Q&A Webinar #11

September 1, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. We are glad to be with you here tonight. We will be answering your questions live after a short discussion about the world’s level of consciousness; we’ll give you an update about that and about an upcoming FLFE Service upgrade. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – We have several enhancements in the works for all FLFE Subscriptions and in the Free Trial. This is coming; I don’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming. The focus is on additional Brain Optimization and Nutrient Support for the brain and the central nervous system. So when the time is right, and we are ready, we will have a Go-Live event for the upgrade with a special Brain Optimization Meditation. So stay tuned for more news and the scheduling from us.

Clayten – As you may know, for those of you who’ve been on the Service for years or for some time, our practice is to add more enhancements.  We do this to provide you increased value and support for the same cost. We’ve only had one price increase in the history of the company. Our FLFE company’s birthday is on September 24, 2020. This year is our seventh year in business. So we’re celebrating that with you. We’ve only had one price increase in that time, and we love giving more value. The next upgrade is going to be in the tradition of that. So when we see an opportunity or challenge emerging or hear a suggestion from you, explore what we can do to enhance the support of the FLFE Service. This is an expression of our love for humanity and our love for you as part of our community.

Jeffrey – We’re on this journey of personal evolution together in the world; there’s quite a lot happening globally. It certainly seems that we’re in a chaotic period of change. We’ve been measuring the level of consciousness of the world, and Clayten has been tracking that. Can you give us an update on that, Clayten?

Clayten – It’s become a bit of a tradition here that we talk about the world’s consciousness level. And given we’ll call it a receding pandemic, I’m going to be optimistic here. We all know that things have changed. So before COVID, the world was at 242. That was the average for about a month before. And it went down as low as 98. So 242 is close to neutral on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. All our calibrations are according to the Hawkins Map. If you haven’t heard of Dr. David Hawkins Power versus Force, it’s a great place to start. On page 68,69, there’s a Map of Consciousness that you can use as a reference for these conversations. So on that scale, it’s from one to infinity; one to 1000 is the human race. There are a certain number of microwatts of electricity associated with each level of consciousness. And as you go up the scale one point, it’s ten times more power. And we like to say it’s ten times more power to create the life you want. In the back of Power versus Force, just before the references, there is a discussion about how each level of consciousness is associated with microwatts of electricity. So if you want to do the math on it, you can go there and get the calculations. The world over the previous, say 24 hours, we calibrated at 199. We check it every morning because we’re checking the properties every day now. We have been for months. Our commitment is to do it three times a week, but we’ve been meeting every day. So we’ve been doing it seven days a week, for the last four months now. There’s a term called Level of Functioning (LOF) that we created to identify another aspect of consciousness. The Level of Functioning is the doing aspect of who we are, where the Level of Consciousness (LOC) is the Being. Last week, we talked about the historical experience in 1986, where the world went over 200 for the first time.

Through research, we discovered that the LOF went up to about 300 at that time and helped pull the LOC up over 200. So the LOF of the world over the previous 24 hours, as we’ve calibrated, is 284. So it fluctuates a little bit, but for the last 24 hours, it’s around the mid-280s. So there’s a possibility, as it has been going up about a point a day that we could see the world go over 200 again. What that means is a little less fear in the world, a little more integrity. And the 200 mark is probably the most significant threshold on the Hawkins Map. There are two major energetic thresholds, 200 and 500. 200 is where you come into integrity or courage; on the Map, we go up from pride. 150 is Anger, Pride around 190, 180, so there may not be many individual experiences as the world goes over 200; I can’t remember what happened in 1986. So we’ll try to pay attention to that as a group in the company. And maybe when we go over 200, Jeff will send out an email to everyone. We can try to pay attention to what’s happening because it’s such a significant event.

Jeffrey – Yes, we can party like it’s 1986.  We had a webinar on the history of consciousness; it’s in the archives for anyone interested in looking at it. The year 1986 was very relevant because it was the first time in 3000 years that the world had not been over 200. So it was an important milestone, and we’re looking for that milestone to occur again soon. It would be, we believe,  important for the world. And there does seem to be an energetic threshold, as Clayten was saying, and it takes more energy to get over that threshold. So that’s why the functioning, increasing beyond 200, pulls it up. With more energy, more things are happening. There’s more commerce, more people doing well in their lives, and these things help to pull up into that next level. So more about the business, as Clayten said, we’re coming up on our seventh anniversary. So that is really exciting for us, for FLFE. And we’re growing every month. And we’ve just signed a lease and are moving into a new space. So that’s exciting. It’s an indicator of our community growing throughout the world. People are starting to notice and give us a call. We’ve gotten calls from some very interesting podcasters recently. We’re looking to do a podcast ourselves sometime in the future; we are working on that. So a lot is happening at FLFE. And we’re happy to be on this journey with you and in the community.

Tonight is another Q&A, so we’d really love to hear from you. You can put your questions in the Q&A section. If you hover down at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the Q&A section. Please put your questions in there. And then you can also raise your hand and ask question of us live. And there’s often some action on the chat side as well. People often share where they’re from and make comments there, and we do see those as they come in. So, welcome, we’re open for your questions, comments, and your perspectives.

Jeffrey –  Isaac asks, “What third party independently verified trial shows proof that FLFE works? Where you simply enter a phone number or address, and it affects the subtle energies?” One of the things we did in the last year was working IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. We did several experiments with them. One in which we activated the FLFE field in their shielded room; in a Faraday cage room, which is a double wall stainless system that keeps out EMFs. We activated a field in that room, and they saw a difference in random number generators during the time and in the different levels of consciousness. And we also have an experiment with them related to the brainwaves of subjects in the IONS Discovery Lab.

These were preliminary experiments, as you point out, Isaac, that we’re now moving into more controlled trial experiments. There’s a higher level of scientific rigor in the experiments and the results. So that’s in process. So, with IONS, the initial experiments were the first start as well as plant experiments and some others.

The GDV camera experiment was with and without FLFE in the same environment over a period of time. A control was used for what the GDV camera saw in terms of the EMF signatures in the two cases with and without FLFE. So it’s a good question. And we are continuing to work on scientific evidence. We have quite a bit happening right now. And we will be bringing that to you as we go on.

Clatyen – Yes, the scientific evidence question is interesting. The Gas Discharge Visualization is considered scientific proof if I’m correct, Jeff, in the United States, but not in Canada yet. So there’s a lot of language around evidence that’s very particular in terms of what you can say what you cannot say. And we have a world-class person that just came into the company. He’s on board now. And he is a professor at a University in the United States with the only Consciousness Research Division. Maybe we can bring him onto a webinar and let him introduce himself. But he’s a part of the company now. So we’ll have someone focusing on that exclusively.

Jeffrey – And his title is his Acting Director of Research. And the focus is finding labs, research partners at Universities, and independent laboratories to work with us over the next year and beyond.

Clayten – It’s great to see all of you check-in in the chat. We’d love to know where you’re from. I just noticed someone from Campbell River makes me think of fishing.  Campbell Rivers is the self-declared salmon fishing capital of the world.

This is from Tina. I was wondering if FLFE might mitigate the effects of things like flu shots or vaccines? I’ll start with that one, Jeff. Basically, we add more lifeforce energy to the body. The body uses its Innate Intelligence to manage its healing process and its relationship with vaccines and flu shots. We did introduce an Immune System Boost Program this year when COVID came on, and we believe that it has a significant positive benefit to the immune system. We’re looking at our new professor coming on to get more evidence of that for us. I don’t know that we would say it mitigates things; we just add positive life force to the body, and its Innate Intelligence does what it knows how to do.

Jeffrey – Sally asks – “What is the Boost?” The Boost is at 600 on the Hawkins Map, and, for a Property Subscription, the 600 LOC lasts for 30 minutes.  And it is for five minutes on a cell phone. It’s a good question, Sally; people are using the Boost for different purposes. We’ve heard it used for headaches. Some people are using it for children that are upset or having trouble concentrating.  And some people are doing it for meditations. It is an opportunity to experience much more energy available. And on the Hawkins Map, each point upwards is ten times more energy available. So when you’re going up to 600, there’s much more energy in the environment. The body naturally takes that in and, as Clayten said, the Innate Intelligence uses that energy for whatever it needs. It’s also there for our conscious direction. We’ve been hearing from Subscribers using it for healing something in the body. Or a blessing for someone else or for someone else’s healing. So having that intention ready is something you can do. You can enjoy the energy and having an intention ready to go when you do the Boost is a tool that you can use. Anything else on that Clayten?

Clatyen – The higher our level of consciousness, the quicker things manifest. So that says a lot. There’s more that relates to the next question from Victoria. We have to be more judicious with our minds’ management in high consciousness fields because we manifest things more quickly.  So it’s an interesting thought about having an intent expressed because it adds power to the possibility of that intention manifesting.

Jeffrey – So FLFE, as we have said, increases the energy available. And doesn’t affect free will. We’re all on our individual evolutionary paths, and additional energy, additional support, and resources can help us move along. And it’s just there if the body wants to use it or not. Some people have an acclimation period as there’s more energy available. If we go to a sacred spot, or a place where people are praying, such as a cathedral or a mosque, we would be in a high consciousness field. And the body takes some time to adapt to that. Sometimes people can experience a headache or nausea. We have a hydration page to calculate the amount of hydration specific to you.

Another thing that can be done during the acclimation phase is to turn down the Service. On your Control Panel, there is a Consciousness Slider, the control where you can turn down the support level. And it’s another way that people acclimate over time. And with the increased energy, the body does get to work. There is a level of repair that may not have been available for quite some time based on the person’s energy level.

We have another question – “How does this differ from a Radionics machine used in sending homeopathy remedies?”  There may be some similarities with Radionics; it’s quite different from what we’re doing. FLFE is a consciousness technology. Our new Acting Director of Research is calling it a quantum technology and looking at quantum sensing and other ways to measure its effects. There is an activation of a field, and then the characteristics of the field are part of the FLFE service. Radionics is directed at a person using an identifier for that person. FLFE is an environmental service where we’re supporting the environment to be positive. Also, to clear any of the restraints related to an environment being positive, including any negative history on the land. It includes the mitigation of geopathic stress and EMFs.  So there’s quite a lot that goes into creating a space that can be as pristine and supportive as possible. Radionics would be more individually health-related.

Clatyen – Gillian asks – “Are  PIFS monitored so that there’s no doubling up, or does the added intention help? Also, if there’s more than one PIF on a place, is it too big a job to monitor this?” Part of the intention of the Pay it Forward or the PIF is for you to experience anonymous giving.

They call that karma yoga in some traditions. So that part of the intent is for all of us to experience that. They’re not monitored, so there may be doubling in terms of having the same address have a PIF applied. There’s no additional energy that goes on. Once and address is already on, if someone else puts a PIF on that address, it will not go over 500. So that’s likely what you’re asking, and in terms of monitoring, it’s not too big of a job, it’s just that it costs to monitor. We make an effort to keep the Service affordable so that more people can access it.  The FLFE mission is to raise the planet’s level of consciousness; the more people on the Service, the better. The cost of managing the PIFs and changing them is too prohibitive. And we wanted to focus it on all of us experiencing the benefits of karma yoga.

Jeffrey – It is good when thinking about assigning your PIF to not pick the obvious choices, the White House or Congress, or government buildings. Think about where in your neighborhood, in your community that would benefit. Like schools, shelters, and workplaces. Locations that have meaning for you personally in your community that you can visit and feel the difference. Some people prefer to put in on a house of worship as well.

Clatyen – Sally has her hand up, let’s bring her in.

Sally – Hi, thanks. I actually posted two things in the Q&A. One again about the Boost. I was the person who asked the question about the intention. I noticed that the number says 570. Is there a way to take it to 600? Or does it automatically go that high naturally? And the second thing is I just wanted to say that a friend had encouraged me to have the Free Trial. I was having a health issue that wasn’t resolving. And since joining FLFE and using the Boost, there has been a  noticeable change in my health. And so I joined and just wanted to let you guys know.

Jeffrey – That’s great to hear Sally, thanks for sharing with us. So the Slider is the Consciousness Control, where the level of support can be taken up to 570. Or you can slide it down. And that’s on all the time. So the Boost is just for 30 minutes on a home: it’s automatically at 600.

Sally – Great, okay.

Jeffrey – And each person in the home environment has a large effect on the consciousness as well. Even though FLFE is creating this kind of support level, there’s more energy there. Often we see properties at 600, 620. There are properties much higher. It’s not any kind of limitation. There is a level that serves as a bottom or a floor at that level. But all of us can take it and run with it; there are no limits at all.

Clayten – The purpose of having a Slider, Sally, was to encourage you to be your own consciousness researcher and to trust your own experience. It doesn’t matter how much evidence we have, or what type of evidence we’ll never make everybody happy. And eventually, it comes down to do you believe it for yourself, and do you bring something positive? We have thousands of testimonials from 54 countries worldwide, stating that they do experience a change in their lives. And you can always turn it on and turn it off and experience the contrast. That’s available in your Control Panel. You can turn the EMF Mitigation on and off if you’re looking for another level of exploration of how it influences you.

Sally – Okay, great. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Thanks so much. Nice to hear from you. Madeline’s asking an interesting question, Clayten, and have you done research on this yet? “Does calibrating on the Hawkins Map show a sizeable difference when humans are sleeping? That is, do the dreams have a measure in their consciousness when we’re sleeping?

Clayten – Well, the highest consciousness one hour period on a 24-hour clock is between 4 am and 5 am in the morning; normally, it’s higher than during the day. It depends on what part of the world we’re in as to what the increase is, but the average, as I recall, is about 15 points. So that time between four and five am is about 15 points higher than any other time of the day. Often what happens is that we’re busy during the day we’re at work, taking care of the family, interacting with people. For most of us at night, there’s less activity. And that higher consciousness, time, travels around the globe with the time zones. So it’s like a rotating, positive influence. I just don’t know if it’s associated with dreams or less activity. That’s a good question. I haven’t dug into it any deeper.

Jeffrey – So we have a question – “Do solar flares, and other electromagnetic activities affect the FLFE energy?” The EMF Mitigation Program is set to mitigate any consciousness lowering effects. There could be electromagnetic activities that are consciousness lowering, and some may not be. So the Service is working with those that are lowering consciousness of the environment or degrading the environment’s health. It’s a little hard to know which of those effects you’re mentioning. Which electromagnetic activities from the sun would be consciousness lowering, and which ones wouldn’t? But as far as the energy itself of the Service, it is not affected by that. If your question is would a solar flare cause a dip in the level of consciousness or something like that; then, no, not that we have seen.

Clayten – Someone is asking about vaccines again, as we might be facing mandatory vaccines. FLFE adds energy to the body, the body’s Innate Intelligence.

Jeffrey – And Jean asks about personal levels of consciousness. One of the things that Clayten has done is to spend a lot of time cracking the code of Kinesiology and measuring consciousness. It’s one of those things that takes time to master and a group to work with. There are no instructions in Dr. Hawkins’s books about how to do it, and there are groups to join with people that are practicing. Is there more you’d like to say about that, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, it’s very possible to check your own levels, Jean. Kinesiology is a profession. We talk about it somewhat casually, but it takes a lot of time and energy to have consistent, accurate results in multiple disciplines or multiple areas. It’s an investment of your time. Some people are really good testers, and you can perhaps contact them or find someone to test your level of consciousness. We don’t do that as a service. It’s just it’s not part of what we do.

Jeffrey – We have a question basically saying that we’re scamming. We get that occasionally. And that’s why we offer the Free Trial. We have so many options, as Clayten mentioned, on the Control Panel for you to do your own experimenting. And so, we wish you the best. The Free Trial is your opportunity to test for yourself. We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water; it is very important. And please make your own choice. We have a growing community of people that are having very clear experiences, so everyone is different. And there is nothing wrong with not feeling it. We wish everyone well whether you join us or not. The Free Trial is our gift to you. Thank you for your comments.

Clayten – Leonard asks – “Could you speak to how the water is being structured by the field? I bring bottled water in glass containers into my home, I noticed the softness is very apparent. I also noticed the benefit of this in my bowel movements. And it has a great effect on complete digestion.” The water being structured is on the same lines as the other requests to Divinity that we call Programs. We did a lot of water research; I have a friend who makes his living in the water business. And he referred me to about seven different specialist scientists and water. What we do is find an expert on the subject matter such as a scientist, and we test their level of consciousness. And test their level of consciousness related to the understanding of water in the body its functionality.  In this case, we had to put multiple different perspectives together to have a complete understanding in terms of how we measure it. So we use a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, where 1000 represents the most appropriate understanding of water and its use in the body. We put several different scientists understanding together to have a complete analysis of how to make the most beneficial use of our technology on water. Then we make that request to Divinity to support the water. Now, many people have reported a change in the quality of water. Many people report their plants are growing quickly and producing more fruit. And they report more bees on them and things of that nature. So this is partly to do with water and part to do with other aspects of the Program. It seems that every time we do an upgrade to one part of the Service, it increases the potency of other parts because the body is more resourced. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people after the Immune system upgrade that they found many benefits. We believe everything works better when the body has additional support. Do you want to add to that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Well, we have a related question from Eileen about drinking water and people in the house not drinking enough water. Eileen wonders how that affects the person with the water being structured in the way it is through the Service. We noticed when we put the Water Program on for the first time, the amount of water that needed to hydrate went down. We measured,  using kinesiology, the number of ounces that we were drinking. When the Program went on, that number went down. It means better absorption of the water through the body and the cells. Many of the FLFE Programs are tuned to hydration. So if you’re not well hydrated, then sort of the level of the Program drops. So we’ll get less benefit from that particular one, but it’s not affecting us negatively.

Clayten – We ask for the water to be micro-clustered to have the surface tension removed. We make many requests of Divinity. Audrey has a question, so we can come back to that thought.

Hello, Audrey.

Audrey – Hi. I’m fascinated with all this. And I’m not quite sure how to explain it to my son. I found that I couldn’t explain to him what it is. Could you just tell me what this is, what it’s all about? Because I’m just not clear on what the whole thing is.

Jeffrey – Yes, understand. It’s simply an unusual service. FLFE is very similar to the experience many people have had, where they think of someone, and then they get a call from them two minutes later. There’s a quantum connection that’s occurring between people. And there are twin studies, and mother and child studies where this quantum connection occurs between people. And this is what we believe is happening; when you think of someone, a field is activated. There’s a quantum connection occurring between you and them, and it’s an instant no distance connection. And that quantum connections, the same thing that FLFE is doing where we have a unique identifier, which is an address, a cellular device number, or photograph of the objects. And that unique identifier then creates a quantum connection from our system to the address or around the cell phone or object. Human consciousness has this quantum piece that allows that connection, and FLFE technology does the same thing. So we’re activating a field. And then, the level of consciousness of the field is specified by the system. Another way to think about a field of consciousness because that can be a bit of a foreign concept. If you go to a high place like a cathedral or a mosque, where there’s prayer, you can feel it in your body. There is a sort of uplifted vibrational feeling.

Audrey – Right, I get the field thing. I just don’t get what you guys are proposing around this. What are you into? What do you do? Do you interfere or filter, or I’m not sure?  And is it like an app or something?

Jeffrey – No, a quantum connection is occurring from the unique identifier. So much like human consciousness, it’s occurring without a device. There’s nothing that we ship anywhere. We’re working on an app, but the app wouldn’t be what makes it function. What makes it function is the unique identifier of the cellular number in that country. There’s only one device in the country that has that phone number.

Clayten – We have machines, Audrey, that create a high consciousness field in them, and we associate that with your address. So we absolutely have machines; we just don’t send them out to you.

Audrey – All right. And what do they do exactly? What’s the purpose?

Jeffrey – The purpose of the Service or the purpose of the machines themselves?

Audrey – Well, the purpose of all this activation. Is it to the lower, I don’t know, this is where I’m not clear on what this whole thing does.

Jeffrey – The purpose of the Services is an activation of a high consciousness space. For example, in Ayurvedic Medicine or many yoga types, the purpose is to build energy in a space. Chinese medicine recognizes that energy flows through the body in the form of Chi, and they are reading that. Then they’re clearing blocks with acupuncture or acupressure. This type of energy is invisible to current instruments, current Western science. So the invisible Chi, Prana, or lifeforce energy is what we’re talking about with FLFE. And the purpose is to increase the amount of it in the same way that Ayurvedic medicine tries to increase it. Breath exercises, chanting, and meditation are recognized ways to increase the life force of an area. Clayten, do you want to pick up on that as well?

Clayten – Yes, our mission is to create the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. So that’s a mouthful. We’re trying to help you raise your consciousness or create an environment that will support you to raise your consciousness. That’s really the most concise way that I can say it.

Audrey – So I’m guessing that’s what the Free Trial is about, to feel more. Because words are hard to put in place in this context. So thank you very much.

Clayten –  If you’re having consciousness conversations all the time, it becomes really kind of second nature, and we’re all having consciousness conversations.  Your son talking to you about this is a consciousness conversation. It’s just having a common language. The higher our level of consciousness, the freer we are. So part of what you could say is that we’re trying to help people become more free.

Audrey – All right. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey – Thanks for coming on, Audrey.

Clayten – Constantina asks – “Taken into account all the negative energy that’s spreading in communities, how can we help mitigate the negativity and promote a higher consciousness?” Well, we could spend a week talking about that. Raising our own consciousness in many ways is the best thing we can do to help other people because we’re all connected. And there’s a saying that a rising tide floats all ships. So there are many people in this community that can address that. They would likely have 20 or 30 excellent answers. If people want to add their thoughts in the chat, please do. That’s a big question. Do you want to add anything to that one, Jeff, before we go to the next?

Jeffrey – I would recommend the private Facebook group that we have. There’s quite a community and people doing all sorts of work around this. There’s so much concern about the community and the negativity occurring in the world with what’s happened. Our personal work makes it makes a big difference. We believe that the first place to start is with meditation and using whatever means you can that uplift you. We all have our own ways to uplift, whether it’s dancing or chanting or meditation. It all helps to radiate out into the community. Thank you for that question.

Clayten – Daniel says he’s very sensitive to FLFE. He has very high levels of toxicity and blocked detox pathways. He feels more energetic and centered when he first turned it on, but then he has a Herxheimer reaction. He drinks tons of water. Typically, Daniel, what we suggest is to turn the level of consciousness down other than just turning it on and off. Turn right down to 400 on your Control Panel. Your property still might be higher than that. But it will provide a bottom line,  as Jeff was saying earlier. There are many properties at 600 or 625 on the Service, so it doesn’t limit the property in any way. It just provides a base. So I would try turning it right down. And then see how you’re affected by that. And then if that’s too much 24/7 you could turn it off at night before you go to bed and turn it back on the morning. And if that’s a little bit too much, then I would go to perhaps three hours at a time. Try that and maybe go down to an hour at a time. It seems like you’re starting to do that. We encourage people not to be overwhelmed with the experience is a very powerful, energetic support. And when the body has additional energy, it’s very intelligent it will use it to do whatever healing it deems necessary. And we often compare it to having a check to do a renovation in your house, all of a sudden, you’ve got this check, and you can do $20,000 worth of renovation. And during that process, it can be kind of messy in the house and disruptive. So we want to manage that in such a way that their lives are better every day with the support of FLFE. And, whether you want to power through it and see if that will turn the tide is really up to you.

Jeffrey – And Daniel, I would recommend reaching out if you’re okay getting on the Facebook private page. Others have been in the situation that you’ve been in; some have powered through, others not so much. But you could hear some of their experiences and have some conversations with people. And you’re asking about a pulsed EMF device. And we haven’t found any devices that are not compatible with FLFE. But since this device may be unsticking toxicity or if you’re using it for some kind of virus or bacteria or Lyme disease, you could have a Herxheimer reaction with that as well. I’m glad you’re drinking lots of water. And you may consider some additional minerals in the water to make sure you’re mineralized well enough as that can have an effect on your detoxing.  I would suggest you give a call to the office and talk to your support person.  We’ve got support; it’s not medical support, but we have experience talking to many different people. So thanks for writing.

Clayten – There are some great comments in the chat section regarding Constantina’s inquiry about mitigating negativity. There are a lot of resources in our community and on the Facebook page. It’s a private group. It’s quite touching to see the amount of support that’s there and the impressive level of expertise. There are a lot of healers in the community. We have a lot of professional people, doctors in particular, and naturopaths.

Jeffrey – So we have a comment – “I have had excellent Service for over a year now. I went through an acclimation phase for a few weeks. I found I had to re-acclimate again, post COVID as it was affecting me differently. I lowered my Service from 570 to 500 to feel okay”.  I would say the world’s level of consciousness has dropped as we’ve said; it’s dropped in various countries quite a bit. So the environment is has changed; it can feel very different. And the contrast is larger between the FLFE environment and the basic environment in the new low situation occurring. I can understand how there may be some different acclimation for especially going in and out of the house. You mentioned your dog that’s calm and easy at home. But as soon as you go outside, he’s anxious and uncomfortable. And that was not the case pre-COVID. It could very well be that he’s sensitive to the environment. You know, the lower post COVID environment we are experiencing.

Clayten – The level of consciousness of the world is significantly lower since COVID has been active. There is a different vibration. It requires a lot more energy from our technology to maintain the commitment we’ve made to have it at 560 or higher 90% of the time, over 24 hours. So we’ve had to make a major upgrade to our technology to handle the additional energy requirements because the planet’s level of consciousness is lower.

Jeffrey – And the drop was even larger in some industrialized countries like in the U.S. and Canada. We’re in the 410s 420s on the Hawkins Map, pre-COVID down into below 200. Into the fear range at that time, and now it’s climbed back up, but it’s still a large contrast.

Clayten – That’s a good point. Jeff. Joanna asks – “Have you noticed a positive response with the effects of cell phones Wi-Fi, and especially 5G?” Yes, we have an Evidence Section, Joanna. We have a Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) study that demonstrates a change in the environment’s entropy or chaos in the environment reduced when FLFE is on the environment. We found that not many instruments are sensitive enough to notice the subtle energy; the Prana or Chi as different traditions call it. The GDV camera is one of those instruments. And Melissa Waterman, who performed the experiment, traveled worldwide with Dr. Joe Dispenza for years. And so we truly trust Melissa Waterman; we trust her expertise.

Jeffrey – And we’re working with some other EMF researchers about additional research on that subject. Melissa did two studies, one with FLFE and one without it, including 5G, if that was in the normal environment within this location. We then added a 5G router, a home router, not one of the big millimeter-wave routers. So we did some research with that. And we’re looking to do a research project with one of the big millimeter-wave towers. Finding a location and getting the camera in place to do multiple days studies hasn’t been available to us yet. We are still working out the logistics of that. Thank you for your question.

Clayten – Anthony asks – “Does FLFE help mitigate the negative effects of chemtrails? I am often breathing outside hiking or playing tennis?” We do have many Programs to support the environment, Anthony. Recently we added the Immune System Support Program. So in that sense, having additional resources in the body does mitigate the negative effects of any outside influence.

Jeffrey – Eileen asks about Emoto’s work with water, the hidden messages in water. He found that many water sources were polluted, being treated with chlorine and other chemicals. And crystallin formed. Our Service has been accepted for a research project with the Emoto’s lab. It’s continuing on after Dr. Emoto’s death, and we are preparing samples. We’ll be sharing the results of that when they are in. We’re very interested in working with them to see what the crystalline forms of the FLFE Service look like. So yes, we’re aware of that research. Thank you for that question.

Clayten – Christophe asks – “I live in a multiple story home with a sibling and nephew that are of a hostile attitude by nature. Should I become a Subscriber; will they benefit without contributing?” The leading perspective that we use in our company Christophe is to do everything for all creation’s highest and best interests. And that’s the inquiry you’d use with kinesiology. (This choice in the highest and best interest of all creation). Then we’ll scale how appropriate the inquiry is in the context of what we’re exploring. So if you haven’t had a Free Trial, I would say do that. And if you see a positive change in your family members, then that’s great. We ask that if you turn the Service on in an environment where the people aren’t aware of it that you encourage them to drink more water. There are increased hydration requirements for the body in a high consciousness field due to the increased metabolic processes in a higher field.

Obviously, there’s a bias on our part where we could say yes, subscribe. Still, we want you to trust yourself and your connection with Divinity as you experience it. So that’s what I would suggest you do. Check in and trust yourself.

Jeffrey – In Christophe also asks – “Could you briefly explain about the origins of FLFE for newcomers?” Yes, FLFE has quite a long history as Clayten said, we’ve been in business seven years. Prior to that, many years of a group of researchers were working with technologies similar to Nikola Tesla. They were first trying to generate electricity to create a free energy device for the world. They ended up creating a way of concentrating or focusing on lifeforce energy and creating a high consciousness field. The field became a place where the unique identifier could then be placed. Originally this machine took up the whole house. It was high-speed alternating current, which is not the case anymore. And input stacks were pulling in the focused lifeforce energy and concentrating in one place. That’s where the instructions are placed to activate the field. So all of led that up to the FLFE. Clayten and I met with the inventor and took it from there. At first, the only work we did with the Service was to benefit the world. We didn’t have a business. We weren’t selling Subscriptions; we were using Google Earth and the technology to raise consciousness wherever we could in 2011 and 2012. And then, after a year of service work, we began to offer the Service to people to put on their homes.  We saw it as a way to spread the high consciousness fields around the planet to benefit the entire world. Do you want to add to that, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, what happened Christophe, we realized it was beneficial in the beginning as we were doing this service work. We checked in to what was in the highest and best interest of all creation. And we kept coming up with the same answer of making a business of it, offering it to the world as a business. Also, doing business as a spiritual path. We only had so many resources between the two of us to give to support raising the level of consciousness of the planet. Our personal mission and the mission of FLFE is to raise the level of consciousness in the world. I’ll speak for myself. And starting a business increased the possibility of us being able to do more good. People pay a fee, then we can hire people to do things that we don’t have time to do. And we have, I think, about 25 people on the team. Now, it varies depending on how many contractors we have. But we’re able to do much more now than we could before because we have the resources to do it. We made it a business because we thought that’s how we could contribute the most with the technology. And we didn’t see anybody else who had the technology working in the same way that was revealed to us. That is a little more context.

Jeffrey  – Thank you for that, Christophe. We have another question from Kiran – “I’m an intuitive and energy healer as well. I’ve been guided by Alyssa Malehorn in Austin, Texas. I’ve found that this quantum connection occurs for me rapidly, regularly, and almost instantly. I’m curious to know if this is me tuning into my intuition receiving information, or is this me manifesting these occurrences, sending information to the other person?” Alyssa is a conscious partner of ours. That’s interesting. We hear from intuitives that being in the FLFE field has opened them up to connections or open them up to their intuition. More so than they were before. We hear that the field is supporting them and their intuition. I certainly believe that all of us can tune into nonlinear intuitions, connections with people, and thoughts of other people. And that this is all occurring all the time, maybe somewhat below our conscious level of thought about it. I would lean towards the tuning into the intuition side, but what do you think, Clatyen?

Clayten – The average environment in the FLFE Subscribers home before the Service goes on is about (pre-COVID) was about 420 out of 1000. That was the average level in North America. Most of our Subscribers are in North America, or we could say the more wealthy countries. The Service does cost $35 U.S. a month. And in some countries, people don’t make enough money to easily afford that. So the contrast between 420 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map and 560 or higher is extraordinary. That’s 140 to the power of 10 times more power. So that environment supports you to increase your conscious contact with Divinity. And the average Subscriber goes up 20 points in their consciousness if they spent eight hours a day in the FLFE field. And that’s been going up over the years as we’ve added more Programs to the Service. We continue to add more benefits to the Service. So this personal evolution and the environment that you’re in allows you to grow and experience more of anything you focus on. Because the level of consciousness environment is higher, we have to be a little more diligent about thinking of things. That’s true of increased power in any part of life; with increased power comes increased responsibility. So I think it could be all the things you’re saying, Kiran and more. And if I had an answer for you that I thought was definitive, I would share it. Then perhaps you could focus on that one process and enhance it for yourself. I don’t think I have an answer that’s definitive enough for me to feel comfortable sharing.

Jeffrey – Sally asks for the Facebook group link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/focusedlifeforceenergy/

Barbara asks – “When we talk about calibrating are we talking about kinesiology? “ That’s from Dr. Hawkins’ work. It’s another way of saying measuring. We’re using kinesiology to measure on a scale.

Leonard asks –  “Why is the Boost on Home Subscriptions thirty minutes and only five minutes on a Mobile Phone Subscription? Thank you for all you’re doing.” It’s a power issue, Leonard. A home is stationary, the mobile phone could be on an airplane, on a high speed train, or in a car. Maintaining that level of the field takes a lot of energy. And we have limits to the capacity of the system. If a phone Boost was 30 minutes and was going on and off throughout the Subscribership, it would use quite a bit of energy.  We are learning that every new addition to the Service, for instance, the Immune Support Program took much more energy than before. EMF Mitigation as well takes more energy. So we’re trying to conserve what we have to add more benefits to the Service. In the future, we may have a longer Boost on the phone.

Clayten – Anonymous ask – “When a location has the FLFE free Service, does the free Service benefit from all the upgrades just like the paid subscription?” I assume you are referring to the free Pay it Forward (PIF) Service. No, the free Service is at 500 level of consciousness, the level of Love. A PIF has no Programs on it,  no Consciousness Slider. And it stays on the Service for as long as we have the company. There’s no ability to manage it; it just goes on, and it does what it does.

Jeffrey – Laura asks – If someone is going through personal challenges and prone to worry, is it best to turn FLFE off temporarily to prevent anxiety increasing?” Laura, as we say, everyone’s different, and it’s good to experiment. Many people notice a reduction of anxiety on the FLFE Service. We did a survey and a beta test with the EMF Mitigation Program when we first brought it on to the FLFE Service. And we saw a large reduction in anxiety when we added that into the Service as part of every Subscription. The best thing to do is log on to your Control Panel and play with it. Turn it off, turn it on, notice what happens. I like to play with the EMF Mitigation, turning that on turning that off. And I feel a definite increase in anxiety when EMF Mitigation is off for me. And when I turn it back on my shoulders relax. I can take a deeper breath; I feel less anxious. So we encourage you to experiment and see how you feel.

Clayten – I agree with that Jeff; we’re all quite unique. Jillian says, – “Thank you. I’ve already put my Pay it Forward on a location of great need in my area; it sends the inmates in Love and hope.” We have a lot of people putting the Pay it Forward on prisons and jails. That’s a blessing; there’s a lot of positive karma that comes our way we believe when we give something of a loving nature anonymously.

Jeffrey – Diane says, “I sleep so much better, am refreshed and have lasting energy during the day. So cool. My body is not fully responding to the digestive help from FLFE. I have a regular issue with bloating no matter what I eat. Any suggestions?”  Yes, there’s a product that we recommend. It’s called Ion Biome; it used to be called Restore. You can find it on the web; it’s quite good. It’s the best thing we have found for resetting the GI tract to prevent excess porosity or what is known as leaky gut. Some things that we eat move into the body and become irritants. Then there’s an inflammatory response, and water moves into the area, and it causes bloating. It is quite extraordinary; we highly recommend it; it’s a great product.

Clayten – Anonymous asks – “Could you repeat what you said about working with Dr. Joe Dispenza?” We haven’t worked with Dr. Joe Dispenza personally. Melissa Waterman spent several years on the road with Dr. Joe using her Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera. Melissa measures the level of consciousness or the energy in the environments where he was giving presentations. And when they were going out of the room and thinking of the room, the GDV camera picked up that intention. So that’s our connection to Joe Dispenza, through Melissa Waterman, the GDV practitioner.

Jeffrey – Christophe asks –“ I built a Faraday cage version of an Orgone Accumulator. Can, or should I take my cell phone into it once I activate your Service? We did activate our Service in the IONS facility in their Faraday cage room. So it doesn’t affect the activation of the Service. It will still create the environment, the FLFE environment in that cage. So it might be interesting for you to experiment with that and see what occurs.

Clayten – We have people who ask if Orgone generators or Orgone accumulators are positive. Our experiences in general, have been yes. We couldn’t say yet that about everyone. My research on Orgone generators says that the average one will raise the level of consciousness of an environment about five points on the Hawkins Map, over a period of time, I measured that over 30 days. So there is a benefit to it.

Jeffrey – Daniel says – Thanks for everything, guys, and for answering my questions. I’m really starting to feel a difference from your Service. I’ve been searching for something that works for a long time. Can you recommend any books, podcasts, interviews about consciousness? I’ll let you speak to that Clayten.

Clayten – Well, we’re pretty big fans of Dr. David Hawkins. So if you’ve got an internet connection, you can access YouTube. There are many presentations by Dr. Hawkins that are on the internet. Quite a few people have bought his material posted it on the internet, which is a violation of copyright law. So we try to find the legitimate ones. Veritas Publishing has many posted videos on YouTube.  I think any of his work is as good as it’s going to get in our generation for publishers. Dr. Hawkins has an interesting background as a clinical psychologist for over 50 years. And as a consciousness researcher, his CV is quite impressive, as is his track record. I would start there.

Jeffrey – Why don’t we wrap it up Clayten,  I can start and pass it on to you. Thank you to everyone who has joined us here tonight. I really appreciate your questions, and we welcome all questions and comments. Whether it’s understanding the Service better or how do I experience FLFE. I love connecting with everyone in the community on the Facebook page and here in this format. So thank you again, we’re all on the path in our distinct ways. There’s a lot of individuality in how we move through the world on our evolutionary paths. And how these Services like the FLFE system. I feel grateful again for the opportunity to be with you tonight, so with that, I pass it to you now, Clayten.

Clayten – We talk about the mission of FLFE being to create the optimal condition for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. The service is focused on helping people who work for a living or have to go somewhere every day and provide a function in the world. And our perception is that is where we can do the most amount of good. We give over 90% of the energy of the technology for many Service Projects. Your Subscriptions help with that; we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without it being a business or unless someone or angel investor financed us. So this way, we increase the likelihood of doing more and more Service work in the world, which is our intention. Jeff and I have other businesses, so we don’t need to do this; we want to do this. We didn’t get into to make it a big business. We want to pay our team well, so they can live. It’s to help humanity become freer. And we know many of you on this call with us tonight share that intention. We want you to trust yourself. Look at your experience of the Service. Look at the research we’ve done, the evidence that we have. When we trust ourselves, we become empowered, we’re freer. And that’s the purpose; to help each other become freer. For all of you who have subscribed, you help us, and we’re glad to serve you. And we have some great new upgrades coming, so we look forward to sharing those with you and getting to know you all a bit better. Take care.