Q&A Webinar #12

September 15, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, B.C., Canada. Welcome, everyone, to this FLFE webinar. We will be answering your questions live after a short discussion about the level of consciousness of the world. And our announcement about the upcoming FLFE Service upgrade event next week, which celebrates our 7th  birthday. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey –  Next week, on Tuesday at the same time, you are invited to join us for a special event. For the first time, you can experience a major FLFE upgrade of the Service live with Clayten and me. We are celebrating the seventh year of FLFE next week and these upgrades to the Service are our gift to you and to ourselves.

Clayten – We are on this journey together, this personal and Planetary evolution. So on September 22, we will have our Birthday Webinar as we’re calling it. We will reveal the details of the Enhanced Support for the FLFE Service upgrade, and we’re going to begin a short special meditation for the event.

On the Facebook page recently, there have been some conversations about the level of consciousness of the field on the webinars. And then next week, we’re going to set that one at 700 or higher. So we’ll all receive a boost from that. And as a little hint, the enhancements include additional EMF Protection and an upgrade of the Brain Optimization Program. During the meditation that evening, the new FLFE enhancements will go live. So we can experience them together. We’ve done all the beta testing to make sure everything works. And then, after the meditation, we can talk about what occurred.

Jeffrey – So, as you know, or you may know, if you’ve been with us for a while, our practice over the years is to add more and more enhancements and benefits to the Service to provide more value and support for the same cost. When we see an opportunity, or we hear about a challenge emerging, or we hear a suggestion from you, we do what we can to enhance the Service’s support. So this is an expression of our love for our families, humanity, and our love for you as part of the FLFE community. We’ve been working on and testing these particular upgrades for several months in advance of this birthday celebration upgrade. So can you give us an update on the level of consciousness of the world Clayten? What’s happening there?

Clayten – Yes. As part of our introduction to the webinars, the last few months, we’ve been talking about the level of consciousness of the planet and where we’re at as a collective. And while I remember, please put your questions in the Q&A down below. And in the chat, you can let us know where you’re from. It’s always great to see people from different parts of the world. And we’ll have a chance to discuss some of these things a little later. You can put your hand up to talk to us personally if you’d like I wanted to remember to say that at the beginning of the webinar.

In the past, we’ve talked about the level of consciousness (LOC) of the world. And we’re measuring this according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. We have another term that we created called level of functioning (LOF).  So the level of consciousness is related more to the Being part of ourselves. The level of functioning is more related to the level of doing if you will. So last fall, before COVID started, the world was at 242 out of 1000. And that was the highest it has been in history.

It dropped down as low as 98 on the Hawkins Map during COVID in early April. Now it’s up at 199. So the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is available from Veritas Publishing. And you can also find it in Dr. Hawkins’s books. It’s a map that uses kinesiology to measure the levels of consciousness. It’s logarithmic. So one point higher is 10 times more powerful than the point before it. This means 211 is 10 times more powerful than 210. The Hawkins Map is scaled from one to infinity. One to 1000 is the human domain. Angels start at 5000, Archangels start at 50,000. Certain parts of Creation can calibrate extremely high. So that is some context. The last part is that 200 is the threshold between Non-Integrity and Integrity on the Hawkins Map. And 500 is another large threshold energetically because we go from Reason to Love. Love is above 500 on the Hawkins Map, and Courage or Integrity is 200. So the world is at 199. It’s been at 199 for at least several weeks. Back in 1986, when the world went over 200, for the first time in history, the LOF of the planet was at about 300. And that seemed to provide the momentum or impetus for the level of consciousness to go higher. The level of functioning of the world on average over the previous 24 hours, as we calibrate it, is at about 293. So we’re anticipating that perhaps this month despite all the challenges that the world’s having with the fires in North America. And COVID being what it is that we’ll be able to go over 200. We just like to talk about these things. If you’re not familiar with the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, it might stimulate your curiosity to look into it. And for those of you who are familiar, it’s nice to have somebody do the testing for you.

We are also holding the possibility that this whole experience that we’ve had with COVID-19 could be a breakdown, breakthrough experience for humanity. When there’s a challenge that we face as a collective, we rise to that challenge and transcend the previous level of consciousness. The next threshold on Dr. Hawkins’s work is at 250, we are at 242. Every 50 points in Hawkins work is a small energetic kind of base camp if you will. If we’re climbing a mountain, we have these base camps where we get stable, and we move up. So it’s the 50 point integers between 200 and 500 and above that aren’t nearly as significant as 200 and 500.

There is a bit more resistance at the 50 point marks. That’s what we’re hoping for; that’s what we’re intending. I thought I’d mention one more calibration, given the situation in California. The States usually calibrate quite high.  And right and right now, it’s at 100 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map, which is Fear, and given the fire situation there, that is understandable. Maybe we’ll take a few minutes a little later on and visualize some rain coming to California to help them out. A lot of people are doing that.

Jeffrey – Yes, that would be great, let’s do that at some point. During the Q&A, we’ll pause or stop and do the meditation. We definitely recommend that you use your Boost. If you’re inclined to do the meditation, you can use your Boost to help get into a meditative state.

You can turn on the 600 Boost for your property or for your phone and visualize rain.  You could pick a particular place in California, a specific fire that you’re aware of. And get yourself into a meditative state and picture rain. Picture rain at the leading edge of the forest around the fire, picture rain, soaking into the ground and moving into the fire area. Your intention elevated to 600 on the Hawkins Map with the Boost on the Service during meditation will help. The FLEE Service is at 560. And many properties are higher than that. You can use your Slider and go up to 570. And then the Boost takes you to 600. So, you can send your intentions in that space, and it could be more effective that way.

So, why don’t we open up the Q&A?  You can also raise your hand; we look forward to connecting with you.

Our first question is – “Friends I’ll be moving out of state soon. Can I move my FLFE to my phone from my property, and then when I find my new home, can I move it back from the phone to the property?”

Jeffrey – It’s a little labor-intensive to do that. You’re welcome to call into the office and speak to them. It means canceling the Phone Subscription and starting a Property Subscription, which can be done.

The best way is to talk to the office; our hours are from 7 am to 10 pm PDT. Our Saturday hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. And she is also asking what is the LOC in Oregon today?

Clayten – Over the previous 24 hours, I calibrate it at 310.

Jeffrey – Yes, so definitely in better shape than California. Part of the reason may be that California has had some trauma in recent years with fire. And that may really up the level of fear for them because they know what can happen.

Clayten – Donald Piche is asking – “Could you elaborate on polarity shifts in the case of under-hydration?” When we’re dehydrated, it increases the likelihood that our polarity will shift. So when we talk about polarity shift, that means we go from above 200 on the Hawkins Map to below 200. For example, if you’re good at kinesiology, you can measure the number of times somebody switches polarity per day. And then, you can calculate the percentage of time that they spend in a negative state. And that can tell you a lot about how that person manages their moods or how moody they are. So that’s a good question, Donald. It matters that you’re hydrated on many different levels. One of them is managing our moods and subsequently managing our polarity.

Jeffrey – And, in a polarity shift, what can happen, as Clayten said, when we are testing, we get the opposite response. That’s why, when we do our kinesiology testing, we have a set of protocols that Clayten developed,  one of which is checking our polarity. So we’re basically testing, making an inquiry that we know the answer to. And we’re seeing if we get the right answer or not. And if our polarity, is switched we get the opposite answer. And that’s just part of our protocol.

So Christopher is asking – “Are there ways to calibrate a question online? Meaning, there’s no one else to do kinesiology testing” I’ll start and pass it over to you, Clayten.  There are different ways to do kinesiology. One of the simpler ways is to feel yourself moving forward towards something or away from it.  It’s kind of an attraction-repulsion. That is a way to see if something is over 200. That’s something you could use with your body.  Everyone has in their body; a connection to what we believe is Innate Intelligence, the Divine spark, or the piece of Divine oneness. We believe kinesiology is connected to that.

Clayten – There’s no place that I’m aware of Christophe that you can go online and ask a question for testing. There’s a group of kinesiologists who will calibrate for you if that’s what you’re asking them to do. I’m making an assumption about that.

Jeffrey – Jennifer’s asking – “What exactly is happening when they activate FLFE?” She’s saying, “I could physically feel it immediately once it was activated.” FLFE is a consciousness technology at there is a quantum effect, there is an FLFE system. And when you go onto the website, and you begin a Free Trial, or you become a Subscriber, your information, about your property, or your phone number or object, goes into the system. And it’s immediately in the FLFE system, and then quantum association occurs, and the FLFE field is activated immediately. So it happens very fast. So that’s why when you activate it, you feel it right away. Initially, when we started FLFE, we were putting written FLFE instructions directly into the device ourselves. And every time someone subscribed, we would have to put a new one in, and every time they canceled, we had to pull it out. Then we found a way to tie a database into the system. So that can happen in real-time, 24/7 anywhere in the world. That quantum association occurs. The same thing happened in the Institute of Noetic Sciences when we activated fields in their Faraday cage room. We saw the effects there with quantum number generators.

Clayten – Don is asking – “I just moved into a new apartment. The landlord uses a pulse signal technology to keep pests away. Will the FLFE Service keep the pulse from having a negative effect on me?”  Well, Don, we have an EMF Mitigation Program. And the way we measure its effectiveness is that it harmonizes consciousness lowering electromagnetic frequencies. Now with our new upgrade, which we’ll be sharing next week, there may be other benefits that we can explore with different types of technology. Right now, the technology we are using to measure  subtle energies is the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) camera. And you can find out more about that on our website on the Evidence page.

There are many different types of EMFs. And our focus is really on consciousness. And we have to use a very sensitive measuring device, such as the GDV camera, to measure that energy. And we’re comparing that with the new upgrade that we’re doing. My assumption, Don, is that if the consciousness lowering aspects of EMFs are mitigated or harmonized, they become positive to life. That and most, if not all, of the other negative effects of EMFs are also made positive. And we’re looking for more ways to prove that. Do you want to add anything to that, Jeff?

Jeffrey – We do have a new GDV camera study ongoing in the last several weeks. We’ll have the report for that hopefully before our meeting next week when we talk more about the upgrade to EMF Mitigation.

Anonymous asks – “Does it make a difference to the outcome if more people participate?” I have to make an assumption as to what you mean. Certainly with FLFE, if more people go on the Free Trial more people subscribe. We believe that makes a difference on the planet. Consciousness radiates because we’re all connected to All That Is. We’re all connected to each other. If we’re in a high consciousness place and our own consciousness goes up, everyone benefits. We have the Pay if Forward or PIF, where people can give away a 500 level of consciousness. PIF is a free Subscription to put anywhere in the world that helps raise the planet. If you’re speaking about meditation on fire for more rain, then the more people that join, the more powerful it is.

Clayten –  I’m not quite sure what they mean by the outcome, but I will call it “the coming of the rain.” Rain is coming one way or the other. And our forecast says by this weekend, we’ll probably get some rain. We hope that is happening down in Oregon and California.

Katherine asks – “After a wonderful experience with the Free Trial in my home, I subscribed to EMF Mitigation on the home for economic reasons. My energy went very low, and I experienced stomach aches. I feel stressed and uncomfortable, so I turned it off and hesitated to turn it back on.” Some people have reactions similar to that of Katherine. First of all, if you don’t feel well, of course, turn it off. We also have a slider, Katherine, a Consciousness Slider in your Control Panel, so you can turn the energy down. Several things are happening in the body. One is that you may be experiencing a healing crisis, as additional positive energy and the environment supports the body. It may be these healing projects have been on hold for a long time. When that starts to happen, the body can have a healing crisis. For anyone that has experienced a cleanse, the body can become overwhelmed by all the detoxification. It is possible that your hydration dropped. While you’re on the Service for the first three days, we recommend drinking two-thirds of your body weight in ounces of water. And after that, about half your body weight in ounces of water is the standard recommendation from most of the doctors we respect and study. So I would say during a healing crisis; obviously, you have to turn it off. You can turn it back on for a short period or turn it all the way down on the Consciousness Slider to see if that helps.

Jeffrey – Cheryl asks – “I listened to the last webinar, and you discussed water and hydration. You didn’t include anything about distilled water to remove pollutants and inorganic minerals.” The challenge with distilled water is that it is demineralized. I’m not sure about inorganic minerals in water that are negative. The research that we’ve done is it’s typically best to drink spring water. We have a reverse osmosis filter in our home and a water alkalizer/energizer. Both are quite popular these days.

I don’t know where to go with this question other than to suggest that the testing we’ve done indicates that distilled water typically has less lifeforce energy in it. Because the minerals are part of what helps hold the energy. And different people will teach that distilled water will demineralize your body. The body draws upon its mineral reserves in the bones or from the blood to balance out the water. Mineralized water is the natural state of water. So demineralization can cause problems over time.

I can do more research on inorganic minerals and water. Still, if the water is highly energized, the body should be able to deal with pollutants to a degree. When there are significant pollutants in the water, our bodies get overwhelmed. Blessing the water adds energy to which helps the body manage pollutants.  We have quite a substantial Water Program on FLFE environments, so that helps the situation, Cheryl.

Jeffrey – Anthony asks – “Will you talk about the experience of Energized Nutrients, which is part of the FLFE Service?” THE FLFE Energized Nutrients adds lifeforce energy or raises the level of consciousness of specific nutrients. As well as all foods, but particular nutrients are called out as well.  And from our testing and our experience, FLFE increases the availability of those nutrients. We don’t have scientific evidence yet to back that up. We test using kinesiology, and that’s what we see. Many of us have noticed, and we’ve heard from Subscribers a reduced appetite. We seem to get more out of the food we’re eating, so less food is needed. So there is an earlier satiation during a meal. And people reported after the Program went on for the first time, they felt they had more energy; more juice for their lives. And that makes sense because if the food has more energy, more lifeforce energy, and assisting digestion. The digestive process is very energy-intensive. Having additional energy can support us to use less energy in our digestion. So that could be why people felt more zip in their day after we put that upgrade on the Service.

Clayten – Yes, that’s a good point, Jeff. It’s good to remember digestion is the most energy-consuming process in the body.  Anything you can do to help the body digest the food will free up energy for the Innate Intelligence to do other healing or repair.

Jeffrey – Related to that from Diana in Kansas City – “Does FLFE increase the lifeforce energy in all the  foods we have in our house?” Yes, it does, and being in a higher consciousness environment means more energy in the food. But with the Program itself, the energized nutrients come into play when the food enters the mouth. Or perhaps if you are rubbing magnesium oil on your skin, then it’s occurring as it comes into the body through the skin. So there is some effect on the food in the house, but the major effect is when you start eating.

Clatyen – Many people have experienced a longer shelf life with their food in the fridge. So that’s something to pay attention to. Because it’s more vital.

I just noticed some people are waiting to ask questions, Jeff. We did want to stop and do a meditation at some point or focus on bringing rain. I see that Judy mentioned that California has fires as well as  Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. And in Canada, we have a fire season as well.  It seems California has been hit the hardest. And as Jeff said, they’ve had fires in the past recently, and perhaps other places have as well.  There has been significant damage to personal property. So there’s a history of trauma there if you will.

Clayten – For the meditation, we can do this a couple of ways, Jeff, we can just go into silence and allow people to focus on whatever area they want to focus on.  And we put the field quite high so that will add energy to all of our intentions. So why don’t we take 90 seconds Jeff, we can always do it again.

Jeffrey – I’ll lead us in. As you sit in your seat or lie on the couch; however you’re listening to us at this moment. Close your eyes and feel yourself breathing. Consciously breathe for a few moments. Feel the ground or feel the seat beneath you and the floor beneath that into the earth. Feel yourself grounded and connected to the Earth. And picture fire in any of those states that Clayten just mentioned. Picture rain falling, not a flood but a fair amount of rain. A nice steady rain that’s falling on the edges of the fire to prevent it from spreading. Have the fire cool down, reduce the fire, and have rain to extinguish it.

So now we’ll just move into the silence.

(Pause for meditation)

Clayten – Okay, we’ve been silent for 90 seconds. Let’s reconnect with our breath. Be grateful that the body has an automatic Intelligence that keeps many functions going. Notice your body, as Jeff said, and come back to this space that we share. If your eyes are closed, you can open your eyes, or you can stay in that state. It’s always your choice. Part of me wants to spend the rest of the webinar there, Jeff.

Jeffrey – I’m with you. Karen is coming on with us now.

Karen – Hello, somebody was asking about kinesiology, and I have trouble with that.  Because I live alone, what I do is stand in place, ask the question, and my upper body will lean forward for a yes and backward for no. And that works for me. I don’t know if it would work for anyone else. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you, guys, for everything.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Karen. We can talk about that a little bit. So Karen is using her body to ask questions.

Clayten – Yes, that’s the technique that you will often use, Jeff. I did that a lot at one point in my practice. I’ll start with the classic type of Kinesiology Jeff, I’ll hand it back to you. The classic way that people are taught kinesiology is to do it in a triad. In a triad, you would have a calibrator who would form the inquiry and state it. You have an auditor who would audit the inquiry to make sure the calibrator doesn’t fall into the habit of stating the same question in multiple different ways. If you’re trying to replicate the results time after time, and hopefully, the auditor will notice that. Then you have the subject whose arm is pushed down. If you see kinesiology done online, you’ll see someone with their arm out. And then someone else will push down on their wrist after making an inquiry. If the muscle stays strong, it’s true, and if it is false, then the muscle goes weak.

There’s a lot to forming inquiries and making kinesiology a profession. And in some ways, it’s the simplest thing that we can do. I was talking to a person earlier today who lives in California. He reported seeing a lot of people doing kinesiology in the grocery store. People are testing the food for themselves. We bought some goat cheese two months ago. And it tested extremely low for us, and it was an organic product from a high-end store. And yesterday I bought some goat cheese and tested it. This time one ounce tested 600 out of 1000 in terms of the level of appropriateness. So even from brand to brand, a product can be quite different. So, if you get good at kinesiology, one of the benefits is that you can test your food. There are other ways to do kinesiology, Jeff do you want to continue on that?

Jeffrey – Yes, rocking back and forth that Karen just mentioned is effective. If I had the goat cheese in my hand, I tend to have it off to the side, and I would bring it in front of me, and I’m either rocking towards it or rocking away from it. And that would indicate whether I put it back on the shelf or put it in my cart.

Clayten – Yes, once you’ve gotten some consistent results with that in most of us, at a certain age, we get to know what works for our body and what doesn’t. Then you can start to scale the level of benefit that that food can give you even on a scale of one to 10. First, check your polarity, next ask permission to make the inquiry.  The third step is on a scale of one to 10, where 10 is the most appropriate food I can eat for my body, the level of appropriateness of this food over a period of time is: above one, so you test positive, about five is still positive. Let’s say you go negative at six or somewhere between five and six out of 10. It’s typically good to use the quantity of the food when you’re testing the scaling. Because an excess of almost anything will go negative. So you want to figure out how much you’re going to eat and then test at that level. Then if you want to get really crazy, you can test combinations of things. But that’s getting down the rabbit hole.

Jeffrey  -You mean that quart of ice cream isn’t going to test positive for me?

Clayten – Well, the first two spoonful’s may be perfect. Just like those first two ounces of wine, you know, it’s not actually that bad for some people. But 20 ounces could be a problem.

Jeffrey – I’ve found a feeling in my body related to a strong and weak response in kinesiology. I have a field in my heart, and I pay attention to that when making a statement.  If it’s true, I feel my heart expanding, a feeling of openness. And then if the statement is false, I have a sense of tightness in my chest or in my heart. Through practice, that’s become pretty consistent. And that’s what I do in a store often. And as Clayten said, we can measure on a scale, and we tend to use the Hawkins Map. We use a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map for the level of appropriateness of food over a period of time, say the previous seven days. And so I’ll have something in my hand and say – “Over the previous seven days the level of appropriateness of this food on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map, where one thousand is the most appropriate level.  The if it is 200 or more, I’ll feel my heart, and if it’s open, go to 300 or more. If it’s open at 400 more, I’ll go to 500. If my heart starts to feel tight, I know it’s between 400 and 500. And often I am trying to get to 600. So if it’s below 600, it’s back on the shelf. So there are things like that, and the best, as Clayten said, is practice and find a way that works for you. Some people use pendulums as well. One direction is the truth, and the other direction is false or not truth.  There are different ways to connect to our Innate Intelligence, this piece of God that we have, in our opinion.

Clatyen – If there’s a Kinesiology Association in your country, you can take classes from them. Different people teach different healing modalities that use kinesiology as a cornerstone of that practice. Theta healing,  I think Psyche K uses it. There are many different kinesiology based healing modalities. In their process of accreditation, they will teach you kinesiology in a certain context. And there are lots of online courses as well.

Jeffrey  – Anonymous ask – “What is the Relationship Program?” FLFE activates a field, a high consciousness field, through quantum association. Then we’re also adding intentions or requests of Divinity that we call FLFE Programs. These are written requests of Divinity that also go into the field.  And in some cases, they’re very long and complicated in their very specific requests to Divinity. We request the optimal functioning of the body, for instance. In the Relationships Program, it is a request of Divinity for a loving relationship between all parties. A loving, connective, supportive relationship with each other. And there are more details in it. And I can hand it off to you, Clayten, if you have any thoughts about that.

Clayten – Yes, for example, one of the requests to Divinity is to have parents respect their children’s development and to support them in that. And one of the requests is for children to respect the authority of the parents. Parents are adults, and they typically know better than children, not always, but they generally do. Another one is for the parent to exercise that authority without crushing the spirit of the child. I am not a parent. I don’t know how this all works. Still, the good parents that I have seen support the child to have their individuality without letting the child’s ego or relatively immature mind run the house.

There are a lot of very specific requests like that because a specific request tends to have more benefit than just a general request, as Jeff mentioned. So we’ll have a classic challenge that exists between romantic partners. Or between a son and father, son and mother, daughter, and mother. Siblings and all the classic challenges that exist. We’ve studied different books that have those identified, we list those and make the request to Divinity that the best conditions exist for those classic challenges be transcended. And for there to be a loving household, so it’s really quite detailed. We could talk about that for an entire webinar.  If you’re familiar with the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the level of consciousness of the request to Divinity is 999 out of 1000 or higher. So they’re linguistically very precise in how the request is made.

Jeffrey – That’s one we haven’t talked about that much. So thank you for asking that question.

Judy is on Smarter EMF, so she doesn’t have the Boost. She asks when meditating for rain will it still work?. And Judy, it will. All humans, including you, are powerful. The FLFE environment at 500 is substantially higher than the United States and Canada at this time. Here’s a little hint. If you take a Dr. David Hawkins video on YouTube and play it in the background very quietly while you’re meditating, many of those videos are at a pretty high level of consciousness. And you would be activating a field there. And we have activated fields on webinars as well. So if you play a webinar in the background, you will have a boost in that way. So that’s a little hint for those viewers that would like to do more boosts. We build in a safety factor that you can’t loop it and play it indefinitely; the boost goes away after a certain period.

Clatyen – Yes, some of them are really high. I was talking to a gentleman today about Dr. Hawkins’s work. I was reminded of a YouTube video. I think Ben Bigelow created it, and it’s a loop of Dr. Hawkins chanting Om, and it’s a high one. I think it’s in the 900s. I forgot the exact number, but I used to play that in the background. I’d put it on autoplay, and it just goes around and around. Just thinking about I get kind of lightheaded.

Jeffrey – And that’s a good point, if you have a 900 boost, like Dr. Hawkins for a long time, you will likely be lightheaded and need to drink a lot of water.

So Arthur says – “I got on the webinar late, so you may have addressed this. With Mr. Musk filling the Earths’ orbit with 5G signals, will FLFE provide any relief from potential problems from the planetary bombardment of 5G and, of course, the millimeter-wave?” 5G towers are also probably even more of an issue because their energy is stronger.”

Yes, the FLFE EMF Mitigation Program, which we released last year, next Tuesday, we are releasing an advanced version that mitigates what we see as the consciousness lowering effects of these technologies, including 5G. With our means of testing and backup of the GDV camera studies, we see those energies becoming much less chaotic and coherent. And we see it using kinesiology becoming consciousness neutral or consciousness-raising. Even with 5G raising the level of consciousness, to our way of thinking is beneficial to the environment. We have even more coming next week. Thank you for that question.

Clayten – Nancy asks – “What do you know about the Berkey Water Filtration system?” Berkey is an integrous filtration system. It’s one of the best value for dollar filtration systems in that price range. Jeff and some of our staff use it. It’s a good system for the price. There are better ones out there, but they are a lot more expensive.

Jeffrey – We’ve got a question – “Does FLFE help to protect property for fires and other natural disasters?” And, she is also saying, “of course, you can’t guarantee anything.” And that’s true.

We can’t guarantee that at all.  There are anecdotal stories, but we’re creating an energetic environment that’s optimal for our evolution. And what it does for fires and other things we just can’t say. To our way of thinking, it’s not likely to have an effect.  But some people do think otherwise. We have stories from Florida and others in California, so thank you for that question.

Anonymous asks – “I use grounding mats on our beds, and on my desk, does this work in conjunction with FLFE?” We’re not aware of any technology that is disharmonious in conjunction with FLFE because it’s so close to the signals that our brains send out when we’re in a positive place. We’re not aware of any contradictions with any technology and FLFE.

Jeffrey – And we’re asking for grounding. We have a Grounding Program because there’s so much extra additional energy lifeforce energy or Chi or Prana in the environment; we’re asking for some of that energy to ground us. We’re asking for grounding as if we’re standing barefoot on the earth.

We may not get completely there, but that’s the request. We haven’t done any experimenting yet with grounding mats. Still, my assumption would be that there would be even better grounding in an FLFE environment. But we haven’t done the testing yet.

Clayten – Laura asked – “Is FLFE active right now in this meeting?” Yes, we have 650 on the meeting, and  I think you boosted up to 850 during the meditation. I felt a rise there. So, yes, we put an extra high field on the webinars. It used to be even higher, and we were so kind of high by the end of it was hard to sleep after, so we turned it down.

Jeffrey – Someone asked – “Is the EMF Mitigation on the phone?” And yes, EMF Mitigation is on all the products. It’s on Smarter EMF, which is a lower-cost product. It is also on Smarter EMF for Youth, which is $10 a month. It’s on the Flagship Service, the Property the Phone, and the Object. All have support. Yes, we thought it was extremely important to have EMF Mitigation on everything. And Brain Optimization as well.

Clayten – We created  Smarter EMF based upon requests from all of you to have a more affordable option, especially for children. Parents are naturally concerned about the negative effects of EMFs from the phone, affecting their developing brains. Smarter EMF makes it more affordable for people that need that help. And if you have a family with a lot of children, it can add up. So that came out of requests from all of you.

Jeffrey – Judy is mentioning, we could post photographs of rain on Facebook, rather than fires. Let’s keep visualizing rain; a  nice steady, soaking rain. Find as many rain pictures as you can and post them on whatever social media you post. Let’s spread the rain, that’s a great suggestion!

Clayten – Thoughts are things. Great idea, Judy. Susie asks – “What is the name of the water filtration system? I stepped away for a moment. It’s called Berkey. It’s one of the more reasonably priced ones.

Jeffrey – Skipping down to Diana, she’s had some experience with the grounding mat and FLFE. She’d been using a grounding mat for about seven years, so she was used to the benefits of it. And she says – “Since I started FLFE, I’ve noticed less inflammation.” She did notice a difference when she first started. So that’s interesting. Thank you. Anja has her hand up. Let’s try her; thank you for being so patient.

Anja – I have to say that the fires here in Ashland started here and destroyed our sister cities.  We stood out in the backyard as we watched the smoke, which was maybe eight blocks away from us. And because of the wind direction, which was very rare to have a south wind, it blew the other way. And I really feel that in a lot of ways,  because of what FLFE has done for my property, that there was a certain amount of sacredness here. And of course, I didn’t want it to blow to my sister city. But there does seem to be a Presence when you work with this product. And you hold your own consciousness as well, of course, but yes, I just wanted to call in and thank you for this Service. It really does help the ground that we walk on. I’m feeling that very much so and for me to connect with it as well.

Jeffrey – Thank you so much. Yes, there’s a deep love for Mother Earth here. You know, the healing aspects of the Service are really an important part of it for the Earth to the earth.

Anja – And all of us, thank you so much.

Jeffrey – And to continue with Clayten, we could talk about the level of consciousness change and how that can affect our intentions, such as with fire.

Clayten – Yes, maybe I’ll share a little story with you, Anya. I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia. I had a friend Maureen who was a world-class Fung Shui practitioner.  And I think she was one of the first people to be given a Presidential Award in the United States for Feng Shui.  And she had Fung Shui’d a building where a major tsunami had hit. I think it was in Malaysia. And what happened is that the building was relatively untouched, and the ones around it were destroyed, obliterated. And again, it’s hard to measure cause and effect directly. And it seems that positive energy does offer some protection just by the nature of its positivity. And we have had people with tornadoes or severe wind storms report their property was untouched. We’ve had people in Malibu when they had the big fire 2 years ago. The fire came up to the property and just stopped. They don’t know what happened. So it’s Interesting, if we had a way of knowing that that was true, we would try to help as many people as we could. We would give the Service away to those that are struggling.  There seems to be a pattern; it’s just hard to know how true it is.

Anja – I have worked with Nature and the Earth in the years before this. I think you have a certain connection and intention in loving the Earth first before it all fits together. Because the intention is everything I mean, I’m really working with all of our life. Elementals and Nature and animals, so it’s not new to me. But I found FLFE increases it, definitely.

Clayten – We have many customers that do Fung Shui on their houses. We recommend Fung Shui. I’ve had every home I’ve lived in for the past 15 years, almost every house Feng Shui’d on top of FLFE.

Anja – Me too! I’ve been doing Fung Shui for years and years. I think the placement is so important with intention.

Jeffrey – And we’re seeing now the average Subscriber is going up 20 points in consciousness 90 days. Each point being 10 times more power in our intentions becomes quite a force for positive good. So, thank you so much.

Clayten  – Yes, thank you, Anja. I thought I’d mention we noticed that the power usage of the technology went up over the last week or so with the fires. It takes more energy for the technology to keep the property at the level of consciousness that we guarantee. So regardless of what’s going on the FLFE Subscription, properties will stay at 560 or higher 98% of the time. And that gap right now is larger than it typically is because of the fires. Last year, before COVID, the United States, for example, and Canada, Australia, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and many Western countries. Those countries were at about in the mid-low 400s, say 420 on the Hawkins Map. So with the FLFE Subscription, we believe the average will go up with the additional EMF Mitigation Program that we are releasing next week. The average property on FLFE is 574. So if the average was 420 and now let’s say it’s the difference is 154 points, and that’s 154 to the power of 10. That’s a lot more energy.

Jeffrey – Thanks again for subscribing and for being with us on this journey. And for your work with the Elementals and with the Earth. It’s helping to make a huge difference. So thank you.

We had a question – “Why only a five-minute Boost on the phone  and 30 minutes on a Property?” And it’s an energy consideration. We have a certain amount of energy for the FLFE system, and the Boost takes energy.  It would take a tremendous amount of energy to provide the 600 Boost on the phone. Mobile phones can move at a rate of speed, say on an airplane or in a car, would take too much of the technologies energy. And so, until we’re able to get the energy of the system up much higher where we could do a longer Boost, 5 minutes is all we’re able to do right now. Thanks for asking, though.

Clayten – Well, Jeff, my sense is we could start to wind it down, we could do another short meditation on bringing more rain. I just noticed in the chat that someone said it started raining in, in Oregon, where they are. It could very well be a coincidence, but you never know. Typically, if we were going to do a meditation for something, we would do it for maybe 20 minutes or an hour. But on a webinar, you don’t want a lot of silence. People come on, think that nothing is happening, or the sound isn’t working on their device.

Jeffrey – Since we’re in a relatively high field, we could do another meditation. And then we could just close it out. And everyone could continue on your own if you wish. Do you want to lead it off this time?

Clayten – Sure, let’s have a three minute one. And then when we’re done Max, we’ll just say “Good Evening,” and that’ll be the cue to stop recording.

So I invite you all to increase your conscious contact with whatever form of Divinity or positive energy in the Universe. Or your Higher Power as some people may call it. Knowing that we’ve set up a protocol of safety before the webinar started. You can include that if you’d like.

We’ll use the classic approach of noticing our breath and feel grateful for the body’s Innate automatic operating system. And then I invite you to see the rain coming down and clear air. If you’re not sure what to focus on in terms of an area, you can just ask that the collective intelligence of us on the call will support rain to go the best place for it to go. Then we’ll go into silence.

(Pause for meditation)

Good evening