Optimizing Health in the FLFE High Consciousness Environment  

March 9, 2017

(0:00) Erin – Welcome to our FLFE, webinar, Focused Life Force Energy and today we get to talk about optimizing health in the FLFE field. Thank you for joining us tonight. It’s a pleasure to be here with you and be here talking with Jeffrey and Clayten, who are founders of Focused Life Force Energy. They’re here to tell us about optimizing health and answer any questions. So, if you would like to ask a question, anytime you’d like to ask a question, please just look over to your chat area, type in your question. And then I’ll go ahead and translate the question to them. So be as clear as possible, please, we love your participation. So, don’t hold back on the questions. That’s why we’re here. We’re here for you. And we’re very glad to be here. So, without holding back any further, I’ll go ahead and introduce Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Hi, my name is Jeffrey Stegman. Good to meet you. Thanks for being on the webinar with us tonight. Glad to have your presence and your questions. And we’ll talk a bit about health and optimizing health and some tips for that within the FLFE field.  

Clayten – And I am Clayten Stedmann. Welcome to our webinar. Thank you for your participation. We look forward to answering your questions. And I think we’ll have some interesting discussions tonight. 


Jeffrey – Well, in discussing health or optimizing health in the FLFE high consciousness field, we probably should talk a little bit about what is FLFE and how does it work and what are some of the things in the field that are beneficial for health. So many of you are on the Free Trial and you may also be Subscribers. So as the FLFE energy has come on in your home or business or perhaps around your portable FLFE Personal Object. You may have noticed more energy; more a feeling of greater personal energy. People notice that in their ability to concentrate and focus and just also getting more done in a day. So, one of the benefits of a high consciousness field is more energy available for each one of us.  Clatyen do you want to talk for a minute about how we measure consciousness and why we say it’s a high consciousness field? 


Clatyen – Yes, thanks Jeff – there are many ways of measuring consciousness. One of our main tools is the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. It’s a Scale of Consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins and he used advanced kinesiology or a specialization within that called consciousness kinesiology.  The scale is from one to infinity, or God or the Creator or Divinity would calibrate at an infinite level, the human realm is from zero to one thousand which would be Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, and that scale is logarithmic. So, we’ll be talking about numbers this evening. Just for a quick reference 200 is integrity 500 is love, 600 is peace, 700 is enlightenment. So, we’ll be coming back and talking about that scale a lot because it’s very fundamental to understanding the FLFE high consciousness field. 


Jeffrey – So the high consciousness FLFE field comes in, literally about five minutes after you start the Free Trial, or began a Subscription. And in North America, the average property is 420 on the Hawkins map. And within five minutes on the FLFE service properties go 560, that’s the minimum level. So, each point upwards from 420 to 560 is 10 times more energy present in a location. So, it’s a huge amount of energy that’s increased and available to you. The human body, our whole entire system, which is more, of course, than just our physical body is, is using all sorts of different sources of energy.  (5:00) Clayten do you want to talk a little bit about the sources of energy that we use, you’ve done some research in that area. 


Clatyen – Yeah, thanks, Jeff. So, there are three primary places that we get our energy from. And this is something that I learned in an Eastern-based philosophy many years ago. And we’ve kind of found it in multiple different traditional spiritual studies. So, it’s always a good sign when you see it in different places. For those of you haven’t heard it before, the research that we’ve confirmed is that about 65% of our energy comes from the air. So that is not only the oxygen and other elements in the air, but it’s the prana or chi, different cultures call it different things. There is an aspect of life force energy in that of course. And we’ll come back and talk about the Programs we have to help bring in more chi to the body.  Or more prana. And about 20% of the energy we get is from the food. Now, many of us think that almost all of our energy comes from the food and we certainly notice it if we don’t eat or overeat. But our research says about 20% is from the food. We’ve heard that from many different places… that will depend on your diet, of course, and about 15 % comes from the magnetic forces of the earth. And so, we have Programs to enhance the bio optimization of food and increase our ability to ground or connect with the earth. And we’ll come back and talk about those probably just a few minutes. 


Jeffrey – It’s really interesting that the smaller percentage comes from food. I mean, we think that it all comes from food. But it’s, it’s really interesting, like, if you do breathe exercises, like deep breathing or rapid breathing, you know, the energy that comes into the body is like, is an indication of that energy coming in through the air. 


Clayten – For some reason, the Paramahansa Yogananda is coming to mind in his Kriya Yoga, he’s one of the integrous spiritual teachers who focuses a lot on breathing. And he has a discipline around that, that’s quite a good one, I’ve looked at how much energy you can get to the body in the shortest amount of time to kind of maintain yourself. So, I was looking at optimizing things. The pattern that I’ve seen that’s the most effective takes about 15 minutes a day. And that can really make a difference in your energy just over a 24- hour period. So, it doesn’t have to be hours of breathing. But, you know, we could talk about these things, each one of them for a whole evening, so I won’t go into that. But yeah, it does, of course, depend on your food, the amount of energy you get from food. I don’t think Hostess Twinkies fit into the top 10% of all food. 


Jeffrey – That brings up the other interesting piece about what percentage of our food, of what we put into our mouth is actually food for our bodies. You can use the Hawkins Map to measure on a parallel scale and one is the appropriateness of food for you personally. And so, you can measure that using kinesiology and, it’s a relatively low percentage, that’s the average amount of what we put into our bodies is actually food or above 200 in nourishing for our bodies. But, let’s talk about energy for a minute. So why we’re bringing all these sources of energy into the discussion about health is that the body has an Innate Intelligence that governs the entire system, and uses the available resources to do projects in the body, like healing projects, repairs, if you injure yourself, or get damaged somewhere in your body, or have accidentally taken something that’s not good for you. So, the body is using this Innate Intelligence, or the Innate Intelligence is governing what happens in the body. And the more energy that comes in that is available to that system, the more work that can be done.  It’s like you have a checking account, and you can use it to do renovations on your house. And so, there’s this reservoir of energy that comes in with the FLFE field that is 10 to the 140th power, more energy available. So, the body’s Innate Intelligence starts to work with this, and all sorts of things accelerate in the body, and on the health side. But again, it’s the body doing it, our Innate Intelligence doing it(10:00) So that’s the first and major benefit of being in a high consciousness field. And that can be any high consciousness field, people travel throughout the planet going on sacred journeys and pilgrimages to holy places. And one of the things they’re looking for is healing and being in a high consciousness field accelerates natural healing. Anything else on that one Clayten? 


Clayten – Yeah, we could spend more time on each of these details that the body typically will heal from the inside out and from the head down. So that’s part of the Innate Intelligence that’s set up the mechanical process of it, we’re going to talk about the health Programs we have later, and we have many ways to support the body using this energy in such a way that you don’t go into a healing crisis. So, when we talk about a healing crisis, a little bit later, and we’ll talk about ways you can support your body to receive the energy and utilize it fully because we have a part to play in how the body manages that abundance that’s coming in. And I do really like the metaphor of having a check that you can write to do a renovation, that’s one of my favourite metaphors. 


Jeffrey – So there’s the energy in the air, which is, the prana or chi that’s much more prevalent in FLFE or any other high consciousness environment. But as Clayten mentioned, there’s also grounding which connects us to the earth. And because there is all this available energy in the FLFE field, we’re able to instruct or help the body to connect to the earth – support the body in connecting to the earth and grounding and there are all sorts of health benefits to grounding. You know, the modern person who’s wearing rubber-soled shoes is not necessarily connected to the earth. And some people believe that charges can build up and you need to sort of discharge. So, the grounding in an FLFE environment is about 95% of standing barefoot in the dirt.  And so that’s quite a lot of grounding. So that does connect you as Clayten said, to the Earth’s magnetic field. And that’s another source of energy for you. We want to just talk briefly about when we said Programs, what we meant by that. 

So, the FLFE system is a machine. It’s based on a device that was created that is bringing in these subtle energies through input stacks, and then concentrating that energy into a location on the device. And in that location, we put written Programs and those are bringing vibration or information into the field. The machine itself is connected to the house or property anywhere on the planet through a quantum entanglement or association that happens when a legal address or coordinates is actually in the field of the device itself. So, the instructions are information, they’re references, they’re assistance to the body, resources for the body and for the Innate Intelligence to do very specific healing projects using the available energy. Do you want to talk more about any of those Clayten? 


Clayten – Sure. Let’s go back to grounding for a moment, I’ve seen a few comments here about grounding. And because we’ve evolved as a species on this earth there is a natural relationship we have with the planet. And if we imagine if we were brought up in a different gravity environment, there would be different magnetic and other forces that we would utilize to develop ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, so there is an importance of grounding to the earth. And in our way of measuring, it just as Jeff said is 95%. (15:00) The other thing we haven’t talked about yet, Jeff around the Programs is the principle of entrainment, you’re probably going to get to that. So, the thought forms are supporting the Innate Intelligence of the body. So, what we found is that if we just send positive loving energy, say, into an environment, the body’s Innate Intelligence will use that energy to assist its regeneration. And with the principle of entrainment when we send high consciousness thought forms into an environment and we always test them on ourselves first. So, nothing that you’ve experienced will be anything that Jeff and I haven’t tested first, then we have various stages of beta testing that we go through. These Programs will actually save the technology a lot of energy, that’s one of the reasons why we write them because it seems the more truthful and clear the potential that we put into the field at all times, the less energy it takes for the person to utilize it. So, there is a benefit for us, because we can use the available energy that is left over from the cleanliness of that program, the cleaner or higher conscious it is the easier for the body it is to access a specific need. And so that’s a little more kind of granularity on the type of entrainment that we do.  That’s part of reason why we make such an effort to write clearly, because it just does not use as much energy, which helps us do more service work and have more programs on and then when the body does want to access it then it’s really supported by a really clean experience. 

And I thought I should maybe talk about a food program, while we’re on the subject, we have a Program written for food, where as soon as the food or anything you put in your mouth touches your saliva, the food is automatically energized, or bio optimized for your particular body. That program at one point took 1% of the entire energy of the machine. So, we could only put it on 100 customers if we had nothing else. And so, we can only have it in a small beta test and had a lot of power upgrades, so we could put it into the machine. And we’re working on sharing all of these programs with you. And in the different services, it’s just that we’re just getting it all organized, and trying to get the dates that when they went on, because there are many, many things that we do have, that you might not know about what we tend to go back to is supporting you to trust your own experience, and to trust yourself so that you are empowered by your relationship with us whether or not you continue to be a customer. And of course, we want to provide you more and more detail about the potential that’s available. But we do want you to come back to the place of trusting yourself. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, I like the way you put it as potential in the field, you know, its resources, its information, and its potential that the body can use or not use it, it’s not affecting free will, the body’s Innate Intelligence can take that information, it’s almost like having a library of reference books there for the body to use for healing. So, the body can use it when appropriate as it wishes. And it doesn’t affect free will. But it’s a great resource for us to use. We have several other Programs that are part of the system. And as we mentioned, there’s energy as Clayten said, we’re bio optimizing the food. So, more energy can come in through the food for the body to use, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed into the system. And the same is true for water. I mean, water fits in that same category. And it was interesting. Clayten and I were working on a project and we were measuring the amount of water that we needed at that particular time with programs that we had, and what our bodies were healing. And it was, I think, was a very large amount of water was like five litres or five or six liters. At the time, you’re struggling to drink that much water. And, and once we put on this optimization for water absorption into the body and into the cells into the cell membranes as well. (20:00) And it’s decreasing the surface tension of the water and some structuring of the water, then the amount of water that we calculated that Clayten needed went down to three liters. So, this became a much more manageable level. So, you know, a lot of this is practical, and we’re trying to make it easier for people to drink enough water. I mean, it’s so important to drink water when you’re in a high consciousness field. Even if you are praying, or you’re in a yoga class, and you’re doing some deep praying work, or you’re  working with the healer, or you go to a meditation class of  some sort, be sure to drink plenty of water, because any high consciousness field means the body’s starting to use that energy to do healing. Healing means water is needed for the metabolic processes, and also to take care of the waste products. So just watch for those signs that you’re well hydrated, and just keep drinking. Erin, are there any questions that pop up on these specific subjects? The grounding perhaps? 


Erin – Yes, we’ve got a couple of questions on grounding.  I have some comments saying that they didn’t know that about the grounding. That’s awesome. Also, can we just clarify, Home and Mobile are different? And currently grounding is on the home environment?   


Jeffrey – Yes, that’s true. So just to be clear, we do have Home, Business and  Non-profit are our stationary, you could say Subscriptions. And then we spent a lot of time traveling. And we realize we missed the field, we missed being in our home environment. So, we created a way to take  FLFE with us. And at first, we used crystals. And we discovered that if we took a very high-resolution photograph, in good light, that we could put that into the programs and create a high consciousness field around those. And that’s when we created FLFE Mobile which is what it is called now; it’s going to change its name to FLFE Everywhere very shortly. And so, in this case, you have a mobile or a movable object that you can take with you at any speed in the car, in the plane or to work. And it creates a 300-foot-high consciousness field around it. And then the field gets higher and higher as it gets closer to you. And within four feet of the object is where all the Programs and all the extra information that we’ll talk about that are in this portable, FLFE field is within four feet, and that’s where we’re at 570 now, is that right Clayten? (Yeah) And then healing and in consciousness around that, that four- foot area. But grounding to the earth, you know, as you might imagine, is more difficult when you’re moving. So right at this point in time, we’re not adding grounding but that could change in the future, you know, maybe perhaps up to a certain speed. 

So, what we’re doing particularly in the stationary, home, and business fields is a clearing function. And that clearing function works to clear all of the negative energetic history of the property, and of the building of the objects on the property and moves that into the earth in a beautiful way. And, that’s an interesting thing too, because that previous history can be a negative effect. And it can kind of pull on your energy.  Clayten would you like to say more about that?  It’s kind of an interesting effect. And then what that effect on us is in a negative field like that. 


Clayten – Yeah, it is an interesting subject, we have a lot of spiritual devotees on our service naturally, because we’re talking about raising consciousness. And some of them have suggested that their level of consciousness is high enough that they don’t need the service. And the way that we’ve responded to that recently, is that if you’re a positive person in an environment, you’re sending out a loving, radiant energy, we’re always reading energy all the time, of course, but when you’re in a negative environment, you’re giving up some of your energy to compensate for the environment. (25:00) So even if you have a relatively high level of consciousness, and we would suggest that you at least try the mobile service if you’re traveling a lot, so that you can experiment with the sensation and the experience and really the experience in your body and your own knowingness of what it takes for you to be in an environment and maintain yourself at your best. And so if you are a practitioner of some type or a spiritual devotee, and you’re building up the energy of your building increasing your positivity, you can save more in your positivity bank, if you will, by not having to give it up in an environment that costs you to be in. And it does cost us it’s just a matter of how much energy and attention. It just takes attention when you’re in a really negative place, you always have to be I mean, Jeff uses the metaphor; if you’ve ever walked into an old battlefield or an old prison, I was in an old prison once in the Middle East. And there was a very low consciousness area in one particular area, and I actually had to get out of it really quickly. I mean, I possibly could have stayed there and tried to work with that energy. But I thought it was best to just come out of it. And it would have required all my attention, and maybe more to maintain myself in the lowest of the spots. But even then, in the places that weren’t that low, they were prisons and people were probably killed there and people suffer, there’s a lot of grief and trauma and shock, and it just took a lot of attention to stay present. And so, I would rather spend my energy on trying to evolve than trying to compensate for a negative environment. So that’s the opportunity that the FLFE everywhere service provides, or even the other environments of course. 


Jeffrey – So it’s interesting, the portable services, we say that it doesn’t do the type of clearing that we do with the home and business which is a permanent clearing, but it does create this high consciousness field around you. So now you don’t have to, as Clayten said, kind of make up for that deficit because you’re in that 570 field all around you all the time. But as soon as you move away, that place goes low again if that’s its inclination, or that’s its history, and some of it can be geological structures that are there and some are historical, as we said, and, it’s really interesting, we had a customer where they had a place that felt pretty good, and then every once in a while, wouldn’t feel good. And it was like a periodic thing, that was happening. And we were able to check in on it and discover that there was a kind of an ancient battle in that area. And, that apparently some of the people that were in that battle had gotten killed and didn’t know they were killed. And we’re kind of moving through the property. And so, we’re able to make some program adjustments for things that we see that happen and geopathic stress is, as we said, a geological or can be caused by water moving or electricity moving, and it can create a low environment and that you must generate energy to overcome. So, we were able to compensate for those. And occasionally we’ll find one. We haven’t seen before and have to write it a new program for it. But so that’s another whole interesting area. Any questions coming up on this? 


Clayten – Somebody asked if they’re using a grounding pad right now underneath their desk, as well as a sheet on their bed so they think that they may not really need these devices with FLFE is that correct? No. I would say continue to use them because there are various conditions, things are always moving are always fluctuating. So, I think I’m familiar with the products, she’s talking about this is Susan, so I would continue to use those Susan if you can get another 3% or 4% or 5% there may be a minor geopathic stress zone in your home. (30:00) So, you might not get a full 95% grounding so if you have those earthing pads or sheets, absolutely continue to use those. We’ve actually experimented in our office with having things on our wrist and plugging them into the ground and the wall. we’re experimenting right now to see if we can find a way to get a little more grounding. So, use whatever you can to get as much as you can. 


Jeffrey – Yes, and there was another question about using FLFE Mobile or the portable field, it will support you in a negative environment. As we said, you’ve got this kind of consciousness field around you which just sort of, raises the level of consciousness or the energy right around you, that won’t benefit the person in the next office or down the hall, they’ll get some benefit, because there’s a 300 foot field, the 570 field, which is around four feet around you. And that’s where the Programs are, which we’ll talk a little more about that in a minute.  Any other questions there? 


Clayten – Yes, Susan said 20% of the energy comes from the food, regardless of the quality, I think we addressed that, that depends on the quality of the food, of course, and water is our most important food Susan that’s worth saying, I noticed up above, you said, you drink 32 ounces in the morning. That’s one of the things that Jeff and I have found is when we get up in the morning, if we drink a liter and a half of water that’s about optimal for me, it seems most of my hydration for the day is taken care of. And then for the rest of the day, it’s just easy to stay in a well-hydrated place. So that’s a really good lifestyle habit Susan. 


Jeffrey – Yes. So, no clearing on Mobile. That is true. At this point, you know, it could change in the future. But for the foreseeable future, there’s no permanent clearing that occurs with Mobile. So that was one of the questions – community garden if I’m understanding that Susan, did you put on the community garden?  So, one of the things that we do is we allow people to put on a religious or spiritual organization, it’s a part of our giving back, one of the things that you’ll see on the website is that the whole FLFE service and the invention of it was really around raising consciousness. And Clayten and I used it to do service work in the world. And we look for places on the planet that were lever points, that if you raise that point, that whole continent might start to go up. And for all of 2012, we did that type of work. And so, when we created FLFE we saw that a business was the best way that we could find to take this out into the world to really take it out into millions of people. But what we wanted to do in keeping that service orientation was to give away a free subscription with each one that is purchased. And it’s for a religious or spiritual organization. But we do allow certain things occasionally. And I think what you’re talking about. Susan was when you called into the office, they allowed you to use this community garden – I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re saying. And so, it is a slightly different energy than what’s in your home in that it’s lower in consciousness. So, it’s still very high, it’s still 540, we call that our FLFE Service Wave, it’s at the level where people don’t need to be notified because the water hydration level is not as intense as it is at 560. So that’s what we use for our Service Projects. And that’s what would be used in the garden. And I think you’re going to get really good results with that garden. We’ve got some botanists on the service that have seen some really good results with plants because the plants are also drawing from that environmental energy like we are. 


Clayten – Yes. And just to talk about a little bit more about the Home, Business and Non-profit Subscriptions. There’re three primary types of Programs. The first is clearing; the metaphor we use often is if you want to paint your home, you want to clean the walls down first so you’re not painting over dirt. And so, it clears out the negative history in the air and on the land. And then the next series of Programs is energizing. So, we add lots of positive energy to the area. And then the third level of programs are enhancements. And so in the enhancements, our Programs such as the bio optimization of food,  adding all of the possibilities we can with the technology to increase the availability of water, the hydration ability and its other characteristics, we have things such as sleep, there are all types of Programs we have, and we will eventually have them on the website so you can have the chart in front of you if you have a question about that. (35:00) So, it’s just to give you a sense of what is on the Home Subscription, Home Business and Non-profit. And we have many Programs as well on the Mobile. It’s just that the amount of energy it takes for right now the Mobile or portable FLFE takes about 20 times the amount of power as a Home Business owner or Non- profits Subscription approximately, it depends on how many people are going into the business and what the history of the land is, or the building. But for us to put a clearing program on Mobile, that would take over 1000 times the amount of power than a Home Subscription would take. And we just don’t know if it’s possible to have that amount of power being used for that purpose. 


Jeffrey – We’ve recently added a Learning Center onto the website. And there you can find a list of the Programs, particularly the health Programs that are on the Home Subscriptions and on the Mobile. So, we can talk about those a little bit now. And again, these are resources, information potential, that is in the field that the body’s Innate Intelligence can use for healing with its own free will. So, one of those is really interesting, it’s what we call Anti-Stagnation. So, one of the things that we came across in our research was that part of health is having the body’s natural energies flowing. So, once you get this energy into the body, it’s how does it flow through the body and Chinese medicine does a lot of work with this. And a diagnosis is often due to a place where energy is blocked and not flowing to a particular organ or part of the body. So, this Anti-Stagnation Program is like gentle acupressure. And it just keeps the subtle energies flowing into the body. And that’s really important for health to make sure that everything’s getting this energy flowing to it. So that was something that’s both on Home and on Mobile. So that’s an interesting one, Immune System support is another it’s on both services, it’s important for us to stay healthy and functional and going about our lives, keeping our immune systems, you know, in all the environments that we live in. And with different influences, the immune system can sometimes be compromised, and just being in a high consciousness field is helpful. But we’re also adding additional immune support. 


Clayten – So, the entrainment principle is that the potential is always available. And when the body requires or could use assistance for the immune system, it’s right there. It has immediate access to it. And so, the body’s intelligence has a way of associating with the quantum entanglement as Jeff said, to immediately receive what it needs without having to expend as much of its own energy, it doesn’t diminish the Innate Intelligence, it doesn’t diminish your capacity to be self-regulated, it just makes it easier so that you don’t have to spend as much energy and you can use that energy for something else because energy is the currency of life. And so, it just frees up energy. I was thinking earlier, Jeff, that it’s similar to my experience of taking digestive enzymes. When I was doing research into optimizing our own health, I was exploring digestive enzymes, and the way that it was explained to me was that when you take a digestive enzyme with a meal, it leaves that energy in your body to do other things, because digestion is the most energy consuming process in the body. And so digestive enzymes are a way of leaving that energy in the body for it to do its own repairs. And given some of the environments we live in some of the food choices we are making, or have made in the past, or some of the other lifestyle choices we make. Having the body with as much energy reserves as possible is going to increase our quality of life.(40:00) 


Jeffrey – Yeah, it is really important how energy is for us, and there’s so many other parts of our body and our systems that are important, you know, in a really kind of global way for ourselves. And one of those is our GI tract. So, as Clayten was saying part of it is the absorption of food and the how much energy it takes to digest the food in order to bring into our bodies and, and the bacterial flora in our guts is an important part of helping us to break things down. And using less energy in that process. Until that healthy balance in our system is really essential in a lot of ways. And it’s really interesting, it even seems to affect consciousness. And the way we see the world and our moods are can be really affected by the flora in our system. So, the GI tract, we have a GI Tract Program for both the Home, Business and Non-profit, as well as the movable Mobile service, or FLFE Everywhere. So, that is, again, supporting the body to have the resources that are needed to create a healthy GI tract. 


Clayten – So many of you are probably familiar with something called Candida. And so, we have a Candida Balancing Program, we know that there are different types of bacteria in different parts of the GI tract bifidis for example, in the lower GI tract near the ascending colon. And so, we don’t make health claims, but we do our research. And what we do is we test the level of consciousness of different books or different teachings, and we reference those in our Programs or will pull a little bit out of one teaching and put together with another. So, we have these very high consciousness Programs that have unusually high degrees of truth, it’s not that we understand all of these things, because some fields are very, very in depth. I mean,  in just the GI tract alone, there are people who specialize in gastrointestinal issues for a lifetime. But what we do claim is that we can measure the truth of the perceptions and include those truths in the programming, so that when the body’s Innate Intelligence is looking for the information or grabbing that potential, it’s just as clean as possible, and it’s going to take as little energy as possible for the body to access that and to have that support. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, that’s a really interesting concept, that we can have an environment that has everything the body needs, you know, so what’s restraining us from healing in our normal lives, and part of it does seem to be a lack of energy, a lack of resources that we need, a lack of information, but we know the body’s Innate Intelligence can heal, and it can heal in a miraculous way, where there are healings that don’t seem possible to our normal way of thinking. So, we know the potential is there for the Innate Intelligence to do that. And so, our vision at FLFE is the support of the optimal conditions for human evolution. And that includes the human evolution of the body. So, by providing this energy and providing this potential or this information there for the body, we hope to clear the restraints for the body to evolve to its highest potential. No guarantees, though. 


Clayten – It’s interesting, we do talk a lot about health, it seems. And the purpose of that is to free the mind from being preoccupied with the physicality aspect of what we are. And if the body’s at peace and the mind is free from pain and suffering related to the physical body, then it provides a platform for the spirit to soar. And that’s about raising our consciousness. And we believe in mastering the basics and having a healthy, vital, pain-free disease-free body is a place to stay. (45:00) And we like to come back to the basics, a lot, it’s an ongoing journey for myself, as well, I’ll speak for me in that, I’m getting a little older, and there are a few injuries that didn’t quite heal at the time. So, I’m having to go back and get that last bit. Because sometimes, you know, your grandpa, when the weather changed, he’d get that kink in his knee. And, and so as we get older, it becomes more important to deal with these issues. And to try to have a complete as possible healing process so that there’s not a cumulative effect and a degeneration of our quality of life, which is in many ways we could call it our consciousness. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, it was interesting in our focus on raising consciousness and raising in our own personal levels of consciousness, and sort of working through what’s restraining us, health does get in the way and can be a restraint to rising in consciousness. And so that’s how we came to this health segment of FLFE or, sort of focus that we have. And that’s the focus of our call tonight is to talk about that. But of course, it’s one piece of rising in consciousness and clearing up your environment and having that support of energy; that high consciousness support, which supports all the pieces of us to also rise in consciousness, including those shadow pieces that we’d rather weren’t there and don’t want anybody to see. And, you know, there are pieces of us that would love to rise as well. And FLFE is support for that to occur. 


Erin – So, we have a question from Charlene. She signed up for the Free Trial and she received an email saying that her property was in the range. So, she’s asking, are we measuring each one and how often?  


Jeffrey – In the beginning, we measured everyone, and we got to the point where we just couldn’t do that anymore. So, we do it in batches.  We would look at the batch level and then we would use kinesiology to measure what percentage are at the level that we expect. And so that’s the way we go about it, we’re just not able to do individual levels. But so what we’ll do, you know, we’ll do a batch and the method is you would look for something that was off, and then you would segment it by – whether it’s by alphabetical to try to locate where the where that property that’s off and then occasionally, we’ll find something where a geopathic stress that we haven’t found before. Or someone will notice that something doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t feel like I expected it. So, your perception is most important,  you have a finely tuned human instrument of truth and of consciousness. And you can feel low and high. And, you know, the specific energy, there are different levels of sensitivity to it. But if you are in a low consciousness or high consciousness place, you can feel it. So, trust yourself, we encourage that. And if you feel something’s off, be sure to reach out to us. But meanwhile, we’re doing batches and it does happen, I wouldn’t say on a regular basis. But we’re trying to keep on top of a large number of subscribers coming on and off. 


Clayten – Yes, Jennifer asked, how would you describe ether, I think, prana or chi, and the principle of entrainment would be a way of describing ether. Jennifer, there are philosophical teachings that I’ve read called the Nine Grades of Ether where they really get into detail about what ether is. And I don’t think we have time to cover that tonight. But there are a lot of correlations between the technology that we have in the environment that we support you to be in, and an understanding of ether, and how to have the optimal ether environment around you. We don’t use the word ether, because it’s not a commonly used term in our society. And yet it’s very much what we’re doing. (50:00) 


Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s interesting to discover ether and read about it after the research that we’ve done. And the development of FLFE to see the parallels. It’s really is an interesting area. I did have a question from Lorna asking about if the coordinates are used, does it know if its second-floor ground floor? The FLFE system and the Programs are looking at the legal address. If it’s a legal address, then it’s looking to the boundaries that are in the courthouse that define the property and the energy goes out to those to those boundaries. With coordinates, it creates a radius around the coordinates. Now, that’s assuming ground level, and the radius is around the ground level coordinates. So, it cannot tell if you are using first-floor or second- floor coordinates. So, we don’t encourage coordinates, unless there’s no other way like your address is really not found for some reason, because really, everyone at the coordinate within that bubble will be in the FLFE field and there’s an obligation to let people know that they need to drink more water. So that’s something if you are using coordinates, and you are on the second floor, and yet there are people on your first floor, give us a call at the office and let’s talk about it and talk about how to handle that. Because, it’s not dangerous, but there is that obligation. We want to have people have a really good experience and have the maximum health benefit, they can have by drinking water. So that’s something to come and talk to us about if you have any concerns about that. We have some posters that we’ve developed, that we’re in the process of developing, that you can post in a workplace that encourages people to drink more water. That’s one way that works. I’ve done that in my workplace, there are posters everywhere about drinking more water. There are things you can do. But we all have a responsibility to let people know if they’re in the full FLFE Field. It’s different from the service field, which does not have that requirement. 


Clayten – Yes, we believe there’s a way of measuring the level of consciousness of the frequency, you can send out before you’re required to let people know. And so, at 540 out of a thousand on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, it’s permissible to send the wave out and not let people know that it is there in the environment. But at a certain level of consciousness, 550 or above, there is an obligation or responsibility to let people know they’re in a high consciousness field. And as Jeff said, water is a part of that because, in a high consciousness field like these pilgrimage sites that people go to, there are experiences that there is an increase in positive cellular regeneration, because the body has the energy and it’s doing what it knows to do, and that’s to heal. So that’s our that’s kind of a little more explanation about free will, and how it relates to the sending out of the frequency and the various levels of consciousness and what each level requires in terms of the responsibility for managing that level of consciousness or stewarding it 


Jeffrey – Yeah, I see that Susan called the office and got some advice about that. So, that’s great. It’s why we are structured the way we are, we’ve got an office that’s open at least five days a week in Pacific time, right around nine to six Pacific time. So, you can call in there with questions that you have or email us at contact@flfe.net.  And there’s lots of information on the website. The Learning Center has quite a bit of new information, all the webinars are being posted there. And then we also have radio and podcasts interviews that we’ve done in the past and they are on the website and in the Learning Center. (55:00) So, lots of good information in there as well. Feel free to look to the website. I see Elizabeth had a question. 


Clayten – Yeah, I’m just noticing Elizabeth’s question – “Is negative energy more than negative feelings or emotions?”  Well, negative energy can be caused, it certainly would include and transcend negative feelings and emotions. Negative energy could be a negative thought, which the thought is a precursor to feelings and emotions. And negative history is simply the accumulation of that negativity. So, in the office that I’m sitting in, there’s drywall on the walls. Most of us have drywall in our homes. And it’s made of crushed rock in a slurry that has paper on each side of it. And that crushed rock is a form of crystal that most of us don’t think about our world that way. But they are rock, and they are crystal, to some degree, maybe not the type of crystal we might think of a lot of us think of clear quartz or something like that. 

And these walls hold energy, and they hold a history of the presence of the people within the environment. And in some parts of the world there are hundreds of years of history in the buildings that are built to a different standard, like the old buildings in Europe, some of them are 1000 years old, and so you have all that history in that environment and the FLFE wave is programmed in such way does not displace positive energy, it only displaces negative energy, so you won’t be losing anything, it will actually help some of the positive history contained any environment to emerge so that you can experience it better. And we had a gentleman, Ashutosh who asked about the extreme example of, of a prison. And he said, how about being in an office that has a much lower consciousness, all the competition, and frustration? That’s very true, there’s a default for many people in business, that and of course, the other things that you need to compete to get ahead. And of course, we do often have other people who sell a similar product, but people do get carried away with competition. And I think most of us have been an environment where we’ve seen two people doing something, and maybe it was us that was one of them. And the competition, part of the experience got way ahead of any rational reason for us doing it. So, when you’re in an environment where the people are under stress, they have large quotas to sell, they have a lot of responsibilities. You know, companies are managed by imperfect people. They’re staffed by imperfect people, and there are growing pains. And it’s a continually evolving environment. And it can be stressful at times, and it probably is for almost all of us, if not all of us. So, it’s a very practical way of supporting a more productive work environment and a more congenial atmosphere to have an FLFE service on in that environment. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, it really does make a difference in a business. I’ve experienced that personally. We had a quick question from Elizabeth. Yes, it is true if your home is on and the business is on the FLFE program, all the floors are on the service. So, the entire property is that the 560. Now there was another question Jennifer had about doing some manifesting process that she does. Is it boosted if you have the mobile FLFE within the home? And that’s an interesting question. Now, normally, we would say no, the Home field, though, is at 560 and the Mobile field within four feet is at 570.  So, there is a boost of sorts of having a mobile object or FLFE Everywhere object with you while you’re doing a manifesting process like that. So, it’s interesting yet, thanks for that question. 


Clayten – Yes, in a higher consciousness environment, your capacity to manifest is increased. And so that’s why we created the Magnetizing Process, we did research on the process of manifestation and looked at different techniques out there and created one that is very high consciousness. (1:00:00) And, you know, it’s a gift from us to you. And we find it very helpful when we do it. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, we had an interesting question about healing or people that are doing healing work, where they’re at a higher level of consciousness. And, you know, it’s interesting, it seems that the optimal level for doing healing work is 700. It’s a level that people go to very often because it’s needed for healing work. And it doesn’t seem to be as taxing, it’s going higher. So, the FLFE field is at a minimum of 560 and it will fluctuate from there. And we have some instances where it’s 580, 590 so what it is in your individual place where you’re doing your healing, for instance, if you have an office or a treatment area where you’re doing the healing, the energy might be much higher in that in that place. And plus, as you bring the energy up to 700, or wherever you go, personally, you’re supported by the ambient FLFE field to make that much easier process. Do you have more about that Clayten because you have a lot of experience going to those levels. 


Clayten – Yes, there was a perception that the higher your level of consciousness is while you’re doing your work, the better the work you can do. And although that’s true on one level, it’s also important as a practitioner to build and maintain yourself. And so, as you become a more seasoned practitioner, and more experienced, you have greater conscious control over your own level of consciousness. And what we found is that most of the practitioners who are recognized as being very good at what they do, and they’ve done it for decades, they’re sustained in it, they’re making their livelihood at it, they have a good reputation, they’re consistent; that unless their body can handle a level of consciousness beyond 700, most of them seem to have either a conscious or unconscious knowing that they can go to a certain level and maintain their work. And if they go much higher, it diminishes their capacity to work and do a world class job and just maintain the rest of their life. So as Jeff said, we’ve found that level is about 700. Now, I’m not sure how that would help you unless you can measure it. But you can use the principle of what level of consciousness or what energy level can I go to maintain the rest of my life so that when I come home, at the end of the day, I have energy for, you know, myself, my family and my other activities and the FLFE environment is supporting you to go there with less energy and it is optimizing your body to be able to transcend those even that level. Our intent is to create a physical instrument that can hold its highest consciousness possible for a human body to hold. 


Jeffrey – Yes, so it’s as Clayten said, the energy itself is helping you to reach those levels. But the way that we write the Program is as Clayten said, we’re clearing, then we’re energizing, the 560 is a minimum, so it’s really written to be at the most appropriate level for the people present. So there, you know, it can vary from there. And sometime in the future, we may have other products where people could pick a level, but we’re not there now at this point. 


Clayten – Julie is asking, does your mobile phone need to be turned on when you subscribe to the mobile phone option as a portable object? Right now, Julie, we’re taking a picture of that. And so, consciousness knows where that mobile phone is all the time. And so, whatever object, you’re using it’s always on the object, so it doesn’t have to be turned on. 


Jeffrey – (1:05:00) Susan mentioned that she’s talked to Lee. So, Erin, whom you saw at the beginning of the webinar, and Lee are part of our Free Trial calling team and you may be hearing from them and their role is to support you in any way you need support. They’re there to talk to you about what’s happening in the environment for you, and any questions that you have, and how to help you notice what’s occurring. So, people have found their calls to be really helpful. So, you may hear from them, you might get a phone message as well. We’re glad to have them on the team, I think earlier Erin’s Wi-Fi connection dropped, so she’s unable to continue with us. 


Jeffrey – Barbara has got a question about sleeping in a high consciousness field. She seems to have a period of waking up every two to three hours, she’s able to go back to sleep. And she’s talking about stopping drinking water at the end of the day. So that’s always an issue with drinking water is, you know, waking up to go to the bathroom at night. One of the things that we found with water that really helped us was drinking a lot of water right when you wake up in the morning. So, you try to get a liter or several liters into you right away. And that helps to make up for the dehydration during the night so that you can taper off at night and you won’t have to wake up to go. Do you want to talk about that sleep anymore? 


Clayten – We have done a lot of research on sleep, and we have an excellent Sleep Program. We support the body to create the optimum melatonin levels, for example. Melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant that the body creates itself. And on most of these webinars, we’ve talked about wearing blue light blocking glasses several hours before you go to bed. In fact, we brought out our geeky looking blue light blocking glasses before, there are nicer models and the ones that I have, but I did show them before, they’re kind of a yellow lens. And they block the blue light spectrum within white light, that blue light spectrum tells us that our body that’s it’s still daytime. And when it’s daytime, the body doesn’t produce melatonin, which helps us sleep. So, you might want to look into blue light blocking glasses and see if wearing them helps you sleep. They helped me the first night. So, they are an important part of my sleep routine. So, there’s lots of sleep research out there, having a dark environment, maybe having some plants in your room, having the temperature be about 68 degrees is optimal from the research we’ve done. So, I don’t know if there’s much more that I can say to you, other than we have done a lot of homework on it. And we do have a Sleep Program on FLFE, and some people have emailed us after they turned the service on and said it’s the best sleep they’ve had in their life. And some people may have a night of more disrupted sleep at the beginning of the service because there are so many metabolic processes running because of the check that the body’s getting to do the renovation. And the one thought we haven’t shared yet, Jeff is that many of our referrals are very positive or our testimonials are very positive. And sometimes there is a period of discomfort as the body acclimatizes as to the new energy. So, if you’re experiencing discomfort, we encourage you to manage your life in the way that you know how to take care of yourself. Classic things are to give yourself more free time, reduce maybe your kind of activities, make more space for relaxation in the evenings, maybe take more walks during the day, if you can get breaks, just to keep yourself centered(1:10:00) And I guess the important thing to say is that if you’re having a difficult experience, you’re not doing anything wrong. We’ve had people ask us that, you know, my experience isn’t the same as many of these amazing testimonials that I’ve seen. And it that’s their experience. And if you’re having a more difficult experience temporarily, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you or you’ve have done something wrong or it isn’t working. It’s just that sometimes there can be a healing crisis as we become more physically vital. And you’re not doing anything wrong. Just try to take better care of yourself. 


Jeffrey – Yes and drink more water. That’s the other piece for sure. Beautifully put Clayten. Thank you. Well, we have one more question. There was a question about clarifying the Programs or asking if the Programs are options or whether they need to be selected. Once you have a Subscription just know the Programs are all there in the environment. And it’s really the option of the Innate Intelligence in our system to pick the support that’s needed at the time. So, it’s really all there. It’s like a soup of information of energy and the body, the Innate Intelligence, the whole system picks what’s needed at any particular time from that soup. So, there’s no choice for you to make our, our Innate Intelligence is way smarter than we are, as our minds are much more connected so we couldn’t physically with our minds really choose what’s proper for us, our Innate Intelligence knows at all times. 

Jennifer asked does it enhance the perception of sounds? It enhances all our senses. Typically, again, more energy, more possibilities, more healing. I do notice sound for some reason, I’ve always had a pretty good sense of hearing and I noticed that it’s a little sharper in an FLFE environment.   


 Elizabeth asks – “I’m confused about the upstairs, downstairs. If your house has several levels. Isn’t the FLFE going to be on the entire house?” Yes, it will, Elizabeth, it’ll be on the entire house. 


Jeffrey – All right. Well, the questions are winding down. And we’re grateful for your presence on the webinar. And thank you for joining us on this journey of FLFE and stay tuned and the Learning Center will have new information on an ongoing basis. And we expect to be on more and more webinars so watch for us on Gaia TV we have an interview coming up we don’t know exactly when, but we’ve been interviewed by Regina Meredith and we expect to be on relatively soon. So, watch for us there. Any final words, Clayten, before we sign off? 


Clayten – Thank you for your support. Our intent is to be of service, and we have chosen business as a spiritual path. And we believe the best way to distribute this technology is to have it done with a business. If we thought it could be done in a better way, we would do it that way. It’s not that we’re trying to hold anything back from people. And business is a way of distributing things on the planet. And our belief is that at this time, this is the best way for us to share the gift that we’ve been given to create and steward this technology. So, our intent is to give as much service as we can, and we believe that business is the best way to do it. So that’s why we have this as a business and your Subscriptions help us to do service work in the world. We have several million refugees around the world on the service for free. We have many camps that we put on and there are lots of other things that we do that we don’t talk about. And we are typically been giving away about 95% of the energy that we have. So, we’re all in this together on the planet and we thank you for your support. 


Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Goodnight, everyone.