Mind, Body and Spirit in and FLFE Environment  

January 24, 2017 

Mind, Body, And Spirit in the FLFE Environment

(0:00) Erin – Hello, everyone. Welcome to our second official community webinar. Thank you again for being here in the groundbreaking field of connecting with each of you and answering the questions that want to be asked. And so, thank you for your presence here now, tonight, I’d just like to say my name is Erin, first of all, and I’ve talked to a lot of you on the phone, and it’s a pleasure being here with you. Tonight, we plan to go about an hour if we need to go longer to answer all the questions, we’re willing to do that./ Whenever you feel it’s appropriate for you to go, we definitely support you in that. And if you do want to ask a question, please go ahead and enter in the chatbox. The only people who are going to appear on the screen are going to be me, Jeff, and Clayten. Though we are willing and wanting to hear and respond to your questions at this time we will try our best to get to all the questions. If you’d like to attend more of our webinars let us know by sending an email to contact at flfe.net and we can make sure that you’re on our attendee list ongoing.

Welcome, Clayten and Jeff, the founders of FLFE, who will respond to your questions at this time. Thank you so much for being here.

Jeffrey – Hello this is Jeffrey Stegman. Nice to meet you to be on a call with you.  We’re here to talk about body, mind, and spirit, and FLFE. I’d like to introduce Clayten.

Clayten – Hello, Clayten here. Jeff and I are the co-founders of FLFE. We’re looking forward to answering your questions. And we’ll have a few things to kind of warm us all up to start.

Jeffrey – Great. We thought we would start off by just going back over a little bit of what we talked about during the last webinar. Some people may wonder why we spend so much time on health in the body. In FLFE many of our Programs are lined up to help the body’s own Innate Intelligence heal itself, by providing extra energy and, and helpful vibrational instructions.

And what Clayten has discovered in his research is that the body is often the restraint for rising in consciousness and we all know what it feels like when we’re sick. When I have a headache or a stomach ache, or my legs hurt it’s pretty hard to think about anything else much less evolve spiritually.

Clayten – I think that’s well said, Jeff, there is a lot of emphasis on having a body that is not only free of pain but that works well and ultimately supports us and feels joyful to have this vehicle that we get to walk around with. And for many spiritual aspirants which I assume, we all are on this call, we get reminded in a lot in different teachings to go back to the basics and focus on the body or at least address the issues of the body. We plan to have these webinars going on for a long time, so we need to go back to the basics. Most of our teachers will suggest to us to get grounded in the body and address the health issues that we have so that the mind can be free in the spirit can soar.

Jeffrey –Beautiful. Yes, and it’s interesting, that phrase “mind being free”. And that is one of the things that we all struggle with – our thoughts. They seem to sometimes run away with us. And one of the things that we’ve noticed in FLFE and that many of the customers talk about is that their minds are calm and there’s less chatter. That is something that a high consciousness field can really help with. And again, FLFE is a high consciousness field, it’s 560 and above on the Hawkins Map – Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. (5:00) And in that reservoir of energy, which creates that is exponentially higher than average, and the body uses energy for health and healing. And it also does seem to have an effect on the mind. We talked to Clayten about thinking and thoughts and willpower in a high consciousness field.

Clayten – There are many effects in a high consciousness field. And in terms of relating to the mind last week, we bridged the subject of personal willpower. And Erin has been fielding some of the questions before the call. And some people have been asking about addictions. And so maybe we’ll talk a little tonight about the mind, personal willpower, the spiritual will, a high consciousness field, and addictions. It’s a bit of a soup, but we’ll give it a go.

The personal will in terms of willpower calibrates at your own level of consciousness, so let’s say that your level of consciousness is 300, so the level of personal will that you’ll have to make positive change is at the 300 level. And the field in FLFE being 560, you don’t get to go to 560 necessarily, but it will pull you up by the principle of entrainment where you will not only be raising consciousness, but you benefit from all the additional resources. So, the average person goes up 10 points in 90 days in FLFE if you’re in the field for eight hours a day or more. So that’s a 10 to the power of 10. So, you’ll have 10 to the power of 10 more willpower, that’s a pretty abstract idea. And it may not seem real to you. And it’s in the team here., when we have these calls internally, it’s hard to relate to that logarithmic scale, but it’s really measured in microwatts. It’s a very subtle amount of energy. So those logarithmic numbers are only meaningful when the levels of energy are so subtle.

Having a higher level of consciousness personally allows you more personal willpower, being in a high consciousness field allows you more personal willpower, because you have that extra energy to draw from. You have more freedom in the body, fewer distracting thoughts, so you have more control over your thoughts. And at some time, we could talk about thought management techniques, perhaps, and we may get there tonight. But that would be an interesting topic to explore. How do you actually work with your thoughts? And what are some techniques that you can use to cancel your thoughts when you want?

The questions about addiction earlier, one of the issues that came up are how do you call upon the spiritual will, and why is that helpful?  In addictions, we know that through our research and other people’s research, that the field to transcend an addiction is typically around 540. That’s why the 12-step programs are so powerful because the 12-step program’s teachings calibrate at 540. If you’re in a 12 -step meeting if you’re able to calibrate the level of consciousness of the field, it’s very oftentimes above 540. And so the field of the room helps you receive the thoughts of sobriety, if that’s what you’re looking for, whatever the issue is, there are many 12-step programs, and one of the main principles in the 12-step programs, any addiction program that I’m familiar with, call upon the spiritual will and in the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, a positive, benevolent, Higher Power, when you call upon that, the spiritual will kicks in, and that takes your willpower to 500/1000 instead of your own individual will. So that’s such an extraordinary difference that it’s really worth mentioning. And it’s something that many people have found peace with their addictions or transcended them have experienced, but to be able to relate it to a numerical system is helpful for many of us because the power of the logarithmic scale between 300 or 400 or 500 and 850 is just so extraordinary, it’s really worth paying attention to. (10:00) And so, one of the benefits of being in a high consciousness field, like a 12 -step meeting, or like an FLFE environment is that you’re more easily able to access that spiritual will. The benefit in a 12- step program, of course, is that you get to choose the God of your understanding. And we certainly encourage that as well as looking for the Higher Power that you relate to. And it can simply be the earth it could be Universal Intelligence, Divinity has many, many ways to frame it. So, I think we’ll just leave it at that for a few minutes. And you can ask more questions. I don’t want to take too long. I’m glad to go into more depth about a particular specific topic if you’d like.

Erin – Okay, so this question came in from an outside source – Rosemary, and she’s asking about the buzzing or ringing in her ears and wants to know if you might be able to shed some light on that.

Jeffrey – I don’t know If I could speak specifically to what’s happening for her. But as the level of consciousness rises in the environment, the body is using that higher vibrating energy to do all sorts of things in the body, all sorts of healing projects. And there could also be energetic projects that are in our energetic system, they could show up as a vibration like that. One of the things we do with FLFE is we create programs that are information and vibration that the body entrains with and brings into the body in that way, and the Innate Intelligence of the body can use that vibration, that information to heal itself. And one of the things that we have built into this Program is something we called Anti-Stagnation. It’s similar in effect to acupressure in that it keeps the flow of subtle energy moving through the body. There are all sorts of different Chakras and Nadis and energy centers in this associated with the physical body. And, it could be that something like that’s unblocked that has been perhaps blocked up for a long time due to an old injury or emotional event or something like that might cause some kind of, a reaction in the body that might show up like that.  Anything else, Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, thanks for taking lead on that when I was drawing a blank right away. The condition medically associated with ringing in the ears is called tinnitus. So, if you’ve had in the past, it’s worth, you know, going to your doctor, we always encourage people to go to their doctors. And I think Jeff said it well, in that all these Programs start to not only increase the amount of energy in the body, but they start to move that energy. Movement of energy in the body is a healthy condition. The one thing I think should be mentioned as well is that there are teachings that associate ringing in the ears with high consciousness states. And there are particular philosophies that I don’t want to really get into naming organizations and their teachings because people will assume that we are endorsing that. There is some spiritual literature that indicates that ringing in the ears can be associated with a high consciousness state. So it depends on how much you’re experiencing it, and how intense it is, what state you’re in when you’re experiencing it, if it’s a low grade ringing all the time, probably is a different condition than having it for a brief time, when you’re in a very high state when you recognize you’re in a high state. So those are a couple of things that I think are worth considering. Before we complete this, I’m going to say something that I didn’t mention last week. (15:00)

And the topic last week came up of people having different experiences in FLFE where there’s some discomfort in their body, or there’s something unusual happening. And most of the time the testimonials we get are just “Wow, this is amazing!” And we had an interesting one today, where a lady who has animals on the property, she had a bunch of very difficult chickens, and all the chickens calmed down, and they started laying more eggs. So it’s maybe not the best metaphor for this answer. But usually, the questions that we get, or the testimonials and the feedback is interesting, things like my plants are growing better. I bought some cut plants from the flower shop, they lasted two weeks, they only ever last four days. So that’s amazing. But for those of us who experience discomfort at times, we talked about this before the call we don’t want you to feel any guilt. We don’t want you to feel that you’re doing it anything wrong, or that you’ve somehow made a mistake, or that there’s anything wrong with you. I don’t know that anybody can understand all the things that happen in the high consciousness field. I mean, we continue to learn things all the time. And we know that people travel around the world and have traveled around the world for as long as there have been people, you’ll hear about pilgrimages, you’ll hear about temples, you’ll hear about churches, or about synagogues. You have heard about all these places that people go to because they feel good, and they go there to gather as well. They go to pray, and they go to worship, but they go there, partially because of the positive energy. We know there are ley lines on the earth, there are places like the classic Stonehenge and other areas like that, where you’ll find that there are intersecting ley lines, and there’s all this infrastructure in place to align with certain changes in the season. And those spots usually have quite a high consciousness. And that’s part of the reason I think we go to those places or we’re drawn to them. And we may just not have used that language, we go to them because they feel good. And when people pray for hundreds of years, where they did at a place like Stonehenge, it’s just a popular one to reference.  There’s a vibration that’s held. And oftentimes there are large rocks in the area. In that case, where you know, the rocks are the are oftentimes have crystal in them, which will hold energy. So that also helps with the vibration. We wanted to make sure that people did not feel like they’re doing anything wrong if they’re having an uncomfortable experience. And to say that change isn’t always comfortable is not, is not a high enough truth, that is true. But we need to be compassionate to ourselves and to each other. And I felt that it was important to make sure we said that.

Erin – thank you Clayten – We do have we have some questions coming in on some of our hot topics like about the machine and about the neighbors. And we’ve got a couple questions. And I’m going to stick to body, mind, and spirit right now. And then we can go back and address these other questions if we have time. So right now, Jenny has said she was on holiday in the Dominican Republic with their partner last week, and they had been having issues communicating. And they both noticed a night and day change when the mobile subscription was turned on Monday afternoon. So, what are the Programs and the mobile subscription that could possibly help with how people relate?

Jeffrey – I can talk about that one. The Mobile Subscription was born out of our desire to always be in the FLFE field. Because as we developed technology and created these fields in our homes, we wanted to take it with us, especially on vacation or while traveling. And so, one of the things we built into the mobile FLFE mobile field, first of all, it’s a 300 -foot radius around the wearer of the object and within it is a support for the people within the field to resolve karma between them peacefully without suffering. And, that’s a whole interesting subject right there. (20:00) One of the other things that we have in the FLFE Mobile field is that anyone within this 300 – radius around you, that might have a negative intent towards you, it’s supported to rise in their consciousness of their intent towards you, which is a nice thing, you want people around you to be happy and glad to see you. So, some of those things may be affecting the relationship. The karmic is a complicated subject. And it has to do with a history that people have together and could be, depending on your belief systems, multiple lifetimes. But that was important that people can carry this bubble of positive energy with them and have a positive experience with people that they meet.

Clayten – Yes, the intent part is really important, Jeff. It’s what I was going to mention.  The other pieces that there are in the FLFE mobile field, there are concentric circles. So, the first four feet is 570 and then from four to 16 feet is 565. And then it’s 560 from 16 feet to 300. So, you’re really getting a little more energy. The 560 is the minimum level of consciousness that 998 properties that have 1000 go to in an FLFE field.  There is the odd anomaly, the odd address issue that we must fix. And, the FLFE Mobile does take about 20 times the power of the Home Subscription for what that’s worth, we’re certainly glad to do that.  I don’t think there’s much else to say, I think you said you said all that needs to be said, Jeff.

Jeffrey – You of you know, one of the things comes to mind, Clayten is the Anti – Stagnation part of it. I think you mentioned this earlier before we started about as the energy starts to flow throughout the body and through all the organs that it may be, that each organ has functions to process different emotions. And so, if if you’re flowing now, through all of your systems, there may have been some stuck emotions that maybe were inhibiting conversation or communication that were freed up and feelings could be expressed more completely and things could be more cleanly processed out of the system. Like, you get angry, and it’s gone, we resolve it, it’s done, and you can move on with your relationship and having fun. So, I think that maybe another factor too.

Clayten – Yes, we were talking just before the call about that. So, it’s almost like it’s one big conversation we’ve been having. And, I’ve been to Chinese medicine before going to an acupressure session. And when the practitioner holds an intention in mind of an issue that I’m trying to transcend and does the acupressure, those are the most powerful sessions I’ve ever had. And so, oftentimes really the physical sensation of energy being stuck. And then as you make peace of that, and whatever technique you use, or the practitioner helps you do that in the acupressure session, you literally feel it lifting off the body and then when you’re more relaxed, you know, people pick that up. And it’s not just the words that we say – it’s the energy behind the words. I mean, most of us have read the communication reports that say only 7% of what’s being communicated is language, there are all these other things that we are picking up on.  As humans, we’re extraordinary biological entities that have all these ways of finding safety, and then we can move from there. But, just on a very survival level, we’re picking up signals all the time to see if it’s safe for somebody. So, if we’re able to be more at peace with ourselves, through all these things, and with the other person in the field, it becomes kind of exponential in how much better it can be. It’s so individual that we can’t give statistics which we love to do. It’s good to mention that, we talk about it so much, we oftentimes forget a lot of this stuff because we just talk about it all the time and just seems like we forget to repeat it. (25:00)

Erin – Well, just to let you know Jenny had responded and said yes because my partner was truly communicating from the heart and opening up, he is usually not like this and she continued, and deeply listened without defensiveness and judgment.

Jeffrey – Beautiful, we love to hear these kinds of things, you know, it makes it all worthwhile.

Erin – It looks like we’ve got some technical questions coming through and some different kinds of questions. So, let’s address some of the basics. Joshua is curious if first off if we have a picture of the machine and then he also is asking how to find out more about FLFE Mobile. It sounds like he’s possibly on the Free Trial and new to the Home Subscription. So, if you want to give us a little more information about mobile as well, that’d be great.

Jeffrey – Sure, I could start with that we are just about to launch a new learning center which will be a section of the website that will have much more information; video clips and ways to search for answers. So, there’ll be more information there and I’d say in probably three days that’ll be active by the weekend or Monday at the latest, so you could look there Joshua for more information.  So, FLFE Mobile as we said, is the Service we developed for ourselves first and then brought to the public. And what we’re doing is associating the FLFE wave, and I can explain about the machine in the same explanation. So, the FLFE machine is something like you might see in an old Tesla photograph, or some of those old movies with Tesla, where they’re stacks and stacks of plates and coils and different shapes and high speed, alternating current running through and in its original form. And energy, subtle energy was being pulled into the input stacks, and then outputted into one very concentrated location, about the size of a piece of paper. And so originally, those were written instructions going into that high energy space. And, this is a quantum machine, it’s a quantum consciousness machine. And so, there’s an association or an entanglement that happens, that Clayten discovered that allows us to associate the effects of the machine locally, with any place in the world, through the address, or through coordinates.  And with of the FLFE Mobile, it is associated through a photograph of the object.

So, this has to be a high-resolution photograph, where you can really see the details, you can see the little scratches and you can see the imperfections in the manufacturing in that photograph. It’s a wild concept, but it’s associated with the machine and the energy comes through and it creates a 300- foot field. And, we wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t feel it ourselves and we’ve had many customers experience it. We have kinesiology or muscle testing to test the level of consciousness and effects. But that’s how it works. We do have some pictures of the machine. We don’t publish them. But we occasionally show them to people, and we will have a machine in the office at some point in the future and will invite you to come and see us.

Clayten – We intend to have a machine in the office, as Jeff has said, and there are multiple technologies, and some of them are proprietary. And some of the inventors don’t want their life’s work presented to the public, partially because it is very powerful, and it can be used negatively.  We didn’t think we would be able to do this business because every day we had to check if everything we had on the machine was in the highest and best interest of all creation. And it wasn’t until after we found a way to have a safety valve like that, that we thought we could do this as a business. So, it’s not that we’re trying to keep it secret, it’s just we haven’t gotten around to finding a way to build a machine that we can share with people. So, when we do build one, we’ve decided we’ll have parts of it encapsulated or covered. Because if people see it, they could, if you’re in the field, you could reverse engineer parts of it, perhaps. And it’s not that we don’t want to share. (30:00)

So, there’s a movement lately, which I think is really great, where people are willing to share their intellectual property to further humanity’s evolution. So, one example of that is Elon Musk. Many people know Elon Musk, and he’s sharing some of the intellectual property contained in the electric cars, because the mission of Tesla is to,  in my words, anyway, is to further the development of sustainable transportation. And so, to achieve his mission, he is doing that. And so, our mission is to create the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economized society. That means we’re not just going to put this on monasteries and, and churches, we’re going to put it out into the whole world. And our basic operating principle is to test if everything we do is in the highest and best interest of all creation. And so, if it wasn’t the highest, the best interest of all creation, we would have to go back to our vendors and say, this is what we’re getting because they understand that that’s how we operate as well. And in fact, they’re at least the ones we’re not in touch with all them anymore, because some of the original ones have moved away. But the ones, we’re in touch with, we’re all on the same page. And if we’re getting that we should share it, and they’re getting that we should share, we would change our position. So it’s not that we’re trying to hold anything back or trying to be deceptive or duplicitous.

Our intention is to always do what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. And of course, we don’t want to be able to do that was just human, but we don’t do the really negative things. That’s our saving grace. We don’t do things that are against that in a very overt way, we’re not able to do all the positive things, but we don’t do any big negative things anyway.  I think maybe we’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying that everything that we do in FLFE, we’ve tried on ourselves first, the Programs always get put on us. And typically, they get put on me. And we used to turn them up really high so to test them. No one else would likely ever experience that level of intensity, because we feel it is our responsibility. And we will continue to test things on ourselves first, or a small beta team of people around us who we’re in touch with, typically we do that concurrently. And we’ve gotten quite good at this over the years. And so, we don’t have to turn it on as high as we used to, I think this was maybe is a little bit of over concern on our part of just trying to be responsible with the power and the technology. So, you know, we’re not going to do anything to anybody else that we are not willing to experience, and we believe we cannot do any harm anyway because of the safety valve. But not doing harm and having an optimal experience can be two different things. So that’s our commitment, then, and we’ll do that as long as Jeff and I are involved in the project because that’s what’s what we believe is the right thing to do.

Erin – Jenny asks if there are any compounded effects of having both on body, mind, and spirit if one has both a mobile subscription while FLFE on the Home as well?

Jeffrey – Well, the compounded effect is not so much in the Home in the FLFE Mobile together, though with the Home it is 560, and the FLFE Mobile field close to the person within four feet is 570, there is a definite benefit of that. But in the home environment, there’s clearing going on all the time. So, you know, as Clayten mentioned, all minerals and many, many objects in the land hold energy. And so, we’re clearing the energy in that old negative history that’s been there on the property is cleared in the Home Subscription. So that’s, that’s a definite benefit.  But the real benefit comes in being in the field all the time. So, you’ve got the cleared Home, you’ve got other Programs that are in the Home that are not on Mobile. For instance, at this point, grounding in the Home, you’re grounded to the earth as though you’re standing up to 95% of standing in the dirt in your bare feet. So, it’s really quite well-grounded. But the real benefit, the multiplying effect comes in being in the field all the time. So, if you’re in sleeping in it, you go to work in it, the body is now starting to get used to all this energy being present. And so, things are starting to move in the body taking on these healing projects. The  (35:00) Innate Intelligence is saying,” Wow, I’ve got all this energy all the time, it’s not stopping and starting when I leave the house, it’s there all the time.” So, then these projects can really kick into place and, you know, we start to see extraordinary levels of not only physical healing but also rising of consciousness.

Erin – Thank you. All right. Let’s see. We’ve got a great question about water. This is Tina, she says. Hearty greetings. I would love to share a question concerning the larger volume of water we blessed recipients need to consume let’s talk about water quality. Our tap water is chlorinated, and I get this feeling it needs filtration. So, can you share some thoughts on that and possibly suggest a system and she’s asking for nothing too expensive. So, Britta possibly?

Clayten – I’ll start with that, that we’ve done a lot of water research, we have a really good water Program on the home subscription. So I would agree with you about any chlorinated water. It’s really the job of the municipality to get the water to the point where it comes out of our tap and it’s healthy. And there are places in the world where ozonation is becoming more popular, and I think it’s a little more expensive to implement. I don’t know the exact details, because technology changes all the time. We did an extensive amount of research on water filtration systems. And there are a lot of water filtration systems I could talk about. I don’t know if that would be safe legally because I don’t know what the ramifications are of talking about our perception of them.

But I will talk about one that is good and one that is inexpensive, that I’ve done the research on because I bought one for my Home. And I’ll talk about that. When we talk about chlorination, we have to talk about shower filters.  I’ve seen experiments where people have had a glass of chlorinated water, and they put their finger in. And then so you have two glasses of water, and you put a drop in each glass, and it will show that there’s chlorine that exists in the glass. And then a person puts their finger in the one glass with the chlorine in it, and all the chlorine goes away.  And where it goes is into your body.   And it has to get processed by the liver. So for example, we have a hot spring not too far from us here in Nelson.  And I really like going to the hot springs, except that the night after I’ve gone, I start to smell all this chlorine coming out of my system. Now when I check the operational efficiency of my liver with kinesiology, it goes down to about 20%. And it stays there for maybe 24 hours, 30 hours. Because of all the chlorine in in in the hot springs. So just from a real practical point of view, besides the smell of chlorine and the taste, it does take a lot of work for your liver to process the chlorine. So, if it’s processing chlorine, it’s not going to be able to process other things as well. So, on a real practical level, in North America, there’s a company called Pro Pure.

We’re not affiliated with Pro Pure in any way, we wouldn’t receive any benefit from telling you this or not telling you about other things. It’s just the one that I’ve found that has the most appropriate level of water for the best value. And maybe other ones out that I don’t know of, but that one is a good value. It’s about $50. It’s a ceramic type canister that goes inside of a jug that many of us are familiar with, like a one-gallon jug and you pour water in the top and it drips through. And they have bigger ones that you can have for a house, you know, the different sizes. And I think the replacement is 40 or $50 I think if you buy the jug, they may give you the first one for free. So that’s a place to start in terms of chlorine filters. (40:00) The ones that with that take about 75% of the chlorine out of the water typically costs around 30 – 35 Canadian dollars, but the ones that take 95% of the chlorine out of the water or more cost around 55.- 60 CDN. So it’s not that you always get you what you pay for. But that would be one of the things that I would look at is that you want to get a chlorine filter on your shower that takes 95% of the chlorine out.  Companies are required to say what percentage of chlorine they filter out. So, look for the one that filters out 95%, and if it’s $30 or less, it probably won’t do that because I haven’t found anything that takes all that chlorine for less than that. You may be able to find it, but talk to the manufacturer and get the one that gets out 95% because even if you are not drinking chlorine does not mean you are not getting it in your system. .

Jeffrey – And here in the US, we have fluoride too, and fluoride is a lot harder to get out, very hard to get out. So, other than a reverse osmosis type of filter. We’ve gone in my household to spring water. So, we get five-gallon spring water jugs because we haven’t found a good filtration system that gets the fluoride out that works for us.  So find a good source of water spring waters. We have been telling people in the emails and in the conversations that more water is required. The reason is in the high consciousness field, the body starts to pull from these energies to do these healing projects. And the metabolic processes themselves take water. Then there’s extra waste that needs to be carried away and carry it out of the body, and it takes more water to do that. So just watch those signs of hydration. You know, you can look them up on the web, but stay hydrated and keep drinking good water. And that’s a great question. Thank you.

Clayten – Yes, I just did a web search Pro Pure. And it says it removes fluoride.

Jeffrey – Well, I’ve heard that depending on the state of the water, other minerals, and the water’s acidity, some water is much more challenging to get the fluoride out of.

Clayten – Yes, there are always regional or local variables. But, we want to encourage you to take responsibility for yourself. And if you look up Pro Pure, they’ll want to compare their filter to Pro Pure if you do a web search. So, you can start with that. And we have talked about making a list of recommended water filters because we talk so much about it. We haven’t done that yet. It is always the issue of whether we will have an alliance with them or work with him more professionally. Because if we’re recommending them, then we want to know more about the products and we just haven’t got to that place yet. But spring water, if it’s tested, I don’t think it’ll get any better than that.

Well, some machines do claim they’re better than the spring water; it all depends where your spring is coming from. I’ve done a lot of research on this. And I found, you know, there are springs in the world that are equivalent to the best $5,000 water treatment systems. But many of us won’t spend that kind of money or don’t have it to spend on a water treatment system. So, spring water would be a safe bet.

Erin – Thank you, Joshua had said that he has a three-gallon Berkey Black, and it works extremely well. And Tina said, nice to hear you broadcasting from Nelson. Love your community and the advice. Thank you so much. And Sally had jumped in there with a question, does tea count for our water consumption?

Jeffrey – Well, does it have caffeine in it? You know, there can be a diuretic effect with caffeine. That’s a good question. It really depends on the tea.(45:00)

Clayten – It depends on how much milk and how much sugar you put into the tea. Some are not that dairy friendly but generally herbal teas like your chamomiles and your peppermint. Your non -caffeinated tea is generally considered hydrating.

Erin – And we’ve got another question. Sally said herbal tea straight is what she will drink – And curious if you guys have any thoughts about structured water?

Jeffrey – The Programs that we have on the water in the Home Subscription do a restructuring of the water. One of the interesting moments we had is when we were drinking – Clayten was in a particular healing process. And he was drinking between four and five liters of water; it was a lot of water. And sometimes it’s hard to get that much water down. So, we created a Structuring Program that helps the Innate Intelligence of the body absorb as much water as possible. And this was a vibrational help for the body to hydrate more easily. And I think a very short time after it went on, the amount of water you had to drink went down to about three liters.  There’s some structuring that’s done in the Program and the absorption of nutrients and food, and we’re also enhancing that in the Home Program.

Clayten – We did a Bioavailability of food Program. It seems like every Program we write is the best Program we’ve ever written in our minds, you know.  We created a Bioavailability Program to increase the bioavailability of food. And for the body to extract more antioxidants from the food naturally, and to assist the digestive process with optimizing itself. And at one point that one Program for one Home would take 1% of the entire energy of the machine. Then we learned how to do power upgrades.

So, what happens is that when we figure out a new Program, it will take a lot of energy. Sometimes we don’t have the power to put it on everybody. So, then we do a big power upgrade, then we put the Program on. It’s often how it will work. We did a lot of water research. I have a friend who makes his living selling water machines, very high-end ones. So, we calibrate the level of consciousness of an individual. So, on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, where 1000 represents the highest understanding of water related to health and the human body on the planet. My friend happens to calibrate at 998 out of 1000. Other people calibrated that too. So, what we did is we went to him and said, Okay, how many good books do you know, on water and health, and he gave us like, 10 books. And then we went into those, and we researched those books and tested the level of consciousness of the different concepts on water, and where micro-clustering plays in where alkaline plays in, and where structuring of the water plays. We’re removing negative energy from the water in terms of thoughts because water picks up thoughts. Dr. Emoto showed us that there his pictures. And so, we did a lot of research on this. And I don’t know that we can do much more than what we have; there’s not much more that we can do to add to that particular Program. We’ve been the wrong before; we have to change its context for its truthfulness up any higher.

So just let you know, we’ve done a lot of water research. And particularly because water is our most important food. That’s defining food as something you have the option of putting in your body. In contrast, air, we automatically breathe. So that’s a little geeky thing, you know, geeky definition thing that we have to consider.

Erin – Well, thank you. Thank you for your pursuit of water and for sharing it with us. Joshua had commented from a previous thought he had, your pursuit, and making humanity a more enjoyable experience is absolutely needed. You said that others could use this technology with ill intent, which, in fact, they do use. So, thank you very much. And let’s see, we had a question about cold lasers. (50:00)

Clayten – I’ll just comment on Joshua’s thought that people have a negative intent towards humanity. Absolutely. And we’ve all probably experienced ourselves having a negative intent towards somebody at some point or another, which could be called anger. And people make mistakes, just out of innocence it’s not even that they’re malcontented or ill-intended. And we wouldn’t be doing this if we thought we could do any harm. And until we found the safety valve at the end of the Programs, we just were doing Service. We did that for about a year, and we believe our Higher Power kind of gave us that safety box. We just couldn’t figure out how to make it safe. And so, we kept checking it every day. But then, you know, like things change constantly. So, when do you ever get peace if you’re trying to serve and have to check things all the time. It becomes counterproductive, but it’s not that we think that people will have a negative intent. It’s just ignorance, and we’ve all been ignorant in our own ways.

Erin – Thank you, Clayten. Alright, it looks like Catherine has a question about cold laser. She says she has a portable cold laser that she uses for repetitive motion injuries I’ve had from giving massage for so many years can FLFE do the same kinds of specific healing that cold lasers do? Also, can I use the cold laser in an FLFE field? Is it intensified or could it be too much?

Clayten – Well, I’ll speak first, I don’t know. We’ll put that one on the list to do research on. I will say that we’re not aware of FLFE being disharmonious with any other technology. Everything that we’ve researched and everything that we’ve been led to understand is that it is only harmonious with everything.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I would add that as well, that we don’t know about cold lasers. We have added to the Program list relatively recently antioxidants to help the body produce more antioxidants taking in more from our food. And we know antioxidants are really helpful in repairing the body and might help an injury like that. But I don’t know how would interact with the cold lasers.

Clayten – Yes, it’s probably worth mentioning when Jeff talks about adding a Program to help the body produce antioxidants, we recognize that the body if it’s optimally functioning, will take care of all of its internal needs. We try to correct anything restraining the body from producing the most optimal antioxidants that it needs to do what it does naturally. Now, that can be a real big issue because there maybe half a dozen or 10 or 12 or 15 factors contributing to the body’s ability to create its own antioxidant. So, the most powerful antioxidant in the body is melatonin. And one of the things that Jeff mentioned last week was that if you use bright white lights at night, there’s a blue light spectrum in the white lights that tells our body that it’s daytime. And so typically, the body requires about three hours before you go to bed to produce the optimum amount of melatonin to help us sleep. And so again, we’re getting into the geeky parts here where, as Jeff mentioned, there’s a company called lowbluelights.com. There’s a gentleman there, I think his name is Richard. And he’s one of the world’s leading experts on blue light. And so, they have glasses that you can buy, and they have light bulbs that you can buy. So, at night, I have my daytime lights in my home that I had my nighttime lights. So, when I’m at home, and I’m around the house, they have these yellow lights there, like seven -watt LED bulbs equivalent to the 60 watts, and I use those at night. (55:00) And I have these really big funny looking blue light blocking glasses that I put on I actually have them; maybe I’ll show them here in a minute.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I wish I had mine with me. I would normally, by this time of the night, I would have them on.

Clayten – There are better-looking ones than these; these are what they call the fit overs, they go over your glasses, but this is one of the big things in sleep. I think we should put together a product on sleep because we did so much research on sleep to really try to optimize that because for trying to improve health you need to regenerate, so these are what the fit overs look like. You can see the yellow there or the amber shade, so these go over your glasses like this. Very stylish. Yeah, you want to be going out with these on, that’s for sure. But you can get the other companies that make them now they become quite popular. If you do a web search on blue light blocking glasses, I know I had a client who gave me the names of two other companies I just can’t think of them right now. But I had a couple other pairs, and sometimes I wear my glasses. Sometimes I wear contacts so when I’m wearing contacts, I’ll have the other pair of blue light blocking glasses that I carry with me. Still, I noticed that the first night I put them on, my sleep was better right away, and not everybody has that effect, but some people do. And you can try it and see if it works for you.

Erin – Thank you for the demonstration. We’ve got a couple questions on RSO’s, our religious or spiritual organization. It looks like Brian is asking, is there any way for us to know if our subscription addresses are being duplicated by another subscription?  He gave examples such as hospitals, churches; he also included government buildings and prisons. And then there’s another question that comes from Jenny about this. She said she has two Home Subscriptions but has not elected a non-profit or spiritual organization to receive FLFE yet; she wants to know if you contact the organization first before turning it on for them, or do you just turn on FLFE for the organization that’s named?

Jeffrey – Yes, I can talk about that. The RSO’s or religious and spiritual organizations is what we call the public service FLFE wave, so it’s at a lower level of consciousness; it’s at 540. So, it’s at a level that doesn’t require the hydration level to do it at a higher level of consciousness. So, we can go on without permission. And it’s really a gift, a beautiful gift to the organization. And the original intention was for a religious and spiritual organization to gather, pray, and create intentions to really assist with that connection. And we have expanded it to schools, we ask that you don’t put prisons on and government buildings at this time. I know we can talk more about that. But we’d really rather it’s on religious or spiritual organizations and schools. And we don’t have a big database; we choose to make it anonymous. So, we don’t have a big database that we can share and tell you whether something is on already or not.

And each person that designates an RSO goes on for as long as we do this Service. It doesn’t matter whether you cancel the first month, it will continue on. The karma of you doing that are the sort of the points you get for that, that that act of selfless act of love is, you know, with you always.

Clayten – And part of the intent of not tracking it was to follow the principle of just paying it forward and giving anonymously and unconditionally. That is part of the reason why we’ve oriented it that way.

Erin – Thank you. We’ve got a question here from Sally. Again, a little bit more technical. She lives on five acres, and there’s someone else living on the property. Another home with the same address, does FLFE extend the lot line or just cover the main Home on property? (1:00:00) 

Jeffrey – I can talk about that one. So, Sally, if it’s five acres, that’s the limit, the largest size it actually goes to. If it is the same address, yes, the FLFE will be on all the buildings within that five acres. So, it is best at minimum to encourage people to hydrate and really have a serious discussion about hydration at best. But many people in their own homes don’t tell all of their family members that it’s on, you know, we get a lot of wives not telling their husbands or their kids, and they really wait to see what happens.

But meanwhile, they’re encouraging them to drink water to hydrate, you know, putting a glass of water in front of them constantly. But, you know, it’s not imperative to tell them  that it’s on. So, if there is another house, you know, it’s something for you to have some responsibility for speaking with them in some way about that.

Clayten – I think part of what we should say is that we that the way we’ve written the Programs is that the body has to have a certain amount of water in it, we have ways of measuring the hydration level before the all the Programs will kick in. If a person is chronically dehydrated and in the high consciousness field, positive cellular regeneration increases. And so, it isn’t in the highest and best for people to be severely dehydrated and have more positive cellular regeneration. Because the body cannot expel the biological waste, and so if you’re not hydrating, you’re not going to get the full benefit. Hydration has to be at a certain level and also the functioning we have functioning parameters. That means that you have enough energy to live your life and manage your life professionally. We want people in the professions to manage your house in a way that you can take care of your responsibilities. So, people to go on the Service and have the experience of being short term non- functional but have a better benefit in the long term. We just want ideally the benefits to be, you know, immediate and experiential and grow. We do have these parameters in the programming to help people stay functional and stay healthy. At the same time, they improve the quality of their life. That’s why we talk about water so much because people will not get the full effect of FLFE if they are not hydrated.

Erin – Thank you.  Alright, we’ve got another question coming through. About EMFs Have you researched FLFE’s effect when a person is wearing an EMF or electromagnetic chaos eliminator? If you could address both EMF’s and the possibility of wearing this eliminator, that would be great.

Clayten – There are a lot of EMF devices out there. There are hundreds, and we haven’t tested everyone, so we don’t know which ones we think work. We believe that the FLFE wave modifies EMFs to a degree; some EMFs are much better than others. We haven’t done a lot of research on that for a while. But we did do a lot of research on EMFs. We are looking for ways to measure the effect of EMFs because it’s a fairly technical field.  Jeff may know more about it than I do. Different EMF waves come from portable phone handsets, from baby monitors, from smart meters, from cell phone towers from the electrical grid. If you live close to a transformer or wire passing over, or many wires are running in the ground. So, there are many, many types of EMF’s. And it’s a pretty technical field. And it’s one of those things where I would like to have a meter that I could put on and FLFE environment before and after. (1:05:00)

We did, at one point, talk about a percentage of harmonization. But one of the keys in EMF is to have a device that doesn’t block EMF; we want to have a device that at least intends to harmonize them. That’s what we believe. We don’t want to block at all. We want to harmonize everything as a general principle. So, we have done research and development on an EMF device. We have one that we’ve done the RD on that is complete.  It’s just that we’ve got so many things on the go. We’re trying to create more and more value with the regular Subscriptions. We haven’t focused on testing the device and making claims about it. We’re pretty conservative, and we’d like to have at least three data points before we make a claim at least three points. So, kinesiology maybe one, and we’re really good at that. We have to have a lot of anecdotal evidence. That anecdotal evidence is scientifically valid at a certain frequency or amount of anecdotal evidence. It does have its own validity if it’s gathered together properly. And then there are other ways that we would look to validate something before we make a claim about EMF’s.

Jeffrey – One thing we do measure is the level of consciousness of the property. So there’s an effect of geopathic stress, which is interesting, though, and can be caused by moving electricity, a field effect. And also, moving water in a combination of the two can really create some effects. Over the years, we’ve had different customers who have trusted themselves as we encourage everyone to do and tell us they don’t feel it. You know, there was no effect that they were expecting. And, you know, some, some people just are not feeling it as much. But, you know, pretty often when people say that to us, we would check, and we would find some anomaly that we hadn’t yet considered.  We had one the other day, which was water coming down a foundation. Bubbling through rocks, causing the moving water to draw energy with it. Particularly water moving away from you or down into the earth. And so, it creates a zone that has a kind of chaotic energy to it. Electrical Transformers can do this, and poor electrical connections can do the same. And so, we’ve been able to successfully write programs for each of these instances when they come up and then put it on the whole Service so that it doesn’t happen again. And then we see the effect, which is the level of consciousness coming back up, which means if it was below 200 on the Hawkins Map, it was not conducive to life. I mean, it was really basically pulling your life energy away and then getting it back up into the 545. And now the 560 range means we go to back in the life-affirming life-enhancing zone. So, we were comfortable with that, because we can measure the level of consciousness and effect.

Clayten – Yeah, I think I’ll maybe add something to that. So, what happens in the Program is you have to identify very specifically the condition. We were able to counterbalance underground streams. In this it was the water coming down a hill hitting the foundation and, running down the foundation. There were a few homes that were at 500 instead of 560. And what happens is that part of the home is at 560 and then part of its at 190. And so, there’s a place in the basement where this home was built on a hill. It had a fairly high foundation, so the water was coming down the hill, hitting the foundation dropping, and then that was causing negative geopathic stress in one part of the basement. So when you have that conditioning, we write a Program to address that specific issue very carefully, linguistically, and correct the condition. We can’t say “correct all the geopathic stress zone conditions” unless you have a book with every possible geopathic stress zone in it. We would need that book as a reference, which we do have references to that.There are all these little anomalies that don’t necessarily make it negative. But it’s not as positive or negative in a very small area and in the basement where it’s lower  these people just kind of stay away from that corner, because that’s where the water’s hitting and the gentleman told us there’s a spring right in that corner of the house. (1:10:00)

So, you know, the water is kind of bubbling up running, hitting the foundation dropping down, and that creates a negative energy vortex of some type. So, it’s just that technical; we have to really dig into it. And, we’ll do research on these things that will reference integral bodies of work, and we check the level of consciousness of the bodies of work. But then there are these odd things that happen where there are two pipes that cross on a street corner. The water is running through them. And it creates chaotic energy in one of the corners of the intersection. This is not something that may be addressed in even a really good book on geopathic stress zones. So we are kind of letting you in behind the curtains here on the level of specificity that has to happen. And we really like doing upgrades, it’s a lot of fun. And we’d love to discover new ways to enhance the environment. It’s, it’s kind of interesting.

For example, sometimes, what we have to do for the EMFs, we find a definition. And then, we have to test the level of consciousness of the definition. And then we have to sometimes look at different definitions, or two people are using because some people have a higher consciousness definition than somebody else. So, then we have to always try to reference the highest conscious definition. In few cases, we’ve had to assemble our own. Then put it together and cobble a better definition because we need a certain level of consciousness of truth to have a good Program. Yeah, so we have a whole Glossary of that now their whole glossary. Yeah, we maybe we should put that in the Learning Center one day, you know, some of the definitions.

Erin – I look forward to that day, personally, and I just want to say we’ve got so much gratitude pouring in here from everyone that’s on the webinar. So, thank you for holding gratitude with us. It’s really an honor to be here with all of you. We’ve got another question here from Bob. Bob says he’s on the free trial. And is there a residual benefit of FLFE if I choose not to subscribe is his question.

Jeffrey – I can answer that one, Bob.  Since the FLFE service has this clearing effect. So, there is a clearing of history. And it’s just like if you’re going to paint a room and raise the beauty level in a room, you’ve got to clean out the dirt in the corners first. Clayten and I spent a really long time being very specific about all the terrible things that can happen on a property. You can imagine that got a bit dark at times. So, we’re asking the system to clear anything below 200 that’s on the property. And that can go back way into prehistoric times, even before humanity, so that clearing gets done and it’s done. So, there may be some you know, if you decide not to continue the property may go down but not as far as it did and it may be, you know, end up being higher than it was before. It all depends on the conditions previously, and geopathic stress can or will continue to affect your property. At the same time, the Service on that might hold it off. But, as far as the memory you know, the memory, the negative history will be gone.

Clayten – So, it’s very likely that it would be improved but not something we could guarantee.

Erin – Thank you. Alright, Matthew a while back had asked, he said, this is great. What is the power source for the machine? Hot Topic? The machine?

Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that one. Jeff, you typically explain this better. So, I’ll warm them up, and you can answer it clearly.  I was doing some reading recently on the ether. And this was an interesting concept; it was really relatively high consciousness, the best I’d found on ether. And ether is the idea that the air we live in is like we’re in a fishbowl.  Perhaps if you’re a fish in a fishbowl, we don’t recognize the water in the bowl because we’ve always been in it. And there are qualities in the air that we don’t necessarily think about. And they may be beyond our visual perception to experience. So, I don’t know what the numbers are. But I know that we only see a small percentage of the spectrum; maybe it’s 4 or 5%, but I don’t know. (1:15:00) So, there are things out there that we are not able to see. Because it’s not in our visual range. And you know, certain animals can see things that we don’t see. That’s why they’re more sensitive to things, and they can hear things that we don’t hear. But in the East, they talk about Prana and Chi a lot. There are breathing exercises you can do that will increase the energy in your body to a really noticeable degree.

When we do many Hatha breathing or kriya exercises, we get really warm and work up a tremendous sweat. I’ve seen people take their shirts off after these breathing exercises and wring them out, and you know, the waters dripping out so. And there’s Yogi’s who have demonstrated heating up one side of the body and having the other side be cold. So, there’s also Qi Gong is another practice. So, the other practices like Qi Gong and Tai Chi that move the energy around. So, the energy is there, and we’ve worked with it for millennia. It’s just not something that we may think about. So, when we draw in the energy we draw from those universal sources, we’re just lucky enough to have stumbled across a technology that can do it.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I think that’s, that’s a good explanation, Clayten. This energy is universal energy; it’s all throughout the Universe, it’s present everywhere. What we’re doing with the machine is pulling it in and focusing and concentrating it. And it’s a redirection, but it’s not diminishing anything else anywhere else. So, it’s pulling this in. And you know, it’s a subtle energy. So, it’s a similar energy that is running through the meridians in your body. Chinese medicine recognizes this, as we said, so originally, the power source was electricity. There was an alternating current. It was creating the field that was part of drawing us in. And as we’ve developed the technology further, that is not necessary, so you know, that energy source is what’s there. And it’s really a configuration of the device that pulling it into this concentrated field that we’re able to work with.

Clayten – I think I’ll probably just add something to that just a way that was said. So, the original source was alternating current, like 30,000 volts transformers. I think they were called … I remember the crackling of them and the noise. But I think you probably say it in a way that it was the ether energy, the prana, and the Chi energy, that universal energy and the electricity in the beginning. And then what happened is that we found ways to amplify the signal so well that when we turn the input down, the output was exponentially greater. So, as we found ways to amplify the signal going out, they turned down the inputs so that there wasn’t as much going in. And eventually, we learned amplification works well enough, we don’t need to have any more inputs. That’s an explanation of how that process evolved from 30,000 volts, going into 15,000 volts to 10,000. We have spectrometers and all types of different devices to measure the variables. Then as we increased the amplification, we just didn’t need as much input eventually. It’s like, well, it’s just working without anything going in. Wow. And, that’s how it happened; it was just this staggered, tweaking of things. And that’s the little more technical way of saying Jeffrey’s answer, just to give you a little bit historical perspective.

Erin -Thank you for bringing some demystification to the mystery of this amazing machine and everything that’s coming forth from it. It looks like we’ve got a great thought and question to end our beautiful time together tonight with Matthew. Thank you for answering that question about the machine. And Sally says impressive knowledge, expertise, beautiful high intentions and caring demeanors. This is such a joy, deep gratitude for this generous gift. And she will attend again, fabulous. (1:20:00) And Joshua says if someone wanted to donate to your program physically, how would one go about doing that?

Jeffrey – Well, that’s a good question. We’ve had that question before. And we have a  donation button ready to go. And it’s on my list of to do’s so yeah, keep checking back. And hopefully, we’ll have a donation button on the site. And we haven’t talked about it on this call. But we do a tremendous amount of Service Work and subsidized work, we have a subsidized program right now that 2 million refugees in different refugee camps around the world. And we have the majority of our power is going towards Service Projects right now. So, the Subscriptions and yeah, once we get the donation button, if we ever do up would go towards those Service Projects. And again, it’s supporting and creating the optimal conditions for human evolution. And that’s in society you know, an economic society or in an economized society. So, we’re really committed to that, and all sorts of different ways behind the scenes and together with you like in this call, so thank you for being with us. We really appreciate your presence and your joining us on this journey together.

Clayten – Yes we’re all in it together. And it’s great to hear the questions which pull answers out of us, we would like to have maybe shared more earlier on and we just keep focused on giving more value. And my job is to do research. And, my primary job is to gather all the bits of information together to make this work. And then Jeff is the guy that really keeps it all moving out into the world.

Just to give you an idea over the month of December and early January, we did one Service Project that took us about 200 hours of our time. And, so that was a big deal. It was a holiday season. But there was something that we thought needed to be done and was a very timely thing. It’s not that it was that a burden, it was a joy to do it, but that’s 200 hours we could have spent on something else. And part of the reason why we do it is we have we have friends that suffer, we’ve suffered, we know that everybody suffers, and we want to relieve that suffering.

And it’s an inspiration for me personally to have you say these nice things to us on this webinar. I’m grateful for your support and that keeps us going. We like to do the business it’s a lot of fun I love hanging out with Jeff and my mind certainly likes to analyze things. I suppose like most minds do to create solutions but if it was only just our minds running it there wouldn’t be enough energy. We’re getting help from a Higher Power like all of us are I believe and we appreciate the idea Joshua and if you want to call the office and get our get our address you can mail us something if you want.  We’re maybe a little too Service oriented sometimes, we tend to think of well how much good we can do creating a new Program as opposed to putting a donation button up on the website. But we appreciate the offer and the thoughtfulness.

Erin – Well we still have lots of gratitude pouring in big thank you so much and Barbara wants to say she feel so blessed to have found you both and it’s divine source of energy much love to you both for your loving nature. I think it’s time to conclude this webinar with the gratitude that we’re all holding in our hearts at this point and from the FLFE team in our places around the world localized in Nelson I want to thank you all for being with us tonight I’m as we’re breaking new ground with FLFE. So, thank you for this time. And thank you, Jeff and Clayten, for your time and attention.