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Ep. 14: Biohacking: The Mind

Welcome to Fields of Consciousness!

This is the second episode in a three-part series on biohacking one’s body, mind, and spirit. In the last episode, we discussed biohacking the physical body, and here, we dive into the unique biohacking of the mind.


Join us in a discussion about:

  • Our belief that the highest form of self-optimization includes mind, body, and spirit for an integrated result. We deeper define Biohacking with our own definition, that has an emphasis on the resourcefulness in the body, mind, and spirit to experience an optimal life.
  • We discuss ways to optimize our mind so that it is a useful tool to live in joy and loving relationships with ourselves, others around us, and the Universe.
  • We break down how these 6 conditions may affect the mind: Historical thought forms, current thoughts, media, Level of Consciousness of our environment, personal Level of Consciousness, and our personal history of experiences.
  • Our two cents on ways to “Biohack” the mind, including awareness, increasing level of consciousness of your environment and self, recognizing personal stories, and more!

In the next episode of the series, we will discuss the optimization of the spirit. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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