Q&A Webinar #7

July 7, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to today’s FLFE Webinar. We will answer the questions live after a discussion about nutrients and the level of consciousness of the world and how they’re connected. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. As Jeff mentioned, we’ll talk about our Nutrient Stream Optimization Program in a little more detail. And then, I’m going to report on some statistics based upon our kinesiology research and some personal experiences and the feedback we’re receiving. Also, I’ll talk about the level of consciousness of the world. We’ve heard from a few of you that these numbers are interesting and informative. So back to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – A relatively new area of support in the FLFE environment is Energized Nutrients. We’re adding additional Chi or lifeforce energy to specific nutrients to assist the body and its Innate Intelligence with the absorption of these nutrients from the food we’re eating. And there are currently about 25 specific nutrients and micronutrients that we’re energizing. We use kinesiology to check the world and the Subscriber base to see what nutrients we may be short or deficient in. And when we find one, then we add it to the Energized Nutrients list. And in the last several weeks, we’ve added three additional nutrients magnesium, lithium, and chromium. Magnesium was on, but we found a way to increase it by energizing additional forms of magnesium. So magnesium, lithium, and chromium. Do you want to give us some details about what you found there, Clayten?

Clayten – We’ve noticed that the level of consciousness of the world dropped substantially during the pandemic. And it’s starting to come back up. We’re not anywhere near the level we were before this started. And at some point, we got curious as to how that would affect the body’s ability to manage itself in terms of stress. Because it’s pretty evident, at least from our perspective, people are carrying more stress, people respond in unusual ways. More anger in the world, for example. We looked at what nutrients were related to stress and the management of mood; we came up with the three main ones. Jeff will go into those in more detail. So we’ll start with lithium. Lithium is a nutrient well known in the mental health world. We’ve energized the nutrient lithium in our food, based upon our kinesiology research. It’s impractical to do blood work in how we’re going to describe these statistics. So I want to make sure that my claim is a subjective measurement of the optimal amount of nutrients in the human body during the specified periods that I mentioned. And we have to use our discernment as to whether we think those statistics work for us.

So, if we looked at the world one year ago, on average, over the previous month, we calibrated that the world had about 80% of the optimal amount of lithium in the body. If we go back ten years, over the previous month, the world had 85% of the body’s optimal amount of lithium. And 100 years ago, we found out that the optimal amount of lithium in the body was 92%. This indicates a change in lithium availability in our food, likely due to increased processed food in modern society, and gradual devitalization and demineralization of soil in general. So that’s why people are more inclined to buy organic or biodynamically grown food or food that’s grown in a less fertilized environment. Depending on the type of fertilizer, of course, all the natural ones have been used for eons such as animal manure and things like that. They’re not the same, at least in our opinion, as some of the chemical fertilizers used consistently. Jerry Tennant’s work talks about the amount of voltage in food, which is a form of lifeforce energy, and it helps with the bioavailability of nutrients. So if we look at the on average over the previous month from July 7 at 6 am this morning, our calibration indicates that the most optimum amount of lithium in the body for the world is at 40% out of 100. That’s what it currently is. And we think that’s due to increased stress.  Now for the FLFE Subscribers, we are within a few points either way of these numbers. I don’t want to get into how much difference there is historically because we’ve only been in business for seven years. So it’s not relevant to a ten or 100-year cycle. It could be relative to one year, but we don’t want to get too lost in numbers. We just want to mention the average FLFE Subscriber, according to our kinesiology testing, now has 95% of the optimal amount of lithium in the body on average over the previous 72 hours.

Let’s go to chromium; one year ago, over the previous month, 90%, ten years ago the last month, 92%, 100 years ago, over the last month was 95%. Over the last month from this morning at 6 am, it’s 35%. The average FLFE Subscriber on average over the previous 72 hours is now 92% according to our research. Magnesium, over the previous year, over the previous month, 90% the average in humanity ten years ago over the previous month 92% 100 years ago over the previous month 95% on average over the previous month from 6 am July 7, we got 45%.  And the average FLFE Subscriber on average was 72 hours from 6 am this morning was 80% out of 10.  We assume it’s not as high as chromium and lithium because there is an increased magnesium burn rate when we’re going up in consciousness. We’ve talked about that a lot in our webinars. And we’ve given recommendations for a combination of magnesium and EFAs to support the myelin sheath’s strengthening and resiliency. So do look that up on our website for more information about that.

I think that’s pretty well what I wanted to cover Jeff; I’m going to talk about the world, but is there anything else you want me to add to that before I pass it back?

Jeffrey – No, I’ll go ahead and take it from here if you like.

Clayten – Sure. So the world over the previous 12 hours. We check it every morning in our meeting, and it’s been 187. So it’s slowly going up. And the highest was before the pandemic was 242. And the lowest it was during the pandemic was 98. We’re talking about a period of over average, about 12 hours. When things change quickly, we tend to have an average over some time, be relatively short. As a reminder, if anyone is doing kinesiology research, it is important to have an average over some time in the inquiry. If not, it will default to the instant and skew the results significantly.

Jeffrey – So these three nutrients have an increased burn rate or use rate in the body, as Clayten said. As for magnesium, we’ve been following mostly regarding consciousness and rising in consciousness. But if we look through the research on it, there’s a lot of work about magnesium having a high burn rate when there is anxiety and stress. Particularly, physical stress, but also mental, emotional stress, and trauma. All of those things increase our use of magnesium. And when researching lithium and chromium, they’re the same. For chromium with our elite athletes, in particular, risk being deficient in chromium, because physical stress to the body uses up chromium. And lithium is more in mental anxiety, emotional stress, mood disorders, or stressful situations like watching the news every night. Lithium burns up in those kinds of cases regarding the management of our moods. So it’s not a surprise that these levels become depleted. The effects of low levels of these nutrients sort of feed into stress and anxiety. Being low in magnesium can make us feel exhausted, and there are mood issues, such as depression. Chromium affects melatonin production and can affect our sleep if we’re low on chromium. There are other more detailed physiological uses for chromium in the body.

And, when people are low on lithium, there is a mood issue. People tend to have moods that come and go; they have trouble managing their moods, managing their tempers, managing depression, or their outlook on the world. Many people say if  anyone is feeling these things, then look at lithium and get your lithium tested. So it matches up well with what’s going on in the world right now. And people are challenged by earning a living, with staying safe and all the bad news. Mood regulation in brain health is burning lithium. Then when we’re low on lithium, it’s a downward spiral. So we were glad to see this and understand it to work with the FLFE environment to energize these nutrients to create a nurturing environment.

That’s important for all of us, for our evolution but also everyday well-being. And that’s what we do at FLFE. For those that are new, we continually upgrade the Service. Three years ago, we saw EMFs lowering the consciousness of properties on the Service. So we worked on EMF Mitigation. And Energized Nutrients is exciting because when we see something like this occur, we can do something about it. A lot of mountain or spring waters have varying levels of lithium than other waters. That’s what we have, is there anything else Clatyen on what I’ve said that you’d like to offer a comment?

Clayten – Yes, I recalled that I wrote a little lithium story early in the day. Up here in Nelson, about two and a half hours from here is a hot spring. Halcyon hot spring has the most lithium of any commercial hot springs in the world. And if anyone gets a chance to go there, they’ll notice what I call the squid effect. I’m so relaxed that I feel like a squid when I’m getting out of the pool. I am so at peace; I can’t even feel my body. And we have to be conscious of getting out of the pool, at least I do and other people that go there. And that’s part of the reason why we go. It’s not only the relaxation and the beauty of being in the hot mineral water, but it’s all that lithium. And the squid metaphor is just because we don’t know if we have any bones because we are so relaxed. They sell a brand of water from that’s taken from Halcyon hot spring and mixed with other spring water, and it’s called Happy water. Give that a go if the opportunity to try Happy Water ever comes up. It’s got lots of lithium in it hence the happiness name.

Jeffrey – While we wind this part up, feel free to put any questions in the Q&A. And if anyone would to like to speak to us directly, please raise a hand by hovering down at the bottom of the screen and raise it that way. We heard from Regina Meredith this week about a friend of hers, who had some very positive experiences on the FLFE service that we believe is partly due to the lithium increase recently. So we were starting to hear from people, and we’d love to hear from everyone about it on this webinar. If you have any experience for those of you on FLFE and notice a change, please let us know.  And anybody new to the Service that’s turned it on recently, within the last 72 hours. We’d love to hear about your experience of no FLFE to full experience in FLFE.

I’ve got Sandra with her hand up.

Dan – This is Dan. I am Sandra’s husband. We’re in the same household and we were watching this together, she’s on the other phone. I had a quick question. We are Subscribers, and I want to ask about 5G towers. We live across the street from a 5G tower. What kind of protection or benefits do we have with the FLFE Service regarding all these new 5G towers being installed?

Jeffrey – Yes, the EMF Mitigation Program, we believe, is harmonizing 100% those towers. We’re checking all the properties once a week to look at the percentage of mitigation. The way we define it is the energy from those towers before the mitigation is consciousness lowering. So it’s negatively affecting the environment around and all the life in it. And we see 100% mitigation on all properties which we last checked on Saturday. So we believe it’s 100% mitigated. There was some R&D that we needed to do, and we got some feedback from customers and ended up making some changes to it about three months ago.

Dan – Just for the for the layman, can you define 100% mitigated? Can you just explain in layman’s terms, what you mean by that?

Jeffrey – On the website, on the Evidence Page, the gas discharge visualization (GDV) camera is one of the best ways we’ve found so far to see this shift in energy. So it seems to be piggybacking on or, in some way, changing the waves. It’s not affecting how the phones function. We experimented with Melissa Waterman and her GDV camera, without EMF mitigation. Melissa traveled with Dr. Joe Dispenza and measured the energy at his events for several years. Without EMF Mitigation the energy was jagged; there are very high spikes, up and down jagged energy with EMFs coming on and off. During the 24 hours when she turned on the EMF Mitigation, new we see a very narrow band of energy movement. So that spikiness is smoothed out. The waveforms seem to be smoothing out in a way that we don’t fully understand. We use kinesiology to test, and we use our own experience the way it feels. And we use the GDV camera. But there is some effect of this mitigation, and shungite is what we’re using to smooth out those waveforms so that they’re now consciousness lowering or neutral.

Dan – I see, so then the EMF rays aren’t as powerful, they’re neutralized down a bit. I guess we’re more concerned about the effects of the 5G towers and the electromagnetic fields and radiation that can be harmful to our house. So this isn’t blocking, FLFE mitigates or slows it down. So it doesn’t impact us as much, am I correct?

Clayten – I’ll pick it up, Jeff. We’re actually harmonizing it, Dan. So when we’re looking at EMFs, there are several things to consider doing. We can try to block them, just to reflect them right back. We can decide to deflect them where we’ve bounced them off into the stratosphere or down into the earth. We can try to dissipate them where we break them up into small waveforms, almost like taking a piece of the streamers used in parades and throwing them out and they curl down. That’s how EMF waves look. And we can try to cut them up metaphorically with the same effect, or we can harmonize them. When we heard about harmonization, we thought, well, if we can do that, let’s do it!

And the only material we found that harmonizes EMF’s is shungite. Shungite is the only material for this purpose. Other materials are useful for deflecting or dissipating or blocking. We wanted to have something that could make it beneficial. The average property on the FLFE Service since we put the EMF Harmonization Program on went up four points on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. The average property before EMF Harmonization was 570; now, the average is 574. If there is a 5G tower in anyone’s  neighborhood, their property is probably 580 or higher because there’s so much energy coming off. When it’s harmonized as it comes onto the property, it raises the level of consciousness. Anything that’s coming on to the property, that’s consciousness lowering, whether that be radar, 5G towers, routers from your neighbors, satellite waves, cellular waves, or whatever are all harmonized by the energetic signature of shungite. That signature goes out towards the source far enough from the property. By the time we get to the property line, there is a positive influence. The research that we did to prove that is the gas discharge visualization, as Jeff said, and we’re working on some other ways to try to verify this.

I have a friend that tells the story about a bank of smart meters put in an apartment building where they were living. They took some plants and put them right in front of the bank of smart meters. The plants started to wither and go away from the smart meters. Next they taped a piece of shungite about the size of a quarter on the smart meters. And the plants started to grow towards the smart meters and become healthier. So you could experiment with that yourself. I’ve never heard anybody counter that. I think that’s another piece of evidence because plants, even with our intention, plants influence everything, I don’t think plants are that influenced by the experiment’s intention.

Dan – Clayten, what is what is shungite? I’ve never heard the term shungite.

Clayten – It’s a lustrous black mineral that came from an asteroid. And there were a couple of asteroids that landed in Russia. So online, it’s easy to find some big shungite mines. These are massive asteroids. It’s like shiny coal. It comes  in powder and a rock form. Some people wear it on medallions. Some people use a little piece for their phones. We have it on the Mobile Service as well. So everyone is  protected on the  FLFE Everywhere Service.

Jeffrey – All of the FLFE Subscriptions have EMF Mitigation. So one thing to do, Dan is using the Control Panel, turn on and off EMF mitigation and see how your body feels.

Dan – How do I do that?

Jeffrey – You would have received a user name and password in your initial emails when you first subscribed. On the website, there’s a Member Login section. So go there and put in the username and password and you’ll see your property, you’ll see a phone if you have that or any FLFE Subscription, and you can go to into that property. And you’ll see your address, and then down below it, there are several buttons. So there’s an on/off switch for the whole Service. So you could try that. There’s also an EMF Mitigation on/off switch. We encourage people to experiment and try that because we feel our bodies are very sensitive instruments.

Dan – Right. Very good. I won’t take up everyone’s time. I know you have a number I can call and ask for help. I can always call there and get more questions answered.

Jeffrey – Yes, please call the office with any questions at all.  And thank you, Dan, for coming on with us. We have Catarina, who has her hand up.

Caterina – A gentleman just asked my question, because two months ago, I signed up for a special that you guys ran, and it was a tremendous help. I live around 11 buildings, and I felt my nervous system jerking around.  And then they brought in 5G, and they put it onto the buildings. It’s like a horseshoe kind of place. So that’s spinning, and I am very sensitive to energy. So when I signed up, the Service was incredible. After two days or three days, I felt my nervous system settling. I cannot say I went back to my peaceful Buddha self; however, it was like feeling that I’m alive again; let’s put it that way. So then I signed up to continue every month, but I am shifting my apartment to another apartment now. I don’t have on top of my bedroom a satellite, so that was another thing. That’s partially good news because that stress-energy is going to be released also. So my question is, how can I get back to the optimum so I can heal? And I adore what you guys are doing. That’s my other angle, you know because I’ve been so stressed out over here with what’s happening. I didn’t watch these videos until recently, and I think this is precisely the answer to a prayer because that’s what my spirit shows me. I can read energy, and I see that I’m depleted on everything. I’m 73. When I’m depleted in everything at 73 years old that it is different from being drained from jogging when we are 20. And I say that’s not just the nerves that are very evident over here that the whole biology changed. This depletion started six months ago.

Clayten – If you call the office Caterina, someone can walk you through how to help change your address if you struggle with the computer part.

Caterina – Okay, great. Once I settle in, and they turn on our computer over there, that’s exactly what I would like to do.  I don’t know what buttons to push. Okay, thank you, I appreciate your work.

Jeffrey – Yes. Thanks. Thanks for joining us today.

Clayten – We have Siavash. I think that is in Dublin, Ireland. And he has a question right at the top.

Siavash – I have posted a question in the Q&A. I have been a member since I think September of 2018. And I can’t quite put my finger on how I feel since then. I have been on it mainly for satellite dishes on the top on top of my roof. And so basically two questions boil down to this. What is the hardware that runs this system? I’ve posted a few questions on the Facebook group, but I haven’t gotten an answer. My second question, is there an app on the horizon, so I can use it on my phone to switch it on and to be able to differentiate? Perhaps some muscle testing to see the difference? You know, I just need to distinguish what’s going on.

Jeffrey – Yes, an app is definitely on the horizon. I can’t say exactly when, but it’s something we would love to do. But for now, log in using your phone into the Control Panel. It’s easier on a computer to do, and if you go back to your early emails, you’ll see the username and password. If you have any trouble at all, please call the office, and they can give you the username and password. That’s a great way to log in to turn it on and off. And as we mentioned earlier, the EMF Mitigation is separate. So try turning that on and off to see how it feels in your body. And it’s a great thing to try it and get a sense of it in your body. Do turn it on and off and experiment with it. And are you on a Property Subscription or Phone?

Siavash – Property and Mobile, I have my elderly parents on their home as well.

Jeffrey – On the property, there is also the Consciousness Control Slider. Once logged in, try going up to 570 or go down even. It doesn’t lower the consciousness; it just reduces the support level. So there are ways to experiment and see how it feels in the body with various options. And there’s also the Boost. You can take it to 600 on the Hawkins Map for a half an hour on the property and five minutes on the phone. So that’s another thing to try, and people are using those in very creative ways.

Siavash – Yes, it would be handy if we could do it from the phone, you know?

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s coming. Thanks for that, we appreciate your request for that. I can start on the hardware and then pass it to you, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we’ve had we’ve answered this question a couple of hundred times we should pull it off by heart by now.

Jeffrey – Originally, the invention was filling up probably several large rooms. And it’s stacks of plates and coils and geometric shapes. Initially, it was electrically connected. And there was high speed, alternating current moving through that. And so that’s what the hardware looked like. There were large stacks of these, and the wire would come out the top, and it would go to the bottom of the next stack, and so forth. And those input stacks were pulling in additional life force energy, Chi or Prana. And there was an output stack, where all that energy was then forming a quantum space. That quantum space is where association occurs between our Programs, our system, and the properties and cell phones on the Service. This quantum association is what activates the field much in the same way that human consciousness activates a field.

Clayten – Yes, that’s it. We don’t have pictures of the technology on the website because we do use kinesiology to guide us in most things, Siavash. It’s never tested as the highest and best interest of all to show pictures of the technology to the public or to have a detailed description of the technology. We do show our staff a picture of the machine once they have finished the probation for about three months. We also have a piece of the machine that they hold in their hand, so dozens of people have seen pictures of it. It has so far never tested in the highest and best interest of all to share publicly. So that’s what we follow.

Siavash – Do you use crystals? I assume shungite one of them.

Clayten – Good assumption.

Jeffrey – Yes, we pick up the energetic essence of shungite coming into the field through the Programs.

Siavash – And how would you compare this with say, radionics, or that sort of thing. It’s entanglement theory, I suppose.

Jeffrey – Several nonlinear or quantum-based technologies have emerged.

And even as simple as Reiki or other energetic treatments.  Where we line up is in the similarity to human consciousness and the activation of a field. We’re not sending frequencies; we’re activating a field. In the same way that when we think of someone, we’re holding them in our mind, and we believe a field is activated at their location wherever they are in the world. So we’re in that range where there’s some other nonlinear quantum-based technologies that these frequencies are part of, and that’s not the case for us.

Clayten – One of the similarities is that both use radionics. Our technology is multiple technologies used in a way that I haven’t seen anywhere else before. We’ve been gifted a few unique discoveries. We both use the principle of a unique identifier. A unique identifier in FLFE is the address because the address in Dublin is the only address like that. And the cell phone number is the only cell phone number, in that area code in that country in the world. If you have a picture of an object, that picture, if it’s high enough resolution, that’s the only object of its kind in the world, even if it’s a coin where millions of them are produced. Each coin has its scratches and little deformities that make it unique. That’s one of the similarities.

Siavash – I know that from radionics, they say the work is equal to the practitioner’s consciousness. So, in other words, we can have the fanciest machine available. Still, if we don’t have the consciousness, the transformation is not going to happen. So you’re looking back to yourself, real people who are working with the equipment.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a good point. And the way our technology works is the level of consciousness of the Programs in the field. They’re 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. So they’re always at this high level of truth, so our consciousness does not come into it. It’s a way of stepping outside of any limitation of the practitioner.  And being 24/7 in the FLFE environment, these programs are at this high level of consciousness so that constant positive environment or constant positive thoughts take the issue out of the equation. Good point.

Siavash – How would that be possible? I mean humans being human if we have off days and have good days. I suggest we’d have almost to be a saint to be able to be at that high level consistently.

Clayten – It’s possible because we’ve written the Programs at that level of truth. The technology accesses the Programs and doesn’t access our individual consciousness. We found a way to get past the practitioner’s limitation being a significant influence on the quality of the experience for the end-user.

Siavash – Oh, that’s interesting. Because I mean, if that’s so, then the world needs to know how to help. The world needs to learn this, how to bypass this. I suppose the Service is exclusive to yourselves. I mean, if that’s the case, humanity needs to learn this.

Clayten – The good news is that if people have good intentions and can measure truth accurately, they will do good with it. And the other news is that if people have negative intent, or don’t know how to measure truth accurately, they could do a lot of harm. If somebody approached us and we got that it wasn’t the highest and best interest of all to share some things with them, we’re sharing some thoughts with you that usually don’t get asked. I’m not sure what we would do with that, but we haven’t found a way to share it yet that feels safe. I guess that’s the way to say it. Jeff. I don’t know how else to say it.

Siavash – Yes, I can appreciate that.

Clayten – It’s a responsibility of stewardship. I think we’ve been given a way to invent that with a set of we’ll call it requirements from Divinity that we steward it, and I’m not saying we’re perfect stewards. Still, it is a big responsibility.

Jeffrey – Thank you for the questions, you brought some interesting discussions to the talk tonight. I  appreciate you. Thank you for subscribing and being with us. Feel free to call into the office; we now have extended hours to be available for European clients. So, do reach out to the office, and we’ll be announcing when the app is ready. It’s not very soon. But thank you for that as well.

Siavash – You’re welcome. Thank you.

Clayten – Yes, good questions from Siavash.

Jeffrey – So, let’s talk to Laura and then do some Q&A. Laura, you’re unmuted.

Laura – Hi. Hello. We spoke a few years ago, Jeff, on the phone when I first started on FLFE. And I’ve been very pleased with it, of course, because I still have the Subscription. But this is the first webinar I’ve been able to make it to. I’m amazed at all of the things that the two of you have done for all of us in upgrading; it’s very impressive. And don’t give away the secrets. Keep it going, and you’re wonderful stewards because it shows in the energy that comes through. I was just wondering, first of all, does the energy waiver going from the origin? Occasionally does it waiver since it’s you know, it’s not a perfectly straight line across? I don’t know. Does it ever get a little bit low, or I mean, can someone maybe feel that it’s not as intense as before without them adjusting anything on their Control Panel? I heard you talking about lithium and all of those wonderful things that we’re supposed to have in our bodies. They are low because of stress or not as much as they should be because of stress, and you’re able to increase that with FLFE?

Jeffrey – Yes, I can start with that, Laura. Thank you for calling in, we’re glad to talk to you. What we’re doing with Energized Nutrients has to do with the instructions. In the FLFE field, we are putting in instructions for additional lifeforce energy to specific nutrients. And one of them is when there is magnesium present, and someone is eating food that has magnesium in it. Additional lifeforce energy is added to that magnesium, so it has a thick type of charge as Clayten said. It is absorbed more readily. We see that through our kinesiology testing, there’s a change in the levels due to these nutrients that are already in the food. So, there’s already lithium in our much of our water and food and chromium and magnesium. The challenge sometimes is getting the absorption related to how optimal our GI tracts are and what it’s bound to in the food. And we can add additional lifeforce energy to it. It’s moving now through into the body. And then there are levels, and this is all guided by the Innate Intelligence of the body. It’s bringing into the body what’s needed; it’s eliminating what’s not needed. So we see these changes, and it’s kind of an amazing thing. But we’re already eating these kind of things. It’s just we’re not absorbing them, perhaps.

Laura – Thank you.

Clayten –  In terms of the fluctuation, Laura, I’ll address that.  We guarantee the properties will be at 560 or higher 98% of the time over 24 hours. And if it’s not, you get it for free. I think we have only two properties, I can recall, Jeff, that we’ve not been able to get out of the tens of thousands that we’ve had on the Service. So we’re at 99.9999 something. There are fluctuations. If we’re in a really good place in our environment, then consciousness will go up. And if  we’re in a challenging place, then the consciousness will go down. We talked earlier with Dan because he is across the street from a 5G tower. Typically we’re finding those properties are higher than other properties by a few points because there’s a lot of consciousness lowering energy coming towards your property. And because it’s harmonized through the EMF Mitigation service, that property will typically be a little bit higher than a property without a 5G Tower in the neighborhood. The properties do go up at night, Laura, it’s a good question. Because at night when people are sleeping in an area, they’re generally at more peace than they would be during the day. The average property on FLFE could go up between three or four in the morning. I won’t give you an average because I have to talk to Jeff about this since we haven’t discussed it. But it’s possible to go up 25 to 30 points at night for periods of time, especially when we’re in that deep sleep.

Laura – Okay. I also heard the man asking about consciousness. My understanding is that if we are using your Service, our consciousness could become more enlightened. We would have to be open to that and doing our work to achieve that, as a human being.  Yes, we are all granted with different levels. But if we are working towards being more conscious and more enlightened or whatever you want to call it, I think this is a great tool. Is that correct?

Clayten – 100%

Jeffrey – Yes, that is our mission, to support the environment, to support the home or around the cell phone to be the environment that supports us. Historically, after FLFE, we see changes in that, and we use kinesiology to measure all of the Subscribers. And for people who have joined us fairly recently, in the first 90 days, we’re seeing 20 points, eight hours in the FLFE field a day. So that’s a pretty large increase in consciousness, and for some people, it’s quality of life. It’s how well do I sleep? How are my relationships? There’s a way of thinking about consciousness as increased freedom from obsessive thoughts or patterns that we would like to be free of or habits. Another way to look at rising in consciousness is increased freedom. Some people are on that path where that’s what they are consciously going for.  In some cases, quality of life is increasing through either personal work or psychiatric visits or whatever they use to get into the backlogs of their consciousness and work on themselves.

Laura – Right. Well, let me ask one more question, and I’ll let you go. Clayten, maybe this is for you if you’re living by an electrical telephone pole, does that affect you? And will FLFE also guard against that or harmonize with that?

Clayten – FLFE will harmonize any consciousness lowering aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum. I have a transformer; I see a transformer from my window. Most of us have them within their neighborhood. If you live next to a large electrical station, those houses will be a little bit higher. All of the devices are harmonized in the FLFE home. We raised the level of consciousness of every consciousness lowering electromagnetic frequency device in the home. That means the fridge, lightbulbs, stove, anything that’s electric in the house, has had the level of consciousness of it raised to a point where it will emit a positive frequency.

The cell phone was a discovery of ours. You have the benefit of all electrical devices on the property, and anything coming in from outside, such as satellites, Wi-Fi, radar, 5G towers, are all being harmonized. In a lot of these webinars, we end up talking about health and the physical effects of FLFE. Our focus is consciousness, I won’t speak for Jeff, I believe the problems of the earth are not overpopulation or pollution, or greed or avarice, I think they’re consciousness problems. And so I think the way to a better world for all of us is to raise our consciousness, and then we will want to treat the earth with more respect. We will want to treat other others with more respect, and that’s what we’re here to do. We want to help all of us raise our consciousness.

Laura –  I absolutely agree with you. And about the plants, they do have feelings. My plants love it when I talk to them; they grow amazingly larger when I speak with my plants and give them love. So I feel every living thing has some amount of consciousness in it. And I agree with you. That’s why I got FLFE in the first place. It’s helped on a lot of levels for me. So thank you both.

Jeffrey – And thank you, Laura, thank you for supporting us with your Subscription. I was chuckling earlier about the transformers because when we developed EMF Mitigation, we realized that a big substation transformer puts off a lot of energy. And with harmonization, the level of consciousness could have gotten very high. So we had to limit it 600. If the substation was 750 on the Hawkins Map as we walk by with our phone, we might never want to leave! We might want to stop and meditate there. So, we had to limit the level of consciousness to 600.  Incoming electromagnetic fields like a transformer or a big radar might sweep or something like that.

Laura –  Yeah, thanks again.

Jeffrey – It’s been nice to talk to you.

Laura – Same here.

Clayten – That’s a good point. Jeff. I forgot about that.

Jeffrey – Yes, we just had this vision of groups of people blissed out by the substation. That would not be a good idea.

Clayten – They could be holding hands around the substation instead of holding hands around a tree.

Jeffrey – I am going to pull up the Q&A’s, and for the time we have left, we can maybe scan through there, and I think a number of them we’ve already answered. Lannie is asking about different forms of lithium. There are some supplements out there, so you can do that. But we are seeing people’s levels coming up naturally based on what they’re eating.

Beautiful Being is asking about resources for kinesiology. Dr. David Hawkins is my favorite teacher on that. It’s really good to get into a study group and start to practice. I did that for years and ended up leading them. You can have Dr. David Hawkins Videos play in the background, and that will help your testing if you’re doing testing. I found that Dr. Hawkins’s protocols are very helpful but not complete. There’s a long story on other webinars about spending five years reverse-engineering the protocols to have a complete set. If you’re struggling getting consistent, accurate results with the protocols in the back of Power vs. Force or any Dr. Hawkins books, try digging into some of the things he’s mentioning in the books. And using the protocols such as writing down the inquiry and testing the inquiry. That’s kind of a paradox if you’re not good at kinesiology to test your question’s level of consciousness. But that is a little clue to look into this field more.

Jeffrey –  So Bianca’s saying Hi, thank you for the webinar. I have the FLFE Service on my home address, which is an apartment. It’s the first floor of a four-story building. She’s asking how does FLFE affect my neighbors? FLFE is designed to go up to the property’s boundaries, so when an apartment is built, and the plans filed with the county or the jurisdiction that it’s in, the units are delineated. The full FLFE Service goes to those boundaries, those rooms that are in those plans that are listed in the courthouse and various places. And what we’ve found is that beyond and adjacent to the apartment is around 500 on the Hawkins Map. So the neighbors do get a benefit, a positive benefit. And being at 500 does not require additional hydration. It’s basically thinking loving thoughts about someone. But it’s substantially higher than the current environment. So that’s a blessing to your neighbors.

Clayten – Lannie says that she’s so happy about the 5G tower we FLFE’d a few months ago, she can go to the store again. Yes, I remember Lannie doing that and the conversation on Facebook. So just a little side thought here, the average 5G tower takes between the equivalent of 5650 Home Subscriptions worth of power to harmonize. That’s how significant the energy emanating from those is.

Jeffrey – Someone asks, “Can you send the stream of energy to a person’s picture?” And no, FLFE is environmental. We’re creating a bubble around a cell phone or an object or a property, so it’s an environmental service, not a personal service.

Clayten – Diana asks, “Can you ever tell ahead of time if there’s a fluctuation such as right before challenging news hits the media?” It’s interesting Diana, with George Floyd. He was in a video with his neck being leaned on by police.  George was black, and the police officer was white. It’s well known in the media; we haven’t talked about it in detail. But the level of consciousness of the whole country of the United States dropped to 150 due to that incident and the outcome of the outcry of the injustice of it, and the protests that followed. So, in general, if an event happens, we can assume that if it’s publicized enough, the level of consciousness will drop somewhat. So that’s a predictive possibility. We typically can’t predict the future. Some people have good track results of doing that. What we can do is measure the level of consciousness and the level of appropriateness of predictive models. So that’s where we’ve had a lot of success.  But I wouldn’t want to claim that we can predict something negative happening. But if there’s an event and it’s publicized enough, and it’s as outrageous as the George Floyd event, the country’s level of consciousness will drop. Lowered consciousness can happen even in the world, sometimes if the event is big enough.

Jeffrey – So there was a question about the Energized Nutrients, and yes, it is on the phone FLFE Service.

Someone’s asking about shungite, does it block FLFE? No. There’s nothing we know that blocks or cannot mix with FLFE. We’ve found FLFE plays well with all other technologies, including shungite. So highly recommend logging in on the website. Or call the office or use the Email that you received at the beginning of the Free Trial and try turning it on and off in a quiet moment. Try turning EMF Mitigation on and off and see what it feels like. And as always, drink plenty of water.  Definitely, by going on the Free Trial, the body is pulling in additional energy, lifeforce energy, and more water is very helpful.

Clayten  – And Ed is asks the question, I think Ed is the friend of Regina. “I bought into FLFE last week for my iPhone, yet I’ve kept my data turned off to minimize the whole 5G thing for the last few months. So I got the idea to turn on the data and got blasted with FLFE. I guess FLFE uses the data stream to travel.”  Well, interesting Ed, we were going to respond to that by Email. And we conclude that something in your body got optimized so that you were more able to sense FLFE and it was coincidental with the time you turned on your data. There’s no correlation between FLFE using the data stream; you may consciously call on FLFE. It doesn’t use the data stream to travel. So, in our opinion, it was a coincidence where something in your body was optimized, and you were better able to sense the influence of FLFE.

Jeffrey – And Ed, it could have been related to the additional nutrients that we’ve been talking about tonight if it were in the last several weeks.

Clayten – Annie is mentioning, “My last landlady could not come into the house she rented to me. I had FLFE on the house, and she was in there for a pre move out inspection. Not a problem. She seems to be high while in the house.”  Yes, Annie, one of the very few complaints we’ve had about FLFE is that people come over to your place and don’t want to leave, they end up eating all the groceries and raising our grocery bills. One of the very few complaints we’ve had is the grocery bill goes way up.

Jeffrey – So we have a plant story about an orchid with just two leaves and two roots growing well in the FLFE environment. “It’s difficult to raise an orchid with only two roots, but it’s growing new leaves, so that’s good.” Thank you, Annie.

Clayten – And Jayanti subscribed to FLFE Everywhere. She’s changing her phone. “If I keep the same number, is my subscription affected?” No, it will go with the phone’s move because the number is on the SIM card, and that’s on the phone. So no problem.

Jeffrey – Yep, I recently changed phones and FLFE has moved right over to the new phone as soon as the numbers ported to the new phone, it will move to the next one. Because the unique identifier is the cellular device with that particular phone number. So, if we get a new phone, it will become that new mobile device. So I think we answered Shelley’s question about how it affects the neighbors. In Chile, there’s no difference between the Free Trial and the Subscription. The Free Trial is the Flagship Subscription. The Smarter EMF is slightly different. On the website, you’ll see it’s at a lower level of consciousness. Smarter EMF is at 500.  And many people are using it for their kid’s cell phones. And it’s a lower cost. That’s why we created it. But the Free Trial Property, the Free Trial phone is the same.

Clayten – Yvonne asks us to clarify what nutrients we were energizing, and it was chromium, magnesium, and lithium, Yvonne.

Jeffrey –  Anne is mentioning muscle cramps. Sometimes potassium can help that. Well, Clayten, why don’t we wrap it up? We’re past the hour.

Clayten –  Some people are asking if FLFE doesn’t work with any other device, and it works with all devices. There are no contradictions that we’re aware of. That’d be my last thought there. That’s a pretty common question.

Jeffrey – I’ll start. I am really happy to be with  and to connect both live, hearing you speak, and having a conversation. It’s so great for me; personally, I enjoy connecting with everyone, and we have a great staff in the office who also love to connect with you. So feel free to call. We’ve extended the hours from early in the morning to evening, Pacific time, so feel free to call in the office with any questions. I am grateful to be on this journey. And when we see new challenges as we saw with these nutrients, we have a history of bringing those to the Service as an improvement. And I can’t see that changing here in the future. It’s something we’re committed to. I feel personally you’re part of my family, and it’s a community that’s growing. And it’s nice to hear from everyone and also to hear by email and on the Facebook private group as well. And with that, I’m out. How about you, Clayten?

Clayten – A lot of what kept us going in the early years was the excitement of discovery. Talking to you tonight. Siavash, I had forgotten how important it is to transcend the influence of the practitioner and the type of Service like ours. Even if we have a loving practitioner to have enough people to run something 24/7 and have the amount of power output that we have is probably unprecedented. I’m not aware of anything else. A lot of what drives us now is adding more value to the Service and helping all of you. And sometimes we write a new Program just because we know a friend is suffering. And even though it’s sad to assume that our nutrient levels are going down for us, it’s exciting because we can do something about it.  The business is not struggling anymore, so we don’t have to worry about that. What seems to inspire us now is finding ways to give more value and help us all be freer. And Jeff talked about freedom earlier. And if I could find another way to help humanity to be freer, and I think I speak for Jeff, if we could find a way to help us all be freer, we’d be doing it. And with that, I am out.