Q&A Webinar #13

May 15, 2021

Jeffrey  – Welcome, everyone to this FLFE webinar. Today, we will be answering questions about the FLFE service. We would love to hear who you are and where you’re from in the chat. It’s always great to connect in this way with everyone. And we have people from close to 60 countries that are now currently on the FLFE service. So please put the questions for Clayten and I in the chat. And please raise your hand virtually and we’ll talk to you live. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Welcome to all the new people on the Free Trial. There has been a lot of activity lately with some recent interviews. We also are grateful for the current Subscribers and those who like to come back and spend time with us. We’re glad to share the journey with everyone .

Jeffrey – We feel it is important to review a few things. It’s good to remember about the FLFE service in order to optimize our experiences. The first one, and we say this often for those on the Free Trial or as a Subscriber is hydration. Hydration is very important always and there are recommendations on the website in the Tools Section. So it’s important to be properly hydrated for these reasons, the FLFE environment has exponentially more lifeforce energy available. And in that environment, our bodies, and our Innate Intelligence picks that energy up, brings it into our system, and starts to use it. And it can be used for our personal evolution, and it’s also used for our health and optimization of our bodies. And that takes additional water. Water is very important for not only biochemical reactions in the body, but also for moving away out toxins. Do you want to say anything else about that Clayten?

Clayten – Drinking enough water also helps us manage our moods. Managing moods is not something I think humanity is excelling at right now. It’s obviously a sign of unusual stress. And so hydration is important in managing our moods. And that relates, of course, to raising our consciousness, just getting along with ourselves, our fellow man, and that inner story that we all have. So water is our most important food for most of us unless we’re in a starvation situation.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s amazing how much that can affect our mood, I notice it in myself, I start to feel irritated. It’s undoubtedly the hydration. And once I start pounding back the water, I feel much better. So that is a clue for anyone on the Service, is if we start to feel some irritation, perhaps we can think about how much water we’ve had. And we have a nice calculator on the website, in the Hydration Section to calculate how much water is appropriate. And it’s always good, as described on the website to add some salts or some other kind of substance that makes the water more appropriate. We certainly don’t want to drink distilled water. So hydration is one and the second is nutrition. We mention in the same section about essential fatty acids and magnesium. And those two taken together are also important for supporting our evolution. As we rise in consciousness, which occurs on the FLFE Service, our body is rewiring our nervous systems, our brains, and the rest of our nervous system is optimizing  and essential fatty acids and magnesium taken together support that. Do you want to talk more about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, for those who are Dr. David Hawkins fans, and even those who aren’t, we’ll introduce you to Dr. David Hawkins . Dr. Hawkins was a psychotherapist for 50 years, he’s written a number of bestselling books, the most commonly known is Power versus Force. So Dr. Hawkins talks about the Map of Consciousness, which we’ll be referring to today. And when a person goes up one point on the Map of Consciousness, they have ten times more available energy to create the life they want. And so the Hawkin’s Map of consciousness goes from one to infinity where God or Divinity is infinity. It’s a bit of a tongue twister, but the human realm is one to 1000. And so if our level of consciousness when anyone  starts the service is 420 and then go 421, there is ten times more energy to create the life we want. It’s known as a logarithmic scale. So the average person on the FLFE service goes up 25 points in 90 days. And that’s a significant increase in the quality of life that will likely be experienced. And growth isn’t always comfortable. As Jeff alluded, taking essential fatty acids and magnesium within 30 minutes of each other, and all the ratios are on the website, it’s about four units of EFA’s to one unit of magnesium, and we can increase that until our bowels get loose. This helps rebuild the myelin sheath on the nerves. And we’ve done much research into an area that’s emerging,  known as Consciousness Nutrition or Conscious Nutrition, where we nutrify the body in order to assist it in raising its consciousness and maintaining those gains. So that’s a little bit of a longer story, Jeff, but I thought was worth mentioning. Because we might be coming back to that today in our conversation, especially with all of the new people on the Free Trial.

Jeffrey – That’s great, Clayten. And, in doing our research, we found that some Olympic weight training coaches realized the nervous system can be the factor that reduces the amount of weight that can be lifted, and they were using an almost identical ratio of EFAs to magnesium that we discovered. So it’s, obviously an important thing to do for ourselves, to optimize our nervous systems. So, yes, Clayten

mentioned rising in consciousness, and for those that are Dr. David Hawkins fans or are on the path in some way to raising consciousness, another way that we like to think about it is as increasing freedom. So as we rise in consciousness, we’re increasing freedom. And as Clayten said, quality of life is an important benefit. So, increased freedom from patterns that we wish to be done with, habits, or addictions that we wish to release, and freedom from patterns in our relationships with each other. That where, instead of relating  pattern to pattern we can relate person to person. So that’s all in the freedom and a benefit of rising in consciousness.

And an important thing to remember, while on the FLFE Service is that everyone has full control of the process. Everyone has a Control Panel accessible through the login in. In the first or second email, you will have the username and password. And so in that Control Panel, we can all experiment. Try turning the service off, turn it back on, and experiment with using EMF Mitigation, on and off. And importantly, for controlling the speed of things happening, and relating to maybe feeling irritated or, in some other way, maybe feeling like you’re detoxing more than you would like, everyone has a Consciousness Controller. And this is only on properties. For a home, business, or a Home Free Trial. So any of these, can control the level of consciousness. The default at this time is at 560. So try turning it back to 500 which is an option if anyone is feeling like the detoxing is going faster than they would like. Or it could be a hydration issue. Anything you’d like to say about that Clayten?

Clayten – We encourage everyone to be consciousness researchers in their own right. And being a human being is actually an experiment in consciousness just living day to day. And our hope for everyone is that if they choose to experiment with the Control Panel, that they will learn to distinguish between the levels of consciousness of the environmental influence that we can experience. So you can turn the Consciousness Slider, as we tend to call it down to 400 out of 1000. And also turn it all the way up to 570 out of 1000. So on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, 200 is integrity, 500 hundred is love, 600 is the beginning of enlightenment or peace, and 700 is fully enlightened. 540 to 570 is the range of unconditional love. And according to our research for the accomplishment of our mission, which is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society 560 to 570, is generally a good place for people to start. And there are times when the evolutionary process might get a bit overwhelming, or a bit too intense, and we can slide it down. And that’s one way to manage it. There are many ways to manage our state and the progress we’re making. And we wanted to give as many tools as we could, so that everyone can experiment with the significance of the environmental influence, which we believe is very important, because environment is more important than will. So maybe we’ll talk about that a little later on.

Jeffrey – There was a subject of one of our past webinars and is on our website if anyone wishes to look that up and watch it.  And everyone has full control with the Control Panel and someone in the chat said, “Why would I ever turn off my EMF Mitigation?”  Well, as Clayten said, it’s for experimental purposes. Some people have heard about FLFE from Lee Carroll and Monica. They ask themselves do I feel it myself? And that’s one of the things we hear from people.  Other people know it the second it comes on, and other people have a different level of sensitivity. And it’s all okay, there’s a range. So the EMF Mitigation is something that I feel in my body quite strongly. So when I go to my Control Panel, and I turn it off; and of course, I’ve got my phone on, and I’ve got the property as well. So I didn’t move the phone far enough away. And when I turned it off, I feel tension in my body, and my shoulders feel like they’re coming up and I feel like I can’t get a full breath. And then when I turn EMF Mitigation back on, my body relaxes. So those sensations in our bodies are one way to sense the FLFE environment. And so using the Control Panel and turning it on and off when we’re consciously tuned into our bodies is something to experiment with.  So what do you say, Clayten? Should we go to some questions?

Clayten – Yes, the purpose of this is really to be a Q&A period for all the new people in the Free Trial and to access support. Some people aren’t available on Tuesday nights when we typically do our webinars. So we just wanted to talk for a few minutes to get everyone warmed up and get our thought processes going. And then we’d love to talk to some of you, please raise your hand. As Jeff said earlier, it’s great to have a person to person conversation. And we’ll answer the questions in the Q&A as well. Maria can help in the chat if you raise your hand.

Jeffrey – We have three people with their hands raised, as well. And I see we’ve got some people from Spain. We’ve got people from Spain, from Hawaii, Austria. People from different places in the US New Mexico, Virginia, and Seattle. So why don’t we go to Denise King. I’ll bring you in Denise and you can talk to us if you like.

Denise – Good morning.

J&C –  Good morning.

Denise – Yay! Thank you for taking my question. I live in Grass Valley, California, and I’ve been inquiring with you guys since last January, about the electrocution energy that has been happening in my home in the furniture, the floors, and the ground. And I recently came to realize for myself that I feel it is probably coming from the satellites and hitting the underground tunnels that are filled with water. And although my neighbors don’t seem to be experiencing this, there are ley lines crossing at my house, and I have this underground phenomenon plus the gold and the crystals. So I don’t know how the satellites would be magnified. I don’t understand all of it. But the point being that I actually worked with a healer in January, and I got some relief for three months. And then recently, they launched more satellites, and we had an earthquake here, and we don’t usually have earthquakes here, it was a 5.1. And the energy is in the house again, it’s different. It’s not a pulsing energy, it’s just a consistent, electrocution energy. And once again, at 65, I no longer have a place to sleep. So I’m wondering if you could speak to the satellites. And I know you’ve added the satellites to the EMF Mitigation Program. And I did call the office and they’ve put in a request to have you take a look at the house. In Grass Valley itself in California, also, the energy here has come down. People have places here that they use their PIF for, and the energy has dropped here in the past, and you guys didn’t know why that happened. And I’m wondering if maybe that has to do with the satellites? Or what is your take on all of this is?

Jeffrey – Yes, Denise, we have looked at it. And there’s kind of an unusual situation as you mentioned there with what’s beneath the property and the confluence of the satellites plus other EMF sources. And so we do have a new program, and just for those that are new, what we do is when we get input from people like Denise, with something that’s occurring, we take a look at it, we go on Google Earth to look at the property. We do intuitive and kinesiology testing around it. And then we look at how we can solve that. And so we do have something in process right now to help, which will be an additional level of absorption of the issue you’re having. And it is fairly rare that all those things are adding up. And  we really appreciate you reaching out to us and letting us know about it. And we think we know what we need to do. It’s just a matter of getting it done right now. So we’re in the process.

Denise – Well, I really appreciate that because I feel like my life is at total risk. And so can you talk about the satellites?

Jeffrey – Do you want to Clayten ? Do you recall when we looked into this?

Clayten – Yes, there was a request from some customers. And if I recall,  I think it was in Tampa Bay, Florida. And what was happening there, Denise,  was there was salt water coming with the tides and then hitting rebar and construction material that has metal in it. And whenever that was moving, it creates a certain conduction of energy. I don’t think that’s the technical term, but it affects the energy of that area sometimes. And then with the additional satellites, it seemed that when there was a launch of like three or four thousand satellites at one time, they noticed that the energy felt off on the property and we found it was due to satellites, and we corrected it.

And we released that program for the Home Subscription and we just released it for the Everywhere properties was it last week, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes.

Clatyen –  And what appears to be happening, Denise is, and I haven’t talked about this very much, Jeff. But the properties are maintaining a level of consciousness that is set on the Slider 98% of the time over the previous 24 hours. But what’s occurring are these micro negativity zones on the property. So we put a park in the area on a little while ago, and the park went up to 570. It’s a park in the Nelson area, where the head office is, and I was at the park having an ice cream cone. And because I was sitting on the bench, just about finished, I stood up and I noticed that I felt a little bit off. And I sat back down on the bench again. And my thought pattern changed, I stood up and my thought pattern changed. So then I checked the park because I knew that the park was at 570 so I confirmed that with kinesiology. And then I checked this little area that I was standing in and that little area I was standing in calibrated that 50. So that would be a micro negativity zone.

And what we discovered through some research is that we believe someone was captured there in a war, and they were tortured. And the person was on that little piece of land and they were putting a curse out. And the intent of the curse was that only my people will find peace on this land. Now, even though the park was at 570, there were those little micro negativity songs. So in order to correct that we had to identify a particular negative thought, which was a curse in that case, and we had to write a counter to that negative thought. And with curses in certain types of micro negativity zones, we need to be very, very specific about the nature of the negative influence. And humans are pretty creative how they can generate negativity. So there a lot of those zones. And so the properties are at level. And we’re looking for more and more of these other influences. And so my assumption if I’m correct, Denise, is that with the increase in satellite influence, and maybe the uniqueness of your property being on ley lines, and underground water and all those sorts of things, that there are more micro negativity zones, then there were even three months ago, and that it’s making it more difficult for you. So what I’d like to do, Jeff is take a look at Denise’s property in particular, we can go onto Google Earth, and then we can start identify the micro negativity zones and see if we can figure out where and what they are. And then pick them off, one by one.

Denise – Wow!

Jeffrey – And there is one more thing Denise. There is also a new a new bubble that we’re working on reflects some of the energy out and being absorbed and taking it into the ground. So I’m assuming that would also help in this case because it was protecting from underneath; there’s a bouncing that’s happening with some of these underground structures. So that was one that had come up recently with a certain mineral energetic signature. I’m assuming that would be helpful there as well.

Denise – Can I mention that last year I slept outside from April until November. And there were a few nights where the energy came through the couch outside. But now I am trying to sleep outside this summer. And the energy is completely there. I get in my van; I have to drive around in the night. And I also heard the sound of diesel engines for about three years. And I learned yesterday that the satellites went up in June 2019. And that’s when I started hearing the sounds. And now again, the energy has changed. It’s not a pulsing, it used to be 24 hours a day. Now it’s constant. And I know that after living with a sound like that, the sound also penetrates the head, we get tinnitus, whatever. I’m sure that that’s part of it. So it’s really hard to determine what’s inside and what’s outside. But you know, it’s very clear what is outside coming through the furniture and what triggers my nervous system. And then my nervous system is on steroids. And so even when I leave the property and lie down and start to relax, my body is filled with that energy. And I can’t sleep somewhere else because I’ve absorbed the energy. So it’s a wild ride, guys, I gotta tell you.

Jeffrey – Well, we are with you here, Denise. So do you recall who you normally talk with in the office?

Denise – Evie and Lori.

Jeffrey – We will make some of these upgrades, and then get back with you and see how you feel and work our way through it until do what we can to have you feel better.

Denise –  Bless you. Thank you so much. Thank you guys, for all you do. And thank you. I mean, I know I’m just a little spot in the world. But I think the whole area here will be served by this. And, you know, we’ve got PIFs everywhere here in this area, and lots of people here are on FLFE. So we’re holding the frequency over here and we want to hold it higher.

Jeffrey – Thank you for everything you do. It’s great to have you with us.

Denise  – Thank you and take care.

Clayten – This is how we learn to improve the service as people let us know that they’re suffering, and then we try to change things. I think I should address this one topic, Jeff.

Some people wonder why we don’t show the machines to the public. And it seems to be an integrity issue for people looking at subscribing. And one of the themes within FLFE is we try to do what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. We use kinesiology to do that. And because the technology is pretty powerful and it takes a long time to learn how to work with it, that if people just took the technology and started experimenting, they’d have to go through the same learning curve that we did. And the errors that we made, we focused research on ourselves. So we were the ones that experienced that. So that’s why we don’t show the machines to the public. It doesn’t test as being in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. We do show the picture of the machine and have a piece of it that we share with the staff or show them when they’ve gone past a probation period with us. So we are transparent to the degree that we think is appropriate. There is a responsibility to steward and manage the technology and work with it in that way. So I just thought I should say that today, because there are likely a lot of new people with us and they may be wondering why we don’t show it to the public.

Jeffrey – And the technology we discovered in Canada was very powerful at the time, and we’ve found ways to amplify it ourselves. And it is, as Clayten said,  powerful. And we have built in our own safeguards into the use of it. For those of you that have been with us you’ve heard this before, but it’s important. And the way that the technology works is, it’s a device, it’s in multiple locations. There’s no device at the home, of course, and we have pieces of paper on in the system, there’s a highly energized area, where, in the original machine, there was electrical current, high speed alternating current, and that’s not the case anymore. But now, there is a highly energized space where the written documents go and they are addressed to Divinity. They are, we could call them prayers or requests of Divinity and they are very specific. And they’re measured on the Hawkins Map. So we use kinesiology which is muscle testing. And as Clayten said, Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness so all of these instructions to Divinity related to the service are at 999 or Higher on scale of 1-1000. So we may get up to 999 point 3, point 6 and sometimes higher.

And it’s very difficult to get to 1000, there might be a small grammatical change that would take us there, and the amount of time that it takes to do that is prohibitive. So, as long as things are above 999, they’re essentially, close to 1000, or at 1000. So, in the requests to Divinity themselves there are  instructions be done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. So everything is always defaulted to whatever’s in the Highest and  Best interest of all Creation. And that is really important.

Until we discovered the H&B and added that request to every piece of paper, or every Program, as we call them, we had to check them constantly to see if they needed to come off of the system. So this was a way to self-regulate. And it’s a very unusual system that works really well to activate an environment that is beneficial as Clayten said, to support the evolution of consciousness. And I’ll just mention Clayten said that 550 to 574 is the most appropriate range for us to work and live in. And we can imagine there might be in the future, an environment that is much higher, that we go to say, as a clinic, and just say, “I’m going to raise my consciousness over the next month.” And there would be people monitoring us, I don’t have to work right now and that could happen, but at this time, most of us are living and working where we need to make a living and take care of kids and the house and such.  So that’s why what we call an economized society, where we need to work for a living.

Clayten – Yes, if the home is at 500, for example, it would be in the top 1/100 of 1% of homes in the world; in some countries in the top 1000th of 1%. So living in an environment that is a home at 560, 550, or higher. And we have 5% of the homes on the service or over 600 they just go up that high because of the people that are in them. It’s kind of a synergy. So it’s unusual for humans to be able to live in an environment that high. Typically only some pilgrimage sites and some temples, churches, synagogues, and places of worship. And not many people get to live in those. So we’re pretty lucky to be able to experience the level of support that the technology provides. And we believe that these emergent technologies like FLFE, are a way of Divinity helping us compensate for the consciousness lowering influences, that all these convenient electronic devices and other influences provide. And so nature always finds a balance and there are many emerging technologies like ours to support us.

Jeffrey – And we are focused on the environment. So the FLFE service is focused on the environment, there are some other ones out there focused on individuals but we feel the best way is for the whole environment to be supported meaning multiple individuals in the Home service. And close to the phone the energy is coming in, it’s not guaranteed to be at that level like it is on the Home service because in the Home service, there is mitigation of geopathic stress, some of the things we were talking about with Denise. We have underground water or minerals or ley lines. So we’re compensating for those with the Home service for any property service, including the Free Trial. And with the Everywhere which is a phone or an object the amount of energy it would take to compensate for all those things when we’re driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour. So there’s an inflow of a high consciousness, energy at 575 within four feet of the object or phone.

So if anyone feels like they are detoxing like we mentioned before, they could just move a little bit further away from the phone, and it goes down the further we go, but there’s a 300- foot bubble around the phone at 555, which is just a blessing; a love blessing. That’s in that unconditional love zone, on the Hawkins Map in the 540 – 560 range. And so that’s, it’s really a blessing for anyone nearby, when we’re walking around the grocery store, wherever we’re at, wherever we are. Should we bring on Claire?

Claire- Hi, thank you very, very much for everything you do and what you have done, and also for the Free Trial from Kryon because that brought us back into looking at this. Our question is about the vehicles. You kind of mentioned it, with the phone, we do have that protection around us. But vehicles have so much computer programming in them so much EMF, and especially with the hybrid and electric vehicles that are coming out. If both Carol and I are subscribed to the phone is that going to provide us a lot of our give us enough support that when we’re in the car that we’re going to be there, we presently have Shungite in the house and in the car as well, too. And I know you mentioned on Kryon that you can put in the frequency of Shungite into the program. So just wondering how that works with the with vehicles.

Clayten – Jeff owns electric car, so I’ll let him take this one.

Jeffrey – Yes, and this is something I was concerned about as well. There’s a lot of lot of EMFs in an electric vehicle. And so the design of the Everywhere service in the EMF Mitigation portion of that is designed to work and to mitigate that effect by harmonizing using the energetic signature of Shungite. So it does take quite a bit of energy of the system to do that. And I noticed that once we completed that the electric vehicle felt a lot better to me. So that is something to do is try with and without EMF Mitigation on the phone or, of course, get on your Control Panel and turn off EMF Mitigation and see if you can tell the difference. I certainly did in my vehicle.

Claire – Thank you very much.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Thanks for joining us today and on the Free Trial.

Clayten – Yes, if anyone on today who haven’t heard the principle of harmonization when we’re dealing with EMF and other influences, of course, we can try to block it, we can try to deflect it, we can try to dissipate it somehow. And ultimately, if we can, we’ve tried to find a way to harmonize it where we take the consciousness lowering influence which is really our area of expertise; measuring consciousness. So if we take the consciousness lowering influence of EMFs, and we find something that turns it from a consciousness lowering influence, to a consciousness raising influence.

So we’ve actually found that the average property on FLFE, went up four points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness when we put the EMF Mitigation program on. And part of the EMF Mitigation, as Claire mentioned, is Shungite, the energetic signature of Shungite. It’s the only material that we found in existence that can harmonize the consciousness lowering EMFs.

Now there may be lots of technologies out there that work with EMFs in ways that we don’t understand that don’t use Shungite. But from our research and the way that we work, the energetic signature of Shungite was the only way we found to harmonize it to make it positive. When we’re blocking,  deflecting, or redirecting something that’s coming at us, we have to consider where it goes. So that’s part of the issue with us in being excited about Shungite because with Shungite  we’re just using it to make it positive. It does take an extraordinary amount of energy from the technology, the average FLFE Everywhere service, which is the Mobile service or the Object service takes about 2000 times as much energy as a Home service, because it has to do that work all the time when it’s moving.

Whereas with the Home service, it’s just on that piece of property. And there are not as many variables to handle. So it does take more energy. And yes, I actually have a friend of mine who was a stewardess for 25 years with Air Canada, which is the national airline. And she said she and all her friends noticed that they aged quicker than other people they knew who weren’t working in planes all the time. And they believed it was from EMFs. And so they started mega dosing, grapeseed extract, and different antioxidants and their skin became more youthful. So EMFs are something to be respected. And we’re always looking for new ways to improve the service. We just wanted to talk about harmonization because of the new people on the service and there is a difference between harmonization and just deflecting it somewhere.

Jeffrey – We have a few questions about sleep, Clayten in the Q&A, so maybe we can start with those and come back to some of the people with hands up.  So I guess we should mention that, in the FLFE system are programs to benefit sleep. And EMF Mitigation we’ve just been talking about is one of the one of the programs or benefits of FLFE that does affect sleep for many people. We conducted a survey with EMF sensitives on the service before we released EMF Mitigation and many of them were having a lot of difficulty sleeping. And once the EMF Mitigation was added to the service they slept better than they had for years. And other people feel really energized by the additional lifeforce energy in the environment. And they maybe feel it is a little bit harder to go to sleep, it’s kind of people seem to go either way. And that’s why we have the Control Panel, if anyone does feel like they’re adjusting, it often happens in the first week to the energy and they feel really energized at night, they can use the Control Panel and turn down the level and try that. But as I said, some people have the best sleep they’ve ever had, or had in a long time.

Clayten – We had a webinar on sleep and it is on the website if anyone would like to review it. We talked about the programs within FLFE to help sleep. For example, we have requested FLFE to increase the production of melatonin. So when we’re getting ready to try to go to sleep, we have indicators of what that means in the body. So we do have lots of requests to Divinity in the programs for sleep. And there are also many suggestions in the Sleep webinar such as making the bedroom as dark as possible. Also having the room be cool rather than warm. We went into quite a bit of detail on that webinar. So anything we can do to help our sleep; sleep is really precious.

Jeffrey – Someone is asking about the lack of hydration could that cause a lack of sleep? I don’t know about that one we certainly don’t want to do a lot of hydrating right before going to sleep for obvious reasons. That may be a place where our overall level of hydration might be a little bit low. So you could turn the level of service back for a while to see if that helps. And as far as hydration what we recommend is drinking a lot of water when we first get up because just in being asleep all night we lose a large amount of our hydration. And so I have a two liter bottle and that’s what I do first off.  I try to drink as much water as I can. And then once things get back to normal in the stomach as far as stomach acid then I eat breakfast so I wait some time before eating. But that’s important to do and then to stay up with it during the day and then back off late afternoon into the evening so that so that I can sleep.

Someone’s asking about pets. Pets will self-regulate as long as water is available for them. So make sure to keep an eye on the water bowl and make sure that it has plenty of fresh water in it. Watch to see that they’re not going through the water faster than they would normally.

And it’s the same with plants. What we’ve discovered is plants are growing faster in the FLFE environment, there’s more lifeforce energy and they take that energy up and use it for their growth. And sometimes plants will benefit and grow faster with more water too.

Clayten – Bonnie is talking about a challenge she’s having coming back from a trip and we do have people asking us this question from time to time to time Bonnie, about their life. And it’s hard to answer them with just four lines of information. And you may not want to write a whole lot more I understand that as well. So I just I’m not sure about how to answer that based upon the information that you’re giving us. I just wanted you to know that I’ve seen your question.

Jeffrey – Stuart s asking about toxins, how does FLFE help with detoxification? So as we mentioned, in the FLFE environment, there’s exponentially more lifeforce energy, also known as Chi and Prana in some bodies of work. And we also mentioned the Innate Intelligence of the body. So the Innate Intelligence, especially for those of you coming in through Lee Carroll’s work with Kryon. He talks a lot about the intelligence of our entire system to repair, self-regulate, optimize, and to respond to stimulus. And stimulus we may think is not a good stimulus. We have in the Library section of the website an interesting book called Anti- fragile, which talks about the body as being anti fragile and that it responds to stimulus by becoming stronger. And it can become overwhelming as well. We believe that when we’re in an environment like this with more energy available, the Innate Intelligence of the body uses that energy for repair, optimization, and for evolution. And that those processes are biochemical processes, and they have byproducts. And we could call those toxins when a cell breaks down and another cell is replacing it that’s more renewed in some way that those older cells become toxins, and they need to be removed. Yet our systems do hold toxins in various places. And it’s really the Innate Intelligence going to work to clean things up as well. Anything you’d like to add to that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I definitely notice that I don’t think as clearly if I’m not hydrated. And we’ve noticed that people who are significantly dehydrated will tend to switch polarity more often or be more negative. And that relates to the comment about moods earlier, just about the nature of what’s happening in the world. And what’s happened for the last year and a half. Taking care of our mental health is really important. And so hydration is a big part of that. It’s not just a physical phenomenon, it relates to our ability to manage our minds and have a relationship with our minds. I don’t know managing it is the way to way to approach it but I just wanted to reinforce that proper hydration is an important part of managing our moods.

Jeffrey – Yes, Rebecca is asking about a client that she has with a neurological challenge which makes it difficult for her to swallow. So water is important and Rebecca is saying that she’d love to tell her about FLFE and wonders do we recommend? So with someone like that, it may be better for them to be on a lower level of consciousness service such as Smarter EMF that has many of the same programs, including Brain and Nervous System support. So we do have a Brain Optimization Support program with requests of Divinity and that could be helpful for this person. And our Smarter EMF option is at 500, or they could go on the full Flagship service and turn it way down. So we do recommend these options and that’s why we have the Free Trial so people can try it. They can play with the settings. And if it works for you, great. If it doesn’t,  we believe that the person has benefited from it and we’re happy either way. We’re really glad to be able to provide the Free Trial so that people can benefit from that period of time, even if that’s all they do.

Clayten – Sarah is saying that she has a lodger who is wondering if we could give a quick overview of how it works, how FLFE works; they are not quite understanding it. Well, there are probably 50 hours of webinars, I don’t know the exact number. So there’s a lot of information, Sarah. I guess one quick explanation would be in the technology that we have there are big stacks of coils, crystals, and different devices. And at the top of the stack, the input stack, the energy comes in from the ether, it comes down, it’s accelerated and amplified. And then it goes to the bottom of another stack. And that is called the output stack. And there’s an area down at the bottom of that, which is the high consciousness field. And we associate that high consciousness field with the unique identifier that is a home address, a cell phone number, a picture of an object, or latitude and longitude. So it works on the principle of unique identifier. And then we connect that high consciousness field and the

technology to a database, where you can enter in your address online. And it automatically activates that field in that part of the technology. And that part of the technology is also accessing a database with all the programs which are the requests to Divinity. So all the programs come with the service automatically. No one has to ask for special ones, they all come with the service. So if your lodger would like more information than that, they could watch a few webinars. And it’s a really common question and understandably so. That’s kind of the Coles notes version.

Jeffrey –  Jennifer’s asking about people going to 25 points in three months. She says, “I’m curious if we make changes in our environment, how would it affect it, repairing and cleaning things?” Yes,  it’s interesting to look at the LOC or the level of consciousness of an environment and definitely how we take care of it makes a difference. Feng Shui is helpful. I know Clayten has a lot of experience with Feng Shui.  It’s important and will raise the level of consciousness the environment and cleaning too you’re a big proponent of cleaning, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, I’m always amazed when I clean the environment, not that our place is dirty, and we clean the place once a week. And if I’m trying to change something in my life because I spend a lot of time in the office. If I take everything out of the office and wipe down the walls, every piece of furniture, the hardwood floors, the bookshelves, wipe down the back of the bookshelves, the books, take everything out, put it back in the office, it’s a whole day. But if  I am struggling with something personally or in the business by the end of the day I get the answers I need. Or the phone’s ringing if I’m looking for certain things to happen. It’s always amazing to me, I like to bless everything and be really conscious for that time. So I don’t want to  underestimate the power of cleaning our environment.

Jeffrey – I’ve got a question about why the FLFE property service is not available, in some countries. Well, the reason is the principle of unique identifier.  For the for the FLFE system to work to activate this field anywhere in the world, we have to have a good identifier for that particular place in the world. In the list of countries in the Free Trial or the Subscription page, those countries have a regulated system of address control. So there is regulation in the government, in the court systems for the properties, the property boundaries, all of that is highly regulated. So when a legal address is given to the technology, through the website and through signing up, that can be identified in the FLFE environment can be activated. And the same with a cell phone, it’s the cellular phone number in that jurisdiction; there’s only one cellular phone number is identified in the universe as that that place that location, wherever it is located at the time. So in some countries it’s not quite as regulated in the same way, or it’s more word of mouth, that’s there’s a long history of locations, or there’s such fast growth, the system is not keeping up with changes to new buildings being built, new streets being created. So in those places, it’s not regulated enough for the system to work. As you know, it doesn’t go on in a regular way. So that means we’d have to check everyone, make sure that it went on, make changes to the location. And we have a solution for that coming which is a photo based subscription, where a photo of the inside of the property will provide the unique identifier to allow the FLFE system to activate. So that’s coming, but it’s a good question. Thank you for that.

Clayten – Helmut asks, “What if I don’t feel any changes, even when I experiment with turning the system on and off in the Control Panel? If a 15 day trial is not long enough, would you recommend a longer period to try?” This is an interesting topic because there’s an assumption that if we’re more evolved, we’ll notice a sensitive, relatively nonlinear subtle energy like FLFE more. And that’s not necessarily true. Some people are very  highly evolved. And they’re just not sensitive to this particular type of energy. I have some friends who are spiritual devotees in their own way. And they have Reiki treatment, and they don’t feel it. They don’t notice anything. And they don’t typically go back to that sort of thing often. So part of what we want to do is encourage everyone to trust themselves, trust their experiences, and then look at the people around them to see if they’re changing.

We had an interview with a lady named Vaughn Galt recently, she was a Buddhist. And she couldn’t really feel the influence of FLFE in her house and other people couldn’t as well. But her banana plant had  grown like crazy, just amazing. They grew a foot in 15 days or something ridiculous. And her pets are calmer, and things are better in the house. She’s has more wildlife in her yard since she lives on the edge of the forest. So there are many little things, but it’s really the plants that said there’s something going on here. And so we would say pay attention to the other people in the home, the plants, or the pets. For some people, especially those who have rescue animals. We’ve had a lot of stories about rescue animals who are traumatized and they come into the home and they’re really jittery, really restless. And they typically calm right down. So that’s another thing to look for. But you know, we  want everyone to trust themselves. Of course, we have a bias about people  buying a Subscription because it helps us as a business. But the business is okay, we’re here to help everyone evolve. And if saying no to this Service helps you evolve more than saying yes to the service, we would rather have you trust yourself and learn and grow as a person. That’s really what we’re here to do. We just have this business so please don’t stress yourself out.

Jeffrey – This leads into Sarah’s question about how important is it to let the people we live with know FLFE is running in the house? What if they don’t believe in the technology? Well, Sarah, this is happens fairly often, that people put on the Service. And they watch to see what happens, and as Clayten said, how are other people doing? The importance is hydration. So what we ask is that someone in the house knows that it’s on and is encouraging others to hydrate. And  they’re noticing, gee Mary’s kind of irritated, maybe she’s dehydrated, hey Mary maybe you should drink a little water. So someone needs to be on top of that part of hydration in the house. So we ask that people don’t put on somebody else’s house that they’re not living in and  nobody there knows about it. So we’re asking  please don’t do that. And so, in this situation, where someone puts on the Service, and they observe everyone else, it’s been a really great way for people to notice the Service, like we’ve been talking about people notice relationships shifting, in an unconditional love environment relationships are supported to come from a loving place. And children seem to really respond to that bond between children and parents and that kind of playfulness. We get a lot of testimonials about that where people are noticing that their kids are relaxing and having fun, and they’re playing together. So I think it’s one way to do a Free Trial and to see for yourself what it’s doing and to not tell everyone, but really make sure that they are hydrating.

Clayten – Veronica asks the question, she said, she’s giving a positive testimonial. Thank you, Veronica. At the end, she’s asking, when I depart will the positive energy that she’s created on the land, with the help of FLFE have an effect of raising the conscious of the property. Yes, Veronica, I would say there’s a 99% chance that the negative energetic history on the land will be removed with the FLFE service. So there’ll be a memory of the trauma, but the trauma won’t be there. It sounds like the land you are on had a lot of traumatic experiences. We literally spent weeks writing down every negative experience that we could imagine. And we researched into some of that, at one point when we were developing the Removal Template, and then making the request to Divinity to correct those. And what I’d also suggest, Veronica is that when anyone signs up for FLFE  they get what’s called a Pay it Forward, or PIF.  And the PIF service is a free service that you get to give to one location in the world. And it stays on for as long as Jeff and I own the business. And so it’s at 500 level of consciousness, there are no programs on it. And everyone receives that with a Subscription.  And occasionally we give out an extra free one. And so Veronica, you could put your PIF on the property when you leave. And then that property would be blessed with the FLFE energy for as long as we have the business and that will help.

Jeffrey – And that’s one of the main differences between the Everywhere service and the Property service is the clearing that Clayten mentioned. And so this clearing is happening on a continual basis multiple times per second. So that place is continued to be cleared. And the historical traumas or whatever happened on the land that’s negative or below 200 on the Hawkins Map is cleared as Clayten said, and so that is helpful for that ongoing after doing a Free Trial. And that’s one of the reasons we recommended for the people that came in through the Kryon Healing Wednesdays to do both Free Trials.

Clayten – I wonder if we should talk a little more about the PIF Jeff, because it just sort of came up. It’s usually one of the things we like to talk about on a on a Q&A.

Jeffrey – Yes that would be great.

Clayten – So the PIF is called Pay it Forward. And when we first started the Service, we wanted to give as much as we could. So for the first year, Jeff and I, before we started the business, we reverse engineered some things and improved the way it works. And it was just coming up to 2012. And there are Mayan calendar legends and teachings on a transition that was going to happen in the world, and a lot of people were very concerned about what that was going to look like. So for about a year, before 2012, Jeff and I would go on Google Earth, and we would look for low consciousness places on the planet. And we would put a low level of energy on those areas, or a low level of FLFE energy, which was maybe 540 at the time. And we would put that on there with very few Programs. And it would raise the level of conscious on that place on the on the continent and oftentimes bring up a whole lot of areas. So we would just go from continent to continent and try to find the lowest area, which is the critical factor area. A critical factor is where we can put the least amount of effort energy to get the most amount of gain. And we did this for a whole year. And we were aware of  the law of noninterference. So we can’t just put a high level of consciousness on an area at a certain level without getting permission. And so at 540, it was as high as we could go without getting permission. But what we found out is we had to keep checking that almost every day, because sometimes we wouldn’t have permission to leave it on at 540. Because we were trying to do as much good as possible and we found out after we had thousands of  Subscribers on we couldn’t  keep checking every day if all of the PIFs are appropriate for that location. So we had to choose a level of consciousness gift that would allow us to put it on and leave it on indefinitely without having to recheck it. And 500 is that level. And so all the PIFs are at 500 on the Hawkins Map. There are no Programs, it doesn’t mean the property will come to 500, it just means that we’re sending out 500.

So if the property is 190, it may go to 220. Or if it’s 150, it may go to 190, it may not even get above 200. So it was really a way for us to give the opportunity to bless the earth the same way we did for a year. Everyone gets to choose a place on the planet to give something to. And it’s a form of karma yoga. And I’m going to turn that over to you, Jeff, if you want to say anything above about that.

Jeffrey – It would be interesting to do a webinar sometime on the levels of giving. When we were talking to a friend Gary about this level of giving where we’re putting this beneficial loving energy somewhere, and it’s anonymous. And we’re just doing it out of love, there’s no recognition, there’s nothing coming back to us other than we have the knowledge that we’re doing good somewhere in the world. So each paid Subscription has a PIF to use and it’s in the Control Panel. There’s a button to follow and you can enter coordinates or legal addresses. So that’s just part of the Service.

I don’t know if we’ve talked about it yet Clayten, is the other Service work that we do in the world. As you mentioned, we started that way just doing Service work. And the only reason we started a business is because we received an intuitive hit to do so as a way of multiplying our efforts and putting it in the hands of others to do Service work. And also each of those properties all over the world for people that choose to come on the Service is benefiting the world through that propagation of higher consciousness throughout Creation.

And we also do other Service projects, some we talk about, some we don’t. In the Donate page, we have information about our Service Projects. And there are some of the ones we’ve done with cetaceans, whales, dolphins,  bees, and the concentration camp locations in Germany and Poland.  We helped to clear those areas where trauma occurred and supported them. Do you know what the current percentage of our energies go into Service Projects now Clayten?

Clayten – Yes it is over 90%, I haven’t checked it lately. But in the history of the company, 90% of  energy that the technology sends out, over 90% of it in the history of the company has always been to toward Service work. And sometimes it’s as high as 98%. And it’s just the way that the technology works, and the upgrades we’ve done to increase the power that we’re able to do that. And we’re only able to do that because of all of you. We only have so many resources personally we can use to help the world and because we have a business that works called FLFE. And because you subscribe to that gives us the resources to do the service work.

Jeffrey – Yes. It’s, one of the reasons we’re so grateful to all our Subscribers, because it does allow us to be able to spend the time to do it. And to be able to complete the projects that we do to increase the capacity of the system.

So Peter is asking, he’s a software engineer, male, left brain oriented. He says, “How does FLFE and high LOC help me feel more powerfully the success of the Magnetizing Process?” And this kind of relates to the Law of Attraction work that some of us may have read or talked about. So we have a meditation, we called Magnetizing  in the Tools section, and it’s a meditation, where we kind of hold in mind what we would like to see manifested. And the mechanism for this Peter is the level of consciousness of the individual. So, as Clayten mentioned earlier, our environment is more important than will. So the environment and the level of consciousness of the environment is a lot of energy. A lot of we could say power as we use that or it comes into our system we rise in consciousness through our personal evolution. As we said 25 points in 90 days is the average. As Clayten said earlier, each point is 10 times more power to create the life that we wish to have. So we can think about it as we’re  generating an image through the Magnetizing Process, like the Law of Attraction, we’re seeing what it is we want, we’re feeling it already happened, we’re feeling the emotion of it already occurring. Now, that process is now magnified, each point higher in consciousness we are due to the environment each it’s 10 times more power to that request. More power to that vision that we’re creating. And so with that multiplication effect, if we go up 25 points, that’s a lot more energy now focused on what it is we wish to occur.

Clayten – Yes, I’m pretty left brain too, Peter. What I find as a way of having an experience or to feel more powerfully something is to ask for some type of Higher Power to help me. And in Hawkins work, he calls that the spiritual well. So for you, it might be nature or the sound of children laughing that gives you joy. It’s something in our lives where we feel joy and love and we feel connected to All That Is. And just call upon the energy of that experience. Or if it’s nature, call upon the energy of nature, if you’re a religious or spiritual orientation, call upon Divinity as you see it, or an Archangel, or an Angel. Or if you had a loving mother or father, call upon the love that they gave you, what that represents to you. And that should help you open your heart;  you can actually put your hands over your heart. it’s sometimes difficult for left brain, people like us to get into our bodies and get into our hearts. And so those are a couple things that I do that might help you. And those typically will help somebody, we have to typically turn your mind your intelligent, well trained engineer mind over to something that’s greater than ourselves when we’re stuck in ourselves.

Jeffrey – Yes, this comment relates to that, Andre saw it while on the FLFE Free Trial, things were happening with grace, elegance, and beauty, instead of being difficult and cumbersome. Grace is an interesting blessing energy of things occurring. And I think it relates to freedom like rising in consciousness and being free from patterns or restraints that no longer serve. So then things can naturally unfold in a higher way. Because that relates to your question as well. And that’s a beautiful way of saying that so thank you.

Becca is asking about where to where to gift the PIF or Pay it Forward. And she was thinking of water or Israel. We do have people who have talked about us going to the headwaters of major rivers and putting on a PIF there using latitude and longitude coordinates. So you can use coordinates to do that. And people often do local places like local prisons, schools, or mental health hospitals, just areas that they know loving support would be a nice thing to have. So, I think looking locally is a good way because as you may have guessed there are a large number of people giving these now and the obvious ones likely been chosen. Such as the government buildings and office of the President in the US, things like that. So it’s really nice to go local and many have done it on their places of worship, and then they can go in and notice the difference.

Clayten – Yes, I don’t think I’m going to say his name properly, its looks like Suping, he asks, “Since FLFE is man-made would I become dependent on it?” I’m not sure if I know how to answer that. I think we should address it, Jeff. A high consciousness field becomes very attractive to people once they experience it. It’s like getting a big raise. You know, it really affects our quality of life in high consciousness fields. Once they’re experienced, we don’t want to give them up. And I don’t associate that with dependency because it’s not a chemical substance. But they certainly become more valuable in my experience, and we make more of an effort to gravitate towards them. I thought if I gave you a minute to think, Jeff, you’d be able to come up with a really good answer.

Jeffrey – It’s a good question. And the way I feel about it is the FLFE environment is designed to clear restraints to it being in its optimal state, and for supporting the level of consciousness to be at these levels which are unusually higher levels. And the idea here is what would the world be like if there were no negative influences? If we’re out in the wilderness and far from any cell towers, and course, now we have satellites happening, but, if we’re in a pristine environment, out in the wilderness, somewhere there’s a level of support that we feel. And people are really attracted to camping and hiking out in wilderness areas in order to feel that. And so what our mission is, with the FLFE environment is to create as pristine an area as possible that supports our evolution. And one way to look at it is that we’re recreating those pristine environments, anywhere, even in a really highly dense area that has a lot of restraints in it.

And the clearing of the negative history on the land with the property helps it to be ongoing. You could just do the Free Trial, and the home will benefit from that and continue to benefit from it. And, in my personal opinion we’re here to evolve, and the evolution of consciousness is an important thing to do. Many people on various paths feel that way, and FLFE is a benefit for that. And so, you know, I would assume at some point, we get into the upper regions and living in our day to day life at 850 or 900 on the Hawkins Map. We’re not there, of course, but we know people who are and we can  calibrate people who are and maybe they don’t need that environment anymore, they may not need that support. FLFE is designed to help us compensate for lower consciousness environments around us so that we don’t have to use our personal energy to do that.  I don’t know if I’ve answered the question. I’ve just given some other perspectives on it. But we welcome you to join us in this journey and the more that we rise in consciousness together, the more we believe it benefits the entire planet and everyone on it.

Clayten – And the research that I’ve done on addiction, and I guess that’s what this gentleman is talking about, is that people typically when they take a substance, and they go up and had this very high experience, then they come down, and they start to crave that experience that they had so they take more of whatever it is that they’re taking to re-experience those high levels of consciousness. Really what the addict is looking for, in my opinion, is that level of consciousness that they experience on the drug. That’s why people take drugs such as ecstasy because people experience ecstasy, they experience bliss. And our service is a very gradual kind of elevated increase. And so it’s not that spike that we get when we take something; it’s a slower increase that is a different experience than that spike from a substance. So my experience is that high conscious fields are very, very desirable. I wouldn’t say they’re, they’re addictive.

Jeffrey – Elizabeth is asking about addiction. I mean, she’s in an area where there’s oxycodone addictions or painkiller addictions. One thing we’ve noticed and we hear from customers is that addictions in a high consciousness field, especially with the stimulation of the flow of energy through our energetic system. So, those of us that have been to a Chinese medicine practitioner and maybe received acupuncture, there’s a whole body of work around the flow of energy through our body. And this is called Chi. And that’s lifeforce energy. And in the FLFE service one of the Programs we have is the releasing of blockages to the optimal flow of Chi through the body. And so there seems to be a connection between addiction and blockages. When we are working to transcend some issue that is really is difficult to do. And it feels like we’re blocked or we’re stuck somewhere.  And sometimes a blockage in our energetic system will make that much easier to transcend. And so that’s what we believe is partially happening with the FLFE environment in regard to addiction is that people are having blockages cleared or a chiropractor in some cases can clear blockages if it’s a physical alignment issue causing a blockage. And then what we mentioned earlier, calling in a Higher Power to help us such as in AA  working to rise in consciousness ourselves and being able to access that energy to use will to overcome addiction. So that is another benefit that people have been telling us about.

Clayten – Yes, and our personal willpower is directly related to our level of consciousness. So one of the issues with overcoming addiction is personal willpower. And so when we call in the help of a Higher Power, as in a 12-step program, spiritual will and acknowledging God or Divinity calibrates about 850. And if a person’s  level of consciousness is 500, their willpower is at about 500. The willpower of Divinity is what many people need to transition out of addiction, they need to ask for that help. And that’s a big topic and I think that is worth saying.

Jeffrey – And it’s something to use the Boost for. So the Boost is a level of consciousness of 600 on Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, and this is a half an hour for a Home Subscription and five minutes for the Phone Subscription. And the Boost is available through the  Control Panel. So that’s a time to do the Magnetizing Process, or just some prayer or request or meditation to overcome or transcend addiction.

Someone is asking, “What’s the level of consciousness or setting for overcoming addiction? And so perhaps try this 600 Boost. I went to the end of the questions to pick up some of them the most recent Clayten. So Maria Ann is asking about a timer to set a Boost to occur at a certain time and we don’t have that capability right now. But thank you for that request. It’s how we continually improve the system is through requests like this and I just don’t know right at this moment if that’s technically possible, I think we have looked at it and when we can, we’ll consider adding that.

Clayten – I know that some people have been waiting and they might still be waiting, Jeff, sometimes they put their hand up and they forget it’s up or the questions are already answered.

Jeffrey – Yes, let’s do that.

Clayten – I know we’ve at least answered Helmuts’ questions in the Q&A.

Jeffrey – We could talk to Sarah

Sarah – Hi, there. How are you guys doing?

Jeffrey – It’s great to be with you thanks for your time this morning. I have two questions. One is if I’ve tried the Free Trial and I didn’t notice a lot in that period of time. I also do a lot of other things. So sometimes it’s hard for me to know which thing is working and which isn’t. So the two questions are, if I were to start with one of the services, what do you generally recommend as the one to start with? That’s my first question. The second one is, can you speak a little bit to other EMF mitigating devices, and if it can be too much, or conflicting? For example, Soma Vedic or other frequency devices that I might be using at the same time?

Jeffrey – Do you want to address the other devices Clayten?

Clayten –  Sure, I’ll start with that.  FLFE activates a high consciousness field, it’s very similar to the way the human brain works when we’re praying for someone, we hold that unique identifier, that person in mind, and the thought is sent out and a field is activated between us and that person. And sometimes it shows up, like we’re thinking about a person and the phone rings, and we think wow, you know, I was just thinking about you. So we’re not aware of any contradiction between the FLFE technology and any other technology.

Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be overwhelmed. Because there are a lot of people on a spiritual path, and a lot of us who are on this path are doing different things all the time to try to increase the quality of our lives, raise our consciousness, improve our health, whatever it is. So it would be hard to know which is working. Still there’s no contradiction between FLFE and any other technology that we’ve ever found.

Jeffrey – I would recommend the Home subscription, because of the Geopathic Stress Mitigation occurring there. You may have done a Home Free Trial. So with the Home service, people tend to feel it more between the two. So you could try that. If you haven’t had a Free Trial on a home, you could go back to the office and ask for that. And with a Home Free Trial you can do the boost for 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes on the phone. So try some experiments with the Boosts to feel that and maybe even in your meditations or prayers or whatever you use to evolve yourself while using the Boost at the same time can sometimes be helpful to notice the difference.

Sarah – And what the other time for Boosts be like if I’m needing a lot of mental clarity for some meeting that we’re preparing for or if I’m going to do a physically strenuous exercise or something like that? Is that also how we might use the Boost?

Jeffrey – I find the Boost is really great for physical activity for using the body to its max. There are all sorts of ways people creatively use to Boost. Some people use it when they are going to have a difficult conversation in the house with another family member, and they turn it on to support the loving energy. Clayten have you heard of other ones as well?

Clayten – I’ve just recently heard of someone that found they really liked it. Just when they were going to sleep, they put it on. And it increased the energy and allowed them to focus their thoughts on unwinding their mind, for lack of a better way to say it sounds like a paradox, but it worked for them. So some help to help them concentrate on going to sleep.

Jeffrey – And in different relationship areas people have used the Boost for, like those difficult conversations, but also just to have a loving fun time and time spent together as family the Boost is a good time for that as well. Maybe put it on at dinner time something like that.

Sarah – Excellent. Thank you so much.

J&C – Thank you, Sarah. Thanks for trying the Free Trial, and welcome to the community.

Clayten – Let me bring in Ian.

Ian – Hey, guys, how are you?

Jeff – Great

Ian – First, thank you for everything you’re doing. I greatly appreciate it. Secondly, I was curious in regard to Shungite, have you looked at the specific frequency of carbon 60 as a component of Shungite to see if it had more of a pronounced effect?

Clayten – A pronounced effect. Yes, there are elements within Shungite I haven’t even tried to determine what in Shungite is the most important factor in harmonizing EMFs. That’s an interesting presupposition. Is there a carbon 60 supplement? Jeff, because we have had people to ask us to do research on that and we haven’t really dug deeply into that. So we haven’t tried to delineate what parts of Shungite actually have the effect Ian. There were some experiments done by some friends of ours, where they had a whole bank of smart meters in a room, and they put some plants in there. And the plants started shriveling and growing away from the smart meters. And then they took a big piece of Shungite and put it  on the smart meter. And the plants started growing towards the smart meters. And they started to grow with the same amount of water and the same amount of fertilizer. So yeah, I know you’re a scientifically minded person. But I haven’t really tried to separate out carbon 60. So I don’t know how to answer that.

Ian – I will just posit and it might be of benefit. I worked with both looking at the effect on bees and mitigating EMFs and had a lot of success using specifically carbon 60 to mitigate the effects of EMF for bees. And some colonies thrived very well because of that. So just putting it out there as it might be a quick way to up the intensity of the capacity for harmonizing.

Clayten – And what form was the carbon 60 Ian that you used?

Ian –  Actually I had to lipolyze it, which means I induct it to a liquid. And then after lipolyzing it I made it compatible with an aqueous solution, which is a little bit of a trick, but you can make these things called my cellular configurations where you wrap the fat packets. And then I combine that with the sugar and fed it to the bees.

Clayten –  Interesting. So that form might be more appropriate, Jeff, because sometimes it’s not really the substance it’s the formatting. So we could do an experiment with carbon 60 in a lipolyzed state and   mycelium configuration so we’ll have to look that up.

Ian –  And I’d be happy to contribute. I really do appreciate what you guys are doing. And if there’s anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to reach out. And Clayten, I just got back from traveling and I plan on reaching out to you at some point.

Clayten – Great! We’ll have a chat.

Jeffrey – Thank you. It’s great to get this kind of input. And, we’ve found with the system that we have and the ability to sort of reassign or bring in the energetic signature of something into an environment for s particular purpose. In this case, harmonizing EMF ‘s that there may be something with carbon 60 so we’ll take look at it, Ian.

Clayten – Something we can geek out on Jeff.

Ian – I do that myself frequently in the lab. So thanks, guys.

Jeffrey – Okay, thanks. Have a great day. Thanks for joining us.

Clayten – Thanks, Ian.  That’s interesting. Carbon 60 keeps coming up so maybe the Universe is trying to tell us something, some themes keep coming up.

Jeffrey – All right so we’ll do a few more Q&As and then start to wind it down. Let’s try Helmut.

Helmut – I appreciate you taking my question and having this conversation. The question I have is that I work from home as an analyst and I have a couple computers and multiple monitors so high EMFs. I’ve tried the Phone Free Trial and now I’m on the Property Free Trial. And I’m  probably not as sensitive as others, I guess when it comes to energy. Anyways, what would you recommend, for especially EMF Mitigation, the Phone, or the Home Subscription?

Jeffrey – I can start with that Clayten. The EMF Mitigation on Everywhere or Phone or an Object, is within six feet of it is where everything becomes harmonized. Now the action has to start quite a bit further away from that. So in an office environment, as you have with multiple screens, and maybe multiple computers, I would move towards the Home Subscription, because you might leave your phone in another room. And if you leave your phone in another room, then the mitigation isn’t occurring  in the office. So we really need to keep the phone close by in order to receive the benefit of the EMF Mitigation there. So having it on the Home Subscription would harmonize the whole place. And that means anyone else there would also benefit from it.

Clayten – I would agree, Jeff, and Helmut, we’ve proven that FLFE does positively affect an environment through the Gas Discharge Visualization experiment we conducted. And that’s on the Evidence Page on our website. And if you’re really concerned about it, there are other EMF technologies out there that will show up more on conventional meters such as a TriField meter. Our technology doesn’t really register on that as it’s very subtle. So that’s why we’re using Gas Discharge Visualization machine because it’s the only thing we found that measures subtle energy at the level that we need to measure it at.

We just worked on an experiment with Dr. Emoto, in his lab. Dr Emoto passed over but his son, Hiro is still running the lab. And we’ve received some images back that are quite beautiful. And so all these bits of evidence support the claim. If I were you and I was really concerned about it I would try buying meters that had a decent return policy and trying the meters See what your phone experience is.

Helmut – That’s a good idea. I appreciate that.

Jeffrey –  And, as I mentioned earlier, while you’re sitting at your computers, you can log on to your Control Panel and turn off EMF Mitigation, see how you feel and then turn it back on. And that’s important to do as Clayten said, to trust yourself and try it out. And that’s certainly where I feel the most difference when it’s on and off. It’s kind of akin to going out into the country and feeling like you can take a deep breath. Part of that is the tension of all of these EMF ‘s interacting with our bodies and creating the tension in the muscles. At least that’s how it reacts with me. So try turning  it on and off. And you know, as Clayten said, there are many technologies out there, and it’s really hard to know what’s working and what’s not.  If it has Shungite in it we would believe it’s working if it’s bringing Shungite into the environment. But we feel this way takes care of everything in the house, including lightbulbs, refrigerators, Wi Fi routers and everything. Is there more you’d like to ask?

Helmut – I know how to turn it on and off. Is there a way to change the levels? Oh, yes. For the for the property? Got it. Okay. Because I did not see that in my Free Trial. It just is an on off switch.

Jeffrey – Yes, for the phone. It’s just an on off switch. But for the Property Subscription there is what’s called a Consciousness Controller.

Helmut – Thank you I’ll look for that. That’s it for me. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Thanks for joining us and for coming on the Free Trial as well. And with that why don’t we wrap it up Clayten? And it’s always great to connect with everyone. It’s so heartwarming to be in the space with all of our Subscribers. And the Facebook page is a great place to interact with each other and with us. And it’s a private group that you may see in one your emails a way to join it. And there’s lots of support there. We have an incredible group of FLFE family of Subscribers, and people on a Free Trial that support each other. And Maria Colomy who’s supporting us on this call and answering questions on the chat and Q&A is also on the Facebook page a lot. And she’s a Subscriber that we saw being so helpful on the Facebook page that she’s now joined us full time as our Marketing Director. And I’m really happy to be on with you all and spend time with you here today and for you to be on this journey with us.

There’s a lot going on in the world and for us to take care of our own evolution of consciousness. Our own mental freedom is important at this time and we can help support others in that way. So we’re just so grateful to have you join us and with that I will pass it over to Clayten.

Clayten – This is our first Saturday webinar, we usually do them on Tuesday evenings. So there are some of you who have been able to come on today that might not have been able to come in the evening. We do put a little extra high consciousness field on the webinars. So perhaps someone did notice that and are enjoying it.

It’s a pleasure to spend this time with you. It’s a blessing to go to the office where we work with people like us who are on the path. And we’re able to make a living at doing something good in the world. And there are times when I take that for granted. And for some reason, I’m being reminded how precious that is and how grateful I am that you are all in our lives and we’re able to do this together. Every time we raise our level of consciousness, we help compensate for the consciousness of all beings on the planet. There’s a saying that a rising tide floats all ships. And so it’s good to be in holy company. Thanks to everyone on the Free Trial.

We’re really busy at the office right now with the Lee Carroll and the Lee Harris interviews and a few other media events we’ve done recently. So we maybe a little slower than we’d like to getting back to you but please be patient with us and the staff. If you persist you will get through to us. We want to help everyone and take care of yourselves. God bless.