great. Some people turn it on, and they turn on the Slider as high as it’ll go. And they just never think about it again. And we put more and more control in everyone’s hand to customize the experience.  So I would say try turning it on and off, try turning it off at night or turning it off during the day. Try turning it down because it goes all the way down to 400.

Jeffrey – Another thing to consider if, when going through a lot of changes, is that we may be doing a lot of physical upgrades, as Clayten said. The idea of a healing crisis is the removal of these byproducts that occur. You could consider talking to an alternative health practitioner about different ways to support the  detox channels to work correctly, whether it’s taking something to help you remove something to help remove toxins from the bloodstream, so that’s something else to look for. Perhaps check in with a qualified practitioner and see what’s up and if there’s anything they recommend.

Clayten – Let’s bring in Sandra now. People have been waiting so long they are very patient.

Sandra – I have a friend, and her whole body was literally burning. And she’s quite sensitive. And I think she had a lot of stress with the baby and stuff; I don’t know. But she said, I turned it off, and it still didn’t go down for a couple of days. And then she started to use it again a week later, she turned it on and put it at 400. And then she got this nice silky feeling, you know, which I had in the air as well, when I started it, and then now she’s happy with 400. And also, this friend who had the problem with the nose bleeding, noticed when she goes into a shop that sells a lot of electrical equipment and nosebleeds and as well could be related to the EMFs. (1:25:00) So maybe if she gets FLFE on the mobile phone, it might help her as well. I have a Healing Center, and I’m doing it for the whole space, including the garden and the extra buildings, so it’s all one, and I was glad that you looked it up on the satellite to get it exactly right. When I put on the mobile phone, I didn’t feel that much difference because my home is my body in a way you know? So I put it on all the time wherever I am. I love the Boost; I never found it too strong actually. And none of my flat mates had any problem; we love it. If I go out of my house with my phone, then my house is not protected if I just had the phone right.

Jeffrey – Yes, that is true.

Sandra – So in my case, I guess the whole building is better, you know because I feel it also quite strongly.

Jeffrey -And because of your roommates and other people there.

Sandra – Exactly. So they benefit as well. I did do the phone, but I have a little sticker on it already from another company. So maybe I’m already 80% protected there. So it didn’t feel that much different.

Jeffrey – It is somewhat different, and people do experience it differently. The contrast at home can be partially because of the geopathic stress and the clearing of negative history. If it’s a place where there’s underground water, or there are some other ley lines, a confluence is happening, and that can cause a place to have a lot of contrast when we’re on and off the service.

Sandra – Thank you, I’m very glad that you say about the water because I don’t drink that much water as you said and so I’m glad that you’ve been taking care of that. And so, it’s also protecting for 5G. My friend wondered why, in a new area that switched on the 5G. She thought the phone was a bit changed, so she felt like maybe I should get the property on because I believe something in our area is stronger than before.

Jeffrey – She could call the office and have a Free Trial on the property. We are testing the LOC of the properties, and we’re testing the EMF Mitigation on all properties. The phone is a bit more difficult because it’s a moving field. And it’s moving into different environments all the time. So we’re not able to test that because they’re in such different situations. We always recommend that people try turning the EMF on and off and see how it feels on the phone. You can do that as well to experiment to see how you feel. EMF Mitigation is on all subscriptions; Smarter EMF, the standard Flagship Subscriptions, the Object all of them have the EMF Mitigation. And the Energized Nutrients and the Brain Optimization as well.

Sandra – That’s brilliant. I didn’t quite know that was all included. Thank you so much. That’s all my questions.

(1:30:00) Jeffrey – Yes. Thank you, Sandra. Thank you for talking to us.

Clayten – I’m happy you mentioned about your friend having a better experience when they turned it down because some people are just very sensitive to it. So that’s good to hear.

Jeffrey – We would highly recommend magnesium, essential fatty acids, and the sunflower lecithin for them as well. All right, well, maybe we should call it a night and close it up unless you see one more question you’d like to answer Clayten.

Clayten – No, I’m just looking at the list. It’s a long list. A lot of people are here with us, and we have 52 questions left. I’d like to do a webinar one day and just stay on for like six hours until every single question gets answered. Maybe we’ll do one on a Saturday morning or something. It’s just great to talk to people too.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, everyone, for joining us here tonight. And, and in the future, as you watch this, we do enjoy connecting with everyone in the FLFE community. And feels important for us that we come together and share our experiences on our Facebook page and by you calling and emailing the office as well. Do you want to talk about the hours now, Clayten? We’re pretty excited about the hours at the office.

Clayten – Yes, we’re open 90 hours a week, and all the details are on the website. I know there’s someone there from seven in the morning until ten at night. We have a great staff of over 20 people just answering questions. There are always the billing things that happen, but they’re there to help you manage the experience of raising your consciousness. That’s their job; to love you and help you through that.

Jeffrey – Please feel free to call the office. We’re now covering many time zones and open Saturdays as well. We think it’s essential to be available to you as we move through this all together, and our mission is to create the optimal environment for us to have a good life. It’s about quality of life as much as rising in consciousness. And about being happy, it’s about being free. If we are freer from past patterns, free from ways of being that we don’t want to be anymore. I mean, supporting freedom and happiness is what we’re all about. We’re grateful to have you with us. With that’ll pass it to you, Clayten.

Clayten – We have a prerecorded meditation that we’re going to play at the end. So you’re invited to stay for that if you’d like. It’s eleven minutes or so. I just want to thank all the people that had their hands up and were patient, and if we did not get to you, please try us again. The numbers are getting larger and larger on the webinars, and it’s hard to get down the list. So hopefully, your answer has been taken care of by somebody else’s response or question. That’s often how it works. I don’t think there is much else I need to say, Jeff, I think you covered it well.

Jeffrey – Great. Well, if you’d like to stay with us for another 11 minutes or so, we’ll just hang on, and we’ll start the video. And have a good night.

(1:34:00) Follow this link to the Meditation :