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Ep. 10: Manifestation in the New Year

In this episode, your hosts enter into the New Year with you, and speak on the power of manifestation, and fresh ways to set an intention for the upcoming year. They discuss intentional and unintentional manifestation, resolutions, and provide a powerful manifestation process they’ve crafted to help you create the life you want!

Join us in a conversation on:

  • Humans as powerful co-creators.
  • All different subjects in your life that can be manifested, and how one can do so.
  • Conscious and unconscious manifesting through creating what we focus our thoughts and energy towards.
  • New Years Resolutions and how to make yours more effective this year.
  • Manifesting more freedom and joy in our lives.
  • A powerful manifestation process created by your hosts as a resource for you!

We can’t wait to share this conversation with you!

Below is our Magnetizing process, which includes the short and long version.


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