Q&A Webinar #6

June 30, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. Tonight, we’ll have a short discussion about the level of consciousness of the world and what’s occurred in the recent history and about the FLFE energy and how everyone can use it. And then we’ll be answering questions live. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Clayten – So we talk about the level of consciousness all the time in the office. And we forget that not everybody talks about that as much as we do, or they don’t particularly have the skills to measure it. And we thought we’d share some of the data that we gather regularly about the state of the world as we’ve been told that’s interesting to everyone.  So, for anyone here for the first time, we use the Hawkins Map of Consciousness to measure the level of consciousness. If you haven’t heard of Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force is a great resource.

We’re not associated with his organizations in any way. We certainly are students of his, and we have great respect for his work. Dr. Hawkins has passed, and he does have a website; it’s very active. He can be found at veritaspub.com. The level of consciousness of the planet on the Hawkins Map was below 200 up until 1986. In the Hawkins Map 200 is Courage, 300 is Integrity, 400 is Reason, 500 is Love and 600 Peace. The FLFE service is at 560 or higher 98% of the time, Unconditional Love.

100 is Fear, 150 is Anger, 50 is Despair. So, it kind of gives a sense of the scale, which is logarithmic, so one point up is 10 times more powerful than the point before it. So, 151 is 10 times more powerful than 150. So previous to 1986, I said the world had not been over 200 as a planet. In 1986, it went over 200. We actually did a webinar on the history of the world; we went back thousands of years. It’s on our website at flfe.net for review. Pre COVID, the level of consciousness of the world 90 days we’ll say before January 15, it just depends on where anyone was as to when it really started. Before January 15, the level of consciousness of the planet was 241 out of 1000 on average for the 90 days before that. That was the highest that the planet has ever experienced. And of course, some countries are higher, some are lower. Some states or provinces or territories; some are higher and lower. It is the same with towns and cities, of course, and us as individuals.

During the COVID experience, the level of consciousness of the planet went down as low as 98. And that is Fear, so understandable. It has been coming up, and we’re probably going to do a webinar just on this topic. We’ll go into a little more granularity in terms of what happened and what contributed to the rise and fall. Last week, at this time, it was 176. From 6 am to June 23, 2020, over the previous 12 hours, the level of consciousness of the planet was 176 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map; at least that was our measurement. And this morning from 6 am, over the previous 12 hours, it was 183. So, we’re definitely moving in a positive direction. Anything else that we wanted to talk about with that, Jeff? That seems to cover all the updates that we wanted to give.

Jeffrey – Well, relating it to our own personal experience in our home environments and work environments, when the world’s at 98 like that and our individual country might have been higher, I personally had a feeling of the heaviness of that. And the depth of that drop was pretty shocking and didn’t feel good. And it made the FLFE environments that much more valuable. With that spread between the low point and even now the world you know, at 183 (in our individual countries higher than that or lower in some cases) to 560 or even 570. Most properties are in the 570 range and higher. It’s a big jump in energy present. The energy is in the environment, our bodies, minds, and spirits are using it. And one thing we talked about in the last several webinars was that Subscribers have been telling us that they’re using the FLFE energy in the environment and directing it themselves. So, they’re directing it to themselves, to parts of their body that had pain or that they’re healing or something. Some issue that they feel needs healing or support in some way. So, again, this energy is our energy when it’s in our environment, we can do with it as we’d like. And that’s something people are discovering that they can positively direct that in a positive direction. It seems to have quite an effect.

One of our Subscribers, who is a Referral Partner, also used it, for example, to work with previous residences, where she lived and had experiences there. Some experiences were still present, and there was a residual connection. She found it useful to use the FLFE energy to direct it to these previous homes. So that was something new to us. We hadn’t thought about that. And we think it could be a new Program at some point. We’d love to call on you today if you have any experiences, and or have tried this, and noticed anything raise a hand or make a comment in the Q&A for us.

Part of using this energy is our own personal level of consciousness. We’re seeing that with Subscribers; there’s a rise in our personal level of consciousness. And the important reason is that the more that we rise in consciousness, the more energy we have to create the life that we want to have. To focus that energy, and we have a meditation for that available on the website. Clayten, what is happening with subscribers on the FLFE service?

Clayten – More and more energy was required from our technology when the world was dropping in the level of consciousness. It takes tremendous energy under these circumstances to maintain the vibration in the home at 560 or higher 98% of the time. We had to do a major upgrade in the middle of all that drama. The largest upgrade in the history of the company was 27,000 times more power. And we managed to keep it at that level, but it took some scrambling on our part. Over the history of the service, we’ve been around now for almost seven years, we have checked the number of points that the average Subscriber goes up if they spend a certain amount of time in an FLFE environment. And I think what we’ll do, Jeff is go back and maybe do it year to year and see how it’s changed because it seems that as we add more value such as the Immune System Boost Program. We’ve been adding more Energized Nutrients to support all of us to go up in consciousness, and we can use that energy to change ourselves. At one point, the average person that spent eight hours a day in the FLFE environment over the previous 90 days was 12. The average person would go 12 points on the Hawkins Map. And over the previous 90 days, the average Subscriber who spends eight hours a day in the FLFE environment goes up 20 points. That’s an extraordinary improvement. And if we spend 24/7 in an FLFE environment, we’re assuming that some mix of a Home or Business subscription and FLFE Everywhere, half and half, the average person goes up 24 points. That means the average Subscriber or anyone who’s in the environment. So that is quite extraordinary.

Some research in the past talks about the number of points that the average person goes up in a lifetime on the planet. And that’s considering that some people go down. Sometimes it’s very, very difficult, difficult to go up. And so, I think I’ll save that Jeff so that we have it in a more meaningful context.

Jeffrey – Yes, I think the main point is when you’re talking a 20-point increase in 90 days, I mean, each point upward, as you said, is 10 times more energy available. I mean, we’re talking now it’s not the environment, but our personal level of consciousness. So, when we could personally go up 20 points,10 to the 20th power, more energy available, and that’s a lot of energy. We do highly recommend doing intention work, and positively intend for what we want. And we’ve had many Subscribers have told us that, whether they were conscious that are not, that things were manifesting. So, it’s always good to manifest what it is we want to manifest, not what we don’t want to manifest. This is a discussion about that. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the Q&A. Share with us any stories about any personal manifesting in the FLFE field with this additional energy.

Clayten – I will bring in Justina, she has been patiently waiting.

Justina – I’m a little nervous.

Clatyen – We understand, we also get the jitters every time we do a webinar. I don’t know why.

Justina – I don’t even know where to start. It’s just hard to talk about for me because I’m a biochemist or microbiologist, so I’m more of a scientific mind than a spiritual mind. But I’ve been on FLFE for about four years. And I would say I spend probably 20 hours in the FLFE field for probably two, two and a half years now. And so, I’ve had a lot of what I call positive paranormal experiences. I also do a lot of meditation and yoga and things like that. I was just wondering; I like these experiences, and I want to have more of them. But I’m also finding that I’m developing more allergies as I become more sensitive. So, it’s kind of like a trade off, and honestly, I don’t know what to do about allergies. So, I’ve completely changed my diet and go away for a while like I stopped eating gluten, and I felt great. My allergies went away for like six months, and now they’re back in full force.

An example of my most recent, experiences came when I was meditating the other day and sort of fell asleep when I’m meditating, which is I know that’s not good, but it happens. It’s more like a hypnagogic state; it’s in between a dream state it’s almost like lucid dreaming. I had an experience, and I don’t know if it was a communication or what. It was almost like a Serafin type being maybe, I don’t even know what it was really. It seemed angelic like a blue feathery being. When I come out of meditation, I usually can remember the last few minutes, like the previous two or three minutes. And I remember asking it if it was real like was this real or was I having a dream? And then I have like an intuitive vision; I can see things when I meditate. I don’t really have like a sense of sound, or I don’t hear things, but I can see things. And the last piece of information I got as I was leaving my meditation was; “I’m real.” And it was similar to a projection with a tropical rainforest background, and it was interesting. And I have a lot of experiences like that. And so, I was just wondering, have you guys heard of things like that? I’ve kind of had like a lot of different things happen during this life, but it’s really picked up since I have been on FLFE.

Clayten – Let’s start by speaking of the gross physical body first. I had allergies at one point in the past, and a friend recommended that it was undigested food in my GI tract that was the issue. And he said if that were true, that if I took digestive enzymes with my meals it would clear up and allergies would lift. And for me, it worked. So that’s a personal testimony that I’ll share with everyone. You may want to consider taking one or two digestive enzymes with every meal for a week. Since you’re a scientist, you can put some controls in there. The other thing is at FLFE we like numbers and graphs and charts a lot. We like controls, and we like to measure variables. And the other thing I’m going to request is to track your water intake for three days. And drink half your body weight in ounces of water and actually measure it.

Justina – Oh, really? Okay.

Clatyen – Yes, half your body weight in ounces. Because I think I think you’ll find hydration is a bigger issue for you than you might imagine.

Justina – I agree. Let me add to that. So, I do admit I’ve been feeling very dehydrated like the last six months. And I’ve been trying out a lot of different hydration drinks and supplements, and I seem to have a thirst I can’t seem to get rid of. And I can’t seem to hydrate my skin. When I press on my skin, it leaves a white mark. I can’t seem to get enough water, and I’ve tried coconut water, and I’ve got this new thing called Tikka and all these different hydration aids. I don’t know what else to try to get hydrated.

Clayten – I’ll pass it back to Jeff in just a moment. I had to take mineral drops, too, because it seems that the FLFE environment helps us upgrade so quickly. For our bodies, hydration and mineral requirements are becoming more significant. And that’s something I think we’ll have to address, Jeff because people are going up more and more in the environment.

Justina – In a previous webinar, you suggested Emergen-C. And the only thing is that it has dextrin in it. And that’s a gluten-based sugar. And I’ve found that if I have anything that has anything remotely close to gluten, my day is kind of ruined.

Clayten – Yes, you’ve got to find a mineral drop that works for you. Minerals break the surface tension and help the intracellular fluid exchange. And mega hydrate is coming to mind. A lot of people talked about that. It’s a Patrick Flanagan product, I think it’s still available. You can test the level of appropriateness of the drops for you. And that’s something that we can’t do for you. We can recommend some products. We’re going to have a Consciousness Nutrition page on our website coming out where we have products that at least test positive for all of humanity at a certain level, so they’re trustworthy in that way. And then you can try to optimize from there. I’ll just pass it back to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – What I do, Justina, is I get water from a trusted source of spring water. I don’t drink tap water; I’m drinking spring water. I used to use sea salt, now I use Himalayan salt, because there are some microplastics in sea salt now, depending on the source. I’ll have a two-liter bottle with an eighth teaspoon of salt. And then I do like Clayten says I use trace mineral drops. And I add boron as well because the boron is an important mineral as well. And then my practice is when I first get up in the morning, I’ll drink a liter, and I’ve just gotten used to doing that. And then maybe half an hour to forty minutes later I actually eat breakfast. So that gives time to regenerate the acid in the stomach. So that’s my personal experience. You can find out what works for you. Either a large amount in the morning to try to overcome the deficit, or just sipping throughout the day in measured amounts, you might find that helpful.

Justina – I haven’t tried mineral drops, so I appreciate that.

Clayten – We could probably talk a long time about the energetic environment that FLFE creates and how it changes our relationship with the other side. I think because we have five other hands up, that we should address those and maybe comment on that later.

Justina – Can I ask one more question about my mom? Right now, she’s living with me. She’s also been in the FLFE environment. She has cervical cancer, and she’s currently undergoing chemotherapy, and it’s a very aggressive chemotherapy. And she’s developed very big blood clots. And I was just wondering if there’s anything that you guys know of that she could do since we have FLFE.

Jeffrey – Again, hydration is important for her. And you do have the Consciousness Slider in your home. So perhaps play with that level, too. And just check in with her a lot to see how she is feeling and doing.

Clayten – We talked earlier about people more consciously working with the FLFE energy. We’ve had stories of people asking the FLFE energy to go through the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms to bring the proper healing nutrients and energies and essences from those kingdoms into themselves and their loved ones for healing. That might not be something we can prove at this point in the way that scientists like to prove things. But I think that prayer is a pretty safe thing to do for your mother.

Justina – Okay, thank you.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you for coming on with us tonight. We have Ania on with us next.

Ania – Guys, thank you so much for what you do. I’m just really excited, I’m pretty new to a Subscription for FLFE. And it’s changed everything on the property. I was already doing some high vibe things here, and it enhanced it so much, it makes it so much easier for me to hold, so that is wonderful. And I had a friend come and stay with me for a bit. And she thought it would be great if we just keep it up high. Everyone thinks, and I did it myself, we should have it as high as we can, and it didn’t pan out. And I do get blasted out where I’m not very motivated for the creativity that I have going on that day. So that’s been interesting. I turned it down, and it was much better. Because there’s something about being able to hold that amount of frequency without dipping, sometimes we’re in a dip spot. It’s not a good idea. So that’s what I found with it so far in the short time I’ve been using it. Just being with that assistance, it’s like an assistant.

Jeffrey – Hydration again, can be important in those acclimation periods.

Ania – And what is the thing when people don’t like to drink water? That’s what I’m interested in. I don’t drink coffee, very little tea, but I don’t gravitate to it. I have to fill up 70 ounces and know that I’m going to do that all day long. I think that’s the way to approach it. Or do a water cleanse or something. I just came off of a fruit and vegetable juice cleanse, not mixed, but fruit juices and vegetable juices. And I did 10 days in the house here, and I really have a feeling that it was because of the energy that FLFE helps with. Because I didn’t get hungry. I mean, it was just the right timing for that. So, I think I’ll try some water days. You know, I think that could be a thing. It’s for some reason it must play that way for me.

Jeffrey – I think so, many people are using tap water, and the quality depends on the chlorine level and fluoride and other things in the water. It cannot just taste good; our body doesn’t like the municipal water treatments.

Ania – Yes, I have a reverse osmosis device. And I have other friends who are doing distilled I used to do distilled years ago. Do you have a feeling about those products?

Clayten – I have done a lot of research on water. Not that I know as much as some of my friends do. I’m probably including Ashley, who’s next in line here. The challenge with distilled water is that it removes the minerals from the water. So, we have to get minerals back in. It depends on the water, but generally distilled is not the ideal choice. If we can get all the things out that you want to get out without distilling, that’s our best bet.

Ania – That’s what I that is my intention, and then anything else is I just bless it. I even say, “I wish I could do better; I’m doing the best I can.” Thank you very much, guys.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thanks for coming on with us.

Jeffrey – It’s great to meet you, come back anytime and feel free to call the office if you have questions soon.

Ania – I have to write down all the little events that I’ve had turning on and off the system. This is how I can tell.

Jeffrey – We can bring on Ashley now.

Ashley – Hi there, Jeff. Hi, Clayten. I love how informative your webinars are. I’m always learning new things, which is fantastic. It’s extraordinary the information that you give, I didn’t know about the 12 points and the 20 points and the 27 points. And my partner lives in the environment all the time.

So, he would be going up 27 points, which, like Clayten was explaining as a quite a huge jump.

Clayten – It’s actually 24 points, 24/7 a mix over 90 days.

Ashley – And I find it interesting that here we are under the umbrella of FLFE consciousness. And my question has been from the start, you know, it’s in the fields. And so, this has been the whole theme. It’s interesting how Intelligence has a way of working through. I want to ask about, like when somebody does live in the environment, that often goes up that high, could there be any adverse effects? Perhaps if they’re elderly, or if they have any complications? But in a way, you’ve been already answering that you’ve stressed how important it is to be hydrated. You’ve also expressed how people that are responsibly and consciously working with the technology, with the fields that there are very positive results. I think that you’ve been answering that. I love what you said about the largest upgrade, I did not know that that you went through a huge upgrade of 27,000 times more power; that blew my mind. If somebody is fully hydrated, very conscious like my partner is, you know, he is elderly, but he’s extremely connected. Could that be a huge jump for him? Actually, I think I don’t have to really worry about that. I think I’m okay there.

I want to touch on something that the gal speaking earlier said regarding the field. When I had FLFE turned on, I did notice that physically I felt it immediately go from my feet all the way up through my body. But I did see myself having access to the field more readily. Jeff and Clayten always talk so beautifully. It’s so neutral, and it’s the way they deliver the information in such a beautiful neutral way and invite people to look at that we all have to be responsible for this technology. So, as the fields are available to us to have more significant and deeper meditations, we also have to be discerning. If we do contact energy or we have experiences, we have to do our own due diligence and be discerning about those energies. It can open up to energies that may not be in our highest and best interest. I just wanted to mention that. We can really check in with ourselves and make sure that this is an energy that we’re interacting with, and it is in the highest and best interest. About the water, I found that it was easier for me to drink water when it was micro-clustered; water has cells. And like Jeff said, depending on where the water source is, sometimes the clusters are larger. They can be micro clusters to different water machines or purifiers. Micro clustering water helps me a lot to drink more water.

And I love what you said, Jeff, thank you for that reminder about drinking the one liter upon awakening. I used to do that all the time in my spiritual practice, and I don’t know when I dropped that habit, but I’m going to start it right away tomorrow. Thanks for that reminder. And I’ll mention that I take something called MassZymes. And I’ve taken all kinds of enzymes across the board, and those are the best enzymes I’ve ever had. And that same company makes monatomic minerals. They’re on a cellular level of communicating with our nervous systems and with our bodies. They also make a liquid drop mineral. So, you know, that’s like a little throwaway there that works for me. My original question was going to be about living in this kind of environment for people that are maybe elderly, or that are a lot of medication or have health complications. Then you mentioned, you can always play with the technology and bring it down. I guess that would be the answer for that, hey Jeff?

Jeffrey – Yes, I would say we built this technology with the power of the human being at the forefront. I mean, everyone has agency and responsibility for creating their own environment. We are also responsible for creating our own thought patterns and what we do in the world. In the FLFE environment, all that additional energy has more Chi, and there’s more lifeforce, and the body uses it for repair. Some of the things  we may think about as a result of aging may really be stuck Chi or blockages in the body. As we get older, there seems to be, depending on our beliefs, some past life influences that can cause some physical changes to work through. Again, it is through our positive intentions to know how we want things to be. Being able to turn up and down the FLFE support is something we felt was important for people who may be going through different circumstances. They might want to try it with different levels, including all the way up if we’re in that mood, and we can also take it down to 400. At 500 is where we’re still at the level of love like our Smarter EMF products are at 500, and yet, all the Programs are still functioning well there.

Ashley – That’s beautiful. Jeff, what you said. I’ll just close my portion, I wanted to share that my father was 87 years old, living in South America, and we put FLFE on his penthouse. And I gave him the book Transcending The Ego by Eckhart Tolle. Now my dad was extremely Catholic and very set in his ways. You know, a brilliant man and it sounds funny saying those two things in the same sentence, but he read this book, and I just know it was because of the technology. I know it was because of FLFE. First of all, he was open-minded. He read this book on the ego, and he went crazy. It was almost like he read Power versus Force. When we first read that book, we go into the fields, and I noticed his whole mental attitude beginning to shift. And so, by the time he did pass away at 90, there had been some significant shifts in him. I loved that Jeff said, which is substantial, there is so much involved, karma is involved. Knowing how to work with the technology and how to bring our energy levels up, and doing things like exercising, drinking water, and making healthier choices. How we think is all part of the environment. So, it would be easy to just kind of pass the buck and place everything on the environment. Still, there is a participation, there’s a co-creation with the environment that I have found. And I’ll be honest with you, when I first had the technology, I really got angry a few times, and I thought about that. I was not angry about the technology, just myself, I got upset internally. And I thought, wow, I’d better watch my thinking and my behavior. The way I talk and how I act in this in this field, because it’s really wide open. So, there’s a lot that comes into play with the technology. And I love that you guys frame all of this so beautifully, and this is such an education. And thank you for offering this; it’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

Clayten – I should probably say one or two things. We have this technology that has this nicknamed “Fluffy” from someone that described that moniker. One of the paths that having FLFE on our homes is this is the path of the spiritual warrior. And your partner is a spiritual warrior, Ashley. Part of the challenge of being a spiritual warrior is as Anja, I think, inferred is that as our level of consciousness goes up, we get to a certain point. This is when our values change, and our interest in worldly affairs diminishes. And that can be hard on a partner. It can be disorienting for a family. It can even cause confusion at times for the committed devotee. And we don’t talk about that very much. Maybe we should talk about it more. But there is an upward pressure as our consciousness goes up that brings issues to the surface to deal with. And that’s part of the reason why we have these webinars is to reinforce that lesson for all of us, including Jeff and I. Evolution in raising consciousness is not easy. Being Human in itself is not easy. So, I don’t want to make it that life is about suffering, it’s just that some lessons have a price that is hard to pay. It really is hard. And as much as we enjoy the service and sharing it with everybody, we also have compassion for the challenges that everyone has.

And we have compassion for ourselves, even, sometimes. A considerable percentage of our revenue is spent on our customer service team. We have 20 people in the office talking to Subscribers because they’re changing. And they have these experiences and sometimes they are not sure what to do. We have devotees like you, Ashley, and your partner, and many of the people on these calls. They are working in the office, and the job is to help anyone when they need it. It’s not a coaching service or a counseling service. We can’t offer something like FLFE in good conscience to the world and not have a degree of support. It’s a karmic responsibility on our part. So, I wanted to address that in a little more of a straightforward approach from the spiritual warrior path because it can support that focus. Thanks, Ashley, for calling in; did you have more Clayten?

Clayten – In Dr. Hawkins work, he talks about preparing ourselves to go up in consciousness and part of that is to talk to people in the community. Particularly if you are a devotee, about how to create a support system around us that assists us to go up in consciousness if our values change and we lose interest. In many of the Eastern traditions, people go into states of bliss, where they’re just not that functional. And they need to have someone help them take care of their body and managed through a particular phase of ascension. And in Hawkins’s work, he talks about what happens when people go through the transition of 600 and over. And many people decide that they would rather be in another dimension than this one we’ll say. So, we have the intention to create more conversation for those people really focused on raising their consciousness.

And what we’ve done up till now is spend so much of our time adding value to the service that we just haven’t spent the time focusing on other things that maybe we’re more interested in. We do want to give everyone as much value as we can. At some point, the value in the service may be conversations in a community setting about the realities of raising our consciousness quickly.

Ashley – Clayten, what you just said, gave me so many chills pouring through my whole body like a waterfall. It’s just so beautiful and so perfect. And I just feel like you fully understand. And just thank you so much, both of you.

Jeffrey and Clayten – Thank you, Ashley, for your support over the years.

Jeffrey – We can move on to Glen.

Glen – Hello, I really appreciate you guys the more I see you in action. What I want to ask is I tend to have an inability to focus during my meditation. Earlier, someone claimed to go to sleep. That sounds a lot like me. I’m building a house and thinking or anticipating problems. So, I guess I just need to be a little patient with the awareness of meditation practice. I’ve always had things come to be so comfortable that I never seem to have the focus. Another question is about radiation therapy for prostate cancer, and it has changed me, so it’s difficult.

Jeffrey – Let’s go back to the meditation a little bit deeper. For me personally, I take a very active meditation I’m always championing something or moving through some process to clear something. What we’ve seen is people have different ways of meditating and different ways of connecting. For me, it’s very active and kind of in motion. And also, dancing or moving or movement and kind of repetitive movement has been beneficial for me as a way of meditating. Still, it doesn’t look like our traditional sit and be a quiet kind of meditation. So, I think just allowing ourselves different ways of meditating or different ways of connecting. I’ll pass it on to you, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, I’ve got a couple of suggestions. Glen, one of the products I’ve been taking to help with my memory, is something called phosphatidylserine, which is “PS.” A lot of people find that really helps. One product I take, which is quite expensive, is super blue-green algae. I get it from the E3 Live company; that’s the source that I get it from. Other places make it, but it’s a good one. And I occasionally take L-tyrosine. That hasn’t been testing positive for me recently. And, with all these things, I suggest finding a way to test them for yourself. So those are some supplements that might help with concentration. In terms of the house project, thank goodness for lists, we make lots of lists. We’re doing a bit of a renovation ourselves right now. So, I really relate to what you’re saying. And we just make lists, and when the mind starts to go, take out a piece of paper and a pen and just get organized. You know, time management systems are great for that. That usually calms the mind down for me. And the last thing for the meditation Glen would be depending on your beliefs, sometimes I call in some type of Higher Power or an Angel to help me calm my mind. And sometimes, my prayer is just repeating the request to help me calm my mind. That’s my meditation. Because my mind is more active than it serves me, I believe. So those are a couple of personal things from Jeff and me.

Glen – That’ wonderful, I am starting my lists right now, thank you guys so much, I really appreciate you.

Clayten – Your connection is really spotty, Glen, so we sometimes have a hard time hearing you. Bless you.

Jeffrey – Let’s see, we’re nearing the top of the hour. Let’s bring in Bianca now.

Bianca – Hello, how’s the connection?

Clayten – Excellent.

Bianca – Great. Thank you guys for this. My question is, do you know if you will be putting a compilation together of high calibration affirmations? I had listened to an interview you had done probably a couple years ago, and you touched on the subject. And I want to have high calibration statements that I could put in my space in my car and at work.

Jeffrey – Do you have some of those that you’ve worked on in the past?

Clayten – Yes, we’ve got a smattering around. That would be interesting to do. Sometimes we come across something when we’re doing kinesiology. One is coming to mind right now. I was doing some research on gratitude. Gratitude is the great multiplier of our abundance.

Bianca – And I have that one. Yes, you guys had calibrated that one on the show. And I didn’t mean to put you on the spot, but I didn’t know if you guys were thinking of doing that in the future. Maybe there could be a place on the website. Is that something that you guys would look into creating? I love to have high vibrational words in my space. And I thought that would be something neat to have around and to pass out or whatever. So, it’s just more I guess, of a thought/question.

Jeffrey – It’s a great suggestion. Yes, thank you for that, we’re always looking for how we can create value with the website and have it be more useful. So that would be an exciting thing to do.

Clatyen – And that was probably Matt Bellaire; if I’m correct, I don’t remember.

Bianca – I do know that he kind of put you guys on the spot. And you guys were trying to calibrate some things. But I did get a few from that show. But I just thought, wow, that would be really neat. To have a small compilation of some if people are interested.

Jeffrey – Where are you located, Bianca?

Bianca – I’m in McKinney, Texas.

Jeffrey – Is McKinney near Dallas?

Bianca – It’s a suburb of Dallas, probably 20 miles out.

Jeffrey – That’s Great. How long have you been with FLFE?

Bianca – Probably a couple of years. My home is my sanctuary and the type of work I do. I’m an acupuncturist, and I work on people a lot. I find, like most people, when I go out and about, I really just to come back home because of my space. Because the energy is so different. And I find I need to recharge. Having the service on in my space is a blessing. I just love it. I absolutely love it. So, thank you.

Jeffrey – Thanks for your support, and for coming on and talking to us. Well, Clayten, I think we should wrap up. We have questions in the Q&A, which we’ll copy to make sure we have those in. Please contact the office if you have questions that you really would like to have answered. Talk to your contact person there, or you can just reach out. And you can always pass the questions on to us that way. And they may also have the answers for you already. We will continue to be doing these webinars. So please keep joining us. Really, it’s so lovely to talk with you live, like we’ve been doing tonight, and connect with you. We’re grateful for everyone that’s on this journey with us, whether on the Free trial or as a Subscriber, and with these increases in the level of consciousness, the is average 20 points. And it just keeps getting better and better. So, we’re really grateful to be able to offer this support at this time in the world. Thank you for being part of our mission.

Clayten – I’m remembering Glen and how we talked about lists and projects. Now the reality of running a business is that there’s probably a never-ending number of things to do. And the webinars become something else on the list at the end of the day. And it’s a lot later for Jeff, three hours later than for me. I wouldn’t say I was always looking forward to them. But when I get to talk to you, it just fills me up. And it’s one of the things that makes this all worthwhile; hearing how everyone is enjoying the service. When we hear of the struggles, it has been so inspiring, because that’s part of being human. And understanding how we deal with that, and that we’re able to help is food for our souls. And I sometimes forget why we’re doing all this because I’m so busy working on the lists, and it’s for all of us. And when we talk to everyone on the webinars, it reminds me to never underestimate the power of their support and participation. God Bless and good night.