Manifesting in the FLFE Environment 

July 13, 2017 

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to the FLFE webinar on the topic of manifesting in the FLFE high consciousness field. I’m Jeffrey Stedman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.  


Jeffrey – We’re glad to have you with us here. We’re going to talk through manifesting in a high consciousness field. We’ll talk a little bit about the biological changes that happen. And what is the average level of consciousness change and how that affects manifesting. And then we’ll go into a manifesting process that we’ve developed for the FLFE field.  If you’re watching this, you’re either a subscriber or a Free Trial participants. So, thank you for joining the community. It’s quite a lively growing community and the Facebook page is a great place to check in and get to know everyone. Also, the Learning Center on the website is full of webinars and lots of questions and answers and other videos. So that’s another great place to go. So, what about the average FLFE subscriber Clayten? What happens in that first 90 days?  


Clayten – Yeah, thanks, Jeff. If you’ve seen these webinars before, you might have heard this information or some of this information we’re going to talk about tonight, but it’s worth repeating. So the average FLFE subscriber in 90 days spending eight hours a day in the FLFE high consciousness field goes up 10 points. If you’re spending 24 hours a day in the FLFE field, you’re going up on average 11 points, some are lower, some are higher. We were doing a little bit of research earlier today and we’re going to talk about how many points the average FLFE subscriber has gone up thus far in this lifetime, and how that compares to the average for the planet. So, we’ll talk about that just in a few minutes here, once we talk about the map that we’re measuring it on. So, the Map of Consciousness was created by Dr. David Hawkins, that’s the scale we use. It’s a logarithmic scale from 1 to infinity with 1 to 1000 being the human domain, and each level of consciousness is associated with a certain number of microwatts of electricity. So, when your consciousness goes up, you have more life force in your body. And we’re going to talk about that today as to how that relates to manifesting because more life force creates a more penetrating vibration that goes out into the world.  

So, the average person that has become a subscriber over their lifetime our measurements today indicate they’ve gone up 40 points. Now the average person on the planet goes up five points in a lifetime. So, it just kind of indicates the spiritual intention that many of you have had for perhaps, decades before you came across our technology and our service. We thought that was a little interesting factoid that we’d share. Yes, I think we have said enough about the Map of Consciousness. We’ve talked about it a lot in the past, you can certainly go online and look up the Hawkins Map of Consciousness and understand more about the scale and the levels and we can talk a little later the numbers that say that we hit or that you’ll experience in your environment.  


Jeffrey – And so Clayten that 40 points does include the 10 points roughly that an average subscriber would go up.   


Clayten – Yes it does.   


Jeffrey – A property, an FLFE property will rise from a North American average of 420 to 560 on the Hawkins Map. And so that’s quite a big jump. And again, it’s logarithmic. So, each point upward is 10 times more energy. And as Clayten said, there’s just more life force available. And the body uses it for all sorts of things, including manifesting or bringing the world into focus for creation that we’re thinking about predominantly, but also our bodies health, and all the plants and animals around us, in that field are also benefiting from that life force energy. (5:00) So, again, it’s 140 points from 420 to 560 which is basically 10 to the 140th power, more energy. So, 140 zeros behind the 10. 

So, 10 points, personally in 90 days is quite a jump. And you could say it’s an extraordinary jump in a short amount of time. And so, you know, that’s what’s happening. And it’s really interesting to look also at what’s happened in the 90 days before people go on the Free Trial or become a subscriber, you know, really, you start your 90 days when you do the Free Trial. So, the average for all the subscribers is .1 points in the previous 90 days, so people were moving but it is a big jump at one time or in a shorter period of time.   

One of the things we also wanted to talk about this new research is the biological effects. So with that rise in consciousness in that period of time, the body is changing. The nervous system is changing to accommodate the increased energy. Do you want to talk about what you found Clayten?  

It’s really fascinating.  


Clayten – Yeah, Jeff and I have done research on this over the last five or six years even before we started FLFE because we noticed that as we were growing that we would occasionally experience classic symptoms that have been identified in many of the word world religions, such as a burning sensation.  

It feels like sometimes people experience it like a sunburn, a permanent sunburn. So, what we discovered is we look for what we call the critical factor. So, the critical factor is where you can put the least amount of effort in and get the most amount of gain. So, the critical factor in the body for the FLFE subscribers, or probably mostly anybody raising their consciousness really quickly, is the nervous system. 

And so, we’ve been experimenting with different supplements over the years and experimenting with different types of research on what is it about the nervous system that needs to change to accommodate more energy?  And when we’re looking at these changes, we’re looking at the qualitative changes and the quantitative changes. So, the qualitative change would mean that the nervous system has to be more refined to hold more energy and the quantitative change would mean that the nervous system is getting bigger to hold more light. And so, what we’ve determined is that the nervous system is actually getting larger.  

So, if this was the average size of well,  say this is the average size of a nerve, (Clayten holds up a pen) what we’re finding out is that it’s growing for the average person on the planet that gets to 600 and stays there say 98% of time over the previous month, their nervous system would be about three times the average population on the planet, and the average on the planet is just over 200. So, the nervous system is actually getting bigger.  

Then we’re looking at what does the nervous system need to feed itself with to grow? And the two essential elements are Omega 3 essential fatty acids. We do need other fatty acids as well as the 6’s and 9’s, but most of us get plenty of those in our diet. It’s really the Omega 3’s in combination with Magnesium and the Magnesium and the Omega 3’s have to be taken within about 30 minutes of each other as they create a synergistic effect to feed the nervous system and particularly the myelin sheath on the nerves. So as the nerves get bigger, because they’re stressed and have to hold more light then the myelin sheath is adapting to grow. And the critical factor for the nerves is the sheath.  


Jeffrey – So, Clayten It sounds like if we can up our Omega 3‘s and Magnesium then we’ll grow faster in consciousness. Is that right? If it’s the critical factor? Yes. Well, what we’re noticing is that when we’re testing consciousness, we primarily use three skills. We’ve talked about this before on the webinars too; we use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness because it’s the most accurate scale without a reference to Divinity as being the ultimate source of truth. Without that, it won’t go over I think 600.  You can have a loving scale, but there’s no reference to Divinity being the ultimate truth you can go up to 600. (10:00) So we use a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness where 1000 represents anything that we choose. And we can also use a percentage scale, which is a scale of 1 to 100, which is what we’re commonly using for grading ourselves in school and in different performance evaluations.  

So, when we test the average FLFE subscriber on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, where 1000 represents the most appropriate amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Magnesium in combination, we’re getting quite a low number. So, what we’ve done is we experimented with taking mega doses of Omega 3’s with Magnesium on ourselves and some of the people in our community, kind of a beta test if you will. And we’re finding that people are making a really quick jump in consciousness because the nerves are getting the food that they’ve needed to grow. And it seems that there is a reserve of goodwill, you might call it or there is a reserve or a bank account, or a container of growth, however, you want to say it, that is ready to happen. There’s a growth rate that happens as soon as the nerves get the food they need. And so, people are experiencing a big jump.  

And it’s, it’s really interesting. So, we’re going to talk about the amounts we think you need later, but I just thought we might want to talk about that for a minute. Jeff, if there’s anything else you think should be said about that 

No, I think we can jump right into the recommendations. I know it sounds like a lot. And we’ve experimented with these numbers. It’s 4000 milligrams a day of Omega 3’s as sort of as the minimum starting point, and then it’s a 4 to 1 ratio with the Magnesium so you would want 1000 milligrams of Magnesium with that 4000 so then if you experiment with going higher if you can move it up to 5000 then you want to make sure you’ve got your ratio roughly equivalent to 4 to 1 with the Magnesium. So that’s an important combination again as Clayten said within 30 minutes, so give it a try and see you know, see how it works for you. See how it may change your experience. 

So that’s, that’s what we wanted to share with you. Give it a try. And you know what you can do with a bottle of Magnesium or a bottle of fish oil;  fish oil, by the way, especially cold water fish oil is you know, one of the best sources of Omega 3‘s that you can get. But you can take a bottle and you can hold it in front of you. And if you feel yourself kind of moving towards it, you could try and see which ones you move most strongly towards.  

 If there’s something that you’re holding, which your body doesn’t like you’ll tend to move away from it a little bit. So, it’s a kind of quick kinesiology or body testing way to test vitamins. And so once you’ve taken your 4000 /1000 Omega 3’s and Magnesium, you can hold the bottles and see if your body wants more. Is your body going towards more or is it saying all right, I’ve had enough. So, you could try that and try to calibrate yourself and then see what your experience is like as far as your consciousness.  

Clayten – So, the inquiry you could use if you’re into kinesiology is you could say the product within the capsules in this container is appropriate for my body, or you could say, is in the Highest and Best interest of all for me to take more of the product within the capsules in this container. That’s a better inquiry when you’re looking to sort of see if you should up it from there. So, when we’re making these suggestions, we had to give a general average. And we just encourage you to experiment and to use inquiry such as what I just stated. And we have some samples from a certain company that has a high standard of consistency in regards to supplements. So, we’ll share that with you.   


Jeffrey – Sure. Do you have something with you there?  


Clayten – Yeah, I have some samples. There are two companies that we suggest that have a consistently high standard of kind of quality. So this company is called New Roots(15:00) And the other one, I don’t have a bottle with me. This is the Magnesium Bysglycinate.  The other company is AOR. And I just I thought I had a bottle with me, but I don’t. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, there’s also some great information on the Facebook page. We posted some something about the Magnesium a few weeks ago, and quite a few people posted what they found works well for them. So that’s a great resource as well. And we’re going to post this information shortly, probably tomorrow morning about this new research so I’m sure there’ll be a flurry of additional information about fish oils will ask for people’s opinions. So, you know, what does this mean to you? So, you’re going to have 10 points, you may people may bounce up even more now if they get the food that their nerves need to grow. So, what does that mean in our life Clayten when we hit these new levels consciousness?  


Clayten – That’s a good point, there’s been some talk in the community that we should really spend a little more time on the challenges of consciousness growth. It isn’t certainly always comfortable. And so, when you make another jump in consciousness, there could be, of course, more joy, and more bliss or happiness. And when you make a jump in consciousness, your ability to manifest is increased. So, you manifest whatever you hold in mind, whether you love it or dislike it or even hate it. So, you, you may be challenged with creating things in your life that at another level that are uncomfortable, because you will take another, you’ll likely take a jump, we don’t want to sort of say you will, you’ll  likely take a jump of maybe a couple of points and 2 points is 100 times more powerful to create.   


So, we were talking earlier with Bob, Jeff and I about how much quicker things are happening in our lives and how much more attention we have to pay to our thoughts. And to see the reflection in life, showing us how some of the unconscious things that we have in mind, some of the limitations that we perhaps had for a long time, are showing up in our life. And you know, the world is our teacher, if we look at it that way. And so, pay attention to what you’re creating, because it is oftentimes an unconscious belief. And we all have lots of those that aren’t the highest truth. You know, we have limitations in our programming and other experiences from childhood or work or relationships that we’ve picked up unconsciously and life is showing them to us all the time. And so, things will just get faster. Some of it will probably be uncomfortable.  


Jeffrey –  And the good thing is it’s faster. You know with the Law of Attraction that’s there are some great manifesting tools. You get the contrast for something you don’t want and then that helps to get you clear on what you do want. And then in this high consciousness environment, it’ll happen faster so you can bring around the next creation that’s more to your in your liking. So, in order to assist with that, we did create a process, we call the Magnetizing Process that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, go ahead and put your questions in the Q&A section and we’ll get to those shortly.  

So, the Magnetizing Process is located on the website if you’re a Subscriber or a  Free Trial participant. So, you would go to the member’s login section, it’s on the top of the website. And you once you click on that, you’ll need your username and password, which came in your welcome letter. And if you need that, you can always email the office and they can get that for you. You go to FLFE resources which is at the top. And then as you scroll down, you’ll see FLFE documents. And there you’ll find the Magnetizing Process and you can download that. 

So, the way we created that was to give you a process that you can go through and it’s our style. (20:00) And the idea is that you make it your style, that you work with it and sort of write it out in a way that works best for you and makes the most sense to you. But we’ve got the basic steps. And we taught a 12 –week course on manifesting and that’s partly where this came from. So, you know, just to go through some of the steps a little bit to help you sort of get acclimated to it. 

The first thing to look at and this is part of managing our minds and managing our thoughts is what is it that you want to create? What are your goals? What’s your mission? If you have it? What is it that’s sort of on your agenda that’s next to complete? And that you would like to have show up in your life. So, in creating that vision for yourself and writing it out, it’s a great thing to do in a journal to just get really clear about and how you want your life look.  

And you could then focus on a specific area that you want to work on that you want to magnetize to you or to manifest. And what we’ve learned in FLFE, and we’ve heard this, in other spiritual practices is, the more specific you are, the better, in prayer. And you know, what we’re doing here, you could call it prayer manifesting is what you are making a request of the Universe or Divinity. You want to be super clear about it. So that’s the first thing.  

And then you could always add, or better, you know, because we’re conceiving in our minds, and what the Universe brings could be much better so we don’t have to restrict it to what we can see or think about. So, what you would do is sit down in a quiet place and quiet yourself, do some breathing, maybe some deep measured breathing in and out. And then an important step here is connecting to a Higher Power. However, you conceive that.  It’s personal for each one of us. It could be as general as the Universe; it could be as specific as Jesus or Mohammed or whoever you connect to. It’s part of the way you were raised your history. You know, what’s your connection to the Other Side that you call on in your life?  And so, in connecting to that Higher Power you’re asking for help in this process.  Do you want to talk about that Clayten? That’s such an important step. 

Clayten – Yes, we’ve talked before but the difference between personal will and Divine Will. Personal will calibrates at the level of consciousness that we are at. And Divine Will calibrates at 850.  And so, since there’s only like one person on the planet over 850, on average over the previous month, 98% of the time, to call upon the power of something greater than yourself, will increase the ability of your intentions to come to fruition. So, it could be, as Jeff said, a Master, it could be Divinity, it could be Mother Nature, it could be an Archangel or an Angel. Some people believe in asking for help from the Ancestors or Animal Spirits. It’s really not for us to say what your Higher Power is, but we encourage you to look for something greater than yourself because that will increase the ability for it to come into fruition.  


Jeffrey – So at this point, you’ve decided what it is you’d like to manifest, you’ve written it down, you’ve been quiet, you’ve connected to a Higher Power. And the next step in the Magnetizing Process is then asking for help to clear anything in the past that’s restraining this from manifesting for you. And then you ask to clear anything in the present that is restraining this from manifesting for you.  So past and present, I mean, you are asking for help to clear out things that might be related to your past historypast lives if you believe in that(25:00) And then you’re starting to address some of the unconscious things that may be restraining you and then you’re going to ask to clear anything in the future that is restraining this manifesting from occurring. 

And then you come to see or visualize the process as complete.  So, whatever it is that you’re looking to manifest is done and you pictured it in your mind already complete, fully there in full color. And, in that vision is how do you feel, how does it feel for you to have this fully manifested for you? So, you feel it in your heart you’re feeling gratitude, joy, excitement, all of those things. Creating this vision of what it is already made manifest is you really feeling it in your body and then you would go into gratitude for the help with manifesting for however you are connected to Divinity for that help, and then you can move on to the next one if you’d like to do that and continue on. 

So that way you could have a list and you could do a number of things at once. And then at the end, you would sort of close the session. Thank all the help and move on with your day. Anything else on that Clayten?  


Clayten –  Yeah, there’s one point that we discovered in the research was that the Magnetizing Process works better when you see yourself from the outside, enjoying the experience. So, the example that I think we used in our recording before if you go back through the Learning Center, we have an example of the Magnetizing Process and on one of the first webinars use the metaphor of buying a car. So, in that in that case, you would see yourself in the car perhaps driving by or stopping somewhere and you’d be looking at yourself sitting in the car, enjoying the experience of being in the car feeling grateful for it. If you have yourself behind the wheel, looking at yourself driving the car, once the mind perceives that it has already achieved something, it is a disincentive for it to create it. So, when you’re behind the wheel of the car, then the mind assumes that has created it. And it’s a disincentive to bring that into your life. So that’s a subtlety that we discovered in the research we would write all this out and test the level of consciousness of the document. And then we would try the different conventional wisdoms that we’re aware of and we’ve done a fair bit of research from the standard teachers in this area so one that comes to mind that’s pretty high is Abraham Hicks.  Their teachings are about 800  

and they’re really well known for the Law of Attraction as are some of their students such as Michael Losier and others so that’s a little subtlety. I think that’s worth saying. And we do have some recordings on the original webinars that you can listen to. So, you can get a sample of what it’s like in a verbal format.  


Jeffrey – Those are located also in the FLFE Resources section where you’ve found the Magnetizing Process. And in the third Natural Abundance Session, we go through this process verbally so you could listen to that and follow along that way. So, it’s, it’s a reminder of how powerful we are each of us and we are creating all of the time and the more conscious we can be about it the more excited and in awe we will be of our own power to create. And so, play with it and just have fun and see what you can manifest, and we’d love to hear back from you about what happens. So why don’t we get to some questions?   


Clayten – Nathan was asking – “About the rise in consciousness, is it all at once or is it split up?“ It seems that there is this reserve of growth that is waiting for the nervous system to be able to handle the energy. And then when the nervous system gets nutrified they make a jump, and we’re seeing, you know, 3 to 5 points. But that could change very much with people, it’s very individual. So, there’s a kind of an immediate jump and there’s stabilization and then there seems to be a period of acceleration again. (30:00) And that’s the experience that we’ve had so far Nathan, is that there’s a jump a stabilization and then an acceleration and then a stabilization.  


Jeffrey – Yes it sounds like at any time if the restraint is the Omega 3’s and Magnesium that you could accelerate your path with supplements. That’s a fascinating new finding that we really hadn’t come upon until the last few days.   


Clayten – Julian is asking –  “What’s the best way of dealing with an increased volume of certain insects in the house since we started FLFE?” Yeah, it’s interesting. We’ve had a lot of feedback about more like insects in people’s gardens. Not that their gardens are being eaten, but just more like butterflies and just more activity. So, I’m not sure how to answer that about insects in the house I mean, I can tell you a couple of practical things I have some little plastic containers with lids and when I see an insect, I put the plastic container over the insect slide a piece of paper, put the lid on, take it outside and let it go. So that’s you know, one way if you don’t want to kill them. Obviously if you just you can put a strip you know, one of those sticky strips and the flies will attach to it. I mean, there’s a lot of personal choices that you can do so I don’t I’m not aware of any other thing other than you know, yellow cedar is known to repel insects. Cedar in drawers has been known to propel moths. Anything else about that Jeff? It’s an interesting question.  


Jeffrey – Well, at this point, we don’t’ have any FLFE solutions for that as we haven’t done any research on it. You know, it’s beneficial. Most insects are beneficial in some way. I was encouraging I had a lot of flies coming in because my dog and cat go in and out of the house and I had some spiders so instead of cleaning the spiders out, the flies kept getting caught by the spider. So, the spiders were taking care of the flies. So, it was kind of a nice little ecosystem that happened. 

So, let’s see we’ve got a question about topical Magnesium spray in conjunction with the oral Omega 3’s. Yeah, it’s a bit tough to tell what you’re getting with the topical, you know how much you’re actually absorbing in milligrams to keep that 4 to 1 ratio that we talked about. I certainly have used it and do use it particularly if I’ve run out of my favorite Magnesium and I’m taking something that’s not absorbed as well, and I’ll go to the spray. If anyone has any thoughts about if there’s any research out there about how much magnesium is actually absorbed through the spray or if you can tell what one spritz of the bottle does as far as how many milligrams of magnesium are in it.  


Clayten – It does absorb faster to the skin, though, and yeah, that’s a good question it’s just about measuring it.  


Jeffrey – So, Mr. Jay was also asking – “If I live in a house with negative people do I need to turn it off because it’s making them more negative? I fear this is what has been happening now that I know about the manifesting aspect.” Any thoughts about that Clayten?  


Clayten – Well, in an FLFE environment or in any high consciousness field, we will grow. Well, I should say that the opportunity is there to grow. And there is an upward pressure on our consciousness because of the high energy. So, should you turn it off? You can experiment with turning it on and off, you could turn it on at night. And you have to see what the experiences are of the people you relate to. You can share with them that you have the technology on the house and that they may be experiencing some evolutionary challenges because growing does present its own challenges. Most of us are more than willing to pay the price for that. And I would say it’s an experiment. Just an experiment, but it won’t make people negative(35:00) It actually just provides a high consciousness field and your own self or the self of those around you has the opportunity to make the best of it or to have it be challenging. It really doesn’t make anybody do anything it doesn’t interfere with free will at all.  


Jeffrey – Joey did ask about brand type on Omega 3’s and Magnesium and the amount. So again, the amount 4000 milligrams of the Omega 3’s and 1000 of the Magnesium taken within 30 minutes of each other. So, a good cold water fish oil is really the best source for the Omega 3’s and you want to pick a brand that’s testing for heavy metals and is free of heavy metals. New Roots was the brand that we like for that. Which one was that again Clayten?   


Clayten – Magnesium Bisglycinate. So, what we do is we test the level of appropriateness of this Magnesium for the average person, you know in the world and it’s it has a really high bottom so it’s going to be good for everybody if not great. The other brand that we recommend is AOR.    


Jeffrey – Don is asking about vegan or vegetarian Omega 3’s. You’ll have to do some research on that we haven’t researched that recently. So, I’m sure there’s some out there. If you can do some checking on some websites.  


Clayten – Yeah, Udo’s Choice oil is a well–known one I don’t know if it comes in a vegan or vegetarian formula, obviously flaxseed and pumpkin seed and many of those are Omega 3’s. We suggest you test them by holding them in front of your body and your body for those of you can test it will move towards a substance that is good for it and it’ll move away from a substance that is bad or unhealthy.   


Jeffrey – Lee asked – “I’m confused when you say our consciousness raises 11 points do you mean as individuals if so, how do you know that?” We can talk about how we test that.  


Clayten – So what we do Lee is we test according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. First, I ask if I have permission to make this inquiry and for the Highest Good.  You test your polarity and state;  According to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the number of points that the average FLFE subscriber who is in the FLFE environment eight hours a day on average over the previous 90 days goes up X number of points. So, we get 2 is a positive, 3 we get positive, 4 we get positive, 5 we get positive, and so on, and we get to 10. And then we go negative. And so, it’s through kinesiology or muscle testing that we determine that Lee. So, we do it as an average.  


Jeffrey – And the basic principle here is that we’re all connected through our Innate Intelligence to everything. You know, that we have this you could call it a God Connection, we have this Innate Intelligence that is connected to everything and our bodies are connected to that and sort of indicators of that. And so, muscle testing is testing the strength of the muscles in the presence of a true statement or in the presence of a false statement. And so our muscles know through our Innate Intelligence that we are connected to everything and so that’s really a basic principle behind everything.  


Clayten – And that was one of the major discoveries of Dr. Hawkins really, he’s known for understanding that kinesiology is a non-local phenomenon. So that anything in history is available in consciousness, it’s stored like a hard drive, and we can access that if we can form the proper inquiries and that our bodies are able to test and not everybody can test it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Some of us can and some of us can’t, some very highly evolved spiritual teachers just can’t do kinesiology. So, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong if you can’t do it, but that’s a part of our research is to use kinesiology and we use other forms of above exploration of truth as well.  


Jeffrey –  (40:00) So Lisa is asking, really on the same question,  how can we test our own consciousness and you know, I would say and we’ve said in the past webinars to look for a group, look for a kinesiology group in your local area who are doing testing, who are measuring on the Hawkins Map and work with them and practice yourself and see  if you can get better. Unfortunately, there’s not a computer program that we can put you in or it’s a person testing using their muscles. You know the truth and the untruth of statement that is calibrating on a scale. 

So, Lynn was asking about dementia – she intuits it could ease dementia in a family so “What’s should we  watch for as far as discomfort and what are the ethics of that?” Well, the first piece, of course, is hydration. Everyone that either goes on a free trial or sets up a subscription, you know get gets the emails and understands that there’s a need for more hydration. So other people in the field, even if they don’t know the service is on someone in the space needs to know so that they can encourage them to drink more water and watch for signs of dehydration. That would be the first thing is making sure that the person is well hydrated and Omega 3’s and Magnesium might be important here for rebuilding the body, the brain the nervous system. So that could be another thing with someone with this situation is to give fish oils, you know in food or find a way to put it into liquids or some way for the person to take easily for them.  The other piece is cycling FLFE. So, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you could try it just at night, you could do it for several hours a day and gradually increase over time. 

And people have been reporting, positive changes in people. So, we don’t have experimental results. We don’t have research that we could tell you, but the anecdotal stories are positive. So just keep experimenting.  


Clayten – Yes, some of the ways we learned is through observation, analysis, and experimentation. So that’s kind of the technical part of what Jeff said. We observed the conditions we analyze the variables we experiment, with turning it on and off, it’s a good way in terms of the ethics of deciding if FLFE is appropriate, we believe the programs can do no harm or the energy can do no harm. At the end of every program, if you’ve been on a webinar before, you’ve probably heard us say that we have a safety valve at the end of all of our programs that go into the technology. And it’s that everything is done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. We also encourage you to use your own discernment and check in with your Higher Power and see if it’s appropriate for that situation. And, as I said, we believe that no harm can be done and sometimes growth is uncomfortable as well.  So, it can be very beneficial and somewhat challenging at the same time.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, some of the customers have given us some feedback where they had an initial period with people where there was some increased agitation for a short while, that turned into really a big breakthrough in functioning. So, you just have to intuit and use your best judgment and keep experimenting.


Clayten – Yes, Keep paying attention. Someone is asking is FLFE similar to creating a Merkabah I’m not sure how to answer that I don’t know enough about the Merkabah about to really comment on that fully. 

We have another question – “How would the belief system and spiritual motivation of a person on FLFE affect the increased rate of LOC?”  (45:00) It could affect it tremendously the intention to raise your consciousness which is probably something that most of us share who are on the service is very important.  The importance of serving the greater good to share the blessings that we have with each other. It does definitely affect the rate of consciousness increase. Absolutely. 

Jeffrey – And your practices of connecting to Divinity to a Higher Power and asking for help during the process. So that would be generally increased if someone is on a path and has a belief system where they feel like they have a personal connection.    


Clayten – Yeah, there is an assumption here that we’re talking about a philosophy of love and kindness and goodwill to all, not one of diminishing people or killing a certain type of religion or belief system or style of dress or orientation of any kind. So that is an assumption that we’re working from. If you have a negative intent towards a certain group of people, you can disagree with their perspective, but if you hate them, then it’s going to affect your ability to raise in consciousness.  


Jeffrey – So Anonymous asked –  Do you see FLFE being around 50 years from now to help mankind?” We intend for FLFE to be with us for as long as we’re alive and to then have it continue if we are able to do that. So yes, we plan to have it around for a long, long time to come.  


Clayten – Yes, we have lots of service projects that we’re hoping to do as well that will help not only the subscribers but all of the planet. We do have some of those now, but we have some other ones in the incubator.   


Jeffrey – So let’s address Alice’s question about having had some rather traumatic experiences in her life and recently noticed that when she’s read or something or come across something that brings it up that the old feelings are showing up rather strongly.  


Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that perhaps. That is part of the evolutionary impulse which is what we haven’t dealt with in the past, will continue to come to the surface in the classroom of life, and the planet Earth is a classroom. It’s designed as far as we can tell for the maximum karmic opportunity. And so those will keep coming up. What we would suggest is that you try different energetic medicine techniques, staying present with the feeling and processing it out is generally known. In many of the spiritual circles and there are some really well-resourced people on the Facebook page. I don’t comment on it that much. But I do check in once in a while and I’m really impressed with the quality of people there. So, there are lots of resources there. I’m a big fan of Dr. David Hawkins. So, I would look at his work, he has a process called Processing Out Negative Feelings. And he goes into that in quite a bit of detail. So, you can look that up. And it’s quite common Alice, that this is part of the evolutionary path. We have to face our existential suffering directly or it will follow us.   


Jeffrey – We have a question about Magnesium; the type not the brand.   


Clayten – There may be more than one type that’s beneficial for you again, we always go back to asking the body’s own Intelligence. But the type that we’re talking about tonight is Magnesium Bisglycinate Plus from New Roots. That’s the one we’re talking about. And always test it for your individual body.

Jeffrey – We have the question – “In manifesting in the field, do you get any synchronicities before with your experiences or are there instant manifestations with your experience?” I’m not quite sure how to answer that. 

Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that one. The higher the level of consciousness, the more things come into form quicker. And what we’ve discovered, as you probably have all experienced yourself is that if you have a really high level of consciousness in one part of your life, you will be able to manifest quite quickly, very positively. And if you’re trying to manifest something in a part of your life where you struggle, then you’re likely to have a slower manifestation and it may be a little bit kind of mixed if you want to say I don’t think there’s any one simple answer. (50:00) I think it’s really about how good we are at manifesting how much we practice it. And are we manifesting in an area where we’re where we are really well resourced or an area where we’re not well resourced. And when it all lines up, it’s beautiful.  


Jeffrey – So, when you say well-resourced Clayten are you speaking of sort of our level of consciousness in that area? Does that include the unconscious things that may hold us back in that particular area?  


Clayten – Yeah, I would say our resource directly relates to the level of consciousness. And when you have a high level of consciousness in a part of your life, you just don’t have as many of the more challenging or unconscious restraints that you would have in another part of your life. So, I know, for example, Jeff, you’re very healthy. You’ve been working out multiple times a week for decades. So if you were to work on something in the health part of your life, because of the years of discipline and practice you have and because you eat a pretty good diet, that you’re likely to be able to change a part of your health very quickly whereas if there’s another part of your life that you weren’t so disciplined in and we all have those, that manifestation process would be slower, and probably more clouded with the confusion that we have the unconscious negative beliefs that we all have.  That would be a more practical example.   


Jeffrey –  Yeah, that’s an interesting way to look at resource you know, it’s having a higher consciousness or more energy or power available, and less unconscious say leaks or the things that might pull you backward. One of the things we’ve talked about in the past is being around people that have a high level of consciousness in a certain area that just being in their field and their high level of consciousness in whatever it is whether it’s in relationships or finances or other areas of your life, that that just being around them can help you rise in consciousness in that area to manifest more quickly in that area.  


Clayten – Absolutely. If you want to attract a great relationship in your life, hang around couples who’ve been together for decades, that sort of thing. Want to become wealthy, hang around wealthy people.   


Jeffrey – Brenda is commenting about animals exhibiting higher consciousness and she’s noticing horses and dogs being extremely active and touching and asking more of her time. Yeah, we’ve gotten a lot of comments from people about that about their pets. And we have heard about some farm animals as well. So yeah, it is interesting. We haven’t done any studies on increasing the level of consciousness of dogs or cats in the first 90 days maybe we should do that Clayten. So, there is a question about Hartman Curry lines, are you familiar with this Clayten?  


Clayten  – Somebody asked about that in the last webinar and I haven’t done the research yet on it. Sorry, Jamie. it’s on the list here, my to do list is right next to me. We have been very busy. Everybody’s coming together in our home office in Nelson. We have people coming from the Philippines and Cincinnati, of course, and San Francisco. And so, we’ve been really kind of scrambling, not only with the growth we’ve been experiencing but just getting ready for everybody to come together. So, we just haven’t gotten down to some of the research that we’ve had on our list.  


Jeffrey – We have another question from Malcolm about energy lines that might go through a house. I’ve had some in some of my houses and done some kind of crystal grids to move those lines away. FLFE has in its programs as many different specific geopathic stress solutions as we have come across and that really is looking at a low consciousness area where the house or property didn’t rise in consciousness as expected because of a disturbance due to geopathic stress. So, moving water or electricity or the combination of the two. But as far as these energy lines, do you have anything about that specifically Clayten(55:00)  


Clayten – Yes, FLFE does have an influence and it’s really because each individual situation is different, we have to look at that and look at the specifics and measure the before and after and see what the experiences are of the people in the environment and try to get multiple data points over a period of time. And before we say anything about a condition, we typically have hundreds of examples that are consistent and demonstrable to validate our research. So, we’re pretty conservative that way. So, you know, does it have an influence? Yes, it does. We couldn’t really say about your situation, Malcolm as it would take a lot of research and we just don’t provide that level of service. Every time we do figure out how to modify or mitigate or eliminate a geopathic stress zone. It goes on all the properties immediately and that will continue for as long as we’re doing the business. We’ve actually compensated for a lot of them, and we’re aware of more to come. I don’t know much else we can say about that. But I have had the experience where had a ley line going through a house, I lived in. And one of the rooms that we were in, we actually had moved all the furniture kind of unconsciously away from that part of the room. And somebody told me that we had this negative energy line running through our house, it was a ley line well it wasn’t negative, but it was kind of not restful, would be the way to say it. And so, I went along the ley line, I figured out where it was, and I put crystal grids along the ley line, and then I put them around the house, and then back on the ley line and that part of the house calmed right down and we could enjoy it again. So, I’ve had personal experience with that and so there are ways you can look at working with that Malcolm besides just FLFE.  


Jeffrey – So, John and Lisa are both asking about measurements on properties, how we do it. We would refer you to Dr. David Hawkins work Power vs Force which is a good place to start. So, we use kinesiology to measure that on the Hawkins Map. And, through the Innate Connection to All That Is, we’re able to test the truth of a statement using kinesiology. And that’s how we test the property.   

So, because it is a person and it is Clayten and I doing that work for now. And we’re training some others in the business over time, but we’re not able to give individual readings, we do sort of bulk readings or, you know, whole groups. And we’re not able to do like, here’s where it was to start and here’s where it is now. We know everything rises to 560, or at least 98%. And so, we are not able to do the labor that it takes to do individual properties, given the thousands of properties that we have. So the best way to tell is to know that you’re at 560. That’s the basic level, see how it feels to you see? Do you feel a change? Does it feel different? You can work again, with a local kinesiology group, if you can find one where you live, and then you can learn with them or get someone that’s very experienced to confirm the readings that we’re sending out. But again, it’s not individually it is batch testing. We know that the majority of properties rise to 560 by this point in time. So, it’s not an individual reading for your property.  


Clayten – Yeah, and we’ve demonstrated consistent accuracy in certain areas using kinesiology such as properties and people. There are other areas or ways to use kinesiology that we haven’t demonstrated consistent accuracy in, such as finding lost objects. I did probably 50 hours of theta healing with a world-class theta healer. And my percentage of finding missing objects or lost objects went from 10 to 25% of the time. And then when I stopped working with the theta healer on that subject it dropped back down to 17%.   

So, it does take skill and time. And one of the great secrets of kinesiology is that if you have a lot of issues about a subject, you won’t be able to get consistently good, replicable verifiable data over a period of time because you have an issue within yourself that you have to clear. So, we can’t use kinesiology in all ways that it’s possible to use. And we do use it well in certain contexts and testing properties are one where I’m very comfortable with our results. (1:00:00) 


Jeffrey – So Barbara, yes, Clayten mentioned flaxseed oil, you’ll just have to test and as we said, one way to do it is to hold a container of the oil, say at the store and see if your body moves towards it, or away from it. You could try different brands to see if you can find something that that has the amount of Omega 3’s that we’ve talked about. Yeah, and so another question was, do you take that all at once or is it throughout the day and that’s throughout the day. So, you would break it up and do some in the morning some at lunch some in the evening. I’m finding that my body wants to do a lot at night before I go to bed.  It seems a lot of that kind of rebuilding is happening at night. But yeah, we’ve been spreading it out throughout the day.


Clayten – Lisa is asking – “Is it good to take iodine daily or weekly to reduce metals from chemtrails spraying?” We haven’t done a lot of research on how to eliminate chemtrails from the body, I know that iodine and cilantro are good for removing heavy metals. I don’t know what to say about that Lisa, we just haven’t done enough research to comment on that. 

Jeffrey – I’m taking iodine, it is definitely helpful for not for that particular subject, but my body wants it. So, we had another question.  


Clayten – Yes from Barbara – “Have you or anyone experienced the burning sensation that you speak of from the inside out? I have been feeling this for quite some time, although the symptoms have lightened.”  Yes, I’m experiencing a burning phase right now, so I’ve upped my Omega 3’s and Magnesium. It feels like I have a sunburn that comes and goes throughout the day. Yeah, and it’s really common in spiritual literature. I have a friend who’s really quite well versed in Paramahansa Yogananda studies and he’s active in the organization. And he talks about the people in that lineage or some of the stories in the books was that they would take ice water baths just to cool themselves down, they’d get so hot when they were going through a particular stage of growth. So, I guess it’s a common occurrence in certain spiritual circles. I don’t have a lot of other examples as I haven’t looked for it. We’d like to really give specific references when we talk about these things, but  I know what’s in the spiritual literature. And we have had quite a few people experience that to some degree in our personal circle.   


Jeffrey – It would be interesting to know what Yogananda and in his group were doing for EFA’s and Magnesium, you know, what foods they were using or how they were filling that need?  


Clayten – Or even if they were aware of it? I mean, we were aware of it years ago, but just not to the degree that we are now. Yeah, I mean, we’re all learning as we grow certainly, Yogananda was a highly evolved soul and maybe he talked about it extensively, I just don’t know.  


Jeffrey – So there is a question about the home vs the home as far as the field and its effect on consciousness and it’s the same high consciousness field around the phone with the Phone Free Trial or Service is the high consciousness field it has the same effects to assist you to rise in consciousness. In fact, being in 24/7 you really need to have a phone or a personal object. I have a pendant that’s on it as well to be able to be in it all the time unless you don’t leave the house. It’s good to get out of the house once in a while.  


Clayten –  Yes, Jenny was asking; she knows this webinar is about manifesting and that FLFE has programs for health such as gallbladder, sleep, etc. “I wonder if you would consider developing a program for trauma as trauma may be the underlying cause behind so many illnesses and diseases. I’m thinking about New German Medicine, Edward Bach.”  I agree with you, Jenny. I think trauma is the underlying cause of many illnesses, even watching TV with all the people that get killed all the crimes that are committed all of the acts of violence, even TV can be affecting us negatively. Not to mention some of the movies and some of the games that people are playing, you know, the first person shooter type games and yes, we are working on a program for trauma. (1:05:00) We are probably two-thirds of the way done at least maybe 75%. We’ve been doing some beta testing on it for quite a while. It’s an excellent program. I don’t know when we’re going to release it. And it’s definitely on our radar. And I would agree with you Jenny 100%. Yeah. Thank you for that.  


Jeffrey – Are you looking at Barbara’s question there?  


Clayten –  Yes. “In the book Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins, I believe  I read there were seven levels of consciousness. It would be my understanding that when FLFE is on, it would bring us to level 5 is that correct?” Well, there could be innumerable levels of consciousness on the Map of Consciousness, it goes from 1 to infinity and in the human domain, 1 to 1000. There are probably 12 identified maybe more from the Map of Consciousness. So, I wouldn’t say it brings us to level 5, the property goes to 560. In the on the FLFE Everywhere the field is slightly higher, it’s 575 within the first 4 feet, but it doesn’t necessarily bring us to that level the field is that level through osmosis and entrainment. If it’s touching us it’s osmosis and entrainment if the object is touching us that’s on FLFE it’s entrainment and osmosis if it’s just in the field at home is through entrainment. It doesn’t necessarily bring us to that level, but it does close the gap between where we are in that level or support us to go higher. I think that clarifies that.  


Jeffrey – Monique, we don’t have a lot of feedback about benefits for animals we know there’s a benefit for all biological life in a high consciousness field, people notice changes in their animal’s positive changes, but we don’t have specific research that we can share with you on that.  

 So, this is interesting about dowsing rods. Here’s a comment  – “Has anyone used dowsing rods on a property using FLFE? I recently have and the results are astounding. I’ll send you my personal video where I asked where certain objects are in my house, and the rods in my hand turned directly to the items each time I asked. It’s actually freaky. I just bought the rods and I don’t quite understand how my mind is creating the rods to point at what I’m thinking of. But I have a feeling the consciousness in my home is what is affecting this.”  


Clayten- Yes, well anytime you have a high consciousness environment, you have more access to truth. So, it would be interesting to turn the service off and see what your results are and then turn it on and see what your results are. And maybe you’re one of those lucky people who find missing objects really well, I’ve never been able to do it much more than about 25%. Although I have found my keys a couple of times just through sheer persistence. 

So that’s really interesting. We actually, in the FLFE office, had some construction last year on the road in front of the office, which seemed to disturb the land. So, we actually had a dowser come in and dowse the land, and we put some crystals in the earth, and it affected the environment and the propertyso that the level of consciousness could go up another level. So, we have had some experience with that personally, and we have some dowsers, we have quite a bit of good feedback from dowsers who will turn the service off dowse the property, then turn it on, dowse and they recognize that it’s gone up. They may not be able to scale it that accurately but they’re having an increase in the way that the rods react to the energy.   


Jeffrey – We had somebody in the community using rods to find the edge of the field. So, they were kind of going all the way around the property and measuring where they could feel where the field was with the dowsing rods, it was interesting. 

Now we have also had a question about using dowsing to measure the level of consciousness of a place, and I do that as well. So, you can use a pendulum, it’s connecting you to your Innate Intelligence in a similar way, so it’s just a matter of getting your inquiry or the statement that you’re making. And that’s one of the breakthroughs that Clayten made with kinesiology it’s like a computer because it’s garbage in, garbage out, you know, you have to feed in the statement that is high consciousness itself, which means everything is well defined and it’s written out really well. (1:10:00 There aren’t any paradoxes in the inquiry so it’s not a question, it’s a statement. So, doing that and writing out what it is you’re testing, you can use a pendulum as well as kinesiology. And you just continue to make statements. So as Clayten said earlier on a scale of 1 to 1000 according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of this property averaged over the previous 24 hours calibrates at say 500 or more and then you  test to see whether you get true then continue to 600 or more, maybe you get a false at 540 then you get a yes at 550 then ask 551 or more 552 and so on until you get a no, and that is a way to get to the calibration.  


Clayten – It’s a science more than an art, but forming the inquiry is very interesting. It has to be both accurate and relevant. That’s a long story. I have a nice comment here from anonymous. “I feel that everyone including the dog are happier since we went on FLFE. I don’t think we will ever go without it. My life is definitely improving in so many ways as I’m sitting down and thinking about the past few months since I got this subscription.”  That’s great. It’s always great to hear a positive testimonial. Thank you. 


Jeffrey – Barbara is saying – “I thought Dr. Hawkins was the one whose information was the basis of the book Power vs Force.” Yes, it is Barbara. I “I thought that FLFE used it to support FLFE.” Yes, we use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. And we use Dr. David Hawkins work as one of our primary kind of data points for doing research.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, Gurjeet there’s no maximum on a property, the way we write the programs, it’s what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And we’re asking for 560 as a minimum. And then it really self corrects from there based on what’s most appropriate for the property. So, we have some properties that are over 600. Some are in that range from 560. So, there’s really no upper limit that we program in.  


Clayten – There’s no limitation. Some people say, Well, I’m 570 and if the house is at 560 it’s kind of holding me back in life. And I would disagree with that. If you’re 570 or 580, or 590 you’re using some of your personal energy to compensate for the environment around you. And the environment around you is likely not at 560 so you’re saving energy to help you grow more and it’s an interesting point with people, they believe that they’re higher than that. And they may very well be. But they’re not having to compensate for the environment around them as much if there’s a positive outside 24/7/365 energy supporting that environment.  


Jeffrey – Nathan is commenting on the Liver, Kidney Gall Bladder Program that we have and the ability to process things through the body. And you know, people wonder why we talk so much about health and it is a restraining factor for raising consciousness in many cases. The Liver, Kidney Gallbladder Program was an important area to focus on because that’s our filtering system for the body. We do have a greater capacity to filter and clear things out of the body when those are functioning well and they’re clear. So that’s why our programs are focused on those.  


Clayten – Yeah, Jenny made a nice comment about trauma. Yeah, we’ve spent a lot of time on researching that particular program, Jenny, and we’re very excited about it. We thought we would have released it earlier but there’s one last piece that we want to complete before we put it out and we will announce that at another time.  


Jeffrey – Yeah. Jennifer’s asking about the loss of their dog their golden retriever, that the level of consciousness might drop in their grief process.  It certainly is hard to lose a loved one of the family like that and you know, everyone has their own ways of going through that process.  


Clayten – (1:15:00) Yes, oftentimes grief is a breakdown/breakthrough process. And then the loss of a friend or a family member, and they are such a nice breed the Golden Retrievers are so kind. Oftentimes we, you know, we have to deal with the trauma that Jenny said of the loss and that one loss can represent all other losses. So, it’s an opportunity for us spiritual devotees to use everything in our life as grist for the mill as they call it. And so, processing out the sadness of that may temporarily bring the level of consciousness down. And as you process that grief and a piece of that it will then raise the level of consciousness of you and your environment to an even higher level.  


Jeffrey – So Gurjeet is asking – Does the level of conscious steadily keep on increasing or does it stop at a certain level? And does it go down after FLFE is stopped?” So, I’m assuming we’re talking about the personal level of consciousness. I mean we’re certainly seeing changes. You know, it’s interesting. It doesn’t seem to be a steady increase. You know, as we said, there’s some breakthrough things that may happen for us. And there are times when we might go backward. And it’s not necessarily bad or wrong. There are times when you are able to focus on consciousness and in raising your consciousness, your own personal development, and growth. And there are times when you have to really be out there getting things done in the world. And that functionality, it seems sometimes the functionality and consciousness are, you know, kind of moving up and down with each other. And there are times when it may be beneficial to go down a little bit in consciousness so you’re functioning can go up. But we’re seeing a steady increase. I would say as far as FLFE once it stops. I mean it’s all personal will and our connection to Divinity and what spiritual path we’re on personally. FLFE is creating an environment, that is optimal for our personal evolution, our personal development and it’s just supporting it if it’s there, if it’s not there, we’re still on our path. We’re still doing what we’re doing. But it is creating an environment that’s helpful for it and may assist us in expending less energy in maintaining the level where we are and in taking that next step.  


Clayten – The one thing I would say Gurjeet is, we could never guarantee that your consciousness would even go up on FLFE even though the averages are quite extraordinary. It wouldn’t be fair for us to say that it would go up. And we wouldn’t want to say that it would go down if you didn’t have to have FLFE. We don’t want to instill any fear in people that you will lose anything by not being a subscriber. We don’t do that sort of thing. We don’t talk that way. Even though it’s very likely it will go up when you become a subscriber, you have free will and your free will trumps everything. Except, you know, the Grace of God for some reason. 

Yeah, Barbara, your question about subscription, the route to pay for FLFE. Yes, I mean, we offer the Free Trial on the home and also on the phone so people could do 15 days on both of those, not at the same time, but you can do them one after the other. And then yes, there’s a subscription button on the front page of the website and that’s where you would go when you’re ready to subscribe. And yeah, there is an annual option and there’s a six-month option and there’s a monthly option for your home. The monthly rate for those of you on the Free Trial who haven’t looked at the pricing yet, the subscription for home on is $30 USD a month.  


Jeffrey – Yano is a friend of mine so we’ll, we’ll talk soon and support whatever you are doing. And then we’ve got one more. Thank you for the nice comments, Yano.   


Clayten – And someone is just encouraging people to try things with dowsing rods. (1:20:00) It’s not a question but a comment.  Yeah, it can be very interesting. Maria is asking – “Will FLFE be adding Hong Kong and Macau for the service we do provide. We do have customers in Hong Kong, Marie. And yeah, we can put FLFE up anywhere in the world, we just need a good address. There are some jurisdictions where there’s a lot of rapid growth like China, where the maps haven’t caught up with the delivery system, like the addresses aren’t quite consistent yet. And in some cultures, there’s an oral tradition of where people live versus an address in certain kind of very rural areas, the backwoods, but we can use latitude, longitude coordinates for those and it’s just a matter of taking the time to, to get the address correct. We can put it anywhere on the planet.  


Jeffrey – And most people now have cell phones in all countries. So that’s a really easy way to go and of course, you can take it with you everywhere you go. I think the last count today we were looking at 49 countries.  


Clayten – Joey is asking “Can you suspend your subscription for a week at home?” Or send it to another location if you’re going to travel?” Yes, absolutely you can change your address as often as you want Joey.   


Jeffrey – It’s the same for a phone number if you are changing phones while you travel, it’s easy enough to do that on the website. So, it’s really the same as we talked about getting the Magnetizing Process you would just go to the Members Section and then you would put in your username and password which came to you on the first email that you received once you signed up. So, its Members Login, username, and password. And then you’ll go to your subscriptions and you can see where the addresses are and the phone number you could change it. Yes, so if you have the address where you’re heading, you could do it once you get there. If you are going to a hotel, make sure you use the room number as well. We don’t want to put the whole hotel on because of the hydration requirements for everyone.  

I think we’ve reached the end of our seminar and we’re really grateful to have you with us on this journey. We’re developing quite a community of support and love and we’re really grateful for every one. And you support as Clayten mentioned earlier, our work in the world our service work, which we do quite a bit of and the subscriptions also support us to create new programs like the Trauma Program that we spoke about earlier. So, we’re really grateful for all the ways that you are with us on this journey.  


Clayten – Yes, I’m seeing that there are more questions coming in and it looks like Macau and a Hong Kong were added to the cellular phone or FLFE Everywhere service just recently or if they aren’t, we’ll look at that but certainly a home or business can go on any country in the world. 

I guess the way I will close this evening  I was reading an article this week in our local paper about a story from I think it was the Middle East where they talked about the human condition like a coat and in the coat, you have one pocket full of sand and one pocket with gold and the gold part of the coat was paraphrasing;  recognizing how we are Divine Beings and how we are sovereign in our own right. In many ways, we are Infinite and there’s a part of us that is untouchable.  And the other pocket with the sand in it is the part of the human experience where we see ourselves as being troubled, we struggle, we repeat the same problems over and over again. And we wonder about ourselves as an individual and maybe as a race. And that in the story, they talked about how it’s important to have our hands in both pockets to recognize that we are these Divine, Infinite, Untouchable beings on one level and that we struggle as humans and if we’re only ever having our hand in one pocket, we become unbalanced. (1:25:00) So, I don’t know how truly  I’ve represented that story, but I thought it was interesting. And it kind of speaks to what Jenny talked about earlier about trauma and the struggles of being human. And we just want to encourage you to all keep the faith and we know that growing in consciousness isn’t always comfortable. And we’re trying not to present FLFE as the solution to all your issues, to all your problems. Rather something that can help you as it’s helped us and many others. And as Jeff said, Thank you for your support. It helps us to do lots of service work in the world which we do we help millions of people anonymously. We have a way of turning the energy up and down, of course, so we can put it out there in the world in such a way that it is a beneficial influence that is not as high as a regular subscription.  

And for those of you who subscribe you share in the positive karma that we’re all able to create together. And so, goodnight.