Living In A High Consciousness Field

June 8, 2017

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, everyone. Welcome to the FLFE webinar, Living in a High Consciousness Field. I’m Jeffrey Stegman. 

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. 

Jeffrey – I know it’s cheesy, but I just love to do that. So welcome. We’re going to talk about living in a high consciousness field. And we’ll go through a few of our observations, and then we’ll open up to your comments and observations and questions. And to do that, if you just take your cursor on to the box and move it towards the bottom, you’ll see a window, or a button called Q&A. So that is where you will put your questions, comments, and observations. So Clayten, do you want to lead us off on living in a high consciousness field with what you observe? 

Clayten –  Sure. We’re going to talk about the results of living in a high consciousness field, kind of on a principal level, what happens and then we’re going to discuss the positive aspect of that, or at least one positive aspect and then the challenge of that, because living in a high consciousness field does have its own challenges. And we should probably talk at some point about how we measure a high consciousness field in case you’re on here for the first time. I know for those of you who attend regularly, it’s probably a little bit tedious, but we’ll try to get through the basics quickly. We’ll talk about how our high consciousness field in FLFE is measured. Throughout the conversation, today, we’ll discuss how this high consciousness field may relate to other high consciousness fields such as pilgrimage places on the earth, and what your experience of those may be compared to the experience of the FLFE field. So, how about I talk about the Scale of Consciousness first, Jeff, and then I’ll turn it over to you and you can pull up the first principle? 

Jeffrey – That’s great! 

Clayten – What we do is use many resources when we’re doing our research. We try to stay respectful of truth and acknowledge it wherever we find it. And however we find it. One of our primary tools is to use advanced kinesiology or muscle testing. We use the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins. His first book was Power vs Force, it was a New York Times bestseller, you can pick that up and look that for yourself. In that book, he describes a Scale of Consciousness, which is a logarithmic scale from one to infinity, the human domain is 1 to 1000. Each level of consciousness has a certain number of microwatts of electricity associated with it. And the premise is that as we rise in consciousness, our body has to adapt to hold more energy or more light. And so that’s the premise of having a scale where the highest consciousness humans that have ever lived have been 1000 out of 1000. So, each point up is 10 times as powerful as the point before, that’s the nature of the logarithmic scale. Just a quick couple of points about the major levels on the map 200 is Integrity. 500 is Love. FLFE calibrates at 560 on your property or higher within five seconds. The only time that doesn’t occur is when we have a geopathic stress zone of some type. We’re constantly kind of picking those off as we come across them. Jeff handles more of the getting things done in the day to day running of the business to handle more of the research, but we’re each very busy with both. This is probably a good time to mention that if you don’t feel something to let us know, you can email us at and we will look at the property and see if there’s something going on. I think we’re probably 995 times out of 1000 that used to be 998 out of 1000 where the properties would go up. And they would have the geopathic stress zone that we’ve already managed to correct in the programming. (5:00) So, I think that’s a good place to start. Anything else you think we should add to that, Jeff? 

Jeffrey – Not that I can think of Clayten, we can move into the high consciousness field. So, on the Hawkins Map, in the Home Business and Nonprofit subscriptions, 560 is the starting point of the field. So that’s the environment, with the FLFE Everywhere, within 4 feet of the object, it’s 575. And then it goes down from there, it’s 565 at 15 feet, and 555 at 300 feet. So those are the fields that we’re in as we’re talking about living in a high consciousness field. And within those fields, our Programs, as we call them, which are written resources that are information and sort of ideal health situations for the Innate Intelligence that we all have to pull from and use. So just living in a high consciousness field, one of the things that happen is there’s more energy as Clayten said, it’s logarithmic,  it goes up 10 times for each point. So, there’s lots more energy for the body. So, things start to happen. Many of you are on the Free Trial, or you’re on a Subscription. And you’ve been talking on the Facebook page, or you’ve been emailing us or calling us and you’re noticing things. So, one of the things that people notice is manifestation, so a faster manifestation. Where there’s more power, there’s more energy in the field, there’s more energy for you, our level of consciousness tends to rise in a high consciousness field at an average over 90 days of 10 points. It might be up to 11 points by now Clayten, but 8 hours in a high consciousness field. So that means you have more power to manifest so it happens faster. The challenges is that is happening faster. And there’s an adaptation, there are things that you were thinking that was an idle thought or habit of thinking that you realize starts to manifest things quickly. So, the challenge is managing the mind and staying clear for what it is you are wishing to manifest. 

Clayten – The next one is pretty close to the manifestation principle. The next one I would say is more abundance. So, with more abundance, the positive of that is that a higher level of consciousness will tend to be a more abundant state of mind, you’re happier, you’re freer. So the positive of more abundance is you have additional freedom to make conscious choices about how you want to live your life. The challenge of having more abundance is letting it in. It can be easy to get used to struggling. And as Jeff mentioned, we get into those habitual thinking patterns where we’ve struggled for so long that we become unconsciously competent about being negative. And so, with more abundance, there’s a challenge of looking at that negative thinking that’s holding you back from getting even more positive abundance. It’s a first world problem but still worth stating. 

Jeffrey – Well, another thing we’ve noticed is upgrades. And this is really interesting, it can come in lots of different forms. You know, as you said, there’s much more energy coming into the system. So, it’s our entire system and I’ve been noticing it on the physical side, where my trainer that I work with is just amazed at what happens. And I keep getting personal bests with the weightlifting and other things that I’m doing. So, there’s something happening, And then I’m carrying my FLFE Everywhere object with me when I go to the gym. And so, the trainer’s noticing, especially at my age, you know, this is pretty unusual. And you’ve seen other kind of upgrades as well, right Clayten? (10:00) 

Clayten – Yes, it seems the way that Divinity works is that it affects different personality types, in different ways. And Jeff is like the slow, steady, progressive, high functioning guy that keeps things moving. And, and I’m more of an intuitive sensitive type. And so, the upgrade experience is that I get exhausted for a couple of days. And, you know, that’s just how happens with me, and we have someone that works with us as well, Evie and she gets really tired. And sometimes you wonder, like, what’s going on, do we need to go to the doctor, and you know, if you are really tired, probably should have noticed that it typically takes two or three days, and the energy starts to come back. And then there’s a new level that shows up. And it’s not necessarily effective in working out because I don’t exercise that much. But there are other ways in my life where my quality of life is, is increased. 

Jeffrey – So going along with the health side, and changes in the high consciousness field, people go to pilgrimage, sacred sites, and they feel really good in those spaces. But there’s also a speedup of positive cell regeneration, that’s a faster rebuilding of things. And it’s part of the upgrade experience, I think, as well that you’re rebuilding organs and aspects of your body more quickly. And the challenge that we’ve all been facing is staying hydrated. And, and I think it comes in these waves like Clayten was saying about an upgrade where you know, depending on your soul’s path and your Innate Intelligence, saying go! go! go! where you can get into a state where you need a lot more water for three or four days. So that’s one of the challenges is staying hydrated. 

Clayten – And that’s a good point. I keep pretty close track of my hydration, and I’ve been in this field for like 10 years, I’ve been playing with the technology since 2007. It’s coming up on 10 years, probably September. And I still catch myself just getting dehydrated, you know, and I drink a liter and a half in the morning 95% of the time. And there are times when my body just can’t get enough water almost. And so, this is something we pass along to you. We all struggle with it so just pay attention. 

Jeffrey – Let’s do a couple more and then maybe we’ll take some questions and then come back. 

Clayten – Okay, how about I talk about new awarenesses Jeff. 

Jeffrey – Oh, yeah, that’s a good one. 

Clayten – So higher levels of consciousness bring new awarenesses. Now with new awarenesses, for example, we’re testing the level of consciousness of different teachings quite a bit and came across somebody recently, his name’s Keshe and the level of consciousness of his model of science calibrates at 600. And the Newtonian paradigm of science calibrates around 499. So, when you start to study a new model of science, the positive side or you start to study higher conscious this model is because as your consciousness goes up, you attract energy to yourself. The basic principle is we attract what we are, whether we like it or not. So as Jeff said earlier, if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you’re going to attract more negativity. And so, and it’s just going to happen faster if you have a higher level of consciousness. And when you study a model or Keshe’s model of science, there’s new awareness that emerges, because it’s a much higher model which has more capacity. And it provides different possibilities than the lower level model does. So, the challenge with that is, you have to let go of the old ideas that we had. And that is not always easy, we get attached to them. It’s not that they’re not true, to a degree, it’s just that there are higher truths available with a new model. And so, when we’re exploring new models, we have to also explore ways to let the old ones go. (15:00) And that can include grieving the loss of a part of ourselves that worked to a certain level, and we have to let it go to get to a new level. 

Jeffrey – So what do you think? Should we look at some questions for a minute, and come back? 

Clayten – Yes I’ve got one here from Larry asking about our programs. 

Jeffrey – Yeah Programs are statements, Larry. The programs are, again, we can go over the machine quickly, for those of you that haven’t been on webinars before. So, the basic FLFE technology is a series of stacks that are the original and we run high speed, alternating current through it, and many different shapes and coils. And it’s basically pulling in subtle energies, life force energy in the input stacks. And then there’s one output stack where the energy comes down into a space. And in that space are the programs which are written statements. And there are many, many programs, he’s asking how many I don’t know if I could tell you that. On the website in the Learning Center, there’s an area on Programming and in there is quite a list of Programs for the different services. So that’s a good place to look. 

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, you’re typically really good at describing it because of your other companies have engineers on staff. And it’s pretty much like if you can imagine a Tesla laboratory and we know,  the technology’s changed a lot over the years, it used to be we had 30,000 volts of alternating current going through the technology to produce, let’s say, X units of the output of energy. And then we were able to find ways to reduce that to 15,000 volts of electricity with the same units out. And then we just kept reducing it and reducing it. And much like you can imagine, in the old days of the original computing equipment, it would take, you know, a large room that was air-conditioned to just create punch cards to keep time sheets or do simple math calculations. And our technology is much like that, as well, we had to have a lot of devices to monitor the frequency to ensure it went out precisely. And then what we did was build pieces of the machine that were perfectly made, so we didn’t have to monitor the frequency going out. So, we were able to get rid of a lot of that equipment. And we have found ways to amplify the signal so that we eventually could disconnect it from even 110 volts, or from standard electrical outlets, we just found ways to amplify the signal so many times that even the subtle energy that is almost hard to measure from the output stack from the bottom of the output stack. So, there are two stacks and the energy comes in there. And then it goes down and then it comes up again through the output stack. At the bottom here is where we used to put the piece of paper that are the Programs. And by the time we got the Program in here to the time we got to the top of the output stack that might have been multiplied 50 million times. And now it’s trillions of times amplified, we found ways to be more creative with the amplification. So, it allows us the flexibility of not having an external power source. So much like the old computers used to require the main floor of a building, maybe 2000 square feet. Now ours is shrunk down to the point where it’s relatively small. 

Jeffrey – Julie is asking – “Can you show an example of the output screen or a printout of what you see when you read a consciousness field of an environment?” Well Julie, we wish we had a machine that could produce those readings, but the most sensitive instrument known is the human body at least for this type of energy So, at this point in time, there’s not a known to us instrument that could read the level of consciousness of a property in area. (20:00) So, we’re using kinesiology muscle testing. Also, dowsing. And, you know, Clayten has worked many, many years on the technology of kinesiology and the protocols. And we’ve talked about that in other webinars. So, you’re looking at the output the two of us right here, we’re the ones that are doing the testing, it’s done with the human body. So that’s why it’s very difficult for us to do a lot of testing. And we’re not able to test everyone’s property or fulfill every request for testing, because it’s so time intensive. 

Clayten – So Jill was saying that she had a great experience on her FLFE Property Free Trial, and she tried the cell phone and it’s not working her for she said she’s having a negative experience.  Can I switch back to the property and have others have this experience?” Well, certainly, you can switch back to the property. It’s not a problem, Jeff, is that correct? 

Jeffrey – Well, it’s a little more complicated. You’ve got to cancel your subscription and start a new one to go from the phone back to a property. So, we’ll be glad to help you with that. But yeah, it’s unusual, because we’ve had other people have really great experiences with their phones and their sleep. I’m not sure what’s happening for you. You know, since we’ve made this change for the phone itself, it’s at 580 the hardware, so the emissions from the phone are now supportive of biological life. So, you can keep your phone close to your body. Before we were keeping our phones in the other room. So now you don’t need to do that. So maybe that’s part of it, your phone is further away from you, and you are in the lower part of the field. So, you might experiment with that you could also try turning it on and off using your Control Panel as Clayten is talking about, you can go to your Control Panel and turn it on and off and see what happens there as well. 

Clayten – One of the big differences in the programming Jill is that the FLFE Everywhere which includes mobile phones and other objects, doesn’t have the same programming on it as the Home Subscription. For example, we have a program called the Removal Program, and it’s a very detailed Program. And it removes all the negative history off of the land. And so that might be the significant difference that you’re experiencing with the change between the Everywhere Program and the Home Subscription. The challenge with the Home Subscription and the power output for us is that even though our machines are very powerful, and we’re upgrading them on a regular basis, the amount of energy it would take to have a moving object be clearing the land around it all the time, would  require more power and there’s just not enough power, it would take 10’s of thousands of times the amount of power maybe even more, because you’d be driving your car and it is trying to clear that land as you’re driving. And we just don’t have the power to do that and I don’t know if we ever will. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, that we do have some sleep programs on the phone. So yeah, try that turning it on and off. And then you could call into the office and talk to them about it. So, Ramona is asking about putting your phone on airplane mode, it doesn’t matter whether your phone is on or off. It’s on FLFE Everywhere all the time. The way that we locate the phone when you sign up, you’re putting in the country and the unique phone number. So that cellular phone number and a country combination, there’s only one piece of hardware in the country that has that. So, it’s a unique identifier. And that that is sufficient to associate or entangle the FLFE programs and system with that unique device. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on or off, the field is always around it. 

Clayten – That’s a good point, Jeff, some people have wondered how it can work if there’s no app on the phone, and it’s based upon the principle of unique identifier. If you have a pen like this, for example, there may be a million of these in the world. And if you took a photograph of it with a high enough resolution camera and you had it on the proper white background, there’s enough minute scratches in this pen or unique qualities to it that there’s only one like in the universe. (25:00) So that’s how it works. It’s based upon the principle of unique identifier. 

Jeffrey – So Glenn’s bringing up about us getting caught up after the Gaia blitz. And, yeah, we really are behind where we would like to be in responding to you. So, we really appreciate your patience there and your understanding. And we do encourage you to go to the website, and these webinars are a great place also to get your questions answered Glenn, I’ll respond to you and you know, we can check in see what’s going on there. So thanks again for your patience, we’re literally answering calls and emails as fast as we can. We just hired three additional people. So we’re flat out but we really do appreciate your being patient with us. 

So, Marsan, let’s see is saying – “I have FLFE on and do feel the change in our rental house. And each time we move house it takes a long time to feel good at home.”  So the observation is that now they’re staying home they don’t want to go anywhere, playing with their daughters, enjoying the garden. And that’s the other thing in a high consciousness field, you know, enjoying your home feeling at home. Because it really does feel at home to be there to me. And they have mentioned a tingling in the crown chakra. That’s very common. 

Clayten – It’s really common we have a Chakra Balancing Program, which is one of the things we talked about. So, the good news is you have better energy flowing through the body because your chakras are balanced. And the challenge is that we have to learn to be comfortable with this new level of energy. The tingling in the crown chakra will typically diminish over time. There are two programs that may be working there, one would be the Anti- Stagnation program, and the other would be the Chakra Balancing Program. And as those energies are moving in the body, it does take some time to acclimatize to the new energy. Marsan also mentioned that the neighbors started renovating two weeks after they turned FLFE  on. So that’s really common; your property will be at 560 and your neighbors if you live in a neighborhood, might be at 540 and the lot beyond them might be at 520 or 510, depending on the neighborhood the size of the lots how dense the energy is how high it is. So you’re also giving your neighbors a gift of this energy to a lesser degree. And it has transformed neighborhoods. We have had a couple of people now talk about how they had FLFE on the neighborhood for a year. And the whole neighborhood’s changed, people moved out, new people moved in, people are having block parties, there are all kinds of people cleaning up their yards that were messy. There are all kinds of things that were happening. 

Jeffrey – Another part of the question was how do you make the upgrades. And that really goes back to what Clayten was saying earlier about this increased amount of awareness and that happens with us really on a continual basis where, you know, in the high consciousness field of our homes and business, and then the way Clayten and I work is we create a high consciousness field together by creating sacred space in our conversations. And we measure the field as we work. So new awarenesses are coming in. And we’re making upgrades to the programs. And particularly as we talked about earlier, the amplification of the energy so that we now have more energy in our capacity. So now we can do new things(30:00) For instance, when we added grounding to the mobile phone and FLFE Everywhere, we couldn’t have done that a few months before. But we had a new awarenesses and these come from really this high consciousness field, this meditative state, praying about it and then testing the level of truth of what of what’s coming up. So, that is when we change the actual physical programs, we rewrite them, we add things. And that’s how the upgrades happen. 

Clayten – Yeah, someone was asking if their property was at 668. There are no properties on the service at this time that calibrate at 668. We don’t do individual testing, because it’s just so time consuming and laborious. So, it’s just likely that your testing is a little bit off. There was a time in my testing when I was very consistent in the testing, but the numbers were high because I had good protocols, but my numbers were artificially high. So, I’m assuming that that might be what’s happening with you, there are just so many variables to know without having a conversation. It just takes us so long to do the testing that we simply can’t do it. I mean, Jeff and I talk a lot about our business model and we’re trying to keep it really affordable so that just about anybody can do this. And we could provide a much higher level of service, possibly, and have to charge way more money. And we would like to be able to provide individual calibrations. And we just don’t know if we’re ever going to be able to do that. We’re starting to have people in the office do testing. And if we can get the consistency so that we can trust the numbers going out, then we’ll do it. And if we can’t we won’t. 

Jeffrey – Thank you, Sherry, for your comments here. Her upgrades are in the esoteric areas, it sounds like she’s an intuitive empath. She can’t imagine trying to live in the area where she lives without the field. She says she is “grateful for the hard work”. Thank you, we really appreciate that. And we’re on quite a journey together all of us. And, you know, we’re all part of this mission of supporting the optimal conditions for human evolution. And raising consciousness is one of those ways. 

Clayten – And again, sure, it does seem to be the intuitive empath types, you know, we just tend to get exhausted. And this just seems to be how it works. And then it goes away. 

Jeffrey – So Margaret was asking about Google to pinpoint the location. So again, as we go back to the machine and the way it operates, the Programs are written and the addresses or a legal address has a consciousness of its own, it exists in many different places. It’s in the courthouse and it’s in the post office. So that is a unique identifier like the phone device was, and so that entangles with the FLFE system, and coordinates will do the same thing. It’s an identified place on planet Earth. And then we have a certain radius around that. But if you have a legal address, and it’s in the system, that’s all that’s needed. And if you if your address was, for some reason,  not good or you lived in an area where the addresses aren’t regulated very well then the coordinates in the backyard would take care of the whole property. 

Clayten – There are some parts of the world where the addresses are inconsistent because there is so much building and construction going on that it’s difficult to get an address. It makes it very difficult for us in those countries. 

Jeffrey – So Clayten, Linda is asking – “What is the inquiry that we use for testing consciousness of a property?” 

Clayten – The  process is, you ask permission to make the inquiry, so “I have permission to make this inquiry.”  And you say, “For the Highest Good, according to the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of the legal lot with this address on average over the previous 24 hours, as a minimum, we typically like to scale it over a week. (35:00) So, it would be the level of consciousness of the legal lot or the legal parameters of this address, if it’s not a lot over the previous week is and then you just say over 200 yes, 300 yes, 400 yes, 500 eventually get a no and then you start coming down and go from there. 

Sylvia is asking – “Have you calibrated a certain model?” And? No, we haven’t. 

Jeffrey – Well, that’s interesting. And I can answer that one Clayten, you know, we mentioned that the heart chakra is something that’s opening. And there are challenges there as well as sensitivity such as vulnerability, being vulnerable. And also, boundaries. So that’s one of the challenges of a more open heart chakra is boundaries. So, sensitivities might be coming in that way. 

Clayten – Good point. Anonymous is asking – “What is the difference between home or cell phone use? When will you be setting up a program for sales reps?” 

Jeffrey –  Well, sales reps are not in our business model, sorry. At this point, we have a Referral Partner system and the intention of this is for people that really like the energy, really like the service, and they want to share it with others. And it helps support them in their mission in their life. Right now, the Referral Partner system is close to new referral partners while we revamp it, and then we’ll be opening it back up and we’ll let you know when that happens. 

Clayten – Lamar is commenting – “This seems like a full-time job. What do you guys do for fun?” We do this for fun! 

Jeffrey – Yeah. That’s one of the characteristics in a high consciousness field. Increased laughter and we do have a lot of fun laughing in each other’s bad jokes. 

Clayten – Yeah, the challenge of that is getting stuff done. Because the jokes get worse. Yeah, we work a lot Lamar, we do. And most of the time it’s a lot of fun. Some of the times we’re just people and, you know, we rarely do something else, I suppose. But I keep showing up to Jeff because Jeff keeps showing, so, I guess if we keep showing up we are going to keep going. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, I’m having the time of my life. It’s awesome. We have a question about the difference between home and phone.  I  would send you to the website it’s a good place to start and you can find it in the Learning Center in the program section. There is quite a lot of detail about the different programs on for the phone and on the home. It’s our intention that you don’t feel like you have to have both, you know, they’re really unique in their own ways. And we want to put as much as we can into each technology so that if you want to, you can just have one. And so, towards that end, we added grounding to the FLFE Everywhere relatively recently, because people were missing that when they switch from home to the phone. So, there are unique things about both as Clayten mentioned earlier, the Home stationery subscriptions so the Home Business and Nonprofit, clear the negative energetic history, from land and from the building as well and the objects in the field. So that can be big depending on the history of the land. 

Clayten –  Deborah is asking – “Why did Gaia remove our interview from their website?” It still is on there, Deborah, you just have to search it. You can search FLFE or  Jeff Stegman or Clayten Stedmann. We don’t know all the reasons. I don’t think it’s really our thing to say; you can ask them to put it back into the sequence. It’s still there it’s just you have to search for it. 

Allan asks – “Do changes happen quickly? Or do you have to wait a year to feel a difference?” Well, some people feel the difference the instance it goes on Allan. (40:00) But it depends where you’re at in your life, there are a lot of things that could affect how change happens for you. And some people feel it instantly. And then their life starts to accelerate very rapidly. 

Jeffrey – Ricky was asking  – “Is it possible or recommended to have both subscriptions?” There’s certainly no conflict in having both subscriptions, and many people do. And there are some advantages to having both and there’s the cost. So, we can just go a little bit deeper on that. You know, of course, there’s no conflict there, everything in high consciousness field really seems to work well and play well with other things that are going on other technologies. But the Home Subscription has the all of the Programs, including the Health Programs throughout the entire property. So, if there are multiple people in the house, everybody benefits. With the phone or the FLFE Everywhere the object or the phone, the Health Programs are only within four feet of the object. So, if you live by yourself, or you live with a partner, and you’re always close together or you don’t have children in different rooms, then FLFE Everywhere would be fine. You know, it’s really up to you to kind of take a look at the Programs and see which one works best for you. Or both. And many, many people aren’t doing both as well. Again, it’s not our intention that you need to do both. 

Clayten – Patty is asking – “Have you ever experienced a situation where the property stress factors change seasonally?”  I’ll answer that one, Jeff, we have had properties Patty, where there was a stream that came on to the property and dropped right down below the house. And of course, it’s interesting when you have a stream, and let’s use an exaggerated example of that; Niagara Falls. If you go right next to Niagara Falls, the level of consciousness within say 30 feet of the edge of the falls if you’ve ever stood that close to it, it’s actually about 190. If you go 60 feet back from the falls it’s in the mid 400’s or high 400s. So, what happens is that when water drops, it creates a negative energy vortex really close to it. So, let’s say this is the water going down, it creates a negative energy really close. And then it creates this positive energy, a little ways away, just like a mustache almost. So, we have had properties that were between two rivers that came together and there was a stream that came on the property that dropped beneath the home, so people weren’t able to sleep in a certain part of the home. And so that would be an example where when you have a rainy season, perhaps in the spring, when the rains come, more water would go through the area and would pull more energy or negativity you know, make it more negative and make it more difficult. So that would be a seasonal issue. And we corrected that one in that case. So, for any subscriber that has a source of water coming into the property and going down into the earth, we charge the stream up far enough from the property so that any energy or the water coming onto the property is very positive, so you don’t have that same effect. 

Jeffrey – So Kathleen, welcome, Kathleen, it’s good to have you with us here, you’ve been a subscriber for quite some time. It would be interesting for you to just switch your address to the business address for a couple of weeks, and get that old energy cleared out of there. You know, when a business fails, there is a lot of despair and perhaps anger and that moment, when you realize it’s not going to make it and your investors aren’t going to get paid back and you’re not going to get your money back. It’s just all that history that could be there if those businesses didn’t do well. So, you can just go on to the Control Panel, you can switch your address as often as you want. So, you could just switch it to that business location, and it will clear the history. (45:00) And then you can see how it feels, you know, switch back to your home if you wanted to. So, if you’re traveling all of you, if you want to switch your address, you can do that easily on your Control Panel. So, I would suggest trying that and see how it goes. I mean, you can always add another Subscription. But this is a way because the stationary services are essentially the same, except for the business subscription clears the corporation itself. So that can be really helpful if you purchased a corporation that has a negative history. It also exists in the field of the corporation itself. So that’s another thing you could do if it’s if you’ve purchased a business that has a history of things gone wrong. Give that a try. 

Clayten – Yes. Something else that is worth mentioning, I think is that when you send in your subscription for a business if you send in the legal entity, the legal name of the business entity, it has its own consciousness, and we put that legal entity on as that’s part of your subscription. So, it actually will raise the level of consciousness of the business as well as the property, the business and so on. So there’s a lot of value in that.
Jeffrey – Yeah, so Patty kind of followed up and said she has city water and drainage spills bordering the property. Yeah, well it would be interesting for you to let us know in an email when you have time to let us know about the drainage that is happening. I’m assuming you’re asking the question because it feels different. That’s something for you to do your own research. First, see if it’s feeling different on the property when that drainage is happening. We’ve covered as Clayten said most geopathic stress situations. So, you know, it may just be fine. But the first thing is to use your instrument, your sensitive body to see if it feels different when say there’s been a big rainstorm, you could try that. So Julian is asking about whether the FLFE Everywhere if it’s on a pendant, whether that would render a nearby cellular phone to be supportive of biological life and I am afraid not. The FLFE field has an effect on the EMF’s in the area. And, you know, according to our testing, it’s around a 15% effect. Really the breakthrough was to take the phone itself, the hardware and bring it up in consciousness to the to that level of 580. And then what’s coming out of it seems to be different and through our testing, which is on the website. And in the Programming Section under FLFE Everywhere, you can see our actual inquiry, how we tested that. And the other interesting thing is the whole cell phone is it 580. We were on the Facebook page and we’re experimenting with playing music through it. So, as the music comes through it now it’s coming through a speaker that’s high consciousness and it’s generating the sound through higher consciousness mechanism. So, we were feeling that the music felt like it was more high consciousness and the testing we did seem to back that up. So that’s another interesting thing. 

Clayten – Yes, for us to put the object the phone on itself, instead of having that wave around the phone it took 2000 times the amount of energy that the previous subscription had. Since what happens if you have your phone on the object, if you have your service on the object instead of around it when you take the phone and put it down on your desk the phone is at 580 now, so if you put it on the desk, the desk calibrates say at 400, that desk will start to get charged up because the phone is at 580 and it is starting to work. So, the principle of osmosis entrainment, and it starts to charge up the desk and starts to charge up the carpet, which starts to charge up the floor, which starts to charge up the whole building(50:00) so requires a lot more energy. And we have the energy required to use it. But just to give you a sense of the number of upgrades we had to do to the technology to have that energy available. It was quite significant. 

Jeffrey – We continue to have a few questions about having both the home and the mobile phone so the level of consciousness is higher around the mobile phone. The GI Optimization Program is both in the Everywhere and in the Stationary Subscriptions. So, it doesn’t matter which one you have, you’re going to receive that benefit. 

Clayten – You were muted there. Just for a second, I think our host accidentally hit the mute button. So, could you resay that Jeff please? 

Jeffrey – Yeah, sure. In regard to the FLFE Everywhere and the Home Subscription, we had another question about that, whether the energies are increased. And only the field around the FLFE Everywhere within 4 feet is 575 compared to the home, which is 560 but it doesn’t affect programs like the GI tract Optimization that’s in both the Everywhere and the Stationary Subscriptions. So, Charmaine was asking a question. They’re thinking about moving and she is asking whether they could put FLFE address to the general area. That’s just not going to work. You know, but you could put a property on that you’re looking at for a short amount of time. But really, you want to save it for after you’ve closed, and you’ve moved, and you want to bring the new property up to the next level. But you’re in a high consciousness field. You’ve been in there for a while and your consciousness is going up most likely. I mean, we all have free will and it can get all go sideways at any time if we want to, like your intentions to find that new home is something to work on. You could do more by using the Magnetizing System that we have on the website. You can do the Magnetizing Process for finding the home if you like.  It’s a manifestation process that we designed for the FLFE energy. 

Clayten – Glen is asking – “Do you have any info in how a person might use dowsing themselves?” We would suggest Dr. David Hawkins book Power vs. Force and the second edition has better protocols. And you can go online, this is a really good question. People keep asking us this sort of thing. And there are different courses online that will help you learn how to do kinesiology. 

Jeffrey – I could add to that one a little bit Clayten I mean, just back to your process that you went through. I do really the same thing and I use the pendulum, One direction being truthful and the other direction being not truth. Again, both the kinesiology and dowsing are tapping into the Innate Intelligence to our connection to All That Is. So, I would go through the same statement: on a scale of 1 to 1000 according to Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness using the property description, of course, over this period of time calibrates at, you know, 500 or more, I get a yes with my pendulum, 600 or more I get a no with my pendulum, then I will ask 540 or more I get a yes, by 550 or more I get a yes, 560 a yes 570 I get a no. So, it’s the same process or a similar process to kinesiology. Hopefully, that answers your question. 

Clayten – Ricky is saying he is very happy that the Gaia surge is happening. Thank you, Ricky it is a big surge, and we are struggling to keep up with it. We have hired new people and we will get caught up. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, we do encourage you to join the Facebook page, it’s a private group. (55:00) It really does have a nice support system there. It’s really been amazing. It’s my daily tears. It’s just so great to hear the stories of what people are experiencing and their concerns and how they’re supporting each other in those experiences. And it’s a great place to get support as well. So, we encourage you to join us there. 

Clayten – Wanda Is asking – “I’m just curious how this is affecting our ability to raise our own consciousness. It seems to me that this is a crutch that we could become dependent on instead of learning to do this for ourselves. I love technology and gadgets. And I have has some really great experiences with both the Mobile and the Home Free Trials. Should we turn it off once in a while to see where we are as far as our ability to hold on to this?“ Well, is it a crutch? It could be a crutch. That’s one of the challenges of having a being in a high consciousness field. If it’s different than something you can sustain on your own. You could become dependent on anything. We wouldn’t say is a crutch, it could be a crutch. Should you turn it off once in a while just to see where we are? You know, we always go back to trusting yourself. See what happens when you turn it off.  See how you manage your energy. See what your experience of life is. The reason we created the FLFE Everywhere services was that we didn’t want to be out of the field. And so, we did it just for ourselves and added it as an option for everybody else. So, there’s no hard and fast answer to this Wanda, I think it’s a great question. We do talk about a once in a while, and I have turned it off on occasion. But I just have a higher quality of life when it’s on. So, my theory is for me anyway, or my position is that I want as many benefits as I can get from all the technology that’s available to make my life more positive. Because not all the technology out there is supportive of us raising our consciousness. So, let’s take advantage of all the things that we can do. And, trust yourself and try turning it on and turning it off and see how it affects you. 

Jeffrey – Hello, Noah, good to see you. You’ve been a subscriber for quite a while. And your question is; “Is there a list of specific programs a subscriber can have added or all the programs on all FLFE subscription options?” All the Programs are on it, at least according to the limitations of the particular product. For instance, FLFE Everywhere is moving so it can’t have the clearing, at least at this point so it isn’t doing clearing of negative history. So, there are some differences in the programs. And in on the Learning Center Program Page, there’s quite a bit of detail. But no, our default Noah is to put everything on all the Programs, all the subscriber options that we can. And so, in the Home Subscription, for instance, it has all of the Business Programs in it. Because many people do have a home business. They’re working from home. So, they would like the focus and concentration as well. And, again, these are just resources in the field for the Innate Intelligence to pick up and use. 

Clayten – Anonymous is asking – “Will you ever be able to offer a better deal on subscriptions if you get both?” We have had that thought and we do offer a discount on a Semi-Annual or an Annual Subscription, the amount of time and energy and cost it would take to offer a bundle package is way beyond our capacity at this point to do it would be months at a minimum. And, you know, we keep testing things we try to do what’s the Highest the Best interest of all Creation, we get that the rate that we charge is in the Highest and Best. We think it’s an extraordinary value. Many, many people do as well. And we understand that human beings want deals, that just seems to be how we are. I don’t know if we’re ever going to offer a bundle package. 

Jeffrey – So one of the other questions that have come up was about a lull, feeling a lull in the flow about a week in and there really can be a lot of differences. (1:00:00) You know, we’re all individuals. And there are different things going on in our systems. And one of the other items that we had to talk about, which was the Anti- Stagnation, or the removal of stagnation happens in a high consciousness field, which is the stagnation physically in the physical body. Or it could be you know, emotionally. So those things right away in the beginning of the service, there’s a lot of movement, because things that may have been stuck for a while become unstuck. And so that can feel like a lot is happening. And then when things start to clear out, and the energy is moving consistently through the system without running into any blockages, well, then it can start to smooth out and maybe feel like there’s not quite as much going on. 

Clayten – Yeah, there’s a process called the acclimatization where you get acclimatized to the new energy, and then it will kind of buildup in your body and your body has a reserve of energy, it will use it to do something to improve itself. That’s Innate Intelligence. So, it’s good to talk about that. 

Jeffrey – So Aaron has a question about the mobile phone in Thailand. That’s interesting. You know, again, you want to use the country. We’re identifying the cellular device through the country and the number. So, whatever does that and identifies your unique cellular device in Thailand. So, if it’s something purchased in Thailand, you want to for sure use Thailand as a country. And then the phone number, I think it’s if it’s a unique number that if somebody dials that number then your phone rings, then it’s the proper number. But it would be in the country the way it’s designed is in the country it doesn’t require a from country to country code. So, it’d be in your in-country phone number. 

Clayten – Henrietta is asking – “I just joined in, if you haven’t discussed it yet, is it a machine or what device is used to actually send energy?” and it is a machine, Henrietta. These are recorded will be posted on the website pretty quickly unless we make a mistake and say something wrong. And we have to edit that out. That’s why we don’t post it live. So, you can hear the explanation of that. And you can go to other webinars Henrietta, and you can listen to detailed explanations. I think in one webinar, in the beginning, we spend maybe 15 minutes describing the machine. And we’re actually having somebody now create a process where every time we talk about something on a webinar, they are time marking it and you can search it on the website. So that’s coming out in the next few months and they will be easier to find. 

Jeffrey – Linda was talking about praying that her neighbors received a benefit. She’s in a small town and has some difficult redneck type neighbors on either side. Well, it’ll just be interesting to see what happens there. They’re benefiting and it’s a blessing to them. And again, it’s like a candle in the dark, you know, it’s shining, the higher consciousness field is shining throughout, and we do see changes, people have noticed changes with their neighbors. So, Karen is saying – I have been able to clear past traumas big and small having FLFE in our home, it felt like the field was forcing me to pull the weeds from my emotional garden.” So, I would just say the way that we’re seeing this and is that the Innate Intelligence is the one pulling the weeds, you know, that you’re choosing at some level, to do that work and the FLFE field is an environment to support your Innate Intelligence to take whatever action it wants. So certainly, no forcing by FLFE, It’s just an environment, with the resources, and then our Innate Intelligence and our conscious mind can make the choices to do what needs to be done. And I think it partially explains why people have such a different experience of the field, and it’s all okay, and we want to make sure that people who are not having a big, intense, wild emotional rollercoaster, you know, clearing experience on in the field, they’re just maybe feeling good. (1:05:00) We’re all at different levels, we’re all doing our own work in different ways on different paths, and our Innate Intelligence may say, hey, it’s time to rest. Let’s just take this in and just rest in this field. And at other times our higher self is wanting to move forward, quickly take the opportunity. And, you know, let’s clear out the weeds. So, it’s a great question. Thank you. 

Clayten – Yeah, that relates to one of the points we had on the effects of living on High Consciousness Field was a personal rise in consciousness, I would assume that’s happening to you, Karen. And so the positive aspect of that is we have more freedom; we have a greater perspective on life. And it sounds like you have some tools to help you clear trauma, the challenge of having a personal rise in consciousness, is you have to clear those issues that come up. And you have to let go of the old ways of thinking and being. And that isn’t always easy. 

Jeffrey – And Jesse has some comments here, where she had to shut it down a few times turn on and off FLFE. And that’s why we’ve given you the way to do that with your Control Panel.  And there can be intensity in this process of, you know, Anti- Stagnation and rising in consciousness and uncomfortable times and moments. We talked a lot about those two webinars ago. And once you’re through that, then people are finding, it’s been interesting on the Facebook page, a lot of sharing of experiences. And people seem to go through a pretty intense period, you know if they’re in for that. And then it smooths out, and they do find that they kind of hit this next level. So, it’s really an interesting process. 

Clayten – Janice is asking, about latitude longitude. If you don’t have an address, or you want to put a subscription on a piece of property with no address, we can do it with latitude-longitude. That’s, true. I’ll just pick up Linda who is asking – “I’ve been using earthing mats for several years, under my keyboard, mouse, and on my bed, I recently subscribed and wondering how these work together? I live in a condo with 88 smart meters and lots of Wi-Fi” Well, we’re not aware that of this technology being in opposition to any other technology. These technologies have been around for a long, long time, we have about five technologies that go into our process. And we’re looking at adding other ones. There’s no history that we are aware of any conflict with our technologies and anything else. 

Jessie is asking – “Will the cell phone affect my client as my healing processes on the phone?” We have had the experience, we haven’t tested this out, of people when they’re on their cell phone, talking to other people, there seems to be a transference of energy. But I don’t want to go much deeper into that unless you have done some more research on Jeff, that we haven’t really come to a place of feeling comfortable talking about, it just seemed to be something going on there. 

Jeffrey – Yes, we have some anecdotal experiences of that. Audrey was on the phone with someone while they turned on the phone subscription. And she could feel the energy when the subscription came on. So definitely something going on there. As far as Bermuda,  I think Bermuda is on the drop-down list now. It took a little time to get it to get that done. But occasionally we found that the drop-down list that we’re using doesn’t have every country on it. So, as we spread around the world, we’re finding all those places. 

Clayten – I think we’re in 35 countries now, Jeff.  Yeah, that’s incredible and it changes sometimes day to day. 

Jeffrey – (1:10:00) So Gene is saying – “I have both and when at home, I feel just incredible, it works different, not bad, just not like at home.” Well, the clearing is a part of that it, and I’m not saying it absolutely is but it could be part of that. And you’re in your own little zone at work too the 4-foot zone around the phone or personal object is where the real high consciousness field is. 

Clayten – Cindy also had an interesting comment, she said: “My main upgrade is clarity, time slows down and so do my thoughts.”  I’ve experienced that at times in the FLFE field. I notice when I’m out of it, if I leave my mobile object, well, it’s pretty hard now because my cell phone is on but I have noticed that. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, she mentioned freedom. And you said that as well, with the raising of consciousness,  when we talk about raising consciousness, and we have all these numbers, and people go up 10 points, you know, what does that really mean? And it, it’s increased freedom, its freedom from our own mind, sometimes. Freedom from our obsessive thoughts and patterns and its freedom to be in a loving relationship without a lot of static. You know, there’s just a lot of freedom. It’s really about freedom. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Clayten – Yes. Anonymous asks – “Are the health programs included if you have the service on your phone?” Absolutely. They’re just only in a small bubble, Anonymous, not in the whole 300- foot field because it would take so much energy that would be very difficult to do that. 

Jeffrey – Melinda asks – “Is there a benefit to starting with the Home Program and switching to the Phone?” And yeah, I’d say so. I mean, you could do a Free Trial on the home, we’re encouraging people to do Free Trials on both the home and the phone, to try it out and see how it feels to you. But doing it on the home first or making sure you do the Home Free Trial because it is clearing out the property. And it’s clearing out that historical negative history or negative energetic history. 

So that’s part of the gift of the Free Trial is that you can clear your property. And you could just do a 15 -day Free Trial to clear the property and be done and receive a lot of benefit from it. It’s part of the gift that we wanted to give with the Free Trial. And this is such nonlinear technology, we had to you have to try it, you have to feel it. That’s a great point, you know, do the home on a Free Trial or as a Subscription, it’s a bit harder to switch subscriptions from one to the other. You know, because we have a start date, you know, you paid your $30 for the home, you may want to wait till towards the end of the subscription period, the end of the month before you maybe cancel that and start a new subscription rather than in the middle of the month. 

Clayten – Melinda is asking – “Does the land clearing last permanently?” When you’re on the subscription, the land clearing happens 1000 million times a second. That’s how quickly it cycles. And it may not go that fast if it hits an obstacle, but it’s sending that signal out that quickly. And continuously. It’s 24/7 and 365. And one of the things that Jeff used to talk about a lot was that people get a fresh start every day. It is like getting up in the morning and it’s been clearing and clearing and clearing the land all night long. And you do get a fresh start every day in one regard. You know, people come onto the property things happen, it gets cleared. If you turn off the subscription, whatever you’re doing on the property will affect the land, it holds energy, of course, you can feel that if you’ve ever walked on to an old battlefield, or you go to a pilgrimage site, you feel the difference. So, it does continue to clear once you’re on the service. (1:15:00) 

Jeffrey – And we can’t speak to all the conditions that can happen on a property because we’ve seen so many different things. But of course, if something happened on that property in the past and it’s cleared, it will stay clear. If something’s moving through it, someone’s coming onto the property it’ll reinstall or whatever it is, I mean, if someone has another bad experience, that bad experience will be there. But the negative history from the past that was there is gone. 

Clayten – Janice is asking – “When you speak on dependency versus implementing changes that naturally increase one’s energy field, that one is incorporating appropriate changes and transitions to maintain and continue?” I’m not sure how to answer that. 

Jeffrey – Maybe you could clarify that Janice with another question.  So, we mentioned about the bundle. We don’t have a bundle at this time.  Patty is saying – “When it rains, the river runs by two sides of my property.” 

Clayten –  That’s interesting, we have allowed on the geopathic stress zone for underground streams, Patty and water coming onto a property, that program automatically self regulates to compensate for the amount of water. So, if it’s working, it will work, no matter how much water is coming on to the property 

Jeffrey – So Patty asked about the type of phone to use and it doesn’t matter what type of phone. What we’re identifying is the unique cellular device. It can be a modern smartphone, or it can be an old flip phone. You’ll have the same field the same effect.  Lori asked about plant growth. Yeah,  we’ve had numerous people post on the Facebook page about plant growth. We had a botanist reach out to us with the changes she’s seen. I planted apple trees in my backyard last year. And they said, Oh, it could be several years before you get apples. I just snapped a picture and I’m going to put it on the Facebook page. I’ve got, you know, like 10 apples on my tree. And these are miniature trees. So, I’ve got apples already. It’s just amazing. Things are growing incredibly in the yard. So yeah, there’s more life force available for all life on the property. 

Clayten –  Yeah, we have soil programs on the service as well for the permanent or stationary subscriptions. So, there is a benefit to that. Connie is asking – “Why are the Home Subscriptions at 560. And the cellular phones at 580?” The reason that we put the cell phone at 580 Connie, was that it required the level to be at 580 to compensate for the emissions coming from a cellular phone. So, there are multiple phases to making a cellular phone emission supportive a biological life, first of all, you have to neutralize it, then you have to change it to be positive. And we couldn’t get that to happen without putting the object on and without putting it at 580, we couldn’t do it at 560 or 570 or even 579, it had to be at 580. 

Jeffrey – So that’s just the object itself, which as Clayten mentioned earlier if you put it on a table, the table will start to move to 580 and if you hold in your hand, you’ll feel the energy, or you may feel the energy depending on your sensitivity moving into your hand. But the field around the phone is at 575, to 4 feet. And from 4 feet to 15 feet, it’s at 565. And then beyond that to 300 feet, it’s at 555.  And the reason the phone is at a higher level of consciousness is that it is something that’s moving through environments all the time as you move around the world. And so, having that more intense bubble close to you, that’s higher consciousness, it just helps compensate for things as you move around and the home doesn’t need to have that, though the 560 at the home is just a starting point. And depending on whether you Feng Shui’d or you’ve done other things or your own spiritual practices, you know, it will go up from there. (1:20:00) 

Clayten – There is a question about quantum entanglement. She says – “Quantum entanglement happens both ways. Can you speak to the incoming energies to the FLFE machine?” I’m not familiar enough with quantum entanglement to comment on that it happens both ways. I haven’t tested that. Maybe Jeff can speak about that. That’s kind of an interest of his.  The incoming energies to the FLFE machine are the energies that are available all the time to any of us. They are subtle, lifeforce energies similar to Prana or Chi and we have a way of kind of bringing them in and then amplifying them going out. The metaphor that I like is I imagine that we’re like farmers and we have a farm next to a river. And we put a hose in the river if we need to irrigate the fields to optimize the plant conditions. And the water goes back into the water table and flows back into the river when it’s done. And so, after it goes into the property if you are on the service or on the object, it goes back to the Universe. It’s not taken from anywhere it’s just transformed. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, I believe, just from some quick testing, and you know, our experience, that there is an energy coming from properties in the case of the subscription setup. We do in some situations, work with sacred sites and use some of that sacred energy or some of the high consciousness energy in those sites for specific purposes. But as far as movement from say, a Home Subscription into the FLFE machine, we don’t see that. At least in a very quick test, we could do more research on it. It’s a good question. Thank you. Yeah, that was interesting. Laura commented – “I noticed that with my phone trial, people are always asked if I lightened my hair, almost as if my energy is lighter. Also, while shopping people turn to me.” Yeah, people just feel good being in the field. And it’s the same with properties to if people ask, did you paint it? Did you get new furniture? Things look different. It’s because they feel better. Or there’s something that feels different to them. And so, they think it’s your hair, but you know, it’s just a feeling of something is different and it feels better,  it feels good to them. 

Clayten – What might be happening is your aura might be more enhanced. If you have a Chakra Program and the Anti-Stagnation. If your level of conscious goes up and affects your aura, maybe you have a particularly strong aura or maybe a particularly strong crown chakra. It’s hard to say. But  I just feel like when I’m wearing my mobile device, it’s kind of sending out all this goodwill, and it clears the path as I go about my daily work. And when I go into restaurants, or coffee shops, or anything like that, or shopping, I just noticed my experience is better. And people seem to be in a better mood and more talkative and it just seems to make the day go easier. 

Jeffrey – it looks like we have someone that’s not participating in Facebook. And we’re looking at ways to create a forum on the website as well where people can answer questions and ask questions and answer questions. And this private group that we have in Facebook, and I’m not a big Facebook user, either, but it’s just taken a life of its own, it’s been very positive. But we’re looking to do the same thing on the website or something similar.  We are just looking at the best way to do that. 

Clayten – Larry is asking – “Are the addresses put into the machine something like the programs? I’ve been on FLFE for 25 days and feel FLFE has enabled me to experience and realize, to a much greater extent the results of the last 17 years of meditation.  I’m grateful and consider FLFE to be another gift of grace.” Thank you, Larry. The addresses are separate from the Programs. (1:25:00) The addresses are in our database, we have a way to connect the machine to a database where the programs go in and then the programs are separate from that they are a series of thoughts that are highly calibrated truths, that create a potential in the energetic field of FLFE. Your Beingness accesses that; your body mind spirit accesses that intelligence in its own unique innate way. And we’ve had people comment on their meditations are deeper than ever. And in my case, since I’ve been on the service, you know, I’d hear about other people having these experiences and I just wasn’t having them or having them very infrequently and, and now they’re much more frequent. 

Jeffrey – So, Ricky asked about traveling. Yeah, we’re just identifying the cellular device. So, if it’s a phone that you purchased in the United States, and you entered it that way into the system, and then you travel somewhere else, say, South America or Central America, as you said, it will continue to work the same way. The only thing that may change if you were to remove your SIM card and put a new SIM card in with a different phone number, then you would need to enter a new phone number into the system. But as long as it’s the same phone number. Any phone that originated from the United States that is on the service you can take anywhere in the world and it will function. 

Herminia is asking – “At the same time one can be entrained to that high consciousness.?” I’m going to assume that the way to answer that Herminia, was that we can be entrained to a high consciousness field at any time, we don’t need FLFE to do that, the masters of the past did not have FLFE. It’s available to us all the time. We believe this technology is an expression of Divinity’s intent or support to compensate for a lot of the technologies that are in the world that are very convenient to have like I love my cell phone, I like Wi-Fi. But there is a cost to our bodies to be in those electromagnetic fields all the time. And we believe that this is an emergent gift of Divinity that we are stewarding to help compensate for the challenges created by electromagnetic frequencies. And you can be entrained to a high consciousness field at any time we don’t need technology to do that. 

Jeffrey – Let’s see, any comment on Orgone energy? 

Clayten – How does the FLFE wave compare to Oregonite ?” My research on Orgonite is that Orgonite if properly done will raise the level of consciousness of a property about 5 points. Now from 420 to 425 is really a lot of energy; it is 420 to the fifth power because it’s logarithmic, so 421 is 10 times 420. So, it’s a benefit. It’s not the same as 420 to 560, we have properties are over 600. So, 560 is a basic level and you can go up over that. The highest property that I’m aware of as a subscriber besides ours because we’re experimenting with different things all the time is about 610. So, Orgonite does not have the programs in it, and it is beneficial positive energy. It’s not the same level as FLFE that I’m aware of. It’s only about 5 points on the properties that I have researched. 

Jeffrey – There’s a question about an office in a mall and the different units. So as long as it’s a legal address it, the entanglement will work properly. Things cannot work as well in it often happens in certain countries where things aren’t regulated where say there’s an apartment that is not official, maybe they’ve subdivided an apartment into multiple apartments, then what happens is the whole apartment goes on. (1:30:00) And because of the requirements for hydration, someone in the living space needs to know that it’s on so that they can encourage others to drink water and drink fluids. So, if it’s a regulated area, and it’s a unit number and there’s mail is delivered to that address and the post office knows it’s there because it’s a legal address then it will be associated properly. 

Clayten – So, Julie is asking about a question about quantum entanglement – “If consciousness from FLFE affects property A, can you speak of consciousness from property B affecting FLFE due to quantum entanglement?” I think we explained that before that if your property is on your neighbor’s property will go up. If you were in an apartment building, even the gyprock or the drywall has crystal in it, we know that crystal holds energy. So, if you have your apartment on then your neighbors will have that energy as it goes through their gyprock.  I mean wood is not a great conductor of electricity. It’s more of an insulator. But there will be a benefit. And it’s a fact it just depends on the nature of your building. If it’s concrete, it will travel easier than if it’s a wood framed. And if you have a regular home, it will depend on how high your home was to start and how low your neighbors are. There are too many variables to answer that in much more detail. But that principle does work where your neighbors will benefit. And there are not the same requirements of telling your neighbors you have FLFE on because it doesn’t have the same hydration requirements as legal property. 

Jeffrey – Noah asks –  asked about the Vital Balancing or the AIM Program. I mean, Vital Balancing is on the person. So that’s different than FLFE which is the environment. I think the AIM Program has some similarities. It’s at a lower level of consciousness. It’s around 500%. Right Clayten? 

Clayten – Yeah, people ask us to compare our service to others. And we don’t do that. The reason we don’t do it is that we think you should trust yourself. You can try different services and see the value you get from ours and theirs, our concern is that if we start talking about other services that it’ll be misinterpreted. The AIM Program is an integrous service. It’s an integrous company as far as we can tell, their intent is to help humanity. And the same with Mony Vitals’ service which is not on anymore that I’m aware of as he passed over. And there was the transition to taking it over never happened. Unless that’s changed because we actually talked to them at one point about a project together. So that’s why we don’t talk about other people’s services. We just focus on giving more value. Christy is asking – “Is there a way to access via replay past webinars?” Yes, on our website, Christy, all of our webinars are there so you can watch them at your convenience. 

Jeffrey – And as Clayten mentioned, we’re indexing those and that will be available on the website at some point in the future as we catch up. And we’ve hit past an hour and a half. So, I’m noticing some people in Central and Eastern Time Zone starting to drop off and I might be the next one. So why don’t we take a few more Clayten and then wrap it up? 

Clayten – Yeah, Dean was asking again about bundling. We understand Dean everybody would like a deal. 

And we understand the money system that we’re a part of to some degree, I suppose. And we keep testing for what is in the Highest and Best interest of all. And we just go with what we get. We don’t always get everything done that we would like to. We don’t do things that aren’t in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation at least on the big scale. I don’t always test that I should have every cup of coffee that is put in front of me but for the big stuff, we do a lot of testing on it. 

Jeffrey – So, Christy said – “I love the FLFE property and immediately noticed the changes such a benefit of my family dynamics. So much peace, happiness, and joy.” That’s great. We love to hear that. 

Clayten – Yes Chakra Lightheart said – “I notice that it’s difficult for negative thoughts to ground and take hold of my brain. When I turned it off, I noticed old thinking habits coming back, such as not caring about work or goals with my clients and career really interesting.”  Yeah, that’s my experience as well. (1:35:00) 

Jeffrey -Sally asked about the weather and I don’t know if we have enough research on that. We do have a customer in Florida that had an experience with flooding from a hurricane and claimed that his place was spared from that, but we really can’t say. He’s convinced it’s from FLFE but we’re not sure as we haven’t tested or done any research on it. Stacey is asking for the price of Subscriptions and they are $30 a month. We don’t right now have financial assistance, but we had a request on one of these webinars from someone that wanted to set up and asked if they could donate and have it go to someone that needed financial assistance. So, we’re thinking about that, and sort of working through technically how we would do that. So just keep an eye on the emails and if we were to put that on the site, we would let you know. And that would create a fund that possibly could help with people that need financial assistance. I guess that’s another thing to mention here Clayten about our service work. And that’s the other reason people were asking about a donation button. We’re showing our difficulty in receiving this. 

We haven’t gotten the donation button up on the website yet. But we are doing a lot of service work in the world, we have a lot of projects, refugee camps at a special lower level of consciousness that is good for that situation. We’ve done historical atrocity locations all over the world, we just look for those places where we can make a real difference. And I think at this point, at least 99% of our energy is going towards service projects. Is that still true? 

Clayten – It dropped down to 95% for a while because of the influx recently. Usually, it’s at 99%. We like to run our machines at about 1% of the capacity. Because we have a lot of Programs on that we call Domino Programs. If this happens, then that happens, and then this happens, and so there can be a large surge, a large requirement of energy, and they can go from 1% to 60% or 70%. And we’re pretty conservative about making sure everybody’s taken care of, so we try to have lots of extra capacity to handle any surge or any eventuality and we have multiple levels of redundancy. Our customers will always have FLFE on, we have parameters in the programming where if the surge goes up past 95%, then some of the service projects will disengage, to make sure that the subscribers are always fully on. And you know, we do a lot of service work we have, as Jeff said, especially, millions of people in refugee camps on at a different level than the regular service because it can be too much for people in a desperate situation. And we can’t put it on without permission at that level, because of the requirements of hydration and things like that. 

Jeffrey – Well, I think we’ll wrap it up tonight, and I’m really grateful for you joining us on a Free Trial or a Subscription. And calling and emailing and speaking with us on the Facebook page and joining us on this webinar, we’re really grateful for all the well wishes and blessings that we received from you. We really do feel it. And we are working a lot and we love it and it is so great to get your feedback. So, thank you for that. 

Clayten – Thoughts are things and your appreciation, your gratitude, your blessings help us as Jeff said and we do work a lot. We’ve been doing this for quite a while now, almost five years. And we’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to help humanity evolve. And we never really intended to make this a business. We intended it to just be a service prior to 2012. And it emerged that it could be a business. And so, we followed that path and we’re glad to be able to do it and glad to share it with you and it’s exciting to be part of this community. We’re especially grateful for a lot of the people on the Facebook page who are very well versed in the personal development spiritual development field and have really added a quality of responsiveness and answers and support that is difficult for us as a company to do at this point. So, thank you for that. 

Jeffrey – And Goodnight