Q&A Webinar #15

December 14, 2021


Jeffrey – Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. Hope you enjoyed the music. Today, we’ll be letting you in on our plans for next year with FLFE and answering your questions about the FLFE service. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. You could put who you are and where you are from in the chat. It’s always nice to see where all the different people are from around the world. We have customers now in over 60 countries on the Service. So please put your questions in the Q&A section, and we’ll have an opportunity to talk to some of you as well.

Jeffrey – I’m seeing Tucson, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, and Houston, Texas. People from all over Chicago. It’s awesome. It’s good to have you all with us. We love being on these webinars and hearing about your experience in the FLFE environment. So, if you’d like to share, that would be great. And we’ll also answer your questions. And again, the Q&A is the place to put the questions, and you can also raise your hand virtually and we’ll talk live; it’s always great for us to hear your voices. Clayten we could review a few things.

Clayten – Yes, let’s review a few standard processes here as we all get settled and new people continue to show up. So, there are a couple things to optimize the FLFE experience. The last time we researched hydration with humanity, we figured about 80 to 86% of people in the world are dehydrated. We think with that FLFE, it’s probably 60%. So, for what that’s worth, it’s really good to pay attention to hydration. And again, a guideline is half our body weight in ounces of water a day. So, if you’re 100 pounds, it’s 50 ounces. And we have on our website under Tools, supplements for consciousness support. We have done some pioneering work in consciousness nutrition. And so, there’s a resource there to look at to help everyone optimize the FLFE experience. Do you want to talk about the Consciousness Controller?

Jeffrey – One of the things we should mention is, with one of our recent upgrades on Energized Nutrients, we had the starting level of consciousness at 550. So, anyone coming on recently with a property, the field is 550 level of consciousness on the Hawkin’s Map. So, you can go to the Control Panel and log in. Your first email will have your logins in it. And you can slide it up to 570 on Hawkin’s Map. So, it’s a great way to experiment, try the Service in different ways. And also, you can turn off your EMF Mitigation and see how that feels. Also, you can turn the entire Service off. And then we have the Boost. So, the Boost takes the property up to 600 on Hawkin’s Map for half an hour. We’re talking about changing it. So, the phone Boost is higher but only 5 minutes. And we’ll talk about some Boosts to come in the future. So, hang on for our plans for next year.

Clayten – I think we Boosted the phone for 10 minutes; we keep putting it up. We were talking about Boosts today in the programming meeting. You get so many numbers in your head that it’s hard to figure out the day of the week after three hours in that space.

Jeffrey – Well, first of all, Happy Holidays to everyone. You know, happy Hanukkah, Quanza, and Merry Christmas. And I wish we had a picture of the office to share where we’ve got one posted on the Facebook page with all the decorations.

Clayten – Well, knowing Maria, she’s on here; she could probably find that picture and put it up here for us. So, if you can do that, Maria, amongst answering questions, and probably the three other things you’re doing, that would be great.

Jeffrey – We didn’t get a beaver for the front of the office, though.

Clayten – We have a moose and a bear and reindeer, of course. They sold out of geese and beavers, but we’ll get some for next year.

Jeffrey – It’s part of sharing our good wishes and positive intent with the Nelson community for the close of the year and the beginning of the next year. We decided to really do it up on the outside of the office. Like there’s a big bow on the doors, is that right, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, it’s like a big gift every time you open the door.

Jeffrey – At this time of year, it’s great; people can start to get into the spirit. And there are a few restrictions up there in Canada. So, it’s our way of spreading cheer.

Clayten – Yeah, with the darkest day of the year coming on the 21st. It gets dark here about 3:30 to 3:45, depending on the day. So, it’s not like up in Alaska for some of the people on the call who get 24 hours of darkness up there at some point. Well, probably for quite a couple of weeks, at least one place I know of.

Jeffrey – It’s interesting that you said the other day, Clayten, about this time of year as we get closer to the 21st, the sort of pull towards Shadow, looking at our shadows. And what’s up for us to notice and maybe transform.

Clayten – I just noticed that Maria put a link to our office’s picture in there. That’s Maria. She’s right on. Yeah, it’s an interesting time of year. I mean, we’re not as connected to nature as we used to be. So many of us live virtual lives in many regards, especially with the lockdowns in the last year and a half; more of us are working from home, and we’re not going out as much as we used to. So, we can forget how much a part of nature we really are.

And at this time of year, as the days get shorter and we go into the darkest day of the year, it compels us to go into our own darkness into our own Shadow. And it seems that, despite the fun of the holiday season and the joy that we start to experience, as we get closer to Christmas, or that turning point, we tend to go either consciously or unconsciously into our Shadow.

And it’s a great time to be conscious about the things that would be good for us to work on in our evolutionary process; it’s easier to see, I believe, this time of year than most times. There are things to do in the spring, summer, and fall, and winter. This is a school down here, as far as I can tell. And some lessons are remarkably close to the surface in the winter and these darkest last two weeks.

Jeffrey – That’s an interesting thought that maybe at this time of year as we approached the shortest day of the year that the veil, between our conscious mind and our unconscious, that our Shadow may thin or things come up to remind us of patterns that we might have that it’s great to be aware of, and not just to be unconsciously in.

Clayten – Many people numb out, you know, there’s not as much partying as there used to be. Obviously, due to the pandemic. So, we’ve got even extra time to go into the Shadow.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s a blessing, especially if we’re conscious about it. Well, since we’re moving through the darkest day of the year and then into the new year, we have some plans. And the way that we generally work for those of you that are new is we keep adding features or benefits which is one of our drivers is how can we make the Service better? So, you know, what can we do to make your experience better and ours since we could say we’re subscribers and part of the family.

We are working on several things. One we’ve talked about before the Photo Based subscription, for our European and people around the world subscribers who currently maybe only have a phone and they would like to have a Home Subscription.

This will be a way for them to do that in an area where the addresses aren’t as regulated or maybe they’re regulated, but they’re based on tradition. Some are described as that ‘house down the hill,’ rather than a government land contract area. So that’s coming in, which will be a photo taken of the inside of your house and would be uploaded, much like the Object Subscriptions. And that would identify the interior and the contiguous space of the house’s interior. And then, part of the program would be put on the shared exterior space or the exterior space to a certain size. So that’s in the works.

And then we have something exciting that we’re working on and getting to the final stages. So, we have an FLFE app coming up don’t know if we’ve talked about that before, Clayten?

Clayten – Well, we try to not talk about things until they’re done. Because that last 2% sometimes can seem as long as the first 98%. And it’s a bit of a struggle to get that last 2% completed.

Jeffrey – So the app will mimic the website and in some ways be easier to look at. And you’ll have your Control Panel there. So, you’ll be able to do your Boosts in your Slider from your app. And it opens a whole new world of possibilities for us to offer things like additional Boosts or special Boosts for extraordinary circumstances. And we’d love to hear from you tonight about what kind of Boosts would you like to have? For what circumstances? So, feel free to put that in the Q&A, or raise your hand and let us know about that. And Pauline and Maria, if we could capture those, that would be great.

Clayten – I’m gonna vote for the appreciating eggnog Boost.

Jeffrey – I’m gonna vote for the getting up in the morning Boosts, you know, turn on the body, mind, and spirit fully as we climb out of bed.

Clayten – Yeah, there will be several stages of Boosts. We’re just looking for basic functionality. And then, we will be adding more and more layers of juicy resourcefulness and simplicity to it. I mean simplicity in setting things up, hopefully, on a timer system. A lot of people have asked for that. So, we’ll see if we can do that. That’s the first level out.

Jeffrey – Yep, yep. The first level out is the same functionality that we have now, but in a handy app format for you.

We would like to remind you of the gift, your ability to give a gift to others of FLFE and receive an extra PIF for yourself. And you can access that either through the emails we’ve sent or the Facebook posts or log in to your Control Panel. And if you have a credit card on file, there’s a Gift button that will lead you through the process of giving FLFE as a gift and receiving an extra PIF for yourself.

Clayten – People are using PIFs in all kinds of ways. There are innovative ideas all the time. I mean, many people are putting them on government buildings, hospitals, schools, even their loved ones homes; we’ve even had people share some pretty powerful stories about having a separation with their partner, and they put a PIF on the home, and the children seem to respond better and the other partner because there is more love in that space. So, there are lots of ways to use it that we haven’t even imagined yet. So that’s one part of the fun of offering it and maybe part of the fun of using it.

Jeffrey – Yeah, we love to hear the creative PIF ideas you’ve done. We had on one webinar several people giving gifts to people they had difficulties with. Perhaps their relationships were difficult. And it was an unconditional gift that they gave, an anonymous, unconditional gift to that person they were having difficulties with is a beautiful thing.

Clayten – I’d like to do a webinar in the New Year, Jeff, and put it on my wish list on the seven levels of giving that we learned from Dr. Gary Schwartz. So maybe we can get Gary on a webinar on Giving.

Jeffrey – Great, we also have some high consciousness music coming in the New Year that you’ll be able to purchase, and we’ll have the FLFE field on it. That’s what we played at the beginning of the webinar today. Well, anything else, Clayten, you’d like to say before we move into some of the Q&A? There are some great chats I’ve seen pop up with how people were using the shadow time.

Clayten – Yes, someone mentioned accessing the Gifts in the email we sent or logging in to the Control Panel. There’s a Gift button, and it just activates really quickly if your credit card is on file; there’s a little billing process there that makes it easier. All those conveniences are nice when we’ve got lots of stuff to do, where you want to just be doing something else than fiddling around payment processes. So, yeah, I think that’s all the stuff we have on our list, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey – I see some comments popping up about the music. This music was recorded in one night; it’s all piano improvisations done in an 850 FLFE field. So quite a high field, and then we’re also enhancing it with the 850 field that opens when you play it, so that will be coming; our pianist is Audrey Causilla.

Clayten – And part of the field is 700. We play a lot when we’re driving. It really enhances the ability to concentrate, making the drive go a lot smoother.

Jeffrey – Well, I’m going to glance at the chat to see if there are comments there. So, Anaya is saying going into my Shadow has opened up my ability to release judgment and embrace our humanity. So, Anaya has her hand up.

Anaya – Hello, good evening.

Jeffrey – Hello. Nice to hear your voice again.

Anaya – Yes, it’s good to be on. I’m glad you’re doing this again. Yeah, you were just talking about other ideas. Has there ever been anything with FLFE in the water, like in the sink or the shower? I mean, I don’t even know how that would work. But I think water is such a conduit for so many things now, and we’re learning so much more about how we create our water. I’ve been drinking water from the minute you guys got on.

Clayten – It’s a good discipline. I’ll tell you a water story: of course, we have the Dr. Emoto experiment that demonstrates that FLFE infused water is a crystal form that is partway between love and truth if you look at standardized Emoto symbols or crystals. I think crystals are a much better description. So, when we first were experimenting with how to use FLFE in water, we researched major water filtration systems and the doctors that did research on it.

So, in the beginning, it took 1% of the entire machine to do one house and all the water on one property. So that seems to be a pattern with us when we write a new program. It’s so energy-consuming that we have to upgrade the technology. And so, all the water on an FLFE property is of the crystalline form that we see in the Emoto experiment we conducted. It’s all in that place between love and trust.

So, all the shower water, all the drinking water, all the tap water, all the water that goes down the drains of water in the septic field. Once it hit the property, the rainwater goes through the property and underground streams to a depth, probably 30 feet down. So that’s something we haven’t talked about, Jeff; if we did not have the water program on the FLFE property, the properties would be five points lower on average.

I don’t think we’ve talked about that for quite a while. It’s just like when we did the EMF Harmonization program, the average property went up four points, even closer or on the router. But the Water Program seems to be an amplifier.

Anaya – Great. Oh, that’s good to know, thanks for that info. And I always like how you take a look at the whole world and see where we’re at. And have we gone up a bit now in certain places? I know it depends on where we live and what we’re experiencing. But it feels so much lighter to me. And I wondered if that was something that’s happening everywhere or if that’s just in my world?

Jeffrey – Do you want to hit some of that Clayten? I mean, it’s been a bit up and down at times.

Clayten – Yeah, we were the world went down below 200. Jeff and I talked this morning about an update on the level of consciousness of the world in the US and Canada, and a few countries. And I asked Jeff if he thought people are really interested in that kind of stuff, so I guess that’s our answer.

Anaya – What I do with it is I Boost it too. I can put my consciousness behind it as well if I know.

Jeffrey – I think we’re still below 200 as far as the world goes and heading upwards; I would say, do you agree with that, Clayten? In North America, the US, and Canada, probably Canada’s a bit lower now. It was higher at one point.

Clayten – The world is about 170 over the previous 24 hours. And I think it had been a little bit lower than that. So, it’s more like a wave right now. It doesn’t seem to stay at any particular level. Like there’s no trajectory of it going one way and staying that way. Although there are countries in the world like Australia went to 150, Austria went to 150. Some of these countries where the lockdowns are quite severe. They typically go to anger.

Anaya – Have you ever measured the water in the oceans?

Clayten – No, I haven’t.

Jeffrey – Do you want to pick an ocean?

Anaya – Off the coast or something, you know, because I know I moved away from the Pacific Ocean. And now I’m inland, and I really feel a different energy from being close to the ocean. I just thought, wow, there’s so much world in the sea. I wondered what that would be like.

Clayten – We can definitely do that. And one of the things about water is the negative ionic effect which is immensely powerful. In fact, we have some bracelets that we wear, which put negative ions into our bodies. There’s a tourmaline crystal. This is one of them here. That’s what it looks like, that little thing. You can buy them online and put them on your body, and that part faces your skin. And it puts negative ions in your body, and it seems to give more energy; that’s my experience. And I think there’s a pendant as well. And that tourmaline comes from volcanic ash, which is the most potent.

Anaya – Nice, I will look for that! Thank you for your time. I could just sit and talk with you two about all things related to FLFE. It’s a concept that you can’t really literally understand all the things this process allows. Because when you said the numbers go up and down, it’s a wave too. It’s a wave of continually transforming evolutions.

Jeffrey – Yeah, today we were working on a podcast that will come out next year on the biohacking topic. So, we broke it down into physical, mental, and spiritual and looked at what’s out there in the biohacking world and what FLFE does on the biological side with the additional Qi or Prana. And the flow of energy through those meridians and the enlivenment that seems to happen with all that extra energy. Then on the mental side, which quieting of the mind and the meditative connection to a Higher Power, it seems, are also an enhanced connection. So, the more we discuss it, the more breadth is there.

Anaya – Yes, I can see it as a thermostat on my wall, actually, you know, to alert where the energy is in the room. I can do that myself; I mean, I have to do it for myself first. But I just see all kinds of ways our future can be enhanced.

Clayten – I feel like we’re just getting started; we are just scratching the surface. High consciousness energy fields have helped humanity for as long as humanity’s been around. There have always been places where the geological influences the ley lines, where they converge and create enhanced positive energy. People have traveled to those places for as long as there have been people. So, this is really not anything new, we have new ways of distributing it now.

Jeffrey – Any thoughts on what kind of Boosts you would like to see?

Anaya – I think it would be great to have something with peace or well-being because of the season. The entire process is well-being and peace, but a specific Boost for that maybe, in a meditative state or something, if someone were to go meditate and use a Boost specifically for a certain intent, say detachment or reducing anxiety.

Clayten – Part of our vision of Boosts in the future is to have, and I’m not saying that we’ll be able to get to this place, but we sit around and talk like this a lot. And we imagine a menu of Boosts where you could just go on and pick the one you would like for whatever you’re intending to experience.

Anaya – Yeah. Yeah. I like that, Maria said, a calming Boost. I like that idea.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it would be interesting because the Relationship Program supports loving interactions. So maybe that could be tuned up for gatherings of people for supporting those holiday parties or dinners with family or gatherings for celebration.

Clayten – We could have a dysfunctional Christmas family dinner Boost.

Jeffrey – Dysfunctional to functional, right?

Anaya – Or maybe a humor Boost. We could use a little more humor.

Clayten – Yes, definitely. Sure, thanks, Anaya.

Anaya – Yeah, thank you guys.

Jeffrey – It’s great to be with you.

Clayten – I’m trying to think of my favorite Christmas movie this time of year. I think one’s called the Family Stone, dysfunctional family Christmas movie guide. I watch the one with Jimmy Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life, every year. If you think of other dysfunctional family Christmas movies, you can put them in the chat share them with us.

Jeffrey – So, Mary, why don’t we bring you on to talk? You’re welcome to join us.

Mary – Hi there. Oh, it’s so good to be with you two again. Again, thank you so much for your loving presence in the world and the brainpower you bring to all of this. It’s fantastic. So, the last time I spoke with you, I wanted to let you know how much my health had improved. And Clayten, you had said that there was more to come. And I feel like, since the last upgrade, I’m just in such a different space. I am so much healthier than I have been. I’m 66, and I’m so much healthier than I have been in my entire life. I actually took on a new job; I didn’t wake up that morning thinking I would apply for a job anywhere. I enjoyed being on a spiritual path at home all day long and just meditating and evolving. Then this hospice chaplain job sort of landed in my lap, and I am in the best space I have ever been in my life.

And I know my heart has opened as a result of being in the FLFE environment. We don’t know what we don’t know until something happens, right? So, to have love pouring forth from my heart to the patients I’m praying with and their families. It’s just, I feel like I’m living on a different planet.

So, my last echocardiogram showed that my heart has improved once again. I’m in the 55 ish area; I started out with an ejection fraction of 12. And I’m now at about 55. And it just keeps getting better instead of worse. So, I wish you could see the grin on my face right now from so many blessings. And thanks to both of you for your excellent work. I don’t really have a question. I just wanted to say that to both.

And I would love to have a Boost, not for anything specific but to have short bursts of Boosts. When I know that I’m connecting with a family struggling with their loved one either slowly dying or there’s chaos and fear in the family. I would love to know that I could turn on a Boost and Boost the power of the prayer and that sort of telepathic connection that I’m having with people. So, my own psychic gifts, which I would never have thought I would have uttered those words out loud. That seems to be the place that I’m living in now. And I don’t think that would have happened without FLFE. Still, I’m able to talk to comatose people telepathically knowing what they’re struggling with and what they need and praying for that to be delivered to their hearts and souls.

Jeffrey – It’s really beautiful, Mary, for you to end up in that place in the hospice in that role bringing your gifts.

Mary – I’ve always wondered why I was here on this planet. And it’s taken me many careers and struggles, paths, and traumas etc. And I just keep working on it and praying for life to show me what I’m here for, and now I know what it is. And also, I met David Hawkins a couple times. And he had said to me when I asked him what I could do to live a more authentic life, he said, live your life as a prayer. And now I finally get it.

Clayten – Thank you for your blessings. How long have you been on the Service now, Mary?

Mary – I think it was March or April of last year. So, I recently switched over to the phone because I was leaving my home and going to patients’ houses. And I thought I wanted FLFE with me. But now, because of COVID in our area, I’m restricted to being home. But I’ll be moving at the end of the month. And I’ve decided that the week before I move, I’m going to sign up the new property. Because my orchids have continued to bloom all summer. And then maybe the blossoms fall off, and new shoots are coming out. And I have two little dogs. And I can’t deprive them of FLFE because I’m away from home with my phone. So, it’s such a noticeable difference with my plants and my pets.

Jeffrey – My orchids are continually blooming.

Clayten – Yes, ours do as well; they just keep blooming.

Mary – Yeah, it’s stunning.

Clayten – We have a peace lily at the office. And every property has a place where the energy comes in, so it’s activated. It’s a vortex that goes up from there, and we have the lily in the vortex at the office. It’s bloomed from the day we brought it in until this day, and it’s supposed to bloom only twice a year. I think it’s been in permanent bloom since April.

Mary – Many things that aren’t supposed to happen seem to be happening beyond my wildest imaginations, so just thank you from my heart.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Mary. Thanks for being with us on this journey. And there are more good things to come. Earlier today, we were talking about when we measure the level of consciousness change in the first 90 days. And we’re starting to look further out; we just haven’t taken the time to do it. But one of the thoughts we had is that at three years, there is an accumulation of the body getting what it needs, the nutrients, and the energy and the answer to that different life, it seems in a high consciousness field. So, we look forward to being on this journey with you and seeing what your experience is three years from now.

Mary – Oh, I’ll be happy to share. So, blessings to both for the holidays.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Mary. Blessings to you.

Clayten – Sheila mentions a community in Scotland; it was probably Findhorn. I spent a week with Dorothy McLean once training with a group of maybe 20 people to connect with the Elementals and plants. And it was extraordinary. I mean, you wouldn’t think you’d be able to hear a plant, or the essence of a plant communicate. But you know, she was an expert at it, and when you’re in the presence of a master, it seems you can kind of up-level your experience because of their energy. I guess that’s the Grace of the Guru in many ways. She was a great storyteller and one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. I mean, there was no pretense there. It was a wonderful experience.

Jeffrey – Yes, clearly, there’s consciousness everywhere. We had quite a conversation with an oak tree in my backyard last year. Lynn has her hands up. Welcome, Lynn; we’ll bring you in.

Lynn – Oh, thank you so much. I’m so excited to talk to you. I’m fairly new to the Service and on temporarily. And I was wondering, I heard you mentioned the vortex? How do I find the vortex in my address? How do that if I don’t know how to do muscle testing? How do I find it?

Clayten – Well, you could find someone that knows how to do muscle testing. You could use dowsing rods, like those copper wires that go up, and then they go out, and you hold them, and they go back and forth. So that’s another type of way. But did you have anything else, Jeffrey?

Jeffrey – I’ve used the pendulum successfully to find the vortex. So, part of it’s the intention with the pendulum. It’s another way to connect to the core of Divinity in us, you could say, and the connection to All That Is. My pendulum tends to move differently in the vortex. And many of us have various levels of sensitivity. And some people really feel a difference when they’re in the vortex. It’s higher consciousness there. And so, you could walk around and consciously ask your body to tell you where it is and see if you feel it. And then you could try it with a pendulum to try to confirm it, or even dowsing rods like Clayten says.

Lynn – So I’d have to walk around inside the property and on the outside of the property.

Clayten – That’s a good question. It’s not always in the house if that’s what you mean; sometimes, it’s outside the house. Typically, it’s inside 90% of the time. And sometimes your pets will spend a lot of time in an area that’s different than where they used to spend time. We have had many experiences with the pets wanting to sleep on the routers, not only because of the warmth but also because of the EMF harmonization. The routers typically go to 600 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, and the pets just seem to know that, and they gravitate towards it. The vortex is typically at 650 on a property. So again, if you have somebody decent with kinesiology, they might be able to help you by testing various parts of the property, and one is that 650 or a small area; that’s probably where the vortex is.

Lynn – Yeah, I’d like to spend some extra time there. I have another question about I live in a townhouse. So how does it affect my neighbors?

Jeffrey – The FLFE system is based on the legal address related to the townhouse plans. So, the full field is within the boundaries of the townhouse. But what we see often is that the walls hold the energy; the crystalline structure in the drywall or the concrete block, or whatever the building material is, can hold the energy. So, we see the energy radiating out from there. Generally, the neighbors are at 500 or slightly below that. And then it kind of goes down as it goes further away. But it particularly along common walls, that energy can creep its way through there. And so, the energy at 500 is that level of love; the first level of love on the Hawkins Map and doesn’t require any extra hydration. And it’s just a gift of love to the neighbors.

Lynn – Oh, I love that because there is a neighbor on my one side. She’s elderly and lives by herself. She has a lot of family, but I don’t feel like she’s very joyful. And when I’ve spoken to her at the front door, there’s a lot of dense smell coming from her house. So, I would be really grateful if that’s something that could influence her a little bit. And maybe lift her up just by me being her neighbor and being attached to this Service that would make me so happy.

Clayten – Yeah, it seems like all the neighbors get a PIF, I guess is another way of saying it, which is the 500 service with no programs. We have lots of stories about neighborhoods transforming where people have had problems in the neighborhood. People who are really low consciousness don’t tend to enjoy high consciousness fields, so they tend to move for whatever reasons. So, I’m seeing your neighbor be happy and healthy.

Lynn – Oh, that’d be great. I have a question about the Slider. There’s an Update button right below that when I use the Slider. Do I need to slide it and then hit the Update, or does the Update have nothing to do with the Slider?

Jeffrey – Yes, you want to move it and then hit the Update button.

Lynn – Okay, great. And I also had a comment about two minutes before the webinar started. I heard a tone in my left ear, which always tickles me because I’m thinking, who’s trying to contact me? Is somebody trying to contact me? I heard a tone; would that be related to you?

Jeffrey – Well, it could be about when we did our invocation. We always do a little setting to the field prior. Were you gonna say something, Clayten?

Clayten – I’ll say the same thing; we were praying.

Lynn – Oh, that’s amazing. So great. I’ll know when that’s happening, that somebody is doing something. I also felt the Boost. Because right before I was waiting for the webinar to start, I was tired, like half an hour before, and I’m thinking I wish it was a little bit sooner. And then, suddenly, I got on the webinar, and I felt joyful and rejuvenated. I’m like, this is awesome!

Jeff – Yeah, it’s a 700 Boost on the webinars.

Lynn – And as far as using the Boost, what I experienced with it is I use it after my workout. So, I did a physical workout at home because I don’t trust going to the gym right now with the situation. Still, it was a real help to get through the workout and then have the option of having a Boost to really boost the recovery. So, it did work in that way. And originally, my workout was actually better as well. So, I got a better workout and then a Boost afterward, which was phenomenal. Typically, I work out, and then I feel kind of drained, and that’s a little bit normal because I worked out, but I don’t want to feel drained. I want to feel good after a workout. That was a plus. So, every day, I use that Boost to go to when I get done with my workout.

Clayten – I’ve never heard that before.

Jeffrey – No, that’s a new one; thank you, Lynn. It makes a lot of sense because there’s a lot of energy expended. And the body pulls energy from the surrounding environment, the lifeforce energy the Chi/Prana. So yeah, adding more energy after the expenditures would really make sense to replenish the body.

Clayten – Recovery from exercise Boosts. Thank you, Lynn, who is on the list.

Lynn – Yes, I love it, and I also had an experience when I first got on with FLFE. I went to sleep that night. And I really wasn’t able to sleep because I was kind of rocking and rolling in my bed. So, I’m thinking, oh boy, this is not good. And I woke up at four in the morning, and it was just disruptive. So, I didn’t have access to the Slider yet. And the next night, I turned it off. And my body, my feet, and my legs started kicking like a tantrum. Like Restless Leg Syndrome. My body was like, no, we want the higher vibration. What are you doing? So, the Restless Leg thing, I was kicking my legs. And I didn’t have the Slider, as I said, so I just kind of waited it out. So that when I could look forward in the morning to when I turned it on, I would have that wake up on the right side of the bed feeling. Well, I know in the morning I’m going to wake up on the right side of the bed because I’m going to turn it back on.

Clayten – There’s a lot of adaptation in the first couple of days, especially the first three to five days. Some people don’t sleep that well. And some people have the best sleep of their lives. So, most of the emails we get are about that. But sometimes the body has to adjust, and some people turn it down for the first while at night, or they turn it off. But some people want to turn it up at night and turn it down during the day. So, there’s a certain amount of individual user interface to just experiment with.

Lynn – Okay, and also in one of the webinars you mentioned, a line of vitamins, and I didn’t quite get the spelling, and it was Gematria? Is that still applicable?

Jeffrey – Sure, if you go to the Tools section on the website, down to the supplements for consciousness support, the brand is Gematria, and they’re all listed there. There are nice formulations of different supplements. For instance, their magnesium has several different magnesium formulations in it. And it’s very absorbable. It’s been my go-to magnesium for a long time, though I tend to go back and forth between different things. The Bio Optimizer one is good as well. But there’s a list of the essential fatty acids, magnesium, sunflower lecithin. Then we’ve made some recommendations on some other things as well.

Lynn – Is the Sea-Licious in there as well? I heard somebody mention that on one of the webinars.

Jeffrey – I don’t think that one is. I’m not sure. Do you know what that is, Clayten?

Clayten – I think it’s an EFA from plankton if I remember correctly. I’m not 100% sure right now, but I think it is.

Lynn – Yeah, I was wondering about the spelling because, Clayten, you were the one that said that it sounded like a good supplement.

Clayten – I just can’t remember right now. We do a lot of research, and there is so much data going in and out. But, unfortunately, not all of it sticks. So, I’m sure if you did a search on the web, you’d be able to find it.

Jeffrey – And the ones that are page, have all been calibrated. Still, the way we have to look at it is individual, but we look for good supplements for 99% of people.

Clayten – For all of humanity.

Jeffrey – Yes, all of humanity, essentially. So those maybe even higher for some people and lower for some people, but in general, the average is very high for those particular supplements.

Clayten – We typically go back three years, so the company has a track record, or sometimes more.

Lynn – Okay, and I love the list of webinars because I’ve been going back through them and really getting a lot of information. They’re great to listen to because I kind of got stuck into the news. And now I have something to move away from, you know, to get me out of the news. So, I have something more positive to listen to, which I needed. This timing is perfect. And I’m so grateful to have the information. I feel like I’m hopeful, gleeful, and grateful. And it’s amazing. It’s the greatest Service ever.

Jeffrey – Awesome. Yeah, thank you. It’s been such a great sanctuary for us in the last couple of years. So, I’ll speak for myself; I’m really happy to have it out here for all of us. For ourselves and our families and loved ones, but also the whole FLFE community that’s developing around it.

Lynn – And I’m really a little bit elated that you’re not focusing on the money aspect. And I’m sure the money’s coming to you for your business. But I did hear on one of the webinars that somebody was asking why don’t you promote your business? And I think that when you get into that, you lose track of how you started with just wanting to help people. And when you want to help people and do what you love, the money comes; there’s no effort in that. So, yeah.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s an interesting balance there. And it’s something we’ve been talking about lately because growing the business we feel is helpful because more people benefit. And it supports the universe to rise with people giving their PIFs to other places in the world, and just the effect of having a higher property radiates throughout. And there are non-integrous platforms out there that we don’t want to be part of. So, we run the business in a way that has the integrity you’re mentioning of wanting to help people while continuing to grow and get the word out there.

Lynn – I just wanted to add something more, and then I’ll be finished. When I turned the Service off to go to sleep; I mentioned I had the legs kicking. I also had a common dream that I’ve had about somebody wanting to break in my window. I have that dream frequently when I feel unsafe. So that kind of was interesting that the dream came up. The atmosphere in the room fell flat, and kind of lifeless, and kind of dead and kind of like when somebody cuts your electricity off, and you get that spooky feeling like uh-oh, like what’s happening? Somebody just cut the electricity off. I’m spooked out. Yeah, I think that that was about it.

Jeffrey – Well, there is a contrast between people spending time in a high consciousness field, whether it’s FLFE or some other type that the body acclimates to get used to it. And then, when you do turn it off, you notice the difference. So, one thing you could do with the Slider is take it down to 400. And then kind of work its way up but leave the Service on that’s another option.

Lynn – Yeah, I’m definitely going to experiment with the Slider now that I have it.

Jeffrey – I think you’ll find it interesting.

Lynn – Well, Jeffrey and Clayten, thank you so much. I appreciate all the work you’re doing. And I’m happy to be in.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you. Thank you for being a subscriber. Yeah, welcome.

Jeffrey – Okay, we’ve got Lauralee at the top. Does anything come to mind before we go to her?

Clayten – Let’s just take a breath and let the blessings in. A lot of years working behind the scenes back in the corners. Yeah, it does feel like we’re just getting started. I mean, I don’t know how many Boosts we could make, and it’s probably infinite, but there should be a good 10 there we can knock off next year. So, we’ll see what we can do.

Jeffrey – Yeah, this is good. Let’s take a breath and let this in. As Clayten said, we work away at it. And that’s why these webinars are something we really love to do because we love hearing from you.

Clayten – It’s just good to spend time with our people.

Lauralee – You mentioned Findhorn, and I wondered about the Boosts. Have you ever considered adding flower essences? Because as a flower essence practitioner and speaking with others; we find that the Findhorn flower essences are the most powerful.

Clayten – That’s an interesting idea. If we’re adding flower essences, I’m just thinking aloud now, Jeff; we would have to work with the energetic signature of the flower essences; we’d have to have a way to access those. Are you familiar with Perelandra, Loralee?

Lauralee – Yes, I am. I have the Perelandra, the rose ones, and they’re very powerful; and I got a download about a month ago for a series of flower essences that I’m calling the Empowerment Series. And it has to do with a lot of the themes that are up. For example, one came through called Innocence for children and the difficulty that they’re having. And that’s a powerful one, and one came through called Coherence. And that was to help heal the divisiveness in our society right now. And it combines five different essences, and one of them is Holly, which of course, is an immensely powerful essence for healing, hatred, jealousy, and resentment.

Clayten – There was a gentleman from Australia we did some work with Jeff, who had specific combinations that are not exactly in the same line, Loralee. Still, you’re probably only telling us 1/10 of what you could tell us and maybe 1/100th. We did research with the gentleman from Australia. And we did look at the energetic signature of different plant combinations. What we didn’t know how to do, Lauralee is we didn’t, at least I didn’t feel like we knew how to measure the positive influence, Jeff, as much as we typically would like to do things because they seem to be the right thing to do. And so, we put them in there. And then we have to find things like Dr. Emoto’s work or a Gas Discharge Visualization camera or something that will measure the subtle energies that we’re dealing with.

Lauralee – Could you measure if someone held a bottle, for example, and then could you use muscle testing to measure it?

Clayten – Yes, we would have to create an inquiry relative to the intent that the formula has been created with, which is what we did with this gentleman. And I guess, and maybe you have some ideas about this Lauralee. I’m just wondering how we would measure the benefit of that on the subscriber’s property or around the object. It might be anecdotal evidence; somebody feels calmer and less divisive. We’re always curious how to measure the value in any additional thing we do.

Lauralee – Well, it might be something where it could be like a menu thing where you identify a flower essence, and someone could choose that as their Boost.

Clayten – That’s a clever idea. That’s another good one.

Lauralee – Can I send you my information on it?

Jeffrey and Clayten – Yes, sure, please do; that’d be great.

Lauralee – When I got this download for the flower essence Coherence. The first was five different combos for people who’ve lost their jobs. And a couple of others, but the one on Coherence, the download I got is it’s for the collective. So, the other ones were individual flower essences, but the one for Coherence was actually amplification within the collective field.

Jeffrey – Hmm, Interesting.

Lauralee – Well, I’ll send you some info, and maybe that’ll spark some thinking. I was just thinking that if there was a menu where people could choose Boosts, which might be one way.

Jeffrey – Interesting. Yeah, that’s another one for the list. List. Do you know who your person is at the office in customer service?

Lauralee – I can check my emails.

Jeffrey – It looks like Aditi looked you up, so it must be Marina.

Lauralee – Yes, yes. That’s who it is.

Jeffrey – Yeah. Thanks, Aditi, so you could just let Marina know, and she can pass it on to us.

Lauralee – Okay. I find them so compatible with FLFE and flower essences. I really find they work synergistically. So, okay, thanks.

Jeffrey – How long have you been with us, Lauralee?

Lauralee – About two and a quarter year, actually you were also talking about neighbors. And when I first joined, I don’t know if you remember this, but I was being psychically attacked by a neighbor. And I joined FLFE, and a couple of weeks later, we were able to purchase another house, which previously the deal had fallen through. And then they came back to us, they had reduced the house price by $30,000. And came back to us, and we were able to move.

Clayten – The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Lauralee – Yeah. Okay, thank you.

Jeffrey – Yeah. Thank you. Thanks for being with us.

Clayten – We have done a lot of research with flower essences in one regard. Jeff, I remember Rose being the highest vibrational plant essence. Kind of coming back, we’ve written 1000s of Jeff’s programs. I mean, probably in the 1000s.

Jeffrey – Yeah, and the rose is an important flower on the planet that has its place in FLFE, all right. We haven’t looked at the Q&A yet. Should we scan through it and see what’s there? And we can wind things down the next 10 minutes or so.

Clayten – Sure.” How do you direct an electromagnetic wave to a certain location?” Well, it’s a high consciousness field. It’s not an electromagnetic wave. And it is based upon the principle of unique identifier, Christine. So, it’s just like a prayer when you think of somebody and all of a sudden get a call from them. That’s the same way as activating a high consciousness field. I see James wants to chat.

Jeffrey – So Maria just shared an infographic. This question does come up often. So, thank you, Christine, for bringing it up. We’re not sending frequencies. We’re not sending electromagnetic waves. It’s the activation of a high consciousness field in an area through a quantum association. And we believe it is much the same way that the human system works where we, as Clayten said, think of someone and a field is activated at their location. If we were to be thinking high consciousness thoughts and intentions for them, then that field would have those characteristics. So that’s how it works.

Clayten – Lauralee’s asking, “I’m wondering if you were able to do some research on plant response?” We did an experiment with a 10,000-acre organic farm in Saskatchewan, Jeff, and I don’t think we haven’t got the data from that yet.

Jeffrey – No, we’re still waiting for the data right now. I’m actually going to my email to see if he’s sent it. It’s like any day now; we really can’t wait to see it. Nothing yet. It’s harvest time, and all the after-work that happens to get the field ready for winter is a busy time. We have some additional plant experiments in the works, so we’ll put that up as soon as we get some results.

We are excited, and I guess this is as good time as any to say it; we’re in the process of rewriting the evidence page with the help of Dr. Gary Schwartz. We intend to create what we’re calling a ‘gold standard’ of evidence for companies like ours. We follow rigorous research protocols and follow the data where it goes, rather than just sharing data that puts us in a good light. So, it’s sharing the data where it goes, and sometimes it can go in interesting directions that can lead to improvements in the Service or new benefits that we didn’t know were there. So that’s coming in a couple of months before it’s complete. But research on the plants will be part of that. So, thank you for the question.

Clayten – We had James raise his hand, Jeffrey, I’ll bring him in.

James – Thanks, gentlemen. I just have two things. First, I want to tell the quick story of what happened when I went away from my house for a while and then ask you a question. So, in March in April, I went down to Mexico for a couple of weeks, four or five weeks, and I took my phone with me, and I didn’t tell my neighbors that I had this Service on my phone. And I’m not particularly close to them in the sense that we meet every day. But when I came back, they said they were so pleased to see me they’d felt gloomy and sad when I left. And I didn’t feel close enough to them that I had a relationship with them where they would miss me. So, I then went ahead and explained what I was doing. And I asked them to be more aware of how they were feeling in every moment. So, they’re now doing that, but they swear that they could tell when me and my phone went to Mexico; they didn’t have as much bleed through from my phone to their house. So, I thought that was interesting since they didn’t know about it.

Clayten – Part of the program, James in the FLFE service within the 300-foot bubble, is that that’s a request from Divinity to have people within the bubble have a positive intent towards the holder of the phone.

James – Interesting. And the question I have is, I know consciousness is everywhere in the quantum world. Where is it most. do we know, held within the human body?

Clayten – I have an answer that I’ve tested if it’s true or not. The first thing I assumed was correct was the heart. And some ancient esoteric teachings believe we have three brains. One is the brain in our skull, obviously, and they call the heart of a type of brain just because of its electromagnetic power. And the other was the solar plexus, Jim.

James – Yeah, I had learned recently, in fact, while I was in Mexico, doing some research on quantum biology, that it’s the microtubules in our nervous system, hold the qubits of the subatomic particles of consciousness. And I had an aha moment at that point because I felt like it tied consciousness to the human body. But it’s not my research; it’s things I was reading up on. So, I was curious if that was something you knew as well; I didn’t really know how true it is. But the paper suggests that it was.

Clayten – The information about the heart may not be true, do you have anything on that, Jeff?

Jeff – We’ve known from the beginning of the significant role of the nervous system for rising in consciousness carrying the energy. So, it’s always tested true that the nervous system carries light, hasn’t it Clayten, am I right about that?

Clayten -Yes.

Jeffrey – Even though, what’s the mechanism for that; there are the biophotons. Dr. Gary Schwartz has done some work on biophotons, and others emitted by living things like plants and people. So, what you’re saying, moving through the nervous system may be the movement of consciousness. But, still, it’s the movement of energy that could be contributing to consciousness. Does that make sense?

James – Yeah. All cells carry it, and plants emit light, certain frequencies within the light range. Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much. It was really a pleasure to see you both again. And I haven’t been on every podcast. But I really appreciate this time with you. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Thank you, James. We hope in the new year to have some research with biophotons and FLFE. Again, we’ll be following the data where it goes and see what shows up, and what we’d love to see is the vortex that shows up in every field with a biophoton camera. It would be another piece of evidence of the FLFE field turning on and off the activation of the field. We have the IONS research we did with the shielded Faraday cage and the random number generators affected by the FLFE field activated in that space. So, the biophoton is an experiment I would love to see with the FLFE field.

James – Yes, there’s a great book out called Light in Shaping Life. It’s by Roland Van Wyck. And it’s about photons in biology and medicine. It’s an academic book across a couple of medical fields, but books like that go into that space of quantum energy and energy fields within the human body. So, it’s interesting. Okay, thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you, James.

Clayten – When we’re trying to find an answer, I know James has gone. But, still, we typically have to write out exactly what the question is. And then look at what the context is around, what’s it trying to answer? And then, we’ll write out a response to it and test the level of consciousness of the response in that context. So, there might have been some context from Jim that we didn’t understand properly. Or something that he was holding in mind that couldn’t be communicated in a way that we could answer it. We could get better results if we had other resources such as the context and references to people’s bodies of work he’s referencing.

Jeffrey – In the Q&A, Sarah mentioned living on a pear orchard. Since starting the Service, their property owner, the farmer, hasn’t needed to spray much. So that’s interesting. Certainly, we’re really interested in plant research. And there is another question about how FLFE affects water. I think we’ve answered that one already. They talked about the Kangen water system, which I know you have as well, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, FLFE, because of the similarity of the field generated by the human brain and how the signals bounce around inside the skull and eventually leave. There’s no disharmony of the FLFE service with any water treatment system, any type of food, or anything. So, it’s nice to be able to relax into that.

Jeffrey – Yeah, I think it’d be a good time to wrap up.

Clayten – I’m trying to find some closing thoughts. Well, I’ll start; it used to be that these webinars would sometimes take 10 hours of planning. And when you’re working seven days a week already, which we did for many years, in the beginning, most of that was joyful. It seemed that they were a burden. So, this was one more thing on the list, right. And we were trying to do a lot of research on topics like what James was suggesting and to have some highly truthful, contextually accurate data that we could share. That’s what I felt was the obligation to be able to deliver that for all of you. And I’m just noticing how interesting it is to talk to you all and get to know you better.

And I still would like to present interesting information from time to time. We do a fair bit of research for the podcast, so that’s a resource for all of you. And so, I have to say that I’ve appreciated talking to you and getting to know you more. One of the intentions we’re holding in mind is having events where we can get together with subscribers. And with all of you in the community and just spend time together in each other’s presence. So that’s my checkout, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey – Yes, one of the highlights of the Biohacking Congress in Miami this year was the number of FLFE customers that I met. And that there’s something about meeting in person. I mean, this is a version of where we are talking to each other, and that is a dream to actually have conferences where we can get together, so I’m grateful to be on this journey with you all.

It’s quite a ride, a lot is going on in the world, and we have our sanctuary and our community, and it’s very important for me. So even though it’s late and I’m tired, it’s so joyful to be with you here. And to hear about your lives, how FLFE affects you, and all the great comments in the chat. I can see them keep popping up. So, it’s great to hear from you. So, with that, we’ll close this webinar, and I look forward to seeing you next time and enjoying the Service.