Onward and Upward 

July 17th, 2019

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC Canada it’s Jeffrey and Clayten! Welcome to the FLFE webinar, we will be discussing tonight, the new Brain Optimizileaon Program and associated GI tract support as well as specialized EMF Mitigation and Brain Optimization products. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.
Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann 

Jeffrey – We’re glad to be connecting with you again through these webinars. We’re in person in Nelson rather than on separate screens so that’s exciting. And, again, we’re glad to be discussing these products in Programs it’s really exciting to us. And what we discuss tonight is being added to the service after August 1, so we’ll be going through all those details.  

Clayten – After the addition of EMF Mitigation in December 2018 we believed that the next major advancement in the FLFE Sanctuaries is to add our Brain Optimization Program or support for our brains to evolve. Both to adapt to the new current modern environment that we’re living in as a species and to evolve to a new level of functioning. We also believe that supporting our youth and their developing brains in today’s EMF environment is very important. The Brain Optimization Program is now included in all FLFE Subscriptions. It supports optimal brain function; how well the brain works during waking hours. This effect can be felt as increased alertness, increased cognitive abilities or sharpness, more stamina during taxing brain activities, and increased recall or short term memory. 

The second part it supports is optimal brain structure. So, this is how well the brain is physically structured and this focus happens while we’re sleeping, whereas optimal brain function occurs during waking hours when we need that cognitive horsepower.  It does this in several ways, or FLFE does this in several ways. We increase the amount of lifeforce energy or Chi, Chinese Medicine or Prana in Ayurvedic  Medicine. So, there are more resources available for those functions.   

There is increased life force energy available in the FLFE environment and with the additional Brain Optimization Program specifically, it encourages the flow of Chi or life force energy to the parts of the brain that need it most. For functioning, more energy goes to the areas that are the lowest functioning first, and those areas that are using energy quickly, such as during taxing mental activities. 

So, the second way the FLFE programming for brain optimization supports the brain is through the positive statements support. These are positive declarative statements. The equivalent of having many people pray 24/7 for very specific functions to optimize the different aspects of the brain and we as we have explained.  

I have a friend and I’ve told the story a few times recently, his name is John. He was 89 years old. And he was very vital and very alive for somebody at that age. And one night I was visiting John and he was sitting in his chair as he often did in the evenings. And he appeared to be meditating.  And when we started talking, I asked him what he was doing. And he said, Well, I was praying for my body. And basically, what he was doing was giving thanks for the functions that happened automatically asking those parts of his body that could to help the rest of his being operate in a better or more optimal way. So, we just thought we’d share a little story with you, to begin with, so that you have an understanding of the parallel between FLFE and the function of prayer.  

Jeffrey – In those positive statements, you know, what we call Programs and they’re used in all the FLFE different types of support that are in subscriptions. So, for the next level of Brain Optimization, support for the brain, an important precursor is a healthy GI tract. So that’s our gastrointestinal tract and having that function well and to have it structured well, but also to have a diverse and optimally balanced microbiome. (5:00) And recent medical research has shown, and you may have all heard about this. The effect of the GI tract is starting to surprise traditional medicine in how much the GI tract is affecting mood and overall mental health. So, that is why we’re focusing on that as well and with this new upgrade of the FLFE service. 

The GI Tract 2.0  is included in all FLFE Subscriptions. And we’ll talk about the specialized subscriptions later. And this is an upgrade of the previous GI Tract Program. And there’s much more increased support in the new Program, including for the porosity in the gut, or what’s known as leaky gut, and support for the optimal microbiome population. In a similar way to Brain Optimization, the optimal gastrointestinal function, GI tract function, how well it works is supported. And that’s in the GI tract. It’s both day and night because we’re often digesting at night. 

And then the optimal structure of the gastrointestinal tract is how well it’s physically structured. So similarly, we’re doing that with increased energy, this is life force energy, also known as Chi in Chinese medicine or Prana. 

So, this increased energy, of course, is in the FLFE field. And with these Programs, we’re asking for it to go into the GI tract and to support optimal functioning and optimal structuring. So, again, positive statement support is the other way that we can accomplish this assistance. And these are like many, many people praying for you 24/7 as Clayten’s friend John used to do for his organs where that type of loving support for our organs is really helpful. 

And there are additional supports in there also for the microbiome, as we do with the energy, but also, with statements. So, for the GI tract to work well good food is really helpful. So, we could eat fresh right out of the garden organic food, and it would have a lot of life force energy in it. Our Energized Food 2.0 Program supports food to be optimally absorbed and optimally utilized by adding life force energy. So, any food that we eat; any food once it goes into the mouth has more life force energy with it now, and we believe that eating food that has additional life force energy, is much better for our digestion and it’s better for us in general. 

And this additional life force energy for this Program follows the food throughout the digestion and the transportation beyond digestion into the body to be optimally absorbed where it’s most needed. 

So, those are the Programs that we have now on the FLFE Service, and they are coming August 1. And we also have Specialized Subscription Products. So, these are designed for living in our modern world, just like the rest of the FLFE Subscriptions all of us are in this EMF environment and we are supporting us to optimally thrive in an environment that has a lot EMFs in it. And also, some support for brain optimization in our modern world, in these environments. So, these products, these Specialized Products are designed for people who want the EMF mitigation and the brain support, but they’re not interested in the other benefits of living in a 560 on the Hawkins Map environment or higher, of course, and the benefits that come along with that, one of which is level of consciousness. So Clayten over the last 90 days since we put on the EMF Program, what’s our level?   

Clayten – It’s 12 points; the average subscriber goes up 12 points if they’re in the FLFE environment at least eight hours a day. (10:00) 

Jeffrey  –  So that that’s a big benefit. People see a lot of changes in their life based on that. So, these Programs that we’re going to talk about here, the specialized ones; they are at 500 on the Hawkins Map, so they wouldn’t get that same kind of boost. 

They also wouldn’t have some other Health Programs, such as Immune Support, Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder support, Grounding, Anti-stagnation, Relationship Support, but they do provide a basic EMF Mitigation, GI tract 2.0 and Energized Food 2.0. So, it’s a good option for children and we’ll talk about that in a minute, and for maybe our parents where the high level of consciousness may cause hydration requirements, which are difficult for them to meet. So, the level of consciousness on these Specialized Programs is 500 on the Hawkins Map, similar to the PIF or Pay It Forward Program. This means that special hydration is not required.   

Clayten – Yes, and this also means that those Programs can be gifted anonymously to other people. Part of what we have to consider when we’re doing our testing research is, of course, what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all because that’s our basic theme of how we try to operate and at the level of 560 or higher there is requirement for us to have somebody in the environment, acknowledge that the service is on because it does require hydration. And there are other levels of growth and that if you have one person in the environment, they can help monitor that. 

Whereas the PIF or Pay it Forward  Program can be put on any property anywhere at any time. And these new Specialized Programs or Specialized Products are available to gift to anyone. So, for example, if you want it to be an anonymous subscription for a friend or family member, they could get the benefits of an environment that’s higher than they typically have. So, the average consciousness of a home or property in North America is 420 and 500 is 10 to the 80th power. It’s not 10 to the 140th power, which is 560. But it’s quite substantial. And a lot of people have received benefits just from the PIF program or Pay It Forward Program. So, this does help support those people who want to not only help their friends, but maybe do it anonymously. 

 And Jeff will talk about the pricing on it, we really worked on creating something that we can help families with because we’ve had a lot of families who say they like the service, they want to have it on children’s phones, it’s just that when you have four or five subscriptions, it gets to be a little bit cost-prohibitive for some people.  

Jeffrey – So as an aside, you may have seen some emails from us about these new products. And we’ve changed the names. What was called EMF Plus is now called Smarter EMF. And what was called Youth Brain Optimization has been renamed the Smarter EMF Youth. 

So, the first product we’ll talk about is Smarter EMF Youth. This product is priced as low as possible to assist families. And it’s for youth that are 21 years of age, or younger. It’s our contribution to family budgets to help you with that. So, it’s $12 a month, if you go month to month, and if you were to commit to an annual subscription it’s $10 a month. So much less costly. And this is available for a cellular device or a personal object. 

So, a youth can carry a cell phone with them or if they have a pendant or some other thing, either one of those will work. The programming includes EMF Mitigation, and these are the same specifications that we have for the normal, Everywhere Subscriptions that are currently on cell phones, and objects. So that’s a 10–foot radius around the object that the EMF’s are harmonized, according to our measurements, and the experiments that we’ve done, which are on the website. 

It also includes Brain Optimization, which again is providing energy for the brain where it needs it.  

(15:00) the case of the Smarter EMF Youth, it also includes the focus and concentration, which is similar to the normal subscription but with an emphasis on the needs of children being in school for test-taking and studying.  With Brain Optimization, and the Focus and Concentration, where the brain is using energy, more energy is being provided. And you know, Chinese medicine knows the value of energy moving into the body and what it can do to help with health, well-being, and functioning. 

With that, as well as the GI Tract 2.0, again, this energizes the food is it moves through the system and as we all know, it’s tough to get our kids to eat fresh out of the garden organic food. So, this extra energy helps with digestion and utilization in the body. And this one is 500. Again, it’s a level of consciousness of 500 so it doesn’t require the kind of hydration that some of our other Programs do. 

And a PIF does not come with this. Our Pay it Forward benefit is available on our full price Subscriptions, not on these two Specialty Subscriptions that we’ll talk about. So that was the Youth Brain Optimization and then next subscription is called Smarter EMF. And this is available either for a cellular device or for a property. But it’s not available for an object just because it is a lower-cost subscription and there are additional costs on our side to do that. 

So, this one, like the Youth Brain Optimization includes EMF Mitigation with the same specifications of the 10–foot radius of harmonization. It includes Brain Optimization, GI tract 2.0 and Energized Food. And it’s also at 500. And this product is at $15 a month and again, just like the previous product, there is not a PIF with it. 

So that covers the basics of these new Programs and Products, and we’d be happy to take your questions now. You can raise your hand and we will unmute you. And you can join us here live on the system or you can scroll down to the bottom and find a Q&A box where you can add any questions that you’d like. 

Clayten – I have a question here from Anonymous – “How do you know if the Subscriptions work for brain optimization and the GI tract?” Yes, well let’s start with the GI tract; there’s a principle of elimination called transit time. And talking about bowels is not our favorite subject but let’s go into it anyway. 

When we were researching this, we called it the beet test. So, what we would do when we created GI Tract 1.0 was we would eat beets. And if you have a bowel movement after you eat beets, the bowel movement would be purple because the beets are purple, and they are not 100% digestible. So, you can track your transit time before and after. If you were tracking it before, you could compare it to what it is now so that would be a sign that it’s working that there is for most of us shorter transit times. We don’t want to always have diarrhea, but many of us are dehydrated which contributes to constipation and your ability to concentrate, maintain focus, have fewer distractions. So, it’s somewhat subjective from that point of view. But that would be a place to start. And it’s a good question. We’ll look for more answers for that.  

Jeffrey – Yes, we’ve done quite a bit of beta testing, and we have customers on the Brain Optimization Program now who are doing a pre–experience. (20:00) And we get reports of increased energy. So, anything that taxes your brain, whether you’re a student, and you’re studying, people are reporting that they just have more stamina, they’re able to work for longer periods and still be sharp. So that’s one of the things you might notice. And beyond that, you know, there’s some cognitive functioning kind of the speed of functioning and short term memory increases that we’ve also seen.  

Clayten –We have some tips on manifesting with that FLFE, Betsy, we have a process called Magnetizing which is on the website. You can look for that; just search for it and maybe Jeff knows where it is. But we’ve written that Manifestation Process specifically for Subscribers. It’s quite a high consciousness Manifestation Process with all the standard ideas of writing down your goals, putting them in places so that you can see them to remind you, some people have them on their screen savers on their computer. But that’s all kind of generally known. The Magnetizing Process is unique. I haven’t seen anything quite like it all those other people certainly have done a great job. But it talks about using a high consciousness field to focus your intentions.
Jeffrey – So Hi there, this is from Anonymous “I’ve done the Free Trial and I haven’t subscribed yet. I’m intuitive and do energy work. I understand a fair amount about prayer energy, etc. but I don’t understand how FLFE works. Is it a computer? How does it create consciousness-raising energy? How does it have intention? Can you please explain the exact mechanics of how the program works? ” I’ll address this and then I’ll come to the rest of the questions after. 

So, on the FLFE website in the section, “About”, there is a section on how it works.  As for the machine itself, there is a device, there is a unit that is focusing energy into an area in the device that is highly energized, high consciousness and it is creating a quantum effect.  And it’s been very interesting for us to follow this. And what is happening is in the very beginning, we were placing things in this field, such as water and crystals and other things and having the energy in those places in those objects. But what we discovered is that with a unique identifier and written instructions; so, our Programs are written instructions addressed to Divinity. And they’re very, very specific. They go into this field into this high field and the mechanism is very much the same as human prayer. So, we believe that if you’re praying for someone, you’re holding them uniquely in your mind as you’re identifying them. And we believe a field is activated around them. And then your feelings or your loving intentions, thoughts, healing intentions are now in that field through a quantum association between you and that person. Much like what many of us experienced, you think of someone, they call you a minute later, you know, they’ve thought of you, they’re holding you in their mind, there’s a field activated around you, you’re feeling them, then they call you. So FLFE works in really the same way. And so, the way that we’re getting these intentions in place is through these written instructions, that we spend tremendous amounts of time and research getting these positive declarative statements into a high state of truth or 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map using kinesiology and muscle testing as you may know, so that that intention there on the Program in this machine is now associated with the location based on the unique identifiers. And that’s how it works.  

Clayten – Just for those of you who are asking questions, we asked you to put them in the Q&A instead of the chat. Just a heads up on that. Part of what we can add about the Programs is that when you’re writing Program, you write up the context of what you’re trying to achieve. And you measure the truth of the Program in the context that you’re trying to create. (25:00) So, the context for the GI Tract Program would be to have an optimally structured GI tract and have an optimally functioning GI tract track. That’s a pretty rough context. And then you would write the request to Divinity, the positive declarative statements and measure the truth of those requests. Sometimes there’s a sequence of things are best to be had in and that’s a little more granular understanding. 

Tim is asking down below, it’s a good kind of segue. We do have a Program or parts of a Program on the website, it’s on the hydration page. So, you can go on to that Tim and Anonymous if you want and anybody else to see how exactly how a Program is written; it’s very specific.  

Jeffrey – If go to the Learning Center, and you drop down to Hydration, you scroll to the end of the Hydration, you’ll find that. And so just to finish with the Anonymous question – “How does FLFE know where your phone is located?” So again, we’re using a unique identifier and that unique identifier is going into that field. And we’ve discovered a way to associate that field through a Program to a database so now this field is accessing that database. So, the unique identifier for a phone, of course, is the phone number for that cellular device in that area of operation. In the US there’s only one phone number like that in Canada, there’s only one phone number like another one. So, that identifies the cellular object or cellular device and that becomes the unique identifier. And that is how it is found. That is how the fields, and this is a quantum effect again, between the machine and the device itself. 

And we do use kinesiology, there are three of us. And when we’re testing properties, we’re all testing independently. We also are finding different ways of measuring. We have a study on the website using the GDV camera that is seeing the effects of our EMF Mitigation Programs. And we’re in the midst of other experiments as well which we will release as they’re finished.  


Clayten – There are two GDV studies of them one is oriented on just the FLFE environment in particular, without the EMF, it shows a reduction in entropy or chaos. And there’s also another study that emphasizes how not only is the entropy or chaos reduced in an FLFE environment with EMF. And there’s also an additional boost in consciousness, which means additional lifeforce energy is available. So, what we’ve done is we’ve been able to transform the consciousness lowering EMFs into consciousness enhancing or life-enhancing EMFs and we call that harmonization. We have talked about that in detail in other webinars and perhaps we’ll go into a little bit later. But when you’re looking at EMFs, you have multiple options. One is to block them, another is to deflect them, and others to dissipate them or redirect them to similar to deflecting or potentially harmonizing. And so, I guess since we’re in it when you’re working with electromagnetic frequencies, some of them are positive. The earth generates positive EMFs, humans generate positive EMFs and so do animals such as our pets. And there’s a big distinction between those that are consciousness lowering and consciousness-raising. And so that’s part of what we had to understand before we could create this harmonization effect as we call it. And that’s demonstrated in the GDV study. So that’s a piece of evidence that’s substantial.  

Jeffrey – So Scott’s asking, – “Is there a discount available for having both home and phone accounts?“ There’s not Scott and what we’ve done is provide as much value as possible in each in each Subscription, and then we’ve added now the EMF Mitigation plus Brain Optimization lower costs subscriptions. So that’s the way we were able to provide a lower-cost option, but there is not a discount. 

So Anonymous is asking about hydration needs. If you go to the website, again to the Learning Center drop down to Hydration, you’ll see a little information about hydration and what we recommend. (30:00) And that’s in the 560 field. That’s a higher level of consciousness in that environment, the body pulls from that energy and uses that energy. And it’s just like having a big check for renovation. And the body is using it to renovate itself, according to its Innate Intelligence, and that renovation is taking water. Generally, all of our metabolic processes take water, there are waste products be carried away. So increased hydration is such an important part of being in the FLFE 560 field. 

Now at 500, the effect is just not the same. It’s not the same level of energy available, the body isn’t kicking into that different gear of healing. So, there’s just not as much water required. And there isn’t a need to let people know about drinking more water.   

Clayten – And there is a principle we talked about just the other day called the Law of Noninterference in the spiritual world. They talk about that a lot. And what we found is that when we’re researching the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society, which is our Mission Statement, that at 560 or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. You can look up Dr. David Hawkins Power vs Force was his first book. It was a best seller on the New York Times list. And at that level, there’s an obligation, a moral obligation on our part, to have somebody in the environment know, which we mentioned before, but I just wanted to come back around and talk about sending a prayer for somebody that is positive. I think that you can do that for anybody, but at a certain level of support, you need to have permission to access that person’s life or environment. So, if your neighbor is sick, and you want to say a prayer for them, that’s great, if you want to bring over a casserole if they are not feeling well that is something to help them but at some point going over there to the house all the time and interfering in their life is just not the best option I’ll put it that way. So that’s a little bit more context around the differences in consciousness, not only of the environment, it is not only a hydration requirement,  it’s a Spiritual Law we address in that way.  

Jeffrey – Bob’s asking– “I may have missed it; Brain Optimization, how does it aid in cell regeneration?” So, these are principles of Chinese medicine where Chi or life force energy is flowing through the body.  

And according to Chinese medicine and the way we understand it, that energy is invigorating or enlivening, or bringing life force energy to that part of the body and supporting it to do what needs to do. And that energy is just as important or, as you know, as important in many ways as the food we eat, or energy that we get from other sources. So that additional life force energy flowing into the brain at night in areas that are rebuilding assist that to happen. So, the function of rebuilding, whatever it is, is aided by additional energy in place at night.  

Clayten- Someone was asking a question earlier about comparing our technology to other technologies. And we typically don’t talk about the multiple technologies that we have in conjunction with each other that makes the service unique. Again, we try to do what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation and we’ve never got a Yes on discussing in detail the technology in terms of how it compares to other devices that are out there. There’s an emerging field of support that’s available to humanity. I think as we evolve as a species, we can use technology in more beneficial ways and maybe some not so beneficial ways some people are wondering now with the benefits of EMFs are outweighing the challenges associated with them. We’re not avoiding that topic; we just have always come back to trying to do what’s in the highest and best interest of all. And this just really has never come down to us talking in detail about the technology in certain ways.  

(35:00) Jeffrey – Alicia is asking if it’s being recorded, and yes, you can watch this later as well, and it may be a week or two before it gets on. And she is also asking about the new services we mentioned, Smarter EMF. These are not add on services, they’re independent. So, you could have the Standard Service on your home and then you could have Smarter EMF on your phone, or your children’s phone or on your parents’ home. So, they’re meant to be a lower-cost option; they don’t have the full services of the Standard Subscription, but they are independent.   

Clayten – And they’re included in your Standard Subscription. If you have a Home Subscription, for example, or the Flagship Subscriptions, which we’re calling them, in the Home or Business or Nonprofit, or Cell Phone or Object, actually, the portable FLFE, which would include a Cell Phone or an Object, they’re included 100% in those Subscriptions.  

Jeffrey – Yes, the EMF Mitigation, Brain Optimization, Energized Food, GI Tract Optimization are on all Subscriptions. So, it’s part of our commitment to us being in this modern world. And, first of all, living with EMFs and thriving and optimizing in that environment. So, as Clayten said, all of those Programs are in every subscription. Now we have some lower-cost options. 

Clayten – So I wonder if we should try to talk to some of the people have had their hands up for a while. We’re going to try you, Henrietta, if you can hear us; are you able to hear us?   

Henrietta – I can hear you and you’ve answered my question. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything you do. It’s just terrific. We’re so happy to have your services.  I appreciate that.  

Jeffrey and Clayten –  Thank you. Thank you. We are grateful for your support. Thank you for being a subscriber. Thank you. We have Sandra now; can you hear us?  

Sandra – Hi there. I was wondering about the new additions that you’re putting on the Standard Subscription, will it be like EMFs that I can turn on and off when I feel the need to? 

Jeffrey – Well at this point, as far as the Brain Optimization is concerned there’s not a switch for it. But you can call our Customer Service, talk to someone in the office and they can turn it off for you. We are kind of running out of space for switches on the in the Control Panel. And it’s something that we believe is beneficial for all, so you do have that option if you want to call or email us.  

Clayten – And we have another option; I’m not sure how much to say about it. We have another option for monitoring the level of intensity, I think that’s the right word, of the environment that you’re in coming out this fall we just don’t want to give a date yet. We will go into that more in the future as the technology is evolving.   

Sandra – Do you have any ideas or suggestions because I am on the Phone Subscription. But most of the time I feel that I have to have the EMF off because it seems to put extra pressure in my head.  

Clayten – Well,  what happens when you’re in a high consciousness field, you start to go up in consciousness and when we go up in consciousness, our nervous systems carry more light.  And we’ve talked about this in the past Sandra, have you heard about the suggestions we make for taking Essential Fatty Acids and Magnesium together?   

Sandra – Yes   

Clayten – I don’t want to put you on the spot. But are you trying that process?  

Sandra – You know, I go on and off of the magnesium because of what it does to my body.   

Clayten – You might want to try a different brand of magnesium, so you don’t get the runs if you will. And you combine it with the EFAs. And that might be part of the solution for you. 

Sandra – Yeah, that’s true. 

Clayten – It’s true for a lot of us and I’m not trying to make you wrong, we’re just making suggestions. 

Sandra – Thank you. Can I ask one more question? 

(40:00) Jeffrey – If I could add one more thing about nutrition. We also found that when people first go on the EMF Mitigation and their bodies are now free from that perturbation of all that sort of jagged EMF energy that you can see on the research that we do with the GDV camera that it wants more vitamin D.  

So, getting some sun time now we’re somewhere in North America, I’m not sure where you’re located. 

Sandra – Hawaii 

Jeffrey – More sun time and or vitamin D supplements can be important as well.   

Sandra – All right, thank you so much. And my last question is – I haven’t flown and I know I don’t get the grounding, which I could probably use but will it be the same as the home?  

Jeffrey – Well, you do get the grounding up to five miles an hour, which is good. It’s just in the car it’s difficult to do that. But the main difference between the two is that the Property Subscription gets the clearing of the land when you’re walking around with the phone there was just no way we could clear that history. You know, people are driving cars and flying in planes and so you can go to a spot that’s relatively low because of something that occurred there in the in its history. That effect does affect the field, we’re flowing energy in to try to compensate, but it’s not the same as clearing the history. And the same goes for geopathic stresses like flowing water, flowing lava, you know, natural geopathic and maybe things in mining particularly in Colorado. So that’s not compensated for in the Mobile Products or the Portable Products. So that may be a difference where I feel really good in one spot but, in another spot, I may not feel quite as good.  

Sandra – I did have the home for a while and if the property was cleared are you saying it needs ongoing clearing?  

Jeffrey –  No it really wouldn’t not from the negative history. Now if you have a lot of traffic through your place or your business and if people are coming and going, things could accumulate or perhaps a big fight or something like that happens but no, that should take care of that aspect; the clearing. There’s the geopathic stress and part of that depends on where you live. You know, at some point, you could ask the staff for another Free Trial on the home and you could try it again.  

Sandra – Thank you so much, both of you. I love Fluffy.  

Jeffrey – Thank you. Yes, it’s so good to have you with us. Okay, we’ve got a few others. Chris.   

Chris – Ok guys, thanks for having us. Yeah. My question has two parts I guess, is there a pre-trial for the Brain Optimization or GI Tract? And also what kind of experiences have people had when using that or experiencing that; I guess the first part.  

Clayten – Are you talking about the Free Trial or the Beta Test?   

Jeffrey – Probably the pre-launch. Yeah, Chris, we offered the beta test to people that have been on the service for more than two years.  They had the chance to get on early and experience it and we’ve had it of course on the office and a fairly large group of people now for 9 months, 10 months, we do a lot of testing. So that’s been occurring, and what we’re seeing is sort of increased cognition as far as stamina as we said, kind of short term memories, something I’ve noticed for myself, like being able to remember a sequence of numbers.   

And stamina is the big one for me. That’s what I noticed. (45:00) Now,  I’m working 12 or 13 hour days, and I feel just as good at the end. So, not always just as good, but I feel pretty good. And I don’t get those dips that I used to get in the afternoon or other times as long as I keep my hydration up.   

So, does that answer your question or was there more that you were looking for Chris?   

Chris –  Yes, that’s good there. You guys added something I forget what it was last fall or something like that. And when you did it, I really felt a shift to my body. It was so interesting. And, then with the beta test, I didn’t know when it was going to start exactly because I signed up for it. And because I’m trying to pay attention if there’s another shift like that.   

Jeffrey – Chris, if you don’t mind dropping a note to whoever you talk to at the office and have them check on that for you. They could let you know. 

Clayten –   Thanks, so much for supporting us. We have a question from Alicia.  

Alicia – Hello. It sounds to me like you’re saying that your technology is based on the power of intention, but you found a way to amplify it. Is that about right?  Is that what’s meant by a quantum effect? Sorry, I’m running with my dogs right now.   

Jeffrey – That’s very good exercise there while listening to this, that’s great. Well, the quantum effect, again, it’s very, very similar to the way the human system works.   

Alicia  –  Sorry, I want to add to that question, I want to add if the intention is because you said that you’re asking something of Divinity, and you believe that it is so. What I’m wondering is; I know you write Programs or not Programs, but their intentions are the human intentions like they’re the intentions of you and Clayten?  I’m sorry I don’t mean I’m rambling I don’t make sense and also like, have you like thought about getting a thousand humans using their intentions or 50,000 monks like you say, like, using actual monks or does it matter? I mean, I’m kidding. So, I am confirming that it’s you guys and you’re amplifying it and does that count as human consciousness?  

Clayten – Yes, let me start with that one. For the benefit of having a technological solution, if you want to call it that, is that it transcends the personalities. Our intentions are good towards people. You know we sleep, we eat, there are things that we’re not always as conscious of as other times. So, I would say it’s 99.99% I haven’t measured how this technology influenced our intentions to reflect on the commitment to write the Programs to be at 999 out of 1000 or higher. We have a valve on the end of the Programs that says everything is done in the highest and best interest of all creation. There are limitations to the technology and how much you can do. There’s karma that we all have. 

We don’t know what’s in your best interest. And, we’re aware of trying to support the environment and to not interfere. Some things are just not our business, so I think that might answer most of your question. And maybe Jeff can pick up a little bit more on it.  (50:00) 

Jeffrey – Yes, I’ll pick up a little bit, so I think what you’re asking is about our intentions and as Clayten said, and what we put in the Programs is very highly conscious, very high truth. It’s 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. What that means is they are very positive statements, and they are true, and they’re supporting each person. Each person is unique, and the Innate Intelligence of their body knows what it needs to do, and it knows how to do it. So, it’s not directing things. It’s giving the Innate Intelligence, what it needs and it’s clearing blockages, energy blockages. So, once it’s super clean and written, then as those positive thoughts are in the environment, there’s no wandering minds, you know, or loss of attention. So, if you had 1000 people together, they can’t really focus unless they’re extremely well trained on the same thought in the same way with the same intention over and over. But this does and it’s 24/7. That’s the difference. Does that answer your question?  

Alicia – You know what? I just encountered somebody with three dogs at the very end of what you were saying. So, I’m multitasking.  I’ve had my hand up the whole time so I just kind of rolled the dice and you guys answered. But yeah, it does answer my question as best as it could. What I surmise from what you guys were both saying, like Clayten when you said that you were going beyond human personality. It just seems like your intentions are coming from like from Source or something like you’re trying to channel it for everybody. And that makes sense.   

Clayten – Yes, we are trying to do it to the highest and best interest of all and yeah, I think it sounded to me like what you were saying was, let’s explore this idea together rather than asking question perhaps.
Alicia -Right.  

Clayten –  I know when you’re trying to walk and talk and see people and other dogs, it’s not always the easiest.  

Alicia –  Well, I’ve been dying to pick your brains for a while now so, it was worthwhile to me ever since I heard you guys interviewed on Kelly Howell podcast a couple of years ago. Theater of the Mind or something like that. One more question; I was told that you guys do subscriptions to support your broader work towards raising consciousness in the world and you direct some help to parts of the world that need it the most. And I was wondering if you had directed anything to the border, the US Mexico border, where they’re not so high, and I don’t want to be political, but where they have those internment camps and those poor people suffering down there. And I wanted to use that for my Pay it Forward, but I thought you guys would probably know best how to handle that.  

Jeffrey – That is a great idea for a Pay it Forward. We haven’t done a specific program on that area yet. We have other internment camps on. And it is a dire situation down there. But it’s a great thought; it would be a perfect place for us to do a service project. 

Alicia – That’s cool.  

Clayten –  That’s a great use of a PIF, I have heard some whispers around the office from our Customer Service Department talking to other people who are aware of that situation and are putting their PIFs and part of the purpose of PIF was to give people like you Alicia the opportunity to do an act of karma yoga, it’s called, or selfless service. And so, at this point, and we might change it we’re not showing all the places where PIFs are applied or how they’re applied. The idea was to allow you to just give a blessing anonymously and then let it go. It’s a lesson about attachment for all of us, there probably will be more projects in the future like headwaters, major rivers of the world and stuff like that that will do and have on our website.  (55:00) 

Alicia – Amazing. Cool. Thank you so much.  

Jeffrey – Yes and thank you. Thanks for your support. So, let’s see, Elizabeth is reaching out.   

Elizabeth – Hello. Thank you so much for everything. I am a subscriber; I have it at my home. And I guess my question is a little bit particular from a health standpoint, as a child, I went through about seven years of chemo and radiation for terminal cancer and I am grateful to be here today, and I’ve spent most of my life kind of recalibrating the immune system. And as a result of it, the cancer was actually cancer of the kidney. So, the kidney that is still with me right now is reporting as CKD chronic kidney disease, stage four, which is about 24% functionality that said, I’m not on any pharmaceuticals I’ve been successful in maintaining the body and the body’s recalibrated accordingly, as best as it can. So, my question is, I’m still dealing with issues of some energy fluctuations up and down. Hydration is key because you know, I don’t want to over hydrate either. Things are going on with the body that I understand are relative to the kidney situation. But that said, I’ve experienced so much beautiful energy from FLFE. So, I guess that was the question; what are your suggestions to kind of capitalize given my health situation?  I understand you can’t give medical advice. But kind of with that in mind, if you would just have some ideas. I‘ve been doing it for about four months, and it’s been really helpful. I do notice that with any of the upgrades that are coming, whenever you make any new announcements that are coming out, I’m very sensitive to it. In a good way, though, I feel like it’s a healing energy that’s going through the body. So, I’m definitely experiencing that aspect of it. So, any suggestions you would add would be really appreciated.  

Clayten – I have two things that come to mind right away.  We talked about earlier, my friend John who prayed for his organs. So, you can take some time to do that and see what happens. I know you can track the operational efficiency; I’m not sure what word you use, but you can track that over time. Have you tried acupressure or acupuncture?  

Elizabeth – Yes, and that was what started a lot of the success; changing my diet obviously and it’s been interesting. My body processes protein fine, but phosphorus and potassium are difficult. So, you can imagine creating a diet around that, it’s pretty unique. So, acupuncture and acupressure really helped me kind of get the circulation going help the lymphatic move, you know, a lot smoother. I have used rebounding. To be honest with you what’s happened, and it’s been miraculous that the body has figured out how to function given the situation because I’m allowing it to do what it needs and it’s doing the best that it can do. And it’s amazing. And so, what I’m down to right now, the unit of measure is just kidney functionality, which everyone under the sun says that can’t be increased. So that’s kind of my only measure that I really have to, you know, kind of see from here to there, that there’s been an improvement outside of what I’m doing with my diet right now. And then the way I feel, of course, my energy level.  

Clayten –  Yeah, I would say be aware of the limitations that other people put on you even if they are the best-made intentions. The other thing that’s coming to mind right now is I would do some Vega testing for the food you’re eating to optimize your diet and to be open. So, can kinesiology as well but the testing that I am referring to is where you hold the food in front of you.  If it is positive for you the body will move towards it. If you move away, then it’s not assimilable in that quantity at that time.  

I’m not saying I’m a great example of that, but that’s possible. And there is something called Vega Testing where they test if your body finds that food to be supportive. So, Vega testing because it’s a trained practitioner, you’re likely to have a better result than if you’re just trying to figure out muscle testing on the fly. 

The other thing I would do, Elizabeth is I would look at trying to assess what percentage of your health challenges are karmically related and what is from the current incarnation and do some work on that.  

 Tapping as in Gary Craig’s work is good. And the last thing is getting an assessment from an acupuncture/acupressure practitioner, a Chinese medical doctor. There’s something we call flow-through rate and we have a Program that’s associated with the Anti-Stagnation to have the most appropriate flow-through rate in the body. And that’s how much Chi is flowing through the entire nervous system. It’s just a technical term we use in the programming. 

I would try to find out what they think your flow-through rate is, and then ask them how to increase that because I’m doing some testing here as we’re talking and that’s just coming up as an area to just be aware of and try to put a number on it like you are with functioning. Because if you can measure it; you can better manage it.  

Elizabeth – Yeah, that feels good; like literally my whole body lit up right now, just at the prospect of that. So that feels really good. Yeah, because to be honest with you, I had to stop looking at that number to be able to move forward and kind of just going off of my intuition at this point. So yeah, that feels good. Thank you for that. 

Clayten – Yes, It’s great to have a number and we don’t want to be limited by the number. So, it’s a bit of a challenge. Right?  

Elizabeth –  Right. Right. Yeah. And I did have one, I think it’s a quick question. I’ll just get off so, you can maybe answer it because I’m thinking it would serve the group. So, since I have it at the home, I know you can’t tell about the details of what the technology is that you’re using, but maybe a little bit more detail as to how you’re clarifying that my particular house is at 560. When you get at that point.  

Jeffrey – Yeah, be happy to answer that. Well, thank you for your support. And, you know, we look forward to talking to you in the future.  

Elizabeth – Yeah, definitely.  

Jeffrey – So we’ll go ahead and answer that. We will leave you on in case you have a follow-up question. 

So, what we do with properties, of course, to get a property on the service, a unique identifier is the legal address and that has a life of its own in the courthouse and the legal system of the jurisdiction as far as deeds and properties go and the Post Office. So that legal address and the boundaries are known. And so, in this quantum association between the FLFE system and in the property in the FLFE service goes on to the limits of the property. And then every property that comes on the Service, we test that it’s at 560 or higher 98% of the time during a  previous time period. And then, once a week, we test all the properties on the Service that they’re maintaining over the previous seven days, 560 or higher. 

And you know, properties are getting much higher than 560. But that’s the minimum level that we promise and that for out testing it is the right place to start as a base level and then, of course,our own personal work can take the property much higher from there but that supports us as a base level. Does that answer your question?   

Elizabeth – Awesome, yes it does that’s as best as we can get. I mean what you guys are doing is really phenomenal.  There are a lot of different; I don’t want to call them products but technologies out there and as I am feeling into what you do, the integrity at which you function is very apparent. And I’m grateful to personally benefit from it but I’m grateful that you are here to serve this planet the way that you are. So, thank you  

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you it’s so great to hear from you and to talk to you.   

Jeffrey – Kate is ready with a question.  

Kate – Hi! I’m going to ask a question that I don’t know that there’s going to be a solid answer to, but I don’t know who else to ask except for you guys, though, and I know that you can’t give medical advice same as the last lady, but I’ve been dealing with some cancers that are not killing me. I have skin cancers. And I don’t have one or two, I  have 50,60, maybe 70. And I’ve been doing this for six years, pretty much on my own and I’m not taking chemo and I’m not letting anybody cut me. So, I have been clean organic detoxed. I have taken more lotions and potions and cleaned my brain, cleaned my colon, sauna detoxify everything. So, when you mentioned tonight that some things may be karmic. I was at a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation and they were saying that it always starts in the field. So, I’m wondering, and what I’ve been told is if something possibly called the sonic hedgehog pathway that’s been tripped. There are a lot of cancers in my family. My sister had colon cancer at 29 and my brother, a brain cancer, I was exposed to DDT tons as a kid, I worked in labs exposed to metal, so I’ve detoxed a lot of that. But if this is in my field, and I’m doing all these meditations and working on this for six years, is there something in the energetics that your products supply that can maybe help with those types of things or blockages in fields because I don’t know where else to go. And like I said,  I want to heal my body, my mind, my spirit, my energy system. I don’t want somebody just cutting dandelions off their stems, you know, and so I was just wondering if you had any input for me?   

Clayten – My father died of leukemia and my mother had cancer. I won’t talk about my medical history; I’ll leave it at that. So, I have some degree of appreciation for what you’re experiencing. We’re not giving medical advice. One of the things we do in our consciousness research is trying to measure the variables. And if we test on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 represents 100% of the influence contributing to Kate having cancer, the percentage that I’m coming up with is 99% karmic. So, I’m not going to say I’m an authority on that. I’m just saying it’s just Kate talking to Clayten.  So, I would say I’d look into that very clearly. I would look into a lady named Tapas Fleming. She has an energetic medicine tool that’s very effective. 

Gary Craig’s work Dr. Callahan, I would really focus on the karmic piece. Very powerful prayers use spiritual will. A spiritual will is just asking God for help. It’s calling upon the will of a higher power versus our own individual power. And so just help me God see the truth of this. Make it clear to me make it evident, make it unmistakable. What is the lesson for me to learn here and how do I transcend it and then ask for the will to carry that out. 

So, a really helpful program for many people who I’ve known who’ve been sick is to participate in the 12– step program. Steps 3, 7 and 11. I think were all over 900 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So, they’re very powerful. There’s probably a 12–step cancer transcendence group, but I want to call it cancer recovery transcendent as there’s a difference between recovering and just being free of it. Whatever language that would be I would read Dr. Hawkins book Healing and Recovery I think it’s a green book. He has some energetic medicine techniques in there, but my sense is; I don’t know how much you’ve done on this you’ve probably not left many stones unturned turned in the 3D world.  

And if I’m correct about the karmic piece then the energetic medicine will likely be words will get the most amount of gain for the least amount of effort.
Kate – Okay, I appreciate that. And I think you’re right because my background is in medicine. I’m a chiropractor, and I have my master’s in nutrition. So, I’ve been looking at these things. I mean, if I could have cleared myself of anything I would have, so you know, it’ll get 95% better, and then boom, they’ll just come back again and it’s all on one side.  It’s all on my left forearm and my left lower leg from my knee down. And so, I’ve done you know, do you know the Zydo Ebox?   

Clayten – No I don’t know that one.   

Kate – Oh, it’s a cool thing. It’s subconscious reframing basically through voice pattern recognition on a computer. Yeah, so I have one I bought one just to try to clear out subconscious blockages, but I  didn’t know how to go after any karmic piece. So, I’ve done the tapping. I know great Gary Craig’s work a lot I’m not familiar with Tapas Fleming so I will look into that and I’ve done 12–step programs. So yeah, you’re right on with that and so yeah, asking the higher power to help me see the truth in all of this is all I know where to go from next because, as I said, I want to heal. I don’t want to just get rid of painful cancers all over me. I want to know the truth about this. But do your products help with this if it’s karmic?  

Jeffrey – Well we do request that the karmic influences are cleared. But so much depends on us. And we can make that request. And it comes down to us asking, and I’ve got my own experience on this quite a bit of it just clearing my own stuff. And for me, it’s the surrender and giving it up to a higher power to clear. And, not only make clear but to help me move it out and move it through. And sometimes it says a sensation in the body that you can follow. You’re listening to that part of yourself as to its healing. As things kind of move from, you can say your multi-dimensional aspects into the body for healing. 

So that’s where these energetic medicine tools come in and that they help us kind of move these things out and through but it’s invoking that Divine Will or that just surrendering to a higher power to help us to clear it and to be free of it. It’s been my experience that works.   

Kate –  Well gosh, I really appreciate you guys being there and you’ve helped me more than you know, and I really am super grateful that I got a chance to talk to you both tonight. And I don’t have any fancy tools; all I have is my heart. So, I’m sending things back to you for everything that you do for other people. So, thank you very much, I appreciate it.   

Clayten – Yeah, just before you go, Kate, call the office next week and talk to Guenevere. And let’s have a chat. I don’t know how weird to be in a public webinar. But even if you want to go down the weird lane together a little bit, we can just talk about things person to person.   

Kate – I would very much look forward to that.  So once again, back at you guys. I appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you.   

Jeffrey – All right. So, we’ll take a few more questions and it’s great to see all the hands up.   

Clayten – We are trying to get down to all the questions on the list but I’m assuming that some people will ask questions that will answer everybody’s concerns.   

Jeffrey – Samuel will join us now.   

Samuel –  Hello there. I’m sitting here in Santa Barbara, California looking out at the canyon sunset, and I’ve been a subscriber on this property for about six months. There was very dark energy in this house and it’s completely transformed and there’s so much remodeling I’ve done and lots of great energy and so I’m fairly convinced.  

Clayten and Jeffrey – Yes, we understand.  

Samuel – I’m very concerned about the 5G network; as a matter of fact Santa Barbara has already started to put the cables in the streets. And I’ve done a lot of studies on it in my medical background etc. What is your estimation of any kind of mitigation of this even humanly possible if you live around it, or inhumanly possible, let’s put it that way.  

(1:00:00) Jeffrey – You know, as you might know, Samuel, we come at this from a consciousness point of view, and we saw the effects of properties going down in consciousness due to influences of certain kinds of EMFs. And that’s what we work on to maintain this 560 level of consciousness and above, which we know is an important place for properties to be to do to kind of clearing you’ve experienced and to support us.  

Samuel  – It works!  

Jeffrey –  So, you know, the first breakthrough was the device itself that’s emitting. And, you know, we’ve looked at this with meters and your traditional meter cannot tell the difference between,  what we’re doing and what you might experience just on the street. Now the GDV camera is more sensitive. And if you look on the website, you can see the experiments we’ve done. So, the first thing we discovered was, if we raise the level of consciousness of the emitter itself, we started with cell phones, that now it’s vibrating at a different level. And the antennas, when they’re emitting, there’s a change to that energy. And it’s becoming consciousness raising in the way we measure it. And with GDV cameras, what we’re seeing is a reduction in the chaos or entropy or kind of the spiky energy of all these different EMFs influences into more of a harmonized energy. And we also have other experiments in the works that we believe will also show the effects in different ways from different angles. So, we start with our kinesiology and our testing and in own experience in how our bodies feel. So, while turning on and off the EMF mitigation on your subscription is a great way to use your body as an instrument to tell how it feels. 

So, the first piece was raising the level of consciousness and then the second was adding Shungite or the energetic essence of Shungite. We know it’s nonlinear. We know it’s hard to understand. But we were able to bring in the effect of Shungite into the FLFE environment and harmonize energies that are coming into the property or into the bubble. 

And you know, as I said, we keep looking for more and more ways to prove it. Our bodies are very sensitive to this energy, to the EMF fields. When we did the beta study on it, we looked at headaches, sleep patterns, tension, anxiety, and we saw a marked decrease on all of those things and an increase in quality of sleep. And the human body is in this environment and it’s just like the frog in the water, if there is slowly heating water, you know, we’ve just become used to it. But am I answering your questions?    

Samuel – It sounds like your approach is transmutation a lot.  So, you take energy and then transmute it. So, it sounds like there may be a pathway to neutralizing the 5G effect.  

Clayten – Or making it positive instead of negative.  We’ve found that it increases the level of consciousness of the average property about 4 points. And that’s on the website too, we have a little infographic and the typical router will be at 600 with the FLFE EMF Environment on because the more negative it is, the more it has to harmonize, and it’ll go higher. Now we have to be careful when you’re working with EMFs, you don’t want to block them because the original equipment manufacturer standards have to be respected as regular engineers designed them.  Even if they are engineering something that they don’t know is negative all of a sudden, they think it’s positive. So, we want to have our equipment working properly. And within like, say one foot, it’s 590 I can’t remember but it’s 4 points on the average property. So, we believe that the consciousness lowering electromagnetic influences are harmonized 99% or more on a property from the research we can tell. There are also indications that that’s true in the GDV camera study. 

(1:05:00) Now even though we’re good at kinesiology, we typically like to have 3 or 4 or 5 types of evidence and we’re looking at more ways we can get evidence. We will tell you what we get and how we do it, but unless I’ve got hundreds of cases of multiple ways of assessing the truth of something then I’ll tend not to make a claim about it. We’re pretty conservative that way. And you could buy more Shungite as it seems to be the only mineral on the earth that we’re aware of that actually harmonizes 

Samuel – Would you spell that? I’m not familiar with that.   

Clayten – SHUNGITE. It’s from an asteroid in Russia. Two asteroids came to the earth that were this material 

Samuel – That’s great.  Hawkins would love that; right from the black hole we can take this mineral and you will be able to deal with 5G. So, you know a lot of countries like Switzerland, a lot of Italy they’re shocked and are not allowing it. Florence Italy is not allowing it. The United States is already on target it looks like so although some cities have a right to say no to it, but we are right here, there are already huge cables are going on in the streets. And I guess it’s fiber optics. 

I’d like to ask one more question I have. My girlfriend was, unfortunately,  struck by lightning three times in her life. And one time she lost her ability to speak and she came back from it very well. But she was the one that introduced me to FLFE recently, and that’s why my life changed so much but she tried the Brain Optimization and it immediately gave her headaches. And so, she contacted your staff and it was turned it off. And within a few hours, he was gone. Any comments on that? Or I don’t know if it’s related to the injury or not, she drinks a lot of water. So, I just thought maybe you could have any comments on that for other people to for headaches.  

Jeffrey – You know, it does appear that in the case of rebuilding, there can be a load of byproducts. And it could appear to be that, and you know, water would really help. And we built into the program to slow it down based on functioning. So, when someone drops below, then the program either turns off or throttles way back. But that’s interesting I know she reached out to the office as we talked so she’s on our list to call and explore it with her further.   

Samuel – Oh, that’s great. Okay.   

Clayten – There are only one or two people that have mentioned that. Yeah.  

Samuel, – Lightening, three times. I was afraid to go near clouds with her.  Anyway, thank you very much it’s phenomenal with you guys. Thank you. Yeah.   

Clayten – Samuel there’s a guy named Dannion Brinkley Have you heard of him? He got struck by lightning and he wrote a book about his experience. There’s a whole field of research on that. So, I’m getting a hit that maybe Dannion Brinkley has something for you in his work.   

Samuel – Okay. Great. Goodbye from California. Oh, by the way with the earthquakes. We’re starting to shake around quite a bit here.  

Jeffrey – Yeah, we’ve been hearing about that.   

Clayten – Yes, We were down in Santa Barbara this summer. We were on a road trip down there to meet some people who will be putting a video on their website. Lee Harris did a couple of interviews with us. It’s nice. We were down in Malibu and went down to the beach where the Rockford Files were filmed. Do you ever go to that beach?   

Samuel – Yes, we have. That was fun. Thank you very much, guys. Appreciate it.   

Jeffrey and Clayten  – Yeah, thank you, Sam. Take care.  

Jeffrey –  So Heather will be our last question here.  

(1:10:00) Heather – I just posted a thing in the chat regarding a friend of mine in California who is working with a lot of cancer patients and he uses herbal treatments, and also the David Hawkins Map of Consciousness as he was given that message many years ago. And the products that we use have to vibrate at 835 hertz to raise the body. Basically, it’s like when someone has a heart attack and you’ve got to give them such a boost of energy. So, I’m now working with him to find and to try and source some more products here in Australia because it’s so difficult with products in Australia to get products that vibrate at 835 hertz. Now I work with Rife as well and Radionics. And what I’ve found, the 835 frequency is the frequency of boosting the immune system.  I mean, I just love FLFE.  It’s just amazing what you’re doing. But I’m wondering if you would be interested in taking some tests or even talking to Keith about his work because he’s such a humanitarian, around the 835 frequency and how those people that are struggling with cancer, maybe you could help them like, for example, in three months, he can by raising the vibrational frequency to 835 he can usually wipe out cancer and there’s no doubt about it. He’s done it over and over again. And he can tell you the stories himself. But at the end of the day, it goes back to the Young Living Oils, I think at Young Living Oils they talk about the 40 hertz of the cells in the 60 hertz of the cells. And when you first test you, he does it all with kinesiology. When he first tests you, he’ll tell you what your cells are vibrating at. And I remember when I first spoke to him, I had chronic fatigue and I had Fibromyalgia I was a very, very sick girl.  

And my cells were only vibrating around 40 hertz, and he said, Heather, that is cancer. And so the whole idea is to get the cells up to the high frequency of 60 hertz. Then when you are healthier is to boost it with the high frequencies at 835 through a whole heap of herbs that he uses. So those herbs have to be at 835. 

Now I tested that one day. And some people that I knew were close to me had shingles in the eye and they were very, very sick. And I thought, there’s no way I’m going to get that sick. And I started to come down very sick, and I looked at the herbs. And I thought to myself, if Keith can knock out cancer in one month, I can knock out this virus in a day. So, I set about and mixed up a smoothie. And I took that because I was so weak and so sick at that stage, and I was barely able to do that. Then a half an hour later, I felt a little bit better. And then by the end of the day, I proceeded to take five of those smoothies. And by the end of the day, I was up and normal and went to the rubbish dump with my son The following day, I felt like a million dollars. So, I’m just wondering if your technology, I mean, you’re just so good with what you’re doing and it’s just so amazing, if you would like to talk to Keith along the way and talk to him about what work you’re doing, because it’s just amazing what he’s had happen. As I said, he cured himself of leukemia. He had six months to live when he was 30 he is now 81. He studied under Bernard Jensen, but he does a lot of spiritual work. And the 835 frequency is the one he uses. 

And I’ve run that on the Rife a few times, and I haven’t followed it through, but I’m thinking of those people that have got cancer that had those terrible challenges with cancer.  Now what Keith’s theory about what has happened is, the polarity has been reversed in the body. So, it’s like a car, you switch the wires, and the battery dies. And what he says happens is when that happens with a car, it fries the wiring. And with a car, it dies with a human we are self-generating, so we don’t die, we literally go on what he calls “dim”. So, he says when we operate on that very dim, low, so we can’t hold the energy, we can’t heal ourselves because of that. So, he says that once you are taking the products and the herbs and you can get that frequency up to 835 continuously, your body can find a way to heal. (1:15:00) 

Now, I don’t know, but you guys might be really interested in this because it’s pretty fascinating stuff.  

Clayten – I’m willing to talk to him.  We’re just sort of evaluating who’s going to be the executive assistant and handle some of these things. So maybe call into the office to set up a time to talk. There’s so much low hanging fruit that we’re aware of. We certainly have had other people talk to us about some of the frequency technology that you’ve mentioned. I personally, just, I’m quite interested in it. And we have a theory about how it may work. And we just haven’t really had a chance to even beta test it yet. But I guess it’s on our list with you know, our ever growing list like most people. So thanks. 

Heather – Thanks for the suggestion and yeah, I’ll be willing to talk to them. And then we’ll see if we can incorporate and find a way to make it better. We’re all up for that. He’s such a humanitarian, he’d love what you’re doing. So, I’ll share that with him. But I’m going to start doing some research with the radio onyx with raising the vibration of the hubs themselves, and see if we can do that he’s tested. He said, yes, it can be achieved. So, I’ll keep you posted with what we come up with. I know you’re busy and but for those with that have got cancer challenges, you know, it’s just could be such a blessing.  

Clayten –  I didn’t comment on that because I just don’t have the expertise to really go down that road.   

Heather – You know, you’re doing great guys love your work.   

Jeffrey – Thank you so much, Heather, thank you for the support.  We can answer a couple of these quickly.  

Clayten – Sure.  Anonymous is asking – “Some time ago you had a session on levels of consciousness, and also had a presentation on Gaia TV where we talked about the levels of consciousness of the world and the significant jump that happened in 2016. In 2016 the LOC of the earth he saying was 209 I can’t remember. The last time I checked, the level of consciousness of the planet was 240. And I think it was 242 for a while, and it tends to fluctuate. So, we’re definitely in that part of the galaxy that is in the influence of the Kali Yuga, a 26,000-year cycle where historically there has been a jump in consciousness in this part of the galaxy, according to our research, it’s been significant in the past. So, I guess I’m going to the place of theorizing why that’s happening as opposed to just stating what the number is the last time we checked.  

Jeffrey –  Yeah, let’s celebrate, over 240! Yeah, that’s amazing.   

Clayten – That’s extraordinary. It’s unprecedented in the history of the earth, at least from what we can tell.  

Jeffrey – And things may look a little messy sometimes out there in the world, but it may be the result of, you know, the earth rising and the environment changing. Things coming out to be cleared.   

Clayten – The healing isn’t always a smooth, gracious process.  

Jeffrey – Another Anonymous is asking – “Does sending the FLFE program to someone else require permission from them?” And as we were saying earlier, if it’s the Standard Subscription of 560, Yes, it does. If it’s the Smarter EMF or Smarter EMF Youth no it does not. 

We have someone saying they’re taking Restore and a magnesium oil the works well.   

Clayten – Yeah, it does. It does get into the body that was very well, I forgot to mention that.   

Jeffrey – There are also some products out that are Nano or Pico Size magnesium which absorb very well under the skin. So, there are some lotions with that. It’s a little difficult to know how much you’re taking.   

Clayten – Yes, and I‘m not familiar with people taking a lot, I tried some transdermal magnesium. And I just haven’t experimented enough with managing the dosages. And we don’t know how it affects the potential for extra loose bowels. So oftentimes, if we’re not responding to something, it’s because we either haven’t had a personal experience which will lead us to do a lot of research or have just done a lot of research and have a theory we can present. (1:20:00) So, we tend not to talk about those things. But that’s good. That’s where a community can do more than a couple of people.

Jeffrey – Louise is asking – “Does the smarter EMF program clear history and other types of geopathic stress?” and the Smarter EMF on a property does.   

Clayten – Or the Program that’s associated with smarter EMF does Yes. Because we’re using the Removal Template on that Program.   

Jeffrey – Now, of course, it’s at 500 level of consciousness, but we are clearing with the property version of that.   

Clayten – Yes, but the Smarter EMF on your phone won’t clear history.  

Jeffrey –  Yeah. Just like the Standard Subscription.  Yes, that’s a great question. Thank you. 

So, Claudia is asking – “Are there any limits to the size of an area that FLFE can be broadcast on, e.g. if you had enough sponsors, could you blast FLFE to the whole earth?”  And we do have power limits with FLFE. And so, we do have to be careful. And when we add new products like we’re doing with the support of Brain Optimization, it does take a lot more energy. And we do service projects all the time on the website under service projects, you can see some of those, a very small percentage of the projects. So, you can say in some ways there’s a limit and in some ways, there’s not a limit, it depends on the power needed for the influence.  And we do welcome sponsors, we do welcome people to support our service projects. In the service projects area, you can see that. So, there are, you know, large areas that we’re applying for service projects which you can see on there. And in the case of whales and dolphins, and other cetaceans we’re supporting them to be at the most appropriate level of consciousness and supporting other supports for them, which you can see on the website, which is global.  

Clayten – We’ve got Nancy mentioning advancedcelltraining.com could be health help for what Elizabeth is talking about Thank you. People have to replay this and listen to it; that was said fast. But there are a lot of really resourceful people in the community. And someone had asked if we are considering doing group prayers to help the earth and we have considered that; we just did a large intake of new staff. And so, the more resources we get, the more that those things are going to happen. We’re getting closer and closer all the time I think; to sustaining some type of communal prayer for the greater good type of group we’re just not there yet. Great idea, though.     

Jeffrey –  Laura is asking –  “Have you had any hydration issues with pets in Home Subscriptions?” Well, I mean animals seem to self-regulate. We were just talking to someone earlier today and they were saying how their dog is drinking a lot more water. And so, we haven’t heard that. Pets seem to do seem to self-regulate so we have to make sure we put plenty of water out for them so that they have fresh clean water accessible to them all the time which is important. So, we haven’t heard that to this point. 

Clayten – Ethan’s saying is that there are multiple technologies in his home and his question is – “How does FLFE work in combination with these things for better EMF protection?” Because the field activation that FLFE uses is so similar to the brain, the human brain and the fields that it activates. And you know, it’s a different type of language to think that we activate fields with our consciousness instead of sending a thought. It’s almost like it goes from here to there in a holographic quantum resonant fashion versus being sent like a radio signal or a cellular signal. So, in the past, we’ve used different metaphors to describe FLFE and its effect. (1:25:00) And we keep upgrading our own truth as well or the way we express it. And so, because it’s so similar to the human brain, we’re not aware of any contradiction that FLFE has with anything because it’s so similar to the brain. Just like a lot of positive humans saying a lot of positive prayers continuously. So, we’re not aware of any contradiction with anything.  

Jeffrey – And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have Shungite in your home. And we believe that we’re mitigating at a pretty high percentage. But again, we always want you to trust yourself to use the control panel which we call the Customer Portal to turn it on and off, to turn the EMF on and off yourself and see how it feels. 

Clayten – So when I say it doesn’t have any contradiction that we’re aware of, we are aware as the gentleman from California mentioned that some people do have either a healing crisis or some other reaction that’s uncomfortable in the body. But those are pretty unique and we’re finding ways to support that not to happen. But there’s no systemic contradiction where if you put on FLFE with something else, then there’s a consistently negative response. So, I just want to clarify that there may be individual cases where it’s not appropriate for somebody. And typically, that will show up for them in a really discernible way. And then, you know, we support you to trust yourself, as Jeff said, there are no systemic contradictions.  

Jeffrey – Well, at this point Clayten Why don’t we summarize? We appreciate all of your interest and your topics and your questions. Thank you. Thank you for that and for your support.  And  I’m grateful for all that has come before us I mean, we’re standing on the shoulders of Dr. David Hawkins work, and lots of other people’s work to get here. We’re always learning and grateful for your input on new avenues. It’s a journey and we’re in this journey together, and we appreciate you being on this journey with you with FLFE. And let’s see where we can take it.  

Clayten – We’re doing the webinars and we really enjoy them. It’s just all of the work that it takes to get to here. And the average amount of time we’d have to prep in the past was 10 or 15 hours. And so, the question we have is, do we spend the 10 or 15 hours trying to make the service better? Or do we spend the 10 or 15 hours preparing for a webinar and explaining some of the ways we do things and I think what we might do in the future is having this have a shorter introduction, maybe more Q&A because the Q&A part doesn’t take as much time to prepare. We’ve had feedback from you, and we listen to your feedback that you would like more webinars, we’re increasing our schedule of webinars, starting later this fall so we will let you know on the website or the Facebook page or we’ll send you an email in our regular emails. So, we do want to keep in communication with you. And it’s just that question of where is the best use of our time? Do we spend it preparing for a webinar? Do we spend making the service better or making the business more sustainable training our staff upgrading the culture of the company? So just to let you know that we hear your request to hang out together more and I really enjoy talking to you all and sometimes we don’t know what to do, LOL. Do we spend more time trying to make it better or just spend more time planning webinars? So, I just want to close with saying we do take your feedback to heart and thank you for your support. We wouldn’t be able to do the amount that we do in the world without monetizing it as a business. Theoretically, we have an unlimited run of resources but we have X amount of resources. And we’ve made our business our spiritual path. And this is the best way we know how to spread what we have to share.  

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you. Goodnight.