Q&A Webinar #8

July 14, 2020

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC, Canada. Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. We will be answering questions live after a discussion about immunity and vitamin D, as well as the discussion, the current level of consciousness of the world, evolution, and karma. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – So we’ve talked a lot about vitamin D in the past and zinc and vitamin C, all supporting the immune system and are essential for the immune system. And all three of those nutrients are energized nutrients on the FLFE Service, supporting the immune system. So this was a recent study in Indonesia. It’s a preliminary study because it doesn’t have controls for age and other health factors. It’s very interesting, but it’s not definitive. So 780 people were admitted to the hospital who tested positive for SARS, Code 2, which causes COVID-19. Vitamin D was measured on all the patients and 98.9% of the patients were deficient in vitamin D. This was less than 20 mg per ml standard way of measuring blood levels of vitamin D. So, the percentage of patients that were 20 mg/ml or less died. Also, 4.1% of the patients with sufficient vitamin D died, so there was a much greater death rate for people who were deficient in vitamin D. Again, this study was not controlled for age and health factors. But it is interesting, and it is one of the reasons we’ve been focusing on vitamin D. So over to you Clayten for the world.

Clayten – Sure, we’ve been doing updates on the level of consciousness of the world because consciousness is a lot of what guides our conversations as a community. And we’re using the Hawkins Map of Consciousness to measure the level of consciousness of the world for anyone who hasn’t seen the Hawkins Map. It’s a map created by Dr. David Hawkins. He was a very famous psychologist and has written many books. Power versus Force is probably his best-known book. On pages 68 and 69 is the Hawkins Map in Power versus Force. So the Hawkins Map is a scale of consciousness from one to infinity. In the human realm, it’s one to 1000. So each number up on the scale is ten times more powerful than the number before. So 201 is ten times more powerful than 200. In the back of Power versus Force, there is a mathematical formula that explains the number of microwatts associated with each level of consciousness. So if a person’s at a certain level of consciousness, we can measure at least in one regard the amount of electricity in their body. So more positive people are more energized. That’s it pretty common sense. On the Hawkins Map, 200 is integrity, 500 is love, the beginning of enlightenment is 600 and ripens at 700, 400 is reason 350 is willingness 50 is despair, 20 is shame, 150 is anger, 100 is fear.

The highest the world has been for a month was before COVID. It started a couple of months before, and it was 242 out of 1000. We’ve done a historical analysis of the world’s consciousness back 3000 years; the world was at 190 up until 1986 when it went above 200 for the first time in history as a planet. During COVID, the lowest it reached was 98 out of 1000 for 24 hours, that’s fear. It’s been going up substantially since that we reached 98, sometime around the middle of April, we’ll get to all the details on that one day. I don’t know what the exact date was. Last week, it was around 186. At this time, and I measured it just now over the previous 24 hours from 5:30 pm PST on July 14, and we are now at 192. So we’re moving up quickly as things release in many parts of the world. Getting back to normal or creating our new normal.

We’ve been talking about the evolutionary path. We have expressed at times that being human can involve much suffering. We don’t want to promote the thought that suffering is necessary for the human condition. Or that it’s the best way to progress still, is what most of us will experience. So we thought we’d do a little research on this with kinesiology. And so I’ll share a couple of quotes. And then I’ll pass it back to Jeff. One of the quotes that we came up with was that negative karma could be compensated for through either joyful service or suffering. That calibrates 1000 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, if anyone doesn’t believe in karma, that’s okay. We could say, raising our consciousness is accomplished through either joyful service or suffering. That’s also 1000 out of 1000. So we were playing around with this to see what we could add.

We looked at the karma piece first. We were saying negative karma can be compensated for by running a profitable business, in joyful service or suffering; that was 1000 of 1000. It can be compensated for through either joyful parenting, or suffering; 1000 out of 1000. Negative karma can be compensated for through either joyful employment or suffering. And that’s 1000 to 1000. So there are probably a lot of things you can put in there. I’ll let you play with that and see what you come up with for yourself. If we change the word, negative karma, for raising your consciousness, can be achieved by joyful service, or suffering in all of these different ways. It’s the same level of consciousness. So we’ll probably talk about this throughout the webinar tonight, Jeff, I’m sure we’ll have some things to say about it. And it’s nice to have a more positive framework than just thinking we have to struggle to grow. So over to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – One of the ways we think about rising consciousness or clearing negative karma, is increased freedom. So it could be freedom from patterns. Some believe that karma is a pattern or incomplete from another life that we’re working through. Increased freedom from patterns from things that restrain us, thought patterns, life patterns, and relationship patterns. So, rising in consciousness is one of the things that we see happen with Subscribers of FLFE. We’re currently at a 20 point increase on the Hawkins Map over 90 days if we spend eight hours a day in the FLFE environment. We want to do these discussions regularly to talk about the increase in consciousness or increased freedom.

Knowing what my edges are or a shadow piece might be something that’s come to my attention. And maybe I didn’t realize this about myself or about the way I am in relationships or some pattern. And when I become aware of that, there could be some shame, some negative feelings about myself related to that. But soon, I turn to a joyful release of those things. Doing the personal work with energetic medicine tools, meditative tools, whatever is at hand, to clear those things from my system becomes a joyful practice. And I like doing it. It’s a target that I can move towards, and I can see the progress in my life. So that’s one of the ways that I bring a joyful service to that kind of work. I find working in FLFE, and the work that we do is a joyful service. And giving a PIF everyone receives with Subscriptions is a joyful service. Any more on that Clayten?

Clayten – I would imagine most jobs approached that way or most roles in life since we are talking about business, in many companies, if we can get the people at the top to buy into the idea and remind each other. I mean, we do need to be reminded. And Jeff, you and I often are fortunate enough to surround ourselves with good people. Those who are naturally oriented towards service and trying to raise their consciousness. And I guess that’s the dream of entrepreneurship for many people as we have more influence over our environment, at least in our work life. And I think more freedom is an unspoken attribute of being an entrepreneur. And people think about the money part of it, if it works out well, if it doesn’t, you know, it’s another story. It is surrounding ourselves with a team of people to create a culture that is one that we want to show up and work in every day.

Jeffrey – Just a reminder to put questions in the Q&A, and we’ll be moving to those shortly. I would also bring up businesses a spiritual practice. Business as a spiritual path, business as a spiritual practice would be working on some part of ourselves. And we’re using the business as a place to do it. So it could be being on time for meetings. So there’s some part of ourselves honoring other people by being on time to and being a part of a team working together. We show up on time, and we are contributing members. That that could be a joyful service, it could be a way to serve; it is what we’ve chosen as a way to evolve ourselves and the way we react to the world. So it can be a tiny thing in any kind of work. It’s a way to honor those around us and honor ourselves and how we conduct our lives.

Clayten – It’s nice to take the term spirituality and bring it out of the classic meditative pose of silent stillness and apply it to real-life examples such as showing up on time. There is one gentleman who’s very popular right now who talks about keeping our rooms clean. There’s a lot to be said about having a clutter-free environment. So it doesn’t have to be complicated. I think the simpler we can make it, the better off we are. We do have the option calling on people who have raised their hands if they’d like to talk to us. And I know we have some Q&A’s from other weeks, Max, perhaps populate a few of those in the Q&A section.

Jeffrey – So we have one from Laurie. “What is the difference between the FLFE Property Subscription and the FLFE Smarter EMF Phone?”

Jeffrey – Good question. Laurie. Thank you. Smarter EMF is in response to requests by parents in particular and large families who want to have multiple Subscriptions. They hoped to have a lower cost than having five full Property Subscriptions or full Phone Subscriptions. The Smarter EMF is different in that it is at 500 on the Hawkins Map, we guarantee it to 500 or higher 98% of the time. It has the clearing. It has Geopathic Stress mitigation. It has EMF mitigation, Energized Nutrients, and Brain Optimization. It has many of the major Programs. It’s just at a lower level of consciousness at 500 while the Flagship Property Subscription is at 560 or higher. It also has the Slider and the Boost and those things which are not present with the FLFE smarter EMF.

Clayten – This next question is from last week. “Can you and do you put FLFE on to land areas where there have been wars, conflicts, etc., even though there are now buildings and houses on top of these troubled locations? For example, Civil War areas, areas of slavery?” Yes, we have done a lot of service work in this area. I’ll start with areas that aren’t populated now. We did a project, and it was Jeff that led that, which was to put all of the concentration camps on. Not all of them probably, but we put a lot of the concentration camps on the FLFE service. They were at an extremely low level of consciousness. It’s on the service tab on our website.

We also did the Cambodian Killing Fields. We don’t have that one on our website. We also have large landmasses with a history of economic poverty and all the troubles that go with that.

And they have very large PIFs. We have one of those on our website. If we’re going to put something on an area with homes, the most we can do is a PIF. I’ll just let you pick that up, Jeff, because you’ve done more on this one, you’ve led more of these.

Jeffrey – So, as Clayten said, 500 on the Hawkins Map is the level that we go to just like a PIF if we’re doing service work like this. Still, we also may run the clearing, which we call the Removal Template. We wrote the Removal Template to clear land. Because as Clayten mentioned, things have happened on the land. And we believe it stays in the memory of the crystalline structure of rocks and soil. And in other ways, the energy is present in the location. If we live nearby, or on the land, it can affect us.

There are thought forms in the memory of the land. Those thought forms can come up; there are emotions; there’s a level of consciousness that could be heavy. It could be in the fear, the anger, the shame, the despair. And so those fields of consciousness affect us in our lives. And that’s why it’s so important for the clearing and many people have done clearing in other ways. There are different ways to clear, and the FLFE service removes very rapidly over and over and continues clearing. So yes, we’ve done service projects at the 500 level with the clearing. It’s an integral part of our service work that we continue ongoing since the beginning of FLFE.

Clayten – We could talk about this for hours. It’s nice to test what’s in the highest and best interest of all to share as we go. So I’m not sure if we are to go any deeper, but we can always talk about it afterward, Jeff, and see if we want to bring it up on another call.

Jeffrey – I’m going to give Aditi a heads up that we might ask her to join in and speak to the group here. You have many good customer experiences for us that would be great to hear. Meanwhile, we’ll go to the Q&A and see what other questions we have. Anonymous is asking, “I wonder if you have any feedback on the increase of activating our energy centers when in an FLFE environment? I notice that I’m feeling my energy centers, often during my normal day. Is this something that you have heard others notice?”

Jeffrey – Good question. That’s from Sarah. Do you want me to start on that one?

Clayten – Sure.

Jeffrey – So Sarah, we have a Program called Anti- Stagnation. It’s an optimization of the subtle energy systems, which includes the flow of Chi through all channels in the body. It is the same way in which Acupuncture works. It also works with chakras or energy centers, as you’ve called them, and there is optimizing that happens. And the reason we call it Anti-Stagnation is because blockages in the flow are supported to clear. And our blockages can sometimes be a pattern or belief and some habit that we’re trying to break, and it’s difficult to break. And when that blockage clears, we find it easier to move forward differently. And that’s what we mean by increasing freedom, so we become freer of those influences as our systems work properly. So, yes, I tend to feel it in my central core. And when I turn FLFE on and off, it sounds like I’m feeling good in my energy centers. What would you say about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we have had a lot of feedback from customers on what has classically understood as a Kundalini awakening. They become aware of the energy centers, first of all, maybe they haven’t been aware of them. And then there is more energy within them partially through, as Jeff said, the Anti-Stagnation program. We also have a Chakra Alignment Program. When shock and trauma happen to the body, the chakras can be moved out of place, if you will, or some diminished. For example, the fifth chakra typically relates to the throat or the expression of speech. Many of us have experiences where our speech has been stilted. Or we’ve been embarrassed, or we’re self-conscious about our speech or somebody has said something to us about the way we talk. And maybe it wasn’t true, but we often take it on. That could affect that chakra, for example, in the body. The Chakra Alignment Program is a type of energetic medicine that helps align the chakras and manage the energy flow. It does continue to do so at least to a degree. When things are stuck, that’s when, in Chinese medicine, disease happens. If anyone has been to a Chinese practitioner and had their pulse checked and different things, if they find stagnation, then that is a predisposition in that training for a disease to happen. There are so many Programs that can affect energy centers and the movement of energy in the body. And the best one that comes to mind is when we first go on the service; there’s a request to Divinity to have the shock and trauma addressed. That is a part of the formation and continued coagulation of stones in the body. I refer to organs, the liver, kidney, and gallbladder stones, to have the negative history released from those deposits if it’s in the highest and best interest of all that they’d be released. And when we researched this topic, we took about a year to clean out the deposits in our bodies.

I did at least a dozen flushes from Andreas Moritz, and his book The Amazing Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder flush. Jeff did more of the stonebreaker herb treatment; we wanted to try different modalities and see the results. I noticed after I did a flush that I felt much lighter and felt like some of the old issues that I had were easier to release or just had gone away. So there are many things that can contribute to the experiences we’re having. I thought I’d expand upon some of the other things that we typically don’t discuss.

Jeffrey – Donna asks, “If I’m traveling in a mobile home and not parked on my property, how do I continue with FLFE similar to my current home?” So, Donna, everyone can change an address in the Control Panel. Log on with the username and password you received when you subscribed. Or if on the Free Trial, it is the same way. Log on, and you can change the address as many times as you want. So if there is an address associated with where you’re going, there is often, in say an RV spot. People will park and stay in a place sometimes for a long time, and they’ll receive mail there. The RV park has different spot numbers, locations, numbers, so use those numbers to identify where you are in the RV park and the address. So that’s something to do, and if traveling and renting a home somewhere, you can put in that new address. If we’re in a hotel, as long as we have the room number, we can put the hotel address but just the room number; otherwise, we’re putting the whole hotel on the service. And without notice about hydration, we don’t want to do that. So make sure to use the room number or in an RV park the spot number.

Clayten – We have Anda Green. He’s our friend from Chile, I think. He asks, “Have you or others sent the FLFE service to Mount Shasta and other high energy spots? What about the White House?” Most of the political major judiciary buildings in North America have had FLFE put on them in the form of a PIF. Yes, we have supported many of the classic vortexes or high energy locations in North America for sure. I was just trying to figure out today Jeff, how many PIFs we’ve given away, maybe in the range of 25,000 now. We don’t know where they go. Part of the purpose of giving the option of anonymously gifting the PIF is for all of us to experience what some people call karma yoga or selfless service. Once a PIF is assigned to an area, there’s no we can find a record. Well, we can if we have to. It takes a bit of time. But the purpose is just to give anonymously and experience that. So there may be a lot more than we’re aware of, and there are a lot we do know about.

Jeffrey – So Gnome asks, “Can you please briefly review how the FLFE via cell phone voids the negative effects of being near this EMF emitting device? The phone continues to emit EMF despite the additional FLFE, right?” Yes, that’s correct. So, the FLFE service works with shungite. The energetic essence of shungite is through the harmonization of EMF emissions. In our testing, consciousness lowering EMFs degrading the environment and degrading the optimal life-supporting aspects of the environment become consciousness neutral or consciousness-raising through Shungite and other ways of harmonizing that we do. So, we don’t know exactly how it works; we do know that it does; that there’s some change in the waveforms. The GDV camera studies that we’ve done were without harmonization and with FLFE EMF Mitigation turned off and on. When FLFE is off, it’s a very spiky waveform. There are many highs and lows in spikes and energies as things turn on and off. And with EMF mitigation turned on, there are very smooth, harmonious waveforms without the spikes. So there’s some smoothing going on in some way. We don’t need to understand exactly how it works. And we see that the level of consciousness rises or is neutral, which is a big change from previously.

Clayten – We also found that if we raise the consciousness level of a device, the consciousness lowering emissions from that device become consciousness-raising. So in the case of a cell phone, the number we discovered was that it had to be at 580 or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. Then each antenna emits positive energy. That’s also true of every consciousness-lowing EMF emitting device in our homes on the Property Subscription. Every light, every appliance, everything in the home rises to 580 or higher. And that does not affect the original equipment manufacturers’ standards in terms of how it operates. So that’s another way we harmonize EMF consciousness lowering EMFs.

Jeffrey – And Paulina, The Chakra Alignment Program, is included in the standard FLFE Service so you already have that.

iPhone asks, “Could you please tell us about the upgrade to address the pandemic? And is there anything on the horizon?” Yes, there’s quite a bit there. Do you want to talk about the Energized Nutrients first Clayten?

Clayten – Sure, I’ll talk about that first and then hand it back to you to talk about immunity. We discovered at one point in the Service that we could energize the food we consume with the FLFE Service as soon as it touches the saliva. And when we first discovered this and were beta testing on it, and we always test on ourselves first. We found that with the technology at the time, the way the machines work, it took 1% of the energy for one Home Subscription to have the food energized for the entire home, which was pretty amazing. We made some upgrades so that we could put everyone on that service. And then around six months ago, we discovered that we could energize each specific nutrient in the food. For example, we talked about vitamin D, and it’s importance earlier, we’ll talk a little more that more about that next week. We’re doing a lot of research on immunity, especially how that supports freedom from the dangerous effects of COVID-19. If our bodies are resilient enough, these viruses stimulate new adaptation in our biology. It’s just if a person is depleted that it becomes dangerous or we’re lacking in nutrients or retired or a combination of that and other things. So, we discovered that we could energize each specific nutrient in the food. So we’ve done 21 that I recall, and I won’t be able to remember them all. But we certainly energized vitamin D, EFAs, magnesium, and zinc, a lot of the major ones related to immunity. So that’s one of the ways that we’ve supported people to be healthier during the pandemic. I’ll pass it back to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – We use kinesiology to measure the levels in ourselves and the Subscriber base as a whole. And we see when we energize nutrients and add a new one, for instance, zinc and vitamin D over time we saw an increase in the levels. Again we are using kinesiology to measure that. And we believe that is because as people are eating food with energized nutrients, there’s more lifeforce energy available. And they naturally more easily uptake into the body through the GI tract and into the cells. So we could say number one is more lifeforce energy supporting us, that’s just the standard FLFE field being higher. There are energized nutrients supporting us. The third thing we created is an Immune System Support Program. In that case, we’re energizing or adding more lifeforce energy to the areas of the immune system that are the lowest functioning in each person. Just as Chinese medicine increases the flow of Chi or lifeforce energy through the body by the use of acupuncture or acupressure, we’re asking the energy to go to the lowest functioning areas of the immune system. Then continuing to support those to be more functional and to rebuild over time. And just as Clayten mentioned, in Chinese medicine, if we have a blockage and we’re not getting Chi, there’s stagnation, and a degradation in the functioning, which could lead to diseases such as cancer and so forth. So with additional lifeforce energy supporting our immune systems, that part comes up and functions better. We’re using kinesiology to measure this. We don’t have other means at this point. And then, the next part of the immune system comes up. The next part now becomes the lowest as the person gets higher. Those are the main things that we’re doing for the general health of our immune system, which addresses the pandemic and any other communicable diseases out there. And, as Clayten said, stimulating the immune system for its evolution is the way to go. We don’t want to be free of germs; we don’t want to be free of perturbations, we want to be able to handle it, strengthen the system, and move on.

Clayten – Just to put a point of emphasis on the importance of the Immune System Program. That Program has taken more energy from the technology than all the other Programs we’ve written, combined. And we’ve recently completed a power upgrade this year which was 29,000 times more power than we had before. That’s an unprecedented increase in the history of our company.

A lot of that was due to the requirements of the level of conscious of the world dropping and the technology having to compensate for that. And the enormous amount of power  the Immune System Program has taken. It’s hard to appreciate it from maybe from your end, but from our end, it was a huge endeavor. Just writing that Program took us months of very intense work, and pretty well, that’s what we focused on as soon as the pandemic was announced. We figured the best thing we could do for us was to strengthen our immune system, so we’re more resilient and adaptable. So that’s what we did.

Jeffrey – And while our primary focus is consciousness and rising in consciousness, it can be seen as increasing freedom and freedom from poor health to optimal health. As we know, it’s difficult to stay positive and joyful and forgiving when we feel terrible lying in bed and can’t get up. So optimal health is a critical factor; one of those areas where supporting optimal health supports us to rise in consciousness. So that’s one of the reasons we focus on it. Aditi, we’ve left you hanging long enough, we’ll bring you in if it’s okay and you could talk to us.

Aditi – Thank you for inviting me. And I just want to say how blessed I am to be able to work in FLFE, a company that I truly believe in. And to be able to serve all of our wonderful customers whom I so enjoy talking to. I learn from them so many things  and listening to their wonderful experiences with FLFE makes my day. So it feels amazing. I always end mys day on a positive note. Somebody calls in, or I call out to one of my customers, and they speak to all their beautiful experiences with FLFE. And it has been that way for as long as I have worked here, so it’s delightful. I don’t know what else to say. I was not prepared to say much.

Jeffrey – I know, we have put you on the spot. Aditi is one of our Customer Relationship Specialists. She’s one of the people to talk to if you call into the office in Nelson. We’ve extended our hours starting at seven o’clock in the morning Pacific time, going till 10 p.m. during the week. Aditi and the rest of the team love to talk to you. Do you have any good stories to tell us this evening, Aditi? We are putting you on the spot here.

Aditi – Many customers talk about their plants. The plants are growing so beautifully. And flowers are blooming, and one of the customers sent me the pictures of her garden that vegetables are looking beautiful. Lush green gardens and about their own experiences, like how synchronicities are happening in their life. One of the customers that comes to mind is a woman because I’m also a mom. Before FLFE, her teenage son wouldn’t clean his room. But he didn’t know that FLFE was on that house. But somehow she noticed that by himself without asking; he cleaned his room. And she was totally surprised, and she said her husband wants to have a home office now he doesn’t want to go to his actual office, he feels more nourished at home. And how her daughter is very creative. She was always creative, but somehow creativity flows more naturally. And there is more harmony in the house, even if they talk, even if they have differences. Still, nowadays, they agree to disagree rather than fighting. So that is an excellent effect of FLFE.

Jeffery – Well, thank you for coming on without notice. I saw your name on the list there. And I know I always love to hear stories from everyone who’s talking to customers about what the experiences are. For me, it’s one of the main reasons that I do this. We continue to work, and it’s a labor of love. The stories we hear back and the positive effect it’s having on people’s lives. I am grateful for that, and the office and the staff are always ready to talk to you. One we get a lot is, how do I change my address to a new address, those kinds of things, any billing questions, of course, and we always love to help you.

Clatyen – I have a question from iPhone. The question is, “How does FLFE help in the economic recovery of the world?” And thank you for coming on Aditi. Often I get fresh stories from Aditi because our offices are down the hall from each other. Sometimes she comes out, and sometimes she leaves a story on my desk for me to read in the morning. That is one thing that makes this worthwhile for Jeff and me; hearing from everyone and how many lives have changed.

So in general, I believe in, and I will let Jeff speak to this, that the issues in the world are really consciousness issues and not necessarily financial or health, or environmental. They’re really about consciousness. Loving people create systems that support loving intentions. And they don’t create systems that are only for their benefit. And if they create something that does seem to be unjust, they change it. So that’s my first response to how FLFE helps in the financial recovery of the pandemic. By creating higher consciousness in the world, we create more loving people. And you know, we are the world. And as we evolve, our systems will get better, and the economic system will become fairer. We also are not a perfect example, but a good example of committing to business as a spiritual practice, as Jeff mentioned earlier. Business as a spiritual path, individually and collectively, as a group.

Certain things we do are pretty unconventional in the normal world, such as having attunements where we try to access the intelligence that the business has. So each business has an intelligence, some people call it the culture. And if we have a business that has a positive intent towards humanity, it seems easier to access that culture or intelligent energy, and we ask it how it wants to express. So we treat it as an intelligent being. And we gather in circles, so it’s a process we go through, and we give everyone a chance to have their input. Some people have a vision, and some people hear sounds; some get pie charts and numbers and graphs and percentages. And we put that all together and probably 80% of the time we plan our quarters that way. Sometimes we’re quite busy. We were busy this the summer earlier on with a lot of growth in the company. And we didn’t do as much planning as we would like to do, or we typically do. But that is one of our business as a spiritual path practices.

We’re a profitable business. So that is good for the world. Good for the people that work for the company. We are currently giving about 90% of our energy away that the technology uses. We’re giving it away for PIFs or service projects. And that’s a good example of having a model that allows us to do that. So there’s a lot of time, energy, and money that we’ve spent on upgrading to the technology so we can continue our service work. We’ve taken very few of our service projects off. I think we have the room now to put that one back on Jeff. I will talk to you about that tomorrow morning. We’ve given away about 25,000 PIFs I’m not sure the exact number. And those go on government buildings, hospitals, police stations, schools, homes, nursing homes, parks, and places that we don’t even know about. It’s helping raise the level of consciousness of the planet. A higher consciousness planet is a more financially healthy planet or a more just planet in whatever economic system we’re using. So that’s my list, Jeff, anything else you want to add to that?

Jeffrey – Well, that’s a good list. I guess I would add the personal component. You know, one person at a time in a loving environment, in a supportive environment, takes care of their family the best way they know how. And also maintaining their health and well-being and being free from fear as much as possible. In that state, in a more elevated state, say of love, there is more creativity. There are more possibilities evident of how to how to be financially viable, financially free, different forms of work, and various creative ways to make a living. And it seems that our human strength is responding to these types of situations and finding different ways to connect with other people. Or with loved ones we’re not living with and discovering different ways to make a living and serve others. And to see opportunities or things that people need to have or something they would like to know or learn. So I believe that supporting consciousness on an individual basis supports the people to be freer and be on a path of abundance and freedom as we say.

Clayten – We’ll have one more question here, it might be the last one in the evening, from Judith. She talks about having FLFE on her house. Her relationship with a 16-year-old has improved tremendously. “I’m unable to sink as low emotionally, as in the past. I’m in the environment 24/7, and also finding myself less interested in the outside world.” And she’s saying that her husband has it on his phone, as well as the house. And she said we’ve had more disagreements recently. So one of the things that happen when we raise our level of consciousness, and I’m going to be careful not to go down the suffering path here, Jeff, I’ll have to watch my language. Things come up for healing. If there are unresolved issues in the space between any of the family members, as our conscious consciousness goes up. If we think of life as a school, raising consciousness takes us up a grade. And we have to pass tests to go up those grades, and some of the tests are how we get along with ourselves and others. That’s what I would assume is happening Judith, is that life is supporting you to go to another level. And to go to that level, there are tests to pass, both of you. And one of the ways that I help myself look at those tests when I’m conscious enough, I ask myself how that person is my teacher.

If I’m not at peace with the situation, I need to learn about it. And we have a friend, who’s also one of our teachers, Lahana. Recently Lahana wrote a book called Hello Self, and the theme of that book is recognizing the part of the other person that is us. If we’re seeing that person or perceiving them as argumentative or challenging, they don’t listen well. We can say “hello self” and recognize the part of us that is not a good listener or argumentative or preoccupied or whatever is the complaint that we have. Now, some situations are just abusive. Nobody should have to be hit or anything like that, so I ask you to take this in context. And those are a couple of things that I would look at. Over to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s a good question. I have one last one from Carrie, “How do we submit a suggestion site for a free subscription? Is there a way you evaluate which ones to offer?” I assume you mean for our service work, Carrie. You can talk to your CRS or the person at the FLFE office that’s your contact. You can send a suggestion through them to us, and they’ll pass it along to us. The suggestion would be someplace that you feel needs healing, clearing, or elevating in some way. And the way we evaluate is the way we try to run the business all the time. We’re not entirely successful, but we try to get our minds out of the way. We use Kinesiology and other ways of connecting and doing what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all creation. It’s sort of our phrase, what is in the Highest and Best interest of all creation, abbreviated what’s in the H&B.

We look for help. And we ask what’s in the highest best interest of all creation? So it’s kind of what wants to happen, what’s positive for all of creation. Hence, it takes into account many different levels of any situation. We do that process with the suggestion. Part of it depends on the energy available in the system and evaluation, as we mentioned. Anything else you’d like to say about that Clayten?

Clayten – I think you covered it. We do a lot of service work, and it depends on how busy we are. And we are always looking for ways to leverage the good that we can do. So we’re open.

Jeffrey – Thank you for joining us tonight on this webinar, and we look forward to your continued presence and questions. If you don’t feel you got one answered here, you can always send it again to the office; that’s why it’s there for you. So I’ll just close on my part, I am so grateful to you, the Subscribers, and those on the Free Trial to join us as part of the FLFE community. We connect through webinars, conversations with the office, the Facebook private group, which are ways to interact with us. And with other the Facebook group in particular with other FLFE Subscribers and people on our Free Trial. There is a considerable amount of wisdom and experience and some real warriors on the evolutionary path. So I encourage everyone to get on our private group and talk to some people. Some amazing conversations are going on all the time. Kudos To Maria Colomy who does a great job of answering as many questions as she can, talking to people about her own experience, and moderating the entire group. It’s a big job; Maria is a Subscriber who has come to work for us. We are grateful to Maria and all of our employees.

Clayten – Yes, Maria Colomy is a force of nature. Likely everyone who works for us is in their way. I guess as I’m checking out, I’m just reflecting on the conversation we had before the webinar about joyful service, Jeff. And when I was thinking of checking out, I was checking in asking God for help. And the thought that I had was that its summertime. And there are holidays for many people in the world, certainly for us. In our part of Canada and most United States, July, August, part of June is that holiday season.

We have time off, maybe more leisurely work hours, more rest, and relaxation. And I just want to bless you on your holidays this summer. And if you have space in your life, reevaluate where I can be in service in a way that everybody wins. I guess, including me, because being in service, if we’re in the right frame of mind, it’s one of the highest states. And I know that many of you, if not all of you serve in your way and we are a community of people on the path, and we have some more ways that we hope to be closer to you in the upcoming years. And we do have other things in the works to increase the value of the service. We will be glad to release those when the time is right. I just want to close by saying thank you for joining us this evening.

Jeffrey – I’ll just say one more comment. Thank you, Maria as well; Maria said, “joyful service in action”. Perfect example. Blessings to you all.