Q&A Webinar #23

Q&A webinar #23, January 13, 2024 (1h 51 min 05 sec)

Jeffrey  00:00 

Welcome, everyone to this FLFE webinar. Happy New Year. Today we’ll have a few reminders. And we’ll be answering your questions and talking together about the FLFE service. We have activated a 700 boost for all of you that are listening now and in the future. So this beginning music we just heard has a 600 field that activates when you listen to it. And it’s available in your customer portal under the FLFE infused music button. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.  


Clayten  00:54 

Hello, everybody. I’m Clayten, part of the Jeff and Clayten show. It’s nice to see your names and your locations coming across the chat. In the window there. So thank you for sharing that. So we’re great to see where you’re all from and recognize, recognize some of you. So for today, questions and comments for us go into the questions and answers. Later on, we’ll invite you to raise your hand virtually, and we’ll talk live to you. You can use the chat to talk with others in the FLFE community. And we have Allison Paulė, and Aditi and Jeanine to help with the chat and additional addition to Alessio our tech support for today. So they’ll be able to help you with some Q and A’s as well and facilitate some of the conversations between you. 


Jeffrey  01:59 

It’s great to be with you all. Yeah, I do love as well seeing where you’re from and who you are, and seeing a few New Year’s greetings and other things. That’s great to have that. So it’s always a good idea to go over. A few important things to remember well on the FLFE service. We have many new people on the free trial that haven’t heard this before. And these will really help to optimize your experience on the FLFE service in the in the supportive high-consciousness field, that’s the FLFE bubble. Hydration is number one, you’ll see that in the emails. In a high consciousness field, there’s just so much more lifeforce energy, chi, prana, for the body, which it uses for updates and repairs. So more water helps those metabolic processes to occur and also carries away the waste. It’s really helpful to up your water. And in your customer portal, click Resources, and you’ll see a hydration button. There’s recommendations in there for the first three days, and then thereafter. There’s also a nutrition section in the Customer Portal, under Resources, supplements for consciousness support, there, you’ll find some recommendations to support your nervous system to evolve and upgrade in the high consciousness environment. You can check that out. 


Clayten  03:49 

And, yes, you have access to a control panel. And in your control panel, you’ll find a couple of things. For the home service, or the flagship service, FLFE, you have what we call the FLFE slider, it’s also known as the consciousness controller, there you can slide the consciousness of the environment up or down. It defaults to 550 on the Hawkins map of consciousness, which we’ll talk more about today. And you can slide it up to 570 or slide it down to as low as 400. Some people find, especially when they come on the service that it’s a little bit intense for them. So they slide it down to give themselves an adjustment period. This is particularly true if you live on a piece of land that has or has had a geopathic stress on historically and FLFE is compensating for that and the change in the level of consciousness would be more drastic on that property. You also have a 600 Boost, it’s normally 30 minutes, we’ve extended it during the holiday season to an hour, and that goes through till January 21. Another eight days, we have a two-minute 850 Boost, and you can turn off the EMF mitigation. And you can turn on and off the FLFE service. The control panel is a resource for you to be your own consciousness researcher, we are trying to empower you to create your own relationship with life and consciousness fields. And so there are a couple of tools for you to work with. For phones and objects, we have a 650 boost. Those are the everywhere services that are mobile, it’s normally 10 minutes during the holidays, we’ve extended it to 20 minutes, and that goes through till January 21. We also have a short 850 Boost. And you can also turn on and off the EMF mitigation. And you can turn the FLFE service on and off there as well. 


Jeffrey  06:12 

Someone in the chat was just asking, Well, why wouldn’t I just turn it all the way up to 570 and leave it there. And you certainly can and many people do. Part of the intention for the control panel is to give you control over customer portal, it’s also called. So that you can go in and you have full control over that part of your environment related to our FLFE. So you know, the best thing to do is trust yourself, you try it at the at the higher level at 570, drink more water, support yourself in other ways and see how it goes. Having full control as the and as Clayten said, the ability to be a consciousness researcher. And you know, see how different things are when you turn them on and off and slide it up and down. So reminder of the PIF or the Pay It Forward for those that have just joined FLFE. This is a free subscription that you can put anywhere in the world. It’s somewhat different from the standard FLFE service, in that it’s at 500, The level of love, but there’s no other FLFE programs or support there. So it’s not guaranteed to be at 500. It depends on the environment. But it’s basically like sending love somewhere in the world 24/7 And we’ll keep it on for as long as we have the service. People use it in lots of different ways. Maybe graveyards or old battlefields or prisons, current prisons, government offices, schools, places of worship, or just loved ones that maybe aren’t interested or understanding of  the FLFE service, you can do this, you don’t have to tell them. It’s basically like sending them a prayer of love, just sending them love continuously. Your PIFs are found in your customer portal, and you got a new one at the beginning of the holiday season. So you may have some there waiting for you. So pop in and think about where you want to put it and make use of it. It helps the world. To do that we’re spreading consciousness and you get to decide where that goes. I FLFE space is our open source totally secure, not connected to anybody else gathering space, where we can all go and talk to each other and ask questions. We left Facebook, we still have some presence there. But we left it to go to this so that we could be kind of out of that machine out of that system.  


Clayten  09:24 

I’d like to talk for a little bit in the beginning kind of help us all get acclimatized and get settled into the new environment. Today is a General Q&A, so you can ask us anything. Jeff and I would like for you to at least share some of your experiences about the extra boost over the holidays. If anything extraordinary happened to you or how you experienced that, we’d appreciate it. It’s a bit of an experiment for us of course as well. and just remind you to put your questions in the Q&A. The chat, you know, we might see something on the chat and comment about it. But we’re going to focus on the Q&A. And you can raise your hand virtually, we see a couple of hands. 

Now, depending on how it goes, you may raise your hand and then you may be doing something around the house, and we might miss you if we try to bring you in. So we’ll keep coming back to you. We don’t expect you to sit around and wait for us to bring you on. And just depending on the flow of the conversation, we might not get to you right away. 


Jeffrey  10:42 

It did seem that a couple of sessions ago, there was a change in Zoom. And there appears to be a pop up that comes in and asks, if we were to choose you, that you’ll need to click on that pop up in order to join us. So keep your eye out for that. And what we’ll do is click on you and allow you to talk and then you’ll have to accept that. So what do you say we just start right off with someone coming in? Do you think? 


Clayten  11:15 

I just started check in we were having some problems with the video filter on my camera. Am I still looking pretty red Jeff, or should I go back to the green screen or what? 


Jeffrey  11:25 

Well, you look a little red. But yeah, as long as everybody knows it’s not health condition. Pink is what we’re hearing. 


Clayten  11:35 

Yeah, just say it’s part of my new look. 


Jeffrey  11:40 

Yeah, we’ll get that get that worked out for next time. 


Clayten  11:42 

I’ll just I’ll just flick on the green screen here. Yeah, I wanted to pull somebody up, Jeff. And I’ll do that. 


Jeffrey  11:47 

Okay. So Patricia, you’re top of the list. I’m going to click Allow to talk. You should be able to join us. 


Patrcia – Guest 12:04 

Welcome. Oh, can you hear me? Yes, so I’m kind of new to this. I moved in upstairs at my brother’s house. And I didn’t know what to expect. I hadnt been close to him for many, many years. But we had a little family gathering here in my brother’s house, and he said that things were working out with his new tenant. And he said, we’re not just landlord/tenant. We are brother and sister. So that was something I had not expected to hear from him. And I did appreciate it. And I’ve had the FLFE here at my new digs since November 28 or 29th. So I’m happy about that. 


Jeffrey  13:13 

So what have you noticed to Patricia about, how you feel or how you sleep and anxiety levels answer anything.  


Patrcia – Guest 13:20 

I seem to be in a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night, I get up and I start doing things and then I do eventually go back to sleep. I feel that I do get enough sleep. And it’s good quality sleep, I feel so I think I feel the good vibes, as I call them. And I think that my brother and his girlfriend, they have people over and they talk but I’ve never heard anybody else say anything about feeling the good vibes or not so, but for myself, I do feel that it’s here. And it’s a good thing. 


Clayten  14:26 

Great. Well, you may want to ask your brother Patricia if he entertains a lot if he notices that people are staying longer since FLFE has been on the property. That’s a classic kind of sign where people they come over they stay longer. And oftentimes your grocery bill will go up because they’re eating all your food. 


Patrcia – Guest 14:52 

I will definitely ask him or his girlfriend because I’m an early bird going to bed. And they’re still down there talking. I just put my earplugs in, and I zonk out quite early. And I guess that might be one reason why I wake up in the middle of the night after four or five hours of sleep. But I do make sure that I go back and get more. 


Clayten  15:24 

You may know this, but in Chinese medicine, they’ve discovered which organs are active at which times of the day and night. And if you’re waking up at a certain time in the morning, they may be able to tell you if it’s a liver issue or a kidney issue or an adrenal issue. And you may want to look into that, Patricia, if if you’re wanting a deeper quality sleep, 


Patrcia – Guest 15:51 

yes, thank you, I will definitely because it’s usually around two o’clock. I look at the clock and say like, what am I awake for? I don’t have an appointment. Where would I check out that information? 


Clayten  16:13 

Well, Chinese medical doctors, the Chinese medicine has an understanding of which organs are active at what part of the day more than the allopathic Western traditions. That’s one of their sort of specialties or gifts, I suppose you might say. I just can’t remember if it’s what organ it is at 2am. 


Patrcia – Guest 16:32 

Oh, okay. All right. Thank you, I appreciate that. 


Jeffrey  16:39 

Yes, what has happened for me at times is if my adrenals are running, I’ve been really busy for a while, then I’ll wake up in the middle of the night. And if I take good adrenal support, there’s different adrenal support supplements out there, then it doesn’t happen. And the same with liver support. They’re like herbal treatments for your liver. Like if you go to a place that has a Chinese medicine doctor that can read your pulse and prescribe herbs or you could get it online as well. 


Patrcia – Guest 17:17 

If I’m having a difficult time falling back to sleep. I have some herbals, they’re liquid. I squirt some drops into some water. And I drink that down. And then I go back to bed at night and talk to myself. Okay, go back to sleep. I’m tired. Exhausted, I need more sleep, go back to sleep now. It might take a few minutes. But that does work for me as well. Thank you.  


Clayten  17:59 

There’s a consensus in the chat here, 20 people have said liver. So that’s probably it. You know, I don’t know how to support the liver to change. There’s like 21 people now I think maybe 22. So there we go. We maybe answered your question, we just have to figure out now how to support your liver? 


Patrcia – Guest 18:22 

I’ve heard about the castor oil packs, you can put a castor oil pack right over your liver area, and lie down and sleep for an hour or more. And that will cleanse your liver, it pulls toxins out of the liver. And I’m planning on getting started on that anytime soon. Anytime now. 


Jeffrey  18:48 

So Clayten, there was a liver supplement we were taking earlier in the last year to support the liver. Remember, it’s a liver support. I mean, there was one New Roots product.  


Clayten  19:04 

Yeah, New Roots product. I mean, we’re not medical doctors, we can’t make medical claims. And some people have the distinction between it may not be the organ itself. It may be the the energetic signature of the organ or the energetic relationship with the organ with the body. So there may be some distinctions here, which are beyond our personal expertise and our chat consensus, but at least you’ve got a path to go down that you may not be on and it’s a good reminder for all of us because I sometimes get into a habit of waking up at a certain time. I think one o’clock is adrenals I don’t know, but I know there’s one time when I wake up and that’s my adrenal, so I’ll have to check on that. 


Jeffrey  19:51 

Patricia, you once we get off you may want to take a look at the chat because there’s a lot of suggestions from a lot of people there. 


Patrcia – Guest 19:59 

Ok, I don’t have the chat on right now. I like to concentrate. 


Jeffrey  20:08 

I understand. Well, if we get boring. And you can put it on. 


Patrcia – Guest 20:13 

I’ll remember that. Thank you. 


Jeffrey  20:15 

Yeah. Thanks for coming on and for joining us on this journey. Thank you. 


Clayten  20:23 

I think we might have to call the chat super chat today, Jeff.  


Jeffrey  20:26 

It’s just so typical for the FLFE community, there’s just so much knowledge there. And there’s so much support for everyone. And that’s one of the benefits of our FLFE space, you can go on and ask a question like that. And there’s a lot of people that can answer. I did see something pop up about if the internet goes down, are we still in the zone. And that’s something that I was thinking about earlier this week that I wanted to bring up during the webinar, we do have a backup system, multiple backup system, with triple redundancy, where if the internet were to go down, everyone that’s currently on the service would stay on the service during that whole period. So just letting you know that that’s built in. It’s one of our backup plans if the internet were to go down for some period of time, that those places would stay on. The only one that’s difficult to do that way is the objects. Because the backup system downloads all the addresses and all the all the coordinates and all that those notes, but it doesn’t download the photos at this point. So just giving you a heads up about that. 


Clayten  21:54 

Well, we can look at some Q&A’s. It looks like we told Vass/angel that we were going to look at a property. And I recall looking at it, and I don’t know what happened. I know someone talked to me about it last week. So Why don’t we ask Jeanine, she’s on here. To follow up with us this week, Jeff and sort of hold us to it until we get it back to Vass and hear back from her that she’s received it. So I know. You’re listening. Jeanine. If you can help us with that. That’d be great. Let’s make sure we close the door on that one. Apologize for that Vass. I don’t know what happened. 


Jeffrey  22:40 

And I think Prema’s The one who’s been working with her, and I’ve talked to her as well. Okay, so yeah, we’re sorry about that. It’s been super busy. We’re growing very fast. And so I know that we worked on it, but it may not have gotten back to you. So we’ll check it out and let you know.  


Does the service work in Canada? Yes, the service is everywhere in the world, the FLFE services everywhere in the world. In some countries, not Canada. In some countries, it’s more difficult to do a property at this point, though, we’ve got something coming that will change that. Because addresses aren’t regulated that well, in those jurisdictions. There’s no an office that contains all the records of properties, like a search title, record, office. And so things in those countries might be a little more historical or word of mouth. And so an address is more difficult to associate with the actual location on the earth. So other than that, the phones are everywhere in the world, the objects are everywhere in the world. And the properties are most places in soon-to-be all countries with our next upgrade. 


Clayten  24:16 

Do we want to talk to a person or do we want to? 


Jeffrey  24:19 

We could do one. Yeah, we could do another one. We could go back and forth like this.  


Clayten  24:23 

I know. Some people want to understand the technology. That’s a classic question. So we’ll address that today at some point. 


Jeffrey  24:30 

Yeah. So let’s bring in Martine. Mike, let me know if I pronounced your name incorrectly. We asked you to unmute. So it does you should be unmuted. Welcome strip you’re muted. 


Clayten  25:01 

Martine, can you hear us? You may hear it looks like you’re unmuted. 


Jeffrey  25:09 

And that’s strange. Okay, well, we’ll just we’ll move on to Lisa, Lisa Thurman are going to you to talk. You just have to unmute yourself. Hello. Hi there. 


Lisa – Guest 25:25 

Hey. Yeah, first of all, I’ll share a couple of things that I’ve noticed since being on the free trial. I have more energy, basically, and I’m more task oriented. So things that I dread like paperwork or income tax, I’m more able to actually just get started in and do it. Much less resistance with that. I’ve used social media less. Like I’m less drawn, I guess maybe I think social media is probably a heavier energy. If you kind of get your brain sucked in there. As you scroll up the phone, right? 


Clayten  26:09 

You can hear the sound of your brain getting hoovered into that world.  


Lisa – Guest 26:13 

I’m noticing I’m not sucked in as much, and I do the social media less. Oh, and then an incident that happened. I have a new cat in the house. And she has slowly warmed up to the people. But her and my other cat do not get along. And they were both in the living room on opposite couches doing the hissing growling. And I thought, well, I’m going to bring my phone over because I have the free trial on my phone. So I put the phone on the table between them. And then they stopped hissing. That’s amazing. I can’t wait till I get the trial on my house. Something I did write in the Q&A, but I’ll ask it now since I’m on. I signed up my son for the Smarter EMF youth program. And when I did that, it dropped my free trial. And I didn’t know that was going to happen. Or I wouldn’t have done that right away. But he was going back to college. I thought I want him to have it. I do have the free trial back again. But I had to email about it. I just thought your audience might want to know that. That if you want to sign somebody else up while you’re on the free trial, you might get booted out of your free trial. 


Jeffrey  27:50 

Yeah, that is something that would be great to improve. But thanks for thanks for bringing that forward.  


Clayten  27:56 

So you were on the free trial yourself. And then you put him on the free trial. Right. Oh, you put him on a paid? 


Lisa – Guest 28:01 

I put him on the youth program. The paid one. 


Clayten  28:07 

Yeah, I haven’t heard about that before, Jeff. And yeah, 


Lisa – Guest 28:12 

and so it dropped my free trial. So it probably be good. If you could have something where then the free trial person isn’t dropped if they actually sign somebody else up. 


Jeffrey  28:24 

It shouldn’t happen. 


Lisa – Guest 28:26 

I just saw a question pop up from Michelle Miller. Yes, there is an app for FLFE. And so will that Smarter EMF program for youth? Could it help with depression or anxiety or sleep or overthinking? Like my son struggles in college. So I just thought, I’m hoping that having this for his phone will help him. 


Jeffrey  28:59 

Yeah, all of those things. It’s designed to, first of all, just the high consciousness bubble, and the EMF mitigation really can help with anxiety and sleep. And those two things can really help your performance in other ways, because part of anxiety might be overthinking as well.  

But EMF you know, these kids are just bathed in EMFs because their phones are with them all the time, they’re in front of a computer. So that’s that’s really helpful just that. We also have a brain support program in our FLFE and it’s like Chinese medicine in a way it is bringing energy additional lifeforce or chi, to the parts of the brain that are working the hardest. The parts of the brain that have the least energy because they’re spending it right. So we did a pilot study with the Institute of Noetic Sciences where we had people come into their discovery lab. And we did an EEG, they were all wired up. But we also did cognitive testing, with and without the FLFE service on the Discovery lab, in when the FLFE service was on, their cognitive performance improved. And this was a small study, a pilot study, but it’s an indicator of what people have been telling us that they have more brain power, they have more stamina, as well. And they’re able to, sit down and do brain heavy tasks for longer, so it should be a help to him. 


Lisa – Guest 30:46 

Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. Thank you so much. So yeah, that’s all the questions I have. Thank you. 


Jeffrey  30:53 

Yeah. Thank you, Lisa. Thanks for joining us.  


Clayten  30:57 

I did get a text from one of our staff, Jeff, about the about that issue with some of being bumped off. It’s a technical issue with our CRM that they haven’t been able to fix. And they have a way of working around it with issuing a complimentary subscription for two weeks, but the customer just needs to let them know what happens. So what we’ll do is we’ll try to find a way for us to be proactive about that Jeff, maybe put a tag on or something if that condition happens. So we’ll dig a little bit deeper into it. 


Jeffrey  31:31 

Yet, it sounds like the team is on it. We’ll look into it further as well. Thanks for that. Want to go back to a few questions? 


Clayten  31:46 

So there’s a there’s usually questions about what FLFE is, is it this type of energy? Is it that type of energy? Why don’t we just talk about that in principle, Jeff, and why we don’t necessarily show the machine and all the details? Because that’s usually comes up to this normal? And maybe you can start off if you’d like. 


Jeffrey  32:11 

Yeah, there’s a couple of questions related to that, how does it work and about what type of energy it is. So we FLFE is very similar to human consciousness in the in the way it works. Reiki, distant prayer, are ways to create a quantum Association and connect us as humans, we as humans can do that. We experience that all the time. We think of someone they call us a minute later, those connections are being made through our own ability to sort of project consciousness and create a consciousness field around someone. So it’s very similar in the way it works to that. So originally, the original inventor, it was a high-speed alternating current. That’s not true anymore. Originally, it was going through stacks and plates and coils in different shape. And there’s probably at least five different technologies that are part of that. And it was it was harvesting or bringing in Life-Force energy, chi, prana, through these input stacks, available energy that’s all around us all the time. And then concentrating that or focusing that life-force energy in the bottom of the output stack. In that space, I put my hand in at once very tingly, very high energy. There was basically instructions that were put there or associations like a photograph, then the field would be activated at that object or place, whatever it was. And we did the same with addresses that were going into that very high field. So there was a quantum Association occurring between that place and anywhere in the world through that quantum association. It’s the activation of a consciousness field, not the sending of energy, you know, there’s no frequencies being sent. It’s an activation of a consciousness field much like we humans can do ourselves. 


Clayten  34:47 

And in terms of telling you exactly what the technology looks like, originally it filled several rooms. And if you include, the parts department and the machine shop, which had drilling drill presses, and lathes and casting technology, it would be probably 2000 square feet. The technology looked like a bunch of crystals and cones and pictures of sacred geometry. And there was an Input Stack that pulled the energy from the ether and then or from the air, you know, the air is not just oxygen and hydrogen and all these other inert gases it is it has something in it called chi or prana. And in the body, we have these alveoli, these very small little sacs in the lungs, and there’s nerves connected to those and somehow the alveoli in the lungs take the chi, or life-force from the air and turn it into electrical impulse. That’s where it happens in the body. And in the technology in the FLFE system, the Input Stack had a way of taking the available ether from the air or the life force, or chi or prana. And focusing it and bringing it into the technology and then amplifying it. And then it would go out through an output stack that Jeff mentioned. The reason that we don’t show the pictures of the technology, we have shown a few people, we show all of our staff, once they are through their probation, and we show the odd referral partner. The way we guide our business is to try to do what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. That’s a pretty big order and I’m not going to say we’re perfect at it. And then that is our intent. And whenever we try to discern, or whenever we discern if we’re exploring the question of if we should show that technology and share more details about how it works. We don’t get that it’s in the highest and best interest of all creation to share with the public indiscriminately. It’s not that nobody else is smart enough to understand it, or that we want to keep it secret, because makes us feel special, or it’s some proprietary thing that if we share it, it will affect us business wise. I’m not saying none of those have some bearing on our decision in a minor way. And we’re really focused on doing what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. So I’m not sure how much more to say about that, Jeff. There are a lot of technologies in the world that have been created to benefit humanity. And they haven’t gone to market. And the people that tried to share technologies with the world that are quite beneficial and might set a lot of people free, that they tend to run into these anomalous health conditions, we’ll call it so you know, it’s really not about that for us. So I think I’ll pass it to you Jeff, you probably have some thoughts to add on that. 


Jeffrey  38:35 

I saw a few chats go by about the technology. We call it a technology but the FLFE system, the part of it that creates this quantum, we call it a quantum Association, and it’s also called quantum entanglement in in physics, you could say in the true physics, but we really see it as an association because it’s creating this connection between the system and the person or the really it’s a property or phone or an object in FLFE’s case. It’s physical, right it’s a physical object, like Clayten said, you know, it stacks and coils and plates, and cones and things. So it’s not a database at its core. It’s not electronic at its core. It was electrical and now it’s a bit different than that and we’ve found a way to amplify the system. But we found a way to connect it to a database. So originally when we started FLFE we would have to take a piece of paper when someone took a free trial or became a subscriber and just physically put it into the machine. It would slide into that highly energetic space. And then when they cancelled, we’d have to find it and pull it back out. And as you can imagine that worked great in the very beginning but rapidly didn’t work. Because it was difficult to manage. What we were able to do was have a piece of paper in the system that connects to a database. And now when you go on the website, and you click on a free trial, and you put your address in, it instantly goes, as though a piece of papers on the machine. So that’s the database connection it’s kind of separate from the technology itself. But it’s the way the information and for our back end to add the tags and so forth for the boost and for the slider, and for the various ways things work. So hopefully, that gives you a little more information about the system. 


Clayten  41:04 

Yea, between the two of us, we’ll get right Jeff. 


Jeffrey  41:07 

Well, there’s just a lot to it. Yeah, just takes it takes time to explain it. And one of the things that comes to mind as well is the free trial is set up, no credit card, as you all know, to give you an opportunity to try it. And if you don’t feel that it’s working, if you don’t feel that it’s beneficial for you, then, you don’t sign up. And it’s really set up that way, that the free trial is a place for you to check it out to see how it feels for you. And then to make a choice to trust yourself. And the FLFE space is a great place to go during those first two weeks, to really answer questions that might come up and get that reminder to keep drinking your water. It’s so important during those first two weeks, because your body is getting used to having more resources. And when it’s got more resources, it’s doing more, and you need more water. We’ll continue to say that over and over. 


Clayten  42:13 

Yeah, well, sometimes we’re reminding ourselves, water is the body’s most important food. You know, so maybe one more thing about people’s experience on a free trial. We do occasionally get questions or comments that I don’t really feel it, or I don’t feel it when the boost comes on. And I noticed that with my cats, we heard a cat story earlier. Or we I noticed that with my plants. So I assume it’s working. And one of the first few emails you’ll get, I think there’s perhaps almost dozens of ways that you can recognize the effect of a high consciousness field in your house, and even a higher consciousness field if you’re considering paying for it. So some people their gift to humanity is their sensitivity, and their awareness and their distinctions in subtle energy and refinements. Some of them get into energy work because of that. And some people’s gift to life is their pioneering energy. They’re thick skinned. They’re kind of insensitivity. And that’s what helps them keep going. And when maybe those types of people are, I think of the Old West, the wagon trains, or John Wayne is an iconic self-determined person, or Amelia Earhart, the world needs all kinds of people. So, if you don’t feel it, when you don’t notice when the boosts go on so much. We’ve never said that there’s something wrong with you. And I don’t think anybody in the company will say, “oh, there’s something wrong with you if you don’t feel it.” So, we talk about hydration a lot and we’re going to talk about nutrition a little bit. But if you hear anybody from the company saying, that there’s something wrong with you, if you don’t feel it, then let us know. Because that’s just not how we think, that’s a mistake. And not everybody will feel it. And not everybody will notice it in their environment in such a way that it creates enough value for them to pay for it. And so then, don’t do it. You know, you can still do the free trial. It’s a gift, it will help you help your family it will help clear the energy from your property and the negative energy. Something might have happened on your property 1000 years ago, or 100 years ago, and there might be a residual effect there that you may not notice because you’ve gotten used to it. You can still try it, you can still benefit from it. And you can still pay for it. If you don’t feel it and you want to assume that it’s working. I mean, you know, there’s lots of things that I buy that I’m not sure are really good value, but that’s really none of our business, that’s your business, it’s your money, it’s not ours, but we’re not, you know, trying to tell you, if you don’t feel it, that there’s something wrong with you, it’s just not what we do. 


Jeffrey  45:15 

So Brad was asking about how is it that the field the consciousness field knows the exact shape of the property. So in the home subscription or business subscription again, as I said earlier, there’s only certain countries right now that we allow the home subscription, because in those countries, there’s a courthouse or a property records office that has the exact dimensions of that property. It has a drawing, or, a description of the coordinates or the outline of the property. So that is needed for the consciousness field to go right to the edge of the property, just right to the boundaries. Actually it goes over just a little bit, so that the incoming EMFs are mitigated. And the consciousness influences that are out there that maybe next door, down the street, are mitigated by the time it comes on to the property and it’s at the level of consciousness that your slider says, 98% of the time. So for an apartment, it’s much the same. That apartment when it was built, those drawings were registered by the builder, the architect, the province or state, or the county has those records. And it knows where that unit is, and what the boundaries of that unit are. So the FLFE field or the conscious field goes right to the edge of that say, condo, and it actually goes halfway between to the next condo so you’ve got one condo wall and another condo wall and in between is maybe the structural and drywall and, and boards and so forth. So it goes right in between. And that some of that extra energy that positivitu does radiate out, just like we radiate out when we’re in a happy mood and that energy radiates out into the world. But it’s at a level that doesn’t require extra water doesn’t require any kind of notice or anything like that. It doesn’t violate any free will. It’s a gift. It’s like blessing your neighbors. 


Should we bring on Patricia, we will try to bring. Let’s try Randi. So Randi , we’re going to click Allow to talk and you can join us. You just have to unmute yourself. 


Randi – Guest 48:15 

Hi. Yeah, Tom and I. I think we I can’t remember how long we’ve had FLFE. Did the free trials on both our phones and our house. And we decided to get them. And I have three things I wanted to ask and share. Tom has a home office, and then he travels a few days a week. And we have it on each of our phones and we have it at our house. Is it necessary for him to have a business one as well? How would that interface? 


Clayten  49:10 

If you make the home the business address, the business subscription will be on the house as well as the corporate entity. So you don’t need two subscriptions. You don’t need a business subscription and a home subscription. When you put the business entity, the legal entity on FL Fe interestingly enough, it clears any negative history within the business. Now, sometimes we’re not sure how that works, sometimes I feel like I know how it works. Apparently, when you incorporate an entity or register it, it creates a degree of consciousness to it. And when you put the service on it clears the negative energetic history of the consciousness of the company much as it clears the negative energetic history of the land. And we haven’t done the type of research on that phenomena that we have on plants. So if you go into our website and go to research, we have, you know, double blind plant studies, like 10,000 acre organic farms that have increased yields and things like that. And we have lots of anecdotal evidence, as it would be called, where people say, I put this on my business and  these problems I had dealing with customers just kind of went away, maybe not problem three, of course, but there’s less issues. And typically, there’s a flurry of incoming activity. So an increase in options, in terms of you doing business. So, Randi, that’s what I would suggest, if you haven’t tried that, to try it and watch what happens to the business. The service on the business kind of includes and transcends the home, and it’s a little bit more expensive, because typically, a lot more people are in an a business environment than in a home environment. So it takes more energy to manage that from the technology. And it has different things like, the intent of the employer isto try to be of service to the employee, and the employee is trying to be of service to the employer. And there’s all these requests to divinity that any employee would love to have from their employer and a good business owner would want for their employees. So we won’t go into a lot of details, I think, but I just wanted to cover that one distinction. Jeff, you might have some stuff to add to that. 


Jeffrey  51:52 

Does that makes sense, Randi? That you wouldn’t need both a home and a business if it’s a business at home. 


Randi – Guest 52:00 

Yes, so that makes sense. I also have a separate business and I rent a room, two rooms. Which I think  Fiona has me on a trial. And I haven’t been able to figure out if I notice anything or not, so I’m just working with that. So yes, thank you. Can I ask another question and then tell you something. Okay. 


Clayten  52:36 

I’d just like to make one more comment, sorry to interfere. But for many of us that have sole proprietorships or small businesses. A lot of healing practitioners, there isn’t typically the same amount of historical significance to the history of the company, because it’s just one person. And maybe it’s 20 years old. It’s just oftentimes when you have, say, a multinational corporation, and there’s been a buyout, or it’s gone public, and then it’s gone private, or it’s a couple 100 years old, and it’s changed hands a bunch of times, and maybe something happened at some point in the business that just wasn’t what anybody wanted to have happen, but it happened. So I just thought I’d say that because there’s a lot of us on here that are sole proprietors. And it’s great to experiment. So you have a free trial. You don’t have a free trial for the business, though. But you could do it for a month and then switch it off. 


Randi – Guest 53:34 

I think Fiona gave me one and I just wanted to add she’s been wonderful. And the other thing is, I’m subletting my business, so, I did let the person that’s renting know, but I’m sure it’s affecting her business as well. I did tell her I was going to do that and, ask her if it was okay. So, is there anything you wanted to say about that? It probably will enhance our relationship together. I would imagine. 


Jeffrey  54:20 

He just might want to let her know about the hydration side. Just to have water available. Good drinking water available for her there or, just let her know she needs to bring a water bottle and drink a little bit more. 


Randi – Guest 54:35 

Okay. So I wanted to share an experience and then I had one more question. I had a session with an intuitive psychic person who I’ve been seeing since 2020. And I’ve had like six sessions. So she knows my body and my psyche. And she’s picked up on things that like meditations that I’ve been doing and  different ways that I’ve been working with my etheric body or whatever. And we had a mold issue in the house, and recently, I asked her to check the house and check the property. We talk, and then she does her thing. And then she comes back. And she said to me, she said, Randi, she said, I never noticed this before. But first of all, you’ve got all these fairies and different beings on your property that are really, really excited that you’re there. And they feel like you’re stewarding the property. And then she said, and then I saw this portal. She said, You have clutter that you and Tom need to deal with, but she helped clear it on an energetic level. But what was so interesting was, she said I saw this portal, or she might have said, these portals of this really positive energy coming through. And she said, it felt so good. And she said I’ve never felt that or seen that. And because I haven’t worked with her for like three or four months. And I told her about FLFE. She’s got a following. She does YouTube, teaches, and written books. And she was like, Oh my gosh, I want some of that. So I wanted to pass that on to everybody and you guys that. Because she has seen stuff that the only way she can see is if she really was tuned in with what was going on with my different bodies and chakras. That was really wonderful. 


Jeffrey  57:02 

And that fits in with what we know about the FLFE property, there is we call it a vortex of where the energy comes into the property in one location and if you’re sensitive you can feel where that is in the house if you walk around or maybe use a pendulum, but every property has one. 


Randi – Guest 57:25 

So my question is, for me, there’s a lot of beings on the earth around the earth that are Ill intentioned at this point. How is FLFE? If they were in that space where FLFE was how would that affect that type of energy? Does that is that clear? 


Jeffrey  58:02 

Yeah, it’s a good question. Well, I could start and hand it to you Clayten. The mission is for the FLFE environment to support the evolution of consciousness. One possible effect is that being could rise in consciousness and become positive. We do hear or know about the feeling for a low being to be pretty uncomfortable in a high space and really seek a low space right? So it may leave the property and go somewhere else if that were to be the case, but our overall intention is that through the FLFE subscriptions and pay it forwards in service work we do, that everything rises, the whole planet can rise and support all beings to rise in consciousness  


Clayten  59:10 

That was well said Jeff. I think I’ll add one more thing Randi. FLFE does not have the intention in it anywhere to attack any being. We have these requests to divinity, Randi and they’re written request to divinity. And we found that the the higher the consciousness of the request, the more positive effect that it has. And, so with us and probably like all of us on these calls, we would like to help humanity. And so we make these assumptions about what would be a high consciousness environment like have the parents love the children or Respect to children and help them be their own person, have the children respect the parents for providing for them and, and then you go into what respect means and what it’s all about creating more loving environment. And some people do have these experiences where all of a sudden there’s a negative energy of some type, and it’s left and they said, Oh, that’s great. Especially if people live close to battlefields and things like that, there’s been a lot of that or not so much graveyards, but certainly, that happens. And people say, Well, can you get rid of the rest of the entities that are here, the rest of the dark energy? And, we find ways to improve the service all the time. And we have more of those coming this year, some big ones. And we don’t attack anything. So when people ask, can you attack? Can you kind of, they don’t quite ask us to attack it. But they’re like, can you get rid of this influence, there’s this tension in the property or over in the corner of the backyard, nothing will grow? You know, it’s like, we don’t know what happened there. But it’s always been a kind of a dead zone, if you will. I mean, that may not be the right word. But I think you get the point. So I just think we should say that Jeff. The more light we can create, the better it dissipates the dark, but we’re not attacking the dark. If you attack the dark, then you are engaged with the dark in a way that’s not healthy. If you were to do that you have to have individual training, and maybe a group of people that would facilitate that process. And the technology does have limitations. So I just thought we should state that. 


Randi – Guest 1:01:42 

Thank you. And I just have one more I do have a statement. And maybe you could comment, I already had sleeping issues. And it’s gotten a lot worse since the FLFE. That’s the only thing that and I’m just wondering if my body’s just processing so much, but I’m sticking with it. And trying to drink as much water as I can. So that’s all. 


Jeffrey  1:02:14 

Are you waking up at a certain time, like the previous discussion or just more like when you go to sleep? 


Randi – Guest 1:02:20 

No, I’m waking up several times at night. And, I already had some sleep issues, we also had this mold issue. We got the mold out around the time we got the FLFE. My body’s really sensitive. So maybe I’m just adapting to it, because I don’t want to turn it down. 


Clayten  1:02:47 

That’s what I was gonna suggest. We probably have one half or 1% of people, Jeff that have a period of sleep disturbance on the service. Maybe it’s a half 1%. Pretty small. We do hear about it once in a while. So typically, we suggest that you turn it down first of all, just to give yourself more time to acclimatize. Because what happens is that the body has its own innate intelligence. And it’s if it’s been carrying a toxic mold load. And I’m not a doctor, right, not giving any medical advice. But I’ve had some experience with mold. And what happened in my situation, and in other people’s, we have a friend named Dimitri. And apparently, the body takes the toxins and it stores them in like the lymph or someplace where it’s least likely to damage the internal organs or the brain. It protects the most important parts. And then as our body starts to heal, it starts to detox, and it releases those. And so you have a pretty uncomfortable period of detox, especially after mold is known to be one of those. So while I’m on the topic of mold, there’s a plant called neem. Randi, have you heard of neem? Yes, so neem is really good for mold. There might be other things, but I’ve taken the neem for mold. And we have a remote Kinesiologist healer that we work with. And he tested us for mold. Oddly enough, it was when we had a fire in the area and he said that the mold from the forest floor was getting pushed up. Like ahead of the fire there was some kind of thermal reaction where it pushed up all the leaves and stuff and the mold came up and into the air and just happened to blow into our area. I mean, I didn’t even know that could happen. But we ended up taking neem and something got better. I just knew I wasn’t feeling right. So I don’t know. That’s about all I’ve got Jeff. 


Jeffrey  1:04:52 

Well, you could look at that time when you wake up and see if it corresponds if it’s the same time, most nights and see if it corresponds to One of those lists like liver. I was just waking up at a certain time and I ended up taking a liver support. And I think both you and I were taking liver support when we were on our trip together, Clayten. 


Clayten  1:05:13 

Yeah, that’s right. Oh, yeah, we were Yes. 


Jeffrey  1:05:17 

You could try something like that, too. And it just comes down to doing your own research and finding what you think is best for you. And supporting those detox channels, like liver and kidney is really important after a mold episode. So that might be helpful for you. 


Randi – Guest 1:05:37 

Thank you so much for answering my questions. And everybody in the chat. 


Clayten  1:05:44 

Yeah, thank you for the Super Chat might have the answer. Yes, there must be doctors out there that specialize in mold. Jeff. Right, Randi, there must be doctors that specialize in that. 


Jeffrey  1:05:58 

Well, he might be kind of off the normal medical path for that, to find the right help. But not to say anything bad about the medical path. So thank you so much. We’re glad to have you with us, Randi.  


So I did see Fazin mentioned, which was really a good point about electrolytes, like if we’re drinking all this water. In our hydration page, you’ll see there’s some recommendations for electrolytes, we really want to keep that electrolyte balance, good with this additional water that we’re drinking. So that was a good thought. Thank you for that Fazin.  

Should we go to the Q&A for a little while. So this one at the very top. It’s a little esoteric, but it’s really pretty interesting. Is that anything you want to dive into Clayten? 


Clayten  1:07:03 

Sure. Gerlinde was asking one thing I’m not able to distinguish is when does higher consciousness come from meditation, reflection, journaling, etc? Or the FLFE or that FLFE boosts? So? Yeah. Well, when I’m not sure what to do, if I can’t figure something out. I go to the creator, the one creator of all it is, Universal Intelligence, divinity, God. And I ask him to teach me the things that I’m unable to discern with my mind. And then I ask it to show me evidence of that in the world, or give me signals of that truth in the world. Now, our friend Gary Schwartz, is my synchronicity guru. So I think of Gary when I think of synchronicities these days. He’s part of our research team with Lewis and Paul ė and you, Jeff. So I ask the universe to reveal its truth through synchronicities, and then I have to interpret them. So sometimes the answer isn’t to learn more about how the mind can discern things. Sometimes the answer is to renew your commitment to the divine. And ask that it reveal those truths to you in a way that the conscious mind may never understand. 


Jeffrey  1:08:37 

Yeah, that’s one I’d like to think over as well, too, or pray on. Get more insights around that. It’s a great question. What we’re doing with that FLFE is the optimal conditions, to try to calm down the EMFs to just have more life-force, higher consciousness available and then we’re in it in our own process and our own journaling or meditations. Of course, you don’t need to have FLFE. We don’t have to have it. We can connect and bring in raising our own consciousness through these various tools ourselves. But  having the supportive environments it’s to use less of our own personal energy, and not that it’s an easier path but there’s more energy available for us to support us to rise. So where does that consciousness come from? I think it’s everywhere. We’re great conduits for it is as humans, and we’re just trying to try to help things along that FLFE 


Clayten  1:10:03 

I think I should say something and have to be careful what I say. You are the answer to your prayers, you and the divine, FLFE is a support, but you are the answer. I’d much rather be in a high-consciousness field where the work seems to be easier And I experience more grace than being in a low field where life is a struggle. I’d rather learn my lessons through joyful service rather than conscious or unconscious suffering. 


Jeffrey  1:10:40 

Yeah, as we say often, suffering is optional. At least in psychological suffering, it seems.  


So anything on hydrogen supplements. Maggie was asking about that. That’s a way to get electrons into the body or more hydrogen into the body. I don’t know if you know anything about that.  


Clayten  1:11:08 

I haven’t done enough research on that one to even make any intelligent contribution to it. 


Jeffrey  1:11:17 

We had another person asking about sleep. I know there’s some things you do Clayten and first thing in the morning outside? 


Clayten  1:11:27 

Oh, yeah. Yeah, what I really noticed is it’s important to set the circadian rhythm in your body. So right now I’m kind of re studying Dr. Jack Cruz. And he reminded me of the importance of setting the circadian rhythm. So within half an hour of getting up or some time in the morning, I’ll go and spend 10 minutes standing outside. We live in a kind of an interior rain forest here in a mountain valley. So we don’t get a lot of light in the middle of winter. But there is sunlight. And so I go outside, and I look up into the sky, and then I start to feel a part of me wake up. Interestingly enough, and the more I do it, the more I notice it. And then I feel myself connect to Earth. And it usually takes seven to 10 minutes, but there’s a discernible sensation that happens in my body when I get connected to the earth. And I think it has something to do with the amount of light coming into my eyes. So I take I take my glasses off and I will look up into you know, either close to the sun, maybe not at the sun in the summertime. But this is a thing that’s been done for 1000s of years. There’s lots of research on it and lots of information. Some people call it sun gazing. I’m not suggesting you Sun gaze in the middle of the day in a certain type of climate, but you can look into that and that’s been a big deal for me. 


Jeffrey  1:13:05 

Yeah, I do that as well. I look up without the glasses into the clouds, where the clouds are kind of bright. The other piece on sleep is, so you’re doing that to kind of start to clock in the morning is then in the evening as the sun goes down to put on the blue blockers to or turn the lights down, turn the lights off or down and not have a lot of blue light coming into the body through the eyes after the sun goes down so that hopefully is helpful to you and there’s other maybe the chat will be helpful here. Because there’s Yeah, a lot of information about sleep and I hope you your sleep gets better. 


Clayten  1:13:55 

We did do a webinar on sleep Jeff, for sure. Like preparing what’s the best bedroom, what’s the best sheeting, what’s the best duvet, we went kind of into minutiae and I don’t know if we have a podcast on that but it is there was a webinar on it where we spent like almost an hour just talking about how to optimize your sleep. And so people can find that. 


Jeffrey  1:14:24 

Yeah, that’s great. That’s in your in your customer portal In resources, there’s webinar replays.  


Donna is saying I just wanted to say that after years of unfortunate Christmases, I had the calmest Christmas ever. Thank you. That’s awesome. Donna. 


Jeffrey  1:15:05 

Great. So Josef’s asking, Does this clear the negative energetic history of a person? Let’s say genetic heritage of a person is my parents both came from homes with mental illness and substance abuse. Well, do you want to start Clayten? 


Clayten  1:15:30 

Well, if you have that kind of issue. I’ll start with this anyway, I think we can say this with authority, and that’s within our lane. So whenever FLFE clears the negative energetic history of an environment, it’s like a type of energetic Fung Shui. I’ve had most of the homes I’ve lived in, Fung Shui’d, even my FLFE homes, because it helps raise the levels of consciousness of the environment, and the positive energy dispels the negative energy. So if people do have a mental health issue, those thoughts are going into the environment. And FLFE will help with that. Now, the history of the environment will be there, but not the shock and trauma. And I just don’t know how to address the genetic heritage Jeff? I know there’s been research done, I can’t think of the names of the studies or the doctors about how, it’s probably Joe Dispenza. I can’t say for sure about how long term positive habits altered the genetic software of a person. But I just don’t know if I can go any further than that in good conscience, like in terms of addressing their question. 


Jeffrey  1:16:52 

Yeah, I would, I would just second that. That’s something that I’ve been studying lately and working on. I’m working on a detox program that I’m in. And they talk about epigenetics and genetics, and the changes that we can make that we tend to think are set in genetics are much more mutable and able to be changed than we then we have thought in the past and science. So it’s not maybe a direct answer to the question, but certainly keeping the environment positive helps us personally to rise in consciousness and for things to clear maybe that had been in our own personal history, but FLFE does not work on a person and does not clear their history in the way that you’re asking. 


Clayten  1:17:48 

Yeah, there is a field of study called epigenetics, Jeff, where there’s a pre genetic predisposition to have a condition present than epigenetics will tend to, the theory of that is that it will reduce the likelihood of that genetic predisposition expressing so even though we might have a few genetic anomalies in us, if we sort of live well and have a good environment, then they’re much less likely to express or they would express in a much more diminished manner. 


Jeffrey  1:18:28 

Yeah, yeah. And as we look at our FLFE, and we designed it over the years, we’ve always, we’ve looked at it from the point of view of creating these optimal conditions for evolution, for us to rise in consciousness. And so certain parts like the liver and the kidneys, early on, we discovered that supporting the liver and the kidneys, supports us to rise in consciousness because those filtering, organ’s became the pinch point or the slowest point of our detoxing, and personal evolution rising in consciousness is the physical process as well as a mental and spiritual process. As we can kind of clear out through things that we do in our lifestyle, but also in an environment that this supports us to clear things out, it can really help us to rise. So, in those epigenetic switches. 


Clayten  1:19:43 

You know, there are people that claim to be able to clear that, and we’re pretty evidence based. Now, we might present a theory that we think is correct. But if we’re typically at this point, Jeff, we’re going to make a claim we have a level of evidence that is, We’re getting to the point now, where was Paulės help, who’s here in the background, we’re getting to the point now, where a lot of our evidence is backed up by white papers. I mean, that’s taken us how many years? Jeff? I mean, we’re 10 years into this. 


Jeff  1:20:14 

And that’s great to the question here. It says, Do you experience a lot of pushback by mainstream natural scientists about chi and prana and the fluffy technology in your experimental results? And how many years away do you think we are from a big paradigm shift? Yeah, that’s, great. Yeah, I mean, having Dr. Gary Schwartz on board has been really important for our research department, we’ve always, from the beginning, we started developing experiments and studies and they were not as rigorous as they are now and don’t have the white papers and a statistical analysis and really deep dive into the experiment. Not only the results of the experiment, but what are the limitations of the experiment? What does the experiment maybe not show. So that’s part of the white papers, as well as most lots of references. And we’re working with both mainstream methods and tools. So for instance, a study of plant growth and measuring yields per acre in bushels, is mainstream. You know, there’s many kinds of studies related to that. Something using a GDC camera, more frontier science frontier instrument. So we’re being very explicit about all these things so that scientists can come in and say, okay, yeah, this is mainstream methods, I can see this. Here’s the results. Here’s the statistics. Here’s an analysis of it. Hard to know how far we are from a big paradigm shift. But Dr. Gary Schwartz has spent a good part of his lifetime making that bridge from one to the other and by keeping very high standards in our research department, and with his help and Paulės help we hope to do our part to bridge that gap as well. 


Clayten  1:22:41 

We should talk to a person Jeff. 


Jeffrey  1:22:45 

Yeah, let’s do that. So we talked to Lisa already. 


Clayten  1:22:51 

Graciela that looks like the next person. Yep. 


Jeffrey  1:22:54 

So Graciela we’re going to allow you to talk just have to unmute your they are welcome. Looks like you’re muted. We should be able to hear you. Let’s try muting yourself and unmuting yourself again. Let’s see if that works. Now, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working, why that might be. Oh, if you’re able, Alessio to just do a little research on that. We can see why. Maybe some people aren’t. We’re not able to hear them. So we’ll we’ll move move down the list. Then we might we’ll try coming back to you later Graciella? Gyja, it looks like Fredrickson, maybe. Fredrickson. You should be able to unmute yourself and speak with us. 


Clayten  1:24:08 

Yep, there we are. 


Gyja – Guest 1:24:09 

Can you hear me now? Yes. Okay, good. I, I love fluffy. I have it on my labradorite pendant. And I also have it on my home. Just as a quick, tiny story here. I live in Fredericksburg with a bunch of ghosts all over the place. And one day last month, I had an overwhelming feeling just come out of nowhere, of just despair that I knew was not me because I’m not a despair kind of person. And so I figured it was a ghost. So I got out my trifield and I moved it around to see What energy was going on, and there was energy from three different places around where I was standing, so I figured, okay, this is ghosts. So I grabbed my, my phone and I went over to do the fluffy boost. And I boosted my pendant where I was standing. And all of that negative stuff just flew away, it just went somewhere else, it just, it didn’t like, the high frequency is what I think it was, it was either that, or it wanted to use the high frequency to go to the next plane or whatever. So that’s just a quick thing. But the thing I really wanted to ask you, um, I have very low energy. And I have a condition right now I’m 72. And I have a condition of spinal stenosis, where I’m going to be operated on in the next six months or so. I’m very physically impacted by that. I’ve been trying all kinds of things to help boost my energy. And one of the things I did was I got something called a harmony pendant, which is like a little gold pendant to mitigate EMF and boost your energy and have a consistent, I figured what the hell it’s worth a try, I already have my Labradorite pendant with fluffy on it. I was curious to see how the two of those would interact. Because I wear them both at the same time. When I added the harmony pendant, I immediately felt really vulnerable. And sad, as though the unresolved things in me had just kind of bubbled up. So I did a fluffy boost. And that got rid of that. And then I noticed that I had a real craving for drinking milk, you know, which is calcium. So I figured, okay, this is affecting my nerves. And I’m kind of wondering if the harmony pendant and the fluffy on my pendant are interacting with each other as a boost or a shock wave or any ideas on what’s going on with that? 


Clayten  1:27:47 

No, I’ll start and I’ll pass it to you Jeff. So FLFE is a universal energy. It is the energy that has existed and will always exist. That is the chi and prana. That is the underlying foundation of life itself. So it plays well with everything. We were very careful when we got into this in the beginning that it would not have any contraindications if you want to use that term. And we’re not aware that it has any contraindications or that it does not work well with any other technology. Now we’ve had people say, I think it does, and we’ve never had any kind of proof like when we dig into it. They just don’t seem to have any other evidence than perhaps a circumstantial situation. And so, I think that should be said first that we’re not aware of any contraindications. And I’ll just turn it to you, Jeff, in case you want to say something, something else. 


Jeffrey  1:29:02 

Yeah, I’m not aware of the harmony pendant. Are you Clayten? Have you seen that? 


Clayten  1:29:08 

No, there’s so there’s quite a bit of stuff out there. And you know, it’s interesting, this field of subtle energies is becoming more popular, I guess, I’d say are more known. Just because I think humanity is evolving in its awareness of those technologies, and we tend to think that the divine will help us find counters if you will, to the increase in the ink and the increase of EMFs in the world and environmental toxicity. So nature or that aspect of Divinity will reveal technologies and resources for humanity to counterbalance any negative conditions that experiences. So there is lots of things like maybe the harmony pendant that are coming out, Jeff, but I don’t know that particular one 


Jeffrey  1:30:13 

I love the way that you’re using the boost. When you’re feeling something’s going on for you, something’s coming up, to use the boosts to help you be cleared or beings around you. And that was really interesting. 


Gyja – Guest 1:30:29 

Yeah, it’s something that because of my location, I’m in a cross pathway for a bunch of the Civil War battles. So every now and then there will be spirits that just walk through my house. And sometimes I see them, sometimes I don’t, I can just feel them. And when I can see them, I just say you know, you don’t belong here, it’s time for you to go and they leave. But since I’ve had fluffy on my house, those occurrences are much less. The other thing anecdotal that I can tell you about my experience with fluffy, is, I’m a Buddhist, I do meditations, I do chanting my meditations I do, sometimes they’re very deep. And when I do some of my meditations, and go deep, I intentionally am going to a very deep, long meditation, I’ll get a download. And literally, it’s signs and symbols just crashing through my field of vision like a computer screen. And I had that when I first signed up for Fluffy a huge download. And then since then I’ll have one, maybe every three or six months, I’ll get a download when I’m meditating. Or when I’m just waking up from sleep. As the kind of thing where I wish I had a way to photograph it so I could show people. 


Clayten  1:32:14 

We get those. Yeah, 


Gyja – Guest 1:32:15 

so it’s always the kind of thing where, okay, it’s happening. Alright, so now I’m being enhanced is how it’s feeling, or being given more knowledge. It’s a nice thing, fluffy has helped me also, with my neighbors, I have very toxic, abusive bully-type neighbors. And they leave me alone, they haven’t changed. But they leave me alone. So I’m grateful for that. That’s all I wanted to know. 


Jeffrey  1:33:00 

Yeah, thank you. Actually, 


Clayten  1:33:02 

I have one suggestion, is it Gyja, Jeff, is that? Right? Yeah, gotcha. You know, you might kind of suggest you do an experiment. When you come across these entities, these beings that have passed, they’re probably stuck between dimensions. That’s our theory on that. This is one of those things where, how do you prove it, but you can consciously work with the FLFE energy. Now, we have a referral partner, Alyssa, who has done quite a bit of this at one point. And so you can call upon the FLFE energy to I mean, you have the boosts, which is the technological will say extra support. And there is an opportunity for all of us to work with the FLFE energy to assist those beings that come into our environment that we may not want there. We can ask them to leave. And then we of course we can tell them to leave, it’s within our authority. And then we can bless them not only by having a boost, which makes the environment higher and may support them to leave, but we can send them our love, in addition to the energy of the FLFE environment. And offer that as a gift to them to help them on their journey. Whatever that is. I think someone like you could do that quite well, probably. 


Gyja – Guest 1:34:29 

Yeah, I definitely will try that. Yeah. 


Jeffrey  1:34:37 

And we can use the fluffy energy for other things, too. We can use it in our own body, we can direct it to an area that needs healing. We can send it to other people. Send it to places that we’re driving by we feel something about a place we could send it to a place. We can use consciousness and our own ability to move consciousness, we can add more energy to it, and we can add the fluffy wave on top of it to or with it, just to do more good. 


Gyja – Guest 1:35:12 

I’m wondering if that is a possibility when you have your fluffy on your phone, we in modern times, use our phones for communication for Facebook, for emails for watching TV. I’m wondering if fluffy on your phone, along with your intentions can just like do an email blast, so to speak, out into the social consciousness 


Clayten  1:35:50 

To a degree, I’d have to say that it’s true. It’s the environment around the phone that gives you the extra capacity that is harder to find without. I mean, if you were in a monastery or a pilgrimage site or the right type of church, there is a higher consciousness field there. We tend to think of our FLFE as on the phone as a mobile monastery. But it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there is an increased capacity to do good in the world, because of the support of the environment. Now people do say, Well, can I do more negative, have negative thoughts? Well, negative thoughts just don’t tend to hang out as well in a high consciousness fields, I would say that would be very difficult to do. And it’s kind of designed so that it’s extraordinarily difficult to use it in a negative way, because it’s a high consciousness field. 


Gyja – Guest 1:36:51 

Yeah, I’m finding that what I say on Facebook, the comments I make in discussion groups tend to have a ripple effect. And people take them to heart, or they register on their subconscious more heavily. And I’m assuming that’s the effect of having fluffy running through me. 


Clayten  1:37:24 

Yeah, that’s the assumption that I make. Yeah. 


Gyja – Guest 1:37:32 

Thank you for taking your time with me. 


Jeffrey  1:37:34 

Thank you. Thank you for being on the service with us on this journey. Much love to you.  


So there’s some Q&As and maybe we can start to wind it down. But there’s some questions that many people might be thinking about. So Simone asks, saying my husband is feeling tensed in hearing a hum noise at home. He’s convinced it’s due to a 5G installation. So basically, he was saying that he felt better when the hum diminished. And he felt his blood pressure went down when he was on FLFE. And she was asking if other people had similar experiences. The FLFE environment with EMF mitigation, the way we developed it was to look at really consciousness lowering EMFs are things that are lowering the consciousness of the environment, and lowering the health of the environment and its ability to support life. That’s our orientation around EMFs. But, and we have a number of EMF studies now on the research page, showing the benefits with EMF sensitives. People really are experiencing less symptoms, better sleep, less anxiety, less brain fog, and so forth. What one of the things that’s a little different about the way we think about it is, we believe that throughout history humans have adapted to EMFs. There’s a book called The Invisible rainbow does a great job of laying that out where initial electrification, the initial radio, the initial radar, all those things created a lot of difficulty for people, plants, and animals, and we get used to it. Part of our orientation around EMFs with FLFE is we want to mitigate them mitigate as much as possible. The majority of those overstimulation that’s happening and the negative effects that might occur. But leave enough stimulation that we get used to it, that we evolve that we become able to not have FLFE, I mean, we don’t want to be something you have to have in order to thrive in the world. So we built in this amount of EMF stimulation that’s occurring in the FLFE environment, while mitigating the overstimulation that’s happening, or that might be have had negative effects. That way we can get better and better and evolve. With these current stimulations that are occurring. 


Clayten  1:41:08 

We had talked about doing an 850 boost for a few minutes, Jeff, I mean, do we need to do a tag team biology break where one of us goes to take care of the biology and then other one can talk for two minutes, or do you want to? 


Jeffrey  1:41:21 

I mean, I’m okay. Yeah, it all depends. It’s the balance the let’s drink water and be hydrated and make it through an hour and a half without taking a break.  


Clayten  1:41:34 

Yeah taking a bathroom break. Yeah. Well, do you want to do a  850 boost for a few minutes before we wrap up? 


Jeffrey  1:41:40 

I think that would be that’d be great. I love that. What about you all? Would you all like to have a 850 boosts? 


Clayten  1:41:49 

Yes. So the strange thing about doing webinars that you’re really not supposed to have any too much quiet time, right. So what do you think we should do? Jeff, like three minutes? What should we do three minutes of silence or what do you what are you thinking? 


Jeffrey  1:42:10 

yeah, why don’t we do that. If you can all join in together, we’ll just have our eyes closed except for checking the timer now and then and if you guys are good for that. We’ll just go ahead and do a three minute 850 together. 


Clayten  1:42:28 

I’ve got a timer here. So I’m going to start it now. 


Jeffrey  1:42:31 

Great. Thank you, Clayten. 


Clayten  1:45:54 

I have a proposed name for the 850 Boost Jeff. That’s smooth and groovy. 


Jeffrey  1:46:04 

Yeah, it feels, feels to me like just like a column of light. Yeah, and it’s smooth and groovy column of light. 

 Yeah, we can wrap it up and there’ll be a little music on for about five minutes I believe. So if you want to stay on you can after we finish 


Clayten  1:46:35 

we found it sort of harsh to just be in this warm and fuzzy places with y’all and then just have it end. So we decided to put something on at the end just to help us all kind of transition out of the space. And I guess we’re at the final words, Jeff. 


Jeffrey  1:47:02 

Seeing lots of nice chat and words. 


Clayten  1:47:07 

No, thank you. Well want me to start off with the final words, and you can have the final word. 


 Coming from the pink room here with the pink face. Thank you all for being customers. And without you all we would be very limited and what we could do for the world and service. Our prayer to the creator was what do we do with this technology that we’d founded and refined it and we got told to make it a business because we only had so many resources ourselves personally to give it away. And we do give lots away, we give 95% plus of the energy wave that the technology generates. And that’s over 1000 times more than our monthly revenue at this point. So your subscription money helps us be of service to the world it pays all of our employees and our overheads and all those things that you need to live in the world everybody has either a mortgage or rent or taxes or, most of us eat. I think pretty well everybody in our company eats, Jeff. We have all those regular things that you all have and just wanted to let you know that we all care about you and we care about all of our human family and we’re using our resources as best as we can just support humanity 


Jeffrey  1:49:04 

Thank you, Clayten. Yeah, it’s great to be with you all. You joined us here today and just love seeing your chats and your questions and look forward to seeing you next time and also on FLFE space. And don’t forget to use your extended holiday boosts for another few days. I mean we’re going through the 21st. Make sure you use it up each day and the PIF. If you have PIFs left over, this is a great, great time to give it to. We came off the end of the year holiday boosting consciousness for it, and I just love seeing your chats and your questions. I he planet, which happens every year. And it’s a great time in January to share the love to make sure you’ve used all your PIFs, get them out there in the world. And you should boosts and to just shine that light shine your own light and shine the fluffy light as many places as you can think of and we’ll extend this holiday boost and or this holiday high area that always happens and the world the problems of the world will it seems dissolve let’s hope in higher consciousness and there’s the evolution of the planet is the evolution of consciousness it seems. So that’s our view. And thank you for doing your part. And thank you for supporting us so that we can together advance the evolution for the planet. Much love to you all