June 9, 2020

Q&A Webinar # 3

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada, we’re here for an FLFE webinar. My name is Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And my name is Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – We’re here today to answer your questions live. And we’ll start with some questions remaining from last week. I’ll begin to answer those for you. And thank you for joining us, and feel free to ask us anything. We’ve got a few in front of us here. Do you want to start Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, there is an option in Zoom to raise your hand to talk to us personally, a lot of us are using Zoom these days so it may be familiar. We were reminded that we didn’t tell people how to unmute themselves last week. On the PC version of Zoom anyway, on the bottom left-hand corner is a mute button. You’ll see a red line through it if you’re muted, so you left click that, and you’ll be unmuted. So that’s a little Zoom tutorial.

Jeffrey – Well,  just a quick summary, we’re here with FLFE. Focused Life Force Energy is a consciousness technology that supports the evolution of consciousness in the environment. And we can get into more details for those of you that have questions about the basic Service. Many of you are either Subscribers or on the Free Trial. So we could start with a few questions from last week.

So we had a question, “Are there cases of utilizing FLFE in some type of healing environment so like a clinic or a hospital or health studios?” We have had that; we’ve had some interesting responses from chiropractors and people doing Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and acupressure. The acupuncturist we heard from felt that in the FLFE environment that the blockages were clearing more quickly. He was seeing faster results with his patients. And we don’t make medical claims, this was from several experiences with people doing Chinese medicine. We’ve also had chiropractors seeing results with their patients when FLFE supports the environment; they noticed the service was beneficial for their practice. And we have a group of yoga studios on the service that don’t entirely fall into the clinic hospital category but more like the spa health studio side. So there are several around both Canada and the US yoga studios that are on the service. Did you know of any others, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I’m thinking of massage therapists. I particularly remember your friend Brenda. This is anecdotal evidence; we’ve heard from different practitioners that they feel that once the people are in the waiting room that the energy of the Field helps them prepare more for the treatment. So massage therapists find their patients coming in with an increased ability to be relaxed. It’s less work for them when they’re supporting people to go into that space where they’re able to be worked with. We have heard that before, multiple types of practitioners, Jeff mentioned a few others, but that seems to be part of the pattern. Counselors and coaches are finding that people are having perhaps more insights and more significant revelations. They’re having better releases when they get into an emotional situation; they’re able to transcend it easier because of the resourcefulness of the environment.

(5:00) Jeffrey – I would add other healing arts as well, whether it’s Reiki or some of these other energetic medicines, that we’ve heard from practitioners it takes less of their personal energy to do work in this environment because they’re already lifted by the level of consciousness and the additional Chi or Prana that’s in the environment. And by the end of the day, they’re filled up rather than, perhaps, depleted by a day of holding space or holding energy. So that was another one as well for sort of energy workers. We found that FLFE has been very helpful for those people. We’d love to hear from anyone that’s on the call if you want to comment about your experience as an energy worker in an FLFE environment.

Clatyen – We’ve had a couple of institutional customers. They have put FLFE on an institution that deals with severe mental health issues. Their challenge was to have conversations with the rest of the practitioners and the officials of the institution to try to help them understand the possibilities of a high consciousness field and how it’s benefiting the clients. And they found that they weren’t able to do that. Still, some people manage very large clinics, so they were getting results that they weren’t able to achieve without the support of the high consciousness field. We haven’t found a way yet to give them the information they feel they need to take that forward into that type of institution.

Because it’s a somewhat nonlinear technology, those things are for the future. As we get more and more evidence, it makes it easier for people who are in a very traditional and understandably, science-based institutional setting. And they’re having a hard time measuring the influence of a more positive energetic field. So we’ve had some things like that as well. I thought I’d just touch on that. We’ve had conversations with people who were looking to participate in a study, and we just didn’t know how to do it; how to do the proper controls. So it’s one of the things; hopefully, we’ll get a chance to do in the future.

Jeffrey – Yes, Clayten mentioned evidence. So we do have an Evidence Page on the website if anyone hasn’t seen that. On that theme, we do welcome people that have clinics or have resources and would be interested in helping us with additional evidence.

A review for those that are new, the FLFE service activates a field an environment that is a high consciousness environment, very much like a pilgrimage location or a high spot like a cathedral or a mosque. The first benefit of the FLFE environment is that higher consciousness, more energy, is available for the body. More of what is known as Chi or Prana. We call it lifeforce energy, which is available for the body and all the beings there. The plants and pets and all the people and with the extra energy we pull in and our Innate Intelligence takes it in and uses it for whatever’s needed. And then, on top of that, we have additional requests or additional direction for the lifeforce energy.

And so we have a question about the Energized Nutrients Program. In the question, they called it nutritional boosts. One of the more recent, what we call Programs, or requests that are in the field that’s activated is for food. That as we eat food to have additional lifeforce energy added to it. And that extra lifeforce energy assists our body; we believe in utilizing the food to digest it to absorb it. (10:00) We took that one step further to ask for additional lifeforce energy, additional levels of consciousness around specific nutrients. There hasn’t been blood work testing yet; we are looking into it. And that those nutrients then, according to our kinesiology testing, are making a difference. We notice the way we feel and the way people are feeling in the field, particularly with vitamin D and other things that are important for our mood. With additional energizing, some people notice a more satisfying relationship with food. So people feel that in their experience and are more satisfied with a meal.

Clayten – You know, the principle of satiation is a big conversation amongst nutritionists, in the food industry. What has happened over the last number of generations is that some aspects of the soil have become depleted. Magnesium is one of them. We all know the stories about soil depletion. And so what we’ve done is when we make the request to Divinity in the Programs, as Jeff said, we’ve taken it to a place where we’re asking that each particular nutrient be energized.

So the metaphor we use is if we were at a monastery with 100 monks, and perhaps got there late for lunch, and they had all eaten, and as you’re eating, they might be praying for your food, to help you have a good meal. Some of them would be praying for your vitamin D. Someone would be praying for your essential fatty acids; someone would be praying for your magnesium.

We’ve discovered by testing, as Jeff said with kinesiology, that there is an increased absorbability with the nutrient. We make the request to Divinity to energize the nutrients all the way through the digestive system. Then into the gland or organ or system in the body, where the Innate Intelligence of the body takes over utilizes that nutrient. The next step is to energize the waste products so that they travel positively throughout the elimination system and right out of the body. So we know that digestion is the most energy-consuming process in the body. We felt this was a significant upgrade to the service by energizing the food as soon as it touches our saliva or enters our body in other ways.

And we have had people like Donna who asked the question, notice a substantial change in their relationship with food. We’ve even had a few families report that they’re spending less on groceries because they have teenage sons. And, of course, you know, teenage sons will eat the legs off the table. That’s just how kids are when they’re growing. And they’ve noticed that there’s less standing in front of the fridge wondering what are they going to eat. And less eating past the point where their body needs the food, so kind of compulsive eating, if you will, or unconscious eating. So those are some of the anecdotal pieces of evidence that we’ve gotten. As Jeff said, we’re looking for more and more evidence all the time. Blood work is on our horizon to look at the changes in people’s blood vitality, mainly through live blood analysis or dried blood to see the shift in vitality, the clumping of cells, or the free moving of blood plasma.

Jeffrey – We have some questions starting to show up on the Q&A. So, thank you for that, we can begin to answer those.

Anonymous is asking, “Can you speak to the effect of EMFs, particularly 5G while in the FLFE environment?” In FLFE, our focus has been consciousness, and the measurement of consciousness really has become our specialty in creating this high conscious environment.

What we saw over the last several years, as we measured the level of consciousness of all the properties, which we do in batch testing, using kinesiology. And we found that certain properties were lowering in their level of consciousness. (15:00) We see the level of consciousness as an indicator of the health of the environment. And when we would contact these customers, we’d ask them what’s changed. And we would find new smart meters, new cell towers, and increases in EMF. So, we knew that these were affecting the level of consciousness. They were lowering the lifeforce energy of the environment, reducing the health of an environment. So we began to work on an addition to the FLFE service that would take care of that.

There’s an EMF Mitigation page on the website, you can take a look at that; there are many details there. Now we see these EMFs are either neutral or actually raising the level of consciousness of the environment or increasing the health and well-being of the environment. That includes 5G; we have a 5G study on the website in the EMF Mitigation section using a GDV camera, a gas discharge visualization camera, which is sensitive to the subtle energy effects that the FLFE is part of. You can see in that study, a very sort of jagged energy reading over 24 hours, that is a typical environment with lots of EMFs turning on and off, neighboring houses, cell towers. And then there’s a next 24 hour period with the EMF Mitigation in FLFE on the location, and it’s a much less spiky, a much more harmonious energy pattern. So you can take a look at that on the website.

Clayten – Yes, there is a difference between 5G in our home routers and 5G, the 60-hertz millimeter wave technology that’s being used in tower form. We do have some people who’ve put the towers on the service on the smarter EMF Program in particular. And we found that it takes between the equivalent of 5,068 home subscriptions worth of energy to harmonize one 5g 60-hertz millimeter-wave tower. Now we’re looking at getting a study on that with the same woman, Melissa Waterman, who did our gas discharge visualization study, we’re just waiting for that to be completed. This is a before and after comparison on how that expresses in the GDV camera. We found that a lot of the standard meters we’re using as a society to measure the effects of EMFs aren’t able to pick up the subtle energy, the nature of the FLFE technology.

And if you use a Trifield meter, you might not know notice a difference. We really need a piece of technology that has been designed to measure subtle consciousness influences.

Jeffrey – We have a question from Gary, “I saw your reply on a Facebook page; it sounded to me like the energy level would not reach full potential If a person were not hydrated enough. I have a real challenge of staying properly hydrated as it is. So if this is true, it is rather disheartening. Can you explain this a little bit more?”

Yes, Gary. The way this works is we have this high consciousness field the body pulls it in and uses it for whatever is needed, no matter what our hydration level. And then we have specific requests, like the Energized Nutrients, not affected by hydration. But we also have support for the liver, kidney, and gallbladder. Again, this is additional energy for the Innate Intelligence of the body to do what it does best, specifically for those organs. And that one is connected to hydration because it takes liquid moving through those organs. So, again, it’s Innate Intelligence doing the work, doing the healing, not the energy, we’re just giving the resources to the body to do that. And giving the resources to certain areas for the body to use or not use it. So there are plenty of benefits but staying hydrated is an essential piece if you can keep working at it. (20:00) I know it can be difficult. Do you have any tips for Gary Clayten about staying hydrated or ways to work around challenges?

Clayten – Part of the intention, Gary, of adjusting the Programs depending on hydration is to support people to stay out of a healing crisis. And so in fact, I’ve just noticed a gentleman named Bill on the call today whom I talked to years ago, hello, Bill. And he found it very intense when he went on the Service. So he was one of the people who helped us understand that in order to support people receive a benefit from the Service, the best thing to do was to use a principle like a dimmer switch on a home. So if the light is a bit too bright, turn down the switch for a while or turn down the intensity of the light until the eyes adjust. So that’s really the intent behind it, Gary. We have a Hydration Page on the website where we talk about putting sea salt into the water, a pinch of sea salt to assist in absorption. All of the formulas are on the website. And we talk about different hydration drops that people can get.

And it’s important to know that many of us are chronically dehydrated. There are these things we learned about called thirst receptors in the body. And if we get dehydrated for a while our body seems to desensitize its need to request water to help us survive. Sometimes if we drink a lot of water for two or three days, this thirst receptor function will adjust where the desire to drink water will be appropriate for what each body needs. That’s something that I have to do once every couple of months, at least. If not, I might not get dehydrated, but certainly less than optimally hydrated. So I paid attention for maybe a weekend. And I’ll make sure I’ll drink two-thirds of my body weight in water. And then I find that after about two days, it’s like, my desire for water seems to be more than balanced with what my body needs to be optimally hydrated. So I think that’s worth mentioning Gary, maybe experiment with that. We suggest half your body weight in ounces of water, that’s a standard hydration recommendation from many doctors. So if you’re struggling with it, maybe just try two days of an uncomfortable amount of water and see if your desire to drink water changes after that.

We have Galaxy S9+, on a cell phone.

Galaxy S9+ – Well, gentlemen, greetings to you. I’ve written a few things through; I hope I don’t stumble is a bit nervous here. Number one, the highest praise for you guys for how you are helping raise consciousness on our planet and for the beautiful men you’ve become in doing so. I’m on the FLFE Home Trial. It works, I feel it. But more so, I can observe its effect in my life that I can feel. So thank you very much. I have several questions, comments, and how many can I ask?

Jeffrey – As many as you like, no one else has their hand up at the moment.

Galaxy S9+ – All right, so these next few comments or observations are on the Portal and its functionality. Number one, the counter the number of days left on the trial doesn’t seem to be counting, Is that normal?

Jeffrey – Let’s see Max, can you answer that? Max is our IT person.

(25:00) Max – It is not normal, but it does happen on occasion. I could go into a technical explanation.

Galaxy S9+ – Believe me, I don’t want my 14 days to end. But it seems to be stuck at 14 days.

Max – I can fix that for you if I get your name.

Galaxy S9+ – Call me Galaxy for now. The other thing, the daily Boost, does it renew at midnight, local time, or at your end pacific time?

Max – It’s local time.

Galaxy S9+ – Okay, thank you. This next question is on nutrition, the magnesium you talked about. If I’m not mistaken, you spoke about taking three times what you’re taking. I find this can be misleading. I also researched it, and potentially if we take too much, it could turn toxic. How many milligrams a day should be taken; what do you recommend?

Jeffrey – Well, I could start and hand it over to you, Clayten. It depends on the person and the type of magnesium that they’re taking. So, with magnesium, taking an excess will go out through our bowels, I mean, we will have a loose bowels and the magnesium will exit that way.

What we’re finding; just a little bit of context is in a high consciousness field the body is adapting. It’s like if you went to a pilgrimage site and there was very high energy, the body’s not used to that, and it starts to adapt. And one of the ways it adapts is strengthening the nervous system to flow this energy through it to hold this light and energy. What we found is that magnesium and essential fatty acids taken together, support the nervous system. And so there’s a higher burn rate, or a higher usage rate of magnesium in the body is what we’ve found. So that’s why we’re recommending more magnesium than one might normally take because the body will use it up faster.

Galaxy S9+ – To sum up, then, would under 500 milligrams a day, would that sort of be in the range?

Jeffrey – Well, the way that I’ve done it personally is I’ll find something that’s absorbable for me; there are different forms we can talk about. And then I take it, say it’s two capsules, three capsules, and if I get the five capsules and I’ve gotten diarrhea or the loose stool, then I cut back, and I go under that so that I don’t have that disturbance in the bowel. This tells me I’m, near the top of that, and so it really varies person to person. So that’s one way to sort of titrating it, and so it’s hard to give an actual you know, milligram answer for that.

Galaxy S9+ – Thank you, personally, I’m doing an oral form and also a transdermal form of magnesium oil of sorts. So I don’t seem to have any issue.

Clayten – I’ll just say something about magnesium and the nervous system. When we take magnesium and essential fatty acids within 30 minutes of each other, they create synergy. And what our research has concluded was that for many people, the limitation in raising their consciousness physically is actually the myelin sheath system. So the myelin sheath is getting nutrified by the combination of EMFs and magnesium together.

Galaxy S9+ – Just to clarify when you say EFAs, we’re talking fish oils, omega threes that we get oil, that kind of thing.

Clayten – Yes, flax oil for vegans. It needs both and needs it within 30 minutes to be optimal. And we’ve done a lot of research on this and thousands of dosages of different supplements. There was an Olympic trainer in Ontario. And he’s trained the highest number of Olympic athletes, I think in Canada of any trainer, and he basically is recommending the same amount of EFA to magnesium ratio was we were. We had a customer send us the link.

(30:00) Galaxy S9+ – I’m taking two capsules a day. Can I up that to four or six? Or what’s your recommendation?

Clayten – So I’m taking 500 milligrams of magnesium once a day now; I used to take a lot more, and I’m taking about 3000 milligrams of essential fatty acids. And typically, we start at about one to four, one ratio of magnesium to four, or one unit of magnesium to four units of EFAs when we first start the Service because our body needs more EFAs. And then when we’ve been on it longer, we can change that to one to six or one to ten. The way that I typically go about one to six, they just keep increasing my magnesium until I get loose stools, as Jeff said. Jeff can probably talk about this next point more than I can. The gyms have opened recently, and I noticed that as I started exercising more, my body can handle more EFAs and magnesium.

Galaxy S9+ – When you talk about a one to six or one to ten ratio, would you use the magnesium as the baseline? And then increase the EFAs?

Clayten – Have you noticed that when you’re exercising more, your body is using more magnesium and EFA’s?

Jeffrey -Yeah, I would say that’s true, and the Olympic weightlifter connection was the nervous system as well. So one limitation they were finding for these hefty weights was the nervous system was giving out, not the muscles. They were building the myelin sheath in the nervous system to carry more energy, so it’s the same really, just a little bit different in the way it’s used.

Galaxy S9+ – These next few questions are technical in nature. The initial calibration done on a new Free Trial or Subscription can be done with FLFE service turned off? Or does it need to be on for you guys to do your work?

Jeffrey – Yes, it needs to be turned on.

Galaxy S9+ – Okay, so let’s say that it’s turned on during a selected time of the day, but it gets turned off at certain times of the day. So if it’s off half the day and on the other half, hopefully, a mutual window can be found, so that the calibration can occur.

Jeffrey – Yes, so the initial calibration for new Free Trials coming on or new properties coming on is the first 24 hours, and we’re only measuring the time when the Service is on. And it’s before the Slider since you don’t have use of the Slider for the first 24 hours.

Galaxy S9+ – So, let’s say that the Service was turned off 12 hours a day, would that skew the numbers that you were in and skew the calibration?

Jeffrey – No, it’s only measuring the time that it’s on. So it would only measure that 12 hours that it’s on.

Galaxy S9+ – Okay, so it’s something that you could potentially work with if it were off half the day?

Clayten – Yes, absolutely. We account for that in the inquiry when we’re doing the kinesiology test. It’s worked out by the inquiry.

Galaxy S9+ – Okay, that’s a great answer. (35:00) Thank you so much for that. Now, the other question is, are the Programs effective independently of a high or low LOC that we can adjust? Or will they work just as effectively? Like, I mean, I’m sure there’s increased efficiency with a high LOC. But let’s say that the LOC is kept low would the Programs still work reasonably well?

Jeffrey – My answer is it might depend slightly on the Program to look at what’s there, but they’re all designed to work at 500, which is the level of the smarter EMF product. So that product has the EMF Mitigation, the Brain Optimization, the Energized Nutrients, all of those work optimally at 500.

Galaxy S9+ – So let’s say it was at 400 there would be a bit of a loss of efficiency, I’m assuming from what you’re saying.

Jeffrey – I think we’d have to look at it sort of Program by Program, what would you say about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, a slight loss of efficiency, and we’d have to look at it individually. Still, maybe 95% as effective, it wouldn’t be much less. That’s an excellent question, Jeff, I think we should look at that in detail and maybe test the Programs. What’s happening is that as we add more and more Programs, we would need to retest each one to give you the kind of answer that we’d like to. So I think that’s something that we’ll have to dig deeper before we go down the road further because we’re pretty conservative about what we talk about. But up until at least recently, I would say the programs are 95% to 98%, effective at 400 as they are at 500. That’s my take on it.

Galaxy S9+ – Now, in the case of EMF only subscription will turning off the EMF affect the Programs? Or will it affect the 500 LOC that comes with it?

Jeffrey – It very well could. The guaranteed level of consciousness for a property program lets say the Smarter EMF Program is 500. If you turn off the EMF Mitigation, through your Control Panel, it will depend on the environment. If there were a bank of smart meters, the level of consciousness of the property would drop, or depending on the distance and what else is going on. So the level of consciousness does compensate somewhat. You know, originally before we developed this Program, we saw around 15% compensation for EMFs, but the environment keeps changing with 5G. So we couldn’t say that still would hold. So if you did turn it off, it’s likely the level of consciousness will drop if we turn that EMF Mitigation Program off.

Galaxy S9+ – Moving on to I guess we would call a personal business question, and I would understand that you may not want to answer. So here goes. How feasible is it to build a second machine? And of course, obviously, you guys, as expert kinesiologists, would have to be involved in the running of this machine, I guess at one point delegation could be crucial. And, of course, surrounding yourself with the right people could be a challenge. I can understand that. So, having said that, I’ll let you take over now.

Clayten – We have triple redundancy. Right now, we’re going to quadruple redundancy. We’ve had very few interruptions in the service for maybe a couple of hours several years ago at one point. It seems like you’re asking if we would like to have other people steward the technology for us. That’s what I’m kind of reading or assuming? (40:00)

Galaxy S9+ – Well, I guess my concern is, I don’t know, what happens if there’s an earthquake in Nelson, and the machine gets knocked out, are we going to lose our Service? That would be a shame.

Clayten – We have multiple machines in multiple locations around the world.

Galaxy S9+ – That’s good news. I’m happy to hear that.

Jeffrey – We also have redundancy for the loss of the database. We have backup data. All of this is connected to a database; you can turn things on and off and join the Free Trial instantly.

Clayten – We have a tendency for power outages and for solar flares. So if the whole grid and everything goes down, we’re still going to give people their Service.

Galaxy S9+ – You mentioned on a podcast, and just now that you have a number of redundancies. And you also spoke about the PIF or Pay it Forward that you will honor these hopefully for decades. And that’s suggesting your own mortality. So what happens after you guys leave? Do you have a plan for legacy, and this can’t go off when you leave, can it?

Jeffrey – Yes. Thanks for asking. We’re hoping with this support, we’ll be all be around a long time. And, for us, in stewarding this, we, as you suggested, having a team to carry on is something, when the time comes, we’ll see where we are. We would love it to go beyond our lifetimes. You know, that would be our intention, and it does depend on the right situation for that to occur.

Galaxy S9+ – Now, my last question, Are you hiring given the right candidate, of course?

Clayten – Yes, we are. We’re looking for about four people right now. And we’re actually working on a Career Page for our website. We are looking to hire people in Nelson or people that are willing to move to Nelson. So even though we’re working from home more and more, we’re trying to create a culture in the local area. At least until we get to the point where we can maintain the level of service we’d like to give with people that are working at a distance. We are growing.

Jeffrey- And we should mention that you would need to be able to work in Canada. So this is an international webinar, you would have to be to have a work visa in Canada to apply.

Galaxy S9+ – Well, I am in Ontario, actually, so the Canadian part is covered. And but yeah, that would be an interest. I mean, I guess I’m around the same age as you are. I wish I were 30 years old and could go up the ranks and maybe offer some help with the legacy, but I guess I can only do good and take care of myself and live for a very long time.

Jeffrey – Yeah. So feel free to talk, call the office, contact the office, and check into employment.

Galaxy S9+ – Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you so much for taking my call, answering my questions very patiently. And again, the highest words of praise for what you’re doing. I guess God has tapped on both your shoulders.

Clayten – Thank you. And I appreciate your questions; you have been thinking, and we value that. Cody has a question next; he has been patient, thank you, Cody.

(45:00) Cody – I just wanted to say thank you very much. I definitely feel the energy. And something I’ve been experimenting with because I’ve been sending energy to people for a long time. I’ve sent energy to people through pictures. And because it’s location-based attached to my phone, I figured the energy would automatically transfer to anything that I took a picture of. And I have found that to be true. And in myself, like, I will be in a state where I’m feeling the energy, but I still have some physical pain. Then I open up a picture of myself, and I feel the energy increase, and I feel my pain decrease. And I was just wondering if you guys had any experience playing around with it in that way.

Clayten – It’s interesting, Cody, you bring that up, there are more and more people working with the energy in that way. In our last webinar, somebody brought up that when they make a conscious connection with the energy of FLFE, they can direct it to places in their body or to other people. And we have had people describe experiences on the phone when they’re talking on their phone. The phone is on the FLFE Service, and the people on the other end of the call have a more positive response to the conversations. So you’re definitely onto something. We actually have a customer, Alyssa, who has a private practice working with clients to direct FLFE to properties that they’ve lived on in the past. The Home Subscription will help clear up any negative energetic ties to that place. That’s pretty advanced stuff. And we’d like to dig deeper into that. We considered having a Webinar with people experimenting like you have Cody. We could have a short free course to help people use it in another way. So I think I’ll leave it at that Jeff and see if you want to add anything.

Jeffrey – Yes, the Magnetizing Process we have is one way to use it to focus on the energy. But it’s interesting how you’re using photographs for that Cody. And I assume you’re using the Boost. Are you taking a photo during a Boost?

Cody – I actually haven’t tried that yet, but I was going to do that today. I just haven’t had the chance.

Jeffrey – Yes, that might be interesting to see. You know, you’re capturing a moment at 600 or higher. And you could see what that feels like to look at later.

Cody – For sure. I just wanted to say I did that last night I opened up a picture of myself on my phone and then just put it on a slideshow of the same image, so it stayed open all night. And I’ve had chronic pain for a long time, and I usually wake up at least once an hour, and I slept all night long last night.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s really good. With the Boost, it might be even more interesting, there is energy on these webinars as well. There’s a limit to how long we can loop it. We have a meditation in our Video Section in the Learning Center under Videos. There’s a Meditation Video, which we’ve presented on a few webinars that also has some higher energy to it as well.

Cody – And then the one other thing I wanted to ask is, I may be mistaken. Still, I was wondering how come there is not the availability to purchase the 600 level. I noticed the other morning I was extremely frustrated at something. And I thought about FLFE, and I turned on the Boost and, of course, felt the energy immediately. Within just a couple of minutes, I was noticeably less upset. It was awesome. (50:00)

Jeffrey – Well, there are a couple of reasons why, and the Service will continue to evolve. The first is it does take a tremendous amount of energy to provide the Boost. It’s like when we turn on a light bulb, that sort of inflow of current takes more energy. And so when people are turning on and off the Boost, it does increase the power needs, and we do have limitations. We keep working on increasing the capacity of the system. And the other is that when we test the most appropriate level of consciousness for people to be supported, to rise in consciousness, and to navigate everyday life, that 560 range was the most appropriate. And I think what we’re seeing is that as people acclimate over time that they could spend more time in a higher field. For the work that you’re doing and the work that many people are doing, the field may be higher than the FLFE minimum, it’s only sort of a starting place. Your field could be at 600 or at 580. And then you’re boosting it to 600 because you feel the difference. And the more time you spend consciously working with the energy, the more it will respond to what you’re doing.

Cody – For sure. And then I just thought of one more question. Have you done experiments on how long it takes the energy to restructure water? And if so, what could you tell me about that?

Clayten – Well, we finally got approval from Dr. Emoto’s group to do a test with us on the crystalline signature of water that has been energized with the FLFE technology. So we’ll have some pictures for you on that. It happens pretty fast; the technology cycles through the environment 1000 million times a second. That’s what quantum association is. We could say it’s instant. But if we want to get really technical, it’s 1000 million times a second. So it depends on what the water quality is coming in, of course, but it’s pretty fast. I wouldn’t know how much to tell you because I don’t know myself.

For instance, if we have a fire hose versus a tap, city water with fluoride versus not fluoride, chlorine versus not chlorine, spring water versus not spring water. I don’t know where else to go with that one. But we do have many Programs on water, a lot of Requests to Divinity. We looked at all the top water technologies in the world, and we measured the level of appropriateness of water as food for the body. And then we researched the water companies and measured their level of consciousness and measured their understanding of the appropriate use of water. This included alkalinity, micro clustering, surface tension, the ability to create hydrogen in the technologies. Then we referenced those researcher’s bodies of work. We combined them to create a 999 out of 1000 request to Divinity. The context is to optimize the water as best we can within the limits of the technology and the quality of the water. So when we started that Water Program, it would take 1% of the energy the entire machine for one home. So we had to do a power upgrade because we wanted to have that for everybody. And a lot of times when we do an upgrade like that it takes so much energy from the technology, we had to do a significant power upgrade to go beyond the beta test. So that’s a little more of a story for you, Cody.

Jeffrey – I think just one more thing to add to that Cody and Clayten is that when we were doing that work, we were drinking a certain amount of water to stay hydrated. So we were measuring our level of hydration on a scale parallel to the Hawkins’s Map. You know, where 1000 is the most appropriate hydration over a period of time. And we were measuring where we are and how much we’re drinking. And when we put those Programs on the amount of water, we went down, way down. Do you remember that Clayten?

Clayten – It’s been a couple of years, 20% or something?

(55:00) Jeffrey – Yes, it was 20 – 30% less water. So that does help those who have trouble hydrating that the water that we’re drinking is it’s more optimally absorbed not only from the gut into the bloodstream, but also intracellularly into the cells. That’s really important. And that’s where surface tension comes in and then micro cluster, and we could spend four or five hours just talking about that Program.

Cody – Well, thank you guys very much. I really appreciate this webinar and your answers.

Clayten – Yeah, good for you for the experiment. Good luck with the pain. I think Yash is next.

Yash – Yes, I typed up four of my questions, and my mind is thinking of more, but first of all, I want to thank you so much for this technology. I’ve been using it for almost a year and a half. I have seen significant upliftment in the mental and spiritual status in my household. And wherever I take my cell phone with me, I see positive effects so much gratitude to you. My first question is, does the presence of multiple phones that have FLFE turned on to each other. If we bring multiple phones in the vicinity of each other, will the effect be amplified in that area?

Jeffrey – Well, I’d say it’s not amplified. But around each phone, there are sort of sleeves of fields. So around the phone, at 300 feet, the LOC is 555. And you know, as we get closer to the phone within four to seven feet, that’s where the field is. So, two phones together aren’t going to have an amplified effect. Still, it would just mean the higher consciousness area is bigger.

Yash – Like having two magnets close to each other. The way the magnetic field decreases with distance. So just like that, if we bring two magnets and the field is where wherever there is an overlap, it is higher consciousness.

Jeffrey – The overlap would be the same, but it just means we have a larger area. It doesn’t seem to be a multiplying effect like if we put two close to each other, there’s not a higher consciousness, it’s still 575 in that close to four-foot zone there. So if they’re in a phone in a property, it doesn’t seem to create a higher field.

Yash – Okay. Understood. Now instead of going to my second and third questions, I will go with the fourth one first. How does FLFE help growing children from a physical and spiritual standpoint, since the nervous system is developing, do they develop a robust nervous system much stronger than compared to a person who would grow in an area without FLFE?

Clayten – Maybe I’ll start with that one. One of the programs we have is a request to Divinity, to help the child discover its own gift that it was born to share with the world. To help parents see that and nurture the child, to help the parent and the child respect each other, and their life path. So, from a mental point of view, we’d start there because we’ve certainly seen in many homes where there’s much less tension, a lot more harmony, as you’d mentioned, Yash. We’ve even had some miracle stories of teenagers cleaning their rooms on their own and behaving in, you know, crazy ways like that. It’s kind of a standing joke in the office. People turn on FLFE, and everybody wants to start cleaning their homes and taking better care of them. The desire to clean is typical in a high consciousness field. (1:00:00) We’ve had anecdotal evidence of people having a more resilient immune system and getting fewer colds.

We have people like Cody, who was just on in constant pain, and when we can find relief from the pain, that changes our life. We had a gentleman who was a veteran. He had heard about FLFE from somebody, and he’d been in chronic pain ever since he was in the war. This is going back, say 15 years. He turned on FLFE, and for some reason, his pain went away. We don’t know why.

Jeffrey – Well, I would add on the nervous system, as you mentioned, in this high consciousness field, which we believe is not common in today’s world. Still, perhaps it could be common; it’s a pristine state free of negative influences like geopathic stress and now EMFs. Then brought to this level of consciousness in places of worship and places where prayer and pilgrimages are happening. So, is this the normal state for humanity? Perhaps so. A young person growing up with this higher amount of lifeforce energy, Chi, Prana available for them in their nervous system adapts. We all adapt to our environments; we can adapt to a very low consciousness environment. And it takes a lot of our lifeforce energy to live that way. And in a high consciousness environment, we believe that the body adapts to it and uses that energy. So, yes, I believe that it would have a positive effect on the capacity of the nervous system. But we don’t have evidence in the form of medical evidence to show that. And we’re not looking at medical evidence anyways, we don’t have that kind of technology to measure the effects these days.

Yash – Another question is, is there a place on the website where we can see the list of all the Programs or requests that you have put in the field for us? And what are the potential additional Programs or features that will be added to it in the future?

Jeffrey – Yes, on the website at the top, there is a section called Benefits. So if you look at Benefits, you’ll see step by step what’s in each part of the field around the phone, which Programs are in the four-foot zone, which Programs are in the seven-foot zone and which Programs are in the three hundred-foot zone. There’s a fifteen-foot delineation as well, a radius around the phone. So you can see that there and similar details for the properties. So if you look around in the Benefits Section, you’ll find those details you’re looking for.

As far as what’s coming, we don’t tend to publish those until we’re ready to present them because we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. But there are new Programs coming down the pike that we are testing.

Yash – My last question for today is knowing that this technology is beneficial for the planet in raising consciousness. There are groups, as we all know, who do not want the consciousness to rise, and we call them cabal for the lack of a better word. Have you experienced any challenges from them preventing you from providing the Service or any sort of, for the lack of a better term, attacks to prevent consciousness from rising on the planet?

Clayten – (1:05:00) Yes, our focus is on creating a high consciousness field and supporting the Innate Intelligence of the body to do the things that it’s always known how to do and will always know how to do. We don’t take a negative stance against anything. And I think I understand where you’re coming from Yash. Even if we’re not taking a negative stance and calling out perceived injustices in the world and identifying those in great detail. We have done our research on that; we can hold our own in those conversations, and we’re just not focused on that. That’s why when somebody asks us what about 5G, the 60 hertz, millimeter technology, and its ability to influence our body’s hemoglobin to absorb oxygen and also to process calcium, our response is that there are lots of people in the world that can tell you more about the challenges that we have as a society than we can.

Our focus is to stay clear about what we can do and to try to take action, positive action. So I think that attitude helps protect us because we’re really not against anything. We’re just here to help everybody, and everybody wants to have a higher level of consciousness. We believe even the people that are not focused on benefiting humanity are trying to find happiness in their own way. It may be that it’s not the way that we would suggest, but I don’t know their path.

Jeffrey – Anything else we can help you with? We really appreciate you being with us for this time. And as a Subscriber, you have helped us to do what we do and to keep improving the Service. And, of course, the additional work that we do; the service work for the world, which we don’t talk a lot about, but there’s a little bit on the website about it in the Donation Section. Still, you’ve helped with your Subscription, and we are grateful for that.

Yash – Thank you for helping us out with this knowledge and technology.

Jeffrey – Yep. Thanks for coming on tonight. We’ll bring Melanie on now.

Melanie – I think I’ve been a Subscriber for maybe six months. I’ve been joining webinars because I feel the consciousness in the group, and I just need as much of that as possible. So I appreciate everyone being here and what I’m learning, and even though I don’t understand it all I know it’s all true. So my question has to do with looking for suggestions, I have a Pay it Forward Subscription that has been unallocated. And I think I was waiting for like the perfect hit of where I should send it. And right now, I am overwhelmed with information and places where healing and peace need to be directed. And I’m wondering if you could offer me some guidance or ideas that would help me figure out where to direct my Pay It Forward Subscription.

Clayten – I did have an idea right away when you asked, and I’m going to put it back on you. I will give you my idea that the opportunity for you is to increase your conscious contact with Divinity. (1:10:00) Ask, my suggestion is to ask fora sign as to where you can best serve. And when I ask for that, I ask for lots of signs to make it really clear so I can’t miss it. And then I start noticing synchronicities, like recently we’ve had a lot of people put their PIFs on slaughterhouses. And I’m not saying that that’s the answer for you. But if you do ask for guidance, and pay attention to the synergies, then it might be an interesting experiment for you to explore how the universe is working with you.

Melanie – Yes, thank you so much. I’ve had thoughts that came in like I had a perfect idea, and then something else would pop up. And that was a good idea. But going back and asking for a clear sign, that’s what I’ll do because I had another situation outside of this last week. And I asked for a clear sign, and 15 minutes later it couldn’t be denied. So, thanks for reiterating something that I’ve used in the past that always works.

Clayten – My question is,  “What is your will for me Lord, please show me, make it clear and make an undeniably true and help clear my mind so I can see how you want to express in the world through something like that.

Melanie – Beautiful, thank you, I appreciate your work and I will pass it along in any way I can. And I look forward to giving the PIF once the sign is shown to me.

Jeffrey – Hi Melanie, I’ll comment too. The way I connect is feeling my heart. So if I’m making a statement, it’s true, or it’s not true. Then if it’s true, I feel my heart opening. And if it’s not, if it feels tight, so when a thought pops in, I might say, “this is my thought.” And if my heart is opening, okay, that’s my thought, it’s from my ego, it’s from me. But often I’m feeling that’s not a true statement, it wasn’t my thought it was a thought from somewhere else. And it’s helped me tune into the thoughts coming in to differentiate those from mine, and then I ask whose thought it was. And depending on who you connect with, whether you’ve got relatives or some aspect of Divinity or a religious figure or however it is that you connect, you could also check is their thought? So, it’s just another way to differentiate the sort of thoughts that are occurring for us.

Melanie – Great, thank you. My dreams have been pretty vivid, so I might ask for a sign in my dreams. Thanks for reminding me of things that I have done before, it’s so helpful to talk about them and get reinforcement from other high vibration like-minded people. So thank you so much.

Clayten – Thank you for being a Subscriber, Melanie.

Jeffrey – It really helps. It helps the whole thing keep rolling. We’ve got people in the office talking to customers from seven in the morning until ten at night, which has been really helpful. We’ve got a lot of other countries coming on and different time zones, and so we’re starting to cover this. And the Subscriptions help this to happen so we can reach more people and that we can do more good.

Clayten – I see Ashley Torres has her hand up. Let’s bring Ashley in.

Ashley – Hello, nice to see you both. It’s winter here. And I’m happy to share with everybody that’s on tonight that I have been a Subscriber for five years. (1:15:00) And here I am on your webinar that you so generously put out regularly. And I said to Gil I’m learning all these new things. And what’s so amazing to me and so inspiring is how you’re growing your company, how you’re growing the technology. It’s so clear to me how spirit-guided your whole movement is because as consciousness is expanding all over on the earth, you are expanding with it. It’s just such a phenomenon, how it’s metamorphosing.

And I can say that because when I started with your technology five years ago, you turned it on in our house. I felt that going up to my calves and then up to my thighs and I could feel it, you know, as you turned it on, and it’s just amazing how much more it’s developed and how it’s grown. And whenever you see something growing that effortlessly, to me, that obvious that it’s Spirit directed. And I’m thrilled to learn new things tonight. Yeah, and I and I have a Healing Center here in Sedona, and I’m a healer; I’m used as a vessel for healing. I love this. I’d never thought of working with the technology, Clayten, and Jeff, and I work with Universal Intelligence. So I open up to it, I should say, and it’s all Grace. I’m able to feel the different frequencies when it’s Divine feminine energy. Or if it’s an Archangel or an Ascended Master, and then I proceed to direct that energy in the highest and best intention for the individual. But I’m really excited now to start tuning in and communing with the matrix of FLFE. And this is going to be a lot of fun. So I’ll be reporting back to you. I never thought of doing that.

Clayten – I look forward to hearing how you work with it because I know you have excellent discernment between your connection with Divinity and its many aspects. It’s something that’s been emerging more and more, Ashley. It might have always been there, and we didn’t notice it. So we have to probably go back and look if it’s something that has really grown recently or if it’s something that’s supposed to be talked about more.

Ashley – Sure, sure. You’re a huge part of consciousness rising or the movement of consciousness for humanity. It’s so true that things that have always been there all of a sudden become more highlighted, right? So what I’m saying is that it’s all been there, but maybe it’s just being highlighted, you know, working with the energy in this way. Such as your clients actually directing the energy very intentionally.

Jeffrey – Well, it’s a good time on the planet to be directing positive energy.

Ashley – Yes, absolutely, it’s needed. So thank you. Oh, good to see you, Jeff. Jeff, you look younger and younger.

Clayten – Yes, every year he gets younger!

Jeffrey – Yeah, thank you. Well, we do what we do. And, you know, as you said, it seems like an effortless flow for change, or increase in FLFE. And the benefits are what’s there. But we take a step, and the guidance is there for the next step. And you take that step and the guidance there for the next step. And we keep taking those steps day after day, and all of a sudden, like, wow, we’ve created this over a while, and it just keeps expanding. And it’s surprising at times what’s happened. (1:20:00) And because we’re used to it, we just go on to the next because it’s just who we are. When we see something like the effects of EMFs lowering consciousness, we think “we need to do something for subscribers.” I think it is that love for Subscribers and ourselves, we are all on this journey together with humanity.

Ashley – Well, it’s very inspiring to witness, and I’m celebrating your, I’ll call it a movement. It’s growing rapidly, and it’s Spirit-led, and it’s wonderful. Thank you both.

Clayten – Thank you. Bless you, Ashley. Thanks for coming on.

Jeffrey – So we’re coming up to an hour and a half, Clayten. Shall we answer more questions, or shall we wrap it up at this point?

Clayten – It’s a lot later for you than it is for me. So I always feel it’s best to give you the call because it’s, 10:30 at night where you are, and that’s a long day. I know what time you start in the morning. So maybe a few more. We can bring Roger on.

Roger – Yes, thanks for having me on today. I appreciate everything that you’re doing. A lot of the callers already answered a lot of the questions but I had one. I have an eight-year-old and for me, you know, I’ll put it up to 570, and I’m taking the supplements and all, but it’s different to get him to take supplements. What do you recommend? Should I throttle it back, or what should I look for to see how he handles things? It was interesting when I had the Home FLFE. Then when I started to go out to work and begin to use FLFE Everywhere, he began to get giddy, and he’s calmer, happier, more playful. It was interesting to see that, but I just want to make sure, he’s a little guy still, do you have any recommendations for that?

Jeffrey – I can speak for myself personally, if I am not nutrified well enough, I can get irritable. You know, I can feel like a little overdriven. So that’s something you could watch for if he’s playful and happy, that’s an excellent sign. Yeah, I think kids these days are born into this world that’s at a higher consciousness than when we were born. So they’re already acclimated and are kind of wired differently than we were. So it’s tough to say; I mean people who notice the positive mood changes and sort of harmony, so if you see that starting to change, then you can take action. There are EFA gummies that you can get by the way.

Clatyen – EFAs in liquid form are available on the market. I started taking spoonful’s of EFA’s instead of the gel caps. I recently purchased a big jar of lecithin, Jeff, it’s really inexpensive, and lecithin is great nervous system support. So you can try that Roger, perhaps sneak it into his food, you know, take the magnesium, and take out of the cap. Or maybe poke a cap of EFAs and put it in some liquid or put it into his food. Also try the Slider and see how he responds to different levels. Does he seem to be the same?

Roger – Well I just floored it at 570, I didn’t really back it off.

Clayten – Try it at 500 for a week, see if he notices the difference. (1:25:00) It’s basically an experiment; a lot of times, most homes in the United States or Canada, North America, most of the places where our Subscribers are, and with the pandemic, things have dropped a lot. So it’s not what it was, but we’re coming back up. Most homes were at about 420. So even 500 is 80 to the power of 10, that’s 80 times 10 times 10. It’s a huge increase in energy. So there’s a lot of benefit in just that. So I would try moving up and down and see what happens.

Jeffrey – And there is the Boost as well so try the Boost and see.

Roger – I save the Boost when it’s bedtime or when he’s complaining about homework. Five minutes on the phone Boost and I swear it has worked.

Jeffrey – He is probably acclimated to it then.

Roger – For your website, the Slider? I know it’s a tight fit, and you know, on the Hawkins Map, is there any possibility to put like the demarcation where the joy is and where pride is and things like that? Or I can always memorize it. I used to have the book, and amazingly I sold it. And then now I need it again. So that’s just a suggestion. But thank you for everything that you’re doing. Thank you for your time.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Roger. Thanks for being with us on the journey. It’s been great to hear from you. Let’s try Kelly now.

Kelly – Hello, thank you for your service, I really appreciate it. I take it for granted. I moved into a new house and turn FLFE on, and I always just leave it totally floored at 570. I created a portal for joy here in my community in the high desert, especially since lockdown like we’re non-compliant. And I have meetings here. I have gatherings here; a friend just showed up who is learning about the technology because I actually forget sometimes that I even have it on. So I’ve only realized, oh, we have this technology turn on the Boost. It’s definitely affected, weight loss, my cognition, and my ability to meditate for longer. Definitely in the wake of the last several days, and I pray about what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve had a very visible role as a performer and as an artist to raise frequencies in a very overt way.

I got a very clear message that my job right now is to take care of myself. I’m to keep as a high frequency as possible through what I eat, and through meditation and through kind and compassionate transactions with people. This is challenging because I feel very naturally oppositional, enraged at what is being rolled out. Part of which is the technology and the planetary takeover of the AI. So it’s interesting to have this technology using the same ideas, but this is a good aspect, like when we have to fight fire with fire, right? It’s beautiful that the FLFE technology counters that. I mean, that’s what we have to do; we’re going to drift more and more into AI whether we like it or not. So it’s kind of a cool way to accolade because I’m 59 years old, I wasn’t raised in a high frequency. My question specifically, I’m sorry, I logged on late. You were talking about magnesium. What about getting magnesium from Epsom salt baths and baking soda?

Clayten – Yes, absolutely. I know some people that are huge fans of Epsom salt baths. And they find that their life isn’t the same as without a couple bags a week. Okay, so yes, you can absolutely absorb it through Epsom salts. Of course, certain foods have more magnesium in them. I’m taking some Brazil nuts right now off the top of my head if I’m correct. It’s getting late for me too. But anyway, it’s in some foods. Some people do a transdermal the magnesium threonate is typically the most absorbable form of magnesium. I take magnesium bisglycinate; there are many types. If anyone is concerned about bioavailability, just hold the magnesium in front of the body. (1:30:00) Some people are good testers; their body will typically move towards food that’s positive and move away from food that’s not positive. Then hold the amount in mind to take and get a little more refined with that process. Of course, if we take a low dosage of a non-absorbable form of magnesium we will typically get a loose stool. So that’s another way to test it. And then we talked earlier about upping the dose of magnesium and then having four times the amount of essential fatty acids to start. So if we’re taking 500 milligrams of magnesium, then take 2000 milligrams of essential fatty acids with that which creates a synergy to support the myelin sheath on the nervous system. This helps hold the raise in consciousness gains that we’re receiving in the high field. That’s the Coles notes version of what we’ve talked about so far today and in the past.

Kelly – Great. One other quick question because I tend to be a very unconscious/conscious person. As I said, I totally forgot that I even had the Service for a couple of weeks there. I was having some nerve pain; it seemed like tied into the vibe of what’s happening. But it was in my gums. It’s not related to periodontal disease. I’m wondering maybe that would be a time I might slide down the scale. I don’t know, perhaps that’s the way that I’m feeling the frequencies. Maybe it’s an overload at that moment. I know you guys can’t treat or diagnose anything.

Jeffrey – It’s always good to experiment. So, still use the Slider, move it up and down, and try the Boosts. Some people have pain relief from the Boost. And it’s good to keep on top of our bodies; what’s occurring? It seems as we as we get older, there are things that happen that come in that we can clear. Maybe there’s, depending on your belief, a past life influence. I’m certainly working with that right now, something related to my hips. And so, I’m finding I can consciously clear it by working with it. We’ve talked about earlier with some other people about directing the FLFE energy; that we in our meditations can use that energy to direct it to parts of our bodies. And are you a performer you say, Kelly?

Kelly – Yes, I’ve been on Broadway, and I’ve done a lot of film and television, I was also a first responder at ground zero. So I ended up getting a terrible chronic inflammatory illness. And I lived in a moldy house in Santa Monica for 12 years. And that kind of took me to the high desert, and I’m in a beautiful home now with new construction all tile, no carpet, no swamp coolers. And my last question is about the frequency of mold; I’m so terrified of mold, I can’t have any of it. Do you have any records or experiments with the frequency of mold and how mold is affected by FLFE?

Jeffrey – We don’t have any experiments doing that specifically, no. There is more lifeforce energy available in the environment. So, we’re not sending or working with frequencies individually, we’re making a request to Divinity for the level of consciousness to be at a certain place and then measuring that. But what I was going to mention was to back on the mold for a second. Did you ever take neem leaf?

Kelly – I use neem toothpaste and neem oil. Yes.

Clayten – There are also neem capsules, Kelly. I’ll be careful what we suggest here, Jeff. I found that when we were moving, we had some dried fruit in the cupboard. And when we ate the fruit as we were moving it around, had a powerful reaction. And we found out the dried fruit had become a bit moldy. It wasn’t visible to the eye. But that’s what we concluded. So we had a practitioner test us for that. And we were taking neem capsules. So maybe two capsules a day and anyone can do that test. Hold it in front of you and see how many your body wants at that time and just try that for a couple of weeks; there might be an extraordinary change.

Jeffrey – (1:35:00) There is one more thing I would like to say. People are projecting the FLFE energy, and it might be interesting to do that while singing or recording. And one of the things we discovered is, and we haven’t gone down the rabbit hole with this yet, but if a cell phone or an electronic device such as a microphone is on and the EMF Mitigation is happening it is rising in consciousness, and so the music flowing through it is higher. You know, it has this added level. So it might be interesting to play with that.

Kelly – All right. Thank you, guys. God bless. Beautiful. Thank you guys have a good night.

Jeffrey – Well, why don’t we conclude here? I’ll offer a few words of closing, and because I’m already talking, so I’ll continue. I’m grateful for all of you that joined us here. I appreciate your presence on the call and what you’ve added here tonight and in your presence in the FLFE community. Whether you’re joining us on the private Facebook page or calling the office or emailing the office, we really appreciate your presence, your input, and your Subscriptions. As we said, it really helps us to continue the work we’re doing and to do the service work that we do. So, I’m so grateful for your presence with us on this journey. And I’ll turn it over to you Clayten.

Clayten – When Jeff and I were looking at making this a business, we committed to do business as a spiritual path in the best way we can. And sometimes, the struggle of being human is difficult, it seems no matter who we are. For those who know us, you know that we did this as service work. Back in 2011, up to the 2012 events that we were all waiting for. We looked on Google Earth to find the lowest consciousness places on the planet and put positive energy on those to help lift that whole continent. Our intent was to support the planet and have all of us have the best experience we could during the 2012 transition that we were all going through.

We’ve often said if we had the resources to do this personally, we might just give it all away. And our conclusion at the time when we decided to do it as a business, that we have limited personal resources. I believe that resources are unlimited, and we’re working on putting ourselves in alignment with that.

And  the best model to distribute this Service through an economized business model is doing business as a spiritual path. The revenue from subscriptions help us pay people living wages and have a great office environment. And it helps us do all the service work that we don’t very often talk about. We do 50 times the amount of service than we show on the website, maybe 100 times more. It’s hard to measure it; we’re still giving away 95% of all the energy of the technology that we use. At one point it was as high as 98% and sometimes down as low as 90.

We just finished a significant power upgrade, so we’re giving more away again. I want to remind everyone that Subscriptions help us do major service projects on the planet, and that is meaningful to us. I think I can say that for Jeff as well. Everyone receives a PIF to put anywhere in the world, so everyone is supporting service work. There are millions and millions of people in refugee camps that we’re giving a lower level service to for free. And we help all those people contribute through the business part of what we do. So, thank you all for being Subscribers. For those of you who are and for those who are the Free Trial, I appreciate you trying it, and as Jeff often says, it’s great to share the journey with you.