Pay it Forward

January 29, 2019

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello everyone, welcome to the FLFE webinar on the FLFE free legacy subscription that’s included with every paying FLFE subscription which we call Pay It Forward or PIF.  We’ll be sharing with you in this webinar, why the PIF is important, why we feel it’s important, the characteristics of the PIF Field and how to give the PIF and what would you might consider giving a PIF for, you know what areas. So, I’m Jeffrey Stegman. 

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. 

Jeffrey – So a Pay it Forward legacy subscription is a  perpetual, free FLFE subscription. So, we leave the area of the earth, so this is only a property or an area subscription. It’s not for a phone so we leave that on the FLFE service for as long as we will offer it in the future. 

Clayten – So, the Pay It Forward program uses the FLFE field at a level of 500 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, that is the level of love without the programs that we created to facilitate improvements and health, clearing of the land, anti-stagnation, mental performance, grounding, etc. So, it’s just the 500 energy being sent out without any programs for service to be applied anywhere in the world with no restrictions. One of the things about the Pay It Forward program is that it differs from the regular subscription in that at a certain level of consciousness when you’re sending out the energy, there is a law of noninterference, where you can only do so much to support people. And it’s really up to them to walk their journey. So, the Pay It Forward program at 500 allows us to put it on anywhere in the world because it adheres to the law of noninterference. You can put the Pay It Forward anywhere, including on your home, or the homes of loved ones, it does not increase the need for additional hydration. So, there’s no notice for people that’s needed. And that is part of the law of noninterference, a very high consciousness field creates more positive cellular regeneration. And so, it is an obligation on the part of the people sending that energy to notify the recipients. 

Energy flowing 20/7 365 into a part of the earth and at a level of consciousness of 500 is rare in the history of the Earth at this point. In order to accomplish that with people, we were talking about this earlier, and we imagined you’d need three people praying, you know, that that they were at a certain level of consciousness, because to hold that same intention for eight hours is very difficult, you’d to need to spell each other off, take breaks, take lunch, so it’s a significant gift that you’re giving. If you think of having three people for an eight-hour shift, that’s nine people and all the support they need. So, we as a community are making a difference with the thousands of PIFs that have been designated over the last five years since FLFE has been in business. Each Pay it Forward provides a legacy of each person’s choice and it makes a difference in the world. So, there is a beneficial karmic residual that you receive from giving the gift of love. 

A Pay It Forward designation that you make is a legacy as we’ve said, and it lasts for as long as we have the service. You may want to take your time and thoughtfully consider your choice. Check in with your inner guidance before deciding, is very difficult for us to change the PIFs once they’re given so please consider that it will stay on for the foreseeable future. Jeff is going to go over how to give a Pay It Forward legacy subscription he’ll walk you through with a PowerPoint presentation on ractually looks like when you go into the website, just to make it easier for you. 

(5:00) Jeffrey – You can come back to this anytime and look at it if you need to a reminder of how to do this. So, designating an FLFE Pay It Forward location, again, as Clayten said, think about what you want to do, and where you where you might want to put it, where you think the word world needs more love and discuss it, you know, with your friends and loved ones and make a decision. Once you’re ready to go, and you’ve really thought it through, and you may have done the research as far as the coordinates, address or as coordinates and once you’ve gotten those together and you’re clear where you want to put it, what you would do is go to the website and go to the member login section. 

Once you do, you would see this screen and you would log in with your login that you received in your first email when you subscribed. And this then takes you into the customer portal. This is familiar to most of you know, the PIF is on every subscription, every paid subscription. So, it could be on a property, it could be on a mobile phone and could be on a personal object. The other way to get a PIF is when you renew a subscription as an annual subscriber or as a six months subscriber. So that is an extra benefit of extending your FLFE fee subscription, you get a new PIF every time you renew your own subscription. So, you would then click on any one of those three that you have a paid subscription in. And you would see your paid subscription for that particular property, mobile device or personal object and down at the bottom is the Pay It Forward button so you would click on this add button by the arrow and it would take you to this page where you designate the Pay It Forward. Now, one thing to keep in mind, again, you want to have done your work ahead of time and know what it is you want to put in each field. So, you’re ready to go once you fill those in, you would click on the Apply my PIF subscription at the bottom and off it goes. It will be there within a few seconds. So that is the process. 

Now one thing you don’t want to do, just to give you a heads up, as you start to fill this in and then realize you need to go do some more research and close this down. It might accidentally send an incomplete PIF. If that does happen, if you accidentally send one you could call the office and they will give you another one. But just a heads up, do your work before you come to this page and things will go smoothly. So that is the process for applying a Pay It Forward subscription, you could come back to this webinar any time and do that. 

It’s interesting, when we started FLFE, it was 100% service work. And that was the beginning of this journey. And Clayten and I worked for almost all of 2012 doing service work with the technology raising the level of consciousness in the world in various places. We would use Google Earth and we would measure the level of consciousness on the various places on the continent, we would look for the lowest place or the place that was the lever point where you can put the least amount of energy in and create the largest beneficial effect. So, the Pay It Forward program is another way to give back and to fulfil our mission to support the evolution of consciousness and we’re really happy to be able to extend it to you to make your choice as Clayten said, to enjoy the karmic benefit of designating to place in the world that will receive this flow of 500 on the Hawkins Map for many years. (10:00) 

So, at this point, we’re done with our presentation or our talk about this. And we’re open to any questions that you might have. There is a Q&A box down at the bottom of your screen so put your questions in there, we’re happy to answer questions on the PIF or any subject that you’d like to talk about. 

Clayten – There is also the potential to raise your hand and ask a question,  we always enjoy doing that as well. 

Jeffrey – We have the question – “What’s the radius of the PIF Field?” I’m going to have to look it up while we take the next question. 

Clayten –  So what happens as we get more energy with the machine as we upgrade it, we just give more away. So, what it was a year ago is not what it is now. And so, it keeps growing.  “Where can I learn more about the Hawkins Map?”  asks Anonymous – Dr Hawkins has a lot of books out I think it’s 10 now, Power vs Force is the first book he wrote. It is apparently a best seller or was a best seller at one point, so that’s a good place to start. It gives a nice context to the Hawkins Map. And it talks about the different levels of consciousness, how they relate to different aspects of society and kind of everyday life, so it’s Power vs Force and you can go online with Dr David Hawkins books you’ll come up with lots of options. I think I’ve got all of them up here in my bookshelf just above me, I just keep those handy because there are references that I use a lot.  You can also go online and to where Dr Hawkins work is held and you can buy a Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, I think they are $6 or $8 I can’t remember and there’s an explanation on the back about the different levels and what they mean. 

Sharon Rose was asking – “How does FLFE stop at my property line.?”  So, Sharon, when you have a property that is legally registered, it exists in consciousness. So, there is a Real Estate Governance Association and it changes in different countries, so I’ll just call it that.  There’s also a legal land record, it might be a land titles office. So 

because it’s registered in the legal system and has consciousness when we associate or resonate the quantum field in the technology with that address, it’s able to access its unique identifier, there’s only one property let’s say, I’m in Canada so one property in Canada on this street with that address, and the property boundaries are part of the legal definition of that title on the land. So that’s how it knows where to go to, and some does radiate out from there. So, your property will be at 560, even in an apartment. And we’ve had many cases many testimonials actually, where someone has put the 560 FLFE on the property, and it radiates out to the neighbourhood and changes the old neighbourhood. People that maybe haven’t been great neighbours will change their behaviour or leave. So, it does benefit your neighbours. And if you’re living in an apartment building, because gyprock and concrete has crystal in it and transmits electricity to a degree, or the type of wave that we send,  it’s almost like giving your neighbours a PIF, if you will, because we’re talking Pay It Forward tonight. So, it does help your neighbors and helps your whole neighborhood. (15:00) 

Jeffrey – So the Pay It Forward field,  when its designated by coordinates,  is 1000 meters radius. So, with a property, if an address is given, it would go to the boundaries of the address. And with the coordinates, it is also a 1000-meter radius. Tiffany has a question. 

Tiffany – A couple of things, my experiences with FLFE everywhere. I started out, I’ve had a home for a year now, but I hadn’t tried the Everywhere service until the end of last year. And I gifted myself for six days with my mobile. And I thought, you know, having FLFE on my home, I wouldn’t really feel that difference when I’m at home, having my mobile by me. So, switching it on for the first time, I noticed a difference. It’s like, not a huge difference. But kind of like giving a hug to a loved one or someone you love. So, I ended up hugging my mobile, right? shocking to me. 

Jeffrey – Well, they, they really do feel good. So, if you have a moment when you get a chance on the website in the Learning Center in  FLFE program section, there are some details about the level of consciousness of the mobile because it’s 580 on the Hawkins Map when you hold it and that energy kind of radiates through and it does feel like a hug.   And then it’s 575 within four feet, which is higher than the minimum that properties will come to is 560 per property and it can go much higher than 560. But it could be that there’s a little difference between the two and that is what you are feeling. 

Tiffany – Yeah, I think I can definitely feel a difference. Definitely. Well, I have said all along, I enjoy the mobile so much. And particularly with the EMF Program on that sort of having that safety out of the house. I have now signed up for the personal object. And so, with my personal object, yeah, I definitely like notice differences, particularly at home. Which, yeah, having it on me at home, I guess it’s going it’s going higher than my house.  So there definitely is a benefit to having both. Yeah, and thank you for the free 30 days it was great around Christmas.  I have recently been in contact with my dad again. And we had been estranged for about seven years. And so, having conversations with him, and I gifted him one of the 30 days free trial. So, he had it on these mobile and I had it on my mobile and some conversations like there was a point in the conversation where we may have argued a little bit or had a bit of a problem and it went really smoothly. And yeah, it was just amazing. So just wondering. 

Jeffrey  – (20:00) Well, that’s great to hear. Yeah, there’s something about holding that phone at 580 and one of the things we noticed in talking to someone while activating the phone is that people on the other end felt something different even though it was my phone that was being activated. It’s interesting in conversations on how that might be affected. 

Clayten – One of the things that I was reminded of Tiffany, as you’re talking, is that if you have a personal object or the mobile at 580, of course, if you’re less than 580 and you’re holding it, it’s going to start to bring us up right?  But if you put it on your desk, because I have mine on my desk right now, it starts to charge up the desk which starts to charge up the floor which starts to charge up the wall,  to a degree it’s not a great conductor of electricity but it’s a different experience. 

Tiffany – And would I be right in saying I have a ring as my personal object, and with the phone, I’m not a person who keeps my phone in my pocket, so I had the phone for a month and then switched to the personal object and since I’ve had the personal  object on I’ve noticed a difference like the day it was switched on it was almost too much and I actually had to take the ring off. So, because that’s in direct contact with my skin it’s actually possible you know you’re getting a higher state with it actually having direct contact with your skin?  Would you say that would be the case? 

Jeffrey –  Yes, I would say so and it is something that may take a little acclimation time and it’s always good to have the magnesium and essential fatty acids particularly in a time of acclimation to higher fields, and that helps the nervous system to adjust and carry more energy. 

Tiffany – Yes, I have been doing that, right now it was just like on the first day, so I took the ring off you know so I’ll maybe that is you know, charging me up a little bit too much so I took a break.   Yeah, it’s really been great it’s really such an amazing service. 

Clayten – Yes, I’m still in awe of it, we talk about it from time to time it’s like you just never know where life is going to take you. You know, you pick something up and you follow a thread and it makes an interesting journey. Thank you very much. 

Tiffany – Well thank you very much, it is an amazing service to the world as well. I’ve actually been going for walks and trying new areas and there’s a really nice walk but it’s going under these high voltage power lines which is  somewhere I wouldn’t have walked until the EMF Program and I thought in areas like that’s this, you know, we need to get it so that we can have the whole world with this. Is it sad that these power lines and people living around that area? I almost feel like putting something in their mailbox, you know, with the website. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, well, feel free to do that. 

Tiffany –  I was thinking these are probably people who are just not into that type of thing if they choose to live because these are definitely houses people have chosen to live there. So, they are not aware of something like that – they’re just going crazy or something. 

Jeffrey – Well, we are working on new ways to show evidence for the effects. We have the GDV camera study on the website. And we’re talking to some other EMF experts now on ways to measure the effects because the standard meters don’t show an effect you know, since we’re harmonizing and really transforming what’s incoming, the meter might still show it’s there. (25:00) But I think as we get more evidence of what we’re doing, how it works, then, people that aren’t aware of these kinds of energies and, and these new technologies that are out there who come along for the ride as well. 

Tiffany – Have you thought about the EMF device protection device called Blue Shield they have on their website that they did studies with animals with blood tests because it costs less to do it on animals than people, but you could do it with people, but lab results of it with the EMF fields and what the blood does. So live blood analysis type thing. 

Yeah, they have things like that on their website showing that type of thing. So, I’ve mentioned that. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, great. Thank you for that. Yeah, live blood analysis is one of the things on our list. Yeah, that’s, that’s great to know. We’ll take a look at that website. Thank you. Well, thanks for supporting us with your subscriptions. It really helps us to keep moving forward with, you know, new things like the EMF and mitigation and service work that we do it well. 

Clayten – Carrie was the next person although I would like to talk to Maggie, I haven’t talked to her for years. Just seeing the hands up Maggie left me a message and I haven’t gotten back to her. So, we’re playing phone tag. Let’s bring in Carrie. 

Carrie – Thank you so much for what you do and making yourself available for questions like this. I had a question about the Pay It Forward Program. I’m pretty new with receiving the FLFE energy. And I haven’t decided on where to send my PIF, but I was curious, part of me wants to not send it somewhere that it’s already being sent. Because my understanding of energetic things and I could be totally wrong, is that if one or two people are sending to the same place, that it might not make that big a difference. Whereas I could be sending it to someone who’s not getting it at all. If it’s already being sent to like, say, my first idea of a place. But I did read that you guys some maybe because it’s free and it would take too much work or I don’t know what, but you can’t really respond in that way is that right? 

Jeffrey – Yes, we set it up to be anonymous. So, when someone does make a Pay It Forward, it goes in into the system and it really goes into a database and we certainly couldn’t go in and tell you, you know, it’s already been somewhere, and it is difficult to change it later. So, what many people tend to do is look for something local, something like a local police station, a prison, a synagogue, a mosque, anywhere that means something to them personally, locally, many of the government buildings you know, have already been put on most likely at least on a national scale. 

Carrie – Yeah, that makes sense. Okay, great suggestion. 

Jeffrey – And many people also consider their kids or ageing parents, you know, that you would like to support but the hydration might be an issue for them, and maybe they wouldn’t understand if you could talk to them about it. So, you know, we can put a PIF on someone like that without having to speak to them about it. It’s just loving support. (30:00)  

Clayten – Schools are very popular as well Carrie,  a lot of people put it on the local schools. 

Carrie –  Oh, yeah, that’s a good one. Okay. 

Jeffrey – Thank you for your support, we appreciate you.  We’ve got Paula raising her hand. 

Paula – I was about halfway through the 15-day trial, and I hadn’t gotten any information about what the frequencies had gotten up to here, or if you were able to get 

the frequency up here, and I just wasn’t sure if there was any way you could check that and let me know, maybe this is not my place to ask that, I don’t know. 

Jeffrey – No, it’s great to ask that thank you. The way it works is we do batch testing. So, each time a new property comes on to the service, whether it’s a new subscription or a free trial, three times a week, we have a way to pull all of those. And we test them in a batch that they’re at 560 or higher on the Hawkins Map over the previous 24 hours. So,  once they’ve been on the service at least 24 hours. And sometimes if it’s depending on the where it is in the weekend. And the next day that we’re testing, it might be 48 hours, it’s actually getting on the service. So, once we do that testing, and then an email goes out. So, it should have been your second email. And occasionally we find properties that are not at 560. And there are generally some other influences that we haven’t taken into account yet. And then, in that case, we contact the person and let them know that property is not at 560. And then, if it’s a subscription, then they receive it the service for free until we can get it to 560 or higher 98% of the time. So that’s a guarantee that we honour. And we do have some properties that are receiving quite a bit of benefit, but they’re not quite at 560 yet. So, there’re still receiving no cost. But yeah, it’s an ongoing process that we do to continually test properties as they come in and we use kinesiology. 

Paula – So you don’t test like an individual property, then it’s just all in the batch? 

Jeffrey – Yes. I mean, if something shows up in the batch that’s not at 560 or higher 98% of the time, then we have to go through the batch until we find which one it is. (35:00) And that’s how we go about it. But it for us to test each individual property and we have thousands of properties. It just it takes too much time. 

Paula – Right. Well, I haven’t received any emails at all. 

Clayten – Yeah, there’s a there’s a problem with her account. Jeff, there’s not a chosen property type, I’m just checking her file. 

Jeffrey –  Okay. Paula, we will get it on that with Shekinah and we’ll get back to you and make sure that your property has been tested. And if not, we’ll restart the free trial for you. 

Paula – Okay, great. 

Clayten – I’m sending out an email right now, Paula. 

Paula – Great. Thank you very much. Thank you. 

Jeffrey – Well it looks like Erica has a question. 

Erica – Thank you so much. Thank you for being so accessible during the webinar and for the great service. 

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you for coming on and speaking with us. So nice to hear everyone’s voices. 

Erica – It’s wonderful to be here together and it’s great listening to the questions and hear other’s feedback. I have a question regarding Pay It Forward. I believe I’ve already used mine. So, I used it on a hospital here in town. But I’m curious, can you use it, like, I’m already thinking for the next one, or if there’s ever an opportunity for another? Can you use it towards say, like a polluted body of water or a polluted area? Will Pay It Forward help to negate like, I’m thinking in my mind immediately, I think of like, natural disasters or not natural, but like man-made disasters that cause harm to many beings on the earth that are very innocent, and is there a way that Pay It Forward could benefit them that way? Like with sort of healing the land, do you understand what I’m saying? 

Jeffrey – I do Yeah, that’s a great question. On the Facebook page, have you been on the private group that we have there yet? 

Erica – I’ve kind of been there, but I haven’t spent a lot of time there. But I can go have a look. 

Jeffrey – Well occasionally people have started discussion threads, and there was one concerning putting PIFs on all the headwaters of all the major rivers in the 

world, starting in North America or somewhere where you would have a high consciousness field that the rivers are flowing through and, you know, that benefit would carry down through. so that’s an example of doing something and we’ll talk about it in an upcoming webinar about that kind of coordination to do that sort of thing. So, we’ll talk about that and webinars to come but there are some beneficial things that can be done in we do quite a bit of service work now in many areas as they come up. 

As we said, it’s 1000 meter radius on a PIF and its coordinates so you could either put an address in but if you found a place that you wanted to assist in that way the next time you receive a PIF, you could use coordinates to do that. 

Erica – Okay for like I’m just thinking of like the Mount Polley like when a lake or an area gets heavily polluted and suddenly there’s just so much damage in that in that area you know like well there’s been so many globally okay, well thank you. 

Clayten – I thought I should just speak to that for a minute Erica.  Are you the Erica that has read all of Dr Hawkins books? 

Erica – Yeah yeah 

(40:00) Clayten –  I spent a couple of days with him with you know and 800 other people in the room, but it was still a  good experience. You know Dr. Emoto is well known for taking pictures of waters that have an energetic resonance to them of course probably all waters do, one of the projects we’re kind of moving forward on with that FLFE is to have Dr Emoto’s  organization because he’s passed over, take pictures of regular tap water from the source that is  the control and take a picture with FLFE the regular subscription on it, I think we should do in with the PIF, Jeff, I never had that thought before, you could get him to do a picture of the PIF subscription because, you know, he has a very kind of visual representation of the thought forms that exist in water. So, I just thought to follow up with that because Dr Emotos work is really well known in that area. 

Erica – Yeah, That’s great. Thank you. 

Clayten –  You’re welcome. 

Jeffrey – Thanks for coming on with us. And first supporting us with a subscription. 

Erica – Yeah, super grateful. Thank you, guys. Okay, bye. Bye for now. 

Clayten – So we have Lynn, there she is. 

Lynn – Hi. What I one of the things I noticed was for a while when I switched my cell phone to a new type of phone, it didn’t see it didn’t feel like it had the same feel as the other one. But I just kept it on, turned it off and turned it on. And I had some, by the way, I just want to give a shout out to Paula Clancy. Anyway. So, I had added some other technology well, natural technology to the phone. And it was also to transmit EMFs like I figured the more beneficial most you know, more is good in some cases, but I wonder does it cancel out?  And then when I added that the other thing, I added I won’t mention it here it didn’t it my phone still was hot, so I did, I like Shungite and I had a sticker and I felt well, what the heck? And it actually cooled my phone down. So, my wondering is do they work, synchronistically together like because I actually went in today while you were on the call with somebody else. And I went in and turned on and off my button for the phone. And I could feel it in my head tingling, so I know it’s working. I just was curious about that. Because like before I didn’t really notice, was it because I tuned into it? I was just wondering about that. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, I mean, Shungite is a great material and seems to be  God sent or some ways, you know, perfect for EMFs that we are living with now, with all the conveniences and so that is what we are bringing through the energetic essence of that in the field, and it is fine to have, you know, other kinds of devices or things, you know, mitigation techniques, it won’t cause an issue of any kind. And the way FLFE works, it’s really an environmental support and so everything else in the environment are supported as well and sometimes things may play together and enhance more, or at least be neutral. 

Lynn – Yeah, hopefully, it doesn’t neutralize it out. But, you know, like you said, enhances more. And I also realized that there are times when you think that energy isn’t working, but on a quantum level, it is, because things are going well, and healing is exponential. 

Clayten – So we become acclimatized Lynn, to a higher vibration. And sometimes we have to turn the service on and off to really get the contrast.  I have always like the metaphor they use in personal development seminars that our issues are like rocks in a backpack, and, you know, just add one more little rock, it doesn’t make a difference. But over the years, those rocks, they really add up and we get used to carrying around this backpack of issues. And so, with the higher level of consciousness, some of the rocks typically start falling out of the backpack, because we have more energetic resources to support us to be at a higher state. 

Now Shungite is the most appropriate material in all of creation, according to our testing with kinesiology to harmonize EMFs and, as Jeff said,  FLFE  does play well with other devices. (45:00) In fact, we’re not aware of any other service or device that it doesn’t play well with because it’s so similar to the brainwaves that we create as people and it’s very similar actually to a Reiki treatment so because human brain waves have been on the planet for a long time and the FLFE technology is very much like a brainwave it really harmonizes well with everything. So, it’s just a longer answer, another way to say it. 

Lynn – Thank you 

Jeffrey – Well thank you, Lynn, thank you for coming on with us.  So, we have a couple of PIF questions. Jan is asking – “Do you have recommendations where to send a PIF and is it appropriate to do it on your own property say if you have FLFE on your phone, or are we to send it to war-torn regions or the oceans?” And it’s really, really up to you, we’re happy to provide this, it’s a way to support the planet in many ways just by having another property or another place that has this energy flowing into it, this 500 level of love on the Hawkins Map. So really, it’s up to you. And we’re happy if you put it on another house, we’re happy if you do what’s in your heart, and, you know, put it put it anywhere on the planet that you’d like, it’s really your choice. We don’t have any judgment about how you use it. 

Clayten – So we designed it, in particular, this way Jan, to give people the experience of knowing it’s an anonymous gift. It’s like a type of karma yoga. If you want to use a classical spiritual metaphor, it’s not that we couldn’t have designed the database that we could check it, probably we can check it. It’s just difficult. And we designed it that way on purpose. So that it was an anonymous experience. And it was really not for us to monitor, it’s for you to give and to give it wherever your heart tells you, as Jeff said. 

Jeffrey –  Francis is asking – “In this highly mobile world, what happens if you PIF and the family gets transferred to some other address?” Well, the recipient of the of the new address, the next group that moves in will benefit and it’s a blessing for them. And then you know, we’re periodically giving additional PIFs. We gave an additional PIF during the holidays for everyone. So, you could apply another one another time. Or if you add another subscription you would have another PIF or if you move to an annual subscription then you would get a new PIF every year. 

Clayten – I think I see Sarah Troy’s hand up, Jeff. 

Jeffrey – Oh, great! 

Sarah – Hello Guys. How are you? 

Jeffrey and Clayten -Great! Yes, it’s great to hear your voice. 

Sarah –  For those who are listening, I interviewed these guys and it was a  wonderful interview, I do recommend everybody going and listening to it on And you’ll find it will ignite your heart and soul. And truly, they shared a great deal of why we need this, and it is a very inspirational show. But I have a question about health. And if you gift this to somebody say, by their phone, because I love the phone idea, because it’s always with me wherever I go and travel. So, I always feel that energy with me. But if you do a gift to somebody that is challenged health-wise, and there is always that kind of transitional phase and I worry about it. Can be too much if people are in bad health initially or can it upset anything before that equilibrium happens in there? 

Jeffrey – Yeah that’s a great question. And there does need to be a transition or an acclimation period for most people. I mean, that’s why we have the on and off switch. So, for instance, with a phone with someone could do is they could turn off the FLFE service part of it some of the time, and they could leave on the EMF mitigation. (50:00) So, the two are separate now, they’re independent. So, that’s, you know, it’s a way to modulate it. And some people do that occasionally, in the beginning, maybe at night, they’ll turn it off night or pause it at night. And now that we have the EMF mitigation, you can continue to have that benefit. So that’s something we’d suggest. And of course, hydration and you know, and EFAs are very important and getting the magnesium. 

Sarah – So with caution, you give it to it as a gift and ask people to kind of monitor it as they go, and test it out, that they may feel some changes initially until they find that equilibrium? 

Jeffrey – Yes and of course it’s best if they can if they have the ability to turn it on and off themselves, they have the passwords and they can go in and do that or, you know, if you’re in close touch with them. And so, they can tell you, they’d like to pause it.  Yeah, at some time in the future, we may do a slider where people can have a different level of consciousness that they self-select, but that’s down the road a bit, but it’s something we may approach our community and ask for feedback on that, at some point in the future we’ll do a webinar, we’ll send an email on that subject when the time’s right. 

Sarah – Well as a high vibrational being, I’ve definitely been finding myself resonating on a high level lately, almost to the point of a kind of buzzing around the body. And I actually haven’t turned it off. And I think it might be a good idea, you know, maybe to give myself a little rest from one part of it. And let the body settle because I have found I mean, great benefits, you know, especially in sleep and in focus and in just general energy, even though I got the flu twice back to back, but still managed to get through it quickly enough. But I have found, as I do work on that frequency and I feel it as a sensitive through my body that it might be a good idea just as you said to set to switch off and let things kind of calm down before back on again, because is there such thing as too much higher vibration that a human body can take? 

Clayten – There is a process of adaptation. That’s why we are really diligent about mentioning hydration. And also, we’ve done lots of research on what the critical factor is in the body when it’s raising its consciousness. It is the myelin sheath on the nervous system, typically, and the myelin sheath gets fed by essential fatty acids and magnesium in particular, within 30 minutes. We just found out that lecithin is also very helpful for that. And we’re just trying to understand how that works with the EFAs and magnesium. And vitamin D also helps. 

Sarah – Yeah, and have you done any testing with the CBD oil, you know, the cannabis oil? Have you done any testing with that? 

Clayten – No. 

Sarah – Okay, well, I’m on that right now. So, I’ll give you some feedback at a later date on that on how that works with it, because, of course, it has so many health benefits, and it’d be interesting to see how it actually works with it. So, I’ll let you know. Thanks a lot, guys. Keep up the great work. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you, Sarah. 

Sarah – And I’m glad that you’re following. You know, Dr Emoto’s son and also Yasuyuki Nemoto.  And I can’t wait for you and Robert Williams, and Yasuyuki Nemoto to together and do some of that kind of cross-testing. I think it’d be awesome. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, we’re excited as well. Thank you for that connection. 

Sarah – Oh my pleasure. Thank you. 

Jeffrey – So Wanda is asking –“Is there any protection available for the thousands of satellites that are supposed to be launched in the next couple of years, that will bring 5G on to the earth?” 

Jeffrey – Well, it’s one of the reasons we developed the EMF mitigation program which is part of all subscriptions now. So in that program again, we talked a little bit about it earlier, there is Shungite,  the energetic essence of Shungite that is in the field there, the FLFE additional energy and the instructions are transforming or harmonizing the EMFs including 5Gs. And so, what we found, when we first begin FLFE Everywhere with the cell phone, mobile phones is if we raise the level of consciousness of the phone itself to 580 or to the most appropriate level that what it transmits would now be positive for the environment. (55:00) And the way we measure that is the level of consciousness of the environment. So, as we mentioned earlier in the webinar, we’re checking properties as they come on the service. And we’re also once a week checking all the properties that are on service. And so, what we were seeing prior to the EMF mitigation program is that properties were lowering consciousness, which is a measure of, you can say, the health of the property, due to more EMF antennas or whether it was 5G antennas or other ones that were showing up in the neighbourhood. And, you know, the combination of all of the inputs was lowering the level of consciousness. And so that’s why we developed the EMF Mitigation Program was to work with everything that’s coming onto the property or around the Everywhere Object or cell phone and work to either transform it through the harmonization or to kind of move it out of the way. And then the fragmented waveforms, which are the bits and pieces of all these distance routers and things sending EMF fields out, all those bits, pieces are now being taken out of the environment as well. And it’s very helpful. 

Clayten – So the answer in a short way is yes, one day. And the way that we do measure it, as Jeff said, is we measured the consciousness lowering aspects of EMFs and that bubble is self-regulating.  And we did notice, as Jeff said, some of the properties were being lowered in consciousness. And it just so happened that the person said, well, they just put a cell tower right across the road, or I just had a smart meter put in my house and the property, we drop below level. So that was one of the clues to us that EMFs could lower consciousness.  So just to say that it is self-regulating and what it means to us, we might have to increase the capacity of our machines or the power so that they can handle the additional influences and I think on the website we have percentages of EMF mitigation according to the consciousness lowering aspect at different speeds, even when you’re travelling in your car with your mobile device or personal object. 

Jeffrey – Lisa is asking – “ Is it possible to designate a PIF as large as a hospital, if not the whole hospital, could you specifically designate say,  a cancer ward?” So, Lisa, you can designate an entire hospital, you just need the address so the PIF can be designated to a hospital or anywhere however there are some limits in our in our programs for the size of the property. But for the most part, a property like a hospital unless it’s, you know, many, many blocks, I think, five acres is the limit for properties. So, unless it’s larger than five acres, yeah, the entire hospital will be on. 

Clayten – And even if you put it on one ward because the energy doesn’t stop at five acres, it just goes down quite a bit. And any building, unless it is all wood which doesn’t conduct the energy that well, it will travel throughout the building and help the whole building.  Lynn was asking –“Do the recipients have to do anything at their location to turn it on?” No, they don’t Lynn, when you designate it in your PIF choice in your control panel, and it goes on automatically, nobody else needs to do anything. 

Jeffrey – And that’s the same course with subscriptions for the free trial. You know, once you go on and start a free trial, for instance, give us either the address or the cellular device information, then you would start getting the series of emails that would let you know that it’s on. And you as we said earlier, any subscription or free trial, you can go into your customer portal and you can turn the energy on and off to experience contrast. (1:00:00) And you can do the same with the EMF Mitigation. 

Clayten – Joanne was asking, “Is there a way to feel or sense the PIF gift when you are at that location, I can feel the home subscription. Thank you.”  Well, some people can’t feel the home subscription, some people who are in fact very high consciousness, decades-long, spiritual devotees who are teachers, they try the service and they say, Well, I just don’t feel it. And we do have in our first email that goes out 21 different types of discernment, if not more by now, whereas you might not notice in your home, but you’ll notice your pets have changed or your plants change or other people living in the home change. You may notice when people come over for a visit, they may not want to leave, in fact, we’ve had a few complaints that my grocery bill has gone way up because my friends come over and they don’t want to leave, they want to hang out all the time. So there’s no way to guarantee that anybody can feel it any particular way. And even at the level that it’s at with a regular subscription. 

Jeffrey – So I think Laura has made an interesting comment on this and it might answer your question as well. And this is in all caps by the way.  The PIF at work has changed everything! So apparently Laura’s either feeling the PIF you know on her work environment or is noticing a change with other people. So that’s great. Thank you for sharing that. 

Clayten – It’s actually a really good idea to put your PIF on work and we haven’t talked about that yet. 

Jeffrey – Yeah, I mean if you’re going to do a paid subscription on your work environment you would need to talk about hydration, do meetings on hydration you would need to put a poster up maybe “Remember to Hydrate” so it’s not a 24/7 environment like on the home where someone may be on the weekend or in the apartment for a long time. Maybe you’re there for eight hours. But still hydration is important and it’s on you to let people know to hydrate, you wouldn’t necessarily tell them everything about FLFE, but you might promote hydration. 

Clayten – Hydration Angel on duty!  I’m not sure how to answer this next question – “How do I find the coordinates of an address in another country”   I live in the US and the address is in the UK.” We use Google Maps, it’s a little easier to use than Google Earth. And I thought we had a video Jeff, on our website that explained how to get the coordinates from Google Maps. 

Jeffrey –  Yeah, I’m not sure where that might be. You could put coordinates in the search bar on the website. In most cases, if you’re on Google Maps, and you right click on a spot and then you click on “what’s here?” And when you do that the coordinates will pop up and you can copy them.  That’s one way to do it.  There is another question from earlier asking about whether you need to ask permission or tell someone that you put a PIF on and you don’t because it’s at 500, it doesn’t increase the need for water for hydrating fluids. And it doesn’t in any other way, violate any free will. So, you don’t need to ask for permission. You can just put it on. 

Clayten – Yes. Brian was asking, “So we can use the PIF anywhere in the world using coordinates?” Yes, you can, Brian or you are able to use the regular subscription anywhere in the world again, using coordinates. Yes, you can use it anywhere in the world.  You do have to have somebody on the property that’s aware of it, or somebody that has told the person living there. Not all homes or not all properties are appropriate, Brian for the coordinates because it may be an apartment building. And we don’t have permission to put the whole building on without letting everybody know and getting all the agreements. So, it would have to be a rural property that you would do that to, or it will go to the legal lot, they might have a lot in town. (1:05:00) So, if you put it in there, that’s not rural, you can certainly do it. You just have to get the latitude-longitude right over the home. And it will stay within the legal parameters of the lot that the latitude-longitude is directly over. 

Jeffrey – I think Brian’s also referring to Clayten, that  we are restricting property subscriptions in many countries, we just found that the amount of time and effort that it took to approve or make sure that the address is correct, because there were just so many different types of addresses and in some countries, so many things are being built that, as Clayten said earlier, the part of the records department, whatever it is, whether it’s the title or the land records aren’t up to date. And so, you know, we found that there were a lot more problems with trying to associate with those properties. And in some places, there just isn’t that kind of record, you know, everything is more oral or less formal. And so, we’re just not able to provide home or property subscriptions in those countries. 

Clayten – Jerry is asking, “I live in a stratum with an address specifically only to our unit walls, not even our deck, we also own a large courtyard and garden in a shared way with the other units. So, would it be accurate to say the courtyard and gardens are not on FLFE?” Well, they would be at a lower level of FLFE, that would be the way I would answer that Jerry,  you’d still get a benefit. But depending on how far the courtyard is, maybe not much benefit. Your deck would have more because it’s just closer to your house. And there’s that radiant energy that we talked about earlier. 

Jeffrey – So anonymous is asking – “Do you have any advice for someone who may want to do it themselves make their own machine?” and I am just speaking for me, I don’t think there is any advice that we can give there are some proprietary pieces of our equipment that because we’ve checked and it’s not the highest best interest of all creation, we keep testing to release that kind of information. So, you know,  we wish you the best and there are many technologies popping up all over the world, it seems that are at a time in the history of humanity with you know, new technologies are showing up particularly around consciousness. 

Clayten – So Eric was asking – “Does EMF mitigation program work on 5G?” and yes it does Eric. 

Jeffrey –  MT is asking –“Can I buy one more Pay It Forward?” and at this point, it’s come up a few times, and we’ve checked in, we try to run our business always checking in using Kinesiology and measuring and of course, there are many ways to check in what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. And at this point offering the Pay It Forwards for sale, we just keep getting a no, as far as in the highest and best of all creation. So, we gave an additional one during the holidays, if you move to an annual subscription, you’ll get them on an ongoing basis. And, you know, as we go forward will look for opportunities where we can work together as a community to gift PIF’s. 

Clayten – Patricia’s asking – Have tests been done regarding decreasing in EMFs and is the EMF feature different from other options?” We had a local specialist Patricia, come in with a whole range of meters, about the different meters and test our office because it had the FLFE Everywhere with the EMF on it as a beta test. And as Jeff mentioned before, the way that FLFE works is if you harmonize is the EMFs it doesn’t eliminate them. And of course, not all EMFs are negative, as human beings, we emanate EMFs and plants emanate EMFs, but standard meters don’t recognize any difference in an FLFE harmonized environment, or not harmonized environment.  (1:10:00) We do have a study with the GDV  camera, and that’s on our website which was done by Melissa Waterman, who’s worked extensively with Dr Joe Dispenza, measuring consciousness in the workshop environment. And they showed quite a significant reduction in entropy which is a type of disharmony. So that would be one way of indicating that EMFs are harmonized, they are deflected, they are neutralized, there are four or five different ways we manage the EMFs.  When you’re doing a service like ours, you want to make sure that all the original equipment manufacturers specifications will be the same if our services on or off. So, you want your cell phone to work the same, you want your router to work the same, you want the lights in your home to work the same as if it wasn’t on, and so that’s what it does. So that was part of our kind of constraint when we were doing the research,  everything had to work the same as if it was on or off. 

Jeffrey –  And you can go to the website in the Learning Center under FLFE Programs and if you scroll down, you’ll see the section on EMF mitigation. And in that section is a link to the GDV study that Clayten mentioned, and you can see the graphs and the reduction in chaos and entropy that created a more coherent environment, energetic environment. So that’s one way to measure it. We’re looking for additional ways, more instruments that are sensitive in a different way, that can tell the difference. And of course, you know, plant growth and cell growth, that kind of thing, would be another way to see the health of living beings in the field. 

Clayten – Bill was asking – “Can I use a pet collar as a personal object for a sick pet?”  Absolutely Bill. We do have people that have done that. 

Jeffrey – Maggie is asking – “ If one does a PIF, how does the PIF location be able to turn it on and off to acclimate?” There’s not a way to do that, you know, the PIF is set up at 500, which is, while it’s higher than what the standard  level of consciousness to the average in North America, which is around for 420, 410 in North America, it’s not at a high enough level where additional hydration is required, no additional acclimation is required. And so that’s why you can put it on anywhere. And we continue to test if it’s in the highest and best interest of all creation for it to go anywhere. 

Clayten –  Christine was telling her story about one of her kittens and she’s convinced that living in an FLFE environment is helping them and we’ve had lots of stories about people’s pets changing like extraordinarily like cats and dogs that were fighting like cats and dogs, you know,  the expression? They start becoming friends, and they’re getting along, and we’ve had lots of feedback from customers about pets. And sometimes people don’t feel it, but their pets have changed so much, they just assume something is working. And so, they become a subscriber. So, I think in some ways, pets are more sensitive to these types of energies. And I’ve known people that have used their pets as a 

way to assess if they can trust somebody or not, because their pets are very intuitive and if the pet avoided the guest in the house, or the person ever thinking about doing business with or thinking of going on a date with even you know,  they would trust their pets. And so, you know, animals have a different type of connection with the Divinity than we do, and I think it’s worth paying attention to. 

Jeffrey – Yeah,  Christine also mentioned in addition, “my niece who is bipolar and drug addicted, has been able to stay off drugs, I gave my sister a 30 day free month, and a PIF, my sister was able to get Abby to move home and Abby is not perfect, but at least she is not using hard drugs.” (1:15:00) Yeah, early on in FLFE, and on this journey, we had a subscriber that talked about his struggle with addiction. And so, we built in, at that time, some programs related to addiction, just in the high consciousness field, there’s more energy available for us to, to overcome those habits, or those thought patterns that may lead us to addiction and to help us to move into an area where we can build a different kind of life. 

Clayten – Yeah, our personal willpower is about equal to our own level of consciousness. And that’s why the most successful recovery programs have called upon the will of a higher power to help with overcoming addictive patterns. So yeah, we spent a lot of time on the Addiction Program early on, because we’ve seen a lot of people suffer personally from that. 

Jeffrey – And the anti-stagnation or the kind of the optimization of the flow of subtle energies through our bodies through our meridians, can also help in that way to clear blocks or old patterns, or beliefs or areas in our body that are kind of holding energy, that also is another way that we can transcend those issues or support to transcend those issues. 

Clayten – MT is asking – “Is it normal that some people may get sick when they begin either during the trial period or subscription?”  I wouldn’t say it’s normal, it does happen. And there’s always a question, is it just a coincidence that they got sick when they started the service? Or was the service part of that? So, there is a thing called a healing crisis. And the healing crisis is when the body is trying to overcome something. And it’s using all the resources and it’s kind of struggling, and that’s my definition of it. And I’m just noticing how late in the day is getting Jeff, I can feel myself fading, it’s a lot later for you. So, you have an increase in positive cellular regeneration in a high consciousness field. That’s why people go on pilgrimages to sacred places because healing happens. You know, miracles happen sometimes in those places where there is a type of healing that is beyond what would be reasonably expected, given the pattern of life that they’ve had up to this point, they go to this sacred site, and they have a new experience of life after, so do those people have a healing crisis in that period? Do they feel ill? I think that would be pretty individual, we do spend a lot of resources on trying to help people manage the increase in consciousness and the increased personal vitality, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that FLFE would cause that. 

Jeffrey – And we talk a lot about hydration, and it is very important to clear out those byproducts of increased repairs and health and increased positive regeneration that we believe is occurring and so in those early stages during the free trial, you go to the website and in the Learning Center, there are some recommendations for hydration and we recommend  just in the first several days of the free trial, additional hydration because, you know, the body is acclimating and there’s more happening, the subtle energy channels are flowing, and things need to get removed from the body because it can increase. So, yeah, it’s during that early period it may, as Clayten said some may call it a healing crisis. But it just could be, you need to remove more from your body and to drink more water. (1:20:00) 

Clayten – Yeah, there was a time in FLFE and there still are times when we wonder how much good we can do with the service, and how much it can affect things. And there was conversation once about  – Is it possible to stop subscribers from having colds? And of course, we always do try things out on ourselves first. But then, as we went on and did more research, we found that it didn’t test true, so if you test if it’s in the highest best interest of all creation for people to not get colds, we get a no.  Colds have a way of upgrading our biology because our biology is constantly interacting with the environment and environment is changing too. And so, if we can look at a cold as our body using it’s innate intelligence to upgrade itself to adjust to the current, microbial or viral environment that you live in, maybe I haven’t said all the possibilities of the environment we live in, but you get the point, colds are not necessarily necessary, and you know, being uncomfortable for a while is not necessarily a bad thing, per se. And of course, I don’t enjoy getting sick any more than anybody else, but I just thought it was worth saying that if we take a different attitude or position towards discomfort in our body, it can help the mind not get preoccupied with that. 

Jeffrey – Carrie is asking – “Just curious, how long have you been doing this service?”  Well, in 2012, as we mentioned earlier, we were doing service work with the technology and really learning the technology, and it was after that year that we decided to move forward with the business where people could choose to put their own properties on. 

So that’s when we began the building out of the business of, you know, the infrastructure that you see today to be able to go on to the service really just a few minutes. 

So, it was much more labour intensive. In the beginning, we were actually putting pieces of paper into the devices and having to take them back out when someone cancelled. So, it’s come a long way. But we started in 2012, and we opened the doors of the business to the public. When was that? About four years ago Clayten? Five years ago? 

Clayten – Yes, five years ago, September 24th, 2013. 

Jeffrey – Yeah. So, five years. 

Clayten – I started playing with the technology in 2007. And the group of inventors before us that were attempting to create a free energy device kind of stumbled across a way to focus lifeforce energy almost by accident.  They’d been working on it for seven years before that, so in about 2000, they started experimenting with the technology. And this group, in particular, one of them invented some things that we still haven’t seen anywhere else. So, I guess that’s 19 years that there have been experiments done, I started doing research on the type of technology we’re using and how to how to interact with more of the things that we’ve adapted starting around 2007. 

Jeffrey – So I think we can wrap up and Christine is saying, “I’m so grateful for you guys and the work you’re doing.” And I would just wrap up with my gratitude for you and all the customers that support FLFE and allow us to continue with this work, I’m really grateful for you and for everyone that’s come on to the webinar here tonight with your questions and comments so with that, I’ll close. 

Clayten – We really appreciate the questions, it’s always stimulating. People always ask something that causes me to think about how far we’ve come over the years. Your subscriptions are what allows us to do this. We’ve done a lot of research and a lot of homework behind the scenes for years and there are more good things coming. (1:25:00) So stay tuned in the next couple of months. We have a few things up our sleeves that we’re just trying to figure out how to share it. But as Jeff said, we’re very grateful for you and you are what makes this all possible. Thank you.