Q&A Webinar #10

August 23, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, BC Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. Tonight we’ll be answering questions live after a short discussion about the level of consciousness of the world, what’s happening there. And we will go over briefly some of the FLFE service enhancements. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Just as a reminder, for the FLFE community, there’s a private Facebook page. We’re worldwide now; FLFE is in 54 countries. We have a large community; it’s a place to connect with others. Clayten and I are so touched by your experiences shared here or through emails. We’ve received some beautiful emails this past week. So thank you. Thank you for all for sharing.

Clayten – And we’ve been talking about the world’s level of consciousness on these webinars, and we’ve had more requests to go into some additional depth on that. So, I’ve been doing some research; I thought I’d share some of that with you. So before COVID, the world was at 242; which was the highest that the world has been. And during COVID, we went down as low as 98 as a planet. That’s on Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness. The Hawkins Map is a logarithmic Map from one to infinity. One to 1000 is the human domain. Each point up is 10 times more powerful than the point before. So one point up is 10 times more lifeforce energy or Chi or Prana. And there are a number of microwatts associated with each level of consciousness, which can be found in the back of Power VS Force. There’s a calculation to figure out how many microwatts are in a certain level of consciousness. There are a few examples given. So the world was 242 out of 1000 on the Hawkins and went down to 98. Before COVID and during COVID, it’s been coming up steadily, and it’s been at 199 now for over a month.

And in this approximate month period, many of us are starting to speculate as to what it would take for the world to go back over 200. Understandably, with the fear that’s been going around, and fear calibrates at about 100, the world had dropped to that level. Anger is around 150 on the Hawkins Map. We wondered what it’s going to take for the world to go back over 200. So I went back to 1986, which was the first time the world had gone over 200 as a planet. And there’s another piece of data that correlated an interesting possibility. So in Hawkins’s work, he talks about the level of consciousness, which I relate to as the Being part of who we are. Dr. David Hawkins, the author of Power Versus Force, created the Map of Consciousness we’re using. He also published eight other books when he was alive.

And in my research, I recognize that some people are much more functional. Some people are at a higher level of consciousness, and some people get a lot done. And some people are higher, and they’re not as active. So I had to come up with a term to understand that. The term we came up with is the level of functioning (LOF), which is very similar to the level of consciousness (LOC). So we can use a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map to measure the level of functioning. Back in 1986, prior to the world going over 200, the level of functioning was going up and up and up, and it went over 300, and then the world jumped over 200. So the assumption is that the same thing might happen again, and the hope is that the COVID experience is what some people call a breakdown breakthrough. Often, when we have a threshold in our lives, and we’re trying to go to the next level, there are some lessons to learn, and sometimes that’s hard. So COVID is a pretty hard lesson for us as a species, and the hope is that this is the breakdown breakthrough. So as we’re looking at the world’s level of functioning, over the previous 24 hours, I calibrated it at about 270. It’s been going up one point a day on average for the last approximately 30 days. So if that trend continues, within about 30 days, the world hopefully will go back over 200 and then up from there, so we’ll keep everyone updated on that. I just wanted to share a little bit of information from the skunkworks at FLFE, where we’re looking behind the scenes at things and trying to make sense of the world. So I’ll pass it back over to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Thanks, Clayten. It’s interesting to have that leading indicator for when the world may jump back over 200. For those of you that read Power Versus Force, and Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, there are some levels that take energy to go over or, as Clayten said, lessons to be learned. It does seem to take some extra oomph to get over these places and transcend to move forward. So we’ll be watching. It’s interesting in the world to see it start to come back and be close to being over 200.

So, let’s go over The basics of FLFE and some of the benefits. There have been so many changes, so many enhancements in the Service in the last year, it’s good to go over them every once in a while. The basics are that the FLFE service activates a high consciousness field at home, at a business or an object, or around cellular phones. And this means much more lifeforce energy as Clayten said, as consciousness goes up, also known as Chi or Prana. And that’s available for everyone on the property or around the cell phone or object in that zone. So I think Clayten you’ve gone through this scale, would you tell everybody about the levels because it relates to where the world is and what the FLFE service is. Could you review that?

Clayten – Yes, so the Home or Business Subscription, which we call our Flagship Subscriptions, guarantees that the home or business location will be at 560 or higher 98% of the time over any 24 hours. And we test every new Free Trial that comes on. We’ve been testing every day now for a few months. We’re only guaranteeing that we test three times a week, it’s just that we’ve been doing it daily. And the Smarter EMF is at 500. That’s a lower cost Subscription, including the Smarter EMF. So the EMF Mitigation, Brain Optimization, etc. And FLFE Everywhere is 575. So that’s in the four-foot bubble around the person, and then there are other concentric circles going outward. At 300 feet, it’s about 540. We’re not guaranteeing that all the time because people move around and go in and out of environments, but it’s very close to that, if not that all the time. It would be that 95% to 99% of the time. So this additional available lifeforce energy is beneficial for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our energetic systems and bodies pull this energy in, and our Innate Intelligence puts it to use. We’ve talked about where our energy comes from in the past. And our research indicates about 65% of our energy comes from the air that we breathe. And the alveoli in the lungs have little nerves on them that extract the Prana or Chi as the Chinese system of medicine would call it. And that translates into electricity in the body that helps all the functions of the body. About 15% comes from the magnetic force of the Earth, and the rest comes from food. So food is important because it gives us all the nutrients, but in terms of energy, most of it comes from the air that we breathe. Chinese medicine recognizes the value of lifeforce energy in the body for health and well-being. There are many of you out there who probably know more about that than we do. But it’s a thousands of years old health system specializing in the energetics of the body.

So let’s go over other benefits in the FLFE environment. Over the years, our practice has been to add more and more enhancements and benefits and include all of it at the same price. FLFE has evolved through our relationships with the community and what’s happening in our environments.

Often, we’ll see a condition in the world that we want to support, and we will attempt to write a Program to help with that. Or we have a friend who is suffering or someone in the community mentions there’s a problem and we’ll see what we can do to help. That’s mostly how the service evolves. One of the benefits of clearing energies below 200 on the Hawkins Map is for the Home and Business Service. We have an extensive Removal Program that takes care of all those energies. And this can help us release fear and anxiety. Other benefits are relationships supported to be loving. This can be helpful at home for extended periods with our families. Focus and concentration are supported with additional Chi and parts of the brain. This could help us work from home by extending our ability to concentrate. With all the additional distractions, we’re experiencing some help there. We’ll talk more about that in the Brain Optimization Program. Sleep is supported with a changed emphasis on Chi flow at bedtime and support for melatonin’s natural production and many other considerations in optimizing the body for rejuvenation. We have a Grounding Program in our Home and Business Services that supports people to be connected to the Earth, even if they’re wearing rubber-soled shoes. We’re able to modify that a little bit to help us be more grounded.

Jeffrey – And as a reminder, we’re also grounding below a certain speed for FLFE Everywhere.

Clayten – Just five miles an hour.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s right. So we’ve been busy in the last 12 months, and there are many other additions we’ve added. EMF Mitigation was a big one. And we measure the effects of EMF-based on, as Clayten said, measuring the level of consciousness of the properties at least three times a week. We saw different kinds of situations lowering the level of consciousness. We were able to trace those to changes in the EMF and the environment, smart meters, cell towers, etc. So this Program was designed to bring those consciousness lowering EMFs to neutral or positive in all FLFE environments with EMFs.

We call consciousness lowering EMFs emitted by cell phones, TVs, Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, refrigerators, and light bulbs of certain kinds, including 5G cellular signals. We believe that’s reducing the health of the environment, which we see by the consciousness lowering effect. And we believe that FLFE with EMF Mitigation harmonizes EMFs, including 5G. So please, take a look at the Evidence Page if you haven’t looked at it. There we have plant experiments, GDV camera studies, and survey results. The best way is to experiment with it ourselves. On the Control Panel, we’re able to turn on and off the EMF Mitigation independent of the Service. According to our surveys people reported feeling less anxiety, fewer feelings of stress, clearer thinking, and better sleep when we put EMF Mitigation on.

Brain Optimization, as Clayten said, is the flow of Chi for concentration and focus of our lifeforce energy to places where it’s needed most for the brain’s functioning. That’s a follow up to EMF Mitigation, which we felt was needed at the same time. Liver, Kidney, and Gall Bladder support was one of the earlier Programs we created and that was recently improved. Supporting our filtering organs with life force energies is essential as they’re playing a large role in our health, removing toxins and pathogens from our bodies. GI Tract Optimization, that’s another one for our other brain, our GI Tract, the gut biome, and the absorption of nutrients. So again, that’s supported with FLFE specific support lifeforce energy and information in the field. Then Energized Nutrients, and food with additional lifeforce on food and particular nutrients to assist with absorption and utilization. Recently we’ve added vitamin D, forms of zinc, chromium, lithium, selenium. Enhanced Immune Support is another important one that occurred recently, which boosts lifeforce energy for the lowest functioning parts of our immune system. We don’t make medical claims, but we believe that the body is intelligent. Through the Innate Intelligence, the body can heal and evolve. And once it has the available energy in the right places, it can increase its functioning, including immune functioning. So the FLFE environment has that energy and the instructions to put the energy where it’s needed in specific systems.

So that’s a quick overview, and maybe that will spur some questions from you, and now I’m going to open up the floor. Please put questions in the Q&A. The chat is where to check in about where you’re from and talk to other people on the call. And we’d love to call on you if you’d like to speak to us live and join us that way.

Clayten – So I’ve had a chance to look at some of the questions, Jeff. I can pick up the first one anyway, and there is an opportunity to raise your hand and talk to us. And I’ve just seen a friend of ours, Jeff, Jim Vallet. He was introduced to us ten years ago and says he cannot stay on. He said, Hi.

Well, maybe we’ll answer the first question and in the second one, “What happened to Clayten’s head?” (laughing) Well, that’s a long story, but the reason that’s a long story is that I was out hiking, and on a lot of trails, there are fallen trees across them. And I was hiking in a pair of new shoes, and I’d put orthotics on top of the insoles, and I felt kind of wobbly on my feet. So I was looking down at the trail a lot, and I looked down at the trail coming around a corner and didn’t see the tree, and I walked right into this fallen tree and got a nice half-moon crescent scar on my head. So I’m just letting that heal up. It’s nice to see all of you in the chat; please let us know where you’re from. It’s always great to hear about different locations.

So Rose asks about an apparent contradiction in what we’re saying. “One, the physical phone itself is not receiving the high consciousness; it is the number of the phone and two, the proximity of the phone to our bodies determines the intensity of the high consciousness.” So what we’re doing, Rose, is putting a field within a millimeter the phone, and some parts of the phone have it on Jeff, it’s like the antenna, right?

Jeffrey – Well, the rest of the phone is at a certain level, depending on the kind of phone. It’s 580, probably around there based on the EMF Mitigation.

Clayten – Yes, the phone’s about 580, and that goes out to 575 at four feet. The phone needs to be at 580 or approximately that to turn the consciousness-lowering waves into a consciousness-raising influence. So I hope that answers the question, Rose. By the way, everyone can use the chat to ask questions of each other; we typically don’t check them. It’s a way to ask a question, maybe, and we have someone monitoring the chat to help you. But as for the questions to us, please put those in the Q&A.

Jeffrey – I could follow up on that a little bit as well.

Yes, so Rose, we have a unique identifier. The system works with a very high field, that’s part of the device. A quantum association occurs between that and the property, or in this case, an object like a cellphone. So to do that, there needs to be a unique identifier. As Clayten said, we’re activating a field around the phone. The phone is the identified object based on having a cellular number that’s unique for that country. There’s no other cellular device with that uniquely identified number, and the field is activated. It works very much if not the same way as us thinking of someone. So if we’re holding in our minds someone like a sister or brother, mother, or father, we’re identifying them as we’re thinking of them. And we believe there’s a field activated around them. And there is a quantum connection occurring. And that’s where the phenomenon of thinking of someone, and then they call you, you know, 30 seconds later that the quantum connection has occurred. A field is activated around the person we’re thinking of, which is the way FLFE works.

Clayten – So I guess I can use that scar in my head as an excuse, Jeff if I forget anything. I’ll just add that context. We could take a vote and see if they want me to take the bandage off.

Andrew is asking, “I’m doing this; please tell me how you calculate these numbers.” We use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. If you do a web search on it, Andrew, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. The Hawkins Map is measured using kinesiology or muscle testing. Sometimes we forget to say those things because it’s such a part of our lives. We just assume everybody knows the answer. So we’re guilty of paradigm blindness.

Jeffrey – So Andrew, to give a little more information, there’s a scale of consciousness, as Clayten said earlier in the discussion. It’s one to infinity because everything has some consciousness, and 1000 is the human realm. So we’re using kinesiology or muscle testing to test on a scale. Dr. David Hawkins talks about how to do that in his book Power Versus Force. That’s a good place to start. Diana has a question.

Diana – This is not so much a question but a good report. The last time we chatted, at the last video conference, I had some really bad veins behind my knees. They are now considerably better. My left leg is about 80% better. My right leg was 100%, but then some of it came back again. And then I’ve had a new thing that happened, which is wonderful. For the last ten years or so, I had had an E.coli infection that was bad. And it left me with a red line in my left eye at the very bottom, which shows an imbalance in the colon. And I’ve had holistic doctors help me with it. We’ve done all kinds of things, and nothing worked. It’s just been there. It gets worse sometimes. But then it goes back to its normal intensity. Well, since we’ve had the last chat, it’s 50% better. I mean, it’s amazing. Nothing else has helped it. I thought you guys would be interested in that.

Jeffrey – Wow, that’s great. Does that indicate that your GI tract is in better shape, or is it more of a vascular issue with the eyes?

Diana – I think it may be vascular. All square ology does is show where there’s an imbalance in our body, and I can trace it by the red lines I see in my eyes.

Jeffrey – One of the things that can affect our vascular system is blood pressure. In some more research, we’ve come across many studies related to magnesium and blood pressure. Proper levels of magnesium can balance the system and have the blood pressure balance or reduce. Magnesium tends to relax the muscles. As the blood pumps that could have affected both in the veins behind your legs and your eyes. Since we recommend taking magnesium and then we’re energizing magnesium in the diet with the Service to help more magnesium enter into our systems.

Diana – I take it and magnesium, extra magnesium, but I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. So there’s something wonderful going on.

Jeffrey – Great. That’s good to hear. I always love positive reports. Thank you.

Clayten – It’s always amazing what the body will do if it has the energy to do it and the resources. Yes, we’re watching miracles in a sense.

Jeffrey – Is there more you’d like to ask us?

Diana – Maybe another question, I guess you will let us know when this 5G rolls out. Trump is supposed to be adjusting it so that it is not as hard. So it’s not negative energy going out that it’s going to be some kind of positive energy with it. He’s changing it. And I’m sure that you will be able to tell if and when that happens from your research.

Jeffrey – Yes, we’re checking properties three times a week for the EMF Mitigation. We have several experiments, not started yet, but coming up in that area, so thank you for that.

Clayten – We have tested 5G towers. Our research indicates the same results people are having with the 5G routers, we just haven’t completed that research. But the initial indications are that the consciousness lowering effects of the 5G towers will be made positive. Or entropy will be reduced, and the consciousness lowering aspects of EMFs will be compensated for the same as the 5G routers, even though it’s a different type of technology. The average 5G Tower takes the equivalent of, I think, it’s 5500 Home Subscriptions to harmonize the influence of one 5G Tower.

Diana – Wow.

Clayten – It just depends on the environment, some of them are more rural; most of them are urban. If you have urban ones, sometimes there is a 5G tower with the influence of another 5G Tower in its radius. So that can take up to 7000. I think it’s the highest we’ve tested so far.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you for coming on with us. Thank you. So we have one more hand up. Let’s bring Blanche in.

Blanche – Okay. Yes. I just completed my first week of two on my Free Trial with my cell phone. And I have some questions. I have had an EMF protection case on my phone for about two years. And I’m wondering if that case in any way impacted activation of the FLFE program to my cell phone number?

Jeffrey – No, that will not have an effect at all.

Blanche – Okay, good. That sets my mind at ease. And I read Power Versus Force probably 30 years ago, so that really rang true and was heartwarming to me. I’m familiar with that. And also, I learned about muscle testing and have been doing it for about 35 years. I do a lot of alternative health care, and I won’t go to a naturopath who does not muscle test. I feel there can be many good products or supplements or whatever, but it may not be what our bodies want. So, I’ve used that on myself, my family, and my animals. It’s just heartwarming to hear you talk about kinesiology and muscle testing; it’s a major part of my life. I muscle test myself for just about everything. So that’s very exciting. And I’m looking forward to the second week coming up. I have a lot going on in my life right now; major stuff, a daughter with mental illness and crisis, and a friend whose daughter is getting ready to pass on very soon. And I’m also caregiving right now to a friend who had major back surgery, and I’m staying at his house and helping him; he’s coming along. So, there’s a lot of big stuff kind of in my life right now. And I have had, as a result of PTSD a few years ago, chronic sleep issues, and I am just so hoping that FLFE will help me with that. That would be an incredible gift to get normal good sleep. So I thank you actually, my naturopath is the one who suggested FLFE to me. And that’s why I’m here. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – But just on the sleep side, you may want to keep your cell phone within four feet of you.

Blanche – I have done that.

Jeffrey – Okay, good. And everyone can try the Home Service as well.

Blanche – Well, the thing is, I rent an apartment. And I from what I read on the website; you need an apartment number. Is that correct?

Jeffrey – Yes, that is correct.

Blanche – Yeah, I don’t know, I rent an in-law basement apartment where I live.

Jeffrey – We may have a solution for that in the future. But at this point, we would put the whole house on, and it would be important to let the landlords know about it. Because of hydration requirements, drinking more water is essential.

Blanche – You bet.

Clayten – You could ask your neighbors upstairs if they’re willing to experiment with it and just say that they may pay attention to hydration. So that’s a possibility if you’re comfortable with that, of course.

Blanche – Yeah, she’s a naturopath. So I don’t know. She’s not my naturopath, but she is one. Now one other question. I will not be at my friend’s house for more than probably another couple of weeks. But I’ve been here for a month. And it bothers me that the Xfinity, a very large router is very close to the bed. And you know that it certainly won’t be in my apartment, but that’s my reality right now. And it does bother me, but there’s nothing I can do about it because it is installed there.

Jeffrey – Well, if you’re inclined to go on to the website and log into the Control Panel, the instructions for that are in the first email to you after signing up.

Blanche – Okay.

Jeffrey – And then experiment with having your cell phone close by, and then turning off the EMF Mitigation and turn it back on, there’s a button to push, it can go on and off.

Blanche – And what was that? I missed that. Turning off what?

Jeffrey – You can turn off the EMF Mitigation Program separately from the Service.

Blanche – Okay.

Jeffrey – So if you go to the Control Panel, you can turn the Service on and off. And also turn on and off the EMF Mitigation. And it’s just a way to experiment. See how you feel. I mean, most people don’t turn it off. But it’s a great way to see how this router feels to me with it on and off? To kind tune into the difference in your body. How with the EMF Mitigation active versus seeing how it feels to you.

Blanche – Yes, I’m an empath. And I’m susceptible to energy and so forth. So, I’m conscious and sensitive about it. But I will try that. Thank you so much. Tonight is my first webinar, and it’s wonderful! Nice to hear people who think the same way I do.


Jeffrey – Yes, we appreciate you being in the club.

Blanche – Excellent. Bless you. Thanks so much.

Jeffrey – I’ll just mention Clayten, the experiment we did with IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. We activated a field within a room that is a faraday cage. It’s a grounded, double wall, stainless steel Faraday cage. And we activated a field inside that, so they were able to see the difference in some quantum number generating experiments that we contracted with them. So, you know, a case on a cell phone is not going to affect the field. It can happen inside a shielded room and activate, just like consciousness would if we were thinking of someone like a loved one. If they were inside this shielded cage, we would still have that connection with them.

Clayten – Yes, the FLFE service works in harmony with every other EMF Mitigation and other energetic services that we’ve ever found. The nature of the activated field is very similar to what’s activated in the brain when we’re in a positive state. So it’s like a universal wrench that way, it fits everything.

Jeffrey – Let’s bring in Patty now. Hello, Patty. How are you tonight?

Patty – I’m great. I’ve been enjoying your product; I’ve been playing with the Boost. I’m feeling that when I’m meditating or if I’m just reading or hanging out. I had a quick question following up on muscle testing. So I also have done muscle testing and prefer a doctor that muscle tests. And I muscle test myself, and I know that Dr. Hawkins doesn’t recommend muscle testing yourself in his book. I was wonder what your thoughts were on that if we always have another person when we’re testing? Do you always have two people? And do you think that’s necessary nowadays?

Clayten – I’ll start with that. When we’re testing the properties, we have three people do the testing in our morning meetings, or sometimes four. We have a group of people trained to do testing over time; we have the same inquiry. All our inquiries are vetted very carefully, to be very precise. So there are many controls in place. We also do a lot of what we call batch testing Patty, where someone will do a lot of research on a topic. They will measure the level of consciousness of their response’s truth, typically that it’s written. And then other people can test that. We’re making these requests to Divinity in the Programs. Jeff’s writing the Programs, and it could be 20 pages long. He’ll test its consciousness level, and then I’ll test the level of consciousness of that. And then perhaps somebody else will as well. So we have multiple levels of redundancy and safety involved in our process because we do have a group of people. The challenge with testing ourselves, of course, is subjectivity. One of the things to be aware of when testing ourselves is time. If we don’t state the average time we’re testing ourselves over, it will default to the instant we test. For example, test yourself at 6:43 pm PST. If you tested your level of consciousness, from 6:40 to 5:40, this evening, you might get a very different response than if you tested it just in this instant. You could be in a very high state of repair low state. And so there are a lot of things that can contribute to variability with self-testing. That’s the cautionary note, I think, on Dr. Hawkins’s part.

Patty – Right, I found that I’ve have found that to be a point in time and when I have asked the question, and I can go back and ask the question again and have a different answer. And I guess for me, I was wondering, it was with the books, I just love the idea of, and I haven’t played with it yet. I’ve only tried holding a book on my solar plexus and testing. And, so I’m wondering, would I just ask it for higher consciousness? So maybe it’s in the way I word the question. Obviously, that’s critical. Only, you know, to test them on me.

Clatyen – You could use the default inquiry. As I understand it is to state, “It is in the highest and best interest of all creation, for me to take this action for me to read this book,” and then you’ll get a yes or no. And then try a parallel scale. For example, on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of consciousness where 1000 represents the most appropriate book for me to read, the level of appropriateness of this book, on average over the previous week is above 200, 300, if the test is weak at 400 then start narrowing the inquiries down. And if it tests high, test the chapters, and test the page and which chapter and which page if you want to, I guess Blanche and I wouldn’t get anything done if we read at dinnertime we’d starve. We can get crazy with kinesiology and crazy in other ways, too.

Jeffrey – And, Patty, just another comment as well. We are individually testing; we’re not testing in a triad where one person’s arm is out. We’re individually testing, but as Clayten said we’re checking each other, and we’re making sure that we have consistent results. And the other thing we do is test whether we’re hydrated enough. We test our polarity, basically test something that you know the answer to see if you get the right answer. If you’re just stating your name and getting a no, you know that your polarity has switched. And then we look at our freedom. We created this freedom scale that that hundred percent free means we can accurately test; there are no unconscious beliefs or anything in the way of accurate testing. So we’ll test each other’s freedom to test on a particular subject.

Patty – That’s interesting. I haven’t heard that, to test our freedom.

Clayten – Typically, we test our polarity first. And then we test if we have permission to make the inquiry we’re holding in mind. So we have to have an inquiry that’s accurate held in mind. And then we test our freedom scales; it’s possible to put five things into a freedom scale, and have one inquiry, cover all of those five items. For example, hydration, our nervous system’s condition, alignment of our chakras, and things of that nature. And, of course, testing ourselves on a freedom scale is quite paradoxical, but it’s worth doing. That’s why we have to test each other, does that make sense?

Patty – Fascinating, yes, it does make sense.

Clayten – Kinesiology is a profession.

Jeffrey – And how has your experience been Patty with the Service?

Patty – I love it. I definitely feel a difference in my energetics and outlook, so I’m enjoying it. It’s kind of a permission thing so I can put it on my house, right? I live here but to put the office on and I own the building. So does that permit me? I suppose the I Am of each individual’s going to choose anyway whether or not to accept the energetic part, at least that’s my assumption.

Jeffrey – Yes, what we tell business owners is, as long as everyone is aware of hydration. Use hydration posters advising to drink plenty of water. There is water available for people to drink, then that’s reasonable enough. So we are reminding people to hydrate and there is plenty of water for them to drink. We feel it’s acceptable to do that.

Patty – What would a person sense if they weren’t hydrated enough?***

Jeffrey – I mean, anytime we’re not hydrated, we can feel crabby, our moods go low. That is one way to know that a polarity reversal has occurred. One of the critical things with kinesiology to be well hydrated, if we’re not hydrated enough, our polarity can switch. And that’s just in a mood switch; it goes from being positive to negative. So that’s probably the main thing to notice. I mean, there are ways to pinch our skin to see if the skin in the pinched area goes back to flat. If it doesn’t stay pinched, that can be an indicator variable based on our age. And the color of the urine is another way.

Clatyen – Constipation as well, Patty, and in a change in the bowels. So if we’re paying attention to our bowel movements, that’s another way to check. So, mood and the skin test. Also with kinesiology, try pulling up a hair on your arm. If you pull a hair and that pulls the skin up, and you test negative, then you’re not hydrated if you test positive you are. That’s another skin test. Yeah, there are probably some others too.

Patty – Nice. I had one more question. And that is the giving back. So you say that when we sign up for that, we’re signing up that for life. And I haven’t gone through the signup process, so I’m not sure. Is that then a monthly fee for life for the Pay it Forward?

Jeffrey – No, there’s no cost for a Pay it Forward Subscription. It’s at 500. So there are no hydration requirements and no other Programs on, it’s just love. It’s like a gift of love for an area. And it stays on for as long as we have the Service. There’s no cost to you. You could subscribe for one month and cancel, and it would continue.

Patty – That’s beautiful. Thank you for clarifying.

Jeffrey -Thank you, Patty, thanks for joining us. Shall we take a few questions and then come back?

Clayten – Yes, Susan is asking, “How does FLFE help or affect newborn babies?” Most of the time, Susan, we find that babies are calmer and happier. That’s what I’ve heard 99% of the time anyway. In terms of not drinking much water, it depends on if they’re breastfed or not. But certainly, the parents can pay attention to that.

Jeffrey – I would say most babies are almost in an FLFE zone. I mean, unconditional love is in that kind of 540 to 560 zone. And a lot of babies are getting unconditional love from their parents. And so they’re in that energy already in most cases. The Programs that we have, for anyone new to the service, are all included. There’s nothing to pay for; there is nothing to do. It’s automatically included in the service. And it’s information in the field, or it’s additional lifeforce energy in the field as we’ve said, for energized nutrients or for brain functioning things like that. So it’s like Chinese medicine, there’s more Prana or Chi, there’s more life force energy available. So, just that rich environment, which includes the parents’ love, is very supportive for babies.

Clayten – Johnny asks, “If you feel anxious, is that a good time to run the enhancements?” We have a Consciousness Slider, and we have a Boost. “So, is that a good time to run enhancer for 30 minutes or just a frequency down?” I’m assuming Johnny means the Boost. It depends, Johnny, as our bodies take in this extra lifeforce energy or Chi, it will have its own rhythm of how it uses it. Most people find when the level of consciousness is higher, they feel less anxious. Some people notice a big distinction in their body tension if they turn on and off the EMF Mitigation in their Control Panel. And that’s indicated by the reduced entropy in the Gas Discharge Visualization study on the website. So as a general rule of thumb, we’ll feel better if it’s a higher consciousness field, and we’re all a little bit different, so it’s best to experiment.

Jeffrey – Definitely, I’ve heard people say they use the Boost when they’re feeling anxious. And they want to relax whether they’re trying to meditate or they’re just trying to feel happier that the 600 Boost helps. It’s 600 on the Hawkins Map for 30 minutes on a property and five minutes on the phone. So give that a try and see how it goes.

Clayten – Do want to pick up the next one, Jeff, because you’re more into the Program writing these days, what the differences in the Subscriptions are?.

Jeffrey – Yes, the main difference between the regular Subscriptions and the lower price, the Smarter EMF, and Smarter EMF for children is the lower level of consciousness. Standard properties are at 560. The Slider can go up to 570. And as we said earlier, FLFE Everywhere primary Subscriptions are at 575 at the 4-foot range, and then goes out. There are additional fields out beyond that to 300 feet. So one of the main differences is that lower level of consciousness. It’s still at the level of love, you know, it’s still a major increase from the normal environmental level of consciousness that we’re all walking around in most the time. And on the property, there is mitigation of geopathic stress and the clearing of the property. So that can be very important. Maybe the property is on an old battlefield; or a site where there’s a war skirmish or conflict at some point perhaps by the previous owners, so that is included in smarter EMF. But there are other Programs like Relationship Support that are not in the Smarter EMF, but they are in the main Subscriptions. But the key programs of EMF Mitigation, Brain Optimization, and Energized Nutrients are all on the Smarter EMF product.

Clayten – Yes, the Smarter EMF product came out originally as a request from families with children. And the cost of multiple Subscriptions was getting to be too expensive. So we came up with something they could put on their children’s phones to give them the EMF protection mostly. We include Brain Optimization because everyone needs help with our brains. And there are concerns about EMFs and students affecting their ability to concentrate, so we included that.

Carmen asks – “How do you know how much chromium and lithium do we need, and where do you find it? Is it like a multivitamin, or what do you recommend?” When it comes to nutritional supplements, Carmen, unless you’re really good at kinesiology, it’s probably good to see a professional. We use Vega testing sometimes in our community; there are different people who have different ways of measuring it. But that’s probably the best advice we can give you; go to a professional and get assessed. Bloodwork is obviously the standard in those cases, at least the standard in many circles. Some people believe in muscle testing more.

Jeffrey – And in the United States, I’m not sure about Canada, there are lithium supplements to buy. And as Clayten said, work with someone to get the right dosage for you. And it’s in food and water; it is in the environment. And Energized Nutrients, we believe, assist the absorption of that into the body.

So Eric is from Colorado. “I just want to say thank you for your work and technology. I was able to quit smoking after the second day of the trial with the support of FLFE. I feel less stressed and experience a more balanced feeling. I’ve noticed an increased quality of life in all areas as well.” That’s great, Eric, thank you for sharing with us. It’s a tough thing to do to quit smoking. And we have a Program feature benefit in the FLFE environment that assists with the stagnation of energy, which relates to habits. And at times, we intend to change a habit. And we may be stuck sometimes. And actually, acupuncture or acupressure can help that. And the Anti-Stagnation Program helps Chi or the lifeforce energy to flow through the body everywhere. Including areas where it may have been stuck, which then can help with habits like that. Anything you would like to say about that Clatyen?

Clayten – Yes, what’s interesting, Eric, is that our level of willpower correlates with our consciousness level. We’ve had many people email us and say that they’ve been able to overcome addictions that they’ve been previously unable to overcome since they have been on the Service. I think the average person in the FLFE environment goes up in 90 days if we are in the environment for eight hours a day is, I think 20 points. Now, Jeff, as we add more and more enhancements, it seems to go up. So 20 points is 20 to the power of 10 times more energy and more willpower.

Quite frankly, the most successful addiction recovery program in the world is the 12-Step Program. And the level of consciousness of the teachings of the 12-Step Program is right around 540. The FLFE environment is 560 or higher. We have homes as high as 650 and higher so we can go a lot higher than the minimum that we guarantee. And it doesn’t limit in any way the environment going up. I’m giving another perspective on the relationship between consciousness and willpower and overcoming our personal struggles.

Jeffrey – So Carmen asks, “If we are in a place that has radiation, how much should we raise the level of energy?” Now, that’s the question we haven’t been asked before, Carmen. I think that’s another place to do our own experimenting. Certainly, if we’re in a place with radiation, we may want to move to a different place if we can. I don’t know quite what is meant there. Hopefully, it’s not dangerous radiation for you personally. And we provide the Control Panel to experiment. Try turning the Service on and off. And as we mentioned, try turning the EMF Mitigation on and off. And then we have the Slider, the Consciousness Control Slider, which allows us to move the level up to 570 level of support or down to 400. And that is not new; it doesn’t change the level of consciousness of the property; it just is the support level. So if the property is naturally at 500, you go below that, it’s not going to change the property. But, you know, it all depends on the environment.

Clayten – Elaine says, “Thank you for your valuable work. You mentioned we get our energy from the air; is the air quality an important factor in this? Also, there are different breathing methods. What type would you recommend?” Yes, air quality is important. There’s a difference in the amount of oxygen in the air in a highly polluted city and the country. Also, close to water where there are more negative ions in the air, it’s not just oxygen. Are there different breathing methods? Yes, there are many different breathing methods. Kriya Yoga, as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, is a pretty popular yogic breathing method. A lot of us may have heard of Wim Hof. He is a well-known breathing practitioner specializing in using the Chi or Prana in the air, and cold adaptation. Cold adaptation or cold thermogenesis is a fascinating area to study. You can look at Wim Hof; you can look at Kriya Yoga, two good places to start.

Jeffrey – Yes, in the Ayurvedic field, there are many techniques to concentrate Prana using breathing techniques and other things. And in the FLFE environment, there’s so much more Prana, more lifeforce energy available. But those breathing exercises, when you find them could be very helpful to increase it even further.

Clayten – Well, Walter’s been waiting for quite a while. I don’t know if he’s still there, but maybe we should see if he is still waiting.

Walter – This is sort of along the lines of what some people have been asking about. A little bit of background first. We have had the Service on for only a number of days, and I’ve noticed a substantial impact. We’re a family of four, and I would say most certainly three of us have been positively impacted. I do not see so much of an impact in one, and I’m wondering if some people, shall we say, less susceptible to increasing consciousness? Or perhaps, if they have practices such as constantly following the news or being tuned into Facebook and politics. There are so many horrible things going on; I’m wondering if FLFE can sort of counteract it? I’m just curious to know what have been some of the experiences that you guys have noticed within a household or a group of people?

Jeffrey – Yes, we see quite a variety of things happening. Because people are on different paths and in different places on the path. Often, someone will put on the Service and not necessarily tell everyone and watch what happens. And it’s a great experiment if we keep hydration reminders going. And what we see is all over the map. But, as I said, everyone’s on a path, and sometimes it takes longer and free will reigns. So if someone wants to follow negative news, and that’s how they want to be, then that will affect them, and that’s their choice. So it’s just providing the environment for them to draw from as they choose. The body is using it anyway because, as Clayten says, the body is, through the lungs, and in other ways pulling in this lifeforce energy into the body. Being in that Love Field at the 560 level or higher depending on our environment does support people. And we see this average raise for all Subscribers and the average is 20 points over 90 days. So, it does take some time. Clayten has quite a long history of helping people with consciousness.

Walter – All right, well, thank you.

Clayten – It’s interesting, Walter, FLFE is expressed in different ways for different people. There are the classic signs of rising consciousness, such as a quieter mind, being more patient with ourselves and each other, or improved lifestyle habits. And the media is generally negative; being preoccupied with social media probably is not the best way to raise our consciousness. We look for the signs, and often it may show up as someone being cleaner. Perhaps they’re cleaning their room more if they have their own room. We’ve had parents call or email us sometimes and say, “I can’t believe it, my teenage son or daughter is cleaning their room on their own without any prompts.” So, it can be pretty subtle in some cases, and the more entrenched we are in negativity, the harder it is to be free.

Walter – I’m assuming over time; it will assist those individuals.

Clayten – That’s our hope anyway, I think it does assist to some degree, as Jeff said, free will is involved. It doesn’t hurt to say a prayer for someone that they find more freedom from those distractions.

Walter – Well, gentlemen, thank you for doing what you have.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, Walker, for trying the Service.

Clayten -You sound like a radio host, Walter, you’ve got a really smooth voice. (laughing)

Walter – Oh, I get that all the time.

Clayten – You could make a living doing meditation-videos, you know, as a side gig or something.

Jeffrey – We’re quarter after the hour here. Maybe another question or two, and then we’ll wrap it up. Let’s see, Andrew asks, “How are you testing? How many people?” I’m not quite sure what he means by that. So there are some questions about how do we measure the planet’s number and the functionality? I am assuming Andrew’s is similar. Clayten, do you want to talk about that?

Clayten – Sure, so how do we measure the level of the entire planet’s number? The inquiry would be to, first of all, check your polarity. Then check for permission to inquire. If you get positive polarity permission, then inquire. And check your freedom to test on a scale as we said earlier. The inquiry would be “The level of consciousness of planet Earth, on average over the previous 24 hours is above 100, above 200, no, above 100, above 150, above 180, above 190, above 185, etc. So that’s the level of consciousness in terms of what we call functionality. In Hawkins Map of consciousness, he doesn’t address the level of functionality. So that’s something we discovered was relevant when we calibrate the various influences in someone’s life to help them see where they can grow. For example, if we have a person who has a part of their life, let’s say financial resource management, that’s how they manage their lives’ financial affairs. If they’re 190, in the level of consciousness and 800 in their functioning level, they’ll typically have a gambling addiction. So that’s where we have a low level of consciousness and very high functionality, more than 300 points of a gap will typically indicate impulsiveness. And then that impulsiveness leans more to addiction as the gap in consciousness and functioning is higher. So we created a new term to add a distinction in understanding people and how to support them in raising their consciousness. The distinction mostly evolved out of my coaching practice. I used a lot of kinesiology to help people understand where they were high and low in the parts of their lives.

Jeffrey – Cathy asks, “Can you explain how the consciousness in my home is at 560, but I am often stuck in fear with everything that’s going on in the world, which is a consciousness of 100?” Well, first of all, Cathy, depending on what country we’re in, when we look at the entire world, it’s averaging all of the countries, and it’s currently at 199. But the United States, Canada, other countries, are higher, they could be quite a bit higher. I understand with everything that’s going on and what’s in the media, that it’s easy to fall into fear. And I sympathize for you with that situation. And you know, the FLFE environment is meant to be a support. It’s meant to be a more pristine environment free of our restraints to rising in consciousness. The FLFE support gives us a sort of open field for us to play or work in. And I highly recommend spending some time away from the media if you can and focus on family, friends, pets, gardening, taking walks in nature. Anything thing that help to connect us to the natural world and love. The FLFE environment is there to support us, and we can adjust it using the Consciousness Slider. That’s in the Control Panel as we’ve said.

Cathy goes on to ask if it is causing even more stress in my nervous system? She’s already compromised. Do you have any suggestions for supplements besides essential fatty acids, magnesium, and sunflower lecithin, beneficial for the nervous system? Lithium could be another helpful one. And the three that you mentioned are good support for the nervous system. But what may be better is to get outside for a walk or spend some time quietly without the media and see how you do.

So, I’ll just finish and do my wrap up now Clayten. We’re in the time with a lot happening in the world. Much of what looks like bad news creates a lot of worry and fear in the world. I’m grateful personally for my loved ones around me who support me and for my dog and cat. For the beautiful trails in nature nearby that I can walk in and connect with the trees. And so what I gave you is what I do. And with FLFE, our mission is to support the evolution of consciousness. Each of us has consciousness. And that much of a pristine, supportive environment that we can create together. And with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Clayten.

Clayten – The thought that comes to me, Cathy, when you’re talking about how to overcome the negativity, what came to mind for me is to look for ways to be of Service. I’ve always found that one of the best ways to get me out of a negative state is to do something for somebody. Going for a walk is a great answer as well. Jeff covered a lot of points there in terms of supplements. I don’t know if you’d call it a supplement. Still, I find bare feet on the Earth, especially in the summertime pulls that electronic entrainment out of my body. Even a cold shower, but they’re not always easy to jump into when we’re not in the best of states.

So, closing comments. Sometimes it’s hard to find something to believe in when all we hear is negativity about how many cases of COVID are in an area. And if there’s anything to believe in, I think it’s in the adaptability of human beings. We’re extremely adaptable, versatile, and resourceful as a species, sometimes to our detriment. But I’ll just leave everyone with the thought that humanity has gone through plagues before. We’ve weathered many storms, including wars with each other and all types of challenges. I believe in the human spirit. When I get preoccupied with the media, I come back to that, that humans are extraordinary creatures. And those are my closing thoughts.

Jeffrey – Thank you for joining us tonight.