Optimal Cellular Regeneration in an EMF-free Environment  

January  15th, 2019


(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to the FLFE webinar on what we’re calling consciousness nutrition, which is eating or what are generally considered supplementing to support the evolution of consciousness. We’ll be sharing with you what we’ve learned, and we will review our hydration, magnesium, and essential fatty acid discoveries. And we’re adding a new nutrient, vitamin D that will be talking about I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – What we discussed tonight is meant add to what you already know and what you are practicing to nutrify, your body, many of you are experts and, in this field, already, and our mission is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society.  During this webinar in that vein, we’re sharing what nutrition supports us to rise in consciousness in an FLFE environment or in any high consciousness environment while remaining highly functional and able to live abundantly in an economized society.

Clayten –  We encourage you to do your own research and to check with a trusted health professional before making any substantial changes in any supplement or dietary intake. This is not intended to be medical advice. If you have any medical challenges or questions, we suggest you seek your doctor or other health professional. So, let’s do a quick review. Hydration.

We’ve talked a lot about hydration, we’ve calibrated the level of consciousness of different concepts on hydration, everything from eight glasses of water of eight ounces in quantity eight times a day is formula we’re using, which is half our body weight in ounces. So, water is essential to life. We are about 70% water. We had a webinar earlier  where we talked about Dr Emoto’s work and how that has proven that thoughts affect water. And so, if we were to take a picture of the water in our body with Dr Emoto’s technology, and we were in a good state, we would probably have the beautiful crystalline structure that would be evident parallel to his books. And if we were in a negative state, we’d probably have another crystalline structure that is also apparent in his books when water is thought of in a negative way. So, the optimal level of hydration at any particular moment varies depending on the activity level, and what else is happening in our body, we encourage again to do your own research and check with a trusted health professional before making substantial changes in hydration intake liquid.  Our standard ongoing recommendation is multiplying your body weight in pounds by one half. So, if you’re 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces of water, use this resulting number as the number of ounces of water to drink per day.

We have three links here to support this perception or this opinion, and where to put them in the chat menu. If we can during this webinar, Jeff will talk a little bit about increasing that amount of water in the first three days of FLFE because of the extraordinary amount of clearing that happens in the body. And we’ll go into that into more detail.

Jeffrey – Yes, we believe that in the FLFE environment, particularly in the first three days, which is most important when first coming on to a free trial or first starting a subscription if there was no free trial. And there is just so much more energy present. We believe that there is support for the body to clear blockages, to heal physical issues and rise in consciousness. And then these, including rising consciousness, have physical changes in the body and more water can be very helpful. And people have noted on the Facebook page and other places that the body can only process so much water at a time. So, we would spread these amounts out during the day, drinking more in the morning. Of course, so we’re not up a lot at night.(5:00) I tend to drink a liter as soon as I get up that really helps to gain some ground from the nighttime dehydration that happens naturally. So, during these first three days, our recommendation is multiplying your body weight in pounds by two thirds. And then use the resulting number of ounces to drink per day.  For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, and you would multiply by two thirds to get 100 and you would drink a hundred ounces per day.

Clayten – We also suggest to add electrolytes to the water or to these volumes of water. You can do your own research on electrolytes. And we recommend 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt or some other appropriate electrolyte to each 34 ounces of water.

Number two is magnesium and EFA’s.  We talk about this a lot so let’s do a quick review. We have discussed the absorbable magnesium and absorbable EFA’s. Primarily omega threes taken together within 30 minutes to support the body increase its ability to rise in  consciousness. We believe magnesium/EFA synergy is building a larger capacity nervous system to hold more energy. As we know know from Dr Hawkins work that one point of a rise in consciousness is actually 10 times more available energy in the body. And so, the average FLFE Subscriber goes up 12 points in 90 days now. That’s about average, some are higher, some are lower so that’s ten to the 12th power, more energy that will be in the average person’s  body. And our nervous system is like the wires in a house, if we’re going to run more voltage through it, we’ll need bigger wire or higher capacity wire. Our recommendation is as a starting point is taking 1000 or up to your own saturation level. If you are taking too much magnesium or if it is not absorbable, you’ll tend to have loose stools – and 4000 milligrams of omega threes per day. So that’s one to four magnesium two essential fatty acids.

Mainstream medicine is beginning to recognize the importance of magnesium for optimal body function and other ways. Two sources that we like are Dr Carolyn Dean, “The Magnesium Miracle” and that is www.rnareset.com and maybe we can post that Jeff, in the chat menu. And Dr Jay Cohen has a short book called The Magnesium Solution for high blood pressure. And he’s recommending 60 to 1000 milligrams per day. And part of the thinking behind us getting magnesium supplementation is that our soil has less magnesium in it or it’s less resourced with magnesium because of fertilization or improper crop rotation, things of that nature. So that’s some of the mainstream thinking on the importance of magnesium.

Jeffrey – So, let’s talk now about the new addition to our research, which has come about with the release of the EMF Mitigation Program. And that’s vitamin D, vitamin D has come to our attention. So, it’s interesting, it appears that spending time in a consciousness-lowering EMF environment may possibly inhibit positive cellular regeneration. There’s been research on flight attendants and pilots who are in an intense EMF environment and their rapid ageing, and a slow pace of rebuilding that’s currently in those environments. And we noticed when we first created the EMF Mitigation Program and put it on our houses we noticed a drop in vitamin D levels when we first put it on. And then later with the staff of FLFE, when people were trying it, we had the same the same thing. So, we believe that what’s happening is that with the addition of the EMF Mitigation and freedom from that chaotic energy. Freedom from EMF smog and the other things that are happening in a consciousness-lowering EMF environment. And once we’re free of that in the EMF mitigation zone, that there’s an increase in positive cellular regeneration that may be occurring and that it’s using additional vitamin D. (10:00) So, we found studies that show vitamin D increases cellular turnover. So, it’s important for cellular turnover for repair of damaged tissue. There are now studies and other studies related to vitamin D so that there’s a connection between cellular regeneration and vitamin D that you can find in the scientific literature.

Vitamin D 3 taken as a supplement works well with vitamin K2. Taking those together will increase the absorbability of vitamin D3. And when you look out there on the web, there’s a wide variety of recommendations on vitamin D. And that, in part, depends on where we live, what’s the level of sun that we’re exposed to, on our physical activity and on the level of repairs or regeneration that might be happening. If we’re injured, for example, we may want to increase our levels because we’re using more vitamin D to regenerate those tissues. So, you could do blood work to check your levels. Kinesiology is another way if you’re proficient enough to check the levels.

We what we recommend is to get out in the sun as much as possible to get naturally occurring vitamin D. There are really some benefits from the light from the sun itself. In 10,000, IU’s or international units of vitamin D are generated in 30 minutes of full body sun exposure. So,  you could pretty quickly get 25,000 IU’s in a day out in the sun. We also recommend to check with your doctor and you do your own research about what’s appropriate for you. And consider increasing your vitamin D intake for the first 90 days on FLFE with EMF mitigation. Because is as we said, as we move into that EMF mitigation zone, the body may have had on hold some regeneration. And as we’ve said that all along with  FLFE, it seems to be at a new level with the EMF mitigation that once that’s paused that body kicks into gear. And so, vitamin D is important. So just to tell you what we’re taking, we’re not recommending you take this, really everyone should do their own research and talk to a doctor about it. Clayten is taking 10,000 IU’s per day. And I’m currently taking 15,000 IU’s a day. I happen to be exercising more and probably outside less than in Clayten is. And of course, it’s winter as well, which is a big factor.

Clayten – Yes, just as a reminder, because this webinar can be watched 10 years from now, in any climate in the world, we are in the winter. And in Nelson, is an interior rain forest. So, we don’t get much sun here. When I lived in Vancouver, which is a coastal rain forest, the Coastal Health Authority there was recommending 10,000, IU’s a day for five months of the year. We’ve talked about if we should make a recommendation. And we decided it’s best to leave it up to you to take the guidelines that we’ve given  and go into your own research.  We find much information on the web, credible sources that talk about vitamin D toxicity. And how they’re taking four or five times the amount that we are, for several months at a time. And they’re not experiencing vitamin D toxicity. So, we’re usually pretty conservative when it comes to these things.

And we want to open the door to this research, because especially the first 90 days, we’re finding that the EMF program is increasing positive cellular regeneration. So, we’ll go to Q&A soon, I just want to close it with the increasing amount of emf smog that we’re experiencing due to the introduction of smart meters with 5G and its longer range of influence. (15:00) And the increased utilization of so-called smart technology where our fridge is ordering our food and having it delivered. And our microwave is talking to our stove and everything’s talking to our phones, that there’s an increase in our society with people going away to remote off the grid, off the internet, Wi-Fi and off the cellular service area.

And having these people experience a greater sense of rejuvenation that is often associated with being in these environments. And part of that is a desire to sleep more, which supports positive regeneration.  And when people go on holidays, they tend to experience this and that’s been true throughout all time, there’s a greater sense of relaxation. We don’t have the day to day schedule to worry about, and we believe that this increase in the contrast people are experiencing and going to an EMF-free zone holiday is because of the intensity of the increase both in quality and quantity of EMF’s. We believe that in the future, there probably will be things such as EMF free holidays, where we go somewhere totally off the grid away from everything with mobile electronics.

And we also believe that with the EMF Mitigation Program, we can experience this in our homes, perhaps 99% to that effect.  So, having the EMF Mitigation Program, in our opinion, is parallel to having an opportunity to disconnect from the internet. We still have to manage our mental state in terms of electronics and entrainment, which is  like spending half a day on YouTube and wondering what happened? That’s electronic and entrainment. Or watching so many movies in a row that we can’t remember the plots; we’re just kind of in a semi-hypnotic state, I suppose it could be called.

So, we’re going to go to Q&A now. Please put your questions in the Q&A – not in the chat box. And we are going to invite people to talk to us live. So, if you go to the bottom of your zoom screen, you’ll see an opportunity to do that.

Jeffrey -I’ll go to the first question, which is, “if I didn’t drink enough water during the first three days, will clearing happen later if I drink more?” And the answers is yes. We’ve designed FLFE to be a progressively positive experience. And if we’re not hydrated enough, things ramp back, but we you become more hydrated, then the clearing is likely to occur. And it’s an ongoing process. But it is more intense in the first beginning parts of the exposure to FLFE. So don’t worry about that, if you didn’t feel like you drank enough in the beginning, just hit the water, particularly in the mornings when you get up and do report back how it is for you.

Clayten -So, I’ll start, “What studies were conducted to show the body would produce a better consciousness with magnesium? What are the results without the supplementation?” Well, just having good health supports a higher level of consciousness. So, you could look to the references that we gave you, Carolyn Dean, and Jay Cohen, and they talk about magnesium. We talked about essential fatty acids and magnesium within 30 minutes to create a synergy and the reason we’ve come that conclusion is we have a consciousness assessment to use where we measure people’s level of consciousness, integrated level of consciousness and functional capability in 10 areas of their life. And for people at a high level of consciousness, say on the Hawkins Map, 580 or higher, we found that their critical factor which is the area where we can put the least amount of effort and get the most amount of gain in consciousness was their health.

(20:00) And when we went into the subcategories of the critical factor in health, we found, it was the nervous system. The nervous system was not resourced enough to support people to hold a higher level of consciousness.  When we went into the critical factor of the nervous system, we found it was the myelin sheath. So, the myelin sheath is a sheath that covers the nerves, and the myelin sheath is fed by essential fatty acids and magnesium particularly when taken within 30 minutes. So, we’ve found other supporting evidence of this. Charles Poliquin has trained almost as many Olympic athletes, if not more than anybody in certainly in Canada, perhaps in the world. And his essential fatty acid recommendations are almost exactly the same as ours. I can’t remember if he suggests magnesium in conjunction with it at this time, I’d have to check. Basically the edge for the athletes trained by Charles that he was helping gain and winning Olympic competitions was they had a better nervous system. So, it’s not just the strength or endurance or the muscles, it’s the ability of the nerves to carry the electricity to the muscles and away from the muscles. So those are a couple of examples of research. We’ve done thousands of tests with doses of magnesium and EFAs and we’ve had much anecdotal evidence from our community. And we found that high-performance athletes and their trainers are using almost the same recommendations we suggest.

Jeffrey – So Mary asks, “Do you recommend a specific vitamin D or K?” And we don’t, I’m afraid Mary, there are so many different products out there. You could try kinesiology while shopping and hold  the vitamins in front of you and see if you tend to rock towards it or away from it. We don’t have any recommendations at this time.

Now we have the question, “Is the EMF mitigation part of the monthly subscription or is it separate.?” And at this time, it’s part of the monthly subscription, it’s included. All subscriptions have the EMF Mitigation Program, the home, business, phone, mobile phone, and the personal object. So that’s all included in the Customer Portal. You’re able to pause the  EMF Mitigation Program which are separate from the service. So, you can play with that and feel the difference. Personally, I feel it in my chest. I feel the tension melt away when the EMF program comes on. EMF tension comes on that I didn’t even know was there. I didn’t even realize I was feeling tense. But, I have a feeling to take a deep breath when it comes on. If I turn it off, then I just feel that tension come back in my body. But that’s just me and everyone can try it and see what they experience.

Clayten – Anonymous, asks, “Would it make sense to just charge a phone with FLFE since it has a range of 300 feet instead of the home?” Well, home subscriptions and mobile subscriptions are different. The home subscription has a program to remove the negative history of the land, that’s an energetic influence below 200 on the Hawkins Map. We talked to a lady this morning, who is a very sensitive individual, very intuitive, very empathic, and she found that she enjoyed the cellular phone program, because her cell phone was with her all the time. And she didn’t have the experience of coming out of an FLFE environment and then going back into it so that steady positive influence was more beneficial to her. (25:00)

And so that’s why we offer two subscriptions for free trials on both the home and the FLFE Everywhere. Usually, that’s a cell phone that people use. But we can also take a picture of any object such as even a pen. And if it’s a high enough resolution object, taken in an appropriate light then the technology can find it because it’s unique to every pen in the world. Just the scratches from day to day use will make it unique. We do charge a fee to do a picture of an object instead of a cell phone, the cell phone is free to try because there’s an administrative cost for processing the photo through the staff and making sure it’s into your file. So those are some options to look at when comparing the home with an FLFE mobile subscription or FLFE Everywhere.

Jeffrey – I would add to that Clayten, that the home subscription has some other types of mitigation built in. They both have EMF mitigation, the phone or the everywhere object and the home but we’re also compensating for geopathic stress, which could be underground streams, movement of electricity, lava, other things that can cause the consciousness to lower in an area. So, with the phone, you are radiating a high consciousness field and the bubble around us is 575. But it’s not guaranteed to be that because we’re moving from place to place. And that bubble can go in and out. But it’s always radiating energy out. The home is at 560 or higher, 98% of the time. So, it’s a bit of a different environment. Of course, if you have a large family, then it makes sense to do a home. The phone subscription is an option.

Clayten – Anonymous asks, “Can we take the magnesium and Omegas at the same time? Or do we have to take them 30 minutes apart?” The important thing is to take them within 30 minutes because then they have a synergistic effect on nutrifying the myelin sheath. So, any time within 30 minutes is optimal.

Someone else is asking, “How you know a home a province away, for instance, has a higher frequency?” Jeff and I test every property on the service once a week on a Saturday typically. And then we test all the new people that have come on the free trial on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes more often than that, but we’re probably 95% on testing three times a week at least in the last three months, if not higher.  We test the level of consciousness or the frequency with kinesiology so that all of the homes are 560 or higher 98% of the time or more. FLFE does not limit the level of consciousness a home can go to it just puts it at a minimum level of consciousness or you get it for free until we find out what’s wrong and fix it.

Jeffrey – What can happen is the geopathic stress, for instance, in California, we saw a lot of change happen as the water levels came up in the in the underground streams and the aquafers which created conditions that weren’t there previously. So that affected properties. And it takes us some amount of time to discover what those are. And in some cases, it takes quite a bit of time. It can be months where we have not been able to raise the level of consciousness to 560. But in those cases, often the property was low, because of these influences may have been below 200. And the service maybe came up to 500 or 540. And then we leave the property on at no cost while we investigate. And it can be some time before we’re able to come up with a way to mitigate that. (30:00) And what that means is that we would create another program that would be in the field. For instance, with the movement of underground streams, we may energize the stream as it comes on to the property. So that when more energy is coming in, that has been taken away by the stream and may lower the level of consciousness. And then that now applies to any property  on the service that has an underground stream.

Clayten –  We have Debbie with us.

Debbie  – Yes, lovely to be with you. I have a question. I have a friend who used this, I guess on another property at some point. I think she had a free trial.  She’s moved and she’s living in another place now. But she has a very difficult property; her house is made of cedar siding. And so there are constantly animals getting in and the different companies that she’s had come out and they put metal patching in, but it until you know, they make another hole, you know, it works temporarily. Have you ever encountered something like this?

Jeffrey – Well, that’s a new one. I don’t recall that one coming up. So, for her, it’s made it difficult to live there?

Debbie – Oh, yes, they’re in her attic,  there are rats and snakes, and I don’t know what else there.  They’re keeping food in the bathroom  between her floors and the walls. I mean, to me, I get the feeling that a lot of it with her is she needs to get her own emotional grounding her own emotional health, and maybe that would help. But in the meantime, I also wonder what would happen if this was on her property. I mean, needing to get a different sense of being in control with maybe her own emotions and her own energy. And maybe this would, in turn, help her with her own consciousness as it certainly does any of us. I mean, it’s such a wonderful program. I’ve never heard of this. I mean, it’s like one of those things I don’t think she ever tested or found out about when she bought the house.

Jeffrey – Right, well, she could try it with the free trial. And what might be helpful is the clearing of the negative history on the land.

Debbie – That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking that if the energy got high enough, maybe they just wouldn’t be attracted there. But wow, I  just wondered if you had ever heard of anything like that?

Jeffrey – So that’s a first but I’d love to hear what happens when she goes on the free trial if she wants.

Debbie – Yes,  I told her to call the office and that maybe if she goes on the free trial, then, you know, to check in and see if  the property  is able to be raised, and also, on her end if she’s getting help.

Jeffrey – Yes,, we would know, within a few days, because as people come on the service on the free trial or a new subscription, then we test Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Debbie –  That’s incredible. So many people to go through that with us. Incredible. Well, I will follow up with her. I know that, for her, it’s making that initial contact, just doing it. I mean, if I had known this, I might have gifted her one of them for a month, but at any rate, it’s just such a warm, wonderful program. (35:00) So, I’d be really curious to see if she does a free trial.

Jeffrey – What’s your experience been like, Debbie?

Debbie – Oh, my gosh, I have experienced more shifting in my life this last year, and I can’t help but believe that a lot of it is FLFE. I feel like such a different person. It’s just incredible. The ways in which I feel like I’ve changed my mind and felt my whole life sort of rewrite itself, in a way, and not with a lot of hard work. I mean, that hard work was earlier and certainly, I have had a lot of changes that happened that were good. But this last year, I mean, we’ve been on it, each of us here as we’ve been on it a couple years now. And it is just phenomenal. I mean, our neighborhood definitely did clear out quite a bit in some interesting ways, once it was on the house, but I also love having it on my phone. I think it’s just tremendous. I love it.

Jeffrey – How about the when the EMF mitigation came along? Did you notice the difference?

Debbie – I haven’t really, but I find myself wanting to get away from it more. So, it maybe that it is helping. And maybe it’s helping me to realize how much I’m getting a little tired of so much technology. You know because it’s it is an important part of my life. I mean, if technology wasn’t what it is, I happen to be blind. And if technology weren’t what it is, I wouldn’t be doing a lot of what I do. But I also know that I don’t feel like figuring it out and doing as much work with it. So, I think I think it’s probably showing me that the grass really is greener on the other side.

Jeffrey – Yes, we talked about how they were part of this idea of people going away and having these EMF free vacations that unplug from all these sources.  And then re-plugging into your internal our connection to All That Is.

Debbie – And I can remember a time when I would have been resentful of being told to unplug. I just would have said, No, I don’t want to unplug and how dare they try to make me unplug? And now I’d be like, yeah! Yes!  How much we can change it is quite interesting. So, Oh, my gosh,  I just absolutely love it. You guys have just done such wonderful work. And I always tell people about it. I mean, I’ve gotten some people that have signed up there. So, I’m passing on the good word.

Jeffrey –  Well, it’s really nice to hear your voice and to have you with us on this journey. It’s been quite a journey over the past couple of years.

Debbie – Yes,. I mean, I wonder how much your lives have changed? You know, and honestly,  many, many congratulations. And much love to you both. And thank you. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Debbie.

Clayten – I noticed  Gabrielle had her hand up as well. So, if you hear this, Gabrielle put your hand back up and we’ll talk to you if we can.

(40:00) Gabriela – A couple questions. A friend of mine who is also my dog’s vet recommended you guys and I went and signed up for a free trial. It might be just me, but I didn’t really notice the difference. And here’s the thing. There’s a lot going on right now with us. So, I was wondering if that will also affect the animals in the house like their health and stuff?

Jeffrey – Certainly don’t feel bad that you didn’t feel it. I mean, it’s everyone’s different. And everyone has a different sensitivity to the energy. And it’s just good to look into our environment and see if there’s anything else where it is making a difference. Animals are certainly affected in the field, in a high consciousness field, and there is more energy for them as well for their healing. And also, we’ve had many reports of more loving behaviour and calmer dogs, dogs and cats being calmer in the in the field. Those are some of the things that we’ve heard. Certainly, dogs and cats getting along better.

Clayten – And often, Gabrielle, if you don’t notice it, there is a list that goes out with one of the first emails called the Principles of Discernment. There are about 25 indicators of being in a high consciousness field or a higher consciousness FLFE field. So, for example, animals will oftentimes be more sensitive to it than we are or plants. You may notice your plants are more vibrant, they might need more water as well because they have positive cell regeneration increased. So, there are different things to look for in the environment. Because we have friends that are quite sensitive to the energy. Particularly  Reiki practitioners and people who work with that energy. Other people, if they go to a Reiki treatment, may not even notice it. It’s like, well, for some was nice. It was a nice experience, but I didn’t feel anything, and other people will feel heat and they’ll feel energy moving through their body and they have a really big experience. So, as Jeff said, if you don’t feel that, it okay.

Gabriella – The other question I have is, we are in the midst of moving. So, I was wondering if I sign up for this address. Could I move it in the middle of the year? Around the end of the spring or summer, we will be moving. So, can I switch it to a new address?

Jeffrey – Yes, you can switch it as many times as you want. Some people even switch it to hotel rooms when they travel. So, you can move it; there’s a Customer Portal and it’s the same place where you would turn it on and off. That’s something else you can do. You can sit quietly when you have a moment and turn it on and off. And it’s another way to feel the difference. But in that same Customer Portal, you can change your address.

Gabriella – Okay, perfect. Thank you.

Jeffrey – You’re welcome. Thanks for calling and talking with us.

Clayten  –  I’ll pick up the next question. “Have you noticed any change in growth and health of plants? Seeds and plants are produced here, but it is winter so will the seeds and plants grow food for this higher energy? Is it passed on, or is this still to be examined?” Absolutely. We’ve had horticulturists that have mentioned a significant increase in plant growth, and we have one particular picture. It might be my favorite FLFE picture.  In this new subdivision everybody got the same trees in the subdivision and there are four lots where they come together. And each person had a tree or lot and the one person that had FLFE on the property since they moved in showed a difference.

It’s this beautiful, vibrant, luscious tree with well-formed branches and lots of leaves, and then these other little anemic, you know, scraggly little half alive trees in the other corners. And so, we’ve had situations like that where people have taken pictures before and after and we’ve had lots of anecdotal evidence including professional horticulturists, who  have thought that starting a greenhouse with FLFE on it would be a good business idea. And we’ve done a lot of research on plants. (45:00) We have a soil program, and in fact, we’re in the process of upgrading that so it’s going to be even better in the near future.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’d say Catherine we’re also in the progress of  quantifying these changes. We have some hydroponic plant setups where we can do one with the FLFE energy on and one without. So that’s coming up in this new year, and this spring we will have some results of that kind of program. So it’s definitely an area that we’d love to be of service; in the growth of good nutritious, vital food  grown in a natural environment so you’re right on the money it’s an area of interest for us.

Clayten – Genese is asking about our essential fatty acid recommendations suggested in the beginning.  So, I’ll start with one to four magnesium to essential fatty acids. And starting with 4000 milligrams of essential fatty acids the day about 1000 milligrams of magnesium. So that’s our first place to start, we’ve done a webinar just on this idea. And we’ve talked about if you start with 4 to 1, then go to 7 to 1. So, seven units will be phase two, one unit of magnesium, to EFAs.  And then if you’re doing it for years, you go to 20 to 1 one. So, you can really cut back the amount of magnesium and it seems that, in the body, once the nervous system has been more optimized, it can make better use of those ingredients in those proportions.

Jeffrey – So related to Omega 3s, Sue Ellen  is asking, she’s using 369 Omega’s, “Is that better than just the Omega 3s?”  We tend to get enough six and nine in our diet. Fish Oil is a great source of  omega threes, so it’s really omega threes that you want to supplement the most.

Clayten –  If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you can use flax oil instead of fish oil.

Jeffrey – Another question is “Don’t athletes need more magnesium than the average person due to the physical demands on the body?” And yes, that’s true. And in fact, it’s true for vitamin D as well. I was just reading a Dr Jack Kruse post about vitamin D. And he was talking about how it enhances the performance of athletes. And, in both cases, magnesium and vitamin D, when the body is repairing more often or nerves are firing, things are happening in the body like extreme exercise or just any kind of exercise, those nutrients are used up more often. And the other thing that we discovered is the time in a high consciousness field also uses up more magnesium in the body. So many healers or people that spend time in a high consciousness field, say in a big meditation program, or you’re a healer, in some way or a channeler, that magnesium levels will quickly decline in the body. So, if you’re using kinesiology to measure that you would see a kind of a sharp decline in the magnesium levels. So, there are different ways that magnesium and other nutrients are used up more quickly. And that makes sense. Magnesium, because of its role in the nervous system and for most healers, people’s sweet spot seems to be 700 on the Hawkins Map, where that level of consciousness is often in the obtained for those purposes.

Clayten – Mark asks, “How does the group qualify for the nonprofit subscription?” When you’re registering for the subscription marker,  there are options, there’s a business, home, and FLFE Everywhere and there’s a nonprofit choice. Just click on the radio button as it’s called, and that’ll take you through the process.

Jeffrey – (50:00) Mark is asking, “When is an organization considered a nonprofit? When does a group qualify for it?” So, I would say if you’re operating officially as a nonprofit, and if you have a question about it, feel free to call the office. We have made some exceptions in that for organizations that are really focused on service. So, the, the office is open between nine and five Pacific time. So, feel free to call the office and ask about that about your specific situation.

Clayten – Anonymous asks, “With a cell phone, will FLFE work if the phone is on airplane mode?” Yes, it’s based upon the unique identifier of that phone number. Once it’s associated with the device, it will work in airplane mode, even if it’s only been associated with the device. And even if it’s turned off, it will associate and stay with it.

Jeffrey – Yes. So,  the way this works is much like the human mind. In fact, it really is the same technology or the same process when we’re holding someone in our minds. We’re holding, say, a sister in our mind, there’s a unique identifier we hold in our minds, that unique person. And in the case of FLFE there’s a unique identifier for the phone, it’s a cellular number, there’s only one device in the world with that cellular number in that country. And there’s only one specific legal address of their property. And then as we’re holding our sister in our mind, for instance, there’s a field or we believe a field is activated to wherever that person is; anywhere in the world. There’s a field activated and the feelings that we’re holding for that person, whether it’s love and healing, or maybe it’s anger at a certain moment that those emotions are now in the field. And that’s how we believe remote healing and remote prayer and the effect of prayer on healing works. And so with FLFE,  we’re using the unique identifier and that a quantum association is occurring based on our machine. And the field around that is activated around the property or around the phone; the characteristics of it are determined by our programs, much like when we hold an emotion and that is in the field that’s associated around your sister.

Clayten – Yes, thoughts really are things, and we had a conversation this morning with someone who is associated with the current person carrying on Dr Emoto’s’ work. And we talked about the pictures of the crystal in thought forms. It was a form of scientific proof that thoughts are things. So, when we change the thought of the environment, then the frozen liquid crystal reflects the consciousness in an environment for the thought forms.

Jeffrey – The next question was about the level of consciousness here, the best place to get all the details about the level of consciousness in the fields and the characteristics of the field are in the learning center section of the website under FLFE programs. So, in that section, you’ll see under the FLFE Everywhere, which includes the cell phone in the object that the field it’s 575 within four feet, and then it’s going to 560 and it’s going down to 555 within five within 300 feet, and then the home is 560 or higher. So, it goes up from there. We have homes, you know, above 600 on the Hawkins Map.

Clayten – So we can talk more about that. There’s a lady named Lynn, who would like to come in, I’ll just bring her in.

Lynn – Hey, I’m Debbie’s friend. She got me on this. So, I have it on my phone. Yeah, I don’t want to turn it off. I’m wondering if my phone goes with me everywhere. It goes upstairs. And downstairs. I’ve just got it with me. (55:00) So, I can only assume and I’m feeling a nice, very steady happiness, or just calm and that’s with me. But if I’m if I’m in another part of the house, how long does it remain where you were, does that makes sense? You know, if I am in one in one part of the house a long time and I go to another area and I take my phone with me – do the effects remain there?  I mean, is it just static?

Jeffrey – Well, that’s an interesting question. We know from the work that we did on properties, this is a bit of in the history of FLFE when we started. We weren’t clearing the negative history of properties. And it was taking longer for the level of consciousness to go up and then taking some time for it to come back down when the service turned off. So, different materials hold memory, or consciousness in different ways, especially crystalline materials, like a marble countertop, or drywall even has gypsum in it. Or even if you have crystals nearby those are good holders of consciousness in memory. So that in our environments would tend to hold the energy longer if you moved away. Any thoughts on that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, this reminds me of a story, Lynn, I was at a cabin about two months ago, it was in a remote area near a hot spring. And the area had a lot of negative history, there was a lot of conflict over the water because it’s quite a well-known heating Healing Center. And this house had its own little tub so that’s why we rented it. And the level of consciousness home when we got there was 320. And after 24 hours, it was 350. And just with the phone, we hadn’t put it on the service. And I was noticing that it wasn’t quite the same environment I was used to. So, I did go on there and figure out the latitude-longitude, because it was on a really remote street, that we just couldn’t get the right address.

So even though it’s 575 within five feet, and then 560, and then out to 300 feet, it’s 555, I think it was Jeff. It doesn’t mean the environment will be at that level, it’s just the energetic container that will be at that level, and it will slowly bring the property out, it’s just a little bit different than the clearing programs on the home service. Because of the mobile service by definition, or the Everywhere service, you can take it everywhere. If you were driving down the highway, doing 50 miles an hour, and it was clearing the negative energy, the history of the land, it would use so much energy up, we just couldn’t do it. So that’s why we didn’t have the energetic clearing of the history of the land on the mobile service.

And any high consciousness field over time will start to sort of remove that negative history or it more like displace it, that would be a better word. Whereas in the home program, it removes it very quickly. And as Jeff said it would take three days for the properties to go up to 540, and we weren’t even measuring the integrated level of consciousness. Now it goes to 560 in five seconds or less 99.6% of the time. And the integrated level is at 560 the integrated level doesn’t go below that level 90% of the time.

So that’s a little bit more context around it. Lynn. So, does some of the influence stay? Absolutely. It does stay to a degree. There are too many factors for us to say yes, and how much but I would say it absolutely does stay.  Does that kind of paint a bigger picture for you? Is there anything else you’d like to ask?

Lynn – No thanks.

Jeffrey – Great. Well, thanks for thanks for joining us. Thanks for trying to service, we appreciate it.

We have a question, “Hi,  my husband is suffering from a major depressive episode and when we turned on FLFE.  One time when we turned FLFE in, it brought him down from a manic state and it’s taken a long time to get balanced. He is not trying to raise his consciousness so do you think the FLFE vibration can make his disorder worse?”

(1:00:00) I mean, certainly, we have we have seen the effect of FLFE on depression, just an anecdotal manner that people had helped to come out of a low energy state, it sounds like he came out of manic state we would certainly highly recommend hydration, magnesium, and vitamin D. And of course, the essential fatty acids for him as well.

We’re not doctors or psychiatrists so we can’t give you advice in that way. But definitely, there are a lot of resources on the web about nutrients and depression. And magnesium is one of those things that is key to balance. And one of the sources that I put in the chat, is related to magnesium; there is quite a bit of information in there. And there were quite a bit of scientific studies related to mood and depression, and even more serious mental conditions, and that the key there is bringing the level of magnesium up.  Many of those studies were in the thousand milligrams a day level, so I highly recommend Dr Carolyn’s the link that’s in the chat, you can go to that site. And there are quite a lot of resources there on magnesium and mental health. Hopefully, that’s helpful for you.

Clayten – Yes, there’s another resource, Lynn it’s a body of research called Orthomolecular Medicine. It was written by Dr Linus Pauling and Dr David Hawkins. And they correlate a direct relationship between nutrition supplementation and mental illness. And they have a slightly different focus on that, I’m not really familiar with it. But they talked a lot about B vitamins and different things besides what we’ve discussed. So, I would suggest that vitamin C and things we suggest you look at that, and that that’s a pretty low cost, low-risk way to see if that person would benefit from that.  “Can FLFE make his disorder worse?” Well, I don’t know that we can say that it can or can’t; typically high consciousness fields don’t make conditions worse, but rather, make them better. And I don’t know what else I can really say about that.

Jeffrey – Hopefully, we’ve given you some resources to look at, but magnesium would be my first go to if I were in that situation. So, Linda is asking “What effect does FLFE have on food and water in a subscriber zone?” We built into the FLFE environment some water programs and food programs and that’s why we’re keen to do some work with Dr Emoto’s  lab and see what water looks like in an FLFE environment.  We made some changes with the program to structure the water for increased absorption, intracellular movement to optimize water for biology and when we made those changes the amount of water that we need to drink went down. Because more of the water is being absorbed and less is passing through. So that was an interesting exercise. So we don’t talk about it a lot and we don’t have a lot of evidence other than kinesiology to state about it. But we also have a program on for the absorbability of food and the clearing of negative history on food.

Clayten – (1:05:00) Once the food touches the saliva of the person consuming it in an FLFE environment it automatically energizes the food and supports it to be more bioavailable for that body. That’s more technical detail on how it works.

Jeffrey – So we had a question, “Can I ask what my home frequency is at any given time? And no, we’re not able to do that. It is very labor intensive to check the properties. And what we do is three times a week, we mentioned, it’s done in a batch and we’re testing and then if we find there is a property in the batch that’s low, then we go through and find which property is the one that’s not in 560, 98% of the time. So, no, we’re not able to take requests to test the level of consciousness of the individual home. Sorry, we wish there were a way to do that automatically, but it takes the human instrument in order to do that.

Clayten –   If we were to offer that type of service, we would have to charge so much more for the subscription that would be more financially difficult for people, we really make an effort to keep it affordable. So that’s kind of the theme that we’re working with; to try to give you as much value as we can.

Jeffrey – So, Audrey’s asking- “Do FLFE programs mitigate any negative effects from  Hartman – Curry grid lines on properties? That is part of our Geopathic Stress program in we have had different properties come through that we’re not at 560. They were affected negatively by different kinds of grid lines. And so, we have included that in the programs. And the way it works for us is that if  something comes up, if a property comes up on our radar that is not where we expected to be, then we dive into understanding what’s happening there and write the program to mitigate it. So I would say yes at this time with the properties that are currently on the service but tomorrow a new one might come on that has a different kind of Hartman – Curry situation that we would need to write a new program for.

Clayten – Yes, as Jeff said earlier, once you write a program for one property, it automatically will self-regulate for every other property on the service. So, over the years, we’ve probably corrected dozens of geopathic stress influences on properties. And so, it gets easier and easier for the properties to get into the range quicker and quicker now because of all the work we’ve done over the years.

Jeffrey – Kirsten is asking, “We had a very strong electrical storm a few days ago, the thunder sounded like a bomb and the house shook like an earthquake for about 10 seconds. How would the program be affected by this?”  You know, we haven’t done a lot of work with lightning, it’s such a fast phenomenon. I don’t know how it would be affected if it was. It’s such a such a fast phenomenon, it may change the level of consciousness of the property for a period of time or it may not it would be hard to do that kind of research. Any thoughts on that one Clayten?

Clayten – Oh, yeah, I mean, there’s a level of consciousness of the property and then there are the people inside. I’ve had thunder go off directly overhead and had a lightning bolt happen at the same time beside the house where the whole house got lit up and actually, I looked through somebody, it was like, they were in an X-ray and could see their skeleton and everything. I don’t know what the consciousness of the property was but those of us in the house were scared. So, I don’t imagine that it would affect it for very long, but it might rattle the people inside.

Jeffrey – Back to the underground streams, it might be hard to quantify but what depth below the basement foundation was this one scene influenced? Well, in California, the examples we saw were quite a bit below the basement. I mean, these were very large-scale influences based on the movement of water in our aquifers. (1:10:00) And we also saw that on the coast in Florida and other parts of California, where the movement of salt water in a kind of a large circular movement of an aquifer and particularly the addition of salt water and metal in the ground can also cause an influence. So, these can affect whole cities. I mean, they can affect large areas, not just a single property. So, when we have the available energy, we’ll write a program for an entire area rather than just one property in that area, but at other times when we don’t have the available power, for instance, when we just added the EMF Mitigation Program, it took a lot more energy. And we were running quite high in our energy usage. And we had to do some additional work to increase our capacity.

Clayten – Yes, there are many variables in underground streams. There is the quantity of water and the mineralization of water. In fact, we wrote a program for a friend of ours here in Nelson, where there was a spring at the corner of the home that actually hit the foundation, and then ran down the side of the foundation.  And that one room in the house where it ran down, no one wanted to go in that room, they just avoided going in and it took us quite a while to figure it out. Because it was a very unique situation where the spring came out of the ground and hit the foundation, it didn’t go five feet away and start to run down, it actually hit the foundation. So, when we’re writing these programs, you have to be very specific about that unique condition. And so that’s why there are dozens and dozens of these. You can imagine how many variables are in underground streams, then once you have something that comes up, we try to write every other iteration you can imagine for that for a condition like that or something very similar to it. We could talk about geopathic stress for a couple hours.

Jeffrey – Yes, we did a lot of work on those. So, Wendy is asking, “I’m new to this. What do you mean by EMF? And how does that work with FLFE?” If you go to the website, under the Learning Center under for the FLFE programs, there is a section on the EMF mitigation. And there’s quite a bit of detail there about how we define EMFs, it’s electromagnetic fields so its electrical fields and magnetic fields. They’re created by various things. They can be natural; they can be man-made.

What we’re focused on are consciousness lowering EMFs. These are electromagnetic fields that are serving to lower the level of consciousness of an environment. Since we’re focused on consciousness, that’s our definition, and our EMF mitigation program we’ve been speaking about is working with those consciousness lowering EMFs. We’ve discovered that Shungite is very effective for taking out EMF smog which are waveforms, like electromagnetic waves that are from, say, a router, your neighbors’ router, your neighbors, neighbors, neighbor’s router for those cell towers on the other side of town, and they’re all sending waves. And they once they get beyond their distance, they start to break up into pieces. And those little pieces of waves in our environment is what we call fragmented waveforms. It’s also called EMF smog. And that’s just part of the environment that we’re in all the time. Our EMF mitigation program uses Shungite to take that out of the environment. And that’s around a cell phone around the personal object, or for business.

So, the other thing that we discovered early on is that a cell phone is an emitter, it has an antenna in it; it’s receiving, and it’s sending EMFs. And we discovered that if we raise the level of consciousness of that phone the emissions are now not lowering consciousness anymore, and they became positive. (1:15:00) So, we’re using that same principle.

And it’s much like the way we describe how FLFE works, like when you’re holding someone in your mind, say a sister and you’re holding her in your mind, and you’re feeling something for her that is specifying that field. And this answers the latter question and how the technology works. We’re specifying the field with the programs. And in this case, we’re specifying that this uniquely identified cellular device is at 580 on the Hawkins Map. And the way we’re able to create the quantum association with that device, we’re able to then raise any conscious specifying the field conditions. So that’s how the EMF program works. And a little bit about kind of a restating how the service works.

Clayten – We also use the same principle of having an EMF device that emits a consciousness-lowering wave, we use that principal inside the environment where all of the devices that emit EMFs even within a few thousandths of a second to turn them on and off, they are taken to 580 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map. And so, they emit a positive energy now, and I’ve tested this in my home where I have a light and have the EMF mitigation program on it. I turn the light on, and now my body wants to move towards the light instead of moving away from it, because it’s sending out a positive vibration. So, that’s an example, if you are a good kinesiologist you can test that for yourself.

Jeffrey – Judy is on with us now, hi, Judy.

Judy – Thank you for answering. And I know everybody does this, but I too have to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’re doing, and I’m just amazed. I’m on both the home and the cell phone. And my question is about kinesiology. Because I’m trying to utilize that in my life now on a daily basis. And so, I find it a little difficult to do that thing where you hold it close to you and ask the question. So, I’ve been trying to do this one where you position your index finger and your thumb and, you know, I take a moment and I say I’m going to ask a question now. And strong is going to be yes. And weak is going to be no and I asked that way. I wonder if that the correct procedure? I had rather an alarming response the other day I was kind of amazed. So, it was about some multivitamins. I think I said something like is this to my best and highest good to take this vitamin and it was just immediate weak. I mean, it just happened so fast. So, I thought, Well, there you go. I’m not taking that; do you think I’m on the right track with the kinesiology?

Clayten –I’ll start with this. So the premise of kinesiology is that we’re directly connected to Divinity at all times. And that when we are able to talk in the language of the universe, that we can unravel the say, the secrets or the capacity of the universe in its intelligence. And so when you’re forming enquires it’s very important. So, Judy, you said, is this vitamin in the highest and best for my body or something to that effect. So, in that case, you’re actually asking a question and what we need to do is make a declarative statement. We would say this vitamin is beneficial for my body. Yes. So that’s an example where it’s very easy to lapse into asking questions with kinesiology instead of making declarative statements. If you do that long enough, you’ll be able to catch yourself and use a statement. (1:20:00) 

Judy – Gosh, you know, I’ve heard you say that, and I guess it just didn’t really register. I thought I was supposed to ask a question if it was yes or no, but I see what you say.

Clayten – It’s actually you make a declarative statement and see if it’s yes or no, or true or not true and  the reason it works this way, Judy, is the universe is essentially a positive place and it’s just like, if you have a light switch, it’s the light is either on or not on, it’s not off. So, there’s never any off in the universe it’s only on and not on. So, you give it an on question. It responds with an on signal. That’s sort of the theory of it. My kinesiology really improved when I started writing down my inquiries, that’s when I really started to make progress. Because I was looking at those declarative statements that are a type of question they are, you’re asking a question about the vitamin, you’re just asking it in a certain way. And when you begin to write down your inquiries, you’ll see that the level of consciousness of the inquiry or how accurate you’re making the statement effects, the outcome of the test.  It takes time to master it and  I think it’s the greatest discovery that maybe humanities ever made the opportunity to discover truth and it just takes some time.

Judy – Yes, I did experience kinesiology a few years ago, with a healer so I kind of knew a little bit about it. So, I’ll just, I’ll do that. I’ll start writing down my concern and try to make it as correct as I can, and just see what happens.

Clayten – There is a there is a pretty good set of protocols in the back of Dr Hawkins book Power vs Force; second edition.

Judy – Okay, so that said, what do you think about multivitamins?

Clayten – I take one every day. I take a good multi. Yeah, we definitely are pretty good pill takers, I think.

Jeffrey – Yes, I was just going to say, Judy, being relatively new to kinesiology and learning from Clayten I think I’m at a small fraction of the number of calibrations that he’s done. But I found that writing out the statement helps me as well. And that I get very clear about each word in the statement, you know, that I understand what it means. And it’s exactly what I mean it to mean, I  even have to look up the word to make sure that how I’m using it is really appropriate for what I’m trying to discover.

And so, then once each word is well defined, and this is related to how we write the programs as well. So, each word is really well defined in that statement then when you read the statement and test whether you’re strong are not strong then you have eliminated those pieces. We also asked whether we have permission to make the inquiry and we check our polarity by, I state my name, and if it is strong saying my name, my name is, you know, Jeffrey Stegman and I’m weak if I say somebody else’s name, then I know my polarity is right. So those are some other things that we do when we’re testing. So, there’ll be three of us generally on a call, like when we’re testing properties, and we’re all each testing independently. That’s the triad.

Judy – Well, thank you so much for your time. And, you know, once again, of course, for making this change, this huge change in our consciousness. I think you’re pretty amazing people.

Jeffrey – Oh, well, thank you, Judy. We really appreciate your support. And you being with us on this journey.

Clayten – (1:25:00)  How you doing for timing Jeff, do you want to put a five minute limit on it?  Why don’t we take a few more questions and then we can wrap it up? Sure. I’ll leave it up to you, you’re three hours later than I am and I’m 7:30. So I’ll start with some Marketa, “How does this environment affect children and animals?” Typically, it makes children more, I mean there’s been some miracles we’ve had teenagers clean their own room, and where they’ve never cleaned it before. Typically, children are more relaxed, more open to better communicate with each other and the parents. Animals, well Jeff can talk about his animals, they’re just better behaved more relaxed.  Do you have an animal story, Jeff?

Jeffrey – I had a cat that was relatively blind. I mean he just lost his vision over time and once we brought the cell phone to 580 to mitigate the EMFs broadcast by a cell phone. He just loves rubbing on my cell phone. Yeah, he would just find it, even though he’s blind, he would discover where it was. So, I’ve always had great pets that have lasted, very long, healthy lives. Quite a lot of discussion about the gardens and Catherine says “That’s exciting. I can’t wait to see the greenhouse the spring!”. And yes, we’d love to know about that, Catherine, how that goes. And Millie asks, “Does FLFE benefit bugs and pests?” We are working on some additions. They may be separate products. But we would also love to benefit the FLFE subscribers with some additional work around that, but I mean all the energy is available to all life and the plants are much stronger and able to withstand bugs in past we believe, and we’ll prove that out as time goes along with more testing on plants.

Clayten – One of the things that we have in our programs, at the end of the program as we call it a safety valve. And it’s the statement that everything must be done in the highest and best interest of all creation. So, all the requested instructions above be done in the highest and best interest of all creation. So, while we may consider a pest or a bug or a nuisance plant or animal, the universe may not consider it the same thing. So, we can ask for things to happen, make those requests and then at some point, we had to just allow the world to evolve in the way it evolves. And we have tried a mosquito repellent program and it hasn’t worked yet. So, if we can figure it out, we’ll be glad to share it.

Jeffrey – Yeah, Sylvie was asking “what we’re describing about enhanced plant growth that FLFE, wouldn’t that energy be an excellent pollution free fertilizer?”  And yes, we believe that it would be and where we’re working on that. That’s one of the most exciting things for me at this point, is really enhancing the growth of plants and taking this field and using it in areas like that. So, yes, thank you for that.

Clayten – We actually had a little story we had an FLFE subscriber who was involved in the UN and they were trying to promote this the FLFE service to subsistence farmers who soil was not that great because she found such an increase in the plant growth at her home that she thought it would be a way to help the farmers or countries with areas that the food doesn’t grow that well anymore.

Jeffrey – Yes, more to come in the years, we are together on this journey. We’ll see where we go on the plant side. Kathy’s saying “Hi there folks a few of us friends who have FLFE lovingly call her fluffy. We all love her. Thank you for sharing the love.” Yes. Thank you. Kathy

Clayten – Catherine asks, “Does the free trial had the EMF Mitigation on it.”  Yes, yes, it does. She saying she has had great sleep since she turned it on.  (1:30:00)   

Jeffrey – Shiloh is asking, “Speaking of land healing and memory, what are your thoughts on the recent wildfires and can FLFE be used to help heal the trauma in the land in the communities?” I guess it could. It’s certainly a large-scale project. And with the EMF arriving, we do have to watch our energy levels. But it certainly would be helpful for people to use their PIFs in areas where there have been fires, and there’s trauma there. And we’re certainly open to service projects. So, at this point, the majority of our energy is still being used for service projects. So, we’re always going open to that. Send in an email to your contact in the office, whoever you work with, and just let them know that you’d be interested in participating in something like that. And you would be willing to work and help us develop some coordinates and things like that. That is something that could happen in the future. And it partially also depends on what’s going on for us. What else is on the plate at that time. “On a side note, I have a subscription in my home sincerely feels like a sanctuary. Thank you both for all you do”.

Clayten – Well, Patricia is asking, “Can we designate a townhome or state for the FLFE service?” And it’s basically if it’s a latitude-longitude, it would 500 meters around Jeff, I think we expanded it I can’t remember. So, it is a radius of the area, but it doesn’t cover a whole state or city or town just because of the amount of energy it would use. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how large the bandwidth is on some of the services because as we get more power, we make them larger up to a certain point.  Mandy asks, “Is this webinar available on the website?” Yes, it is, Mandy, it will be put in a couple of days.

Jeffrey – Well, I think would be good to wrap it up, let’s have a little summary, I’ll let you go and follow it up.

Clayten – One of the highlights of the webinars for me, is certainly hearing from those of you who have the service on your properties, or your cell phone. I enjoy hearing the stories about how it’s a positive influence in your life. And we’re also very welcome and open to hearing the stories of people that don’t necessarily feel it. If you don’t feel the service, it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. We’re not into that type of thinking, where we make somebody else wrong for their own experience. We do encourage you to look at other ways to notice the service such as the plants or animals in the environment or other people. But we’re certainly not going to make anyone wrong for their experience. Jeff and I joke usually before the webinars that we had to find new and creative ways to avoid doing webinars because there’s so much research probably 10 or 15 hours each just on vitamin D. We could have gone deeper and talked about the level of consciousness of different research theories on vitamin D, different articles and explain those. And it just gets to the point where it becomes difficult with everything else we have on the go, but I just want to say that your participation with us especially the people we talk to makes it all worthwhile So with that I’ll close Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yes, I would second that emotion. I’m so grateful for all of you and for your participation with us in the webinars, and emails, and phone calls, and on the Facebook group. It’s just really wonderful to be in this community and I’m so glad to be on this journey with you.(1:35:00) Yes the webinars are work but it’s lovely to hear from you and it’s great to connect in this way. Yes, so take a look at your vitamin D levels; it’s been a revelation for us to see how all of it is connected to the magnesium. And the hydration is connected I just found out today that if we’re dehydrated that we’re often low in magnesium that may be some kind of flush out as it’s a hydrophilic mineral. And that magnesium and vitamin D are connected as well. So, take good care of yourself. And we’re grateful to have you with us. And with that, I’ll close.