Rapid Evolution in an FLFE Environment  

January 31, 2017  

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, welcome. Welcome to the FLFE webinar, I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Welcome everyone. We’re really excited tonight to have all of our Subscribers invited as well. So, we have current Subscribers joining us, as well as Free Trial participants. So welcome, everyone. We’re going to look to finish in an hour. But if we have additional questions, we’ll keep going. So, please put your questions in the chat area on the on the side there. That way we can read those questions and answer. So normally Erin is with us and moderating and she had some trouble connecting from her hacienda in Mexico. So, Clayten and I will be moderating and reading the questions. So, Blessings to you. And thank you for joining us.

Clayten – Yeah, so tonight, we’re talking about rapid evolution in a high consciousness field. So, we especially invite questions around that topic. We’ll cover a couple of general subjects in that genre and drill into those in a little more depth depending on your questions. And at some point, any questions are welcome. So, don’t feel like you have to have something that’s specifically for that. But that is the topic of the night. So, we’ll, we’ll start with that.

Jeffrey – So we’ve got Barbara from Pasadena, Chris from Fallbrook, California. Jasmine from an Alabama, Kathleen from Atlanta, we’ve got Michael from New York State, Linda from New Orleans. Elizabeth from Hawaii. We’ve got quite a few people from all over North America joining us. And I’ll bet we’ll get some people as well from Europe. So as Clayten said, we’re going to focus on rapid evolution in a high consciousness field. And so, we’ll just talk for a few minutes about it. And we’ve got some good news for you as well. Some tidbits as we as Clayten and I say to each other, we’ve got a good bone for you to chew on. So, we’ll just talk a little bit and then we’ll start taking your questions.  Would you like me to start Clayten? Or do you want to start?

Clayten – Yes, let’s talk about rapid evolution in a high consciousness field. So what Jeff and I will typically do is start with the physical and our context is typically the physical, mental, and spiritual attributes of a topic. And so, in a high consciousness field, like many pilgrimage sites around the world, like many churches, synagogues, mosques, anywhere where people gather in prayer or worship, especially certain places on the earth that are naturally a high consciousness field. Many of you have heard of ley lines when you get ley lines coinciding with an area that’s particularly beautiful, it may have a view or a vista it also inspires people to maybe build a piece of architecture there that will reflect that beauty. And some of you have no doubt done research on these areas and found that many of the altars in the churches and synagogues and mosques and temples around the world are actually built exactly on the crossing of a ley line in a certain energetic position. So, these are topics that have been addressed throughout history, and maybe a different language than what we’ll use. But it should be familiar to many of you, who are also spiritual devotees in your own way.

So, let’s start with the physical Jeff. So, our research indicates that in a high consciousness field, positive cell regeneration increases. So that’s why many people will go to these pilgrimage sites for healing. And when our body is in a high consciousness field, as we’ve said many times before, there is an extraordinary amount of positive energy available to the body to do healing. (5:00) And the metaphor that I like is that if you’re going to do a renovation on your house, and you kind of have your dream renovation, but you don’t have the money, it’s like somebody coming along and writing you a check to do a renovation. So being in a high consciousness field is like giving your body a bonus check for healing. And so sometimes that does result in a healing crisis when a lot of things are happening quickly. But most of the time, it’s just an experience of accelerated positive cellular regeneration. And that can show up in lots of different ways.  So maybe I’ll just let you pick that up from there, Jeff. And I’ll have a few more thoughts that I can share when you’ve finished.

Jeffrey – Yeah, thanks.  It’s so we’re in this high consciousness field, it’s full of high vibrating energy, it’s full of life-giving energy, and the body starts to pull that energy in and starts to use it for whatever, you know, whatever the body’s innate intelligence wants to use it for. We keep going back to that, that it’s the body’s Innate Intelligence that does the healing, we’re providing the ideal environment for that. And our mission in FLFE is to support and create the optimal conditions for human evolution in an economic society and in society with money and economy happening. So, this high consciousness field is one way to create a condition for optimal evolution, the body has all this energy to work with, it starts to pull it in and to do things. And then we’re also adding additional help for the body; additional information in the form of programs. So for those of you that are new to FLFE maybe you’re on the Free Trial, first of all, I would send you now we have just in the last couple of days, we’ve added a Learning Center that is full of information about the Programs about how to use the high consciousness field to make the most out of it. So, I encourage you to go to the website, look for the Learning Center up in the navigation field.

So, we’re adding Programs and those that have been with us quite a while, know that that our passion is improving the Service and putting more and more value into the FLFE wave in the form of these Programs. And so, for a Home or Business or Non-Profit, the first set of Programs are clearing the negative history, or the negative energy that’s part of the history of that land, or the building or things in the building. And then the Programs flow in the positive energy, which we’re talking about the high consciousness field and then we have these enhancements. Health enhancements are what we’re talking about now and part of Clayten’s work and the work we’ve done together, we see that one of the main restraints to people rising and consciousness is their health. When we don’t feel good, and don’t have energy, when something hurts, when we’re sick, we’re not able to focus on positive evolution.

So, that’s why we talk so much about health and we talk so much about the Health Programs. It’s really to support consciousness and rising of consciousness. So how does this work, it’s one of the questions people have is how do these Programs work with the body?  And it’s really interesting that we have this field, this environment that we’re in, and our Programs are going in also as a vibrational information. And they’re moving at a certain frequency and the body begins to entrain or sort of match up with that vibration. It’s like you’re listening to music and you start tapping your foot and don’t even know you’re tapping to the beat of the music. So that beat of that Program starts to move into the body. And it provides this information, additional energy, additional help in very specific areas that the body can use, and it doesn’t interfere with free will, the body can use it or not use it but it’s there as a resource. (10:00) And then the Innate Intelligence of the body is what takes over. Should I go into the specific programs Clayten do you think?

Clayten – Yeah, I’m just being aware of the time I’m assuming we’ll talk another 10 or 15 minutes on high consciousness field and then perhaps take questions from there. So, we could spend hours just on health, but when do we want to share the new Program that we’re that we just put on about an hour ago?

Jeffrey – Yeah, I could talk about it now. Yeah. So, we have a number of Programs on. We have Immune System Support; we have GI Tract Support and Anti-Stagnation which really helps the body subtle energy systems. It helps our meridians and chakras to keep flowing and not get stuck.  We have an Anti-Oxidant Program on to assist the body producing its own antioxidants and to absorb more antioxidants from the food that we eat. But the big kahuna that we’ve really been working on for months and months and we really think will help take all of us into a different zone of healing is the Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder Program. So, those organs particularly the kidney and liver are filtering. They are our bodies filtering systems when we’re doing healing projects. That’s what filtering out those by-products of the healing, taking them out of the system. And when that filtering capacity is restricted. The body can’t do healing, I mean, can’t do as much healing. And what we’ve discovered is that there’s an epidemic of deposits, either gelatinous deposits or hard mineral deposits that are in the kidneys and the liver. And this Program is designed to work with that. You want to talk about that little Clayten? You did you did quite a bit of research on this with a local doctor.

Clayten – Yes, years ago, I started having pain in my left side whenever I ate corn chips. And since I ate a lot of corn chips, I had a lot of pain, chips and salsa were a favorite food. I went to my chiropractor, and he kept saying, my gallbladder meridian was out, and I didn’t put the two and two together.

So, we do a lot of our research through a form of Kinesiology. We call it conscious kinesiology or advanced kinesiology. And so, we were testing the percentage by volume that the average North American organs were full of these deposits. And the reference we use for the deposits is the book by Andreas Moritz. The Amazing Liver Kidney Gallbladder Flush is the name of the book. I started doing these flushes to get these deposits out of my body because I figured out the pain in my liver was actually gallstones. And I know a lot of people have the gallbladder removed. And I didn’t think that was a good idea.

So, I did do these flushes, and they’re quite severe. I won’t go into the details. But Jeff also did a process where he was removing those deposits. And he was using an herb called gold coin grass and stone breaker and a few different things which you can also use. What we started to do was to look at ways to support these organs to strengthen themselves and to tonify, and to soften; to have these deposits softened and pass. So, you don’t want to be passing gallstones or kidney stones or liver deposits if they’re hard, not all the organs produce really hard deposits. But of course, gallstones are very calcified. So, the Program is designed to strengthen the organs while supporting them to clean themselves of any of these calcified or hardened deposits over a period of time. (15:00) And we won’t go into much detail about that. But it’s been a very long process to really nail it down and get it specific and accurate, because it’s a very delicate process. And you may notice in the next few days, that you’ll want to be drinking more water, the body will actually crave more water because you’ll be flushing out more toxins. And you also may notice that there’s typical signs when your organs are working better if there’s been one that’s been kind of not functioning well. So, your urine may be discolored. So those are some of the signs at most, you know, medical people will tell you that look for most health practitioners, is there something else, in particular, Jeff, that you were thinking of?

Jeffrey – No, I think you hit it there, Clayten, this will proceed in its own time as the body’s intelligence directs. And at the end what we found is when we hit that bottom, where we cleared up deposits which took us almost a year using these other methods. But this is going to be much more quickly. There’s a spot where the body now knows that it’s clear, and it knows that it has more filtering capacity. So, the body can take on more projects. We have more energy, we have more vitality, skin clears up all sorts of things start to happen. It’s really interesting. So, we’d love to hear about that as you go along. So that’s health side. And these things do take time. Stay with us, as you can enjoy the benefits and let your body’s Innate Intelligence work on what’s next and what’s next and continue to improve your health and well- being.

So, the other side of evolution in a high consciousness field with high vibrating energy up on the scale of consciousness. We use the Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So, the FLFE environment is now 560 minimum, on the Hawkins Map. All the parts of ourselves that may be vibrating lower than that are encouraged to rise and again, entrainment in the body help consciousness to rise. So that’s another part of our evolution; rising in consciousness. I know Clayten, you’ve done some measuring over 90 days, the first 90 days, what happens to our own personal level of consciousness being in a high consciousness field, like FLFE?

Clayten – The roles of Jeff and I play in the company are that I tend to do a lot of the research and gathering the information. I spent a lot of time doing consciousness, kinesiology, I’ve developed a number of assessments on measuring people’s consciousness in different parts of life and then taking them through various processes to assist them in raising their consciousness. So that’s mostly my role; Jeff is a world-class executive. And he keeps things moving in the company and keeps it keeps the Programs moving forward so they can get out there. We’re going to talk a little bit about the mental-spiritual side now and so we’re going to be talking about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. So that’s a book by Dr. David Hawkins – Power vs Force is his first book, it’s a New York Times bestseller, we have a copy of my bookshelf here, you can find it at most bookstores or obviously you can order it on the internet pretty quickly, Amazon is where many people go.

So, in a high consciousness field, in the FLFE high consciousness field, the average person in the field eight hours a day for 90 days will go up 10 points. So, on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, each point up is 10 times power than the one below it. So that means it’s a logarithmic scale. So, 540 is 10 times more powerful than 539, 541 is 100 times more powerful than 540, 542 is 1000 times more powerful. So, each level of consciousness has a certain number of microwatts of electricity associated with it.

There’s an equivalent of microwatts of electricity and your level of consciousness, and the human scale on the Hawkins Map goes from one to 1000, the actual Map itself goes from one to infinity, where God or Divinity is – an infinite amount of energy. (20:00) So, when the home environment, as Jeff said, the minimum level of consciousness is 560 within five seconds now, and we just added a Control Panel a little while ago, where you can turn the energy on and off not only in a Free Trial but during your Subscription. You can experience the contrast because many of us in a high consciousness field get used to that experience of being in high energy. It is a very significant change in our life, 10 points up would be considered an extraordinary growth period for just about any person in 90 days. There is a rise there and you’ll notice things are changing. There are many things on the mental level, where you’ll notice that you’ll have fewer negative thoughts, you’ll actually have more personal willpower. We talked about the difference between personal willpower and spiritual will in our last call. You will have more willpower. People find that they’re able to give up certain things such as bad habits. In some cases, we’ve had remission from addictions, they’ve just been able to let things go. So, you will find that your environment will be easier to be in, in terms of changing your habits. We’ve got other Programs on that and maybe I’ll let Jeff talk about. I’ve noticed that because we don’t have our moderator we’re trying to moderate and talk at the same time. So, I might be a little bit distracted. So please be patient with us. And if you want to Jeff, you can talk a little bit about some of the other Programs in the in the home.

Jeffrey – I’ll answer one of the questions at the same time, someone asked – “What’s the difference between the mobile and home subscription? And what are you missing out by just doing mobile?” But as we said earlier, there is a clearing that that occurs. We created a Clearing Program which is quite an extensive removal Program that looks at all the negative things that can happen. We had to list out all the negative things that could happen, it was a bit of a dark task. So that clearing of the property that is much like cleaning a room before you paint it, it really gets the dirt out of the corners. And we found that it took a long time for the level of consciousness to rise on a property if we didn’t do that first. So that’s really something we learned along the way that if we can clear the negative history, so the mobile, the FLFE Mobile, for those of you that might not know, is a service that we developed, because we just couldn’t stand to be outside the field, and we wanted to take it with us.  We created a 300-foot radius high consciousness field around any object if we have a very good photo, we’re actually working on a way to do that with cell phones. But that’ll be really interesting.

So, we just can’t do the clearing on the Mobile that you can and Home Program. Because it’s moving, you can be on an airplane, you could be at a high speed in a car. And if you’re trying to clear the land on that kind of moving situation, that would take way too much power to do that, because it’s so fast. So that’s something that people really notice is a negative environment, if you can clear that history, it’s just part of clearing the mind as we said or calming the mind. Because there are negative influences, there are thought forms that are there. There’s a history that can affect you, and it can affect your mood and what you think about. So clearing that out, people notice the difference, particularly on certain properties that might have a history and it might be history. We have no clue what is there, it might be before settlers ever came to the area, before even the Native Americans were  there – it could have been something that’s, thousands of years old, or native wherever you are located. So, that’s not in the Mobile Program, many of the focus and the concentration Programs that people find so helpful for work and for their children’s study habits, those are not in mobile, either. But many things are, we’re trying to put more and more into the Mobile Program as we go along. (25:00) But we encourage people to do both if you can.  But then this new Program, the Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder are on both Mobile and in the Home Program. We had we had a question about what if you don’t have a gallbladder? What if it’s been removed? Do you have anything you’d like to say on that Clayten? It doesn’t cause any kind of issue because we’re cleaning out the kidneys and the liver.

Clayten – Yes, it doesn’t have any issue, the only issue would be that whatever processes the body has designed to use the gallbladder for your body has to compensate for that in some other way. And I know that we have also a Communication Program on the Home Subscription. And we have a different version of that in the Mobile Subscription. It’s a little different focus because the nature of the mobile service is that it uses about 20 times more energy than the home subscription, just because it has to track a person as they move. So, for example, in the mobile subscription, and we have a program to facilitate the clearing of karma between people, any negative history, whereas, in the home for subscription, we focus on improving communication. So, if you improve communication, you’ll clear karma. If you clear karma, you’ll improve communication. But each wave works a certain way with those issues a little bit better than the than the other. And so, we will focus one particular one on where we can get the most value to. And karma can be just something that happened yesterday or depending on your belief, it could be another incarnation. We also have some Programs on the Home Subscription for communication between parents and children, and Jeff has had some really good experiences with some FLFE parties he’s done. And we could go on for hours with the Programs. We’re going to have a chart on our website that lists all the Programs on each Service. And then when they went on, and we’re just working on that at this point.

Jeffrey – The website is a great place to visit this new Learning Center that we mentioned, there is a Program page so that all the Programs are detailed there. But there’s also a Personal Evolution page, which relates to our current topic tonight. And in that there is something we call Magnetizing. It’s a process that we developed for manifesting in a in a high consciousness field, such as the FLFE field. So, it’s Clayten said, as our level of consciousness rises, one point, we have 10 times more personal energy, your personal power. So if you go up 10 points, it’s ten to the 10th power, more power, more energy, or more ability to create the life that we want. And so that’s the benefit of rising in consciousness is of course, we’re more loving, we’re more connected that All That Is. But we also can create the lives that we want to have. So, if you go to, again, the Learning Center, go to the Personal Evolution page, you can download the written version of the Magnetizing Process. Or you can listen to it, we went through it verbally during one of our early calls. So that’s there. And that’s a great benefit; to use the energy that’s there and use the level of consciousness that’s changed for you to really make a difference in your life. People notice how quickly things manifest. And it’s another factor that we want to always say is to pay attention to what you’re thinking. Because what you think often appears in your life. So, in, especially in high consciousness field, it’s going to happen very quickly. Do you want to say anything about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I’m glad you mentioned that. That was one of the last things on my list before we got the questions was to notice that in a high consciousness field, things do manifest quicker. So oftentimes, we forget that we manifest what we think about whether we want it or don’t want it, if we despise it, if we have a big issue with it, we’re still thinking about it. And if we’re thinking about it, we’re like a little radio antenna, we’re sending out that signal. (30:00) So, it isn’t just about what we want, it is whatever we think about whether we want it or not. So, it’s a good opportunity for us to look at our own thinking by looking at the results in our outer world, they will come into fruition or formation faster than they would in a consciousness field that isn’t as high.

Jeffrey – Sally is asking about the Clearing Program – “Is it an initial or an ongoing Program?” It’s ongoing, the clearing happens very rapidly, many, many times per second, so it’s really a fresh start every micro second. It’s a great thing if people are coming and going quickly, like in a retail store, or where a lot of kids and a lot of people are coming and going, it’s clearing continuously. That hopefully that answers your question, Sally.

Jennifer is asking Clayten about conscious Kinesiology and she’s asking about what method apart from kinesiology have you discovered best to test yourself?

Clayten – Well, there are many methods to test yourself. I’m just thinking of some of the courses that I’ve taken over the years. And one of the best ways that people have said to test yourself is to look at the results in your life. But in terms of testing your consciousness, I’m not aware of any technique that measures consciousness as well as Consciousness Kinesiology, or advanced kinesiology. When you’re looking at a scale, one of the variables and, getting highly accurate results using kinesiology is having a high consciousness scale. So, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness calibrates at 840, and if you scale yourself on a scale of one to 100, if you use Divinity, Divinity expressing through the highest level of consciousness that a human body can hold, then that scale from one to 1000, would calibrate at 600 out of 1000, if you don’t use Divinity as the ultimate source, or how Divinity expressed through a human as the ultimate source on a scale and level of conscious that scale will be lower. So, I throw that in there as a little tidbit, I guess, for us consciousness measurers, the higher the level of consciousness of your scale, the more accurate results will be. So Sherry, I’m not sure how to answer that in any other way; we use a lot of Kinesiology and it’s a skill that takes a long time to learn. There’s a set of protocols in the back of Power vs Force, the first edition and then there’s a new edition out and so you can start with that and build it from there.

Jeffrey – And there are other people, Western psychologists that are doing work on consciousness and scales of consciousness. Nothing I’ve seen is as complete as the Hawkins Map, but Spiral Dynamics is another system. And there are some people trying to develop tests that you could take any sort of scale yourself where you are. It’s good to look at the Hawkins Map, because it has a corresponding emotion, with it, so you can get a sense of where you are most of the time like about 500 is the level of love, 540 is unconditional love. So that’s where the FLFE Field is. It’s a field of love, to support us to be more loving. You could look at yourself, and ask, how often do I feel more loving?  Try to gauge if you’re in that loving zone. So, reading Dr Hawkins books are a great way people use kinesiology, with kinesiology we’re tuning into our Innate Intelligence. Again, it’s connected to All That Is -in a pendulum also because that connects me and if that’s the way that you connect to that innate intelligence that you have.

Clayten – We could spend a lot of time on this. When using  kinesiology, dowsing, or pendulums , a lot of it is making sure the vehicle is in the right place to test. (35:00) There’s a lot of things involved in that, including hydration, making sure your polarity is correct, making sure you have permission to make the inquiry, then forming the right question. It’s really an art and a science. And sometimes you’ll find that once you learn to measure your questions, you won’t be able to find the right question on a very knowledge specific topic, because you won’t have enough information. So, in that case, you’ll have to find a knowledgeable specialist to help you actually find the right words to ask the question. So, we could spend a lot of time on this, but this will give you a start anyway.

Jeffrey –   So as time goes on, we’ll have more and more information in the Personal Evolution page in the Learning Center. So just stay tuned to that.

Elizabeth is asking the question about the Object for FLFE Mobile. And she’s asking if it’s okay for it to be an energy aura necklace. And just a thought on that Elizabeth,  FLFE he does not interfere with any other technology, as far as we know. I mean, we’ve never seen any kind of interference. You can have Mobile and FLFE together. People who work in other modalities they all seem to enhance, because we’re talking about the environment, creating this high consciousness environment. So, any kind of object will work for the FLFE mobile, it just needs to be a very high-resolution photo, the best photo you can take. And the way to do that is to put the object on a piece of paper, so there’s nothing else in the picture. And take it in good light. And then later when you when you’re examining the photo to zoom in and make sure that you can see the detail in the object so that it can be identified. It’s really identified by Divinity in this in this photograph. So that’s what you need to do. It doesn’t matter what it is, though, if it’s to mass produced, I mean, everything has small little variations. And that’s why you need a good photograph, to see those small variations but something more unique is even better.

So, Clayten Linda’s asking, does it help get rid of ghosts?

Clayten – Well, I’ll start with that people have asked us, you know, we spent about two hours talking about this one night we had an alumnus interview had been about three hours, we did an interview with an ex-police officer that’s in our Learning Center.  And in a high consciousness field, basically, you’re bringing light into a room that may be dark or may not be dark. And anything in the darkness if the light is bright enough, is uncomfortable. And so, what we do is energize the entities or beings that have passed over and what they do with that energy is really up to them. But it’s a positive loving energy that is supported around them and we don’t force anything to happen. We offer them the opportunity to make peace and to find peace; for many of them that’s going to the light and it’s going to the light that is representative of Divinity and that there’s a path that they follow such as a Christian or Muslim or Judaic or Hindu or maybe a devotee of Krishna. There are many ways, many paths they would be supported to follow that pathway to God because it’s the one that’s most appropriate to them. And so, we don’t really talk about getting rid of things; we talk about supporting all of us to find peace whether we’re on this side of the veil or the other side of the veil.

Jeffrey – That is a great point about our Programs; being an opposition is not a high consciousness position, we want to love it all and creating the environment for evolution to occur is really what FLFE is all about. Did you have a question there, Clayten?

Clayten  – Sherry was asking a question about hertz. We haven’t done a lot of research on the equivalent levels of consciousness and hertz and how the FLFE wave effects hertz and its measurement. (40:00) So, I don’t think I can give you the answer that I’d like to on that yet. Sherry, we have had customers that have inferred a certain level of consciousness is associated with a certain level of hertz, we haven’t done enough of research on that, to really comment on it, you know professionally. That’s a good question I’m making a note of that one.

Jeffrey – Janice asked about two people in a house with an FLFE environment and one knows about the Program one doesn’t and are there different effects?  And it’s actually a fairly common situation, a lot of spouses will not tell the other spouse or not tell their kids. In every FLFE environment, you see from the emails that we always encourage everyone to drink lots of water, to hydrate. So even though people don’t all know about it, as long as somebody knows on the property, and they’re encouraging everybody else to drink more water, it’s good. So, oftentimes, people do this in order to  take away that placebo effect. So they want to see what people notice, we’ll see how people are different in the space without them knowing about it. So, I think it’s a great thing to do. It’s an interesting way to test it yourself. And also, when your friends come into your space to see how they react, and oftentimes they’ll go, Wow, what’s different? you know, did you paint? Did you get new draperies? you know, because it feels new and fresh to them in some way. So that’s, that is a good way to look. And I wouldn’t say that the effects are different other than what we said earlier about using the situation the energy available to you consciously, to manifest what you want to do in your life. So conscious use of the additional energy is something that if you don’t know it’s there you may just feel it.

So is intention necessary?  I guess what we’re saying is, intention is always part of the human, the human environment and situations and so we all have intentions we all have thoughts, and you use that consciously for your benefit to create the life that you want to create is ours is our point about intention. Let’s see what else we might have.

Clayten – We did have Kathleen asked about how do we measure our own level of consciousness and we addressed that briefly. But basically, some people can learn it quite quickly, and they pick it up fast, but you can go into the protocols at the back of Power vs Force and experiment.

Jeffrey – So we had another Wi-Fi question, Clayten we talked a bit about this in the last call.  We haven’t done a lot of research on Wi-Fi, we do have our own measurements about it. And again, it’s more harmonization that’s happening we believe, and we think, without making claims and without doing a lot of the research we’d love to find a way to measure this we think it’s about a 15% or better assistance in the in the Wi-Fi situation.

Part of Wi-Fi is other factors that affect the level of consciousness of a property and we mentioned geopathic effects that were positive like creating places that might become a Cathedral or a place that people would go to, to experience high consciousness field in a natural setting. But there’s also human effects that can cause a chaotic energy field or an area that’s low consciousness and not conducive to life and that can be moving water moving electricity or particularly water and electricity crossing. We had some situations in Brooklyn where there was an intersection with some major water mains and some electrical wiring coming off and it created an energy that made up one of the FLFE properties lower than it should be. So we are able with FLFE through the Programming to mitigate those negative geopathic effects and so we think that also works with Wi-Fi we just don’t have good numbers yet to make claims about that. (45:00)

Clayten – We have had some extraordinary results with geopathic stress zones – one example was this lady lived between two rivers. When you are in-between two rivers, you get a lot of underground water movement. And we put their home on FLFE and the whole home felt good except for the bedroom. And we determined that the bedroom had a waterfall that went right down underneath the bedroom. And they just didn’t sleep well. So, they told us about it. And we kept researching and researching it and we determined that there was a waterfall that went right underneath a bedroom. And so, we put a Program on that charged the stream with FLFE energy far enough away from the home that when it brought energy when it brought the water onto the home, it actually brought positive energy onto the property. And so, they noticed it that night. We have a lot of situations where, well actually there’s not many situations where it doesn’t just work and it’s really apparent, but the ones that we do have that don’t that don’t people don’t respond to right away. When we correct it. It’s like, oh, okay, I understand. I mean, I feel this way in this part of the house. And now the whole house feels this way. So, we do have about 998 homes out of a 1000 that will just work right off the bat. And there’s this odd anomaly that happens and every time we correct one, we put it on everybody’s Service right away. It goes on all the properties. So, we’ve been doing this for quite a few years now. And the list of geopathic stress zones is getting smaller and smaller.

Jeffrey – So, we had a question, can I turn FLFE Mobile on and off? And at this time, we don’t have a way to do that. We don’t have a Control Panel on Mobile. Now, you could call into your CRM in the office. And you could ask them to turn it off for you. And they could do that. But because it takes, as Clayten said, 20 times more energy to create that field turning it on. And a lot of people turning it on and off would create surges of energy that would use up more than our capacity. So, we don’t have that right now. But you could if you’d like to call in and we could turn it on and off manually for you, of course, you can also get 300 feet away from it or leave it at home and maybe go to the store and see what happens.

So, Sherry was asking about our interview with Regina Meredith. We were called by Gaia TV and they flew us out to Boulder for an interview about FLFE. And it was a great interview with Regina Meredith. She did quite a bit of research on us before she interviewed us. And she had had the Service put on some friends that were in different situations. She’s great that way. She really does research before she does the interview. She is amazing and professional. So, we don’t know yet when that’s going to come on. We think it’s probably March. It takes quite some time before things air. There’s a backlog of programs waiting to go on.

Clayten – We’ve had a lot of comments and some questions from Elizabeth who she says she slept better since the first day this energy was on my home. We have a really good Sleep Program. Our last interview we talked a lot about sleep and melatonin and the prolactin cycle and low blue light glasses and sleep hygiene. And so, you can look back at that. Jeffrey brought his blue light blocking glasses today.

Jeffrey – Yes, so sleep is good. And you know, I would encourage you, Elizabeth to try it with it on. I noticed you said you were turning it off at night. Turning off the Wi-Fi. Elizabeth had a water question as well, how did you see that one Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, I thought I should maybe address the water question with a couple other contextual related topics. So, with the Programming, we have it so that your body has to have enough water for the program to work 100% effectively. (50:00) And so, when the body’s water level drops below a certain level, if we let the Programs around 100%, it would tend to cause a healing crisis in people. And so, the way that we would like to have you experience FLFE is that you will go up in consciousness in a rapid way that is exciting and enlivening, and something that you look forward to. And because not all of us drink enough water, or we drink a lot of coffee, which dehydrates us quite a bit. It takes about two cups of water to process one cup of coffee and we’ve put in these parameters in the Program will disengage the Program as the percentage or the hydration level, and the body goes below a certain percent.

And so Elizabeth, there’s a Functioning Parameter, which is how well we function in the world if we get too tired then some of the Programs will disengage. We try to keep you in a place where you can have a high functioning joyful life and grow at the same time. So you have lots of safety things involved in that or functioning parameters. In addition to the ultimate safety parameter, which is that everything must be done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. That’s the last thing we have on other Programs. So I just wanted to mention that to Elizabeth and to all of you that we spent a lot of time setting this up to give you the most optimal experience that we can, and we try every Program on ourselves first. Then we have a beta test group that we work with that we check in with so that we hold ourselves accountable in that way  – everything we do we do to ourselves first.

Jeffrey – So let’s see what else do we have? So, we have a pet question – some people are talking about their pets vomiting – that’s no good we never like our pets vomiting.  Yeah. I don’t know if how that might affect pet in that way. Now that we have the Kidney, Liver and Gallbladder Program, it may clear out those filtering organs.  I know that cats tend to have kidney issues. So, do you have anything about that Clayten? It’s the first I’ve heard anyone says that.

Clayten – There are so many variables involved in health. And there are so many things that can be happening. But you know, we have noticed that when positive cell regeneration increases, which it does in a high consciousness field, that if, for example, the filtering organs, the liver, kidney gallbladder are really plugged, things can get a bit backed up like bile and things like that. And that can cause a series of reactions. So, this is part of why we wrote the Liver Kidney Gallbladder Program was to energize those organs so that they can process out this increased positive cellular regeneration that’s happening. So other than that, I’m not sure what else to say, Jeff? I mean, we don’t make things like that.

Jeffrey – Yes, we are really seeing increased health in pets.  And increased use of that high consciousness environment. And a lot of positive behavioral things that happened with pets – particularly multiple pets. I see Sherry saying her parakeets are happy. And Sally saying that there are lots more wild birds at the feeder. And we’ve also noticed the effects on plants.  I get these butter lettuces that have the roots and I’ve been growing those after I eat them, I leave a little bit. And then I regrow them. And I’ve been growing my own lettuces. And it’s incredible how fast they’re growing back. So, that’s really interesting.

Clayten – Yeah. So, we’ve had a horticulturist, a professional horticulturist, comment on the change in the plant life on the property. So, we’ve had some professional people assess that. And we’re looking at doing more research this year on the difference between plant growth before and after. And we had Ron mention that he does quantum Reiki deep energy healing. (55:00) And when pets vomit, that’s good. He said the body is healing. We assume its healing and detoxing, so we assume it to a healing crisis. That’s our hope for that.

Jeffrey – We do we do find that food on the property tend to last longer and tends to stay fresher longer. So that’s something else, you know, we encourage you to try experiments, cut flowers, that kind of thing to see if you notice a difference in how long it’s lasting.

So, Jennifer asked, is there any variance to delivery on the property? She does shift work. No, again we’re creating an environment. So, the environment is there. It’s supporting whoever’s on the property at whatever time. So, if you’re working at night, and you’re there during the day, it’s not going to change that. In fact, when we wrote the Sleep Programs, we rewrote it for more for multiple shifts. So, it’s really whatever is best for you – to support you to work with your Innate Intelligence to support the sleep cycle to be as healthy and for sleep to be as full as it needs to be. So, that is a difficulty for people with multiple shifts, we wanted to take care of them. I’ve done that myself in the past.

Clayten  – We also included naps; naps are important. Power naps.

Sarah was asking, how long does the frequency stay with you when you leave the house? It’s a good question. I mean, these are all the questions that Jeff I play with. It really depends on your state Sarah, there are too many variables to say an exact amount for a person. So, we just couldn’t answer that in a general sense, it really depends on you. But if you’re in the field for eight hours a day, or 90 days, your consciousness goes up 10 points. So, you could say that it stays with you always, to some degree.

Jeffrey – But again, it’s a field and we’re working with the location. So, you know, that high consciousness field will stay in the location and won’t necessarily go with you unless you have the mobile. But as Clayten said the effects of it and the health effects, continue with us as we go anywhere. So, we’re getting some reports about indoor plants here, plants are still blooming here in the winter. So it’s an interesting effect, it’s something that we would like to take out and assist indoor, commercial indoor plant growing. So, it’s one of our projects for the future is to really do more research with growing plants and, and assisting humanity in that way to produce healthier and faster-growing plants.

So, Elizabeth is asking, is there a limit on how many properties you can send the energy to? Well, no, I mean, each one has its own Subscription. There could be a limit in what you want to spend, each Subscription is $30 US for a Home and $50 US for business. So, in each one of our plans, as someone becomes a Subscriber, you also get the chance to designate a religious or spiritual organization. So, it’s really a two for one process. And that way, you could put your own church or synagogue or mosque on the Service, so you can enjoy it when you’re there on Saturdays or Sundays. And that stays on, even if you just come on for a month as a Subscriber, or maybe you want to try 90 days to try to get the full consciousness benefit. The religious or spiritual organization that you designated on for free for as long as we continue the Service. So that’s something to keep in mind, it’s kind of a benefit of joining and becoming a Subscriber. But as you become a Subscriber, you’ll see in your Control Panel that you have a place for five different properties. So within your customer record, we have room for five different properties. So, you could start another customer record with a different email address, you would have another five. I hope that answers the question. And now just recently, we’ve added the ability for all five of your properties – to turn them off and on at will as you would like to do that. And the reason for that is really to, as we get used to this, and it becomes more normal, it’s good to pause it occasionally and see what it feels like. (1:00:00)

Clayten – Yeah, Elizabeth was asking, how many properties can we put on if everyone in the world wanted it? Could you do that? That’s a great question. Well, these are actually machines, they’re nonlinear, very interesting machines. And we have to do power upgrades to put more properties on. So just the just this evening, before we put the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder on the Mobile Subscription, we had to do a power adjustment to another Program to modify it to have enough power to include the Liver, Kidney Gallbladder Program on Mobile. And so there are limitations theoretically, and we just keep adding, we just keep doing power upgrades all the time. And we have more power than I thought we’d ever have. And we can do more good than I thought we’d ever been able to do. So, I don’t know what the limits are.

Jeffrey – Vicky is asking if the spiritual organization could be a local animal shelter. So, we’ve been asking people to keep it to a religious spiritual organization. We’ve also allowed schools, and an animal shelter could be a really good thing. I don’t know what’s your feeling about that, Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, I’d like to see animal shelters on the list. Part of it is just administering that. So, if you call I guess if you were up for Jeff, we could invite people to email the office and ask for an animal shelter. It’s not that we don’t want to help. It’s just that when we add another possibility, it just there’s a whole system that has to change. There’s a lot of things that go into that. We recently added schools, we just had religious or spiritual organizations, and we wanted to support schools. So, we started allowing that. And, you know, I’d like to see animal shelters be supported, I’m sure. Jeff would too.

Jeffrey –  Do you have any of the photographs of the original machine? Oh, Todd, yes, we have multiple inventors that have allowed us to steward their life’s work. And they’ve asked us to not show some pieces of the technology because if you were into this sort of thing, you might be able to take a piece of it, and reverse engineer it. And this is an interesting topic, we talked about this last time in a little bit of detail.  What we try to do is do what’s always in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And we’re not able to do that, it’s because we’re human. And what we do is we don’t do the things that are wrong, we don’t send out any Programs, or put any thoughts on that are attacking anything, or trying to do something for our own benefit. Everything has to be for the Highest and Best interest of all. So, when we test if it’s in the Highest and Best interest of all to share pictures of the technology, we always get a no – we are in the process of building a machine for the public, which will just cover up those parts. And then we’ll have a video, and you can watch it, and we’ll have it in the office. And if you’re up in this area, travelling somewhere and maybe eventually we’ll do workshops. And you could put your hand on it, and you’d feel this warm, tingly, blissy kind of energy coming off. It’s not that we don’t want to share what we have. We’ve always tested, it’s not in the Highest and Best interest of creation to do so in those ways.

We know there’s a big movement in the world of sharing or open sourcing technology. And we think that’s a great way to help us all evolve. We mentioned Elon Musk last week, where he’s sharing some of his patents, or maybe more than that I’m aware of, supporting sustainable transportation on the planet. I actually sat in a Tesla last weekend, it was quite a car, I didn’t test drive it, I didn’t have time. But we support that type of sharing. (1:05:00) We think we need to help each other as much as we can. Because we’re all in this too. And I know it’s a little bit of a long question, but it really does bear saying that we try to do what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation all the time.

Jeffrey – The Programs have that built in all the time. So it’s always that way in our personal lives, then the things that we try to do to run the business and we can’t always do that, but we try, we really try to measure and run our lives and the business that way. And it’s not an easy thing. But let me get to a couple of questions. As far as changing the benevolent property, or the RSO religious, spiritual organization, that’s a difficult thing for us right now, the way it’s set up, it’s just a bit clunky because we keep it private. So that’s not easy for us to change it. But of course, if you add another property, you get another one. But as far as going back and changing one that you already have been at this time, we are not able to do that; in another six months we’ll be able to do that easily.

Clayten – One of the intents of having the RSOs be anonymous is to support you to experience just giving anonymously – like the Pay it Forward (PIF) movement. That was the original intent, to just have you give openly and without attachment and so that was the premise that we operated from. We do check in once in a while if we should change it. We tested if it’s in the Highest and Best to change it and when people ask us to put an animal shelter on I don’t want to say no but I didn’t really test that. Those things we have to get really quiet and think about the whole principle behind the RSO offering –  or religious or spiritual organization, or we actually call it we started calling it a public service because we’re doing so much public service.

Jeffrey – The other way is, we do have a Non-Profit organization fee, $15 Subscription. So, if you’re interested in doing say an animal shelter or something that’s beneficial in that way, you could do it as a Non-Profit if the organization is a non-profit. So, we ask for you to be ethical about that, and make sure it is a non-profit. But again, if you if you do decide to do that, the people that work there, then somebody needs to know that the energy is on the property, if it’s the full FLFE Subscription. The FLFE Public Service Subscription, which is the religious spiritual organization and a lot of the service work that Clayten and I do, is at a lower level of consciousness, so it doesn’t require the hydration level.

So, we had a question, how vulnerable is FLFE to being blocked or hacked or turned off in error? That’s a separate question, we can answer that one as well. But so, turned off in error? We have multiple backups systems in order to prevent  any kind of issue. We’re working through a system now, that would, in the case of a massive power failure across the country – would continue to work on your homes. So, there are multiple backups involved with that, including backup generators and backup computers. And we’re human, and things could happen, but we’re working to have, multiple backups on that.  As far as being blocked or hacked do you want to talk about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, the light is strong enough in the room that we’re not aware of anything that can put it out if we use that metaphor, it’s very penetrating very powerful. And we could spend a half an hour on that on a technical level, but it’s a very specialized field that requires a lot of languages, like in many specialized fields, that wouldn’t expect anybody to know.  If I went into a hospital to get an operation, I wouldn’t understand the language of the doctor, because I’m not trained in that. And so, the answer is, is not that we’re aware of. No.

Jeffrey – Yeah. And the same with being hacked, or co-opted. The way we’ve designed it and the way we’ve continued to upgrade it, we’re not aware that that can happen.

Clayten – We put an extraordinary amount of resources and energy into doing that. (1:10:00)

Jeffrey-   We’re getting some other questions about the energy of it again, so we can explain the machine again. The original Genesis device looks a lot like Nikola Tesla experimental setup, you’ve got stacks and stacks of plates, and coils and shapes, high speed, alternating current running through it, and it creates a field.  The input stacks then pull in life force energy, pull in available energy into the machine, it’s then directed down through an output stack. All of that energy is concentrated on a small area, it’s really an eight and a half by eleven that size of a piece of paper. And so that’s where the Programs go in. And then these Programs contain a legal address or coordinates. And what we discovered is that creates an entanglement a kind of a quantum effect between the machine and the address, and it creates the effect instantly, and there’s no delay. We did experiments in the very beginning with a friend that was very sensitive to the energy and he could tell instantly whether it was on or off, and he was more than 1000 miles away. That’s really how it works and for us, the energy comes in, and what we’ve been able to refine is the amplification side on the output. And that’s where we can create the additional power that we’re able to do.

So, the mobile app, that’s a good question, Vicki, do we get another free service with an additional mobile app? Yes, any Subscription that you add, we will give another free religious or spiritual organization application.

Clayten – Someone was asking if FLFE can override free will?  No, it gives you more conscious control of your life. It’s your life to live, we just try to make it more joyous, we try to create the optimal conditions for, for all of us to evolve.

Jeffrey – And the way I look at it, the way it feels, to me, it’s almost like a trampoline. So, you’re bouncing along in your life, and you stub your toe, and you get angry and you go low, and it just feels like the energy bounces you back up faster. So, recovery is quicker. But you can still you can work hard, and you can be as crappy as you want to be, it’s not going to change that. But the loving environment supports you to be at that higher level, but it doesn’t affect free will.

Clayten –Elizabeth is asking if we can do it anywhere on the planet? I don’t know if we answered that. I was assuming it was about more and more properties, we can do it anywhere on the planet. Absolutely. Elizabeth, we can put any property on.

Jeffrey – The entanglement that happens and we have customers all over the world now, I’ve lost count how many countries 14 or 15, I think last count. But it is instant, you know, people feel it instantly when it comes on. So, it’s part of that entanglement that happens between the legal address and the device and in other times countries, sometimes we have it takes a little time to get the address, correct. You know, particularly in a country like China we’ve found it takes quite a bit of work to get the address correct. In European and other countries where there’s a more long-term address, there’s not as many new addresses being created as there are in a place like China. There are maybe even centuries of addresses being with the postal service. So that’s the only thing that can happen is getting the addresses correct. So, we encourage you when you do a new Subscription, take extra time with the address and make sure it’s correct.

Clayten – And we all can also put the wave in diameter or circumference around a set of latitude and longitude coordinates. So that’s another way we can associate the way with a with a location. (1:15:00)

Jeffrey – Just maximizing the benefit of holding intentions it’s really what you want to create in your life. We’re not spiritual teachers here, we just know that we’re creating an environment that gives you the power to do what you would like to do with your life and of course, loving intentions. Forgiveness, those higher vibrational emotions and thoughts to hold there are so many different ways to raise your consciousness and one of those ways being in love and being a forgiving gratitude state.

Clayten – On a theoretical level, one of the highest intentions you could hold is to is to give your life to Divinity in the way that it would like to best use you. And that would be about the highest you could ask for.

Jeffrey – So Vicki is asking – So, am I now entangled with all others on this Service?

Clayten – Well, theoretically, we are all one I had actually had a contractor come in this morning, we’re doing a renovation the office and he was listening to someone who’d passed over and had a near death experience and came back and his story that he recalled from the interview was that he always thought we were all separate. And he said we’re all one. So it doesn’t entangle you with other people in the way that I imagine you’re asking that. And I just thought about that story because it’s quite interesting. I think it’s a high truth that is really contextual. But I think in the context of your question, I’m assuming that you’re asking if we’re if we’re connected with all the other people in the Service. And we’re, not in a significant way. But even when you’re watching TV, you’re connected to all those other people that are watching TV if it’s a live show, so there is a connection there. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m not sure what else to say.

Jeffrey – Jennifer asked about the challenges of activating FLFE on a retail store located in a mall. And it’s interesting, we’ve done some retail stores and had custom retail stores. And it’s interesting, people stay longer in the store, you know, they like they like going into the store, they go back to the store. So, we had a store that was a poster shop as I recall, and people were tending to stay longer, and sales were going up. So, I don’t know what challenges there would be there, except that maybe people come in and they don’t want to leave. But hopefully, they’re buying things while they’re there. But we’ve written a specific Retail Store Program, it’s part of part of the Subscription. So, it’s a wonderful thing to try out and see what happens. It’s in a mall. You know, as Clayten said, it’s a light and it’s shining. So, it does tend to move into the other spaces, but at a lesser level of consciousness.

So, I see Elizabeth just added her religious organization, the Healing Center, great, yeah, I really encourage you guys to use that use that religious spiritual organization. It’s a way of all of us to participate together to raise the consciousness of the planet. And it’s one property at a time shining, it’s light, it has an effect on the whole planet. And that’s really how we’re connected as well, you know, we’re creating these fields and they’re really throughout creation. So, it benefits all so thank you for joining us as Subscribers as Free Trial members, and doing the religious spiritual organizations, every one of those properties makes a difference in the world. And, you know, we all know that higher consciousness is, you could say, is the solution to everything. I mean, look at our environmental issues, if everyone felt connected to animals, to plants to the planet in a way that’s real, and part of who you are, you’re going to treat that resource differently. (1:20:00) And in a high consciousness world things might be very different.

Clayten – I am noticing the time where we’re well past an hour we’re glad to keep going as long as they’re quite well not as long as the questions come in. But where I’m willing to keep going. Jeff, if you are.

Jeffrey – Yeah, we could maybe go for another 10 minutes and then we’ll wind it down. Let’s see there’s Rodin coils yeah, I’m familiar a little bit with the Rodin Coils. That’s really looking into people who are looking at how they can create electricity and the original inventors were working to create a free energy device and discovered finally that they were focusing lifeforce energy, and it really has a different purpose in the world, creating electricity. So, I don’t think we could go into the Rodin coils much at this time.

Clayten – Jennifer is asking, could we send a gift to the political centers? The Free Service wave is a wave that doesn’t require, I guess, permission, if you will, to be put on. So, when we put on the 560 wave, it’s high enough that someone needs to know on the property that the wave is going there. The public Service Wave is just an act of kindness. It doesn’t require you to let people know. You don’t need to ask permission to think a nice thought about somebody. And so, what we’ve done is we put a lot of public buildings on the Service just to help them have a good environment to work in. And any of the big administrative offices in North America or big administrative buildings of political centers, we just bless them with the wave. And some of you have put them on yourselves, we have a low kind of a loving, non-interfering (actually none of them are interfering), but a level of kindness that goes that doesn’t require us permission to be in contact with them, and tell them to drink more water and, and have resources for them to call and ask questions of what’s happening. We just create a nice environment for them to work in. And we all benefit from that.

Jeffrey – Yeah, and the White House has been on quite some time. Standing Rock has been on since the beginning of that protest. And those are the kind of things it would be difficult for you to do as a Subscriber and wanting to do a religious organization because there’s no address there. So, your Subscriptions help us to do service work. And so, we’re looking for those places in the world where we can add a high consciousness environment to help things to be more loving. So, we really thank you for your Subscriptions. And for additional things like Mobile, and all of that helps us to do this Service Work.

In the religious and spiritual organization, we stay with an address, but GPS coordinates will work. If you set up a Subscription and you put in GPS coordinates, there’s a certain radius around that. So, that does work as well and for the entanglement to happen the GPS coordinates locate a specific place on the earth, a legal address is a specific place on the earth, if it gets any fuzzier than that, it really doesn’t work. So, the Great Barrier Reef, that’s an interesting question, we have done some work with cetaceans, but not an environment like the Great Barrier Reef. But that’s certainly something that would be great to do, the oceans are definitely in need of help.  I don’t know we’d have to do some research as to what we can do there.(1:25:00)

Clayten – The more resources we get, the more we will give. And part of the plan is that as the company grows, we’ll have people doing research full time on places in the world that can most benefit from the Service. The year before we started the company in 2012, actually, Jeff and I, had this technology, and we were experimenting with it, and we just did Service Work for a year, we put properties on all over the planet, we would calibrate the level of consciousness of  a continent, and then we would find a critical factor on the continent, it would be the area where we could put the least amount of effort in and do the most amount of good, we would put that area on with the energy that we had, and that supported the whole continent to go up. And we so we did that for a whole year, pre-2012 to support that transition. Because there’s a lot of fear around that. And there was a lot of excitement as well, but that’s what we did for a whole year. And it was really when we discovered that we could do no harm, if you will, by having the safety valve of that everything is done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. After that, we thought that we could make this a business because there’s only so much we can do with our own resources. And if we have a business that is successful, then we’ll have enough resources to do all the good that we really want to do. So that was a large part of the motivation of starting the business because we only have limited resources. But if we have thousands and thousands of Subscribers, and we can use those resources to do more good and we really consider our business our spiritual path. And so maybe we’ll talk more about that in the future, but we consider our business our monastery if you will.

Jeffrey – We really appreciate the comments, I don’t know if you’re seeing these Clayten there are a lot of great appreciation and thank you’s. We work full time on this. Plus, we have other jobs that we do. And we love it. It’s our life’s work, but it really is helpful to hear this from you guys and how it’s how it’s feeling for you and how it’s helped your lives. It just brings tears to our eyes. It’s a really beautiful thing for us to hear from you.

So, can someone trace back I mean, FLFE is, again, we’re creating an environment we’re creating a high consciousness space. And, you know, if someone gets on the website, they can see you know who we are, but we can’t I don’t know if we can answer about astral or remote viewing at this point. But we’re just – you could call it do-gooders, you know, we’re out to just create a high consciousness environment and do the most good we can do in the world. And we are shining the light brightly. And we don’t want to dwell too much on the negative, what might be the negative side of things, we really just want to keep shining that light and we’re not after opposing or being in opposition to anyone, we’re just into creating an environment for all life.

Clayten – Well, I guess it’s that time, Jeff, thank you for all your comments. All of you, you said some very nice things very touching. And it is part of what keeps us going, starting a business, and running it has its challenges and it really helps to have your support. Your Subscriptions matter because we get to run the business that way but just your kindness is noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Yeah. Blessings to you all. And you know, we’re grateful for your presence on this webinar with us tonight. And keep your emails and questions coming to us as well through the website and have fun enjoying the new Learning Center we’re really excited about it, getting it out there for you. (1:30:00) And there are lots of video clips and audio clips – all the different podcasts that we’ve done so far are there and there’ll be much more to come with Regina and Gaia TV and many other radio shows that we continue to do. So, the words getting out there and we appreciate you spreading the word as well and letting people know the experiences you’ve had. It’s such a nonlinear product that it really takes your experience to tell people what it’s like and letting them know what effect it had on your life. So, thank you. And we look forward to the next webinar and your presence and however else you’d like to interact with us.

Thank you. Goodnight.