June 16, 2020

Q&A Webinar # 4

(0:00) Jeffrey – Live from Nelson, B.C. Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We will be answering questions live after a short discussion on the level of consciousness of the world and various countries. And toward the end of the webinar, we will be playing a meditation. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – The FLFE community is worldwide. We are now with Free Trial and Subscriptions in 54 countries. The private Facebook page is a place to go and connect with others around the world; it has become a very interesting place. Clayten and I are very touched and uplifted when you share your experiences when you call or email us at the office, so thank you for that. Clayten, we’ve been tracking the world and various countries. Can you fill us in about where we are today?

Clayten – We meet every day. And we check a couple of things to kind of take the pulse of the Earth from a consciousness point of view. And just to give some context, we use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness as a reference tool to measure the vibration of the Earth or the consciousness. And Dr. David Hawkins, if you haven’t heard of him, was a psychologist in New York. His first book, Power vs. Force, was a New York Times bestseller. So if anyone has not experienced that book yet, you may want to read it. Power vs. Force is one of our main go-to books for information. According to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the highest level of consciousness the world has ever sustained for, let’s say, a month was before the pandemic started. And that was about 242. And it dropped down as low as 98 for one day, so 250 is neutral on the Hawkins Map. 200 is Courage, 100 is Fear. So understandably, the world’s going into a fear zone, 150 is anger 175 is pride. The world has come up to 170. That’s over the previous 24 hours. I don’t have the exact date when we hit 98. It was shortly after April 4; we could perhaps find that out for next week.

There’s another measurement we use called the level of functioning (LOF). That’s our ability to take action. So that’s a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map, where 1000 represents the highest functioning a human being can experience. The world is 215 over the previous 24 hours. I’m seeing somebody offering a suggestion; we could chart it, and I think maybe we will. We’ll do a webinar on pre COVID and during COVID to see what shows up and how that expresses people’s lives in their experience.

Jeffrey – So one of the exciting things to me in our tracking Clayten, has been the United States with all the race questions and the police actions that occurred. People are taking to the streets justifiably to protest that. What we saw in terms of both the LOC and the functioning, was interesting.

Clayten – Yes, even though the world dropped to 98, some countries were more responsive to rising consciousness than others. Of course, countries on the leading edge of the pandemic as it moved around the world dropped lower and responded quicker when they went through their curve if you will. (5:00) So with the United States, at one point, it was around 230 on the Hawkins Map; it had dropped down from about 420, where it typically would be. And its functioning was in the 215 to 220 level. When the riots started, and the protest started, the United States of America dropped to 150, which is anger. Then the functioning went up to about 450. When exploring consciousness through kinesiology, there’s a relationship between our level of consciousness and our functioning. So when our functioning is higher than our level of consciousness, it means we’re very active at that time. And so I think the expression of anger had shown up in protests taking place and in riots. And a much higher functioning indicates an action on the level of consciousness. So when we see a 300 point gap like that, It indicates that people are very action-oriented. So if we’re looking at an individual, and their level of consciousness was 150, and their functioning was 450, that would tell us that person’s taking a lot of action on something that they’re probably angry about. There’s a correlation between how it shows up in an individual and how it expresses in a country. And since then, the United States has grown. Maybe less than two weeks ago, it came up over 200 again, and the functioning is dropping down. So that’s what we expected to see. Let’s hope to have some permanent changes made as a result of this. But from our consciousness, point of view that’s the data.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you, Clayten. It’s been interesting to follow that, and we’ll create some charts with those numbers. So we have someone with their hand up, Anja has her hand up. So I’ll bring her in.

Anja – I’m curious because I started to work with shungite the actual meteorite stone, about the same time that my friends told me about you. And I signed up within a few weeks, and I got so involved in the shungite, and then they said to me that you were using a frequency of shungite. And I want to know, what are you using and how does that work? Because I find that to be very amazing. So how do you bring shungite into your frequencies?

Jeffrey – Yes, shungite is an amazing material, and it’s the only material we found that was able to harmonize EMFs or remove them. Or the way we measure consciousness lowering to neutral, or consciousness-raising. Yes, with the FLFE system, we’re not actually sending frequencies. We’re creating quantum associations. The way the system works is, there’s a field of quantum characteristics. With unique identifiers such as an address or cell phone and we can activate a field using this connection to the FLFE system. So we’re able to do the same thing with shungite. (10:00) We’re able to, with sources of shungite, pick up the energetic essence of it and that energetic essence or energetic signature of shungite is what is used in the system. And that’s what is harmonizing incoming EMFs from outside the property or outside the cell phone bubble.

Anja – So, I can actually use the stone itself along with my own thought-forms to create the shield the quantum field that I’m seeking, neutrality, and ease. Is that true?

Jeffrey – Yes, I believe so. I mean, I’ll let Clayten speak to that as well.

Clayten – Yes, ultimately, human beings are the most, even though we hide it pretty well, maybe the most powerful influence on the planet. That the human body can do things like you’re suggesting Anya is, as you know, pretty amazing. I don’t know how we’d measure that. But we could actually measure it, by meditating on the shungite or a source of shungite around the world. Focus your thoughts on asking the energetic essence or the energetic signature of shungite to create a bubble around your property or yourself in addition to the material you have. Then measure a change in consciousness with that. So if you did that over some time, say five minutes, you could test the level of consciousness before, and during the time you’re focusing on it. And then, after taking a measurement. That’s one way that you can explore that capacity. I also have friends who have taken pieces of shungite with a service room with a bunch of smart meters. They put plants in the service room, and the plants grew away from the smart meter bank and shriveled. They taped pieces of shungite about the size of a silver dollar on the smart meters on the front of them. And then the plants started growing towards the smart meters, and they were bigger so you can play around with experiments like that and to see what you can do.

Anja- Well, that’s a really good idea. I live in an apartment building, so there are 70 apartments here and three different floors. And I’m wondering about maybe using the entire address with new people to keep the area clear. There are smart meters downstairs, I’m in the middle, so I’m not right next to them, they’re on the other side. But have you ever worked with apartment buildings like that other than homes?

Jeffrey – Well, because the standard FLFE service has this 560 on the Hawkins Map as its minimum level, we ask that people don’t put it on properties where people don’t know it’s on. Because of the additional energy available to the body, the body picks up that subtle energy that Chi or Prana and uses it for healing. More water is very helpful for that. In an apartment type situation, you would have a unit number, the full service would be on the unit. Then the level of consciousness gradually goes down as we move further away. Still, it’s at 500 in an adjoining unit often, and 500 is fine, we can put 500 on people’s properties. It’s the energy of love so we can all bless each other and bless the property.

The smarter EMF product is at 500, so it could be put anywhere.

(15:00) Anja – Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yeah. Thank you for coming on and talking to us.

Clayten – We have Alina with her hand up, so I’ll bring her in.

Alina – First of all I want to say hello I don’t see you for a while and I appreciate you. With everything that is going on, you guys were talking in the beginning about the numbers. I know you every single day measure the countries of the Earth and sorry for the selfish question. Is it possible you can now measure my personal consciousness just to see where I am on my action? Is it possible to do it, and then I will share my experience? Can you do that?

Clayten – If we did that, we would spend every webinar for the next six months or a year testing every single person’s level of consciousness. It’s not that we couldn’t do it. It’s just one of those things. I went to a seminar once with Dr. David Hawkins, there were 836 people in the room, and there were 100 of us lined up to ask a question. And one person went up and asked him for a blessing, and he gave them a blessing, and then everybody in the lineup canceled their question and just asked for a blessing. If I were you, I’d probably ask the same question.

Anja – I just was thinking that because you have so much experience in that. I love Fluffy. I think it’s the best nickname. I’m meditating, and I’m using other processes. I do a lot of work on myself. I’m like the majority of the people, of course, I am an empath. I pick up a lot of stuff but was able to work out and stay calm as much as possible. I cannot say no reactions, but my reactions to whatever is happening are I don’t have fear, I feel calm. I do have peace and joy during the day until I go out and pick up some stuff. That’s when I come back home I have some kind of relief, and then it gets better. Can I ask you another question, guys? What is the best book to start reading Dr. David Hawkins? What is your favorite book for me to read, to expand my consciousness?

Clayten – My favorite is Power vs. Force; It’s his first book. It explains the basics of the levels and talks about the history of the work a little bit, and of course, it’s got the Map of Consciousness on page 68 – 69. And at the back, it’s got a Consciousness Compensation Chart. So for people like you and many of us, Alina, who are devotees on our own spiritual path. I was excited to see at the back of the book in the Consciousness Compensation chart that one person at 500 counterbalances for several hundred thousand people below 200. So in some ways, raising our consciousness is the biggest gift we can give to the world.

Anja – This is absolutely true. And this is why we encourage everyone to do everything to raise it. As much as possible at this time. It’s not an easy time. But thank you guys for being there for us, and for the help to develop strength and believe in something good. Do you want to answer that question, Jeff, what’s your favorite book?

Jeffrey – Well, although I haven’t read all of the books, Healing and Recovery was quite interesting to me. It goes into great detail about healing ourselves and about our Innate Intelligence, which has become a big part of FLFE. And our Programs do use our almost miraculous ability to heal ourselves. (20:00) Healing is the basis for our Programs. We’re adding more energy for the environment itself, but also for the sake of brain optimization, liver, kidney, gallbladder, and GI tract and other things. We’re just adding additional energy. And the Innate Intelligence does the rest. So, there are some very interesting ways that our minds can get in the way of that. Dr. Hawkins was a great teacher because he had so many different health challenges that he worked through. The book is quite an interesting one.

Anja – Thank you. And guys, I know every single day you measure the planet, and you check all the levels of consciousness. Did you notice anything going better, I mean going up, or it’s always going up and down is a wave now?

Clayten – I’ll start with that since there is always a fluctuation in consciousness, it’s like the ocean. So when we’re measuring consciousness, if we don’t average the level of consciousness over a period of time, it defaults to the instant of the calibration. So that’s a really important distinction when doing consciousness research. So if we come out of a meditation, in a workshop, watching a video on the internet or a good movie, we’ll be in a really good state. We can test ourselves, and we’ll test quite high. But often, we don’t live there. You know, we don’t think to test ourselves when we’re frustrated in traffic, or something’s not going well. So it’s always important to test ourselves over a period of time or any control over some time. So, if we talk about the control of the Earth, we test it in the morning, and we typically test it over the previous 12 hours. And since it was at the lowest level of 98 out of 1000, it’s been going up almost every day. At least the point was, it was at 242 before we before COVID happened. We have about 72 points to go, according to what we tested this morning. And we’re definitely moving in the right direction. Hopefully, this is a breakdown breakthrough for humanity where we find something within ourselves to help us go to the next level of evolution, the next level of consciousness.

Anja – Thank you, thank you for that. Of course, I want to see the same thing. I do meditation at 11:11. When I started, I was doing all kinds of meditations with you guys. So I also do many global meditations to shift the vibration to help with everything happening. I believe I am helping, and we will have a better life and there will be fewer disasters. I’m talking about disasters like earthquakes, and more because we want to keep calm as much as possible. And I’m doing meditations, I work with different people, with you guys. I even use the Akashic records and everything. And, of course, reading, working out as much as possible. The question is, what do you personally do to keep yourself in the high vibrations?

Jeffrey – Thank you, Alina, why don’t we answer that offline so we can get on to some of the other questions? That’s an interesting question what are we doing? What I am doing personally is exercise. (25:00) Exercise is very helpful in relieving stress and choosing what feels better. So that and music. We’ve got a piano in the house and a pianist and having music in the house has been wonderful for me. So that’s one of the ways, music. And different energetic medicine tools, if I find something that’s causing me to feel low or to have an issue with something, then I’ll work on those things individually. How about you, Clayten?

Clayten – Well, the first thing that came to mind is about 68 days ago we had a meeting, and we all decided to meet every day, seven days a week, for 90 days. And we assumed that the world would be in a different place in 90 days than where it was. Given the situation in the world, I thought I’d rather be working more. I did not want to be in a position where I see our rights and freedoms being taken away and feeling hopeless about that. Or helpless about it. So that was a good decision. It feels like we have a lot of momentum in our lives, all of us that are meeting. And we’re one of the lucky companies that are growing at this time. So it’s been good for us, and the Service Projects that we’re doing. Because we meet every day, more gets done. I would say there are probably other things, but I’ll just mention that one.

Jeffrey – I’d have to agree with that. Energy builds meeting every day on FLFE and working on the business and the Service Projects that we love to do. So Susan Walker has her hand up. And she also had a question in the Q&A.

Susan – I’m glad to be in this space right now. Thank you so much for trying to help us live in a better world. I’m really excited about the whole thing. I tried the FLFE system, and I think my Free Trial period is over. So I wanted to feel the difference, and I can definitely feel the difference. I have a few questions. My first question, as a health coach, I try to help people live better lives. To live and eat healthfully so that they have better health. I always try to see ways I can help them incorporate in their daily lives. So this is really a great thing for me. Is it possible to use quantum to identify the levels of a sick person? And are we able to use the frequencies to help them heal? Or is there anything we can do to help them to better health?

Jeffrey – Yes, I saw your question on the Q&A. We are hearing about this more and more. People are starting to take their own consciousness and direct the FLFE energy available energy to others. So it is possible to do that for the healing of another. We’re not sending frequencies, we’re activating a high consciousness field, in the same way that a human being does. If we think of someone, if we’re wanting to help someone with their health, and we think of them, we believe we’re activating a field. (30:00) And so now if we’re in this FLFE environment and there’s more energy available, we could use that energy  with our intentions for their health and well-being. So that’s one way to use this.

Susan – It sounds to me, like energy healing, is it? I don’t know.

Jeffrey – Well, there’s more energy in the environment. There are Reiki and other forms where people use their intention. And they’re identifying someone, and they’re connecting with them and intending for them to be healthy. It is similar to FLFE. Did you want to answer more on that Clayten?

Clayten – Susan, given that you’re coaching people, there might be more information about their struggles than most others in their life. And so our prayers for them and their own thoughts for themselves can help them with that tipping point. Most of us have a tipping point in our life for what we call a critical factor. And that’s where we can put the least amount of energy into a system and get the most amount of gain. So if we’re praying for the clients, and that might be something to think about, what is the one issue that, if they were able to shift, that would give them the greatest benefit?

Susan – My next question is, what do I do if I want to learn more about FLFE? And do you offer this in other countries? I have an accent, I’m from Kenya in Africa. So I’m looking to work with people from Kenya if that’s possible. I just want to know if I wanted to work with FLFE here in the US, or if I wanted to help our people back home.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you. We have Subscribers in many countries now, and we haven’t been to Kenya yet. And we do hire in Canada; we have started posting jobs there, but it would need to be people that have a work permit or visa to work in Canada. But as far as groups, we do encourage Subscribers and people on the Free Trial to go to the Facebook group and connect with other people. You may be able to find people in Kenya that way. And a discussion group on FLFE could be something to use to start bringing other people in. And when something is established, please could reach out to us.

We’re into helping people connect through the Facebook page. That’s one of the purposes of it; there are a lot of people from all over the world in different places, different cities. So anyone could always reach out and say, Hey, I’m here. Would anyone like to get together and work together on this?

Susan – Okay, if you don’t use frequencies for high consciousness, how does it work? How are you able to target my home? Or my house? What is the quantity used to carry the high consciousness? It definitely is a question that baffles me.

Clayten – The technology is very similar to how the human mind works. And when we’re holding someone in mind, Susan, like a client in mind and praying for their health, since you are a health coach. When we’re holding that person in mind, that’s called a unique identifier in this body of work. And so we have a way of putting unique identifiers into the technology. There’s only one cell phone with your phone number on it or one picture of that Object. Even though objects could be made by the millions, there are always little differences, tiny scratches, or things like that. (35:00) They each have their own kind of signature. When we’re praying with a property, there’s only one address like that in that country. Probably this fall we’ll be offering ways to put Subscriptions in more countries around the world, we’re having another process coming out. It’s based upon the principle of a unique identifier. We have technology that creates an area where a quantum association happens. And we have that area in the machine connected to a database. When the Quantum Association area in the machine keeps checking the database, and it finds a unique identifier, and it activates the field either around that Object or on that property.

Susan – The equipment remains in your office or on your premises.

Clayten – Yes, we have several machines.

Susan – Okay, so no frequencies where you have the towers or anything like that this remains at your premises?

Clayten – It is a quantum association. I was thinking about this the other day, Jeff. I had a friend think about me, and that friend left me a message today with Andrew at the front desk. His name’s Lance, I’m thinking about Lance. And so when I talk to Lance, I’m not going to say we had a quantum association experience together. I’m going to say oh, I was thinking of you. You’re thinking about me, and you call me before I call you. That’s quantum association. We just don’t often think of that in the way we relate to each other. But that is, in fact, what happens.

Susan – It happens a lot with me. I’ll be thinking about them, and they will call me. Or when they call me, I would say, Oh, I was just thinking about you.

Clayten – So you are a quantum association machine. Wow.

Susan – Wow. Oh, my goodness.

Jeffrey – We’re very connected to each other. And it takes these things to help us to realize that. There have been studies about twins, mothers, and their children. That instant connection that they have is the same connection that FLFE is activating with our system.

Susan – Oh, okay, I have a final comment that I noticed after, during the Free Trial 15 day period, I noticed that I have very clear dreams. And on two occasions I dreamt about something. And then the following morning, something happened that related directly to my dream. So, these have been two occasions, and I’m feeling like it’s unreal. Does this often happen when people are in this higher consciousness?

Clayten – What does happen, Susan, is it seems our capacities increase. In your case, it sounds like that might be a slightly prophetic dream experience they’re having. Other people have a different type of experience. Still, it does seem as our consciousness goes up, we have increased capacity. So it just shows up differently for everyone. We have heard that one about more prophetic dreams.

Susan – Okay, that helps me settle a little because I didn’t know what to think about FLFE. Is it a good thing? And I just hadn’t experienced it before. So that’s a good thing. I’m really excited about this year.

Jeffrey – And we do hear about sensitive people that sense subtle energies or other things around them that are unseen, perhaps. Sometimes their abilities do seem to increase in these fields. Many that we’ve talked to are using the Phone Subscription as a way to go out into the world and feel a little more protected. Maybe protected is not the right word. Just a bit more perhaps in the bubble and able to control their connection more consciously to other things occurring around them. Because that can be a challenge for some people. (40:00)

Susan – Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Susan, thank you for joining us. Shall we continue, or do we want to do a few Q&A questions? Jeff has been patient. So we have Jeff Franklin, “Could you speak at all to the impact thousands of EarthLink satellites the next few months? Global reports, heart palpitations, anxiety, migraines, asthma, etc. And I’m hearing stories about animal health impacts since April 22, when these were first deployed. Also, these 5G modems will be switched on in September.”

Jeffrey – Well, this is a large scale issue, and our focus is consciousness. The focus for FLFE is to support ourselves and each other in an environment where it’s pristine and the consciousness lowering influences of EMFs are mitigated. That’s really the way we’ve come at it; we noticed the level of consciousness of properties was dropping due to EMF influences. And that’s why we developed the EMF Mitigation Program. So we believe in the sensitivity of the human system and that we recommend that everyone try turning on and off the EMF Mitigation program on our system to feel the difference. One of the ways that it shows up for me is anxiety and tension in my body when I turn off the EMF Mitigation. We have seen anxiety being one of those seeming by-products of EMF exposure, that is mitigated or reduced when people are on the FLFE Service with EMF Mitigation. It’s hard for me to speak to these large scale things that are occurring. We believe that these things should be tested and that they’re not being properly tested. And we believe that we should all be speaking out about what we experience and what is happening in the world So, and we’re glad we have the FLFE environment this time as well. Do you want to answer another question?

Clayten – Sure, Another Jeff is asking, “Could the Earth be used as an object by FLFE?” Well, theoretically, it could, the machine would have to be magnitudes, and magnitudes, and magnitudes larger than what we have as a Subscription. We wouldn’t have permission to do that at a higher level, but I guess just to address the question. We don’t have the power to send it out to the whole Earth. And we do lots of service work typically; the last year it’s probably 95% of the energy that we use from the technology goes to service work. We have to run the machines at a very low output to optimize the quality. Anytime we have any extra energy, we typically put it towards service work, or we introduce a new Program. That’s all I can say about that right now, but I wanted to address that.

Jeffrey – I’ll bring Suzanne in.

(45:00) Suzanne – First of all, I’m trying to remember why I chose the Mobile over doing it on a ring since the ring is always with me. Mobile is not always. If I remember correctly, I could change it, but at the end of my monthly time to try it out. Is that correct?

Jeffrey – Yes, the best way is to call the office and talk to them about it. I believe it would be good to do this at your Subscription date because you’ll be canceling that subscription and adding a new one for the Object.

Suzanne – Well, does being on the Mobile help with EMFs?

Jeffrey – If you are using an Object and your phone is near you, the phone will be mitigated as well.

Suzanne – Okay. And then, I am needing to find a home, and I’m looking at dome homes. Have you done any work with the geodesic dome homes? Or have you heard of them? They’re all over the world, but there is a company here in Oregon, Pacific Domes.

Clayten – We have a dome builder here in the Nelson area, Mandela Homes, they build geodesic domes as well. Domes typically test about 10 points higher than an average home. Jeff, I didn’t prepare for talking about that. But you know, I sat down one day, and I tested the average straw bale home versus a stick frame home versus steel stud home. I was curious to see if there was anything really substantially different. I think with straw bale houses there is typically a community of people building them, at least around here. That’s how it’s done. And usually, they’ll have a lot of fun together. And people may choose a piece of land a little more carefully and orient it on that land to take advantage of the sun and the elements of the land. So more care and attention typically mean higher consciousness unless it’s built over an underground stream or some other geopathic stress influence that we’re unaware of. So they seem to be better Suzanne, the geodesic dome homes, maybe 10 points is about the average. Some of them are laid out very nicely. And I don’t live in one. I’m not sure it’s for me. So I think it’s probably as much a personal choice as anything. It doesn’t seem to be extraordinarily better. But then 10 points is 10 to the power of 10. So it’s a lot of extra positive energy.

Suzanne – Are the ones that you’re talking about made with the material that NASA uses? It’s almost like what PVC pipes look. And the window, even though you have screens, are just vinyl. And I don’t know if I want to live in vinyl. But as far as wind-resistant mold and mildew and everything else goes, it’s mainly the property of the geodesic dome in consciousness. And so I didn’t know if you had checked them. I’m glad to know that it’s maybe 10 degrees or 10 points higher.

Clayten – And the only ones that I’ve tested Suzanne are the wood-frame ones. I don’t have a lot of experience with it. It was just a curiosity one day when I was sitting around the campfire, you know, talking shop.

Jeffrey – Thank you for coming on with us, Suzanne. We’re coming up on the time of the meditation now Clayten, so is there anything you’d like to say Clayten?

Clayten – It’s always a pleasure to talk to everyone. I used to not look forward to Tuesday nights and the webinars because there was quite a few hours of research to put together a presentation on top of everything else. And but we seem to be comfortable enough in having these conversations. We don’t have to do a lot of preparation. And that allows us to get to know everyone better and stay in touch and answer questions, especially for the new people.

We have a woman who works for us, Maria, who supervises the Facebook page, and she does a beautiful job of that. And she said something one time that really kind of stuck with me. She said people consume information in different ways. Just because I like to go to a website and spend hours scrolling through and reading things; there are a few websites I do that with. It’s really not everybody’s way to learn. So, I just want to say that I appreciate everyone taking the time to come on here with us and ask the questions; it looks like this is going to be a regular thing. So with that, I’m out.

Jeffrey – I’ll echo what Clayten is saying. We’re grateful to have this conversation with everyone live it’s so lovely to connect with our Subscribers and those of you on the Free Trial. It really does feel like a family. When we develop new Programs, we start with ourselves and our own families. We consider all of you Subscribers are also family to us. And when something new comes up that we feel needs to be supported, then we work hard to get it done and bring it to you and include it as part of the service. There is no additional cost, it’s just kind of how we do it. So I’m so grateful to be on the journey with you. It’s really been an exciting few years together. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next webinar. Or, once things get back to normal, whatever normal is, we do want to begin traveling again, and who knows, we might end up in your city. We had a meeting in Denver with a group of Subscribers, and it was great to see people in person. So with that, we’ll sign off and move into the meditation. So please stay on it if you like for that. We are capturing the questions that don’t get answered, and we’ll start with them next week. Please feel free to call the office or email the office with any questions as well.

(55:00) Follow this link to the Best Self Meditation – https://www.flfe.net/flfe-meditation-video/