Transcending Levels of Consciousness

June 1, 2017

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to our FLFE webinar. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – We’re the founders of Focused Life Force Energy, or FLFE, also known as Fluffy. We’ve always tried to keep that sort of out of the professional scene; Fluffy doesn’t sound as professional. Of course, Regina Meredith brought it out in the first two minutes of the interview. So, we’re discussing today transcending levels of consciousness. And going up through the levels and the different experiences that we can have in doing so. And as you may have noticed, we use Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, in our testing of the level of consciousness of the properties and around the mobile device. And also, when we look at the consciousness of all of us in the FLFE community. So Clayten has studied Dr. Hawkins work extensively. And as an experienced consciousness researcher, I’ve studied Dr. Hawkins work as well, not as nearly as extensively as Clayten. And I’ve also been versed in some of the other models of consciousness, such as Spiral Dynamics. So, it’s interesting in the FLFE field, people that spend who spend eight hours or more per day in the field, rise 10 points on the Hawkins Map, on average, according to our measurements in 90 days. So, we’re rising, things are happening for us and we wanted to talk tonight about what this means to move upwards in consciousness and the sweetness and especially the challenges of it.

And we’d like to have a conversation with you, we’d love to have you join us. If you go down to your screen, there’s a Q&A button, if you push the Q&A button, you can put questions there for us, and experiences, things that we can talk about together. Clayten, do you want to go into the Hawkins Map for everyone?

Clayten – Sure. Thanks, Jeff. The Hawkins Map of Consciousness is a logarithmic scale from 1 to infinity. The human realm is 1 to 1000 as the human body can only hold so much electricity, and each level of consciousness has an equivalent amount of electricity in the body. It was obviously created by Dr. David Hawkins. One of his primary discoveries in kinesiology was that kinesiology is a non-local phenomenon. That means that you can test anything in the history of creation, I suppose, I actually hadn’t thought about it that way so much, but certainly in the history of mankind.

And you can test things remotely, so you can test the level of consciousness of somebody on the other side of the planet. And that’s what a non-local phenomenon means. He delineated the scale into strata’s of consciousness. I’ve got my book tonight that we’re talking about here,

Transcending Levels of Consciousness book, by Dr. David Hawkins and I’ve got a bookmark here that talks about the Map, most of you will have this but for those of you that don’t, here is a just a quick view of the different levels of consciousness, the log, the emotions, and we’ll be talking about that this evening, at least in some detail. In a logarithmic scale, each point higher is 10 times the amount of power. So, when we’re talking about a 10 point increase in your level of consciousness within 90 days, if you’re spending 8 hours a day in the FLFE field, that is really an extraordinary transformative experience in any of our lives. And we’re going to have a little more informal conversation this evening, we’re going to focus on questions and answers. We’d like to hear from you about your joys and your challenges, and the process of change that you’re experiencing. We will talk about some principles such as self-care. We’ll talk about some of the classic signs of going up in consciousness. And we’re ready to talk a little bit more tonight about some of the challenges, some of the classic challenges, and how to work with those. There have been a few people that have struggled with the rapid change. And so, we want to give that a little more attention tonight than we have in the past. (5:00)

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s interesting. Someone posted on the Facebook page, a video of Dr. Hawkins, which was great to see. By the way, if you haven’t been on the Facebook page, it’s a really great support and a wonderful community that’s arising there.

So, it was interesting, Dr. Hawkins was talking about people that are below 200, on the Hawkins Map and we know that the FLFE field brings in a tremendous amount more energy than what was there before. So, what happens in people below 200 Clayten? And why is it extra energy important?

Clayten – Well, Dr. Hawkins talks about anabolic and catabolic emotions, so the catabolic is lower than 200, anabolic is higher. So, it’s just another way of looking at the areas of let’s say, the planet that are below 200, are really not supportive of life. Life will exist, and it can grow, but it’s more challenging, it’s like, you have to pour a lot of energy into a sub 200 environment, to have it be positive, where if you have a loving environment, you don’t have to give that much to it to be able to enjoy it. If somebody is below 200, they’re typically taking more from life than giving.  They are in a place of, Dr. Hawkins might say, non-integrous operation. And we all have different parts of our life of course. We have personal development, health, our careers, and our relationships. So, if we’re below 200, in an area we’re struggling, we are in a place where we’re not well resourced. We’re not experiencing the lovingness that we know is possible, perhaps from another period of our life. And we all have either had an experience in our life or know somebody or heard about people in the media, that have a part of their life where they’re out of control. And sometimes it’s well-intentioned and sometimes we are misinformed. If we are well-intentioned, but misinformed in an area if we’re below 200, we’re struggling.

Jeffrey – Well, that is an interesting point, we all have these various areas of our consciousness that can be at different levels of consciousness, that we could be really high in some areas and low and others. And so, then as we start to rise in consciousness, it’s the average that’s rising. So that might mean that the low points are rising quite a bit more. Because the average has come up. So, you could have quite a big change in say, the area of relationship, or career or life’s work, where you could have quite a bit of change in that one area that would then bring your average up. And I think that’s an important part of your work that I’ve learned from you Clayten is always measuring over a period of time as an average.

Clayten – Yes, if you don’t measure over a period of time, the calibration defaults to the instant that you do it. And it may not be our best instant. So, you know, if we’re in traffic, and we’re cut off, and we have a little reaction, we might be at 150 for a moment. So, if someone’s testing our level of consciousness remotely, they’re a good tester and they might get 150. And both of us have had experienced Jeff, I think a lot of people we know where somebody will be in a workshop, and they’ll be in a very high state, and they’ll test themselves or have somebody test them. And they’ll say, well, geez, I’m 620, or I’m 590, or I’m 700, or whatever they calibrate that in the moment. And at that moment, it’s true. And when I’m working with people testing their consciousness, I’ll typically test them on average over the previous week. That way, they have a remembrance of what the last week has been because it’s in their short term memory. And then we can test people over the previous year, you can test over the previous month, 24 hours is a little bit inconclusive because there could be a big personal change happen. And that, of course, can happen in a week, if you have somebody pass over, or you get a big promotion, you can have a disproportionate change in the number. But I think the principle of testing people on average over a period of time is something that more of us need to do. (10:00) So, we get a better sense of where the person actually lives if we’re testing our consciousness, and not just where they’re able to experience themselves and the world in a high consciousness situation.

Jeffrey – So I’ve got a couple of questions here, Clayten. Cora is asking – “Is there a way to know which area we are low in?” So, how does it show up in your life or how would you know that?

Clayten – Well, you can create an assessment and create different areas of life and test yourself in different areas. You could go to that level of research. And you could just be really honest with yourself and say, I want my health, and do I eat too much late at night? Am I a little bit overweight? How is my money? Do I have some savings? Do I carry a balance on my credit card all the time? Do I have joyful well-paid work? Am I able to deeply connect with people and share an experience, a conversation where we both feel better, leaving the conversation when we went then we went in? And with  friends or a community you can give and receive feedback. And that takes some training, typically, so that you’re not hurting people. But it’s being honest with yourself in as good a way as any, just getting real with yourself. It’s like, this part of my life isn’t what the greatest possibility is. That’s probably true for all of us. But if you’re sick all the time, then you’re probably not over 200.

Jeffrey – And doing this work in the FLFE field. Cerise asked – “Can you share anecdotal data about how the LOC has increased while a Subscriber was on FLFE?” And she is interested in personal experiences if you’d like I would just talk of my own personal experiences in the area of relationship. You know, I had a strained relationship with my father, it just felt like I was walking on eggshells, it was just was always difficult and tight. And with blow-ups and misunderstandings. And so, I realized that was that area of relationship for me was low, so I took personal responsibility for it. And I did my personal work on it using different techniques to first of all, give it up to my Higher Power to improve in this area. And using the energy of the FLFE field to meditate on that, to feel it in my body and to release it. And so, using those techniques to work my way through that relationship. And oftentimes, I was not thinking about the relationship with my father, but it was a feeling in my body, like what came up in my body and focusing on that sensation, and just sort of allowing it to be allowing that part of myself to be. And lo and behold, I came up in consciousness in that area, and my relationship changed completely.  I remember soon after that the next time I saw my father he gave me a big hug. Now he didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t talk to him about it. But I had changed. And so that’s an example of focusing on something that’s got tension in it or a part of your life that’s not working as well. And then perhaps asking for help from a Higher Power and working through what comes up, which cannot always be pleasant, or it can be uncomfortable at times.

Clayten –  I’ll address that a little bit. There’s a concept Cerise that Jeff and I use a lot. It’s called the critical factor. Some people call the tipping point. So, the tipping point or critical factor is where you can put the least amount of energy into a system and get the most amount of gain. And so, I’ve created some assessments where I can analyze that in great detail. But again, back to the previous question, if we  look at our own lives. And if we have some friends that we trust can give us feedback in a way that is nurturing, and sustaining and enhancing, then we can ask our friends, what do you think is the area of my life where I can put the least amount of effort in and get the most amount of gain? And so, the next thing is to use high consciousness tools to address the issue. You can look at different energetic medicine tools which are very powerful. (15:00) We’ve shared one technique on our website for Subscribers called the Magnetizing Process. And that is a way of magnetizing something in the future. So, one approach is to release shock and trauma or negative experiences from the past. And another one is to focus on an ideal future, both can shift us. One is obviously pulling us forward, and one is releasing the restraints. You can do your own research on that because we don’t have time to get into energetic medicine tools in great depth. But Dr. Hawkins has a tool as a process in his books called Letting Go. So, if you look into that, you can use that tool.

The next thing after identifying your critical factor using good tools, I think it’s worth saying in here that there’s a difference between personal will and Divine Will. I remember reading this in Hawkins work, and I couldn’t really grasp the idea. And what it comes down to is that personal will is the exact same level as your level of consciousness. And the most powerful personal development program on the planet is probably the 12- Step Program. It’s got millions of people around the world showing up every week for meetings. And the level of consciousness of the 12-Step Program is about 540. And so, it takes a level of consciousness at 540 to transcend addictions. You can do that yourself if you’re over 540. And if you’re not over 540, then you call upon your Higher Power. And that’s referred to in Dr. Hawkins work as Divine Will. And so, when you call upon a Higher Power to assist you, then your will can go to the level of that Divine Will, and that calibrates at 850 which has more than enough power to transcend addictions or personal limitations. So that’s one of the keys to energetic medicine, it’s in Dr. Hawkins Process Letting Go. And any process that would be a really high consciousness process would be requesting the help of a Higher Power. And so, I encourage you to look at your relationship with Divinity and how it expresses, find a way to relate to Divinity that feels meaningful to you and ask for that help.

Jeffrey – We have a couple of people asking how they can measure where they are. And I think we may have answered it somewhat. You can look where you are in your life and see where you’re really well resourced, and things are humming, and where it’s not happening. Now, as far as learning how to do these measurements yourself, you want to talk a little bit about that Clayten? I mean, the process you went through and what people could do to learn how to test themselves?

Clayten – Yeah. I mean, some people are just naturally good testers, and they’ll be able to get consistent results pretty quickly. I’ll tell you a bit of the process that I went through to get consistency. When I came across Dr. Hawkins book, Power vs Force, I started a study group. I came across it by about six or seven of my coaching clients tell me I should read it. So that was a sign from the Universe. And I thought, well if you can measure truth, that’s a total game changer.

So, I formed a study group with two friends. One was an 89-year-old chiropractor and the other one had a biochemistry background with DuPont chemical. He’s a scientist so he had a great understanding of process, procedure, and protocol. And the other gentleman had a superlative understanding of the body. He was an 89-year-old chiropractor still practicing. And we spent six months one night a week, driving each other crazy trying to get it to be consistent. And it just wasn’t working. And the scientist amongst us was asking the questions the same way every time, he was setting up the controls the double-blind studies, putting three by five cards in envelopes. And we would test the level of consciousness of that person, with the person’s name on the card in the envelope. And we were using the people that Dr. Hawkins tested in his books, so we trusted those controls within a certain amount of variants. I don’t know that Dr. Hawkins was always testing people over a period of time, there are a few kinds of inconsistencies by maybe 5 or 10 points in some of his work. (20:00) It will partially depend on how the inquiry was stated if not tested over a period of time, it’s really important to test over a period of time.

A little segue on that; if you test Paramahansa Yogananda, at the time of his death, he was 540. If you go back and test him, let’s say the week before his death, he was about 540. If you go back and test him three years before he died over the previous year; he was 720. So, in his lineage, or how I understand it, is, in his day, part of the process was that you gave away your energy to your disciples, you transfer that energy in a positive manner. And then when you pass over, they pray for you. And ask for help to raise your level of conscious once you pass over. So that’s an example of the importance of testing over a period of time; it can be a very significant difference in consciousness.

So, I spent six months getting frustrated trying to get accurate data then I read page 117 paragraph 2 in Power vs Force, that’s in the first edition, you may find it interesting to calibrate the level of consciousness of your inquiries. That to me meant that I should be writing out my inquiries and not just trying to make them up in my head. And what it also meant was that, in the back of his book, Dr. Hawkins, he said that he didn’t include that you write down the inquiries and test the level of consciousness of them. So, I made the assumption that there were other things he wasn’t saying in the book. So, I read the books and found little clues here and there, and I had to read them 12 times each one of those nine books 12 times. And I did 2.75 million calibrations to reverse engineer and crack the code on the protocol. So, the protocols if you use a parallel scale to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, where 1000 represents a complete understanding of kinesiology. The protocols in the original version are 600 but in the second edition of Power vs Force they are 640.

And part of the reason you may be not experiencing good results is that the protocols are not complete in that book, other bodies of work have bits and pieces. So, I don’t know if it’s a short answer to it, you can practice and look for consistency, look for what you see in a person’s life that you think calibrates at a certain level. And what their life is actually like, if they’re a loving person and they are healthy probably they will be over 500 in health or over 600, they’re probably going to be really healthy. But if you’re calibrating that 190 and they’re extremely healthy, then you have to look at your data. If they’re always sick and you calibrate them at 600 then look at your data. Sometimes people have a lot of consistency with a test high and I was at that stage in a period of my testing.

In fact, somebody sent us an email today who said their home calibrated 750. And I don’t think your name was on one of the questions and  I don’t know if any homes on the planet that calibrate at 750. There are three people or the three highest people on the planet are Bhagavad the founder of the Oneness movement, his wife, Amma, and the Hugging Saint Amma. So, they are in 850 range, and we’re not going to get into exactly where they’re at. But you’d have to have a person at that level of consciousness to have their home be at 750. At least up until this point, there are temples in the world. The place in India, the Taj Mahal is around 700. Some of the European cathedrals are really high, but they wouldn’t be considered somebody’s home. I know I’ve gone on some segues here, but just to give you some context. So, look at the results, look at your numbers, look at Dr. Hawkins work. If you’re reading Transcending Levels of Consciousness, and you look at the quality; this is really well delineated to let you know what is life like at 600? And what is that person’s existence in that part of their life? And if their existence doesn’t match up with the calibration, then that says to me keep working at it.

Jeffrey – Yeah, thanks for that Clayten it is a complicated subject. There’s no short answer. But we’ve got quite a number of questions. Alice is asking  –  “I’m usually not quick to temper and anger is usually something I don’t experience very often. And yet the first three to four days of FLFE at the house, I found myself a bit out of sorts and experiencing these characteristics in a very strong way. (25:00) They are no longer there but it was very disconcerting. Can you speak to how this may have been part of the process of moving through different levels?”

Clayten –  So I’m assuming what happened with that would be, we have a program called Anti- Stagnation. And the purpose of Anti-Stagnation is to align with the principles in Chinese medicine, where stuck energy in the body can contribute to disease. And when we have a stagnant organ such as our liver, it will tend to hold the emotion of anger. Anger is associated with the liver. So, let’s just use that as an example. If you had a congested, stagnated liver, and FLFE is moving that energy or starting to move it, then the unprocessed or unresolved anger issues will come to the surface to be released. And so that is what I’m assuming is happening to you. You had an experience where you had more anger, and then it passed. And so that means the Anti-Stagnation Program would have supported the body to move that stagnation out, the energy released, it came to the surface, you were able to process it, and then it went down again. So that happens to all of us to some degree. And it’s particularly relevant to those of us who’ve just either been through a major life change or are in the Free Trial, for example. If you’re going through a major life change; the shock and trauma of one experience will trigger unprocessed amount of healing that’s available for all the other incident incidences that were similar to that. So that’s a general principle that everybody will experience and until they don’t, and during the Free Trial, you’ll have a lot of momentum, and some movement in areas that just may not have had the opportunity or bypassed the opportunity for some reason to process that emotion.

Jeffrey – And the Liver, Kidney Gallbladder Support Program, as well as you know is working with your Innate Intelligence to clear your organs. And since anger can be processed in the liver that can be released in that way as well. But the Anti- Stagnation is really an interesting piece, similar in a way to acupressure. And it keeps that that energy flowing, and blockages are cleared. So, all sorts of things could come up, that you’ve wanted to express in the past, and you didn’t express for one reason or another. So, that’s part of the process of our evolution of rising in consciousness is those pieces of ourselves that that want expression would love to be part of the whole, and they’re blocked in some way for that to rise and express itself maybe an uncomfortable way for you. But then to pass through and become integrated into your entire self.

Clayten – This might be a good time, Jeff, to bring up one of the major points we wanted to make tonight was that if you’re struggling in the Free Trial, if you’re struggling in your life, and you think that FLFE for you is contributing to that struggle, it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. Some people are having an extraordinarily beautiful experience. I mean, it brings us tears to read them. And some people are struggling. And our intention is to provide more resources for those people that are struggling, we just want to reiterate here, we’ve said it before that it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you for not having the extraordinary experience that other people are having. It doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong, or that you’re not evolving, or that you’re somehow not as good as somebody else because of their experience. Not everybody feels the energy the same. I mean, it’s probably safe to say that most people don’t feel it the same. Some people have a really thick skin and thank God for those people, they can go through life and get a lot of stuff done where us more sensitive types, have a tough struggle facing things.

Richard might be one of those men who are very individualistic, very pioneering, very self-directed. So, you look for these type of qualities in yourself, Richard, if you would describe yourself as that then that’s the profile of someone who isn’t as sensitive. (30:00) And there are some good books out there, like The Highly Sensitive Person. And those of you who are sensitive, you know, you kind of know how you experience that in your life. And you’re probably getting affected a lot by FLFE. Because if you’re not having the extraordinary experience the other people having doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a significant benefit.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s really good to say, the FLFE environment does not affect free will, the energy is present, these Programs or resources are present. For instance, the Grounding Program is now in FLFE Everywhere, so it’s in the Phone Subscription as well as the Object as well as the Home, all of those things are there for our Innate Intelligence to use according to our path. And our path, maybe rapid growth, and diving into everything that needs to come up and our path may be healing and just joyous existence. So, it’s really so individual, so completely individual.

Clayten – Maybe I’ll just speak to that a little bit more. We have all experienced really good times in our lives and really bad times. Or maybe they’re not bad, and it’s just a struggle. So, when we look back, and they seem like a period of rapid growth, but oftentimes are painful to be in. And so, if somebody’s struggling, it may just be where you’re at in your life. And if you’ve had a long time, bad habit, we’ve had a few people that are really struggling. And they had a long time addiction, maybe alcohol or drugs, and they’ve been clean for a while, and they went on the service, there were some people that have reached out to us. And my assumption there was that, you know, they’ve been addicted for decades. And they’ve done a lot of detoxing, perhaps physically. But again, it’s the emotional stuff that they hadn’t dealt with, that may be contributing to the addiction or have yet to heal as a result of life. And so that would be a possibility for some people if they’re in that place. And you know, we all pay a price for our lifestyle, and if it’s unhealthy, and FLFE is turned on in your environment, then you’re going to get a lot of support to move, but there’s likely going to be some discomfort. Because if you’ve been stuck in your life for a long time FLFE is really meant to help you change. And it’s likely not all going to be comfortable, even if you were in a good place. So, we’re going to talk a little bit more about self-care later on, we’d like to just keep it going with the questions.

Jeffrey – Yes and one person asked – “How long do you have to be on FLFE to see results in manifesting personal goals using the Magnetizing Process, for example, and are there other techniques?”  And again, it’s really what you were just saying, Clayten, it’s very dependent on your own path and your personal will. And the more time that you spend in a high consciousness field, the more energy is coming into your system. And, as we see, people are rising in consciousness themselves. So, each point upwards in your own consciousness is 10 times more energy available for manifesting; for creating the life that that is ideal for you. So, there’s no way to say how long it will take, you start with small things and look for results. And move on to the next thing and see if you can do your own experimenting there.

We have a question about EMF’s which is quite an involved question, you’re asking there. I don’t know if we can get into this one in this webinar, though, I’d like to have a conversation with you about this, and you may be part of our EMF beta group. So, we’d love to get into more detail about EMF with you. We are looking for ways to correlate our findings on the cell phone. (35:00) And this relates to consciousness and rising in consciousness, in that the cell phones are now at 580 in consciousness themselves. So, if you hold it in your hand, you can feel that energy kind of flowing into your body, if you’re sensitive. If it feels good to hold it, according to our testing, it’s supportive of biological life, when before it wasn’t when you held in your hand, it would be not supporting your life, it would be pulling part of your energy away. So, we’d love to find a way to correlate that with other measures, as they were saying in the 3D world of measuring to correlate between the way we’re measuring and some actually biological testing. So, we’re looking for ways to do that, we’re looking to work with some labs that can assist us with some testing of our findings.

Clayten – Yes, I’m going speak to that for a moment. Jeff, while you look at the next question, there are a lot of you have who have reached out to us and want to connect a little more closely. And the webinars are one way to do that. And we are going to be in the process of forming a beta group, we haven’t really announced it yet. We are preparing an email, we’re just setting up the structure, we’re going to have it very simple. To begin with, we’re going to talk a little bit more in depth about the technology and how it works. So, there are people who have wanted to know more the nuts and bolts operations of the technology, how it works. And our default is to always try and do it to the Highest and Best interest of all creation. So, we will always be testing for that.

And testing has revealed that we could talk more about some of the processes that we use in terms of how things happen. And some of the materials that we are able to send the wave through to help compensate for EMF’s. And so, we’re going to go into detail on that with a beta test group. And we’re looking for, well it’s a bit of a paradox as there are different types of sciences. We believe that kinesiology is a really an extraordinary scientific tool. And there are other scientific tools that might not have the same results as our testing. So, we’re just going to be transparent about what we get and what the meters say. And so, we’re going to have comparisons. And we’re always going to encourage you to do your own research and trust yourself. We will tell you how our research is done. And we will be transparent about how it compares to other generally accepted measurement techniques and meters and devices that are out there. And we believe we’ve had some breakthroughs that we’re not aware that other people have had. So, we look forward to just seeing how that all goes.

Jeffrey – Melinda is asking, – “Can we get specific or extra Programs added to our Home Program, i.e. the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder support or Immune system support?” Those programs are in both FLFE Everywhere and the Home or the Stationary Subscriptions such as home, business and nonprofit. The way that we work is, we have available energy or power in the entire system, we look at putting a program on and we can test and look at how much energy will take. And as we do additional research to increase our capacity, then we can add more programs. And so, we’re not able to do individual custom programs, there’s just there’s just too many subscribers. But we just keep adding to what’s there as a resource for the Innate Intelligence. And right now, the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder is really an optimized Program, we feel, and it’s part of the gift of the Free Trial as in that period of time people are getting a real is as we measure it a definite benefit there. So we really can’t do custom ones. But we’re continually adding additional programs as we have the capacity to do so.

Christopher asks –  “FLFE has released truth in my household, which is positive, but at times difficult with the truth about relationships and those involved. So, I’m glad to have been introduced to the Service, but it’s been a challenge.”

Clayten – This might be a good time to talk about self-care. When we’re in a period of rapid transition and we are struggling, at some point, like Christopher is and like we all have, it’s important to take care of ourselves so we’re more resource to deal with the challenges. (40:00) This is a big subject, we could do a whole Program on self-care, the concept of it to be reminded, will probably help you some of the classic things in self-care is taking more time for yourself. If you’re struggling with relationships, then you can take a communication course, and learn how to be a better listener. That’s kind of self-evident and maybe obvious, but not all of us do it. So, it’s good to say these things. Sometimes a lot of life is not a big mystery, it’s just taking the time and effort to do the things that we know, we’re not that good at.

We obviously need to talk about water every time we do one of these webinars. It’s difficult to stay hydrated at times, I’ve been in the wave for probably 10 years I started researching in 2007, I still struggle with staying hydrated, I started putting orange-flavored vitamin C crystals in my water recently because I just got tired of drinking plain water. So, you’ll find a way to get the water into you. If you’re struggling, you can give people a heads up that you are struggling, you’re finding it difficult. Ask them to be a little more patient with you. It’s not a bad idea to do that. One of the things  Jeff and I talk about is keeping our shadows up in front of us. We have a pretty safe space between us so we can talk about our struggles without other people making us wrong or giving us too much unsolicited advice. But having a way to tell people you are struggling; hopefully, they can hear that and give you some more space. There are different emotional release techniques, energetic medicine, there’s counseling, many different types of therapy and coaching. There are all types of Programs out there that we can participate in to help us change. You can go on the internet and look for self-care programs. And you can find probably three or four really good ones. And you can look at the list; bodywork, therapy, are you getting any exercise, all those things contribute to your own well -being.

Jeffrey – So I will read out this next comment – “Hello Clayten and Jeffrey a couple of weeks ago noticed lots of birds coming to the house,  I feed them; 40 cockatoos and it’s amazing to see they can feel the energy.”  And we certainly have seen that at lots of animals, birds, really noticing the energy.

Darlene is not sleeping well. She’s been about four days in the FLFE field. And she said she’s not sleeping well and even had what’s called sleep paralysis. She is experiencing dark, very dark, creepy entity surprises happening. So after about four days, she was not sleeping well. And so, it’s been on nine days now. Anything on that one Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I’ll start with that one. So, there are many ways to manage the energy and the environment. After you’ve done a lot of self-care things, one of the things you can do is to turn it off for a while or turn it off at night before you go to bed. Some of the people that we were talking to before who had the addiction background, could only handle it 4 hours a day. That was kind of the understanding that I had. And more than that, it just pushed too many buttons. So, I would say that to start with turning it off at night.

In terms of dreams, sometimes people’s dreams are really intensified. If you do any research into Carl Jung, you’ll find that he talks about the unconscious trying to process things out at night. So that is a possibility for you to consider. And you can look into dream interpretation, which may help you make peace with what’s happening in your dreams, I would encourage you to try turning it off at night, just to see what your sleep is like. We have a really good Sleep Program with a lot of research on sleep. So just to remind you, there are two things; we have the quantity of positive loving energy going into the environment. And we have the qualitative, high consciousness energy connected with that. And we’re hearing that some people are having the greatest sleep that they’ve ever had. And some people are struggling for at least a little while. So, it just seems to be the process of change. (45:00) And I assume there’s a lot of change going on your life, try turning it off, and see what happens. At least at night, so you may sleep better. And adjust if it does. And keep experimenting and finding out how we can be of service to you. It may take some time to adjust to the additional energy and that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. You might be a really highly sensitive person. And your Being your body mind spirit has an Innate Intelligence, and it might know somehow that the best way for you to evolve is to process things at night. It’s really hard to say without knowing your situation more, but I would suggest you start with just turning it off.

Jeffrey – And it’s always good to ask for help. Ask a Higher Power for help to find others in your community that you could talk to about it. And the Facebook page has been a great place of support for people to share their experiences. And there are a lot of very talented and experienced people in the personal development field that are a part of the community.

Clayten – There are a lot of resources, our Facebook pages, people are intelligent, experienced practitioners. Just one more thing about sleep I forgot to mention, I noticed that if I’m not hydrated, I don’t sleep as well. And I have a lot of dreams. And I haven’t really, I think put all the pieces together as to why that happens. But it’s a real pattern that I’ve noticed. I’m usually typically well hydrated but it makes a difference for me.

Jeffrey – Glenn’s asking – “Is your system hack proof? Is it possible for someone to use it in a destructive manner, they get access to it?” We’re have a lot of controls and safeguards into the system, everything that we do, built into every Program, every part of the system, everything’s done in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. So that’s one of the safeguards, but also, we keep things tightly controlled. Our system is a loving energy. It’s light, so is there more that you’d like to say about that Clayten? I mean, being at this high level of consciousness?

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, the energy on the home goes to 560 in five seconds. So, if you’d found a way to put a negative program into 560, I don’t know how that would work. Because 560 is such a loving positive energy, that negativity will tend to be dispersed in a positive environment. So, we haven’t tried to do anything negative. But I just can’t imagine a negative thought being put into such a high consciousness field and having it be negative. The difference between a high consciousness field that a highly powerful field, a high consciousness field is a loving generative, positive benevolent energy. And negativity is dispersed in that; it doesn’t stay. And you have free will, you can be as negative as you want. It’s more difficult in a high consciousness environment, but you have free will. And so, I understand Glenn’s concerns, we’ve talked about it, we’ve thought about it, we have more than reasonable controls, we have triple redundancy on everything. I just don’t see how a negative thought can exist in a high consciousness field. I guess the worst that could happen is that it would just get turned off.

Jeffrey – Richard is asking – “Does FLFE protect me from anyone using this kind of technology for a negative effect on me?” One of the things we’ve talked about in another webinar is, and again, it’s on the same subject at 560. It’s a high consciousness field, it creates light. And we couldn’t tell exactly what you mean by that. (50:00) We don’t know what you mean exactly by “this kind of technology.” But we feel that this light is, as Clayten said, darkness or low consciousness. thoughts or, maybe technologies we can’t say for sure, would not be as effective in this environment. We don’t want to say a lot more about that.

Kimberly’s noticed a desire to do deep cleaning around the house more than usual. We just saw someone on the Facebook page today, Clayten, I don’t know if you saw it. Someone reported that their 17-year-old son rearranged his entire dresser.

Clayten – That’s a miracle!

Jeffrey – It was a miracle. And we see this often, people having a desire to clean.

Clayten – Do you remember that one story, Jeff where these five guys worked out of a house. And this one guy was always like really cluttery. And when they put the Home Subscription on this guy started cleaning the house and they said it was worth the price of a Subscription just to see this guy clean the house!

Jeffrey – Yeah, there’s something about a high consciousness environment that just makes you want to take care of it. You know you want to express physically what you’re feeling. Now, I’ve used it to great effect with contractors. When people are working on my house, I’ve noticed they really want to do a good job.  And we have friends that have joined the Service because their house is going up for sale, they’ve got contractors working in the house and things just seem to get done in a much more loving way than they might have otherwise. The second part of the question was –‘”People in our life who tended to bring us down; energy vampire types are not as interested in coming around. Could this be an energetic cleansing in both areas?”

Clayten – This speaks to what Richard was saying earlier, negativity will tend to be uncomfortable in a positive environment. And so that is something we’ve heard quite a few times. And then the other side of that, we’ve heard that people say that my grocery bill has gone up because people come over to my home and don’t want to leave. People will tend to gravitate toward a high consciousness field, just as we all gravitate towards a loving person, as they have a high consciousness field around them. People travel all over the world to pilgrimage sites to be in that energy. That’s a high consciousness field. Same principle.

Jeffrey – Yes, a related question from Catherine was about clarity and thought processes, urges to organize but also been very productive in business. She works from home. “Can you explain why and how this is happening?”

I could start with that. I mean,  being in a high consciousness field,  having more personal energy available has been helpful for me in getting things done. Clayten calls me the Energizer Bunny. I mean, I work from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. And it seems being in that energetic field, is feeding me and feeding my body. It’s like eating really good food and helping the body to keep going and do really well. But we also have specific Programs for focus, concentration, and part of it is quieting of the mind that without the chatter, you might notice that starts to diminish a bit. It’s easier to concentrate. It’s easier to focus on something when you’re not talking to yourself. So that’s part of it and that affects meditation as well.

Someone is bringing up water saturation using MegaHydrate; Patrick Flanagan’s invention. That’s really a good point about using different tools to help yourself hydrate. (55:00) So, this MegaHydrate capsules, you can put them into water. And, of course, there are a lot of other ways to add electrolytes to water as Clayten mentioned vitamin C, I use boron and sea salt and trace minerals, as well. That’s a good point to help you hydrate.

Clayten – I’ve got a package of a product here. I’ve done a lot of research on electrolytes. And even though this one doesn’t taste good to some people; this is the one that I use. Electro Mix. The company is Alacer Corp. We don’t have any relationship with them. It’s an electrolyte that I found really works.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s important. Because otherwise, you have to go to the bathroom a lot. The electrolytes can help you retain the water.  LOL, it’s the only way I can get through these webinars.

Clayten – Something else about the ability to focus and concentrate.  Negative thoughts and negative moods drain a lot of energy. And if you’re in a high consciousness field, you’ll tend to be in a more positive mood. So, you don’t want to be leaking energy and in Dr. Hawkins work, he talks about 570 as being a realm of indefatigable; this is one of the terms he uses. So around 570, and some homes, we send the energy at 560. But there are homes that are over 600, it doesn’t limit you in any way. If you’re an extraordinary high conscious person, then you’re compensating all the time for the energy around you. The average home in North America is about 420 and that’s true for Australia and England, we’ve had a few people say we’re very North American centric, we just tend to talk about the area we live in, like most people, so you’re already compensating for that energy if you’re higher than 420. The fact that you’ve got 10 to the 140th power, more energy is going to support you to have a higher level of consciousness. It’s not going to cost you anything. We’ve had people ask about that. So that’s probably worth mentioning.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it relates to something Cindy was asking about tapping into energy to help her through some difficulties she might encounter on something. And yeah, I think you’re asking if there’s validity there, Cindy? Yes. And we see that with more energy available. And as we rise in consciousness personally, our personal will has more energy, it has more power. So, it seems as though you can transcend habits, patterns, beliefs, but also to help you get through something that’s got some difficulty you need to persevere and get through it. So how about Jesse’s question there Clayten? Do you see that one? I can ask it.

Jesse’s been in the metaphysical healing world for over 40 years – “I was very excited about the work despite all the intensive healing I’ve done personally; this was a real kicker. I felt as though I had a vise around my heart for a week, jumping out of my skin and out of body experiences. Finally, I was told to shut off FLFE. Whew! However, I don’t want to be a wimp, and want to continue exploring and move into whatever this is, do you have recommendations about how much to hang in and when to turn off?”

Clayten – Yes. Well, I think we’re going to talk about the difference between the crown chakra and the heart chakra. So, at different times in our development, we will be studying something a lot. And when we’re studying something, we’re oftentimes up in our crown chakra. And it can be a habit to, you know, Jesse to be going through life in a certain way. And if you’re in a period of intense study, you may have defaulted into your crown chakra more than your heart chakra. In our research, we found that there is a direct relationship or correlation between the heart chakra and the crown chakra. So, if on average over the previous month, your crown chakra is 130%, activated, your heart chakra will be 70. If you’re 140, in your crown chakra then your heart chakra will be at 60. And there have been times in my life because I can be a bit of an analyst when I’m really studying something. And I get up in my crown chakra and my heart chakra is just not connected to people as much. And I’ve learned over the years to modify a little bit. (1:00:00) I’m just going to assume Jessie, that that’s what’s going on with you, I’m asking my Higher Power to give me an answer and that’s what I’m getting. I would consider that as a possibility it may be a very intense period of study and you are up in your crown chakra. We do have the Chakra Balancing Program in the Service. And so, we will tend to want to balance that out for you. And so, see if it fits for you.

In terms of how much to hang in there, do an experiment with yourself; try it for 4  hours a day, and try for 6 hours a day and try for 8 hours a day, maybe turn it off at night and see how you manage yourself during the day. Or maybe have it off in the day and see how you manage at night. You are a consciousness researcher now so you can try different things. I’m glad you’re having a good experience with it even though it’s a bit intense, do keep in touch with us, let us know how it’s going. There have been times when I’ve turned it off just to see what because I’ve had it for year, and you get acclimatized.

We’ve had people that have been on the Service for a year, I always remember this one story from Pamela who was on the Service for a year; she’s wondering if it’s still working, if she’s getting any value. And she realized that all of her neighbors in her neighborhood moved away. All the people in the neighborhood that were negative, like the person whose dog used to come and dig up their garden, so they had to put two wheelbarrows of dirt into it. It was not a little hole, the other neighbor on the corner who used to have parties till 3:00 in the morning and were not going to change their behavior for anybody also moved away. So, if your properties at 560, your neighbors depending on the location, there are lots of variables,  might be 540. And so, it’s going to distribute throughout your neighborhood. And in fact, we have a Program on that if your property is kind of low, it will charge up enough the neighborhood so that your property is at 560. Now, we’ve also programmed it so that your neighbors don’t have the same hydration parameters as you have.

So, we’ll talk about that you and I Jeff, about what the difference is between the LOC and the ILOC. The LOC is the level of consciousness and the ILOC is the level that the consciousness doesn’t go below 98% of the time. So, we see consciousness as a wave. In the Home Subscription or Business Subscription or even the Mobile now, or FLFE Everywhere, the integrated level of consciousness is 560, as well as the level of consciousness. We can program it so that the neighboring properties don’t have the same integrated level of consciousness so that they don’t have the same hydration requirements, but they’re still getting some benefit. And you’re getting a nicer neighborhood.

Jeffrey – Jack, along the same lines is asking – “Do you get desensitized ?” And yes, you do get used to it; it is an acclimation process where you really do get used to the energy, and there is certainly no reason to turn it off unless you feel like you need a break. And again, nothing happens without free will. These are resources available for your system, for your Innate Intelligence to use. And your conscious mind might say,” Whoa, hold on Innate,  let’s go a little bit slower here.” So, you’re in charge. And that’s why we’ve added the Control Panel to it. And that wasn’t always the case, it took us a number of years to get to the point where we can add that Control Panel because there’s a surge every time that goes off, and then when it comes back on, there’s a surge of energy. And so, everybody’s turning on and off, we had to have more resources, we had to have more capacity to handle that. So, you are in charge your Innate Intelligence is in charge, and the two of you can work together on this.

Alice has this interesting story, and she mentioned it on the Facebook page, about her cat sleeping and needing to be under electrical outlets. And you know that actually makes some sense to me because there is some conditioning of the electrical power there. We are in the very beginning stages of this. We don’t understand a lot about it, but we know that there’s something going on there. So, there may be some additional positive energy near the outlets. I don’t know and that’s something we could do some testing on, but we haven’t yet. It’s a great observation, though. (1:05:00)

Clayten – Interesting.

Jeffrey – Let’s about more questions.  There is one now about a dry throat. Yep, that’s normal. Waking up with a dry throat. Again, you might try more salts, more electrolytes to help you retain more water. And you can get online, any of the sports, some of the sports places will have a chart of urine color which is a great way to tell how hydrated you are. So, you can download one of those and kind of see where you are. And just keep going until you know you get into the to the lighter color range.

Clayten – And also if you eat late at night, that will tend to cause a lot of hydration issues because your body is really wanting to not eat after seven o’clock even though I certainly do it sometimes. I noticed my hydration is not the same and I don’t sleep as well. So that was something about the other lady as well that I forgot to mention, eating late at night can cause a lot of extra work for the body and the body’s workhorse is water. The body uses water for everything. Most of us have been chronically dehydrated for a large part of our life. We think if we drink two glasses of water a day, that’s enough. And without testing it, it’s hard to know.  The test that I do are kinesiology tests;  I pull the hair up on my arm. It’s a test to see if the hair pops back down right away then I am hydrated; if it stays up then my body is dehydrated. So, I’m hydrated right now. But that’s one for you kinesiologists out there on the webinar tonight.  There are lots of ways of finding your hydration level. Like Jeff said, Just do your research.

Jeffrey – Brenda is saying – “Old injuries seem to act up and then clear, almost like clearing scar tissue.” Yeah, we’ve had a few discussions about this with people on the Facebook page and other places through emails It’s a really interesting process, it seems that in this first two weeks of the Free Trial, and at first; and she’s just started with a subscription, there is a cleansing that’s going on or a clearing and things can be held in the joints. And with the Anti-Stagnation things can start to move out. And also, antioxidants are rising in our bodies, which also assists with clearing out things that aren’t beneficial for us such as oxidative stress, accidents from injuries or from processes in the body. So, it appears that and we’ve seen this consistently, where people will get more sensations, up to pain in joints, hands, feet, knees, and then it passes, and it’s a sign that things are moving out and processing out of the body.

Clayten – Yeah, it can be really concerning if it’s the first few times to tap into. And even though we have many great Programs in FLFE it is not going to match the Innate Intelligence that your body has. And some people have described the Service as writing a check to their body of energy. And your body has this check to do energetic renovations, and it has its own Innate Intelligence. And it will do that work if it has the energy. So, there may have been things that have been on hold for a long time as we get older it might be decades. And when you have all that extra energy, your body goes to work. And it can be uncomfortable for a few days. And if you haven’t had that experience in a long time, you may wonder, and even if you had you still may be concerned. So, you know, we’re not suggesting you don’t go to your doctor, I would say go to your doctor and get the medical help that you think you might need. And be intelligent about it; be reasonable. And it may be that you’re having a healing occurrence.

I thought we should try to address Adam’s question. He’s 18. “I don’t really know where to start or even if I’m noticing it.” Well, being in a place of not knowing and saying that you don’t know is a really powerful place Adam.  It is going to happen a lot in your life. (1:10:00) And the fact that you’re here participating in the community;  there are a lot of resources in this community, I’m really impressed with the people in Facebook, they’re answering the questions as well as we can. And we’ve worked at this for a long time. So, I would say participate in the Facebook community. We’ve got a lot of webinars on our website; I would suggest you read Dr. David Hawkins work and start to develop a language around spirituality. His work is really high, and he was a very high teacher. You can look at his books, and he’ll have a list of integrous teachers and teachings that you can use as a resource and a place for you to start your journey.  And I’m glad to see somebody saying, I don’t know because none of us know everything. And it’s good to be reminded to be humble sometimes.

Jeffrey – Well it is 10:10 on the east coast and we have a lot of questions yet unanswered.  We’re going to have a webinar again next week. And I think we’ll talk about it, but it will most likely be a similar topic. And if you can bring your questions there. And we’ll keep going for a little while here. And feel free to stay with us if you like.

So let’s see, Mary says – “My experience of the FLFE Free Trial was that it brought up issues of anger, despair, emotional upheaval, upset around the relationship with one of my siblings, which lasted over the first 12 to 13 days on FLFE. And then the last couple of days, I noticed a shift in the calmness and the  ability to give it over to a Higher Power, bringing up stuck energy old programs that  needed clearing and releasing.”  She says she’s very grateful. Thank you. That’s a great example of sticking with it, and that gratitude to yourself for your perseverance to stay with that, and to stay with what comes up and be present with whatever arises. And just love whatever arises. It’s really one of the basic principles and we’re grateful that we can help provide an environment that is optimal for evolution. That’s what we’ve designed from the start. It’s been our mission and to provide an environment that gives you the most support and the most resources possible that we can do.

Clayten – And is it is a warrior’s path, raising your consciousness. No doubt about it. No, I wouldn’t like to see somebody experience that for 12 or 13 days, and I don’t know what God’s Will is for you. So I’m glad you got through it. And progress sometimes requires that we draw upon a lot of willpower and understand the warrior way.

Jeffrey – We have some questions about animals. Jesse was asking about her kitty being overwhelmed and hid in a box during the first week. And when she turned it off, the cat relaxed. So, some overall curiosity about animals in the environment. Jesse works with a lot of traumatized animal clients.

Clayten –  You know, the first question I was going to ask was the cat abused before or the animal abused. I would suggest again, turn it on and turn it off and see how the pet responds, most will respond pretty well. In fact, we have lots of testimonials about that. But when people have experienced shock or trauma, that process of releasing shock and trauma can get their attention. Trauma can take a lot of energy and resources. And if an animal is young or a person is young, we don’t have the training to handle it. And so just be gentle with the animal, turn it on, turn it off, and see how it responds. And let’s hope the kitty gets through it.

Jeffrey – (1:15:00) Pam asked the question; which I think I could answer about how to deal with restless legs at night. She’s been having them while falling asleep since starting two weeks ago. I tend to have that once in a while as well, because I have a lot of energy. I’m doing a lot all day and I’m very busy.

What I’ve found that works for me, is to do some just very light exercise, just some squats, and maybe a walk with my dog up the hill. And I do some stretching for quite a while I’m brushing my teeth or right before getting into bed. And that seems to really help a lot with restless legs. I don’t know how it relates to the additional energy, but it does seem to help to do a little bit of light exercise.

Clayten – I find if I spend two or three minutes on my rebounder, just a real simple health bounce. If any of you have a rebounder you’ll know what that means and that really helps me transition to sleep better.

Jeffrey – So Ashley is asking – “How do you test by dowsing?” And I’d say I use a pendulum. I do some dowsing and Clayten does all kinesiology, right?

Clayten –  Yes. I’m just going to the next question.  We can say more about dowsing I mean we can talk about how do you test, really, we could talk about that for a week. We did sort of segue into that earlier. I know it’s getting late for you, Jeff. It’s 10:17 at night and only 7:17 for me, so I can carry some of the questions to give you a break if you want.

Jeffrey – Thanks but I’m good.

Clayten – Someone said – “If you have a large amount of crystals and stones on your property can that increase the number?” Yes, it can. We have a property over 600; this property has a large stone circle on it that somebody created for them. So that is definitely an example of that.

Gilbert asks – “Would you please  the relationship of the pineal gland and level of consciousness?” Well, Gil has been doing some work with me. And we’ve discovered that as you go through certain levels of consciousness, your pineal gland will get larger. And it’s definitely a pattern. So, I would stand behind that as a truth. There are certain levels of consciousness that, as we transcend, certain parts of the body need to respond  such as our nervous system. And I don’t know what else we can say about that now, because the research is pretty fresh on that one, but it is worth saying.

And that sometimes makes us really tired. Sometimes, you just get really, really tired for a day or two, and need to get a lot of sleep. And then you’re fine. So that’s often a solution to a lot of things.

Jeffrey – So, Brenda is asking about any feedback from autistic and individuals. I know we did have one email from someone about that where there was a positive response. And couldn’t tell you right now, exactly what that was.

Clayten – I remember there was more language and more animated responses. And, and those are the two things that I remember. And they were really looking to share with more people in the autistic community and see what the results were. We haven’t heard any more from them on that so far.

Jeffrey – We have a question – “Is there a way to find the number our property was at before the Service was turned on?” It is very labor intensive for us to test; we have to go through the inquiry and there’s just no way that we can.  I mean, there is a way, but we wouldn’t be able to do anything else or work or take care of the Service. So, it’s one of those things if you can find someone that’s a good tester or if there are people in your community that you can work with to test. The average home in North America is 420. You can kind of gauge how your place felt before compared to other places that you’ve been in to see if you think it’s in the average.  The only time that we get places that are really low to start with is where there was some kind of geopathic stress, some kind of unusual water flowing underneath the house or big electrical lines or something like that, that could cause the property to be lower to start with. (1:20:00)

Clayten – Yes, So Lisa is asking – “I’m curious if you the way technology is the same as Dr. Wilhelm Reich study and science of Orgone Energy?”  It is not the same and there are some similarities. Again, it is a big conversation.

Someone else is commenting – “Hello, sweet souls. Thanks for this webinar. I’m a healer I meditate every day at least once and sometimes twice at night, I put a lot of candles and oils in my home. My healing practice involves a lot of prayers; do these practices help to increase the consciousness of our home?” Assuming that you’re asking for help from an integrous Higher Power and that you’re devoted to the energy of love and not death, I would say it absolutely increases the level of consciousness of your home. And you might have a little special sacred space where you do your prayers, and that can be significantly higher than the rest of the home.

We have another inquiry from Cynthia who said that she received an email saying that her environment tested at 560. We don’t send out individual calibrations. That’s the environment that we’re at, she said it was worth a smile, that number means that you’re in a cocoon of unconditional love. And if you would like to know more about what that is, Dr. Hawkins work explains that in great detail. His book, Transcending Levels of Consciousness is a great resource. He talks about each level of consciousness and how to transcend it; each level on in his scale, and he talks about it from two points of view, one from a traditional psychotherapeutic point of view, because Dr. Hawkins was a psychologist and the other point of view as a traditional spiritual point of view. So, you get two perspectives. I would suggest you look at that, Cynthia, and that will give you the answers that you’re looking for.

Jeffrey – And Virginia is saying – “I’ve been on the Free Trial for 15 days, and I am exhausted; I seem to sleep fine, but can’t get enough sleep is that common?”

Clayten – Well I have gone through that at times, for sure, when I’m going through a big upgrade in my life, I sometimes need 10 or 11 hours of sleep a night. And I’ve heard some people need that for quite a while, it seems to be how it works for me when I am really changing. And we do need lots of sleep.

Jeffrey – We do build into the Programs functioning parameters. So, you have your Innate Intelligence, and you have your conscious self and your ego and your life in the world. In an economized society we have to earn money and pay our mortgage and all of that. So, while it might be in the Highest and Best interest of all creation for you to do all of your healing and all of your rising in a short amount of time, you might not be able to get out of bed. So, we build into the Program a  functioning parameter that basically ramps things down. And there’s also a hydration parameter built into the Liver, Kidney, Gallbladder Program so, if you’re not hydrated, the energy of the Program goes down. So, you can live your life with joy and move through these processes without being uncomfortable as much as possible.  But you’re in charge in one way or another in the system, whether it’s your Innate Intelligence kind of moving things forward. And then there may be times when you want to step out for a little while. Or just run with it. I haven’t turned it off in a long time, probably five years. But there are times when it’s super intense. And it’s worth it to me in my life and on my path. But we’re all on a different path. We’re all here for a different purpose. And there’s so much variety.

We’ve got somebody with a lot of negative thoughts. He was on the Free Trail for the full 15 days, and he tended to struggle with negative thoughts anyway. But he seemed to have even more negative thoughts. He worked from home. (1:25:00) He thought it would work but it never did and was actually relieved when the Free Trail is over, and it felt like a big weight was lifted off. Well, the question is, do I need just need more time? Clayten do you want to check in on that one?

Clayten – Yes, It is hard to say, I don’t know the answers for everybody in terms of what their developmental stage is and you said that you suffered, and you were suffering even before the Service? If we could have everybody have a positive, joyful experience; we wish that for you. We don’t know what God’s will is for you and how your developmental process works. It’s hard to say, I mean, you understand that people could ask better questions if they were talking to us about it.  It’s hard to ask me everything you want in a short, two or three lines or four lines on the chat window. So, I’m just not sure where else to go with that right now.

Jeffrey – Well, you were on for the Free Trial. I don’t know whether you did the FLFE Home or the FLFE Everywhere. The way we’ve set up the Trials, you can do one trial. And then you can do the other Trial for the other device, whether you’ve done the Home Free Trial, you could do the Mobile Free Trial. So, you could try it again. And you could turn it on and off; you said you left it on for the 15 days, you could try you know, you may want to it for a certain number of hours a day and see how it is for you. So, you could do that. I mean, we do want to give people lots of opportunities to try it. And not be obligated to pay anything.

Clayten  – Again, I didn’t want to give the impression that you did anything wrong;  you didn’t do anything wrong, for whatever reason it had that reaction within you. And we still do believe it helped your body to some degree. So, we hope that you’ll receive a permanent positive change for that, or at least maybe not permanent, but for an extended period of time. We don’t want you to feel any guilt or shame about it.

Jeffrey – So Joe is asking – “What happens after the first 10 points do we keep going up?”

Clayten – Well, there is no guarantee to go up 10 but 10 is an average. And it’s very possible you could go up; some people go up hundreds of points in their lifetime. And in our last webinar, we talked about the average level of consciousness on the planet going up five points in a lifetime. In the higher consciousness country you live in or higher consciousness environment you live in, the more likely you will go up more points. So, the average in North America, England, Australia, a lot of these countries have calibrated in the 400’s.  Interestingly enough, Singapore is the highest consciousness country in the world right now. So, in those countries, the average is 15 points. If you’re living in an area where there’s a lot of feudal fighting, and a lot of warlords and people are stealing, some of these countries are stealing children from schools and keeping them prisoner. I mean, it’s hard to go up in those environments, most people are probably dropping. So, it is possible, you can keep going up. Absolutely.

Jeffrey – So, Alice is asking – “What does the actual machine look like, and will you ever show a picture of that?” We’re in the process of planning to build a machine that people could come and see, and we could show pictures of. We haven’t shown the technology to the public. We do show it individually. I mean it’s similar to what you would see in a Nikola Tesla experimental setup where there are stacks and stacks and stacks of plates and coils and high speed, alternating current running through it in the original machine. And that is pulling in subtle energy into the device, and it’s focusing it into one place. And that’s where we’re putting the Programs or the instructions that are the basis of FLFE. So, if you can imagine these stacks of plates and coils and shapes, kind of coming up and then going back down, and it’s single output stack. So might give you an idea what it looks like, as far as talking about it or understanding it.

This is the way that I tend to talk about it to people if they don’t have any reference points in this kind of technology. (1:30:00) This focused life force energy is immediately entangling or associating with a distant location or an object through a legal address or through another way of identifying object. So, it’s an instant connection. We’ve seen it in our research with sensitive people turning it on and off. One of the ways to talk about it is Chinese medicine. Acupressure and acupuncture have been shown in western medicine to be effective for treatment. But the mechanism for how it works is not understood in the western side. And the instruments to measure that energy have not been developed yet. At least not available in the scientific world. We believe that someday there may be the instruments to measure and to see this energy. And then when you look at an FLFE house, it’s going to look really different from the house next door. But at this point in time, there’s not an instrument to measure it. We’re using our bodies as instruments to measure it through kinesiology, through the pendulum, our Innate Intelligence.

Our whole body is a sensitive instrument, so another way to think about it is when you walk into a low place like a prison, or like an old battlefield I mean, it’s just a field out in the country, right? But you walk into it, and you can feel the heaviness of it. And many people have experienced that. And that’s an example of feeling a lower level of consciousness. And then you walk into a cathedral or a temple or a mosque, and there’s been prayer there for decades or centuries. There’s an uplifting feeling energy and you can feel it in your body. So, our bodies are sensitive instruments. Every one of us is a sensitive instrument, for truth.

And for energies, it’s been part of the human experience to find those high spots on the planet and go see them once a year, those sacred places; a journey to healing places, and now we’ve been able to bring it into our homes. So that’s how I talk about it.

Well, we have reached 10:30. This webinar ran an hour and a half. I think we’ll need to close it down now. Is there any one question you’d like to get there before we stop Clayten?

Clayten – Yeah, there’s a theme here in the questions; “Do you carry the level when disconnected from FLFE? How do you know when positive change is permanent?” You don’t need FLFE to have a high consciousness experience of life. And you carry it to a degree within you when you’re not on the Service, because it’s a beneficial supportive aspect to your life. And are the changes permanent? If anybody ever guarantees that you’re going to have permanent change as a result of anything, I will question that. It’s really up to you to make your change permanent. So, we would not make that claim. That would not be truthful.

We have questions here about gardens – “Can FLFE be programmed to assist in deterring destructive insects? Is that possible?” We’ve done some experimentation with that and a raised level of consciousness increases the health and vitality; we have a Soil Program. So, the Soil Program will help the plants be more energized and healthy so they’ll naturally resist destructive insects. And they are destructive insects to us but maybe nature has another opinion about that. I’m not a big gardener. If I had a garden, I wouldn’t like those insects in it. And we’ve had horticulturalists had some other professionals on the Service that have talked about some extraordinary changes in their plants. So that’s something we’ll do more research on. It’s a good question.

Jeffrey – Anonymous is asking about beehives, we don’t have any direct evidence of changes with bees, we would like to gather that. (1:35:00) So, if you do have a beehive and you could email us at the office at  we could talk to you about some way of measuring what goes on with your hive.

And Eva asks – “Is the phone FLFE just as effective as having the Home Subscription; I just had the Free Trial and loved it, I want both maybe having the phone to be enough since it can go with me everywhere.” Yes, that’s certainly the case. We want to put as much as we can into each technology so that you don’t have to have two. That being said, the way the phone works, because it is moving, the main programs related to health are only in a four-foot bubble.  So, if it’s just you, and you’re not trying to take care of a whole house of kids and pets and that’s okay with you, then the FLFE-four foot bubble is the health and of course, out 300 feet, it’s 555 on the Hawkins Map, out 15 feet, it’s 565. So, it’s still very high. And within that four-foot sort of love bubble, it’s 575. So, there are some definite advantages to the phone and the other personal object. We all carry phones, according to our research, the phones become positive or supportive of biological life, and they are themselves at 580. So, they can become a positive energy source for you. But in a home, you have every part of the property that is experiencing the full 560 and all the Programs, so everyone in it receives the benefit. So, you just have to weigh the two, we did recently add grounding, up to five miles an hour, into our FLFE  Everywhere. So that was something that was not there before. And we as soon as we had the capacity, we added it.

Clayten – Yeah, if we could give you all the Services, all the Programs in one Service, we would do that.  We’re not trying to have people buy two Services, it’s just that when something is moving, the amount of energy it would take to have the Removal Program, for example, removing all the negative history of the land, would take so much energy from the technology that it wouldn’t be any good. Because if you’re in a car going 60 miles an hour or 50 miles an hour, it’s constantly trying to clear that land that would use too much energy. And we wouldn’t get many benefits from it anyway because we’re moving so quickly. We just couldn’t have very many people on the Service. It’s just not practical. So, we would like to have it all in one and if we ever get the power to do it or figure out some way to do it. We’ll do it all in one.

Well, the question list is getting shorter, and I know it’s 7:38 where I am, Jeff, it’s 10:38 at night where you are. So, do you want to call it?

Jeffrey – I have a hard time stopping. I just love all these questions. So, I’d like to answer a few more if that’s alright with you.

So, Joey just asked – “Did you just say that if you don’t drink enough water that your level of consciousness may go down while on FLFE?” No, that’s not what we meant there. The intensity of the Program may go down if you’re not as well hydrated. So, it’s a factor to keep you functional and well. If we didn’t have that in there, if you were still dehydrated, it may be difficult. You might have a healing crisis type of thing happen. So, it’s not your level of consciousness, it’s the intensity of the Program that changes.

Clayten – And if you’re severely dehydrated, your consciousness will likely go down whether you are on FLFE or not.

Jeffrey – Yeah, it’s important. We really have to work at that.  So, I just saw one someone had answered about the negative thoughts.  Basically, what they had said is that, as the negative thoughts came up, they had a similar problem with having negative thoughts. And when those thoughts came up, they worked to forgive themselves for whatever happened in the past. They worked on loving and forgiving themselves. (1:40:00) And as the thoughts came up they kept going through the process of clearing them and asking for a Higher Power and forgiving. And then by the end, the negative thinking had dissipated and was much less.

Clayten – Yes and Gillian just asked – “Will FLFE help with chronic health conditions, like diabetes and its side effects? If yes, how would you recommend utilizing FLFE for this type of issue?” We have had people with chronic health conditions that have experienced benefit, we don’t make health claims. Anytime your body has more energy, it will use it to heal, it has its Innate Intelligence. And my mother has type two diabetes, so diet is really important for her and lifestyle changes. So, do all the reasonable things that your doctor will tell you. And you can go to different doctors and get different opinions. I go to a really good Chinese doctor here, and he has a different opinion than the allopathic, Western doctors. So, you have to look around and experiment with things and find the truth that expresses as better health in your body. And different health systems have different opinions Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have been around a really long time, they’ll tend to focus more on nutrition and lifestyle, whereas our Western allopathic tradition is more about pharmaceutical interventions. So, we have to find out what works.

Jeffrey –  Jennifer is asking about the area of finances. What about the support there? “We did have someone request a donation button on the website and whether we could take some of that money and support people that needed help with their Subscription. So that’s not currently active or live, but it’s something we’re looking to do in the future so, keep an eye on the website about that look, in for those of you that would like to support others we’ll have a donation button at some point in the future. We’ve been talking about a quite a while, and we’re working on receiving aren’t we Clayten?

Clayten – We are works in progress.

Jeffrey – Yep. So, Carrie asked about myofascial release on old injuries. That’s an interesting one. It may be in the subject of Anti-Stagnation and things starting to move in the body. And that energy moving into the body then can affect circulation and things can start to heal and move.

Clayten – I’m not sure what the question is, I’m still at the top of the chat box. If you’re generally more relaxed, you’ll have more myofascial release just by having more relaxation in the body.

Jeffrey – Well, I’m, I’m sort of hitting the wall now. So, I hate to admit that, but I would just like to summarize on one part about the Free Trial. You know, we wanted to give two weeks without any credit card or obligation, and it’s a gift from us to you, and to the Universe. And we know that there are benefits that that happen during that two weeks in your body in consciousness. And, of course, as Clayten said, nothing’s permanent. But it’s there. And that can be enough. And we’re grateful for you to have joined us and been with us during a two week period. And if you want to stay with us, we’d love to have you and it’s quite an adventure, the journey that we’re on. Clayten and I are having the time of our lives with this and we’re grateful to be out in the world more; we’ve been creating and making this better and better and working kind of in the back laboratory. And now we’re doing webinars every week and on Gaia TV with Regina Meredith and it’s a bit of a shock to our systems. (1:45:00) But we’re grateful because it gets it out for more people and our mission is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution. And we believe that the  FLFE field can do that. And so, it’s our gift to you.

Clayten – The way that I perceive the world works is that whenever there are challenges in the world with certain types of things, and with all the benefits of Wi-Fi, and cellular phones, and radio and microwave waves that really benefit us to make our life much more convenient. There’s a challenge to our physical body. And so, we believe that Divinity has provided answers to compensate for the negativity of some of these electromagnetic influences and other influences that benefit us. And we think that our technology is part of the answer that is emerging for humanity to have a good experience with technology, so we can have all the benefits of it and compensate for it. And it’s not really that we’re a technology compensation company, we’re really a consciousness-raising company. But we believe it’s expressing through technology because of the incredible emergence of all these new beneficial technologies that have happened even in our lifetimes. I mean, growing up, I don’t know that there were cell phones when I was a child, I certainly remember radios. I’m not that that old and we believe that Divinity has a plan to help us emerge, and that there are other technologies like ours and other companies like ours, and perhaps some of you who are listening, that are involved in these things.

And, you know, we’re all in this together. And our intent is to create an environment that will help you be your best self. We know that all of you who are contributing to the goodness of life are contributing to us and contributing to the emergence of our technology to serve you. So, we’re under no illusion that we do this on our own. We have help from our Higher Power. Some of that is direct. Some of it is through the blessings you give us. And your love for your evolutionary process and your kindness to us is part of what keeps us going. So, thank you. And Goodnight.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Goodnight.