Raising Consciousness

February 23, 2017

(0:00) Erin – Hello, and welcome to our webinar, Focused Life Force energy webinar. And thank you for being here with us today. We are really honored that you could be with us and learn more about how raising consciousness in the FLFE field can benefit you and how that how that works. So today, if you would like to ask questions, please look at the chat bar over to the right. And just go ahead and enter your questions. They may not be answered in consecutive order, but we will do our best to get to all of them. The plan is to go about an hour. If we have more questions, we’re happy to go a little longer given the time and how everything flows. So, thank you for being here with us again. And I won’t hesitate any longer to go ahead and introduce the founders of FLFE who are here to answer your questions today and tell you more about the FLFE field, we’ve got Clayton Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman.  


Jeffrey –  Thank you, Erin, thank you for being with us and moderating here tonight and feeding the questions to us.  And we’ll start off and talk a little bit about the FLFE field, the high consciousness field and its effect on your consciousness.  


Clayten – Yes, we, we have a list of typical scenarios when somebody does raise their consciousness in a rapid way, such as in a FLFE environment or any other high consciousness field that there are some particularly unique aspects to the field that we’ve created. So, we have a list of those to go through and that will be maybe stimulate some questions from you all. So, we’ll start with that and why don’t we begin with some new numbers, Jeff. We’ve made some upgrades recently to the programming and we have some new data coming in that is reflective of the changes in the programming.  


Jeffrey – Sure, I can talk about that for a minute. And again, I’m Jeffrey Stegman. The way we measure consciousness is by using Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, which is a scale from 1 to 1000, Clayten will go into more detail about that later. But if you’ve read any of Dr. Hawkins book such as Power vs Force, you’ll understand his scale of consciousness. So, we use kinesiology or muscle testing to test on that scale. And Clayten spent many, many years becoming extremely proficient and efficient at measuring on that scale. 

So, what we’ve been measuring as far as the Subscribers; once you go on the Free Trial, sort of the clock starts ticking. And if you spend eight hours in the FLFE field per day, for 90 days, your level of consciousness would go up 10 points on the Hawkins Map. Now, each point upwards on the Hawkins scale is 10 times greater energy present. And for you personally, that means you have 10 times more power to create the life you want; to manifest what you want in your life. So, within 90 days, if you are  8 hours in the FLFE field, you go up 10 points so that is 10 to the 10th power, more energy available to you. So now if you spent 12 hours in the FLFE for 90 days you would go up 1 point. So that’s one point more and that’s 10 times more energy available for you to create the life you want. And then if you spend 24 hours in the FLFE field, so if you don’t leave your house because it feels so good, or if you go ahead and subscribe for the FLFE Mobile Subscription then you can take the field with you for 90 days and you would go up 12 points. So again, that’s what another 10 times the energy available to you. Do you want to say more about that Clayten?   


Clayten – Yes, Jeff and I love stats and numbers and graphs and charts. And it’s always interesting to change the programming on our part or add another level of influence and then see a corresponding change in the rising of the consciousness numbers. So, we’ve just done a recent program that most of you have probably heard about, which is the Liver, Kidney and Gallbladder Program. (5:00) So, it supports these main filtering organs in being toned in the Chinese language, they would use the word tone, we would say strengthened and cleansed. And in fact, one of the Programs in that is to remove the energetic residual contained in any deposits. So, when we were doing research on this, Jeff came up with a term called time capsules. Each of those deposits in our liver, kidney gallbladder are formed at a different age in our lives than we are typically at so maybe they formed at 5, or they started at 5, 6 or 8 years old. And now if we are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60  there are layers and layers that have wrapped around that original deposit. And so, there are little bits and pieces of those emotional ages contained within the deposits that can hold us back from being more emotionally mature, if you will. So that was a big part of the upgrade that we just did. That allows people to increase their emotional age and Jeff and I haven’t talked about that today. But maybe throughout the call, I can do some calculations here and see if I can get an increase in emotional age. But actually, that’s a pretty big conversation which we might have to save for another day. That might be a really good topic or part of a topic.  


Jeffrey – I would say Clayten, just adding to that is that it’s really fascinating and when you think about your physical body and the function that it has for you and the filtering organs are filtering out the byproducts of healing. So, as those get better and clearer and able to function more efficiently, your body can now take on larger healing projects, because it just has more capacity to filter. But the fascinating part about it for me has been how that affects consciousness. When we think, well, we have our consciousness and we have our physical body, and they are somehow separate from each other. But it appears that when we rise in consciousness, and we’re healing or overcoming or transforming emotional hurdles in our life or clearing karma if that is your belief system that it’s a physical event as well. And then your body needs to clear out the byproducts of that healing.   


Clayten – Yes, that’s a good point. Well, oftentimes, in the spiritual traditions, we may interpret them as diminishing the importance of the body, and especially the filtering organs because we believe cleaning out your filtering organs is really a turning point in optimizing our physical health. So, when we looked at how to have us be more free physically, which certainly fits into the theme of raising consciousness today that once we get the liver, kidney, and gallbladder in better shape, or optimal shape, that allows everything else to happen quicker, because these filtering organs are strengthened and more resilient, so they can support us through the change.   


Jeffrey –Our focus in FLFE has been to raise consciousness. And, you know, from the beginning, we looked at how could we raise consciousness for the planet and for ourselves and the critical factor or restraint turned out to be physical health.  


Clayten – Yes, for most of us, if we’re in pain, chronic pain, or if we have a degenerative disease, if we’re just sluggish and tired and can’t function well, then it’s hard to be the happy, joyous self that we know we can be. 

I thought I would talk about the Map of Consciousness, because we use that as a reference a lot.  I have a couple of resources right here in front of me. So, the main book that started this journey of measuring consciousness with kinesiology for me is by Dr David Hawkins called Power vs Force.  And in that book on pages 68-69, there’s a Map of Consciousness that’s in black and white, this is a color version here  

you can go on to the Veritas.pub website and order those from Veritas Publishing.  They have a Research Institute within that, but they’ll sell you a nice color one, if you want. And the scale goes from 1 to infinity, infinity is God, the human scale is from 1 to 1000 where 1000 represents the highest levels of consciousness that a human body can contain up until this point(10:00) And that would be the levels that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, maybe a few others have achieved, there are not many that have achieved that level on the scale. 200 is integrity. 500 is love. 600 is the beginning of enlightenment. 700 is enlightenment. 540 to 560 is unconditional love. So, our intention with our technology has been to create an environment that will support your ongoing advancement in consciousness, and yet not be so high as to have a tendency to be blissed out and nonfunctional. That is a stage that some devotees goes through as they rise in consciousness. Our job we see is to provide the ideal environment and there’s no way that it’s a limitation on you. If your home is on FLFE you are in the top 1/10th of the of all properties on the planet in terms of living environments. So, unless you’re living in a cathedral in Europe, and I don’t know how you do that, or one of the great temples such as the Taj Mahal, then this environment is about as good as it gets. 

So that’s the Map of Consciousness and that’s where your properties are on that Map .For FLFE Mobile, we have the FLFE Mobile set at a 4-foot radius at 575.  And it’s 560 at 16 feet then from 16 feet out, it’s 555 out to 300 feet. We do make adjustments from time to time.  Everything we do we test if it’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And so, because we have so many Programs on now, we’re constantly writing new ones or are researching them. And sometimes it’s hard to keep all the data in our memory banks.   


Jeffrey – So Erin do we have any questions on the subject of consciousness that have come up?   


Erin –  Yes, it looks like we’ve got people just wanting  to check in a little bit. We’ve got people from Maryland and Cameroon, Africa. We’ve got people from all over the world. So again, thank you, everyone, for chiming in. And we’ve got a great question here from Jenny. Jenny says she has a Home and Mobile Subscription. And she’d like to know if the FLFE environment amplifies our thoughts. So, if she’s focused  on good thoughts then are they amplified? Or if she’s focused on negativity, is that is amplified or does FLFE always move me towards the positive, even when I’m being negative. And Matthew thought that was a great question as well.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, Jenny, I would say that being in this environment, the high vibrating high consciousness field at 560  and it does support you to be to rise to that level to the higher consciousness. And of course, that’s the minimum and it is at the most appropriate level for the person. So, we have fields that are at 590 and over 600 in some places.  So that that environment  encourages your system to move upward in vibration. And the way I’ve experienced it is a bit like a trampoline. It’s like you can go low, you know, something can happen, that can throw you off, and it seems to bounce you back up more quickly, you know, the recovery is faster. So, while it’s true, that the vibration is higher, it’s also true that since we’re going up in consciousness, our individual power, our individual energy to affect our lives, and the world around us is increasing. So, it is important for us to be aware of our minds, aware of our emotions, aware of the intentions that we’re projecting or holding in mind. So, we will manifest what’s happening for us. So, it is important that one of the responsibilities that comes with rising consciousness is to be in a loving state as much as we can be. (15:00) And to watch ourselves if we go into some old habits.  Do you want to talk about that Clayten?   


Clayten – Yes, I like what Jeff said as you rise in consciousness, you have more power. And with power always comes responsibility, whether we acknowledge it, or not. And most of us know this, we see it as parents or business owners, or anybody in the community has a large profile, you have more power over people. And so, when you do rise in conscious, you do have more power, and our technology will never interfere with your free will. So, one of the jokes we have around the office is that if you want to be difficult, stubborn, antagonistic and moody, you can still be in an FLFE environment, you’re just going to have to work a lot harder at it than you used to. So, it doesn’t interfere with your free will. And it becomes easier and easier to stay positive as your consciousness goes up. And it’s easier to stay positive in a high consciousness environment. But for us, if we could, we wouldn’t do it anyway because we’ve never tested that it is in the highest and best interest of all creation to interfere with anybody’s free will. So, it is an excellent question. And just on a principal level, we have no intention of interfering with your free will. You manifest what you hold in mind is another principle, you manifest what you hold in mind, whether it’s positive or negative. So, we’re all responsible for our thoughts. I don’t want that to sound hard, or demeaning. It’s just that it is a natural law, it’s equally as important to have compassion for yourself and others at all times. And to be free of guilt much as we can and raising our consciousness and the process of co-creation is challenging as a human.  It always has been, and be gentle on yourself, and learn to practice better self-care.  And that’s a lesson we can all learn, so that we can have more resiliency and, and take care of ourselves and each other better.   


Jeffrey – Clayten, what are some of the characteristics of rising in consciousness that people might recognize, I know, one of them, we talked about earlier, was the ability to notice your old habits, and perhaps be assisted in overcoming them if that is your intention.   


Clayten – Yes, we had talked about this earlier, and we made a list. So, one of the conditions that starts to exist in a high consciousness field, is we become more aware of the Observer Self, as many spiritual traditions call it. So, it’s not the same as the Higher Self, the Higher Self would be an aspect of us on the other side of the veil. But the Observer Self would be an aspect of ourselves that can watch ourselves behave in a certain way and can watch ourselves react in a certain way or respond. And so, there’s a greater awareness of our own behavior in a higher consciousness field. And that, you know, that higher awareness of our behavior supports us in correcting our thinking and our actions quicker than we otherwise would. That would be one of the signs for sure.  Why don’t I talk about maybe one or two more points on my list here, Jeff, I’m not sure if you have yours handy, but I’ll start them off and maybe give you a chance to, to add something to it. 

One of the things we also noticed is that we start to see the world differently. And it’s not only our own internal world, but we start to see the world as a kinder place as a more abundant place as a safer place because that’s our own experience. We have more, kindness, more abundance in our own life. So, our inner world starts to kind of reflect in our outer world. And there’s a tipping point where we begin to see the world as a safer place. And it was before because we’re in a better place(20:00) So, I thought I’d let you speak to that if you’d like, Jeff.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s interesting, it’s almost like we’re climbing a tree. So, if you go up the tree, you just have a different view, you can see further and it’s a different perspective on your life, on your relationships, on your actions. So that different perspective, it’s just a chance to see the world differently, it’s almost like a rebirth, a type of rebirth. And it can be an opportunity to dream again, you know, as you sort of go up the tree, and you start to see further and you start to see yourself where you are, and what is the reality of your life as it is, you can now start to see beyond that, and to dream. And that’s another aspect of rising in consciousness, that feeling of being reborn.  


Clayten – Yes, there also is an increased capacity to change. So, with an increased clarity in seeing what is; the illusions begin to fall away about who we are, and what it takes to find in the way that we can find it and to understand where we fit in the world and where we can make our greatest contribution. And wherever we can make our greatest contribution is where we’ll get our greatest rewards. So, there is an increased capacity to change. And of course, the road of change is not always a smooth paved road, it can have some potholes in it, and sometimes you gotta slow right down. Otherwise, your front end, if you hit a pothole, you get put out of alignment, which is pretty good metaphor for our lives if we don’t watch it. So, I would say there’s an increased capacity to change. And part of that is through self-awareness. As we mentioned, the ability to see ourselves clearly, as Jeff has explained through a higher perspective, and the inspiration that comes from dreaming can help us take on those projects that we’ve maybe been hesitant to, or afraid to work on and help us persist through the struggles that most projects have, until we can bring them to fruition.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, beautifully said Clayten and as we are on that on that path and rising in perspective,  can help us to recommit or may lead us to recommit to a spiritual path or to recommit to excellence in our lives, in many different ways, these are all different aspects for different things that you might notice, in rising in consciousness.  


Clayten – When we recommit to those dreams, or and part of the dream, for many of us who are on this call, I would assume is to is to raise our consciousness, maybe as high as we can in our lifetime. And as that happens, there’s a shift in values. So, we start to value things differently. In fact, we had a call in the pre call to this, we had Bob, our moderator and one of our solid team members and he talked about somebody who had not bought anything for an entire year. And so, as we get a little bit older, and we have lots of stuff, and maybe too much stuff we might look at how much more stuff do we need, and do we need all the stuff we have? And so that’s a change in values, that would be not common, but that’s something you could experience as you which happens to most of us as we get older. And as we, you know, get those things in life that we, we feel we need to live with ease and to and to enter something important about having some nice things and creating a life that reflects the beauty and the abundance that nature naturally expresses.  And so, I’m not anti-thing, I’m actually pro beauty. And there’s a phase in our life when most of us need to have some nice things so that we can believe in ourselves and our ability to manifest a life of abundance. (25:00) And that’s reflected in the world of the times like today it might be a nice TV or a nice laptop. And, one hundred or two hundred years ago, it might be a really nice horse. Of course, now our horses are our cars most of the time, so those are examples of just the levels of life that we go through.  


Erin – Thank you both for that explanation of those characteristics. And I’d just like to add because I talk to a lot of customers on the phone. And one of the things that comes up a lot; I’ve been in the field for about three years and this is something that you mentioned, of just being able to see things that I didn’t see before that were old patterns that I’m now able to just step out of which wasn’t part of my experience really before being in the field, at least not as clearly. 

So, Jenny thanks you for the response. And she also said that it’s true she does experience up and down ups and downs that seemed to be some kind of emotional cleansing. So, for the next question, which was, is a good lead based off what we had said before, Sue says, How is FLFE raising consciousness if it’s about co creation? What happens if moments are negative in my days, isn’t it just enhancing the consciousness that I’m holding?  


Clayten – Maybe I’ll speak to that first. Because I spend a lot of time with that.  I have a coaching practice that I’ve had for 21 years. And I’ve had some clients as long as 10 years and so we have lots of conversations about managing moods. And Jeff actually is really good at managing his mood and his  other companies have a really good process in dealing with that. So, I’ll bridge this on to you, Jeff, what happens if moments are negative in my days, isn’t it just enhancing the consciousness I’m holding? It is if you can transcend the mood. If you can’t transcend the mood, then you’re sending out that negative energy all the time and some people have an issue that they never transcend, unfortunately, they have a shock or a trauma that they carry with them till the day that they die. And that’s unfortunate. And it’s much less likely in a high conscious environment. And for Sue, because you’re on the service, and you probably share some of the same values that Jeff and Erin, and the whole FLFE team share, it’s unlikely. I would think that you will have that experience. I believe we need to talk about it from a kind of a principle view that it isn’t enhancing your consciousness if you can’t transcend it. The opportunity is to be aware of the mood and then process it out of the body and process it out of our Beingness actually. 

So, how is  FLFE raising consciousness, if it’s about co creation? Well, it is about co creation between us and Divinity, or the Creator. There are many ways to talk about God. And in a high consciousness field;  

Well, let’s just back up a second. So I have a friend here in in Nelson, who is on a spiritual path, a very devoted person, and they told me a story about their Guru, and how, when he was traveling around before this religion was started, he was at a temple, and they were doing a Ceremony doing some meditation and the people that were hosting him said, “do not turn your feet towards the altar, it’s a sign of disrespect to God.” And his response was,” well, show me where God is not.” 

And so, God is everywhere. And I think this point that I got from that story that you told me was that, you know, God is everywhere, and God is in the technology that we use to serve you. And so, this technology allows us to create a high consciousness field. And so, it is a co–creation with Divinity, just to have it express in the world at this time. And there are many, many people that had to do many things so that we could distribute this technology around the Earth, the way we can. And so, I’ve only spoken to part of that, I think maybe I’ll turn that over to you, Jeff. And I’ll reflect upon that a little bit and then maybe I’ll say a few things after.  (30:00) 


Jeffrey – Sure, I would say that as we create this high consciousness field, and it’s in our vision for FLFE which is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution, so that we’re creating this environment so that you can co–create with the world with God with All That Is the life that you want. So, having this environment enhances your ability to do that, because there’s more energy available, there’s more high vibrational energy available there supporting us to do that. And in our own personal work, and in our businesses,  mood is important mood can really shift what happens between people in relationship and how we do our work and how we live moment to moment. And so, I think what the high consciousness field helps us to do is notice our mood. And in noticing our mood, we can take that step away from the mood and, you know, use techniques to shift it, to transcend it, as Clayten said, and one way is to let you feel it in your body as a sensation, and let it move through your body and be recognized as a sensation and participate in that way.  


Clayten –  Yes, I‘ll just maybe say one more thing about how FLFE is raising consciousness, if it’s about co– creation.  And when you’re answering questions from a chat and when you’re asking questions through a chat, sometimes it’s the context that you won’t get when you’re having a conversation with a person. So, the assumption here that I’m seeing that Sue was making is that is that FLFE will raise your consciousness. And even though we talk about averages, there’s no guarantee that it will raise your consciousness. You are a sovereign being; you’re a free sovereign being, and you have a choice. Now, the fact that you’re intending to raise your consciousness through signing up for the service, which I’m assuming you’re intending that attention is powerful, just in itself. And the fact that you’re willing to spend some of your life energy which we will call money in this case with us is another powerful intention. And that will tend to manifest in a higher state of consciousness. But there is no guarantee that you will raise your consciousness, that’s up to you, even though I don’t know that any of our customers don’t raise their consciousness. But, theoretically, I would address it that way. So, it’s not a forcing mechanism, it’s an opportunity. If it was a forcing mechanism it will be against free will, so it goes around the circle.  


Erin – Thank you for answering about free will, earlier. So,  Jenny says, “I’ve been advised that if it gets too much, I can always turn FLFE off for a while, do you recommend that?”   


Jeffrey – Well, we do have the Control Panel in the Free Trial and also, for subscribers now, which is a recent addition to let people pause it they like and the main purpose is for people to recognize the energy, particularly if you’ve been in the field for a long time, maybe a year or two, it’s always good to pause it and then restart it to feel the contrast. Yeah, there can be times when people feel a lot of intensity if there’s a lot happening for them. And that’s really your choice and that’s why we gave you the ability to turn it on and off, you know, we, we feel that it’s very beneficial to be in the environment to be in the high consciousness field as much as you can be. And that your body is using that energy in the best way using your Innate Intelligence. So, your Innate Intelligence knows what to do with the energy and it goes and supports the places in your Being that the need to have support and that can be uncomfortable at times and certainly your free will to pause it if like, but we recommend you know, leaving it on if it’s if it’s in the best interest to do so. (35:00) The other thing is to drink water lots of water and you’ve gotten our emails about that and it really does help enhance the experience. And again, the reason why is because there’s so much energy available in a high consciousness field and with that energy available the body’s using it for healing and as we said even rising in consciousness and doing emotional healing or transcending something, the body, the physical body is doing part of that healing and so those healing by-products are moving through our filtering organs and they need water to do that. 

So, we’re really seeing three liters of water a day and that might seem like a lot butt one of the tricks that Clayten, and I have discovered is that when you get up in the morning, drink a lot of water. Just try to drink a whole liter of water in the morning first thing when you get out of bed or once you get to the kitchen because  it really helps you get a jumpstart on your hydration because all night you know you’ve been going without water. And so, you’re normally fairly dehydrated in the morning so if you can bring yourself back up quickly then it’s not so much water during the day that you need to drink. That will really help you to make lots of progress in your health and your consciousness and be comfortable while you are doing it.   


Clayten – Yes, that’s a good reminder, Jeff. I was in a seminar last weekend and that location didn’t have FLFE on the property. And so, I just went into Infusionsoft and I entered the address in, and I noticed the environment change within 30 seconds. And it was a good experiment for me because I hadn’t been in a non-FLFE environment for a long time, I have a mobile device or Mobile Subscription and I don’t know what it would be like to not have that because I haven’t been outside of that for years. Because I have several subscriptions on different things, and I have one of them on me. 

But, you know, much of life is an experiment. And  one of the ways we learn is through experimentation, analysis and observation. And through experimentation, analysis and observation, we make conclusions about whether we want to do something or not. And it’s really exploring the cause and effect  relationship. So that’s a little bit technical but there are distinctions between the three of them that I think are worth exploring, and we intend to give even more control in the future in adjusting the consciousness of your environment. We’re just working on that as well and what we realized is that we want to support you in being your own consciousness researcher like we are. Like we all are actually, we’re all aware of different influences in our world. And we’re all adjusting ourselves all the time to create what we think is the best quality of life we can experience. And that can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, of course. That’s probably a bigger question than I should go into. But it is interesting to turn it on and off. I mean, it’s very easy to get acclimatized to the to the vibration, in fact, we had a lady whose name is Pamela years ago, but two years ago; now she had FLFE on for a year since she bought an annual subscription. She was wondering, I don’t know if it’s even working anymore, I don’t know if I should renew. And then what she realized is that all of her neighbors in the neighborhood had changed. So, she used to have these neighbors that would that party on the weekends, until three or four in the morning, you know, really loud music, she wouldn’t be able to sleep, and there was another neighbor who had a dog who used to come over and dig these really big epic holes in her garden, which would take three wheelbarrows full of dirt to fix.  And then what she realized is that having the FLFE service on her property; that radiates out into the whole neighborhood. So, if your property is at 560 it might be 540 a hundred feet from your property. And then 520 at another 50 feet. It depends on lots of things. there are too many variables in that, but her whole neighborhood had changed. They actually had a block party where everybody came and they had a barbecue and, and then a couple of months after she renewed, she noticed the person across the road had this really this lot, where they’d never cut the grass and there was a big pile of brush there. It was kind of a fire hazard, an eyesore(40:00) And they cleaned that up. And so that would be an example of being in a high consciousness environment for so long that you don’t notice the effect of it personally, but it transforms the environment around you.  


Erin – Well, this is a great segue for Sue’s question. She asks, “What happens when I turn off the energy does my environment start to lose points? Do I go down in consciousness on the scale, so to speak?”  


Jeffrey – Well, the environment itself will come down in the home business subscription, there is a clearing function that happens first.  The process is clearing first. It’s like when you paint a room, you really have to clean it. And you want to get all the dirt out of the corners before you apply the fresh clean paint. And we discovered in FLFE through our research in raising consciousness and service projects, which is how we got started in the very beginning, that if we cleared the negative history of the land and buildings in other objects first, that the consciousness would go up so much faster. So, the clearing is an important part of that. And so, if your property has been on FLFE for a while, and then you turn it off, that clearing is still going to be cleared. So oftentimes the property will come down in consciousness and its energy level, but it won’t come down as far as it might have been before. And there’s a lot of factors there, I mean, there’s something called geopathic stress, which is related to moving water and moving electricity that can create a low consciousness environment. And also, smart meters and things like that can also have an effect. So those things may drop a property relatively quickly. But yeah, the property will come down; your own personal level of consciousness is really your free will. And while you won’t be supported in that same level of energy that you were before, you know, you’re creating your life and you’re creating the way you respond to it. So I would assume that you would continue to stay at the level of consciousness, you would think but there are many factors.  


Erin – I wonder if you might mention entrainment at this point. Because something that I have learned from you guys is, you know, being in the environment the longer and more we’re in the environment, there’s like a natural synchronizing with the environment, or with the consciousness and that’s how we raise our consciousness. So, you know, if we, if we step out  when we’ve already raised our consciousness then that doesn’t really leave us. I don’t know, if you wanted to talk about entrainment a little bit?  


Jeffrey – Yes, that’s it’s an interesting subject, thank you for Erin for bringing it up. And we’re always entraining or synchronizing with our environment, wherever we are. And so, when we go to an environment that is low, like, if you have ever been to an old battlefield, or perhaps an old prison, or just some parts of town , a neighborhood that that slow that vibration affects us, and we feel it and we may start to get guarded or looked for danger, or want to take care of ourselves in a way that’s different. And we’re sort of entraining with that area, and that vibration around us. And it’s that way all the time for us. I mean, I think as a human being, we’re vibrating with what is around us. And that’s why people always say to be around people who are the people you want to be. And we’re entraining with people around us in relationship all the time. So, with the FLFE environment there is the high consciousness field with all the energy there. And then the Programs that we create, which are really the enhancements in the environment are again, it doesn’t affect free will, they are sort of gifts in the environment that are vibrating and have information and the body entrains with them. And it’s a bit like when you’re listening to music and you’re tapping your foot to the beat and you don’t even know you’re doing it but you’re  entraining to that; you’re kind of taking in that rhythm. So, the same thing happens with the Programs and it’s providing information, energy and help to the bodies Innate Intelligence to heal, to transform to transcend.  (45:00) 


Clayten – I really like Jeff’s example of tapping your feet unconsciously to the sound of music. I’ve been taking some dance lessons recently and they’re teaching a musicology section and so a lot of people dance naturally to the drumbeat in North American culture and African music and this other type of music; South American, it’s a different type of music. So, we have to learn to listen differently. And there’s a process of re-entrainment, I guess, retraining the entrainment to listen to this new music. And one of the examples I was just reading the definition of entrainment in the back of Power vs Force. And one of the examples they use if you’re in a store with a bunch of clocks, all the clocks if they’re set to approximately the same time will entrain and they all end up with being on the same time. So that’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that example before.   


Erin – I haven’t either. Thank you. We have a couple questions about mobile here. So, we’ll go ahead and handle those at the same time. So, Barbara asks – “How does the mobile unit affect other people around you? Will it bring out the best in them, too? Are there any things that we should look for within the mobile?” It sounds like how we noticed things are happening? Is there anything we should look for within the mobile?  


Jeffrey – Sure. Yeah, that’s very interesting. The FLFE Mobile Environment, so again, for those of you that may not have looked into it, yet; we were so loving being in the FLFE environment, in our own homes, that whenever we traveled, we really felt that lack of it. So, we started with crystals, kind of unique crystals, where we had a photograph of the crystals. And we found that when we put it into the FLFE machine that we were able to create a field using Programs around that particular object from a photograph. And we’re just now actually within maybe a month, we’ll be adding a Mobile Phone so you’ll be able to have cellular phone on as an object without a photograph. But for right now, we’re taking a photograph of an object and we are creating a 300- foot field around it. And so, within that field, people are supported to rise in their own consciousness, everybody that’s in the field. And we’ve also written in some Programs about clearing the negative karma between people in a joyful way. So, there might be some, you know, expressions of joy and love that happened in that field. It affects relationships, again, it doesn’t affect free will, but it creates this environment for healing of that. And it creates an environment that encourages and supports people to rise in consciousness themselves and to rise in the level of intent;  you could say, the level of consciousness of the intent that they have towards you, the holder of the FLFE Mobile Object. So that’s an interesting piece as well. So yeah, it creates a love bubble that’s following you around everywhere you go, even while you’re driving.  


Clatyen – Erin you had a really good story about FLFE Mobile, that one at the cafe?   


Erin – Oh, yes,  I made my way into a cafe and I was enjoying being where I was, it was quite lovely. And I was doing little kinesiology testing, which I do with a pendulum. So, I was using my crystal, which was my mobile object to measure some things. And somebody came over to me and asked; “What kind of crystal is that?” And they were really interested in my crystal. And I said, well, it’s a clear quartz crystal, there are a lot of them around. But this one’s special. Because when I told them a little bit about the FLFE and the mobile field, and they thought that was very special.  Because as soon as you came in my family was having this kind of very kosher experience. And as soon as you came around, it all shifted. And, and now my husband and my girls are actually enjoying the ducks. And they are having fun. And we had a family relationship, you know, sort of a scene that I hadn’t seen for a long time, and it was just really lovely. And so, yes, she wanted to try the Free Trial. (50:00) But to have that clear of an experience that somebody came up to me and asked me what was going on, and they noticed that it happened when I came and the timing of all of it was a pretty clear experience.   


Clayten – I like that story!  One of the clues that tweaked us on to the possibility of FLFE Mobile was when I met the Dalai Lama. I was in Vancouver, BC, Canada on the corner of Georgia and Howe St. I was coming down Howe Street, I’d just crossed Georgia and I pulled in next to the HSBC Bank building which has a large metronome in it if you ever go there, and it’s a six lane road, two lanes and parking lane and I saw a car come down my left and it had one of those Ambassador flags on the front fender and it pulled in right across the street from me and I had just gotten into my car; it was kind of at the end of the day, there wasn’t much traffic, and I noticed people getting out of the car. And so, I looked over and the Dalai Lama stepped out of the car. And he looked at me, and I just waved to him for some reason. And he waved back, and he looked at me wave back, but the energy just hit me when he looked at me. And that impression never left me. And so, we’ve all been around people with high auras. And maybe that’s an extreme case, not only his aura would be very high, but all the prayers of people, you know, supporting Him would also influence that aura to be high. And that was an example, a real visceral example to me of what an FLFE Mobile environment could move towards.  


Erin –  Sue’s asking – “On the Mobile Object, since I would be carrying that object and in places temporarily how would I see it working?” So that’s kind of what we’re talking about right now are those subtle nuances. The story I gave was a pretty clear example but how does someone see these subtler nuances, or what can they look for?   


Jeffrey – Well, it’s really behavior like you’re saying, and I think we’ve had some good examples there. Was there something else that you had in mind there, Erin? Something a little more specific?   


Erin – Well, I guess what I notice is people that I normally interact with and then in the FLFE field, how it just seems to elevate what was and then what’s happening now, like, I’ll just give an example, you know, working with my mom and I love my mom. And it’s one of my most difficult relationships. And so, being with her in a field, I have a different experience with her, and we may still have conflict, but it resolves quicker, and there’s more love afterwards. So, there is this sort of support and clearing that happens. So, even when looking at the home experience, I think the family unit is a great place to start, or friends or people that you normally communicate with. And again, going back to these sort of things that we may not have seen before that; now you just notice, and oh, and then you notice another one, you know. At the home again, for example the home wants to be clean, there is the feeling that things are working out a little smoother than they normally do in the Mobile bubble. I keep my thoughts as clear as I can, and as directed as I can. But, you know, I rarely have issues with customer service people or lines or, you know, traffic even, and again, I know, I do a lot to keep my thoughts, you know, in a positive place, but I like the help of the Mobile bubble for sure. And notice it in just the subtle ways.   


Clatyen – What I was going to say was that at first, I noticed that a lot when I was in lineups, like at the coffee shop, or at the bank and different places, and I  can listen, you know, to the little banter that goes on, and little kind of interactions with the clerks or whoever’s serving you. And it became such a warm, fuzzy experience, and sometimes quite fun. And yeah, I do notice that for sure. (55:00) And also, it seems that animals are more friendly, so I’ve really noticed that.   


Erin  – And I have noticed, again, strangers are drawn to me in a way that that’s such a positive  experience. I can feel them being drawn to me, you know, and sometimes I think; Oh, well, I’ve got the Mobile, the Mobile is existing, and those little experiences for me are part of the fun. And, it’s fun identifying those little subtle things that are a little extra special, and it’s an ongoing thing. 

All right, I think we’ve got another Mobile question here, Pang is from Cameroon, and he wanted to say that he is on day four of the 15-day trial period. And what he has had are a lot more tingling sensations. And so he thinks it’s working. I thought that was lovely.  


Clayten –  Yes, I’d like to speak to that.  So probably what’s happening Pang is that as your consciousness goes up, your nervous system is adapting to that. And so, your nervous system is where the light is carried in the body. And the critical factor in our research on the nervous system is the myelin sheath. And the best food that we’ve found for the myelin sheath is a combination of essential fatty acids, and magnesium.  And they need to be taken within 30 minutes of each other to have an optimal effect.  

There’s like a synergy that happens when you take them close to each other so what I would look for is a good essential fatty acid and a good magnesium. What I do most of the time with food is I hold in front of me, I have a have a shake here to demonstrate with.  So, if I hold it in front of me, and my body moves towards it then that tells me that my body wants that as a food, if it moves away, it doesn’t want it as a food. 

So, the inquiry would be – “The material in this container that I’m looking at is a positive food for my body or something to that effect, not everybody can test with kinesiology, even high consciousness people, it’s just a phenomena. But Pang I would say that that is what’s happening to you, this is my assumption, a very common thing. And I was going to speak to that earlier about the signs of rising in consciousness, one of them is a tingling in the nervous system. And classically, in my research, and in my coaching practice, when people are raising in consciousness pretty quickly, there’s another definition of consciousness or another measurement that’s relevant. And it’s called The Integrated Level. So, the Level of Consciousness might be the average that you have over a period of 24 hours. And the Integrated Level of Consciousness would be the level that you did not go below 98% of the time over that same period. So, when you’re rising in consciousness quite quickly, you might have a 20 or 30- point gap between your Level of Consciousness (LOC) and your Integrated Level of Consciousness (ILOC). And that gap, if you can measure it, will tell you the likelihood of your nervous system tingling. And the bigger the gap and the higher your Level of Consciousness, the more the tingling. So, I’ve had clients that were, say, at 520 Integrated Level of Consciousness and 560 Level of Consciousness, and at that point  

they’ll typically start to feel like they have a mild sunburn at certain times. So the tingling that you’re having would be an indicator that you’re rising in consciousness and your nervous system is upgrading or adapting to hold more light or more energy.  

I just gave you some kind of geeky numbers, because that’s the way I think, and I don’t know what your Level of Consciousness is, but I would say, that’s one sign that you’re going up. 

And the average is 12 points if you’re in the environment 24 hours and I think you have a Mobile Pang, it’s 12 points now over 90 days, but some people go 15 or 20 points in 90 days. And the average person in North America goes up 15 points in a lifetime(1:00:00) So now, some people go up hundreds of points in a lifetime, certainly, and that’s possible for all of us on this call, I imagine. The average is 15 points in North America, it’s five points on the planet. So, if you’re going up 12 points in 90 days, that’s a pretty significant jump, no matter how you look at it, I believe. And the thing is, is that if some people go down, and some people go up, the average of people going down kind of keeps the average for the people going up lower.   


Erin – Pang is asking some questions about Mobile – “How much space does the Mobile device cover around subscribers? What is the circumference of the field? And also does the FLFE field clear ones or an object’s past history entirely? And if yes,  how much time can it take for this to be done?”  


Jeffrey  – Well, the FLFE object in the field around it, it’s a 300-foot radius field so, it’s 300 feet in all directions around the object. And that’s a 550 Level of Consciousness in that field. And as we said, within 4 feet of you, it’s much higher, it’s about 575. And plus, that’s where all the Programs that are related to the FLFE mobile device are only within 4 feet. As far as the Health Programs go there’s a certain number of Health Programs that we can put on the Mobile object, so the relationship related to karma between people and the Level of Consciousness that’s in the whole 330 foot bubble.  But there is no clearing in the same way that there is in the Home Subscription and Business Subscription where we’re clearing the negative history of the land but with the Object, we’re just not able at this point to do that on the Mobile service, because of the power that it takes to clear like that. And because the Mobile object is Mobile, it can be in a car, it can be in a plane, it could be on a high speed train. And if it was trying to clear the land moving at those kind of speeds, the amount of energy that it would take would be astronomical, and we’re not able to do that at this point. So, it’s not clearing in the same way as the Home Subscription is clearing.  


Erin –   And just to be clear, it does not clear one’s past history entirely like a person.  


Clayten – No, I mean, a rise in consciousness gives you more capacity to make peace with your history, but it doesn’t do it for you.  


Erin – We’ve got another question from Pang here “If you were to advise a subscriber on the best subscription option, which option would you recommend for a person with little financial resources?  


Jeffrey – Well, that’s a good question. What would you say to them about that Clayten?  


Clatyen – Well, my first thought is the Mobile object, because it’s with you 24/7. Yes, and it does benefit those around you. It’s not quite the same unless you have a really negative history on your property, then you know if you sign up for a Mobile Subscription, we would also give you a two week Free Trial on your home so you could get some of the benefits. At least you’ve cleared a lot of the history from the home and in that case,  you would clear a lot of the negative history for many objects. Now, we can’t give you a definite percentage of history that you would clear from the object. There’s always so many variables, but Pang, I would say start with a with a Mobile Subscription and then do the two week Free Trial on your on your home and that will give you a boost there and help everybody at home. 

Erin – Sue asks – “There’s a basement beneath the unit of my condo, and it has a history of standing water and I was wondering how FLFE might change this?” (1:05:00) 


Jeffrey – Yeah, I don’t you know, that’s interesting, I mean, we don’t have a lot of experience with that; whether it would change a physical aspect like water. We did have a customer in Florida Clayten, and he was on the coast of the United States and he claimed that the Home Subscription affected the hurricane. There was some hurricane damage and wind damage and his property was relatively unaffected compared to other ones close by and he attributed it to the Service, but we really don’t have any research or experience that would say directly that FLFE would affect something like that.  


Clayten – Yes,  the standing water is result of running water, if you will, and running water can be a negative geopathic stress zone. So, the FLFE service has a lot of negative geopathic stress zone Programs which are compensating programs. So, we do have customer for example, we had a customer recently and Nelson, the town that we’re in has a lot of hills. He had a spring in one corner of his house and the water was bubbling up hitting this foundation; it wasn’t coming in, but it was causing a negative geopathic stress zone in one corner of his basement. So, what it will do is it will likely diminish or eliminate the negative geopathic stress zones associated with the water hitting the foundation so it could help in that way, but I’m not aware of it stopping water from coming in anywhere. I mean it would be nice if it did, but I’m not aware that.   


Erin – Sue actually responded, and she said she was thinking about geopathic stress.   


Clayten – Now  geopathic stress is very interesting. You have to identify very  clearly the conditions; we have lots of geopathic stresses. So, in the Programs as Jeff mentioned, about running water and electricity and other things, but in this case, with the spring coming up and hitting the foundation and falling down, we had to identify that particular condition in order to address it. We have lots of other geopathic stress zone definitions that we use and lots of references. But that one wasn’t referenced in any of the manuals that we’ve looked at. So, we had to write a Program addressing that particular condition. And it’s worth mentioning that these very individual ones have to be addressed to buy the technology to have the complete effect within the capacity of the technology to address it. Otherwise, there’s a partial benefit and not the full benefit.  


Erin – Pang is thanking you; he says – “Thanks a lot. I think my worries have been fully addressed.”  

We’ve got a good question here from Vicki – “How high on the scale has anyone gone on the service?” And I’m going to ask also, what sort of jump you’ve seen in consciousness since FLFE has been birthed. You know, how much has a person raised their level of consciousness?   


Jeffrey – That would that would take a little bit of research do that. What was the first part of the question again, Erin?   


Erin – It was how high on the scale has anyone gone on the FLFE Service, I guess on the Map of Consciousness? Personally? Are we talking  personally? I mean, we know that properties have risen above 600 in some cases and in the high 500’s.  So, we know that properties will rise, and people can do different things within their properties to affect that.  Feng Shui will make a difference. Cleaning and painting will raise the level of consciousness and people do work with pyramids and crystals and gridding. So that would affect the environment, so we have seen higher environments and, you know, so it’s the minimum is 560 and as far as individual people that would take some research to look at that, to see what the biggest jump is. And of course, there are many factors there, what other kind of personal work they’re doing, what path they’re on(1:10:00) You know, we’re creating the optimal environment for human evolution and what we do within that is really up to us.  Anything come to mind on that one Clayten?   


Clatyen – That’s a really interesting question. We certainly notice in a in a high conscious environment, that we have greater conscious control of our ability to go up in consciousness and when Jeff and I have our calls, just about every day, we always pray. The first thing probably 98% of the time anyway, we pray. Sometimes we get into stuff without praying. And the purpose of that is to create a high consciousness field between us so that we can have greater access to Divinity. 

And I certainly notice in a high consciousness field that because we check the level of consciousness of the space between us and Divinity, the field between us, and then we check our own levels. And there’s an optimal kind of range that we look to, to get into. So, this is kind of the context around the question.  


Jeffrey – Well, one of the things we’ve seen is the 700 level Clayten and it seems to be a place where healers work, people that work in the healing arts and do different channeling type things may be speaking in some contexts, that this 700 level seems to be a place where a lot of people end up at for temporary short period of time.   


Clayten – Yes, if you’ve found a world class healer that has been doing something for decades, they will oftentimes be at 700 when they are working and they may be working three, four or five hours a day in that field. So, they’re going to come out of it, go into it come out of it. And until they raise their own consciousness to be at that level, oftentimes, you’ll find they are in the high 500’s, and they’ll go to 700 during their process, and then they’ll come out of that back down to where they live. And that is often an experience of strengthening the nervous system or other aspects of the body. That’s why we have a lot of emphasis on having physical vitality, because we want to be physically free so we can ascend spiritually and Pang is an example of somebody who is probably rising in consciousness quite quickly, and he is noticing tingling on the nervous system. So, it’s upgrading, and oftentimes it’s people’s body, that seems to be the limitation in their consciousness to one degree. And to another degree, it seems that Divinity has to give us the gift of becoming enlightened, we can do all the work that we can do for decades and decades. But it seems to be God’s grace that allows us to live at those higher levels. And so, I know we’re not answering the question directly but sometimes just talking around it and giving context and examples is helpful. The one thing I’ll just mention here, and you can pick this up, Jeff, or Erin. When Jeff mentioned, channeling, when we’re looking at information from people who are channeling we check the level of consciousness of the channel, first of all, the level of consciousness of the source of their channeling, we can check the level of consciousness of the thought source where it’s originating from, then we can check their ability to translate that into language. In a world class channel would be about 95% translation. So, if someone is claiming they’re talking to Archangel Gabriel, or Archangel Michael or one of the classic Archangel interpretations, that would be the number that we’d be looking for, as a world class experience, it can be a little bit less than that and be very valuable. And it can be even less than that and be authentic but there are things to look for when you’re stepping into that world. And it has to be managed very carefully because even throughout the process of doing that channeling differently, you can drop temporarily, or the field can drop, and you have to really be on top of that.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, I would say it’s, it’s interesting. And the question is, you know, looking at a level of consciousness, and it’s always an average over time. So one of the critical pieces of measuring is that we’re always measuring over a period of time, a specific period of time, and we’re measuring the average. Now, you might look at a peak over, say, 10 minutes or an hour. And one of the things that we  discovered in our own work, and our own experience of creating FLFE and creating the Programs is as  Clayten said, we consciously open the field with the prayer, and we rise up in consciousness during that time that we’re working on it. (1:15:00) But what we’ve found is really important is to close the field and come back out of it consciously. And in native traditions, the opening and closing of the four directions is opening and closing the field. And it’s something we would encourage people to do, just as a general practice, if you’re meditating, or you’re doing healing work, particularly that you open consciously, and you close consciously so that you come back out of the field to help yourself recover. Because there is there is a cost been in a high consciousness field.  We’re not talking about the FLFE field; FLFE is designed to be the place where you can be in it all the time. But we’re talking about going to 700 or maybe peaking up to 900; you don’t want to stay in those fields super long, unless your nervous system is acclimated to that. We always encourage people as they are doing healing work to close the field and give yourself rest. And also drink plenty of water and take your essential fatty acids and magnesium.   


Clatyen – I should probably just say one thing about measuring consciousness. So, if you don’t state the time frame that you’re measuring consciousness over, it will default to the instant that you do the test. And Erin‘s nodding, we’ve been talking about this in the office. So, people oftentimes, will be a high state temporarily, and they’ll measure their consciousness and it could be at 570 or 580 or 610 and they think that they live there. But if you if they check their level of consciousness at a different time, or somebody else checks it for them when they’re not in the best state, they may be at 190 then it really skews your experience of where you’re living at. So, what we encourage you to do is to test yourself in those high states, appreciate the peak, enjoy the experience, and then test yourself over a period of 24 hours. In my research, if you’re looking at where you live as a generality, testing yourself on average, over a period of 24 hours will give you about a 97.7% accuracy. And there’s a lot of definitions and things around that if you test it over a week, it’s about 97% accurate in terms of under understanding where somebody lives. So typically, a week is a good place to start with; most of us remember the last week if we had a big up and down so we can play with it.  


Erin – Thank you for addressing that it’s over a period of time, and it constantly changes. And if somebody were to say, you know, I have a very high state of consciousness, I don’t think the field can do anything for me, because I’m already high, what would your response be?   


Clayten –  First, we’ve had some pretty high yoga teachers, call us and say, “Well, I’m already at a higher level of consciousness than 560 and just to give you an example of the states of humanity, the last time I checked, there were only  9 people on the planet that were over 600 90%  of the time over the previous week. So, it’s a very rare experience, to have somebody live over that level. Now, you can be 86% of the  time over the previous week, and 90% of the time, and certainly those people are wonderful to be around. It’s a real joy to be in their presence. And probably a few more things, I should say, if were say at 560 which would be the state of an advanced spiritual teacher, or an advanced loving housewife, or an advanced loving farmer, or an advanced loving barista, or an advanced loving anything, your environment around you, unless you’re on the FLFE service will very likely be around 420 which is the average home in North America, 460 is the average home environment for a Feng Shui’d home in North America. So, what you’re doing is you’re using some of your energy to bring that environment up around you. And so if you are a high spiritual teacher, you would value your consciousness going up, we suggest that you try the FLFE Service and just experience not giving up your energy to lift the environment because you’re emanating out your vibration to lift up what is around you. (1:20:00) Just like the Dalai Lama was doing when he looked at me and waved. I don’t know if he intentionally blessed me, but something really happened. And I think part of the reason why his field is so high is because, of course, his own work. And he’s probably the greatest living example of a spiritual leader in our generation and he has lots of people praying for him so that also helps your field. And I would encourage anybody who’s a spiritual teacher to experiment with the FLFE Service to see how that extra energy that you’re not having to give out helps when you’re not having to give out to support the environment. You can reinvest that into your own growth and consciousness.  


Erin – Thank you. We’ve got a question here from Linda. She asks – “Are you planning to provide additional product crystals? I’m more sensitive to environments and my body temperature goes up very hot, if I’m in as if I’m in an oven, is that natural? After I drink water, my temperature returns to normal.”  


Jeffrey – Well, at this point, we’re not intending to do crystal products, or FLFE Mobile, you know, products that we would send, we may in the future have products that we would sell, but at this time, we don’t have an intention to do that. Body temperature is affected by consciousness and by the energy in the field. And so that is something that can happen, it might also be an indication that you were slightly dehydrated.   


Clayten – Yes, we talked about the nervous system, what happens with the nervous system is when you’re going up in consciousness, you’ll oftentimes have an experience of being warmer because there’s more electricity running through the wires, which are your nerves. And when you run excessive electricity through a wire and it can’t handle it all, it starts to heat up. So, heat dissipation is an area of mechanical concern for people when they’re building something. That’s why you have to have loads and all of  your engineering specs in place, because things heat up when there’s too much electricity going through them. So, heating up can be a sign of being in a higher consciousness field and your own consciousness going up.  


Jeffrey – Yes as I recall, reading, The Life of a Yogi – Yogananda, they used to take ice baths to cool themselves down in the day, when they’re in the midst of a big heat experience and their nervous system, they would jump in a bathtub full ice water, we’re not suggesting you try that it might be uncomfortable, but it certainly could help.   


Erin – Well at least it’s good for the lymph system. Pang has a great question to piggyback on that – “You just talked of a price to pay. Well, in high levels of consciousness, what is this price exactly?”   


Clayten – Maybe I will speak to that first. If you have a high degree of conscious control over your state, you can go up to higher levels of consciousness to receive information. And some information is most readily accessible at a certain level of consciousness personally. And some is given to you through the grace of God, or through our Higher Powers. And so, when you go into these high fields, it takes energy to be in a high field, it’s just like going to the gym Pang, if you go to the gym to exercise, if you exercise too much, they’d be a price to pay, you’ll be sore because you’re overextending your muscles. So, if you have a degree of conscious control over yourself, which most of us do, you can do a prayer or meditation, you go up into those states, unless your consciousness is that that state, if you try to stay in there too long, you’ll just be tired, and you’ll be less able to function. And so that’s more of a ritualistic process or sacred space. So, if you’re a body worker, or a Reiki Master, or healer of some type, typically, if you’re working in a in a session, you’ll start the session and end the session, that’s often an unconscious creation of a sacred space, or high consciousness field. And so working in that environment  you can only stay in it for so long. (1:25:00) If you’re doing counseling or coaching, you need a break in between sessions, because you are expending energy. So, it’s not to have a fear thought or anything express, it’s just to recognize that when you’re in these higher states, you can only stay in them for so long until you become that person. When you become that person, then you can just be there effortlessly, otherwise, you’ll be tired.  


Jeffrey – Yes, it’s part of our mission here or part of the vision for FLFE is to create a high consciousness environment to support human evolution and be functional in the world, you know, is to be able to do what we need to do to take care of our lives. So that’s why we want to take care of ourselves and exercise good self-care and just spend the amount of time in those high fields as is appropriate for us because being tired in your life is just not that much fun.  


Erin – And just to respond to that, Jeff,  where the low point of 560 is right now, it’s kind of like a sweet spot, right? Where we have the resources available to us and a high functioning capacity. Whereas if it was up at 580 or 600, we’d probably want to sleep on the couch or something.  


Jeffrey –  Yeah, it’s a really good point Erin I mean, we’ve discovered that that 540 to 560 range is a place where you could be a spiritual leader, you can be out in the world, you can be doing things you could be supported by that energy. But it’s not like as you say too much, it doesn’t take you into the place that might stretch your system.   


Clayten – Dr Hawkins talks a lot about that in his work, where, when your personal level of consciousness gets to about 570, you get into a place of having almost unlimited energy, in a sense of having extreme endurance and being able to concentrate for extraordinary periods of time. Unlimited, is a bit of an exaggeration, but just extreme amounts of functioning and consciousness. So, if you’re looking at the spiritual leaders of the world, in the 570 range, 560, is where they have enough power to govern a spiritual organization, and not be so high that they lose interest in the world. And so often it’s a karmically agreed upon level that the person stepping into whether they have a number to it or not, where they will be at that level and serve and then maybe towards the end of their life, they’ll try to go higher, but they won’t be as active in the world. So just to remind you that it’s not a limitation in any way, it‘s just that environment is the sweet spot of having, as Erin said, a high level of consciousness and a high level of energy to function and then you can transcend that.  


Erin –  Just to note we are coming up on about an hour and a half here. So, we’ve got two questions left and one is pretty clear so we can go ahead and address that first. Matthew is asking – “Is that ability to  kinesiology on the Hawkins Map level, something that is fairly easily teachable? Can you share a resource, maybe? I know I’ve heard you share Power vs Force before Clayten. Is there anything else you want to say on that one?  


Clayten – Yes, it can be easily teachable at a very basic level, not everybody can do kinesiology even if you’re a highly evolved spiritual teacher, it’s just the way our bodies are wired, some of us. And we’ve talked about this in the past and we could probably talk about this for half an hour easily, so I would suggest that you form a study group and practice with some people and see what your experience is like. When I formed my first study group, we had envelopes with people’s names on a piece of paper inside, and we would check their level of consciousness and the control we used was people that Hawkins had identified in his books. So, for instance, Abraham Lincoln and different spiritual teachers.  

And we also would write the level of consciousness of the chapters in the book Power vs Force, because they’re identified in the back of the book. (1:30:00) I’ll see if I can find the page number for you. Anyway you can look in the back of the book and find them. So those are the controls we use. And we found that writing down the inquiry was very helpful. So, there’s a lot to say about that, and I just given the time, I think we’ll just leave it at that.   


Erin – And I’ll just reiterate that Power vs. Force is a great resource. And I think you mentioned before that, in the back of the book, there is a guide.   


Clayten – Yes , the second edition of Power vs Force has more protocols in it than the first edition  which indicates that there may be even more protocols to learn about how to do kinesiology. And that is the challenge is having a complete set of protocols.   


Erin – And just to reiterate, that’s a by Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force. 

And so, for our last question of the night, again, I want to thank everybody for being present, this has been really fun, and we’ve gotten some great questions and great answers. So, Sue asks – “What kind of changes have you witnessed with the generosity of offered energy towards FLFE’s Refugee Program?”  


Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that, Jeff. And for those of you who don’t know, we have several million people in refugee camps on FLFE and we’re heavily subsidizing that, probably to the point of 99.9% now. With FLFE you can adjust the level of consciousness of it going out. So, we have the Home Subscription, which is 560, the Mobile which is at 565 and we have the Public Service Wave, which is 540. And so, what we do with the refugee camps is we calibrated the most appropriate level of consciousness for that environment. And so that level is much less than 540. I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about the number, but it’s not as high; it is a positive environment, it does a lot of the clearing, and it helps a lot with shock and trauma, which is a big issue, of course, with anybody that would be in that kind of environment. So, that is kind of an explanation of what’s happening with that. And if you’ve had some time to think about an answer, Jeff, I’ll let you take it over. I don’t know that I have much tell else to say about it. I’m just thinking about what have I noticed about the generosity of it? And I don’t know how to answer that right now.  


Jeffrey – Well, one of the people in our group is intending to go to a camp, I don’t know when that would happen. At least she was intending to go to a refugee camp to see what the environment  felt like before and after. I don’t know if that’s going to happen at this point. And we have not actually physically been to any of these refugee camps. So, we can’t really report to you the difference over time, we want to continue to be in on this project, and adding more and more refugee locations to this special service that we’ve created for that. And we do many different other kinds of service projects around the world.  

And this one, it’s something that over time, there are a lot of agencies that work directly in these camps that are involved with the psychological health of the people in the camp. And so, over time, we would love to have a project to work with those organizations and find out what they’re seeing. But at this point, we don’t have the resources to do that. We’re just trying to do as much good as we can. And eventually, we hope to be able to really connected in with those organizations and see what the differences are by being in the camps themselves.   


Erin – Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you all for your questions. It looks like Sally just chimed in with the page number of 317 in Power vs Force. Thank you. It does take community and your being here has definitely been a blessing. (1:35:00) 

Linda is asking – “Are you planning to have more conference calls?”  Yes, we are doing webinars every other Thursday right now. So, if you’re not already signed up for future webinars, you can reach us at contact@flfe.net.  So thank you all again for being here with us. It’s been a pleasure, and until next time, Onward and Upward as we say in house.   

Jeffrey and Clatyen Yes, yes. Yeah. Thank you very much. Yeah, we’re really grateful for your presence on this journey with us. There’s a lot more to come and stay with us and we look forward to talking to you next in two weeks.