Q&A Webinar #9

July 21, 2020

Jeffrey – Welcome everyone to this FLFE webinar. Tonight we’ll be answering questions live after a brief review, and then a discussion of the current level of consciousness of the world. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – On June 14, lithium, chromium, and additional forms of magnesium went on to the FLFE Service as Energized Nutrients. Using kinesiology, we saw low levels of these nutrients in the world and the FLFE community. Our current practice is to look for nutrients that are low, ones that may be critical factors for health, well-being, and immune function. So magnesium and lithium are important for mood regulation in the management of stress. There’s a little bit of that out there these days, especially if we watch the news. So we would love to hear any comments in the Q&A on how it’s going for everyone since June 14 if anyone has noticed changes in mood regulation and sleep. Please use the chat to check in with where you’re from and talk to each other on the Service. But the Q&A is the main place to connect or to raise a hand to speak live with us.

Clayten – Last week, we also talked about personal evolution and karma. Some of you may not have been notified of last week’s webinar; we had a little technical glitch. We discussed how to transcend the influence of karma, whether we believe it’s a previous incarnation or just what you did this morning. And we talked about two ways of transcending that, one being through suffering, and other being through joyful service. So we calibrated some statements around this topic, and one of the statements we made last week, calibrated at 1000 out of 1000. So that’s the highest expression of truth, and the statement was “negative karma can be compensated for through joyful service or suffering.” And we also made some other relative comments to that last week; you can go back and look at that. And we would love to hear any comments about this topic as well. If you came up with any thoughts on the webinar last week with us or anything that comes to mind about this theme of transcending karma through suffering or joyful service.

We’re going to talk about the level of consciousness of the world and the historical levels. This is something we’ve been checking in with every week. In terms of commenting on the compensated negative karma, please ask questions in the Q&A. Or talk to each other in the chat. And of course, you can put your hand up as well. We’ve talked in the past, the highest pre COVID level of consciousness of the planet for a month, was 242. That was just before the pandemic started. It went down to 98 out of 1000 for a day in early April, and it’s been coming up since then; it’s up to 196 over the previous 24 hours from 9 am this morning. That’s the number we get. So we’re moving in the right direction. As more and more of the world gets past the curve’s peak, at least we were past it. So, we can move on to discussions and questions unless there’s anything else you want to say, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, I’d like to add in terms of the personal evolution and karma discussion that one of the ways we look at that is increasing freedom. Increasing freedom from things that restrain us, which could be a karmic influence or could be patterns of belief patterns or relationships and life. That’s another way to think about the level of consciousness. And just to recap, as well. We look at the Subscribers as a whole and use kinesiology testing to measure the average level of consciousness increased in the first 90 days. And we’re seeing now with all the changes in place, that in the first 90 days people go up 20 points if they’re on the FLFE service for eight hours a day. With 24/7 immersion in the FLFE environment, we see a 24 point increase average increase in the level of consciousness over the first 90 days. That’s quite an increase from a few years ago; we were at 10 points during that time. So it’s doubled, approximately doubled and maybe due partially to the EMF Mitigation. Energized Nutrients, we’ve done many changes to the Service in the last couple of years. So at any rate, that’s what’s occurring. And that’s why we’re focused a little bit more on personal evolution on these webinars.

Now on the chat, we’ve got a Hello from Fremont, California. And Boulder, Colorado. So welcome, it’s nice to have you with us. And we do have one comment in the Q&A.

So Diane says, “My update since I started the Home Free Trial about a week ago. I’ve noticed the subtle, positive improvement in my leg veins. I’ve noticed an improvement in my eight -year-old grandson’s behavior who does not live with me. He’s been calmer and more loving. The COVID restraints have had him quite upset, not being able to be with his friends.” Yes, many kids are suffering at this time. It’s a tough time to be a young kid with lots of energy.

Clayten – Well improvement in leg veins could be due to several things. One of our Programs is the Anti-Stagnation Program, which helps move any stuck energy in the body. And since that’s relevant related to circulation, which is related to veins. My mother had varicose veins that she said started from standing on concrete at work for long hours. There are so many things in the service that it’s sometimes hard to assume which part of the Programs or which part of the Service would help. Of course, we focus on the body’s Innate Intelligence. And it has more ways of fixing and correcting things than we could ever imagine. So it’s great to hear about your grandson.

Jeffrey – And one other piece related to veins could be Clayten, magnesium, which has quite a good effect on blood pressure. Several doctors have started to recognize this. There are a couple of books on the subject. They’ve noticed that the balance of magnesium and calcium is a regulator of blood pressure. In many cases, what this doctor did was rather than have people on a medication that would reduce their blood pressure, they would increase the magnesium levels and see their blood pressure come down. And the reason for this is, in the muscles, we have a tension of calcium and magnesium. And magnesium relaxes the muscles. So if the blood is pumping and the muscles are deficient in magnesium, they’re more rigid. And so instead of giving a little bit, they’ll stay rigid, and the blood pressure can go up. So that’s one of the things I’ve learned from some doctors and research lately about magnesium.

Clayten – We’ve been doing a lot of research on Nutrient Stream Optimization regarding the new contributing nutrients. Especially mental health issues because many people are struggling right now.

Jeffrey – Jessica from Boulder, Colorado, says, “Hello. I missed the last couple of weeks, so I apologize if this question has been asked. I have two questions around the Magnetizing Process.” The Magnetizing Processes is available to Subscribers, and it’s on the website. She says, “ I’m currently using it for health, which is number one.” She asks, “Is it important to say this process out loud versus a silent process or prayer?” What do you think about that, Clayten?

Clayten – I have a few thoughts but it’s a personal preference. If we’re in public, you know, not everybody appreciates us talking out loud to ourselves. Although it could be interesting, I’ll tend to say it out loud because it helps me concentrate more if I’m alone or around people to know I’m doing it. That’s a personal preference for me.

Jeffrey – Yes, I find it goes in deeper for me if I say it out loud. So I’m always muttering to myself. And I may do it in the car or at home. Out loud works well for me, it seems to help my concentration. So the second question, “I am currently using a couple of different scenes, three scenes of things I will be able to do with my recovery.” So there’s a health process, and she’s envisioning these scenes of things that she can do after the recovery session. She says, “I go from one after another from one scene to another. Do you think this series of vignettes is less focused?”

Clayten – I’m going to start with that, Jeff. Typically what we’re looking for Jessica is something we call the critical factor. And that’s where we can put the least amount of effort in and get the most amount of gain. Now, there are different ways of determining the critical factor. We can ask our Higher Power to tell us; we can use kinesiology; we can pray about it. There are different types of prayer, of course, and different beliefs about a Higher Power. But either way, we’re typically looking to get the most amount of gain for the least effort. If it’s boring to do one scene or vignette all the time, you may want to do several different vignettes like the three in your example. So it’s interesting  because keeping ourselves interested is important because we’ll keep doing the work. Now, one of the things you could do is also create a vignette where you see yourself doing the activities that will help with your recovery. So you might want to try that because having the discipline to take the activities or take the actions necessary to become healthier is one of the challenges that we all face. So I would suggest playing with that as well so that each step in the recovery is a success. It’s not just the end result.

Jeffrey – The only thing I would add is doing whatever gives us joy. That feeling in our hearts of being completely recovered, the emotional feeling of that. And if you know all the vignettes together help to do that, great. And for those of you that are new or don’t know about the Magnetizing Process, we developed a manifesting process as a way to use the FLFE environment. This highly energized with life force environment is there for us to use as our body is bringing it in. As we said earlier, our level of consciousness for the first 90 days, people are going up on average about 20 points, if they’re in the field, eight hours a day. Every point upwards on that scale is ten times more power that we have to manifest what we want in our lives. And so this Magnetizing Process is becoming more and more important. I’m glad you brought it up. Thank you for the question. Because consciously using this additional power in our lives to create what we want is an opportunity. And we’ve also been talking in previous webinars about using the FLFE energy consciously and directing it into parts of our lives. Like for instance, our healing. Would you like to say anything about that Clayten? You’ve been doing that a bit now that we’ve come up.

Clayten – Yes, the whole issue of manifesting has come up a lot because there are so many techniques out there, and the ego always wants to think it’s right. So, if we’re involved in sharing a technique or creating a technique if we’re in our ego, it will tend to want to think it’s the best. The potential for kinesiology is to give us a way of objectively measuring the truth of a process or a person or concept. And I’d like to talk about that concerning the next question because I have a response to a question that calibrates at a pretty high level of consciousness, but it’s not the highest truth. So when we were creating the Magnetizing Process, Jessica, we looked at many of the manifestation processes out in the world. And we created one that was a 998 out of 1000. There is something about the Manifestation Process that we haven’t quite figured out; we don’t know what it is. Many times we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it and then we know what we know. So there might be a piece that you or somebody else can help us with, that’s possible. And it’s a pretty highly refined process. There are considerable distinctions around the difference between seeing ourselves in the first person or third person, which is explained in the process. I won’t go into it here. But I want to reiterate that it’s a highly refined process, and it’s as good as anything that we found out there in terms of the truthfulness of it. So when we’re looking at using a process, there’s the truthfulness of the process. There’s how easy it is to use. We call that the level of functioning (LOF). So the level of consciousness would be the truth; the level of functioning is how easy it is to do. Finding that sweet spot between having something relatively easy to do and highly truthful is why we created the Magnetizing Process.

And sometimes, it’s really hard to know the truth; it comes down to personal belief. When I came across kinesiology, that’s what excited me about it: there’s a potential to transcend personal beliefs. Well-intentioned, very high consciousness people expressed that this was the best technique they’d found or that this was the highest truth. So that’s the potential for kinesiology available to all of us if we become good enough.

Jeffrey – It sounded like you had an answer for Jean as well, Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, the question is, “Is it in your findings that we are all here by karmic choice during these unprecedented times?” There are a couple of ways to look at that. We had known before we came into this plane if we were in another plane and chose this life that this would happen. That’s one way to look at it. But strictly from a measurement of truth level. I calibrated it. The inquiry is, “We are here by karmic choice during these unprecedented times.” Or “Individuals are here by karma during these unprecedented times,” and I get a yes on both. And that statement is 600/1000, as stated in both ways, or I calibrate at 600. So that is a pretty high truth. And it’s not the highest truth. So what we would do, when Jeff and I write Programs for dealing with karma, we’d make a statement like that which would calibrate at 600. We’d have to start adding thoughts to that and try to get it higher. A couple of weeks ago, we talked to a gentleman named I don’t know if I’m saying his name, right. But Siavash from Dublin, Ireland. We talked about the FLFE Programs and how that is related to practitioners using technology to help us individually. In some ways, FLFE can replace that. So if we said, “FLFE can replace a practitioner, using technology to support our consciousness in rising.” It’s not a great statement. That statement calibrates at 250 ish. The statement that I responded to was if we had a FLFE machine. You had a practitioner using it on an individual; if a practitioner were sophisticated enough, they could diagnose something that the technology could do and apply it immediately. But the technology cycles to all the Programs a thousand million times a second. So because it goes through so many Programs and has so much energy, it requests to Divinity for the body to accept everything that it’s in the highest and best interest to accept. So we’ll get much benefit because there’s just so much going on. And I’d like to hope that a practitioner who’s a person could have a better diagnostic process and a piece of technology. And one day, we may be able to include that as well. But I just thought I’d talk Jeff, about measuring truth and having a certain level of truth and then adding and subtracting things. And how that would add and subtract to the level of consciousness and how it relates to writing Programs because the Programs can take months.

Jeffrey – One major point discussed with our friend from Ireland was, in terms of a machine that’s being driven or operated by a practitioner, the that their level of consciousness, the thoughts they’re having, there can be, depending on the technology, some effects in the treatment process. The way we’ve created FLFE is to remove the operator from the equation; that is, we measure the level of consciousness of statements. And as we write these requests of Divinity, which we call Programs, that they’re at this very high level of consciousness 999 higher. And the field of FLFE on the Flagship products is 560 or higher on the properties 24/7, so there isn’t an operator trying to hold a strong positive intention. The practitioners can dip into, “I’ve got to stop and pick up some milk on the way home.” With FLFE, there is a consistent, 24/7, as Clayten said, informational field, that the body’s Innate Intelligence in the environment picks up and uses as it sees fit. So the second part of the question about those who find it further predetermined to be supported by this karmic choice idea.

And our mission is to support the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness. And the way we look at it is it’s a pristine environment. We have EMF Mitigation; we have Geopathic Stress Mitigation clearing the negative history of the land. Or the negative thought patterns stuck in the land, and the buildings and the crystalline structures. And clearing to provide a pristine environment that you could think of as being an earlier pristine environment before these all these influences occurred. Some of them are part of our modern world and part of the conveniences of it so that we’re creating this environment to evolve consciousness. But it also is many other health and well-being lifestyle benefits. That includes nutrition and all the rest of it. That’s a roundabout way to answer that and just kind of the way we look at it, Jean.

Clayten – Using kinesiology, the inquiry would be; “Those of us who find FLFE are predestined to be supported by its frequency transmission.” We could say “a high consciousness activated field” and the answer with kinesiology that I get is no. I think that’s because we had a free will choice Jeff to create it and we have free will every day to keep it going.

Divinity might have had another similar technology revealed to other people that would do it if we weren’t. I sometimes wonder about that, and I haven’t dug into if the conditions of humanity are right for something to emerge, it will emerge either through one group of people or multiple groups of people at the same time. So that subject is something I haven’t really dug into much more to be able to give any kinesiology responses are more than what I’ve said.

Jeffrey – There are certainly many examples in science of the same discovery happening in multiple places around the planet at the same time. This was seen in some of the discoveries of radioactivity, radium, and flight. Telephones are another example, and many more emerged when the time was right. Somehow the thought field was there, many people picked it up and ran and ran with it. So it’s the same with us. In FLFE, other people pick up and run with these compensations for this current environment that we’re in to help us evolve.

So Gary asks, “Good evening, thank you for all the wonderful information you share each week. I wondered if you’re familiar with the scalar lightwork of Tom Paladino and whether your modalities are similar or quite different?” We have seen Tom Paladino’s work, and I’ve seen his website. The FLFE system is a mixture of six different technologies. So it is different in some ways from what he’s doing. We’re activating a field in an environment different from frequencies and other things that people are doing where they’re sending frequencies. We’re not sending frequencies. We’re activating a field. And then through quantum resonance with our Programs, creating an information field, or information-rich field that is the FLFE environment. So it’s a bit different from what he’s doing.

Clayten – And Tom Paladino is an integrous man and has an integrous service. Jean has a question, “Could you speak on the new artificial intelligence conducted frequency healing services? I’m intrigued and repelled at the same time. I don’t want to miss out on an incredible opportunity and questioning, turning my vital life force over to a preterm transmission created by someone else.” Yes, people ask us if our technology is artificial intelligence. I’m still looking for a definition of artificial intelligence that I feel comfortable with. Ours is automated, but I wouldn’t say it’s artificial intelligence. Jeff would know I just wouldn’t say that.

I have a lot of questions about AI, way more questions than answers. I think our society is going way too fast on the artificial intelligence road. I think it’s dangerous. I’m not saying nobody can do it well, but I haven’t seen any work on artificial intelligence that I would want to have influence my health.

Jeffrey – I’m not familiar with this specific modality that you’re talking about. We are definitely not artificial intelligence at all. I mean, all of the Programs that we write are written in English. We’re using kinesiology to measure the level of consciousness and measuring the context of what the Program’s purpose is. It’s importance for the FLFE environment, what it’s doing, and then measuring its appropriateness for that as well as its functioning and level of consciousness. So all of those are sort of human inputs. And then, we found a way with activation of the field that is the FLFE system to bring in information into the field.

Clayten – I was just noticing someone had their hand up, it’s Christina.

Christina – Hi, actually, I typed out my question and comments. So those are in the chat section, but I didn’t know if I was supposed to raise my hand to have you guys read that. I can’t read it out because I can’t see if from my end.

Clayten – Well, I’ll read it for you, and that will give Jeff a minute to think about it and answer Christina. “Hi, I got the 15-day trial Free Trial on my phone, and I felt great. I woke up each morning so happy and eager to enter into my day, even on workdays. I felt balanced and happy each day when it finished my roommate started the 15 day Free Trial in our home. Then I bought the service on my phone. My roommate purchased the service for our home, and I started feeling depression, apathy, lethargy, anger, and intensity. I was able to lower my medication on the 15-day trial on my phone now I have to up it again. I’m confused and feeling like giving up.

Jeffrey – So Christina, you’ve had the 15-day free trial now you’re into another 15 days of the home, or you’re at 45 days? How many days have you been on the service at this point?

Christina -For the Phone and the Home, the paid subscriptions, about two weeks.

Jeffrey – We do see that people can hit a period of time when there’s some healing; healing crisis is one word, but there are things that come up for healing. And there’s a mental, spiritual, and physical aspect of healing. As we spend time in this kind of environment and we’re starting to move up in consciousness, some of these lower vibrating parts are coming up to heal. And in some cases, if it’s physical healing, more water is needed. That’s why we have the water the recommendations on the website under Hydration. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at those.

Christina – Yes, I live in High Desert, Arizona, so I drink over half a gallon of water a day.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s good. So initially, you felt very good. And now you’re feeling a difference in how you feel?

Christina – Yes, apathy, depression, anger, agitation.

Clayten -Have you tried turning the level of consciousness down on the Home Service on your Control Panel, Christina?

Christina – No, my roommate bought that. So I haven’t discussed it with her. I started putting it together in the last couple of days of what’s been going on.

Jeffrey -Depending on what’s happening in our bodies, and our lives, some people like to adjust that level, especially while they’re sleeping. So that’s why we built into the Control Panel so that you can change the level of support. The range is between 400 to 570. Your roommate can log in and do this for the house to experiment. What people sometimes do if they’re feeling a little overwhelmed, such as when there is much healing happening, or there’s much personal change occurring, that they ramp it back. So perhaps try that and see how it feels. Also, ask your roommate to see if they mind experimenting. So that’s something to do. Some people will dial it back, and some will run it right up to 570 and leave it there, but everyone’s different. And so that’s why we wanted to put the control of it in your hands. With the phone, the way we adjust where the phone is in relation to our body. So, within four feet of the phone, it’s 575 on the Hawkins Map, coming in and that level of vibration and lifeforce energy. But if we go just a little further away, It’s 560 at 5-7 feet. So if we were sleeping or if we take our phones with us somewhere we can always have it a little bit further away from us. Okay, you could try that as well. Are you drinking half a gallon of water?

Clayten – I’m going to suggest to Christina or request that you try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water for three days and see how you feel. That’s a lot of water. But if you’re say 150 pounds, it’s 75 ounces; half a gallon is about 32 ounces, I think. So that might be something that will make a change. Dehydration can really make us lethargic, and I get kind of grumpy when I’m not hydrated.

Christina – Okay, could you repeat that?

Clayten – Well, it’s about half your body weight in ounces of water. So if you’re 150 pounds, you would drink about 75 ounces of water a day. And I have to track it through a quart bottle because I forget. I mean, I still probably get dehydrated maybe one day a week just because I forget to drink it in the morning. And if I don’t get it in the morning, I tend to get a bit busy during the day and not remember. So that is something else to try.

Christina – Okay.

Jeffrey – We’d love to hear back from you, Christina. Please reach out to your contact at the office. And you can always transmit a question to us through them, or they may be able to answer it as well, but we’d love to hear what occurs for you.

Christina – Okay, thanks for your time.

Jeffrey – Thanks for trying out FLFE. I see another couple of hands up. Let’s bring in Kelly.

Clayten and Jeffrey – Hi, Kelly.

Kelly – Thank you for being on a webinar again. Quick question. I have the Service on my phone and at home. I’ve always avoided using Bluetooth headsets because they feel weird, but I am considering using a set of Bluetooth waterproof headset to exercise and swim in the pool with it. Do you think there might be helpful mitigation if my phone is on the service to use Bluetooth, or you still think it might be a hazard?

Jeffrey – So as long as the phone is within four to seven feet from you, everything in that bubble is mitigated. You could go into an Apple store with your phone. You could try the Bluetooth and see how it feels.

Kelly – Okay, cool.

Jeffrey – You know, that’s the best way, our bodies are very sensitive to these energies.

Kelly – Yes, I’ve always felt like my head is itching a lot when I last tried it. But I thought I’d try again. Now I’m actually on an Android on a Samsung phone. I just ordered a set from Amazon. So I’ll give them a whirl. And I’ll let you know; I’ll leave some feedback on my next meeting.

Jeffrey – Yes, just keep the phone fairly close, within four feet of yourself.

Kelly – I’ll swim short laps.

Clayten – Laughs. That’s hot tub range.

Kelly – It’s aerobics. I just kind of jump up and down and do it. I can do a lot within a four to seven-foot range.

Jeffrey – How else is it going for you?

Kelly – Great, I’m having a beautiful love affair in my new home. It’s helped my relationships, and it’s also helped end some relationships; ones with those whom I wasn’t vibing with anymore. I kind of cut to the chase, it’s like, yeah, this is no longer frequency match. So I don’t take it personally. I mean, it still hurts a little bit, but it’s kind of like, Okay, bye.

Clayten – The process of raising our consciousness sometimes has uncomfortable phases.

Kelly – Yes, but it does feel good. Just to keep that in mind when these things happen. You know, it’s like okay, all right, my elevator is going up. All right, guys, thank you.

Jeffrey – Great, Kelly, thanks for joining in tonight.

Clayten – I will bring in Mohar now.

Mohar – I got FLFE through a tele summit, and I was so impressed. Now I’ve had it for a year and two months. And I am going with the flow. I still have feelings of anger or whatever, but I intuitively ask to come and be cleared. My husband is bipolar, and he’s doing much better. So I went ahead and put FLFE on the phone. I had a stroke three years ago and always felt low always felt like I’m done with this world, you know? Now I feel like I need to do so much for this world. And so my friends and family see the change and difference. A couple of months ago, a friend of mine put FLFE on her house, and she’s very happy. We are both healers, and I up-leveled myself. I’m helping a lot of people so thank you, thank you to FLFE so much. I’m not going to cry because I’m so happy. Ten years ago, five years ago, I never smiled at myself in the mirror a year ago, and now I do. And so I am telling as many people as I can. Now this is the request; I’m going to write a letter to your company to your CEO that if they could extend it to Dubai and India because those people really need this. I am going to be very soon writing to them if they can do that.

Jeffrey – Yes, we do have a new Program coming that would allow people to be on through a photograph of the inside of their house.

Mohan – Wow. Wow. I am so sad for my brother, had had a stroke. And when I talk to him on the phone, I do exercise with him, and I encourage him because he had given up hope. Now I am going to cry. Now he does exercise with me. He waits for my call. So I think even being so far just seeing how positive and determined I am, he is doing it with me. And that that’s why I want him to have it on his phone. So he can get better and better. So thank you, thank you. I wish I could spread from the top of the mountain and tell people please get this is so helpful. Being 65, I had given up on life, but now I’m all excited. Thank you, both of you. And thanks FLFE too, you all have the best support team.

Clayten – We have a great staff. Thank you for coming on with us tonight.

Mohan – My pleasure.

Jeffrey – Thank you so much, Mohan, talk about tears! I’ve got my own just from hearing you. Now in any country, you can do it on the phone. But the Property Subscriptions are only in certain countries because of the association of the addresses with the FLFE service. It needs to be very regulated. But phones can be anywhere in the world. Thanks for being on this journey with us. I have to take that in for a minute.

Clayten – Yeah, I guess not everybody has a great experience like Mohar. And one thing I  was saying earlier is if you don’t have a great experience doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. We try to give everyone options on how to have a better experience, but we don’t want anyone to feel bad if you don’t have the quality of experience that she has. And I’m grateful that she has it.

Jeffrey – Judy says, “I’m grateful to participate and for the Free Trial of FLFE for my home. I’m in Santa Rosa County, California. My question is in regards to joyful service. I perform my service via invocations for humanity, the elemental kingdom and the earth, and a community garden nearby. I no longer offer my volunteer work in prisons and feel a strong desire to serve close to home. I’m eager to serve in other ways yet don’t have a clear sense of what else is appropriate for me. Can you speak a little more about joyful service? Thank you.

Clayten – As Jeff was reading that, Judy, I was thinking that you’re looking to serve, and you’re not sure what the is the best way to serve. You could ask the Universe to give you signs. And when I’m asking the Universe to give me signs, I ask for it to be very clear. So clear that I can’t miss them. And if I do miss them to keep repeating them over and over again until I get it. Sometimes I can be a little bit thick. That would be something that you might want to do, Judy. If you’re not already doing that, ask where you can be of best service to the world. If there’s a particular piece of karma that you feel or issue that you want to heal in your life and service seems to be the best way to do it, ask the Universe to be very specific about what type of service would most help you evolve in that way or compensate for a mistake made in the past.

I remember watching a movie on Mahatma Gandhi, Jeff, and there was a gentleman who was really upset. Of course, this is a movie, so I don’t know if it was said exactly this way. But he said to Gandhi, I made a mistake in my life, I killed a man. I don’t think I can be forgiven for that. And Gandhi said, “Go adopt a young boy and raise them as your own.” And that would be your way of trying to compensate for that. I don’t know if that’s true. And I’m not saying that’s anybody’s path, but I thought it was an interesting response. And I like to believe there’s grace and hope for all of us, no matter what we’ve done. And I thought that was an interesting answer.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Judy, for sharing the ways you’re serving. And thank you for that story, Clayten.

Suzy asks,  “Why couldn’t we have our name, birthdate, and birthplace be the specifics needed to beam the FLFE Service onto us?” Then we can broadcast it from our body like the phone.” Well Suzy, our Service is environmental, so everything we do is based on creating the environment. Then everything in the environment benefits. So we’ve stayed away from having a person be the locus of that. Instead, we identify using common objects like a cell phone or bracelet or pendant. You can use FLFE Everywhere on the address because then the entire property benefits, including the plants. All the soil, plants, animals, and crystals benefit.

Clatyen – Yes, Gene was saying thank you for sharing your insights. I’m greatly improved from FLFE, all levels of being body mind emotion spirit. Thank you, Gene.

Jeffrey – Regina says, “Hello and blessings. I have your Service in my home, and I’m wondering if it protects me from COVID and 5G? And also from addiction to social media and the internet?” Thank you for the question, Regina. As far as 5G goes, the way that we measure mitigation or the neutralization or make positive EMFs, including 5G, is by using Kinesiology. We test all the properties on the Service once a week, to make sure they are 100% mitigated in the way we test, so we believe that it does protect from 5G. But we encourage everyone to do their own testing. Look at our Evidence Page on the website and test at the Control Panel, where you can turn the EMF mitigation on and off, so you can turn it off and see how feels. That will be your environment with the EMFs as they currently are. And then, when you click the button back on and turn EMF Mitigation back on for the environment, you can feel the difference. We believe it is very important for all of us to do our own testing. Use the body to sense the difference.

Regarding Covid, the immune support that we put into the FLFE systems and every Subscription type is energetic support for our immune systems to be strong. That also depends on our state of mind, our nutrition as well as the environment. So what we’re doing with the Immune Support is adding additional lifeforce energy to the immune system so that it can function optimally. We can’t say that we cure COVID or protect us from it. The most we can do is increase the immune system as best we can. And then, we energize nutrients that are important for the immune system like vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.

Clayten – Serge asks, “Does FLFE protect us or stop us from getting addicted particularly to the internet?” We do have a Program on the service called Anti-Electronic Entrainment. Electronic Entrainment is when we sit down and watch a YouTube video for five or 10 minutes, or we watch a Netflix show. And two, three, or four hours later, we are still surfing the internet unconscious about why we even started and forgot why we sat down to look at something. So the entrainment is a type of pull. We’ll call it an energetic pull and it captures our attention. And so we do have a Program to help with that. We really can’t say that our Service prevents people from being addicted because we don’t know it that’s true, so we cannot make that claim. Higher levels of consciousness are associated with more freedom personally. I think the most successful program for the release of addiction or cure from addiction depending on how we define it is the 12-step program. The 12-step program calibrates about 540 out of 1000. So there is the power of unconditional love at 540, and up, peace is about 600. Beginning enlightenment around 600, and 700 is the full ripening of enlightenment. These higher levels of consciousness do provide more freedom. And they provide more levity, such as in the 12-step programs from the challenges of addiction. We’ve had many people tell us they’ve been able to end their addictions. So I think there’s more hope in a high conscious environment than there is in a lower consciousness environment. The Energized Nutrients as well create a sense of satiation in the body. And hopefully, more absorption of nutrients so that physical vitality and completeness from the food that we may have been missing. I think the Energized Nutrient Program can also help us be free of addictions and there are more nutrients that we intend to energize. So there’s additional help coming.

Jeffrey – I feel a little self-conscious reading this one, but he took the time to write it. So thank you. “No question. Just want to say you two are awesome.” Yes, that’s a little hard to read. But thank you so much. I’ll take it in, and I appreciate being in the energy of the webinars. And so grateful. So thank you for your comments.

Anonymous asks, “What if you haven’t felt anything different?” On the second or third day of the Free Trial, that can commonly happen. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity to energy. We recommend getting on the Control Panel, sitting quietly by yourself, and turn on and off the Service. So turn the Service completely off, which is on the Control Panel. See how it feels for a few minutes and turn it back on. The other way to do it is with friend and have one of you turn it on, and the other one does not know if it’s on or off and see if you can feel the difference. So that’s one way, and also, as we mentioned before, turn on and off the EMF Mitigation. And perhaps try the Boost which takes the level up to 600. So you may feel that as well. You may want to check out the Hydration Section and make sure you’re getting plenty of water because that can also have an effect.

Clayten – And anonymous, what happens for some people is that they noticed the change in the environment around them rather than notice it themselves. So we’ve mentioned that some people are, for lack of a better word, thicker-skinned than others. And we need those types of people in the world. They’re not as sensitive as maybe some people on this call. There are many healers and spiritual devotees in the community, and so they’ll tend to be more sensitive. Of course, you may be one of those too. Some people will go for a Reiki treatment and feel nothing, and others will go and say it’s amazing. They feel the person’s hands heat up and energy coming through right away. So there are a whole range of experiences that we can have. And one of the emails that go out in the beginning, I think it’s 23 Principles of Discernment which are ways to notice if FLFE. There are other ways you may notice it in the environment, such as Catherine said, below her, the dogs being calmer. A lot of people notice it in their plants.

Other people notice it in their children, people cleaning the house more, a desire to take better care of the environment. There are many ways it can manifest that may not be noticeable to us as a being. And it doesn’t mean anyone has done anything wrong.

Jeffrey – So Thomas addressed a little bit of the habits and addictions. “I feel that FLFE is chasing out some of the old feelings, actions, habits, ways of doing things in life. Our being needs to adjust, and that means we have to change, and perhaps we also need time to react.” I think Thomas brings up a good point, that there is a process in our evolution. And some people report they feel really good in the beginning and then maybe feel more irritable or other things happening. And there does seem to be a process that we go through, and there is an adjustment period that occurs where we get used to a new way of being, a new way of looking at the world. And there are also physical changes that accompany every change. If we have a mental change, we forgive someone, we think of that as a mental activity. And it also has a physical change in our bodies, whether it’s a change in the brain structure or in the liver or in other parts of the body. So I think Thomas brings up a good point that it takes some time to integrate these changes.

Clayten – Jeff, I see Donald Piche up there. Let’s bring in Donald as it has been a little while since we talked to him.

Donald – Hi, I’m glad to see you guys and appreciate you taking my call again. Highest congratulations to you two and your work. But moving on to the meat and potato. I put the Object Subscription on my sister’s glasses. And I purposely did not tell her what it was; I didn’t give her the address or your website. But I told her that I’m doing something, so she knows that it’s something; she hasn’t clued in that it’s a monthly subscription yet. But it’s allowed me to test the Service. And so for my sister, the EMFs were really bothering her. So that’s kind of what prompted me to put her on FLFE. I subsidize that for her because I like my sister. She reports that she keeps forgetting to recharge her crystals. She’s using Shungite much with the same technology you are using and various other crystals, and now she says, “I keep forgetting to recharge them.” So that tells me that it’s working. Also, she likes to go biking with her husband. And the local community has power lines that emit EMFs, and she feels that. She is reporting success with the Object Subscription with that as well. So congratulations. If this is all an illusion, well, it’s a good one. But no, I know it’s not.

The other thing that I want to point out is that my sister is still sensitive to indoor EMFs in the form of air conditioning or fans. Her husband is not affected at all by EMFs, and he’s finding it really hard when it gets hot out here in Eastern Ontario. And so without AC without a fan, it was just unbearable. So he ends up turning the fan, but she’s reporting that even with the EMF Mitigation, she is still affected by it. And I was wondering if air movement combined with the EMF wave of that small electric motor. Have you heard of anything like that?

Clayten – First of all, Donald, it’s good to hear from you. I know you’ve talked about working with us, and that’s still in the works. I think something’s supposed to happen there. So keep thinking about it, we’re interested.

So different people have different levels of sensitivity to EMFs. We’ve had some people who couldn’t go shopping, they couldn’t go to a store, and now they’re able to go into a store with FLFE helping them. For others, FLFE may only have very minimal influence. So I don’t know if a motor and a fan would be affecting your sister. One of the things we found recently, Jeff, I’ve been talking to a couple of people that they’ve done a heavy metal cleanse and discovered that their EMF sensitivity diminished either mildly or significantly. So that’s something to talk to your sister about Donald.

Donald – Well, I know she wants to have certain mercury fillings in her teeth taken out, but it is a financial issue. So I think she’s more or less aware of this type of thing, but I’m wondering if I could get you to outline this heavy metal cleansing briefly.

Clayten – One heavy metal cleanse that I’m familiar with is a cilantro pesto. I don’t have the formula. But if you went on the web and looked up a cilantro pesto recipe because cilantro is known for removing heavy metals. That’s one place to start, and another thing Donald is a product called zeolite. Zeolite is an extract from volcanic ash; it’s a clathrate. If you have heavy metals in the body, say this hand is heavy metal, the zeolite will go around the heavy metal. If it’s energized enough, it’ll transform it into a different substance or pull it out of the body. That’s what a clathrate does is it grabs something and pulls it out. I would look for some zeolite, and I would look at any cilantro recipe. I mean guacamole, just eating cilantro. I found a cilantro pesto recipe online. And I’m sure we’ll eventually put that on our Conscious Nutrition page, Jeff. So that’s a couple to start with.

Donald – Okay, that’s interesting, I will certainly look those up.

Clayten – There’s a company called Ambaya Gold out of Sedona.

Jeffrey – The zeolite is not as critical. You want to find a good quality company that’s selling it. But it’s a mechanical clathrate. So if you have pictures of pieces of lava, they have many holes in it; they’re full of holes. And this is happening on a miniature scale with zeolite, and so it’s full of little holes and crevices, and it pulls heavy metals into it. So, if you look that up, you could find a good quality product. And cilantro is known for pulling mercury in particular, but other heavy metals as well. And some clinics and people do that but at more cost of course.

Donald – Thank you so much for sharing that. We learn something new every day, and I guess today’s no exception.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Donald, it’s good to have you back with us. Catherine Pagliaro is here with us thank

you, Catherine. She says she is surrounding us both love and gratitude. And she says “I never leave home without my FLFE Object. It has transformed every aspect of my life, my dog, my plants, my home and whoever comes into my FLFE bubble.

Jeffrey – Thank you, Catherine, so much for your support and for your love and gratitude. It’s very beautiful.

Clayten – We appreciate our long term supporters. They’ve been with us for years.

Diana asks, “Does he FLFE work like the express lane to the collective consciousness field compared to the express lane to a freeway? Do you want to respond to this question, Jeff?

Jeffrey – That’s interesting, Diana. I mean, the thing about the express lane is there’s not very much traffic in it, and we can go at our own pace. And so, I would say that is a good metaphor. In the FLFE environment in this supportive environment, we can evolve at our own pace, without stopping and starting from other things getting in the way. For instance, geopathic stress or EMF or things in the land, the consciousness of the land. So, yes, we are creating or activating a field that has a supportive environment where we can evolve at our own pace. And that’s really what it’s for. Everyone is different, and everyone’s moving at a different pace. So if we’re in the express lane on the highway, we don’t want to go at a really slow pace on the highway. Still, we’re moving with traffic, but I like that. Thank you. That’s an interesting metaphor.

Clayten – Yvonne says, “It was a great interview with Lee Harris, and she is feeling more grounded. I have a preschool in my home, and my co-teacher remarked how much more empathetic the children were. She doesn’t know about the Free Trial with you.” Children seem to respond quite well.

Jeffrey – Connie comments, “I want to pass along that since wearing my FLFE Object I have been in a few situations where I could have gotten upset and couldn’t. I actually tried to be indignant when I was left in the dentist’s chair for an hour with no explanation. I kept trying to be angry and express my displeasure for being treated as I was, and I couldn’t, so I finally gave up. I decided my Object was going overboard, keeping me calm. I didn’t want to be nice. On occasion, I choose to be not nice, and I do it well. FLFE has taken away my not nice moments. Thank you for the Service.

That’s a great story, Connie. I was in a Hawkins discussion group once with this guy who is a horse doctor. He was the person who initiated the Hawkins discussion group. And he said he believed in Hawkins’s work because he could not stay in a bad mood if he picked up one of Dr. Hawkins’s books. And he’s done that for a lot of books. I don’t think he’s a particularly moody person. He’s quite a professional man.

But that’s how he would test the level of truth of a body of work. He would pick up the book or watch a video or read something on that body of work, pamphlet, or something, and if he could stay in his bad mood, he didn’t think it was a high-level truth. And so it’s funny with Connie making that comment. That’s how he figured Hawkins’s work was pretty high, some of the highest he’d ever found because he would stay in a lousy mood the shortest amount of time.

Jeffrey – I’ll read Mary’s comments about a lot of animal reactions. Mary says, “We have more moms, and they’re young than ever before.” I’m assuming Mary; you live out in the country somewhere. “The baby fox is so calm both she and my kitty just look at each other. Curious, no aggression, or defensiveness. A mother deer just left with two young ones. A very relaxed bear was here three days ago and wandered off when I clapped. Tons of pine squirrel babies, ground squirrel babies, rabbits, and everyone eats my garden. I’m more relaxed which is not my usual response. Anyone who visits us says it feels so good here. I’m happy with the Service, and I’m grateful to have your FLFE. Thank you.

Clayten – Thank you for that, Mary. I love those stories. We just moved, and the place we moved from had more wildlife this year than ever before. There was a cinnamon black bear on the property. There was a cougar, a deer, and a barn owl. There were even two more robin’s nest than usual, it’s just like an animal highway.

Jeffrey – Yes, every morning, I see dozens of birds in the yard and turkeys walking through and coyotes, and this is in the middle of the city. Lots of owls hooting, so it’s very nice and hopeful they’re enjoying it.

I’ll check out and then hand it off to you, Clayten. I am truly grateful for everyone’s participation here tonight and the beautiful comments, as well as all the interesting questions. We’re on this journey together, and I feel glad to have the webinars so we can connect with everyone personally and answer the  questions live. Please remember to assign your PIF out to anywhere in the world as an act of joyful service. There’s so much to be grateful for and in this sanctuary in the midst of some of the world’s chaos. If it feels good to be home, we spend time at home. With that now, pass it on.

Clayten – Yes, speaking of home, it’s interesting. Jeff and I both moved in the last three months. And a few other people from our office moved. It’s an interesting pattern. I’m not sure what to make of it, but thanks for letting us know where you’re from. We forgot to mention in the past that we invite you to tell us where you’re from in the chat. I love scrolling down and seeing where people are from all over the world. So thank you for that. And I love to hear all the stories. Jeff and I will talk about this later. You know, if anyone is willing to share some of them with us, please send them to the office at contact@flfe.net. And we’ll include the testimonials on our website because that might help somebody else. It seems to be important to remind all of us that if you’re not having the same wonderful experience that other people are, you’re not doing anything wrong. It doesn’t mean you’re not as evolved or not as spiritual, or you’re not doing it right. It’s just that we’re all a bit different. And we need to find our way to relate to the technology and the Service. Please don’t take it personally. And look at the Principles of Discernment and see if you can find one that works for you.

And yes, I think I’ll just echo what Jeff said. We’re so grateful to our lives with you and your blessings of us and the stories of how the Service is working. They’re like fuel to us, so thank you and bless you, and goodnight.