June 23, 2020

Q&A Webinar # 5

Jeff – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Hello, everyone. Welcome to our FLFE webinar. Tonight, we’ll be answering questions live, as well as talking about an upgrade in Energized Nutrients that recently occurred in the last several days. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Thank you for joining us. Again, we have the Q&A down at the bottom. Please can put the questions there and feel free to raise a hand so that we can call on you live. In the last couple of days, we did an upgrade to the Service. Do you want to tell people about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we were looking at the conditions in the world. Given the amount of time we’ve been isolating ourselves, we feel that the mood of the world has dropped. So, we were looking at what nutrients in food most assist the body and maintaining its mood or improving its mood. We came up with two significant ones. We talk a lot about magnesium. If anyone has  watched webinars in the past about conscious nutrition, we talk about the benefit of essential fatty acids and magnesium. Our research shows when taken within 30 minutes of each other, they create a synergistic effect that supports the myelin sheath of the nervous system. So, you can go back to the website and look for that to get details on that information. And do you want to tell them about the second one, Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, so Energized Nutrients, as we mentioned, and those of you that have been with us for a while know that in the FLFE environment, there’s much more energy available; much more lifeforce or prana available for the body. And we’re also directing that lifeforce energy to be present or be in food when we eat it. It’s part of an additional program called Energized Food. And then, we discovered if we specified the nutrient itself, we could energize that nutrient and its uptake into the body. Not just through the GI tract, but also into the cells. And the cells become more optimized. So, as Clayten said, magnesium is something we have energized in the past. But on Sunday morning, we made some changes to enhance that even further to add more lifeforce energy with different forms of magnesium. So that’s increased from where it is. And we just added lithium. So, it’s interesting all that in a minute, I’ll let Clayten talk about the lithium and percentages in the world. We saw that it was low. We usually get lithium through our food, it’s a very plentiful mineral on the planet. Due to various changes, we’re not getting as much lithium in our diets. Our absorption through the GI tract doesn’t seem to be as optimal as in the past. So, lithium was a mineral that we just added on Sunday morning to Energized Nutrients. It seems to take about three days, depending on what people eat in their diet, for those levels to come up or to start to come up to a higher level than before. This is all based on our kinesiology testing. What did you find on lithium in your research, Clayten?

Clayten – So, for anyone who has been on our webinars before, you know that a lot of our research is done with Consciousness Kinesiology or muscle testing. And so, one of the things that we do is test various controls. That’s a pretty standard process in a scientific review or a scientific analysis. I went back 100 years and tested the optimal amount of magnesium being 100% in the body that the average person on the planet was at 90%.

And then I tested 90 days before the pandemic was declared. That was 70%. It looks like in the last 100 years or so that the quality of the soil has changed. Or the quality of food somehow has altered in such a way that the amount of lithium in the body is not as optimal as it was. We don’t have any conclusive evidence of the change, or why the change is. Still, those are our numbers from our research. Then we tested it on average over the previous week from last week, actually was Monday morning. So, Monday to Monday, June 21, one week back, it was 40% out of 100. A percentage scale has more variability than the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, which we typically use. But just for doing rough research like this, it’s sufficient. So, our conclusion is, at least based upon what we’ve looked at so far, and we’re exploring live blood cell analysis and other ways to examine this. But our current conclusion is that there’s been a significant diminishment even since the pandemic was declared in the lithium levels. We can understand this as lithium is a big part of our mood management. And lithium is known for being a mood stabilizer used in a lot of pharmaceutical drugs for different types of mental health. Jeff has a couple other uses for lithium that we’ve done research on just a tiny bit. So I’ll pass it back to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – I think related to mood, Clayten, is stress and anxiety. And it seems that lithium has a role to play in our reaction, our biological reaction to stress. Short term stress and anxiety, which I guess is more of a not a specified stress feeling we could say. So, increased lithium will help the body to deal with those situations that bring on stress and anxiety. It’s also important for the retention of minerals in the body. The healthy retention of calcium in the bones and other minerals in the body rather than then have them flush out. Boron is another mineral that’s important for the retention of minerals, so I think that mood support for anxiety and stress are the main things lithium is known for, but it is used in a lot of other reactions in the body.

Someone asked the question, ”Where do we get the lithium from?” It’s in all types of food. So you can do research about that, what are the types of food where it’s found. Because of the Energized Nutrient Program, wherever it comes from in your food, it will be much more likely to be absorbed. The Innate Intelligence will direct it into in the most optimal way into the body. So, even though we don’t have to go and find other sources of lithium, it’s a bit difficult to find some in the United States. There are sources of it to find, and we’ll be reporting next week on the levels that we see in the average Subscriber after the three days, so we expect to see it start to come up.

Clayten – I see Wayne has his hand up, I will bring him in.

Wayne – You know, I’m 3000 miles away from you. And I just want to know how it is possible that you can do these things from 3000 miles away? It seems like a scam, so please tell me what’s going on?

Jeffrey – Well, Wayne, many things operate at a distance. This is a consciousness technology. And studies on twins and on mothers and children have those connections across great distances instantly.

Wayne – How are you able to do it?

Jeffrey – Well, it’s a quantum effect. I mean, we are creating with our technology, a quantum field, and in that quantum field is where we are putting the unique identifiers for the locations. And this works just in the same way human consciousness does. If we think of someone, we believe we’re activating a field around them. And that’s where that phenomenon of, we think of someone, and they call us happens. There’s an instant connection occurring. Quantum physics explains that a connection can be between electrons, anywhere in the world, and that is an instant connection. If there are two paired electrons and they are quantumly entangled, and we change the spin of one electron, the other electron changes instantly. And it’s more than 3000 miles; it’s halfway across the world. That quantum connection is instant. It may be multidimensional. But, as it’s explained in quantum physics, it’s an instant, no distance, connection that occurs. And we discovered we were able to do that by creating a high consciousness field through the FLFE system.

Wayne – And how do you create this high conscious field?

Clayten – As Jeff said, Wayne, the principle is very similar to you thinking of a friend, and all of a sudden, they call; that would be a quantum association. We’re just not used to thinking of it that way. So, we have a machine that creates it. And it has the stacks called input stacks that pull energy from the ether. It’s a Tesla technology. And as the energy is coming through the input stacks, there are two input stacks, and the energy is coming down. And then, we create a quantum association field at the bottom. Then the output stacks and the signal are asked to send the signal out, and it’s activated.

Wayne – Do you have a picture of that machine?

Clayten – Well, so let’s just back up a couple of steps. Once employees pass their probation, we show all of our employees a picture of the machine, and we allow them to hold a piece of the machine. So, we have had dozens of people who’ve seen it and touched it. We try to operate from the principle of what’s in the highest and best interest of all. We use kinesiology to do that; we pray about it. And we haven’t found that it’s in the highest and best interest of all to show the details of how the machine works. So, we do have pictures, we have machines, and we don’t share the pictures with the public.

Wayne – Ok, thank you.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Wayne, thanks for coming on. All right, so we have some additional questions. Someone’s asking about the skin. Zinc is very good for the skin. And that’s one of the nutrients that we’ve energized. There may be more coming, but zinc supplements can be helpful, and we also believe that the FLFE environment with additional Chi or Prana lifeforce energy available allows the body to use it for all sorts of repairs, including the skin. We have had people report that wounds or other conditions are healing faster in the body than they’ve been experiencing before, and that would apply to the skin as well.

Clayten – Another thing that’s really good for the skin is something called cold thermogenesis. So, one of the leading researchers in the world on that is Dr. Jack Kruse. Another very well-known person who doesn’t necessarily call it cold thermogenesis is the Wim Hof Method. He is really popular, really big in the world. And Dr. Kruse tells stories about people who have lost very large amounts of weight 100, 200, 300 pounds, and they have a lot of saggy skin. And cold thermogenesis is basically sitting in water of a certain temperature for a period of time. And it helps burn off a layer of fat just below the skin. I’m not an expert on it, but that’s just something that popped into my mind.

Jeffrey – Scott Davis asks, “What can you tell us about the mechanism using the machines to focus energy on a specific address or identifier to get there? So I think we explained part of that, Scott, that this quantum association field is created. The unique identifiers are the address, the legal address in the jurisdiction where the legal address is held. It could be in the courthouse or in a records facility, so, it’s a regulated address or coordinates. And it’s why we don’t offer FLFE in all countries, because in some countries, the addresses are not nearly as regulated as they are in others. And that leads to difficulty in the association. So that unique identifier is the address coordinates, the address itself, a cell phone number, as well as the country it’s associated in. It’s a unique phone number. So those identifiers then in the field with the FLFE Programs are what creates the association, the instant association. And we’ll see that by experimenting. Everyone on a Free Trial or our Subscribers have a Control Panel to turn it on and off. Try turning the EMF Mitigation on and off. And that is the best way we know to really experiment with the technology and see how do I feel? Do I feel different? And it’s instant. It’s happening in an instant. There may be a slight delay in our software, you know, flipping switches, but the effects are noticeable very quickly. We encourage everyone to use the Control Panel for testing. Don’t take our word for it. See how it feels. We believe that our bodies are very sensitive instruments and will tell us how it feels and whether it’s good for us or not. So, I highly encourage everyone to do that.

Clayten – Leah’s asking, “How are you testing for these specific nutrients to identify the lack?” We’re using consciousness kinesiology. And we have had lots of anecdotal evidence of a correlation between the accuracy of our testing and people’s physical experience. We’re looking for live blood cell analysis and different blood analysis protocols to explore that relationship more. In terms of the lag, the body manages itself in a way that no technology that we’ve ever come across can. So, it’s the body’s Innate Intelligence that utilizes the energized food in a way that is best for it. So, one of the metaphors we use between energizing the food once it touches the saliva and energizing the specific nutrient in the food is that of a monastery. Say we’re having lunch with 200 monks, and we all finished lunch, and all of them decided to pray not only for our digestion but for the essential fatty acids in the meal. And in the case of just last week, they would pray for the zinc absorption. Maybe there would be ten monks on essential fatty acids and ten monks on zinc, and ten on magnesium. So, if we have hundreds of people praying for a specific absorption of the nutrient, we’re creating that quantum associated mind with the nutrients in the body. The prayers support the body to absorb it and utilize it more readily. So that’s another way to think about it.

Jeffrey – We had someone ask which magnesium form is best. Clayten is familiar with some of the different types there. Which one do you recommend Clayten? What do you use yourself?

Clayten – Magnesium threonate is probably the best overall absorbable form. I use magnesium by bisglycinate quite a bit because it’s a habit. That’s what I buy from the store all the time. I find it’s really helpful to switch brands occasionally. And change types because the body gets used to one kind and it doesn’t seem to absorb as well as if we alter it a little bit. It’s almost like training the body. If we switch our exercises up, we’ll get more resilient in different ways.

Jeffrey – So this person continued on asking, what about those who say that omega 3s are toxic? I think it’s been shown through much medical research that the right balance three, six, and nine omegas is important for our health. So we encourage everyone to read about that yourselves. This person also tried FLFE two different times. And they came down with the flu at that time, and they want to try it again because of the neighbor’s smart meter bothers the person. They also say they are scared by their thoughts.

So, first of all, have another Free Trial. Call the office and do that again if you’d like. Part of the reason we have the Control Panel is that you’re in control. You can turn it on, you can turn it off. Now, this may be different from when you did it last time, there is a Consciousness Slider to turn the level up and down, and you can change it to what feels best to you. And we also have a Boost, which is at 600 on the Hawkins Map. This is a temporary Boost. Between that and the on/off button and EMF on/off button we can experiment ourselves and see how it goes. And we highly recommend drinking lots of water.

Clayten – Anonymous is asking, “Why can’t we be shown the machine?” We talked about that earlier. We test what’s in the highest and best interest of all. And we consistently get a “no” on sharing pictures and details of the machine. There are some reasonable assumptions about why that might be true. You know, cars can be used to drive people back and forth to work and to go grocery shopping and take the kids to school, and they can also be used as a way to hurt people. So, I’m assuming the Universe is wanting it kept out of the public eye because of the potential to do harm. I’m not sure, we’ve never tried to do any harm with it, so I don’t know if it can, but that’s my assumption.

Jeffrey – Jean Ann says, “My goodness FLFE is returning the ability to carry on with my healing practice. Thanks so much. When the civil unrest began, the impact on me in our city was devastating. The email for Q&A came through the moment my payment was processed, and the change was instantaneous. I am very grateful. Thank you for the continued research and dedication.” She’s been a fan of Dr. David Hawkins for many years.

Clayten – Thank you, Jean Ann. For those who haven’t tried the service for six months or even a year, we’re constantly doing upgrades. And probably every quarter at least we release an upgrade more often than that, probably 90% of the time. And so the FLFE service that was available a year ago is not the same one as today. There’s a lot more value in it. And sometimes if we’re really needing magnesium, and it’s energized now, or lithium, it’s energized. The value from the service may be significantly more than in the past. Because people are so unique, and our diets are unique, and our lifestyles are individual. We never know which one’s going to be the best for people. So that’s why we allow people to come back and have Free Trials again because we keep improving it.

Jeffrey – We have a question, “I put in an address for Pay it Forward and haven’t heard back. I wonder if It’s been turned on? Will I get a notification on this? Thanks kindly.” No, the PIF is an automatic thing.

Once you set the Pay it Forward or PIF and designate it through the Control Panel. It goes on automatically. And the way the PIF is set up is that it’s anonymous. It’s something that everyone chooses themselves. We could say it’s a practice of giving. And perhaps karma, if that’s in your beliefs, and we set it up to be anonymous. People can put it anywhere they want, they can put it on their own house, they can put it on their parents’ house. Anyone can put it on a church, a prison, a Statehouse Capitol Building. So, all of those PIFs go on instantaneously, within moments of putting through the request, so we don’t send anything back about that.

Clayten – Anonymous asks,  “Do you have any report that FLFE helps with gut dysbiosis?” We do have quite a significant GI Tract Program. The Programs are requests to Divinity written in English in such a way that it’s highly truthful. The GI Tract Program includes requests to energize the food as we mentioned all through the GI tract. We ask for help to balance flora and fauna on the lining to help reduce porosity in the colon and the large and small intestine. There are probably hundreds and hundreds of requests for the GI tract. We have had many people say they’ve had different experiences with GI disorders. I’m sure we would have identified gut dysbiosis in the request because, typically, we’re always referencing medical manuals. We reference the highest consciousness medical manuals we can find to identify definitions. Personally, a lot of us are using a product called Ion Biome. That is very good at helping multiple GI tract disorders. So, you can look into that.

Jeffrey – So Linda’s asking, “How much reduction of EMFs is accomplished with your system?” Linda, I’ll backtrack a little bit to explain why we ended up doing an EMF Mitigation Program for the FLFE Service. We test the level of consciousness of all the properties on the FLFE Service. And we guarantee 560 or higher on the Hawkins Map 98% of the time or more. We do all that testing every Saturday. And we had found that some properties were not staying at 560. They were either dropping periodically below 560 or just staying lower. So, whenever that would occur, we would investigate, we talked to the customer. And in some cases, it was a geopathic stress issue. And we developed, I would say, hundreds of Programs about geopathic stress where we’re mitigating that geopathic stress through the movement of the energy.

For instance, the movement of water underneath the house such as an underground stream. We would bring additional energy in so that the energy isn’t lost or pulled away from the property by the underground stream. But we would also find that if there was a change like a smart meter bank, or a new cell tower close by, that was causing the property to go down in consciousness. Our main focus is measuring consciousness. So, when we’re measuring EMFs, we are looking at whether they lower consciousness or not. If there’s a Consciousness lowering EMF, we believe that it is degrading the environment. It’s causing the health of the environment to go down. We test every week, all the properties that they’re mitigated in the way that we define it. We ask that consciousness lowering EMFs be brought to neutral, or it’s positive, it’s raising the level of consciousness. And then we test that 100% of those EMFs are mitigated through the service. We’re testing that every week. Now that’s very different than having a meter and seeing a reduction in the energy to a meter. A GDV camera is a very sensitive meter that can see subtle energies, and it does see a difference with FLFE. On the website, you can see that. Still, with a traditional EMF meter, neither the magnetics nor the electrical will show a difference with the FLFE EMF Mitigation. And again, we highly recommend to try it out and see. Use the Control Panel to turn it on and off to see how does it feel?

Clayten – Constantina asks, “Is there evidence that remineralization occurs in the presence of neurodegenerative diseases? Well, I had a few minutes to think about this one. I have a little list, Jeff, of different types of evidence. So, Constantina, I’m remembering the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. And in that book, they talk about devotees, taking baths in ice water to reduce the burning sensations that they would have as they make significant gains in consciousness. We experiment in high consciousness fields a lot, much higher than we offer in the Service. And there are times when we have these experiences on our nervous system, where we feel like we have a sunburn. And we’ve noticed that through taking thousands of doses of EFA’s and magnesium. We tried different types of EFAs and different types of magnesium in different proportions, and we found that the burning is eliminated. In the beginning, it was a four to one ratio of essential fatty acids to magnesium. So, we started by taking 4000 milligrams of EFAs, and 1000 milligrams of magnesium. And we’d keep increasing that dose until our bowels became loose. That means that we are maxed out on the amount of magnesium that our bodies can handle. And if we can’t take any without our bowels getting loose, it typically means that the form of magnesium is not absorbable for the body. So that’s one type of evidence. It’s very subjective because it’s ours, but we’ve explored thousands of doses and have a consistent track record with that now. There is a whole webinar on EFAs and magnesium. As people go into this deeper, they find, once they’re on it, that the amount of magnesium can be less. You can go from four to one EFA to magnesium to six to one, ten to one. We use kinesiology, of course, to measure the ability of the nervous system to carry energy. In the back of Power versus Force, is a mathematical correlation explained between the number of microwatts of electricity in the body and the level of consciousness of the person. So, you can look into that and explore that. We don’t have any exploratory surgery type evidence where people have an urgent neurodegenerative disease, and then they take EFAs and magnesium together, and their nervous system looks different. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to that place, but I can understand the question.

One last thing that comes to my mind is a trainer in eastern Canada who has the largest number of Olympic athletes of any Training Facility in the country. And I can’t remember his name right now, but we’re going to put that in our Consciousness Nutrition Page when we launch it. And the research he did showed that it wasn’t the strength of the muscles that was the issue in increasing the weight, which increased the strength of the body overall. It’s actually the strength of the nervous system and its ability to move energy. And so his recommendations for EFAs and magnesium are almost identical to ours. He goes into detail about body weight, and how many grams per weight, how many grams of EFAs and how many grams of magnesium. So if I can think of that before the end, I’ll look it up. But I’m sure if you do a little bit of Google searching, you’ll find him. Jeff might be able to tell you other pieces of evidence and may be able to remember that gentleman’s name.

Jeffrey – Well, actually, I can’t remember either. We’ll bring that forward in our Consciousness Nutrition page. But that was very interesting to see. And these were weight trainers, they were weightlifting. The failures were in their nervous systems, not the muscles, as Clayten said. And that’s why this is the amount of energy that was traveling to the nerves. And the magnesium/EFA diet the weight lifters were on made a difference in their ultimate strength.

Scott is asking about the unique identifier. Essentially in this field where we’re putting the address, the coordinates, but Scott’s asking when FLFE enters the properties asking, is there a vortex spot? And yes, Scott, there is a vortex spot. It’s different on every property, but we have noticed that. It’s very similar to some of the artwork on our website, which shows a spiral shape. And that vortex area is a higher consciousness than the average for the entire property. So if anyone finds it, it would be a great place to meditate. And we’re doing some research on ways to direct where that vortex goes so that people can use it. That’s out in the future. But you’re right on, there is definitely a vortex on the property.

Clayten – I’ll tell a little story about vortexes on properties. We have someone just coming on board with us, Lewis. And when he turned FLFE on, it turned out that the vortex went into a swimming pool. And the swimming pool went up to 700. And he noticed that when he and his family were in the pool, they’d all get blissed out. And maybe spend more time in the pool on the weekends. So depending on where it comes into the property, just the way that particular property went, it ended up in the pool, and it went really high. So some of the vortexes can be quite high. In fact, the average for our properties, the last time I checked, Jeff was like 574. 574 out of 1000 for the property itself.

The vortex is typically over 600. I haven’t tested any of that. I am conservative with things, and that’s where something might have come on yesterday. I haven’t seen anything up until now that’s come in under 600 in the vortex.

Jeffrey – Thanks Scott, thanks for bringing that up. So Evelyn’s asking, “If I lower my LOC level using the Consciousness Slider from 560, down to 520 for a few weeks will this affect the types of healing that are normally transmitted. In other words, am I missing out on something great by dropping the LOC?” Well, Evelyn, the reason we put the Slider in place is so that people can customize FLFE to their own comfort level. We all come into these high conscious fields where we may have experienced them at a pilgrimage spot or place of worship or in a meditation place that we use frequently. But living our day to day lives takes a little bit of adjustment. So it’s perfectly fine to turn it up, turn it down to do what feels best to you. It’s just a measurement under support in the property, it doesn’t actually drop a property down. The properties will be where they normally go based on the people that are on the property, what’s going on, what kind of practices, meditations, other things that are occurring. So FLFE supports the bottom, sort of the lowest that it drops. It can still drop below that, you hit your thumb with a hammer, something happens and, you know, the property could drop down, and it bounces back up more quickly. That’s what we find. So, for you to turn it down, don’t feel like you’re missing out. There is less lifeforce energy there, but it’s still so much more; it’s 10 to the multiple power more than the standard environment. And that’s in normal times. Now we see drops in the level of consciousness in the world and in North American and other countries based on the pandemic in the United States. And, with the racial issues that were occurring, we see the contrast even more. So, feel free to use that and don’t feel like you are missing anything.

Clayten – Sometimes, when we’re going through a particularly intense period, we may find that it’s smoother if we adjust the consciousness down. As Jeff said, it won’t lower anyone’s property; it’ll just not support it as much. I am getting ready to move here and moving is intense. And that might be a time when I’ll drop it down a little bit. And I’ll see how that works. So don’t be afraid to experiment with it. That’s why we developed the Control Panel. We encourage everyone to be their own consciousness researcher and see how it affects us as we live our lives.

Jeffrey – I’ll read this one from anonymous. My niece in LA started having eye twitches after 5G was turned on in her area. My sister, her mother, recommended the Free Trial. And the twitches stopped after the Free Trial was turned on, she’ll likely sign up.” That’s interesting. We love to hear those stories. With the rollout of 5G, we like to hear what people are experiencing. That’s an interesting one. I’d like to hear more about that. Whoever’s behind that anonymous, if there’s more information with your sister or if she would like to talk to us about it. We’d love to talk to her about the experience.

Clayten – We have anecdotal stories like this from all over the world, people turn the service on, they turn it off, and the twitching starts back up, to turn off and they turn it on, and it goes away. So we have lots of stories like those, and it’s always good to get more details because we’re constantly looking for new ways to research. We’ve done a lot of studies with the Institute of Noetic Sciences that’s on the Evidence Page of our website. So I know that the others were asking about the type of evidence, and we have multiple types, and there are a lot more that we’d like to have. This is a long term commitment for us. So we’re trying to get the research that has the most credibility. And that can stand reasonable scrutiny, given the professional standards in place.

Jeffrey – The Evidence Page is an interesting page to look at. As Clayten mentioned, we have several experiments with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. One of them was a fully isolated Faraday cage. It’s an electromagnetically shielded room. It has multiple layers of grounded metal and a big metal door. And so it’s completely shielded from electromagnetic influences. We activated an FLFE field, just like at a home inside that room. So we had unique identifiers of the address of the building, we had a photograph for the room. We used those to activate the field inside the room. And during the experiment, there were random number generators in the room. And random number generators have a pattern of random output. And during the time that the FLFE field was active in the room, they saw a difference in the output of the random number generators that were well beyond chance change. So they were able to see in that way, the activation of the FLFE field remotely thousands of miles away. In another experiment, we had live subjects at the Discovery Center at Ions. And they were all outfitted with EEG and EKG equipment to monitor their brainwaves. Then the FLFE Service was turned on in the Discovery Lab, it was set up like a Subscription. And the lab assistant basically went to the Control Panel and turned it off. The subjects came in, and IONS measured their brainwaves. Then they turned FLFE on, and they saw a difference in the brainwaves. They saw an increase in alpha waves in almost all the electrodes. And then, during a cognitive test, they saw an improvement in scores. So those are just other forms of evidence that show in the reactivated field in another location.

Clayten – Ron asks, “What is the difference between the Smarter EMF Everywhere package as compared to the FLFE standard package? I’m based in Malaysia.” Well, I’ll start it off and pass it to you, Jeff. The Smarter EMF was designed originally for families in areas where the cost of the service was prohibitive. There were many parents on the service who had a Home Subscription and one on their Mobiles. And by the time they put it on the children, it became financially prohibitive for them. So we don’t really offer bundles, as many companies do, in packages. So we basically provided this to this very close to our cost. It’s a different level of consciousness. It’s 500 instead of 575. And it has the EMF Harmonization Service on it. And I’ll just maybe pass it over to you, Jeff, and you can talk about some of the other differences.

Jeffrey – At the 500 level of consciousness, it’s permissible to have that for somebody to put it on their children’s phone. They don’t have to know about it. When you get into the 560 range, like the Standard Subscription, hydration becomes important. Someone needs to know about hydration if that Service is on, but at the 500 level, it’s the level of love. Like we’re just sending love to someone. That field stays at the 500 level. But the Smarter EMF was designed to take care of the EMF Mitigation. EMF Mitigation and Brain Optimization go well together because we noticed that there was quite a bit of brain fog. And people were complaining. We had a group of Subscribers that were sensitive to EMFs, so before we launched EMF Mitigation, they asked to be beta testers.

And we did a survey; it’s on the Evidence Page, and it’s in the EMF Mitigation page. And there was a big reduction in anxiety, sleeplessness, and brain fog. Again, the FLFE Program instructions in the field, in this case, adding lifeforce energy, extra Chi or Prana. Just like in Chinese medicine, the flow of energy through the body is very important for the functioning of the physical body, more Chi for the brain where it’s most needed. The lowest areas of the brain so that EMF mitigation and Brain Optimization go together as part of the Smarter EMF and then the GI tract as well. There are several other Programs in the Flagship Service that are not in Smarter EMF.

The website gives a full list of the Programs for each Service. And the lower level of consciousness is probably the main one. It’s different, but it’s still a very good thing to have. And parents feel that it works well for their children to have that support in school, with a lot of EMFs. And those of us that may work in a place that has a lot of EMFs, it’s a lower-cost way to go.

Clayten – Hyatt has their hand up, let’s bring them in.

Hyatt – My question is about the microwatts that were mentioned. Is that something that we could measure with applied kinesiology or muscle testing, or is there some sort of instrument that you use to do that?

Clayten – Well, there is a correlation between the number of microwatts and the level of consciousness. If we become proficient at kinesiology Hyatt, and then we could measure the level of consciousness of a person. There is that correlation already pre-calculated between the level of consciousness and the microwatts. We haven’t really dug into or done a lot of research on measuring people’s levels of consciousness and then microwatts; it’s just something we haven’t yet focused on. It’s right at the back of the book right next to the consciousness compensation chart behind in the book Power versus Force by Dr. David Hawkins.

Jeff – Let’s try Jude now. Jude is asking us to discuss the current version of FLFE and addressing 5G. So on the EMF Mitigation page, we have done several experiments with a GDV camera, the gas discharge visualization device. GDV is one of the few devices that measures subtle energies. The practitioner we worked with Melissa Waterman, who worked with Dr. Joe Dispenza for years measuring the energy at the events. Melissa has an attachment that measures the energy of a room. In the experiments, we looked at a standard environment with lots of random EMFs with and without FLFE. And it was very similar in what occurred with the 5G’s, so we bought a 5G router. Now, this is the home version of 5G, it’s not the millimeter towers. So on our website, we can see that it is very similar to what occurred. There was a very spiky environment at a lower level of consciousness with the 5G and without FLFE. And when the FLFE Service came on with EMF Mitigation, the energy was in a much narrower band, much more harmonious band energy. And the level of consciousness went up.

So we’re working on the design of and execution of an experiment with actual towers. And this would again be a GDV camera measuring what it looks like close to street mounted antennas. We’re looking for a location where we can do that. So that will be coming up sometime in the future. But when we test the properties for EMF mitigation every week, we’re getting that they’re at 100%. Early on in the rollout of 5G, we found a property that was not at 100%. And the customer talked to us. And it turned out that there was an interference pattern of two antennas; where the waves were meeting and creating an interference pattern. And in that interference pattern, there was not the mitigation, the consciousness lowering mitigation that was designed in. So we made changes to the program to take care of that. I feel confident that we’re mitigating that in the way that we measure, which is consciousness lowering goes to neutral or positive.

Clayten – PC 1 is asking, “Will you address that monetary survivals are as big of an obstacle as physical health to raising consciousness on the planet? And do you have an Abundance Program?” Generally, a higher level of consciousness is more abundant. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the quality of our lives and our level of consciousness. Dr. Hawkins covers this work better than we can explain it. In terms of an exact Abundance Program, I’ll have to look into the Programs to see how we have addressed that. If something comes to mind for you, Jeff, please comment on it, but I can’t think of anything. I’m just trying to remember how we would have addressed that; I know we have talked about it.

Jeffrey – It’s in the Removal Template, so yes, we have addressed that. And the biggest factor is our own intentions, in consciousness and we’ve created the Magnetizing Process which we can use to hold in mind our intentions. And in a high consciousness field, we find that people tend to rise in consciousness. There’s an average among all Subscribers of rising consciousness over some time. What happens is as we go up ourselves in consciousness, our thoughts have more power. So, our manifestations can occur more quickly. Our ability to change our lives can occur with more power and comes around to what’s in our thinking. What are we intending? What are we focusing on? What do we put in our emotional intent behind what we want to have happen? So that’s what we offer with the Magnetizing Process. Many others teach intending and manifesting. And the way we see it in high consciousness field is, when a person rises in consciousness, they have much more power.

We recommend going consciously into that and ask for what you want. See it happening. Feel the joy of that occurring.

Clayten – There’s a thunderstorm here tonight, you may have seen the lightning flash and heard the thunder. I so thought I’d report on the latest raising of consciousness of the average Subscriber. So as we do more updates, these numbers continue to move up a little bit. The average Subscriber who has been on the service for 90 days has an average increase of 15 points on the Hawkins Map. That’s the average, some will be higher, some will be lower. And that’s spending eight hours a day in the field. So if we’re spending 12 hours a day, if we have it on the phone, it will change. Still, that’s a good place to start. After 180 days, the average Subscriber goes up 20 points, and after 360 days, 25 points. So I tried to do a five-point integer. There’s a little bit of variance there, but those are the latest stats.

Jeffrey – That’s amazing, Clayten! Of course, each point upwards is 10 times more energy; 10 times more power to manifest as we said. Adding to that to a meditation practice and connecting in the way that is personal to connect to the Universe. To All That Is, to God, or however we conceive that. And intending, for what it is we want and for our consciousness to arise. We see rising in consciousness as increased freedom. So, freedom from thought patterns that we’d like to move beyond or to transcend. Freedom from habits or patterns, from maybe relationships that haven’t served us. It could mean financial freedom or abundance. So with an increase as Clayten said, the quality of life goes up with increased consciousness. And it can be seen as increased freedom.

Scott asked whether we could use a GDV camera to find the vortex spot on a property. That’s interesting, Scott. I think we’ll try that. We can talk to Melissa and see if she’s willing to do a little experiment and look for the vortex using her GDV camera. It is a sensitive instrument to increase energy. So I would assume that would work. The other way is to use our bodies, which are sensitive instruments, and as we walk around, see if you feel any changes in the body.

Clayten – I am aware of the time, Jeff, do you want to answer a couple more questions and wind it down?

Jeffrey – Yes, that sounds good.

Clayten – I’ll just address anonymous. “Several weeks ago, Clayten mentioned that technology is God. It is here to help us. Some people say artificial intelligence is a disservice to humanity. So Rudolf Steiner has warned humanity about technology. Can you please talk about this?” Yes, I think what I said is that technology is part of Divinity as well. It’s an expression of Divinity when used with the intent of service. And with the demonstrated benefit to humanity and other aspects of creation, of course. I’d like to see a lot more research done on artificial intelligence before it becomes more, I’m going to use the word “invasive” in our society. We all benefit from the many wonderful things that technology has brought to us. And artificial intelligence, when it gets to a certain point, is very difficult to stop. So I think we should, as a society, go much slower rolling out technologies, such as the 5G – 60-hertz millimeter wave technology. Even though I believe everything is part of Divinity, I think we can treat technology with a lot of respect and go a lot slower than we are in society, especially with AI.

Jeffrey – Julie says, “I’m a Community Economic Development Specialist in Idaho. And, on the one hand, they’re bringing 5G to rural communities to increase educational, economic opportunities.” But she worries about the health issues around that. Julie is wondering if there might be a way to work with municipalities businesses to mitigate these effects with FLFE? And how to present, so it’s scientifically explained to them. I think this additional research that we’re doing with the towers with the GDV cameras could be interesting. Julie, it would be great if you would contact us about that once that research comes out. And you know, it’s something we could reproduce somewhere else as well.

We’re looking for other forms of evidence for EMF mitigation. If anyone out there is a scientist or is working with any labs, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Well, why don’t we do a wrap up Clayten, and I can start with that. We are capturing your questions, and we’ll start by answering those again next week. We really appreciate your time coming on with us and all the very thoughtful, interesting questions. As always, we do our best to answer all of them.

We’re grateful to be on this journey with those of you on the Free Trial or as Subscribersa. As Clayten said, there’s much more to come. We do tend to continue to add more to the Service like we did this week with the lithium and the magnesium. And we are also grateful for anyone spreading the word. We don’t spend money on advertising. We have been playing with that a little bit lately, but it’s really word of mouth. So we continue to grow and be able to add more Programs to the Service and reach more people. So thank you for telling your friends and, and others, and spreading the word. We are so grateful for that.

Clayten – We do spend a lot of time on research and development, a disproportion amount of time compared to what most businesses would spend. And in the past, we have not mentioned the dozens, probably hundreds of upgrades that we’ve done that are relatively small. And we always seem to have something in beta test mode. That’s a bit of a lifestyle for us. And we’re able to do that because of the Subscriptions, and we do have what we call organic growth. Jeff alluded to that. That’s because of the goodwill that everyone has for us and the fact that you share it, so thank you for that. It is how our business grows. We are experimenting with advertising. Between you and the Referral Partners that we have, basically, that’s the model that we chose to use to be able to offer this to the world.

Many times in the past, we’ve talked about the history of the company and how we came to the point where, without making a business, we were at the end of our personal resources to share this with the world. And sometimes, it is best to monetize something unless there are some type of lottery winnings or an angel investor who wants to support the work. That means us waiting around and not being proactive about creating the world that we want. So that’s why we’ve made it into a business, and without all of you, it wouldn’t work.

I also thank you, and we welcome your questions. We look forward to more webinars together and adding more value to the Service. Thank you.