Why is the FLFE Environment Valuable

May 18, 2017

(0:00) Jeffrey – So the clearing is clearing all that out many, many times a second. So, it’s a continual process, particularly in a business where people are coming and going all the time. It’s very valuable in that case. So, what’s the value for that? You could look at what it would cost to bring in a shaman on a regular basis or buy lots of sage to do a lot of smudging.  We’re finding that we don’t need to smudge anymore that it’s being cleared on a continual basis. So, what about the energy that’s available Clayten? We’ve done a lot of testing on that.

Clayten – The average home on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness calibrates about 420, out of 1000, according to our research, and so, the Subscription takes the property to 560 out of 1000, and it takes about five seconds. And so that’s 10, to the hundred and 40th power, more energy, because the scale is logarithmic, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, and we’ll talk about the Map of Consciousness tonight.

It’s a scale developed by Dr. David Hawkins that is from 1 to infinity; 1 to 1000 is the human realm. And so, we’ll be talking some numbers tonight. And you can look that up on the internet and study what that scale represents. So, when you have that much more energy in an environment, a number of things happen, the Prana or life force or Chi feeds every part of you. And it feeds everything in the environment.

We’re getting more and more feedback about the vitality of plants. And we’ve got a few serious gardeners that said they’re going to report on their garden progress this summer. We’ve had a horticulturist comment with her educated eye about the differences in the variety of plants that are on the property and how they’re able to respond to even drought conditions, they seem to be able to hold water better, things like that. So that’s a lot more energy for everything that this is your spirit, your physical, mental, and spiritual, your bodies.

And number two would be it’s just such a resource for really utilizing Prana, Chi or life force energy in a different way. So, when you have all that energy, then you can utilize it in a more conscious direction. And there are branches of yoga and different philosophies and they talk a lot about Prana, lifeforce energy, and Chi and how to accumulate it. And then once the student has accumulated enough of it, they get into the details of how to utilize that. So just having it in the environment, helps accumulate it. And then your body has its own Innate Intelligence, of course, where it will use it for repair and upgrades. And there are many ways that can express. It’s a whole new level of opportunity for probably 99% of the people, there are very few environments that will be able to sustain themselves at that level without having a person at a level of consciousness significantly higher than even 560 because our auric field diminishes as it gets further out. And even though it will lift up an environment, for someone to be able to have a whole property at 560 everywhere, they would have to be a very high level of consciousness, which is what happens, but it’s rare.

And if we look at the value of that, so I’ve had almost every home that I’ve lived in Feng Shui’d and sometimes it’s a half a day and $300 or $400. And it’s money well spent. And so that’s one of the ways to look at the value of your Subscription, where you’re having energetic Feng Shui, every second, and it’s 1000 million times per second is the calculation for how often the frequency is pulsating towards the environment. So that gives you an idea of what you may need to invest in to get an experience that it wouldn’t be actually the same. The average Feng Shui’d home in North America calibrates at 460 out of  1000 according to our research. So, you still have 10 to the hundredth power, more energy than a typical Feng Shui’d environment.

Jeffrey – Clayten I’ll mention the FLFE Everywhere here too which is an interesting contrast to the Home Subscription and Business Nonprofit. Both have the permanent clearing that happens to the negative energetic history. That doesn’t happen with the Mobile or the FLFE Everywhere. (5:00) Because, as you can imagine, trying to clear land, as you’re moving in a car at 70 miles an hour or in a plane would just throw everything off; a tremendous amount of energy is required to do that. So, we don’t have that type of clearing in the FLFE Everywhere. But what is there is, is a higher level of consciousness very close to you, it’s at 575 within four feet, and then it’s 565, out to 15 and 555, out to 300 feet.

And that’s just a blessing, it’s a gift to anyone near you to be in a loving environment like that. The other thing that’s interesting, a recent discovery for us, is now the FLFE Personal Object, or the Mobile Phone is now at 580 so that is a much higher level of energy. And that’s what was needed to harmonize the emissions from the mobile phone or the cellular phone. Touching that will bring that energy into your body. And so holding onto your pendant, if you have a Personal Object or touching your phone, you’ll feel that energy. So, it’s just another way that the energy comes in.

And it’s interesting the way that FLFE works is we have a machine, I mean, the inventors discovered a way to pull energy available, life force energy into a device and concentrate and focus it in one place.

And in that place, we discovered that we could put a written Program,  which are written requests of Divinity. And these Programs are in the field; they’re in the machine, and then the legal address or coordinates entangle or associate the FLFE field with an address or location on the planet. And it’s an instant association and an instant effect with any Programs that are in that field. And that was a major discovery that Clayten made along the way. So, these Programs are information, they are vibration, and they are high potentials for health in the human body. And we reference medical textbooks and all sorts of literature that we find, authors and bodies of work, that are at a certain level of consciousness, or a certain level of truth, that are now in the field as a resource.

All of this is a resource for your Innate Intelligence, for your free will, and your Innate Intelligence to take that information and move to a higher potential. And that’s part of what we meant by supporting humanity and each of us to move to our highest human potential that we can.

One of those Programs is what we call Anti- Stagnation. And, when energy is stuck in the physical body when it’s not moving, or it’s moving slowly in the physical body, Chinese medicine calls that stagnation. And acupuncture, and acupressure is used to get the energy moving again in the body. And that’s what the Anti-Stagnation Program does. It helps us to get unstuck. And it’s very similar to acupressure, the effect of acupressure. And it assists all of the energetic systems to keep moving in the body. And it’s really important for our health. Because if you get an impingement in the flow of a meridian and a part of the body is not getting that life force energy or that support, it affects our health. So, this Program, Anti-Stagnation, is in both the FLFE Everywhere, the Home and Business Nonprofit Subscriptions. It’s helping everything to keep moving, it’s assisting the energetic systems to keep moving. So, it also helps us get unstuck from old thought forms, habits, or patterns. And it supports us to choose to make more conscious choices without being in an unconscious pattern of thought forms. (10:00) So that “unstuckness” people had spoken to us about, this habit that I’ve been trying to break is much easier to exert will and to overcome it through our will. So, there’s also support in there for the chakras, and the auras to optimize in that Anti-Stagnation Program.

So, the value there; What would daily acupressure cost? I don’t know, energy work, you could even say years of therapy. I mean, I’ve had therapy in the past, of course, many of us on the path have looked for ways to unstick ourselves, or to get clear of a thought form that’s not serving us. So that’s one of the benefits of this Program. We’re really glad to share it. It was exciting when we were able to create it and bring it into FLFE wave. What about the liver, kidney, gallbladder Clayten? You’re quite experienced there.

Clayten – Yes, Jeff and I went through a phase in our liver, kidney gallbladder research where we were doing cleanses. And one of the references we used is the Amazing Liver Kidney Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz. And so, if any of you who’ve done that cleanse recommended in his book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It can get pretty interesting. So, let’s talk about some research here that I don’t think we have shared in public before. So, when trying to understand how to create the optimal environment for an organ we look at what conditions support that to being healthy and what conditions diminish the opportunity to be healthy.

Some of the research we did was that 100 years ago, the average North American, on average over the previous year from 100 years ago, say in 2017. The percentage by volume of deposits in their liver, kidney, and gallbladder were about 10% on average at 40 years old. So, if you look at Andreas Moritz book to see examples of deposits, he talks about what they look like and has pictures of them. And anybody that’s done this cleanse, knows when those deposits leave the body. There’s no denying it once you’ve done the cleanse. Our research indicates that on average over the previous year, the average North Americans, liver, kidney, and gallbladder are 30% full of those deposits. So that’s a pretty significant difference.

And that decreases the operational efficiency of the liver, kidney, and gallbladder. And Chinese medicine tells us, and other belief systems tell us that these organs hold energy. So, the liver is known, I think, to hold anger if you’re if your liver is really congested. So, we’ve found ways to significantly change these percentages. And it’s really not for us to go into details about what numbers and the differences between operational efficiencies. But for those of you who are kinesiologists, you can look at our work, and the numbers that we’ve given you; you can do your own testing and look at your own conclusions.

This is the area where we don’t want to get into too much detail because of the potential for health claims. And that’s just not what we do. So, we do think it’s important to let you know that we believe there is a real challenge with the introduction of different foods into our food system. So there are many environmental toxins we have to deal with depending on where we live. It affects the functioning of organs and one of the expressions of this is more congested organs, or fatty livers or things like that. I mean, in Chinese medicine, they’ll take your pulse, and they’ll tell you the strength of the organ energy.

This is a good time to talk about water. Positive cellular regeneration increases in an FLFE environment, depending on the level of consciousness of the environment and the quality of it, because there’s kind of the raw power and then the quality of the power. We believe that it can increase up to 125%, maybe 110% in some environments, 115%, depending on where you are. And that’s the effect of why people have a great experience in an environment that you might call a pilgrimage destination where people go for healing. And oftentimes they’re done at a certain cycle of the moon or an astrological cycle which considers many things. (!5:00) And there are all those people praying and intentionally going to those places. So that also adds energy that brings that with them.

Just to give you another kind of guideline when you’re doing your own research with kinesiology on organs it took us nine months. Jeff did the Gold Coin Grass process where he took Gold Coin Grass which is called Stone Breaker and a few other herbs, and I did the liver and gallbladder flushes from Andreas Moritz’s book. And it took us nine months of doing that, to have the current experience that you get very gently on the Free Trial.

So, when your liver and kidney and gallbladder are clean, there’s a whole new level of healing and repair. That happens and your body can kind of kick into overdrive to catch up on some of the things that it’s wanting to do; it has this Intelligence, that’s always checking, do I have the energy to do this? And then one day the energy is there, and it joyfully goes about its business. It’s a built-in Intelligence. So as Jeff mentioned, the energy that goes into the whole aura of us on the Subscription, or anybody in the environment, it creates this potential of a quality of energy and a quantity of energy. So, the quantity is the raw power and the and quality is the quality of the experience or the level of consciousness of the field. So, when you combine both quality and quantity, then you get raw power and intelligent use of that power, so it can affect things quickly. And it has been a long day here, so my words are slow in coming.

So, what’s the value in that? Increased quality of life, more energy in the body, clean filtering organs. Filters are incredibly important. And so, when our filters are clean, maybe for the first time in decades, we’re going to have an opportunity that we maybe haven’t had in years or decades to experience a new level of vitality. And we have a lot of caveats in the Programming to diminish the effect on that depending on your hydration, and your energy levels. So, we try to support you to stay out of a healing crisis in that Program. And we expect that many of you will be sending us more letters about some of the extraordinary changes that you experienced while on the Service.

I’ll talk about the immune system quickly we have an Immune System Program. Immunity is such a big issue; this was such an interesting Program to write. So, what we do is we write out the context of the Programs and then write the Program out. So, the context is what we want the Program to achieve. And then we measure the level of consciousness or the truthfulness of the Program, and then how relevant it is to create the optimal condition. And in the Immune System Program, one of the things that I assumed, in the beginning, was what we wanted to do is eliminate people from getting sick. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that. And we tested that wasn’t in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. What was in the Highest and Best interest of all

Creation was that people have the opportunity to let their bodies be built up by different germs that are constantly emerging. And our body emerges new ways to counterbalance that. And so, to do that, in such a way that we don’t get really sick, is what we’re looking for. So, you may experience a fever, you may experience some discomfort, if there’s a virus going around, hopefully, your immunity will be strong enough to repel it and take the upgrade that nature is providing. So that’s what we believe happens when these germs or viruses go around. It’s just the evolution of nature and viruses and bacteria, and then the body evolves to counter it. And hopefully, we can have that happen without too much discomfort.

Jeffrey – So it sounds like the common cold will always be with us.

Clayten – Yeah, I imagine it will be. Maybe not as common or as painful.  Yes, so it is in the Highest and Best interest to have a cold. That’s interesting.

So, what’s the value of that? (20:00) Well, you don’t have to take time off work for yourself. You just enjoy your life when the flu seasons running you don’t need to worry. A lot of people during the allergy season, I have friends who just get just incapacitated when the allergies come out. And, they’ve had a much better experience on FLFE. And I had a friend who used to get sick three to four times every winter. And last winter, they didn’t get sick, we just bumped into him the other day at the grocery store here and he said, “I can’t believe I didn’t get sick last year.” The first time that I can remember. So those are some of the values.

Jeffrey – And the GI tract has been another really interesting Program to work on. And it’s looking at the whole gastrointestinal tract and the optimization of that and providing lots of resources for Innate Intelligence, again, there’s so much going on there. And it’s one of our longer Programs, it’s many, many pages, and really we’re looking at food and nutrient water absorption, increasing that and being able to be able to pull more nutrients into the body, as is appropriate.

Leaky gut is supported to heal with strong walls of the gastrointestinal system as an important part of the organ and microorganisms; the balance of microorganisms, healthy microorganisms in the appropriate amounts, optimizing that sort of encouraging that having a potential for the highest best balance there in the field. And, one of the things we noticed with the GI tract once we had it on was our transit time started to reduce, which is the amount of time that it takes for food to pass through our system. Now Clayten do you recall, or do you want to do a little testing on the average transit time for North America at this point for people, not on FLFE?

Clayten – Yes, we’re trying to always see how well things are working so we’ll measure the amount of fecal matter on average, we use North America as a control because it’s where we live. I live in Canada; Jeff lives in the  United States. So, we’ll test the amount of the average amount of fecal matter in the average North American colon on average over a period of time. And, and then we’ll test the average transit time of that person. And then we’ll pay attention to our own bodies. And we will do the beet test where we’ll eat a bunch of beets. And you can tell when they come out because of the purple color.  I think that the average FLFE Subscriber or the average transit time is about 12 hours. Now, that’s what I recall. And, of course, if you’ve been constipated, for a while, there will be some kind of cleaning out, you’ll notice that your bowels or your stool be discolored, there are different colors of stool, which indicates there are pockets of material being released by the wall of the colon. So, if we’re talking averages the average North American when I recall testing that it was about three pounds of undigested fecal matter over the period of a week, that they would be carrying that much extra matter. So maybe 5 or 10. And the average transit time was I think it was somewhere between 24 and 36 hour. And you know, 30 was again the average of that. I don’t have all the numbers in front of me, I wasn’t sure we were going to talk about that. But this stuff comes up. And that’s good to know, at least give a range that’s pretty close to what the research was. Coming down to 12 hours is really good for your system because things are moving through.

Jeffrey – Thanks for that. Clayten I put you on the spot there.

The Grounding Program was another one that was really fun to discover. Because we know how important grounding is where humanity is pretty disconnected, at least in North America from the earth. We wear rubber shoes, we walk on carpet, we’ve got floors and cars with rubber tires. So, we’re not electrically connected to the earth, and we may be energetically disconnected as well, tied to our computers, and focused on electronics rather than nature and being on the earth. (25:00) So, what we realized and through the research, and we were able to use the available energy in the FLFE environment, to connect us to the earth and its energetic grounding. And it is the equivalent of standing in the dirt 95% of the time barefoot. So that’s pretty darn grounded. And I still love standing with bare feet in the dirt, you know, it’s just a great thing to do. I highly encourage that. But people find that it helps them in this highly energetic FLFE environment, to be grounded and be connected to the earth in a way that has you feel centered, and in your body and connected so that energy is flowing through into the earth. So that was an important addition to the FLFE environment that we made. At this point, it’s not in the FLFE Everywhere.

The GI tract that we just discussed, is in both Services. But the FLFE Everywhere again, you can imagine that if you’re moving at a high rate of speed, grounding would be a real challenge. Though we’re moving towards offering that up to a certain speed. So, we’ll let you know when that occurs. There is increased health and increased energy related to grounding, as well as being more functional, more able to do things.

There’s also enhanced cognitive function. This is in the field to support the cerebral spinal fluid in the system. And we’re working on more brain function Programs, as we go along. They’re not currently in the FLFE environment but focus and concentration are in there. It’s part of the environments that people have noticed, I’ve noticed on the Facebook page, people talk about their minds just being quieter. A quieter mind can help you in lots of ways. Of course, connecting in meditation, connecting in prayer, whatever your practices are, for your spiritual evolution, to have a quiet mind to be able to connect in this high consciousness field. But also, it helps with focus and concentration, where you can be working on what you want to work on and focusing on what you want to do, whether it’s a creative endeavor, or a work type thing, and not be distracted, by your mind.

Anything else on that one Clayten that comes to mind for you?

Clayten – Yes. People have reported that they’re able to remember things better. And, as we get a little bit older, short term memory becomes something that is a little more precious. We’re working on a Program to optimize the brain specifically. It’s pretty exciting. We are beta testing it right now. And we’re getting some awesome results. We’ll have more to report on that in the next few months, maybe as late as the fall before we get that one out because it’s a lot of work. It’s kind of complicated and has a lot of moving parts. And we have been very, very busy. So, we spend a little less time in the laboratory and a little more time trying to take care of all your questions.

Jeffrey – What about relationships Clayten in the FLFE environment?

Clayten – Yeah, this is one of the last ones we’ll talk about. And then we’ll go to questions and answers. So, Jeff, and I were discussing this earlier; Jeff has done a lot of work planning tonight. And we got to the relationship part. And sometimes these statements just kind of emerge. And the statement that came out between us was that all good relationships start with ourselves. And that’s probably obvious, but it sounded important today for some reason. And so a higher level of consciousness gives you more connection with yourself with your Higher Power and with the people around you if you’re more patient with yourself and kinder to yourself. And you have the resources is to make more conscious choices. (30:00)  And for those of us who are interested in this sort of thing are the conscious choice is to be more loving, and kind with appropriate boundaries. That’s an assumption on my part, but I think it’s a reasonable one.

And so, the Relationship Program talks about the ability to increase communication, the ability to have a more empathetic, listening ear, to be more centered in your heart, and to use that quiet mind to connect with people. And people will feel it when you’re connected with them. I think the stats that I remember are that only 7% of communication is our words. So, when you’re more centered in yourself, you’re able to be more centered with somebody else.

Let’s talk about some of the numbers. For those of you who’ve watched the webinars before, we’ve talked about the average increasing level of consciousness over different periods of time. So, if you’re spending eight hours a day, in an FLFE environment, the average person goes up about 10 points in 90 days. If you’re in the FLFE environment, 24/7 you’ll go up about 12 points in 90 days. And we expect a little jump in that because we actually put the cellular phone and the FLFE Everywhere pendants, or rings or whatever you’ve taken a picture of, we put the Service on the Object, not just around it. And that’s a big difference. Because if the service is at 580 whatever touches that object is going to, not only entrain in the field but it’s going to start to be affected by the principle of osmosis as well as entrainment, so we expect those numbers to jump a little bit,  so what’s the value in all of that? The value is freedom. A higher level of consciousness makes you freer.

Jeffrey – And that’s freedom from the challenging aspects of the human condition and freedom to move into our potential. And that is really a beautiful thing. I think what we’d like to do now is take some questions.

Clayten – We do have one question from Alyssa – “So the Programs that you’re running now have these statements in them?” Yes, they do. And more than that; a lot more. We don’t have enough time in an hour to cover everything and go into that level of detail. As we do more and more of these we will keep going into little areas and giving you more specificity. And she’s talking about the Grounding Program and having it in a moving vehicle. It is possible to do that it’s just a matter of energy. Right now, the  FLFE Everywhere service takes 2000 times the energy of what the Home Subscription used to provide. So, it used to be 20 times the Home Subscription, and then when we put the object or the cellular phone or the other objects on it, the increased the power usage was 100 times bigger. The object if you have a cellular phone and this calibrates of 580, and you put it down on the desk, and if the desk calibrates at 300, it’ll start to charge up the desk and once you start to charge up the desk it will start to charge up the floor. So, it has another level and it just takes a lot of energy from the machines, these are real machines that have a power output, and we have to manage the power output. And we always try to give you as much value as we can. We’re doing upgrades on a regular basis. So, we’ll just keep adding more and more value. And if we for example, in the future, put the Grounding Program up to 10 miles an hour so if you’re walking somewhere, you’ll get the benefit of grounding. And when we have the power to do that then we will do it.

Jeffrey – So Amy asks – “What’s the benefit of having both Programs?” So, the FLFE Everywhere, particularly if you’re single, you could just have that alone (35:00). Our intention is to build as much value as we can into each product given the limitations of the technology or limitations of that particular way of using the technology, and as we’ve been saying, motion creates particular challenges. And at this point, grounding is not included.

Now the Home Subscription, though has the clearing that happens on a continual basis, as well as the grounding. And all the Programs are throughout the entire property. So that’s a key difference with FLFE Everywhere the Health Programs, particularly the ones we’ve been going through tonight, are in a four-foot radius around the FLFE Everywhere Object. So that’s a little different. So, if you have a big family and you want everyone to benefit, then a Home Subscription might be better.

There are Programs that are in the full bubble, the 300-foot radius, there are many Programs in that, but the Health Programs are certainly in the four-foot radius. So that is another difference between the two. And as we get more power, we will have more ability to expand that. The difference is when you’re walking around and you’re going to the grocery store, you don’t want to have Health Programs. I mean, you could because it’s a very brief encounter. People are only in the field for a short time, but really in a moving object, it really needs to be right around the body, close to the person.

Clayten – Maria asks – “When you talk about the long papers with the details of the Programs, will we ever be able to have access to these papers?” Maria, everything we do, we calibrate and pray to be guided or to ask directly through kinesiology to do what’s in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation. And up until this point, it has tested negative, so we don’t have permission to share the Programs with anyone. We check that once in a while. And if it ever changes, we will start publishing some of those Programs, whatever we have permission to share, we will share.

Jeffrey – And I just wanted to answer about the cellular or Mobile Phone FLFE Service. When you sign up for a Free Trial or Subscription, you’re putting in the country of origin and the unique phone number for that cellular phone. So, it’s identifying that object. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s on or off, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a data plan or not. It’s the object itself, that is now entangled with the FLFE system, and is now going up to 580 in the level of consciousness and harmonizing the energy coming off of it. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on or off. But in both cases, it’s positive to your biological life, according to our kinesiology testing.

Clayten – Alexa is asking – “Do you feel better results come from home or object?” I think that’s a pretty individual thing, Alyssa, you know, we created FLFE Everywhere because we wanted it to happen everywhere. We started missing the feeling at our home and office. So, we thought, what can we do? And then we figured out how to put FLFE on an object. So, I’d like to be able to give you an answer. But I think it’s really interesting and depends on what’s going on in your body and what’s going on in your life.

Jeffrey – And that’s why we give a Free Trial for both. So, if you’re on the Home Free Trial, and once you’re finished with that you would like to try the FLFE Mobile Phone you can go ahead and do that. And it’s quite a bit more complicated too, for us to give a Free Trial on an object because you have to send a photograph and then we look at the photograph and make sure it’s in good focus. And it’s on a white piece of paper. And there isn’t a baby in the picture or something. So, the Mobile Phone is the only way to get a Free Trial but you’re welcome to try both. And that’s why we set it up that way, we want everyone to experience it themselves and have their own personal discernment on how it works for you. (40:00) And if you’re a Home Subscriber, you can also go on the Mobile Phone Trial. And many people are becoming a Home Subscriber, going on the FLFE Mobile Trial, and then maybe switching later if they like one more than the other. And many people are doing both.  Again, it’s not our intention that you need to have both.

Clayten I have the question from Amy – “Will this Program work on things like viruses?” Well, what we try to do is support the body to use the Innate Intelligence to adjust viruses or the presence of viruses in the body to build the resiliency or the strength of the body, while recognizing that nature is going to bring more of these viruses and bacteria, it’s just been happening probably since the beginning of time on this planet. So that’s the approach we have for viruses and other things, to support the body’s own immunity.

Jeffrey – There is a question – “Is there a bundle package?” And right at this point in time, there’s not. We’ve felt that the value is there in the products. And it’s also kind of difficult with our computer system to do a bundle package. So, we do we do not have that at this point in time.

There is an interesting question from Allyssa about her husband, who’s away from home, but he’s feeling the change as well. And she’s using FLFE on her phone. And we had an interesting experience the other day. My partner Audrey was talking to someone on the phone, and they were discussing FLFE. And during the phone call, the person went on the Free Trial and activated their phone. And she could feel on the other end of the phone on a different phone, she could feel it activate. So, we don’t we haven’t done any research on this yet. It’s just anecdotal. But there seems to be an effect through the phone line. So that’ll be interesting; stay tuned on this as we do more research.

Clayten – Yeah, and any mother or father have had the experience where their child is thinking about them, or for the rest of us who don’t have children, say someone’s thinking about you and all of a sudden, you have a thought about them when the phone rings. And so, there is a way that people are energetically connected. And when your vibration is higher, and you’re connected to someone like your husband or wife, or a partner of any kind, there is shared energy that you have between you. And it’s not something that we have a lot of numbers on or stats, which we love to have. But it’s an experience, I think in society enough that it’s safe to say that people will benefit from your own increase in consciousness. In fact, all of the planet benefits from an increase in anybody’s consciousness, we’re all very connected. And so, it just may be a little more visceral or discernible with your partner.

Jeffrey – So we had a question about leaving home  – “Do the effects stay with you as you leave the house and go back to your day?” I mean, certainly, the health benefits and the energy benefits as our filtering organs get cleaned out, we have more energy and vitality. And we take that anywhere we go as we leave the house and leave the environment. And you know, just the good mood and the increased energy, the Prana of that’s absorbed through the night or through the days you’ve been in the house as you leave that’s, of course, staying with you. Anything else on that one Clayten?

Clayten – These are good questions. So, you know, the question might be how long does it stay with me? And everybody’s different so we can’t really answer that succinctly as a universal answer. I think Jeff covered it well, the benefits stay with you as long as you’re you.  If you have a healthier liver, kidney gallbladder, you’ll have a better time with maintaining your body. If you’re in a happier, brighter mood at home, you’re likely to take that out to the world. And in those ways, it is kind of obvious and simple. And we always think of trying to do a scale and a chart saying if you’re at this at home, and you’re going to be this for an hour or more and humans just aren’t like that we have too many things going on or too many things coming at us we have to manage. So that is the best I can do on that one anyway. (45:00)

Jeffrey – So Liz has an interesting question – “Do you feel that this technology could create a hive mind for users in the future as we raise our consciousness through it?”  I don’t know. We haven’t done any research on that. That’s really an interesting concept.

Clayten – Yeah, one of the ladies that works with us, Evie, she’s just a dear. She’s an angel. And she was talking about that this morning, Jeff when she came into the office about the hundredth monkey idea. And she’s looking to do something with that with the community. So, there’s nothing really even in the incubator yet, but it’s coming up. So, I think the universe might be trying to tell us something.

Jeffrey – So we have a question about the Affiliate Program. So just to let you know about that when we conceived FLFE after doing our years of Service work, and we decided to bring this to people in a forum where they could choose to raise the level of consciousness of their property; we also want to support people that are on the path, you know, people that are raising their consciousness and on a spiritual path to have a fun way to raise money and way to live a good abundant life. And so, we created a Referral Partner Program that would allow people to refer people and get a small payment for each one of those. And we’ve gotten a bit overwhelmed with lots of lots of referral partners. And we are redesigning the system right now to for it to have better value for everyone. And that’s coming. It’s probably with the current influx of people due to the Gaia interview we’re a bit busy. But we’re working on it in the background, and I would say, by July we will have that reconfigured in a different way that we think you’re going to like. And again, we’re not doing multiple levels where you’ve had a great experience, then you can spread the word. You know, we’re looking for a system that works in a very harmonious way for everyone.

[For update-to-date information on the Referral Partner Program, please click here.]

What other questions – “Do you have a donation program?  Yes, if you would love to donate, thank you. We appreciate that. And, you know, your Subscription is a donation. I mean, it’s paying for all the costs of all of this. And it does help us to do the Service work that we do on a large scale and donations would be helpful. And I have a donation button that I’ve been waiting to put on the website. And it’s just one of those things that’s down the list, you know. But thank you for the reminder to get that donation button on the website. So, take a look for that.

Clayten – Now the default that Jeff and I have for better for worse is to try to add more value to the Programs, because it’s so much fun discovering truth, as we measure the level of consciousness of these Programs and tweak them and adjust them, and then they go out at a very high level of consciousness. It’s a bit of a conversation, so won’t get into it. But yeah, that’s our default, we just try to add more and more valuable to kind of make it better for all of us because we’re on the service as well. And a lot of our family and friends are so it’s just the way we’re wired, I suppose. And we’re kind of weaning ourselves off of that gradually, but it’s a slow process.

Jeffrey – We have a question about the phone; this person is not 100% sure if they feel anything coming from the phone although they can’t be 100% sure. And, you know, I would encourage you with the phone, if you’re on a computer, you can go login to the Members section and Members Login. And you can turn your FLFE Service on and off. That’s on the Home Subscription, the Home Free Trial, and the Phone Free Trial and on the Phone Subscription.

Yet for the FLFE object, we don’t have that setup yet. So, I encourage you to try turning it on and off to experiment with it; try meditating, and while you’re meditating, turn it off to see if there is a difference. As far as having a duplicate SIM card, and that part of the energy goes somewhere else. So, the energy is going to the device itself, not to the SIM card, so it would be looking for the actual phone device. (50:00)

So, let’s see, we have another question –“ Is it possible to have my body entangled with FLFE everywhere instead of an object?” Well, we have the program to set up to entangle with an object.

And to create an environment, we’re really all about creating an environment that is optimal for you and for your evolution, for your health. And for just being in a loving environment, so we don’t have anything designed for a person itself that we’re giving to the public so that environment is what we’re making available. We feel that it’s better to have the environment and there are many good reasons why.

Clayten – It’s a big question and people have sent us photos and they ask us to “put it on me”.  And it’s one of those things where we don’t always know the implications of asking the question or making the inquiry, this is in the Highest and Best interest of all Creation.  And if it isn’t in the Highest and Best of all Creation, we don’t do it.  It may be that we never understand the full implications of that but that’s our commitment; to do only the things that are in the Highest and Best interest of all.

Jeffrey – So Liz has made a suggestion about a place where people can donate so that others who have trouble affording FLFE could have a Subscription. And I think that’s a great idea. It’s something we’ve been discussing, as we grow and have the resources particularly in other countries where the income is lower, is to have a much lower Subscription rate or one that’s tied to your income. And that would be done by the person choosing their level. So that will be coming in future years, we believe. But I think that’s a great idea, we’d love to have a fund that we could give to people. And we do give free Subscriptions. You know, it’s one of the things that we are working on personally, is receiving and, as Clayten said, we’ve spent much of our time focusing on putting more and more into the Service. And we feel it’s been our personal growth or personal edge to receive, you know, to receive the Subscription money. And we do lots of Service work. At one point 99% of the energy of the system was on Service work and 1% was on Subscriptions. And I believe it’s either that or more at this point.

Clayten – Cindy asks -“I live in the country, what address do you need from me?” So typically, a rural route would be an address, whatever the post office uses to deliver your mail is the address that will work.

Jeffrey – Yeah, so that’s a really important question. And thank you for that. The legal address for your property, so if you got a check from the government where would they send it? You know, when Amazon delivers where do they send it, when the post office, change of address form would come, what’s the address on there? So as much as you can provide the absolute legal address. Now, in a home in the city, it’s a different story. The addresses of a city are much more regulated. And be sure to spell it out. Like you we can take abbreviations, for instance, road can be RD, you know, we built into the Program lots of flexibility. But it’s always good to write it out. (55:00) If you can write out the street or write out the road and write out the full address, the way it would show up from the post office, that would be most helpful. Though, again, what we’ve done is we built into the Program lots of references for abbreviations. Some are capitalized, some are not capitalized really all of this work, so it makes it easier for our CRM to look at the address and see the full address in their work when they’re helping you.

Clayten – Yes, so we’ve got some questions in the Q&A box, Jeff, and I’ll just maybe address Amy’s question that talks about karma. So, Amy, what we do in the Programming is we’ve discovered that karma can be released through suffering and it can be released through joyful service. So, we made the request in the Programming, that any karma that you have to clear can be cleared through joyous service rather than suffering. And so that’s directly in the Mobile Program. So that as you’re moving around in the world, you’re really able to be at peace or make peace with the people that we’re running into. Because the way that we understand the Universe works is that people come into our lives for a reason. And there’s a definitely a Karmic Clearing Program. And it’s in that context of joyful service, or some joyful experience rather than something difficult.

Jeffrey – So one of the questions we have in the Q&A Clayten is about entanglement. This person is asking if there’s a sharing of fields or a level of consciousness with others in the field, I mean, kind of between Subscribers.

Clayten – So entanglement has two different definitions. And many words do like in psychotherapy, they talk about having a strong ego, that’s very important. And the spiritual development, we talked about diminishing our ego. So, entanglement in the way we use it is quantum entanglement, which is a positive entanglement. It’s very similar to using the word association. So, Jennifer’s asking – “Are we not sharing fields and levels of consciousness as well as consciousness with others?” Yes. We have been since the moment we could first breathe. Absolutely.

Jeffrey – I mean, we’re all connected in that way. Now, I would say that the FLFE field is not causing some kind of hive mind that we know about though it does seem to be coming up, though we’re not entangling with each other across the Subscriptions or anything like that. Do you agree with that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we’re not aware of any negative effects, period. You know, if we get a kind of whiff of something we’re pretty rigorous about addressing it.

Jeffrey – So we have a question about improving or healing eyesight, including nearsightedness, farsightedness. So that’s a bit of a challenge, we’ve definitely looked at eyesight, and it does take a high level of antioxidants. And that’s one of the Programs we didn’t mention that’s also an important one.  Antioxidants, of course, are working in our system, in our biological system, to mitigate or to neutralize compounds that are formed through metabolic processes and other things in the body that are harmful to the body. And they play a big part in the healing and repair of the body. And apparently, now we’re learning that they’re playing a big part in the healing of the eyes and the skin, those things that are exposed to sunlight and to oxygen into, you know, to the air, where there’s oxidation that’s  happening.

So, we have an Antioxidant Program in the field. It’s supporting the body to absorb antioxidants from your food, and it’s supporting the body to produce more antioxidants, through our natural means that we normally produce them. So, we’re actually working on an enhancement of that which will up the level of antioxidants. (1:00:00)  So that once the antioxidants get high enough, the body’s Innate Intelligence may kick in and do some repairs on the eyes, but we just don’t know, we don’t have Programs for that right now. And we don’t believe that we could do it at this time.

Clayten – Lee is asking – “When I send out emails or mail packages from my home is FLFE is somehow attached?” So, anything that is in a high consciousness environment and gets sent out from the environment has a degree of energy to it.  I can’t tell you how much or how high the level of consciousness of your mail would be when it leaves home. And it’s a known principle in the abundance movement will call it that if you bless every bill that you are paying, as you send it out, you will tend to increase your abundance. So that’s on the same principle anytime you’re in a high consciousness field. And anything goes out from the field it carries some of the energy with it.

Jeffrey – Charmaine is asking – “The other day, I had a new burst of energy; enough to take notice. And then I found this Program FLFE a few hours later. And then, again, more so after registration. Is there a magnetic pull of some sort, for example, that calls people to it?” Not that we know of, we’re not purposefully pulling people in. So that’s interesting. I don’t know. Maybe it could be a little knock on the noggin from our Guides or something else to look it, I don’t have another answer on that one.

Another question is if FLFE healing for animals? Yes, I mean, the FLFE energy, the Programs, and the energy available are good for all biological life, as we said, for the plants for people, but for animals as well. So, I don’t know specifically what kind of healing is needed there, but there is just more energy available for the energy for the animals Innate Intelligence to heal itself.

Liz asked about being off the grid. If you’re off the grid and you don’t have an address you can use latitude and longitude coordinates, those are good. There is a place in the address field when you sign up to put latitude and longitude in. And then we have a specific Program relating to that; much of the Service Work that we did around the world, we used coordinates to locate low consciousness places on the planet. So yeah, that will work, feel free to fill that in.

So pesky varmints? Hmm. I don’t know about that one. I think we haven’t done any research on fleas and other things that might be showing up on a property whether you want those or not.

Clayten – Yeah, I mean, we have noticed that it’s a general principle that when you have a higher level of consciousness on a property, anything that’s not a high level of consciousness will be repelled from that energy, it will avoid it or leave when it can. I don’t know if we consider pesky varmints, low-level consciousness beings, they might have some role to play in the whole Creation that maybe we don’t understand. So, I think that might be a nice one to dig into a little bit, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes! So, someone’s asking – “Is FLFE the same basic principle as the AIM Program or is the approach different?” So, people do ask us about other services in the world that are making kind of similar claims. And the AIM Program is an integrous service, we believe ours is more beneficial. And I don’t know how much detail to go into. One of the things that we’re pretty clear about is that business is our spiritual path. And in talking about other people, it’s natural to want to make your product or service appear better. (1:05:00) And I just don’t know that I want to go down that road. We believe it’s better and I think I can quantify that in a lot of ways, but I don’t want to do anything to disparage anybody else or have it be interpreted that way. I would suggest you try both services and to trust your own experience.

Jeffrey – I think they were asking about the basic principle and maybe the functioning I don’t know if that’s something where there are some similarities.

Clayten – Yes there are some similarities to the basic principle for sending energy to an environment that’s positive.

Jeffrey – Okay here’s another question; Someone’s been on the Program for six days and the experience has been amazing. They notice more focus more energy and happier. “Massive motivation, intuition is raised like a million levels. Confidence is amazing; I’m a forever lifetime Subscriber. Thank you.” These kinds of things. We have worked for years and years to bring this forward and we love it; we love working on it. But man, when we hear it from you all and when you tell us these things, about how it feels for you, and how it works for you, it’s it just opens our hearts. We literally start crying.

Thank you for this comment. We love you and we love this work, and we’re on an incredible journey together. So, let’s keep going together.

One person said their energy still feels kind of heavy and they’re drinking four liters of water a day. And they’re about on day five of the Free Trial. Anything on that one, Clayten?

Clayten – Yes. There are just so many variables with each individual given that without knowing more the details of your life. it’s really hard for us to answer that. I don’t know where to go with that one.

Jeffrey – Well, thanks, if you want to post more on the Facebook page, we can work with that, or you can email us through contact@flfe.net if you don’t want it to be in a public forum. We’d be happy to answer you that way as well. And just to let you know, we’re a bit busy with a lot of the new people coming in. So it may take a couple of days to answer the contact@flfe.net emails. Clayten and I are trying to stay on top of the Facebook questions as well, so we thank you for your patience, if it takes us a little time to get to it.

Clayten – Yes, there is a lot more we could say. But I think we’ll wrap it up. As Jeff said we do this partially all of you and your blessings that you send us, and your prayers are received with gratitude and appreciation. We’ve been in the laboratory for years getting this to be something we can bring out to the world in a way that is scalable, so we can help millions of people. And we have millions of people on the Service for free. We have many refugee camps in the world not on the highest level of FLFE, but we have a Public Service Wave and we’re helping millions and your Subscriptions contribute to that and your goodwill. And the kindness you contribute to that. We get fed by your positivity. Thank you and Goodnight.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you. Goodnight.