May 26, 2020

Q&A Webinar

(0:00) Jeffrey –  Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. We will be answering your questions in this session. We’ve been hearing from many of you over the past several weeks, and we’d like to get to these questions for you tonight. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. We’re available for live questions tonight; we’re going to focus on the questions and answers rather than presenting information on what FLFE is; some of the features, advantages, and benefits of the Service. We’ll start by answering some of the unanswered questions from our last webinar because there were so many we didn’t get to. Anyone can ask their own questions tonight in the Q&A section, and also check in the chat area, let us know where you’re from. And once we get into the Q&A live, please raise your hand and speak to us in person if you’d like.

Jeffrey – Why don’t we start with some of the questions that were left over from last week? We’ve got someone asking about whether FLFE affects plants in a garden. That’s something we have quite a bit of anecdotal and actual evidence about. We’ve had botanists on the service who noticed specific plant growth where they’ve seen much more robust plants healthy, more vital, and larger. And then we’ve had several customers send us information or photos of plants.  There was the one Clayten, with the tree in the yard compared to other trees in a suburb where every yard had the same tree, and their tree was much greener and larger than other trees in the street. And the Evidence section of the website we have some plant experiments with increased growth.

Clayten – Yes, we have a question, “Can you explain the difference in the Smarter EMF and other Programs?” The Smarter EMF is at 500 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. We use kinesiology as a primary research tool in creating the service. One of the benefits of the Smarter EMF Service is that it’s a little less expensive. It’s only $15 a month versus $35 for the Flagship Service, the main Home Service, and Business is more. The main Home Service and Mobile Service is $35 a month. Smarter EMF is $15, and anyone can give it as a gift. There’s an obligation to let people know or let someone know on the property that the Service is on. When the Service is at 560 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, hydration requirements are involved in that environment. Anything else you want to say about that one, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, there are the main programs that we feel are really important to be on every one of the FLFE Subscriptions. They are EMF Mitigation, Brain Optimization, and Immune Enhancement. So we feel all three of those go together. The reason we added EMF Mitigation was we were seeing a consciousness lowering effect of certain types of EMFs. We would test using kinesiology, as Clayten said, all the properties on the Service once a week. And we noticed that some properties were going down in consciousness. They weren’t at 560 98% of the time. And so as we talked to those customers, we found new EMF sources introduced in the neighborhood. So we developed EMF Mitigation using Shungite and raised the level of consciousness of the emitters. (5:00) We were able to change the EMF emissions to being consciousness-raising or positive for the environment. So all of the current FLFE Subscription types include EMF Mitigation, and the Brain Optimization is just another use of the additional lifeforce energy. So in a high consciousness field, there’s more lifeforce energy available, the body and the Innate Intelligence use it for its needs. And the Brain Optimization directs more lifeforce energy or Chi, to the parts of the brain that need it the most; where they’re using up energy the fastest. So the parts of the brain working the hardest have enhanced functioning. That was seen in the IONS experiment with the FLFE environment on an IONS lab, with people taking cognitive tests. It’s available to read on the Evidence Page on the website. So that’s the main difference. There are also additional Programs in the Flagship that aren’t in the Smarter EMF, and those are in the Benefits Section.

Clayten – Susan has a question, I’ll bring her in.

Susan – Thank you so much for calling on me. I appreciate it. I have a couple of quick questions. One is, is 570 going to remain the highest level, and are you going to raise that anytime soon for specific areas that may be near that?

Clayten – I’ll start off with that. We have no intention of raising it at this point. The challenge with raising the level of consciousness even higher is a power usage issue. We have finished an enormous power upgrade, the biggest in the history of the company. And there’s another phase of that just being completed. So once that is completed we may be able to raise it over 570. Now, it doesn’t mean your property isn’t above 570, we have many properties over 600. It just means that it’s set at 570 or higher 98% of the time over the previous 24 hours. There are things to do to raise the consciousness of our environment, obviously, besides what we’re offering, Susan, but is there anything else you want to ask about?

Susan – Thank you for that. One other quick question. Would you ever consider a bundled price so that you could do the Home and the Mobile Phone together or a family plan where you can do a Home and a couple of Mobile Phones?

Jeffrey – We certainly have looked at doing that, and we do have some limitations on our platform for the back end. And it’s part of the reason why we went to the lower cost Smarter EMF product that has the basics, the EMF Mitigation as we were talking about, so that’s $15. We did this because many of our families wanted to put EMF Mitigation on their kids’ phones, So that’s where that product came from. And it was, in a sense, like a bundle price, a lower price.

Susan – Well, thank you for what you guys do. I really appreciate it.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, Susan, for coming on talking to us. Thanks for joining us on this journey. Okay, it looks like we have Cheryl.

(10:00) Cheryl – Hi, you guys. Thank you. I’ve seen you with Regina Meredith, so that’s how I’m familiar with your work. And I did do the 14-day Free Trial but didn’t notice any major changes. And I’m still not clear. Can you explain precisely how FLFE works? What is involved with a power upgrade? What kind of power? I’m also curious about whatever technology you’re using, is it possible to franchise that?

Jeffrey – About the technology itself and how it works, human consciousness is really the model; it’s a consciousness technology. And you may have been on the website and seen it, but I’ll just share a quick piece. The FLFE device or machine originally was plates and coils with high speed, alternating current moving through. It has since evolved beyond that, but there is a concentrating or focusing of lifeforce energy or energy on to a place in the machine such as an actual location. So we have input stacks and output stacks. So, the input stacks are bringing in this lifeforce energy, which is Prana or Chi, which is available everywhere. That becomes a focused location where we discovered that we could create a quantum resonance or quantum connection with another location or an object. We only needed a unique identifier for that object in that space. And that’s where the instructions are that we write. So some people think that we’re sending frequencies, and we’re not; we’re actually writing instructions in English addressed to Divinity saying, “Please do this.” What we found is in this quantum field created in the machine, and the association occurring with the unique identifier, that the field is activated, almost identically in the way that we activate a field ourselves when we think of someone.

Cheryl – So like prayer?

Jeffrey – Right, like prayer, like Reiki, just by thinking of someone, such as your father or mother. We believe there’s a field activated around them when we do that.

Cheryl –  Back to what you were just saying, when you said you obtain Prana or Chi, and you say it’s everywhere. And I understand that, and I’ll also share that I’m a musician. I’m a harpist, and I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting a technique that actually directs Chi into playing the instruments.

So, my experience with Chi and hundreds of harp students I’ve taught over the years is not that it’s not so readily available. It takes something to get in touch with our own Chi or Prana. And then also working with a student to get them in touch with theirs, so can you perhaps detail a little bit more exactly how you’re sourcing Chi?

Clayten – There’s a concept in some Eastern philosophies called the Ether. And they believe there’s much more in the air than just air. And, of course, I’m sure you’re familiar with that Cheryl to some degree if you’re working with energy on that level. So we have a way of moving that energy into, as Jeff said, through the input stacks, through various methods, amplifying it and focusing on a very small area where the quantum association happens. (15:00) If we imagine a laboratory with very large crystals and devices and stacks that take the energy that the crystal brings in, and it amplifies it and directs it towards an area. Then it gets directed to the bottom of the output stack. That’s where the requests to Divinity go. And we connected that to a database, and we have ways of amplifying the signal going out. It is quite expensive and time-consuming and laborious. Still, we have a way of amplifying the signal so we can do more service work.

Cheryl – I don’t mean to be picky, but I just really don’t understand it. Like what exactly is laborious about it? What exactly is happening?

Jeffrey – Well, it’s, it’s similar to your harp work. If you’re bringing in Chi yourself, you’re focusing on the music. Then if you record that music and amplify it and then playing it through amplifiers, that creates a much louder sound. Or we’re able to be heard in a much larger area similarly in that way. So there we have discovered ways to take that signal and to amplify it so it’s in a similar way to your music and the way that you would amplify to do a concert.

Cheryl – I won’t go into details with you I’ve done in my career, scads of recordings back in the 90s, over and many, many live performances. And it’s actually quite different. There’s something that’s lost in the recording.

Clayten – That probably would be more like having 100 harpists whom you’ve trained.

Cheryl – Yeah, okay. That would be right, that makes sense by combining their sound and their resonance. Yeah, that would make sense.  And so, and you’re getting that together from where?

Jeffrey – Well, we have some proprietary means of doing this. And so we can’t go into detail on it. We could talk about how the machine works as we have. Then the amplification is a specialized thing, but it does require materials to do it, and that’s about as much as we can say about it.

Cheryl – Okay, thank you.

Clayten – It is a real machine. It has parts, and we have to add parts and make sure parts are working together. It’s like creating a concert with 100 harpists, a fair a little bit of organizing.

Cheryl – And so there is only one of these machines?

Jeffrey – Yes, to answer your other question about the franchising, we keep the machines in our control all the time. And it’s not something that we would reproduce or send out. It just hasn’t been in the highest best interest to do that as we measure. We have multiple redundancies and ways to do it, but it’s not something we would franchise. And by people participating in the FLFE service and raising their own property, that’s kind of their own franchise part. And then there’s the Pay it Forward or PIF Subscription to put anywhere in the world once you subscribe for the first month. So that’s another way people participate.

Clayten – And we do lots of service work, a lot of the energy we’ve gained from the upgrade we just did is already going to more service work. Then we’ll look at adding that, maybe giving the Slider more room. We just haven’t gotten that far yet. We’re at the final end of the upgrade.

(20:00) Cheryl – That just makes me think too, is there a way just like in solar power, you know, if you have solar on the house, you can feedback into the energy grid. I mean, are you able to get a positive flow back towards your machine from your locations?

Jeffrey – Well, I don’t know quite how to answer that. I mean, everything is because of the quantum connection and quantum resonance, everything is connected as one. So their effect is activating a field somewhere else. It’s not really a flow of energy there. Because of the quantum effect, it’s like if we think of someone in our family, that field is activated. Our love for them is now in that field, but it’s in an instant across the world phenomenon. It’s like a twin phenomenon. So it’s not really flowing there.

Cheryl – Thank you. Yes, I see.

Clayten – Thanks for talking to us. Thanks for trying the Service. We have Melissa up next. Hello, Melissa.

Melissa – Hi. So I’m trying the Free Trial. And actually, my sister, who’s on this call, is also trying it. Is  there a way that we can check-in and find out, at any given time, what our level of consciousnesses is on a property?  So I know that we got the information that is that 560 or higher 98% of the time, but it would be awesome to see at any given time like, Okay, I’m working on this right now I wonder what the LOC is right now just out of curiosity, with this technology added to our properties, so is that available yet? Or will it ever be?

Jeffrey – The only way we have found currently to measure the level of consciousness is through the human body; is through our sensitivity and through kinesiology. So we don’t have an automated machine that can measure the LOC of a property. It may come someday, so I wouldn’t say never, but at this point, we don’t have an automated way to have test each property. We batch test once a week, where we test everything, and if we get a “no” then we start diving into the A’s, B’s, and C’s until we find the property.

So one way to feel the energy is by using the Slider and the Boost. If you move the Slider all the way up to 570, we can feel what that energy feels like. We can move it down to 500 to see what that feels like. If anyone tries the Boost at 600, and they get a sense in their body, that’s really for me, it’s really a body experience.

Melissa – Yeah, and that’s what I’ve noticed. Honestly, I don’t really see it so much with the Slider, interestingly enough. Still, when I do the Boost, I definitely do.  I describe it like a buzz, and it’s usually crown chakra and area or third eye for me. I know everybody will be different, but that’s where I feel it. It’s definitely a buzz in the upper chakras, you know.

Clayten -That’s a pretty common experience.

Jeffrey –  I tend to feel it as a column kind of running through me. It’s like I can feel the energy moving up my spine.

Melissa – Well, thank you so much. I was just curious about that. It was like it’d be nice to have, but I didn’t know if it even existed yet. So go for it.

Clayten – We are holding out for it if we can figure it out we’ll do it. Thanks for talking to us, Melissa. (25:00)

Jeff – Okay, let’s go to the next person now. Theresa.

Theresa – I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you do. I’m a lightworker. And I’m working with other lightworkers around the world. And I thought it was so cool the first time we did a major process several months ago. The process was several hours, and the Boost stayed on until the process was completely finished. And then, I started testing it. So I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but consciousness has an Intelligence of its own, and it knows when somebody’s doing something for the Light.  And I also wanted to say to the person that just called or anybody else who wants to test their own place, they can do that themselves through muscle testing. Using the central column in the body, which is what you just described, how you perceive it, or if someone knows how to muscle test, they can actually determine what it’s at. And I know that my place here goes over 600, especially when we’re doing major grid work and healing on the Earth. So I just want to say thank you. I’m so appreciative of everything you’re doing to raise consciousness and compassion on this Earth. So thank you.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you so much for that, we appreciate it. We are glad to do it. It’s our mission here and thank you for being with us on this journey and for doing your own part to shine the Light.

Theresa – You’re welcome.

Clayten – We’re finding more and more people aware of the capacity of the technology to work with people whose intention is positive. It’s an exciting evolution. I think we have to spend more time talking about that, Jeff, we probably should do a webinar just on that.

Theresa – I actually think that that would be awesome. Because there’s so much negativity that we need to focus on the positive and the Light, and all of the beautiful things that are happening on this Earth right now. I mean, it’s fantastic, the number of people who are starting to wake up; it’s phenomenal. But I was really blown away. I knew this stuff was really cool because when someone told me about it, and I did the trial, I could instantly tell. Especially when I leave my own house and go to the grocery store or something. I’m like, “I can’t wait to get back home and take a shower in this beautiful energy that I have here.”

Sure, let’s answer a couple of questions. We have all these people with their hands up. It’s so fun to talk to people. Wow.

Jeffrey – So Diane’s asking, “The only object I carry with me 24/7 is my body. May I send it a picture of myself for the object? Well, Diane, we’re activating an environment, and we are not activating a person. So no, it would need to be some kind of object, something that you could carry with you. Whether it’s something to put around your ankle like an ankle bracelet or a band or something like that, that you wouldn’t necessarily notice. Something like that would work as well. Or a ring, you could wear a ring. (30:00)

So, we have a question, “Can you talk about the difference I would experience with a Personal Object and a Home?” So the most significant difference between FLFE Everywhere, which is the Personal Object or Phone and Home, is the clearing of land. So in that clearing of the negative history or what’s below 200 on the Hawkins Map occurs in the Property Subscription, which is the Home or Business Subscriptions. And also Mitigation of geopathic stress, which could be the movement of water, lava, even traffic patterns nearby. That’s been a big one. Clayten, do you want to talk about that?

Clayten – Yes, I have a bit of a story about that. We had a subscriber who lived on a bend in the river. And in our last webinar, we talked about how, when the Chi is flowing with a river, and the river bends, the Chi will continue beyond the bend of the river. This can negatively affect a property directly on the downside of the bend. And so we were able to compensate for that. And then we were testing the properties as we do every Saturday and that property dropped again, and we tried to figure out what had happened. And it turned out that we’d compensated for the bend or the continuing Chi in the river. And then what happened was that school started. And there was a bridge just above the bend. And so there was lots of traffic on the bridge. And it caused more disruptive energy. And so then we had to write another Program to address the increase in traffic. And so these are just some of the anomalies that we have figured out over the years. We’ve done probably hundreds of these little geopathic stress Zone Programs for multiple different situations like underground or water pipes with wires close to them. They’ll tend to pick up the energy from the wires or vice versa. Every time we find one, it goes on every place in the world where there’s a Subscriber in that environment. So that’s what happens over the years; we just chip away at it. And we haven’t had a property below level for eight or nine months. I mean, there are maybe one or two that we haven’t figured out we just give the people the service for free. If your property is not a 560 or higher 98% of the time over the previous 24 hours on when we test it, you get it for free until we fix it. So we’ve only had those couple that we’ve never figured out.

Jeffrey – So this is all about the Property Subscription. The FLFE Everywhere, which is the Object you mentioned or Phone. In that case since we’re not compensating for geopathic stress. And we’re not clearing the negative history because if we think about it, if we are in a car with the Object or Phone and traveling 70 miles an hour, the Object or Phone will try to compensate as it goes. That would take a tremendous amount of energy from the power of the system. So instead with the Object with FLFE Everywhere Subscription, we are flowing energy. And so the activated field is at a higher level, it’s at 575. So the higher energy of this activated field is sort of compensating itself for what’s happening around it. But we’re not guaranteeing that it’s going to be 560 or above. And it could fluctuate up and down depending on what’s happening. If anyone goes past big, high tension wires, they might go up higher because the EMF Mitigation could create an even higher consciousness area. Then if we’re in an airplane moving very fast and there might be other factors nearby that might cause it to go down slightly. So, that’s what the difference really is. We talked to someone in a recent webinar where they felt really good about the property. You know, they didn’t feel like there was any negative history there. So we recommended it to them; perhaps consider just get an Everywhere Subscription and take it with you. There are some places where, as Clayten mentioned, by a river, or near a highway, a big shipping area near an ocean where there’s a bay where big boats are coming in and out with propellers in the water. (35:00) That was another one that we compensated for. So if you’re sensitive and if your place feels really good, then consider just doing a Phone or an Object Subscription. But if you do have some geographic things happening, you think, underground streams or aquafer movement if you’re near the coastline, you might consider a Home Subscription.

Clayten – Benjamin mentions, “My mother died in late April in my house will FLFE clear it?  How is this affecting the energy besides obvious sadness?” Well, we do have quite a few people talking about people on the other side who have passed over and how a high consciousness field affects that environment when the people have passed over. We can’t say that FLFE would clear “it.” I’m not sure what “it” would be. It might be that it helped your Mother pass over, it’s possible. If people are stuck between worlds, sometimes a higher level of consciousness will assist them with making the transition. It’s really not something we focus on. We’re focusing on creating a high consciousness field and having the Innate Intelligence of our bodies, and the Innate Intelligence of Divinity that always has existed to affect that environment appropriately. It’s much like a pilgrimage site or a sacred site where we go to visit and experience the benefits of it. There’s a lot of grief when people die, typically, a higher level of consciousness may help us process that grief. So that might help clear the sadness. But you know, those processes have their own pace. Generally, being in a high-level field will help us stay more present with it, which helps it transition in the way that it needs to for you. So that’s a good start to that answer, Jeff, do you want to pick it up from there?

Jeffrey – The actual Clearing Program is assisting the history on the land to lift and so, in this personal situation Clayten said, we have our own pace of processing grief. Still, it will help to cycle through embedded grief or embedded energies below 200 on the Hawkins Map and to lift them. I have found that personally to be, as Clayten said, helpful in processing things that come up in me to be dealt with. And also in sort of a trampoline to kind of bring me back to a higher, more even keel state of consciousness. It’s a bit like a trampoline, it’s helping us to lift but in no way interfering with that process. Instead, it’s enhancing the attention that we might have to spend on it. The quieted mind effect. I have found many of our Subscribers find they’re able to drop into meditation and contemplation more easily.

Moving on to the next question, Jill has noticed less knee pain and is asking if that was due to FLFE? So in a high consciousness environment, there’s more Chi, there’s more Prana the body pulls that in, as it’s always pulling it in.  Many of these Eastern traditions that we’ve talked about work to concentrate Prana like breathing exercises and other ways of bringing Prana in. The value of having more Prana in our body has been with us from many episodes of history. (40:00) So having additional Prana in our bodies that the Innate Intelligence takes and uses for what’s needed. So it might be a knee repair, it might be GI tract balancing, it might be brain optimization, so it’s the Innate Intelligence. Still, it’s really our own body that’s doing the work, that’s doing the healing. We would never say that FLFE heals anything, it’s just providing more energy more of what we need to do what the body knows how to do.

Clayten – Sometimes, FLFE gets credit for things that it hasn’t really supported to that degree. And sometimes people are in a dark night of the soul. If they happen to turn the Service on right at the beginning of that, and they may not notice as much benefit as somebody else who is coming into the, let’s say, the harvest time or their life as opposed to a test. So that’s something else to be aware of, as well. Of course, we firmly believe there’s an extraordinary benefit in the field that we create. And there is also the timing of life. Sometimes people experience one Free Trial like the Home, and they don’t notice it much, but they try it on their Phone or a Mobile Service or an Object, and they really notice it. And then sometimes they may not notice it, and then they’ll do the Free Trial three months later. Perhaps we’ve done an upgrade to the Service that is particularly resonant to them, or they’re in a different place. And they really notice it. So it’s just an interesting dynamic that way.

Jeffrey – And I would say that hydration and we talked about that in the emails is another factor for the experience that you’ve had. Linda is ready with a question.

Linda – I’m great. And I’m so excited. I have two questions to move along quickly. One is about the vitamins. I noticed I am very thirsty, and I am drinking a lot and adding a little sea salt to my water to help with the hydration. But I wonder about vitamins; I want to be able to get a quality vitamin. Can you give us the name of some company tell us the right amount of vitamins? The magnesium is that the magnesium, and you know what I’m saying?

Jeffrey – Yes, we’re about to launch our Consciousness Nutrition page. It’s coming, let’s say, it’s not tomorrow. We’re working with Gematria, vitamins, Gematria products, and they have a very absorbable form of magnesium that we’ll talk about there. What are some of the other brands that you like Clayten?

Clayten – AOR is one that we’ve tested, that’s consistently absorbable, quite high. Another one is New  Roots.  And the other one is Life Extension in the States, I know that they’re available on Amazon. So those are a few companies. We’ve been working on creating an alliance with a doctor who has their own lab, who does their own testing. We understand, it really helps to have a recommendation.

Linda – Great. And another question is, I just sent a picture of a necklace that I would like to have for the full service, but it’s titanium. I didn’t know if it mattered what the material was. Would gold be better, or can any object work?

Jeffrey – It’s really any object, the object itself is not creating the field. It’s just the unique identifier, where it is in space. (45:00) And so it could be some wooden beads. Now having something that’s durable and it’s not going to fall apart would be a good object. If you’re using a necklace, please show the entire necklace in the photograph. At as high a resolution as possible to make sure that it’s in focus. Zoom in to make sure we can see all the details of the object because that’s really how it’s identified, through its uniqueness.

Linda – I understand that but I didn’t put the chain on, I just put the pendant on. I just put the charm on itself because I may use different lengths. If I don’t want it to show it, I’ll have a longer chain so that I can wear it under my clothes.

Jeffrey – Yep, that’s the right thing to do.

Linda –  All right. And I travel quite a bit, and I would love it at my home. But as long as I have my pendant, it’ll follow me no matter where I go. I mean, right now, I haven’t traveled because of the pandemic. But I do travel quite a bit all over the country, and I just want to have it with me all the time. That’s all.

Jeffrey – That’s why we developed it in the first place. We would leave home, and we’d want to bring this with us. We would put on hotel rooms in places where we’re staying. You can do this too.  You can change your address. But the breakthrough with FLFE Everywhere was being able to take that with us. To carry that bubble, that field with us.

Linda – I’m very excited. It’s very subtle, but it’s enough for me to know that I am surrounded by this good energy, and I’m just thrilled that you guys have done this. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Well, it’s great to have you with us, and it’s nice to nice to hear from you. Thank you for talking to us.

Clayten – We haven’t experimented with kryptonite yet Jeff; that might be a problem I don’t know, just kidding.

Jeffrey – It’s been fun, initially we started with little crystals, little quartz crystals. And you know I would write a little FLFE on it to make sure I knew which one was the right one. We wanted to hand them out to people to try it, but we realized it’s creating a unique identifier. Just as our brain does when we think of someone. We’re uniquely identifying them in consciousness. And that connection is made.

We have a question about the difference between a Personal Object and a Phone. There’s really no difference between Personal Object and Phone. As we said, we’re activating a field there. So you’ve got a field around your phone and field around a personal object. If you have a Personal Object on you are covered for EMF Mitigation, Smarter EMF, and the full service. (50:00) So if you do have a phone, and you’re holding your phone, the phone will be in that EMF Mitigation zone so it will be mitigated and anything coming into that zone is also mitigated.  So there really isn’t a difference between Objects and Phone, they’re both FLFE Everywhere.

Clayten – It looks like someone was sharing a service with us. They were trying to share a service with us, and they didn’t have a good experience. Sometimes we do get people that have a beneficial technology that they would like to integrate with ours. And it can be a lot of work to make that happen. And I don’t see the person’s name. I think I’ve reordered my questions, but they might have reached out to the office and say they didn’t have a good experience. I mean, the only thing I can say is that you can try again. There are always ways to improve things. And we do a lot of research and development in the company. An extreme amount because of the responsibility of having this amount of power. I just don’t know what else to say about your experience. And if you did have something that you think would perhaps help us, then please try again.

Jeffrey – You know, I mention on that subject too Clayten, that our office is staffed, and we have a really great staff available to talk to you. You may have to leave a message; sometimes it gets very busy, but we do have office hours from early in the morning until 10 o’clock pacific time. So we’re really available to talk about your experience and for you to ask any questions you have. So that person could also come to the office and speak to someone there.

So we have a question, “Why is the Boost limited to half an hour once a day? Can you have too much FLFE?” So, Michelle, the reason we’ve limited the Boost is related to the power consumption that Clayten mentioned earlier. We do have limitations, and we work to expand those all the time. So that’s the reason the Boost is limited. Any kind of raising consciousness takes an initial sort of burst of energy. It’s like when we turn on a light bulb, there’s an initial surge of energy, and it settles down. It’s much the same way in FLFE. When the Boost first comes on, there’s kind of an initial surge. So we need to limit that time. As things go on and our situation with the power capacity grows, we may be able to enhance that for a longer time. But to the question about too much FLFE, it’s really high a high consciousness field. There’s Chi, there’s Prana, and they’re coming into the body, and the body is using it for healing. And things are happening; you’re evolving personally. Perhaps there’s increased awareness, perhaps the things occurring are old patterns releasing, all sorts of things are happening. And there may be times when you’d like a break. At those higher levels of consciousness, there’s more happening. There’s more food for the body, there’s more food for personal development. Initially, we had the service at 560 because that was the optimal level for people to be in everyday life, go to work, earn a living, in the current economy and society that we live in. That was an optimal level. And at first, as we’re in the environment more, anyone can increase it, and that’s why we offered the 570. (55:00) Some people feel comfortable right away, some people would like to go to like the Slider to go to 600 and have the Boost be there all the time. And at some point, we may get there. There is an acclamation in the body that occurs. Do you want to say more there, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I think you covered it pretty well. It’s primarily a power usage. Throughout the service, we’ve always given away over 90% of the energy that we use in the technology for service work. And given the current situation of the world, as you can imagine, the level of consciousness of the planet has been dropping; was dropping, now it’s coming back up, but it took a lot more energy from our technology to maintain the properties at 560.

That’s part of the reason why we upgraded the service. And so now that the world is going back up, we have the extra power, and we’ve been giving it away on service projects to help the planet in general.  There is a lot that we do that we don’t talk about. And just to add a little context to what you said, Jeff, really there are some similarities between the FLFE Service and the hydro service in that they have to have these peaker plants. They only come online at a certain time of day to handle the surge, like when we all turn our air conditioners on when we get home from work. A lot of extra capacity tis needed to handle those surges. So that’s why we had to manage it pretty carefully.

I did see somebody praising Don at the bottom of the Q&A. And as Susan said, Don spent a lot of time with her and Don’s wonderful, he’s our senior Free Trial Specialist. He’s like our senior sage. He used to be a shellfish farmer. And when he got out of that, he got into another line of business because he couldn’t disprove a kind of a nonlinear truth he’d experience in a healing practice. And he’s one of those guys that are on the path. Don has been around for a few years, so he knows some of life’s ups and downs and is a great part of the team. So thank you, Susan, for mentioning that.

And that was Tilera, the person who asked a question about introducing a technical technology. I haven’t heard who you spoke with Tilera. But if you’re hearing us now, please try us again and I will see if we can talk to you.

Jeffrey – Someone’s asking, “What’s the best way to determine if FLFE is working in my home? I haven’t noticed any changes.” We test the properties when they first go on using kinesiology and batch testing and then again once a week. So we know they’re all on because in the past we have found properties that weren’t at 560. And, as we mentioned with the geopathic stress work that we had done, we were able to bring those backup. But we do encourage everyone to experiment. That’s why we have the Control Panel. So once you’re on the Service for a few days, or you’re trying it out on the Free Trial, when you get a minute, you’re sitting quietly, you could log on to the Control Panel, and try turning it off, turning it back on and see what you notice. And, try the Boost to see what you notice. You could try the Slider bringing it down to 400 or up to 570. And the EMF Mitigation is also a separate button. And I find that personally, I can really feel it when I turn that off to test it; I can feel the tension in my body. That kind of spikiness of EMF’s around me sort of perturbing my body. And when I put that back on, I feel like I can take a deep breath, my shoulders can drop, relax. So, that’s the reason we created the Control Panel so that you can experiment yourself, compare it, test it out in various ways, and see what you feel. So that’s what I would recommend.

Clayten – We also have in our email sequence that goes out we have a link to a document that is 25 Principles of Discernment. (1:00:00) It actually might have grown; it maybe 27. We talked about different ways that people have noticed the service on their property. So some people notice that their pets calmed down, and the pets don’t know that the Service is on or off. So that’s one way to look for the placebo effect. Other people notice that their plants are very vibrant and react differently. Some people notice their guests stay longer when they come over. Some people notice it in their children; we talked last week about people cleaning their homes more than they might have in the past and different people behaving differently in a house being tidier. So there are many different ways to discern if it’s working. And it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with if you don’t notice it. Some people are really quite energy sensitive, and some are not. And some homes are already quite high. So the contrast may not be as significant as if we’re in a home that has a geopathic stress influence or something else that’s bringing it down.

Jeffrey – Someone’s asking if a wearable can be a unique identifier so that my daughter can wear it. I am assuming this is a piece of clothing I’m not quite sure what that means. I would encourage a bracelet or an anklet for your daughter, something that she could wear that you could put on a piece of paper and take a picture of. A piece of clothing would really be difficult to get a photograph that would work for them.

Clayten – How about we try Lauralee?

Lauralee – In your interview with Regina, it sort of prompted this question. I had talked to you last week, I was the person with the aggressive neighbor. And one of the things that I noticed is and Steven Porges talks about this. In polyvagal theory, if people have been traumatized for quite a while, they can lose their ability to hear certain frequencies in human speech. They have an amplified ability to hear predator bass sounds or low-frequency sounds. This is a big issue with me when I’m trying to sleep at night. I just keep hearing this low kind of growling sound. I asked my husband or my son if they can hear it, and they can barely discern it. But for me, it’s really loud and it feels threatening. And so when you were talking about these different things that you can do, to write programs to address like Chi or whatever, I’m not sure where this frequency is coming from, it doesn’t appear to be or my fridge or my freezer. I think it’s coming from outside the home, but other people can hear it if they listen intently, but for me, it’s very loud and amplified. I’m just wondering if there’s anything that could address that because that really does impact my sleep.

Clayten – Well, I know that deep breathing will sometimes relax the vagus nerve in the body. And that for some people who have tinnitus or ringing in the ear, it might be that you have extraordinarily good hearing. You would be a blessing in an automobile shop or someplace where a sound could be used as a diagnostic tool. You’ve probably tried a lot of things, but I’ve found deep breathing really helps calm me down. And blue light blocker glasses make a big difference, I found in helping me get a more deep sleep.

Lauralee – Yes, I have. I’ve tried those. I’m pretty sure that there’s like a pulsing frequency coming from someplace outside the house. And the best thing for me is to put on the headband earphones, the softphones and have smooth brown noise playing. I just thought there was something in your talk with Regina were there it prompted the question that there was some kind of frequency impacting someone. You were able to address that specific frequency. So I just thought I would ask if it sounded familiar. (1:05:00)

Jeffrey – Yes, we had a situation where the level of consciousness of properties was impacted near mining sites. There was a vibrational frequency of some sort that was being transmitted through the rock from a compressor or fan or something that was causing them to oscillate. So we were able to compensate for the level of consciousness of the property. But I think that is different than the hearing of it.  Our focus is consciousness, so we’re looking for anything impacting the level of consciousness of the property, so we will mitigate that. I wondered if you had a chance to try the FLFE Everywhere on the Phone or Object?

Lauralee – I haven’t. I signed up for the property and was thinking that I would have this run for a little while and then maybe try the Object. I have a very distinctive ring so I could try that as well. And it would be because mostly I’m home. So would that create an even greater effect to have both things going at once?

Jeffrey – No, not in the home. I’m just thinking about your encounters with your neighbor. Whether having that with you would cause you to have a different experience. I’m recalling our conversation from last week.

Lauralee – No, it’s mostly I’m on my property, and she’s kind of stalking me wherever I am on my property. Still, she doesn’t come onto my property. She’s just outside of it.

Jeffrey – Well, you may try that as a trial and see what happens. I’d be curious to hear back from you because it has built into it this intent for others as you’re walking. It may be worth trying to see what you notice.

Lauralee – Okay, great. I’ve only been doing this for 16 days. So I’m just trying with the on and off and the and the little device that you move and that sort of thing that. Okay, good. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you. Good luck. Let’s try Nan now.

Nan- Hi, I’ve been a member for quite a while. And I noticed right away that it worked. First I had it on my phone and then I now have it on my home. The main reason I joined was that I was scared of 5G. And there’s all this conspiracy theory stuff out there that five G’s going to suck the oxygen out of your body and kill you. So I wondered if you thought about that. And then another thing is that I live on a very busy street. It’s very busy; University Boulevard.  I’m wondering if you need to know that? If my house is 560, is that taking care of the traffic problem? And then the third thing I wanted to say something about is you both look so young. I’m wondering if FLFE  will make me look younger. I’m 78. And I say this because Jeff has white hair and when somebody has white hair, you assume that they’re older, but you both look like you’re like 35.

Jeffrey – Well, I’m in my 60s.

Nan – Oh my goodness. Well, you guys look really young, your skin looks great. You think it has to do with having FLFE around you for a long time?

Jeffrey – I think it’s just having that additional energy for the body to do repairs. Plus we watch our nutrition as well, lots of zinc. And with the Energized Nutrients Program that we have. It’s helping zinc and magnesium and other things to be absorbed that can help us. (1:10:00) And also the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Program.  It’s one of the first Programs that we wrote. It helps the body, and the Innate Intelligence does the work. But it’s supporting the body to have those filtering organs work well. And I think that’s a big part of what people think is aging. They’re not able to repair because the filtering organs don’t have the capacity. So that’s a factor in consciousness. That’s why we address it, but it’s a factor in health as well.

Nan – I guess I’ll call Don and talk to him about it, thank you very much.

Clayten – Let’s address 5G and EMF’s. We have some research on our website that addresses what we call Consciousness Lowering EMFs. We found that traditional meters like the Trifield meter really weren’t designed to measure subtle energy, such as the FLFE. And when we were experimenting with raising the level of consciousness of EMF emitting devices and adding the energetic signature of Shungite. Shungite is the only material we found that takes an electromagnetic frequency that’s negative and makes it positive. And we call that “harmonizing.” So if we’re trying to address EMF’s, we can block them, deflect them, or try to dissipate them into little, tiny pieces. Or, ideally, we would harmonize them, which is making them positive, so that they benefit the body and all life. The only substance that we’ve found to do that is Shungite. Many people have Shungite on their routers, on their phones, and on different devices in the home. Of course, not all EMF’s are negative; we emit EMFs, the Earth emits EMFs, a cat purring is emitting an EMF, as does a dog wagging its tail. So when we talk about EMFs, we really focus on consciousness lowering EMFs because that’s the only evidence that we have. So it’s a slightly different perspective on electromagnetic frequencies. And it’s a different type of language that we use because that’s really our area of expertise. Jeff, is there anything else you want to add on?

Jeffrey – How does that sound to you, Nan? Are there more questions that came out of that from what Clayten said that I can address?

Nan – Well, no, but I have a Beamer, an electromagnetic mat.

J & C – Yes, they are good.

Nan – Okay, well, I should use it more. I should probably use it twice a day on program three. But I just thought about telling you that, but I don’t know what that has to do with 5G.

Jeffrey – We’ve done some 5G research on the website in the Evidence Page and in the EMF Mitigation Page. And we’re always looking for more and more ways to experiment and forms of evidence. So, we have plant experiments with 5G, and also the sensitivity of the gas discharge visualization, the GDV camera, which is sensitive and can see different forms of EMFs. It’s easy to see the graph of the spiking on that page, and that’s really to do with 5G as well.

Nan – Do you think 5G is dangerous to all of us? I mean now that they’re sending satellites up with 5G to cover the Earth. (1:15:00)

Jeffrey – We don’t generally go deeply into these rabbit holes. We don’t feel that it should have been released in the way it’s been released. Without the testing, human testing hasn’t been done, animal testing hasn’t been done. So we don’t feel that there’s enough evidence that it is safe, so prudence says it should not be released. We haven’t done the depth of research, and we’re looking for, and if something pops up on our radar with our Subscribers, we take care of it, and that’s one of them. And there’s just no way this should be released to the world to the extent that it is without proper testing.

Nan –  Thank you so much. I want to say one more thing, and that is when I first got turned this on I couldn’t sleep that night. So I got up and turned it off.  I have a really sensitive nervous system. So like anxiety and stuff. And after that, I would turn it off every night for a while, and then I got used to it. And now I feel great with it, and I have it on all the time. So I’m very happy to talk to you guys, and I’m very happy I have the Service. So thank you so much.

J & C – Thank you, Nan, thank you for trying it.

Clayten –  For some of the sensitive types, It is best to turn it off for a while. So that’s why we want to give everyone the power through their Control Panel to be consciousness researchers.

Jeffrey – And certainly now with a Slider, people can experiment. But we hear it both ways; people have the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had, or they have trouble the first couple of nights. So that Slider is meant to do that as well; that’s a relatively new feature. Now people can turn it down that way. And yes, I believe it is a nervous system issue. That’s why we recommend the magnesium along with essential fatty acids to help people to adapt and build up their nervous systems. I appreciate you, thank you for being with us.

Nan – Good. Oh, I have one other question. Well, I sent this to my whole family, and they just couldn’t believe it. And I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to protect them from 5G. And I wanted them on it and, of course, the pandemic came and probably helped me. I stayed home alone all day every day for the last six weeks and did not have a breakdown.

Jeffrey – It’s difficult. There’s a lot of isolation happening. We’re glad you’re in the cocoon. Take care.

Clayten – How are you doing Jeff for timing there? It’s I know it’s after 10 o’clock at night. And I know our first call this morning was at six. Do you want to start to wind it down?

Jeffrey – Yes. We could do a few more questions maybe and then have one more person? So this is one Clayten, that seems like it would be great for you to answer. “Can you speak the if and how I feel the effects, healing emotional issues from one’s past? (1:20:00)

Clayten – We’ve done a lot of research on energetic medicine. One of the requests we make to Divinity when the service goes on is to have any trauma that has been stuck in the deposits in the body in the liver, kidney, and gallbladder stones to be released. That was a discovery that Jeff made that when those deposits are started, they typically begin when there’s a traumatic experience. We’ve found through doing liver, kidney, and gallbladder flushes and by doing lots of research on the filtering organs. When we did the original flush with Andreas, as outlined by Andreas Moritz in his book, The Amazing Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder flush, that there’s a lot of energetic release with the release of those stones leaving the body. So that was a clue for us that there’s a history associated with them. When we release the stones, we release the trauma.

One of the reasons that people go to pilgrimages and sacred sites and cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, whatever the religion or belief is, is because of the freedom they experience. And FLFE calibrates in the range of many of those; it’s not as high as some, and it’s higher than others. And in a high consciousness field, the impetus for life is to expand, and these lower emotions that we have that come with just being human. Some of them will want to heal more in an environment that is higher than what most of us are used to. And the average level of consciousness in a home in North America before the pandemic was 420 out of 1000. The FLFE environment is 560 or higher 98% of the time. So that’s 140 points, but it’s 140 to the power of 10. So it’s 140 times 140 times 140, 140 times. I don’t know if I quite said that, right. But you get the point, it’s an extraordinary amount of more energy. So issues will come to the surface to be healed. And so there are times when people experience what may be classically called a healing crisis because things are coming up to be released.

And hopefully, at some time, we’ll have more and more resources in terms of energetic medicine tools to share with everyone. But in the meantime, try looking into the work of Gary Craig with the Emotional Freedom Technique. There are lots of YouTube videos about that if you have an internet connection to do research and practice that. So I think that covers the topic in general Jeff and gives him a reference on at least one technique to use. It’s readily available and, and inexpensive. It’s not free. Is there something else that you think we should address with that?

Jeffrey – Yes, I would mention the effect of the flow of subtle energy through the body. Similar to acupressure, Chinese medicine looks at the body and looks at the flow of Chi through the body and addresses blockages. And one of the Programs we have in the FLFE Service is also addressing the blockages of Chi, the flow of lifeforce energy through the body. That Program can help to heal emotional issues from the past or something that’s held in the body in some way. If something is stuck, a pattern, or a belief or a habit, the extra Chi can help that flow to start. It will move in a way that can lead to healing for the person. So that’s something else that we’ve seen. Some people feel that it’s almost like a pop, and the energy starts to flow, or something is cleared for them. That’s another way that it does work.

Clayten – I’m just noticing in the chat, there are lots of people helping each other with, you know, EFT tapping, especially Maria, she’s really good with energetic medicine. (1:25:00) And there are many resources to help each other within the chat. I’m glad that it’s happening because there are people who know more about these subjects than we do. And so it’s nice that as a community, we can help each other.

Jeffrey – So Laura’s asking, “Who or what is Divinity we speak of? How would you explain that?” We follow Dr. David Hawkins’s work. And I’ll speak from my view. It’s my belief that consciousness is the basis for everything. Looking at quantum physics, the results of experiments where the intentions of the experimenters determine the results, things are linked across great distances. And of course, the studies we’ve talked about with linking of twins and mothers children and that sort of thing where there is this conscious connection through time and space.

I believe that consciousness is everything, that all things have consciousness, including this table, this computer, this wall behind me.  Each brick has a level of consciousness related to when it was made, what was the level of consciousness of the person who was making the brick? So underlying everything is this consciousness;  there’s an intelligence that runs through our bodies, our Innate Intelligence we’ve been talking about, that our bodies know what to do with this additional energy, that that expands outward into the entire universe. There is an Innate Intelligence there wired for life in some way. Scientists are starting to see that the chances of life by chance alone is so small that things are wired. There’s intelligence built-in. So we could say, some requests of Divinity, we could call it the Universe, All That Is, there are many ways to address this and we’re personally comfortable with Divinity.  So we’re getting on to another subject. Still, the consciousness technology that we’re offering here is this connection of tapping into this quantum connection, or link between all of us.

Someone from Los Angeles was mentioning this; she’s been noticing when she’s thinking of someone, she contacts them, and they’re thinking of her. This connection is occurring between people and in a high consciousness field that seems to happen more. We can become sensitive to energies and things around us. I don’t know if I can really ever answer this question, but that’s my take on it. Clayten, would you like to add to that?

Clayten – At this point, as we kind of get beyond to Q & A’s and just start to relax a little bit. I am asking what wants to be said, and I was looking at the chats, and Cheryl was thanking us for answering her skeptical questions. And we understand that people want to know, and we respect everyone’s  experience. And I think it’s important to say on every one of these webinars is that if anyone doesn’t really feel FLFE, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, or you’re not as sensitive, or you’re not as evolved. It’s just there may be a reason that you don’t feel it.

Maybe your house is already very high. I think Cheryl said her is Feng Shuied. Feng Shui is an excellent process. We have a lot of clients in the eastern traditions who consider this an energetic Fung Shui for the home. So maybe there isn’t as much discernment for you, Cheryl, maybe your gift is to be a bit thicker skinned. We need some thick-skinned people in the world to be out there doing things, and we want to say that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong if you don’t feel it. It’s great if you do, and we’re happy to have you as a customer. And we’re really here to help you become freer. And if being more free is questioning us and trying to understand how it works because you do not have a great experience. Well, then we’re doing our job, it’s okay if you don’t have a big experience. (1:30:00)

Jeffrey – Yes, you brought up freedom. Freedom is a great way to think about rising in consciousness. And support for the evolution of consciousness, which is the mission of FLFE. We see it as increasing freedom, our freedom from beliefs that are holding us back, from patterns that we’d like to be done with. It’s the freedom to live in joy and peace and to be our full expression in this lifetime. And that’s what we support with the high consciousness environment. And it’s easy to get into the wonky part of levels of consciousness in the numbers on the Hawkins Map, and it really comes down to increased joy and increased freedom. That’s what we’re here to do, among other things.

Clayten – I notice Maria Colomy, who facilitates our Facebook group, is answering these questions in rapid Maria style. So thank you, Maria. And I know Max is helping us as well. Max is our tech guy and a devotee in his own right. So thank you, Max, and Maria. And we’re going to do a live Facebook experiment tomorrow at noon, as well. So that will be another way to reach out; I know that the time zones can be a little tricky. It has we’re in 54 countries now, and we’re looking at doing something around midday so that some of the European customers and our down south friends in Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania. So that some of those places have access to some questions and answers in a timeframe that’s reasonable for them.  We have not forgotten about you; we are trying to figure out how to make it work for everybody. Do you want to wrap up Jeffrey?

Jeffrey – Yes, I’d like to like to bring it to a close. I am grateful to everyone who’s joined us on this call today. We will continue to do Q & A’s so that everyone will have a chance to speak with us and to ask us questions. The office has extended hours, so they’re ready to answer questions and talk with anyone. So feel free to call the office or connect by email. We’re grateful to have everyone on this path with us. Thank you for joining us with the Free Trial or as a Subscriber. And Subscribers, we are thankful for your financial help, which is allowing all this to continue and for us to continue to develop the new support Programs which are added to the current subscription at no additional cost. We’ve been doing that since we started, we just keep adding more and more as things come up. And as Clayten mentioned, the service work that we’re doing in the world, so thank you for your support.

Clayten – Yes, for those of you who haven’t watched a lot of webinars,  Jeff and I started this as a service project back in 2011 before the 2012 event, as many of us, were anticipating it. And we were going on to Google Earth and calibrating the lowest consciousness place on a continent and putting a positive energy field of about 500 LOC in that area. And trying to help raise the planet so that the December 21, 2012 event was as positive as we could make it. And it emerged out of service work. We knew we had something that could help people. And we did service work for a whole year, right up till that 2012 event. (1:35:00) And then we took a break, and we came back, and in January, we’d been working together on something else. We received the guidance that we should do this as a business. And as Jeff said, all of you who support us with your Subscriptions help us do all the service work that we have in the world.

There is a section on our website where we talk about service projects. And we have a lot, probably 10 times more that we don’t put on there. But we certainly are happy to give 90% of the energy away. We have millions of people in different refugee camps all over the world with a very low level of service just to help them out of despair. And with everyone’s help, we have probably 10s of thousands of properties on the Earth, only with the Pay It Forward (PIF) program. So if you sign up for even a month of FLFE, you get a PIF Subscription that we’ll leave on as long as we have the business, so hopefully, it’ll be a long time. So that’s an opportunity for us to experience karma yoga and give the gift of love to a place of for probably decades.

Yes, we have a business to run, and we have staff, and we want to pay them well. And we also want to help the world. So it’s a bit of a dance that we all do, and we’re in that dance with you. And we couldn’t do it without you. We only have so many resources that we can give personally. And without the Subscriptions, we couldn’t do all the service work that we do. We couldn’t afford to invest in upgrading the power and writing new programs and all the staff that we have to help us so. So we appreciate your help. And we’ll sign off. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Max, and Maria for helping.