Q&A Webinar #14

November 30, 2021

Jeff – Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. Today, we are announcing the new FLFE service upgrade, announcing a way to get more PIFs, and answering your questions about the FLFE service. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. You can put who you are and where you are from in the chat, we have people from more than 60 countries on the FLFE service. So let us know where you’re from.

Jeff – Yeah, here’s somebody from Seattle, Washington. Great, Oregon. Vermont. Hello, everyone on the Free Trial and the FLFE community subscribers. We are glad to have you with us tonight on this ongoing journey of FLFE. So, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the FLFE environment later on and answer your questions live. So please put comments and questions in the Q&A. The chat is great for everyone to share where you’re from. But once you have a question or comment that you’d like us to answer or look at, the Q&A is the place. And you can also raise your hand virtually; there’s a little button for that down at the bottom. And we’ll talk to you live.

Clayten – We do have a team monitoring the chat. If a question comes up and you all want to chat about it, you can go ahead. So, let’s review a few things that are important to remember about FLFE in general and how to optimize the experience on the service. And once again, we go back to the basics; we start with hydration, we suggest half your body weight in pounds and ounces of water per day. So, if you’re 100 pounds, it’s 50 ounces of water a day, which is easier said than done.

And it is helpful for those of you who are just on the service for the last few days. We recommend about two-thirds of your body weight in water for the first three or four days to help your body adapt to all the changes. And we have a lot of nutrition advice. We call it consciousness nutrition. There’s quite a bit of detail to go into. We won’t do that at this time. And it is on the website under Tools and Supplements. Okay, the last thing in terms of reminders, we have a Control Panel when you subscribe to the service. Once we check the level of consciousness of your property and it’s confirmed that it’s at 550 or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, we give you access to a Consciousness Controller; its nickname is the Slider. And you can adjust the level of consciousness of your environment including boosting it to 600 or higher on your Home and 650 on your mobile device. The Home is longer than the mobile; the mobile or FLFE Everywhere is10 minutes, and the Home is 30 minutes.

Jeff – So a note on hydration; I try to drink at least a liter, two liters in the morning, first thing when I get up. That seems to really work for me to get past the natural dehydration happening overnight and at least be ahead of the game or equal to the game starting the day. So, I hydrate early before I shower all that. And then I’m ready to eat when it’s time to eat. So that’s my little trick.

And for those of you that are new or new, you might not know that we do a lot of upgrades. So, from the beginning of FLFE, we keep increasing the value. So, we call them upgrades; there are additional benefits in the service, and they go into all service types. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Everywhere or in the home subscription. And so, recently, we upgraded the Immune Support 2.0 to 3.0. We wanted to talk about it in person with you on the webinar. So just a reminder, we don’t make health claims. We use kinesiology or muscle testing to do our research and to confirm other research and evidence. We do practices or experiments on the website on the Evidence page. But this upgrade is increased support for specific challenges to the immune system. Looking at what’s happening in the world and adding additional support that increases the lifeforce energy for the immune system for the body to do its thing. And we believe in the power of the immune system. Do you want to talk about the promotion, Clayten?

Clayten – Sure. We have an annual holiday promotion every year around the holiday season. And this year, it is around earning additional PIFs. So, we’ve been having this corny joke around the office that we will call this promotion Mary PIFmiss instead of Merry Christmas. So, what is a PIF?

A PIF is short for Pay it Forward. It’s a common theme in spiritual circles, and just in general society, it’s simply giving back. And this time of year, it’s just more relevant than ever that we find a way to open our hearts and see what’s in there that we can share. So, I’ll say a few more things and then pass it over, Jeff. A PIF or a Pay it Forward can go on anywhere in the world. There are no limitations. Many people choose low consciousness areas, places where people gather such as train stations, hospitals, schools, government buildings, where people gather that we care about and want to help.

They haven’t been exposed to FLFE or don’t relate to it very well; the PIF gives them a gift of a 500 level of influence on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. This energy is sent out at 500 from our technology; we won’t guarantee the property is at that level. And there are very few places in the world, especially these days at 500. So, it really is a blessing for people, the energy, or the environment. Not only the people but the pets and all the plants and everything.

Jeff – Yes, the creativity of how the community uses the PIF is always a lot of fun for us. And one of the moving uses of the PIF was a couple of people in a webinar telling us that they used it for people they had difficulty with. So rather than gifting it to a loved one, they’re gifting it to ex-husbands, to people they had arguments with. So, it was a way to add love, and they weren’t telling them anything about it. They were just gifting PIFs, and the stories were amazing. I mean, positive results were happening. So, we’d love it if you want to share with us how you’re using PIFs with everyone tonight; that’d be great.

So, the way this will work is to gain extra PIFs, and we’re being transparent. We’re always looking to grow FLFE to continue expanding this community and raising the level of consciousness of the planet that way. So, we’re setting up a system, and everyone will get an email about this. So, watch for that, where you can give a subscription to someone else and pay for it. And then you get an extra PIF. So, they get a PIF as part of the subscription. And you get an extra PIF. The other way you can get an extra PIF during December is to add a new subscription to your existing Home or an Everywhere or to one of your children. And you get an extra PIF that way too. So that is the program, and you’ll be seeing an email coming out to you in the next several days.

Clayten – Another thing about the PIFs that I just noticed Maria put in the chat is that the PIF will stay on the service will and remain in the location you choose for as long as Jeff and I have the business, which will be for as long as we live. So, it could be 30, 40 more years.

Jeff – It is important; as Clayten said before, right now, the planet has dropped below 200 again on the Hawkins Map overall. Still, it had climbed its way above 200. And then, with some of the recent world developments, it dropped back down. So, if you feel you’d like to help, one way to do it is to give subscriptions and get that extra PIF and put it somewhere you think you could do some good. We’re grateful for all your help and for all that you do, being subscribers and being in the FLFE community with us. So, we’d love to hear your stories: we’d love to hear from you. And your subscriptions help us do the service work in the world that we do, which is 95% of the system’s energy at this point.

Clayten – We have tens of thousands of PIFs out there. So are people getting blessed by that that aren’t necessarily on the surface. Well, it’s been a little while since we talked to everybody. So please raise your hand if you’d like. We’ll start going through the Q & A’s, and yeah, PIF stories are great. We see some coming across the screen now.

Jeff – So we’ve got four people with their hands up. Shall I bring Hazel in?

Clayten – Sure.

Jeff – Okay, Hazel, we’re going to unmute you.

Hazel – Hello, I’ve been with you for quite a while. And I bought for my daughter a six-month subscription to FLFE. So, if you want to give me another PIF, that’s all right. But I but you know, I think that’s a lovely idea anyway.

Jeff – Well, I’m sure you’ll have a creative place to put the extra PIF, and the world will benefit from that.

Hazel – And what I do is transfer the money to her bank account because she knows when it comes up, and she pays it across to you. So, it doesn’t probably record to you that I give it to her. But I also put my original PIF on the hospital where she works in Brisbane because we’re pretty well locked down in Australia. She must leave her work on December 10 because she won’t be vaccinated. And so, she must give up her job.

Jeff – Yeah, that’s sad.

Haxel – She’s a very positive person. Even though she loves her job, she’s going, and hopefully, she’ll get a few days a week working in a nursery.

Jeff – Yeah, it is certainly a need for people in other positions. Certainly, there’s a shortage of workers in the US at this point.

Clayten – Thank you, Hazel, for being a subscriber. Thank you very much for what you do.

Hazel – And I might add here that I have FLFE on my little pensioner unit here. I feel it gives me a little bubble that locks out the outer world.

Jeff – Yeah, the bubble has been pretty important over the last couple of years.

Hazel – Yes, it is good. Yeah, it’s excellent. And there’s no way I could drink half my body weight in water a day. I can tell you that now. I would never leave the toilet, and my kidneys would overflow. Okay, I would never get to the bathroom. But, you know, at 74 years of age, bladders and kidneys are functioning, and you must nurse them along anyway. Okay, but I do drink some tea. And then the rest of the time is water, and its lovely underground water that I get. Okay, thank you very much.

Jeff and Clayten – Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah.

Clayten – I’m surprised she called Brisbane, Brisbane instead of Brizzi. Most of the Australians that I know say, Brizzi.

Jeff – I have been to Brisbane. It’s a lovely city. Yeah,

Clayten – I’ve been there once as well. So yeah, you just drink the water you can, right? For whatever reason, I’ve gotten into aloe vera juice lately. It’s really been a lot of fun. So, a positive, hydrating liquid.

Jeff – Do you dilute that with water Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, sometimes I do. Typically, 50/50 It’s an aloe vera wheatgrass combination. It was the highest one that tested in the local organic store that we have. So, yeah, it’s just I drink so much water if I’m well hydrated; I like the taste of water. And if I’m not well hydrated, I tend to want something in it. So that’s how I manage it.

Jeff – Yep. Well, why don’t we bring in Celine? You are welcome to speak with us here.

Celine – Hi, guys; I’ve been a subscriber at FLFE for over a year. I live in Holland. And I have to say, I was so excited when I heard about what you are doing. And the with the Map of Consciousness, I was just like, oh my God, here it is. And from the second it was switched on, the whole atmosphere in the house changed. But what was so phenomenal is that my daughter lived with me at that time because of the whole situation in the world. And her friends used to come to the house, and they’re in their early 30s and such get-go people. The conversations we’ve had with these youngsters were instantly so deep, profound, and life-transforming, and I can only attribute that to the FLFE service. I mean, we’ve had a household where ceremony was the norm, and we used to do a lot of Pujas Kirtans and stuff. So, we’re used to a pretty big, beautiful atmosphere, but this is so next level, and I just love it. So anyway, that’s the story.

I hydrate mostly with watermelon and fruits, which suits my system much better than drinking water too much. Just a tip for whoever has difficulty with drinking too much water.

Anyway, long story short, my three children live in the United States, and my daughter lives here on the mountain in Ashland. She had a very sad miscarriage at 20 weeks. So, I came here and traveled without the medicalization and the testing, which was very beautiful. But she lives on top of the mountain and on the house, which is one of those American cardboard houses; I would say that without offending anybody. There is this huge antenna, you know, the ones that we see in Holland standing in the meadows and everything with a big disk on top and all those white things on the side. And it gives the whole mountain area where all the other people live, don’t know, maybe four households, it provides them Wi-Fi. Whatever energy they do, we’re not allowed to turn it off. And I’m just wondering if FLFE is, I wouldn’t say neutralizing. What do you call it?

Clayten – We call it harmonizing.

Celine – Harmonizing. Exactly. Thanks for the words. Yeah. Is that possible? Or is there something else we need to do? Because the energy is intense. I don’t know if it’s the United States, but I felt a huge drop in consciousness once I came here.

Jeff – Is that on her property, or is it close by?

Celine – You mean the tower? It’s on the roof above the front door and I can almost touch it with my hands.

Jeff – Yes, I mean, the EMF mitigation we believe will harmonize. And she’s on the service, is that right?

Celine – Yes. I just put her on it when she went to the hospital; I gifted her for her birthday. So, she has been on it for about 40 days, I would say.

Jeff – So a good experiment is to use the Control Panel. You can turn off EMF mitigation and then just sit together and see the difference and see how you feel. And if you reach out or have her reach out to her contact at the office, we could do some additional testing on the house.

Celine – Oh, that would be nice, because I have already sent a text to Nadia, who is my contact. But obviously, she said my daughter needs to do it herself. But I’m very sensitive to the energy, so I can feel when it’s on or off when we Boost it. And I love when you talk in your podcasts about the thought fields, the clouds you can feel sometimes. When I stand in the kitchen, I get all these weird thoughts in my head. And so yesterday, I decided, wait a minute, this isn’t me. So, I turned your podcast on low, so it doesn’t bother anybody. But it’s right next to me. And, of course, I did my work in changing my thought patterns, and instantly it was gone. And it’s like, whoa, it is so powerful. And so beautiful. I wouldn’t say powerful, but so lovely to be able to do that. So yeah, we can try that. And I’ll have her reach out to Nadia.

Jeff – And if you could just tell her that we talked to you about it. And send along the message. But, still, the best way is to do the self-test; try it yourself and see how it feels. And the podcast has a 700 field on it in the background. So that must have helped with that thought stream or that form that was there.

Celine – Anyway, thank you so much. I’m so happy to be on the webinar because usually it’s in the middle of the night for me. So, thank you so much for all the beautiful work that you do.

Jeff -Yes, thank you for everything you’re doing and for supporting us.

Celine – You’re welcome.

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, what might be happening in her house in Holland might be 580, 590, 600, Jeff, and the Home in Ashland might be 550, 560. So, if you get a home over 600 and go to 560, it’s not the same, not as sweet.

Jeff – Should we go to the Q&A for a few minutes?

Clayten – Does mitigate EMFs? Yes.

Jeff – Yes. So, Kane, certainly, the EMF mitigation page on the website is a good place to go. And, on the Evidence page, you’ll see some experiments with EMFs and GDV cameras. And the survey we did with EMF sensitives on the service when we first added the EMF mitigation. Would you like to talk a little bit more about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we found that the only material we were aware of, and it’s still the only material we’re aware of, that can actually take consciousness lowering EMFs, and that’s how we measure it and harmonize them or turn them into a positive influence. The only material is Shungite. And so, we use the energetic signature of Shungite on the FLFE field to harmonize incoming EMF influences. Or consciousness lowering influences, so that’s a little more technical. Like for example, Celine from Holland. When we were putting on 5G, millimeter-wave commercial big towers would use the equivalent to I think it was 4400 homes to harmonize the energy coming from those because it was so intense. So, we’re just looking to research that with a GDV camera, perhaps some other technologies but a little more technical explanation of it.

Jeff – After the holiday, we’ll start recruiting for an EMF-sensitive experiment with FLE. It’s a double-blind experiment. People that are self-identified EMF sensitives. So, we have a question about chakras and the meridian system. So yes, FLFE does have an effect. And that is one of the programs or the benefits in the FLFE field. The first is optimizing the flow of Qi or Prana lifeforce energy through the meridians. And we have our slang name for that is Anti-Stagnation. And it helps to clear any blockages that are in the energetic system. And people experience that as kind of a rush in the body or a sudden release feeling in the body. And it can show up as beneficial for habits, addictions, or things that we’ve been stuck with. And are having a hard time transcending that with the clearing of blockages, people have reported big changes in their lives to us.

Clayten – We have a lot of anecdotal evidence that people have Kundalini experiences more frequently when they’re on the service because the body has the available energy to work with. So, there is a lot of anecdotal and different types of evidence to support our intention of optimizing the body’s resourcefulness to raise consciousness.

Jeff – And we’re working on a program related to optimizing the chakras. That could be released soon, and the overall energetic system is supported by the FLFE energy.

Clayten – Well, this is a question we’ve had a few times before. Chris mentions why we use the term force instead of power, based on how Hawkins defines a term, with power being positive and force being negative. We didn’t think about that when we made the name. It just seemed to be lifeforce energy, as one word. So, it was just right at the time, Chris. We’re pretty rigorous about testing things. And we just associated lifeforce with one word. It’s the most commonly used term we could find to identify the energy. But that’s a very Hawkins community comment, and we like those.

Jeff – Qi or Prana is commonly known as lifeforce energy globally, so we didn’t want to confuse people with our name too much. I see hands up. Yes. Shall we go to Anaya?

Anaya- Hello, guys.

Clayten – Hey, yeah, nice to hear from you.

Anaya- Nice to be here. I always appreciate it. I was just thinking back; I believe I started the property in 2019. And I remember, I had just turned it on and was painting and my mind was busy with many things. And suddenly, it hit me; I absolutely had to stop. And I had to go downstairs and drink water. I was so dehydrated, instantly. And then, I stepped outside because I was aware that the frequencies were changing instantly. And so now that I’ve had it on my Home for so long, I just expect it, you know, there’s this expectation that it wouldn’t be any different. So, I’m very curious about you suggesting turning things off and turning them on and really feeling into it. How can you be sure that that’s what it is unless I did some muscle testing?

Clayten – Yeah, we’ve been talking recently about different ways for people to verify the influence themselves. So, you could just turn it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. That would be one thing, you could turn off the EMF component, which is a little more subtle than turning everything on and off. We’ve been talking to people recently about the intensity of a consciousness-lowering influence of an appliance on the property. And a lot of people have said that when they put their hands on the Smart Meter, they put service on, and then they turn it off and put their hands on the Smart Meter and meditate with it for a few minutes. Or they have someone in another part of the house, turning it on and off, and they’re sitting with their hands on something that is a pretty intense frequency. It could be a router, you could be holding a router, and someone turns it on and turns it off, or a smart meter. Because both of those are known to be typically consciousness, lowering

Anaya – So you turn the router off?

Clayten – Turn FLFE on and off while holding the router or hold the router when it’s on and you feel like your body wants to move towards it, and then turn the FLFE service off and then go hold the router again. And so that might be another level of an experiment, then just trying the EMF on and off or just a service on and off.

Anaya – Yeah, and I’m also very interested in what you were doing with the food and the nutrition. And I mean, at one time, you said there were 1200 different foods that you have worked with. Is that still happening?

Jeff – Yes, it’s on the service. It’s one of the upgrades that we did last year. So, the program is energizing those foods specifically and the nutrients in those foods when we eat them. So, what we’ve found is the more specific that we can be, the better the effect. And so, when we’re eating an orange or eating some kind of food, there are different nutritional gifts in that food. And with the energizing of that specific nutrient in that food, it’s a much better effect from our measuring.

Anaya – I’m so appreciative. I just wouldn’t be without it; coming Home feels like really being home, in this environment and being able to Boost it. I thank you a lot for all you have done for humanity.

Jeff – And thank you for your support. You know, with your help, we’re able to keep doing it.

Anaya – We’re in it together.

Clayten and Jeff – Yes, yes. Yeah, thanks so much. Yeah.

Jeff – And I don’t know why I’m asking this. But what’s next for you? Are you moving into a new phase? I don’t know why I’m even asking this. But is there anything you’d like to share with us about what’s going on for you?

Anaya – I just found the expansion of my consciousness was quite amazing. And how it’s connecting the unity that I’m feeling with all of us. And a lot happening in my I will call it dream time, or my visioning time for where we’re going as a species. And it’s a good thing. You know, we’re doing some really amazing work on this planet with consciousness, and I think we will continue to evolve into the kind of planet we really desire.

Jeff – And holding that perspective seems to be important right now. Seeing the positive and seeing the positive direction in consciousness.

Anaya – Absolutely. I mean, it’s so easy to see what’s dissipating or the density. And there’s just no place for me to be involved in that creation anymore. So, it’s like, every time I see something that looks very negative, I take it, I can feel it, you know, we’re human beings. But I take it, and then I create an outcome that I would like to see it at; what would this look like if it was more loving? Or if it was gentler? Or it’s just kind of my go-to place now to continue to help us all come together in the unity that we know we are.

Jeff – That’s beautiful. Yeah, thank you for sharing that.

Anaya – Yes. So, I’ve been doing some writing. I’ve been doing some journeying, loving everybody who I’m with, and when I say love, it’s, it’s not like a gooey love. I mean just caring for each other with kindness, compassion, and happiness. So that’s what I’m doing.

Jeff – Wonderful. Yeah.

Clayten – That’s a good example of the co-creative positive power that’s potentially within all of us.

Anaya – Yes, and FLFE has a lot of components to that. I think its core is very, very good.

Jeff – Yeah, it’s certainly our mission to support that evolutionary path, and you put it very beautifully; the visioning of a future that that is positive and a great expansion of our human hearts.

Anaya – I think we’ve got this. We’ve got this. Wonderful. Thank you.

Clayten – It’s beautiful. Yeah. It’s a heart warmer.

Jeff – William, you’re at the top of the list here. Let’s bring you in and unmute you if you want to join us.

Willaim – So I’m in Thailand. And I think I understand that FLFE service can’t be done for physical homes in Thailand. And I’m just wondering, is there an alternative that I can do? I’m already on the cell phone for about two and a half years; is there something else I can do to augment the home scenario?

Jeff – It’s coming, William. We are testing right now what we call a photo-based subscription. So, this would be identifying the home based on a photograph you take inside the home. And the reason that we need to do this is that in some jurisdictions, in some countries, the addresses aren’t regulated well enough. Or there’s a lot of subdividing, or things are happening too fast, meaning the building is ahead of the building department regarding filing the plans and so forth. So that’s why we’ve not been able to offer it in those countries because we had so many issues associating properly with the address. So, the photo base subscription will give everyone the option to take a photograph inside the building. Then we’ll be able to associate it properly with the FLFE Home subscription.

William – Brilliant; I really look forward to getting the information to do that.

Clayten – If you’re living on a rural property, William, where there’s an acreage, we can typically do that because we can use Google Maps, latitude, and longitude. Most of us don’t live on a large enough acreage to make that work. So that’s an option as well.

William – I see; yeah, I’m on a free-standing lot in a planned residential community.

Clayten – Yeah, it might not work, but you could ask your customer service rep to see what they can do. But that’s why we are working on photo-based subscriptions.

Jeff – And we’re getting close to this; we’re retesting it now. And we’ll offer it to everyone outside of the US in the zones where we’re not offering homes right now. So, you’ll see an email from us. And we’ll have a mention on the Facebook page, too.

William – Great. Thank you for that.

Jeff – Yeah. Thank you. How’s Thailand?

Willaim – We call it wintertime here, but you would classify it as a beautiful summer-type environment in the United States.

Clayten – Whereabouts are you up near Chiang Mai?

William – I’m actually Korat, which is kind of in the middle of the food-growing region of central Thailand.

Clayten – Yeah, we had a conversation today with Ashutosh, our general manager, about who has the best food in the world, which country, and his vote was for Thailand.

William – I can tell you I’ve traveled worldwide, and there is nothing like Thai fruits and vegetables. It’s extraordinary. It’s quite healthy.

Clayten – Yes, nice culture too.

Jeff – How did you find out about us originally, Willaim?

William – You know, there was an astrologer that had a link. And I think she was promoting the service. I clicked the button. I went to the website and said, hmm, this is interesting because I had a prior experience with remote energy healing with a Qi Gong master, which was more than extraordinary. What was done in one session over the phone was incredible. So, I knew that there was something to understand about remote healing before seeing your technology. And I’m going wow, I got to try it. So that was the initiation. So, it was an astrologer who was totally into sending her love out with the product. So, I grabbed it looked at it, and because of my previous experience, I said I’m going to try this, and I haven’t stopped, and it’s two and a half years later.

Jeff – Wow, that’s great. Yeah. Thank you for joining us and coming on. What time is it there now?

Willaim – It’s 9:45 in the morning my time, so we’re good.

Clayten – Thank you, William. That was probably Madeline Gerwig, Jeff, I’m assuming. My mouth is watering now. I’m thinking of green curry. I see Sonja asking questions; I think she’s got one in the Q&A. We could bring her in.

Sonja – Hi guys.

Jeff and Clayten – How are you?

Sonja – Very good! I started with the Free Trials in mid-September. And now I’m a regular member; I have it on my property rather than an object. And I have done so much better in so many aspects of my life, my health, primarily. I was having trouble with my appetite that’s picked back up. My meditations take me to a completely different planet; it feels like a completely different realm. I believe I took some sort of maybe 5G hit in April 2020. I wasn’t aware, and it took another year for me to find out that two 5g towers had been put up just a couple hundred yards from where I was living. And something happened to where I couldn’t walk very well, at all kinds of things. I did not test positive for COVID, Whatever COVID might be, but I’ve been trying to fix myself throughout that time. And FLFE has really added to that. So, I want to thank you so much. What a great idea, what an awesome program. And it’s very affordable. So, thank you.

And my question is, I am trained in muscle testing starting about 2014. And so, I’ve been using my muscle testing with FLFE and checking to see after I turn it off to see how it drops. Now what I do, and I’ve done these three different times since September. I will measure it first while it is on. And I’m getting a measurement of 920.

Clayten – Yeah, I read your question. I think I have the answer for you.

Sonja – Oh yay! Okay. Should I explain the rest to others?

Clayten – Yes, explain the rest for others; that might help.

Sonja – I would measure at 920. And then, I would turn it off, and every 10 minutes, I would muscle test again where I’m at on the scale. And I’ve got them charted, and I sent it to Paule, who’s working with me. And one of the tests that I did, within 30 minutes, went to below 300. And I’ll be honest, I don’t go longer than 30 minutes before I turn it back on. Because I think really, it’s that low and that quick of a time. I don’t know if my muscle testing is accurate. That’s always a question. I don’t have anyone else to muscle test for me. So, I wanted to ask you, is this even realistic that I’m walking around in a 920 field?

Clayten – Well, not. So, we do property testing in the mornings. And, fortunately, there are about four or five of us now that are pretty good kinesiologists. So, we can test each other’s accuracy if you will. And sometimes, one of us is quite different from the others. And the assumption is when there are four people and three people are within four or five points, plus or minus five points, they’re accurate. And if we’ve done a lot of testing in a certain area, we know the normative ranges that we can expect. So, if one of us has the normative ranges, we start going down the list of potentialities to test in terms of helping them manage their accuracy.

And one of them is that the person has a karmic issue around testing in general or testing that property or testing that subject. So, for example, we’ve had this before where we’ve had people with a discrepancy in their testing. So, I’ll tell you the conclusion. And we have no way of proving that other through when they clear the issue. So that was the summary of our conclusion; their testing changed immediately.

So that’s just the kind of evidence we’re working with, right? We can’t really go to a clinic, and they test our testing; there’re just no services available. So, with this situation, there was a karmic influence where a person was testing in a group. And what happened in that group was that if you were the best tester or the most accurate tester, you would be promoted to the head of the group. And the person who was making the request of the testing group was unreasonable. And if you weren’t able to test things and help them, get what they wanted with their life, they would end your life in gruesome ways that we could figure out. And then, when they did some work on that to clear the karma, their testing was more accurate on that topic because the theory was that it was safe for them to be accurate. But if you’re in a group of people, the best tester becomes the lead. So, if you will, the ruler of that area isn’t getting the information they want to create the life they want, then they blame the intuitive team. So, I could tell you, it was in Egypt, and there’s a whole bunch of other stuff around it. But that’s my sense of what’s going on for you, Sonja.

Sonja – So I have some sort of a karmic issue that’s throwing my testing off.

Clayten – Yes, as it relates to properties. I’m not sure but other things. But properties, I would say. And I’m assuming you’re following reasonable protocols.  So, you’re testing your polarity and ask if you have a question to make the inquiry.

Sonja – Exactly, exactly. Well, it gives me something to work on. Because being a self-tester and do not have others to work with, I think this is one of the big problems with muscle testing. And it’s probably been one of my complaints: how do I know I’m accurate? But you’ve given me something I can take into my meditations now. And tease this out? Because yeah, I’ve felt for some time that at least on the consciousness scale, my numbers are way off. They’re running too high. In other words, when I test different things, which seems to run really high. So that does make sense on the karmic issues. Thank you.

Clayten – I had the exact same issue. It was high, and it was consistently high. Like it was so many points out. And I went to a past life regressionist in Vancouver, BC. And when I came out, my testing was different. I mean, I’d done about seven or eight hundred thousand calibrations by then. And there’s just one particular thing when I have a test that my numbers are way out of what we’d expect would be a normative range.

And so, I started testing ways to correct it. And I’ve never had a past life regression before. And I went to this lady, her name is Diana Cherry, she’s passed over since then. And my testing changed from the time I walked in and came out. And then it was so effective to me, I went back, I think I saw her twenty-two times. Because I thought, wow, that works in that part of my life. I just kept going back and working on all my stuff and got to the point; I sent so many people to her, she wouldn’t even charge me. She says you’re sending me too many clients. I can’t even charge you. And I was happy about that. But I was in shock and awe that something in my life could change that quickly. So, I rode that horse if I could ride it; there is only so much you can get out of those things sometimes. I went back every couple of weeks over about a year.

Jeff – Well, it seems in our personal development work, which we’re kind of doing all the time, if

I’m stuck, almost always turns out to be a karmic piece. You know, something where I just can’t get it done. So, I’m stuck and I’m not moving forward in some particular thing that it’s invariably 99.9% karmic. And so, you can test that if you know the percentage influence of karma or past life, influence on your testing and then there are different energetic medicine tools you can use to help clear that.

Sonja – That’s awesome, I will be working on that. I have a few processes and shamanic training that can take me more into the past lives. It’s amazing how, even with all the training, knowledge, and practice I may have, it still takes someone outside of myself, for example, you guys, to give me a little guidance. So, I very much appreciate this webinar, and you can expect me back again with more questions. There’s no doubt.

Jeff – Good. That’s great. Good to have you with us on the journey.

Clayten – Great question. And congratulations on experimenting with it.

Sonja – Thank you. Thank you, guys. God bless you.

Jeff and Clayten – God bless.

Jeff – Yeah, well, you had quite a journey to accurate testing. And it seems that no matter how many tests I’ve done or how many calibrations I’ve done, that every once in a while, something will pop up.

Clayten – And if you’ve done millions of calibrations, you realize that you’ve probably made every mistake possible.  And not that you find the answers to everything. Eventually, you could develop systems like any profession to accommodate being human.

Jeff – Yeah. And having people around you are helpful because it’s easy to see when one person is off, or even two people are off. Oops, okay, what’s my hydration? You know, start with the basic first thing, hydration. That’s why we talk about it. Because it’s an important part of our lives and to be in a state where we can do the testing.

Clayten – Yeah, it’s been a struggle recently. I don’t know what it is. It’s just getting so dark here in Canada, and I don’t enjoy drinking water as much when it starts to get really cold and dark. So, I’m getting into the teas and the aloe vera, but it’s a daily discipline.

Jeff – Let’s bring Sandy on now.

Sandy – Hi, guys. First, just let me say thank you so much. I’ve had the service for a couple of years, and I’m so glad to have had it when COVID started. I’m very grateful for that. And I was looking through the other people’s questions, and I realized I had a couple of similar questions. So, I’m going to ask for a couple of other people too. And one was, if you give the service as a gift, if you PIF it, and the person you’re giving it to moves, what happens to that service? Does it stay with the property or go with the person, or in that case, is it just better to PIF the person’s phone? And then the other question is if you’re going to try to explain FLFE to someone, how do you do that? Because I have tried, and I find it difficult to put it into words. I can feel it, and I don’t ever want to give it up. But I don’t know a concise way to explain it to somebody.

Clayten – Well, I’ll start with the explanation. So, first off, we cannot PIF a phone. So, the way we typically explain it, Sandy, is we start with the prayer metaphor. It’s like praying for someone you’re holding a good intention towards. Conclusion and so human neurophysiology work in our whole energetic system. The FLFE technology is very similar to the human body. The human body can activate a high consciousness field remotely around the world. So, if you’re thinking of somebody and or they’re thinking of you and your phone rings, and it’s them, creating a high consciousness field.

And, of course, you can use it to create a low consciousness field if the intent is very negative. So that’s one way to do it. But often, we must find the language that the person is used to conversing in. And there’s no way that we could answer that as a general rule. Because you must know the person well enough to figure out what they relate to. Some people would relate to Reiki if they’ve had a good experience like William, or a shamanic experience, or prayer if somebody has had really bad experiences with prayer. No matter if you say it’s similar to prayer, you might lose them just with that. Right? Well, it’s really trying to meet people where they’re at and finding language that they relate to.

Sandy – Yeah, that is helpful. Thank you. And so, a PIF can only be to a property because I have mine set up on my cell phone. And I love that because then I feel that it’s always with me wherever I am, so I love that, but a PIF then is just to a property.

Jeff – That’s the way it’s set up right now. And it could be coordinates or an address. So, if someone moves, the PIF would remain on the house. And being at that basic love level is positive for the house. But it’s not at that higher consciousness level that requires more water or anything like that. So, it’s really just a gift and benefits the next person.

Sandy – Okay. Okay, well, again, thank you so very much.

Jeff – Yeah, thank you, Sandy.

Clayten – Usually, we give away an extra PIF once a year, and sometimes we include in a promotion like we are now. You’ll likely eventually receive another free PIF if you just stay on the service. And if you move you can put it there.

Jeff – And Donna was asking if we are recording this in the chat. And yes, we are this webinar will be on the website, within a few days. Let’s see, shall we keep going down the list? Or do you want to hit some Q&As, Clayten?

Clayten – Let’s look at the Q&As. I’d love to know more about the questions you ask when doing kinesiology. Would you’d like to share?

Technically, we’re not asking a question with kinesiology. So, we are making a declarative statement. But we usually think of those in terms of questions. So that’s a very reasonable question to ask about questions.

It helps if we use the same inquiry or the positive declarative statement all the time. So that will help with consistency. But, you know, the consistency may be inaccurate consistency. And you will at least develop confidence in your testing. So, when Celine was talking about the number she was getting on her property, the part that I liked about it was that there were several things that she was trying to test. She was writing down the answers, and she was tracking data.

So, if we begin to do things like that, then we begin to develop more professional attributes to approaching kinesiology; it is a profession at the higher levels. And the basic premise is that the body is connected to Divinity all the time. And many of us who’ve been doing this work a long time know that. So, it’s very intriguing to investigate how we can use that connection to assess the truth around us. And it does take some practice. There are lots of Kinesiology courses out there.

It’s great to go and take some training if you have a professional association; that’s another way to learn. And then, I formed study groups with friends in the beginning when I was learning. We met once a week, and it was very frustrating for the first six months; in fact, we quit at one point, and then there were turning points along the journey for Jeff and me. So, finding a community of people to test with to get really good at this is likely needed.

Jeff – One example would be testing properties. And we state for the highest good. On a scale of one to 1000, according to the Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level the average level of consciousness of this property over the previous 24 hours calibrates at 200, or more – strong, 300 or more – strong 400 or more – strong, 500 or more – strong, 600 or more – weak or no, and then back it up to say 540 or more. Yes, 560? Or more Yes, 565 or more? No. So we tend to go in five-point integers unless it’s something very specific that we’re going for, but that’s an example of a property inquiry.

Clayten – Yeah, it’s good to remind people that if you don’t test something over a period of time, that it defaults to the instant of the calibration. I didn’t learn that till about 650/ 700,000 calibrations. I kept getting different results say in a workshop, or something in a high state, you test yourself, it’s like, oh, wow, I’m testing pretty high. We don’t tend to test ourselves after just having argued with somebody, and we’re low; we tend to test ourselves when we’re in a good place. But holding that incident in mind allows us to test in the past. And you might come up with 150, that’s anger.

Jeff – When we’re working as a group, we make sure we’re all testing the same period of time. So, it’s the previous 24 hours from a certain time so that everyone’s testing the exact same period, the same property. Because, as you said, somebody might have an argument might be an argument in the house. Something happens in the house that might be low for that instant, but on average, over a period, say you’re testing over a week, you have an average, and everyone gets the same number, or close to it.

Clayten- Here’s a question. Being a light body meditation practitioner since the mid-90s, there are centers different than the chakras, physical and spiritual nodes. So, Jeff. You’ve had some experience with nodes, I think they assume they’re in the body, or that’s what it looks like from Michelle.

Jeff – Yeah, I mean, my experience is in a larger, more planetary scale. But there certainly are many chakras beyond the traditional seven. We tend to use a nine-chakra system. But in my understanding, there are many smaller energy centers in the body, in our legs, or in different parts of our body. So, there are many systems out there. So, look for the highest system that we can find, measure the level of consciousness of the body of work of that system, and then use that as a reference when we’re working on things like chakras.

Clayten – Yes, we have more hands raised, Jeff. Shall we bring in Judy?

Judy – Yes. Hello. I started the service a couple of months ago, and I have it on my phone. And I live in a cottage that’s only 350 square feet. And what I’m wondering is, is there a way or a place that I should have the phone? Where is it coming out of my phone?

Jeff – Judy, it’s a sphere around the phone, with the center of the sphere being the geometric center of the phone. So, any side of the phone within nine feet is where most everything is happening. I used to keep my phone in another room at night, but now I keep it next to my bed because of the battle because I’d feel the benefit of it. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s on or off. It’s the cellular device identified by the phone number in the jurisdiction where you live.

Judy – Okay, great. Thanks.

Jeff – You’re welcome. Yeah, thank you for being with us.

Clayten – Thank you for being a subscriber, Judy. And I see Michelle is ready to join us next.

Michelle – Hello. First, I’d like to say that I apologize; my voice is a little weak. But it is truly changing into the voice that was before. But I’d like to share a couple things really quick. I was trained in educational kinesiology. And there are a couple things that we can do to make sure that our muscle test is clear. We can drink water right before we muscle test because most of us, especially if we’re testing an emotional situation.  Our testing could be off. And so, another thing is noticing our breath, that when we walk into a room, what is the breath telling us? Are you holding your breath? That means check out what’s going on there. And if you sigh, like I need to do, it can help release tension. And that’s a muscle test.

And I’ll leave you with this: body movements can balance your muscle testing. You can walk backward, but there’s a whole technique and how to make muscle testing not so random in some cases. And so, I wanted to share that. And a fun way of muscle testing is getting a gallon of water, put it in front of you, think about the best pie you ever ate or the best food. You pick it up with that loving intent in the picture. And it goes up easy up over your head. Well, now think of the day that you had the flu, pick that same gallon up over your head. And my guess is it weighs about five pounds heavier. So those are all very clear 123 muscle tests.

And the other thing I wanted to share is how much I appreciate the service. A couple of weeks ago, Lara contacted me and said, Michelle, do you know your service is off? And I said, whoa, how cool was that? Because I had wanted to turn it off. But that 1% of me said no, I need this loving around me because of life. And so, what I proved to myself, what the universe gave to me was two, three days of me just being in my own frequency that I had attained with the help of the service. So, I wanted to share that.

And one more thing is that I have been a light body meditation teacher since the late 90s. And there are centers, three physical and then above, different than chakras. And I want to share with everyone my experience and what’s been told is that these centers, it is so important that when you’re in meditation, or in a loving thought that it is brought into the body, then grounded into the earth. So, we can simply do that through the chords from the middle of the earth.

Imagine visualizing the chords from the Middle Earth coming into the body because we can have this beautiful experience in meditation. But to me, the masterhood is to bring that frequency of love and creation down through the levels, the many levels that we are, and bring it into Mother Earth. Because that’s for me where our power is, so to me, it’s a completion of the masterhood, but just a piece of that completion. But right now, it’s so important for me to share that. And everything I do, and I’ve learned in my life, I wanted to share easily that you didn’t have to be a millionaire. You didn’t have to be anything other than willing to want to be in love. So, everyone could afford and use essential oils with a higher frequency. So, with that, you lovely people, I think I’m done. And thank you for the service.

Jeff – Thank you, Michelle; you shared some beautiful things there. Yeah, I tend to sometimes connect to the earth through a center below my feet. And connect with the center above, so it’s interesting centers versus chakras. But on getting ready for testing, it reminds me of Jerry Tepliz, who talks around the country. And part of his thing was, how do you get yourself in a positive state. So, he would call it switched on, and the zip-up was one of those where you reach down to your toes and bring your hands up.

Michelle Yes – To be present.

Clayten- Have you done cross crawls? And thymus thump?

Michelle – Yes, educational kinesiology was to work with kids who didn’t know how to read or write. And within a short time, weeks, all of a sudden, they can write, by connecting the left, right brain, the whole brain, God gave us a whole brain not just to put a cool hat on. And we know how to do it. I mean, there have been entire schools that use cross crawls, and the kids go out and drink a glass of water before they take a test.

Down on the border, where the kids couldn’t even speak English within that year, they were rated at the top of the state’s testing. And so, my whole life, it was kind of like, okay, I want to do that. But how do you do it? I want to teach a class called, Walking on Water 101: Bring your Water Wings. And I mean that. And it’s interesting that a few years ago, my voice was taken away. Because if I’m to speak and share, which I used to do for years, all of a sudden, I was on my own. And as you can hear, my voice now is labored. But every day, it’s getting a little better.

I love you for putting this out there. And there are devices we can buy because I own one that is $2500 up to whatever, that you are doing more in your monthly service, then this whole device thing that I bought. Pretty profound, huh?

Clayten – I would share that we spent millions on it and R&D.

Michelle – Oh, I’m sure, but I’m just talking about every day someone if they have the money in my one and it does less than what you do on a monthly service. The difference is consciously turning the device on. And in your service is being aware, being grateful, and asking for what we would like to be. How cool is that you?

Jeff – Well, Thank you.

Michelle – All right. Well, no, thank you back. And I don’t know how to unmute myself. How interesting that is!

Jeff – Yeah, now that you’re talking, just keep going. Your voice sounds great.

Michelle – Yeah, well, I appreciate that. But we are in such big times. And the love, the light, frequency is so out there. And how I’ve tried to explain things to people are back in the day when I got my first fax in my business. I was marveled; I was talking to someone in California, who was giving me 17 numbers per every 30 units I was picking up. And within what used to take minutes in time, or a letter in the mail was now seconds.

So, people can accept the 5gG coming in. But when you put up an idea of this is love and balance. Now the wording is everything. The wording is everything, but we are zeros, ones, and frequency. And as limited as that may sound. We will do those things to become the master of our own device. So, when I get ready to share that class, Walking on Water 101: Bring your Water Wings, you are all invited.

Jeff – Thank you.

Michelle – All right, right back to you. I’ll be emailing you. And the people that work with you in the office really touch my heart, because it’s been challenging like it has for everybody. And to have support and to let me know, hey, Michelle, did you know your service is off? No! That’s a lot of dedication to FLFE and the people that work there.

Jeff – Yeah, we have an amazing group of people, so it’s great to call in.

Michelle – So greetings, and welcome to all of us who know a better, easier way to walk on water. Let me know if you figure it out before I do. And with that, everyone has a beautiful night. The night that you created.

Jeff – Thank you, Michelle, so Clayten, will you demonstrate a cross crawl for us?

Clayten – Cross crawl? Well. I can’t stand up here in front of the camera, but what you would do is you would put your right hand on your right knee, your left hand, and your left knee, you’re standing up, and you just cross the hands from knee to knee. That’s all you do.

Jeff – Like bring the knees together.

Clayten – No, keep your knees apart, like shoulder-width apart, and just bring the hands back and forth. You might wobble a little bit with your knees. And that helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Jerry Tepliz was one of the main researchers and one of the main resources when I was figuring it out. There’s a system called Pace in the world of kinesiology, and it’s a series of protocols that you can go through like cross calls thymus thumps and coccyx activation. And it’s all laid out in a workbook. And that was one of the best sources of information I found. So being a Kinesiology geek, I spent a couple of months over time and about 250,000 calibrations, optimizing each one of the exercises through kinesiology and testing how appropriate they were to align different parts of the body, what parts of the body needed to be aligned, how long you needed to do them. So that got it down to about seven minutes.

And it is interesting that Michelle mentioned hydration and drinking a glass of water right before. One of the painful lessons I’ve had in hydration was hiring somebody to come over and do testing with us. When we were in a triad as this person was a biodynamic cranial sacral therapist, amongst other things, a bodyworker for decades, and the best, cleanest nervous system I could find to test with. So, they would come over, and we would start going through the Pace, we’d go through the process that we’d researched. And then, we test the hydration level; we test all these different factors to see what state we were in because they’re trying to manage that state to get the variance down in terms of plus or minus calibration accuracy. And I was dehydrated most mornings. And it was like, man, I’m paying somebody to show up, and I’m drinking a certain amount of water and thinking I’m fine. So that’s where I really learned to test hydration. I got good at it, and it was just humbling how much we’re dehydrated.  I wouldn’t have believed that if I hadn’t experimented with it. And changed it.

Jeff – Yeah. I mean, you’d think after all this time, but yeah, you and I were just talking earlier today, and you’re like, I got dehydrated again today.

Clayten – Yes, that’s like Dang!

Jeff – So, yeah. And I last week, I had a couple of days where I was dehydrated. So yeah, I think part of the evolution is that our bodies are constantly renewing and, maybe, evolving, and changing, optimizing, and in that case, taking more water. You know, it seems like when I’m trying to change myself, and I’m doing energetic medicine tools every day.

Clayten – Yes, and you’re working it pretty hard right now.

Jeff – I am, and I think it takes more water. It’s really interesting. I’ll think, oh, it’s all energetic, but it’s physical as well.

Clayten – I’ve noticed recently if my body temperature isn’t regulating properly, that’s another sign that I’m dehydrated. If I drink a bunch of water, suddenly, my body temperature is regulating better. As a result, I’m able to be more resilient to cold. I had that experience before, but it seems more pronounced now.

Jeff – Well, why don’t we wrap it up for the night? Well, Bradford Michelle raised his hand.

Clayten – We could bring Bradford on to give us some time to form our closing thoughts.

Angela – Hi, how are you? This is the other half of Bradford.

Jeff – Oh, okay. What’s your name?

Angela – My name is Angela. I wanted to know what tools are you using? Of course, I’m very familiar with the David Hawkins scale of consciousness. But what tools are you using to measure your consciousness and calibrate the homes to determine your home’s level and even your own consciousness?

Clayten – I can start with that one. So, when I was learning to do kinesiology testing, there were three of us. There was a scientist who had been with a major Fortune 500 company for 25 years, so he had a great sense of procedure, process, and protocol. And the other gentleman was an 89-year-old chiropractor; he was still actively practicing, his name’s John. And he had a great sense of the body’s mechanics and how the body worked. And so, the scientist looked for controls. And the controls we used were the level of consciousness of the chapters in the back of Power versus Force. So, we would put a three-by-five card in an envelope. And we would test the level of consciousness of the chapter in the book of Power versus Force identified on the three-by-five card in the envelope. And we’d write the answer on a piece of paper. And then we would check each other’s accuracy. So, we had to find the control, and that’s the first thing. So, we assumed that the Hawkins method worked; we assumed that the level of consciousness of the chapters of the book was accurately calibrated. So that was the assumption that we had to go with it; we had to assume the control was accurate. I can’t think off the top of my head of any other controls that you could use. But if again, give me a minute, I’ll be able to find some other ones.

Jeff – Angela, were you asking more for tools?

Angela – Just to find out, I want to know how to measure my home or even where my consciousness is. I have a scalar device in my home, I have FLFE. I have so many tools because I’m a Pranic healer. But that is one area that I have not gotten into how to calibrate my home? I know it feels peaceful; they surely can tell they’ve walked into a different energy space when people walk in. But I heard you kept mentioning calibrating the house and measuring your own consciousness. So, it piqued my interest.

Jeff – As we’ve said that it takes time to practice it. And it really helps to have a group of people to do it together. So, in Power versus Force, there are some protocols and protocols right in the back of that book. And then there are things online, such as what was discussed earlier, about making sure you’re in a positive state before testing. So, the cross crawl and some of these other things that we mentioned, the zip up, which you can look up. This helps make sure the body is in a good state for testing. And then there is kinesiology, muscle testing itself with someone else where you’ve got someone’s arm out, and you’re pressing down and holding the inquiries in mind. So, there’s a whole process around that to do that.

Angela – I’ll definitely be looking this stuff up after this evening.

Jeff – It looks like there are some things in the chat there. Someone mentioned, PACE which is a great resource.

Clayten – That’s the standard alignment process in the Kinesiology world by Jerry Teplitz, the short form a process. It’s a good one.

Jeff – Yes, hopefully, that will lead you, and then come back and talk to us after you practice for a while and see how you’re doing.

Angela – Thank you for that lead. I truly appreciate it.

Clayten – We don’t typically test people’s level of consciousness because if we did that, we’d spend all the webinars testing everybody’s level of consciousness. That’s what I would do. If I was looking to learn it, I would ask somebody. Still, I’ll just say that your Home is pretty close to 600 on average over the previous week, so it’s one of those exceptional ones.

Angela – Okay, thank you.

Jeff – Yeah, that’s high.

Angela – Wait a minute, how do you know that? I’m sorry.

Clayten – No worries, I’ve tested it and done 7.9 million calibrations. So, with homes, I’m pretty good. I’m not good with everything. I did 1000 hours of healing with a theta healer, and I mean 1000 hours. And it really helped transform my life. So, when I find a good practitioner, I just like to stick with them and get everything I can. And for the life of me, I was at 15% on finding lost objects before I did all that work. And we spent at least 50 hours just on finding lost objects, trying to clear my restraints around it.

And I got up to 25%. And since then, I’ve dropped back down to 20. So to be able to test everything accurately, if that’s even possible, you’d have to be a David Hawkins type person, you have to be so high in consciousness that you’re at peace with the issues, because when you start wanting to find stuff, and you can’t find your car keys, and you need to get going, its’s possible to get a charge on it, right? And then it’s pretty hard to stay accurate with testing.

Angela – Well, I’ll just end it with this, I want to say thank you for the service. I was introduced about a year ago from a family member. Although they’re no longer using the service, I am. And it’s pretty awesome. So, thank you for all the work and study you put into this.

Jeff – Thank you. Yeah, thank you for sticking with us and for being part of this journey. It’s a community; we’re all together in this.

Angela – Well, thank you. Okay, well, you can end; I’m done.

Jeff and Clayten – Okay. Yeah. Good night.

Clayten – Shall we wrap it up, Jeff?

Jeff – Yeah, a lot of good discussions. It’s good to be beyond the webinar and be talking to everyone, really getting some nice gratitude in the chat. And it’s mutual; I feel really grateful for each of you and for everyone who came on and spoke to us. As well as all the customers and people on a Free Trial, it’s what keeps us in the game here and able to keep offering more additions to the service and to do the service work that we do out in the world. So, we’re really grateful. And I’ll pass it to you, Clayten.

Clayten – Gratitude is also what comes to mind for me. Thank all of you who are subscribers for being subscribers. We needed to start a business to do all the service work we wanted to do. We only have so many personal resources. And so, we’ve started the business, and it’s a good business now. And FLFE wouldn’t be here without all of you customers. And it is emerging into a community.

It always was, I guess, but after the years rolled by, and we’ve got, I think, 8000 plus people on our Facebook page, and there’s a lot of resourceful people on there. If you haven’t joined it. There are a lot of long-term devotees of different types of perspectives. And there’s a lot of a lot to receive there. And there are some things for you to offer. So, I encourage you to join that. And we have more good things in the works. More upgrades, more plans, more improvements, so we’ll just keep we’ll keep going forward together.

Jeff and Clayten – Good night, everyone, and good morning for our Thailand friend.